Crosswords Answers 2017-2-13

Call me ___! O.K., youre …!
Well, what have we here!
1980s cop show that TV Guide once ranked as the greatest TV drama of all time
Alternative to arbitrary governance
Battery for a TV remote
Chandons partner in Champagne
Cut again, as grass
Devour with the eyes
Former Italian P.M. whose name means beloved
French department capital known in Roman times as Nemausus
Horse whose coat is sprinkled with white hairs
How Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic
Item in a golfers pocket
James Earl Jones or Tommy Lee Jones
Like the band Josie and the Pussycats
Metes (out)
Mexicos ___ California
Org. that monitors gun sales
Poem like The swallow flies up / Into a blue evening sky, / Summers small herald
Reduced, with back
Rock and roll has one in Cleveland
Saks ___ Avenue
Shop employee
Smokey Bear ad, e.g., for short
Spanish wine region, with La
State that the Arctic Circle passes through
Stereo control: Abbr
Succinctly put
What the Ugly Duckling became
Words after work or museum
___ Nostra (crime group)
Which came first option
(Award judges) Blue ..
(Creepy crawler) Black ..
(Desserts) Black ..
(Musical style) Blue ..
63-Down, e.g
A possible race pace
Blood or scarlet
Bluetooth device
Chefs thickening agent
Clandestine attention-getting sound
Hurry, of old
It knocked Newtons noggin
It may have a fork in it
Its regularly socked
Not even close to bright
Pack down lightly
Part of WWI
Polynesian staple
Presidential bill-blocker
Property-selling professional
Quartet / 2
Sauna cover-up, sometimes
Seattle, comparatively
Security device, for short
Some campaign purchases
Take ___ (disassemble)
Tanks skin
The start of it is for fools (Abbr.)
Time for a raid, sometimes
Tour bus occupant
Type of bear or explorer
Vestment worn by priests
What a screwball hits
What e-books dont have in them
Where slips are showing
White-tailed marine eagle
Word that ends radio messages
Im with you, brother!
39-Across component
Attic or penthouse
Bits in cyclotrons
Bogart or Bacall
Buffoon, to a Brit
Burger-and-fries go-with
Chefs pinch
Cities with docks
Comics witch Broom-___
Couples banking arrangement
Destines to fail
Discomforting feeling
Englands ___ Baths
Feb. 14 sentiment
Generational differences
Graceless sort
Hot news tip
Like a lace handkerchief
Lunch period, for many
Org. with a DoctorFinder webpage
Party with poi and roast pig
Petroleum refinery byproduct
Piggy bank deposit
Quasimodos request
Rocks Cream or ZZ Top
Scarf makers buy
Scotch aficionados concern
Shoddy hotel
Side voting 61-Down
Sparkling fielding play
Spot for dirty dishes
Stags harem
Supply a staff for
Wild time, slangily
Wingtip-to-wingtip figure
Yoricks skull or Hamlets sword
Horse stopper
Outdoor event provision
Right you !
Belted areas
Designer Dior
Lovin Spoonful co-founder John
Nutrition expert
Poking fun at
PTA and NEA, e.g
Great minds think __
Casual short-sleeved shirts
Chauffeured cars, for short
Collies coats
Office document holder
Signs of impending trouble
Six of clubs, for instance
Skirts sewed border
Stress strongly
Was able to anticipate
With no commercials
__ beaucoup
*Machinists hole maker
*Romantic ideal
*Romantic outing for four
*Track event with batons
Attacking, as the fridge
Congregational Absolutely!
Fannie or Ginnie follower
For services rendered instead of cash
Full of ghosts
High seas bandits
High season on the Riviera
Holiday and Days
Its usually locked after parking
John, Paul and George: Abbr
Knock hard
L.A. Angels division
Meditative music genre
Night, in Naples
Period with 365 d?­as
Period, e.g
Players on the same side … and what the starts of the answers to starred clues can be
Ruby Dees husband Davis
Schoolbook, or much of its contents
Show affection to, as a dog
Stagecoach drivers Stop!
Steinway or Yamaha
The I in IV
The NFLs Browns, on sports tickers
Theater chairs
Under-the-sink fitting
What aces may count as
Adams significant other
Adding to
April, in Agincourt
Auuugust, in Alma
December, in Dorval
February, in Fabreville
Fibre from coconut shells
Fibrous barks
Flavour saving chem
Four, to Fabius
Good, to Gregoire
Jail yard weapon
July in Joliette
June, in Jonquiere
Like an imaginary monster
March, in Matane
May, in Mont Joli
Minimum or minute for short
Ministerial asst
Musicall entertainment org
News agency with global reach
Sail boat
Saint Lucia or Sri Lanka (abbr.)
September, in Sept Iles
Something given (asd a concession)
Suffix for bird or book
Suffix for social or vandal
The R in RPM
Word after old or two
____ Hari
Riveting poster woman
AC stat
Author/philosopher Hannah
Cabinet dept. honcho
Collaborator with Cahn and Sondheim
Cry in cartoons
Hit by a Kentucky basketball player?
Hit by an NFL defensive back?
Hit by the 43rd president?
Hit in Honolulu?
Hit in Scotland?
One of Lincolns Team of Rivals
Pine, e.g
Pop-up-blocking program
Reviewer Roeper
Seconders opinion
Slangy dissents
Sonnet ending?
With a lot of spunk
With plenty of pixels
Amidst place settings for experts
As usual, youve heard this before from the fiction writers and nothing has changed
Can leave champions down in the dumps?
Cats get away from leaf insect – it behaves like a cat
Got upset at school – someone was using them to test the waters
Is this how one would walk through how to upset The Cats besides turning over the favourites?
Its similar to one of those in 12 across calling for school supports
Laidback writer is in the process of changing places – its not a good career move
Most of 24 down is with Government faction
Most of the affectations one associates with sailors or one of those highflyers
Nigella isnt in bowling alley – this suggests a wind-up?
One of those involved in underground movement, for example, recalls writing most of the proposed legislation
Players for a time expect to go on a charm offensive perhaps
Position all players want as an afterthought
Presumably, they have a fire drill down there and of course its an eyesore
Representative centres of Official Unionist cynicism
Sample of Gershwin karaoke is eye catching
School wont make progress very fast with this manoeuvre and how is one expected to read that?
Studious lot, for your information, confused by group
Stuffing in Iraqi bistro is for one of the birds
The writing by the majority leads to acrimonious tension and is bound to turn up the heat
Tormenting cow on fashionable grassland summit
Beautiful queen who ruled Egypt with the Pharaoh
Crustacean such as woodlouse
Empty space between things
Eyeglasses with a long handle
Fleshy fold of mouth tissue
Hitchcocks speciality
Introduce, put in
Latin epic by Virgil
New York railway
Non-military person
Of the European mountains
The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 900 – Feb 13 2017
The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,592 – Feb 13 2017
The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,119 – Feb 13 2017

Crosswords Answers 2017-2-12

A bit of talcum / Is always walcum writer
Grand Hotel star, 1932
My only love sprung from my only ___!: Juliet
That villain in comics has sure gotta be sore!?
1950s French president Ren?©
35-nation alliance, briefly
A.A. or AAA
Abductor of Persephone
Ad agency output
Alitos Supreme Court predecessor
Archives material
Beatrix Potters genre
Berate some guy for getting too much sun?
Bit of cushioning
Book reviewer?: Abbr
Buildings rain diverter
Cap similar to a tam-o-shanter
Certain rod
Clean with a pressurized spray
Club cousins
Conveyance for soldiers
Creature on the movie poster for The Silence of the Lambs
Desiccated ___ Sea
Dismaying announcement about disaster aid?
Entry on an I.R.S. form: Abbr
Exhibitor at 1863s Salon des Refus?©s
Fleshy-leaved succulent
For whom Nancy was first lady
Fuel from a fen
Gives an order
Greenhorn on the force
Groups basic beliefs
Having less heft
Having no room for more
He can be seen at the western end of the National Mall, informally
High hairdos
Hit one out
Horse for hire
It may deliver a punch
It must turn over to start
Its a drain
Kids TV character who refers to himself in the third person
Like most Quo Vadis characters
London tea accessory
M, on a form
Major export of Florida
Old gang weapons
One with a lot of tweets
Pacific island wrap
Parliamentary support
Plunger alternative
Pricey French fashion label
Reimbursed expense for a commuter, maybe
Result of a serious wardrobe malfunction at the beach?
Rokers appeal before gastric bypass surgery?
Scientists dilemma regarding work vs. play?
Sight at Tanzanias Gombe Stream National Park
Sobel who wrote the Pulitzer-nominated Galileos Daughter
Some space vehicles
Something easy, so they say
Steamed seafood dish
Suggestion to a bored short story writer?
Super suffix?
Swinging Ernie
Take some shots
Those who need sound memories, per Montaigne
Tool parts used for bending things
Tour grp. since 1950
Utahs ___ State University
W. Hemisphere treaty of 1994
Weighty matters?
What a cash-strapped beau might take you on?
Whats right in front of the tee?
With 34-Down, longtime public radio host
With 42-Down, Frosty the Snowman singer
Worry of stratospheric proportions
___ Palmas (Spanish province)
Finding Nemo environment
Advanced degree exams
Celeste of old Hollywood
Could correctly answer
Course commonly before calc
Dance or dip type
Dates arranged by friends
Daytona participant
Drifting upon the Pacific
Exit, per P.T. Barnum
Expression with a protruding lip
Good stuff to find in a mine
Have a dull pain
It makes flour finer
Leaves a snowy state?
Like slick roads
Little jobs
Main, 34th and Elm (Abbr.)
Marges animated neighbor
Max bested Buffalo Bill with the ..
Message spelled out in the sand, sometimes
Mixture or medley
Museums offering
No one shuns like Max because he gives the ..
Not a liquid or gas
One way to unload merchandise
Opposed, on a stereotypical farm
Parisian currency
Photographers of celebs, in slang
Prefix with body or matter
Remove secure roping from
Rosy part of the face
Showy shoulder wraps
Slog through a stream
Small jazz ensemble
Stand for an orator
Thanks to the best razors, Max was ..
Word with blitz or center
Boxcars pair, in craps
Dont ___ and drive
Pardon, slangily
2011 U.S. Open winner McIlroy
All Hallows ___ (Oct. 31)
Directions-seekers words
End of an Italian sonnet
Expose, at a costume party
Four-song records, perhaps
Gets ripe
Group in charge (Abbr.)
Home on a farm
Ill-bred sorts
Like a Black Sabbath concert
Like an engaged couple
Like billiard balls, pre-break
Marlee with a 1986 Oscar
Member of a rural kick line?
Moat beast, for short
Movie execs veal dinner?
Much all-you-can-eat fare
Much interoffice mail
Otis Reddings label
Rooney of Carol
Scene of a 1979 overthrow
Start of a bray
U-shaped stringed instruments
Where the buck stops
Words given under oath
Young bird minding little brother?
___ hall (campus hangout)
— Rides Again (old Western)
Just name it and Ill do it [#3]
Othello baddie
Sk8er — (2002 hit)
Sorority Row actress Evigan
— tai (mixed drink)
1988 film about an old baseball scandal (and what this puzzle has?)
Academy students
Annual publication of Benjamin Franklin [#5]
Ark crafter
Army denial
August sign
Available again because folks asked for it [#7]
Banging, as a drum
Brewing pot
Brow or lash
Caftan, e.g
Caviar eggs
Certain shore area
Chewed stuff
Classic song by Rodgers and Hart [#8]
Close loudly
Concave tummy part
Cost to cab it
Crack, as a cipher
Egg case qty
Ending with ethyl
Evaluate anew
Frenetic cartoon marsupial [#1]
Gulf ship
Handy-andys inits
Her Hello was a big hit
Horror film helper
House-building charity [#4]
In — (not yet born)
Instant replay mode
Its not currently erupting [#2]
Jonathan Swifts genre
Lutzes, e.g
Maker of an exact copy
Matches up, as files
Mother of Cain
Not lifeless
Old office note-takers
Platform that runs on Apple devices
Pros vote
Provided, as with talent
Real guy?
Record label for Bowie
Recording studio control
Remit, say
Sauna spot
Seek the approval of
Serb, say
Shouts from cheerleaders
Sicile, e.g
Snow beast of legend
Sportscaster — Rashad
Tabby sound
Take off from a high nest, as an eagle
Tennis top
Tweens, e.g
Ullmann or Tyler of film
Weeper in myth
What a green card grants an alien [#6]
With 56-Down, entwined like shoelace ends
With 78-Down, tone deafness
Yale athlete
Give Kids a Smile org
Selma lead role
72 Down product
Acceptance of opposite opinions (Orwell)
Auction bid of a sort
Author Castaneda
Backyard spot
Bad atmospheres
Bargain-bin markers
Bit of rushin language
Boils or broils
Bugle blast
Caused to yawn
Chaos (Milton)
City west of Sun Valley
Clickable text
Croquet surface
Destructive weapon (H.G. Wells)
Erased, as a hard disk
Estate entryway, often
Failed rapidly
Floral chains
Fortune-tellers intro
Gave up, as a right
Hair conditioner
Home of many Goyas
Incite to anger
Lowered in esteem
Meaningless talk (Lewis Carroll)
Needle maker
Nemesis (Shakespeare)
Newspaper production machine of old
One on foot (Wordsworth)
Poets sun or moon
Political deception (Stephen Colbert)
Proportional stat
Rapper Green
SAT portion
Self-love (Coleridge)
Shows zeal
Singers on a riser
Sleigh accessories
Some 112 Across
Some diner-mat games
Strand in winter, perhaps
Techs caller
Teens My answer was . . .
Timid one (Dorothy Parker)
Tough as nails (Mark Twain)
Trite, as jokes
Watered down, in a way
Well-trained unit
WWII-era pope
No seats letters
Pinball Wizard opera
Raging Bull fighter
60-Downs info source
Ahmedabad address
Any one of the NFLs top 25 career scoring leaders
Bit of braggadocio
Border maintainers
Canal through Oneida Lake
Cardinal points, briefly?
Classic Fender guitar, briefly
Colored tee, perhaps
Concern for gardeners
Descendant of the English Bulldog
Diminutive two-seater
Driven to act
Extend ones Self?
Flutter by like a butterfly
Fruit fly or gnat
Get online shopping help, say
Glacial expanses
Golfing countryman of Player
Gremlins, e.g
Happy hour sponsor
Hard one to work with
Hill group
In short order, in verse
Jazz standard that became an LSU fight song
Like Jack and Jill, ultimately
Livorno lady friend
Losers ad word
Mozarts The Hunt, for one
Nebraska city named for a Native American tribe
Neurotic toon pooch
Ornate arch
Paper read on the LIRR, perhaps
Pedal problems
Performed a ballroom dance
Petroleum produced from rock fragments
Pigeon hangouts
Potato source: Abbr
Quilters need
Reach by schooner, say
Responds to an alarm
Result of losing two points, perhaps
Schoolyard argument
Sent messages, before faxes and email
Serving convenience
Site of an ascent
Some price changes
Son of Donald
Sports org. with three major divisions
Spot to spot Spot
Streakers in showers
Tablet buyer, usually
Teachers bane, at times
The littlest bit
Theyre spoken in anger
Thick-furred primate
Transport for Chingachgook
Trap thats spun
Trust builder?
Virus first identified in Zaire
Voice of TVs Fat Albert
Whoop-de-__: lively parties
Withdrawal in 2016 headlines
Wriggler on a hook
WWII British firearm
__ lepton: physics particle
Alas, its true
Let me consider this
___ it rich? (start of Send in the Clowns)
2013 Johnny Depp role
Activity for glider pilots
Ad-libbers discard
Controversial chemical in plastics, for short
Egotists proclivity
Evidence of a past life
Gunky substances
Hold closely (to)
Indy circuits
Its all in Ecclesiastes
King Henry VIIIs affliction, its thought
Like the popes spring message
Lousy kids game?
Maine city on the Penobscot River
Musical based on a Colette novella
One ejected at a circus
Org. for a large party
Org. whose workers get a good look at you
Overcomes jet lag, maybe
Overseer of exec. branch funding
Patch to attach, maybe
Phil in the Hockey Hall of Fame
Provider of a bang-up job? (abbr.)
Rapper who costarred in The Cookout with Queen Latifah
Shovelers challenge
Sir Galahads dad
Solo heard at Arlington National Cemetery
Spreads news of
Take another look at
Tie up for roasting
Tree hugger, at times
Undertakes energetically
Walter Cronkites network
Whats clear in the kitchen
Yellow, Black, or Red
Crack in a mountain slope or a glacier
End collier I/Ds? (anag)
Esoteric theosophy of rabbinic origin (variant spelling)
Find the way or the knack of doing something
Grossly exaggerated or over-emphasised something
Hindu course of exercises and postures
Medicinal shrub with an aromatic bark
Micro-organisms, often pathogens
Of or relating to wine
Peculiar drink?
Piece of timber popularly trimmed for construction work
Print form
Republic sited on the SW corner of Arabia
Rip out (a places) interior
Someone who plays practical jokes
Suffering similar circumstances
Symbol used to indicate the subject of a Twitter message
Bang Bang Rock and Roll ___ Brut
Clueless -inspired Sky Ferreira EP?
Conversation With ___
Cut London post-punkers
Houses of the Holy song The ___
It aint fiction, just a natural ___
Rescue ___ 6
Sloop ___
Tom Sawyer band
Veni Vidi Vicious punk rockers
01 Nickelback album ___ Up
01 O.A.R. album that woke you up?
80s Paul Gilbert band ___ X
94 Sponge album Rotting ___
38 Special hit If Id ___
Aaron Neville Tell ___
Alabama ___
All-night DJ party
Angel Live Without a ___
Ashanti Rain ___
Awolnation ___ Symphony
Bassist Kinchla of Blues Traveler
Blood, Sweat and Tears And When ___
British music mag
Bruce Springsteen The Ghost of Tom ___
Co-founder of LaFace Records
Compact ___
Consumer Rapport ___ On Down the Road
Everclears home state (abbr.)
Funk album Come Away With ___
Grammy-winning MC Kool Moe ___
Iconic Dylan
J. Geils Band Love ___
Janis Joplin Me and Bobby ___
Jazz drummer Humphries
Jerry Lee Lewis ___ Be Me
Kind of cheap bar for bands to play
Letters to ___ Here and Now
Like some security guards
Meg and ___
Metalcore band The Devil Wears ___
Might get these during favorite song
Motley Crue drummer Tommy
Norah Jones What Am ___ You?
Numerical guitar notations
NY hardcore punks Vision ___
Old-school tour bus, perhaps
Phish Down With ___
Repeated word in Archers of Loaf album name
Sister Hazel Block
Springsteen I ___ stone-like at midnight
Springsteen Tougher Than the ___
Sum 41 ___ This Look Infected?
Tex-Mex guy Doug
The Band I Shall ___
The Las smash There ___
They come with ahs
They work for competing labels
Travis/Jones ___ Ole Country Boys
Wale song about fishing?
What every rocker will do, eventually
You get them on stage from director

Crosswords Answers 2017-2-11

Deliciously Different sloganeer
Her ___ (Miss Saigon song)
How stupid am I!
___ a broken heart: Dickinson
1973 Tony nominee for A Little Night Music
2007 N.A.A.C.P. Image Award winner for Inside Man
Barrymore and more
Be a wannabe
Challenge for a barber
Clip, say
Contractual problems?
Covers with some rolls
Deducts from
Distinctive features of tamago gohan servings, in Japanese cuisine
GPS generation: Abbr
Have no accomplice
High-rise pants and horn-rimmed glasses, say
Its way over your head
Just deserts for misconduct
Key figure in saving New York City from bankruptcy
Language traditionally written without spaces between words
Like a zebras mane
Like some catches and crashes
Lovesickness, e.g
Netted, in a way
Not miss ___
One of two party leaders
Part of many a submarine
Power-packed engine
Resident of the Corn State
Response to Not now, often
Salted away?
Satiny quality
Ship or plane part
Short write-ups
Shouts heard at a rodeo
Something needed to raise the bar?
Squats strengthen them
The end of Caesar?
Things weighed in pounds?
Treat eaten with a spoon
Unit of rain or ice
Wharf workers grp
___ comparison
…she loves ___
Cant Fight the Moonlight singer
Im up for it!
The Blacklist org
Alec Waughs little brother
Alight in an Asian island capital?
Allen Telescope Array org
Anaphylaxis treatment, for short
Andean grazer
Attack that brings the war to a close?
Authorization for the exterminator to employ rodenticide?
Bad for growing
Blushes, e.g
Boxers Mayweather and Patterson
Canary confines
Capital on the River Lagan
Chiromancers study them
Christie, e.g
Co. in the Dow since 1979
Colt, later
Comes into existence
Craft services spread?
Creed makeup
Crusoes profound companion?
Cup before the barista fills it?
Depicts in hieroglyphics, e.g
Diverse ecosystem
From Machu Picchu
Geometric crescent
Gloucester glassful
Goldas defense minister
Hajjis deity
Home of eight runways
Insignificant bit of prestige?
Island with a population of about 100 million
Join an exodus
Kennedy and Lincoln: Abbr
Language family including Arabic and Hebrew
Lauren Bacalls Key Largo role
Masterwork by a French painter?
Most common Vietnamese family name
Munch subject
Owl utterances
Perfumed pouch for counteracting odors from outside?
Philosophical question
Prince Harry, in 2000
Proscription from a chef who cant stand eel?
Queen Annes line
Rockets great Ming
Sharons TV co-star
Spot for a guest
Submissive sort
Sustained popularity
They fall in fall
They live in a hole in the wall
They make the coffee
Theyll help you get your balance
Theyre easy to catch
Top trump in skat
Union Elevator Works founder
Valuable trump
Without missing ___ (confidently)
Aerobics class word
Baby of a bald bird
Baseball slugger Pujols
Blunt fencing foils
Book inserts
Clickable desktop symbol
Dep. opposite, at airports
Foot measure
Groups of countries in a special alliance
Hairdos that dont live up to their name
Having the required skill
Heavy beer drinker on Cheers
Hindu gurus
Houses for clergy
Is a consumer?
Jungle primate
Like a thick, deep-pile carpet
Lisping Louies favorite B-movie weapons?
Little pig (var.)
Long-running fight
One who died for a cause
Opposite of lose
Origami sheet
Outcast of long ago
Print shop measures
Proofers never mind mark
Quiet Excuse me
Raised seam or skin mark
Rhyming piece of work
Russian leader up to 1917
Section of glass
Slowly crumble from weather
Small Java program
Small lock of hair
Sound that breaks a hypnotic trance
Spinning woodshop machine
Stan of superheroes
Teenagers facial disruption
Tennis great Kournikova
V-formation creatures
Violent dance pit
What all great inventions begin with
What Lisping Louie did while idle?
What Lisping Louie would do when being congratulated?
What to do in a long line
White coat that could give one the chills
Word between single and married names?
. . . your point is?
For gosh ___!
Git ___ (words to a 22-Across)
Harry Potter reporter Skeeter
Lords a-leaping count
Superfood berry
10-point Arial bold, say
1950s presidential campaign slogan
Answers, on Jeopardy!
Baggage-screening org
Banshees laments
Becomes inedible, maybe
Carried in a sack
Consequence of oily skin
Displaying intense anger, maybe
Emoticon arc, for short
Figure in a sum
Filmdoms Italian Stallion
Flirting, in a way
Gets slippery, as a road
Hoovers agents, for short
In a poor manner
Left the sack
Like good scotch or cheddar
Mental misstep
MLB or NFL team
Name in lightweight metals
Nickname for 47-Downs portrayer
Nobles estate
Number of Ws in this diagram
One of rocks Van Halens
Part of a Scroogian outburst
Participates in the rioting
Patrolling a neighborhood, say
Porcine tusker
Pres. Davis side
Puck or checker
Reindeers relative
School attended by Prince Harry
Sing like a sparrow
Stray on the range
Surfboard nicks
Target of John Dillinger
The FBI may have one on you
Tuxedo shirt accoutrement
Typeface similar to Helvetica
Vivian who played Ethel Mertz
Wasnt in the lineup
Wiretappers plant
Word on a picketers sign
Words that may be irregular
A bit more than three light-years
Give a new handle to
Lisa of Friends
Movie job
Raise an auction price
Safari chiefs
Target of modern mapping
Vicu?±as cousin
Composer Schubert
Crunchy Hawaiian treats
Summer picnic dish
A Visit From the Goon Squad Pulitzer winner
80s Portfolio designer
A newspaper might open one to the public
Advantageous jumps
All-time top-selling trio
Alternatives to handlebars
Arabic word for friend
Beverage bought in Britain
Bodies, in biology
Botanical extension
Brand extensions?
Clothing store suffix
Compact contract
Competitor of St. Pauli N.A
Cooper creations
Cutting-a-rug figure
Dom P?©rignons winery
Drum heard in Shankar recordings
Ella Fitzgerald Award recipient of 2014
Extended period, hyperbolically
Get out of bonds
Give wise remarks
Governorate across the gulf from Somalia
Groom at a 2009 Kardashian wedding
Group with the Our Wild America campaign
Iroquois copter, to soldiers
It has a Candy Corn limited edition for Halloween
Jacks, for example
Make a bed that youll soon lie in
Mountains or heaps
Moved items on a page
New Age reading material?
Northern Cyprus money
Often-squelched thing
One-on-one request
Original Soft Spread purveyor
Perform perfunctorily
Popular college course?
Pouty pose
Pressing to the max
Primordial blame-shifter
React to a riot
Revealing ritual
Samurai hairstyle
Skeptic-stunning success
Some Softsoap stuff
Sports laughers
Suitcase part
Term often applied to Hemingway
They have to be docked
They take things in
Total heat of a thermodynamic system
Treat with orange pieces
Turned about
USAF superintendents
Veggie-burger alternative
Word on the African nation list
Looking at all sides …
Making AIDS History org
The Barefoot Contessa Oscar winner Edmond
1776 battleground
30-Across in America
4-Down in France
Arboreal Amazon monkey
Brand in many a Moscow mule
Bug zappers?
Busy Las Vegas area
Car in a King title
Carrier to Beijing
Cell notice
Cooler tenant
County in Ulster
Crew tools
Ed. basics
Edsels father
Fuchsia cousin
Georges, par exemple
Green Smoke product
Mark for good
Metaphor for obvious protrusion
Multi-purpose shortening
Nada : Nogales :: __ : Reims
Patriot target
Poker telecast equipment
Pommes frites seasoning
Question at an alumni gathering
Scrapple ingredient
Second-largest Middle East country
Slap spot
Some broken pegs, or where theyre found
Sushi bar appetizer
Theyre high on the Scoville scale
Theyre sometimes black
Tijuana addr
Tiny, in a tiny way
Title of respect, in Tokyo
Weisz of The Constant Gardener
Word with leg or elbow
Assuredly …
Dont you love farce? My fault, ___ … (Send in the Clowns lyric)
Get a little closer sloganeer, in the 1980s
The Bride Came ___ (Bette Davis movie)
Adams of Arrival
Bill Withers hit of 1972
Call to ___
Canine dad in Disneys 101 Dalmatians
Circle meas
Culture of East Africa
Deighton who wrote The IPCRESS File
Dispensers of wisdom
Genesis fratricide victim
Hall of rock
Honeyed spirit
Its cracked by cryptologists
Like some drones
Like some glitter
Loading dock platform
Math subj. where tangents are relevant
Musical whose Roger is modeled after Puccinis Rodolfo
Mysterious radar blip, for short
Name on many furniture assembly instructions
One end of a sectional sofa, often
Pejorative label for a staffer at an Apple Store Genius Bar
Politician whose tenure is ending
Prompt with the index finger
Savonarola in 1497 Florence, e.g
Slip into a closet, maybe
Solo instrument in Brittens Six Metamorphoses after Ovid
Sound made by lions and tigers?
Soup-in-an-envelope brand
Sport in which touches are registered electronically
Take to the links
Thing denounced by a 52-Across
Throws from outfielders, often
Torch-lit party, often
Where many French classes convene
___ mess (British strawberries-and-cream dessert)
20 down is a revolutionary thats a problem for The Hearing
Accommodated those with big heads and made a lot of noise about it
All around address in African country with weapons
Answer to car levies its said leads to strikes
Bring up article to offend a foreign detective – and get some help from the angels
Buggy grabs red or green tops with a bit of application
Called on one of those keeping a grip on boxer in the gym from top division
Characters in episode allowed to sell drugs
Containing Barcelona within the centre circle, for instance
Couple of thousand linked to a forefathers squeeze?
Demanded pals get off rope ladders
Efforts of jockey in Ascot
Enthusiasm of French parent
Foreign politician in setting up charter gets direction from church
Get rid of the dry white wine – its way passed its best-before date
Granny Smith hasnt anything to address
Had expectations of hothead setting up depot briefly
Hazards in muddy gardens
Its covered up by Politburo administration, of course
Lock up escape artist from one of the canals?
No intent in Tinseltown to reduce speed
One of the burglars gets half of 25 across
Parent at Harlem riot gets to call the cops
Prepare future generations for type of air coming off spring
Red or blue lodge?
Run out of geraniums for paintings
Some friend is horrified by whats handed to them on a plate
Stock of cold beer holding heads that tantalise
Superior to commission on the radio
Theyre passed in the house by the banks accountants
Author of Pride and Prejudice
Japanese form of ritual suicide
Japanese word for a pleasant savoury taste
Made sounds like a dog
Muhammad …, former boxer
Placed in peril
Separates and goes in different directions
Small beetle, crop pest
Times between acts
(Scottish) family group
Back to front
Container for cut flowers
Defining more clearly ??” war on drowning (anag)
Father of Beatrice and Eugenie
Felt uncertain
I am to blame!
One who checks accounts
Rocky Mountain High singer-songwriter, d. 1997
Rub clean with a circular motion
South African antelope ??” Sudanese city
Very feeble

Crosswords Answers 2017-2-10

Im telling you the truth
NewsHour airer
Peanuts alter ego
Sexiest job of the 21st century, per Harvard Business Review
You know so-and-so, too? How about that!
After Tetris, the second-best-selling video game of all time
Alternatives to plugs
Assent for 61-Across
Bout of feeling sorry for oneself
Certain barrier to entry
Co-star of Some Like It Hot
Comedian with the 2016 memoir Born a Crime
Concerns for sociologists
D.C.s ___ Memorial, site next to West Potomac Park
Directors cry thats said with a pause
Docs subscription
Does some hosting, briefly
Enemy of ISIS, with the
Epiglottis, for one
Europes Gulf of ___
Fold, in a way
Graze, for example
Historic isle in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Its hardly a breath of fresh air
Lamb, e.g
Librettist for Verdis Otello and Falstaff
Navy enlistee, informally
One involved in job cuts?
One might be made with a handshake
Ones whose assent is 26-Across
Oscar-nominated actor who has written several humor pieces for The New Yorker
Planning to, informally
Practice for combat
Run low on juice
Seducer of Josef in Kafkas The Trial
Seek refuge at
Stat for David Ortiz
Tended to, as a baby
Top go-to
Waiter outside a seafood restaurant, maybe
Wardrobe item for which Obama claimed he was unfairly maligned
Good Morning Starshine show
Slaves of New York writer Janowitz
*It led to Batistas overthrow
*Monopoly token choice
*Really abysmal
*Tootsie Woodleys best friend
*Where to view Calders Vertical Constellation with Bomb
1974 role for Marty
Believer in the Great Pumpkin
Bradys bunch, familiarly
Checks, as ones figures
Civil rights activist Baker
Dark marten
Dollar drawer
Family who brays together?
Feeling superior
Get smart, in a way
Haggard title
How dogs kiss
Jason who played Lucius Malfoy
Last remaining bit
Mammal whose young is a cria
Man in the second rank
No Child Left Behind dept
Pessimistic prediction
Pieces for one
Plain of Jars location
Roy Rogers part
Sei diviso per due
Site for a flying start
Some company jets
Storybook villains
Titan, for one
Window closer, at times
Woolworth Building architect ___ Gilbert
___ the kill
Before of old
The Flintstones time period
10-Down weapon
Artistic light touches
Bold observer on a beach
Busy bee in early April
Creature like Shrek
Crowned headwear
Drivers licenses, birth certificates, etc
Easy swinging gait
Emulate a shocked persons mouth
Enjoy a hot bath
Entertainers Stone and Stallone
Extensive, drawn-out attack
Fizzles out, as a fire
Gets on a train
Hang, as curtains
Largest Norwegian city
Minding not just your own business
Much in the same vein as
Much-longer-than-usual film
Nepals capital (var.)
New England fishes
Nose divider
Noted British race course
OK to Johnny Law
Removes skin from
Set ___ (plan for an accomplishment)
Some church renditions
Starchy pudding stuff
The definition of secondhand store (Part 1)
The definition of secondhand store (Part 2)
The definition of secondhand store (Part 3)
TVs McBeal
Type of sign or its gas
Typical 10-Down dwelling
Used a cab
What a comic strip lightbulb indicates
___ over (hardening)
I pass, in poker
Lovely meter maid of song
Sleigh Ride sound effect
That is to Caesar
Winning ___ everything
52-Across denizen
Act rudely in line, say
Bellhops workplace
Belt-driven auto parts
Blue gemstone that exhibits asterism
Brown dog breed
Compass lines
Degree holder, informally
Facebook calendar entry
Food court frequenter, say
Franks pal in the comics
Grab with a cocktail fork
Group of groupers, say
Home-brew vehicle, perhaps
ID on an IRS return
Instrument for Broadways Phantom
Iraqs principal port
Is a good Samaritan to
Just get by
Kinshasas land, formerly
Legume used to make hummus
Lollipop leftover
Necklace spheroid
Of major concern
Place for a cotter pin
Place for steaks and chops
Playmate of Tigger
Prudent judgment
Reggies rival for Veronica
Road crew goop
Seek help at the reference desk
Sherpa, to a mountaineer
Shops with scales
Some bedroom sharers, for short
Soup kitchen offering
Starbucks vessel
State decisively
The Clinton ___
The upper femur is part of it
Tidbit in chip dip
Wears a puss
Word before football or rock
___ bull (kind of decree)
Bocelli or Caruso
Book by Sherwood Anderson
Dres music
Fall wide of
Stormy Weather singer Lena
Aaron Burr, __ (Hamilton song)
Pocket rockets, in casinos
Seven Samurai setting
Tour group
Wonderfilled treats
A to B, musically
Abbr. like Srta
Bit of a spreadsheet
Board posting
Breed thats a someday anagram
Brits bullion coin
Celestial figures
Certain Handel bars
Clearance, possibly
Does the pitching
Flash of energy
Inscrutable ones
Largest city on the Mississippi
LeRoy Neiman subject
Major lumber user
New Mexico attraction
Nietzsches self-disrespectful thing
Ramshackle boat
Rice + broth concoction
Role for Natalie and Julie
Scrap or scrape
Softest rocks
Soprano role since 1935
Step in Rio
Stylistic expressions
Theyre at the bottom of 37 Across
Theyre at the top of 37 Across
Thoroughbreds ancestor
Thousand __, CA
Time open: Abbr
Vera Miles, in Hitchcock
What a certain grinder can remove
What surrounds some spreads
Where a cap is kept
A Midsummer Nights Dream ?
As You Like It ?
Hamlet ?
Twelfth Night ?
Alcove near the chancel
Berkeley sch
Bing provider
Chincoteague females
Collision repair franchise
Drawing toy in Toy Story
Explorer who named the Pacific Ocean
Fleece finder
Fluorine or chlorine
Food chain letters
Great white cousin
High priests
In perfect order
Its taken in schools
Lipo target
Name on the cover of Fear of Flying
Newsworthy couple
One keeping track of court proceedings?
Pribilof Islands locale
Simple marine plant
Simple wind
Some expirations
Stage of grief
State tie of New Mexico
Swaddled one
Tech sch. that filed for bankruptcy in 2016
Tennis nickname
Tool in a legendary electricity experiment
What a round increases
When to call, in ads
Word on a movie ticket
Chicago and Jersey Girl studio
Put on the dog or scaredy-cat
Taste the Feeling cola
That your opinion?
The Muppet Show percussionist
Your majesty alternative
Airborne offense
Apt rhyme for sip
Bobby who sang Mack the Knife
Bragg or Bliss
Brilliance stats
Call screener on Frasier
Campaign commercial request
Charge after a failed Breathalyzer test, briefly
Emotion at a magic show
Ewes youth
Fertility figure
Fruitless fuss
Funnel-blossomed flower
Germophobic comic Mandel
Grasp the punch line of
Hamlet or Ophelia, by birth
Home for koi
Home or bed suffix
Humorist contemporary of Mark Twain
Its first rental fleet included Model Ts
Like a flamb?© dish
Meat in a blue can
Nashville vocal quality
North India state
Not perfectly vertical
Oldsmobiles final release
Oniony garden herbs
Ooh and ___
Party game with a list
Piece at Popeyes
Plumber in video games
Prone to bumbling
Salespersons minimum goal
Sippy cup holders, often
Smoothness symbol
Some distance removed
Squid liquid
Sticks out of sight
Sturgeon-supplied spread
Subject of Lennons Woman
Sunbathe excessively
The Bee Gees genre
Theyre not quiche eaters, supposedly
Town-painting color
Type of mortgage, and a description of the first four letters of 20-, 36-, and 42-Across
Came down hard on political party flipping over Ulster calls for silence – it has a bearing
Carries on with plays and leads under pressure
Classy type of duty to switch from leaders of mature years
Couple of fools from the heart of Nottingham responsible for hit after hit
Escort finds article pessimistic – its what youd expect a bird with big eyes would do
Finish 19 down to get wind of recovery
Have just about enough of Tweet from central lobbyist
Head honcho in police department gets note with reprimand
How is darling pleased with the amount of the sweetener?
Is terrible? Is wrong? Is seductive!
Its about what the secretary will do to confirm a password
It?s a tonic to work in the museum covering what I?ve not finished
Kiss model with long stride coming down the mountain
Nerve of guarantee covering foreign party
Number on account is associated with debts of resolute patient type
Polish detective outside school offering opportunities to ring stations
Produced Hustle and Sherlock Holmes, for example
Protestor opts out or is back in?
Provides a good view of Bill leaving benefit for Spike
Revolutionary paramilitaries welcome peace summit on top of Clare Island
The Mexicans, for instance, have been in California for a long time
Turns up in the middle of The Mikado broadcast from Osaka first – that should suit Mrs Fujimoto
Wants to empty residence of rice
Enclosed piece of land or area of endeavour
Making a great effort
Scene I set up for the relatives
Strong and bright, colour perhaps
Thin slices of bacon
Violently fast stream of water
The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,590 – Feb 10 2017
The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,117 – Feb 10 2017

Crosswords Answers 2017-2-8

Better safe than sorry and others
La Marseillaise, for France
Oh, ___!
Youre oversharing!
*Get Silverstein on the phone now!
*Command like Let me be direct: Get lost!?
*Cramps from posing too long?
*Great Plains plaints?
*Teach Dick and Janes dog new tricks?
Attachments to juice boxes
Bill fatteners
Bottles marked with a skull and crossbones
Bottom topper?
Call from Juliet
Caterpillars Illinois home
Collection of bets
Commercial lead-in to pass
Dr. or Mr
Eighty-___ (toss)
F.D.R.s last veep
Fire-breathing monster of myth
Heavenly object
iPad ___
Leaps on the ice
Like refrigerators, at times
Like thinking about thinking
Longtime host who wrote Leading With My Chin
Martini & ___
Material for a warm sweater
Meaty lobster part
New York hub for Delta, briefly
Often-overlooked email parts, briefly
Opening at the post office … or, when read as three words, a hint to the answers to the starred clues
Pariss ___ de Rivoli
Part of many carrier names
Pie chart lines
Reggae grew from it
Some, along the Somme
Supreme Court action
TVs Remington ___
Visa concern
Watts of The Impossible
Where Kelloggs is K
Withdraw slowly
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them director David
I dont recognize that name
2004 Olympics host
Amys sometime co-host
Back-to-back episodes of a Dick Van Patten dramedy?
Back-to-back episodes of a Jon Cryer sitcom?
Back-to-back episodes of a Neve Campbell series?
Back-to-back episodes of an ABC News program?
Back-to-back episodes of an HBO drama?
Backwoods brawler
Bagged leaves
Big 12 sch. thats the home of the Horned Frogs
Big 12 sch. thats the home of the Wildcats
Big finale
Blistering reviews
Cartoon character with a horse named Nightmare
Cathedral city of Cambridgeshire
Center of concentration
Currently owing
Email subject line abbr
Female with a sheepish expression?
Generally considered
Hardly touches, at the dinner table
Have a sleepless night
How a rose by any other name would smell
Iberian invaders
Interminable wait
Kill, as legislation
Like Jack Benny, famously
Makeup of many casks
Marbling in meat
Pate covering
Phishing attempt
Plucking need
Prefix for graphic or logical
Pros charge
Relaxed manner
Reverend known for bird watching
Side effect of steroid use
Tuna, at the sushi bar
Victims of some viruses
What tees cover
Words of feigned enthusiasm
Wrist connection
Behold over yonder
But then again
Desperado band member
Night prefix
The ___ Has Landed (Robbie Williams album)
60s abstract-image genre
About five ml., to a cook
Any fruit like an apple or pear
Assault with too many decibels
Beast of kid literature
Beer or dishwater features
Building addition of 90 degrees
Caesar wore one
Cancun currency
Dazed or adrift
Doesnt fall
Eliminate, as chalk
Frightening things
German river, to a local
Hallucinogenic tabs
Important part of a computer
It makes a splashy entrance
Jim Phelps TV employer
Legendary Linkletter
Letters in a cell?
Midwest A.L. or N.L. city, on scoreboards
Network broadcasters regulator
Not afraid to speak out
Not on the schedule
Old Ironsides, famously
Playful, sloppy kiss
Predetermines fight outcomes
Refusing to submit to authority
Sing a love song, perhaps
Single detail on an agenda
Some Indian royals
Stores up selfishly
Strategic shot for a tennis player
The loneliest number
The time of your life is yours
Thing in the night sky
Thing miraculously parted
Things on calling cards?
Three ways to get something up in the air
Two ways to get something up in the air
Type of army unit
Up-and-down flight
Word before and after will be
Chi-Raq director
Inside the Third Reich author
Abbr. similar to 8-Down
Clay figurines, e.g
Common Easter gift
Disneyland hat pair
Eastwood of Dirty Harry movies
Feature of many Cape Cods
Frame for a church window, perhaps
Gripper on an assembly line
Impervious to hackers
Island near Curacao
Light-refracting device
Miscalculate or misspeak
Potato sprout
Prepare for a concert
Relinquish by treaty
Smokehouse items
Some Christmas candies
Stage offerings
Theres one garaged in 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 28-Down
Trump catchword
Billionaire Hughes
Mary Poppins creator
Strident sounds
Changed slightly
Missile headings
RenFest barmaid
Antivirus software brand
Capital not far from Key West
D.C. team, in headlines
Early American style
End of many work wks
Entry through a fence
Keep from entering
Next for the throne
Nine-__ battery
Prescription writers: Abbr
Separately, on a menu
Short literary piece
Small liquor container
Sound of a happy feline
Splashed through a puddle
Stuff in hourglasses
With 39 Across, nothing special
__ Hope : 70s-80s soap
Airline mentioned in the first line of the Beatles Back in the U.S.S.R.
Australian sextet
Bay and gray followers
Biased targets of the Gray Panthers
Bitter __
Californias San __ Zoo
Cold, in C?¡diz
Extremely, musically
Fave texting bud
Genre that influenced Prince
Glass manufacturing dioxide
Hectic lifestyles
It may be shaped on a wheel
Kids recess game
Kilimanjaros cont
Like logs
Mark as important
Not quite place
One inch = one foot, e.g
Pertaining to the eye
Police unit
Program interruptions literally demonstrated by this puzzles four sets of circles
Rubs elbows (with)
Sacred lily of ancient Egypt
Sandwich filling for a lacto-ovo vegetarian
Spoons escape partner
Sports docs scan
Tasting menu portion
Time of yr. for new growth
OutDaughtered network
When the ___ breaks …
Angle symbols, in math class
Area thats part of Hurricane Alley
Bar fights?
Bay Area player in silver and black
Celebrity chef Guy ___
Cupcake finishers
Delphines head
Durable Goodyear products
Fluid on a dipstick
Fundamental unit of 61-Down
Groups reaping benefits
Have the special, say
Hoppy bar order, familiarly
Is in cahoots with
Landon who lost to FDR
Like a boring party
Love, near the Louvre
Masked combatants
Mme., in Montana
New car sticker abbr
Painful back problem
Rentals at Vail
Second half of a cassette
Snapple selections
Some tow jobs
Stanza contraction
Statuesque Klum
Stomach-safe pain reliever
Subtly menacing gestures
VII, in Rome
A Cork university is firm – this is where one gets 7 down, of course
Break strike? Thatll only feed one of the workers hunger to do something!
Count is with two sailors from a capital in Africa
Fay is not part of fairy tale to sell goods to consumers
Flying from America to Ireland brings one to life on the inside
Holds the distinction of being concealed by messianic etymology
Jockey a horse on dry land
Lippy type of characters involved in applied genetics
Mix-up barman on Twitter
Old guides often given priority at the bar
One of those laid out on bed has scores written on notepaper
Poorly kept view from empty duchy
Something for the actor on the rise in The Sting
Spring is endless for a follower near Mount – its a favourite topic of conversation
The judge could hear one is in a bad way going to America with dishy type from Mexico
Type of excuse covered up by Angela Merkel
Aircraft used for suicide missions by Japan in World War II
At the helm in a boat race
David Bowie or Prince, say
Deliberately delays
Disobedient, child perhaps
Expression of criticism and censure
Instruments for taking altitude in navigation and surveying
Quick and cheerful enthusiasm
Sound of greater volume
Types of supports for tabletops
Upholstered seat with a back and arms
Water container for washing
The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,588 – Feb 8 2017
The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 27,115 – Feb 8 2017

Tortilla de patatas oppskrift

Tortilla de patatas (tortilla de patatas oppskrift)  er en tradisjonsrik rett fra Spania. Retten serveres som en del av et tapas bord, skåret i tykke terninger. Den kan også skjæres opp som en kake, og serveres til lunsj sammen med salat og deilig brød.

Tortilla de patatas skal ikke stekes i ovn, men i stekepanne og hovedingrediensene er egg og poteter. Her kommer oppskrift og fremgangsmåte:



Fremgangsmåte: Skrell potetene og skjær dem i tykke skiver. Stek dem i en stekepanne på middels til lav varme. De skal stekes med rikelig olivenolje. Stek potetene til de er gjennomstekt og knus dem så lett med en gaffel.

Skjær løken opp i ringer. Stek løken blank i en stekepanne.
Bland løken og potetene forsiktig sammen i en stor stekepanne.
Nå visper du sammen eggene og saltet. Hell så denne eggeblandingen over potetene og løken. Vær forsiktig og husk, du skal ikke røre. Bare sørg for at eggeblandingen dekker alt.

Stek på lav varme til omeletten har stivnet i bunn og på sidene. Snu den så ved hjelp av et lokk og stek noen minutter til. Legg omeletten på en stor tallerken. Bruk lokket til stekepannen for å få dette til.


Servering: Nå har du to valg. Du kan enten skjære omeletten opp i tykke terninger. Sett tannpirkere i dem, slik at det blir enkelt å forsyne seg av dem. Den andre metoden er å skjære den opp i trekantstykker.

Tortilla de patatas kan serveres varm eller lunken. Smaker veldig godt sammen med en deilig salat og godt brød. Du kan også legge et stykke mellom to brødskiver, så har du en smakfull og mettende omelett.
Spanjolene bruker denne retten ved alle festlige anledninger og familiesammenkomster. Den er enkel, rimelig og mettende. Nå er det din tur!

Yutube – Tortilla !

unibet sport

Unibet Casino er en av de største på det norske markedet

Unibet Casino har raskt etablert seg som en av de beste og største på casinospill på det norske markedet. En av de viktigste grunnene til at de gjør det så bra er at de har klart å tilpasse spill, kundeservice og nettstedet totalt sett til det norske markedet. De har kjørt flere storstilte markedskampanjer i norske medier i lengre tid og på denne måten tatt opp kampen mot Norsk Tipping. Så Unibet kan tilby en full pakke med et spennende spillutvalg på bærbare datamaskiner, nettbrett og mobil kombinert med gode betalingsløsninger og en utmerket kundeservice.

Muligheter hos Unibet casino

  • Casinospill fra de største i bransjen slik som NetEnt og Microgaming, men også flere unike spill som er utviklet av Unibet selv.
  • Tilbyr noen av de mest populære spilleautomatene på markedet i dag slik som Crazy Reels, Kronesautomaten, Jackpot 6000 og Mega Joker.
  • Innskudd og uttak kan gjøres via vanlige Norske Bankkort, en av de få casinoene som tilbyr dette. Raskt og effektivt!


En av de viktigste grunnene til at Unibet så effektivt kan ta opp kampen med Norsk Tipping er deres store utvalg av casinospill og pengespill produkter.
En konto gir tilgang til alt:

Odds: En av utfordringene til et spilleselskap som skal drive med Odds er å stille med nok eksperter til at man kan sette realistiske odds. Ettersom Unibet er representert i over 100 land, kan de stille med eksperter til både små og store sportsbegivenheter. Målet deres er å dekke hver eneste fotballkamp i hele Europa og ikke bare de store ligaene, men også drøssevis med mindre ligaer.

Bingo: Det er mange som elsker å spille Bingo og hos Unibet får man mange valgmuligheter. Ikke bare kan man vinne en god slump med penger, men man kan også delta i chat-konkurranser og andre konkurranser. Noen spillere opplever at Bingo kan være vanskelig på online casino fordi det kan være vanskelig å holde oversikten når det skjer noe på flere kuponger. Derfor har norsk Unibet casino lagt inn en auto-daub funksjon som sørger for at spilleren alltid er i kontroll.

unibet norsk infoCasino: I avdeling norsk Unibet casino så er det fritt frem om man vil spille rett i nettleseren eller man vil laste ned programvare. Spillene er uansett svært morsomme. De har et helt utrolig utvalg av spilleautomater og ikke minst et stort utvalg med bordspill slik som Roulette og Blackjack.

Poker: For Unibet holder ikke med å bare kunne tilby enkle pokerløsninger. De vil tilby det beste av det beste. Derfor har de en helt egen avdeling med poker, tilgjengelig for spillere 24 timer i døgnet. Det er svært mange bord å velge mellom, enten man ønsker å spille rett i nettleseren eller laste ned programvare. Unibet selv anbefaler at man laster ned programvare for å få den beste opplevelsen.

Games: Denne avdelingen hos Unibet inneholder alle spillene som man ikke egentlig passer inn i andre kategorier. Dette er spill som Keno, Hi-Lo og terningspill.

Unibet Casino Bonuser!

Ethvert casino med respekt for seg selv kan tilby en rekke forskjellige gode bonuser, freespins og kampanjer. Unibet tar denne oppgaven på alvor. Ved registering får man en matchbonus på 100% opptil 1000 kroner.
Så er det turneringer og kampanjer som skjer hver eneste uke og gjerne flere ganger i uken. Premier er vanligvis freespins eller pengepremier. I tillegg får man selvsagt ofte free spins i forbindelse med lanseringen av nye spilleautomater.

unibet sportUnikt for Unibet er at man også har helt egne turneringer og kampanjer som er spesifikt rettet mot det norske markedet. Dette inkluderer forskjellige turneringer og kampanjer på norske merkedager.


Det er viktig med gode betalingsløsninger og Unibet er en av de få som har muligheten til å tilby bankkonto overføringer og norske kredittkort. I tillegg kan man selvsagt sette inn penger eller ta ut penger via nettlommebøker (e-wallets(, Skrill, Neteller, Ukash og Paysafecard. Uansett hvilke metode du bruker så kan du være garantert et trygt og ikke minst, velkjente opplegg for norske brukere. All betaling gjennomføres via eksterne tjenester, på samme måte som når man betaler i en nettbutikk.

Vennlig kundeservice

Med en vennlig kundeserviceavdeling som alltid er tilgjengelig, kan spillerne raskt få hjelp til å løse både små og store problemer.

spille sjakk mot datamaskin

Spille sjakk mot datamaskin

Bli en sjakkmester!

Sjakk er et krevende spill ettersom det krever taktisk forståelse og ikke minst, mye trening. Ikke bare skal man kunne planlegge egne trekk i fremtiden, man må og kunne forutse motstanderens trekk. Det siste er nok det mest krevende og her er det mange som sliter. Dette krever øvelse og en av de beste treningsmetodene er å spille sjakk mot datamaskin.

Spille sjakk mot en motstander uten ego

Å spille sjakk mot datamaskin har flere fordeler. En datamaskin blir aldri trøtt og lei. Den er tilgjengelig når du har tid og har ingen ego i forhold til å vinne. Hvordan spillet er lagt opp, og ikke minst ekstrafunksjoner, vil variere fra utvikler til utvikler. Noen åpner for at man kan angre et trekk, trykke på en knapp for å se potensielle trekk. Hos noen kan man til og med få se hvilke potensielle trekk som åpner seg hos motstanderen.

I det siste tilfellet så er det som å spille med åpne kort, noe som kan være en perfekt måte å begynne på.

Nivådelt spill

Den andre fordelen med å spille sjakk mot datamaskin er at man kan stille nivået på motstanderen. Man kan være på nybegynnernivå, middels nivå eller nesten profesjonelt nivå. På nybegynnernivå vil man få inn basis bevegelsene, og datamaskinen vil ikke legge opp til avansert spill. Så man kan spille på nybegynner nivå inntil man blir komfortabel med dette. Så når man begynner å vinne over datamaskinen er det på tide å gå oppover i gradene. Enkelte sjakkspillere på topp nivå er åpen for at det å spille mot datamaskin er en god øvelse og noe de gjør jevnlig.

Gratis spill og kjøpespill

Det er flere gratis sjakk spill og mange spill man kan kjøpe. Det som skiller et kjøpespill fra et gratis spill er i de fleste tilfeller funksjonene. De fleste gratis spill har kun et begrenset antall funksjoner. Samtidig så er det mange som trives svært godt med gratis spillene. De kjøper heller til ekstra funksjoner etter hvert som de føler behov for det.

Så det er på ingen måte nødvendig å begynne med et kjøpespill. Begynn å spille sjakk mot datamaskin gratis, så ser du hva slags behov du får etter hvert. Kanskje holder det med gratis versjonen eller kanskje blir du fristet til å kjøpe et spill med flere funksjoner. Uansett hva du velger å gjøre så er det svært praktisk å ha en ”partner” som alltid er tilgjengelig for en omgang sjakk.

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