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By all meansI cant f-f-feel my f-f-feet!Nothing runs like a ___ (ad slogan)See you!Shocking!, to a seamstress?Shocking!, to a teetotaler?Shocking!, to a Thanksgiving guest?Shocking!, to an astronomer?Shocking!, to an Ohio tourist?Slow and steady wins the race, e.gStrange Magic band, forRead More



Are you interested in doin this?Night author WieselStar ___ Beyond (2016 film)The Voice airerWhatd you say?Woe is me!2,000 pounds68-Across baseball playerAnswer at the altarAntlered animalsAutomaker with a four-ring logoBamboo-eating bearBig brand of glueBody of water that 68-Across is onBusiness onRead More



Enrol, for enroll: AbbrFrozen snow queenTake it!Word just got out …___ who?A butter alternativeActress VardalosAdvantageArgentine articleAuthor Michael ___ DysonBanned supplementBoating aidBundleCalendario openerCantina treatsCellphone chip holderChicago rumblersChill-inducing, sayChilling, so to speakChipper greetingChristmas threesomeCreator of an ancient pyramid scheme?DecagonalDing makerDrunks problemDust jacketRead More



Close one!Dont worry about it, slangilyJeez, why dont you just mind your own business?!Rests ones eyes1984 Summer Olympics star2015 N.F.L. M.V.PAdds to the potAmalgamateBasketball tacticBoo-booC. S. Lewis piece?Certain congregation leaderClass of fliers?Crashes into, in a wayDinar spendersEli Mannings team, onRead More



Big thumbs-down!O, ___ the day! (exclamation from Miranda in The Tempest)Ten ___ Commandments (song from Hamilton)___ Colors Dont Run (flag maxim)Aesthetically pleasingAlternatives to lumps: AbbrAplombAward for Hairspray but not HairBig name in ChampagneBig showcase prize on The Price Is RightBluntlyRead More



Hamlet divisionIm shocked!, in a textThe Wind in the Willows creature___ Town*Enjoying first-class amenities, say*One looking to become rich*Wind speed metricAny vessel, traditionallyBiblical book preceding ZephBig name in lawn careBill of Southwest legendBlender settingBlues-rock group that grew out of JeffersonRead More



Chicago simpleton ___ HartEsther …Ken …Luke …Sadie …The deadline has arrivedYvonne …2006 Supreme Court appointeeAlign the cross hairs onBallpark figBidens successor as V.PBlack-tie affairBritish pol FarageCamera type, in briefCant stomachComponents of some batteriesCut, as with a letter openerDrop in onEighth-centuryRead More



There will come ___ …Baked brickCall balls and strikes, informallyCaptain Nemos vesselCertain office desk setupChapel recessChef EmerilChristmas ornament, e.gChrysler truckComment after a fortuitous happeningCost to get inCraft company with a 2015 I.P.ODefendants entryDidnt buy, sayDischarge, as from a volcanoDr.s ordersEmotionalRead More



Exodus heroOh, yeah? ___ who?Sesame Street Muppet with wings and a magic wandSo thats your trick!Thar ___ blows!TiK ___ (Ke$ha hit)With all ___ respect …Alternative to a co-opAncient kingdom whose capital was NinevehAnnoying insectApplying thickly, with onBack of the neckBoxerRead More



Born Sinner rapper J. ___Dont ___ hero!Please, Ill handle itShoo!Sure, sign me up!Wasnt that fantastic?!Why are you looking at me? [4]Will you let me have a taste?___ and animals are free (party slogan in 1984)11th-century campaign [4]17,000+-foot peak near theRead More