Crosswords Answers 2017-11-12

A Visit From St. Nicholas poet
How cool!
I dare you to do better!
I ___ talking to you!
Old World Style pasta sauce brand
Ready? response
You know who this is
___ pasa?
___ said …
1969 self-titled jazz album
2016 film set in Polynesia
A part of Life?
A/C stat
Abbr. in a military title
Actor Kilmer
Actress Thurman
All-day gripe sessions?
Alleged psychic exposed by the Amazing Randi
Altar sites
Alter ego on The Simpsons
Animal with a flexible snout
Apollo 11s Eagle, for short
Bacilli shapes
Basis of the plot of Gone Girl
Birthplace of Emily Dickinson
Brazils ___ Bernardo do Campo
Brightest star in Orion
Buccaneers quaff
Canadian coin, informally
Cardboard container: Abbr
Chefs hats
Choreographer Ailey
Cigar City, so-called on account of a former major industry
Civil rights activist Guinier
Co-authors Margret and H. A
Cobblers tool
Corp. budget item
Cousin of a spoonbill
Cuckoo or dodo?
Dark times, informally
Decorative garden item
Depend (on)
Deranged, in slang
Direct (toward)
Document certifiers, for short
Early title for Julius Caesar
Easy question
Emmy-winning actor on The West Wing
Enero a diciembre
Enumerations of things to be sat on?
Equality-promoting org
Et ___ (footnote abbr.)
Fast-paced two-player card game
Fictional creature made from heat and slime
Flower colored by Aphrodites blood, in myth
Gay who wrote Frank Sinatra Has a Cold
General ___ chicken
Gilbert who wrote Love and Death on Long Island
Glacial deposit
Green shells
Henry VIIs house
High school sweethearts
Hog seller?
In a senseless way
Is plenty angry
It may have a ring to it
Kind of vaccine
Laker legend with a size 22 sneaker, informally
Leash, e.g
Lee who co-created the Avengers
Letters of warning on internet sites
Lhasa ___ (dogs)
Like a rope in tug of war
Like Corinthian columns
Like pre-1917 Russia
Like rebate coupons, typically
Line (up)
Locale for a flock
Lucys place, in a Beatles song
Mariners org
Mr. Magoo biopic?
Munchies, say
N.Y.C. subway letters
Northern Iraqi
Not an elective: Abbr
Not related?
Off base
Ones in a mess, informally
Ones on the outsides of brackets
Part of many German names
Patronized a restaurant
Philbins onetime morning co-host
Pot growers?
Pot-au-___ (French stew)
Prepares cube steak?
Question: Abbr
Radiologists tool, for short
Resembling down
Rosetta Stone discovery site
Salad alternative
Sloppy sort
Small songbird
Snitched on, with out
Something absolutely necessary
Song words before the World and the Champions
Soprano Renata
Sorting category on iTunes
Source of much of Googles income
Spinny pool shot
Suffix with market
The E of E.D
Those who believe everything has a spirit
Tightwads opposites
Trouble maker
Unspecified degree
Vacuum tube component
Vineyard designation
Was on a crowded bus, say
Ways out of embarrassing situations?
What Lionel Messi wears
Work out
___ Cayes (Haitian port)
___ milk
River blockers
Wife of 17-Across
Willow twig
___ vera
Quarter or penny
The dude whose silhouette was very down-to-girth
Work a wrench
Pool shot
Its armed at all times
Detectives work
Wild olive
Upholstery fabric
The dude known for a famous supper
Word before a trois
Quite a lot of
Its often cutting
Brings to a close
Compass direction
Curvy road shapes
Binge on grub
Some tropical fruits
That dude who saw dead people in a movie
Mayberry sot
Dye choice
Prefix with woven
___ Royale, Mich.
Minor fight
Juno, to the Greeks
Raise the roof?
Well, lah-di-___
Rumble in the Jungle combatant
Choral compositions
Splinter group
Ghanas largest city
Birds on Canadian currency
Thin-layered minerals
Joint involved in walking
Morning dampness
Skirt part
Like cold tea
South Pacific skirts
Legendary entertainer Celeste
Its a gas on Broadway
Plato, Carvey or Delany
Wax-coated cheese
Word with family or apple
Caesars hello
Boggy, mucky earth
Very soon, once
90s missile
Display of affection
Club payments
Traffic workaround
Not at all
Like Humpty Dumpty
Kindled again
Bit of hair
Id complement
Japanese delicacy
Trojan War hero
Sherman Hemsley sitcom
Clothes dryer outlet
One of the Windsors
Night light
Period studied in school
___ an egg (bomb)
Pool iterations
No friends of union members
Half-___ (coffee option)
Cookie with a PB%26J variety
Typical role for Hitchcock
Ahead of the tag
Strong conviction
Dont mention
Sign on a free-samples tray
Its worth 0 grade points
CSS Virginia crewmen, for short
Gets a promotion
Dances with wild abandon
Leading the pack
Surveyors calculations
Have down cold
Umbrella inverter, maybe
Souvenir of battle
San Diego pro
Org. concerned with workplace injuries
Ranch worker
Corks land, to poets
Hypnotists command
Victors shout
Walk like a penguin
Apply, as fingerpaint
Londoners lockup
Om and others
Lincoln debate opponent of 1858
Bancroft who played Mrs. Robinson
Double shot at the bar
Paint can direction
Baby food or applesauce
Natural emollient
Gives birth to
Elvis trademark look
Live and Let Die spy
What a 9-iron provides
Pavarotti delivery
Corporate execs freebie
Unspecified amount
Public to-dos
Spy in Canaan
What ___ bid?
Common taco filler
Dagwoods napping spot
Albert who wrote The Fall
Like Chicago in 1871
Honors in style
Like oldies hits
Monotone speakers, usually
Part of a pension plan, briefly
Tending to an icy road, maybe
Sitcom with Hawkeye and Radar
Bicolored ocean predator
Hannity of talk radio
Cause of mineral buildup in faucets
One of a devils pair
Shorn female
Corn syrup brand since 1902
Like Goodwill goods
Silverstein who wrote A Boy Named Sue
Recording medium thats rolled
Bench in a nave
To your health!
Muff an easy one
Low-frequency speaker
Box office bonanza
Plankton-eating ray
Seat of County Clare
Cost of a TV spot, say
Snakes encountered by Indiana Jones
Sci-fi phaser setting
Get ones mitts on
Disney friend of Stitch
Soon, to poets
Depot posting, for short
49-Downs land (Abbr.)
Catch-22 author
Family Guy daughter
Goosebumps author
Hollywoods Biggest Night bestowals
Julius Caesar costume
Please, please?
So whats your answer?
__ is __
Actor Neeson
Ad-__ (improvise)
Admirals command
Adventuresome one
Afghanistans capital
Allots, with out
Antique car starter
Assist in wrongdoing
Bar garnish
Bar mixer
Battery descriptor
Besides that
Bird food
Blissful spot
Brings aboard, as a fish
Can be found
Car wash supplies
Caspian et al
Cheerful tune
Church official
City near New Delhi
City near Tahoe
Clarification starter
Comb dweller
Comforting comment
Comic strip square
Common computer typeface
Compass pt
Computer support pro
Concert souvenir
Conquerors domain
Corsage flowers
Country on the Caspian
Crunchy ice-cream ingredient
Cuisine category
Day-care break
Director Brooks
Disallow, so to speak
Entertains at home
Explorer Tasman
Facebook thumb icon
Former couples
Fort Worth sch
Garden decoration
Get extra mileage from
Hard to lift
Hike up
Hits the roof
Hold up well
Hosp. areas
In addition
In addition to
Invitation subhead
Its southwest of Buffalo
Jack London character
Just sitting around
Kitchen mishap
Lavish parties
Less congenial
Little guy
Lone Rangers pal
Long, long time
Low-heeled shoes
Many a presidential candidate
Minor misstatements
Moral principle
Motel worker
Move laterally
Neighborhood shops
Nick of films
Northern French city
Notable function
Novelist Walker
Numerical prefix
One way to cook eggs
One-episode costar
Parcheesi pair
Park-bench plank
Police jacket letters
Polyester fabric
Present an address
Price-cutting promotion
Prime time hour
Prom rental
Proofreaders mark
Purchase from a pump
Quaker captain of fiction
Quebec neighbor
Rainbow array
Regular dates
Respectful address
River feature
Royal pal of Falstaff
Rust, for example
Ryder rival
Sand shade
Saw to it
Scallion cousin
Sci-fi being
Seraphic symbol
Shape of some pot holders
Son of Isaac
Sort of shirt
Steamy spots at spas
Successor of Claudius
Sushi ingredient
Take to court
Taken by spoon
They may be underfoot
Tie tightly
Took an oath
Took forcibly
Trade org
Trench-digging tool
Ultimate height
Verified statement
Vigor, on music
Vuitton rival
Walk through a creek
Went swiftly
Whodunit statement
Ball stars
Baseballs Hammerin Hank
Latin foot
Cline portrayer in Sweet Dreams
It comes from the head
Meter preceder
Thrown for __
Traffic jam?
__ Rossi: Gallo brand
View from Anchorage
What may be intended by inadvertent wordplay?
Theater giant?
Verdis Un __ in maschera
Serve leftover rolls?
__ news?
Its Only a Paper Moon composer
Bay Area county
Dispute over young flowers?
Below average
Rescue squad initials
What should __? : dieters quandary
Totally lost
Boating implements
Goose cooked in its own fat, say
Takes another tack
Night in Nantes
Last pat?
Low areas
Hawaiian non-natives
__ any drop to drink : Coleridge
Grammarians concerns
Strong sharks
Coin-making tool?
Words before of rules
Beaded counters
Sealy alternatives
Ma playing music
Bell sounds
Travelers option
Filing tool
Some travelers put them on in winter
Mediocre deli item?
__ Gold : Fonda film
Green Giant orb
Letter-shaped 95-Down opening
Birdie plus one
Mallards beard?
Some dadaist art
Not acceptable
Made level, with up
Pair of vehicles in a plot?
Vanzettis partner
Price-slashing event
Island near Corsica
Westernmost Canadian territory
Confident ending?
Italians Thatll do!
School URL ending
Garden area
Like polo ponies
Davidson Colleges NCAA conference, for most sports
Like a crowd in full voice
Go through hastily, as drawers
Bk. after Ezra
Prisoners reward
Take off to get hitched
Outfielder Rusty who played for four different expansion teams
Place to swim, in Paris
Jai __
Viking descendant on a rampage?
__ Heights: disputed Mideast region
Powerful adhesive
SSA-issued info
Actress T?©a
Suffix with consist
5-Across broke his record, with The
Lily family member
Honorary law degs.
You bet __ boots!
Welcome sign for concert promoters
Early metalworking period
Sorrowful mother of legend
Group of related species
Float on the breeze
Having a spat
WWII firearm
Broken in
Sign of spring
WWII carriers
Some printer labels
Cartoon components
Game with yellow balls
Dont forget the rubber disk ?
Nocturnal hunter with a distinctive call
Mets sports commentator Darling
Morse code tones
Is attired in
Preposition often shortened to one syllable
Skull covering
Giant of a Giant
Window __
Drs. orders
Biodiverse South American country
River to the Caspian
Later, Louis!
Sour red soups
Ring outcomes, briefly
Everyone, in Essen
Fliers with stingers
Ideas worth spreading acronym
Father figure
Nice Work __ Can Get It : 2012 Broadway musical
Handler with a self-named Netflix talk show
Irish New Ager
Cline of country
Pianist Claudio
Japanese piano maker
Instrument with two 90-Acrosses
Joshua trees 44-Down
Half hitch and bowline
Vino __: dry wine
Southwestern pot
Author DeLillo
Hijack, e.g.
Wrap for Cio-Cio-San
Indian flatbread
Dont forget the rubber disk?
Ideas worth spreading acronym
Its Only a Paper Moon composer
Later, Louis!
Nice Work __ Can Get It: 2012 Broadway musical
What should __?: dieters quandary
You bet __ boots!
__ any drop to drink: Coleridge
__ Gold: Fonda film
__ news?
5-Across broke his record, with The
Actress T?©a
Author DeLillo
Ball stars
Baseballs Hammerin Hank
Bay Area county
Beaded counters
Bell sounds
Below average
Biodiverse South American country
Birdie plus one
Bk. after Ezra
Boating implements
Broken in
Cartoon components
Cline of country
Cline portrayer in Sweet Dreams
Coin-making tool?
Confident ending?
Davidson Colleges NCAA conference, for most sports
Dispute over young flowers?
Drs. orders
Early metalworking period
Everyone, in Essen
Father figure
Filing tool
Fliers with stingers
Float on the breeze
Game with yellow balls
Garden area
Giant of a Giant
Go through hastily, as drawers
Goose cooked in its own fat, say
Grammarians concerns
Green Giant orb
Group of related species
Half hitch and bowline
Handler with a self-named Netflix talk show
Having a spat
Hawaiian non-natives
Hijack, e.g
Honorary law degs
Indian flatbread
Instrument with two 90-Acrosses
Irish New Ager
Is attired in
Island near Corsica
It comes from the head
Italians Thatll do!
Jai __
Japanese piano maker
Joshua trees 44-Down
Last pat?
Latin foot
Letter-shaped 95-Down opening
Like a crowd in full voice
Like polo ponies
Lily family member
Low areas
Ma playing music
Made level, with up
Mallards beard?
Mediocre deli item?
Meter preceder
Mets sports commentator Darling
Morse code tones
Night in Nantes
Nocturnal hunter with a distinctive call
Not acceptable
Outfielder Rusty who played for four different expansion teams
Pair of vehicles in a plot?
Pianist Claudio
Place to swim, in Paris
Powerful adhesive
Preposition often shortened to one syllable
Price-slashing event
Prisoners reward
Rescue squad initials
Ring outcomes, briefly
River to the Caspian
School URL ending
Sealy alternatives
Serve leftover rolls?
Sign of spring
Skull covering
Some dadaist art
Some printer labels
Some travelers put them on in winter
Sorrowful mother of legend
Sour red soups
Southwestern pot
SSA-issued info
Strong sharks
Suffix with consist
Take off to get hitched
Takes another tack
Theater giant?
Thrown for __
Totally lost
Traffic jam?
Travelers option
Vanzettis partner
Verdis Un __ in maschera
View from Anchorage
Viking descendant on a rampage?
Vino __: dry wine
Welcome sign for concert promoters
Westernmost Canadian territory
What may be intended by inadvertent wordplay?
Window __
Words before of rules
Wrap for Cio-Cio-San
WWII carriers
WWII firearm
__ Heights: disputed Mideast region
__ Rossi: Gallo brand
Beyond contact
Curry with name meaning “bucket”
Family insignia
Fees for nominally free services
Gave in
Half-year academic course
In the past
Out of control
Robber in a gang
Watery constituent of milk
Tropical tree
Des — (capital of Iowa)
Cartoonist Addams, familiarly
Floor mop
Berry of a Brazilian 1-Across
Practically no time
— Hashana
Poker hand of four clubs and one heart, say
Itty bit
Old TVs Remington —
Test for univ. seniors
One of the Gandhis
Weep noisily
Country singer Clark
Field of a homebuilder
Farm tool
Moisten, as poultry
What a patent or copyright might grant
E pluribus —
Wear out
Plotting aids
Many a critic
Org. for Roger Federer
Oatmeal bath brand
Outback locale
Cube creator Rubik
Post-Kantian philosopher Georg
Beatles song thats an apt alternate title for this puzzle
Lower baseball leagues
Taylor tyke of old TV
Clip, as wool
High Voltage band
Facial feature of Mark Twain
Island of Venice
Haunting one
Capital of Jordan
Sage guide
Smelter junk
Luxury airport transport
Moses peak
Chachi player Scott
— So Fine (1963 hit)
A shoulder shrug exercises it
Flunkies responses
Get decayed
So-so mark
Put in a box
Army division
For no particular reason
Little bay
Added stipulations
The Jeffersons actress Sanford
Body part with the ACL
Get lippy with
Soft caps
Female fowl
Blue Ribbon beer brewer
Cutting beam
Priestly hat
See 115-Down
Send me!
Island nation in the Pacific
Double curves
Zip it up!
Thick, head-hiding top
Sean of 50 First Dates
Pottery piece
Hem, e.g.
Pants parts
Put in groups
1910s senator Root
Memo start
Uncertain things
Neill of film
CBS journalist Charles
LAX posting
VII doubled
In a spine-chilling way
More guarded
By way of
Univ. email ender
Inits. on a navy vessel
Electric or water co.
Tchr.s gp.
Spaghetti sauce brand
British brews
Group that services car owners
Alexis I, e.g.
High degs.
LA-to-MI dir.
Actress Birch of American Beauty
TKO caller
Cut coverer
Dairy beasts
Milky gem
Part of SW
Grain bit
Hitchcock film of 1964
Here, to Luc
Bad city air
More unsightly
— Na Na
GoPro, e.g.
Med. group
Bird of the 58-Across
—TV (cable channel)
Suffix with resin or peril
Court great Arthur
Trunk gunk
Green fruit
Chit letters
Gone boy band
Slapped, e.g.
Patch variety
Sorority letters
First ex of Donald
— me? ( Whatd ya say? )
Dog whisperer Millan
Dont disturb
Digital dough
Fry a bit
Ruhrs chief city
Leaks slowly
Slippery swimmers
With 6-Down, start a round of golf
Sloop sail
Lay odds
— me? (Whatd ya say?)
— Na Na
— So Fine (1963 hit)
E pluribus —
— Hashana
–TV (cable channel)
Alexis I, e.g
Des — (capital of Iowa)
Electric or water co
GoPro, e.g
Hem, e.g
High degs
LA-to-MI dir
Old TVs Remington —
Slapped, e.g
Tchr.s gp
“Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place in the world for ____ mathematics” (GH Hardy)
1944 novella by Colette
1967 single by Jeff Beck combining catchphrase and proverb in its title
1995 comedy film loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma
A cheap cigar
A leaf bug, or the protein shell of a virus
A nomadic Saharan people or their Berber language
Administrative centre of Clackmannanshire
Alias of Thomas Anderson in The Matrix films
Approximately 4.18 joules
Austrian F1 driver whose final win was the 1997 German Grand Prix
Birthplace of comedian Robbie Coltrane and impressionist Janet Brown
Both sexes of these antelopes have spirally twisted horns
Carl ____’s fourth symphony, The Inextinguishable, includes a battle between two timpanists
Christina ____ played Wednesday Addams and Lizzie Borden, each in more than one film
Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson
Coarse fibre from coconut husk
Cultivated plant meant to attract pests from another
Currency with yuan, jiao and fen as units
Delicatessen which specialises in meats
Former choreographer and artistic director of Birmingham Royal Ballet
Former footballer who recently announced his intention to become a professional boxer
French writer who said, One is not born a woman, one becomes one
From a New Testament bible story, involving a headlong rush to do something
Gear train which allows wheels on the same axle to rotate independently
Historical novelist whose works include Restoration and The Road Home
Hungarian composer of a Concerto for Orchestra
In French, unique or unequalled
In The Tempest, the rightful Duke of Milan
Inhabitant of the Scottish region which formerly consisted of Wigtownshire and Kirkcudbrightshire
Islands formerly called the East Indies
Italian town, formerly host of the San Marino Grand Prix
ITV game show originally hosted by Jimmy Tarbuck
Launched in 1933, the first synthetic detergent
Leader of a wolf pack in The Jungle Book
Loss of voice
Metal stud placed in the sole of a shoe to prevent wear
Michael Douglas character in Wall Street and its 2010 sequel
Nickname for Saddam Hussein, coined by George Bush
Paul ____ was the best-known member of a family of 19th-century German gunsmiths
Shakespeare comedy depicting the courtship of Petruchio and Katherina
Small house, or a separately occupied part of one
South African province whose capital is Pietermaritzburg
Southwestern county of Northern Ireland
Stage name of Brian Duffy, drummer of The Stranglers
Sticky poison-treated material used to trap insects
Synthetic polymer accidentally created in 1872 by Eugen Baumann
Texan city to the west of Dallas
The American equivalent of an exit slip road
The eve of a holy day
The first Archbishop of Canterbury
The only member of the NATO phonetic alphabet which is the reversal of another (English) word
The only person born outside the USA to win the Olympic decathlon title twice in a row
The right to vote
To send a file to an Internet location
ITV medical drama series set in Derbyshire that ran from 1993-2002
2001 romcom starring Reese Witherspoon and Luke Wilson
In cricket, a run not scored from the bat
Tourist city in NE Hungary at the centre of a wine-producing region
See 8
Luciano -, Italian composer of opera Un re in ascolto which premiered in 1984
Dudley -, actor who played Tinker Dill in BBC TV series Lovejoy
2013 biopic starring Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt
The -, 1966 film drama starring Stephen Boyd and Elke Sommer
Samuel -, 2008 Olympic marathon gold medallist
Scottish television presenter whose credits include Changing Rooms and Wheel of Fortune
London-born director of films Expresso Bongo, Toomorrow and The Quatermass Xperiment
See 20
2010 romcom starring Emma Stone and Penn Badgley
William Shakespeare play subtitled The Moor of Venice
Singer-actor who played T-Saint in 1995 action film Tank Girl
Henry -, British prime minister from 1859-65
John William -, English Pre-Raphaelite painter whose works include 1888s The Lady of Shalott
Adult female of the domestic fowl
1988 film comedy starring Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins
Thierry -, Belgian winner of the 2017 Rally Poland, eighth round of the World Rally Championship
Whiskey distilled from maize, malt and rye and aged in white oak barrels
1960s dance characterized by gyrations of the arms and hips
Port and resort in Lazio, Italy; site of Allied landings in World War II
Small tree of the rose family such as the European – bearing sour fruit
British dish
Avoiding the issue
Inuit dwelling
Confer holy orders on
Funeral procession
Live within ones means
Headache tablet
Cash register
Spend the night on the streets
Rapt surprise
Alcoholic spirit
Spiders trap
Smokers item
Sugary coating for cakes
Rub out
Jolly Roger flyers
bottlenose swimming mammals
auburn, russet, and sepia
smartphone necessities
puts up with
theyre usually paid monthly
numbers like 1, 2, and 3
Run fast
Hypnotic state
Public school
Geometric shape
Over there
Indian instrument
Lock of hair
Saintly glow
Beautiful youth
European capital
Toy bear
Magic stick
Dash round prints
Charming about mischief
Way out of Broads
Canter off in daze
Yearn to be extensive
Continuing like this before long
Blessed with not so much
Sick of villages
Stop British article
College of note, possibly
Once ordered ice cream
Hops off to emporium
Deface barrier, with time
Fix soldiers, on the day
Regarded as part of play, say
Rodney ran that way
Instrument to fix stair
Authentic sort of earl
Stressed about ringlet
Harold has nothing but ring
A professor is handsome youth
VIP doctor joins German university student
City in Czechoslovakia
Still in the venture
Wages to enter back-to-front
Singer has one platform
Soft toy accidentally dyed with turmeric, head first
Pears used as a weapon
Honest old writer
Stick to pale daughter
Hoof sound
Editors mark
Carrey role
Little rascal
Large duck
Relay-team prop
Come back
Most exposed
Beach item
Insect stage
Actor Vaughn
Cigar type
Off kilter
Intense anger
Bit of granola
Haws opposite
____ or never
Brandon or Bruce
Head woe
Fried appetizer
Beyonds partner
Kimono sash
Not liquid
Countdown start
Memory unit
Popular drink
Foxs home
Highest point
Trunk cover
Petri-dish gel
Degree of speed
Heroic poetry
Loose dress
Chaney portrayal
____ memory
Potato pancake
Crucial inning
Wet, as grass
Church keys?
____ Khan
Caustic substance
Belief system
Rugged ridge
Alda series
Childs toy
Weep loudly
Have sashimi
1968 hit Harper Valley ___
Green or black mineral
Morning moisture
Driveway material
Chinese temple
Three chemical compound
Animal that beats its chest
Islamic nation
Lambs mamas
Underage person
Highway section
Pine ____
Lingering flavor
Alias letters
Makes eyes at
Water mammal
Thick soup
Expresses scorn
Saw socially
Cooper and Faye
Crusted dessert
Mexican house
Den and study (abbr.)
Actor Harvey ____
Large vases
Beginning part
Makes amends
Sacred song
Verse makers
House wing
Showy flower
Open a bottle
Wedding band
For fear that
Indian of Peru
Chess piece
Marylands capital
Born as
Long gun
Opening bet
Little piggies
Mess up
Join in
Lode load
Previously owned
Strong metal
Feel bad
Helps a crook
Wild animals home
Ambulance worker
Negative contraction
Hair coil
Leg joints
Tank filler
Spring month
Desert haven
Praline nut
Window glass
Pre-Easter period
Hangs back
Mummy name
Pension plan (abbr.)
Mess that an angler might have had a hand in?
You could say I am good about clothes
A brief dram plus Bud – thats living
Nasty complaint impeding cavity? Bend over!
Did this, being annoyed about wife
Amazed to see One Direction having fight
Get out of it, perhaps with individual on Bass
Slips away from area and sleeps around
Time Her Maj should enter a service sober
Incidents in the 100 and 200 metres?
Id neither gone off or was left
In flagrante, but half-upset (cold room)
Half-pint of cider taken regularly after whisky?
Beast always chasing after flushed duke
Having changed top, bother to work out?
Cook did entr?©es, then pounded the meat?
Rough business heading waste disposal unit?
Im soon dancing on E and awfully smelly
Stitch up celebrity cut by Republican leader
Work and work with energy on speed
Teach me to fly a chopper in the jungle?
Ways a love goddess will inspire ecstasy
Salty bishop cut twice is full of anguish
Hint of a strangler in Danny Dyers face
Extra charge to put May in the good PM category?
What completes Liam of Oasis: wrestling dons?
German building kitsch, loss-making houses
Intense, but unopened message about Hoskins
Stop, you ruddy bore
Are they a bit higher than belly laughs?
So lacking in love, my editor bought drugs
Summer days in embrace of a European Romeo
See note
Travel permit
Deciding matches
LAN system
Pavement edge
French castle
Asian country
Reserve of money
Unsuspected difficulty
Diesel oil
Break in continuity
Sharp mountain ridge
Fizzy drink
Gnat or brat
Natives of Belgrade
Levine on The Voice
Out of port
Add up to
Mesozoic, for one
Run into
Clarinet kin
Jack Sparrow on screen
Tree-dwelling primates
Doctors gp.
Melancholy poem
Novelist Morrison
Western Indians
Chicken or beef
Hold sway
Charles, to Beatrice
Start to see?
Pasture plaints
Place for an ace
Cleos undoing
Evelyn Waughs brother
Sorry to say …
Showed up
Krakatoa flow
Parisian pal
Bullfight processions
Lauder of perfumes
Front-row purchase
Sea dog
Panchos poncho
Rosebud, e.g.
Sonogram image
Should (with to )
________ Entertain You
Seasonal workers?
Small plateaus
Loses enthusiasm
As sharp as ________
C & Ws Haggard
Dull sounds
Arm bones
Crane, Paine or Twain
Isnt She ________, Wonder hit
Source of relief
Former JFK visitors
Old Calabrian coin
Oklahoma city
Once more
Hall-of-Famer Musial
Some adoptees
Sean Lennons mom
Wild punch
Gentle, timid
Spiritual teacher, mentor
Esprit de corps
Take a dip
Unnaturally high-pitched voice
Stamp collecting
Mundane, commonplace
Intermediate state
Body of work
Fertile, abundant
Unfair treatment
Foxs lair
Flash ___
Severe, as a punishment
Soda ____
St. Patricks country: Abbr.
Into the Wild star Hirsch
Actress Gasteyer of Netflixs Lady Dynamite
America Idol winner whose newest album is titled Meaning of Life: 2 wds.
Passage between two buildings
Pulitzer-winning film critic Roger
Body part involved in kicking
Foals fathers
Family name of Ozzy and Jack, the stars of A&Es World Detour
___-sex marriage
Like a slick winter road
Outer edge
Science-oriented university in Cambridge: Abbr.
Law enforcement group seen in Dragnet and Columbo: Abbr.
British crooner who followed up his Grammy-winning debut album with The Thrill of It All: 2 wds.
Problem for a dry cleaner to tackle
Father of octuplets on The Simpsons
Looks for
What an electric meter measures
This is Us actor whose costars showed up for his Malibu wedding to Chrishell Stause: 2 wds.
Mineral dug from a mine
___ the ropes
We ___ Never Ever Getting Back Together
South African golfer Ernie
Black-ish actress Jenifer whose recent memoir discusses her lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder
Actor Beatty of Network
Morning Joe cohost Brzezinski
Former Dodgers pitcher Hershiser
Taco ____
What to yell to get the attention of an unknown person: 2 wds.
Fear the Walking Dead channel
Thick, flat hunk of stone
____ Johnny!
Smoked beef sold at delis
Yoko _____
One-star review
Jared who won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club
Jenner matriarch who is the momager of the Kardashian empire
Makes a mistake
Give off
Actor Rogen who will play Pumbaa in the 2019 remake of The Lion King
Liquids that food is fried in
Get lost, kitty!
Avoids when driving, as a city
Actress Peeples
Oscar winner Stone whos dating SNL director Dave McCary
Try to drop some pounds
Rejects disdainfully
___ Love Dogs
Last name of the Jurassic Park star who cameoed in Thor: Ragnarok
Banjos place in Oh! Susanna
SMILF writer / producer / star Frankie ____
The Good Wife actor Cumming
Richard of Pretty Woman
The Black ___ Peas
Actor Manganiello who filmed the upcoming drama Stano with his wife, Sofia Vergara, for example: Abbr.
Im Dying Up Here actress Graynor

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