Crosswords Answers 2017-11-14

Ask about it at work sloganeer, once
Darn it!
Ive found it!
O.K., understood
___ and the Real Girl (Ryan Gosling film)
*Carved figurine popular around Christmas
*Pet cage feature
*Sugar craving
*What never goes unpunished, its said
*Wheelchair foot strap
Anticipatory time
Aussie hopper
Baseball execs
Big game
Big name in skin care
Bit that might have the heading About Me
Boat in Jaws
Coin of many countries
Common place for a sports injury, for short
Cultural value system
Emceed, e.g
Expense item for a political campaign
Fantasy beast
Far from fuzzy, for short
First word of the Lords Prayer
Garlic unit
Googles web browser
Half of a colon
Iraq War concerns, for short
Kind of food or footage
Kindle competitor
Knights title
Ladies men
Leave out
Like a jigsaw puzzle
Like some enemies or testimonies
Little sucker
Manhattans home: Abbr
Mined find
Niihau neckwear
No longer a minor
O. J.s alma mater
One crying foul?
Order to relax
P ___ psychology (unhelpful spelling clarification)
Post-W.W. II alliance
Prez with the same initials as an N.Y.C. landmark
Princess created by L. Frank Baum
Running behind
Russias seizure of Crimea, e.g
Scenario before extra innings
See 37-Across
Seed case
Sights at malls on Black Friday
Small change
Snapchats ghost, e.g
Son of Aphrodite
Teenagers woe
U.N. agcy. headquartered in Geneva
University of New Mexico team
Video game lover of Princess Peach
Website subscribers creation: Abbr
What people know about you, informally
Whom Dory and Marlin found, in film
With 39-Across, impressive basketball feat … or a feature shared by the answers to the six starred clues
Yale, affectionately
___ fibrillation (abnormal heart rhythm)
Besides that…
Give me a few more minutes!
Lets get going!
Like thatll ever happen!
No man ___ island
Take ___! (track coachs directive)
Antibullying ad, in brief
Arrive at
Attachment for draft horses
Boot bottoms
Brewer with a Banquet Beer
Candy wafer brand
Carrying current
Cocktail with a black currant flavor
Collection for the poor
Complete reversal
Cost for cards
Criticize strongly
Dealer in souls
Did an ushers job
Digital address
Enemy of the Jedi
Fall guy?
Fed a neighbors feline, say
Finished off
For all to hear
Fracking target
Get it wrong
Golfers front or back
Greenish-blue hue
He played Pacinos brother in The Godfather
Heres the catch
Heres the deal
Heres the pitch
Heres the scoop
Home inspection issue
Hot flow
Impressive display
It beats scissors
It might be obtuse
Kick out
Like bubble baths
Luther Stickells portrayer in the Mission: Impossible movies
Lyrical tribute
Marias pal in West Side Story
Microwave sound
Mine extraction
More suggestive
NBC weekend fixture
Nutrient in seaweed
Org. with many secrets
Parallelogram calculation
Passes, as a law
Postgame summary
Prepare for a fight
Rich sponge cake
Ride for hire
Schoolyard comeback
Screeching bird
Shoelace problem
Sizable serpent
Small change
Some pop groups
Song for the masses
Starting squad
Symbol on a Scrabble boards center space
Taxpayer whos gone paperless
Try a run
TV journalist Curry
Two-time Best Director Lee
Vessels from hearts
Viral video, e.g
___ Maria
Cowboys loop
___ spumante
Stair part
Studio sign
Computer brand
Phrase before Gone!
Win over
For more ___, contact …
Major leaguer, e.g.
Mind others business
Retracts, as a statement
Travelers check?
Hero of the deli
Got off a train, e.g.
Graph line
Mob enforcer
Blazing stars
Invite to an after-party, e.g.
What a Wonderful World, e.g.
Mans jacket size
Thoroughly absorbed
1957 Treaty of Rome creation
Spanish article
Garden pavilion
Robins Tuck
Defunct sports org.
Sunblock additive
Singer Estefan
Getting out of sight
Continental cash
Bunny tail
Word with porridge hot
Cioppino, for one
Big name in gasoline
Has people over
Theater mezzanine
Mystery writer?
Certain trig functions
Heart and liver, for two
Satisfied sound
Temporary currency
Suffix for some numbers
Very angry
Poli-___ (college major)
Florida city
Abrasive board
Mexican moolah
Livestocks cafeteria
Firming, as muscles
Certain woodwind player
Bar seat
Shark type
Eddie, in Beverly Hills Cop
Like a noted piper
Bait buyer
Church tower
The loneliest number
Cello ancestor
A.D. part
Hens output
Its pulled out of hot water
Santas vehicle
Shine up right good
Islamic ruler
Varieties of plums
Rumble in the Jungle locale
Sweetheart of the ___
Less than twice
Meet Me ___ Louis
… and children of all ___!
When to hear this
10 min. NFL quarters
Foreign students document
Easter service
Colorful bricks
Liederkranz cheese emanation
Caesarean rebuke
Conjure up
Failed in business
Duke or earl
Yield to gravity
C-shaped shop item
Ready to be poured
Move like magma
Salad dressing option
Hall who cohosts The Chew
Film ___ (dark genre)
Muffs a pop fly, say
Invoice figure
G.I.-entertaining group
First course, often
OPEC qty.
Gamblers strategies
News agency initials since 1958
Some building add-ons
Inflate, as expenses
Orbital extreme
Garden hose holder
They may clash in Hollywood
Phoenixs remains, and origin
___ Believe in Magic (Lovin Spoonful hit)
Bath towel word
Appliance with burners
Like cherries jubilee, just before serving
Tots mud concoction
Like wickerwork
Was unfaithful
Word after free or double
Minerals ending in -ite, often
Free Willy beast
M*A*S*H setting
Unlike a gracious loser
Big name in auto parts
Altar exchanges
Start of an invention
Troubadours offering
Topiary or origami
___ Park (Edison lab site)
When roosters crow
Part of a musical note
Word shouted at some parties
Reveal, as feelings
Makes clear
Made a phone connection
Tulsa locale (Abbr.)
Leak out slowly
Bruins fans, briefly
Seasonal ailment
Quality of a therapeutic oil
Pole heaved by Scotsmen
Walk unhurriedly
Did a dog trick
Play better than
Delhi cash
Moles, perhaps
Common blood group
Cacti of Arizonas Sonoran Desert
Not as meaty
Melania Trump, by birth
CIA precursor
Result of a sock in the eye
Meddlesome sort
Backspace over, say
Letters on a love letter
Like drive-thru window orders
Card game that sounds like an ancient ruler
Sound of a well-tuned engine
Atahualpas people
Cheese in a red coat
Reaction to a sock in the gut
Phone downloads
Fragrant wood
Andean animal
Ice cream flavor
Capp and Capone
Pitchers pride
Followers suffix
Soup choice
Baltimore pro
Yard tool
Wound reminder
Disney elephant
Set right
Roses — red
Zodiac cat
Had dinner
Fire remnants
Take as ones own
Marsh croakers
Addition column
Ready to hit
Lack of color
Blood component
Brief time
Chowder chunk
Building wing
Craig who plays 007
Babys toy
Enjoyed the rink
Turn away
Physicist Enrico
Moon of Jupiter
Take a — (try)
Singer Enrico
Singer Franklin
Sailing signal
Scout shelters
Reduced amount
TVs Danson
Tokyos old name
Roses — red
Take a — (try)
Profs degrees
Border on
Lettuce variety
Yeah, right!
Traditional tales
Multistate lottery
Sashimi fish
Madagascar critter
In plentiful amounts
Seniors org.
Astas mistress
Diamond event
Peony part
Cowboys sweetie
Play-ending arcade message
— -bitty
Coven member
Va-va- —!
Entourage role
Calendar abbr.
Track assignment
Goddess of victory
Away from WSW
Within (Pref.)
Monopoly card
Domino spot
Veep airer
Morning moisture
A Streetcar Named Desire cry
Priests garments
Gravy vessel
Web address
Revealing, like a memoir
Diamond Head locale
Shaft of light
Work unit
Scrambled wd.
— Lisa
Group of quail
Gym pads
Yale students
Road hazard
And so on (Abbr.)
Candy bar nut
Jazzy style
Fade away
Press agent?
Air outlet
Twistable cookie
Moving day rental
Golfer Michelle
Supplement, with out
Roulette bet
Va-va- !
Calendar abbr
Scrambled wd
Seniors org
Beware the __ of March
Me too
Thats clear
Treble musical symbol
A whole bunch
Back-of-book directory
Be abundant
Beginning stage
Bend, as biceps
Bricklaying expert
Bros sibling
Brown photo tone
Christmas song
Christmas VIP impersonated by the GRINch
Church service
Cincinnatis state
City in 15 Across
Club __ (bar mixer)
Danger warned about by Smokey BEAR
Fabric colorings
Fill with chaGRIN
German auto
Get under control
Girl encountered by the Three BEARs
Hawaiian feast
High-flying toy
Isle near Oahu
Javelin, for example
Jury member
Leg joints
Lions sound
Lions and tigers
Make a mistake
Make corrections to
Mornings: Abbr
Must have
Narrow opening
Narrow street
Nautical greeting
Not prepaid, as a package: Abbr
One giving tips to police
Painter Salvador
Person taking action
Piece of firewood
Poor grade
Practical joke
Prepare for publication
Problems plugged by plumbers
Reef material
Salary increase
Salesperson, for short
Sandwich shop
School terms
Short sleeps
Skiing surface
Software purchaser
Solemn ceremony
Sound-off remote button
Stood up
Surpass in performance
Temporary money
Trio times two
Triple-decker cookie
Web commerce
Young cow
__ and crafts
__ of two evils
Fancy pillowcase
Not as expensive
Stats for sluggers
Lotto variant
Actress Davis played by Susan Sarandon in TVs Feud
Alices Restaurant singer Guthrie
*2010 Grammy winner for Best Metal Performance
Opinion sampling
2,000 pounds
French possessive
__-Ball: midway game
Discreetly, in slang
Nag, nag, nag
Black-eyed __
Electrified particle
Without an escort
Bygone Honda sports car
Impassive type
Dry-sounding deodorant brand
ICU drips
*TV cooking competition hosted by Padma Lakshmi
Sch. in Columbus
Tiny laugh
Bundle of papers
Put into service
Airline to Tel Aviv
Flub it
Letter-shaped hardware item
Sinuous ski race
Gets in the way of
H.S. exams
SEALs org.
Tech news site
Paint choice … and what the first word of the answers to starred clues can literally be
Longfellows The Bell of __
Just sitting around
Pear variety
Mix, as a salad
What Simon does
Word before bum or bunny
Tell __ About It : Billy Joel hit
Thats __-brainer!
Wall calendar pages
Welcoming prop on Hawaii Five-O
Scheduled takeoff hrs.
Opposite of cheap
Taste and touch, e.g.
Nas or Nelly
*Started a construction project
More green around the gills
Shoe bottom
Old Western villain
The Simpsons bartender
Footnote ref.
__-racking: very stressful
*Money-saving investment accounts
Belt holders
Chief of __: Army leader
Wall recess
Make off with
Sorbonne sweetie
Point to debate
Collaborative 1993 Sinatra album
Half a winter warmer
Like 1% milk
Wimbledon sport
__ Domingo: Dominican capital
__ Yello: soft drink
23rd Greek letter
Picket line crosser
New Mexico town known for its art scene
Lean-__: shacks
Wash. neighbor
Alices Restaurant singer Guthrie
Tell __ About It: Billy Joel hit
Thats __-brainer!
The Simpsons bartender
*2010 Grammy winner for Best Metal Performance
*Money-saving investment accounts
*Started a construction project
*TV cooking competition hosted by Padma Lakshmi
2,000 pounds
23rd Greek letter
Actress Davis played by Susan Sarandon in TVs Feud
Airline to Tel Aviv
Belt holders
Black-eyed __
Bundle of papers
Bygone Honda sports car
Chief of __: Army leader
Collaborative 1993 Sinatra album
Discreetly, in slang
Dry-sounding deodorant brand
Electrified particle
Fancy pillowcase
Flub it
Footnote ref
French possessive
Gets in the way of
H.S. exams
Half a winter warmer
ICU drips
Impassive type
Just sitting around
Lean-__: shacks
Letter-shaped hardware item
Like 1% milk
Longfellows The Bell of __
Lotto variant
Make off with
Mix, as a salad
More green around the gills
Nag, nag, nag
Nas or Nelly
New Mexico town known for its art scene
Not as expensive
Old Western villain
Opinion sampling
Opposite of cheap
Paint choice … and what the first word of the answers to starred clues can literally be
Pear variety
Picket line crosser
Point to debate
Put into service
Sch. in Columbus
Scheduled takeoff hrs
SEALs org
Shoe bottom
Sinuous ski race
Sorbonne sweetie
Stats for sluggers
Taste and touch, e.g
Tech news site
Tiny laugh
Wall calendar pages
Wall recess
Wash. neighbor
Welcoming prop on Hawaii Five-O
What Simon does
Wimbledon sport
Without an escort
Word before bum or bunny
__ Domingo: Dominican capital
__ Yello: soft drink
__-Ball: midway game
__-racking: very stressful
A bench perhaps in the graveyard
A follower in Senate working for leading economist – the one thats not present
Ace gets out of spacesuit for a number of exercises
Credit, of course, for looking after untidy collection
Daughter is unfamiliar with the foreign piece of cake
Dealer finishes off small car for a song
Delegation dine out in Italian ice cream parlour
Depressed with whats to drink? Thats the impression or it could mean the tides out!
Finished with siesta? That really put ones mind at rest!
First class choice?
Genuine leader in charge of practical
Get rid of shirt and shortened suit
History is not up to par on English sucker
Introduction to Heavy Metal thats fashionable
Licence for river approach
Lopes awkwardly around America to support a cause
Motorbike is missing trim – buy it online
No Pinot in Appellation thats a staple of Spanish restaurant
Old picture turns up – first class getting exercise at school
Parochial officious figure from wedding setting encourages fighting? Disagree with that for the most part!
Pass first variety submerged in problematic oak tree
Silly me – relative is on last chance
Sounds like means of payment on holiday as one leaves hotel
Support a quiet professional against a novice
Talk the talk?
The committee of French inheritance
The ordinary churchgoers running Italy
Train near Eastburn for The Underground
Acclaimed Russian ballet dancer
Address a deity
Area, zone
Become invisible
Blunders, slips
Bring to a close
Bring up or stand up on hind legs
Come, go or bring back
Concern, matter
Concurred, assented
Die by inhaling liquid
Domesticated bovines
Explain the meaning of
Extreme and difficult to endure
Flowerless plants with feathery or leafy fronds
Forceful contact between two objects
Have an impact on
Leave quickly to avoid punishment
Member of the family
Nurse, nun and relative
Of the whole world
On a ship, train or plane
Organised faith
Over and above
Parts, pieces, portions
Performs surgery
Read through carefully
Receive whats offered
Risky or exciting experience
Says yes
Silky, densely-piled fabric
The veg is too apt, oddly
This bread is soon forgotten
Twisted mass
Waves breaking on the shore
Ancient Greek sailor turning in after that
Backing cardinals declaration
Beloved patriot, a Romanian, taking part in revolution
Bigwigs arrest reflected personal problem
Cheap brace was effective
Commanding troops given relevant housing
Dash around, etc, to put basic cover on
Deprived female passing hat round
Dish containing dry leftover from pipe
Even the tail-end of storm at seas intense
Everyone needs love — message that can be given out
Favourite target for those standing? Hardly
Grand peoples starter for meal?
Last of capital withdrawn by the German capitalist
Masters turnover only one way to serve mince
Millions involved in dishonourable fraud
Old partners are obliged to
Paints beams on the left
Particular type of clue died out
Party supplying one of your five-a-day?
Preserve sweet air after the speaker rises
Quoted saw quoted
Retiring drug expert swallowed one to provide kicks, perhaps
Spell adipose incorrectly without a second vowel
Stonecutters staff here
Strike stopping other peoples treatment
Subdue Ayrshire, possibly
Sweet and sour concoction that could go to your head?
They manipulate figures fed to gamblers
Tip uttered in unstable canoe?
What Jack and Jill took ups come down heavily
Wingers down time
A female, struggling to walk, red in the face?
Abuse promise to pay for something nice?
After rising, makes lace figure
Are old bats used for Test?
Area for depravity is around North
Be in charge of stud
By side of river, see a tenner?
Charles’s portrait painter, or Henry’s?
Criticises batting performances
Deliver a bit of bridge perhaps, completed
Doze, initially exposing back of neck
Eleven in sci-fi film finding way out
Finally take this long garment and slip off?
Flying Perseids scatter
O to be supplied with this face-covering!
Pieces by bridge in London station
Raced from front of school gym, close to playground
Risk that could make Joe despair
Silent performance of Pliny’s rendered by church
Simply downplays mislaying odd bits
Some from Enniskillen allegedly turning up in Welsh town
The odd person’s hat, smothering loud part of engine
The setter twice finding image on internet?
Wine and beer, right thing to call for with crisis imminent?
Catch; fine fabric
Declare unsuitable
Eager, enthusiastic
Fish; singer
Gripping book
In addition
Inner Hebridean isle
Life-giving gas
Opening set in a stage or ceiling
Plan; system
Population count
Relate; Swiss hero
Sand hill
Seaside pebbles
See 12 across
Shiny finish
Slimy substance
Synthetic fabric
With 17 across: CAM in full
Young sheep
Stage play by Howard Brenton first produced at the Royal Court, London, in 1973
Manuel -, military leader; de facto head of state of Panama from 1983-89
City and major oil centre in Oklahoma, US, on the Arkansas River
Ancient kingdom in the Old Testament east of the Dead Sea
1973 stage play by Edward Bond
Marie -, winner of the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Ronald -, US president from 1981-89
William -, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633-45
1977 horror film starring Marilyn Chambers and Frank Moore
Ettore -, Italy-born car manufacturer who died in France in 1947
2008 novel by David Lodge
Capital of the state of Tripura, India
Georges -, French composer of operas Carmen and Djamileh
1996 Dubai World Cup winner ridden by Jerry Bailey
2008 film comedy starring Sean Maguire as Leonidas
Popular British bridge bidding system that started to evolve in the mid-1930s
Hill in Paris; highest point of the city
2002 novel by Tony Parsons
The -, 1933 novel by C S Forester
Metallic element; symbol Sn
See 4
Capital of Wales
William de Wiveleslie -, scientist after whom surveying instrument the topographic – level is named
James -, British theatre critic who authored nine-volume diary Ego
Max -, 1934-35 World Heavyweight boxing champion
Deep emotions
Red smoked sausage
Look through in a casual manner
Place inside
Own up to
Greek restaurant
Difficult to account for
Saves from destruction
Pursue stealthily
Small acting role
Jelly type
Wildly funny
Thin and tattered with age
Young male
Clothes closet
Specious excuse
Expel from a property
Intellectual powers
Astro Boy genre
Class Reunion author Jaffe
Disjointed star Kathy
Ignore the critics, in modern parlance
Proud Mary singer Turner
This ___ We Do It (1995 R&B hit)
Yes indication
___ Brockovich (Julia Roberts film)
1996 GOP running mate Jack
2, 4, 6, 8, e.g
Ballet leap
Bat symbol in the night sky, e.g
Binary digit
Bolivias constitutional capital
Book cover info
Breezed through a test
Bus. boss
Camera or eye part
Civil rights icon Parks
Creator of Winnie-the-Pooh
Crowning point
Crystal-centered rock
End-of-exam announcement
Fixes, as a piano
Flaxen fabric
Gangsters heaters
Garden in Genesis
Gives up
GPS displays, often
Graph line
Horse track shape
In a risky situation
Interstate drivers options
It has pressing work to do
It may go downhill near the end of the year
Large family group
Like some initial Ps
Like some raisins and pretzels
Maggies big brother
Mom on the farm
Muse of love poetry
Old audio system
One who saves the day
Orange pool ball number
Order of Greek architecture
P.I., slangily
Pearl Jams debut single
Pricey violin, for short
Reasonable treatment
Reunion attendee
Rock, in rock-paper-scissors
Roles, proverbially
Small unit of force
Soft stroke
Start of a rhyming fitness motto
Stereotypical reactions to fireworks
Suspense novelist Hoag
The A in A-Rod
Throw off course
Timbuktus country
Took the bus
Type of twisted wit
Warren Buffetts city
Warring with words
When to look a gift horse in the mouth
Wooded area
Work without ___ (be daring)
___ vu
fail to turn far enough
phone type losing ground
divide, as a hard drive
Italian appliance maker
small terrier from England
Magicians apparatus
Eye swelling
Fencing sword
Arithmetic problem
Male cat
Badgers burrow
Flying mammals
Decorative line
Epic narrative
Large amount
Technology enthusiast?
Mans name
Stamp a design
Expression of woe
Victor to point to target
Stick to pale daughter
Leave out of room itself
Time to jump
School yet to deal with inflammation
Weapon gets record points
Firm around middle
Total or just part, say
Feline to get married
Ready for home, we hear
Crazy flyers
Loot wasted on utensil
Priest upset band
Long story about a gas
Great deal of service
Longs for time with Poles
We sat around? Rubbish
Boffin of inner depth
OK bloke
Clever womens group get directions
Declare at cricket match
Imagine being armed, perhaps
Step around vermin
Remove during jousting
Carve me out a leader
Met to design symbol
Easy to work with small composition
Decorate new red ship
Heard a girl cry
Row about rite
Gauchos rope
Ms. Grafton
Peeper part
Leg hinge
Most tidy
Stomach muscles
Topics for Freud
Tall structure
Barbers sign
Aromatic wood
Wait ____ Dark
Nightmare, e.g.
Acorn tree
Ships pronoun
Coastal features
Male singer
Painters boards
____ public
Got up
____ of Ages
Church picture
Land unit
Pub drink
Tie type
School term
TV breaks
Ms. Macpherson
Snow glider
That ____ say
Pen part
Draculas drink
Hindu lute
Detach slowly
Page design
Guitars kin
Came to rest
Fire crime
Mast support
Angelic headdress
House wings
Alphas follower
Woeful cry
Lid woe
Bivouac bed
Store posting: Abbr.
Batman and Robin, e.g.
Furnace fuel
Chopper blade
Like some wines
Rank above maj.
Carnival city
Iridescent gem
Chows down
Sit for an artist
Financial officer
Go in
Gaze steadily
Young adult
Folding beds
Wine valley
Actress ____ Anderson
Served perfectly
____ in full
Suspects story
Indicate agreement
Frank and Rice
MGM lion
Not as wet
Try out
Sparrows abode
Careful study
Jogging gait
Fertile spots
River transport of yore
Like old bread
Gulls kin
Volcanic rock
African country
Had bills
Squeaks by
Between ports
Figured out
Ostrichs kin
Main artery
Family chart
Love songs
That girl
Aware of
Verse maker
Slips up
Official stamp
Likewise not
Mamas spouse
Gun owners org.
Chinese mammal
Squirrels treat
Radio and newspapers, e.g.
Baseball teams
Laid bathroom flooring
Italian appetizer course
Big Dipper component
Not youthful
Bread choice
Cannon sound
Not here
Floppy ____
Starting bet
Roof part
Amtrak terminals (abbr.)
Hot drink
Common conjunction
Praise a blockhead to a smaller degree
Though said to pause, rushes out!
One vehicle of ten, seemingly, in a plan
Superior church in outer Derby, or maybe Cornwall
Hair treatment thats bad, at some stage?
Stains seen a great deal at the Boars Head
Dismissal maybe; but half remain at the ground
A little beast
Said to contribute to a major alert
To pile untidily but in elegant style
Take over
Grand lover somehow made to show humility
Sing out for drinks!
A pig on the road?
Being Red, set out to imitate Marx
Printed picture of the river?
Instrument used in some Kansas menagerie
Declare a test to be rigged
Use of firearms makes the weapons heated
Station Ted back outside the Post Office
Dragged to the altar? What for?
Sir Harry presumably gave praise freely
Teach a lot of young swimmers
Chuck is not the brash type
Cross-question heatedly?
Team guide, son of the mailman?
Hypnotists name?
Stew causing an artist complaint?
Noisy scene in the Tower
Would a thug get such justice?
Abandoned by mother, his partner would remain
Courteous figures in Roman history
Brute best kept out of the day centre
Cost of food, on the quiet
Became unfriendly, so didnt drop in
To tear around in a whirl?
Got upset about the rubbish in a cave
Its hairy, the way it can sting you!
Ones own little drugstore
Springy sort of stick!
Its almost a toss-up whether hes sozzled!
Fencing with bamboo staves
Hand over
Prayer ending
Native of Brittany
Teachers title
Rifle attachment
Soldiers jacket
Circular coral reef
High regard
Hold in custody
Current events
Tooth covering
Allow to enter
Leprosy victim
Underwater missile
Market or exchange
Slight quarrel
False teeth
Start to open vault around 10 November? Its a monthly occurrence
Love announcing an entrance
Source of milk? Light drinks carrier
Genned up on King Edward
Flowers, a former footballer
Composer voiced some music as part of a cycle
One forcibly taking powerful position in Perus rugby union game
Intimidated by American pal thats eaten lost pork pie
Drugs 8? Thats lucky for some!
One wearing a Johnny recalled having said something in a high, shrill voice
Caught bird bearing a little vertical stripe
Earn 11d in change (old coins)
Bishop prefacing inferior wishing well interjection?
Childless female invalid, with one jumper in service
Item to be packed in the boot? Pointless round – hurry!
Evil genius of female friend thats lost marks without being topped
Almost certain a Judes rejected what Lennon said he was
Very small beginnings of tash, if nobbut young
One new gas in chart, not initially ready for listing?
Type of bars with no meeting places
Mix socially with setter, a person of high standing
With United out of Europe, started to get pissed
Making rough drawing from Potiphars hen in Genesis
Flyer embarrassed naval officer
Surely pipes half at fault for lung complaint
Hobs a fairy having annual vacation in August
Jacket in which one smokes 8
Small change, almost ?£1, put back in drawer
Signal for action, involving head of BBC One?
Painting of Welshman, about 50
More slender or delicate
Meadow (Poetic)
Hazardous feature of cold weather
Ditch around a castle
Asian country
Naively idealistic
Be quiet
Not diminished
Slope down
Freshwater fish
Reprimand severely
Slightly open
Hit with a club
Leavening agent
Creamy almond-flavoured filling – a finger pan (anag)
Scottish dance (involving a caber?)
How many Horsemen of the Apocalypse?
Indian clarified butter
Male pleasure seeker
Without the slightest delay
European mountains
Dollar – deer
Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine
Covered by heavy metal protection
See 7
Track or field sportsperson
Small and of little importance
Very good (slang)
Outbreak of public excitement
Baby train?
Flight of the Israelites out of Egypt, led by Moses
Against the rules
Muslim mendicant monk and holy man
Ecclesiastical council
Speak indistinctly
Fit men in recession not working
Blocks YouTube videos? They end like this?
Solve work thats put out
Magazine article that could be digital
Terrible Sun lie/fib cant be run together
Avoids those with bills up front
Try getting popular on Twitter? Sad
Unfair punch: man, that hurts inside ring?
Bachelor can go to McDonalds, its opened
Motor to work having set off
Centre halves at the back covering block: they help make goals
Reduced sick wards closed for patient
Barely see, getting on boxes
Likely to moan from good sex, not half
Sign to stop on date with blonde?
Recognition for clean water in dirty sink
They improve definition of small muscles
Groom in Mates condom gets positive remarks
Characteristic of a current politician that is entertaining with moves
Scores going up to check smell
Blimey! That girls smuggling drugs (heroin)
Move bottom and dance where bars have swingers who score?
Rest homes breaks in which you might get tea or coffee?
From the bottom, pierce hole in squash bottle
Easily drawn out with either side of ruler to make an impression in pen
Tot with this baby face? Busy wiping walls
Returning books and a model car
Shocker! Had another go at paper when upset
___ Just Not That Into You
Air safety agency: Abbr.
Love from ___
Tomato variety thats often used to make marinara sauce
___ or nothing
Picnic basket-loving cartoon bear
Stupid me!
Black Beatles duo ____ Sremmurd
New TBS celebrity competition series that started as a Late Late Show segment: 3 wds.
Freshly laundered
This is fantastic news!
Chandelier singer
Well, Ill be darned!
___ on Down the Road
Model from a Hollywood acting family who cohosts 17-Across with Method Man: 2 wds.
Tiny, green master of the Force, in Star Wars
Prefix for degradable or hazard
Not modern
___ Robinson, youre trying to seduce me
___ the beans
Competitive spoken hip-hop performances featured on 17-Across: 2 wds.
What glaciers are made of
Extremely tedious person
Whale-hunting captain of literature
Thats what ___ said!
Supportive undergarments
Ready, willing, and ___
Inception actor Watanabe
Little troublemaker
Not single-sex, like most universities
___ leaf
Unexplained light moving in the sky: Abbr.
Old cloth used for household chores
Group of lions
Large, circular type of earring
Containing nothing
Younger daughter of Barack Obama
Word that can follow ant or funny
Jai ____
Actor Guinness of Star Wars
Carol actress ___ Mara
Intense anger
Italian See ya later!
___ off
___ and flow
Gone missing, in military lingo: Abbr.
Window ledge
Wind up
Sheeps baby
Walking lanes between pews
Relaxed gait
Jewish holy man
Thunder-and-lightning event
Science fiction author Asimov
Board game involving global domination
Feeling that can be alleviated with liniment
Ball-___ hammer
Mouse-catching device
Cable channel that airs The Deuce
Hearty brew
Four-poster ___

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