Crosswords Answers 2017-12-5

Hold on, give me a second
Lovely ___ (Beatles song)
Right you ___!
The creation of beauty, per Ralph Waldo Emerson
2017, por ejemplo
5 or 6, for a kindergartner, typically
Anchor man?
Appropriate rhyme for spa
Bare minimum
Batter, e.g
Beat reporter?
Cancel, as a rocket launch
Capital of Samoa
Cartoon Ouch!
Cemetery purchase
City said to have big shoulders
Congresss Freedom Caucus, e.g
Dame of mystery
Executive producer?
Future predictor
Giant in health plans
Golf shot near a green
Hard-to-believe stories
High toss
Hot ones can cause trouble
In great shape
Instrument with cane blades
It stains
Kindergarten learning
Long-eared hopper
Loretta who was the subject of Coal Miners Daughter
Maiden name intro
Many a pledge drive gift
Melville monomaniac
Nightclub in a Manilow song
Olympics no-no
One in a cast
One not reporting for duty, maybe
One of the Gershwins
Place with hot rocks
Quaint gestures of gratitude
Resource in the Mesabi Range
Resting place
Rogets entry: Abbr
Sacred Egyptian bug
Secretive org
Sign akin to Bridge Out
Sister brand of Baby Ruth
Smartphone downloads
Snack you might bite or lick
Sound technician?
Southern drawl, e.g
Space ball
Span for The New Yorker
Star of An Inconvenient Truth
Star-crossed lover of literature
Successful pranksters cry
Suffers from
Tells to Do it!
Tennis barrier
They come with buds
What dropping off a last child at college is, to many parents
Word document settings
___ Goose (vodka brand)
___ pickle
Didnt need to know that, BTW
Frozen queen
I wanna come too!
Scorpion airer
Theres no ___ team
___ fly through the air with the greatest of ease
Aftereffect of overexertion
Alphabet that gave us the word alphabet
Atlantic swimmer
Attempts to pick up
Attendee, in combinations
Brits baby buggy
Business sch. course
Club for the sand trap
Country singer McCann
Drug trafficker
Empty space
End for novel or sermon
Entree accompaniers, and a feature of this puzzle
Eucalyptus muncher
Fare catch?
Filling for a doughnut
Filming locations
French or Italian, e.g
From Cardiff, say
Golf goal
He had the title role in An Officer and a Gentleman
Hieroglyphic creatures
In the midst of
Ireland, to poets
Island with a terrier named for it
Its valley is called the cradle of the French
Jamaican genre
Knocks it out of the ballpark, academically
Largest island in the Caribbean
Letter before chi
Letters on a Soviet spacecraft
Liebermans running mate
Like some rovers
Little bread boxes?
Make a blunder
Mardi Gras, for one
Massachusetts congressman Richard
Matchmaking event with a timer
Musics Santana
Nostalgically chic
Obamacare, for short
Of yore
Ophthalmologist, quaintly
Pageant crown
Phrase differently
Post-bath garment
Pursuers of perps
Raisins or prunes, e.g
Researchers field
Responses to bad jokes
Saint plied with milk and cookies
Scenes preceding title sequences
Scoped out
Shift-6, on most keyboards
Shut out
Situated on
Sphinx site
Spooky woman
Spur (on)
Starchy staple
Turns down, in a way
Under the weather
Unimpressive brain size
Virus component, often
Wed secretly
Where Simone Biles won four gold medals
Yoga position
Youngest Jetson
Hot roofing material
Presidential nickname
Singer Cara
Appraisers figure
Tiny boxer
Give in return
Dots in the sea
Highly skilled
Life as it is
Not even
Soda synonym
Rode a bike
Singer Gomez
Wind-borne toys
Emulate the Pied Piper
Its mascot is a mule
Made a kittenish sound
Skip over
Nasty look
Very fast
Swiss canton
Floored in wrestling
Least prevalent
Game, ___ match!
Race section
Like many Netflix programs
Actress Anderson
Group of eight
Nest-egg initials
Was no longer supine
Cache of treasure
The Lord of the Rings monster
Pesky insects
Gumbo plants
Negative vote
Long-snouted animal
Needing Dramamine
Intense anger
32 feet, 9 inches
Oklahoma city
Ads first proof
Steered clear of
Warsaw agreement
Chicken ___ king
Peg for a drive
Curtain holders
City of Cambridgeshire
Far from fat
How the ecstatic walk
Legendary LaBelle
Big name in Scotch
Lion of the zodiac
Narrow-waisted fliers
Hudson of movies
Dairy apparatus
Tokyo tender
Gives testimony
Moore of films
Brief moment
___ firma
Keach or Keibler
Hissed hey
Hang around
Large container
Neck wrap
Peron or Gabor
Oh! Heavenly Dog title role
Golf club part
Go no further
At full speed, poetically
Like burping at the dinner table, say
Emerson, Lake and Palmer was one
TV portrayer of Wild Bill Hickok
What an insignia signifies
Game show group
The Italian Stallion of moviedom
Sacred beetles of Egypt
Holy ___!
Pompeo of Greys Anatomy
Haberdashery accessory
Ditto for me
Quaker product
Apartment building VIP, informally
Son of Prince Valiant
Any of the cities found in 17- and 56-Across and 11- and 24-Down
Sauce with dim sum
Voodoo charm
Full of guile
Rejoinder to Aint
Deceptive move in fencing
Zuckerberg and Bezos, for short
Remove impurities from
Common sprain site
Subscription-based broadcasting
AMEX counterpart
Annies Song singer
Gait slower than a canter
Pundits piece, briefly
One World Trade Center topper
Accelerator bits
Round before a final
Bald tires lack
Lunch holder
National bird of Australia
Thumbs-down vote
Carrey of A Christmas Carol
Freaking out
Toothy expressions
Bit of subterfuge
One on a pedestal
Swords superior, proverbially
Boardwalk or mall activities
Womens U.S. Open champ of 1979 and 1981
Sound from a sty
Slow as molasses
Bit of hair gel
Elephant-eating bird of myth
Bagel variety
Big name in bleach
Singer with the 2009 No. 1 hit Country Boy
Losing My Religion band
Formation larger than a butte
Top hat accompaniment
Utensils used as percussion instruments
Hallucinogen-yielding cactus
Ronny Howard TV role
Leather-punching tools
Inflatable safety device
Breakfast or brunch orders
Word before lion or cow
The Pit and the Pendulum author
Time After Time singer Lauper
Classic Ford
___-G suit
Laura who wrote Elis Comin
Leader chosen by cardinals
Beg pardon . . .
___ Boys (Alcott novel)
Weekend Edition Sunday airer
La ___ en Rose
Presidential term, to historians
Visibly ashamed
Receive eagerly
Thrifty person
Pols concern
Higher than
French article
Gaul invader
Make mistakes
Audio download
Doctors charge
Tell tales
Red-ink amount
Indian lute
Cavalry stations
Deuce topper
London weather
Long time
From abroad
Grog base
The Matrix hero
Berts buddy
Lead to
Takes ten
Pays to play
Became cheerful
Acid type
Summoned to the phone
Thats gross!
Common allergen
Virtuous one
Crunch targets
Select on a ballot
Neighbor of K2
Set right
Join together
Potters stuff
Theater box
Pittsburgh pro
Smelter input
Muscle connectors
Countertop material
Refs call
Sets loose
Gaggle group
Network points
Command to Spot
Wild guess
Farm grazers
Killer whale
Workout venue
Hi, sailor!
Tale teller
Neglected item
Pi preceder
Coach Parseghian
Take forcibly
Some Nebraskans
Day light?
Sound of delight
Brunch orders
Quiz answer
TV Tarzan Ron
Vacuums lack
Purple shade
Hardly a fussy eater?
Brave New World drug
Wee parasite
Yanks foe
Catch sight of
Big fusses
Fluffy scarf
Legendary loch
Without help
Antioxidant berry
Pub on wheels
Do — turn
Church song
— Blue?
Algiers section
Buckeye State
Fireplace fuel
Auld Lang —
Poet Teasdale
Actress Adams
GIs entertainers
Bottom line
French article
Youve got mail ISP
That lady
Pigs digs
Imposes, as a tax
Shark feature
Out of bed
Unicellular creature
NYC gallery
Do — others …
Sandwich cookie
Audio equipment brand
Diamond arbiters
Is that too much __?
On the double!
You defeated me
__ aint broke . . .
24-hr. cash dispenser
Achievement to be proud of
Altitudes: Abbr
Astronauts final destination
At any time
Autumn flower
Back of the neck
Be uncertain about
Boy king of Egypt
Brings to a close
Casual restaurant
Cubicle furniture
Declare untrue
Droop, as flowers
Durable pants fabric
Fashionably nostalgic
Fill ones suitcase
Foldaway bed
Fork prong
Fully intends to
Give a shiny new surface to
Golf course hazards
Grassy front yard
Hertz competitor
High-IQ club
How dishes are often sold
In an inept way
Its above the attic
Larger-than-life tale
Later on
Like skim milk, as on labels
LP successors
Manage somehow
Minor obsession
Moisturizer ingredient
More achy
Needing to reorder
Night-flying birds
On very short notice
Opposite of post-
Performed a dramatic role
Place for a goatee
Plumbing conduits
Prayer conclusion
Prefix meaning recent
Ran away
River mammal
Rob, informally
Roof overhang
Rose garden insect
Roused from sleep
Scrooges cry
Sit (down) heavily
Small sample of soup
Sound of a sneeze
Source of acorns
Sports officials, for short
Stare at
Take-home pay
Three-color housecat
Typical New Delhi worshiper
Unkind remark
Uses oars
Weak, as an excuse
Wife of Abraham
Wild hog
Woodwind instrument
Young pet that purrs
__ Beta Kappa
__ Scotia, Canada
Place that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across
Spanish red wine
Office fill-in
Yours, in Tours
Sign up, in Sussex
Jai __
The Volunteer St.
Putting the squeeze on
*Company that maintains network messages
Bygone Toyotas
Lets up
60s United Nations secretary general
*Apple music player
Beauty at a ball
Ivan the Terrible, e.g.
Crime family leader
*Springsteens ensemble
Mazel __!
Take a chance
Soft leather
* My stars!
Instruments for Yo-Yo Ma
Traveled like Huck Finn
*Willa Cather novel set in Nebraska
Arms-around-knees swimming pool jump
Gillette brand
Curved molding
Written reminders
Worker finishing an ?©clair
Invasive plant
Terse summons from the boss
Bird that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across
__ Tuesday: Mardi Gras
Chowed down
Potter pal Weasley
Necessary nutrients
Cross inscription
Baseball analyst Hershiser
Kid around
Not to mention …
Kilt pattern
Inventor Whitney
Superhero suffix
Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across
Painter ?‰douard
Long sandwich
Versatile vehicle, for short
Soil acidity measure
Most mournful
Eclectic musician Brian
Prince, to a king
Grenobles river
Liver spread
Heavenly body
Drop of sadness
Old cereal box no.
To the same extent
Informal No more talk
Poetic tribute
Low grade
Itinerary approx.
Copied genetically
Fat-reducing procedure, briefly
Words ending a threat
Quaint lodgings
Bassoon kin
Basketball Hall of Famer Archibald
Grade sch. level
Single-malt datum
Family tree word
Longhorn State sch.
DVR button
Genesis craft
60s United Nations secretary general
Mazel __!
Not to mention …
*My stars!
*Apple music player
*Company that maintains network messages
*Springsteens ensemble
*Willa Cather novel set in Nebraska
Animal that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across
Arms-around-knees swimming pool jump
Baseball analyst Hershiser
Basketball Hall of Famer Archibald
Bassoon kin
Beauty at a ball
Bird that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across
Bygone Toyotas
Chowed down
Copied genetically
Crime family leader
Cross inscription
Curved molding
Drop of sadness
DVR button
Eclectic musician Brian
Family tree word
Fat-reducing procedure, briefly
Genesis craft
Gillette brand
Grade sch. level
Grenobles river
Heavenly body
Informal No more talk
Instruments for Yo-Yo Ma
Invasive plant
Inventor Whitney
Itinerary approx
Ivan the Terrible, e.g
Jai __
Kid around
Kilt pattern
Lets up
Liver spread
Long sandwich
Longhorn State sch
Low grade
Most mournful
Necessary nutrients
Office fill-in
Old cereal box no
Painter ?‰douard
Place that can precede the starts of 20-, 30-, 36-, 46- and 52-Across
Poetic tribute
Potter pal Weasley
Prince, to a king
Putting the squeeze on
Quaint lodgings
Sign up, in Sussex
Single-malt datum
Soft leather
Soil acidity measure
Spanish red wine
Superhero suffix
Take a chance
Terse summons from the boss
The Volunteer St
To the same extent
Traveled like Huck Finn
Versatile vehicle, for short
Words ending a threat
Worker finishing an ?©clair
Written reminders
Yours, in Tours
__ Tuesday: Mardi Gras
A number of programmes to transform Israel
Back copper protecting you and me from distant relative
Charlie is going soon to American city to work with religious orders perhaps
Cleaner visits top college and university in the morning
Cook avails of sage
Decent half of the city worth living in perhaps
Dilutes coke and crack from a very hot place
Finally, the word on the street is, its working for the linesman? Would you Adam and Eve it!
Get grime off the kitchen appliance
Got up to hospital after taking public transport from garden centre
Im sorry for steely glare in audition
In the material sense, Georgette, for one, gets 100 per cent proof for lawyer at the bar
Increase production with two animals
Its all about the dough for one of those studying the bread-making process
Its questionable Shaw briefly went to Kerry
Lights up small-to-medium game that needs no introduction
No nice way of saying this at burial sitting on the fence
Not the sort of advice mobile sales staff want to hear from flighty type consumed by Senor Duff
One note on the essence of right and wrong
Pathetic type of excuse for getting nothing from ineffectual figure
Preoccupied by Russian flower seeds dispersed around back of the sheds
Provides a view from sitting room of Loire redevelopment
Raw or fresh – its an indicator of whats ahead
Registered two types of drugs to make something with the same ingredients
Take ones time with bundle returning from Donegal to Spain
This will protect you, for instance, from 21 across or a rum cocktail
True-to-life head on monument in The Kingdom
William is the kids parent on the farm
A feeling of righteous anger
Assert firmly
Assimilate or soak up
Beavers nest
Became well again
Breaking and turning soil
Directed ones gaze towards
Dont take the rubbish
Established lines of travel
Facial expression showing pleasure
Felines of the forest
Handy, practical
Hurting, painful
It extracts energy from moving air
Movement or proposal
Organs of smell
Originators, creators
Perceived or observed
Pictures, representations
Powder from some plants
Prediction, about the weather perhaps
Recurring at uniform intervals
Relating to the soul rather than the body
Relax, pause from work
Say or do again
Snow vehicle
Something essential or indispensable
Stern and unsmiling
Sum of money handed over
Thicknesses on top of one another
Thin soft disposable paper
Up to the point that
Rather smelly student admitted making valiant effort
Just has been half-heartedly about to cheer
Match not easily rearranged?
Hero on edge, turning over seat behind
Frosts verse using archaic language
Bat in jeopardy, along with European mollusc
Posse that disperses at a gallop
Old HQs initially lacking much-needed water sources
Wine the French sent back of superior vintage?
Very low floor
Potential sailor, one with typical scruffy clothing
Borderline soft drug
Undoubted competition among papers? Quite the opposite
Girl trouble faced by a grown-up?
Much-followed wind-up by extremists on Twitter
Sound emanating from band causing irritability
Third of balls dropped by sportsmans runner
Made the most of expressed in pithy words, you could say
Brash couple, initially livening up
Theatre to mount play again
Blondes mad dog kills CO
Packed hotel in credit
Nouns split by Spooner confused nobody
Holiday depression
Wanting cash for biscuit
Clairvoyant now touring Jersey with neighbours
Try to hinder division in the countryside?
Huge weight I left with faulty casing overturned
Unqualified support for public spending
A lot of big cats prefer gutted fish
Remote northern city between two rivers
Having sex between married couple?
Swan runs away initially, seeing snake
Clients redesigned card with a holed pattern
One who serves Tom and two queens
Horse beginning to mosey off round capital of Nebraska
Quite fairly, over-embellished
Quarrel during light meal
Boring race rehearsal
German turned around to reveal knickers, perhaps?
River runs into temporary home
Ballroom dance seen, opt out!
Someone held label in stockings
Finely chop last of cedar in outhouse
Raise and then tilt upward pilots seat?
Clumsy person playing with fire gets burnt
Bombing risk I rate absurd
Turn of phrase for angel
Tree some hazel, maybe
Tenerife court dealt with forger
Reportedly, stolen property in minstrels possession?
Perfect or else imperfect around banks of river heading south
No record in little jotter
Disregard poor region
Part of Connecticut, a hospitable US state
Reading out letter, Earl Grey, say?
Noise after lightning
Item of bed linen
Chemically inactive
A parents father
Chinese gooseberry
Royal Air Force
Cows and oxen
Very brave
Aggressive mongrel
Active at night
Forbidden by law
Showy jewellery
Find by investigation
Wire in electric fire
Round of cards; prank
Unfairly exploit
Attentive to ones obligations
Highly-seasoned stew
Feather quilt
Moving vehicles
Common name for Daphnia
Person on a bike
Calm, even-tempered
Corn-cutting tool
Not heavy; understanding
Frozen water
A good look
Aesop story
Allowed head round to get artists board
Artists board
As one chooses a type of cloth
As you choose
Aspirated consonant
Assurance, promise
Australian and English openers holding bat appear calm
Be aware of
Big, bright
Breaking cast, lie with stretcher
Calm down, subside
Delivery vehicle
Distance when about ready to receive silver
Employee with time to entice
Excellent, the French mythical tale
Film theatre
Flicks through a medicine manual
Form of print
Fuel amount
Get a feeling for intelligence
Get egg-white for a pound and shake up menu
In the report I write nice, lest I alter it to heavenly!
Increase pulse and get optimistic
Indian instrument
Large rodent, light brown colour, makes wickerwork material
Left in pain by my old pseudoscience
Let father contrive to be sincere
Letter; an annoyance!
Look for chaser on the loose
Loud insect circling tree
Medieval chemistry
Once more take steps to improve the tyre
One with a twitch found it vinegary
Promise Penny unfinished record book
Quarters musical intervals
Quiet little stream? Quite the reverse
Recycled tyre
Road vehicle left with alternative – rails
Smooth-talking person, female singer holding arm
Some fuel, I treble amount of petrol
To live in Essex is terrific
Type of wit Ali cultivated
Was it a roughly gripped instrument?
Wickerwork material
2008 novel by Marian Keyes
District of Liverpool after which a Premier League football club is named
Erik -, French composer of 1917 ballet Parade
Asian republic; capital Tehran
Ian -, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for The Flight of the Phoenix
In Greek mythology, a nymph dwelling in a lake, spring, fountain or river
Large inlet of northern South Island, New Zealand whose chief towns include Nelson
2006 novel by Douglas Coupland
1976 novel by William Goldman
In music, a group of three equal notes played in a time value of two or four
1985 novel by Larry McMurtry
2004 comedy-drama film starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church
In mathematics, an angle of less than 90 degrees
1980 film drama starring Gary Busey and Jodie Foster
1997 film drama starring Morgan Freeman and Anthony Hopkins
Small flying insect known to bite
BBC TV documentary/reality series presented by Esther Rantzen whose featured amateurs included singer Sheena Easton and cook Gwen Troake
Folke -, Swedish diplomat and UN Security Council mediator assassinated in 1948
See 6 Across
See 15 Across
Former French gold coin worth 20 francs
US city; state capital of Mississippi before Jackson
One of The Three Musketeers in works by Alexandre Dumas
Reddish-brown glandular organ of the body that stores glycogen
Diluted drink of rum issued to the British Navy whose name derived from the nickname of admiral Edward Vernon
Community support professional
Alluring charm and fascination
Japanese dwarf tree
Form of protest
Middle Eastern language
Throw out of school
Toasted snack
In perfect condition
Form of neuralgia
Knights weapon
Deep red
Smile broadly
Sets apart from others
Facial twitch
Moral objections
Brother or sister
Large sea
Wall painting
Walk heavily
End of discussion
Gangstas Paradise rapper
Go team! cheer
Just a sec
Same Kind of Different As Me actress Zellweger
The Book of Henry actress Watts
Til Tuesday bassist/singer Aimee
What have we here?
___ City (Comedy Central series)
1040 IDs
According to
Amateur broadcasters equipment, once
As an example
August, in Avignon
Baby kangaroo
Be able to buy
BoJack of an animated Netflix series
Bygone Italian money
Carmaker based in Munich
Cereal partner
Collect together
Computer network terminals
Dir. opposite of WSW
Faker than fake
Feels contrite
Fin. neighbor
Flight info, briefly
Former world power, for short
Get up (get on up!)
Go slaloming
Gossip sessions, slangily
Grade thats passing, but not by much
Home of Warhols Campbells Soup Cans, for short
Homer Simpson exclamation
I strain?
Increased, with up
Its formed by small droplets and shows white rings (unlike its colorful rainy counterpart)
Kitchen gadgets that really shred
Lymphatic mass near a tonsil
Make shadowy
Marshawn Lynch and Emmitt Smith, e.g
Mary, Queen of ___
Monitor-topping recorders
Monstrous, like Shrek
None of the ___
Part of some organs
Part of the eye with rods and cones
Party table item
Peace offering
Pickled vegetable
Put emphasis on
Put on ___ of paint
Question of choice
Racecar mishaps
Ramonas sister, in Beverly Cleary books
Reznors band, initially
Scale on a review site that determines if movies are Certified Fresh
Scone topper
Shady tree
Sherlock Hemlocks catchphrase on Sesame Street
Sneaky way into a building
Some city map lines, for short
Some stuffed animals
Subdue, with down
Tied, in a way
Touchtone keypad button
Treat table salt, in a way
important enough to report
pyramid-shaped Alp
major grocery chain
Anna Sewells horse, Black
Western wear decoration
bridal follower
British Atlantic island
Sparkling water
Ruminant mammal
Foot part
Pastry item
Friendly nation
Public protest
Health worker
Pasta coating
Magic formula
Firework found in salad
Look in Tuscany
Always in same version
Rip off boy in jail
Not far from one argument
Thus get attorney a drink
Expensive-sounding animal
Reportedly draw digit
Food stored by hippies
Everything unknown to friend
Not all of total, say
Slide for small child
Chap has time to run
Show mode off
Raw materials from forests
Usual moral difficulties after notorious start
Get ready to tear directions
Copy childs bed
Nervous part of speech
Broadcast second conclusion
Make box to contain energy
Sister translating runes
Spoken of morality
Test former spouse in the morning
Strange desire to live
Stop cooking with European sauce
Left omen about fruit
Arrange letters for a while
Does rewrite some poetry
Local man gets peaceful
Bunch of bugs
Dip out
Hot drink
Lancelots suit
Remove from text
Citrus drink
Turnpike vehicle
Mean person
Carry out
Railroad worker
Moray catcher
School transport
Barrel board
Tiny crawler
Easy chair
Street ____
White sauce
Boring person
List of dishes
Bereft, to Browning
____ Mongolia
Certain exam
Moon ____ Zappa
Lily variety
Light flash
Kangas baby
____ of Wight
Female deer
Make up for
____ paint
Dress part
39, to Benny
____ Van Cleef
Ran into
Coal by-product
See the world
Plumbers tool
Bridles kin
Not sweet
Causing to slope
Hearing organ
In the know about
Fronded plant
Elizabethan, e.g.
Fit out
Goose egg
23rd Greek letter
Meryl Streep film of 2008
Aquatic mammal
Thanksgiving vegetable
Karamel __ (Ben & Jerrys flavor)
Construction piece
Two, in Spanish
First Greek letter
Unbleached color
Ring loudly
Showed again
Most attractive
Domestic animal
Actor Charlton ____
Attention-getting sound
Top, to bottom
Use a broom
Highway divisions
Kitchen appliance
College term
Spring holiday
Poker word
Small pie
Sunset direction
Storage box
Take turns
To the point
Disney clownfish
Johnny ____ of Edward Scissorhands
Land measure
King ____
Per person
____ Witherspoon of Walk the Line
____ of Eden
Choir member
Noahs craft
Contact ____
Picnic crashers
Old pronoun
Neck areas
Clears as profit
Bunnys jump
Sesame Street character
Circus leader
Look narrowly
Church leader
Wise man
Sail support
Newark time zone (abbr.)
Less frequent
Walks in
Artists stands
Roof overhang
Old West lawman
Army camp
Ledger entry
Infamous fiddler
Hair coloring
Convent resident
It could be hell!
Little bloomers
Inca apt to upset an officer
Surrey town, for example, associable with York?
Line of approach for one with a broken leg
Make an edgy sort of movement
Vessel unsuitable for batter!
At Beachy Head, I had an offer
Retrogressive character in fairy tales?
Abrasive activity can mean trouble
Gave ones playmates a hand
If sent off, he finishes up early, perhaps
Letter misdirected in Matabeleland
As extracted from yeast, still?
Minor source of faultless service around the shopping centre
Could she meet a need for a pony tail?
Its apt to arise on the south side
Juniors deliverer!
Appropriate gear for action?
Shaky bit of singing
Travels indirectly when the Stour changes course
VIP with a swollen head, presumably
Hardly uncommon?
Sample piece, nominally
Step an artist can never quite finish?
Lingo seeming strange to Alice in outer Detroit
She has a course to steer
Philip, heard making a sharp movement
Cut in editing verse
Like father, she has her day
Deal with as an act of generosity
In a confused uproar, the youngster left
Forbid going back to bed to get a bit warm
In being cunning, Im seemingly servile
Like a point dishonestly claimed?
You could write one to the landlord
Intoxicated with a noted game of chance
Fear of getting a letter by mistake?
Cut at the right angle in a frame?
Annual drop
Keep the eggs warm, perhaps
Like, resembling
Descends suddenly
Decisively important
Mans name
Dutch cheese
Single step
Wheat spike
Strong person
Practical joke
Sewing material
High regard
Pastry dish
All-night watch
Former gold coin
Fight with swords
Thin candle
Take away
Splits up
Highly-seasoned stew
Concluding part
Short high-pitched sounds
They recorded a revolutionary kind of LP, including the ultimate in Money
To prepare for operation, U-boat takes on board 50% of ships company
Plan to wander around Germany with dad in retirement
Rumour has it youre given a snog for the white rose
Compensate Robert Mugabe, discontented with military takeover
Wave in the style of Russell?
Petes partner, eastern chap
He produced the dancers; Tosh adds reggae
Freely donates fee for Steinbecks work
Fruit , a reversal for 1Ac
Excerpt from verdict at Orange Free State doesnt have one!
Party agendas contents a bit of a fag
Those from the Lausanne area avoid US trips
See 17 Down
BBC boss pressing continental broadcasters to fix programming SNAFUs
Clerk to imprison drug dealer
Birds crest (a bit on top)
Can nude modelling be subtle?
Celebrated fine morning over America
Workmate unaffected by turnover
He wanders off, having adjusted ready-made curtains for Queen
A Williams daughter last on Centre in the evening air
In poor health, propping up the head of Roger Bannister
All aggressive (except Switzerland)
Chit-chat about Eric?
Tossing back nips, doctor drinks whiskey in alternative to tumbler
He was in a few limp westerns
Stuffed with cold, revolting mucus, bishops to die
Diva is hard to treat with affection
Hotel on quiet upper-class island
Hes dead keen
A venerated character, his crown slips regularly!
Pleated collar
Take hold of
South American country
Flightless bird
Shine steadily
Sharp reply
Former French coin
Blue dye
A miner, forty-niner?
Renounce upon oath – far worse (anag)
Hard edible fat
Radical socialist (abbr) – horse gait
Scottish national emblem
Butterfly grub
Subject to being found satisfactory
Put away
Lower House of the Isle of Man parliament
Mythical strongman – hes cruel (anag)
Become extinguished
Be deprived of an opportunity
Club subscription
Composer of Rhapsody in Blue, d.1937
Wine storage
Someone spreading a gospel
Horse gait quicker than 9 across
Salad vegetable
Sticky substance exuded from some trees
Tall grass producing light brown grain
O joy , leader expressed, on islands remoteness
An interminable case in courts
Restraint thats surprising after company stops one retiring
Elf to fix protector to boot
Extract with ease? Yes and no
Spray dazed rebel in US
Consider what cashiers do with banked cash?
Hospital doctor perkily penning note: site access here
Browned dish – stuff with posh filling
Frail UK citizen is going to broadcast
Fruit spread with snappy packaging
Legal officers trapped here in France
Missionary pursues sailor wearing his hat
What could delay paper? Ones spelling!
A warmer kiss and cuddle that holds up the game?
Frisk roughly five or ten at first
How Irish lady regularly displays cunning?
Supply lab with kitchen solvent
Type of acid Spooners delivered to prevent wind
Brothers greatly welcoming sacred teaching on Sunday
Event giving rise to Liberal party
Foods unhappy men trust in
Paying again for making withdrawal
Provoke and mock bishop coming in for mass
Pants from North America in exotic blue
Royal knight in charge
One form of water runs into another
Bash sash and strip zip
Wind: constant feature of 19
____ to leap tall buildings in a single bound
Vim and vigor
Mic ____
Sit down with a good book
Give us this day ___ daily bread …
State that borders South Dakota and Nebraska
With 33-Across, ABC series starring Jason Ritter as a man tasked with a heavenly mission: 2 wds.
Big-time mess or mistake, in military slang
Sign that something bad will happen
Refillable pen liquid
Run out, like a magazine subscription
Desktop Apple product
Facts and figures, for short
See 15-Across: 3 wds.
Who ___ to say?: 2 wds.
Slender, finless fishes
You may ___ on it
Sense that the tongue is used for
Wait, hang on a ___
Particle thats split for nuclear power
Leg part where the hamstrings and quadriceps are
2003-2005 CBS series in which Jason Ritter played the brother of a teen tasked with a heavenly mission: 3 wds.
Come down to earth, like an airplane
Rapper ___ Rida
Lie down for a bit
Just all right, not fantastic
Use pins and needles, say
December 5, 2017, for example
Boats like Noah built
Weve all ___ there
Volcanic material
Imposing-looking building
Burst, like bubble wrap
15-year-old international currency
High school seniors dress-up dance
___ Prince
Hold up at gunpoint
Winged mail carrier at Hogwarts
Provide wages for work
Convent resident
Opposite of above
Toy for a windy day
Remove the peel from
Part of a window where a cat might relax
Watery swirl
The wolf ____ the door: 2 wds.
___ Said Knock You Out
Car rental company with the former slogan We try harder
Sports group whose athletes wear ice skates: Abbr.
____ up
Take care of, as a task: 2 wds.
Apple tree farm
Jessica who won an Oscar for Driving Miss Daisy
…and so forth: Abbr.
Does in, gangster-style
Alpha ___
Get the ___ of
Puerto Rican singer with twins, familiarly: 2 wds.
Tree whose seed is an acorn
Ugly Betty actress Ortiz
Line of seats in a theater

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