Crosswords Answers 2017-2-12

A bit of talcum / Is always walcum writer
Grand Hotel star, 1932
My only love sprung from my only ___!: Juliet
That villain in comics has sure gotta be sore!?
1950s French president Ren?©
35-nation alliance, briefly
A.A. or AAA
Abductor of Persephone
Ad agency output
Alitos Supreme Court predecessor
Archives material
Beatrix Potters genre
Berate some guy for getting too much sun?
Bit of cushioning
Book reviewer?: Abbr
Buildings rain diverter
Cap similar to a tam-o-shanter
Certain rod
Clean with a pressurized spray
Club cousins
Conveyance for soldiers
Creature on the movie poster for The Silence of the Lambs
Desiccated ___ Sea
Dismaying announcement about disaster aid?
Entry on an I.R.S. form: Abbr
Exhibitor at 1863s Salon des Refus?©s
Fleshy-leaved succulent
For whom Nancy was first lady
Fuel from a fen
Gives an order
Greenhorn on the force
Groups basic beliefs
Having less heft
Having no room for more
He can be seen at the western end of the National Mall, informally
High hairdos
Hit one out
Horse for hire
It may deliver a punch
It must turn over to start
Its a drain
Kids TV character who refers to himself in the third person
Like most Quo Vadis characters
London tea accessory
M, on a form
Major export of Florida
Old gang weapons
One with a lot of tweets
Pacific island wrap
Parliamentary support
Plunger alternative
Pricey French fashion label
Reimbursed expense for a commuter, maybe
Result of a serious wardrobe malfunction at the beach?
Rokers appeal before gastric bypass surgery?
Scientists dilemma regarding work vs. play?
Sight at Tanzanias Gombe Stream National Park
Sobel who wrote the Pulitzer-nominated Galileos Daughter
Some space vehicles
Something easy, so they say
Steamed seafood dish
Suggestion to a bored short story writer?
Super suffix?
Swinging Ernie
Take some shots
Those who need sound memories, per Montaigne
Tool parts used for bending things
Tour grp. since 1950
Utahs ___ State University
W. Hemisphere treaty of 1994
Weighty matters?
What a cash-strapped beau might take you on?
Whats right in front of the tee?
With 34-Down, longtime public radio host
With 42-Down, Frosty the Snowman singer
Worry of stratospheric proportions
___ Palmas (Spanish province)
Finding Nemo environment
Advanced degree exams
Celeste of old Hollywood
Could correctly answer
Course commonly before calc
Dance or dip type
Dates arranged by friends
Daytona participant
Drifting upon the Pacific
Exit, per P.T. Barnum
Expression with a protruding lip
Good stuff to find in a mine
Have a dull pain
It makes flour finer
Leaves a snowy state?
Like slick roads
Little jobs
Main, 34th and Elm (Abbr.)
Marges animated neighbor
Max bested Buffalo Bill with the ..
Message spelled out in the sand, sometimes
Mixture or medley
Museums offering
No one shuns like Max because he gives the ..
Not a liquid or gas
One way to unload merchandise
Opposed, on a stereotypical farm
Parisian currency
Photographers of celebs, in slang
Prefix with body or matter
Remove secure roping from
Rosy part of the face
Showy shoulder wraps
Slog through a stream
Small jazz ensemble
Stand for an orator
Thanks to the best razors, Max was ..
Word with blitz or center
Boxcars pair, in craps
Dont ___ and drive
Pardon, slangily
2011 U.S. Open winner McIlroy
All Hallows ___ (Oct. 31)
Directions-seekers words
End of an Italian sonnet
Expose, at a costume party
Four-song records, perhaps
Gets ripe
Group in charge (Abbr.)
Home on a farm
Ill-bred sorts
Like a Black Sabbath concert
Like an engaged couple
Like billiard balls, pre-break
Marlee with a 1986 Oscar
Member of a rural kick line?
Moat beast, for short
Movie execs veal dinner?
Much all-you-can-eat fare
Much interoffice mail
Otis Reddings label
Rooney of Carol
Scene of a 1979 overthrow
Start of a bray
U-shaped stringed instruments
Where the buck stops
Words given under oath
Young bird minding little brother?
___ hall (campus hangout)
— Rides Again (old Western)
Just name it and Ill do it [#3]
Othello baddie
Sk8er — (2002 hit)
Sorority Row actress Evigan
— tai (mixed drink)
1988 film about an old baseball scandal (and what this puzzle has?)
Academy students
Annual publication of Benjamin Franklin [#5]
Ark crafter
Army denial
August sign
Available again because folks asked for it [#7]
Banging, as a drum
Brewing pot
Brow or lash
Caftan, e.g
Caviar eggs
Certain shore area
Chewed stuff
Classic song by Rodgers and Hart [#8]
Close loudly
Concave tummy part
Cost to cab it
Crack, as a cipher
Egg case qty
Ending with ethyl
Evaluate anew
Frenetic cartoon marsupial [#1]
Gulf ship
Handy-andys inits
Her Hello was a big hit
Horror film helper
House-building charity [#4]
In — (not yet born)
Instant replay mode
Its not currently erupting [#2]
Jonathan Swifts genre
Lutzes, e.g
Maker of an exact copy
Matches up, as files
Mother of Cain
Not lifeless
Old office note-takers
Platform that runs on Apple devices
Pros vote
Provided, as with talent
Real guy?
Record label for Bowie
Recording studio control
Remit, say
Sauna spot
Seek the approval of
Serb, say
Shouts from cheerleaders
Sicile, e.g
Snow beast of legend
Sportscaster — Rashad
Tabby sound
Take off from a high nest, as an eagle
Tennis top
Tweens, e.g
Ullmann or Tyler of film
Weeper in myth
What a green card grants an alien [#6]
With 56-Down, entwined like shoelace ends
With 78-Down, tone deafness
Yale athlete
Give Kids a Smile org
Selma lead role
72 Down product
Acceptance of opposite opinions (Orwell)
Auction bid of a sort
Author Castaneda
Backyard spot
Bad atmospheres
Bargain-bin markers
Bit of rushin language
Boils or broils
Bugle blast
Caused to yawn
Chaos (Milton)
City west of Sun Valley
Clickable text
Croquet surface
Destructive weapon (H.G. Wells)
Erased, as a hard disk
Estate entryway, often
Failed rapidly
Floral chains
Fortune-tellers intro
Gave up, as a right
Hair conditioner
Home of many Goyas
Incite to anger
Lowered in esteem
Meaningless talk (Lewis Carroll)
Needle maker
Nemesis (Shakespeare)
Newspaper production machine of old
One on foot (Wordsworth)
Poets sun or moon
Political deception (Stephen Colbert)
Proportional stat
Rapper Green
SAT portion
Self-love (Coleridge)
Shows zeal
Singers on a riser
Sleigh accessories
Some 112 Across
Some diner-mat games
Strand in winter, perhaps
Techs caller
Teens My answer was . . .
Timid one (Dorothy Parker)
Tough as nails (Mark Twain)
Trite, as jokes
Watered down, in a way
Well-trained unit
WWII-era pope
No seats letters
Pinball Wizard opera
Raging Bull fighter
60-Downs info source
Ahmedabad address
Any one of the NFLs top 25 career scoring leaders
Bit of braggadocio
Border maintainers
Canal through Oneida Lake
Cardinal points, briefly?
Classic Fender guitar, briefly
Colored tee, perhaps
Concern for gardeners
Descendant of the English Bulldog
Diminutive two-seater
Driven to act
Extend ones Self?
Flutter by like a butterfly
Fruit fly or gnat
Get online shopping help, say
Glacial expanses
Golfing countryman of Player
Gremlins, e.g
Happy hour sponsor
Hard one to work with
Hill group
In short order, in verse
Jazz standard that became an LSU fight song
Like Jack and Jill, ultimately
Livorno lady friend
Losers ad word
Mozarts The Hunt, for one
Nebraska city named for a Native American tribe
Neurotic toon pooch
Ornate arch
Paper read on the LIRR, perhaps
Pedal problems
Performed a ballroom dance
Petroleum produced from rock fragments
Pigeon hangouts
Potato source: Abbr
Quilters need
Reach by schooner, say
Responds to an alarm
Result of losing two points, perhaps
Schoolyard argument
Sent messages, before faxes and email
Serving convenience
Site of an ascent
Some price changes
Son of Donald
Sports org. with three major divisions
Spot to spot Spot
Streakers in showers
Tablet buyer, usually
Teachers bane, at times
The littlest bit
Theyre spoken in anger
Thick-furred primate
Transport for Chingachgook
Trap thats spun
Trust builder?
Virus first identified in Zaire
Voice of TVs Fat Albert
Whoop-de-__: lively parties
Withdrawal in 2016 headlines
Wriggler on a hook
WWII British firearm
__ lepton: physics particle
Alas, its true
Let me consider this
___ it rich? (start of Send in the Clowns)
2013 Johnny Depp role
Activity for glider pilots
Ad-libbers discard
Controversial chemical in plastics, for short
Egotists proclivity
Evidence of a past life
Gunky substances
Hold closely (to)
Indy circuits
Its all in Ecclesiastes
King Henry VIIIs affliction, its thought
Like the popes spring message
Lousy kids game?
Maine city on the Penobscot River
Musical based on a Colette novella
One ejected at a circus
Org. for a large party
Org. whose workers get a good look at you
Overcomes jet lag, maybe
Overseer of exec. branch funding
Patch to attach, maybe
Phil in the Hockey Hall of Fame
Provider of a bang-up job? (abbr.)
Rapper who costarred in The Cookout with Queen Latifah
Shovelers challenge
Sir Galahads dad
Solo heard at Arlington National Cemetery
Spreads news of
Take another look at
Tie up for roasting
Tree hugger, at times
Undertakes energetically
Walter Cronkites network
Whats clear in the kitchen
Yellow, Black, or Red
Crack in a mountain slope or a glacier
End collier I/Ds? (anag)
Esoteric theosophy of rabbinic origin (variant spelling)
Find the way or the knack of doing something
Grossly exaggerated or over-emphasised something
Hindu course of exercises and postures
Medicinal shrub with an aromatic bark
Micro-organisms, often pathogens
Of or relating to wine
Peculiar drink?
Piece of timber popularly trimmed for construction work
Print form
Republic sited on the SW corner of Arabia
Rip out (a places) interior
Someone who plays practical jokes
Suffering similar circumstances
Symbol used to indicate the subject of a Twitter message
Bang Bang Rock and Roll ___ Brut
Clueless -inspired Sky Ferreira EP?
Conversation With ___
Cut London post-punkers
Houses of the Holy song The ___
It aint fiction, just a natural ___
Rescue ___ 6
Sloop ___
Tom Sawyer band
Veni Vidi Vicious punk rockers
01 Nickelback album ___ Up
01 O.A.R. album that woke you up?
80s Paul Gilbert band ___ X
94 Sponge album Rotting ___
38 Special hit If Id ___
Aaron Neville Tell ___
Alabama ___
All-night DJ party
Angel Live Without a ___
Ashanti Rain ___
Awolnation ___ Symphony
Bassist Kinchla of Blues Traveler
Blood, Sweat and Tears And When ___
British music mag
Bruce Springsteen The Ghost of Tom ___
Co-founder of LaFace Records
Compact ___
Consumer Rapport ___ On Down the Road
Everclears home state (abbr.)
Funk album Come Away With ___
Grammy-winning MC Kool Moe ___
Iconic Dylan
J. Geils Band Love ___
Janis Joplin Me and Bobby ___
Jazz drummer Humphries
Jerry Lee Lewis ___ Be Me
Kind of cheap bar for bands to play
Letters to ___ Here and Now
Like some security guards
Meg and ___
Metalcore band The Devil Wears ___
Might get these during favorite song
Motley Crue drummer Tommy
Norah Jones What Am ___ You?
Numerical guitar notations
NY hardcore punks Vision ___
Old-school tour bus, perhaps
Phish Down With ___
Repeated word in Archers of Loaf album name
Sister Hazel Block
Springsteen I ___ stone-like at midnight
Springsteen Tougher Than the ___
Sum 41 ___ This Look Infected?
Tex-Mex guy Doug
The Band I Shall ___
The Las smash There ___
They come with ahs
They work for competing labels
Travis/Jones ___ Ole Country Boys
Wale song about fishing?
What every rocker will do, eventually
You get them on stage from director

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