Crosswords Answers 2017-7-27

Hamlet division
Im shocked!, in a text
The Wind in the Willows creature
___ Town
*Enjoying first-class amenities, say
*One looking to become rich
*Wind speed metric
Any vessel, traditionally
Biblical book preceding Zeph
Big name in lawn care
Bill of Southwest legend
Blender setting
Blues-rock group that grew out of Jefferson Airplane
Canopy support
Civil unrest approaching anarchy
Device releasing particles
Euripides tragedy
Expenditures of time and energy
Fend (off)
Figure kept in the head, usually: Abbr
Figures on CBSs Code Black: Abbr
Galley part
Game animals, for some
Genre for Philip K. Dick
GPS data: Abbr
Have charge temporarily … or a hint to answering this puzzles three starred clues
Historic Normandy event
It may be long, twisted or hollow
J. M. ___, The Playboy of the Western World playwright
Kitchen meas
Legal ___
Like many volcanic fumes
Like most taxicabs
Member of a Great Basin tribe
Mentioned previously
Moving aspect of urban life?
Nabisco brand since 1912
Ogden Nash specialty
One end of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, informally
Out of place, in obstetric parlance
Right-hand page
Sally ___
Seasonal woe
Seek water, in a way
Small bay
Some real estate business
Songstress Lena
Sound in Washington
Split apart
Sports team employee
Strong point
These, to Goya
Things mined in Cleopatras Mines
Tough slog
U.N. Security Council permanent member: Abbr
What might be written to a famous person
Word with can or season
Yet, to Hamlet
Young salamanders
Works for me!
Bow in movies
Capital southwest of Gibraltar
Carbonnade, e.g
Competition begun in the mid-1950s
Crumb claimer
Cujos affliction
Decorate a copperplate
Deli delicacy
Driving-amid-obstacles competition
Dye group
Early birds, say
Equivalent of four roods
Fancy do
Firefox feature
Get on the soapbox
Grounds for a Medal of Honor
Hit the buzzer?
Home to some wild camels
Iron targets
It may be shot in the open
Lacking life
Letter three after 57-Down
Letter three before 15-Across
Like much blues music
Many an emailed document
Mineo of movies
One can perform a giant swing on it
One Israeli out of five
Onetime Edison employee
Paleozoic, for one
Potent java, slangily
Potter, for one
Prussian preposition
Put away
Reactor part
Ready for shipping out
Receptionists reassurance
Repeated five times, a song by 1-Across
Ring outcome
Sea spot
See 50-Across
Set higher standards, and what you must do five times in this puzzle
Shuckers workplace
Solemn words
Spot for MacBook medics
Stadium surface
Stiff 17th-century collars
Stud feature
They speak up
Took for the summer, perhaps
Virtual journals
Was attractive
Opposed, to Jethro
Whiz starter
Actor Humphreys nickname
Arrange again
Asian border mountain range
Become painfully dry, as lips
Beer variety
Capital on the Baltic Sea
Carney or Garfunkel
Cassette recorder spindle
Certain organ donation site
Chases off
Choosing and following
Cold Adriatic wind
Common can material
Conclusion to a fable
Covered with packaging
Creative code anagram
Depletes, as a supply
Displayed drowsiness
Dizzying designs
Dress ending
Drink offered by a caddy
Fade away, time-wise
Fitting or suitable
Flowers in a poetic pocketful
Follow, as advice
Garment label
Gas in a bright sign
Handel bars?
Its a shot with a kick
Jackie of Rush Hour
Ledger maintainer
Like the Who, once
Links score to shoot for
Little donkey
Lying adjacent to
Marriage symbol
Matures, on the vine
Molecular evidence
Not vegetable or mineral
Older prom attendee (var.)
Organs at 34-Down
Palo ___, Calif
Pending, in law
Period of history
Pierce with a stake
Pronoun for a filly
Provider of many colors
Singular blueprint detail
Ski hill transport
Some Greek letters
Something to hatch
Swedish rug type
Talk foolishly
Thespians whisper on stage
Things frequently shipped from Georgia
Thread holders
Uncommon objects
Wild cat with tufted ears
Word after fear or have
Henry and June diarist
Im in indicator
Pretty please?
Put a tiger in your tank! brand
Abbr. near an audio input
Abroad, perhaps
Act the shopaholic
Adopted son of Claudius
Adoptee from a shelter
Baseballs dead-ball ___
Before curfew
Best imaginable
Boers migration
Braggarts trait
Butler, to Gable
Clock tower sounds
Craven who directed Scream movies
Device on an automatic door
Diplomatic skill
Does more than talk about
Dowdy sort
Elder, the first African-American to play the Masters
Entry after Bats on a baseball card
Fastball, slangily
Feature of a viol, but not most violins
Fjord, for example
Furniture unit with safety rails
Home plate umpires concern
Hoopster who starred in Kazaam
In need of liniment
Jets and Sharks of moviedom
Kennel call
Like a fleabag hotel
Many a Club Med locale
Mars, Venus or Jupiter
Marshy areas
Mob turncoat
Neighbors of delts
No longer mint
Opened, as with a box cutter
Overrun, as vermin
Page with viewpoints
Parameciums propellers
Part of IPA
Pinched pennies
Prefix with byte or hertz
Protects, as in a museum
Riveter painted by Rockwell
Salon supplies
Sams Choice, to Walmart
Shoemakers tool
Site of a shipwreck, perhaps
Societal goofball
Source of slag
Stuffed ___ (Jewish dish)
Tacks on
Talent agent Swifty
Telegraphic punctuation
The basics
Up the proverbial creek
Word after NASCAR or deadbeat
Word that can precede the first parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 25-Down
Xs on frat houses
___ Bread (bakery-cafe chain)
Dancing with the Stars airer
Ladies dancing carol count
The Sound of Music song
60s NASA project
Actress Vardalos
Aromatherapy bottle
Arrive unexpectedly
Bad attitudes
Bards evil advisor
Barts brainy sister
Bishops hat
Bostons Mass __
Butte or mesa
Chamber music instrument
Comics bark
Commodities market offerings
Dickensian epithet
Do wonderfully
Draws upon
Fashion editor Wintour
Fiddler caller of rhyme
Folk-rock duo
Freshly formulated
Harpoon, essentially
In base 8
In darkness
Junkyard dog
Library patron
Lifelong local
Like Poe tales
Medal depicting Washington
Milk qty
Most people born in February
No longer owed
Personal bearing
Plaid-pattern fabric
Poise or patience
Public face
Rack up
Rank above viscount
Regarding birds
Sailors patron saint
Simones small
Some swim goggles
Sound of a Maltese or motor
Status follower
Surfacing stuff
Swarm member, maybe
Texters qualifier
Traditional Christmas dessert
What may hit tarps
Will Smith biopic
WWW bookmark
Dawn of the Dead (1978) director
Inka Dinka Doo singer
Lets talk in my office
Oh, crud!
Spose so
The Urbz: __ in the City : video game
U R 2 funny!
*Billboard entry
*LensCrafters products
*Place to land when theres no land in sight
*Upright instrument in a bluegrass band
19-Across boss
Abstruse knowledge
At all
Bordeaux wine
Com can follow it
Come to terms
Compressed video file format
Cultural environments
First of a film series about Damien Thorn
First word of Massachusetts motto
Gershwin heroine
Give in
Hibernation spots
Hollywood family name … and what the answers to starred clues have in common
Irritating inconvenience
It may be nervous
Its often put on a dog
Like many steakhouse menus
Litmus reddeners
London bank?
Main artery
Marines NCO
Mauna __
Motown music
Neptunes realm
Official accts
Opposite of exo-
Parsons of Hidden Figures
Part of FYI
Post-Manhattan Project org
Selling points?
Short itinerary?
Son of Clytemnestra
Sounds of amazement
Specification regarding threads
Stag, for one
Street, in Stuttgart
Switchback feature
Taiwan-based computer giant
Turkish honorifics
Unmannerly sorts, in Canadian slang
Window box plant
Word in many hymns

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