Crosswords Answers 2017-7-28

Big thumbs-down!
O, ___ the day! (exclamation from Miranda in The Tempest)
Ten ___ Commandments (song from Hamilton)
___ Colors Dont Run (flag maxim)
Aesthetically pleasing
Alternatives to lumps: Abbr
Award for Hairspray but not Hair
Big name in Champagne
Big showcase prize on The Price Is Right
Bluntly honest
Body fluid
Breakfast morsel
Burl who sang about Rudolph
College, in British lingo
Coppola film family name
Crosses the threshold
Dangerous situation
Dispute settler, maybe
Dovetail component
Dramatic parts
Evidence of a change of mind
Famous 1980s movie quote
Figs. in a 3-2-4 format
Fill with crayons
Fires need
Guiding beliefs of a people
Have a hot body
Have as emergency backup, say
Home of Paradise: Abbr
House aides
It may be carved in stone
Lamb Chop puppeteer
Land in la mer
Lead-in to duct
Like some divorces
Little bit of MSG?
Lug nut hiders
Muse (on)
Oversee to a fault
Parisian crowd?
Platform locale: Abbr
Question from the unwilling
Reversal of a 29-Across
Roller coaster features
Some lipstick shades
Some party hirees
Sriracha ingredients
Support for a garden plant
Tequila sunrise direction
Texting app that was so 2012
The Divine Miss M
U.N. worker protection grp
Word from a Latin lover
XXX, for example
___ Decor (Hearst magazine)
Famous cookie maker
I get it sounds
Thunderation! kin
A river in northeastern England
Animated Principal Skinner
Apples and pears, e.g
Attack from every angle
Attacks opposite
Bacharach or Ward
Bring to a standstill
Bubbly pop
Cheese type
Church recess
Cobras cousin
Do the next thing after knocking
Draw ___ in the sand
Edible root of the South Pacific
Eyelid swelling
Fired, as a weapon
First occurrence
Footnote abbr
Freeze on glass
Given a title
Gloves for Buster Posey
Goop for hairstyling
Harmful microorganism
High-calorie dessert
Hot dog
Large paper unit
Like a neglected dryer vent
Make several one
Mommies triplets?
Month fillers
Move along like a crab
Musical composition
Old Internet connector
Ostrich relative
Performs in a movie
Preparation period
Prolonged spats
Proofreaders notation
Proving to be useful
Quite considerate
Relating to a musical key
Rescinded a decision
Rounded end of a hammer
Schulzs comic strip
See romantically
Shared online item
Sharpen, as ones skills
Sledded down a chute of ice
Small, brownish songbird
Step ___ a scale
Take a breather
Tell a fib
The sight-seeing business
Tide type
Tos reverse
Track event
Vietnamese capital
Vocal vote against
Worthless cloths
___ spumante (sparkling white wine)
Battling Bella of womens rights
Bruce to Caitlyn, notably
So thats it
___, insist, persist, enlist (Hillary slogan)
1912 answer to the Hydrox
Agt. under Hoover
Alloy containing carbon
Arnaz who sang Babalu
Ascribe, as blame
Bean in a burrito
Bike common in Bermuda
Bills picturing the Great Seal
Bit in a stable diet
Blyleven in Cooperstown
Boring sort
British city where The Who recorded a live album
Cameo role
Captains post
Card game with an Angry Birds version
Chaotic scenes
Chimney residue
Clod choppers
Cookbook phrase
Cubes dozen
Dash or derby
Defiant reply to an order
Did high-tech surgery on
Domain of the Muses
eBay customers option
Edit out
Eocene and Miocene, for two
Extra, and a word that can precede the last parts of 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 34-Down
Great wisdom
Haunted house sounds
Isnt piggish
Its sold in bolts
John of Fawlty Towers
Keyboard slipup
Lack during a blackout
Last-minute shopping time
Laureates creation
Letters of urgency
Like el, in Sp
Lords lackey
Mineral in thin layers
Negotiations leeway
Pal of a Disney dragon
Per unit, informally
Place for a pimiento
Processes, as ore
Product of the imagination
Reaches a consensus
Ring adornment, perhaps
Sales report visual
Sandy islands
Satirical Schumer
Sergio of spaghetti Westerns
Shining expanse of song
Skate park stunt
Slackens off
Social finesse
Some iPhone notifications
Stare down, say
Steamed state
Team with a skyline in its logo
They activate hammers when pressed
Tori with eight Grammy nominations
Tuxedo shirt fastener
Wage a war of words
Wi-Fi access area
Wonton soup additive, maybe
Word before car or album
___ cuisine (gourmet fare)
It was nothing
Portlandia airer
What have we here!
80s Israeli president
10 Down embedments
Any of the Ninja Turtles, e.g
Aspirational slogan
Become involved with
Cedar Rapids college
Celestial spheres
Cool again
Cuatro doblado
Diverts agreeably
Doctrinal faction
Dostoyevsky contemporary
Easy to endure
Flow like water
Formal ball wear
Former Dallas daily
From the mouth of
G, in C major
Gel descriptor
Has much too much, briefly
Hoover Building agency
How a rumor may be heard
In bundles, in some lofts
Jeffersons truths modifier
Julius Caesar foe
Look pleased
Macho militant of movies
Metaphor for career progress
Most likely to crumble
Name on Hydrationist bottles
Nasal grunt
Not behind a pharmacy register: Abbr
Noteworthy years
Numbers for one
Org. with many volunteer lawyers
Oscar actress from South Africa
Outset, so to speak
Pop art interjection
Possessive on a Jade Garden menu
Profs graders, perhaps
Revelation exclamation
Robotic drama
Sam Snead contemporary
Sound at a shearing
Strip under a boot
Subterranean resource
Time Warner spinoff of 2009
Tire rim fastener
TV quiz contestants, often
Universal truth
Upturned, as cartons
Walter __ Disney
Wildcats strike
By that reasoning …
In my view …
Rigoletto composer Verdi
Unforgettable Cole
86 and 99
Affectionate assent
Alibi problem
Big wheel
Boundary between the illuminated and darkened part of the moon, in astronomy
Bread or liquor
Cal Poly city
Carl who composed Carmina Burana
Carnival site
Classic Fords
Cornfield array
Corp. shuffle
Creator of Finch and Radley
Despot who raced in the 67 Olympics
Draft letters
Emit coherent light
Hamlets first choice
Highway reading
Hogwarts mail carrier
Humanities subj
I Ching adherent, perhaps
Itching for action
Kick __ fuss
Lasted longer than
Least tentative
Like a flag featuring a 19-Down
Medal-worthy quality
Messy locks
Nervous one?
Not bothered by conscience
One-named singer with the #1 hit Royals
Order of silence
Prescribed meds
Purported passion promoter
Rectangular paving stone
Render inconceivable?
River of Champagne
Sarah Palin, e.g., briefly
Semisweet American white wine
Seriously mired
Shortened, shortened
Six-winged angels, in Isaiah
Sound from a fan
Stumble on
T. rex et al
Tolkien language
Turntable needles
U.N. reps
Unknown John
Villains welcome
Wells islander played by Brando
What can be drawn using the only Vs, representing vertices, in this puzzles grid
Word with cake or flake
Wrapped garment
__ Curry, first unanimous NBA MVP

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