Crosswords Answers 2017-7-30

Enrol, for enroll: Abbr
Frozen snow queen
Take it!
Word just got out …
___ who?
A butter alternative
Actress Vardalos
Argentine article
Author Michael ___ Dyson
Banned supplement
Boating aid
Calendario opener
Cantina treats
Cellphone chip holder
Chicago rumblers
Chill-inducing, say
Chilling, so to speak
Chipper greeting
Christmas threesome
Creator of an ancient pyramid scheme?
Ding maker
Drunks problem
Dust jacket part, usually
Exercise with keys
Fair-hiring letters
Fantasy writer Michael
Flapper wrapper
Flaunt a loose dress at a soiree?
Food in the field
Food prep class at school
French possessive
Funny Gasteyer
Get the gold
Glass on public radio
Goes through
Got out of
Got the impression
Ground breaker
Historical trivia
Holiday scene
How you might do something dumb
Inspects a fashion designers offerings?
Keeps from proceeding
Kind of street
Klingons, e.g
Last Scottish king to die in battle
Leg bender
Like a models hairstyle?
Like some floors
Little bit
Little Boy, e.g., informally
Loren of Marriage Italian-Style
Mars vehicle
Mideast royal name
N.B.A. notables Korver and Lowry
N.F.C. North rivals of the Bears
Northern Indiana county or its seat
Not worth ___ of beans
Nutmeg State collegian
Offer a thought
One may be tipped
One who says Id like to have …
Ones who fix toys?
Order member
Personal guide
Place for cannons
Plot at home, maybe
Preferred means of arriving at a fashion show?
Put in, as hours
Putins peace
Quattro minus uno
Resistant (to)
Revenue source for a magazine
Ruins as a dog might
See 38-Across
Shakers movement?
Shorten some couture dresses?
Some Latinas: Abbr
Some rescues
Stain thats hard to remove
Stud site
Subj. for CNBC
Suffix with 105-Across
Suffix with fact
Support under a tank?
Swift ending for a bad stage performance
Takes fashion photos using an unorthodox camera angle?
Title of a fashion industry seamstresss tell-all?
Top limit, for short
Top of the world
Tower with many eaves
Unwanted pressure
Very short climb
Vogue rival
Warlords, e.g
Way off base?
What some wrap dresses are?
Winter apples
With 53-Across, goethite, e.g
Writer/critic Hentoff
You, once
___ Xing
No ___ Traffic
18th Greek letter
Annoy chronically
Be a tell-all
Belgrade natives, once
Biscotti flavoring
Cherokee or Apache
Church leader
Comedic Laurel
Conveyed or transmitted
Country lass
Cries of sorrow
Cry of woe
Didnt hit
Floating airship
Flowery luau loops
Garden intruder
Get up
Give kudos to
Gold, chemically
Great Lake
Groom excessively
Group of nine
Hang around
Have a nice meal
Hayes or Stern
Head infestation
Heat unit
Historical time period
Italian wine region
Jagged mountain crest
Low pH substances
Make joyful
Medium-sized wading bird
Person on a PC
Phone bugger
Raymond or Aaron
Relative of an .org
Roof type
Santa makes one yearly
Sea between Greece and Turkey
Sheepish sounds
Shower participant
Slippery or winged trees
Social peer
Some social misfits
Spit take (Beginning)
Spit take (Ending)
Spit take (Middle)
Stevedore at work
Take or steal
Travelers guess
Tripolis nation
Ultimatum word
Valentines Day symbol
Vigors partner
Wight or Man
You, once
___-Wan Kenobi
Dilbert setting
Gesundheit! equivalent
Legally Blonde actor
Lost actor
Thats a riot!
The X-Files agent Monica
Alternative to dude or dawg
Bake-off need
Be a brat
Bombard with four-letter words
Bradley, the GIs General
Bret who wrote of Poker Flat
Candidate for rehab, perhaps
City in Camus The Plague
Conan OBrien or Prince Harry
Confident solvers implement
Extinct bird of Mauritius
Falls, as into an easy chair
Feather-filled, like a pillow
Feature of most weekday crosswords
First president in the White House
Fuel for some 12-Downs
Grants side
Home to Gilligan
Huck Finns creator
Israel, to the U.S
Lake where Perry prevailed
Like sashimi
Louis who sang Sing, Sing, Sing
Mariinsky Ballet, as its known internationally
McLain, MLBs last 30-game winner
Moore of the Brat Pack
Needs no tailoring
New Ager with some Gaelic lyrics
On a flash drive, say
Palm that produces superfood berries
Peevish states
Pouty look
Puts off, as a decision
Puts the whammy on
Quicken Loans offering, for short
Red-carpet affair
Relax, as rules
Responds to an Evite
Sloops foresail
Snap out of a funk
Spare tire, so to speak
Start of a patent
Thing to spare, in a saying
Tip, as ones hat
Unaccounted-for period
Utopian setting
VCR format that lost out to VHS
Where the Jets and Sharks clashed
Womans laced vest
Worked like Rumpelstiltskin
Writings of the first parts of 21- and 53-Across and 3- and 31-Down
Zero-star fare
___ noodles (economical fare)
___-friendly ( green )
Believe It or Not! guy
Please rush this
Watch it!
About 78
Agile performer
Ancient chocolate drinkers
Audit experts designation
Bad review
Ballpark trash
Beefy entr?©e
Before now
Body art
Bookmark alternative
Boomers children
Brewpub container
Bursts open
California vintner
Ceremonial splendor
Chip away at
CIA forerunner
Cocktail server
Corn morsel
Did in the past
Drapery features
Erstwhile Asian lake
Felt bad about
For example
French nobleman
Gaming house
Genealogists concern
Greeted the morning
Gulf of Mexico port
Half of a 23 Down
In footwear
Jacobs twin
Jury members
List of slips
Livestock lunch
Manicurist employer
Mark of infamy
Merrie __ England
Money in Monterrey
More than admired
NBA broadcaster
Nick Jr. watcher
NJ hrs. in January
Not easily resolved
Not fully in
Oaklands environs
Old timer
Opposite of hawkish
Painters primer, perhaps
Part of some printers
Person with bills
Plus-size supermodel
Poetic foot
Post-WWII alliance
Potters pal Weasley
River of Spain
S&L conveniences
Screens before LCDs
See 64 Down
SFO data
Silver State citizen
Something owned
Strong cleaner
Sudden obstacles
Summed up
Surpass in smarts
Sushi tuna
Take exception
Tanzanian archeological site
Tofu source
Tunnel, essentially
Unseen commercial
Upper limit
Velocity stat
Vietnamese New Year
Was understocked
Weds secretly
Went to the polls
With 65 Down, flimflam
Yorkshire city
Young regular on the ice
__ excellence (superior)
And step on it!
Count me out
Hallelujah songwriter Leonard
Its been fun
Kojak actor
Time to start the day!
__ Like You : Young Rascals hit
2015 Verizon purchase
Albacore and yellowfin
American assignment
Antoinettes head
Apnea-treating doc
Auto-painting franchise whose name reverses three letters of a transmission franchise
Awards originally for radio only
Baggage-opening org
Blighted urban area
Brooks of comedy
Bugs wealthy heir?
Bundle up
Burro bellow
Calypso offshoot
Case with a strict time limit?
Cause of inflation?
Celebratory smoke
Chatty bird
Chews (on)
City WSW of Bogot?¡
Come in
Commonly injured knee ligament, briefly
Company with a spokesduck
Currency exchange table letters
Devices with shielded keypads
Dietary figs
Drops of sorrow
Dumpster illumination
Exactly right
Exhibits, as doubts
Eyelid malady
Faithfully following
Fever and shivering
Fiesta fare
Flipped before serving, perhaps
Food processor?
Futuristic arms
Gathering of zombies?
Gmail lifesaver
Going around in circles, say
Guanaco cousin
Harbor sound
Hardly humble
Harolds movie pal
Has to have
Hours often set by parents
Indian city known for its silk production
Is strongly held, as a belief
John in Wimbledon
Kindergarten refrain
Kings and bishops
Knock at
Lang. where all nouns are capitalized
Lead to a seat
Leader who resigned in his sixth yr
Leave thunderstruck
Like some interviews
Like Thor
Line in an Ellington classic
Long while
Major route
Make gradual inroads
Margarita flavoring
Marge Simpson or June Cleaver
Mark on a bass
Matching pair
Moved like a kangaroo
Mozart work
Mythical monster
National Pecan Month
Nearly six trillion mi
Note at the office
Number at a doctors office
OConnor successor
On the house
One may be crumbled on a sundae
Only state capital without a McDonalds
Photo including six-pack abs?
Plucked instrument, in Padua
Pope, for one
Pub fun
Quasimodos creator
Radon detection aid
Ranch rope
Remove forcefully
Risk taker
River of Flanders
Roadwork marker
Safari runner?
Saints home
Sch. publishing the Daily Bruin
Screen door stuff
Semi drivers superstition?
Slaughter of the Cardinals
Slot machine inserts
South American squeezer
Splash guard
Sport involving protective suits
Sugar Plum Fairys dress
Tinseltown pooch
Vacation including Caribbean dance lessons?
Vocal technique used at seders?
Water gate
When doubled, fish often grilled
Wings it, in jazz
Winter Palace ruler
Americas Sweetheart King
I know your daddy, he dont ___ me, but he never did understand
Im driving in my car, I turn on the radio. Im pulling you ___
If youve ___ seen a one-trick pony, then youve seen me
Out in the Street opener ___ on your best dress, baby
Some punks ___ of a teenage nation
Sweet Home Alabama ___ Skynyrd
The River outtake ___ White Lies
Viva ___ Vegas
Youve never ___ The Boss?!
Bareilles who covered Im on Fire
Bill Withers ___ Me
Billy Idol rocks the ones of Love
Bruce But when I __ __ walkin with him down along the strand
Bruce Down to the river my baby ___
Bruce Go on down where that sweet ___ river flow
Bruce I get ___ on the shortwave, Frankys in trouble downtown
Bruce I Wish I ___ Blind
Bruce I ___ a breathless army breakin like a cloud
Bruce Man, that aint ___, thats blood
Bruce Musta been ___ from your eye
Bruce Theres a beautiful river in the valley ___
Bruce Theres a joke here somewhere and its ___
Bruce Your smell lingers in the ___
Bruce did this with E Street Band, in 89
Bruce dropped to his, on Downbound Train
Bruce was this, in the USA
Death metalers Novembers ___
Dylan and Seger
Elton John Breaking Hearts video that lit up?
Elvis Costello Let Me Tell You ___
Famous Frank Zappa guitarist Steve
Huey Lewis I Want a New ___
Iconic 75 Springsteen album
In N.J., Bruce is from the Long Branch this
James referenced in Cadillac Ranch
Janey went to a pawn one, on Bruces Spare Parts
Jim Capaldi song about romance?
Journey guitarist Neal
KCRWs program Morning Becomes ___
Kiss classic Rock ___
Lady Bruce performed with for 10 benefit
Leader of Rush
Like old, staticky albums
Like scenery on Nebraska cover
Like Springsteens Jungleland
Loud Isley Bros. classic?
Madonna ___ Dont Preach
Mother that got us started?
Papa Roach Where ___
Repeated word in Rio band name
Shakira has this Fixation
Shes in the Sky With Diamonds
Slender reed instrument
Springsteen rocked Super __ XLIII
Stones Hearts for ___
The Mesabi Iron one is featured in Youngstown
Western state in opening line of The Promised Land
What acoustics wood does, perhaps
What Bruce did to 30-Down song
What creative director does
What musician will do for session work
___ & the Maytals

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