Crosswords Answers 2017-7-31

Are you interested in doin this?
Night author Wiesel
Star ___ Beyond (2016 film)
The Voice airer
Whatd you say?
Woe is me!
2,000 pounds
68-Across baseball player
Answer at the altar
Antlered animals
Automaker with a four-ring logo
Bamboo-eating bear
Big brand of glue
Body of water that 68-Across is on
Business on every block in 68-Across, so its said
Chivalrous offer
City thats the subject of this puzzle
Clumsy person
Common 68-Across forecast
Cowboys rope
Dessert divided into slices
Dips below the horizon
Downtown 68-Across attraction
Expert, informally
Fills to capacity
Fire-eating, for one
French edict city
Gladiator fight site
Gold, frankincense or myrrh, for baby Jesus
Grade A items in the dairy aisle
Half of a sextet
Harvards archrival
Hillary Clinton ___ Rodham
Hurry of modern life
It goes from one story to another
King who died in his late teens
Large tea container
Liberals favorite road sign?
Livens (up)
Mai ___ (cocktail)
March 17 honoree, for short
Mathematician whose name sounds like a fuel ship
Move really fast
Mr. ___ (nearsighted toon)
Obamas veep
On-base percentage, e.g
Opposed to
Pancake-flipping implement
Pesters repeatedly
Radioers word after Roger
Ship featured in a 1997 megafilm
Small, spherical vegetables
Some slogan writers
Sommer of 1960s-70s films
Spell-checker target
Spiked medieval clubs
Starting from
Stocking problem
Stubborn animal
Taking a nap, say
Trash or compost
Trees support system
Vehicle with wings and a nose
Waterfront 68-Across location
Without guaranteed payment
___ Wayne, rapper with the #1 hit Lollipop
Sleeper director
Stop! They set us up!
Thrilla in Manila winner
Barcelona boys
Baseballs Ripken
Bonanza finds
Bordeaux buddy
Bus. letter accompanier
Church law
Circle spokes
Conks out
Far from flavorful
Fermented honey drink
Find darling
Fishhook feature
For each
Forerunner of 58-Down
Gives an opinion on, e.g
Green claymation character
Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, e.g
Hawn of Private Benjamin
Hefty book
Highway division
Houston footballer until 1996
Involuntary jerk
Its hot
James Garfields middle name
Lambs lament
Lee or Grant: Abbr
Like some straws
Love, to Luciano
Lowly workers
Lunch for aardvarks
Lusitania sinker
Lustful look
Make amends
Mariners milieu
Minions follow them
Negating word
Nick of The Prince of Tides
Nightmare for a babysitter
Pack animal
Pen for porkers
Playbill write-ups
Quaintly stylish
Quarterback Favre
Quick ballroom dance
Rice Krispies sound
Shapely leg, in slang
Smooth and flat
Spa attractions
Theyre hot
Toes tally
U.S. spy org
Veterans Day mo
Victim of a patio zapper
Victorias Secret buy
Nay sayers
___ you listening?
A or G, musically
Adam and Eves garden
Airplane shelter
Antidrug cop
Apply frosting
Archaeologists activity
Be in store for
Best Actor awards
Big piles of raked-in chips
Binge at the bar
BWI listing
Certain privacy provider
Certain voice in a choir
Chapel words
College application writings
Crazy over
Dried oneself (with off )
Emulates salmon
Enticed to participate
Fair-___ (blond)
Fancy word for cold
Fungal seed
Harbor locales
La ___ (irregular weather pattern)
Late-blooming flower
Legendary boxer
Like a tough nut to crack
Like collectible items
Like King Cole
Like many armadillos
Made a boat go, in a way
Messy staff?
Mexican celebration
Mind-bending paintings
More meager
More scarlet
More than want
Network with a peacock logo
Not those
One-time hoop gp
Opie portrayer
Park or prison official
Plaster backing
Present at birth
Purchased locks?
Rubbing alcohol type
Shooting locale
Some airplane daredevils
Some animal shrieks
Sorrowful news item, briefly
Trotsky or Spinks
Alternative ___ (falsehoods)
Gilligans Island shipwreck cause
I did it!
No more of that!
Act the malcontent
Anchor Sawyer
Aromatic neckwear
Bag-checking org
Bratty outburst
Campers craft
Carrier of a fake ID, often
Cartmans first name, on South Park
Cause of careless mistakes
Common melt ingredient
Company with a food delivery mobile app
Consomme orders
Distribute in shares
Doubters rejoinder
Feature of the items in the first parts of 21- and 49-Across and 3- and 29-Down
First zodiac symbol
He sang of Levon
Hippie-era slogan
Homes to many dart teams
In the manner of
Island where the limbo originated
Item served in 49-Down
Like a die-hard fan
Like moussaka or baklava
Like some fancy invitations
Lode locale
Lovable ones
Mad scientists creation
Made a poor estimate, say
Mailed off
Many a stroller rider
Match grammatically
Mattress size option
Mend fully, as a wound
Namdhari, to Sikhism
One of a vampires pair
Ones unlikely to attend mixers
Pairs possessive
Paternity test evidence
Patronizes Airbnb
Pirelli pattern
Plumbers connector
Plymouth Rock female
Printable page at
Punish with a cat-o-nine-tails
Reason to hold ones nose
Reef-building creature with a grooved surface
Replaces, as an outfield
Rose, MLBs last player-manager
Sentrys post
Signal to leave a message
Source of sodium for livestock
Sovereigns proclamation
Stash overhead, say
State with conviction
Still-buggy software version
Storybook brute
Symbol before a time signature
Toddlers taboo
Tuning fork part
Turns on the waterworks
Two-word conjunction
Versifiers tribute
Waterproofs, as a road
Way to sing or tag
Word with graphic or lively
Billy farm animal
Read my __!
__ time, no see
Apple cofounder __ Jobs
Big families
Buy a pig __ poke
Car passengers restraint
Choosing for the military
Container for seashells
Cooks, as a turkey
Cowboys rope
Decorated anew
Ebb, as the tide
Extend a subscription
Fuel efficiency stat
Goes bad, as an apple
Have the nerve (to)
Highly animated
Homer Simpsons wife
Lightweight sphere tossed at the shore
Loud noise
Natural talent
One frosting a cake
Peanut-butter candy brand
Pickling liquid
Property claim
Sculptors marble work
Shoo-__ (sure winners)
Standing tall
Tots floating aid
Total up
Turned bad, as milk
Used a crowbar
Very nervous
Walk heavily
Well-versed in a language
Winter precipitation
__-do-well (rascal)
Andes beast of burden
Asked earnestly (for)
Backyard beef on the bone, briefly
Barely enough
Bernadette of Into the Woods
Blame for the crime
Broth-spoiling excess?
Brown-toned photo
Capital Ones Whats in your wallet?, e.g
Cause of wood splinters in the infield … and what each set of puzzle circles represents
Classical guitarist Andr?©s
Clothing price sites
College dorm VIPs
Crowd silence
Doctors order
Eduardos eight
Flashy display
For us
Fox foot
Garden plantings
Great Wall continent
Healthful cereal
Hollywood VIP
Honolulus island
Hot tub
In-the-wall security devices
Japanese mushroom
Lees on your legs
Linguine or tortellini
Milk buys: Abbr
No-sweat grade
One in a casino row
Outdoor party area
Pointy-hatted garden decoration
Polands capital
Popular pool game
Project details, for short
Punching tool
Runs, hits and errors
Singer Rimes
Sneaks out after being grounded, say
Sophs, two yrs. later
Spinach-eating sailor
Suffix with kitchen
Surprise winner of fable
Theme park transport
Tibetan beast of burden
Without, in France
__ of coffee
American aboriginals
Ancient Norwegian king
As well
Black ___
Compass pt
Diagnostic device
Egyptian sun god
European rabbits
Flightless bird
Hair remover
Harry of kids literature
Indictable offence
Innocent one
Japanese city
Lappish one
M.Weir or T. Woods
Mexican chip
Minnie ___(Halloween get-up for a little girl)
Muscle ____ ( Halloween get-up for dad)
Optical illusion
Part of the verb to be
Quebec legislator
Receipt (abbr.)
Rock singer David
Roughriders Gopher, for one
Ruby red
Star ___ ( Theme for family trick or treat)
Super ___ ( baby boys halloween get-up )
The Man in Motion
Transparent quartz
Undergrad, familiarly
Urges to scratch
Wolverine___ (Halloween get-up for teen aged boy)
Wonder ___(Halloween get-up for a teen aged girl)
Woodsmans tool
Word after coal or gold
Word after sonic or baby
Word before legal or military
Yuletide, informally
___ Montana (Costume for a teen aged girl)
___ Saarinen (architect)

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