Crosswords Answers 2017-8-3

And so …
Cake Boss channel
Holy smokes!
Love in the Time of ___ (Gabriel Garc?­a M?¡rquez novel)
Walkabout director Nicolas
You got it!
1968 self-titled folk album
Acquire via blackmail
Also keeps in the know, in a way
Basketball brand
Bikers invitation
British title holder
Carries on through difficulty
Cell tower feature
Code broken by rats
Concern for the E.P.A
Deity often depicted with blue skin
Drawing contest?
Drawings seen in Frances Rouffignac Cave
Figures in the 2016 film Arrival, for short
Gets frosty
Grey Goose competitor
Headline after a market crash
Hype (up)
Indoor recess
Less than 1%, say
Like records that are easily broken?
Long, old yarn
Lucky strike?
Made field calls?
Magma conduit
Modern home of ancient Tripolitania
Nemesis of the Clanton gang
Not assertive
Nutritional label abbr
One living in the sticks, e.g
One working for the lord
Order across the border
Otherwise called
Outdoor lighting fixtures?
Parris Island grp
Patriarch with 12 sons
President whose initials were also his dogs name
Salon stuff
Santa ___
Sarcastic response
Sci-fi character nicknamed Bones
Severe test
Shellac, e.g
Skull and Bones collegian
Spreads, as straw
Stuffed garnishes
Tough-to-remove stain
Video game units
Visitor to Ricks Caf?© Am?©ricain
Waistband sight … or what 20-, 39- and 55-Across each have?
What might make up for lost ground?
What putting ones finger to ones lips may mean
What red may mean
Wide-screen format
Works in a salon
___ quarter (refuse mercy)
Semper Fi org
Thy hour and thy harpoon are at hand! speaker
___ girl!
A lot
Agenda entry
Ambulatory setting
Barnums Feejee Mermaid, e.g
Bounty punishment
Bud protector
Buyer in a familiar warning
Cattle call
Cavern cacophony
Chips source
Country reduced in size by about 25% in 2011
Doctor Stranges first name
Double performances
Drop temporarily
Electrical unit now called a siemens
English conductor Thomas
Farm feline
GPS lines
Guitar sound?
Harbor workers
Kitchen extension?
Light show lights
Many dorm rooms
Medicine container
Merlin Olsens alma mater
Modernists, slangily
Moxie, e.g
Once in a blue moon
Polo in China
Quartet in a Morse H
Quinellas kin
Regulus is in it
Regulus, for one
Rodent reaction
Secretarial positions
Throw in
Western bands
What some concert passes allow
Wins over
Worker offering soft wares?
Worker who draws a large congregation?
Worker whose prose is out of this world?
Worker with pitches and polishes?
You might see one in a vault
We Like president
A way one shouldnt run
Analyze grammatically
Angelic glow
Arrows, at times
Audience rebuke
Bagel complement, often
Bamm-Bamms four
Be gluttonous
Beer container
CBS rival
Chocolate bean
Circle, royally
Doctors prescription, sometimes
Dungeons & Dragons creatures
Duo quadrupled
Establish again
Filled with anger
Film award
Five iron
Fixes copy
Garden with a dangerous snake
Harp of old
Has sweet dreams
iPad, e.g
Jaworski or White
Kittens cry
Latvia neighbor
Light musical production
Like well-designed race cars
Mannerly man, briefly
Mesh and then some
Musical ability
Not bright, as a light
Not urban
Note from a bird
Note on the music scale
NRA part, briefly
Occurring every third year
Odds opposites
One prepared to shoot at targets
Order in the court?
Outer covering of a flower
Place to pack tobacco
Prefix with night
Preschool group?
Put an odometer back to zero
Rock-penetrating drill
Romance writer
Rudder attachment
Some NFL linemen
Spin backward?
Sudden pang
Suffix with smart and dumb
Take off a twist-off top
Texas shrine
Tolkiens hobbit
Unresponsive sleep states
Wavy-patterned fabric
What to do by the rules
Works reward
Yapping bird
Young adult
Zip, in soccer
Remembered battleship
Sic em!
Take one
Airline seat option
Authoritative source, in a saying
Bill who hosts Real Time
C-to-C interval
Classic show with Sergeant Friday
Clergypersons nickname
Cotton de-seeders
Creamy French cheese
Crevice or crevasse
Diarist Anais
Easily irked
Edgar, Oscar or Tony
Execs, or what they may wear
Feature of some pliers
Fertility clinic cells
Fight card units
Fork over
Fried dough treat at carnivals
Fuse measure
Good enough
Gordon in outer space
Highly luminous galactic object
Introduced, with to
Inventors triumphant cry
Joseph who wrote Catch-22
Like one set of grandparents
Limit on immigration
Lines from hearts
Maker of Hugs and Kisses
Mars domain
Melvilles fanatical whaler
Mopped and dusted, say
Natural flair
Not as plain
On a cruise, perhaps
Orbison of the Traveling Wilburys
Org. chart layer
Patent holder for the telephone
Persian Gulf land
Pole or Bulgarian
Prefix with friendly or tourism
Pursues, as game
Radar gun reading (Abbr.)
Real estate unit
Real estate units
Roadside rubbish
Runner-advancing bunt, for short
Sam Spade or Mike Hammer
Showing no emotion
Shredded, with up
Some reptile house exhibits
Taproom offerings
Totally out of control
Trudge wearily
Tuna at sushi bars
Underworld of myth
Wapiti, by another name
WWE or MMA surface
Selma director DuVernay
That stings, that stings!
Were done here
Alpine goat
Any of the Marshall Islands
Apt to babble
Asian League of Nations member
Atomic clock devices
Baryshnikov nickname
Business phone nos
Cast material
Certain ascent assistant
Collegians in Y sweaters
Constitution section
Creeping foliage
Czech region
Egyptian amulet
Fallibility adage starter
Feline stalker
First-billed name in Notorious
Former Mad Men airer
Formidable athletic team
Handbag, in brand names
Hurry-up acronym
Invoice detail: Abbr
Japans #2 city, people-wise
Mac with cheese
Medieval science
Million-dollar strings
Mini ha-ha
Much of miso
Nepal neighbor
Nobel Peace Prize city
Obtain, as profit
Ornamental potted plant
PC viruses, for instance
Pledges oneself
Put on again
Quite unusual
Rope in
Sheet music credit
Singsong syllable
Slightest sound
Some batteries
Sound at McDonalds farm
Stars assistant
Starch in puddings
Swallow up
Taking down
Thrown for __
Where a famous stone was found
Would much rather not do
Buzz off!
Good heavens!
The Big Bang Theory co-creator Chuck
The Tower poet
Yankee entr?©e
19th-century Arizona lawman
Best Actor winner for Ray
Big name in vodka
Bud holder?
Charter __: historic Hartford landmark
Close on film
Coming-down-with-something feeling
Cruise ship amenity
Dedicated piece
Developing story, and what this puzzles circles illustrate
Die down
Diego Rivera works
Diet Coke predecessor
Divas number
Divers weapon
Do some holiday decorating
Evitas married name
Fashionistas concern
First name in cosmetics
Food that has an extra-firm option
Forest canines
Hang back
Island near Barbuda
It may be registered
Jag to remember
Like the singin Spoonful
Longtime Boston Symphony maestro
Mani mate
Mississippi foursome
Omegas, to an electrician
Pole, e.g
Posh water
Prefix with hertz
Prince Valiants wife
Promising location?
Recipe phrase
Rink jump
Ritz-Carlton competitor
Secretary of state before Shultz
Serve in the capacity of
Short partner?
Sirius XM radio star
Slippery swimmer
Sly as __
Stevens of Beauty and the Beast
Supermans favorite sandwich?
Tea named for a nobleman
Throw __
Time away from the base, for short
To date
Took off
Tool for a landscaper
Vegas glower
Versatile horse
Weaseling out (on)
Wistful words
__ out a win

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