Crosswords Answers 2018-1-31

Dirty Harry director Don
English and Irish canines
A word between the two As in N.A.A.C.P
Actor Cariou
Aid in climbing the corp. ladder
Area traversed by Marco Polo
Bank offerings, for short
Before, in poetry
Brief encounters, as with the law
Calculated … or a punny hint to 18-, 24-, 32- and 44-Across
Court officials whose jobs have now been replaced by technology
Day worker
Emulates the teacher in Ferris Buellers Day Off
??tre : French :: ___ : Spanish
Extraction target, often
Extremely fancy?
Good name for politico Martins jazz band?
Had a first night in a theater
Has too much, for short
Herbert of the Pink Panther movies
High ball
Hit it!
Important stat for QBs
In the thick of
It has no point
Juice brand with a distinctive bottle
Kept on the down-low?
Kurosawas adaptation of King Lear
Lads loves
Lead-in to mensch
Lifesaving locales, for short
Like much folk music: Abbr
Makes an unabridged humor book?
Mean Amin
Multi-armed mollusk
New enlistee
Not seen by the theater audience
One-named New Age singer
Personal enmity
Poetic Ireland
Politicians time
Portentous fashion magazine?
Pushkins ___ Onegin
Reggae persona for a noted rapper
Runs off (with)
Singer Franklin who was Arethas elder sister
Sir Walter Scott novel
Small version of a popular cookie
Some wonderful times in Nebraska?
Sort of person heavily into eyeliner
Speak partly through the nose
Special ___
Spirit once made in bathtubs
Squeeze (out)
Symbol for the resistance?
Tos opposite
Tour grp
Transports for Tarzan
Untouchable leader
Virgin ___ (record label)
Vitamin brand with a hyphen between its last two letters
Wear on a runway
Women rush to get into it
Word on many a wedding announcement
___ walk
Cradle it between your thumb and index finger, and the like?
Echoes in Rain singer
___ tree falls…
Afternoon snack choice?
Arafats successor
Assist after dinner
Body shop concerns
Breezed through
Bye at the French Open?
Bye at Wimbledon?
Call it ___
Capital between Winnipeg and Calgary
Check for texts, perhaps?
Code-cracking org
Crashes into
Dazed and confused
Extraction target
Extremists display
Ferry for flock members?
Figure of speech exemplified by You held your breath and the door for me
Fitting question?
Flying neighbor
Garden tool
Genesis landfall
Government rule, in brief
Grand Master of the Jedi Order
Hardtack, perhaps?
He shared a screenwriting Oscar with Ben
Headlong activity
Hired muscle
Home port of the USS Niagara
Homers shout
Its mostly nitrogen
Its door may have a crescent moon cut through it
Keats creation
Lover boys
Make blank
Marios dinosaur friend
Match player?
Navigational need
Not many
Noteworthy times
Onetime Open up…and take a lick! advertiser
Oppositional figure
Perrier produit
Power in Hollywood
Preps for print
Profferer of green eggs and ham
Refusing to face facts
Ribbons, e.g
Rollicking adventure
Russian-born pianist Scheps
Single-stranded molecule
Soft fabric
Speedway circuit
Syrian strongman
Thigh muscle
Title bestowed by Her Majesty
Treat for flickers
UFO passengers
Uncle Vanya was her uncle
Way around Paris
Wear away
Weighed down
Takes the stage
Metal containers?
Possessing more wisdom
Soft impact sound
Desert gulch
Oklahoma city
One down on his luck
Eight-piece groupings
Doesnt just rave
Bed linen unit
Certainly not lots
… mi fa ___…
Eternally, in poesy
Berts chum
Squirrels nests
Legendary Garbo
Searched for fractures
Feature of facial scrubs
Bits of good will
Hanker for
Ship work groups
Knock it off
Ship back?
Coupe, e.g.
Fen-___ (bad diet drug)
Purchaser, afterward
Glittery headpiece
Go bad, as milk
Be a discourager
Painful spasm
Common door part
Change, as bills
Course deviations
Soviet news agency
Place beside
Ladys hat of the 20s
Whistle blower?
Buying binge, e.g.
Beats routinely, slangily
Brit. defenders up high
Pre-Tokyo capital
Yes – Bob link of old
Shock but good
Family reunion attendee
Faux peeper
Suffix for harsh
Norma ___ (film)
Marble shooter
Not for
One otherwise engaged?
Terminer partner
Acid, briefly
X-ray units
Begin urban renewal
Do not open til ___
Prefix with chute
Orchestral prelude
Oil-rich nation
Org. frowning on obscenities
Like a dirty blackboard
___ Doria (ship)
Major cons
Popular tastes
Paid player
Jerk away
Clothes neatener
Served without return
Airport curb line-up
After school org.
Piece de resistance?
Evidence thats hard to refute
Potpourri bit
Rise and shine!
Mushy fare
Make ecstatic
Give a keynote address, e.g.
Regret bitterly
New hire at the adhesives factory?
Mesabi Range yield
Wasnt in the starting lineup
Does a fairway chore
Kingly or queenly
Fall Out Boys music genre
GPA part
What tongues or tails may do
Dorothys followers in Oz?
Santa Anna victory site
Letters before omicrons
Turner played by Angela Bassett
Empty, as a threat
Aerialists feat
Cole Porters regretful Miss
Unload on Craigslist
Peas holder
Jotted down
Results of an accurate DNA test?
Moscows ___ Square
Indianas state flower
High-IQ columnist Marilyn ___ Savant
Boozehound, for short
Fats Wallers ___ Misbehavin
Country club figure
Big bother
Actress Lucy in her salad days?
Bugs Blanc
Bane of rye crops
Pig ___ (luau event)
Huck, to Tom
Airborne package deliverer of the future
Drake poet Alfred
Cribbage markers
Enchanted girl of kid-lit
Like a tuned guitar string
Had the early bird special, say
Captives plea
Desert ones post
Dwarf planet named for a goddess
Shade similar to khaki
Sport ___ (versatile vehicle)
Watch intently
Originator, as of a musical style
Pre-migraine sensation
Take it all off
Tomato in tomato paste
Manuscript recipient
___ and bear it
Purpose of a vacation, often
Place for a cummerbund
Tree with catkins
Measurer of public opinion since 1935
Display, as charm
Act in concert
Made more bearable
Bench-clearing brawls
Board game turn, perhaps
Randall of The Odd Couple
Robbed during a riot
Most birds do it
Instrument struck with a mallet
Not quite dry
Genesis of a patent
In a bit, to a bard
Umps call after Time!
Climb the corporate ladder
Means of escape
Miss the mark
Prefix with -centric or -maniac
Aussie bounder
Old Testament book
Whole bunch
Let up
Character found in kids books
Viking of the comics
Study all night
Gusher flow
Martini base
Valentine color
Coming to a point
Brussels-based org.
Ticks off
Dancing wildly
Cambridge sch.
Silent OK
Brunch dish
Tug-of-war need
Less common
Good judgment
Patron saint of young girls
German sub
Reduced amount
Ship staffs
Team symbol
From Portugal or Spain
Tree with white flowers
Physics bit
Farm female
Lukas of Witness
Enigma Variations composer
Studied (over)
Clock numeral
Bad puns
Series-ending abbr.
Watchdog sound
Japanese gowns
Is short with
Poker prize
Fable finish
Pols concern
Arctic birds
Singer McEntire
Actor Gibson
Mani counterpart
Mans man
Leafy lunch
Being exhibited
Tony Blair was one
Star Wars director
Genetic letters
Big hit
Ticket half
Lab eggs
Franciscos farewell
Mermaids home
Rubber baby buggy bumpers, for one
Band aide
Texas cookoff dish
Narrow cuts
Pigs digs
Vinyl records
Ignited anew
Dutch cheese
Beethovens only opera
Food from heaven
Graceland idol
Maui garlands
Rid of rind
Sopranos pride
Aquarium favorites
CIA operative
RenFest waitress
Ear warmer
Parcel of land
Baby grands, e.g.
Pack cargo
Hamilton or Rent
Automaton, for short
Taxpayers dread
Mixes up
Entourage role
Guys dates
Model in a bottle
Beware the __ of March
I wanna do it!
To boldly go, for example
30 seconds, for Final Jeopardy
Actress Spacek
Add color to
Architect I.M
Arrive at feetfirst
Audition for a part
Autos ID
Brubeck of jazz
Bull-riding event
Business transaction
Butte relative
Caravan stopovers
Cooks beef in an oven
Corn harvest
Could possibly
Cyberauction site
Defeated in chess
Do needlework
Dont just sit there
Earhart of aviation
Early afternoon
Examines closely
Explorer Ponce de __
Fibbers confession
Gold purity measure
Golden Fleece ship
Grain to be ground
Growing weary
Herb in pickles
Highly skilled
Horses hair
In the know
Inflatable boats
Insist on
Interstate. for instance
Jordans capital
Leaf-gathering implement
Light brown
Like father, like __
Make good as new
Makes a mistake
Maui memento
Measure of carbs or protein
Mike of boxing
Narrow cuts
Old __ (American flag)
Part of TGIF
Part of the eye
Peach __ (dessert)
Poet Dickinson
Rendered invalid
Rocket launch site
Russian denial
Scandinavian capital
Shade trees
Ships freight
Short skirts
Sizes up
Some choir members
Stamped delivery
Tire holder
Traveled on
Trike rider
Waiting-room reading, for short
Where two feuders should be seated at a wedding
Winter coaster
Worry-free state
Pasta nutrient
Archie Bunker types
Statement softener, in emails
Command to Silver
Five-time NBA championship-winning coach
Find hilarious
No votes
Half an oz.?
Olympian Lipinski
German wheels
Seize the opportunity, sunshinewise
Same old story
Metal corrosion
Part of a biathletes gear
2017 award for Emma Stone
Yale email address ender
Finger painting?
Deadwood channel
A little lit
Hellenic H
All hands on deck
Captains choice at the Super Bowl
Italian rice dish
Transparent soap brand
Im __ you!
Harvards is Veritas
Excited reply to Who wants dessert?
Hikers snack thats literally found in 17-, 29-, 39- and 47-Across
Evening meal
John known for overlapping diagrams
Loved, with up
Air Quality Index factor
Owen, to Stephen King
Morning co-host with Seacrest
Muscats country
Sculptors tool
Be under the weather
Grass in a J.D. Salinger title
R&Bs __ II Men
Part of a bedroom set
What am __ do?
Buffalo Bill and Charles Dickens wore them
60 Minutes part-time correspondent
Prom queens crown
Thai snack
Hit the ball hard
Defib expert
Barts brainy sibling
Munro pen name
Pretzel shape
Ridge on a neck
German wheels
Makes mad
Present time?
Eves second
Theater seating arrangements
Putins no
Perched on
Like a double eagle in golf
Sure victors
35-Down song
On the clock
How stupid am I?!
Title job for Shakespeares Petruchio
PEDs, in slang
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel locale
Off-rd. transports
Bandleader Puente
Team on a field
__ volente
Sleep phase
Mexican year
60 Minutes part-time correspondent
Deadwood channel
How stupid am I?!
Im __ you!
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel locale
What am __ do?
2017 award for Emma Stone
35-Down song
A little lit
Air Quality Index factor
All hands on deck
Archie Bunker types
Bandleader Puente
Barts brainy sibling
Be under the weather
Buffalo Bill and Charles Dickens wore them
Captains choice at the Super Bowl
Command to Silver
Defib expert
Eves second
Evening meal
Excited reply to Who wants dessert?
Find hilarious
Finger painting?
Five-time NBA championship-winning coach
German wheels
German wheels
Grass in a J.D. Salinger title
Half an oz.?
Harvards is Veritas
Hellenic H
Hikers snack thats literally found in 17-, 29-, 39- and 47-Across
Hit the ball hard
Italian rice dish
John known for overlapping diagrams
Like a double eagle in golf
Loved, with up
Makes mad
Metal corrosion
Mexican year
Morning co-host with Seacrest
Munro pen name
Muscats country
No votes
Off-rd. transports
Olympian Lipinski
On the clock
Owen, to Stephen King
Part of a bedroom set
Part of a biathletes gear
Pasta nutrient
PEDs, in slang
Perched on
Present time?
Pretzel shape
Prom queens crown
Putins no
R&Bs __ II Men
Ridge on a neck
Same old story
Sculptors tool
Seize the opportunity, sunshinewise
Sleep phase
Statement softener, in emails
Sure victors
Team on a field
Thai snack
Theater seating arrangements
Title job for Shakespeares Petruchio
Transparent soap brand
Yale email address ender
__ volente
22 across leaves out for the spies to hide things in
A to Z?
Agent is not finished with Greek island possessing a stage
Annoying type of grotesque, extreme advertisement on Dart
Artist great at painting, for example, the fashion business
Battle line for those working with strikers
Bob runs the committee without leader from party
Castle hides desire to be heavily involved
Chicken wraps in market prepared for starters
Closing time in lifeless bar
Deceive law enforcement agency leaders and gangland boss
Half of 9 across is not working
Ineffectual law from the beginning of 11 across and 8 across
Instructed to choose train going around Limerick to Dublin
It was bound to happen for first wild date
Jack in part of Sevastopol
Licence for river approach
Little exercise for mousey type with energy
Manages to figure out relative
Moody character out of sorts initially with director
Perfectly correct to open 11 across and to close 12 across
Sets off from East Side scheme
Some retrograde antagonist from university
Spitting Image, Six Feet Under, Band of Gold and Casualty?
Teachers have no cash for the childrens playhouse
The Greens from Dublin, for one, with ministries
Went one better than former partner from old community retiring to Germany on Dutch border
Woman with common sense
And nothing more
At which horses display a range of skills
Bear with courage
Body of people under a single government
Brochures, pamphlets
Called for, a taxi say
Carry on
Collection of facts, information
Conjuror, illusionist
Exaggerated masculinity
Fashions or ways of doing
Give evidence in court
Grammatical unit and prison term
Had as a purpose
Large game bird
More impecunious
Not neatly combed
Nurture, sustain
Pellets of ice
Place of religious retreat
Pre-Christian Celtic priests
Russian carriage pulled by three horses
Send into water or space
Set alight
Silver and platinum, say
Small Jewish town or village in Eastern Europe
Symbol of distinction
Tiny particle
Try to deter
Warm bedding
Whereabouts, position
All those running after train in northern city
Caller troubled guards in charge of minister
Coins with wrong edging recalled — disorder results
Come across notes, second turned over
Commiserated as Tory Party came first
Contrasting temperatures worry trickster
Councillor keeps coins out of circulation
Cross Yellow River to the west to make complaint
Dodge Oscar in Strand
Edison with eccentric characters working for same goal
Food bound to be consumed by traveller under pressure
Gay arrest traditionally undertaken by women
Good man killed after reversing railway vehicle
Hot fruit loaf, only one left
In Scotland, divine drop of essence added to bath
Leave hard-water deposit beside provincial lake
Narthex possibly housing public displays
Once a key constituent in vote opposed radical youth at first
One taking off criminal on parole grabbing maiden
Save to join forces, pocketing rupees ruthlessly
Search and take from island for armed soldier
Skipping gap between two articles on church
Sportsperson who might make pounds?
Step down, freeing son to take command
Tool for trimming notices picked up
Union men originally supporting place to drop off rubbish
Virtually useless, Ive dropped out
Wary learner gets stuck into jumbo after six
Weight ratio needs revision in Einsteins theory
A little sunshine outside home? Not if this?
According to head of advertising, salesmen returned
Bristles angrily when nagged, first of all
Digging implement boy singles out, unreasonably?
Doctor keen on eating last of black toast
Dr Iannis: a strange person from Mediterranean island
Girl of 14
I had to be listened to and watched
I wound up in US resort
In Hunstanton I organised The Merchant of Venice
Instruments musician initially on island played
Mandras repaired roof
Map-reader who runs east, always
Military officer to beat volunteers with it
No good hiding old African dictator’s designation
Note prosecutor, Irish, involved in sort of collision?
Organised party, married, in no particular order
Pelagia, losing energy, rides, strangely lifted
Permanently in favour of rectitude
Queen meeting new street artist from Germany
Record Republican amended proved to be wrong
Scam involving rent not on
Soldiers crazy, writing off leader
Sort limbo dancing in Mediterranean island
Sort of gloves, perhaps, to have on
Touch nothing removed from hopper
Act of choosing
Arctic bird of prey
Artificially produced
Eg, Dublin male
Evil spirits
Extinct NZ bird
Game for two
In the wrong time period
Lack of professionality
More earthy or bawdy
Muslim prayer leader
Not fully developed
Piece of land in water
Powerful businessman
Rabbit burrow
Require; want
Sapping confidence
SE Asian country
Sudden flow from outside
Very unpleasant smell
Working at low voltage
A cross on large church in Devon town
Before the nobleman – that is right
Blood vessels
Boy under gulf with cool cat
Brown stripy cat
Cat flaps close at hand
Departed with Ronald some time after
Devon town
Ever so
Film success, or disaster
Grand Canyon state
Ill at ease
In the past, another clue about garment
Inner tubes to have in shop display
Leg joint
Lightweight anorak
Listen to teams leader with compassion
Mannerism of turncoat, or not
Massive head of steam entering wine container
Miserly person to keep cash at resort
Not many become word of opposite meaning
Of old Ethiopia
Overly aware of lion, success is problematic
Overly sentimental
Rumba cast a shadow
Sauce! Keeping very soft and sentimental
Shoddy goods given a farewell
So everywhere? Only partly
State region endless in operatic song
Strong person, we hear, to become tense
This will get bent on the way down
Translation of merci – its illegal
Upper chamber a couple of times single and cold
Venomous creature shown without tail on sign
Vital organ
Word of opposite meaning
Zodiac sign
Animated marionette in an 1883 childrens book by Italian author Carlo Collodi
Elizabeth -, 1921 and 1930 Wimbledon singles tennis championship runner-up
Genus of North American plants of the mallow family
1831 novel by Walter Scott
Domesticated South American cud-chewing animal
Legislation designed to prevent civil disorder passed by the government in 1715 and repealed in 1967
Seventh son of Jacob in the Old Testament
Jeremy -, actor who played Wigram in 2001 film drama Enigma
West African republic; capital Niamey
1976 horror film starring Rock Hudson and Barbara Carrera
3D image made by means of interference between two parts of a split laser beam
Aaron -, US Republican vice president tried for treason in 1807
Type of German light opera with spoken dialogue popular during the 18th and 19th centuries
2007 film drama starring Tannishtha Chatterjee
Peter -, actor who married actress Maggie Gyllenhaal in 2009
Henrik -, author of stage plays Hedda Gabler and The League of Youth
Victorian card game in which players collect pairs and try not to be left with a penalty card
Samuel -, 19th-century inventor of a type of revolver
Burl -, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for The Big Country
See 10 Across
Right side of an aeroplane or vessel when facing the nose or bow
Animal representing the zodiac sign Aries
1970 Grand National winner ridden by Pat Taaffe
Ted -, director of films Life, The Ref and Blow who died in 2002
God of mischief and destruction in Norse mythology
Quintin -, Lord Chancellor from 1970-74 and 1979-87 also known as Baron Hailsham of Marylebone
Fail to notice
Sports cup
Of the nose
Steel hand tool
Swell out in a spherical shape
Solution to a problem
Many inches
Ready for action or use
Food fish
Floating markers
Healing treatment
Sailing vessel
Fencing sword
Height of a fall
Alaskan summers, mostly
sound of an electrical short
like soft ripples of hair
uses bleach
turned outward
visually shows direction
art of being a copycat
Cleaning lady
Belonging to us
French sculptor
Wall painting
Type of pasta
African country
Sewing material
Compass point
Singing group
Carry on
English port
Office attire
Hidden marksman
Narrow boat
Precious metal
Shoe fastening
Break sharply
Nocturnal creature
Lean on table
Change during meditation
Burn the tea, right?
Raid ruined without water
Inside course belongs to us
Notes suggest down payment
Roused about employment
Sculptor is right god
Great purse, torn
Unfortunate stain on material
Painting of them Urals
Facts in emergency
Improvises stir-fry ingredient
Takeaway in the country
Storys thread
Point stew out
Trade in lead production
Maintain part of castle
Boy keeps old pack
Fielders mistake
Rich performance with old singers
Wander out of terror
Feeble meat recipe
Vehicles considered as out
Continue summary
Drove off to port
Spades, say, to be convenient
Shooter uses pins with hesitation
Beau has time with new duke
Bet in old currency
Extent of anger varies
Get beaten, with nothing approximate
Element of victory?
Decorate with alcohol?
Pans terrible game
Low-flying bird
Opera tune
Fly alone
Cuban dance
Swear to
Force back
Neck part
Street kin
Small child
Head warmer
Winter virus
Omelet ingredient
Wooden container
Point (a gun)
Poorly kept
Hired cars
Wound cover
Snack on
Red shade
Choir voice
Get a noseful
Snow runner
Marketing gimmick
Tofu bean
Egyptian king
Knightly title
Hold firmly
Vine support
Told a fib
First-aid provider
Switch positions
Etching chemical
Steam bath
Gather a crop
Film spool
Whirling current
Once owned
Malt brew
Game official
Parisian subway
Put in order
Was sorry for
Little devil
Support in crime
Golf hazard
Track shape
Easy stride
Bill collector?
Luau hello
Lode loads
Pub missile
Very quick
Gaggle birds
Computer storage units
Become joined
River blocker
Comedy piece
Snow vehicles
Train track
Greek harp
Short cuts
Start to melt
Asian grain
Emend text
Burn slightly
Face wrinkle
Payable now
Provided lunch for
CIA operative
Alias (Abbr.)
Month of showers
Acceptance speech word
First Greek letter
Jewelers concern
Derivative of ammonia
Dracula, at times
Antlered animal
List of choices
Shakespeares river
One who mimics
Trick or ____!
Pocket bread
Large quantity
African antelope
Accumulate over time
Evaluate again
Sophia ____
A Great Lake
Bullfight cry
Lode load
Informal denial
Small bombs
Burstyn and DeGeneres
Chicago trains
Ice pellets
Train terminal (abbr.)
Kitchen gadget
____ Valley (vineyard site)
Legislature, in the UK
Actor ____ Idle
Move slowly
Religious subgroup
Writing tablet
Little piggies
Fresh talk
Atlas entries
Short letter
Not cognizant
French title
Lower limbs
Actress ____ Barrymore
Ships rears
Do the wrong thing
Advance upon
Computer fodder
Stair part
Ladder step
Use crayons
Crinkly cloth
____ Rider
Wear away
Fire alarm
Plant beginnings
Give in
What Moses parted (2 wds.)
Artist Salvador ____
Compass point (abbr.)
Like Swiss mountains
Our planets
From this time
Mineral springs
Divas solo
Send out
Lettermans rival
Movies, for short
High cost of cigarettes?
The traditional appeal of cricket
Nevertheless, one is a mysterious creature
Something to cut out
Get back in gear somehow
A cricket side
Have another go at reforming Terry
He anticipates the sellers going to lose ?£50
Like Martin, hes flighty
A fellow accepts them from the devil
Show what the cowboys did for nothing
Its unwise to keep an artist quiet!
Jacks drinking companion?
Treatment to rub into a broken leg?
He may get no marks at all in maths!
Notes in a short manuscript
Eager to hearten pedagogues
Without war in the Pacific
Tree Berliners could walk under?
Portions of pie with insufficient sauces
He still has his job in the park
Showing a possible hint of undernourishment
Shes in a state of ruin, but will serve to introduce
What holds the key to food production
Flat broke and on the rocks
A seasonal sort of tide
Dress up as necessary to get to Gateshead
Information of a strange nature
Does evening work at the laundry
To some, perhaps, a hotel is where people live
Planet with an electrical connection
Are such letters read aloud?
Somewhat boorish cry?
Is she entitled to cheat on a bet?
This beast may take a battering
Celebrity gets some men terribly worn out!
A light entertainer?
Be quick when one is obliged to raise the net
Bars in the organ parts
Boys like William and Harry
An engagement one can look up
Shopping place where many get the lot
In spite of everything
Rotary file
Old boys name
Mens toilet
Tribal emblem
Savoury jelly
Fine cord
Womens underwear
Four-sided figure
Wheat spikes
Minor deity
Place of safety
Thick end
Female horses
Raised edge
Norse god
Circular coral reef
Forks tine
Take ill
Make box to store recreational drug
Wise person swallowing tablet for upset
Landmark in west, yet built for east originally
Funny hospital colleague?
Quiet enclosure in southern French island
Smell food regularly round ancient city
Headline: ?€?Millions trapped in hopeless careers?€
Gosh! Barriers placed all round city
Component that is found inside computer terminal in office
Newspaper article containing variable material
Socially aware Tories? No, the reverse
What might scupper this cricket team? Rain might, honest
After retiring, travellers will imbibe hotel drink
Maybe carry out OFSTED inspection among classes superficially
Cor! Chaps cultivated wheat, for example
Woman from East Virginia
Loud noise thats heard principally below
Elections with mostly posh Liberals getting in
Trouble arises after world leaders ousted, making bloomer
Organisations skill, recruiting NI protestants (but not their leader)
Government palace rarely seen incomplete
Heard someone scoffing, confronting evil snake
One with two jobs, second on harbour boat
Possibly buy dearer, non-U bakery product
Amid confusion, old queen shows lack of generosity
Lost self-control, as Luddites leader did?
Training rabbit to appear with American stars
Games of golf, and treats for all at the nineteenth hole
Old settlers viewpoint
So-called American president liked getting rid of extremists
Hair removal process
Target centre
Hot spring
Exhausts (supplies)
Conspicuous wealth
Male offspring
Atmospheric layer
Female deer
Group of six
Perfectly matched
Supporter of monarchy
Very pale
Exclusive story
Fencing sword
Calm and stoical in the face of setbacks
Bark in quick sharp bursts
Lack of confidence
Examining with attention
Tripped the light fantastic
Fringe benefit
Yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes
Represented in simplified form
Hawaiian garland of flowers
Be the deciding factor
Discharge a debt
Showing compulsive interest
Available via the internet
Animal skin
Stock made from vegetables and wine – botulin colour (anag)
Avoiding embellishment
Distinctive of group ways of living
Down payment
Of Cambridge University
Pick of the bunch
Chinese nursemaid
Nook in which a copperhead is enamoured?
Threaten to touch a steamer?
Unfortunately, Ofsted has killed inspirational leaders, the final nail in the coffin?
Side with keepers of the royal estate?
Inhaler for this? Thats a good idea
I believe printing stuff in spirit
Nothing to lose in battlefield after short run for a particular worker?
Squarish front cut with axes
Body lacking in width, lifted belt
They refuse to adapt and ours is changing
Good time to cover a royal seat, wiping one for Johns chamber
Not concentrating, skin stuck on zip
Cocktail, a small drink sent over, lay unfinished in the end
Decorated more than three weeks before Christmas, looking back
Mediocre craft behind good racer
Good health makes you feel better
Sound of hooter, it has gone off with two rings
Class act finally dressed in suit
A reservation almost captured by very old cowboy
Elaborate talk about ultimate in decoration
Ground spice infusing most of cold drink
Old screws failure to secure pole
Arbitrary comment, I agree, is kind of average
Londons Borough Market has endless foil to wrap up
This slaughters controversial, for crying out loud?
See 9
See 10
Pass over the Guardians prejudice
Old country with two sharp bends on river
The Magic School ____
Warriors shooting guard Thompson
Precious or semiprecious jewel
Museum of Modern ____
Opposite of difficulty
Brand of elastic bandages
Midnight Train to Georgia singer featured on 1985s Thats What Friends Are For: 2 wds.
Country next to Cambodia
House built with logs
Norwegian city where the Nobel Peace Prize is presented
Get the straight ____
My country, ___ of thee …
Walk on By singer featured on Thats What Friends Are For: 2 wds.
Snack for an aardvark
Red vegetable in some salads
Yeah, all right
Casual hat with a visor
Leaning Tower of ___
Not-quite-circular shape
Superstition singer featured on Thats What Friends Are For: 2 wds.
Thick ___ brick: 2 wds.
Round object in sports
Group for gun enthusiasts: Abbr.
Spray ___
Has to
Beer kegs spigot
It often ends in .com or .net: Abbr.
Florida ____
___ a stupid question …
Currency in Tokyo and Osaka
Just Dance singer Lady ___
Amazon device that responds to spoken commands
New York MLB team that isnt the Yankees
Group of Cub Scouts
Dont call me, ___ call you
Final section of a musical piece
Its ___ to tell a lie: 2 wds.
Apply a tissue to fresh lipstick, say
Small argument
… ____ the land of the free and the home of the brave
Not shallow
Need to reimburse
___ torches
As far as ___ tell …: 2 wds.
The ___ the limit!
Hoops group: Abbr.
___ you like to know!
31-Down player from Cleveland, for short
Scampered away
High school juniors exam: Abbr.
___ free country: 2 wds.
Former James Bond portrayer Connery
Birds with screech and barn varieties
Nine-____ battery
Company that invented floppy disks
Water, in France
Its the end of an ___
Tupacs music genre
Grip firmly
Corleones creator
Drying frame
Angelic symbol
Start fighting
One out?
Canned fish
Man of brass?
Pop singer Richie
Ships officer
__ Arbor
Entrench oneself
Good judgment
Israeli seaport
Carpe __
Pens and needles
One of the electorate
Hawaiian adornment
Mideast prince
Professional progress
Checked out the Web
Oklahoma Indian
Poor people
Lively old dance
Ancient Greek coin
Ceremonial dress
Lauder of cosmetics
Old Wells Fargo transport
Tall tales
Best Actor of 1974
Silver and gold
Strike caller
Zorros marks
At home, but available
Dine at home
Edible mushroom
Sartorial specialists
Shows of support
Pesky insect
Hand over
Its north of Cairo
Give off
In a languid manner
__ firma
In other words …
Safe places
Adenauers successor
Pool shot
Island off Venezuela
Novarro of silents
Not happy
Siouan Indian
Film director Nicolas
WWI German admiral

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