Crosswords Answers 2018-2-10

Far out!
Hold on ___!
Manners require time, as nothing is more vulgar than ___: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Serial podcast host Sarah
Seriez is a form of it
Your point being …?
Adjective on Tex-Mex menus
Almost certainly
Annual June sports event, informally
Backdrop to AMCs The Walking Dead
Bauhaus-influenced typeface
Beer pong receptacle
Big name in mops
British writing award
Burrowing animal
C.D.C. concern
Celebratory round
Colorful birds
Cut off
Dried chili pepper on Tex-Mex menus
Fall behind
French novelist/dramatist associated with the Theater of the Absurd
Fugitives destination, maybe
Game sheet
Greeting in Guangzhou
Group of near nobodies
Home to Rodins The Kiss, with the
Hospital sections, for short
House call?
Jesus, with the
Letters on some bulletproof vests
Letters that come before AA?
Made, as a putt
Marvel series depicting the Tet Offensive, with The
Mass-produce, with out
Mounts with a little white on top?
Newspaper divisions
Not go out to dinner
Not stay awake any longer
Odysseus rescuer
Oenophiles criterion
One of a kind
Painters undercoat
Player in a baseball stadium
Pompeiis Temple of ___
Popped (out)
Region near Mount Olympus
Remote area?
Seemingly expressing
Shortest Magic 8 Ball response
Sly chuckle
Things with microgrooves
Tracy and Jennas boss on 30 Rock
Went to bat (for)
When Taurus begins
Wife in F. Scott Fitzgeralds Tender Is the Night
Winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Word with space or rock
___ Panza, sidekick of Don Quixote
___ the Hittite, soldier in King Davids army
Bye Bye Bye band
Dies ___
Fly the Friendly Skies co
Put a tiger in your tank company
Shark Tank carrier
Sprechen ___ Deutsch?
The heat ___!
1962 #1 song by Tommy Roe
343, e.g
A pop
A/C measure
Apollo astronaut Conrad
Atlantic catch
Attila catching some rays?
Being, to Ovid
Black Hawk State Park setting
Blake or Byron
Boxing gyms?
Bucks spent on a beagle?
Caines Deathtrap co-star
Calypsos father
Car company whose logo A represents calipers
Car with no gas tank
Cattle call prize
Cervantess idealist
Chopin pieces
Coastal creature
Comes to town, cowboy-style
Cornfield cry
Corporate department
Course figure
Crop up
Dandys neckwear
Disapproving sounds
Dorm monitors?
Dress edges
East Coast hwy
Editor, at times
Employment office personnel?
Env. inside an env., e.g
Exhibition area
Female fawn
Fighting ender
First name in stunts
Fishhook feature
Form letters?
Game for future Little Leaguers
Genesis creator
Good advice to budding sonnet writers?
Gradual assimilation
Grandson of Eve
Has an adverse effect on
Hierarchy levels
Home of les poissons
Honey locust feature
Immigrant from Japan
In need of a rubdown
Iron production
It couldnt be verse
Lash ___ (attack)
Last word of a seasonal song
Lawyers action based on scant evidence?
Lay out some more green?
Legendary Giant
Less often seen
Lightning byproduct
Lincoln Center highlights
Lot sight
Marathon warm-up runs
Marseille monarchs
Martini option
Maui thank you
Mesozoic and Paleozoic, for two
Mgr.s helpers
Midsummer babies
More drawn out
Mountain road shape
Net notes
New authors hope
Overly severe
Paris divider
Peachy cocktail
Pedal in place
Pen lights?
Plug feature
Poker target
Post-op areas
Potters need
Primary strategy
Put some punch in, as punch
Puts forward
Quaint letter opener
Rams great Merlin
Report of a Bigfoot sighting?
Rink jumps
Sch. with branches in Irvine and Berkeley
Scrooge syllables
See the sights
Shaving cream ingredient
Short-lived Sally Field sitcom
Show broadcast from 30 Rock
Silent agreements
Single-celled organism
Slurpee alternatives
Small plates of fish?
Small surgical knife
Smith graduate
Some church income
Some nest eggs
St. surrounded by eight others
Start for Terpsichore
Tahrir Square setting
Terminal figs
Theater audience
Theater opening
Trail mix tidbit
Trill from a hill
TV sched. notation
Tweety or Taz
Unification Church member, informally
Vernons dance partner
Vintners prefix
Weeds out
Where Newt Gingrich earned his Ph.D
Whoopi Goldberg voiced one in The Lion King
Words said with a salute
Yvess eve
Theyre used for punching
Airline since 1924
Racers position
Palominos trot, e.g.
Lubricate again
Conical woodwind
Mama Turnblad in Hairspray
Map within a map
Shavers injury
Military buildup, e.g.
Customs fee
Sturgeon eggs
Adds to the family
Not fleshed out?
Lyric after Que
___ different tune (changed ones mind)
Brief genetic material
Reason for a take-out?
___ Ventura, Pet Detective
Native Alaskan
Jazz legend Fitzgerald
Dope up
Word with hoi
Zip relative
Steffi with a racket
Limp handshake, e.g.
Deep, soft mud
Jacks foe
Cut the boring parts
Loosen laces
Fill to satisfaction
Moss type
Get in
Smallest merganser
Acquires wrinkles
Dry African gulley
Earth attachment
Hold firm
Moves from town to town
Stadium ticket info
A different you
Thin cloth woven from silk
Parting facts of life?
Scottish lake
Mouse sighting!
Pitchers goal
Ryan with the fastball
State in India
Treys subordinate
Formed into spheres
Gymnopedie composer
One way to make a sweater
Sing like a bird
Hawaiian island
Deer tail
Castor bean toxin
Duplicate, fancy (var.)
Take in food
Boastful talker
Certain hardwood
Aladdins find
Royal address
Cookbook author Rombauer
Twain hero
Unit of power
Mild Dutch cheese
Land to build on
Be in a huff
Land chart
Ill Be Around composer Wilder
McGregor of Emma
Kid-lit elephant
Minnelli of Cabaret
Ars longa, ___ brevis
Maker of the first countertop microwave
Mayberry tippler
Mireille of The Catch
In serious disrepair
Chain-link companys fleet of trucks?
Bald tires lack
Flip, as a house
Particle with a %2B or –
Ruminants chew
The Pit and the Pendulum author
Gas brand that merged with BP
Tennis stadium near Citi Field
Easily split mineral
Fasteners on a Lincoln Memorial bulletin board?
31-Across, e.g.
Letter-shaped bolt fastener
Beginning stage
___ broche (on a skewer)
Like a wallflower
Have ones portrait done
Antipasto meat
Tomei of The Wrestler
Slick-talking Hoover salesmen?
___ Tots (Ore-Ida product)
Cake mix direction
Stand at a roast
Cut short, at 8-Down
Remove the rind from
River of Normandy
Borscht vegetables
Old womans home of nursery rhyme
Crows ___ (lookouts spot)
Like a drone in operation
Gasoline unit, in Europe
Kindle owners read
Conspirator with Brutus
Just the same . . .
Buffalo ___ (chicken morsel)
Electrons place
Canaveral org.
Spoke like a drill sergeant
Stack up
Animal that sleeps upside-down
Insect in a hobby farm
Bit of sunlight
When pigs fly, e.g.
Like Simon Legree
Iliad and Odyssey, for two
Sondra of Sudden Impact
. . . to say the ___
___ cam (surveillance device)
Chews the fat
Oscar-awarding org.
Cash, slangily
Shaq Diesel rapper
Drop from the roster
Poker great Ungar
Any chess piece
Protestant work ___
Thoroughly wreck
Intelligence, slangily
Parolees words
Steer clear of
Hazardous inert gas
Words of compassion
Shirts opponents, in pickup games
Stock or bond
Snail mail org.
State whose motto is Industry
Spanish surrealist Joan
Treaters pickup
Saperstein who founded the Harlem Globetrotters
___-tapper (catchy tune)
Repair bill line
Kitchen come-on
Go bad
Louises pal
Scenery chewer
Crew tool
Philly suburb
Hosp. workers
Flower girl, often
Terre Hautes river
Shade source
Little skippers
King of France
Corn unit
Pottery pieces
Wheel part
Grammar topic
City on the Po
Frisco player
Old footwear
Polluxs twin
Annie, for one
They come to court
Runner Zátopek
Spotted dog
Hurried flight
Penny prez
Go carousing
Film awards
Limerick part
Short dog
Mrs., in Marseilles
Court org.
Dawn goddess
Gofers job
Got stuck
Stephen King novel
Battery makeup
Laos land
Print units
Back talk
Lettuce variety
Papas mate
Low digit
Jazzy Fitzgerald
Send forth
Egypts cont.
Novelist Jaffe
Verified again
Spring month
Sand unit
Sandbox toy
Greek cheese
Cardinal cap letters
Delaware capital
Do wrong
— Lingus
Multilayered sandwiches
Nozzle site
Helens home
This — stickup!
Ticked (off)
Garfield, for one
Limas land
Songwriter Irving
Fibbers admission
United nations
Rug next to a tub
Lenient treatment
Out of control
Ore source
Release money
Family docs
Be sick
Automaton, for short
Speed (up)
Salad utensil
Up to, briefly
Fake drakes
Fable writer
Just one of those things?
Actors quest
Got it
Nickelodeons Explorer
Grand tale
Activist Parks
Lovers quarrel
Gambling Capital of the World
Hambourg and Bavi?¨re
I sing, in the Aeneid
Let us no longer __ farce by pretending to it: Washington
Star Wars VII protagonist
Tachin up auto in a 60s song
We Need a Little Christmas instrument
Agents challenge, perhaps
Apparel inspired by Degas
Catholic emulating a manger figure
Certain timer setting
Chapter I of his best-known book is The Cyclone
Complete fragments, perhaps
Copy Cook or Columbus
Craft named a UNESCO Masterpiece
Does some shuffling
Edible thats literally little strip
Far from little
Form of yeast
Fourth successor of J. Edgar Hoover
Grows, with to
Halted a hug
Home of the oldest known European civilization
How browsers scan pages
Inspired stuff, in 51 Down
Irish bosun of Brit lit
It may precede undiscovered
It wont be caught until it breaks
It wont click beyond a circle
Its a bit over a buck
Jaunty, in dialect
Kid stuff
Location in Paris
Minute, to tots
Origin of most mainstream religions
Outr?© artist in torn paper
Party one hopes is unsuccessful
Pastoral relative
Photoshop icon
Places for sinking baskets
Possible comment after sweeping
Processes, as some figs
Product of refinement
Prominent white beam
Regarding things
Satellite state
Seuss, to his pals
Shake up
Sight near many ch?¢teaux
Singer heroine
Slinky in Toy Story
Sound of a minibike
Spectators singing No hope for Harvard!
Subject of The Columbus of the Woods
Swift home
Tall twin, say
They may be shaped to say OPEN
Unlike non sequiturs
Visibly livid
What a gambler often plays
What the Spanish call the lamb saint of Rome
What Twain called Lincoln and Grant
Winter blanket produced before the fall?
Yogi Bear adversary
__ administration (pharmaceutical process)
__-black (bluish shade)
Empathetic words
RSVP part
One may run for a week
Townshend of The Who
Revelation setting
Olympus neighbor
Put forth
Metro __
Horoscope heading
Wish for
Subject for Linnaeus
Relocate in, as after ones career
Maternally related
Dead Souls novelist
Billions network, briefly
Fake out
__ legend
Sugar source
Sugar suffix
Some pretenders
Membre de la famille
Celebration honoring a saint
Crossed at a shallow spot
Rocky of song
Munich title
Home of Canadas Parliament
Phased-out refrigerant compound
__Language : 1993 comedy best-seller
Amor counterpart
Game with wagering restrictions
Three-part fig.
Bit of rifle range debris
Draft orders
Juno actor Michael
Fighting group
Govt. employer of mathematicians
Treatment for losing ones head?
Going concern?
Like a full hold
Pierce portrayer
Eastern way
Sitcom sidekick whose wife sometimes calls him by his last name
Bit of bun flavoring
Disappointed observation
In danger of being ticketed
First name in astronautics
The Dance Class painter
Easy Street kin
Most bicycles
Do something
Forbidden Planet robot
Punsters reward?
Cold reaction
Put in a hold
Grasping pair
Input methods
Full of pluck
Rumor __ …
Favor one side over the other
Fountain choice
PC key under Shift
Airport in Perus cap.
[Head slap]
Billions network, briefly
Dead Souls novelist
Forbidden Planet robot
Juno actor Michael
Rumor __ …
The Dance Class painter
__Language: 1993 comedy best-seller
Airport in Perus cap
Amor counterpart
Bit of bun flavoring
Bit of rifle range debris
Celebration honoring a saint
Cold reaction
Crossed at a shallow spot
Disappointed observation
Do something
Draft orders
Eastern way
Easy Street kin
Empathetic words
Fake out
Favor one side over the other
Fighting group
First name in astronautics
Fountain choice
Full of pluck
Game with wagering restrictions
Going concern?
Govt. employer of mathematicians
Grasping pair
Home of Canadas Parliament
Horoscope heading
In danger of being ticketed
Input methods
Like a full hold
Maternally related
Membre de la famille
Metro __
Most bicycles
Munich title
Olympus neighbor
One may run for a week
PC key under Shift
Phased-out refrigerant compound
Pierce portrayer
Punsters reward?
Put forth
Put in a hold
Relocate in, as after ones career
Revelation setting
Rocky of song
RSVP part
Sitcom sidekick whose wife sometimes calls him by his last name
Some pretenders
Subject for Linnaeus
Sugar source
Sugar suffix
Three-part fig
Townshend of The Who
Treatment for losing ones head?
Wish for
[Head slap]
__ legend
A foreign routine from a type of novel
Article on a slim novel from The Kingdom
Bar opens letting in criminals – it concerns the people
Belted out review hard on the grind
Change in the banks came out in the wash
Comic is high, absent and has something to be sorry about in the absence of remorse
Company with European capital on deposit initially in Belgium
Cook ran deli on the edge of Europe
Crafty type in car one associates with Bond
Current caught diving waterbird coming back – its seen as a danger to shipping
Drink from bottle in Valparaiso dairy
Druggie dismissed rude job in the club
DUP unsettled by revolutionary paramilitaries reform
Engineer testing in background
Facet missing from aftercare tends to be hard to find
Flighty type covers up attitude
For the men only in Fleet exiting stage left
Foremost grappa drink consumed in precious type of cake
Fragment of Thomas Aquinass autobiography is found in The Bahamas
Fraudster loses the head with the pressure the police produced locally
It doesnt cost anything to accompany to The Open with prot?g?
Lacking a reservation, for sure
Old city fellow demands immediate action
Old master has no red to all intents and purposes
Overcharged local, as theres no roe in sturgeon
Pay tribute to legionaries dropping gear
Primate consumed by credit for monkey business
Rows in Genoa away from no-go areas
Short name for vehicle in bus stations
Show up to lure out of laundrette
Some abandon a programme for break in the afternoon
Sounds like descendants following latest trends up in Sky
Take into account theres no spice in cheese dip
The benefit of Dell embracing university
The butt, for instance, is a bit of the Golden Delicious
The snooker player who cant pot a ball – presumably hes working through it
Unhappy retiring from hotel in Rush
We hear old London type blows off steam
A score
A sign of something to come
Abbreviate, contract
All of ones assets after death
Arab chiefs
Asiatic wild ass
Build, fabricate
Calculating the sum
Challenge aggressively
Consistent with fact
Decayed, stinking
Deliver a blow
Departs or bequeaths
Dressed skins of animals
Egyptian desert
Furniture with drawers
Hydrogen and carbon monoxide, say
Imitations or reproductions
Legally-binding edict
Light cord
Marvellous, excellent
Minimum number needed to do business
Not based on fact, unreal
Obscure or puzzling (as our neighbour Crossheir)
Organs of vision
Ornamental wall hanging
Professional entertainers, singers or dancers
Reduce length
Sincerely felt or expressed
Substitutes for
The right to reject a decision
Told untruths
Turns outwards or inside out
Unlawful premeditated killing
With a crisp, golden topping
Work out mathematically
Island commander sports angry wound
God shows an interest? Not at first!
One taking in study connected with old Babylonian region
Attack same point twice thats on chin
Kitchen heater tested in couples absence
Nothing stops rioting in US coastal city
Port road morning mist envelops
Scotsman involved with extremely datable woman
Remaining quietly hidden takes trouble and effort
Shoot at stoat going round at rear of building
Stay with drinker for meal before suffering
Notice me preparing small silver tray for starters
Old Cretan at home tucking into grouse
Badge one gains in manoeuvres
Monk secures poor grade in spelling competition
Introducing hard line, write rubbish about athletic contest
Old farmers waterproof put on sick lad
Sheridan version features sinister housekeeper
Artist comes up with sensible framework
Church and priest hail new sect member
Kid left an overcoat
Stagger endlessly on in surrounding area of rainforest
Writers the writer powerless character inspires
Guy following drunks perilous route
Irritation right inside retina needing treatment
More than reasonable fare to Jupiter or Mars?
Whitish individual tours China and India
Stadium beside lake accommodates second team
Convert smallest amount for vegetable
Sheep go past large country town
Manage to lose quiet church assistant
Extremely poorly, endlessly ill, put in hospital, youd have needed this?
Our cousins tuck in, slicing fruit
Where pianist may develop wild overreactions
Country eggs touched by fungus, some say
Computer program to deal with stuff
Removing both eyes, so to speak, made one hungry
Much older husband who leaves baby nowhere to sleep?
Important person uses what to write?
Test team bonus
Noisy lunatic dances without a care
Lacking energy, looks up and stares
About to start broadcasting, moving over to one
In current almost see river animal from ancient time
Lost wife in gamble on European railway
Final check of car emitting sulphur in the summer- time
Caterpillar for one plunges right into hot stream
Fugitive seizes Santa: this possibility of release?
Novice one on phone let freeze
Loaf regularly after Christmas that includes very little work
Made lawyer cry, taking to bed, heart-broken
Card sharp conceals nothing
Play short tune — sheep answer
Cuts announced in pub measures
Country club set in heart of New York?
What I live on includes half of modest hamper
Anne is excited by Noel
In Washington office, deny prices are changing
Puff new disc
Bean for one bird set up
Shrewd bargainer who sells drugs from his bike?
Crack on paving stone at roundabout
Calm seems lacking in King Edward at first
Stage work of Tacitus often translated
Steep cut, a thousand instead of fifty
Female apparel in dainty boxes
Brown was his trunk, heading off from Oxford college
Centres fitted with extravagant baths
Scrooge fell with force, needing dressing
Concrete floor has lost its top? I can believe it
Apparent Governor Parrys not needing prescription
Ready for the ball, perhaps, and given a spin?
Almost give writer a line for enemy of Rome
Fight in island at close of war that casts a long shadow
As tunesmith, Yank accepts nothing by me, regularly jeering
Publicity in two churches preparing for An Ideal Husband”
A label: pierce immediately
Several runs wasted — get backing up!
Collapse, taking small wine after a sort of spirit
Carrying out a loved one, start off speech
For training, call actor initially using electronic device
Report on her — shes for the front page
In hopelessness, the French for one turned and fell away
Chance event produces new head for Stoke factory?
Nervous couple almost unable to keep still?
Daisy chain finally not in bow
One is dominated under this rough rule
Refuse union of daughter and Scottish thane
Turn up on time for plane once
Bad actor
Drinking vessel
Firmly secure in position
Get back at for (a wrong)
Jagged mountain chain
Lacking energy
Long (for)
Love, affection
Mark Twain character
Not weakened
One skilled in a specific field
Referees sanction
Region of Italy
Region of SE Asia
Retaining barrier
School educator
Small house
US conscript
Used a chair
Waste channel
Woven length of hair
Written off over time
Summarise, run over
Overly theatrical
Wild cat
A flash of light
With genuine feelings
God of Egypt
Relating to the Christian Church
Place giving protection
Make drunk
Not rigorously investigated
Compassionate, forgiving
Like female followers of Bacchus
Writer of fiction books
Focus of Christian festival
Burial place
Large lute
Way of explaining
Take (troops) out of active servic
Out of the normal
Tall Greek or Roman jar
Eg, factory owner
Serious, unfriendly
Using a keyboard
Bitterness, indignation
Unit of angular measurement
Fulhams football ground
Female inheriting wealth
Meeting expectations
Ring; meet with agreement
State as ones opinion
Solvent; out of debt
Absurd pretence
Recurring musical theme
Part of a wood joint
List of merchant shipping
Revel in indulgence
Bewildered, perplexed
Absolutely stable
Find a way around
Uniformed door attendant
Medieval engine of war
Unit of power
Excavating historian
Stressful; persuasive
Give energy to
Apparatus maintaining very low temperature
Paul —, US singer
Passage of a planet across the suns disc
Pester; mammal
Go with the current
__ living
Elegant bearing
Primary location of Caecilius, Epicurus and all who tend flowerbeds
Nosco, non stulta sum
All on your own, you put in place
Highly, loftily
This affair is in dire straits
Ubi pastores Vergiliani cantant
Traveller, wayfarer
One at the same time as Ms Stubbs
She healed and made better, curavit
It surges or swells
Mine, my man
Armed men (dat.), eg non erat ____ aequum concurrere nudas
We ordered and commanded
Femina honorata et recta
Loca rustica incolit, ut agricola agros incolit
Single rodent burdens and overwhelms
In this way, eg ____ transit gloria mundi
That one, it
People taking your breath away, literally; interficientes, necantes
Of anyone or anything
It overflows, eg ripis superat mi atque ____ pectus laetitia, Plautus Stich. 279
Egyptian rattles, eg Isi…per tua ____ precor,
In ripis et liliis sedentes coaxamus
You want power
Scattered, distracted or delayed men
More sharply, more bitingly
A hut is removed creating break in series
An island heaven, its said
Animal returns for waterside plant
Aquatic grass
Bodily liquid from a gland
Charity fair
Correspondence for landlord
Everyone shouted for tool
Express pity for some time, car broken down
Express sympathy
Extreme characters are initially seen in pub in market
Fails to make contact with four concealed letters
Fodder store
Food can
Forbid redhead entering granary
Frank has to unlock
Hebridean isle
Hellenic style of material
Hole borer
Inexpensive, flag of inferior quality
Italian island
Knitters new knick-knack
Liquid released to break up riot scene
Little unfinished container
Marine projectile
Matisse composition includes last of black bloomers
Point frostily to Mediterranean island
Pottery fragment
Quiet craftsman is wartime guerrilla
Roped to unreliable missile
Rural districts
Seller of inferior goods
Small spiny fish
Swimmer to stay with the foreign defender
Ten in classy pose without a break
Tiny piece of a tall building
Total small railway surface creates open rural area
Unit of weight
Velvety cord
Weight change on cue
Michael -, actor who played the title role in ITV comedy-drama series Boon
US actress who starred as Goldine Serafin in 1979 film drama Goldengirl
Fruit of the blackberry
Port in Seine-Maritime, France, with a ferry link to Newhaven, East Sussex
See 7
D C -, Australia Test cricketer who hit 200 against New Zealand in Perth in 1989
Genus of crustaceans, some species of which are used as food for aquarium fish
Word used as an instruction to ignore a correction on a manuscript
Berhane -, 2003 World Championships womens 10,000m gold medallist
Martina -, 1997 US Open singles tennis championship winner
Pakistan Test cricketer who took 8-164 against England in Lahore in 2000
1869 novel by R D Blackmore
See 21
Ambrogio -, Sienese painter whose works include the frescoes Allegory of Bad Government and Allegory of Good Government
– Current, movement of seawater of the South Pacific flowing north along the coasts of Peru and Chile
George -, actor who starred as Arthur Daley in long-running ITV series Minder
Member of a Muslim mystical order
John -, rugby union prop; 2005 Wales Test debutant against England
See 22 Across
Roman goddess of the underworld
Town in W Belgium; scene of many battles in World War One
Companion of Falstaff sentenced to hang for looting in William Shakespeare play Henry V
Colourless gaseous element; symbol Ne
Island in the Inner Hebrides; site of an abbey founded by St Columba
Capital of Azerbaijan
Ease the pain of
Magazine with pictures
Shipping hazard
On fire
Witchs formula
Young salmon
Touch with the lips
Group of 20
Brutish person
Cure for all ills
Communion table
Demonstrate against
Almost unbelievable
Mass of bread
Prima donna
In front
As an estimate
Strong inclination or liking
Way off
Just, impartial
hold back
proposed, as an idea
impossibly amazing
looking with wonder
not relevant
where zloty are spent
Every seven days
Plural of is
Greek poet
Hypnotic state
Ready to eat
Banded minerals
Canvas shelter
Type of duck
Long fish
Fish eggs
English poet
Business rated badly
Furthest sort of route
Brigades gear
Conversed about poetry
A step taken quickly
Study of cadences
Catch in one trap
Originally called in one engineer
Number of contents
Complete space with flag
Language in another sentence
Border of hedges
Feebly, say, but regularly
Shade of credibility
Is more than one?
Hardly sending ton back
Bragged about scrap
First character donated plant
Representative time with book
People of Armenia
Residence right for old Greek
Small wine for fun
Canter off in a daze
Mature pier design
A stage constructed of stones
It happened in the Seventies
Arrange by command
Roused about employment
Contented with tepee
Endlessly regretting destruction
Deer confused about one duck
Encourage farm produce
One writers novel
Swimmer feeling around
About to have nothing but caviar
Many do upset supplier of power
Range of former explosion includes energy
Keen to agree to change
Takes out poet
Brushed with haste
Daughter gets sheep to drink
Finished six deliveries
Time of pageantry
Pub projectile
Pedros aunt
Make mad
Main idea
Strong point
Glass lip
Tabby, e.g.
____ Soldiers
Close by
What Horton heard
Church word
Animal group
Dinner dish
Legendary creature
Form of thou
Fish cooker
Cry of discovery
____ House
Bricklayers tool
Had been
2002, e.g.
Rude look
Initial stake
Aspen lift
Gobi, e.g.
Arduous journey
Polenta grains
Bogus butter
Santa paperwork
Lily type
Green stone
Fores opposite
Yangs mate
By an ____ (barely)
Face part
Blood passage
Chihuahua chum
Question word
Hockey goal
Shade of red
Gossipy one
Lassies doc
Scaloppine meat
Three, in poker
Roll up
Boys ____
Hawaii cookout
Once, once
Beluga dish
Fleecy one
Fertile soil
Crossword direction
Destination of Marco Polo
Vocal range
Rodeo rope
Peninsula near the Red Sea
Food scrap
Clue for hounds
Ships records
Met solo
Voice range
Ancient Peruvians
State flower of Ohio
Pile up
House addition
Having rows
Poker payment
Florida city
Pub drink
Corn serving
TV host
Suez or Erie
Ambulance alarms
Marsh plants
Horses home
Musician ____ Wonder
Raw material
Come together
Beer mug
Give over
Old Glory
English noblemen
Bullring cries
Young lady
____ Diego
E.T., e.g.
Itinerary word
Reads quickly
Test for flavor
Item of value
Natural reduction in staff
Urban air pollution
Coal source
Bridge seat
Pub missile
Pay attention
Rowing implement
Skin woe
Not fatty
Slithery swimmers
The Red Planet
Soup legume
Fishing nets
Christmas visitor
Towns announcer
Rise up
Folded tortilla dish
Cut grain
Naval officer (abbr.)
Frequently, to Keats
A new bottle of scent could be beginning to work
In the end spouse will part to be again free
More energy consumed by kitchen implement
Where too much food goes to waste, Im told
Take ecstasy
Disregarding books after nightwear finally removed
Dutch regularly chases women, at first ignoring size
Pleased with a replacement being nothing like beer
Moving flight will involve a real cost
Passing itinerants heading off to work
Blade Runner wanting tip to secure name of foe, ultimately
One who has seen written verses occasionally
Disturb our rest as appropriate
Somehow she controls mens beastly character
Add the dryer for free to stop competition
In essence, Lithuania is brilliant
Vote for remain primarily, providing Mays last thrill
Planes of one airline take off on time
Wild corgi out drinking wine
Initially set up, somewhat embarrassed escort recognises Tiger Woods
Clear my day for hold-up in court
One who tolerates Yogis suffering supporter?
Teams meeting opponents for refreshments
In good health, two men have celebrated
Flexible even if power were lost to Spain?
Triumphs in offensive and matching clothing
Film about English group of high-fliers
Carry on Maiden – a symbolic family feature?
Building block
Strong wind
Water sport
Item of headwear
Skin complaint
As a body
Device in science fiction
Cowboy films
Chop with an axe
Waste container
Detailed plans
Teases (informal)
Give thought to
Put forward
Readily available
One eating out
Magnitude – scope
Not before a stated time
Grass-cutting implement
Exclude – bread (anag)
Left hungry
Subtlety in handling difficult situations
Put up with
Greenish-blue colour
Left over
Member of the weasel family
Easing of hostility between nations
Legally binding decision
Fish providing isinglass
English royal house
Disagreeably domineering
Only – fair
British pianist made a Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1941
Sax ___, pen name of English novelist Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward, best remembered for his series of novels featuring Dr Fu Manchu
Francois ___, flanker who led the Springboks to victory in the 1995 Rugby World Cup
Song written by Jimmy Webb in 1968, first recorded by Glen Campbell
The Beatles first single, released on 5 October 1962
American TV sci-fi drama series, created by Tim Kring, that ran from 2006 to 2010
Former name for Madagascar
With Vladimir, one of the two main characters in Samuel Becketts Waiting for Godot
Variety of quartz, used as a gemstone, also called smoky quartz
Opera by Giuseppe Verdi based on a scenario written by French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette
British actor whose films include Trading Places, A Private Function and A Room with a View
Village in the Dominican Republic, founded by Christopher Columbus in 1493, considered the first formal European settlement in the New World
Debut album by Icelandic post-rock band Sigur R?³s
The first act to reach number one in the UK Singles Chart with their first three releases
1977 album by David Bowie
Compact masses of hardened fungal mycelium containing food reserves
Punishment imposed by church authority as a condition of absolution
Stage name of American rapper, record producer and actor Kamaal Ibn John Fareed, who was born Jonathan Davis
Northern oceanic diving bird with black-and-white plumage and a long narrow bill
Jewish official at the court of Artaxerxes, king of Persia, after whom a book of the Old Testament is named
First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945
A member of a Central American Indian people who dominated the valley of Mexico from about 950 until overrun by the Aztecs in 1160 AD
The Battle of ___, fought on September 17 1862, was the bloodiest single-day battle in American history
Hollow cylindrical body part that connects the middle ear with the nasopharynx
See 25
A very fine resinous powder, especially of cuttlefish bone, formerly used to dry ink
A lord of Antioch, ordered to kill Pericles, in Shakespeares Pericles, Prince of Tyre
1985 Swedish film directed by Lasse Hallstr?¶m, based on a novel by Reidar J?¶nsson
A language of Afghanistan and NW Pakistan
The moth Endromis versicolora, found in the Palaearctic region
American record label founded in 1971 by David Geffen and Elliot Roberts
American golfer whose PGA Tour wins include the Kemper Insurance Open in 2001
1942 film written and directed by Orson Welles, based on a 1918 novel by Booth Tarkington
Alfred, Lord ___, Poet Laureate whose works include The Charge of the Light Brigade and Crossing the Bar
The capital of Ukraine
Horse that won the 1958 Derby
African country whose capital is Windhoek
Another name for a halo or nimbus
Port city in Mozambique that is the capital of the province of Cabo Delgado
Town 6 miles west of Glasgow known as the Cradle of the Royal Stewarts
In ancient Roman religion, a deity or spirit presiding over a thing or place
1937 Marx Brothers film in which Groucho plays Hugo Z Hackenbush
Country whose capital is Hanoi
City in the Belgian province of Li?¨ge that is the capital of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion
American actress who played Jane Austen in Becoming Jane
Swedish tennis player who won the mens singles at Wimbledon in 1988 and 1990
Name by which the heroine of Charles Dickenss novel The Old Curiosity Shop is known
In music, a sign at the beginning or end of a section directed to be repeated
French international striker who has played for Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle United, Chelsea and Crystal Palace in England
Michel ___, French former footballer banned from football administration by the FIFA Ethics Committee in 2015
An enclosed and covered stall with a door in which an animal can be confined
The largest and most important island in French Polynesia, whose capital is Papeete
Country whose capital is Riga
Dorothy Gales dog in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Parisian nightclub, scene of a 2015 21
Jon __, Channel 4 news presenter
1981 movie starring Warren Beatty and based on the writings of John Reed
Another name for St Andrews Cross
Capability Brown designed garden in Buckinghamshire
One of two spices harvested from Myristica fragrans
See 15
Where Mark Steel is when he records his Radio 4 comedy show?
Scene of a 1981 21 of Palestinian refugees by Lebanese militia
See 15
The fifth book of the new testament
Graham __, musician whose hits include Our House and Just a Song Before I Go
See 7 Down
See 7
Scene of the Wola and Ochota 21s of 1944
The __, rock band headed by Joe Strummer
Lynndie __, woman infamous for her role in the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib
One of four great offices of state
1929 murder of seven men from a rival gang to Al Capone
Italian for lets go
Scene of a 1998 21 in Northern Ireland
James Camerons 2009 science fiction epic
The official language of Iran
Whale-obsessed captain created by Herman Melville
Restaurant founded by Colonel Sanders
Like steak thats been cooked less than medium
Hundred ____ Wood
Option for a long-term investor: Abbr.
____ market
Yuletide holiday, for short
Youre ___ the boss of me!
Author of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe who cameoed as a teacher in the 1991 film adaptation: 2 wds.
Triple ___
Hot goo used in roofing and paving
Bodybuilders washboard muscles
Sound that often goes with ooh
Red blood _____
Author of Jaws who cameoed as a reporter in the 1975 film adaptation: 2 wds.
Single-named singer from Ireland
Comment from a cow
Small part of a big machine
Group that had a #1 hit with Waterfalls
Author of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy who cameoed as a party guest in the 2011 film adaptation: 3 wds.
This time youve gone ___ far!
Release an audible breath
____ It Fun
The ____
Boundary line
Change residences
Rogue ____: A Star Wars Story
Julias role in Oceans Eleven
Come Sail Away band
Sound from a cartoon dog
Fifty percent
Neck of the woods
Spill the ____
Vehicle hailed on a street corner
Ceramics or knitting, for example
Electric car company that makes the Model X SUV
Title for Queen Elizabeths father
Michigan J. ____
Pet that purrs
Within arms reach
Rounded top of a doorway
Terk or Kerchak in Tarzan, for example
Justice League actor Affleck
Farm enclosure thats filthy
Bottom portion of a tailored skirt
Galadriel of The Lord of the Rings, for one
Jerrys uncle, on Seinfeld
Strong drain cleaner
We were made for ___ other
V-shaped cuts
Pepsi, RC, or Coke
First stage
Fly without an engine
Studies all night for a test
Become a member of
Seep through cracks
What chickens lay
Protests that causes property damage
Covetous feeling
Number of things in a pair
City on the Seine
__ Hari
Quitters comment
Singing voice
Metric prefix
Mare fare
Fret and fume
Humorist Ward
Calcutta coin
Heap abuse upon
Witch work
Get rid off
Citrus fruit
Brit. award
Milk farm
Fairytale ending
Dry gully
In abundance
Belgian Congo today
Dons world
1973 Woody Allen film
Island southeast of Oahu
Language of Pakistan
Steak style
Emergency room supply
12-point type
Top service provider
Literary snippets
Sounds of dispproval
Take on
French explorer in North America
Pardners greeting
Actor Emilio
Lambs nom-de-plume
Veni, __, vici
Soccer great
Lorre role
Roman emperor after Claudius
Lag behind
Element with atomic number 45
Days gone by
Back payments
Not __ in the world
Magna cum __
Useful quality
Abba of Israel
Pioneer talk show host
__, Brute!
Paper quantity
Leaves out
Adverts (anag.)
Great honour and prestige
Third sign of the zodiac
Type of biscuit
Soft Italian cheese
Split asunder
Of the moon
Completely foreign
Thomas Hardy country
Loud resonant noise
Pasta dish
Wall painting
Discourage, dissuade
Precious stone
Perhaps Im a southern bird
Extremely short dress revealed by flashing light
Greet Salvation Army instrument
Business thats pretty good after a false start
Simpleton – one with a straw in his mouth?
Cover for leading characters in Crime and Punishment
Riches obtained by breaking the law
Claim a sure thing, so we hear
Stairs offering escape?
Its not unusual for girl getting left behind
City worker finding flower damaged by river
Wide headgear, eh?
Fizzy drink holding up dome
Investigation about cars here?
Some clear sounds – heard by these?
Type inclined to be emphatic
Mixture of ink and water in Jersey and Guernsey, say
Most ineffectual bees felt funny
Tools for bridge-builders?
A great number, say, eaten by cat
Hit for refusal to work
Accept wager but not initially
Amount of land for sacred enclosure

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