Crosswords Answers 2018-2-11

Come on in!
That is, to Caesar
Yeah, right
___ de Lune
Abstract artist Mondrian
Afterthought indicator
All thumbs
Arafat of the P.L.O
Archaeologists study
Arctic explorer John
Are no longer
As-yet-undeciphered Cretan script
At a frantic pace
Backs down
Balneotherapy site
Belts for a Chinese leader?
Beverly Hills ___
Buoyant cadences
Career employee
Carried cash around?
Chaney who was called The Man of a Thousand Faces
Chanteuse OShea
Chinas Chou En-___
Classic British roadsters
Colorful shawl
Conveyance in Calvin and Hobbes
Cousin of a highboy
Crucifixion letters
Cry from the mizzen top
Cuba, por ejemplo
Declining due to age
Decrease in the number of people named Gerald?
Doing the job
Drink disliked by Buzz Aldrin [true fact!]
Early arrival
Fable about smoked salmon?
Fancy collar material
First mass consumer product offering Wi-Fi
Fuss about The West Wing actor Rob?
G.I.s of concern
Garfields girlfriend in Garfield
Gave a pick-me-up
Gradually diminishes
Grocers wheel
Guerres opposite
Gulager of The Return of the Living Dead
Handels Messiah, e.g
Hebrew leader
Help with the harvest?
Hershey chocolate
Holiday celebrating the arrival of spring
Home, in slang
Hot Wheels maker
In amongst
Induce ennui in
Inventors diaries?
Islams final pillar
It might pick up a passing comment
Jewelry for the oracle at Delphi?
Josip Broz, familiarly
Kitchen nooks
Legal pause
Lets out, e.g
Like many a campfire story
Like most seamen, supposedly
Like some sprains and champagnes
Like Verdis La donna ?¨ mobile
Lined with trees
List heading
Managerial exec
Mark Twain farce about a painter who fakes his own demise
MGMs lion, e.g
Morales of NYPD Blue
Mother ___
Narrow passages for killer whales?
Needle-nosed fish
Neighbor of Palisades Park, N.J
Not budging
Not reporting as instructed, maybe
Number of bits in a byte
Oaklands Oracle, for example
Old English letter
Opposite of a strong boil?
Ordinary Joe
Pandoras release
Part of a road test track
Philatelists item
Playwright Sean who wrote Juno and the Paycock
Pub container
Raised some vegetables?
Rank things
Recurring role for Stallone
Resident of Riga
Responsibility lesson for a child
Runner Liddell depicted in Chariots of Fire
Second and fifth
Service with more than a billion users
Several Russian czars
Shrek, for one
Small undergarments?
Small, biting fly
So-called Island of the Gods
Some Poe works
Step on it
Sticks for breaking things
Storm harbinger, maybe
Strangely enough, theyre often even
Supermans birth name
Tepid approval
Trix alternative
Turns partner
Two make a Hamilton
V.I.P. at the Oscars
Voting affirmatively
Well-known Cuban export
What brings the rocket to the pad?
What Simon does
Whats human, they say
Wood often used for bow-making
Writer who said Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood
Zodiac feline
___ bulb
Clumsy ones remark
Crude floaters
Bring down, as a tree
Includes reverse
Left on a river?
Helm heading
Work it out? (Part 1)
Major mixup
Wishful dreamer
MacDonalds spread
Reducing program
Mutt relative
Far from disorderly
Quartet X 3
Enjoyed a banquet
Egyptian city
Received, at the doctors
Work it out? (Part 2)
Soloist X 3
Lustrous material
Soloist X 2
Lure into danger
Beach bird
Applique something
___ out (barely makes)
Not just want
Went over the books
Moral man?
Work it out? (Part 3)
Germanys von Bismarck
Paper purchases
Loosen, as a knot
Economic success
Relax after a jog
Sounds of delight
Muscats country
Bread type
Like a board
Jazzy piano piece
Chimpanzee or orang
Arboreally cornered
Kind of restrictive jacket
It can follow something
Salacious glare
Hawaiian adornment
Delicate variation
Hands on a ship
Some domestics
Indian social class
Drivers undoing?
Update, as a factory
Halloween option
What detectives follow
Event place
What some wealthy alums do
Condemn, old-style
Michael Collins land
Group of nine
Related by blood
Old demolition device
Time to consume haroset
Voice opposition
It eats up the road
Golden-rule word
Heavy horse cart
Trig ratio
Alero maker, once, briefly
Novel necessity
Lowe of TV and films
Bird in the outback
Lethal viper
Stars with attitudes
Cant stomach
Preschoolers basics
Remove all traces of
Maker of ProX skin care products
Brothers home, briefly
Electrical product sold in rolls
Used mass transit
Dollar bill, slangily
Julian of WikiLeaks
Book between Joel and Obadiah
Shrivel with age
Point a finger at
Greasers hair application
Lift, as morale
Clear wrap brand
___-mo replay
Sinatras Thats ___
Salvage ships gear
ESPN factoid
Any of the Rice Krispies mascots
Most of Iberia
Little Havanas city
Houdini specialty
Most October births
Commentator Van Susteren
Ho Chi Minh Trail nation
Audiophiles vinyl
Hires new actors for
Poet ___ Khayyam
Beat-up old car
Infantry spear of old
Iowa States home
Kagan of the Supreme Court
Former flames
Like the Nissan Cubes body
Like a bubble bath
Ertes style, for short
Resolve, with out
Use an e-cig
Hieroglyphics snakes
Purposely overlook, as a fault
Bookstore aisle for DIYers
Float like a butterfly boxer
Gone With the Wind setting
Mr. Potato Head pieces
Quaking in ones boots
Medal for heroism
Be a moocher
Jan who painted The Merry Family
Where 7-Down won Olympic gold in 1960
Ugly duckling, in time
Disneys Lady, e.g.
Having the right stuff
Rattlesnakes posture
Crumb-topped bakery treat
Find a purpose for
Algerian city with a casbah
Fold, spindle or mutilate
Ivory or Coast
Priest mentioned by Ogden Nash
Porters Miss ___ Regrets
Place for a mud wrap
Bro or sis
Emotional damage
Billiards flubs
Chain units
With Leopold, crime of the century committer
Fumble in the dark
New version of a song, perhaps
Dull as dishwater
Japans national sport
Clarence Darrows org.
Listing of ETAs and ETDs
Notes depicting Hamilton
Command after Sit!
It sells, its said
. . . against __ of troubles
Everything else choice
Exploding gag gift
Get lost!
Prehensile part
Sloppy sandwich stuff
Waterloo supergroup
Were headed for trouble
Actress Kendrick
African cobras
Annapolis inst
At an angle
Baroque music giant
Basic cable channel
Bass in range
Blessed event
Born: Fr
Brainstorming products
Brewery container
Brewery container
Brief moment
Bring forth
Bring up
Bring-and-__ (show-and-tell)
Brits raincoats
Brunch staple
Burgundy grape
Cape south of Kitty Hawk
Choose to serve
Clinton labor secretary
Coffeehouse serving
Cowpokes ride
Crams, say
Deck officer
Delves for
Destructive software
Dice throw
Doo-wop group
Elevator innovator
Empty threat
Entered as a mediator
Entry on a salary scale
Extra helping
Falls asleep, with out
Feeds the goats, perhaps
Feign feelings
Felonious facilitator
Frying medium
Game summary
Go by dogsled
Handy for snacking
HBO rival
HDTV brand
High hairstyle
Hole in the ground
Hounds following
Industrial operations
Indy Jones quest
Insurers concern
Interview post-mission
It means singular
Jazz great Fitzgerald
John Wayne Oscar role
Kindergarten cry for attention
Leading the league
Leave off
Lose energy
Lustrous look
Made inquiries
Maritime marauder
Misers cry
Move it
Nautical poles
Ni?±a companion
Nonstarting crew
Not quite oneself
Oboe, for one
Oklahoma city
One doing intros
Overwhelm with work
Partakes of
Pass?© movie players
Phrase seen before valentine
Place for pins
Polo participant
Property papers
Put up with
Rain in Spain
Raw vegetables, informally
Recital performances
Red Muppet
Released with a click
Represented or recommended
Reproachful sound
Roman forger
Rugged cliff
San __, CA
Sensing device
Served as
Seward Peninsula city
Sewn edge
Shepherds pie server
Some PD officers
Sonata section
Sports, as a sports jacket
Stiff and sore
Sturgeon delicacy
Subject for experimentation
System of standards
Tennis great Agassi
Third oldest American university
Those voting for
Tinker with
Transportation Dept. agency
Valvoline competitor
Vast disarray
Very lean one
Victimize, with on
Voice on some phones
Weightlifting move
Whats for dinner
Where some livestock lives
Wind down
Winter coaster
Writer Harte
WWII turning point
Zebra cousins
__ Holiness (Dalai Lama address)
__ Tyme (bygone, in brand names)
__-mo replay
Hindu sir
Engineers details
Shortening letters
Abba not known for singing
From the top, to Tiberius
Yes __ : 2008 campaign slogan
Boomers kid
Measly treat for Polly?
Marinade used in Spanish cooking
Lizard-like amphibian
Latin trio word
Breakers in semis
Work required to raise kids?
Decked out
Sextet in the Senate
Math useful for cooks
Advantage in kickboxing?
Fragrant compound
Ancient jewelry staples
Be an incredible speaker?
President Tafts birthplace
Not dressed for swimming, generally
Small 27-Acrosses
Snake oil hawker, say
Theyre heard in herds
2012 presidential candidate
The buying power of cash?
Like much folk music
Face or race
Mad king of the stage
One in a golfers bag
Certain winner
Some Vette roofs
Musical ending
Divided sea
Crowded-room atmosphere
Longtime name in catalogs
The Exorcist actor Max von __
Cub soda?
Former mid-sized Chevy
A creel of __, all ripples : Sylvia Plath
Fruit pastry
Reddened, perhaps
Polished pearls?
Barbecue brand
Popular type
Cleanup hitters stats
Milk choice
Nons opposite
Popular type
Bad snippets of Miss Muffets memory?
Topper for Rumpole of the Bailey
Thicket of trees
Persevered in
Traveler from 76-Down
Sign before Virgo
Treatment for some causes of backache
Puts to bed
More than just asks
Start of a magical chant
Canaanite idol
Certain singles bar frequenter, in theory
Spot charges
Showed bias
How many boxed sets are recorded
Blackjack table gratuity
Puts too much in the fishtank
On behalf of
Hindu title
Organ part
Coral reef, e.g.
Hailed wine?
Cool, colorful treat
Reign supreme
Land at Orly?
Dracula repellent
Key with three flats
Shells on Omaha Beach
Good, in Guadalupe
Painting and dancing
Preserves holder
Trojan War god
Mrs. on a spice rack
Germanys von Bismarck
Sucklings milk source
How many are chosen?
Ground grain
Muscle-bone connection
Belgian treaty city
4-point F, for one
Word with Ghost or Grail
First lady before Mamie
Tally-keeping cut
Wine label word
City NW of Marseille
Pelican St. acronym
Mayberry tippler
Little one
Marvin Gaye classic subtitled The Ecology
Gluten source
Texas Hold em declaration
Mustang sally?
Tokyo dough
Hurdle for Hannibal
More than I can list abbr.
Actress Hatcher
Unwraps excitedly
Political asset
Home to 114-Across
One-eyed Norse deity
Ready to eat
Lots (of), as cash
90s daytime talk show
Brief quarrel
Bring to life, in a way
From the past
Ones affected by bad weather, briefly
First word in Frances motto
Opposite of pass
One might elicit a nervous Nice dog
Taxi dispatcher
La Paz paisano
Single-minded about
Little snorts
Berkshire school
Socially awkward one
Sounds of disapproval
Jack, jill or joey
One of a pair on a rack
90s daytime talk show
A creel of __, all ripples: Sylvia Plath
More than I can list abbr
Taxi dispatcher
The Exorcist actor Max von __
Yes __: 2008 campaign slogan
2012 presidential candidate
4-point F, for one
Abba not known for singing
Actress Hatcher
Advantage in kickboxing?
Ancient jewelry staples
Bad snippets of Miss Muffets memory?
Barbecue brand
Be an incredible speaker?
Belgian treaty city
Berkshire school
Blackjack table gratuity
Boomers kid
Breakers in semis
Brief quarrel
Bring to life, in a way
Canaanite idol
Certain singles bar frequenter, in theory
Certain winner
City NW of Marseille
Cleanup hitters stats
Cool, colorful treat
Coral reef, e.g
Crowded-room atmosphere
Cub soda?
Decked out
Divided sea
Dracula repellent
Engineers details
Face or race
First lady before Mamie
First word in Frances motto
Former mid-sized Chevy
Fragrant compound
From the past
From the top, to Tiberius
Fruit pastry
Germanys von Bismarck
Gluten source
Good, in Guadalupe
Ground grain
Hailed wine?
Hindu sir
Hindu title
Home to 114-Across
How many are chosen?
How many boxed sets are recorded
Hurdle for Hannibal
Jack, jill or joey
Key with three flats
La Paz paisano
Land at Orly?
Latin trio word
Like much folk music
Little one
Little snorts
Lizard-like amphibian
Longtime name in catalogs
Lots (of), as cash
Mad king of the stage
Marinade used in Spanish cooking
Marvin Gaye classic subtitled The Ecology
Math useful for cooks
Mayberry tippler
Measly treat for Polly?
Milk choice
More than just asks
Mrs. on a spice rack
Muscle-bone connection
Musical ending
Mustang sally?
Nons opposite
Not dressed for swimming, generally
On behalf of
One in a golfers bag
One might elicit a nervous Nice dog
One of a pair on a rack
One-eyed Norse deity
Ones affected by bad weather, briefly
Opposite of pass
Organ part
Painting and dancing
Pelican St. acronym
Persevered in
Polished pearls?
Political asset
Popular type
Popular type
Preserves holder
President Tafts birthplace
Puts to bed
Puts too much in the fishtank
Ready to eat
Reddened, perhaps
Reign supreme
Sextet in the Senate
Shells on Omaha Beach
Shortening letters
Showed bias
Sign before Virgo
Single-minded about
Small 27-Acrosses
Snake oil hawker, say
Socially awkward one
Some Vette roofs
Sounds of disapproval
Spot charges
Start of a magical chant
Sucklings milk source
Tally-keeping cut
Texas Hold em declaration
The buying power of cash?
Theyre heard in herds
Thicket of trees
Tokyo dough
Topper for Rumpole of the Bailey
Traveler from 76-Down
Treatment for some causes of backache
Trojan War god
Unwraps excitedly
Wine label word
Word with Ghost or Grail
Work required to raise kids?
A power described by simple physicist
Partnership for one out of loyalty
All showers are relaxing here
Drop anchor in low river
Those involved in a domestic row
School maiden has to discharge gas
Country chaps anecdotes
A short tug, and snake gets rodent
Playing fragile old French organ
Is it overly sweet?
Almost completely stop
Sit back after cast angrily voice complaint
A plea for help to tackle leading cause of cancer
Pass light over empty stage
Hair growth over parting is bound to be longer
Funny English farm animals
Highly courteous when one goes for a project
Bookshop may sell this in all the best branches?
See power cut off
It supplies our occupying forces
Split open part of head
In which large sums of money are wasted?
Places for young railway workers on train
See red hair
Old lady wants it — a cold dish
Is mother initially proud of us?
In elevator with missing female
Cavalry soldier
Draw out
Royal Navy’s aviation service
Run through
Took back
Type of perverse wit
Unacceptable act
Not meant to be heard by the audience, in a way
Blend in
Maker of stringed instruments
Author Huffington
Nary a soul
In a group
Give a nonnative a smooch?
Causes of sudden fear
Env. alerter
Small drink
Make up for
Defeat Dorothys dog decisively?
Trip to an underworld river?
Singer Buddy
Stools, say
Actress Mendes
Certain Siouan
The Jerk actor M. — Walsh
Well well!
Use a pool
Specialty of Windy City bakeries?
Uses Dixie diction
Door turner
Expire, as a subscription
Ballpark fig.
New princess of 81
One who doesnt succumb to a potent toxin?
Clean energy org.
Bombard with e-junk
Zip- — -Doo-Dah
Hard wood
Glorious state of bliss?
Military units
Prefix with hazard
Obi-Wan Kenobi, e.g.
Desert haven mentioned in the first book of the Bible?
Guitars kin, for short
Actor Rob
Bits of matter
Car for a VIP
Mr., in India
Have a cow, with out
Ltr. insert
Ruler of the Sunflower State?
Menu fish
Audiotapes successors
Catos 1,052
Main female character
Stuff hauled by Beantown trash collectors?
Not ceasing
Homer work
St.- — (capital of Loire)
Mice and whales, e.g.
The Rose singer Midler
Hard wood
Wk. day
Hi- — (old LP players)
Noted berry farm founder
Turn a deaf — (ignore)
Musical artist DiFranco
Barking pets
Doctrine that reality is one organic whole
Gen —
Certain boxing punch
Not firmly implanted
Pre-liftoff term
Jenna Bush —
Kinda suffix
Ballpark fig.
Scale notes
Lay to rest
Skating leap
Ice cream flavor, briefly
Writer Philip
H.G. Wells race
Smart- — (cocky)
At an end
Fashion inits.
Synthpop artist, say
They may be candied
Unruly crowd
Social Security fig., e.g.
Delhi dress
Not only that
Vienna loc.
Crank (up)
— upswing
Meat stamp letters
Wk. day
The, in Paris
The Simpsons store clerk
Work at as a dilettante
Breathe hard
Leave out
Bullfight cry
Apt. units
Stew veggie
Eye covers
Bettors note
Tatty clothes
Strive (for)
U.N.s Kofi
Call placer
Actor Parsons
Corn cover
Stew veggie
Part of PIN
In — (as found)
Don of radio
Last years frosh
Part II films
Tightly strung
Squeak (out)
Cereal meal
Breaks up
Add to the batter, say
Charge at
School, in Nice
Writer Horatio
Calf catcher
ESPN datum
— and haw
Greek vowel
Dream-time acronym
Babys wear
Lyric tribute
Wanna- — (aspirants)
Santa — (hot wind)
Big health supplement chain, familiarly
I see mice!
“… the green-eyed monster which doth mock / The ____ it feeds on” (Othello)
1984 single by Shakatak
A Cistercian monk
A ferry from Newhaven will take you to this French port
A religious teacher, from a Greek word for a messenger
Actress who played Eleanor Harker in Kavanagh QC
Agency whose current director is Mike Pompeo
American artist born Emmanuel Radnitzky
An S-shaped sofa
Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Author of the novel Dragon’s Teeth, winner of a 1943 Pulitzer Prize
Author of the short story Boule de Suif (suet dumpling)
Band formed after the demise of Joy Division
Bite-sized part of a head of cauliflower or broccoli
Boat with a central hull and two outriggers
Cassio’s jealous lover in Othello
Chancellor of the Exchequer under Clement Attlee
Classical Greek word for oneness or unity
Dish of meat and vegetables cooked in water or stock
Egyptian god, posthumous father of Horus
Federico ____ won his first best foreign language film Oscar in 1956, for La Strada
Former rock band fronted by Ozzy Osbourne
Former team principal of McLaren Formula One
Frame on which a coffin or corpse is carried
Genus of African daisies
H is the upper case form of this letter in the Greek alphabet
Historical colloquialism for policemen
Home ground of Everton FC until 1892
Hook used for landing large fish
Hot sandy wind of Arabia
Iconic fighter aircraft of the First World War
In motor racing, the inside point of a corner on the racing line
Last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi in the American Civil War, besieged by forces led by Ulysses S Grant
Maintenance body scrapped and replaced in 2012
Narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird
Novel by Joseph Conrad about the sinking of a ship and subsequent events
Obsolete name for nitrogen
Of music, using two or more keys simultaneously
Official mascot of the 2011 Cricket World Cup
Parish of Reverend Geraldine Granger
Paul ____ shared the 1933 Nobel prize in physics with Erwin Schrödinger
Play featuring the baronet Sir Anthony Absolute
Popular name for the founder of district nursing in New Zealand
Powerful particle accelerator
Raised pavilion or similar structure, built to provide a view
Roald Dahl short story about the birth of Adolf Hitler
Senior officer in the Royal Navy
Shoe company whose Gazelle trainers were first sold in 1966
Smallest unit of sound which is significant in a language
South African president who succeeded Nelson Mandela
The supposed ability to communicate by thought
The ____, 1981 album by ABBA
Thomas Hardy novel subtitled A Rural Painting of the Dutch School
To deceive
Town on the northern side of Windsor Bridge
TV series starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson
Umtata was the capital of this Bantustan state in South Africa
Watery discharge from the nose or eyes
Where mentioned above (Latin)
____ honorable, an open admission of wrong
A historical romance gripping one, not for the old?
A novice disturbed us, making us blush?
Back sections held together by black rods in concrete
Company with SA boss on the up
Dirty old fool with something greasy
Draw in international enthralling some Nigerians endlessly
France has this old-style commotion making its cheese
Ghost of relation coming to Hamlet initially
Heavy drinker’s attire upsetting Ainslie?
Horsemen dashing to disaster, battle finally lost
I succeed in giving passengers a lift or I fail badly
Jock’s wept, big heart being lost
Keeping out of hospital, stifling cry of pain, giving assurance
Knife making one tremble, without hesitation
Labourers may get such scowls with bare bum
Large vessels allowing animals to drink litres
Like computer connection — it must be laid down!
Mark day for a match, check outside
Military defence in south European country with borders eroded
Minor hit group including one getting weird turned up in Ayr?
Mucky substances — fellow sure getting messy
Notice caller putting out appeal for one to give opinion
Old home with idle talk about “brothel”
Particle of impurity in bundle
Plant swathed in colour, a lilac
Primitive soul, maiden not seen as goddess
Race in street bring little sign of joy
Senior clergy mostly troubled about a thousand dealers in holy treasures
Silly person not right is held to be petty
Soldier traversing the French clay
Soldier with power by monarch to remain hanging round
Sort of treatise from East, dense, unfinishable
The picture is “too much” — if this?
The Yorkshire boy backslides — one with foster parents
US artiste’s exceptional vocal range
When near work has to be bending over
Alpine caller Leroy led astray
Alpine singer
Be first to endure explosion
Beginnings of twisted torso
Bird given incentive to bloom
Boggy area
Brooded evenly on eggs
Carnival vehicle
Central feature of a nasty eye
Clay moulder
Clay worker to wander idly
Club for dancing
Coarse woollen cloth
Cream cake
Crustacean counter – number on the rise
Daughter is company in the dance club
Entry hall
Expression of approval gets praise in orchestras area
Eye ailment
Fish spawn
Former road tax journalist praised
Go for a ride with a complete set
He observes speakers giving cheek to a university lecturer
Im finished with oil initially and thick paint
Ice-hockey disc
Lightly cooked, thats unusual
Made of iron
Made of iron, damaged for sure
Marshy land provides some defence
Money saved
Mouth-watching deaf person
Opening to golden dessert
Sea eagle follows Frenchman to lake
Sent all over the place to encourage savings
Small circle
Spot dance with Dorothy
Sprite gets knocked about during ice-hockey game
Stay up, love, in the apartment
Swiss lake
Thick paint treatment
Transporting dram with stirred gin
Try to influence politicians in the hallway
Type of bag and coat no good to the Spanish
Use boot movement to keep peacekeepers benevolent
Well liked
Well-liked tree round university
Volcanic island in the Caribbean whose highest point is La Soufriere
Liquorice-flavoured seed of the anise plant
First letter in the Hebrew alphabet
1954 sci-fi film starring James Whitmore and Edmund Gwenn
In music, a medium-sized cylindrical drum making up part of a kit
– Castle, Kent home of Anne Boleyn before her marriage to Henry VIII
– Islands, chain in the Pacific Ocean that includes Okinawa
Sandy -, Scottish golfer; 1902 winner of The Open Championship
Maureen -, actress who played Esmeralda in 1939 film drama The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1935 musical comedy film starring Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
2008 novel by Paul Auster
Largest island of Fiji
David -, leader of the Liberal Party from 1976-88
The -, 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film thriller starring Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren
South American republic; capital Quito
Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from 1702-14
2003 novel by David Nicholls
1950 film drama starring Irene Dunne and Alec Guinness
Standard monetary unit of Romania
See 6
Franz Kafka novel published posthumously in 1925
1853 novel by Charles Kingsley
Okkert -, 2002 Commonwealth mens pole vault gold medallist
William de Wiveleslie -, scientist after whom surveying instrument the topographic – level is named
City and railway junction in Romania that has belonged to Turkey, Austria and Hungary
Small change or adjustment
Acrobats bar
Killer whale
Maintain a firm grasp
Broom of twigs
With reference to
Pistol case
Take foolhardy risks
Ahead of the times
Specially reduced price
Threaded fastener
World of celebrities
Ceremonial splendour
Wedge-shaped tenon
Length of metal links
First Greek letter
Matted fabric
gardening conveyance
where animals roll in mud
Iron Curtain pact
separate out
ones take on things
Take into custody
Type of element
Stringed instrument
On a single occasion
Hire charge
Group of insects
Seldom seen
Sharp pain
Magic formula
Solid fuel
Time to jump
Phase pets out
Promise a victory to old wife
Stop and apprehend
Ceremony sounds correct
Still in the venture
Language in another verse
Talk of argon, say
Scared to include transport
Flutes surround another instrument
Honest old writer
Formerly in concert
Harm barrier, with time
Pleased with simplicity
Arrange by type
Learnt about regular payment
Some insects are small and affectionate
Unusual not to be well done
Entrances to different stage
Tender rose arrangement
Sibling, say, back in pain
Reporters insist
Invested with underwear
Part of the play?
Retailer sounds more disgusting
Angry sign
Beneath foreign articles
Arrange letters for a while
Answer found in favourite fuel
Desire wife to join worker
Pyramid, e.g.
Butter sub
Leaf part
Sword fight
Piano composition
Brave sandwich?
Piano type
Epic poetry
Roofing material
TVs Loughlin
Military wing
Workbook chapter
Extinct bird
Crabs appendage
Sad look
Make a veil
Dill, formerly
Certain fly
Blunted rapier
Take a bead
Dash or derby
Stars note
Measure of time
Lowest point
Voice range
Civil War general
Tone down
Grounded bird
Sesame paste
Director Peter ____
Pub order
Blooming bush
Give a lecture
Black bird
Pretend to be
Had popcorn
Part of rpm
Sale caveat
Type of rug
Opinion sampling
Mideast holy man
Old instrument
Pointy tool
Gidget star
Linguini, e.g.
Picasso, e.g.
Central idea
__ thee, witch! (Shakespeare)
Stop the flow of
Miniscule amount
Religious structure in Eat, Pray, Love
Tribute in verse
Mona ____
Epsom ____
Guitarist ____ Clapton
Barton or Bow
Get rid of
Break bread
Washed away
Printing ____
Cartoonist Disney
Steeped brew
Fri. follower
Octopus arm
Two of a kind
____ Witherspoon of Sweet Home Alabama
Office acronym
Make lace
Irritating ones
Bunnys jump
Go back and forth
Yule visitor
Not shallow
Milky gem
Laker Shaquille ____
June honorees
Ringing device
Wool producers
Back tooth
Valuable stone
Comedian Jay ____
Persia, now
Building area
Fighter pilot
Bright red
Parcel out
Put down
Fir or poplar
Beach feature
Map feature
Beatle Ringo ____
Hairspray type
Sharply sloped
____ vera
Take care of
Roof projection
Count calories
Distinct times
____ status (single or not)
Coat part
Spaghetti, e.g.
Actor ____ Penn
Out of port
Short swims
Tennis shot
Praising Our Lady at Barking
Not the time before Christ in traditional saying
Artist Coleridge upset after losing identity
Stop doctor boarding E-boat
Letter from Eliot answered
Still one creates another name for such a snowman
Transport moved along accepting fare
Tees backing interference over article he saves
Payment about to arrive with enclosures inside
Member returned flanked by two warriors?
Posh little piano with note added shows rising curve
Cooked in oven with wine marinade?
For this reason chicken vacated cage
Singular boast about keeping pest controller
Dormant man on board wants aid to peaceful retirement
Element in languages discerned by cardinal
Stoop thats pronounced in Hamlet?
Country agents to seize wandering Bloom
Lecture-hall chimney lined by unknown engineer
Doctor consulted surgeon about individual
Capital retrospective series in November Gazette
Where old nations reassembled to act without reserve
Measure of resistance encountered in amending Homer
Endlessly go without nice surprise? Thats abuse!
Green wall up protecting revolutionary army
Card game gamblers found here
Reveal rivers swelling another?
President after James B murdered second son!
Reverse the effects of
Form of pollution
French bean stew
The Earl of Wessex
Syrian capital
See note
Spanish wine
Food fish
Cake decoration
Eye shield
Roofing material
Like better
Ballroom dance
Clayey soil
Glass and Levin
Facts, for short
Prefix with hertz
Leigh film role
Yours, in Tours
________ Python
Financial swamp?
Broadways Bernadette
Black Sea port
Org. of piece keepers
New Rochelle college
Countrys Ritter
Hoary swamp?
Cries of discovery
Menu phrase
Personal swamps?
Back again
Fascinated by
Bolt securer
Sister of Venus
Mythical swamps?
Its sent with a click
Fight site
Caens river
Joust weapon
Fashion designer Saab
Eschew the fat
Dentists directive
Went platinum?
Veers from a course
Actor Neeson
Ready to be drawn
Prior to, to Prior
Quality of fresh cake
Nautical hazards
Like bock beer
Munros pen name
In the future
Decided on
Fled or bled
Emersons jealous mistress
Long lunch
________ Lisa
Letter flourish
X and Y
Digs in the snow
Algerian city
So ________!
Tapered tuck
… ________ comin thro the rye
Does in
Closing numbers
Son of Judah
Grist for DeMille
Corbins L.A. Law role
Andrea ________, ill-fated ship
Veep after Humphrey
Scott in a noted court case
Wimbledon units
Polar pixie
Evil, to Yves
Year abroad
Keep up; hold for a long time
Declare: condition
— – — mouse, a South 3 species, one named after Darwin
Frequently, in verse
Work of art that imitates the style of other works
Disconcert, worry
Arid region of 16, mainly; home to varieties of 8
Chief: crafty
Loo filth? (anag)
Arabian Nights hero
Liveliness: cartoon
Venue for boxing, circus and other action events
In abundance
Alternative name for the county of Shropshire
Second city of Wales
Generic term for one from the New World
3, 5 Across [1]
Soap bubbles; scum
Food fragrance
Beseech, implore
Spherical mould of minced or chopped beef, pork or lamb
3, 5 Across [2]
Omission (from a book, etc)
3, 5 Across [3]
Tall and scrawny
See 20 Across
Light throw
Show patience
Connecting word for travelers
Lip-balm additive
Foot feature
Shot puts path
Teller of untruths
Zig or zag
Break a Commandment
Pass on, as info
Past portly
Society rookie
Nightstand jug
College dorm VIPs
Trunk in the woods
Donations for the destitute
For each
Use an old phone
Rhinoplasty target
Like fine cheese
One way to cook an egg
Depend (on)
Put into service
(k) Woolly beast
Corded fabric
Acorn dropper
Part in a movie
Move on runners
Cherry, for one
Frosted flakes?
Low card in a royal flush
Be a good listener
Get slushy
(k) Anti-chafing powder
Unknown folks
Start a tennis match
Like permed hair
(k) What ___ you doing?
Glass tinklers
Painful pang
Holder for arrangements
Bearded bloomer
High school skin problem
(k) Kind of tide
Country singer Paisley
Poem of mourning
If I ___ you …
Sought office
In the past
Fiery gem
Drowning persons need
Crafty, like a fox
Sanitizers target
(k) Performing pair
You and I are on it
Uncontrollable twitch
(k) Opposite of found
Wet Michigan?
Jury member
Fan club favorite
Lizardlike creature
(k) Valuable find in a mine
Grassy expanse
Throat-clearing sound
Band with the #1 hit Dancing Queen
Pop singer Grande, for short
Childs first word, often
The ___ Housewives of Dallas
OPEN 9 ____ 5
Winner of Album, Record, and Song of the Year at the 2018 Grammys: 2 wds.
___ Trip
Dance that involves shimmying under a horizontal pole
Actress who prefers to keep her ongoing romance with Jamie Foxx under the radar: 2 wds.
In the thick of
Jeers from the audience
___ Maria
Belt ____
Dog breed that might be chocolate or black, for short
To ___ With Love
American alpine skier whos currently competing in her fourth Olympics: 2 wds.
Have a sample of
Candle in the Wind singer who said of his upcoming farewell tour, Its a way of going out with a ban: 2 wds.
Mind readers claimed ability: Abbr.
Participant in the Hunger Games, generally
Garden in the Book of Genesis
Brazils second-largest city, for short
Brave singer Bareilles
Where you might buy half a pound of salami
Instrument with alto and tenor varieties, for short
Pet that might eat Fancy Feast or Friskies
Japanese art of paper folding
Fighting force composed of civilians
Walk at a slow, easy pace
Unduly severe
Large bird that cant fly
Blue ___ Group
Generals command them
Wooden rafters
Sharp part of a fishhook
As well
Coco voice actor Edward James ____
Get ____ of
Kit ____
Slender, black woodwind instruments
Chop off, as with an axe
Tablecloth material
Not what youd expect
Opportunistic thieves during a riot
Jason Bournes affliction in The Bourne Identity
____ & Jerrys
Actress Ryder of Stranger Things
Motor homes: Abbr.
Two-___ bottle
Lucys pal on I Love Lucy
Single-named New Age musician from Greece
Stage backdrops
Heartfelt request
Mr. Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies
___ on a Grecian Urn
Chicken ___
Messages via modem
Stand __
Stirring tale
Electric battery inventor
__ for All Seasons
Composer Khachaturian
Homers son
Singer Perry
India/Pakistan border region
Italians word of approval
Six Million Dollar Man, e.g.
Daphniss love
Long in politics
Singing voice
East ender?
Liquor location
Cubas Castro
Camp beds
Troglodytes home
Woodys wife
Moon landscape features
Have a flair for
Market amount
Burger bread
Its capital is Oranjestad
Stood up
Un bel di , for one
Eye makeup
Like peas in __
Tragic king
Is first
An arm and __
Birth announcement
Second of two
Singer Sumac
One of the Gospels
Saxony in Germany
Street urchin
Lucianos love
Enigma Variations composer
Head wrap
Cuisine creator
Cosmonaut Gagarin
Great multitude
A head of Time
Famous Abba
Dark blue
Three in Hamburg
Strident noise
Colchesters county
Gave off
Expressed in words
Available when summoned
Ghanas capital
Scout unit
Italian epic poet
Actor Romero
Roman counterpart of Selene
Not up
Actress Peeples
Traveller to a shrine
Chirping insect
Seller of cloth
Behave badly
Openly disobedient
Former sweetheart
Meat from a calf
Draw near
Large fruit
Root vegetable
Arduous journey
Worn away
Part of the eye
Luminous ring
Insulating material thrown at bosses
Leaders of Middle East territory came together
Provide only a novel
Guys taking in the Spanish dupes
Joy may be Turkish?
Small room leader of orchestra needed for instrument
Quote yours truly about medicine making you sick
Flower prepared to live
Sporting venue taking an age to go round
Line produced by cartographers primarily, going from place to place
Gangsters appear if I am so upset
Discover king and queen finally
Flow as some water underground
Intellectuals, for example, with good leaders
Heavenly shade
One alters with age
Old duke in gallery until now
Choice that was natural for Darwin
Fashion line for mannequin
Male driver sees to rotten turn?
Tool for hard labour damaged hedge in prison
Goalie not prepared to act independently
Fierce killer possibly paroled
Temporary work in the theatre
Small and delicate damsel finally taking part
Rest claimed regularly

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