Crosswords Answers 2018-2-18

D.C. Cab co-star
Hasta la vista
Mudbound director Rees
The King ___
The Oblong Box writer
___ go bragh!
___ your head!
24 heures ago
A bushelful
Actress Rowlands
Added numbers
Annual CBS awards broadcast, with the
Apt rhyme for grr
Arizona tribe
Authority on diamonds?
Basics of education, briefly
Big brand of grills
Bit of baloney
Board hiree, for short
Break, as a habit
Buenos ___
Burn a little
Business magazine
Census datum
Central command spots, for short
City in Los Angeles County
City on the Erie Canal
Coarse, as language
Connect, as picture with sound
Cousins of jaguarundis
Dark beer
Dole (out)
Dress code requirement for the Puritans?
Electrical connection?
Elvis ___ Presley
End of story?
Engaged in arson
European capital named after a saint
European eruption site
Everybodys opposite
Feys co-star in Baby Mama and Sisters
Follower of hi or lo
Frances ___ No?«l
French vineyard
Gin, lime and soda combo
Glaswegians, e.g
Go over ones wardrobe?
Green of the L.P.G.A
Gunpowder holder
Hoped-for conclusion by someone with sore knees?
Hula accompaniment, for short
Infamous Chicago bootlegger
Is able to translate what was heard on the wall?
Is expecting
It goes after go
Khayy?¡m and others
Lackadaisical sorts
Leave in the dust
Left only the exterior of
Like fried food vis-? -vis grilled food, typically
Like high-quality olive oil
Lion queen in The Lion King
Make a really long-distance call?
Make faces in front of a camera
Many mowers
Matadors foe
Mattress testers compensation?
Mediterranean resort island
Mine, in Milano posting
More in order
Neighbor of New York
New York Titans and Dallas Texans, in 60s sports
Nighttime event in the western sky
Not stay the course?
Number of is in Sicilia
Opposite of ennemies
Overdue amount
Part of Potus: Abbr
Peak in Suisse
Pesticide ingredient
Plains tribe
Playoff matchup
Polish dumpling
Prayer books
Prefix with dermis
QBs feat
Ranis raiment
Request for aid
River through Russia and Kazakhstan
Rufous ruminant
Schuberts Eine Kleine Trauermusik, e.g
Scotlands longest river
Search engine failure?
S?©nat affirmative
Senate affirmative
Simple variant of baseball
Slips into at a store, say
Software package
Sp. miss
Still a contender
Suggestion of what to do, slangily
Super superstar
Supercilious sort … or the title for this puzzle
Swimmers with flippers
Tactic in a war of attrition
Test prep aid
Things that are bought and soled
Things that might be grabbed by someone in an argument
Three-dimensional fig
Titanics undoing
Two, in Toulouse
Way out
Wear down
Welcome at the front door
Went wild
What may follow a school period?
What mos. and mos. add up to
Witchs home
With 103-Across, simple furniture style
With 108-Across, not talking loudly on a cell, e.g
With 29-Across, surprise in the mail
With 30-Across, is blunt
With 55-Across, big sleepover
With 77-Across, red, blue and yellow
Word after big or oil
Years ago
___ aisle, part of a church
Please a photographer
Powerful industrialist
Do knotty things?
Part of a cats terror training?
Avis products
Corsican hero
Who to win one for
Powerful drug
Pass up (var.)
Executive benefits
Common illnesses
Like a fire
Inexpensive cleaners
Some college attendees
One of Columbus trio
… without further ___ …
Wishy go-with
Zodiac ingredients
Continue dredging
It has good scents
Paint type
Engineering topic
Prayer provider
Steakhouse option
Prayer leader, briefly
Gees a horse?
Keats work
Music lesson piece
Follow logically
… hide ___ hair
Be magnetic?
Campus VIPs
Moo ___ shrimp
Top ranking
Linking word
Aids for swellings
Gets off track?
More than borrowed
Skirt over the knee
Who am ___ say?
Stores on a farm
Overhead traffic director?
Add pep to (with up)
What many days turn into
Animal Farm critter
Dried coconut meat
Mountain nymph
Moving van operator?
Like way-old bread
Alpine wind
Sines reciprocal
Type of tube
Forming a head
Stuff in cigarettes
Bookies problem child
Stabbed cavalry-style
Sight seer?
Sing alone
Cooks cover
Formula of belief
Star in Orion
Slowly vanish
Enjoy a repast
Government procurement org.
Attila, for one
Some NFL linemen
Port of Iraq
Wyatt of the Wild West
Boot camp fare
Bridal paths terminus
Place for a playhouse
Vocal quartet member, perhaps
Sing Auld Lang Syne, say
Search, as for oil resources
Overly sweet stuff
Carney of The Honeymooners
Butlers invitation
Rough-edged, like broken glass
On the ___ (away)
Cookies in dirt cake
Chaplin of Game of Thrones
Woodstock stage lineup
Receive numerous reports on
___ a soul (nobody)
A shirt tag may irritate it
Barton of the Red Cross
Surrealist Magritte
Walk unsteadily
Ecosystems flora and fauna
Liotta of GoodFellas
Strong-smelling cleanser
Creatures in Halloween decorations
Well, look whos here!
Beer bash array
Chaucer work
Those with status
Part of a ladderback chair
Pinball paths
Caught a bug
Ballpark theft
The A in A-Rod
Zumba movement
Stair-climbers aid
River under the Ponte Vecchio
Old-time anaesthetic
You ___ here
___-a-cop (security guard)
Jury member, in theory
Yucatan native
Campaign ad word
Like old beer or jokes
More ticked off
Like folk music, informally
Herbicide target
Actor on tour
Astronaut%2FSenator Glenn
Polygon measure
Sports bag contents
Like many war or horror movies
Sigmoid shape
___ bitten, . . .
Massage recipients utterance
Arabian Peninsula sultanate
___ was I ere . . .
Zoo barrier
Keypad symbol
Value of a 41-Down, sometimes
Handy card in blackjack
File crosser, on a chessboard
Pound an IBM Selectric
Soaks up the sun
Egg on
Greek alphabet ender
Chipped beef go-with
Grate accumulation
Minuscule amount
Worship from ___
Germ of an invention
Knish purveyor
Word that can follow the first parts of 17-, 39- and 62-Across and no
Baptism or bar mitzvah
Flexible Flyer, e.g.
Special treatment, briefly
. . . sugarplums danced in __ heads
101 Dalmatians villain
Amadeus villain
America the Beautiful pronoun
Button it
Cake Boss airer
Good heavens!
Meet the Press host
Messenger molecule
Science Friday producer
Thats what YOU think!
__ for Evidence (Grafton novel)
Adjusts, as cuffs
Aloha Stadium locale
Analyzed minutely
Antioxidant berry
Anytime cash sources
Ark passenger
Back muscle, for short
Become harvestable
Big Apples Arthur __ Stadium
Big shot seen in annual reports
Bollywood costume
Bourbon bottle
Brief plane trip
Certain seafood establishment
Cinematic effects, for short
Cleveland: The only one who __
Clunky car
Committee head
Comparatively snug
Coolidge: The only one __
Damp at dawn
Decline to publicize
Director DuVernay
Drop off for a while
Elbow roughly
Energetic Dublin dance
Exclamation of elation
FDR: The only one with __
Firm, as fusilli
Forest forager
Fr. holy woman
Frat letter
French octet
Ft. Myers locale
Garfield: The only one who could __
Gear parts
Gets into
Graduate degs
Grammy category
Gross fraction
Half an activities twosome
Hardwood tree
Have a go at
Hearing things
Hotel room amenities
Huge-screen TV suffix
Iberian river
In a face-down manner
In vogue
Israeli novelist
Its south of Brigham City
JFK: The only one to __
Justice Sotomayor
Kemper whos Kimmy Schmidt
Knight clothes
Large tank
Lent support to
Little scamp
Lounging area
Major work
Media mogul from Mississippi
Mexican progenitor
Morning workout for many
Nine-symbol message
Novelist Rendell
Of eyesight
One in a clique
One-stripe GI
Oscar actress Witherspoon
Ostrich relative
Oversight, say
Pardners mount
Part of DIY
Part of ICBM
Person from Athens
Poetic homage
Pointers pronoun
Pokes fun at
Port authority
Prado VIP
Pragmatic person
Prefix like mal-
Prophetic sign
Questionable cash cache
Ranch structures
Returnees declaration
Rhineland refusal
Rope fiber
Run in
Safflower product
Set ones sights
Shakespearean title Roman
Short-term govt. security
Should that happen
Show surprise, perhaps
Sign up for more
Sleep disturbers
Slow tempo
Small band
Sneaky sorts
Solid ground
Some hours ago
Stamps out
Star Wars series mentor
Stops the flow of
Substantive content
Surrounded by
Suze of personal finance
Table salt, symbolically
The Badger St
Things with springs
Tic Tac alternatives
Tied up at a pier
Tire edge
Tops in calories
Triangular turnover of India
Try another shade on
Twinkly at night
University of Alaska campus
Urban rd
Valhalla VIP
Venerable fraternal grp
Window frame
Young fellow
Young__ (kids)
__ Paulo, Brazil
Truckers competition
Finish behind
Adenauer sobriquet meaning the old man
Turns inside out
Dressing choice
Kiddie lit hero created by Hans and Margret Rey (#18)
Sways on a curve
Space cadet?
Suspense novelist Tami
Fields of comedy
70s-80s batting instructor Charlie
It usually begins How many (whatever) does it take … (#36)
Mi casa __ casa
Bk. after Proverbs
Winnebago descendants
Winter wear
Dining __
__ to eat and run …
Gain a lap
Film based on the novel Shoeless Joe (#32)
__ Gimignano: walled Tuscany town
Its __ wind …
KOA visitor
Menu option
Website page
Rhythm rattler
Longtime rock n roll disc jockey Dan
Its suddenly clear
Whats hidden in answers with an apt # in their clues
1991 Steve Martin film set in Calif.
Front line?
Spiced up
Big ones are found on Wall Street
Altar agreements
Austrian expressionist Schiele
Former 60 Minutes debater __ Alexander
Judge of hoops
Arizona tourist attraction (#34)
Dorm room, perhaps
Cartoon strip
Small team
Put a stop to
Mtge.-offering business
Mosque leader
Wine characteristic
Athletic retiree? (#37)
Mr. Clean competitor
M*A*S*H extra
Knight clubs
River to the Rhein
__ woods these are I think I know : Frost
Letting it all hang out, theatrically
Religious high point? (#33)
What love and hate share?
Its My Party singer Gore
Shakespearean attendant
Hybrid with thorns
Main squeeze
Fix, as a rattan chair
Small eggs
Cliff dwellings
Ran out, as a supply
Preppy jackets
The Beavers of the Pac-12
Macys red star, e.g.
Low tie
Japanese chess
Hammer site
Star Trek spin-off, briefly
One-named folk singer
Mirabile __: wonderful to say
Amazon business
Cheesy Welsh dishes
Brown __
Stay under the radar
Yankees pitcher Masahiro
Happens as a result
Stunning surprise
Conan of Conan
Garr of Tootsie
Tennis great Steffi
Group in a drive
Veep between Dick and Mike
Friend of Hobbes
Gp. created by a 1955 merger
Welsh herding dogs
Invited to ones place
Israeli author who wrote A Tale of Love and Darkness
Array of chocolates, say
Loses interest in
X-ray examiner, perhaps
Odds and ends
Many Beethoven pieces
One sec
Long Island paper
Has legs
Pulitzer journalist Seymour
Rocky role
90s Indian prime minister
Planetary reflected-light ratio
Singer Gorme
Pitcher Jesse with a record 1,252 regular-season appearances
Surfing indoors, say
Pine forest floor covering
Trigger was one
Dutch export
Oversimplify, with down
Funny Martha
Common attached file
Diner come-on
Most confident
Breakdown of social norms
Inventor Tesla
Physical strength
Prepares (oneself) for impact
Like supermarkets and stadiums
Cold and wet, maybe
Goes on a tirade
Bobby in a 1971 #1 hit
Country rocker Steve
Exercise beads?
Matthew of The Americans
Thrice, in Rxs
Bad spell
2017 Pac-12 champs
Sharp products
Bishops on vacation drinking like fish
Finish cool pint with me after work
Capital of Tobago undergoing rebuilding
Blood group screened by staff on call for bypass
Sandwich filler finished butter and last of piccalilli
Honourable church organists first US number one
Openly gay footballer hosting society ball
No power to free oneself of guilt or desire?
One seen in brass bath with naked man?
I acted a lot differently in wedding dress
Mozart? He was a hit with the ladies!
Do this if Im shocked about boyfriend?
Upset stomach I had after slice of lamb cut off the leg?
Nurse and model making first time last for hours
Writer puts up tenor inside those top-flight lodgings
Heads of state ignorant to extremist plot
Song and dance act led by original member of Abba
Display of tennis?
Bread and tea with dad and relations round
Harried men in Kings Cross expecting trouble?
Left a Parisian and dear French chap eating at oneish?
Cat with natural bent to avoid conservative (creepy sort)
Chopper maintenance
A cold flat that you must inhabit? It gives one the needle
At first I worried about heading to laughably old elevator!
Fuss over service area that might raise the roof
Places test-match players may try to get in rucks
When ones to follow central plots in Band of Brothers?
Worry coppers round to take off bachelor
Sign up
Off guard
Paid magistrate
Form of paramnesia
____, first, second
Royal staff
Type of bacon
Raining lightly
Clerical gown
Mrs., in Munich
Spa offering
Tartan wearer
Second afterthought in a letter, for short
Work for
Barbers tool
Made cloth
Arena cry
Ghost of a bricklayer?
A bit more than zero
Kitchen range brand
— never fly
Torontos prov.
Fall bloomer
Passport stamp
Put herbs and spices on a James Bond actor?
Greek vowels
Mr., in Mysore
Deicing stuff
Stable baby
JFKs veep
Suffix with final or novel
Comfort given by the last Stuart monarch?
Sponge (up)
Yeats — and the Swan
Tyne of TV
108-card party game
Gray shade
609-homer Sammy
Lovers deity
Person hugging, say
Has an affinity for people who are calming influences?
Food, archaically
— it a pity?
Norma — (1979 film)
Pencil wood
Lilt syllable
Backpack fill
Fine spray
Naval acad. grad
More rational hunch?
Decide on, with for
See 64-Down
Henchman helping Hook
Blogger Klein
Certain hosp. test
Most meager
Hasty, sloppy application of talc?
Arduous walk
Taunting remarks
Eternally, to bards
Post-op areas, often
Qdoba dip
Year, to Pedro
Stupefying someone with liquor away from a horse-racing venue?
Sea, to Pierre
Entered furtively
Ohio or New York county
Zine team
Modern Seize the day!, for short
Gives a nod
Performs like Kanye West
Cheese that crumbles
Chicago mayor — Emanuel
Like surprise guests
Siesta Key channel
Shapiro of radio
Yes, yes!, to Pedro
24: Legacy actor Jimmy
Actress Sarah Michelle —
Poetic prior to
Football player Lynn
Sams Club alternative
— -lacto-vegetarian
For the time being
Chain of bakery-cafés
Singer Crow
Finger part
Bovine noise
Sulky mood
Den fixture
After a while
Grain tower
Sheriff Taylors kid
Atty.s name follower
He co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates
Sominex and Nytol, e.g.
Light shoe
Pink wine
Mo. #1
Suez Crisis figure
Serum injector
Winter drink
Really big
Collect-call connectors
In itself
Dojo mat
Gray shade
With 95-Across, wide keyboard key
Fess (up to)
Brief quarrel
River romper
Singer Sumac
Forest vine
Does some harping?
Polish, e.g.
Stubborn equine
Rink athlete
Move slightly
Mo. #9
Bosc, e.g.
Rebellion figure Turner
Seine feeder
Study of poetic rhythm
Minecraft, e.g.
Shady spots
Impressive sight
Some lizards
— -Canada (oil biggie)
Bruins great Bobby
Russian money
Not masked
Turkish money
Cut, as hair
Many years
Egg — yung
Simile center
Grab a chair
Put- — (deceptions)
Tenor, surprisingly raucous you heard only once
Christmas book returned as discredited
Trouble about one lecturer concerning death reports
Imbecile in a passageway reported
Numerous bands sign on tenor, not lasting long historically
Practised around Mediterranean island
See beard not good for close-fitting garment
Tailor makes Eastern loose shirt
Troublesome women hide in town
Being out of form, short game on course is disconcerting
Not entirely excellent lady?
Cunning Charles, longing to get back
Title used in Japan but not over in South Pacific state
Roman empress and old master on lake
Swiss bread organised in French canton, primarily
Hello bachelor in way-out display
Unknown supporter first to quit Australian Labour
Cane or second WI food competition sample?
One caught in underwear amusing people
Almost over and over from the word go
Silent types avoiding motorway vehicles
Once outstanding newspaper plant
Illicit money used to get antelopes from India
Secure gold carriage
Game clothing you sent up for cleaning
Worn-out runner making friendly address
Certain upset in mid-winter very bad
Frances very outdated on rule for intruder
One account supporting Arabic in verse about proverb
Beloved song taken up following straight guy
East German fellow has year to stop development
Woollen coat to take to the cleaners
Maori staff nurse joins hospital, cheers all round
Spin is greatly embroidered line put out
Wise picker of bonds
Light aircraft turned up around lake
Informally, the first US president to win the Nobel peace prize
Lytton ____ wrote Eminent Victorians, which revolutionised biographical writing
The second electronic digital stored-program computer, first used at the University of Cambridge in 1949
Woven fabric with a pattern of diagonal ridges
Gut feelings may also be located ____
Lowest possible rating in many online reviews
Emily Brontë character played in films by Laurence Olivier, Timothy Dalton and Ralph Fiennes
____ is not the art of scholars, but illiterates (Werner Herzog)
Urban railway system in Germany
Of a business, no longer operating
Ancient Roman military unit with about 500 soldiers
One recipe for ____ uses mayonnaise, chopped pickles, ketchup, lemon juice and minced garlic
Avoid going to bed
English syllable, maybe repeated, equivalent to grunz in German, boo in Japanese, and nöff in Swedish
Type of missile used to destroy other missiles
Austrian abbot whose work started modern genetics
A deadly sin
Permission to be absent from a school or college
Old Testament book of poems grieving for the destruction of Jerusalem by a Babylonian army
As something to be on, an opposite to wagon
The 1942-3 battle of ____ is possibly the bloodiest in history
A long-legged wading bird
Adjustable diaphragm used in most modern cameras
As sold in the UK, this Italian sausage comes from Bologna
Sydney is its largest city
1976 musical gangster comedy movie with a cast of children
A kitchen mill or grater, both with three choices for the rotating component
At sea, stop!
One of the ines herbes in French cuisine
Winston Churchills birthplace
The last major British TV drama series made in black and white, first shown in 1967
Alfredo ____ scored for Real Madrid in five European Cup victories
The ____ Channel is between Mexico and Cuba
River in Devon, with a small population of beavers
Group of museums informally called Americas attic
A poem with six verses, all ending with the first or last line of the first verse
The police of this port dismisseth us in a tongue-twister
Character who does not eat Sophie in a Roald Dahl book
Former centre of Catharism in Frances Tarn department
French mathematician, whose topological Conjecture was proved in 2003
____ and the Range of Light is a book of Ansel Adams photos
International ecological non-governmental organisation, whose logo is a panda
Someone who makes tight-fitting undergarments
Behaviour matching that of most other people
In Australia, genuine or true
Britains highest chalk sea cliff
As at least some people think
Thomas Love Peacock novel, similar to his previous Headlong Hall
The first talkie feature film, starring Al Jolson
Backward movement of a fired gun
2009 film starring Colin Firth, based on a Christopher Isherwood novel about a gay academic
Former name for the western part of New Guinea, annexed by Indonesia in 1962
A ____ is the last entire pet called Eric in Monty Pythons Fish Licence sketch
Czech composer of The Bartered Bride
The apple of love in some European languages
In marketing, ____ time is the period during which a customer waits in a queue
Widespread hatred, often incurred as a result of ones actions
A constellation named after an ancient Greek musical instrument
A brace
Any individual
Before time, holding keys with much enthusiasm
Boy hasnt finished small fruit
Boy on vessel gains money prize
Cannot keep holy man inside – its not safe
Catching knotted rope
Co Antrim characters turn out to be amorous
Cocktail fruit
Coin side
Crowds at stores, we hear
Draws back
Early anaesthetic
Flippers call to those in charge
Fondly remembering
Goal difficult if containing runs scored slowly
In France I hesitate to show contempt by derision
Intense hatred
Lean to see hotel in a shade of blue
Mean not to be in river
Mix up unwanted household goods
Numbers put back in showtime
Of love
Old monument to queen in decline should be returned
Pharaohs tomb
Prison room
Prisoners room to exchange for money, we hear
Put forward by not including hit
Requiring massaging, its said
River soft but not shallow
Sign of Disney fish returning
Slow movement in music
Somewhat lonely figure
Spectre appears softly before a month is out
State of the musical
Strong dislike of piano off stage
Takes back what one said about pamphlets
Three flying around upper air
Top prize
Tulsas state
Unhappily coasting round lake, homesick
Universal pointless kind of strip
Dramatist who authored 1909 stage play Liliom
Frankie -, WBA Light Welterweight champion from 1994-96
1958 musical comedy starring Danny Kaye and Pier Angeli
Sword similar to the foil but with a larger guard
Species of clover-like fern native to Australia also known as ngardu from which bush bread is made
Kenneth -, Chairman of the Conservative Party from 1989-90
See 9
Ballet step in which a dancer springs from one leg and lands on the other
Scottish former snooker player; 2002 LG Cup tournament winner
Djimon -, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for In America
River rising in New South Wales, Australia, upon which Wagga Wagga stands
1987 drama starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep
Sam -, 1942 PGA Championship winner
See 19 Across
City in North Holland, Netherlands, noted for its cheese production and market
Cold sea mist or fog off the North Sea
1934 book by Rex Stout; first Nero Wolfe detective novel
Side in a right-angled triangle opposite the right angle
Red fruit of the hawthorn
The -, 1995 film thriller starring Sandra Bullock and Jeremy Northam
Method of training a horse to perform manoeuvres in response to the body signals of its rider
1967 horror film starring Joan Crawford, Ty Hardin and Diana Dors
Irish dish of mashed potatoes, spring onions, milk and butter
Mediterranean plant with white or pink flowers whose aromatic seeds are used as a condiment and a flavouring
Stanley -, FIFA president from 1961-74
Having keen vision
Turn turtle
Small change
Star sign
Snout beetle
Curly lock of hair
Type of spread
Book division
Fronded plant
Renewed ability to continue
Maker of laws
Mountain pass
Imposing an obligation or duty
Mass of small bubbles
At the right moment
cold North Atlantic current
Clueless actress Murphy
Guglielmo Marconi, for one
pursue incessantly
largest Pacific salmon
gray or blue cat
big and burly
Healing crust
Hypnotic state
Princess Royal
Titled woman
Fires remains
Angry speech
Tree product
Type of wood
Food grain
Domed recess
Baby sheep
Stretch former nurse
Strike-breaker takes second taxi
Tear off at speed
Canter off in a daze
Surgeons desire
Queen seen in banner
Made out title
Charming around branch
Lashed around tree
Ties up venue
Honest old writer
Colourless-sounding receptacle
Deal with one outburst
Pace around in cloak
Still in the venture
Flexible game
Consumed by school, say
Take out some wood
Imagine being armed, possibly
Amaze by juggling nuts
Church has genuine breakfast
Swimmer turned amber
Following from main exterior
Collapsed around part of church
Excellent selection
Enough to have beer with politician
Bury in hinterlands
Woman finds hesitation transparent
Map of esplanade
Clambering around youngster
Religious division
Take wing
Great anger
Grown boy
Bread variety
Folk dance
Corporate symbol
Flower leaf
Pen name
Sudden burst
Soybean curd
Become mature
Arrange, as troops
With it
Loosened, as shoes
Outdoor trek
Bakers box
Switch options
Avian haven
Gutter site
Staff symbol
Filter flour
Poets above
Start again
Body part
Graduate test
Critic Siskel
Delicate hue
Rowing need
Ta ta
Covered the floor
Boxers blow
Sticky glop
Bull Run victor
Musical dramas
Big snake
A noble gas
Pickle variety
Scrapes by
Apartment payment
Friend or ____?
Loose coins
Byzantine, e.g.
Complimentary hotel cleaning aid
Joe __ (hypothetical ordinary man)
Shrek, e.g.
Pen tips
Necklace part
Nearly all
Juliets beloved
Fashion magazine
Summer treats
Illegally made booze
Not fitting
Chunk of eternity
Car gear
Extend over
Tiny tree
Spanish cheer
Take offense at
Aida, for one
Snaky letter
____ eclipse
Washington seaport
Turner or Koppel
Koreas locale
Blood part
Count (on)
Aspiring actress
Period of note
Trio number
Car evaluation (2 wds.)
Ave ____
Long (for)
Religious images
Norse thunder god
Study hard
Munitions, for short
Sheriffs group
Florida Native American
Church officials
Actress Ruby ____
Bangors state
Felixs roommate
Sample food
Climbing plants
Lobe location
Hemingways nickname
Baldwin or Guinness
Notorious emperor
Homes for birds
Metal fastener
Waiters aid
Year part, in college
Beerlike brew
Small arrow
Fight site
All set
Marathon, e.g.
Steel ingredient
Climbing plant
Butter unit
Bachelor pulsating with energy in domestic garment?
Crop, perhaps, I hoard for cultivation
Cold in beginning of autumn I term largely doubtful
Small, specialised group engaged in manic headbanging
Singer given a flag endlessly backed by old artist
Information about lake gained by runner once in Scottish village
Restraint characteristic in second part of a book?
Source of inspiration in work of popular aged coach
A liberal, upper-class character recalled in horror novel
US actor facing right area to take in British plant
Profitable source that includes cold type of meat
Charge defended by English conservationists on river transport
Trainees given poor grades in musical
Support a medic keeping very active by countrys borders
Writer covering first half of stay in small restaurant
Hear about situation with seconds to go in negotiation
Speech without limits or proportion
Graduate put out a reluctance, not new, to accept a diploma
Comic film showing a figure internally upset by model
Paddy produces this waffle, say – getting light fuel?
Patience, maybe, required in work over time covering European racing event
Delicate and beautiful containing good colour – like a tea leaf?
Obstreperous uncle moved to stand for society in credit
Prevalent notion in short by male in large-scale work
Writing, say, in country by journalist regarding a damaged joint?
A bulge at sea revealing marine creature
Fellow on film interrupting, for example, snooker shot
Copy more profitable sandwiches
Contents of the Decalogue
See note
Horses leg parts
Irish county
Abstaining from sex
Civic dignitary
Royal attendant
Public transport vehicle
Royal Navy ship name
Person imputing blame
Musical speeds
Bogs down
Put a lid on
Spring ahead hrs.
Hello singer
How was ________ know?
Flat bottoms
Actor Mineo
Waters: Latin
Hard as ________
A/C measure
With 48-Across, why Chanel closed up shop?
Does some knitting
French possessive
Where the Mekong flows
Makes melancholy
Tellers colleague
Sturgeon yield
Myerson and Truman
Take ________ at, try
Paper pushers cry
See 23-Across
Arabian Nights bird
Love, Italian-style
Like good gossip
Couples pronoun
Coupon user
Like it ________ …
Columbus sch.
Blackjack directive
Shriners hat
Had a row?
Brandy sniffers
Nickel, e.g.
Najaf native
Say it isnt so
Reinforcing rod
Melon variety
Creamy French sauces
Word in October ads
Omit again
Doles out, as dough
Certain border
Fragrant resin
Conger monger
Squat targets, for short
Insect stage
Get ________ in order, settle personal affairs
City on Monterey Bay
Turner and Fey
Buffalo wing?
Ominous letter salutation
With 53-Down, embryonic cells
Appellation for Eric
D-Day beach
Objet dart
________ to bury Caesar …
See 4-Down
Heliport site
Least risky
Musical slow movement
Gregorio —, Baroque composer famous for his Miserere
Helicopter part
Tough cynical detective created by Raymond Chandler
Malevolent concept
Black urban street musician of a form of hip hop
Sound, often loud and/or offensive
Irately? (anag)
Antediluvian; antique
Chaste woman, from the Roman goddess
Seafood dish; Dublin Bay prawns
Agreeing on anothers position, plan, idea, etc
Mean, intend
Albrecht —, German Renaissance artist, engraver (1471-1528)
Dont beat about the bush
Edna — (b 1930-), much lauded Irish novelist
Cinema, movie hall
Oblivious, unknowing
African country, capital Kampala
— and Bute, Scottish administrative district
Conch, for example
Some Mediterranean fruits
Number for everyone
Hauling vehicle
La Scala solo
Not against
Menial laborer
Secret meeting
Distresses or woes
H.S. subj.
Rocky deposit
Came at from multiple sides
Move back, as a tide
Not imagined
Species like Shrek
Pesky flying bug
No in Scotland
Very improper, as language
Shining examples?
Silly person
Cry loudly
Crows cry
Having better judgement
Bit of fire residue
Make a choice
Greek letter or tiny quantity
Label naming a book owner
___ the night before Christmas …
Slimy gunk
___ mater
Type of male dear
Single bill?
Jewish calendar month
Golf club choice
With great care
___ fly (runner advancer)
Certainly not near
Exercise authority over
Before, old-style
Sales talk
Slithery fishes
Blind burrower
MIT part
Easy underhanded toss
Shower alternative
Something to teach a dog to do
Opposite of difficulty
Eggs, scientifically
Rifle or pistol
Get bigger
North Americas hemisphere (2 words)
What to take to make a maid mad?
Extreme suffix
Cracked open, as a door
When the plane might land, briefly
Loud car horn of yore
Brutish creature
Tai ___ (exercise method)
Dubuques state
Sight in the night sky
Plum variety
High-quality cotton
Winter Palace resident
Teamwork destroyer
Sheeps call
___ entry
TED Radio Hour broadcaster
Peanut butter grand that choosy moms choose
Former All-Star baseball shortstop Vizquel
Thoroughbreds father
____ out a meager existence
Eagles backup QB who was the unexpected winner of the 2018 Super Bow MVP Award: 2 wds.
___ & Perrins
Gandalf portrayer McKellen
Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle ___
Portrayer of Martin Crane on Frasier who died February 4: 2 wds.
Wedding ceremony vow: 2 wds.
When a planes due to touch down: Abbr.
Desserts stolen by the Knave of Hearts
Bausche & ____
We ___ to please!
Chocolatey snack made by Hostess: 2 wds.
Obstacles to avoid while skiing
King ___
___ Vegas, Nevada
Actor Milo who says of his This is Us characters onscreen death, Im truly heartbroken
Rock bands primary instrument
Full Frontal host Samantha
Finish up
Graceland singer whose farewell tour begins this spring: 2 wds.
Had supper
Realtors unit of land
Rubiks ___
Young marsupial, in Winnie-the-Pooh stories
Number on a business card: Abbr.
Dog in Garfield
Put on, like a jacket
___ missing something here?: 2 wds.
83-year-old actor Alan
Zero goals, to soccer commentators
Ragu competitor
Take exception to
Cylindrical pastry filled with fruit preserves: 2 wds.
The worlds largest furniture retailer
Midsize Hyundai model
Actress Remini of Kevin Can Wait
Abandon at the altar
Bad smell
What films are released on after their theatrical runs: 2 wds.
Nation that shares an island with the Dominican Republic
Bangkok native
Former baseball star nicknamed Slammin Sammy
Purplish-red root vegetable
Tap-dancing penguin in Happy Feet
Talk to sharply: 2 wds.
___ the knot
Disappear without a ___
Big name in car insurance
Swing into high ___
A law ___ itself
Address at the top of a browser: Abbr.
What bad coffee is often compared to
___-Wan Kenobi
Word before a maiden name
Fine things?
Animation frames
Isle of exile
Getting __ years
Pointed arch
Carpe __
Better than never?
Southernmost part of Arabia
Jalna author
Duty list
Like wet ink
Court star Lendl
Gilbert and Sullivan princess
Hard water?
Hang in the balance
Lee Kuan Yews place
Rollss partner
Daly of Cagney and Lacey
Italian epic poet
Computer screen symbol
Bridle strap
Prevent legally
Pool demarcation
Church part
Hard Cash author Charles
Cooking fat
Cannon in Hollywood
Sailors salutation
Barbershop request
I Am Woman singer Helen
Nobelist Wiesel
Cains victim
Actress Hedy
Gigantic statues
Pass, as laws
Show disdain
Seven-branched candelabrum
Congenial song ending
Granter of wishes
Stringed instrument
Land measure
Aesthetically offensive
Windsors prov.
St. Teresas place
Scotch diluter
Begin bidding
Edible shellfish
Immature form of insect
Savoury pear-shaped fruit
Classical language
Difficult, complex or intricate
Fruit-filled Austrian pastry
Messages via the Internet
Nomadic Arab
Most costly
Source of danger
Rider in a horse-race
Piece of information
Instrument with pipes
Bath companion has a number of games with no score
Air posed problem for take-offs
Source of energy – a cat?
Sensible points about article
In right environment seedlings beginning to flourish
Has an ensign turned to monkey business?
Portrayal of things as they are in Mailers novel
Unpleasant place for ditch
Piano melody – or duo
Blair is running a foreign capital
Unassailable drunk needs drink first
Ways in which a Greek island may be heard
Piece of cake for girl in uniform
The way out of complexity?
Legally seize girls coach
Talks about headgear
We sold rolling pins
Fathers fur is fair!
Notice saying Playground Equipment
A meditation provoking mirth
Forsaken by a member of the Doone family
Lead in pencil is not required as artists material
Homers son has somewhere to drink tea initially
Prenup of wife, to be honest
A dish of sauce with lots spilt
Cop with proof safe opening is part of expanding activities
Advocate runs back like French resident
Entirely good books set aside
Question dukes posed to earl
Painful illness comes back after grand conflict
Marbles rolled by tough youth hit
Weapon wound on a girls face
Knife losing second reattached blade
Heavy water to use or sabotage
Hot girl rendered hotter with leg bare
Unfinished dress got decorated
Poor person, after cutting tracks
Skirt lacks tops neatness
Theyre green, clean-living
Top put on under a jumper
Foreign search engine used without anger
Do small tongue grafts first
City home (residents at bingo
Out of sorts, being put down?
Solutions runts cite worked!
Abstaining man swindled by yours truly
Grace described lie to saints
Beer we have heard makes one decisive
Spotted fruit eaten by a theologian
Agreement about acceptable material
Different part of a flower opening inside
A girl cleaned out edges away
Fine mist perhaps hiding metal

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