Crosswords Answers 2018-2-24

Any ___?
Go, me!
Where does it all end? argument
Ad agency specialist
Blogs, social media and other nontraditional outlets
Breakup tune
Buster of myths
Campaign supporters
Chemical contaminant, for short
Concept of beauty
Containing silver
Cornerstone abbr
Dirt spreader
Dolphinfish, informally
Enlightened responses
Exhibiting a modern form of obsession
Extricated from a jam
Factor in Billboard rankings
Flavor additive, in brief
Follower of four or six, but not five
Food preservers
Fuel for planes
Grade of wine
Guinness Book adjective
High ways?
Hollandes successor as president of France
Ice cream choice
It goes clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the hemisphere
Italian known for pulling strings?
Italian sculptor ___ Lorenzo Bernini
Latin list ender
Legend says it arose on Palatine Hill
Like very early education, for short
Little squealer
Mess up
Of renown
Offshore waves?
Option when changing jobs
Org. fighting copyright infringement
Part of a makeup kit
Pennsylvania city where the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers meet
Prestigious academic journal
Projecting beams on a bridge
Quick way to end a sentence?
Reading and writing, for most jobs
Roam (about)
Search for prey
Section of a Crayola box
Slow and steady types
Socket for setting a gem
Start of a start of a menu?
The Liberty Tree, for one
When cock-a-doodle-doos are done
Winter Olympics sights
Without deliberation
Words of explanation
___ Irvin, early cartoonist/designer for The New Yorker
___ Park
___ Shankar, influence on George Harrison
___ talk
Road to Morocco setting
Things Are Fine in Mount ___ (Charley Weaver book)
Why dont we!
___ bin ein Berliner
1965 Peace Prize winner
Account handler
Acted the snoop
Affordable, in branding
Annoyingly slow
As a result of this
Author Chekhov
Bombay Sapphire, e.g
Bout setting
Brief moments
Bring down
Calyx component
Cars guitarist Elliot
Chooses as a successor
Cow call
Cube root of ventisette
Dams mates
Descriptive wds
Destination for the faithful
Enjoy, as a favorite movie
Exploitative movie
Father of Rod and Todd Flanders
Fighting fleet
Fish named for a British naturalist
Flock faction
Follower of Fannie or Ginnie
For example
For fear that
French city known for its lace
Friend of Natty Bumppo
Futbol great
Garbage carrier
Goat call
Good speller?
Had misgivings about
Hardly straightforward
Health, to un docteur
Hierarchical chart
High-five, essentially
Highest capital city
Holmes and Moriarty, e.g
Hulu category
In the past
In the same fashion
Inspection preceding a pirate punishment?
Iodine source
It may give pause
Knight or rook
Leader in a footrace?
Lingerie item
Lingo ending
Masonry material for some Australian homes?
Michael of Weekend Update
Month in which the shofar is blown
More cutting
Nest boxes in a henhouse?
Nickname of hockeys Felix Potvin
Noble Spaniards
Numbers after slashes
Once more
Painting from Picassos Blue Period
Palace workers
Parfumerie products
Parisian pal
Pashas kin
Perfect places
Performed plainsongs
Peruvian of old
Playing field makeup
Plot unit
Plymouth notable
Pokemon that can read minds
Poors plight
Poulterers offering
Prepares for finals
Prudent way to plan
Put to rest
Recliner in a yellowish-pink color?
Record holder?
Refiners supply
Reneges, pejoratively
Results of inventories at the Employee of the Month Award factory?
Ride at a childs party
Shaggy beast
Sleeveless dress in pastel colors?
So far
Some hospital procedures
Sound of distress
Spine words
Spots for facials
Strip set in the Okefenokee Swamp
Sugar packet contents
T choice
Tail off
Tech-focused website
Teeth that turn
Tend the tots
Tennysons Enoch
The Northwests Nez ___ tribe
Tiny sound
To be, to Brutus
Uniteds main hub
Untended, perhaps
V8 ingredient
Vegetable patch tended by nobles?
Veggie with a Sugar Daddy cultivar
Vocal condemnation
Volkswagen subsidiary
Wafflers toaster waffle brand
Wendys side
Wickfields scheming clerk
Willingness to try riskier skateboarding tricks, perhaps?
Without ___ in the world
Wolf hunters activity?
Youngest-ever French Open champion
___ Alto
___ mater
Covered by water
Drives a point home?
It can move you
South American grassland
Plane divider
Permission to board?
End of Ripleys statement
Cattle drivers
It can suit you
Having two horns
Filled with resolve
Having wings
Vend again
Respectful title
Put back in stitches
Chows down
Accepted customs
… love, honor and ___
Parkinsons drug
Anglers supply
Be wrong
Stuff in wheat
Human face
Adds bubbles to
Some Internet periodicals
Coloring book necessity
Indian wrap (var.)
Certain music style
Worker in a tie
Sort of suffix
Driving reversal
Susan the Partridge
Sound units
Like French doors
Play unit
Armed conflict
Receiver of doc dues
Kitchen tap
One paying homage
Enough ___!
Involuntary movements
Be inquisitive
Some farm sounds
Upholstered pieces
Ice cream flavor
Copy that
Lovers bike
AT%26T, for one
Swiss town
Greek epic poem
Les Miz setting
Old TV show, now
Shoe parts
Join forces
Blazing funeral heaps
Spread, as fingers
Like some reprimands
Possible way to work?
Music note held its full time
Nap in Mexico
Wipe off the slate
Foal pa?
Coulter and Landers
Powerful heat source
Hr. component
British beverage
Cartoon Flanders
Pete who surpassed Cobb
The bearded Smurf
A liars are on fire
Airport rental company
General Bradley
Cornhusker State city
One of a space shuttles pair
Purple Heart, e.g.
Fingerprinting need
1-Across, for most of his career
Do a nose job, say
Bank, to a credit card
Vodka brand, informally
Slangy Sure!
Like petting zoo animals
Prefix with god or john
NYSE debuts
Anwar who was played by Gossett Jr.
Guitar Town singer Steve
Dessert, to a dieter
Gets stuck, with down
Without a date
Think ahead
Beach bums shoe
Smiley face, maybe
Dastardly sort
Pasta-preparers utensils
Like a desperation effort
Dads mate, to a Brit
Send packing
Embassy figure
Adhesive for a fake beard
Public to-do
Gangs territory
Car with a four-ring logo
Breath mint brand
Hydrotherapy spots
Queens and drones
Bicycle spokes, essentially
Bagel shop fixtures
Jockeys attire
Repair shop fig.
Bit of dress-for-success attire
Surrounded by
Zero-star review
Shop jargon
Thick-skinned citrus fruits
The day the music died song
Oh no, not ___!
Peddlers aim
Carpetlayers calculation
Group of whales
Show of solidarity
Didnt pay enough
Many tax pros, briefly
Golden calf, e.g.
Wood of Diamonds Are Forever
Prince Harrys school
Hydroelectricity projects
London Magazine essayist
Early hours, to bards
Body ___ (wrestling move)
Googles oneself
Gave the OK
___ Day (Hawaiian holiday)
Hendrix at Woodstock
Squirrels abodes
Clear as mud
Ooze, as charm
Rigs at weigh stations
Genealogy abbreviation
The Raven starter
No longer hung up on
Sorvino of Mighty Aphrodite
Young coyote
Expense thats run
June honorees
Prop for Potter
Explain away
Old market
Stay away from
Sad sack
Pitcher Goose
Finished off
Health spa treat
Account book
Start the bidding
Shady spot
Petty fight
Flower part
Book excerpt
Keats work
Voicemail item
City of north Italy
Abrasive powder
Walkers, on signs
Clambake clam
Cardiffs land
In the past
Forget it!
Search the riverbed
Fit for a king
Old English forest
Database option
Gangsters guns
Easy dance
Small herring
Form couples
Have hopes
Took in
Yard tools
Improve, in a way
Confessional item
Sign after Virgo
George Washington —
Virgil epic
Indefinite interval
Stand up for
Nantes notion
Kreskins claim
Bigfoots cousin
German article
Map lines (Abbr.)
Thailand, once
Earth circler
Greeters words
Cowardly Lion portrayer
Dalloway or Doubtfire
Baseball team
Carnival city
Black, in verse
Ring around the sun
Sand trap, for one
Dried grape
Powerfully built
— Tin Tin
Building wing
Birthday dessert
Bearded, as grain
Platos P
Showy butterflies
BPOE members
Breathing (Abbr.)
Nabokov novel
Wedding ring sparkler
Ballpark fig.
911 responder
NBC weekend show
Spanish aunt
Odometer start
Mess up
Poetic dusk
Kick off
Stadium cheers
Apple computer
Early automaker
Pear type
Getting the job done
A Bobbsey twin
Crew tool
Be careful __ ye enter in . . .: Keats
Puppy paws dice roll
Taming of the Shrew insult
Applied forcefully
Banks as boundaries
Brand in a non-friction best seller ad
Certain Bantu
Charge too much
Cohost of Larry King Lives final show
Collectors credo
Color close to caramel, in two ways
Commercial insurance giant
Common comics convention costumes
Covers for heat conservation
Craft, generally
Defiant demurral
Depth-finder descriptor
Destination for many Buddha Air passengers
Development unit
Devotional conclusion
Disruption targets
Domino number, e.g
Farmers autumn plantings
Female pub operator
First puffed-corn cereal
Give away unintentionally
Golan Hts. claimer
Goofy collectible
GreenSet or DecoTurf product
Grisham regulars
Home rule?
Italian city where Dante and Byron lived
John Waters film gimmick inspired by Smell-O-Vision
Just-expected joiner
Kiribati component
Knight with six Olivier Awards
Latter-day shampoo additive
Lecturer whom Melville called a great man
Lenten benevolent bestowal
Line on a basset hound T-shirt
Made a quick trip
Main melody
Maker of monitors and monorails
Not to be shared
Often-repeated insistence
One in the driest state
Opposite of forward
Orchestration notation
Parking-lot corral occupant
Part of the Big Bang Theory logo
Red symbol on Maos cap
Resort rentals
School attended by Marilyn Monroe
Series opener
Small companies
Sodium compound, to pharmacists
Subj. that might use a picture dictionary
Subject in an Art History class
Tech __
Theyre handled with salsa
Verb of frugality
With shrewdness
Word from the Hittite for on the hearth
Arcing American Ninja Warrior obstacle
Cut on a Jackson 5 album?
This is news to me
Used miles, perhaps
Romneys 2012 running mate
Letters of address for Washington and Lee?
Great in scope
Extended narratives
Guilty as charged
Whispers of Immortality poet
Norman or Eugene
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel __
Includes in the mix
Former Radiohead label
Lemons may be among them
Letters needs
Links with
__ Today: magazine for teachers
Start to bat?
Once called
Court suspension
Pacific states?
Onion offering
Meany in an Irving title
Actress Miranda of 24: Legacy
Monks title
__ swing
Producer Rhimes TV production company
Brief plea
Sci-fi franchise since 1984
Footnote notation
Weekend night events, usually
Marx asset
__ moment
Win big
Combs differently?
Pursue persistently
Took in
Corps of Discovery Expedition explorer
Cavalry weapon
Yes, sad to say
Casting choice
Jerks, say
It has a torch and two branches on its back
Key __
Parlor purchase
Payments for hands
__ miss
Got to Give It Up singer
Coming up
Alias Grace author
Big Easy cuisine
Canonized Norw. king
Will run you
Waters with pipes?
Town in a 1945 Pulitzer-winning novel
Prefix for all
Big sports words
Fall off
Conjunction that reverses to a mans name
Pepper and others
Alias Grace author
Got to Give It Up singer
Guilty as charged
This is news to me
Whispers of Immortality poet
Yes, sad to say
Actress Miranda of 24: Legacy
Arcing American Ninja Warrior obstacle
Big Easy cuisine
Big sports words
Brief plea
Canonized Norw. king
Casting choice
Cavalry weapon
Combs differently?
Coming up
Conjunction that reverses to a mans name
Corps of Discovery Expedition explorer
Court suspension
Cut on a Jackson 5 album?
Extended narratives
Fall off
Footnote notation
Former Radiohead label
Great in scope
Includes in the mix
It has a torch and two branches on its back
Jerks, say
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel __
Key __
Lemons may be among them
Letters needs
Letters of address for Washington and Lee?
Links with
Marx asset
Meany in an Irving title
Monks title
Norman or Eugene
Once called
Onion offering
Pacific states?
Parlor purchase
Payments for hands
Pepper and others
Prefix for all
Producer Rhimes TV production company
Pursue persistently
Romneys 2012 running mate
Start to bat?
Took in
Town in a 1945 Pulitzer-winning novel
Used miles, perhaps
Waters with pipes?
Weekend night events, usually
Will run you
Win big
__ miss
__ moment
__ swing
__ Today: magazine for teachers
Cloak fellow going for short drink with precious type
Content in newspapers potentially to splash
Contradict key judgement
Cunning plans by drunk users
Dead ringer for king with pretty, witty mistress
Dine out with mystery man – in my book, its the last thing youd expect to see
Do a bunk from teachers and most of 22 across or risk life and limb?
Do the marathon to raise funds for homeless – is that good advice in bad weather?
Exploit routine at the centre with silly lies
Gangster conceals a manuscript by Deep Purple
Genealogist cuts toenails in 15 across, for example
Get Dart from all quarters today
Hazards in muddy gardens
Insider to stream a YouTube spread from the deli
Insurgents release tigers in the cloister
It might set the standard for the legal profession
Its earned working to curry favour
Its too fussy for characters in psychoanalysis
Jealous husband dramatically retires to study
Jockeys silks, for example, in stable
Light out around college is a temporary fault
Local fool in front of judge produced fertiliser
Manage wedding bands for a few pints informally – its very easy to achieve, considering the opposition
Old section in the paper relates to the time of ones life of late
One of the swimmers around island is sent back to North African country
Part of reservoir isolated by one of those in 7 down
Putting a face to celebrity G-Man in novel
Second course with trimmed piece of meat from market
Selection of those horsing around in the pond
Some address a longing for a vamp fringe, for one
Spherical object integral to conveyor belt
Terrible gulag, for example, set up for those taking flight perhaps
The Muses similar to those in 6 down
This revolves around hospital with mid-sized unit opening for one type of dog
This will happen if you fail to refill kettle or lose ones energy
Turn up motorway to old-fashioned roadblock
Upset supporter outside institute is so na?ve
Vision similar to 21 down
Apart from that
Appraise critically
Areas for target practice
Artists tripod
Bills or placards on walls
Burn or scorch the surface
Comfort, rest
Examination and judgment of something
Extreme, excessive sentimentality
Far off in place or time
Feeling concern or interest
Food prepared from grain
Free from error
Functional, operational
Goods carried by a vehicle
Graceful antelope of Africa and Asia
Group of fish
Hard, strong, grey alloy
It claims divination by the positions of the planets
Its found in petroleum
Liquid food
Long indoor seat
Monies obtained in return for labour
Most foolhardy
Most tenuous or smallest
Musical dramas
Rough or crude
Sentinels, guards
Showy flowers, most have a strong smell
Stand firm against
Sure, convinced
Take place
Takes without owners consent
Tissue in the mouth
Unknown or unobserved by others
Without excess flesh
Bird seen on mounds regularly is a foreshore frequenter
Expertise with frying pan, though dropping the last two
Himalayan creature literally covering two fifths of Nepal?
Just one garment being worn
Dream I must be held in respect
Browning university substituted for two pieces of interminable Swinburne
Queen of Lebanon in the wars backing the old knight
Nice wine encapsulates European mood
Expect he’s keeping in work
Bird ringing expedition finished amid flapping wingspan
Giant penny-farthing with no rear wheel? “Penny Singular”
Farmland animals eating five tons in gathered crops
Old money gets the reverse of low cabin – the best on board
State of Florida holidays?
Product that’s widely drunk without whisky
Child’s brought in near the end of today
Millions favoured tsar as a mover of people
Assist rising clan in forceful attack
Supermarket division is cutting beer
Author (not English) has new name for English town
Listen out for mum
To butt in, changing spades to no trumps, is impolite
Noted traveller in train to Petrograd, returning 9.50?
Near a very quiet fish
Frequently after deepest North Sea port
Denial – for example in what might be Scotland?
Just like rugby players, say, to belt out full of alcohol
Present suits are becoming dated
Tax cine reels? Not right
Smoked reefer to take dope with daughter
Copper retiring is comfortably off
Buzz coming with a northern person
Destruction, ruin
Plant such as London pride
Child’s outburst of temper
Statement of belief
Marriage partner
Relating to the cutting or polishing of gemstones
Countryside pursuit
AGC in full
Mythological monster
Refinement; grow (bacteria)
River of Bath
Mixed alcoholic drink; go fast
Pub runner
Black writing fluid
Colour; medicine
Explosive device
Regular salary
Italian equivalent of madam
Saying sorry; poor specimen
IQ in full
Turkish; seat
Clergyman attached to an organisation
Towards the rear
Large area of land
Extreme greed
Fairly good
Blown-up photograph
Neglect; desuetude
The voice of the people is the voice of God (Latin)
Having a mild or gentle voice
Expression of grief
Involving repetition
Open-meshed material
Not certain; hesitant
Impressive display; matrix
Like a major classical music form
Not regulated
Biblical prophet
Despite the fact that; but
Famous violin virtuoso
Imprisoned criminal
Very badly
Novel by Samuel Richardson
Impossible to say properly
Japanese artist
Foreign language; jargon
Buyer beware!
Turning roasting spit
Indicate precisely
Cordial made from pomegranates
Not-guilty verdict
In progress
Educational establishment
Put money into shares, property, etc
Resonant metallic sound
Ill-defined smear
French resort
Throw (a coin)
Venetian boat
Alpine house
Eg, buyer of stocks
Piercing cry
Fairground ride
Japanese horseradish
Very strange
Run quickly; hyphen
Possesses in common
Heraldic silver
Reconnaissance soldier
Lady’s fingers
Inform on someone
Intense elation
Drink (alcohol)
Finely cracked; mad
Withdraw (from a federation)
Looks fixedly
Line of rotation
The littlest lass
Riches, esp. money: divitiae, argentum
Nearly: fere
Each, the whole, (neut. sing. nom., acc.)
____ puellae forma: the beauty of your darling girl
That sense of duty, loyalty, and devotion which drove Aeneas
Properly, a courtyard; commonly, regiment of a legion
Adv. round about (of space), about (of time)
Proofreader’s s/h Oh go on then, leave it
Adv., prep + acc., beyond, on the other side
Maps and chaps: chartae et ____
He must be pitied by us: ille nobis ____ est
Fresh: etiam ____ terrae sola sanguine maculans, Cat. 63.7
Caveant potor et bibitor, nam in ____ veritas est
Straightaway: extemplo, ilico
I curse and bring bad vibes down: diris devoveo
It’s here
Mater Inventionis
View of the far-away or future – school’s blurb?
Shaking with fear: trepidans, ut Sinon, Aen. 2.107
With spread-out leafy boughs: ____ frondis, Aen. 11.66
The upper atmosphere, the heavens
Hanc fragilem naviculam Huckleberrius Finn gubernavit
Token ’70s horror film, harbinger of evil (by metonymy)
Hurried round border, on record as cause of back pain
4840 square yards
American chap an experienced politician?
Australian mammal
Caught in denial, unexpectedly
Censure actor I threw in river
Date trees
Decade passed in links
Do swim around knowledge
End of a race
Exclusive, upmarket
Fearing the worst
Fit in booth
Fix on site
Food served alight
Garland found in bobsleigh
German wine they half add to game
Half a semibreve
Has followed advice having lied about gun
Hawaiian garland
Holding black burning finger thats been set alight
I name new pub
Land measure in Australia created
Led apes astray, having passed by
Little quiet cry
Never mind
Painful back condition
Penny contributions, or where they are held?
Requests that front is taken off veils
Reversible note
Scatterbrained MP eyed death suspiciously
Senior politician
Shop turned out to be upper class
Stick and ball game
Substitute salty pup for Australian mammal
The Jazz Age
Tips seismic movement, presuming the worst
Total void? Never mind!
Two spinning off here, the end of the race?
Computer program that sends junk email
Strip of pleated or frilled lace worn around the neck like a small ruff
2008 novel by Val McDermid
The -, 2012 novel by Michael Palin
2000 novel by Carl Hiaasen
Major League Baseball team that won the World Series in 1935, 1945, 1968 and 1984
1980 comedy film starring Kurt Russell and Jack Warden
Gordon -, Northern Ireland-born presenter whose credits include ITV series The Krypton Factor and Surprise, Surprise
See 14
Honore -, French painter whose works include 1863s The Laundress
See 13
Rugby union club; 2008 EDF Energy Cup Final winners
Ignacy Jan -, pianist and composer; prime minister of Poland in 1919
1984 and 1988 Olympic individual eventing gold medallist
Wilfred -, poet whose works include Dulce et Decorum Est and Anthem for Doomed Youth
1981 novel by Stephen King
Fast-running flightless bird of South America
French city; capital of the former duchy of Burgundy
1920 novel by John Galsworthy
Pop group who recorded 2017 no 2 album Tears on the Dancefloor
Joe -, singer-actor who played Johnny in 1989 comedy-drama film Mystery Train
Ancient region of Western Europe
Eurasian plant with bright yellow flowers whose seeds yield a useful oil
See 15 Across
Of the far past
Snake poison
One who is proficient in sports
Firearm part
Ultimate, last
Large or imposing building
Precious metal
Stay clear of
Respiratory condition
Bravery award
Colouring sticks
Doomed, unlucky
Unemployment benefit
Disc used in shooting
Star sign
At that time
Ditch surrounding a castle
compress, in slang
company of eight singers
flailing out of intense fear
adding to the front
hit back against
energy to endure
Add up
Landed property
Type of element
Road-making material
Auction item
Play section
Collar piece
Playing card
Male deer
Rivers end
Female sheep
Ottoman ruler
Stinging weed
Scatter, spread
Plural of is
Form new heaps
Survives final school
Babys drink
Respond concerning performance
Change later, perhaps
Appearing to have food
Originally called in one engineer
Verse from Roderick
Facts in emergency
Rules out coordinate, without doubt
Devours a set recipe
Need to rearrange garden
Set tea out in the grounds
Talk of argon, say
Started smuggling sticky black stuff
A great deal of flotsam
Same level within department
Break out during the rupture
Moving near a venue
Set broken leg
Resume engineers novel
Reportedly noticed setting
Man takes church position
Gap sounds complete
Declare at cricket match
Horror doesnt start to slip
Students have to copy part of jacket
Faced with expert
Party animal
Amaze by juggling nuts
Greek characters mouth
Fewer around livestock
Roused about employment
The old time, nevertheless
Silver on a stove
Notes glue is affected in flood
Irritate at the plant
Must rewrite internal broadcast
Zones in Far East
Rage about clothing
Betting on a new bridge
Honest old writer
Is more than one?
Novelist Wilson
Wise to the jive
Cuban dance
Fierce anger
Badge metal
Change, as text
Plant again
Farmer, at times
Canine command
GI Bailey et al.
Became gloomy
Daiquiri liquor
St. Louis rapper
Plumbing joint
____ wave
Hawks weapon
Ms. Wallace
Those people
More visionary
____ John Silver
Cliff hanger?
Dead Poets ____
Egyptian cobras
Inca territory
Rainbow shape
Skating jump
Unlocking devices
C-3PO, e.g.
Titanic hazard
Bread raiser
Moscow money
Panama ____
Actress Joyce
TVs Daly
Dig in
Genies home
Stand for painters
Roman, e.g.
Spiritual sloth
Lease again
Jacket flaps
Comments to the audience
Not guilty, for one
TV host
Texas shrine
Short race
Brief summary
Toast topping
Wind instrument
A la ____
Expressing scorn
Pencil end
On the ocean
Opposite of pos.
Amtrak terminals (abbr.)
Military status
Capital of the Philippines
Grow weary
Entire amount
Main courses
Vital statistic
Pronounce indistinctly
Thorny blooms
Adams garden
Society girl
Travel document
Tooth part
Slips up
Window blind
Novelist ____ Rice
Came to a close
Circle sections
Lacking fat
Land unit
Puccini work
Eye part
Rebel general
Medicinal amount
Lincoln, et al.
A few
Will beneficiary
Jerusalems country
Greasy streak
Argentine dance
Poker stakes
Polite address
____ Possible (cartoon)
Forest clearing
Actress ____ Barkin
Most unusual
Drink cooler
Gets the soap off
Bar drinks
Theater walkway
Notable periods
Musical sound
Better late ____ never
Fat for frying
Land document
Wish undone
BBC boss is fool to seize Ecstasy found in Blowers trunks
Unsweetened French coffee revolutionising tea? We hear its true
Wanting initially to be green
One floating top new play parts
With no strategy in place, plane trees rot
When tile falls off for no good reason?
What you must have to fully comprehen viewe backgroun?
Clam: water shifts one into hold
Unfortunate case in which tip for memorising assists
Going in the appropriate direction, Joes joined the rowing crew
Im the champion Frenchman who directed retrospective parody
Fox wont go on ark with fly, I will
Not e.g. a fry-up of baked beans with beluga? Queen tucks in
During refurb, Black Lion invests ton for highly-sought-after bed
Completely freeze, giving address in Clerkenwell?
Flag of St George? Its what were taught
Shocking cuts raise digit by a point, roughly as predicted
Saw a little chap fishing in the garden
Work a bit at her enunciation?
Perhaps circumflex C, then ec + o: investigate possible solutions
Character appearing in fringe theatre thrice? Thrice
Fine theatre job, exquisite
Deerstalker perhaps worn by tiddly Irish rector – is he sorry to have put it on?
Greek consumed by past grief
Hollow spaces in European trains
Nervously go in a wood
Rotary file
Solidly built
Undergoing surgery (Informal)
Observe and record
Yoga posture
Inflatable play area
Secret plot
Addictive drug
Defensive covering
Readily available
Do needlework
Baltic capital
The Four Seasons composer
Clio, Euterpe, Terpsichore etc
Point to shoot at
Pleated frilling
Microsoft operating system
Auctioneers hammer
One who exposes wrongdoing
Thigh bone
Water tank
Writing table
Not so fast
Freed from confinement
Very angry
Showing compassion
Very sweet confection
Not far off
Teutonic invader of the Roman Empire
English actor who played Emmerdale farmer Jack Sugden for 28 years
An atom or group of atoms containing at least one unpaired electron and existing for a brief period of time before reacting to produce a stable molecule
With Kaz and Nik, one of the three Spheriks, mascots for the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan
Francis ___, French painter and poet associated with both the Dada and Surrealist art movements
Billie ___, singer and actress who played Rose Tyler in the TV series Doctor Who
Small duck such as Anas crecca
A white or unbleached cotton fabric with no printed design
American heavyweight boxer who won gold at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul
Widely-cultivated Asian plant of the 36 genus whose bulb is made up of small segments known as cloves
1949 Ealing comedy based on a novel of the same name by Compton MacKenzie
Rotterdam-based football club who won the European Cup in 1970
The innermost of two membranes enclosing an embryonic reptile, bird or mammal
An appendage on seeds such as those of the yew and nutmeg
1978 film starring Richard Burton as a priest who teaches at a boys school
Original name for the Ivor Novello song republished as Keep the Home-Fires Burning
Area of North Bristol with a bohemian reputation
Annual malvaceous plant, Hibiscus esculentus, also called ladies fingers
Latin name for the onion genus
European umbelliferous plant whose leaves are known as cilantro in American culinary usage
Dorchester in the novels of Thomas Hardy
A style of solo opera singing between recitative and aria
Knighted character in Shakespeares Twelfth Night
Indian actor whose films include East is East and City of Joy
Villainous ensign in Shakespeares Othello
Tree also known as the trembling poplar
The administrative centre of Norfolk
Vegetable whose varieties include Early Perfection and Kelvedon Wonder
A collective bet in which the stake and winnings on each successive event are carried forward to the next
Australian river sometimes known as the Barcoo River from one of its tributaries
1996 film, starring Anna Paquin, Jeff Daniels and Dana Delany, about a young girl who adopts a brood of Canada geese
1924 composition by George Gershwin for solo piano and jazz band
1958 book by Frederic W Farrar subtitled Little by Little
Novel by Henry Miller first published in 1934
American TV quiz show in which contestants are presented with answers and must phrase their responses in question form
The aromatic plant Artemisia dracunculus, whose leaves are used as seasoning
Michael ___, English filmmaker whose works include Jude, Welcome to Sarajevo and the TV series The Trip
Album by Antony and the Johnsons that won the Mercury Music Prize in 2005
Rock band whose instrumental single Clog Dance was a hit in 1979
Irish-bred racehorse that won the 1999 Grand National
The only Chinese-language film to win the Cannes Palme dOr
The standard monetary unit of Iran
Presenter of the quiz show Ask the Family from 1967 to 1984
Fictional hallucinogenic drug in Aldous Huxleys 1932 novel Brave New World
The fourth largest investment bank in the USA before declaring bankruptcy in 2008
Language also known as Siamese
UEFA trophy won by Newcastle United in 2006
A book that indexes the principal words in a literary work
Dutch actor who played replicant Roy Batty in the 1982 film Blade Runner
Ribbed material commonly used by artists for charcoal drawings
In the Old Testament, the first wife of Jacob and elder sister of Rachel, his second wife
The fourth and last compartment of the stomach of ruminants
Cambodian photojournalist portrayed by Haing S Ngor in the 1984 film The Killing Fields
Italian town after which a gulf of the Tyrrhenian Sea is named
IsiZulu word for any armed body of men, used in English to refer to a Zulu regiment
Queens radio or Stefani Germanottas lady?
The king of Belgium
The king of Swaziland
The king of number puzzles?
US corporation known for its fluorescent paints
The queen of Denmark
The queen
See 11
Emmanuel __, co-prince of Andorra!
__ Samson Hallowes, spy and recipient of the George Cross
Mountains between the Black and Caspian seas
Susanna __, co-host of Good Morning Britain
__ Eriksen, character in How I Met your Mother
Tamin bin __, emir of Qatar
Font used in the US Vietnam Veterans and September 11 memorials
Robert M. __, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Rod __, controversial journalist and commentator
Christian publishing house and the oldest Anglican missionary organisation
Extinct flightless bird endemic to New Zealand
Concert venue on Londons South Bank
Duchy, once the northernmost part of the Holy Roman Empire
Swiss city known for its gnomes?
Hamad __, King of Bahrain
City in the north of Norway
Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Hans-Adam, Sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein
Bye-bye: Hyph.
Part of the body that a baseball pitcher warms up
Teen ___
Light, inexpensive shirt
Long, thin musical instrument
MSNBC host of Hardball: 2 wds.
Santa Clarita ____
Powerful explosive: Abbr.
Give me an example: 2 wds.
This ___ job for Superman!: 2 wds.
Chilling in a cooler: 2 wds.
With 34-Across, MSNBC host of a nightly news and opinion show
See 32-Across
Massage, like bread dough
NBA player from Dallas, for short
The O in IOU
Soft drink holder made from aluminum: 2 wds.
Sound of contentment
___ and Peace
State thats north of Missouri
MSNBC host of The 11th House: 2 wds.
Not at all handsome
Yeas opposite
Separate with a strainer
Roomy handbag
He said, ___ said
Trees that New Haven, Connecticut is known for
___ Tac
What Ritalin treats: Abbr.
Pianist/singer ___ Amos
Creature from outer space
Banking convenience: Abbr.
Brought in the crops
Yeah, sure!: 2 wds.
Santa Claus is Coming to ___
Passion for life
Intimidate with a steely look: 2 wds.
In vain: 3 wds.
Brooks who directed Young Frankenstein
Defensive ___
Rub the wrong way
___ Diego Chargers
___ of spades
Phrase in a swearing-in ceremony: 2 wds.
Milked animal
Partner of a ram
Every dog ___ its day
Fleetwood ___
Grammy winner Carey
Background ___
Touch at an edge
Oscar-winning Ben Affleck film
Handle of a sword
Cry loudly
Versatile kind of car radio
Sailors yes
Caustic stuff used in some soaps
People who have been canonized: Abbr.
Ramirez of tennis
Fishhook feature
Hiss in history
Mideast pooh-bah
Analogy words
Mediterranean island
N in NB
Use a dagger
Geometrical solid
Male ancestor
Stocking stuffers
__ longue
Wild Asian dog
To Kill a Mockingbird author
Actor Silvers
Palindromic wonans name
Not so big
Dos Passos trilogy
Shoe part
Ate in a hurry
Dress part
Greek b
Dizzying pictures
Pep pill
__ Man (Estevez film)
Israeli carrier
Paris bisector
Hourly fee, e.g.
Wrinkly fruit
Reveal by accident
Hair style
Love, to Livy
Beatles meter maid
Viva Zapata! star
Faux pas
Port of ancient Rome
Video game name
Norwegian prize giver
Name of 11 rulers of ancient Egypt
PC key
Tobacco mouthful
Kazakh-Uzbek sea
Birthplace of Artemis and Apollo
High water alternative
Parisian octet
Words of comprehension
This Gun For Hire star
Hamburgs river
Checked for fit
Charleston dancer
Top of a suit
Iraqi port
Eyes amorously
Ball girl
Weapon swung by a gaucho
Irish writer OFlaherty
Samoan seaport
Cost of occupation
Leaves home?
Go past
Coders (anag.)
Horrifying or sensational
Fell asleep
Tall border plant
Music-hall entertainment
Compositions for two performers
Feel bitter about
Royal residence
Cut of beef
Spanish sausage
Cloth with a pattern woven into it
Furthest point
Underground cell
Lionel Bart musical
Official enumeration of a population
City on the Seine
Foot-operated lever
Killer bent on corrupting fairy
More thickset farm animals? That is right
Backing in Jerusalem is guaranteed
Regrets a stratagem, by the sound of it
Doctor taken aback with German article on painkiller
Untidy she-devil led astray
Spend long time in corridor
Vessels brought back for game
This sounds like a capital ramble
Godless people present at robberies
Grit spread out for birds
Trout dissected by teacher?
The heart of the matter
Lake that is part of a series
Donkey, no longer single, dug a hole
I sell woven fabric
Reduced growth of fruit at end of orchard
Police officer gets near disturbance
Heartless dame with a Mafia boss? Exactly!
Coming down at the top of the stairs?
Dance held by Swiss ambassador
Ways in which boy or girl has lost heart?
Asian commitment, reportedly
Place of happiness for soldier, woman ?€” the Kent area
Woman carrying a haversack originally in desert
Flag used by celebrities and bands
Part of record is a poem
Salesperson allowed to dine, finally satisfied
Scholarly uncle originally seen in artists workrooms
Celebrity, Eastern, makes us gawp
Second fellow not finishing coffee
Very large Eastern man returning with tailless rodent
Georgias endless illusory feat involving the stomach
Regular payment for writer with boy, about 1
Vicars in one tale rearranging compulsory time in the forces
Substitutes tax record found inside
Aristocrat makes us ban lemon, sadly
Pole with the queens picture
It is clear, possibly, and lifelike
Disagreement involving womans flex
Bird loses tail to burn
A professional model not quite getting to the point
Large politician surrounded by drink
Replied, having read news, possibly
Directions given to journalists round for coffee
Company administrator initially seen in plain outer garment
Man with hestitaiton twice covering popular one with metal
Mother with drink caught by one journalist, as pictured
A ringleader with drink collects one from Gatwick maybe
Cross male out longer
From Bury, new trainee
Establish group at university
Sauce used in cheapest orders
Three R.A.F. squadrons achieve victory by the end of the blitzkrieg
Where one finds time to describe the alert sentry
Suitable way for a circular tour
Play without a drink
Theyre blooming big fiddles!
So near to analysing logical thought
Threat from one who provides capital cover
Bits of mixed spice round the East
A noble look
Fail to give full support to the footballer!
As a man of letters, the teacher is after a job
In the park I tested a toy
Scare a close friend when Id intervened
Medal struck before dinner
They sharpen athletic functions up
Compassionate nurse
Pontoon-bridge provides two examples of this
False modesty is endless
Teenager making a fuss over the French perfume
Scholars retail it differently
Put in the oven again when you see her coming back to have a meal
It is instilled into the staff to be courteous
This kind of clay is a water carrier
Bay trees outside
Trivial sum
Casino game
Cutting tool
Commotion caused by disturbing brute in tree
Boastful bird?
Repair many at last
Inclination to write song
Staged imposingly?
Would be select if ninety were admitted, but difficult to catch
Loud outcry caused by 150 showing the ardour of their love
Member constitutes an unreasoning adherent
This horse is frightening by night
I am to show incontrovertibly how to get better
Hot displeasure shown that range has been blown up
Direction given by the smallest letterhead sent out
To Len red is imbued with disorder
Not uniform of jejune quality
Editor takes brush round his sleeping-chamber
Revenge – the ability to see a small hole
Come to understand how to convert into cash
She has the knack of making clever remarks, but it loses freshness
Disdainfully rejects boys from organisation
Upset having to show measurement for headgear
In respect of article to support thus turning up
No sir, ring up for a prayer
Lion and man confused in name only
Go, nurse – hell do the operation!

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