Crosswords Answers 2018-2-25

Aw rats!
See you later
That so? reply
That wasnt nice!
The Master Builder playwright
You and I have a deal!
404 Not Found, e.g
Actor Davis
Airport waiter?
Alpo alternative
Amount of jam or jelly beans
Ancient theaters
Approve another season of
Armpit, medically
Bagel topping
Bagel topping spelled using only the letters of 89-Down
Ballot hanger
Basil, e.g
Basket part
Basket part
Bass player
Be annoying
Berth places
Brand in the dairy aisle
Breakfast spots
Butts end?
Bygone deliverers
Casual top
Cause of a tic, for short
Chalked stick
Challenge for a college-bound student, maybe
Cherry throwaway
Christmas drink
Combo meal entree
Dojo surface
Double a score
Enter the fray
Fund-raising org
Future stallion
Garment thats often plaid
Geraints wife, in Arthurian romance
Gets back together
Glacial ridges
Grandfather of Alfred the Great
Group of stars
Historical period
Historical period spelled using only the letters of 2-Down
Holder of shells
In ___ of
Include without notifying others, in a way
Inner tubes?
Its comped
Its imagined
Jackie of The Tuxedo
Jamaican export
Jamaican rapper ___ Paul
Jewel case holder
Kind of medicine
Kitchen brand
Many a year-end list
Many an office workers problem
Medical inserts
Much-abbreviated Latin phrase
Muhammads favorite wife
Nanki-Poos father, with the
Neeson of Schindlers List
Neighbor of a Montenegrin
Nickname of Duke basketballs Mike Krzyzewski
No-good, spelled using only the letters of 71-Down
Not happy, to say the least
Ones not up to par?
Order to go
Oscar winner with four #1 Billboard hits
Page 1, e.g
Part of a motorcade
Penguins org
Photogs purchase
Place to get pampered
Prince of Shakespeare
Put the pedal to the metal
Rack site
Really impressive
Really impressive, spelled using only the letters of 39-Down
Revolutionary War hero
Revolutionary War hero spelled using only the letters of 13-Down
Roger in the Navy
Sarcastic response to a fail
Screw up
Seaweed in Japanese cuisine
Shade of blue
Singer who once spelled her name with a $
Six things in some six-packs
Slyly attracts
Small flute
Snack items
Snack items spelled using only the letters of 36-Down
Spanish Listen!
Sukkot celebrant
Sun spot?
Temporary tattoo material
Throws together
Tin lizzies
Took back ones story
Track schedule
Tries to beat the buzzer?
TV demonstrator at the 1939 Worlds Fair
Unlikely to be talked out of
Was dateless
Was mounted atop
Website with a Sell an item option
What a press pass provides
What assayers assay
When it comes to
Whole-grain cereal brand
Womans name that sounds like its second and first letters, respectively
Word before before
Word before data or deal
Word that might be helpful on a class reunion name tag
Writer Nin
You can lend one without letting go of it
Young ___
___ Creed (Christian statement of faith)
Makes like a lion
Prefix meaning large
___ goes there?
Verbally disagree
Glass medicine container (var.)
1957 org. in screeched
Mowers pathway?
Museum contents
Those peoples
Mini sofa
Small amounts
Not of the clergy
Good field, ___
Good ol place
Bro or sis
Fiftys five
List extender, briefly
Harder to penetrate
Friendly and charming
Some Cuban dances (var.)
Make up
San Antonio pro
Row crosser (Abbr.)
___ Major (constellation)
Be literate
Alter to ones advantage
Breathing problems
Spring up
Bread variety
Visa fencing operation?
Slip up
Cowboy event
Fleshy orange parts
Prefix with arming
Former German currency, informally
WWII British fliers
Bobby of hockey
Make ___ of it
Littlest of litters
Brother of Abel
West Side Story song
Casanova wannabe
Motherboard insert
Like times of yore
… among this document
Groups of eight
Hair application
Native American pole
Sword fight
Place known for wine
Last-place race finishers?
High, wispy clouds
Elaborate inlaid work (var.)
Early learning letters
Voting group
Mr. in Mexico
Be litigious
Home on a cliff
___ vera
Like a turtle
Easier to understand
Ancient writing papers
Pelvis bones
Colorless gas
Hospital injection fluid
Wearing shoes
Certain California law grp.
… without further ___
Attachment to gran
Non-profit airer
Tis a pity sound
Raptors gripper
Unlike a green banana
Three-card monte, e.g.
Humble residence
Give off, as vibes
Blondie kid
What a dupe may be led down
Feels awful about
Beehive State native
Dire prophecy
Start a 65-Down, say
Was the author of
Exotic berry in smoothies
Morticia or Gomez
Hamilton segment
Piggy bank feature
Cupid, to the Greeks
Fax forerunner
Home of the Incas
Has the guts
Begin the day
Chris with six U.S. Open wins
Corporal or colonel
Nosebag morsels
More Solomonic
Midsize Nissan
Citizenship prerequisite
Internet users peripherals
Bose offering
Big wheels, for short
Have a bug
Bread served with falafel
Where to find eggs and yogurt
Prefix with knock or lock
___-ran (loser)
Sherlock Holmes Miss Adler
Herzog author Bellow
Airplane wing measure
Space ___ (airhead)
Touch base after a flyout
Peter out
Sophia of Two Women
Like Neil Simons couple
Couldnt do without
Seized auto, perhaps
Sunni leader
Race cars stop
Moral compass
It may parallel a highway
Lead for Charlie Chan
City north of Des Moines
Lions share
Gave a silent 26-Down
Thomas who drew Santa
Place to hike and observe wildlife
Green light
Noahs landfall
Aesopian conclusion
Kazan who was blacklisted
Machine gun site
Holders of joint custody, perhaps
Hurl, as invectives
Zachary of Tangled
Shipments to refineries
Like a string bikini
Patient of some surgeons
Design made with tiles
Designated drivers drinks, maybe
Moved carefully
Creator of Pooh and Roo
Unwelcome winter weather
Reflexology spots
Fey who lampooned Palin
Ides of March rebuke
MasterCard alternative
Nutrient plentiful in lentils
The Sound of Music peak
Retirees asset, briefly
Andy Griffith Show spinoff
Exodus author
Got it
Pinocchio goldfish
Saving Private Ryan studio
__ Land (2016 blockbuster film)
2017 World Series winner
42 Down, e.g
A second time
Act as lookout for, say
Announcement at LAX
Antsy feeling
Argumentative comeback
Bad half of fiction
Barts brainy sister
Billiards bounce
Blow off steam
Brother of Zeus
Burn superficially
Canvas quarters
Casual eatery
Certain proof of purchase
Cocoa holders
Comparatively cautious
Crowd around
Cut down to size
Deal facilitator
Deserve to get
Dinner menu selection
Disney film set in China
Divert, as a train
Env. insert
Exodus 19 locale
Extends across
Fibbers admission
Foxx of Ray
French farewell
Full of enthusiasm
Generic address
German autos
Goalies stats
Green Gables girl
Hair gel, for instance
Have a cameo role?
Heroic tales
Hindu ascetic
Hint of color
Hold together
Idyllic place
Influential person
Inform against
Informal affirmative
Instinctive feeling, for short
Island near Lady Liberty
It means bad
Just hanging around
Keyboarding error
King Ferdinands homeland
Last president with a mustache
Leica competitor
Less significant
Long-eared hoppers
Lower leg
Make a mockery of
Minnesota iron range
Most born in August
Most lean and muscular
Mouths off to
Nine-digit ID issuer
North Atlantic catch
Not to be trusted
Nothing but
Office agreement
One visiting websites
Open to bribery
Paid (up)
Part of some freight trains
Part-time degree program
Pennsylvania port
Performed brilliantly
Pocket fluff
Poker pair
Priest on a base
Product pitches
Ration out
Renders impure
Reunion attendee
Reunion attendee
Rural structure
Salty septet
Sandwich staple
Science guy __ deGrasse Tyson
Shakespearean title females
Shelter adoptees
Sights near the Colosseum
Sign of things to come
Singer Guthrie
Slippery swimmers
Smartphone screen array
Snoop group
Solemn procedures
Sotomayor appointer
Source of shade
Sources of shade
Sousaphone kin
Sports replay technique
Sporty auto roofs
Stadium level
State-run numbers game
Stranded at a chalet, maybe
Streaming appliances
Stuff served with soup
Successful legislation
Suffix for sect
Take a spill
Teens safety org
Those in favor
Those in favor
Toms and bucks
Transferred nest egg
True crime series
Two-toned treat
Typical solitaire diamond size
Uncool one
Under siege
Video arcade pioneer
Viewers recording medium
Was in charge
Washingtons subway
Winter Olympics gear
Woodwind holder
Wool source
Yonder yawl
YouTube post
JFKs 109
Gives in
Egg white protein
Ronzoni rival
Open, as an aspirin bottle
Quarters and halves
Its often written in stone
Snow in southwest England?
Salad bar container
EKGs may be done in them
Waikiki wreaths
Rte. finder
Golf-loving priests dream?
Cal. locale of the Latino Walk of Fame
Bottom-row key
Pastry with a metallic taste?
Boodles, for one
Renaissance painter della Francesca
Auto body problem
Eye layer
Since Jan. 1, in accounting
Start of many a riddle
Ben Gurion carrier
Freight unit
Result of certain radar screens conking out?
Ski resort aids
M*A*S*H roller
Dec. setting in Denver
Lea sounds
Rum-and-water drink
Tusker hunted as game
Hostile calls
CPR provider
Brazilian map word
Media outlet in Pennsylvania Dutch country?
90s golf club-making innovation
Coughing, perhaps
Provides fare for
General-use gesture?
Source of brain research data: Abbr.
Unresponsive (to)
Like delicate fabric
The Jungfrau, e.g.
Makeup malfunction
Take as ones own
Binary code basic
Cause of an origami flaw?
Just like us!
Genteel caf?© relative
Feeling guilty
Charming small-town street array
Old lab heaters
Became less hostile
Like decrees from Francis
It might come from the horses mouth
Portuguese hi
Nuclear decay emission
Sesame seed paste
Rudolphs dad, e.g.
Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter
ATM maker
See 51-Down
Scrooge visitor
Flu symptom
Its measured in degrees for golf clubs
Fed. budget unit
Merkel of Destry Rides Again
Eisners successor at Disney
Fabled loch
Attraction for a cartoon coyote
Dish using seaweed
Small change: Abbr.
More to the point
Less healthy-looking
Auction array
I approve
Stout server
Pediatrician Asperger
Move like a moth
Poet Lazarus
Entertainer of the Year org.
Childs counting word
Acorn, functionally
Name on a spine
With 10-Down, Waikiki entertainer
Mayflower roller
Prophet associated with Passover
Western alliance: Abbr.
Is down with
Bolivian president Morales
Role in Evita
Put another way
Symphonic rock gp.
European capital on its own gulf
Feudal peasant
Sri Lankan people
Armed forces strategy
General __ chicken
Head of Byzantium?
Tell whats due
European capital
Court declarations
Warm and comfy
The __ bites shrewdly; it is very cold : Hamlet
Eponymous apple grower
Web surfing tool
North Atlantic navigation worry
Part of a telemarketers gear
The X-Files sighting
Attacks, as a wrapped gift
Vichy verse
Aqua Velva alternative
Movie mogul Marcus
Neck, in Nottingham
Theaters associated with 106-Down
Acapulco abode
Unlocks, in verse
Washn __ towelettes
Charged thing
Dynasty after the Qin
Cold and rainy
90s golf club-making innovation
I approve
Just like us!
M*A*S*H roller
The X-Files sighting
The __ bites shrewdly; it is very cold: Hamlet
Acapulco abode
Acorn, functionally
Aqua Velva alternative
Armed forces strategy
ATM maker
Attacks, as a wrapped gift
Attraction for a cartoon coyote
Auction array
Auto body problem
Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter
Became less hostile
Ben Gurion carrier
Binary code basic
Bolivian president Morales
Boodles, for one
Bottom-row key
Brazilian map word
Cal. locale of the Latino Walk of Fame
Cause of an origami flaw?
Charged thing
Charming small-town street array
Childs counting word
Cold and rainy
Coughing, perhaps
Court declarations
CPR provider
Dec. setting in Denver
Dish using seaweed
Dynasty after the Qin
Egg white protein
Eisners successor at Disney
EKGs may be done in them
Entertainer of the Year org
Eponymous apple grower
European capital
European capital on its own gulf
Eye layer
Fabled loch
Fed. budget unit
Feeling guilty
Feudal peasant
Flu symptom
Freight unit
General __ chicken
General-use gesture?
Genteel caf?© relative
Gives in
Golf-loving priests dream?
Head of Byzantium?
Hostile calls
Is down with
It might come from the horses mouth
Its measured in degrees for golf clubs
Its often written in stone
Lea sounds
Less healthy-looking
Like decrees from Francis
Like delicate fabric
Makeup malfunction
Mayflower roller
Media outlet in Pennsylvania Dutch country?
Merkel of Destry Rides Again
More to the point
Move like a moth
Movie mogul Marcus
Name on a spine
Neck, in Nottingham
North Atlantic navigation worry
Nuclear decay emission
Old lab heaters
Open, as an aspirin bottle
Part of a telemarketers gear
Pastry with a metallic taste?
Pediatrician Asperger
Poet Lazarus
Portuguese hi
Prophet associated with Passover
Provides fare for
Put another way
Quarters and halves
Renaissance painter della Francesca
Result of certain radar screens conking out?
Role in Evita
Ronzoni rival
Rte. finder
Rudolphs dad, e.g
Rum-and-water drink
Salad bar container
Scrooge visitor
See 51-Down
Sesame seed paste
Since Jan. 1, in accounting
Ski resort aids
Small change: Abbr
Snow in southwest England?
Source of brain research data: Abbr
Sri Lankan people
Start of many a riddle
Stout server
Symphonic rock gp
Take as ones own
Tell whats due
The Jungfrau, e.g
Theaters associated with 106-Down
Tusker hunted as game
Unlocks, in verse
Unresponsive (to)
Vichy verse
Waikiki wreaths
Warm and comfy
Washn __ towelettes
Web surfing tool
Western alliance: Abbr
With 10-Down, Waikiki entertainer
Batter fish first then start to steam rhubarb
Drink from a small can, briefly
Ugly ball he smashed gets show of amusement
Not in favour of major road skirting edges of Newport
Allow prince to be very nasty indeed
Private place for film?
Prepare to go round part of theatre
Portable food didn’t have drink for Spooner
Grannie follows deer – trying, at first, to be still
Source of wine for artist in restaurant
A doctor’s old reading desk
Made a meal of deliveries and declared
Flat race is short
Make a bloomer in return for a sweet and spicy snack
Hastily mend an old paving stone
Remove obstruction in river
Approach Polish guys outside a southern capital?
Perhaps metal from church roof in the van
Setting up keyboard instrument with one pipe
I order you to serve porridge, for example
Made it twice possibly?
Around end of dinner, food served includes an unhealthy-looking cake
Good batting at all times by George!
Rat initially attracted by rubbish put outside
Grope for board game
Sailor climbing brown palm
Finally strippers finish burlesque
Look happy when dull work is nearly done
Sum of first four perfect squares
Small hound
Expected winner
Marvel superheroes
Body of violin or acoustic guitar
Idyllic place
Giza attraction
Radiography department
Trojan war hero
Scientific instrument
Evergreen shrub
This is “domenica” in Italy
Nothing special
Circular building
Oxford and Derby, for example
Sailing craft
Blood vessel of the heart
Belgradians, e.g.
Head hair hides them
Irked a lot
Was released
In a mannerly manner
Start of a riddle
Myrna of The Thin Man
Seasons first games
Cried feebly
Gives in (to)
PIN point
TV reporter Burnett
— Marian
Riddle, part 2
Currently airing
Like straight lines, for short
Recycling receptacles
Notable years
Riddle, part 3
Singer Levine
— Fridays (restaurant)
Dalai —
Freeze Away targets
Youth org.
Bitten at persistently
Penalized monetarily
Riddle, part 4
Nero or Livy
Actress Eva
Actress Eva
Ar follower
Plane parts
Korbut of gymnastics
Fleur-de- —
Ticks cousin
Riddle, part 5
Stage decor
Champs cry
Novelist Seton
Ask — I might know the answer
End of the riddle
Sword type
See 9-Down
Basketballer Ming
Gift from above
Test pilots garb
Least dry
Surg. sites
Riddles answer
More ready to hit the hay
Mexican or Guatemalan
Wall painting
Steed riders
Revises, as text
Messy types
Toothed tool
King James Bible suffix
San Luis —, California
Really scolded
Rose to ones feet
Police rank: Abbr.
Its Impossible singer Perry
With 107-Across, give in to despair
The 25th Annual — County Spelling Bee
Tampa Bay city, for short
Stock mkt. debuts
Floor cleaner
In bad health
Neckwear clasps
Make harmonious
Blue hue
Sommer of The Oscar
Like much blond hair
No, to Dmitri
Writer Bombeck
Love, to Nero or Livy
Walking stick
French five
Loafer, e.g.
With 113-Down, products ultimate consumer
Vietnamese celebration
Hero type
Nets org.
Millet, fescue and sorghum
Tuber often candied
Going gaga, with out
Wedding band
Lieutenant Geordi on Star Trek: The Next Generation
— Zone
Disbeliever in God
Like a worse blizzard
Birth mo. for many Leos
Job-creating FDR agcy.
Big shot
LAX stat
Cannes Palme —
Mag heads
Hamlet, e.g.
Ballot site
Takeis Star Trek role
Close with stitches
Way out
Full of tension
Soup flavor enhancer, for short
Not Rep. or Dem.
Party card game
Lower Manhattan sch.
Turf toughs
Preach it!
Really mad, with off
Krypton-86, for one
Cries feebly
Gazing sort
Babys toy
New York City moniker
Way out
Instruments with sticks
Lillian of silent films
French battle site of 44
See 38-Down
Suffix with sermon
Where the tibia is
Minister (to)
Tiny —
Set- — (brief fights)
Swing to and —
Test center
Lofty rails
Maestro playing out of his skin is a star
Galley recipe one found in plane?
Seen to need treatment, inside leg being raw
Fabric covering a penetrating beam
Close search, mostly during breaks
Name behind Australian rock
Stall wrapping bargain for wrinkly
Dry Asian who’s pukka scoffed
Mike with capital cut suffering with respect to gauging gear
Hear angelic playing here, perhaps
Seeing that twinkling within parents of dependent young
Teuchter’s topper thrice stuck by touch of industrial detergent
Lace designer of Victorian era losing money
Whale coming to island – one has crossed the Pacific
Remove soil from disgusting Siamese cat! (Miss terribly put off)
Eager worker going after record, a shocking experience
Monastic group that’s observed outside part of church?
Chemical explosive with forcefulness, not half!
A beard must scrape
Second fast bowler may be someone out of this world
So much the worse – National Trust destroyed old arras?
Medicine futile ultimately with this person twitching
Plants in magic pot vary unexpectedly, five dying
Escaper breaking free with ‘eavy load
Early English architect’s design initially coming out of the blue
US city’s Irish painter
Earl being given vote
European dismissal in turn sadly not stopping
Exaggerate point, possibly involving silly lie?
What’s needed is missing return
Huckleberry Finn, say, is for foot – it’s uplifting
Heart of this madness is cost of borrowing for Kiwi
Retired Jew by nature not cold
Floor that is small part of theatre
Relative is careless about what winds up some
College fell for fad
Animals with wing-like feet
Capital of North Holland
Russian tea urn, sometimes elaborately decorated
Carbonates of this element and calcium create hard water
“One touch of nature makes the whole world ____” (Ulysses, in Troilus and Cressida)
Pupa within its cocoon
Chief puppet in the French equivalent of Punch and Judy
Actress who starred alongside Alec Baldwin in Beetlejuice
Mischievous shape-shifting god in Norse mythology
Entertainer whose epitaph describes him and his wife as “Reunitey in the heavenly-bode – Deep Joy!”
Warren Mitchell’s most famous comic role
Author of Kidnapped
A single-seat carriage with two or four wheels
Mowgli’s friend and mentor in The Jungle Book
Taxonomic rank between family and species
To dine at the building where the food was prepared
Critical evaluation of biblical text
English king, replaced briefly by Sweyn Forkbeard
The offence of a twoccer
White House press secretary replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Charles Darwin work on sexual selection
A pout
The only footballer to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final
Lizard-like reptile of New Zealand
Hill in Perthshire which is mentioned in Macbeth
Informally, the mathematical function inverse to exponentiation
Retained, as of a grudge
Wind which is directionally opposite to the sirocco
Greek goddess of agriculture and harvest
A ____ play is a staged Bible story
Astronomical treatise by Ptolemy
Relating to the groin
Our possible fate after death
Actress who gained fame as a five-year-old in Bright Eyes
Substance produced by the breaking up of eg fat globules
Like Foinaven, a racehorse and a Sutherland mountain
Horse-drawn carriage named after the German town where it was first made
Host of Crackerjack from 1968-1974
Strap holding a saddle or other equestrian equipment in place
Grape juice ready for use in wine-making
Ben Jonson comedy, its title the Italian for fox
Hindu sage or poet
1991 film starring Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy
Before Jules Verne, Casanova wrote this book subtitled Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Gateshead, Jarrow, and South Shields are ____ towns
Canadian-American impressionist known as The Man of a Thousand Voices
State of Mexico between Chihuahua and Baja California
Chrysotile is one form of this fire-resistant material
Composer of the opera Bluebeard’s Castle
Encyclopaedic work on the lives of Christian saints, started in the 17th century
The setting of Coronation Street
Device put in front of a locomotive to deflect obstacles
Street between Pall Mall and Northumberland Avenue, especially in Monopoly
Author credited with popularising the name Wendy
April 25 in Australia and New Zealand
13th-century theologian Thomas ____ wrote the “five ways”, arguments for the existence of God
Jewish greeting, the Hebrew word for “peace”
Device which converts digital data to an analogue signal and vice versa
Peter Mark ____ published a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms
The ____, debut novel of Stephen Fry
Alter rising sea movement
Apt for the time of year
Ascot confusingly at the shore
Awfully rude in conclusion, though put up with it
Black and grey bird
Bore, tolerated
Bored (a hole)
Boy returned bundle to bird
Cancel Cinders production
Clutch found in lookout platform?
Constant objective, a smaller quantity
Dance perceived to be a puzzle
Dot of land
Elis ploughed up piece of land
Female rabbit
Festive, for instance, as Noel, as arranged
Find fault
Find fault with fish
Imitating a sharp ringing sound
Indian prince
Just open a piece of meat up for prince
King and journalist in seat run away
Levelled (out)
Made to measure the last part, nothing revolutionary
Medic with poorly journalist is bored
Meeting point to go fishing
Mont Blancs range
Ocean movement
Picture puzzle
Pub game
Pub game sees violin knocked over
Range of laps to go round
Run away
Saw and rule mostly snapped by carpenters mate
Ships lookout platform
Space around northern stadium
Spoils whats left
Start cooking pigeon around noon
Talk of money for rabbit
The day before Kelly made it level
Tusked mammal
Used to be a tailless stinger
Vow, softly, on edge
Where sailors should be completely disorganised
1960s ITV puppet series featuring the Tracy family devised by Sylvia and Gerry Anderson
Great circle of the earth at 0 degrees latitude
English horse racecourse that hosts the Derby
Department of NE France; capital Troyes
British unit of capacity equal to 8 gallons
1861 novel by Charles Dickens
Edible flatfish of the North Atlantic, Baltic and Mediterranean
1974 comedy film starring Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland
Michael -, director of films Enigma, Gorky Park and Nell
George -, governor of Alabama, survivor of an assassination attempt in 1972, who died in 1998
See 14
Creeping plant whose fruit is eaten raw in salads
Clifford -, author of stage plays Waiting for Lefty and Clash by Night
James -, actor who played the title role in US television Western series The Virginian
Method of restarting play in rugby union after the ball has gone into touch
Argonaut in Greek mythology; husband of Marpessa
1826 novel by Mary Shelley
2006 novel by Louis Sachar
1994 stage play by Yasmina Reza
Arnold -, English composer of symphonic poem Tintagel which premiered in 1921
Polygon with seven sides
Duncan -, 1980 Olympic 100m breaststroke swimming gold medallist
The -, 1980 childrens book by Roald Dahl
Oliver -, actor who played Porthos in 1993 adventure-comedy film The Three Musketeers
1978-83 US television sitcom starring Judd Hirsch, Marilu Henner and Danny DeVito
Likely to happen or appear
Professional boxer
Dog breed
Mosque prayer leader
Japanese garment
Long to possess
Unwelcome plant
Having the shape of dice
Ruler of many lands
Soup type
Not growing or developing
Fly high
Shop selling alcohol
Cleaning item
Small barrel
A few
Calls off
Snooker ball colour
beverage brand
beverage brand
beverage brand
beverage brand
beverage brand
beverage brand
beverage brand
Ornamental tree
Type of word
Latvian capital
Breed of dog
Sheet of glass
US coin
Volume of maps
Freshwater mammal
Time to jump
Bit of compartment
Metal guide
Quiet lift gets commendation
Observe a sound
Care about tree
Mile away from citrus
Renditions conclusion
Advantaged with transport
Tardy ordering tale
Small group, owing to time
Ring devout woman about word
Cult so affected by insect
Brigade captured city
Encounter report of beef, say
Hound in the evening sun?
Great purse, ruined
Authentic sort of earl
German male managed to shine
Window sounds a nuisance
Loved to bother socialist
Pace rated incorrectly
Incentive to have money
Lied about being lazy
Last to finish by river
Move around with new toxin
Finally doesnt finish a book
Creature less cold in the East End
Part of community
Figure its broken
Trial run
Church nook
Calcutta clothing
Estrada of TV
March 15
Puff up
Artists prop
Subarctic forest
Corrupt payoff
Funny joke
Three strikes
Dill herb
Antlered animal
Skirt shape
Storm or Page
Mr. Davis
A or B
Pound stray
Clare ____
Romance, e.g.
Book type
Navigation aid
Realty unit
Parallel to
Mets former home
CD category
Dogs problem
Female deer
Weight: abbr.
Cool, dude!
Previously, in verse
Flower organ
High nest
Chipmunk pouches
Listen to
Lawn tunneler
Desert creature
Sleeping place
Tie again
Fired (up)
Science pro
Dirks kin
Strong surge
Cozy corner
Loud noise
White ____
Mules kin
Hawaiian dish
Press for payment
August, e.g.
Keep afloat
Resolve out of court
One of the Great Lakes
Irish Riders to the Sea playwright
Christmas cookie ingredient
Decorative metalware
Villain in The Lion King
Mule relatives
Butter units
Said further
Tehrans land
Fairy tale monster
Small rip
Tenants document
Kids stipend
Carrying a weapon
Goes to
Pack animal
California city
Favorable vote
Rented again
Carnival attractions
Childs game
Jazz great ____ Fitzgerald
No way!
Toll road
Private ____
Musical tones
Jeans fabric
Always, in verse
Dubuque residents
____ and donts
Computer key
Water under the Brooklyn Bridge (2 wds.)
Food shop
On ones toes
Take a break
Besides that
South American capital
Not written
Scientist ____ Sagan
Couch ____
CIA employee
Track down
Love songs
Map books
Bambi, for one
Serious play
Curved letters
Wish for
Color changer
She, in Nice
Adriatic, e.g.
Labrador ____
____ Got Sixpence
Rocker ____ Turner
Ring stones
Sunday seat
Letter before epsilon
Basketballs Shaquille ____
Not fresh
The British ____
At all times
Face covering
Stately trees
Ready to eat
Discerning of poet to stand by earliest of comments quoted on the radio
Its Dean playing as a substitute
Happen to miss bit of practice before batting in county game
Points to a ring around sink resembling fat
Intend to put on torn clothing
Vulnerable at the outset before crossing German border
Constituent initially ignored by Independent politicians agent
False allegations the French dismissed as homesickness
Quiet for a gun they say
Pioneering advocate for a permanent military establishment near the centre of Hartlepool
Senseless to get beginners in immunology doing investigations of the ear
Not usual in America to leave additional space at end of page
Resentment evident in letter about the source of Brexit madness
Unworthy of goddess left in race when disregarding the rules
Dismiss more reserved account put up earlier
Hurt after I said something very ugly
Showing signs of anger old soul singer describes being regularly disregarded
Run into dog close to home
Opposed by those resolved to protect the borders of Israel
Survive on the way up by the ability to recognise a harmful glance
Dead against new nurses beginning to vouch for an unfavourable state of affairs
Extended period of imprisonment received by debarred journalist
Freedom from restraint shown by Pennys trite remark
Kind of dog bed found in street on the outskirts of Ilfracombe
Vehicle originally departing from Parisian companys design style
Head of planning apt to be easily influenced
Draw close to elephant in the heart of uncharted territory
Just before time of incident
See note
Zodiac sign
Underground passage
Swiss hero
Brass instrument
Very attentive
Native of Tashkent
Dutch cheese
Oily food fish
Radiotelegraphy pioneer
Soft roll
Alpine singing effect
Solemnly affirm
Bering Sea sight
Zip your lip!
Ernest Rutherfords study
Pt. of BSA
Stage murmur
Letter sign-off
Costa ________
Chefs stock
Whats in ________?
Poetic preposition
Vegans bane
Slalom paths
Recipe amt.
Accommodate, in a way
Silents star Bara
Great serve, in 37-Across
Nadals game
A party to
Brown, heavy, metal container?
Hunting dog
Nice-to-Rome dir.
Devote, as time
________ chance!
Actor Harrison
A river runs through it
Flight component
Bed on board
Star with attitude
Best of Hollywood
Puts to work
Tide type
Grand ________ National Park
School tools
Kuwaiti bigwig
Pay back
Fireplace adjunct
Far from shore
Insect catcher, rather than Cole fan?
Contract provisions
2001 sports biopic
Vocal quality
Walkie-talkie word
Ancient Persian
Track competition
Hunger Games participants
Place for a guard
Soap family
Resell illegally
Pot starter
Kirks craft
________ the Woods
Lets stand
Work at the bar
Bankruptcy factor
Utter nonsense
Eventually arrive (at)
Grace period?
Lose strength
Funny Fey
Blood: prefix
Final roasting place?
Bonny belle
Carpet feature
Family room
Second Book of the Old Testament
How to address a Roman Catholic cardinal
See 9
Imaginary line circling the earth at zero degrees of latitude
Ruse; false move
Light wood used in model- and raft-making
Render unnecessary
Out-raced? (anag)
Capital of Fiji
Young salmon that returns to fresh water
Eight, or a range of notes and keys in music
Palm starch used for puddings, etc
Code word for the letter S
Copped it; RAF slang for downed, destroyed, missing or dead
Comic strip character animated for film in 1933 by Max Fleischer
Briefly giving the gist of something
State of perplexity
See 3
Somewhat ill or prone to illness
In the original position (Latin)
Baffled, confused
Oral examination
Living room furniture piece
Hens output
BBs and buckshot
Course section
Paid athlete
Incite or urge
A house away (2 words)
Dollar overseas
Gavel banger
Like a little rascal
Young gent
Spankys pal
Wide-spreading tree
Garment word with sports or training
Your and my
A form of NACL
Casper the friendly ___
Victorian, for one
All thumbs
Six oclock, for many (2 words)
Illegally lend a hand
Subatomic particle with no charge
Polygraph flunker
Hit the nail on the thumb?
Battery fluid
See at a distance
Are we there ___?
Had in ones hands
Earth warmer
I of old Rome
Part of a period, geologically
Small cave, poetically
Plan for a meeting
Poutish expression
Old Gray one
Trash dump output
Stuff collected in an attic
Bumbling one
Fateful day in the Roman senate
What any guy is
Speedy cat
Paint or clay creation
Weavers apparatus
Be finicky about trifles
Stone in Ireland
Gate guard
What ___ you up to?
Excess supply
What racquetball is played on
Chips cartoon friend
Cousin of a stork
Tide variety
Roll call response
Water you can crack
Soccer shutout score
Opposite of even
Be a criminal accomplice for
Football player from Los Angeles
Swoosh or golden arches, for example
Shrink back from the shore
Actress who plays the queen mother of Wakanda in Black Panther: 2 wds.
What fills lungs
Maker of pest control products: Hyph.
Corporations internal rules
Microsoft mogul whos giving away his fortune to help the planet: 2 wds.
Peg on a golf course
Sudden military attack
Neckwear that might shed feathers
Shelf beneath a window
No room at the ___
Party of Five actor whos doing charity work for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in Malawi: 2 wds.
2018 Super Bowl champs
Female chickens
The ___ is done
Lip Sync Battle cohost whos five months pregnant: 2 wds.
Shout from a congregation
Faux ___
Neither amazing nor awful: Hyph.
How ___ that grab you?
At least one
High school dances of the 1950s
Southern state near Georgia: Abbr.
____ Jovi
Frittata ingredient
Tiny ledge used by a climber
Not counterfeit
___ Lee Dance Company
Advanced degree in finance: Abbr.
Herb in pesto
Game where the board is a man named Cavity Sam
So ___ me get this straight …
Banned pesticide: Abbr.
Prince Charless first wife
Brand of fabric softener sheets: 2 wds.
Defeat in a contest
___ Fargo
Kong: Skull Island actress Larson
Kindergarten basics
___ close for comfort
____ Fish
With this ring I ____ wed
Cuts of meat that are often tender
Heaven Can Wait actress Cannon
Website where you can buy handmade crafts
Ill-bred guy
Blue Cross Blue Shield offering: Abbr.
Place to de-stress
Clairvoyants claim: Abbr.
Opposites of yeses
Comic Johnson
Perfunctory kiss
Scot with a lot
__ Bator
Of the upper hipbone
Bit of mosaic
Mrs. Rogers
Villain exposed by Micawber
Composer Kurt
One Day __ Time
Old hat
Travel account
Flying pachyderm
Narrow victory margin
Singer McEntire
Bud of comedy
A cardinal point
Round number?
Less constrained
Russian president
Designer Versace
Goddess of peace
Two Mules for Sister__
White oak of California
Les __ Mousquetaires
All together
Play on words
Where Rommel was routed
The Censor of Rome
Work dough
Wished undone
Body Count rapper
Homers neighbor
Essen valley
Cut, as grass
Rio Grande tributary
Rounded lump
First name in gymnastics
Arp art
Three men in __
Group with the #1 1983 hit Africa
Running away
Set right
From A __
Certain apartment
Sick and tired
Gamma follower
Conger catcher
Heroic tale
Distinctive air
Painter Bonheur
Born in France?
__ gratia artis
Wandering from place to place
Karate blows
City of northern Italy
Citrus fruit
Scottish child
Comes to a standstill
Branch of mathematics
Norwegian composer
Most sorrowful
— Loy, film star
Irish county
Style of art associated with Picasso
Small fragment of bread
Alluring woman
Engrave (anag.)
Current of air
Traditional Scottish dish
Cloth for card-tables
Red clubman revolting in old county
Is mum making seafood broth with nothing missing?
Tacit arrangement in Room At The Top
Work with a large stone
Good aristocrat takes note in French city
Stay out of sight – but not on the top bunk
Do what Edison did in outlet
An explorer made nuns wander
Affectedly dainty – as in The Go-Between
Knocking back green water?
The state of sweet Miss Brown?
Recollecting Ruth and Rodney King
Name of woman taking part in declaration
Assemble for religious service
Master no longer fresh?
Fifty making a living by scholarship
Renowned – for being incompetent?
Companion when young? Hes too calm to get upset
Jack Sprat wouldnt talk
Recluse rings academic person at home in capital
Use live explosive thats had to pin down
Hornblowers first crew measure up?
Gamble with joker and queen
Tie for 007
Fellow guests latest desire?
A discount deal one keeps?
Nick said Kyoto cut ten off?
Minor supervisor states alternative?
Something worn in Croatia, rather?
Indie icons initially ardent love?
Empty and remove boxes quietly?
Everything to say, a man said?
Miss Cole spotted some bugs?
Ma got eyed askance, losing game played?
A somewhat trendy parting really gets leader going?
They dont describe a thing!?
City established on a hill east of Yarmouth or Bury?
Disreputable copper leaving fast?
Saw we hear mentioned?
Volume (a book people passed)?
Cut back and circle round?
See fastener is attached?
Developer keeps a scoundrel safe?
Attack of nerves disheartened an alien?
Separate line greatly delayed?
Theyre not positive about any novelist?
Sensible swimmer about to amuse in speech?
Gas, when part of rubbish game?
Faith group takes up secular strategy last?
Buff supporter from the best part of a county?
Place no one from Spain vaunts, oddly?
Free floral necklace, of course?
Indigo top of Ecuadorean man…?
…(blustering man totally gutted)?
50s politico Kefauver
Baudolino author
Famous cookie man
Ghosts playwright
Good heavens!
Green prefix
Its so nauseating
Later, in Lille
Let Me Ride rapper Dr. ___
Relax, on base
The Family Circus cartoonist Keane
___ Kleine Nachtmusik (classic Mozart piece)
___ Said ___ Said (1966 Beatles song)
___ the pity
1998 British Open champ
Adds layers to, as with paint
Androids array
Aquatic invertebrates bearing the name of a many-headed monster
Artoos surname
Associates with
Backsplash square
Begins the workday
Big rig on the interstate
Car mechanics wiper
Cartoon villain who seeks the secrets of Castle Grayskull
Catch a glimpse of
Certain Yamaha vehicle
Code of conduct
Comfort during a crisis
Company sub
Congers, e.g
Copy writers?
Cornells locale
Country legend Kenny
Coup d___
Covered in quills
D.C. nine
December tune
Did some crew work
Do goo
Doomsday in the Senate
Duct drop
Element in blue glass
Ending of a company
Engine enhancer
Executive refusal
Exhibited gloominess
Fantasy island?
Field trip vehicles
Fins portrayer on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Flora and fauna
Former legal dramedy ___ McBeal
Former New York City mayor Ed who wrote murder mysteries
From days gone by
Funnyman Johnson
Gilpin who played Roz on Frasier
Gold medal-winning long jumper Bob
Graph features
Haile revered among Rastafarians
High priest of Shiloh
Hitter of 609 career home runs
Hitter of 696 career home runs, familiarly
Hold firmly
In the vicinity
Iroquoian people
It makes short flights
Jacobs of fashion
Janitors tools
Keg insert
Kennedys colleague
Lakeside rental
Least adorned
Like rhubarb
Like some checking accounts
Like Tafts presidency
Lime covering
Lowers in reputation
Messenger molecule
Meyers seen on NBC
Moves hurriedly (away)
Muscle injury
M?÷sica norte?±a songwriter Ayala
NBA Hall of Famer Sanders
Neither here nor there?
Number theory pioneer
Octet for most spiders
Padm?©s love, familiarly
Pair of boxers?
Paper towel layer
Pasta-topping sauce
Period of preparation
Physique, briefly
Pink wine choice
Poetic Dickinson
Poetic Nash
Potential brother
Powerful ruler
Pride, e.g
Procedures following big chemical spills
Provide with shelter
Put back to zero, say
Quaint calculators
Rests atop
Roof edges
Russia vis-a-vis Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars
Seal, as the deal on a home
Sentence fragment
Served flawlessly
Show honesty, per the title of a 2015 hip-hop song by Kid Ink
Sign before Gemini
Singer-songwriter Joan
Six-sided metal fastener
Societal customs
Some medieval weapons
Star of HBOs Insecure
Stuff in some barrels
Suffering considerably
Test versions
The N of TNT
Things surrounding ultimate fighting rings
Those who may do time a second time
Toll roads
Transient sort
Trouble in bed, maybe
Trouble spot?
Turn blue after turning green, say
TV doctor role for Laurie, once
TV journalist Lester
Venetian blind piece
Voting ___
Waiters collections
Wall fixture, perhaps
What a forebear leaves
Withdrew little by little
Womans name that becomes another womans name if you swap the first two letters
Would-be doctors test
___ brothers (influential conservative donors)
___ Fox
___ stick (bouncy toy)

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