Crosswords Answers 2018-2-3

O.G. Original Gangster rapper
1930-40s film star with the signature song Youll Never Know
Airer of Neil deGrasse Tysons StarTalk
Any man or boy, biblically
Arizona athlete, for short
Balkan capital
Be charged
Become edible
Cafe chain
Cause associated with the rainbow flag
Collection of posts about a trip
Commodore in Sondheims Pacific Overtures
Ethnic group whose name means wanderers
Events with tents
Fancify oneself
Fancy affair
Feature in a telephone directory
Fox Islands resident
Front spoiler on a car
Gateway of a Shinto shrine
Get on
Having many openings
Isnt bad?
Italian source of smoke
Jun?­pero ___, founder of San Francisco
Kind of coordination
Many a British retiree
Media co. led by the Sulzberger family
Million-selling 1977 Donna Summer song
Newspaper section
Overly sentimental writers
Part of 24-Across
Passover no-no
Place to watch a race, for short
Popular vodka brand from Holland
Powerful Russian
Provincetown catch
Pueblo Revolt participants
Really bugged
Request for backup?
Sombrero, e.g
Some tech grads, for short
Spaces out
Spiral-horned antelope
Suddenly took notice
The planets, e.g
They have big mouths
Things held in a cannonball
Thyme keeper?
Toilet paper?
Tony once nominated for an Emmy
Touristy area on the Irish coast
Vitamin-rich green side dish
Weekly Jewish observance
Wiccan groups
___ Americana
___ center
___ May Lester of Erskine Caldwells Tobacco Road
___ salad
Dont know indication
Hello singer
Nausea novelist
Steppenwolf novelist
The Hollow Men poet
1959 hit for Neil Sedaka
1975 Terrence McNally play
AFLs partner
Airborne drone, e.g
Angry outburst
Bike rider
Bleating sound
Bullring cheers
Caravan stops
Cause of some panicked bleating?
Caustic solutions
Chimney part
Count of jazz
Course activity
Cowboy, at times
Cry of recognition
Dasani rival
Deals with guilt
Delaware senator Chris
Documentarian Burns
Ears middle
Early runabout brand
Eucalyptus eaters
Event for select customers
Festival for feeble folks?
Filled with more profanity
Flight feature
Flyers with forked tails
Food label abbr
Franklins wife
General acknowledgment
Give a little
Going around in circles, perhaps
Good pair
Gooey cheese
Grazing expanse
Groundskeepers tool
Gucci Manes specialty
Guidebook feature
Hamiltons bill
Headline about director Lees recovery from an injury?
Hellenic vowels
Historic riveter
Home of the worlds second-largest labor force
I, in Innsbruck
Ian Fleming, in the 1920s
Ignore, as faults
In accordance with
Inheritor under primogeniture
Island at the mouth of the Persian Gulf
John on the jukebox
Joined the military formation
Last part
Lead-in to Please stop following me everywhere?
Leipzig lang
Letter before Foxtrot
Like a pitchers pretty good game
Lincoln, in NYC, e.g
Looking unhealthy
Manipulative bunch
Market aid
Mess up
Minuscule amount
Musical set at Rydell High
Negating prefix
Old Chevy minivan
Old Scottish plunderers
Olive Garden offering
Open-roofed halls
Output of some Cambridge DJs?
Paid spots
Pen unit
Play group
Portfolio listing
Princess in an 1884 comic opera
Pump name
Put in a locker
Quiet cars
Quite suspenseful
Raucous note
Reception nibble
Regard intently
Repeated, a Polynesian island
Robe part
Runners stops
Salt shakers
Screen gangster Pepe
Serious surfers?
Skull socket
Snoopys strip
Some affix Esq. to their names
Some north Pacific islanders
Sound from a decrepit catapult?
Sound of a carrot-colored 77-Down?
Station worker
Stephen of The Crying Game
Stone on film
Surprisingly enough
Tetley workers doing inventory?
Truck drivers contest
Trusted adviser
Twisty curves
Virtual community begun in 1985 as a bulletin board
Virtual reality glove component
Visibly distraught
Visit on vacation
What steak shippers do?
Whats left
Where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded
Whole lot
Wimbledon competition
___ corpus
___ Poke (caramel candy)
Actress Downey
Where the thrilled walk
Bunched in with
Unknown auth.
Flora partner
Stuffing herb
She played a waitress at least four times
State of India
More impatient
Nine inches
Snakelike fishes
Balance giver
Trashcan on a desktop
Like some prices
Keogh kin
Mideast chief (var.)
Explosive Italian landmark
Illiana Lydia Petrovna Mironova, now
Oscar-winning Thompson
Descendant or heir
Love-at-first-sight features
Draw with a laser
School mtg. holder
Bit of sugar
Depict unfairly
Winter spirits
Any compass point
Her first name is from The Great Gatsby
Big wheel on water
TVs Couric
Diva Horne
Word with 1,001
Biased viewpoint
Type of money or chair
Indian royal
Non-jingling change
Olympus ___ (Mars feature)
Faris and Kendrick
Not working
Scottish no
A psychic may sense it
Totally silly
Person with lots of wind?
Help provider
Chess word
Dr. Frankensteins go-fer
Dads comfy chair site
Full of mischief
Minute land mass
Word with head or heart
Holiday numbers
Right hands
Role for Chaplin
ABBAs ___ Mia
Family circle member
Take ___ (vacation)
Not showing much life
Sri ___
Gentle-cycle garments
Ranks of nobility
Make fun of
Where are you? response
Antelope variety
Smiles of conceit
Type of colony
Ocean mammal
Makes a sheepshank
Leer at suggestively
___ good example
Colored eye part
Restaurant room
Donkeys bellow
Mu ___ pork
Yang go-with
Soaked but good
Nashs one-l priest
Guitar neck attachment
Queen of ___ (visitor to Solomon)
Pioneering deejay Freed
Guinness of Star Wars
Like chocolate, to dogs
Publisher of Vogue and Allure
Much the same
PC key with an arrow
Defined as a goal
Beach house locale
Carp at continually
Party time, on many campuses
Dawns opposite
Speak with a forked tongue
Event with barrel racing
Privy to
Pilsner and bock are forms of it
Musical based on La Boheme
Milkers perch
Chances ___ (Johnny Mathis song)
Some linemen
Sales representatives file
Mars or Milky Way
Plains of Russia
Caliper attachment on a 12-Down
Garlicky French sauce
Stopper at all stations
Charles Ponzi, notably
Hirsch who played Clyde Barrow
Demonic doings
Home to much of the 53-Across
Crossed a creek, perhaps
Job for a body shop
Tea-leaves reader
Spikes, as punch
Without accomplices
Largest of rays
Lake Titicacas range
Kicked down the road item
Cookbook phrase
Gnat or rat
Gas pump figure
Walk like a sot
One of 18
Walk offstage
Schwinn or Huffy, for short
Cruised through
Holder of the Obama Cabinet
Disreputable newspaper
Betsy Wetsy was one
Kazan who directed Brando
Word before eagle or tender
Warning call on a 10-Down
Forbidden fruit locale
Email button
Pre-K attendees
Puck shape
Biblical preposition
Any minute now
Garden hose annoyance
Dwarf planet roughly the size of Pluto
Purpose of a vacation, often
Marked, as a jar
Part of a Santa suit
Followed the footprints of
Ligament injury
Gyro holders
Pageant entrants asset
Cow on Borden packages
Shankars instrument
Took a Breathalyzer test
Arrivederci city
Carbolic or acetic
Iron-rich green vegetable
Bird bearing an olive branch
Novelist Anais
Prefix in music genres
Shot taker
Main idea
Twist of fiction
Poet Khayyám
Brief time
See ya!
Hand over
Flue filth
Silent okay
Heavy cooker
Coal source
Tennis star Mandlikova
Annual golf event
Try to get, in a way
Theater award
Intolerant sort
Severe criticism
Correcting aid
Kitchen adjunct
Standup guy?
Acted out
Neighbor of K2
Monthly expense
Museum subject
John Lennon song
Inform against
Over There! writer
Earthy color
Papal place
Cheats at hide and seek
Keats, for one
Tricky puzzle
Contest form
Vamp Theda
Workout unit
Peter Pan dog
Pocket bread
Buddhist sect
Perched on
Diamond Head locale
Swiss canton
Incubator noise
Urban haze
Napkins place
Highland hat
Ecol. watchdog
Khan title
Christmas tree shimmer
Chinese or Korean
Biz bigwig
Hardy cabbage
Army address
Like morning grass
Author Umberto
Green gem
Pen tip
Thailand, once
NFL six-pointers
Wife of Jacob
Coop group
Suit to —
Yuletide tune
— Rock
Inventor Edison
Calendar abbr.
Bantu language
Historic times
Tubular pasta
Tropical fruit
Equal (Pref.)
Petty peeve
PC linking system
Rx amount
From square one
Supermans alias
Battery fluid
High tennis shots
Buffalos lake
Withdraw gradually
Orange veggies
Tokyo-based carrier
Operation Football radio airer
The Address is __ (90s network slogan)
50s game craze
275-episode sitcom star whose first line was Beer!
About 3,300 feet
Action initiators
Adds, as an errata slip
Amino acid additive
Arch quality
Aristotles political animal
Bend out of shape
Calm or conclude
Canon products
Cockpit concern
Congo River explorer, 1876-1877
Corporate owner
Cuts out
Demolition tool
Dickinson preposition
Doesnt leave alone
Drifter in the Rock Hall of Fame
Elon Musks birthplace
End, as offers
Ending for walk or run
Finished helpings
Fully comprehensive
Green space
Handling with care
He advised Nye, Focus on pure science
Heart of gold, for one
Home of the Scandic Vulkan Hotel
Hosts invitation
Hot chocolate, e.g
Is gaining
Less formal bound to
Magis origin
Mao, for one
Massage target
Mob scene
Monitors venue
No longer raging
Not allowed on
Now clear to proceed
One way off
Opposite of dignified
Phrase of characterization
Poem with fools like me
Prank missile
Puts on a pedestal
Real thing
Region due east of Rhode Island
Response to a braggart
Run down
Slightest sound, so to speak
Smartphone art
Songdoms quickest way to Harlem
Soy product
Spaces surrounded by skyscrapers
Stone used in sandpaper
Storage unit
Third word of many Kirk lead-ins
Tomato-paste dye source
Typical DVD release day
Word from Old Irish for offspring
Wound up
__ meat
Bundles together, as wheat
EPA concern
Cab alternative
Field meeting
Choral extreme
Jesse Owens, e.g.
Part of NAFTA: Abbr.
Rats along the Rhine?
Where snowbirds flock in winter?
Fellers tool?
Cheap smoke
Hamm from Alabama
Windows predecessor
Five-book collections
Serious betrayals
Henry VIIIs third
Kunal Nayyars role in The Big Bang Theory
Ultra-secret org.
River to the Seine
Winged figure of myth
Canine epithet
Monthly subtitled The Magazine of Maine
Portugals capital, locally
Having an accent
Astronomical dist.
Slight opening?
End zone quartet
Wave off
Result of pulling the plug?
__ apple
Real estate investment strategy
Year-ending ceremony participants
Quatrain rhyme scheme
Airline with a kangaroo on its logo
Common canal site
Position near the top of some organizational structures
Spare tyre site
Kitchen finish?
Pioneer Woman cookbook writer Drummond
Voting bloc term used by Nixon and Trump
Backups backups
Bank nos.
Techie on 24
__ Heath: Thomas Hardy setting
They have their pride
Championship ice dancer __ Virtue
So to speak
Verbal deftness
Rue stop?
Naval fortification
Winter cap feature
Piece maker
Twine fiber
Suffragist who co-founded Swarthmore
Off the mark
EPA issuances
Iberian river
Truth or consequences, e.g.
Aykroyd and Patrick
Broadband choice, briefly
Pioneer Woman cookbook writer Drummond
Airline with a kangaroo on its logo
Astronomical dist
Aykroyd and Patrick
Backups backups
Bank nos
Broadband choice, briefly
Bundles together, as wheat
Cab alternative
Canine epithet
Championship ice dancer __ Virtue
Cheap smoke
Choral extreme
Common canal site
End zone quartet
EPA concern
EPA issuances
Fellers tool?
Field meeting
Five-book collections
Hamm from Alabama
Having an accent
Henry VIIIs third
Iberian river
Jesse Owens, e.g
Kitchen finish?
Kunal Nayyars role in The Big Bang Theory
Monthly subtitled The Magazine of Maine
Naval fortification
Off the mark
Part of NAFTA: Abbr
Piece maker
Portugals capital, locally
Position near the top of some organizational structures
Quatrain rhyme scheme
Rats along the Rhine?
Real estate investment strategy
Result of pulling the plug?
River to the Seine
Rue stop?
Serious betrayals
Slight opening?
So to speak
Spare tyre site
Suffragist who co-founded Swarthmore
Techie on 24
They have their pride
Truth or consequences, e.g
Twine fiber
Ultra-secret org
Verbal deftness
Voting bloc term used by Nixon and Trump
Wave off
Where snowbirds flock in winter?
Windows predecessor
Winged figure of myth
Winter cap feature
Year-ending ceremony participants
__ apple
__ Heath: Thomas Hardy setting
A number of hit men missed him?
A person in Ring gets to pass on a number of drugs
Advertise local wheel for those doing the driving
American lines out with foreigners
Band for Castile restoration
Car instalment in The Paper
Character gets porter by US Postal
Collectively, the leading types today at The Gate
Come into view to hear a member of the British nobility
Demanded pals get off rope ladders
Disturb hornets by a bridge?
Fair prize for absorbing the release of gas
Figure with novel project putting pen to paper
Financial management firm taken in by criminal money
Finishes off Trim takeaway – its nonstop
For example, a superlative noteworthy type thats 100 per cent correct
Granny Smith hasnt anything to address
Hard to swallow in high temperature
Imagined spilling gin from the press
Impeccably drawn out map for The Tour de France
Its a sign of whats raw or off
Note whats leading for all sides today
Old wild yell about revolutionary giving up
One foreign politician gets to travel around to get better
Operates out East and its secure?
Permit covers vehicle traffic
Post is mysteriously early, in part
Presumably, they posted their views of St Paul and St Peter
Refine to perfection after pressure from Ring
Regiment in the end finds awful myth initially hard to beat
Sample of chickpea stew from the Orient
Some appearances of one of those in the plot
Some prominent art deco type of bakery
Sounds like instant credit?
Store scheme covers reading option for those going on holiday
The most full-bodied top Riesling is opened from the case
Tips for shoes for baritones with no brain
Was out of school and heartlessly took the plunge
A motley assortment of things
Behind time or deceased
Calm and demure
Certificate of insurance
Chewy biscuit containing almond
Customary observance or practice
Cut slightly, with a razor, say
Examining resemblances
Feeling that one has already experienced something
Go on a journey
Green citrus fruit
It attracts iron
Judged, considered
Looks or seems like
Marine molluscs
Meeting or conference for discussion of a topic
Metric measure
Noisy toys for babies
Number of related things coming one after another
Of kings and queens
Period of celebration
Place of worship
Poker hand of five consecutive cards
Search around for food
Self-confidence, assurance
Shabby and untidy
System of five horizontal lines in written music
The little one lost her sheep
The longest or shortest day
Their shells are firmly closed
Theyre always right, its said
Threadlike strands growing from the skin
Travel, by horse say
Very strict or serious
_Time to run demo and finish out of sequence
Most ancient item, left to the front as focus of interest
Romeo lives with woman in palace: its a step up
It makes one sick, withdrawing article in city
Sponsor about to secure one plant
Fellow rambler returning after time
Grow roughly fifty for the first time in grounds
Cut police launches here
The way papers burn
Insubstantial odd slices of veal with holes
Notice surrounding layout of hedges, staggered
Telling stories mostly in Greek houses
Flexible items for test carried back by porter
Dash for one, scrambling up mountain track
Choirboy maybe briefly gets up after Fiona and Hazel
Excessive burns doused periodically
The setters on for blocking grumpy evidence
Fate of party, a short time after upset
Humble state keen to be represented in pickle
Minister to fly over home counties
Found popular part of US to house retired soldier
Tell island about the missing hotel
Freak, not counting overs in nets
Superior fruit eaten by an android
Talked of steep ditch causing furore
Expand day cover, avoiding November
Wed perhaps feeble, overthrown, undersized king
Republican battle lacking leader thats fair
Head of zoo takes age caging black animal
West African nation, or part of E African one
Author of saucy verse, perhaps, about European villain
Complain to Chairman: about time for something to eat!
Crowds are in sound: pleasure boat in sight
Substandard pro after pardon
Female returning in Bohemian role
S African hill walker on a motorways a reckless driver
Overcome eg with love, due for breakdown
Words implying stiff resistance?
The physicists bible: a good read at first, surprisingly
Stands when wearing slippers?
Missionary school has nothing cut after we appeal
A month of this and strain oddly showing
Boy can pinch or scratch
A tango with dame concealing unusual tattoo
Echo got in unusual style of building
Protection once linked with Bond, James, perhaps, reportedly
Getting on with Labour, initially wrapped in red flag
Weakling from Caribbean: one sitting in house
Supplier of wood and new driver, superior
Short scalable key adjusted in ways that are not obvious?
Shameless meditation on underwear
A red shroud contains piece mended at last
Im into sport on common land thats had its day
Fan mail sorted, prepare for work
Conchie” article heralds great suffering
Water that flows close to port and dock?
Be accepting Latin who enters ones church
Commuter belt that Tournai-Bruxelles returns across
Engineer rung by female, number getting cut off
What finally happened at St Andrews, say, is ill- defined
Puff of black clouds above
Order large cream buns for break
Pole turning up organised party for philanthropist
Cutting a single diamond, maybe, and odd bits of ruby
Attire for male, but not a steady boyfriend, we hear?
The number 25, maybe, full of passengers?
Loud complaint stops old partner running out
Blanket covering plank in ditch
Item in parlour that drawer sits on
Fellow pinching gold chain gets fired
Latin read on a cue needs translation
Recording of cricket matchs commentarys beginning following brief check
Confessed to having a hand in deed, half-heartedly
Place to park behind president, after a walk in the park
Place falsely associated with comics sidekick?
Visiting Australia the queen, I bet, gets high-level protection
Zilch sent to cook for meat dish
Get free board with a fantastically impressive Herts retirement place
Green mark made by harmful bacteria almost killed brother
May, perhaps, leaderless EU slam Brexit-supporting party in the ascendant?
Tirade from star priest
What betrays unfaithful husband? Thats traditionally for women to do
Force used to smash racket?
Red meat and game — and son taking care of wine
Swiss rugby team, say, upset English
Clothing no longer right for fine people to wear
A Quebec flag encapsulates a countrys people
Nonsense from Monsieur you repeated
War correspondents medal received by his boss?
National following superior to local
Addition at end of book
Bird; mans name
Child taken on by family
Comes into sight
Directly contrary
Done in stages
Extra time in bed
Fleshy end of cooked fowl
Foot garments
Game bird
Gets off (a horse, etc)
Heat in a sealed pot
Highest mountain
Impair; spoil
Indian clarified butter
Large primate
Mineral spring
Recurring series of events
Region between Caspian Sea and Black Sea
Short sleep
Tree; part of hand
Unable to be comforted
Variety of coffee
Acquire knowledge
Making very happy
Forcible prevention
Healthy walk
Compelling charm
Thing done; armed conflict
Process of changing
Military admin officer
Newspaper opinion piece
Preliminary build; mock-up
Strangle; control
Metal used in brass
Pauses; relaxes
Skilled lab worker
Desert illusion
Financial deprivation
Animals track or scent
Colour-changing lizard
Unchanging in standard over time
Done in brief irregular bursts
Imaginary spirit of the air
Firm decision
Express great loathing for
Not appropriate
Inexperienced person
Corrosive liquid
Able to be understood
Picture in a book or periodical
Movements in slow time
Mobility aid
Stair handrail and supports
Famous for something bad
Disorder in flow
Certificate of competence holder
Queen album; Marx brothers film
Upper chamber of Parliament
Whooping cough
English racecourse and spa town
Domineering or inconsiderate
Belief that life is meaningless
With ease, relaxed
Attack with gunfire from the air
Father Christmas
Sir — Newton, English scientist
Sensed; fibre cloth
Whoever repeats the question asking for identity
I prayed earnestly, even worshipped someone
Excedo, erumpo, I emerge
Everything, cuncta
Res, sane, in a state: geese needed to save the Capitol
With an advantage in trade, almost the office of a quaestor
One who drives, agent noun from supine of agere
Intra, inside
A plough; imprimere ____ muris, to turn a town to arable land
To shake, four times 250, mediaevally
On the left
Of an angry man, like the satirist perhaps?
With another setter; me ____ on my authority
I sing in the basilica, not at home
Shallows, dangerous for sailors; ____ caeca, Aeneid 1.536
____ ____ ____, facit indignatio versum, if nature denies the angry satirist. Juvenal 1.79
Juvenals ideal: orandum est ut sit ____ ____ in corpore sano
He is stuck, in trouble, or holding fast to his intention
____ horrendum, informe, ingens, the giant Polyphemus in Aeneid 3.658
You will all stand still, cf stabitis
You (s) should hand over
Teacher, a Greek speaker with an orators skills
Shine brightly in the light
A Roman foot to measure bees
A feature about it turning into wine
A one-off time period
American coin
Annul (a law)
Artificial language
Artificial language operates badly round North
Believed to have been entered on one side of the account
Black-capped bird
Cancel second chime
Certain to be self-assured
Crew member of a rescue craft
Early harp
Easy target
Easy target, not standing for score of nought
Fishs weapon
Flyers target destroyed by Italian
Getting into contact, I called it skilfully planned
Giant bird
Heavy spear
Instrument with a deceptive sound
Irish Parliament
Italian dish
Italian red wine
Join one and divide the state
Legal document not started when poorly
Liquid or gel that contains ions
Lorry cold inside – very cold place
Lost one resin thats red or mauve
Manage to find a king inside ruined dome
Most insignificant set it in motion
Move to let celery be sports drink ingredient
Musical drama
New England state
Noisy author at the Irish parliament
North Pole region
Pale purple
Pope rarely catches musical drama
Somewhat bemused bird
Struggling to float, be main rescuer
Take the Spanish coin
Tube fare from Italy
Vast time period
Leos Janacek opera premiered in 1930 based on a novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Edward -, director of films Glory, Defiance and The Siege
See 1
Lake -, source in Minnesota, US, of the Mississippi River
1996 novel by Jodi Picoult
Jochen -, F1 motor racing driver; 1975 Spanish GP winner
US state; capital Montgomery
US television sitcom for which Michael J Fox won a 2000 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Nikolai -, author of 1842 novel Dead Souls
Jason -, actor who played Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter film series
Thomas -, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1533-55
1983 film drama directed by and starring Barbra Streisand
Former region of SE France from the edge of the Massif Central in the west to the Switzerland and Italy borders
The -, 1957 Meredith Wilson Broadway musical set in River City, Iowa
2002 novel by Carl Hiaasen
Loretta -, actress who played Major Houlihan in US television sitcom M*A*S*H
Fifth book of the New Testament
Religion of Muslims
W-shaped constellation adjoining Cepheus and Perseus
1979 film drama starring Richard Gere and Lisa Eichhorn
1969 film drama starring Gregory Peck and Richard Crenna
God of war in Greek mythology
See 15 Across
One of the basic patterns of the human fingerprint
Type of lottery
Tool or implement
Once more
French underground system
Curved roof
Dummy pill
Letters and parcels
Pigs nose
Studio apartment
Long seat
Dealers or merchants
In general
Adjudged insolvent
Predators home
Howling mammal
Strong wind
Traffic light colour
Note value
Nuns costume
Transfer data from the internet to a computer
Composition for two
Unit of length
where goods are stored
large country houses
hamlets inhabitant
satisfies, as thirst
square gum pieces
related to the joints
travel with short layovers
Sudden terror
Common word
Sparkling water
Type of tree
Weighing device
Smell or taste?
Ski run
Church official
Locks small shacks
Deity in charge of alarm
Tin from Tuscany
Chosen the Spanish tie design
Strange to send a line
Use a needle like this, say
Permit to hire
Besotted with drinker
Definitely an article
Cricket teams legs
Thus get attorney drink
Employed American journalist
Mean to study broken toe
Energy savings scheme
Flowers in sleigh
GP brought back fish
Hes on the staff
Permission to go
Round bees, terribly fat
Healthy colour in Istanbul
A large red sort of shrub
Lived to have drunken, lewd time
Climbs to get fishy plates
Healthy in cold weather, say
Joined the team
Feeling that may be common!
I step out onto slope
Devoured more than seven, say
Went off creature
Appealing to cut energy
Sheepish round wine producer
Huge without third colour
Gladstones son
Enthusiast from Brazil, say
Verse from Roderick
Seated, awfully tranquil
Proper to put notes with coin
First-born tribal leader
Do lie about being greased
Father, with hesitation, gets cat
Jab quietly with stick
The shape of cricket in London?
Nobels prize
____ bull
Body powder
Building clay
Angels headgear
Belief in God
Nerve-cell part
Contour feather
Hold up
Half quart
Inmates goal
Card game stake
Down fabric
Flat hat
Nose parts
Greek vowel
Previously, previously
TVs Lauer
Boat basin
Distance measure
Quick meal
Weaving cane
Quaker pronoun
Former Italian dough
1984, e.g.
Sketch ____
Citrus quaff
Hawaiian staple
Missing one
Bad buy
Make a veil
Filled pastry
Herrings kin
Doormans call
Short rest
Fiesta item
Give a mix of
Brazilian dance
In a slight way
Play a part
Door fastener
Pulled violently
Blue shade
Go hastily
Geological period
Always, in poems
Natural resin
Earlier than, to Browning
European capital
Milks Favorite Cookie
Grow molars
Type of light
Canoe, e.g.
Gaelic language
Linger idly
Loafer, e.g.
Nest eggs (abbr.)
Angels headwear
Italian city
____ of Two Cities (2 wds.)
Not idealized
Large truck
Eating away
Walk leisurely
Stainless ____
Slangy negative
Buffalos waterfront
Wipe out
Station wagon
Beauty and the ____
Map book
Ohio port
Make bigger
NH time zone
Squirrels treats
Festive occasion
Apple part
Got it! (2 wds.)
Pond growth
San Antonio shrine
Compass direction (abbr.)
Excessive pride
____ a girl!
Pavarotti solo
Fails to exist
High explosive (abbr.)
Emerald ____
Of the mouth
____ Kudrow of Friends
Group of three
James ____ Jones
Road curves
Made believe
Cry loudly
____ Sea Scrolls
Navy officer (abbr.)
Kitchen appliance
Engrave with acid
Change direction
Rods companion
Originally called
Small bit
Story that may be recalled?
See 17 Down
RC men not as desperate to see RC receptacle
Tense, as trained for audition?
Nation combining games and sport
Tricky deliveries, balls containing opener for Gloucestershire
However busy, I tend to get interrupted
Bank taken aback by the way one arranges locks
Final issue finished, executed
Adorably cute, smart clothes chafe on end of nipple
Cook retrospectively admitting problem with stock thats dropped down face, perhaps?
One right to fiddle with fiddler?
Successor of Oscar Peterson arrives, and pianist ably starts
Depreciation in weapons, those used offensively
Biblical punishment hurt, on being caught
Grow old in retirement squeezing girl softly
Gunk, oily secretion and further marks on skin
Dont speak about a stocky cryptids origin – man in gorilla suit probably?
As some cars kept going, actual leaders blew up
Observer of flies in house dropping wings to circle room
Second, not the last, drink
Market very much ahead of this country?
Fresh brew now inside samovar
Cold sweet provided, as cherry on top of dessert, some failing to eat it?
Opportunities are taken by those most alert, UKIP? Lousy organisation inspiring zero confidence, ultimately
Three bags found, every other piece nicked – its a crime
One visiting Cherbourg initially has to go across the Channel
English language once holding Germany back
Mental aberration naughty child masks in a good way
Small fruit
Large furniture van
Nautical hail
Take what you want
Mixture of rain and snow
Floor covering
Cricket delivery
Male escort
Spring flower
Grow old
Place of total privacy
Acquired through effort
Cultivator that breaks up the soil
Useless person
Cringe in fear
Tolerate – endure
Thumb tacks (to Americans)
Mechanical fastener
Most arid
Spill the beans
Having good, if ill-advised, intentions
Intoxicating beverage tasting like a soft drink
Of a Greek island, centre of the Minoan civilisation
Custard apple
Actor who played the title role in the film serial Tarzan the Fearless
A progressive increase in the general level of prices
See 31
A machine-readable arrangement of numbers and parallel lines printed on an item
Author of the play The Ghost Train who later played Private Godfrey in Dads Army
Amsterdam-based football team who won the European Cup three times in a row in the 1970s
See 16
City in Russia, on the delta of the Volga River, 21m below sea level
The capital of the Bahamas
See 50
American paediatrician whose 1946 book Baby and Child Care was an international best-seller
English historical novelist whose 1834 novel Rookwood features Dick Turpin as its leading character
Character in the film Diamonds Are Forever played by Natalie Woods younger sister Lana
Village in Bedfordshire with a zoo owned by the Zoological Society of London
See 33
In physics, the tendency of a body to preserve its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force
American general played by George C Scott in an Oscar-winning performance in a 1970 film
BBC childrens programme which starred Marcus Brigstocke in Series 1 and Phil Cornwell in Series 2
American dancer, actor, singer, film director and producer, and choreographer whose films include Singin in the Rain
1976 album by Bob Dylan whose opening track is 55 Across
The second poem of T S Eliots Four Quartets
Chinese tree cultivated for its round edible fruits
1930 jazz composition with music by Duke Ellington and Barney Bigard
Term for interviews with members of the public on a radio or television programme
Administrative region of central Ghana whose capital is Kumasi
In chemistry, two valency electrons of opposite spin responsible for the formation of coordinate bonds
A wind of force 12 or above on the Beaufort scale
Australian tennis player who won three of the four Grand Slam events in 1958
The North American name for swede
1977 film that spawned two sequels and three prequels
Max ___, German painter who developed the technique of collage
A tropical American shrub of the genus Plumeria whose flowers have a very sweet scent
British comedian whose real name was Charlie Olden
Creature who lived at the centre of the Cretan Labyrinth, in Greek mythology
Stage name of the Dutch exotic dancer Margaretha Geertruida Grietje Zelle MacLeod
Actress who played Jim Hackers wife Annie in Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister
David Grays biggest-selling single, peaking at number 5 in the UK in 2000
The largest of Londons subterranean rivers
Synthetic material made by copolymerising dicarboxylic acids with diamines
In Persian poetry, a verse form consisting of four-line stanzas
Bird in the comic strip Peanuts
The distance from the bow of an anchored vessel to the anchor
A type of percussion orchestra common in the East Indies
1968 Steve McQueen film best-remembered for its car chase scene through the streets of San Francisco
Internationally recognised identity card first issued by the League of Nations to stateless refugees
Professional name of bassist, singer and actor Gordon Sumner
Variety of the wild ass, Equus hemionus, that occurs in Tibet and surrounding regions
Best Actor Oscar-winner for The Revenant
Harry ___, jockey whose 13 Classic winners include the Derby winners Felstead, Blenheim and Watling Street
Group of volcanic islands in the Indian Ocean whose capital is Victoria
See 32
Arm of the Atlantic between Great Britain and the N European mainland
Another name for the Latvian language
Arachnid of warm dry regions with a long tail terminating in a venomous sting
1948 Howard Hawks Western giving a fictional account of the first cattle drive along the Chisholm Trail
A unit of geological time within a period during which a series of rocks is formed
The slow-moving Australian arboreal marsupial Phascolarctus cinereus
A representation of the Hindu deity Shiva considered a symbol of male creative energy
Son of Cain, after whom he named the first city he founded
See 4 Down
Stan __, acting partner of Oliver Hardy
Dame __ Whitfield, comedian
Lyric poem by Wordsworth describing the death of a young girl
Londons entertainment and retail centre
14 created in response to 2014 kidnapping of Nigerian students by Boko Haram
See 4 Down
Arthur __, author of Swallows and Amazons
Israeli town known in Arabic as al-Nasira
Niels __, Danish physicist and Nobel laureate
Enrico __, Italian tenor
German city also known as Aix-la-Chapelle
River running through ten European countries
Primary index for the LSE
The only country with which the UK shares a land border
14 created in response to police violence in Ferguson and elsewhere
See 13 Across
Marshal __, chief of state in Vichy France, 1940-1944
Dutch city, home to the International Criminal Court
Metadata used to link social media posts
Sir __ Berlin, author of The Hedgehog and the Fox
Austrian composer of Das Lied von der Erde
14 created in response to revelations about Harvey Weinstein
See 13 Across
Kind of number that will leave a remainder when divided by 2
Nonhuman primate
Not close by
Friendly term of address for a guy
Accidentally tell a secret
Pervasive glow
Attack from a snake or dog
Sleep for a little while
Suits actress currently being romanced by Prince Harry
Square footage
Referees call that stops a boxing match: Abbr.
___ media
With 31-Across, To Catch a Thief actress who was romanced by Prince Rainier
See 28-Across
The Little ____
Compass direction opposite NNW: Abbr.
Like, tubular, dude!
___ office
Deadly sin associated with sexual desire
Gilda actress who was romanced by Prince Aly Khan
Art ____
Land speck in the sea
What a pole-vaulter tries to go over
Hold ___ your hat!: 2 wds.
Sound of a heavy impact
Ginger ___
Classified ____
Kick-____ 2
Freshly minted
President who signed the Affordable Care Act into law
Not so wet
Evade, as the draft
Mamma Mia band
The Price is Right game where contestants drop discs
Tempting words on a cake in Alice in Wonderland: 2 wds.
Furnace filler, sometimes: 2 wds.
Weapons supply
Long-tailed rodent
Garbanzos and pintos
Noahs ____
Emerge from an eggshell
Castle-shaped pieces in chess
Can you ____ secret?: 2 wds.
Forget You singer Green
Snarl from an angry Rottweiler
Backside: 2 wds.
Drug rehab patients
Like seven games pitched by Nolan Ryan: Hyph.
Tool for writing on a smartphone or tablet
Barack and Michelles younger daughter
Thor: Ragnarok actor Karl
No longer fresh, like two-day-old doughnuts
That really ___ me for a loop!
Not a moment ___ soon!
Joins in matrimony
___ good turn daily
Vacancy sign
Opp. of fem.
West Indies magic
Witness stand statement
Mirthful sound
__ Dame
Of __ I Sing
Horned goddess
Put on a new coat
Heavenly hunter
American sexologist
Dug into
Cleopatras country
Hero type
Rho follower
Right-angle shape
Stem joints
Carpet feature
The Bell Jar author
Safe place
The Dunciad , e.g.
Small seed
Put up
It may be dished
London lockup
Buffalos lake
Harsh Athenian lawgiver
Ferrara family name
Computer manufacturer
Scatter about
Chinese secret society
Reed instrument
Riga resident
Ring site
Euclidean proposition
E pluribus unum, e.g.
Sigh of contentment
Suffix with huck
Tuscan wine
Sahara stopover
Chief city of ancient Phoenicia
Knights backers
Kind of school
Throw the dice
Spiced stew
Highland valley
Hemispherical roof
African plains grazers
Brewery grain
Scottish emblem
B.C. cartoonist
Larrys Party author
Riverbank plant
Cover-up name
Seers deck
Drive away
Bird bill part
Behold, to Pilate
Arab boat
Feel out of sorts

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