Crosswords Answers 2018-2-4

Dont be ___!
Game of Thrones creature
Iglu, for igloo: Abbr
Jeez … lighten up!
My stars!
My treat!
Oh, what the hell … Ill do it
Peter ___ Greatest Hits (1974 album)
Pick ___ …
Pretty please?
Rom?©o et Juliette segment
Sounds like a plan!
Stop! Youre killing me!
Uh, youve told me quite enough
___, amigo
52-story Boston skyscraper, familiarly
A person skilled at deadpan has one
Actor Jason
Adverts ending?
Anthony Hopkinss Thor role
Around the time of birth
Bad state to be in
Be grandiloquent
Big engine additive
Brass instrument with a mellow sound
Brings a smile to
Broadways Hagen
Cambodias Angkor ___
Car rental giant
Carrier to Karachi
City NNE of San Antone
Coin toss call
Condition for filmdoms Rain Man
Count ___
Court org
Cover over, in a way
Cry from Homer
Decked out
Designer Geoffrey
Doing a pirouette, say
Doughnut figures
Erin of Joanie Loves Chachi
Euros replaced them
Fifth category of taste with a Japanese name
Finish all at once, in a way
For whom the Lorax speaks
French river or department
Give some lip
Greatly bother
Grp. that puts on a show
Hawke of Training Day
High hairstyle
Hymn starter
Internet home to Between Two Ferns
It might involve someone being so poor or so old
Its reeds are a pain / And the fingerings insane, per Ogden Nash
Joan who quipped A Peeping Tom looked in my window and pulled down the shade
Kind of equinox
Kind of port for a flash drive
Lacoste and Descartes
Late 50s singing sensation
Latin for womb
Lavatory sign
Light bark
Like Mount Narodnaya
Like some angels and dominoes
Lipinski and Reid
Lobster traps
Locks up
Log-in needs
Made an appeal
Maids armful
Meadow call
Med. professionals who take a pledge named for Florence Nightingale
Mine transport
Modern party summons
Monsieurs mate
More than willing
Nail salon employees, at times
Night vision?
Noteworthy times
Novo-Ogaryovo is the official one of the Russian president
One of many scattered in a honeymoon suite, maybe
One on the left?: Abbr
Org. that offers Precheck enrollment
Patriots org
Poet Ginsberg
Poet who wrote Fortune and love favor the brave
Poison ivy, e.g
Puerto ___
Shakespeare character who says This above all: to thine own self be true
Skit show, for short
Smoothed in a shop
Some body art, for short
Some sneakers
Something carried onstage?
Sorkin and Spelling
Stand-up chain started in Los Angeles
Star of 1976s Oscar winner for Best Picture
Start limping
Suffix with speed
Things taken by government officials
To this day, Marie Curies are still radioactive
Tugboat sounds
TV blocking device
Unimpressed response to someones one-liner
Verbally assail
Wall St. bigwigs
What 4 may stand for
What makes you you?
Where Michael Jordan played coll. ball
Y or N, maybe
Zugspitze, e.g
___ fly
___ intolerance
___ Malfoy, student at Hogwarts
___ Walcott, Nobel Prize-winning poet
Farm younguns
Ah, me! cause
Writer T.S.
Buddhist in nirvana
This puzzles sickly theme
Canceling a certain magazine?
Aloha garland
Woods woods
Red wine choice
Orange-yellow shades
Native American infant
City of Lebanon
Unhealthily pale
Web address
Persian sprites
Test type
Pinball game no-no
Major airline
TV rerun ___-Team
Eyelid afflictions
Heads up! e.g.
Bobby with 801 goals
Cool in 80s slang
Return to an organization
High chairs?
Gives a big speech
Collectors collections
Less outgoing
Ordinal-number suffix
Like a seven-digit increase
Upon which to set sail
Hasta la vista kin
Tobacco farmer, at times
Shady figure?
Hornet housings
Lamenting song
Money in Albania
Late heavyweight great
1%2F1000 inch
One given to running away
Saddle attachment
Very wise
Old PC screens
Sushi tuna
Man or mouse, e.g.
Church high point
Certain thin branch
Artificial spreads
Superior group
Like stored Tupperware
Place for a hen
Noted evangelist
Spanish coins of old
Where eggs are high
Tall stories
Variety of sax
Arid ravine
Guy putting you to sleep
Stamp of Hollywood
Dwell permanently
Peanut butter quantity
The group right here
Suite spot
Atlantic City machine
Angry cats warning
Fleur de ___
Its found in the ground
One of a stools three
Like some wines
Hayek of Frida
Margaret Meads land
La Brea pit material
Think tank output
Jesse of the 1936 Olympics
Boardwalk Empire network
Draw an hourly wage, like a boxer?
Pal of Pooh and Tigger
In need of Dramamine, perhaps
Become threadbare
Cupid, to the Greeks
Salamanders kept as pets
As demonstrated
Horse players combo
___ light (dashboard item)
Home of Arizona State
Young fox
Brief periods, briefly
Topper for Curtis Sliwa
OK with me!
Shame on you!
Emoticons smile, for short
Keep moist, in a way
Chili rating units
Plays, as a 30-Across
Shade of turning leaves
Sing like Cab or Ella
Pope after Benedict XVI
Fudge the facts
Stay angry, like a wrestler?
___ losing it?
Much of Apples sales
Agassi of tennis
___ er rip!
Deadens, as a piano string
Applicants hoped-for responses
Samples from a snifter
In unison, on a score
Dunham of Girls
Brits rain gear
Most pallid
Super, in showbiz lingo
Saddlers tool
Call from a Manx
An O in YOLO
With a look of suspicion
Show affection, like a judo master?
Give or take
Parsnip and rutabaga
Prefix meaning highest
Emeritus (Abbr.)
Any of the sibyls of legend
Tilt at sea
Fateful day in the Roman senate
Quit smoking, like a karate expert?
Camera named for a goddess
Mutants of Marvel Comics
Quick to catch on
Six years in the Senate
Intrigued by
LeBron James, as a rookie
Where to get a Black Russian
Budgetary waste
More than just thirsty
Geiger counter detection
Cariou who played Sweeney Todd
Prank cigar sound
Butchers scraps
It doesnt pay, its said
Frostys eyes
Letter before kappa
___ dunk (sure thing)
Something to whistle
30-Across figures
Folklore fiend
Pro shop bagful
Guacamole, e.g.
Cuatro doubled
Girls Just Want to Have Fun singer
Id prefer someone else
The Little Prince author
50s phone feature
66 Across extractors
A head, and an alternate puzzle title
Add as an extra
Admission of defeat
Amount to
Animal enclosure
Antidrug cop
Apple Watch assistant
Arctic ice sheets
Australian-born media mogul
Author of legal thrillers
Box in
Boxers garb
Boxing spectators shout
Bullfight chant
Cabinet department
Capote nickname
Chalet backdrop
Choral part
Colleagues of MDs
Composer Schifrin
Consider likely
Country singer Crystal
Crafts website
Data-sharing computers
Desert caravan stops
Dieter of rhyme
Directional symbol
Director Kazan
Dislodge with a hoe
Edwards adoptive mother in Twilight
End of USCs URL
Extended adventure
Fabric flaw
Fall behind
Family nickname
Files litigation
Fill a hotel closet
Flock mom
Floral garland
Flower part
Giggling Muppet
Gotten illegally
Gov. Cuomos domain
Hole-punching tool
Home of an Ibsen Museum
Ill-fated energy giant
In great shape
Infamous emperor
Israeli Peace Nobelist
Its west of the Pacific
Kathmandu native
Keats or Shelley
Latin being
Lets pass
Limb bender
Linen fabric
Make ones move
Manipulate, as bread dough
Monotonous routine
Mules sire
Mythical wife of Hades
Nocturnal noise
Not many
Novelist Wharton
Org. producing flossing videos
Pastel purple
Patron saint of California
Peanuts, so to speak
Pelicans and petrels
Pension law acronym
Pop music superstar
Possible ravioli filling
Pre-euro currency
Prefix meaning outer
Proof of purchase
Provided short-term
Public persona
Purported UFO fliers
Radial on a Rolls
Raison d__
Recycling receptacle
Remarkable thing
Renaissance astronomer
Response to a sting
Rolled sandwich
Roster entry
Salon appliance
Santa __
Scheduled to arrive
Sewn edge
Shillelagh land
Ship-in-a-bottle builder, e.g
Show sadness
Show sadness, with up
Sound on MacDonalds farm
Source of metal
Spiritually enlighten
Square dance figure
Square-corner shape
Steer clear of
Stew ingredient
Stomping ground
Stringed instrument of old
Strong adhesive
Suffix for verb
Sushi bar eggs
Swiss mathematician
Syrian city
Take a break
Talk like Daffy Duck
Tell it like it isnt
The Big Easy, familiarly
The __ Lama
Thomas Hardy heroine
Timetable listings: Abbr
Toon dog, familiarly
Traditional Indian wedding dress
Tulsa sch
Two-Oscar Swank
Unpleasant aroma
Venomous snake
Vertical transportation giant
Water carrier
Well-used pencil
Where surfers shop
Will Smith, in Men in Black
Wipe clean
Word of support
__-pitch softball
Code __
Rub?¡iy?¡t poet
Regional UN headquarters since 1946
Lead-in for carte or mode
__ la France!
Brought up
Jobs creation
Australian island state
Capricious notions
Aptly named therapist?
Like many a tree at Christmas
Self-described King of All Media
Largest continent
Frat party wear
Electric car brand
One of the Gershwins
Aptly named dietitian?
Capital with a Viking Ship Museum
With no exceptions
Pull a fast one on
Small test
Mangabeys, e.g.
Thought of but not shared
Goes back to the front, perhaps
URL ending
Kings domain
Ties off in surgery
Cats native to much of the Americas
Unit on the set
Mexican coin
Prominent Dumbo feature
Mine access
TVs Buffy and Faith, e.g.
Moral consideration
Set of furniture
Startling word
Shade-tolerant garden plant
Old schoolmasters disciplinary tool
Avoid trespassing on
Turns sharply
Bowed, in Basra
Chocolate source
Constitution VIPs
Like hands without mittens, maybe
Aptly named easy chair salesman?
Big time
Works with flour
Pub pours
Green state?
Puzzle part
Woodcutter Ali
Aptly named gardener?
Thorny plant
MASH director
Scotty on the Enterprise, e.g.
Slowly, in music
Spicy cuisine
Rowboat propeller
Many-sided evils
Fail miserably
Cook in a wok
Snitch on
Tick away
Short races
__ Office
Knee revealers, and then some
Earharts art
Grim character?
Tiny amount
Bring home
Word on Santas checklist
Former NHL forward Tikkanen
Hunters meat
Aptly named editor?
Makes the cut
Dashboard letters
Supremely powerful
Amends, as corporate earnings
Aptly named sommelier?
__ Spring
USA Patriot Act, e.g.
Including everything
Check (off)
Take __: enjoy the pool
Lose ones temper
Ouzo flavoring
Mountain chain
Pot top
Greenish blue
Elicits an Ouch!
Inside the NBA analyst
Japanese port
Kardashian matriarch
Monstrous Tolkien creations
They may be inflated
Aptly named barber?
Labor Day mo.
Aptly named policewoman?
Information on a spine
Spirited mount
TAs boss
Word of regret
Kindle download
Relative of a knock
I copy
Gorbachevs land: Abbr.
Lines of clothing
Winter malady
Prepare, as eggs
Himalayan pack animals
Worlds largest snake by weight
Serious competition
To be, in Bavaria
Glee actress __ Michele
Move from window to aisle, say
Done with
Tone deafness
Boat shoe brand
Corn breads
Warner or Ringling follower
Don Juans love
In __ land
Game of world conquest
Had a bite
Williams in Cooperstown
Glee actress __ Michele
I copy
Inside the NBA analyst
MASH director
Rub?¡iy?¡t poet
__ la France!
Amends, as corporate earnings
Aptly named barber?
Aptly named dietitian?
Aptly named easy chair salesman?
Aptly named editor?
Aptly named gardener?
Aptly named policewoman?
Aptly named sommelier?
Aptly named therapist?
Australian island state
Avoid trespassing on
Big time
Boat shoe brand
Bowed, in Basra
Bring home
Brought up
Capital with a Viking Ship Museum
Capricious notions
Cats native to much of the Americas
Check (off)
Chocolate source
Code __
Constitution VIPs
Cook in a wok
Corn breads
Dashboard letters
Don Juans love
Done with
Earharts art
Electric car brand
Elicits an Ouch!
Fail miserably
Former NHL forward Tikkanen
Frat party wear
Game of world conquest
Goes back to the front, perhaps
Gorbachevs land: Abbr
Green state?
Greenish blue
Grim character?
Had a bite
Himalayan pack animals
Hunters meat
In __ land
Including everything
Information on a spine
Japanese port
Jobs creation
Kardashian matriarch
Kindle download
Kings domain
Knee revealers, and then some
Labor Day mo
Largest continent
Lead-in for carte or mode
Like hands without mittens, maybe
Like many a tree at Christmas
Lines of clothing
Lose ones temper
Makes the cut
Mangabeys, e.g
Many-sided evils
Mexican coin
Mine access
Monstrous Tolkien creations
Moral consideration
Mountain chain
Move from window to aisle, say
Old schoolmasters disciplinary tool
One of the Gershwins
Ouzo flavoring
Pot top
Prepare, as eggs
Prominent Dumbo feature
Pub pours
Pull a fast one on
Puzzle part
Relative of a knock
Rowboat propeller
Scotty on the Enterprise, e.g
Self-described King of All Media
Serious competition
Set of furniture
Shade-tolerant garden plant
Short races
Slowly, in music
Small test
Snitch on
Spicy cuisine
Spirited mount
Startling word
Supremely powerful
TAs boss
Take __: enjoy the pool
They may be inflated
Thorny plant
Thought of but not shared
Tick away
Ties off in surgery
Tiny amount
To be, in Bavaria
Tone deafness
Turns sharply
TVs Buffy and Faith, e.g
Unit on the set
URL ending
USA Patriot Act, e.g
Warner or Ringling follower
Williams in Cooperstown
Winter malady
With no exceptions
Woodcutter Ali
Word of regret
Word on Santas checklist
Works with flour
Worlds largest snake by weight
__ Office
__ Spring
Group of subs run over to crowd
Is about to eat a short meat sausage
Post contains Howells first move
Old-fashioned hairstyle worn by Fifties youth
Fish on a line is just right
Spread on plate for Goldilocks?
Sweet American sailors an old comic
Blue feathers
In Margate but backing City
Is cheddar this tough?
Snazzy racing drivers a cause of much debate
Its refreshing to be returning home, sleeping like a baby
Catch nasty whiff around governor
Ran to get 50 in over
We would change in Malaysia to tour this country
Productions of Potter may use this epic metamorphosis in dramatic performance
Including trendy names Which” is put out with gas appliances
Hire back of hotel and relax
Its appropriate to surmise taking top off
At first childish lady is missing Barbies — grow up!
Doc visits a green prince
Choir take off for something to eat after Jerusalem
Broadcast newspapers political interviewer film
Spooners engineer used leg to hurt gatecrasher in bed
Heres food for the peckish
Rehearsal of first part of play in Priests church
Minor invention with changing key before rest
Judge eating doctors roll
Raised multinational computer companys popular cloud” many times over
Finally obstetrician is given a detailed story about birth
Bring up
Greek cheese
Turning aside
Live online workshop
Public poster
Malcolm- — Warner ( The Cosby Show actor)
14th-century music style
Arrives leisurely
Certain frat member receiving his diploma?
Sing sweetly
Muddy mixture
Met melody
Took way too much, for short
Gyro bread with lots of extra hidden calories?
Heavenly food made from very hot peppers?
— -garde
Sauna stuff
Singer Acuff
Toon pic
San Franciscos — Hill
Target number of coverage policies?
Download for an iDevice
Denmarks — Islands
High trains
Detach, as a lapel mic
Randomly mixed stack of Bing Crosby and Bill Haley albums?
Folded a line into, say
With 24-Down, reduced-cost product
Glam rocker Brian
Aviary locale
Bridge, in France
Florida city
Fish dish thats a chefs specialty?
Rizzo in Midnight Cowboy
Platform that runs on iDevices
Ran easily
La. neighbor
Brass instrument with a dental product smeared all over it?
O Sole —
— well that ends well
Alias initials
Idiot box
Hair dye produced in a county in southwest England?
Chatty bird with shiny gray plumage?
Pirate chant starter
Took a train, e.g.
Pilot a plane
Prefix with skeleton
Thin iPods
Swiss chocolate brand
Sitcom title woman living in a wasteland?
Actor Jason
Algebra rule
Totally love
Toronto Blue Jays stadium, before 2005
Salzburg site
Joking sort
Be mistaken
Gp. with merit badges
Verb go-with
Why singer Frankie
Like a very clean film
— -Seltzer
Fluttery tree
Stuff in the gene pool
Charlies Angels co-star Smith
Rudely brief
Native New Zealander
Of — (somewhat)
Lotte of film
See 67-Across
Glide (over)
Belly muscles
Mended, as a sock
Works to get
With, to Luc
Rebels yells
Sch. in the Big Apple
FDRs terrier
— Aigner (fashion brand)
Real-estate levy
Bundled up, as hay
Prefix for an element used in antiseptics
Mission to gather intel
— pasa?
Not likely
Ramses II, for one
Plaything dragged on a string
City in Nevada
Für —
Gear piece
Brilliant move
Composer Ned
Reverse alphabetical order
Japanese drama style
New Yorks capital
Singer Piaf
RandBs — Brothers
San Diego ballplayer
One reuning
Asian way
Loc. of Kiev
Exceeded, as a target
— -Cat
Put a stop to
— Bo
Dodging type
Skye of film
California mountain
Japans largest island
Zesty dip
Group jargon
Nervous — (worrywart)
Whip It rock band
City in Utah
Iron sources
Film director Craven
Ballpoint fill
La.-to-Ill. dir.
Bruin Bobby
Agnus — (Mass part)
Drs. org.
Right to assess wood cut for BBQ, perhaps
Liberal point on according rave review
Dependable sort returning dress, fairly upset about daughter
Try hard to plough in historic fashion
Relax” — song to dominate utterly
Holm is historically obstructed
Tuning peg inserted in fixed musical instrument
Exodus finally seen in choice festival of liberation
Protected animal is disturbed in a brook beside duck
Fancy term for paratactically set and in continuance
What stands in front of hearth in a study?
Flipping arrogant gasp with respect to following departure
Zulu guzzles out of tin holders
Eliot bemused by translators poem
Cross with one starting to complain about animals
I ran with tailor fittingly making what looks long short
Paradigm of western dress? Dont change it, sunshine
Sound argument from which mall break free mug
School teaching year shows difference in pitch
She crosses a line in Parisiennes very old hat, right?
Fairness would be sovereignty without right
Soak vessel upside-down in large bowl
Wholly excessive people will dig in here?
Worked on a boat unprepared to be heard
These beaches could be packed solid
Fusses about spinning fail for Sturgeon
Gosh! Chinese people turned up mimic
Lollard with fabulous felicity gaining frequency
Near indifference over anonymous fashion in poets sobriquet
Paper which is not read can curl
Fellow in shifting focus on mobile refuse
Ultimate in rearing previously earnest foster-kids from Fife
Bleeding Circle of Life”
We resist Article 50 being overlooked from upcoming opening
European run out aboard Geordie coaler
Shocking manager losing the second half
“They were summoned from the hillside” is the first line of this 1914 song
1996 Formula One world champion
A 1985 TV advertising campaign for this Japanese company used a version of the song “’Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?”
A langlaufer is a cross-country ____
A magazine rifle or pistol, named after a German inventor
A place setting at a restaurant table
A scrap of food
A small web-weaving mite, a leaf pest
A ____ orange is a variety of apple
Alban ____ based his first opera on an unfinished play by Georg Büchner, and did not complete his second opera
Anvil-shaped bone of the middle ear
Architect who designed the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme
Author of Some of Me Poems
Bond girl Plenty ____ featured in Diamonds Are Forever
Cloud type with rounded heaps on a dark horizontal base
Company whose logo depicts two walking fingers
Composer whose symphonies include the “Bear” and “Surprise”
Confectionery trademark which is a boy’s name reversed
Distance between a vehicle’s front and rear axles
Fabric from Angora goats
Game won by taking (or not taking) the last matchstick
Glands at the root of the neck which become vestigial in adulthood
In a nervous state
In Greek mythology, a water nymph — one of the 3,000 daughters of Tethys
In Rugby, a foul play in which the ball is hit forwards
Island where the Greeks hid their fleet near the end of the Trojan War
Japanese farewell, which translates as “if it must be so”
Mammal whose stomach is divided into four compartments
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are Canada’s ____ Provinces
Opera performed most in recent Arena di Verona seasons
Outer layer of an embryo, which develops to form skin and nerves
Patrick Stewarts first film appearance as Captain Jean-Luc Picard was in ____
Period of up to four weeks before Christmas
Playwright who wrote The Rivals
Political party whose president is Cyril Ramaphosa
Psychologist and former FBI agent created by James Patterson
Ring-shaped moulding, as at the top of a column
Roman emperor ____ Valerius Aurelius Constantinus is also known as Constantine the Great
Sacred choral composition
Shout of approval
Status Quo’s first hit single was inspired by this artist
Strong masculine pride
Swiss tennis player who won the 2016 US Open
Swollen lymph node in the armpit or groin
The first American woman in space (in 1983)
The only one of the “seven wonders” whose existence has never been proved
The process of feeding data into a computer
The royal family usually attends the ____ Gathering on the first Saturday in September
The three Major League Baseball teams named after birds include the Baltimore ____
The tremolo arm of a guitar is also called a ____ bar
The world’s only alpine parrot, found in New Zealand
The ____ Railway is a heritage line running from Whitby to Pickering
The ____, 1967 film with Jason Robards as Al Capone
Theatrical comedy by Moliere, set in the house of Orgon
Usually hooded wicker basket, used as an infant’s bed
____ is credited with the invention of the postage stamp
A last revision for map-book
A learner takes the wall painting outside
Attempt to support young bird
Awful resident entered
Baby gander
Back end
Back story you hear
Ballroom dance
Be contrite about
Be ruined
Bit of quiet, by the sound of it
Book of maps
Boot out
British sailor returns capital
Capital of Azerbaijan
Cars small lamp
Childs word for a horse
Chuck out wild civet
Classic yoga posture
Current affairs from all directions
Dance thats weird to a degree
Decline and leave best books
Domestic chimer
Empty pipe
Feel sorry for French street
Fit for drinking by Italian river board
Foot digit
For starters, orchestras conductor teaches eight this musical piece
Front of a shoe seen in photo exhibition
Great win
Hit rump unexpectedly with great success
Hot gun altered for nothing
Im not able to follow mobile software left by candidate
It signals a new arrival, at a push
Nerd repeatedly fails to finish childs horse
Pretty poor content reveals misprint
Set to work on a course of action? About time!
Some pilot used to make a bloomer
Stop before opening
Take off from area assigned to underwater vessel
Thrilled when story is returned to journalist
Vehicles lamp is returned with pleasure
US actor who married actress Jill St John in 1990
French film director whose works include Alphaville and King Lear
Evans -, 2004 London Marathon and Chicago Marathon mens race winner
Slight elevation where the malleus attaches to the eardrum
See 8
Ruth -, actress who played Gerri in 2010 comedy-drama film Another Year
Actor who played the title role in 1960s US television action series Tarzan
Legendary creature also called an abominable snowman
2012 St Leger winner ridden by Mickael Barzalona
Wooded region of NE France near the Belgian border
1879 opera by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1966-74
1964-66 Cheltenham Gold Cup winner ridden by Pat Taaffe
1981 novel by Dick Francis
Bob -, Australia wing whose final cap was in the 1991 Rugby World Cup Final win over England
Cricket club; 1978 winners of the County Championship
The -, tetralogy by Paul Scott featuring the characters Daphne Manners, Hari Kumar and Ronald Merrick
Common bird of the UK with mainly grey plumage and a white neck patch
See 3
Prunella -, actress who played Miranda Thorpe in 1986 ITV sitcom Constant Hot Water
Companion of Daniel in the Old Testament also known as Azariah
1973 film comedy starring, directed and co-written by Woody Allen
Geoff -, 1974 and 1978 Commonwealth shot put gold medallist
Former name of Hagatna, capital of the Pacific island of Guam
1985 film comedy starring Eileen Brennan and Tim Curry
Shrewd bargaining
Calm or pacify
Group of witches
Fish type
Military cap
Naked figures
Natural surroundings
Deadly grip
Marriage offer
Privy to
Limited, confined
Was victorious
That woman
Physical effort
By the sea
Leg part
Tax on imports
Ontarios Steeltown
lions and tigers, say
OK place to live
melted fat
home of Graceland mansion
famous neurologist Sacks
a single time
Nocturnal mammal
Sparkly festive ?€˜rope
Sparkling wine
Writing implement
Unit of area
Set of rungs
Conductors wand
Drift of sand
Turn up
Fake jewellery
Stringed instrument
Harass an animal
Drab sort of writer
Were off to get jug
Listen out for decoration
Part of Far East
Its a new drink
Following from main exterior
Barrel tax
Swan enclosure
Race around some land
Item moving in the fourth dimension
Mix in prison
Steps that can be taken
Snack in trolley
Need to rearrange garden
Trial or trade
Stick to prohibition outside
Nude sort of hill
Engineers get careless and rest
Wager has a pulse
Attain a river, somehow
Doctor back to get bankers order
Most arguments are about celebrity
Former spouse in the morning is trial
Complete space with flag
Glue to fix a step
Room to put old instrument
Fairy left in danger
Press club
Lied about being lazy
Military clerk
Dinghy blade
Mr. Campbell
Egg cells
Malicious property-destroyer
Star, briefly
Minor quake
Be nosy
Neural network
Lab unit
Witches gathering
Alter copy
Make a choice
Greek letter
Ratite bird
Borrowers friend
Indian craft
Alpine repeat
Computer type
Ship part
Fuel rating
Bit for Flicka
Maples fluid
Geishas belt
Dish up
Beverly ____
Lyric verse
Lead writer
Warm fabric
Roof feature
Opera voice
Timber decay
Displaced person
Short poem
In this way
Work hard
Cains mother
How do
Like army garb, e.g.
Don Giovanni solo
Barbers word
Horses gait
Bees follower
Cellist Yo-Yo __
Ask to respond, in class
Make an appearance
Captain Jack Sparrow, e.g.
Garlic restaurant dish
Center of worship
French Impressionist painter
Brother of Prince Charles
Dined at home
Smoked meats
TV host
Pea holders
Guns the engine
Warning horn
Vouch for
____ wing and a prayer (2 wds.)
Sheeps sound
Put in order
Chablis, e.g.
On a cruise
Old Glory
Hold back
Becomes firm
Meal ender
Get free
Audience member
Trumpets sound
Fit of anger
Eden dweller
Folklore monster
Mexican coin
Legal paper
First garden
Nile animal, for short
Newspapers and TV, e.g.
Boat basin
Highway curve
Land parcel
Bad grades
Bathing place
Pound sounds
Cairos river
Tiny fly
Omelet ingredients
Maternity ____
Words of comprehension (2 wds.)
Loch ____ monster
____ Juan
____ blanche
Pinup ____ Hayworth
Aretha Franklin song
HSTs successor
Summed up
Yellow fruit
Shredded cabbage
Divas specialty
Neck part
Team leader set off with item thats struck in sporting fixture
Trifle with buffet
Sweet setter following male wearing new suit
Reluctant saver forged stub of cheque
Qualification held by roadside greengrocer
Finished vocal work depicting country life
Councillor has headgear
Rocks placed round rivers extremities?
Frequently archaic old newspapers
Three excited about good puzzle
Government clear press network
Engineer in a car plant
Bank letterheads featuring ornamental band
Books about conflict put away for bully
Standard river fish
Careless fellow following German during line dancing
Second knight leaving cards won by earl
Bird box controversy
Take up space adjoining one American state
Politician interrupting real time broadcast
Various deaths marked by single memorial
Get rid of small uncertainty without Britain
App popular with animals?
Soldiers participating in new and free opportunities to vote
Helper of devil eating up one animal
Theologian left to tuck into rank fish
Band trained to go in to drop flood defence
Dishonorable women leaving joint with new soldier stood up
Dressing is perfect with stems of broccoli
Mud left in vehicle
Pointed tooth
Seasoned smoked beef
See note
Game bird
Type of star
Wild ass
Pakistani city
Smug smile
Disinclination to move
Edible crustacean
Luxury car, informally
Whitneys label
Ward of TV
GIs mail drop
Jelly Roll of jazz
Fit to serve
Crossword creators
Kins companion
Son of Isaac
More cunning
Textile worker
Mister Rogers
Pound sound
Source of beer or water
Winning serve
Some crossword answers
Karaoke need
Throw for a loop
Dada notable
Ever-increasing number
________ hardly wait!
Beret on a brae
Bite result, perhaps
Former name at The View
Sign at The View
Its sometimes more
Celebrated sewer
Some crossword clues
Longfellows bell town
Sentence shortener
Votes for
As I was saying …
Mystery writer Stout
Kids game
Filing time
Somme chum
Be a nomad
Precious strings
… ________ a fat pig
Actress Ortiz
Surname at Indy
Back in vogue
Yuris love
Tomato variety
Culturally distinct
Hole goal
You can bank on it
Greek letter
Cartoon squeal
Far from cordial
Big rig
Argo org.
Nice view?
Mentalists claim
________ culpa: Latin
Glum drop
Slumber party attendee
French direction
Morning TV show
Make ________ of, jot down
Actress Tierney
All washed up?
Orator Patrick
More miffed
Rhone tributary
English earldom
Nile wader
Put in the hold
Ward of TV
MPG tester
Marshal at Waterloo
Took responsibility for a misdeed or error
Audio listening piece
Offensive to ones sight or other senses
Beer mug in the shape of a man in a tricorn hat
Boston, MAs newspaper
Playful aquatic animal
Feeling uneasy
Lover of Aeneas
Place where easy money may be made (after the conquistadors folly)
Special social or sporting occasion
Visit, pop in
Propriety in manners and conduct
— Pendragon, father of King Arthur
Bali fell (anag)
One not fancied to win
Putting up with: long-lasting
Strikingly strange or unusual
Article of faith; doctrine
Plant of the celery family; leaf is a herb, seeds a spice
Complain about small things
Backyard tree
That was a close one!
Again, from the start
Romanian currency
Dollar overseas
Wait at the light
Hathaway of Hollywood
Old office features (2 words)
Drag a car
Pub serving
Tread stealthily
Pen fluid
Dance that makes sounds
Lions sound
A quarter of four
Insignificant amount
To this point
Opposite of stay awake
Collectors collection, perhaps
Feel under the weather
Infants transporter (2 words)
Old Roman robe
5th or Madison, e.g.
Hair roller result
Beware the ___ of March (Julius Caesar)
Barbies boyfriend
Photographers diaphragm
Hand over
Period of history
The fastest runner breaks it
Like a ball hit between the foul lines
Edit menu option
Hold a rummage sale
Suffer in the heat
Shape for some macaroni
Look before you ___
___ porridge hot …
Huge piece of cake
Endings for east or west
What a climber wants to reach
Moose relative
Go boo-hoo
Fish eggs
Have a snack
Time keeper, at times
Chowed down
Baby food
Brittle flatbread
Ironically amusing
Lower in rank
Place for an NBA game
Added years
State absolutely
Emanating glow
Grasp in ones hands
What ___ can I say?
First O of OOO
Lack of an expected nomination, as at the Oscars
Gear teeth
A spider spins it
The Audacity of ____
Brew like those made by Lagunitas and Dogfish Head: Abbr.
Perfect singer who recently got engaged to his childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn: 2 wds.
Santa ___, California
Mosaic star who said Ive been in this business for 40 years … Ive seen it all when asked if shed experienced sexual harassment: 2 wds.
Thanks a ___!
Movie stars workplace
Pitch Perfect 3 actress Wilson
Low female singing voice
Period in a URL
Gesture of greeting
Brewpub offerings
Monstrous brute in Tolkiens tales
Song Sung Blue singer who will no longer tour due to Parkinsons disease, but still plans to write and record music: 2 wds.
Kia minivan
Cook in hot oil
Procter & Gamble detergent brand
Former TV star whos contrite for his role in the Access Hollywood tape scandal, saying Im grateful to be a more conscientious person now: 2 wds.
Word that can follow bobby or bowling
___ vera
Mom actress Faris
Blasting compound: Abbr.
Applies gently, as paint
Toy that often looks like a baby or small child
___ Will Be Loved
Silently indicate yes
FedEx competitor
Joy who cohosts The View
Tidied up
Days of ___ Lives
Political corruption
Student whos about to graduate
RV brand named for a Native tribe
Grand in scale
Hostiles star Christian
Actress Mireille of The Catch
Get ___ lease on life: 2 wds.
Thick, flat piece of concrete
Doughnuts center
Flight ____
Got to ones feet
Tied in score
____ a hand
Cookie with a limited edition Hot & Spicy Cinnamon variety
Minor matters, or British desserts
Single-named comedian who starred in Jingle All the Way
The Princess Bride actor Elwes
Boxer Ali with the cookbook Food for Life
Oops, sorry!: 2 wds.
The ninth month: Abbr.
____ Brockovich
High hit to the backcourt, in tennis
One, in Rome
Show whose first host was George Carlin, in 1975: Abbr.
Malcolm in the Middle father
Party animal?
Petrarchs beloved
Nuts or crackers
First name in folk
Actress Samantha
Composer Satie
Diving bird
Be unable to stand
Auto race place
Done for
Gentle breeze
Persian Gulf state
Stairway post
Had a bite
Capital of Bolivia
Actress Colbert
River flowing from the Carpathian mountains
Rodeo equipment
Heavy silk fabric
Parting words
Wry writer
Reeled off
NZ bird
Spyri book
Heaven on earth
Tonys cousin
Lauder of cosmetics
Care for
Arctic transport
Zoo enclosure
Floor coverings
Oklahoma Indian
Change for Norma Jean
Rocky pinnacle
Racing vehicle
Heraldic cross
Sing like Bing
Simple organism
Beijing coin
Ready for
Mother of the Valkyries
Land east of the Urals
Power unit
James of jazz
Wine sediment
Imaginary Friends author
Penne alternative
Least demanding
Did a double take?
Oliver Twist villain
Take for __
Lawn cutter
London transport
Former Yugoslav leader
Fulda feeder
Carpe __
__ rummy
Petty quarrels
Harmonious sounds
In name only
Make intelligible
Wading bird with long legs
Lying face downwards
Broad river mouth
Ancient Greek fabulist
Relief in time of distress
Game played in a court
Dalai Lamas land
Grass-like plant
Eighth sign of the zodiac
Small axe
Ascent (anag.)
Look fixedly
Immature form of insect

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