Crosswords Answers 2018-3-3

Further …
How rude!
The Wire stickup man
Were done here
1921 play for which the word robot was invented
1983 #1 hit with the lyric Take, take, take what you need
Band with the monster album Monster
Become completely absorbed
Bible supporters, often
Brief researcher, briefly
Car lot designation
Chem. unit
Cinemax competitor
City at the mouth of the Yodo River
Co-star with Shatner and Nimoy
Common business attire
Correction corrections
Dark side
Display, as an image, using only a small number of different tones
Dramatists degs
Email address ending
Ending with Oxford or Cambridge
Enlightened sort
G.I. garb, for short
Goes on
Gogols ___ Bulba
Good look
High-speed inits
Hot take?
Improvises, in a way
Intel satellites, metaphorically
Ishmaels people
Kid with a moving life story?
Like many shorelines
Lime and others
Linda of Broadways Jekyll & Hyde
Many a private investigator
Market event, briefly
Mens grooming brand
Novelist ___ Neale Hurston
One who might needle you?
Org. with inspectors
Parmesan alternative
Philosopher who said A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step
Piece of punditry
Popular cracker topper
Put away
Puzzle (out)
Questionnaire info
Real stunner
Riesling alternative, familiarly
Ron ___, nine-time All-Star from the 1960s-70s Cubs
See 18-Across
See 5-Down
Site of a 1974 fight won by 40-Across
So-called Father of Zoology
Strike out on ones own
Way out in space
With 59-Down, spa supply
[Cant wait!]
___ analysis
A Childs Christmas in Wales poet
Aint We ___
Butt out
Dig in!
I just went
I wish
Incidentally, online
My expectation is…
AAA service
Ancient Scot
Apple Watch backup location
Artist Chagall
At an end
Aussie bouncer
Be affected by gravity
Bowlers place
Bradburys ___ for Rocket
Brand of many kids kits
British singer Rita
Bruins great
Cappella Sistina honoree
Castle fortification
Chicken parts
Circulation problem
City of East Anglia
Classical beginning
Company that used to have a trademark on heroin
Country south of Martinique
Craggy peak
Crown makers
D.C.-area airport
Defense agcy. that launched the Cyber Grand Challenge
Disco flashers
Dragged through the mud
Eight, to Augustus
End for legal or journal
Ent description
For whose sake?
Frontiersman Boone, familiarly
Frosh, in a couple of semesters
German bacteriologist Julius
Giant syllable
Gollums creation, for short
GPS direction
Guard stats
Gut reaction?
Homophonic high jinks
How chicken a la king is often served
Insincerely ingratiated oneself (to)
Insurance giant
IRT stops
Key component
Least apt to appear in the Michelin Guide
Lose a lap
Make ___ for it
Many moons
Material for multicolored shirts
Matriculated student
Metaphor, e.g
Mini mount
Mom-and-pop orgs
Montevideo Mrs
Muscle-related: Prefix
Nat. east of 7-Down
Nat. west of 84-Across
Nearly all
Nervous laugh
Not apt not to have many years to live?
Not having no value?
Not not bad?
Not not near this neighborhood?
Not not particularly attractive?
Not someone who isnt enjoying himself?
Not someone who isnt very smart?
Not something thats not new to me?
Not what I dont prefer?
Novelist Weldon
Ocean growths
Of sons and daughters
Offer from a shy person?
Online posters qualifier
Out of control
Out of the wings, perhaps
Particles with mass about 200 times that of electrons
Patients complaint
Philadelphia founder
Photo finishes
Piece of cake
Place for pickup b-ball, for some
Political convention voting convention
Praise effusively
Profitable discovery
Proverb preposition
Quantum physics pioneer
River of Hades
Room at the top
Sacellum Sixtinum honoree
See 95-Down
Senatorial stretch
Sleeper, for one
Some 96-Down
Sorority letter
Sounds of pounds
Staves (off)
Story line
Stud setting
Subordinate to Claus
Superman sports one
Sydney who studied the stars
Takes a shot
Televangelist Joel
Think highly of
Took a walk in the park
Was consequential
Was preliminary (to)
Wasnt in the game
Water carrier
Whats left
Woodys kid
Word in le dictionnaire
Words after Somebody, Goodbye, Easy and Addicted in song titles
Yonder group
___ Paulo
Puts those hands together
Throat ailment
Alums next yr.
Yogi the baseball legend
George W.s first lady
Daycare enrollee
Metallic ax
Work with stanzas
Some mushrooms
Challenge acceptor
Places to buy chips
A sense for many
Bear witness
Relating to sound
End ___ (customer)
Word with welcome
Places of trauma
Got it?
Open grazing field
Musical skill
Suite place
Whine while snuffling
Some religious teachers
Thing to put in your pants
Furnishing styles
Wool collector
Liners lowest deck
Advocate of a Chinese leader
Fed. of sheiks
Starch creation
Fed. procurement org.
Sandwich board phrase
Hotelier Helmsley
That woman
It means four
Writing assignment
Mom network
We might come before it?
Government head
Providers of dos
Twists about
Comet feature
Wheel tracks
Pitching stat
Clemency granter
Weather shelter
Cowboy circus
Skipjacks back
Small cavern, in poetry
Bon ___
Effect go-with
On a wet voyage
Avoids (with of)
Downton Abbey character
Theyre a world apart
Ships bottom
Himalayan legend
Purpose of recycling
Sword type
Extremely hungry
Guy turkeys
Classic band, with The
Be a suitor of
In fashion
Do some shoe repair
Pizza makers stuff
Feature of part or father
Catchers gear
To a great distance
___-bo (workout)
Angeles front
Santa chaser
Sunshine unit
Sing with nonsense syllables
COLA part
Behave like a brat
St. Louis landmark
Greased part of a car
Gem State capital
Folk tales
Within earshot of
React to mold, as cheese
Sporting venue with lanes
Introduces to the mix
Daytona 500 org.
Played first, in bridge
Talking stuffed bear of movies
Big galoot
From the top
Essays of ___ (Lamb work)
FBI agent, slangily
Sporting venue with lanes
Minstrels instrument
Elude the seeker
RSVP addressees
Companion of the id
Mobiles, stabiles, etc.
Baseball Triple Crown stat
Change from R to PG, say
Venus flytraps catch
Sporting venue with lanes
King in Salome
Mosque leader
Super-secure airline
Tony or Edgar
Dolls cry
Like an owl, its said
Carnival setups
Business bigwig, briefly
Palm reader, e.g.
Taco salad ingredient
Get too close to
___ fightin words!
Dog or wolf
Plow-pulling team
Smelter refuse
U. of Maryland athlete
Visiting Europe, say
Slinky shapes
Insiders offering
Play for a sap
Swords superior, its said
Creator of Kanga and Eeyore
Shaq who starred on the 39-Across
The Fall novelist Albert
No longer dating
Patronizes Avis, say
Credit alternative
Flooring pro
Less likely to err
Railroad track measure
Mary of The Maltese Falcon
President after Harry
Terhune title dog
Icky stuff
Lost on purpose
Worlds No. 1 polluter
Butting heads
Whopper alternative
Scrap, at Canaveral
Lot and lots
Dallas matriarch
Call a halt to
Steven of Aerosmith
Margarita garnish
___ 3D (movie format)
Appoint, as to an office
Bowler or boater
Barnyard bleater
Did a 10K
Work groups
Modern Family dad
Land of the lei
Celtic letter
Squirrels stash
Yemen neighbor
Karaoke needs
Crockpot contents
Arc unit
Open space
Like 60s fashions
Yachting hazard
Cry loudly
Pathfinder launcher
Spanish hors doeuvre
Be of one mind
Star in Orion
Raised ridge
In the thick of
Lead on
Penitent person
Pillow covers
Came to
Competition between airlines
Fish features
Bros sibling
Fork feature
Just try it
Wowed by
Filmed, in Hollywood slang
Kitchen cooker
Ohio college
Ocean lane
Marsh plants
Bidens successor
Flat fee
Assam export
Pygmalion writer
New Age singer
Flavor enhancer, for short
Onion relative
Crew tool
— Major
Acapulco gold
Part of speech
Uno + uno
Director Spike
Leb. neighbor
Rappers improvisations
16 ounces
Saudis neighbor
Like a snakes tongue
Atlanta team
Notable time
— the ramparts …
Onassis nickname
Rival rival
Tiny bit
Linguist Chomsky
Soak (up)
Gasp for air
Serb or Croat
Cupids specialty
Shakes off
Sleuth Wolfe
Boot camp reply
Wanted poster abbr.
Poet Teasdale
Get bigger
James Bonds drink
Church leader
UV ray-blocking stat
Yoo- —!
Couples pronoun
Dallas hoopster, briefly
Away from WSW
Bros sib
Showy flower
Crunchy cookie
Store sign
Any time now
— impasse
Runs (into)
Jungfrau, for one
Freedom from feeling
I [heart] INSURANCE button wearer
Violino __
Added ornamentation to
Antonym of skipper
At hand
Baby with big eyes
Band leader
Black waterfowl
Botanical berry
Bus fares
Call up
Center of power
Chuck E. Cheeses, in part
College exam that includes Integrated Reasoning
Colorados North and South Table Mountains
Displayed disfavor
English analog of the Nordic nickname Ditte
Exclamaci?³n de entusiasmo
Exclamation of frustration
FBI agent in Tower Heist
Fully level
Gets over
Go slow, in a way
Group-activity ending
Hardly thrill-filled
Highlanders and Cherokees
Hotel Maitai Polynesia locale
Kindling material?
Knoxville-based agcy
Land south of Athens
List of talking points
Look at very closely
Mid-Atlantic state symbol
Most tailors chalk
Name on Bourbon Pecan Pie pints
Nickname of the president born the same day as Darwin
Not quite coming to
Numerous sitcom characters
Nursery rhyme start
Online navigation aids
Opinion introducer
Pal preceder
Penetrating nature
Prefix for calling
Procrastinators justification
Product produced from peat
Raccoon cousin
Saw . . . Kimmy Schmidt
Scrap heap, perhaps
Seashell used for leis
She beat Evert for her first pro win
Sidekicks, from the Spanish
Sight from many a pass
Some DVD set starters
Sound of thinking
Sushi bar stock
Take a wrong way
They play title role in Carmen
What an orchestra tunes to
Whats up with some weddings
Where Dell Computer got started
__ soap
Steve McQueens co-star in The Getaway
It doesnt include overtime
Can of corn at the market, say
Online shopping option
Organic soy milk brand
Org. hacked during the 2016 presidential campaign
Some edible plant parts
Morally base
Vein contents
Texas-Louisiana border river
Vein contents
On the Road narrator
Company with back-to-school buys
Flowery lines
Crock-Pot and Cuisinart: Abbr.
News gp.
1940s mil. zone
Excite, with up
Wilde forte
Sounded right
Joan of Arcs crime
Shorten a yard to mere inches?
Crate up
Where Excalibur was forged
Buff end
Bering Sea port
Amys Sisters co-star
One with a lot of wheels
Bands in the East
It helps you get up
Substantial content
Commercial challenges
Calais cleric
Hog product
Understanding answer
Is not to be taken lightly
What it doesnt hurt to do
Checkout counter device
Sweat __
Like bad butter
Craft for couples
The Swiss Family Robinson author
Parish priests
Portmanteau for workout clothing worn socially
News source, perhaps
Defib specialists
Places for piggies?
Very few
End of a ristorante request
One of the original Pointer Sisters
Passion caused by strips
Fueling device with an automatic shut-off feature
Cantina fare
Cabaret offering
Hurled weapon
Bring up the rear
Online reminders
Splitting target
Hard-to-describe feeling
Tweeds caricaturist
GM line until 2004
Throws wildly, say
Hagen of the stage
On the Road narrator
The Swiss Family Robinson author
1940s mil. zone
Amys Sisters co-star
Bands in the East
Bering Sea port
Bring up the rear
Buff end
Cabaret offering
Calais cleric
Can of corn at the market, say
Cantina fare
Checkout counter device
Commercial challenges
Company with back-to-school buys
Craft for couples
Crate up
Crock-Pot and Cuisinart: Abbr
Defib specialists
End of a ristorante request
Excite, with up
Flowery lines
Fueling device with an automatic shut-off feature
Hagen of the stage
Hard-to-describe feeling
Hog product
Hurled weapon
Is not to be taken lightly
It doesnt include overtime
It helps you get up
Joan of Arcs crime
Like bad butter
Morally base
News gp
News source, perhaps
One of the original Pointer Sisters
One with a lot of wheels
Online reminders
Online shopping option
Org. hacked during the 2016 presidential campaign
Organic soy milk brand
Parish priests
Passion caused by strips
Places for piggies?
Portmanteau for workout clothing worn socially
Shorten a yard to mere inches?
Some edible plant parts
Sounded right
Splitting target
Steve McQueens co-star in The Getaway
Substantial content
Sweat __
Texas-Louisiana border river
Throws wildly, say
Tweeds caricaturist
Understanding answer
Vein contents
Vein contents
Very few
What it doesnt hurt to do
Where Excalibur was forged
Wilde forte
A foreign doctor in British army thats plainly way up north
A plumber would find no objections in job description
A round of applause as the newlyweds are expecting?
Accountant, for instance, has a head for sculpture?
Big old thunderous smoker occasionally found in Vietnam
Caught woman taking top and bottom off solid Italian dessert
Concealed by characters in play
Enquire into unfinished exhibition on Loire – its empty
Expertise concealed by McCartney
First-class miner says nothing as a form of self-defence
Forget about the foreign bird on leave
Found in the general public high up in Switzerland
Fraud is terrible – almost typical of that shower perhaps
Healthy weight for a role model
Hurry to encourage American city development
Interrupted by Trim teachers
Its covered up by Politburo administration of course
Its guaranteed to amuse comic, for one
Menacing old Frenchman is one with common sense
Most of the meat from hotel consumed by men-only party addressed on social media
My word – it brings a tear to find detective inside
Mysterious legal eagle to introduce evidence
No Pinot in Appellation thats a staple of Spanish restaurant
No rations for theoreticians expertly working on computer
Novice in tense training huddle
Offend strong cleaner by releasing lead out on the air
Permits sign on one airline
Phil Silvers Show tribute opens with attention grabber that not everyone will get to hear
Producer has no cure for blackout
Puts away for track trials needing no introduction
Remove lie from bulletin for Frank
Rialto isnt in illustration and thats a snub
Some nerve-racking period
The foreign copper leads new agency – it concerns gap in statement perhaps
Theyre not among the three-year-olds for baptisms of fire
Trollope dismissed Poe as an ugly monster
University mortar board, for one, raised in American state
Well done by all sides today
A sauce served with pasta
Actually, in fact
Assertions that one has gained or achieved something
At greater volume
Bit by bit
Determined attempt
Feel intense sorrow at someones death
Female sheep
First meal
Form of unarmed combat
Horizontal surfaces inside
In the area of
Its suspended for blindfolded children to break open with sticks
Leader of an Arab family
Less transparent or clear, liquid say
Like a house fit for royalty
Not often
Of limited width
One draws absent-mindedly
Pays attention to sounds
Periods of 100 years
Prolonged periods
Range of hills
Repeated decorative designs
Small bone, especially one in the middle ear
Small fact or feature
Staff of office and a spice
System of signalling with the arms
Take into custody
Tastelessly showy
The language of ancient Rome
Thin slices of bacon
Time to come
With no problems or difficulties
Have nothing to do with free ticket winning
Very bad period of time for a rural community
Recognise celebrities? Do this, perhaps, if struck
Run off in polished stilettos after parade?
Explain Pinter’s opening in Betrayal
Urgently heading for teleprinter after distress call one received
Class take this after dope
Hope to have most of jelly with helping
Timid type, a bishop settling in London, maybe, in an overcrowded area
Food pleasing to the eye, we’re told
With book in college defining game
Guys in principle responsible for a block of flats
Problem with arson, a crucial matter?
Nerve and audacity shown in hold-up
Group after sound system for convention
Possible result of game being in grass allowed to roam wild
Insensitive column, a problem for the editor?
Tire oneself out on visit by Italian
Dam – spooky no end
Long distance traveller, finished with school
TV game show runs into considerable trouble
Stand as excursion party returned
Disgusting old boy linked with ugly incident
Non-professionals playing are a must
Might a matador confront a problem head-on?
Artist wearing a top he designed, and a gibus
One putting clothes on sideboard
Plant in trouble had backing
Story-teller having to sit up after first of allegories
Decoy’s snout
Peg describing a row about bishop in cocktail lounge?
Large container porter brought in for a man
I suffer over lad’s affair
Suitable whip
Select rice, ultimately – low in calories
Little tip for final applicants
Distinctive character in Newmarket hostelry
Film male, one fielding after start of test
Without opener, field a substitute
Figure alien must be breaking law
Lunacy omitting son in senseless action
Invoice committee for hoarding
Turn on wench providing winch
So ended a broadcast about married heroine in play
Fruit drink that’s delicious in the East
Tiresome nanny and I go out
Substantial bidding
Enthusiastic card game in plant
Inexperienced in a good way, that is belonging to an upper-class set?
Sensible paraglider heading this way eventually?
Outgoing person, former scout, entering IOM races
Under pressure, made and delivered a sermon
Type of car difficult to beat
Sleep so long on top of sofabed
Drop daughter with it by church
Pronounce fit
Detest rough bar small house installed
Swiss dish acrostic contains
Excessively recoiling part of blowtorch-cum-revolver
Maximum separation of parallel pins
Finger a sod, on investigator’s lead
Translated message to Alice before later books showing adaptation
A diabolical fire felt to be one’s eternal existence?
Large company’s earth mover crossing road
Pipe down in harvester reduced mould
Turned like beef from Pacific islands
Musician’s soft bed
Lacy flounces round garment’s edge, attempting elementary alterations
Trimming the margins, what oiks cut a few lines?
Crossing finally over, with maniac on board
Marine hunter’s shortly to garrison displaced occupants of quads
Half of Iroquois backed by a related group
How shocking vote against withdrawing is for northerner in Civil War
Pale pink periodical, certainly not one that misleads endlessly
Who’s the host from Hell, or hardly relaxed?
What’s missing from vision? Yes, group having a row
Clumsy introduction of English sailor, hilarious in French, where Jack parts hair
Is unable to enjoy last of autumn leaves with stealthy grace
Sabotage teased those who tease?
Pickle brine I foolishly consumed
Forward is upward in scout’s intelligence?
Rash, heartless and hollow
Persevere to end resistance in brief farewell
Problem with optical character recognition?
Pull one of Glastonbury’s attractions after raising bad spirits
A priest protecting a bishop’s state
Fat, cold, old man
School ably showing its alternate form?
Process of development
Quantity of food for one person
Engage in contemplation
Alternative viewpoint
Football pitch upright
Include as a part or result
Overcome; quieten
Miserly person
Arm coverings
Colourer of fabrics
Death of tissue cells
English county
With difficulty; without interruption
Whether one likes it or not
On the other side of the mountains
Saint – of Loyola
Operatic song
Person taking out insurance
Looking sleepy
Mark of disgrace
Ruler; butterfly
Smaller building separate from main one
VCR in full
Organise, plan
Lose momentum
Proportion; quotient
Garden carrier
Environment promoting rapid development
Short period of relief
Unable to be separated
Evil spirit, phantom
Old or in bad condition
Put on one’s clothes
Causing annoyance
Shaven part of monk’s head
Farm activity
Fine spray
Not stretchy
Place, position
Worker with milk, butter, etc
Motivating payment
In a skimpy fashion
Educational environment
Front of aircraft’s wing
One in the insurance business
Four-sided with none parallel
Game record
Vehicle too badly damaged to repair
Sister of Augustus
Increase rapidly
Take on (another’s child)
Eg, spaghetti
Significantly overweight
Durable fabric
Towards a higher level
Composer of Salome and Elektra
Protection, backing
German industrial region
Uniform colour
Out of date
Russian ruler
Physical strength
Extremely earnest
Break down (food)
Potential source of danger
Small restaurant
Naval asset
Plant such as cuckoo pint
Australian mammal
Heavenly being
Make (a feeling) disappear
Form of pasta
Heavily eroded uncultivable regions
Characteristic nature
Refuse to allow
Requiring early action
Informal language
Engrave with acid
Things brought about, done, completed
(Romulus et Remus) unus fratrem et urbem derisit, ____ eum occidit
Island far to the north, furthest in fact; ah, let tumuli make it there
5 – 50: minime albus
You wicked man, rogue!
Obicio, ostendo; perfect would be obtuli
Latin name for Greek traveller and trickster; “sic notus ____?” says Laocoon, doubting the wooden horse
They will prepare
Frater Hannibalis revertitur in toga maxima
Vide 21d
Romae portus, urbs ad exitum Tiberis sita, o clades!
Something rough, uneven; durum, acerbum
It flows, manat, labitur
Muse of music: Horace Odes 1.1.32-3 “si neque tibias | ____ cohibet…”
Then, next
Gloria, merito; ____ dignus, praiseworthy
Women carried off, on horseback maybe
Trepidant, they quiver or quake
Rupes, cautes vel difficultates
You (s) break; rumpis
Send in (sing imperative); ____ corpus in undas – dive!
I have loved; you, love with violence!
With a nod, nutu; histriones et voce et hoc utuntur
(three word answer, with 20ac) MGM motto: Art for Art’s sake
A little crude liver in food shop
Ad lib? Im sharp with first of umpteen
All but
All but Nigerian leader to advance
Apart from
Arab chief
Awful rumble over US city – use this for protection
Christian sabbath
Clear the sailor must find the answer
Collapsible canopy
Completely dismissed? Yes!
Deciduous tree
Fancy food shop
Fashion model glad to get first prize
Final salt compound
Foreign leader backs Frost
Get the message and rip up in front
Good, competent US actor
Greasy plate smashed at heavens door
Heavens doorway
Hula ring
Ice-cream dessert is called for during weekend
Ignore my lot rearranging jargon
Interpret mouth movements
Let in maid struggling with first of trays
Nieces brother
Off the cuff
Olympic first
One in equal parts?
Primitive Mary I turned out
Rebel sailor
Rebellious person, in the main
Saloon in Hobart
Some viscous mud generates dirty mark
Style of roof
Tree visible in Helmsley
Welcoming a non-critical match
Who opposes inner band?
Write back and cut off family member
Long flat vertical bone in man also called the breastbone
2000 film starring Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe
Paul -, French painter whose works include 1888s Avenue at Chantilly
1983 drama starring Gene Hackman and Rutger Hauer
Spa town in Allier, France; seat of the collaborationist government from 1940-44
Front part of the lower leg
See 22
Rare black and grey bird also called a Hawaiian goose
Linda -, actress who played Simone Beck in 2009 film drama Julie & Julia
See 7
– Engineering Co Ltd, motorcycle manufacturing firm based in Coventry that went bankrupt in 1983
Actor who played the title role in 1970 BBC TV historical drama series The Six Wives of Henry VIII
1995 comedy-drama starring Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie
J G Farrell novel that won the 1973 Booker Prize for Fiction
The -, Rose Tremain novel that won the 2008 Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction
Inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm
Official language of Pakistan
Arthur -, 1958 Commonwealth shot put gold medallist
Sea duck of the northern hemisphere valued for the soft fine down of the female
See 2
Parish in Perth and Kinross, Scotland; former site of the Pictish capital
Forceful shot in basketball where the ball is put directly through the hoop from above
Plant related to the onion; a national emblem of Wales
Gerry -, co-founder and first leader of the SDLP in Northern Ireland in 1970
Large mammal also known as a killer whale
Gin mixer
Wrinkle or furrow
Smile smugly
Petty quarrel
Skilled in deception
Portable anti-tank gun
Slightly drunk
Saturday and Sunday
Brains, intellect
Stool pigeon
Rain heavily
Distinguished female singer
Unit of purity of gold
Having a gentle voice
Religious building
Conforming to an established standard
Elephants elongated tooth
Rabbit-like mammal
where two things meet
most plucky
enjoys, in old slang
give approval
where ID may be stored
dull surface
cleverly inventive
Wide estuary
Of the kidneys
Make certain
Ballet garment
Judo level
Amounts of paper
Fencing sword
Curdling agent
Currency unit
Previous day
English river
Female sheep
Biblical figure
Rents out birds
Greek characters mouth
Copy of tapestry
Animated a veil badly
Learn layout of the kidneys
One writers novel
Facts in emergency
Are back for a long time
Nod back at academic
Safeguard space and get positive
In France, you double the skirt
Conflicts in new arsenal
Rated wrongly by right businessman
Briefly judge
Talented with drink
Ruin in Denmark
Wooden record
Bishop organised deal thats cutting edge
Moving near a venue
Hes good at karate!
Evaluated tread badly
Blocks of paper are wasted on manuscript
Sailor to achieve goal
Weapon gets record points
Tenner spent on cheese ingredient
Less confused about Austrian auctions
Drain away money
Level with first woman
Crude sort of weld
A victory on river
Countryside in Outer Urals
Alternatively have a paddle
Enthusiast from Brazil, say
Fewer around animal
Roused about employment
A drama about some ships
Rinses out warning devices
Seethed at bad grade
Stop cooking bread
Bring up the back
Unexciting apartment
First man to find a barrier
Raw material from forest
Head lights
Brake part
Farm yield
Greek market
Half quart
Auto style
Pen filler
Garden tools
Certain railroads
Priestly robes
Bog down
Abels mother
Horse opera
Shaggy sheepdog
Lizs role
Frequently, to Keats
Big heart?
Heavy twine
Final notice
Ships crane
Pool worker
Causing puckers
Gelatin salad
Wedding attendant
Duel blade
21, e.g.
Kind of exam
Without: Fr.
Party decoration
Roulette bet
Moistens, poetically
Egg cell
TGIF part
Mock butters
Dory stick
Greek letter
Shed style
Card game
Easy to chew
…nothing to fear but fear __
Statistical diagrams
Performs, in the Bible
Alphabetize, e.g.
Cuts made with a saw
Pool cue
Retract, as a statement
Early Britons
Newswoman ____ Shriver
Farm yield
Dr. ____ of TV
Serving perfectly
Time period
Constant companions (2 wds.)
Trumans monogram
Painters stands
Religious group
Feed the kitty
Plant stalks
In fashion
____ v. Wade
Get up
As the ____ flies
____ Francisco
On dry land
Students assignment
Offered in response
At no time, poetically
Shoe part
Flying toy
Light touch
____ Witherspoon of Pleasantville
Preachers word
Dogwood or palm
Indicates assent
Plants beginning
Nighttime vision
Civil disturbance
Wayside hotel
Morally pure
Not home
Adjusted beforehand
Adored one
Not so much
Darn it!
Groups of eight
Largest continent
Bart Simpsons mom
Climbing plants
Robins homes
Horned animal, for short
Baseball blunder
Actor Roger ____
Jupiter, e.g.
Silkwood actress
Mideast nation
Disney clownfish
Leg hinge
Tenniss ____ Sampras
Out of port
Burns before
Lobe locale
Nothing divides the lines ?€” thats the idea
Blows kisses
Run at it wildly, picking up speed and winning
Member of the Lords backtracking on record
See 6 Down
He no longer believes in a position Sartre oddly rejected
Show disapproval, and put money where mouth is?
Cheese cut & grated
Ones offered hospitality in rogue state
Those living abroad get help returning, with first instalments of support payments of regular amounts
Lower numbers
Finally, Hi ho Silver before the charge!
Did men live sinfully, being intent on wrongdoing?
Set theory was deceptive
10 – 7 = 23? Head off in confusion
Without question, a route should be organised as a central line
Press on, having left the last trio of stragglers
Bottoms up, endlessly ?€” thats the watchword!
London landlord thats facing sentence?
Steps we took (cancelling agreement) in order to find best contact place
Party embracing a limit on spending from the beginning
No being cryptic and causing problems!
For this reason lack of amplification is conducive to working
Omit state (not Rhode Island) at beginning of trip
Doctor, can I get the first pair to inject essential nutrient?
Dropped dead while antidote was working? Bother!
The main problem with canoe
Opposing odds when odds are extremely short
Love deeply
Prove superior
Sets of two
Skin disease
Alcoholic drink
Asian cooking ingredient
Unsatisfactory compromise
Catch sight of
Bishop of Rome
Best part
Taken for own use
Paper-folding art
Group of soloists
Uninvited guests
Person claiming to have second sight
Sleeve parts
Cake-burning king
Distinctive flag
Game with 18 holes
I must think about this
Automatic rifle first produced in the Soviet Union in 1949
Riding event
Something typical
(Of food) served in alcohol and set alight
Region of southern Spain
French dramatist, leading figure in the theatre of the absurd, d. 1994
In vain
Wrestling hold
What Richard III would have given for a horse
Arboreal lizard
Flour or meal made from any kind of cereal grain
The capital of Norway
Actress whose films include Dangerous Liaisons, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill
T S Eliot poem that contains the lines This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a whimper
Irish rock band founded in Dublin in 1969 by Brian Downey and Phil Lynott
Primary villain in the Robin Hood stories
American-bred horse that won back-to-back Prix de lArc de Triomphes in 1977 and 1978
Ed ___, American lawyer who served three terms as mayor of New York City from 1978 to 1989
One of Alexandre Dumas Three Musketeers, along with Porthos and Aramis
The brightest star in the sky
Vegetables also known as cime di rapa
The first person to win medals in five different Olympic Games in sailing
1999 album by Carlos Santana that won nine Grammy Awards
Tree or shrub of the genus Crataegus, also called may
Port in southwestern Spain where in 1587 Sir Francis Drake carried out The Singeing of the King of Spains Beard
Ryan ___, England left back who joined Southampton from Chelsea in 2015
Controversial actor born Carlos Irwin Estevez
Composer of the music for Show Boat
African-American work song, often credited to Leadbelly, that gave Ram Jam a 1977 hit
An early 16th-century trick-taking card game for two people played with a reduced deck
The American TV equivalent of the Oscars
Soft cows cheese named after the French province in which it originated
The ancient Greek goddess of retribution
A cyclonic tempestuous northeast wind which blows in the Mediterranean, mentioned in Acts of the Apostles and Herman Melvilles Moby-Dick
2001 novel by Ian McEwan
The mountain maple, a species native to North America
Fender electric guitar that has been in continuous production since 1949
Sicilian volcano that is the highest in Europe
Chinese tree cultivated for its round edible fruits
Martin ___, BBC religious affairs correspondent appointed in September 2016
1978 single by Rose Royce that reached number 3 in the UK
See 46
Independent state in the SW Pacific whose capital is Honiara
Variety of mandarin orange sometimes called an Algerian tangerine
Old term for an animal whose tail has been docked
Show tune from the 1937 Rodgers and Hart musical Babes In Arms
American newspaper comic strip by cartoonist George Herriman which ran from 1913 to 1944
Steel-producing port in Indiana, on Lake Michigan
Paul ___, victorious American captain in the 2008 Ryder Cup
Soldiers serving with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in World War I
Central character in the 1960s TV series Stingray, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson
1999 film starring Chris ODonnell and Ren?©e Zellweger and featuring the acting debut of singer Mariah Carey
The traditional birthstone for November
Spanish actor and director who married American actress Melanie Griffith in 1996
African country whose capital is Khartoum
The only footballer to have scored a hat-trick in all four English divisions, the League Cup, the FA Cup and for his country at International level
German high jumper who won the womens Olympic title in 1972 and 1984
Village in France that was the scene of the first decisive battle of the Hundred Years War when the English defeated the French in 1346
A country wench in Shakespeares play Loves Labours Lost
Native American people formerly living in and around the Appalachian Mountains
See 20
The derived SI unit of pressure
Egon ___, painter and draughtsman who was a leading exponent of Austrian expressionism
Planet whose moons include Titan and Rhea
Nedum ___, Nigerian footballer who joined Queens Park Rangers from Manchester City in 2012
Norwegian skater who invented a jump that bears his first name
See 15
Out of which 5 7 came in a 1985 movie?
See 4 Down
__ Pankhurst, person played by 15 7 in Suffragette (2015)
15 7 movie from 1982, based on the novel by William Styron
A short-sighted person
Star of Kramer vs Kramer (1979)
15 7 movie about the Pentagon Papers
15 7 movie based on the novel Mrs Dalloway
__ Tyler, star of Lord of the Rings (2001)
Garlic and oil sauce used in Mediterranean cuisine
See 11
Japp __, former Manchester United defender
Another word for Passover
Der __, German weekly news magazine
15 7s finest work – based on the music of Abba?
A short brimmed hat – or a novel by George du Maurier?
Brandy or liqueur made from a variety of distilled fruits
Controversial family planning policy introduced to China in 1979
The study of matter
Legendary creatures confronted by Gulliver on his travels
Greek peninsula separating the Pagasetic Gulf and the Aegean
__ Child, character played by 15 7 in 2009
Print and online magazine founded in Montreal in 1994
____ Juice
The Post actor Odenkirk
Let me ___ you a question …
1986 Sigourney Weaver sci-fi sequel
Honest ___
___ a finger on
In the not-too-distant past
Unit for measuring heavy freight
Canola ___
French artist whose The Card Players sold at auction for a record $250 million in 2011: 2 wds.
Bernie ___
Homer Simpsons cry of frustration
Yankees crosstown baseball rival
Destroys, as a hotel room
Game console that responds to gestures
Dutch artist whose Portrait of Dr. Gachet sold at auction for a record $82.5 million in 1990: 3 wds.
911 responder for a health crisis: Abbr.
Concert songs that happen after the band first walks offstage
Two hours before midnight
Take a load off
The Meyerowitz Stories
Austrian artist whose Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I sold at auction for a record $135 million in 2006: 2 wds.
Stomach muscles, for short
Something given to a tourist in Hawaii
The Dead ___ Scrolls
Fast cash device: Abbr.
Mourn the passing of
South Korean rapper of Gangnam Style
Brand used to relieve constipation: Hyph.
Container for jam or jelly
Newcastle Brown ___
Voice amplifier, for short
Toot, like a car horn
Retired tennis player Kournikova
Gremlins 2: The New ___
High-pitched woodwind instrument
Without anyone else
Holy person
South Park kid with the last name Broflovski
Someone who attends classes
___ in Translation
Spanish word for friend
Network that aired Jersey Shore
NPR correspondent Shapiro
You ___ say that again!
What a bloodhound follows when tracking someone
End of a pants leg
Popular business magazine
It may cover a brides face
Spherical object
___ whiz!
Cable competitor of QVC
Toothpaste containers
Writing assignment for English class
Quickly reads through
React audibly to something shocking
What a tragedy!
Rejection of a congressional bill
____ or less
Cereal whose mascot is a silly rabbit
Daddys Home 2 actor Gibson
Director DuVernay who was awarded Entertainer of the Year at the 2018 NAACP Image Awards
Supervillain Luthor
Kemo __
Jogging gait
Start of Caesars saying
Nutritive mineral
Alaskan outpost
Grinding tooth
19th century British statesman
Tuckered out
Subatomic particle
Cows, old-style
Highway division
Thus far
Start on the links
Jerry Herman musical
Singer Lennox
Spanish gold
Bomber attribute
Film container
Capital of Belarus
Missile berth
Pot contents
The Player director
Actress Hedren
Youve got to hand it to some runners
Round ender
Architect __ van der Rohe
Australian export
Large needlepoint stitch
Singer Cherry
Prepare for publication
The Way We __
Disney dog
Greek s
Van Gogh residence
It can move mountains
Dilapidated tenements
Present starter
Singer Marie
__ Believer (Monkees hit)
Author McCullough
River to Donegal Bay
Superlative suffix
Slangy affirmative
Venomous snake
Brava maker
NYC museum
Seed covering
European high spot
Card game for three
Sun hat
Not so big
__ de plume
Raindrop sound
Actor Davenport
Art category
Word of welcome
Fencing sword
Mother of the Valkyries
Tropical cyclone
English university city
Kidnappers demand
Tall building
Broad-brimmed Mexican hat
Figure of speech
Light open-toed shoe
Several (anag.)
Put in jail
Lowest point
Supreme god of ancient Greece
Old decorative style, or back to Chanel?
Tea For Two as dance music
A loose woman goes west in US city
Title-holder excluding a single Tory leader
Grandma eager to find cloth
Wartime menace about to be destroyed
Academic entertained by individualists – theyre capital people
One goes in break to take exam again
Judge with hard heart, one using teeth
This may reproduce letters from clients
Attractive menu option? Yes!
Emphasize a modern complaint
Material, we hear, may be influenced
Assessing a sailor
Part of body seen by the Spanish officer
Long for start of concert followed by wild party
Females clothing sounds hairy
Swiss community not finishing part of poem
Shrewd, displaying broken statue
Bill Hogan trained players here
Odd section with spots
Content with shaking fist, say?
Decisive moment for start and end of career is repeated
Padre confused about year spoke to God
Small fruit or piece of asparagus
Gently dampen part of the garden before we turned up
Boss upset by Conservatives tale of woe
Attack involving fool with trouble
Question ?€” one about king, bad, with the man fast to start
Its accommodating new supporters children
Cheese company, originally tiny, introduced to woman
Not blocked, its just adequate
Sing unknown poem lustily at first
Drink taken by ringleader initially tense and vigilant
Beginning again, nine grew wildly
By the sound of it, regret gibe involving fruit
Strait-laced upstart with the French plant
The Sure Thing
Go back for profit
Full back, put off, letting in goal
Shiny disc from the Kent area ?€” one of five
Container for documents for short lawsuit
Volunteers with monarchs receipts
Rodents circling fellows floating structures
First of clouds in the sky surprisingly patchy
A portion given separately
Pleasant, similar to expert
Saint having egg on fish
Bad Brit breaking hens first water container
Man with a small quantity finally tried and condemned
The French supporter right about party with dog
Mode of transport used with hesitation ?€” coach
Shrill sound from the French after card game
Occupation of European in vehicle with the queen
For a French female, its not suitable
Location of soft material
Punctuation done in a hurry?
Also tied on its own
Only fish
Big brace used in card game
Fitting too big an engine to be irresistible?
Get some on it with an idiot
Home for animal with firm foundation
Arranged the records at the Reformation
Fee to keep the henchman on?
1000 frozen confectionery animals
A pirates a leech
It takes a long time to get how old people are
Take no notice of the deduction
Entails noticeable changes
Cunning virago has first defeat
Lay about uncouth fellow setting about deserter in scientific workshop
Educate in transport
Act to produce legal document
Make over-subtle distinctions in trouble on crown?
Its unnecessary to require a smaller amount
One abstainer stands up in wallop at the crease
A perfume to go with a rise?
It goes round and round up and down
Fall means work for doctor
Motor cab
Small crown
Of the new wife
Odds and ends
He needs space to move
This way for the fjords!
Unloading sacking
Describe wine and fish
Old instrument comes before a modern one
Three will show approval
Complaint about Mas hat
They are sure to be brisk for beer on board
Go-ahead pawnbrokers may give you one
But theyre not necessarily sea-food!
The little devils simply without cunning
Property conveyance?
Runner in various kinds of winter sports
To come up before her is not the same
Sets out an increase in salary, we hear
Police would like to arrest a woman in this
Its safe to say where the card-players success lies
Increase the strain
Standard features of many streets
Crams the stuff together and finishes
Pause as the priest turns the key
It gives point to work in the theatre
Boast in a letter to a relation
Time to end the opera

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