Crosswords Answers 2018-3-4

Baby, baby, baby!
Heaven forbid!
No ___
Park it
The Walking Dead channel
Walk Away ___ (1966 hit)
You follow?
___ autumn, and a clear and placid day: Wordsworth
___ calling
___ Just Not That Into You (2009 rom-com)
1980s-2000s Texas senator Phil
Advance look, say
Alternative to caf?©
Assails with emails
Astronauts Bean and Shepard
Bears ___ (national monument in Utah)
Beginning of the German workweek
Beyond passionate
Blood type modifier, for short
Break down, in a way
Canadas largest brewer
Catch in The Old Man and the Sea
Celebrated boxing family
Clair Huxtable or Peg Bundy
Commit a peccadillo?
Cossack weapon
Crash into the side of, informally
Daschles successor as Senate majority leader
Demi with the 2012 hit Give Your Heart a Break
Disney bear
Do with a pick, maybe
Doesnt pay
Drama with many fans
Droid with a holographic projector, informally
Edamame source
Endorse digitally
Enthusiastic consent
Equally pensive?
Fancy soirees
Film for which Adrien Brody won Best Actor
First weapons used in a knife fight?
Flirtatious quality
Foldable beds
Food truck menu item
German border river
Golden State, informally
Handholds while slow-dancing
Hawthorne heroine
Headey of Game of Thrones
Horror, e.g
Important but sometimes ignored piece
Irish John
Island veranda
Jungian souls
Katey who played Peg Bundy
Ketel One rival, familiarly
Kind of lily
Last Chinese dynasty
Lean fillet, as of lamb
Lessens in force
Like chimneys
Mag featuring Fun Fearless Females
Martial art with bamboo swords
Messenger ___
Metaphoric acknowledgment
Michael who wrote The Neverending Story
Mo. with Constitution Day
Nonprescription, briefly
Not be serious
Not tricked by
Old record co. conglomerate
One releasing a dove in the Bible
One seeing ghosts
Out of control?
Oxygen-reliant organism
Part of E.S.L.: Abbr
Parts of math textbooks
Pauses for service
Perform the hit Things I Should Have Said?
Performance for which one might grab a chair
Pet portal
Post-op stop
Pouty exclamation
Pursues, as a hunch
Quaint dismissals
Rap sound
Salon offering, familiarly
School closing?
Selling point
Shared values
Shoot off
Showed shock
Snapchat posting, for short
Snapped out of it
Surprising group of suspects?
Symbol over 9 or 0 on a keyboard, for short
Take with force
Tech news website
The 48th star
The Beatles showing absolute amazement?
The night before, to a hard partier?
The Police frontman filming a shampoo commercial?
The Theme Park Capital of the World
Things that clash in Washington
Title family name in old TV
Tridactyl birds
Tying packages, securing helium balloons, etc.?
Verdant spot
Waste receptacle
When duelers may meet
Where Napoleon died in exile
Woodland god
Yoga pose
___ long way
___ track
Sired, in Exodus
Get – start link
Little rascal
Like a notched leaf
Bumper sticker kin
Damage, as a surface
Ready-for-market goods
Air pressure letters
Tennis match start
Of no avail
Bridge length
Grandson in Genesis
Same, in footnotes
Tolkien monster
With no duration
Powdered cleanser
Snaked place
Extracted metal from
Hoped-for merger result
Type, as of animals
Places of human growth
Affectionate terms
Fashion plate
Not once, poetically
All over again
Semi trucks
Arms control subject
Brother of Moses
Toothpaste-pushing org.
Perk for an athlete
Under the weather
Chopped wood measure
Spookily strange
Diminutive ender
___ over (helped to endure)
Holmes creator
Picnic pest
Suffix for the directions
Churchyards nickname
Fluttery-leaved tree
Yukon area, for short
Summed thing
A foreign currency unit
D.A.s, essentially
Skin designs, briefly
Someplace ___ (away)
Get in the way of
Huge groups
Light benders
Kiln kin
Small brown finch
Dance with a queen
Like jokes youve heard
Type of cavity
Genius Einstein
Musket end
Insisted on
Petroleum plant
Pirates potation
Little pound cries
Thieves place
Imply necessarily
Acupuncture necessity
Make drinkable, as sea water
___ the night before …
Shakespeare lover?
Cream of the crop
Thesis start
Sax players need
Bauxite, e.g.
Buttonless shirt
Word after sing or tag
Marquee topper
Barbed comments
Multiplex offering
The Gaels college
___ Roberts University
Computer room headache
___ ones time (wait)
Bad boy in Toy Story
Wonderfilled cookie
Thick soup or stew
Uncredited, as a quote (Abbr.)
Foe of Montague
Hindu masters
Samuel Adams offering
Lama land
Pink, at a steakhouse
Brand of indoor balls
Geek Squad caller
Showed, as fangs
Dimwitted dog of comics
Purveyor of soups and salads
Like a quiche
Shot put, e.g.
Small role for a 6-Across
Get even for
Chevy muscle cars
Place for a seaside stroll
A Trump daughter
Holler fore at, say
Get the gist of
Talk like Popeye
2000 Zellweger movie
Bank that never sleeps
Give off, as an odor
Send to cloud nine
Ultimatum ender
One might include a 14-Across
Shakespeares ___ Andronicus
Music store wares
Petty of Tank Girl
Banished Roman poet
Diarist portrayed in Henry %26 June
Tackle a job
Seductress of the sea
Japanese leader of WWII
Ivanovic of tennis
Went berserk
Human resources concern
Sans-serif typeface
Employees ID, maybe
Unwelcome winter forecast
Bow-toting god
Lay bare, to a poet
Drove my Chevy to the levee song
One Sweet Day singer Mariah
Snow tire feature
Brand with an owls-eye logo
Biblical homicide victim
Key ___ (Bogart%2FBacall movie)
Blows a gasket
Scene of temptation
Place to spar
Throw a wingding for
Expressed disappointment over
50-50 wager
Boat for couples
Suffix with billion
Enchantress of Greek myth
Be of service to
Poles supported by rigging
Costume jewelry
___ of habeas corpus
Pronto! in the OR
Rebuke to Brutus
Potato peelers excisions
Thurman of The Producers
Wallach of The Ghost Writer
One more thing . . .
The Wolf of Wall Street director
Welcome to Maui!
Would __ to you?
X-Files agent
A symbol of Massachusetts
Accepted principle
Action film scene
After-dinner drink
Allergy season sound
Alphabetical quartet
Altar pronouncement
Ancient Peruvian
Any of four English art galleries
Ardent allegiance
As a result
At a distance
Athenian landmark
Azalea anchors
Balkan capital
Be infallible
Be likely (to)
Be selected
Be worthy of
Bout ender
Brewpub product
Briny expanse
British coins
Bront?« protagonist
Brown shades
Buzzers around blossoms
Cartoon genre
Channel for football fans
Close associates
Cocktail garnishes
Corporate VIP
Cut, as for firewood
Digital currency
Dinghy tools
Door-slamming sound
Drainage system
Drawn out
Enliven, with up
Equestrian sport
Facebook post label
Family nickname
Family nickname
Field hand
Fit for consumption
Former rival of Volvo
Gallic girlfriend
Great Barrier Reef swimmers
Haley at the UN
Hang after washing
Hardest substance in the human body
Harvest, as wool
Hidden theme of the puzzle
Highly prudent
Holsteins comment
Hydroelectric facility
Important Prado artist
Innocent one
Instruments springy string
Invitation to taste
It means equal
Join a chorus
Kitchen gadget
Knitted wrap
Laudatory verses
Lend __ (listen)
Lettuce, under some entr?©es
Level of authority
Look mopey
Lots of, informally
Maritime spy org
Medical insurance grps
More irate
Most elevated point
Nametag greeting
Nature photographer Adams
No longer talking
Notable time
Numero __
Oklahoma city
Onetime MGM rival
Out in front
Overemotional episode
Paper adhesive
Persian Gulf land
Persuade, with over
Pest in a swarm
Pool paths
Pop singer King
Porky Pig and Popeye
Possible school-closing weather
Prima donna performance
Pulverized grain
Read digitally
Red-ink figure
Rescue-squad initials
Roof-panel descriptor
S&L nest egg
School-support orgs
Scold, with out
Sculpted piece
Send back, as into custody
Shaq of hoops fame
Sheepskin recipient
Shopping aid
Short snooze
Short snoozes
Small snack
Solemn assent
Spiders creations
Spring zodiac sign
Stage platform
Staircase post
Struck a chord
Sty guy
Succotash bean
That lady
Tiny hill builder
Trick-or-treaters tote
Twains hometown
Twists and squeezes
Typical Hamlet character
Unexpected success
Very small
Want no part of
Without exception
__-pah band
Pond organism
Traffic sound
Spin, for one
Niger neighbor
Slight mitigation?
One dressed for dinner?
I didnt mean that
Defense opponent, briefly
Preliminary negotiations
Bivouac structure
Sportage automaker
Olympic skater Ito
Mag. edition
Blow bubbles into
Canberra school
Benjamin of Private Practice
Italian peaks
Teachers org.
Former Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale component
Fluorescent bulb element
Ring holders
Fish eggs
Toffee candy bar
Alloys, e.g.
Corner office execs
Word spoken con affetto
Fine-grained wood
Sleep it off
On the Good Ship Lollipop performer
Tach figure
Youth support group
Storage facility sometimes found underground
New Mexicos __ Ski Valley
What __ : Ho-hum
Part of TNT
Show some teeth
Washington soccer team
Lesser clergy member
Balaams mount
Vade __: handbook
Old Vatican bread
Port of __: Trinidad and Tobagos capital
Fashion initials
Hundreds, slangily
Plane wing parts
Drivers lic. figure
Lacking what it takes
Mauna __
Blood prefix
Check out a wreck, perhaps
Babysitters woes
Romcom, perhaps
Piton user
How titles may be written
Wonder Womans __ of Truth
Chinese: Pref.
From Denver to Topeka
Golfer Sorenstam
Canadian coin
Had success
Picked hairdo
Classic Star Trek order
Chinas Zhou __
Night school subj.
Manning in Nationwide ads
Amontillado holder
Base reply?
__: Miami
Final part of a task
Art Deco artist
PC space bar neighbor
Early civil rights activist __ B. Wells
Pro, country-style
Colombian city
Single Ladies (Put __ on It) : Beyonc?© hit
ATV part
Watches secretly
Legal titles: Abbr.
Actor Lew
Some action figures
Successful shot
Vocal effect
Subway line with a Yankee Stadium stop
Laughing Australian bird
SNL alum Kevin
Paul Bunyan tool
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry showpiece
Bobby on the ice
Has a loan from
Windy City transp. org.
Frito-Lay product with a spokes-feline named Chester
Put together, as film
U.K. heads
__ A: Italian soccer league
The Simpsons Theme composer Danny
105-Down launch
… the worst thing you can __ nothing : Teddy Roosevelt
Attach?© attachment
African bovines
Two-baggers: Abbr.
Timberlakes former band
Commissioners Trophy org.
Welding fuel
And So __ : Billy Joel song
Riyadh residents
Kid-lit pig
Like the best wisdom
Paving stone
70-Down launcher
Classic language
Dinner, for one
It has a Double Stuf variety
The Beatles __ Loser
Burrowing rodent
Aetna offering
Tic-tac-toe win
Spanish light
ER workers
Young Skywalkers nickname
… the worst thing you can __ nothing: Teddy Roosevelt
And So __: Billy Joel song
I didnt mean that
Laughing Australian bird
On the Good Ship Lollipop performer
Single Ladies (Put __ on It): Beyonc?© hit
SNL alum Kevin
The Simpsons Theme composer Danny
What __: Ho-hum
__: Miami

105-Down launch
70-Down launcher
Actor Lew
Aetna offering
African bovines
Alloys, e.g
Amontillado holder
Art Deco artist
Attach?© attachment
ATV part
Babysitters woes
Balaams mount
Base reply?
Benjamin of Private Practice
Bivouac structure
Blood prefix
Blow bubbles into
Bobby on the ice
Burrowing rodent
Canadian coin
Canberra school
Check out a wreck, perhaps
Chicago Museum of Science and Industry showpiece
Chinas Zhou __
Chinese: Pref
Classic Star Trek order
Classic language
Colombian city
Commissioners Trophy org
Corner office execs
Defense opponent, briefly
Dinner, for one
Drivers lic. figure
Early civil rights activist __ B. Wells
ER workers
Fashion initials
Final part of a task
Fine-grained wood
Fish eggs
Fluorescent bulb element
Former Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale component
Frito-Lay product with a spokes-feline named Chester
From Denver to Topeka
Golfer Sorenstam
Had success
Has a loan from
How titles may be written
Hundreds, slangily
It has a Double Stuf variety
Italian peaks
Kid-lit pig
Lacking what it takes
Legal titles: Abbr
Lesser clergy member
Like the best wisdom
Mag. edition
Manning in Nationwide ads
Mauna __
New Mexicos __ Ski Valley
Niger neighbor
Night school subj
Old Vatican bread
Olympic skater Ito
One dressed for dinner?
Part of TNT
Paul Bunyan tool
Paving stone
PC space bar neighbor
Picked hairdo
Piton user
Plane wing parts
Pond organism
Port of __: Trinidad and Tobagos capital
Preliminary negotiations
Pro, country-style
Put together, as film
Ring holders
Riyadh residents
Romcom, perhaps
Show some teeth
Sleep it off
Slight mitigation?
Some action figures
Spanish light
Spin, for one
Sportage automaker
Storage facility sometimes found underground
Subway line with a Yankee Stadium stop
Successful shot
Tach figure
Teachers org
The Beatles __ Loser
Tic-tac-toe win
Timberlakes former band
Toffee candy bar
Traffic sound
Two-baggers: Abbr
U.K. heads
Vade __: handbook
Vocal effect
Washington soccer team
Watches secretly
Welding fuel
Windy City transp. org
Wonder Womans __ of Truth
Word spoken con affetto
Young Skywalkers nickname
Youth support group
__ A: Italian soccer league
A raised hand
Sex never good? That’s unknown
Cleaner put man off
I waste time conserving energy in the best way
Grass and earth break up in well
Almost primitive nobleman
Insist on bombing bridges with a rebel
We are not us – us is wrong
Crash party with Nazi bodyguard
First part of doctors and nurses involved nudity
This is read out before beginning to read
Conductor to study in Italy
Name capital city on peninsula
I don’t know passenger’s last words?
Modern business setting? No
Living nearby, fed by tree and vegetables
Very bright party clothes always girl’s skirts
Fool, single, in Gotham
Risky? Possibly not for one about to accept caution
A metaphor about fashionable drug
Murder is evil, but not very
General waiting for conscription
An adult should be this guilty
Very high up in jumbo, miss it landing
Cut caused by spike leading to charge
From crew – it’s an enemy aircraft
Briefly protest about one’s belief
Very posh, but not much money
Beer casks
Artistic style
The Messiah
Red corundum
Kind of typeface
Burning torch
Kiss and cuddle
Musical work
Naval chief petty officer
Vertebral structure
Small firework
And so on, briefly
Hear this
So far
Golf follower?
Symphony, e.g.
Sing like Bing
Pampers product
Mensa stats
Big artery
Almond, e.g.
31-day period honoring TVs Joy? [actor]
Greek letters
With 47-Down, Christmas evergreen
Fall back into illness
Place with a lot of refuse-disposal chambers? [swimmer]
Old space station
Ovine noise
And others, in a list
Brutes of fantasy
Smears gunk on rugged mountain ranges? [hockey player]
Shows up
Sequence in heredity
Robber, e.g.
Bat hangout
Finals, e.g.
Seven-figure income earned in a Nebraska city? [actor]
DVD- —
Little barks
The King —
Guilty feeling
One doing penance
Olympic speed skater Eric
Ethyl ender
Prohibition of quick insights? [investor]
Suffix with journal
Item in a file cabinet
Ideal conditions
Field of study
Sikorsky of aviation
Dir. from N.D. to La.
Not — goes by …
Promise to marry a cute marsupial? [painter]
Novelist Hermann
Waikiki necklaces
Rene of Get Shorty
Polands Lech
Sounded like a kitten
Pale-colored wall paneling for a room? [writer]
Final, e.g.
2004 Chevy debut
Storm center
Demolition stuff
— -cone (icy treat)
Products applied to back-of-the-neck sunburns? [actor]
City in north-central California
Adding result
C grade … or what eight answers in this puzzle have?
Draw upon
Fix, as Fido
Less-played half of a 45
Morales of movies
As stated in
Lorne of Bonanza
A bit off
Old-time comic Ed
Childishly silly
Herald, as a new era
Shut tightly
College locales
Sarah — Jewett
Hitter Mel
Ill pass
One capful, perhaps
Often-purple flowers
Major worry
Argentine plain
Web biz
Apple or pear relative
Flower cluster
Animal park
Soup enhancer
Apiary insect
Guthrie with a guitar
In that case
Mr. St. Nick actress Ortiz
Animators frame
— terrier
Roadies tote
Hindu trinity member
See 26-Across
Wolflike carnivores
Chinas Chou En- —
And how!
Ukrainian port city
Fifteen times six
Quick-to-build home
Poe maiden
Brunch fare
Line of Apple computers
Actress — Dawn Chong
Elfish sort
Tsk tsk!
Kabuki sash
Platoon site, in brief
Black crows
Point taken
Patriotic womens gp.
Some Scots
F followers
Actress Meyers
Swift sleds
South Carolina river
Holy Mlle.
Desert of the southwest U.S.
— -Z (total)
Botch the job
Not as cold
Big bird
Think a lot of
Tickle pink
Snake tooth
To be, to Voltaire
1,502, in old Rome
Duck variety
Execs deg.
Suffix with journal
Tiny amount from bank one dumped in vehicle
Navy game reveals gullible person, first to last
What could make ape itchier are clusters of leaves
Wild vegetable finally discovered in country, growing in rubbish
Revolutionary given to drinking becomes chatterer as before
Secretive person no longer hearing – good person locked in
Refusal, for example, to continue after any changes
River joins ocean – payment demanded from one perching here
US lawman giving attention to president initially
Food from cake shop cut the wrong way
Opposition with street being demolished, dwelling gone
Car hit by fly went in a bit of a circle
Sign of damage from wind – game restricted
Announcer introducing goddess to lord
Language from some of those so thoughtful
Bits of Italian food, cold, stimulated appetite, all except the first bit eaten
Old deer spits audibly
In the main body find excellent African people
Boats about to go into harbour banks?
Old historian on island, fellow who would pray
Arranger of festival in Cheshire town on the radio
Go away – explosive will bring blast!
It’s day care arranged for female supporters
Skeleton keys abandoned not stolen, surprisingly found in plant (dubiously!)
French ranks, say, standing up
Fish is appetizing, not very old
Back at ease in the cop shop again?
Old riddle making one crease up
Queen maybe eats Indian food, avoiding extremes – it’s delicately flavoured
Orange colouring of pillar covering brown up
Exuberant agent must snatch quick sleep
Child under sun sitting atop tree is rascal
Little man cooks edible roots
A British accountant’s providing graphical representations
Cappuccino not half disgusting – so get this?
Old women no longer advocates of revolution
99 of these constituted a 1984 UK hit for Nena
Mountain range running from Italy to Albania
Lintel of a door or window
British name for a quadrilateral with no parallel sides
Silly ____ is the legside fielder closest to the bowler
Hazel ____, Labour Party chair before Harriet Harman
Multi-event cycling competition, currently of six events
Sect of Judaism portrayed as self-righteous in the New Testament
Tour de France winner in 1986, 1989, and 1990
The only planet in the solar system with a density less than that of water
Oklahoma city, the “Oil Capital of the World”
Jack Judge music hall song, allegedly written as a five-shilling bet
Title of three English sovereigns, reigning 1189-99, 1377-99, and 1483-85
One of two Muppets characters named after New York hotels
A rocky peak
The ____, 1974 Broadway musical, later filmed, based on the popular tale of Dorothy
2-amino-4-methylpentanoic acid, an essential diet protein
A requirement demanded as part of an agreement
Satirical Jacobean comedy by Thomas Middleton
Spanish first name, ultimately derived from a name for James, son of Zebedee
Short jacket worn by men in Spain and women elsewhere
Jacob Marley’s profession in A Christmas Carol
Alan Carr, in the title of his 2009-2016 TV show
A hooded coat, of a kind originally used in the Arctic
Obstructions in blood vessels
Seventh sign of the zodiac
German-Jewish family, prominent in European banking since the 18th century
To sell a property and buy a more expensive one
Formerly Haddingtonshire, area which contains the town of Musselburgh
Driver who won the Formula One World Championship in 1988, 1990, and 1991
Another name for swede
Actress who won a best actress Oscar for Annie Hall
Sport which features back pockets and rovers
Capital city of the Nato phonetic alphabet
Low upholstered seat, often also serving as a chest
Spike of tiny flowers on a fleshy stem
The last gaming console manufactured by Sega
British Army soldier such as a lance corporal or sergeant
1984 film about guerrilla warfare, starring Patrick Swayze
Until 1967, the UK body which proposed changes in taxation to government
Sir Basil Henry ____ supported German rearmament after the Second World War
Any cavity in an organ or tissue, often one near the nose
German-born American theologian, author of Systematic Theology
The application, by a wind instrument player, of their lips and other parts of the mouth
US singer who had a No 2 UK hit in 1991 with Baby Baby
West Indian criminal gang member
Comedian, the comic foil to her husband George Burns
Chief financial officer of an early Roman Empire province
Of a horse, white with patches of another colour (except black)
The European bison
Bespectacled Pakistani batsman, the first to score three consecutive ODI centuries
The Red Sea is an inlet of this body of water
Musketeer captain who served under Louis XIV
The world’s most populous landlocked country
Small craft which ferries items for sale to a moored or anchored ship
Thomas ____ was Archbishop of Canterbury 1533-1555 and edited the Book of Common Prayer
Capital of Kansas
____ Frazer, one-time love interest of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video games
Forename of Herr Flick in the sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo!
Hawaiian dish made by mashing taro corms
109 keeping actress Greta in Havana container
A nut nutty, real not English, unprocessed
A Parisian in bar getting a number of drinks
A wicked source of light?
Ammunition store
As a rule
Be sparing, putting a thousand in rubbish container
Because of
Because of ingrowing toenail
Become tiresome, yet begin as a mate
Birthday-cake light
Boring thing to pull!
Cause of hay fever
Chilly spell
Chromosome content to improve, on the whole
Deliver diamonds in German city
Divide pears, eat chopped up
Finished with girl in Irish county
Fish has a thought
Gem is colour of a satellite
Gourmet to make better mince pie first
Guard duty
Hip hop
Iced gingerbread biscuit needed for chilly spell
In Essex I take way out
Irish county
Knock golf score thats on the up
Learns a new cache of weapons
Not artificial
Note of the scale
Observe vigil
Or gone away on pioneering Wild West Trail
Planted (seeds)
Religious service by night
Salems state
Semi-precious jewel
Smokers wooden container
Sounds unpleasant to face
South now destroyed and scattered
Survey points to cause of hayfever perhaps
Tallulah Bankhead holds a note
Umpire in step with the books introduction
Use too little
Votes to accept post ad, perhaps
Watch US soldier in almost nasty surroundings
1990 comedy starring John Ritter, Michael Oliver and Jack Warden
Mark -, Best Actor in a Supporting Role Oscar nominee for The Kids Are All Right
Large fast-moving predatory tropical game fish of the mackerel family
2001 novel by Irvine Welsh
1985 Herman Wouk novel featuring the character Peter Quat
Amber -, actress who played Ulla in 2015 drama The Danish Girl
Small quantity of spirits usually equal to one gill
Capital of Norway
F1 motor racing circuit that hosted the San Marino GP between 1981-2006
See 12
First Lady of the Philippines from 1965-86
Gerard -, Berlin-born musician, cartoonist and raconteur who died in 1959
The -, Greek epic poem describing the siege of Troy
Ancient nation of the Old Testament whose chief city was Rabbah
1928 drama starring Lillian Gish and Lars Hanson based on a novel by Dorothy Scarborough
Sacred river in Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem Kubla Khan
Seaport in Gabon on a bay sheltered by Cape Lopez
2008 comedy starring Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd
Standard monetary unit of Japan
Kevin -, rugby league centre; Leeds, Wigan and St Helens Challenge Cup Final player
1999 drama starring Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr
Bernard -, 1985 Tour de France-winning cyclist
1967 novel by Leon Uris
Small Eurasian mammal closely related to the weasel
Stanley -, Labour MP for both Salford East and Salford West; Minister for Social Security from 1976-79
Punishment device
Large eared seal
Wall painting
Norse god
Swiss dish
Flying saucers (inits)
Loss of memory
Superstitious tradition
Inconvenience, mild pain
Narrow escape
Baked food dish
Sitting MPs election advantage
Shabby, dilapidated
Grind ones teeth
famous British Columbia lake
Stronger singer Clarkson
ground force
Popeyes girlfriend
nut grown in Iran
commedia dellarte character
babys food container
Hypnotic state
Mr Wilder?
Be defeated
Playing card
Military force
Ursine mammal
Quick peek
Musical ending
At that time
Old school subject
Latvian city
Dormant talent is stimulated
Gather pear was cooked
Endlessly regretting destruction
Canter off in a daze
Genie lacks one bit of DNA
Most arguments are about celebrity
Mislay sole arrangement
Dog returned to supreme being
Faced with expert
Mary upset the men
Life-changing dossier
Tolerate animal
Look for German weapon
Fish with a musical tail
Afterwards from both ends
Landladys character
City can produce language
Catch wrong part
Stressed about lock
Brigades capital
Turn green with unknown vigour
Beg for new pedal
Period in Outer Mongolia
The shape of cricket in London?
Vandalise church after turning deaf
Scope of morning section
Order lager for royal
Guide bullock
Press club
Part of community
Wooden rod
Give the slip
Gawk at
Greatly eager
Road sign
Over there
Verbal jab
Become grayer
Pub counter
Small church
Food fish
Shed style
Of the backbone
Endurance event
Not express
Grimalkins prey
Run to marry
____ Office
Gift recipient
Keats or Browning
Get bigger
Sitar music
Steak, e.g.
Platos market
Nails kin
Dealer car
Baking chamber
Hospital area
Rude stare
Until now
____ boom
Hilo howdy
Do handiwork
24-____ gold
Metal container
Dining room item
Turkish official
Orange tuber
House annex
Map line
Grounded bird
Chihuahua chum
Pearl layer
Arctic vehicle
Horseback game
Neck area
Nautical position
Busy spot
Milky stone
Film for Jodie
Clean the floor
Traffic caution
Hindu god of destruction
Mars, e.g.
Target for exterminators
Color variations
Department store section
Bakery fixtures
Unit of energy
Skiing spot
School dance for seniors
Bangkok native
Asian country
Realtors sign
Islamic nation
Marco ____
Hair cutter
Not outer
Sultans wives
Is able
Showed again
Long, long ____
Nature walk
Painters stand
Sugar ____ Leonard
Radio and newspapers, e.g.
Thin candle
Beavers creation
Chewy candy
Wipes clean
Food thickener
Sandwich shop
The Orient
Oahu greeting
Hard candy
Recipe measures (abbr.)
Owl call
Revered person
Tax agcy.
Vane dir.
Dairy product
Heavenly dish
Computer key
Scornful expression
News story
____ Falls
Loafer, e.g.
____ Valley (vineyard site)
Liberal ____
Adjust again
Tailor again
Concerned one
Carousel, e.g.
Not messy
Beer ingredient
Macaroni and spaghetti
____ Weapon
Got up
West Side Story character
Coffee flavor
Crisp cookie
Lily species
Puppy bites
Key near the space bar
Future fish
A Parisian caught breaking wind in congress?
Nick loses head in the sack – thats messed up
Edward the VIII? A British tyrant half the time!
Country stronghold you raid in anger at the front
Parents to tour Rome at first, then here?
Nice dame I put out is a really cool woman
Posh firm near Kent after good tip from Lord Sugar
Drinking like a setter? Dont start panicking!
In Spain, the PM turned on old American model
Crazy couple of people getting jiggy with it?
Rubbish old git cites is all about me?
I love almost everything about that ones sauce
Eats and drinks after ditching wife for date
I made time up without delay
Half-cut Barnes punches left-wingers? Ruddy quality!
Variety of glasses that browser should try on
Bubbly chap game to get blotto around noon
One steering ship should avoid leading Republican tit
Bird and a bear going round in very high spirits
Tenor getting into row about a right crappy place?
Weightlifters companion and I might ring last orders
Unit of beer model-type upset over head of studio
Bit of computer kit in the Paris-Dakar rally?
Charge written up (Queens bottom pinched)
Plain rude to mess around with a northern don
Police head new plan to ask for change in America
Doctor assessing condition of long-winded patient?
Shaven-headed folk who might who guard The Doors?
Suits initially criticised medal won by those with the best knees?
Ecstasy Hoskins had with Her Maj and a flapper
Ones certain to do away with royal children
Foreigner is no gent, having sat on one
Soft mineral
Of purely theoretical interest
See note
Cut off
Greek wine
Film enthusiast
Mathematical operation
US state
Brown sugar
Laugh gleefully
Sea inlets
Grass-cutting implement
Cake decoration
Indian dress
Asian nursemaid
Committee head
Tim of Madam Secretary
Holy cow!
French annuity
Great Lakes port
Like the Mojave
Backspace over
No new taxes, e.g.
Abes youngest
Polynesian porch
Navy commandos
Dele undoer
Pass through a membrane
Emotional peaks
Sculpted form
Latin 101 verb
Play and film about FDR
Gallic gal pal
Part of a book
Strong desire
Femme ________: French
Pinch in the kitchen
Galileo taught here
Central point
Indent key
Tiger balm, essentially
Texas shrine
Colette heroine
Whodunit dog
More enticing to collectors
Black, to Blake
What a sock covers
Turgenevs birthplace
Lets Make ___
West Side Story highlight
Veldt scavengers
Soil: prefix
Injures severely
Guitarist Van Halen
Anglers baskets
That ship
Gray area?: abbr.
Birth announcement beginning
Sax part
Florences ________ Palace
Portuguese holy man
Hook henchman
Dawn deity
Very, to de Gaulle
Alternative to de Gaulle
Red-tag event
Venerable prep school
Mil. branch
Mountain predator
Agitated state
He gave people a lift
________ lighter note …
The King of Torts
Punjabs capital
Tokyo, once
Paste ingredient
Strong desires
Out of sorts?
Composer Franck
Open, as a lace
Shower unit
Scarletts home
Actor Rickman
Warning from 69-Across
________ Rhythm
Lowest pinochle card
44-Down, to pals
Final whistle of a rugby match
One who tends a furnace
Show of boldness
Conductors wand
Precarious position of responsibility
Past its best
Boats steering bar
Sexually mature
Radical, extreme
Indian drums
Tomato sauce
Landing strip
Compound word
Repository of bones
Ten-yearly survey
Fuel additive known as the racers edge
Dramatic ballroom dance move
Ending for Beatle or ego
Information-gathering federal organization: Abbr.
Singer Rita whos in the movie Fifty Shades Feed
Actress Jennifer who recently revealed that her seven-year relationship with Justin Theroux is over
Fastener used to hold girders together
Grace and Frankie actor Sheen
___ dead people
Trainwreck star who married chef Chris Fischer on February 13: 2 wds.
Sheriffs metallic ID
It couldnt have happened ___ nicer guy: 2 wds.
Lambs bleat
Racer and Bachelor star ____ Luyendyk, Jr.
Little annoyance
Brand of inexpensive pens
Jims love on The Office
Openly gay US Olympic figure skater who said, Im representing my country whether they like me or not: 2 wds.
Game played in The Color of Money
Blob-shaped organism
Borat portrayer Sacha ___ Cohen
Nashville actress Connie whos working to support ONEs Poverty is Sexist campaign
J.R.s last name, on Dallas
Mike and ___
TV channel founded by Ted Turner in 1980
Lip ____
Nightclub or saloon
Flat-bladed garden tool
Swindlers scheme
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt creator Fey
Low poker hand
Serve a prison sentence: 2 wds.
Dramatic ___
Peter ____
First name of actresses Warfield and Mason
French farewell
Month when Thanksgiving falls
Surface that Broadway stars perform on
Symbol on a tablet screen
Letter senders necessity
At ___!
Rodents that followed the Pied Piper, in an old legend
Ali ___ and the Forty Thieves
Extremely dry
The Revenant star Leonardo
Get an F in
___ grigio
Tines of a fork
More comfy and cozy
Jupiter has 69 of them
Winter coat with a hood
Draw designs in glass
Irish rock singer who goes by a single
Actress Heche
I ____ to differ
Hole-punching tool
What a toddler wears to keep baby food off clothes
Julius Caesar role
Aqua __
Arrive at, as a solution
Nile wader
Genesis setting
Gospels Jackson
Assigned period of work
Jazzman Hines
In concealment
Small whale
Battery size
Cut dramatically
Chapeau site
Fermentation agent
Indian seaport
Young hog
Roman commander at Actium
Nothing in Nantes
Ex-Mrs. Trump
Smelting residue
Syngman of Korea
Skin spot
Roll call response
Big Apple law enforcers
Twelve dozen
Put ones foot down
Get tough
Having a handle
Inventory unit
Painter Pablo
Curved connector
Star usually known as Alpha Centauri
Test ore
Tank tops?
Skaters maneuver
Star Wars princess
Narrow aperture
Play parts
Mother of the Titans
Schools of whales
Malt kiln
Jazz genre
Shot glass?
Recover from
The __ Papers (Henry James)
__ to go
Disliked intensely
Peacock constellation
With it, once
Ladybird, for example
Liberal (anag.)
Behind time for arrival
Row of shrubs
Highly confidential
Hungarian red pepper
Bubble raised on the skin
Roof beam
One after the other
Gave way
Unlawful taker of game or fish
Small ornament
Prison officer
Coin-tossing call
Creature that eats bamboo shoots
Working railman, true blue
Animal sounding husky
Mother comes back as well as a girl
Tabloids primarily publish light material
Animals arrived before empty lorries
Short girl from Jerusalem
Official survey held by Saracens usually
Involve in late revision
Northern direction indicator limited in scope
Medusa could be entertained
Footwear I sell and spread out
Sport held back by Benito Mussolini
Celebrities holding eastern goggles
Nameless odd characteristic of men
Los Angeles graduate becomes a monk in Asia
Take weapons from spy chief after fresh raids
Vagrant we held in capital
Having tried tea break, it may be repeated
Plant beginning to suffer after climate change
Angel in south-east playing harp
In our opinion the French mess up
Some new ideas may be off-target
Language from Merseyside?
Sandy spot behind bear?
A city block Leo can ruin?
Ganglion possibly twitchy?
Aunt upset with niece, say?
Races being run during meals?
Detailed claim run over quickly?
Old soldiers about to move less cold material?
Thanks given by son opening gifts?
Fruit moved quickly, in short?
The sound of careless misses?
A pauper may stop – its not possible for me?
Delays for a non-artistic sort?
Author of sonnets oddly adding one last verse?
Figure two-faced soldier is going to the front?
Egghead leaving now, say?
Typically detailed sums have divided a doubled number?
Figure put on boxes a month back?
Animal charge old dog has turned back?
Think about saying ?€?marked?€?
Time before (and after) tecs open case?
Flower by tree outsiders avoid?
Junior fools light brown shirt?
Beasts run from before save face?
Man a judge is about to row with?
Sugar concealed in a closet?
Food a man on safari starts to like?
To commit a crime, gauge tip received from jailbird?
Great big flower – one replacing old geranium initially?
Dry clothes really do the trick?
Belief system only partly clear?
Macbeth trio member
The Garden of ___ (Ernest Hemingway book published posthumously)
The gloves ___ off
Well, looky here!
___ requests?
1973 dramedy about an origami ignoramus?
1976 sci-fi film about a mystical symbol inside Bostons airport?
1985 fantasy comedy about author Virginia in her high school days?
1995 comedy about little lab maze runners?
1995 political satire about a guiding light in Ontario?
1996 romantic comedy about the uniquely talented Mr. Crockett?
2000 sci-fi thriller about a world inhabited by clones of former senator Harry?
2002 superhero film about a tailless cat with eight legs?
2006 dark fantasy film about an intricate series of paths and trousers?
2007 superhero film about a haunting AFC West player?
2012 musical film about the sorcerers stone?
32nd U.S. prez
9-5, e.g
Absolutely detest
Aimee Manns singing partner in the Both
Alkaline solution
Alpha blocker thats administered to treat an enlarged prostate
Antiques shop item
Arizonas ___ National Forest
Article of war?
Barbecue tidbit
Be braggadocious
Bean holder
Belt holder
Berlin vocalist Nunn
Biathletes firearms
Big style, briefly
Bigeye tuna
Caesars fateful day
Can contribute to decision-making
CEO, e.g
Channel with bands
Check on pointers, say
Child-ish instruction?
Childrens writer Hunt
Clarifies in writing?
Close, as a backpack
Coal product
Coating inside a mouth
Cobbler fruit, at times
Colorful kitchen pest
Cover up a hole, say
Data fed to a computer
Deconstruct, as words
Didnt just think
Don Knottss quintet
Down the road
Electrolytic cell part
Eliminate, electronically
Eschew a home meal
Estate units
Explosive compound
Fake ___
Floral keepsake
Former SNL star Cheri
Geologists time frame
German whine
Get comfy
Get some rest
Gibbs of The Jeffersons
Grazing ground
Greyhound examiner
Greyhound stop
Grooms attire, maybe
Half of a sedans pair
Healing ointment
Highland lowlands
How Ikea buys goods
Hungers (for)
Insensitivity to pitch
Iris holder
Is off target
Junction point
Kates sitcom partner
Kelloggs cereal modeled after the flavor of a chocolaty, marshmallowy treat
Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse
Ladybug marking
Landscaping gadget
Like many Anabaptists
Like some cold weather
Little slice of the pie?
Magneto, to the X-Men
Marcianos simulated boxing opponent in the Super Fight
Miami Heat all-star Dragic whose first name is an anagram of a ballpark instrument
Moniker for Tarzan
Mouth pieces?
Obstetric estimation
Oddjob creator Fleming
Oozing stuff
Opposite of new
Org. in the bygone show Covert Affairs
Original member of the Beatles
Padded item, at times
Parrying blade
Paul Krugmans subj
People without lines, and whats spelled out by the letters added to this puzzles films
Pianist Watts
Pitched just right
Place to get some rest
Poes ungainly fowl
Popular payment app
Pork portion
Potential GPs track
React in amusement
Retail chain with many Rack stores
Scented like some air fresheners
School with a yearbook called BruinLife
Scriptural boat
Seal the deal, in slang
See 106 Across
Shoe emanation, often
Show flexibility
Simpson trial surname
Site of Lanikai Beach
Some forest shelters
Something that helps make you who you are
Symbol of proudness
Synonym of 37 Across
T?©a of Hollywood
Three-point ___
Tibetan priest
Ticked off
Ticked off
Tickle Me ___
Toy brand with Imagine building sets
Unload, as wares
Varnish ingredients
Vegas payment
Venus, to Serena
Wades opponent
Washroom, briefly
With 4 Down, strong opinion offered shortly after a news event
Woodstock, e.g
___ dish
___ Minor

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