Crosswords Answers Beast 2017-12-6

Mamma ___!
Melts in your mouth candy
Memoir of Glamour and Dysfunction writer Janowitz
M. ___ Walsh, actor in Blade Runner
Macho stereotype
Made music on a comb
Maggie Smith, for one
Main house on an estate
Maintainer of law and order north of the U.S
Majestic trees
Make bones about something
Make the judgment to be
Maker of outlandish products in Road Runner cartoons
Makers of cabinets and violins use it
Makes repairs on
Man in the ___
Manager of a house
Manfred ___ (1960s band)
Mansions, for some
Mares hair
Marian, in Robin Hood legend
Marksmans skill
Marlins son, in a Pixar movie
Material from Angora goats
Math calculation
Mathematical sets
Matthew Broderick voice role
Mattress description
Mean relatives?
Meaning of Caesars Veni
Measure (out)
Medieval philosopher with a razor
Meeting info for golfers
Meeting places
Member of the ancient Ionian League
Message on a sign at a televised game
Mexicans hand
MI6 concern
Michelle Pfeiffer film ___ Sam
Michigan State, for a Spartans alumnus
Microwave brand
Middle state
Midterms, e.g
Midwest college town
Midwife to the fairies, in Shakespeare
Military schools
Milliliter, e.g.: Abbr
Mini-metropolis in Utah
Mining find
Minute length
Miss Woodhouse, in literature
Mo. with St. Patricks Day
Moabs neighbor, in the Bible
Model Campbell
Modern communications of a sort, in brief
Molecular unit
Molybdenum, for one: Abbr
Monarchs headband
Monkey, for one
More than a snack
Most direct
Motel units: Abbr
Mothers Day flower, in Australia
Motion creates it
Motto word on the Great Seal
Mount Olympus, at 72,000 feet, is its highest peak
Mount Sinai climber
Mountainous state: Abbr
Mouth-puckering drink
Movie, play and book writer David
Much-maligned official
Muhammad Ali fight site
Multi-Emmy-winning How ___ Your Mother
Multimedia file format
Muse of memory
Musicians tempo keeper
Muted, as lights
Go this way indicator
People of Earth network
Where Its At musician
Acts overly fond
All the rage
Amount of money
Armpit, in anatomy class
Base vehicle
Big Bangs source?
Brazilian soccer legend
Brunch beverage
Bulb holder
Candidates concern
Check for a win?
Cornfield cry
Croaky voice
Crowning point
Degass La Toilette, for one
Draws upon
Dull, in a way
Easily accessible
Folder part
Gangbuster Eliot
Germophobes attire?
Grad school grillings
Hen or heifer
Honshu hostess
Hunter with a belt
Ibuprofen target
In other ways
Internal combustion process, and an explanation of the other long Across answers
It may get a part
Jah praiser
Job holder?
Jose Altuve, for one
Like some concrete slabs
Lowbrow art
Make full again
Make more appealing
Make ___ of (remember)
Mattress annoyance
Meadow mother
Mess up
Meteorologists aid
Miniature marchers
Multi-Cat Complete brand
Oahu salutation
Old quarter-acre measures
Opera star Marilyn
Paddy crop
Piece from Puccini
Planetary path
Printemps month
Raga-playing instrument
Religious teacher
Round figure?
Rustic cuisine
Schmear accompanier, often
Second prime
Shucks contents
Siren setting
Some charity
Strategic alliance of poodles, Persians, parrots, etc.?
Takes to task
The Sakmara flows into it
Tourney passes
Treacherous sort
Undergarment with an underwire
Whipped cream serving
Yangs counterpart
A legal wrong
Remove the top
Russia, once
51, for one
___ prosequi (court declaration)
Rose of baseball
Plumbers concern
Dark purple fruits
Despite anything that could happen
Masked critters, briefly
Give a big speech
Maui, for one
Gravy absorbers
Norse hammer-tosser
Hong Kong neighbor
___ Jordans (shoes)
Be unexpected
Do a garden chore
Burial vault
Not active
Part of the eye
Nadal of tennis
Italian friends
Bookstore unit
Make a more attractive offer
Huge test
Belgium treaty city
Highly excited
Latvian capital
Lord of the manor
Knock ___ loop
___ there, done that
Was incorrect
I Love Lucy character
Type of powder
Sandwich cookie
Paper purchase
Be well!
Pitcher Ryan
Artery blockages
Guinness of films
Capital of Mexico
Amphetamines, e.g.
Alabama march city
Summer ermine
Color again
Complete a projects loose ends
Restless longing
Get lost!
Capital of Togo
Bambis tail, e.g.
Lifeboat need
Baseball legend Willie
Certain snake
Opera set in Egypt
___ of Capri
Fishermans gadget
___ Lanka
The ___ Cometh
Became a lessee
Weisshorn, for one
With a tart taste
Graven thing
Scornful look
Door part
Look at lustfully
Blender noise
Hunchbacked assistant
Apple center
Storage areas in stables
Take notice
Aromatherapy locale
Warren Buffetts Nebraska hometown
Backspace over, perhaps
Brady with five Super Bowl rings
President Alan Richmond portrayer in Absolute Power
___ Pizzeria and Grill
Platypus nest item
Takes steps
Introduces to the mix
Airline to Oslo
Monogram of early autodom
Coarse file
President James Marshall portrayer in Air Force One
BLT part
Highest Hawaiian peak
Plunderers take
Common baseball bat wood
Bibliophiles advice
All worked up
Italian city known for its cheese
President Merkin Muffley portrayer in Dr. Strangelove
Tampa Bay squad
Regrets, ___ had a few . . .
8-Down, e.g.
Smack hard
Victim in Genesis
We all do this
Rapid blinking, e.g.
President Jackson Evans portrayer in The Contender
Fire away
Words of empathy
Jockeys ride
Go by car
Editors reversals
Theater or stadium areas
Alphas opposite
Vampire costume accessory
With 48-Down, seat of the Dutch parliament
Hot and arid
One of four in postwar Berlin
Gets under the skin of
Highlanders topper
___ Today
Pigs digs
Game with hole cards
Home for koi
Roxies husband in Chicago
Taiwanese computer giant
To the extent that
Don Juan
Bel Canto novelist Patchett
High-pressure situation
Drive forward
Mule of song
Use a pipe cleaner on
Early word for a baby
Control tower image
Holders of checked garments
WMD part
Packed away
Take a shot at
Early tourney rounds
Activist of a sort, informally
Fairy tales penultimate word
See 4-Down
Player-owner intermediary
Common Core hurdles
Go nowhere
Early Michael Jackson hairdo
Stand-up comic Gaffigan
___-friendly (green)
Budgetary excess
Bit of Morse code
Parasol offering
Prudish person
Garden aids
Glider, e.g.
Building topper
Baristas creation
Boutique patrons
Furnish with weapons
Stags mate
Stretch out
Big gulp
Signed agreement
Sauna site
Greek consonants
Glass container
Mr. Munster
Mrs. Munster
Trio of myth
Before, in Paris
Auction cry
Army sites
Seafood staple
Dancers, in slang
Stand up to
Twisty turn
DVR button
Honking birds
Hybrid fruits
Lingerie buy
Follower of Jason
Nervous habit
Road gunk
Sizzling dish
Triangle type
Convent resident
Secret meetings
Some carpets
Director Almodóvar
The Tempest sprite
Honeyed drink
Kilauea flow
Like the Beatles
Compass dir.
Margarita garnish
Bundle of wheat
Eton rival
1976 film about Woody Guthrie
High point
Astronomer Carl
Loafers, e.g.
Director Ephron
James of The Godfather
Santa — winds
College officials
Proof letters
Hit song by Simon and Garfunkel
Adam Bede author
Jack who ate no fat
Right angles
Rebel Turner
Peanuts blanket carrier
Poker players words
Worlds lowest lake
Suit fabric
Count counterpart
Cambodia neighbor
Restaurant fan
CEOs deg.
Concludes filming
Spanish custard
QBs stats
Links org.
Part of some German names
— a gun!
Pal of Porthos
Hourglass fill
Fading star
Insertion mark
Really annoy
Patchwork bedcover
Adams grandson
Banned insecticide
Big fair, for short
French soup ingredient
I agree!
Thats correct!
The Blue Danube composer
24 sheets of paper
Actor Baldwin
Apple desktop computer
Assemble, as a sweater
Back-to-health program, for short
Bit of Miss Muffets meal
Blissful place
Bottomless pit
Brewery product
British bat-and-ball competition
Bug in a colony
Bullets, for short
Businesses: Abbr
Cold-cream container
Connected to the Internet
Contract section
CPR experts
Deep sleep
Drizzles or showers
Espionage org
Faux __ (minor error)
Flavor enhancer initials
Frilly, as some wedding gowns
Give up, as territory
Headgear for a princess
Inept soldier of the comics
Insurance broker
Knights title
Loud noise
Meat grilled on a skewer
Minor error
Money in Mexico
Morning TV host Kelly
Mosque leader
Neighbor of Tarzan
Neither here __ there
New Testament letters
Of food programs
Parts of a min
Petty complaints
Police officers, informally
Pops out, as a DVD
Powerful chess pieces
Printers supplies
Pungent salad veggie
River near Shakespeares home
Secret meetings
Secret stockpile
Shape of a face
Slight hints of color
Software purchaser
Stadium crowd sound
Star-Kist competitor
Summer hrs. in Pittsburgh
Suspenders alternative
Take home a shelter animal
The Dalai __
Thief during a power outage
Top-billed performers
Tracks down
Traffic light color
Wood fastener
Woolly female
World Cup sport
Written in verse
__ Lee cakes
Rope often coiled
__ Lanka
Selassie of Ethiopia
One more time!
See 16-Across
With 15-Across, cochlea site
*Intricate feature of some Victorian gardens
Anglican leader
Rainbow hue
Eye part that may become detached
What circled Rs may indicate: Abbr.
*Politician for whom a Virginia university is named
Point of giving up
Quarterback Manning
Sinusitis-treating MD
Nepals continent
Swig or sip
*Disney miser who swims in his money
Clock radio feature
Word after black or photo
Nikes __-FIT fabric
*Game to settle a score
Badminton court divider
President after Jimmy
Bobs Burgers daughter
Emcees opening
Diamond in the rough … or a literal feature of each answer to a starred clue
Give direction to
Salingers Franny __ Zooey
Tender beef cuts
__-di-dah: pretentious
Number on many a birthday card
Extremely cruel
Communicate with a deaf person
Neptune, for one
Shaving device
Boiling blood
Collective intelligence
Baker with Grammys
Cut into
Use for support
Bankrupt airline
Battleship call
Poet Teasdale
Obama, e.g.: Abbr.
African antelope
The Stars and Stripes
Manhattan concert hall
Bauhaus artist Paul
Superlative suffix
Like Shrek
Beverage brewed outdoors
Not seeing eye to eye
Gulf War missile
Lancers protection
Flared skirt
It may come down in winter
Stable serving
Photo blowup: Abbr.
Salt Lake City hrs.
Bobs Burgers daughter
One more time!
*Disney miser who swims in his money
*Game to settle a score
*Intricate feature of some Victorian gardens
*Politician for whom a Virginia university is named
African antelope
Anglican leader
Badminton court divider
Baker with Grammys
Bankrupt airline
Battleship call
Bauhaus artist Paul
Beverage brewed outdoors
Boiling blood
Clock radio feature
Collective intelligence
Communicate with a deaf person
Cut into
Diamond in the rough … or a literal feature of each answer to a starred clue
Emcees opening
Extremely cruel
Eye part that may become detached
Flared skirt
Give direction to
Gulf War missile
It may come down in winter
Lancers protection
Like Shrek
Manhattan concert hall
Nepals continent
Neptune, for one
Nikes __-FIT fabric
Not seeing eye to eye
Number on many a birthday card
Obama, e.g.: Abbr
Photo blowup: Abbr
Poet Teasdale
Point of giving up
President after Jimmy
Quarterback Manning
Rainbow hue
Rope often coiled
Salingers Franny __ Zooey
Salt Lake City hrs
See 16-Across
Selassie of Ethiopia
Shaving device
Sinusitis-treating MD
Stable serving
Superlative suffix
Swig or sip
Tender beef cuts
The Stars and Stripes
Use for support
What circled Rs may indicate: Abbr
With 15-Across, cochlea site
Word after black or photo
__ Lanka
__-di-dah: pretentious
Attracts the surfers from around the globe to The Maze
Bound to join politicians for seasonal vegetarian dinner
Built a lodge for the golden years
Burn small cast from hospital ward
Clumsy writer retiring divides Irish Times leaders
Cooking up the tip of the day is particularly useful for those who are browned off
Current issues with criminal sedition
Dahl missing from dining hall? Keep that under your hat!
Desire to go upstairs perhaps wanting to kill time
Editorials dismissing diet with salt
Hesitates to come in, leaving servicewoman
Is not Frank Pound going grey at the back?
Not in good shape against the clock, as its badly scheduled
Not to mention a great academy attached to school
Part of the game leads to repercussions and what amounts to a series of chain reactions
Produces champagne for victory in English enclosure
Reports from America
Show a lot of emotion producing outfit for the musicians
Sounds like a savage dig at Croke Park from those gamey types
Sounds like thunder in cold spots
Talk incessantly by right to heartless group of workers
The morally correct behaviour to rewrite, cut, re-edit
Theyre a measure of the distance elite soldiers covered? Discover its an eye-opener!
Tighten ones belt to small groove
Type of stick one gives to policeman
Up-turn is never ending and on track for those paying for it
Victor English from Takeaway turns up carrying the fish
Waters down school petitions
Acquiesce, defer
Aquatic bird
Church tables
Container for cooking fish
Container for papers
Contrary, harmful
Distance north or south of the equator
Egyptian goddess and jihadist group
Enter by force to conquer
Freshwater ducks
Growing luxuriantly, grass say
Highest female voices
Hordes go out to the Greek island
Imposes a tax or fine
Join together by heating
Kindly or non-malignant
King, pawns etc.
Largest or most distinguished
Lethargic, spiritless
Night birds
One moves to music
Relative heaviness
Releasing, tears or skin say
Represent in words
Restricting chains
Serving no purpose
Set apart
Soften, give in
Stalemate, impasse
Viscous liquid from green or black fruit
At back of witchs place observe one authorised to receive money
Awful stir: gent so irate makes complaint after bad meal?
Base in small community from which convict’s escaped
Behaviour after game must preclude a row
City developer redeveloping our slum
Clipped dog thats made better all round
Depressions limiting quiet individual, they’ll testify
Division brought by hesitation after thirty days
Doll maybe you distort finally, squeezing body parts
Fastidiousness comes from editor stuck in room
Fellow with dog taken short hangs around good shrub
Female voice raised when theres delay
Financial problem posed by brief season
Hat, sort we use in storm?
Its always cold, climbing — help not half needed when falling into it!
Kitchen item stuffs centre of marrow with something very cold
Likelihood of one looking for gold not finding it?
Maybe that family member supporting sister with nothing to hide
Name given to stranger who offers a cursory greeting?
Nothing written about sort of current needed for scientific apparatus
Old bar staff taking candles across street
Old Chinese coins left in sofa returned
Primate is following God for the most part
Publication shows discretion with writers final piece included
Shout of approval accompanying flowering plants and shrubs
Star is attractive but heartless, a “queen”
The present time offers zilch
Those elected first to make demand
Unfashionable game generates cost
Unfortunately, short answer to problem doesnt exist!
“Eat up, girl!”
At a standstill, having nothing to debate?
Bird from public relations embracing sweetheart
Boundary giving us the upper hand?
Capital at that time invested in a Society
Dull poet making a comeback
Group of soldiers in Verdun, I think
Little creature’s sleeping-place on river
Long pin seamstress found round back of shack
Mark left by injury in steep rocky outcrop
Old PM disrupts Carol, showing fury!
One promoting suitable ankle protector, it’s said
Parentless child frequently so pronounced by some
Person illegally handling radio, say?
Quiet husband holding European record is shamefaced
Quietly leaves store, touring old part of London
Reportedly bring in large bird of prey
Result of over-imbibing, ultimately, in royal house?
Save individual on ship — a noblewoman
Scottish criminal taking in Welshman — and fellow Scot, perhaps?
Surprisingly cast net, not being a competitor
Unhappy new teacher finally made an impression
Woman in drivers’ association newly into flying
Women’s group’s hot desire
American Indian
Brides property
Bright tropical fish
Group of followers
Have a debt to
Intense feeling
Large numbers
Lover of high ceremony
Male birds
Modern Persian
Mutton dish
Noisy, disorderly
NY baseball team
Political killing
Potato (informal)
Private soldier
Refusal to admit
Roll of fat round the waist
Room entrance
Surprise gift
Wading bird
chirping insect
sharp end
player hoping for strikes
device for getting a lid off
drainage ditch
croquet players target
Adeles Hello and others
Air rifle pellets
Slight advantage
Sydney ____ House
PC key next to the space bar
Brazilian soccer superstar of the 1960s and 1970s
Stainless material on the exterior of some kitchen appliances
This is neither the time ___ the place
Single-named model who was born in Somalia
Actor/singer who played Keith Partridge on The Partridge Family
Male cat
Says ___?
___ making a list…
Hour after noon or midnight
Stars worshiped by fans
Signature tune of The Partridge Family: 5 wds.
Make a ____
Place for an orchestra
High, arcing shot
Enlisted US soldiers, for short
Won ___ soup
Stepmother of 19-Across who played his mother on The Partridge Family: 2 wds.
Tomb raider Croft
John ___
___ it
What little things mean: 2 wds.
What the number of candles on a birthday cake represents
Web commerce: Hyph.
Any part of a skeleton
Afternoon shut-eye
Carried around
Distress signal from a ship
___ out of
___ I say more?
The ___ Gatsby
Burst of gunfire
Marching ___
Political alliance
What a scarecrow is stuffed with
Single installment of a TV show
Actress Moore who plays Luciouss nurse on Empire
____, meeny, miney, moe, catch a tiger by the toe
Dont worry about me: 2 wds.
Slang term for a criminals blade
___ for Homicide
Abbreviation that follows a list of things
Thar ___ blows!
____ it in the bud
Peyton Mannings brother in the NFL
Popeyes girlfriend Olive ____
Lavatory, in London
Six-inch or foot-long sandwich
Person who doesnt bother to thank you for a favor
Actor ___ Patrick Harris
The Simpsons character who drives a school bus
Family car, often
Beginning, as of symptoms
Thick piece
Circle of light above an angel
___ Man
Exercise discipline with a downward facing dog pose
Car company that makes Wranglers and Renegades
Thwack, like pesky fly
Bow ___

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