Crosswords Answers Land 2017-11-18

Absence of preconceived notions
Beer-and-lemonade beverage
Big blow for a musician?
Boolean or string, in programming
Bug catcher, often
Cheap cigar, slangily
Cremona treasures, familiarly
Depreciation factor
Dodgers second baseman who won four consecutive Silver Slugger Awards beginning in 2006
Ehud Barak abandoned it in 2011
Eponym of a federal college grant
Eponym of an electrical law
Flower child fashion
Gymnastics superstar at the 2016 Olympics
Home of Northwest Nazarene Univ. :
Hope ___ to mortals / And most believe her: Housman
ID anew, as on Facebook
Im off!
Is forced to backpedal, say
Key used to make an exit
Kung ___ chicken
Like slapstick comics, often
Match book?
Modern money-saving transportation choice
Noted corporate raider of the 1980s
On the up and up
One with a wrench in his plans?
One with whom your relationship is working out, briefly?
Overture, e.g.
Pac-Man features
Paint crudely
Partner of 27-Down
Partner of 34-Across
People might profit from it
Pokemon slogan
Postgrad goal, maybe
Presidential middle name
Price of R&B
Put out, with off
Put the kibosh on
Reason for saying Pardon me
Response to a riot
Restraint technique in mixed martial arts
Roughly 18 inches
See 41-Across
Series opener
Setting for several Survivor seasons
Shags, e.g.
Something found on a hound
Storied loser in an upset
Sure thing, bro!
Sylvia of jazz
The antagonists
The hardest part when making guacamole?
The Last Emperor, e.g.
Tour grp.
Unpatentable thing
Whats the ___?
With 10-Down, The Devil and Death
You cant be serious!
Youngster in a stream
The Last Emperor, e.g
Home of Northwest Nazarene Univ
Overture, e.g
Price of R&B
Shags, e.g
Tour grp
A brighter ___ awaits the human day: Shelley
For shame!
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do group
Irma la ___
Let me repeat…
Not my problem!
Picnic playwright
Quiet, please…
The Dynasts author
___ Boy (gin cocktail)
___ Jima
___ Vista Social Club
1977 hit Heard ___ Love Song
1994 Kurt Russell sci-fi film
1998 Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore rom-com
2015 film that won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay
A question of choice
Acting loopy?
Adams or Grant
Alphabetic ending
Bagel feature
Baseballs Moises
Bear up?
Bears advice
Blocker of ultraviolet radiation
Board with an alphabet
Butterfly on ones shoulder, perhaps
Catch a second showing of
Catherine Palace residents
Change for a twenty
Christian with a line
Circling, in a way
City once called Oil Capital of the World
Classic gas brand
Clydesdale sound
Collection of the best talent
Cookie holders
Crumpet accompanier
Dark time
Didnt get involved
Division dramatique
Do a bakery chore
Do some job-hunting
Dont cry for her, Argentina
Draw out
Erie Canal city
Espresso offerers
Extremely cold
Fa follower
Fellows who pitch
Fill-in-the-blanks game
Financial columnist Andrew
For whom the bell tolls
Grand tale
Group of five
Guessers words
Hamburgers bread?
He narrates 120-Acrosss show
Hospital cleanups
In a hammock, perhaps
Insurance co. worker
Intrusive drone attachment
Iraqi port
Its an old story
Japanese computer giant
Jessica of Sin City
Jorges hi
Justice Kagan
Key of Vaughan Williamss A Cambridge Mass
Leave the office early?
Lecherous deity
Lena of Chocolat
Leos locks
Lose ones coat?
Many a gourmet coffee
Memorable mission
Message from MADD, perhaps
Michelangelos David, e.g.
Miley Cyruss Party in the ___
N.J. neighbor
Nijo Castle setting
Not fooled by
Oliver of Chicago Med
On ones toes
On top of that
Oscar winner Lee
Outback bird
Outlet insert
Pahlavi Crown wearer
Paparazzos prey
Part of A.D.
Pianists reading material
Pitched a tent
Place with no reception
Point of a crescent
Pole vaulters path
Proctors call
Raggedy doll
Real dough
Rep.s rival
Revolutionary periods
Rumor killer
Run amok
Salon sight
Sashas sister
Sax range
Smashing pumpkins sound
Spartan queen
Stephen of In Dreams
Subject, usually
Sudan divider
Tanzania neighbor
Target of a massage
Tease affably
They make a splash
Tonys cousins
Tribal healers
Tropical escape
Volcanic leftover
Washed out
Water pipe
Witch craft?
Within: Prefix
Woody shoot
Word between two surnames
Yemens capital
Youll flip over these desserts (and a hint to seven answers in this puzzle)
Let me repeat…
Quiet, please…
Michelangelos David, e.g
Part of A.D
Brown tint
Language of old Rome
River blocker
The murderer of the Rue Morgue
Absolutely ludicrous
Lyric poem
They need to be full of hot air
Court separator
Tidal bore
How many plans are drawn
Actress Blanchett
Eclectic collection
Chow down
It stores bile
Open courtyards
Prompters job
Introduce gradually
Little Richard song, now
Wipe a chalkboard
Power providers
Absolutely nope
Like a shirtless fan in Green Bay
Casino game
Citrus drink
Old-time news broadcaster
Hip, hop, dont stop genre
Flash a thumbs-up while crouching
Sport-___ (vehicle)
Tundras lack
Ontario natives
What the band plays
Swamp plant
___ of Good Feelings
Old Greek gymnasium (var.)
Dental filling
Extremely excited
What Vanna might reveal?
Tongue sensor
Occupied with
Costner, in The Untouchables
Animated duck
Penguin variety
Shooting star
Predatory whale
Old coot
Tide type
Courtroom declaration
No Scrubs group
Old Scots
Stretch the truth
Chips in
Wagnerian heroine
Phrase that has a ring to it?
___ and Dimed
Rat birds?
Russian ruler, once
Repairs garments
___ out a living
Marine mammal with tusks
Mollusk that clings
Craggy hills
___ firma
Play divisions
Take a chance
Turkey part choice
Guy doll
Weird ending
Hip, hop, don t stop genre
Prompter s job
Tundra s lack
Watson of Harry Potter movies
Performer in whiteface
Ballpark attendees, collectively
Icky stuff
Australian mine yield
Burton of Roots
Sound of horror
Eggplant ___ (deli hero)
Mimics forte
1970s-80s John Ritter sitcom
Postings at the Preakness
Zebroids parent, perhaps
Butt-heads buddy
Planted microphone
Barbers touchup
Sewing machine pioneer Howe
King of Judea until 4 B.C.
___ Got a Secret
October clothing purchase, perhaps
Packed away
Babes in the woods
A beanball might spark one
Wasps home
Get blubbery
Stickshift selections
___ for it (seek trouble)
1983 Tom Cruise movie
20-ounce Starbucks order
Prefix with date or chamber
Seance noises
___ out (withdrew)
Fateful day in the Roman Senate
London Magazine essayist
Golf clubs with metal or composite heads, now
Libel or slander
Fender ding
Cobb salad ingredient
Castle or zoo barrier
Slam dance
Rides for many Bermuda tourists
No bet
Cohn who wrote Walking in Memphis
Sailors patron saint
Shows 4-Down, in a way
Lunch or dinner, e.g.
Place to use Easy-Off
On ones guard
Not sweet, as wines go
Holder of over 1,000 patents
Sight-challenged Mr. of cartoons
Brendan who wrote Borstal Boy
Make euphoric
Late Fox News CEO Roger
Like NFL linemen
Banquet vessels
Annie Oakleys weapon
Like Wrigley Fields walls
Parcels, with out
Next in line, in a way
Treat like garbage
Totally nuts
Walked unsteadily
Took a sample of
Hardest to outwit
Loses traction
Daisy lookalike
Default consequence, briefly
Division word
Worm on a hook, say
Word processors go back
Event for shopaholics
Board game turn, maybe
Altar pledge
Rode the bench
Giraffe features
Rock unit
Texas mission
— Dame
Insurance workers
Bar need
Perfect serve
Egypts leader until 2011
Garden section
Less fresh
Comes down in buckets
Titan circles it
Snaky shape
Lawmaking bodies
Singer Reed
Harbor craft
Bakery output
Chicago airport
Stair part
Emotional states
Sacred beetle
Royal home
Held forth
Leaves angrily
Storage site
Stop working
Spot for commuter cocktails
Surgery closers
Perform aerial stunts
Green and Gore
School org.
Painter Georges
Sweater yarn
City on the Rio Grande
Turned bad
Building workers
Rough guesses
River from Pittsburgh
Throw in
— Dame
School org
— Dame
Happy hour venue
Rain-delay cover
Mil. morale booster
Others (Lat.)
Jazzy Fitzgerald
Carnival city
Italys silhouette
Tennis great Lendl
Essential thing
World record?
Garfield, for one
Kids question
Scots refusal
Game official
Geometric calculation
Clay-rich soil
Top Gun target
Feeder filler
Texters Wow!
Winter coaster
Lock opener
China setting
Forbidden acts
Well-worn trail
Period of rule
Edisons middle name
Bridge coup
Glaziers sheet
Dutch cheese
Dig in!
LAPD alert
La-la lead-in
Evita narrator
Stir-fry pan
Hearty quaff
Norm (Abbr.)
Breakfast orders
The Matrix character
Program for future docs
Pulverize potatoes
Black-and-white cookie
Bridge fee
Out of control
Charades player
Like custard
$7.5 -billion franchise
__ Goose (Donald Duck cousin)
About eight pounds of water
African source of caffeine
AL Central teams logo
Assemblage of buses
Back in time
Beans partner in pasta
Book with Solomons accession
But not more
Can well appreciate
Certain Fed
Chicagos Wall Street
Citrus accessory
Considerable caution
Contract negotiator, at times
Could well appreciate
Dagwoods Yikes!
Deal stoppers
Detective fiction awards
Do text correction on
Dubious defense
Eerie evocation
Element named for the rainbow
Exhibit electron flow
Far beyond unfortunate
Faux pas
Fight stoppers
Four of the Bards title characters
Freezies on a stick
GPS ancestor
Hand-held metal detector
Hard to know
Less-than-full shade
Mark meaning keep
Metaphor for verbal flak
Name akin to Emma
Neurologist nickname
NFC West team logo
One of 600 Welsh attractions
Part of the Amazon Basin
Pleasantly unpredictable
Pork casserole condiment
Portraying very well
Really moving, or immovable
Rios Sol __ Hotel
See 23 Across
Shell station illustrations
Sites of electron flow
Slip away
Some forensic specialists
Something framed for a wall
Space covered
Speaks ill of
Subject of The Worlds Great Dailies
Superorganism member
Theyre seen in all Mexican magazines
Theyve got you covered
Unable to 34 Down
Western Mediterranean resort
Western predator
What fills some full houses
What some scientists classify with birds
With 29 Down, sight below some Lincoln Memorials
$7.5+-billion franchise
One of 600+ Welsh attractions
Buy in quantity
Places of rapid growth
One taking the prize
Evidential standard
Old Egyptian symbol of royalty
Former Defense secretary who wrote Worthy Fights
__ scan
Pronoun not heard as often as it should be
2016 presidential candidate
British art house
Player over 21, perhaps
Common base
__ Hebrides
Large beer mugs
Ones in their 40s, e.g.
Crime scene barrier
Squeezed (out)
Greet warmly
One convinced by a drive
Chekovs first name on Star Trek
#4 at Boston Garden
__ Got Mail
Said yes to
Monty Python product
Kricfalusi cartoon canine
Taking away
Sign at a popular play
Foil-wrapped treats
Winner of the Breaking News Reporting Pulitzer for 2016, briefly
Most loaded
Exam involving reading letters
Chicken requests
Hard-to-read words
Ballerinas footwear
Happy way to end
IRA options
Surgeon general under Reagan
__ nerve
A toy piano is often seen in it
Have because of
Cry with a flourish
Main man
More than just stabs
Con, half the time
They may be Irish
Neuwirth of Cheers
Got the gold, say
Black-tie wear
Turn back
In tune
Pastoral expanse
Sea scavenger
Trivia quiz website
What some do while the sun shines?
Rigging support
Words of wisdom
Hillarys conquest
Announces again, in a way
Two-time US Open winner
Hindu ascetic
Cooking apple named for an Ohio township
Minute parasites
Op. __
Doo-wop syllable
Ballerina s footwear
Chekov s first name on Star Trek
Hillary s conquest
#4 at Boston Garden
__ Got Mail
2016 presidential candidate
A toy piano is often seen in it
Announces again, in a way
Ballerinas footwear
Black-tie wear
British art house
Buy in quantity
Chekovs first name on Star Trek
Chicken requests
Common base
Con, half the time
Cooking apple named for an Ohio township
Crime scene barrier
Cry with a flourish
Doo-wop syllable
Evidential standard
Exam involving reading letters
Foil-wrapped treats
Former Defense secretary who wrote Worthy Fights
Got the gold, say
Greet warmly
Happy way to end
Hard-to-read words
Have because of
Hillarys conquest
Hindu ascetic
In tune
IRA options
Kricfalusi cartoon canine
Large beer mugs
Main man
Minute parasites
Monty Python product
More than just stabs
Most loaded
Neuwirth of Cheers
Old Egyptian symbol of royalty
One convinced by a drive
One taking the prize
Ones in their 40s, e.g
Op. __
Pastoral expanse
Places of rapid growth
Player over 21, perhaps
Pronoun not heard as often as it should be
Rigging support
Said yes to
Sea scavenger
Sign at a popular play
Squeezed (out)
Surgeon general under Reagan
Taking away
They may be Irish
Trivia quiz website
Turn back
Two-time US Open winner
What some do while the sun shines?
Winner of the Breaking News Reporting Pulitzer for 2016, briefly
Words of wisdom
__ Hebrides
__ nerve
__ scan
A course of treatment from a herb doctor
Absurd type describes a crime in Spain
Bad result for rugby team
Caddie to finish reading tirade wandering off course
Charges Irish for getting out of fisheries
Choose not to take it around island with enthusiasm
Cut down on tips for how engine works
Deliver a pulpit belonging to Knock
Fair amount of publication produced by baker will bring a tear to your eye
Fashionable part of meal comes from recipe produced in The Loop
Finishes 9 down in goal
Finishes serious crime novel well in exchange for money
Forcibly remove our top model
Friend retires from racing circuit
Harry to estimate the measure of how one understands fluidity in a forceful way
Iranians release aria with a number of bars
Is pressed to stop the flow of demand for One Direction
Its about quote from reading by The Speaker
Judge admits soldier retreats lacking courage
Leaves its mark on leaders going along for the long ride
Old coach in Australia to open grounds
On foot of what one gets for unduly walking around nag with rambling roses
Opening the nuclear topic can be explosive
Part of listening device is one taken off the aeroplane
Protest movement loses head with one of those on foot
Put into words episode about regiment
Rose Walker?
Routine for a humorist finishing in ones natural environment
Sample of catch on shuttle in Japanese waters
Snaky type of omens from Roman Letters
Some mementos located in capital
Sounds like journey from European capital
The preserve of old sea dog
Those in the lobby can be stressful for the musicians
University to open new bar near department thats rather plain for the writers
Upset charlatan getting time as one of the subjects
What youd expect from 10 across disturbs
Wounds those at the end of 36 across
Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax / Of … – and kings (Lewis Carroll)
Angle between 90 and 180 degrees
Anyhow, anyway
Apian insect
Appears, looks
Arrange, plan or direct
Bedtime drink
Communications or errands
Competing in speed competition
Cut into small pieces
Exchange goods and services
Friendly winter bird
Frightened suddenly
Having a common cultural tradition
Holds the attention
In a muddle, perplexed
In spite of the fact that
Investigation to enhance knowledge
Irish poet and dramatist
Large vessel, for tea perhaps
Local church community
Make or become less
Obstruct or hinder any discussion
Pale and pinched-looking
Precious stones and minerals
Resemblance in the sounds of words
Serving vessels
Shed them and cry
Sphere, globe
Story from long ago
The business of government
Unit of instruction
Way to go
Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax / Of … – and kings (Lewis Carroll)
(Of egg) become rotten
Aware of ones surroundings
Beam; fish
Day of the week
Droppings used as fertiliser
Edible crustacean
Film theatre
Fleshy body at back of throat
Formal speech
Go against (a rule)
Ingredient of soup or casserole
Large tent
Occurring infrequently
Punctuation mark
Short deep valley
Snow runner
The recent past
Thread for sewing up wound
Toy for jumping on
Harold -, author of novels The Carpetbaggers and The Betsy
Singer-actor who played the title role in 1990s BBC TV drama series Spender
Actress who plays Toyah Battersby in ITV soap Coronation Street
Mary -, Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for The Great Lie
River that flows through Middlesbrough to the North Sea
Louis -, 19th-century French chemist and microbiologist who created vaccines for rabies and anthrax
Member of an Indian religion founded in the 16th-century
Small Asian evergreen tree with yellow oval edible fruits
Actress who played Kat Slater in BBC TV soap EastEnders
Steve -, actor-comedian who has performed under the name Lenny Beige
Muse of lyric poetry and music in Greek mythology
The -, 1972 novel by Frederick Forsyth
Companion of Falstaff sentenced to hang for looting in William Shakespeare play Henry V
See 7 Across
Standard unit of currency of Turkey
Michael -, actor who played The Professor in 1985 film drama Insignificance
River upon which Rome, Italy stands
1991 crime drama film starring Michael Keaton and Rene Russo
– River, tributary of the Missouri, US that flows into the Lake of the Ozarks reservoir
2009 novel by David Baldacci
First king of Israel in the Old Testament
City in NE Romania; a former capital of the country
Island in central Hawaii whose chief town is Honolulu
— River, tributary of the Missouri, US that flows into the Lake of the Ozarks reservoir
Harold —, author of novels The Carpetbaggers and The Betsy
Louis —, 19th-century French chemist and microbiologist who created vaccines for rabies and anthrax
Mary —, Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for The Great Lie
Michael —, actor who played The Professor in 1985 film drama Insignificance
Steve —, actor-comedian who has performed under the name Lenny Beige
The —, 1972 novel by Frederick Forsyth
Introduction to a book
Drink made from fermented pears
Catches fire
At sea
Pig sound
Let fall
Relaxation time
Game between local teams
Wreckage found on the waves
Railway carriage
In spite of everything
Restaurant cook
Unable to hear
Group of three
Completely open and legal
Lump of grass and earth
Soldier who runs away
Hard confectionery
Hope dashed with new call
Stupid, small lily arrangement
One works for a long time
Pleasant to have English relative
Argumentative sportsman?
Beastly medic?
Betting on a spring
Some poetry from Roderick
Gullible person gets resin
Regretting taking large decision
Agrees with absurd dons
Sailor finds the French skilful
Come out east and join
Cross a sea with elite group
Fired with rage
Rodent inside crate
Decanter is able to be seen within
Slow down and pause, say
Goodbye to a French deity
Heating with element
Move out with new poison
Reportedly posted perfume
For every boy is individual
Ring and laugh at work
Progressing to draw no return
Somehow get loner to sign up
Spotted having five or more
Juicer contains something cold
Allows leases
Cry at the old record
Athlete to drive off
Falling over everything
Roused about employment
Suppress German silver
Removal includes eggs
Rebuke for arranging rebate
Scope of former shelter
Reversible note?
Puzzle concerning transport
Dodgy dealer upsetting VIPs
Look in Tuscany
Like a family
Fuss at a party
Communication device
Female relative
Animal doctor
Tree product
Signals assent
Crack force
Slow down
Frozen water
Dogs cry
Egg cells
Note value
Word puzzle
Bad-tempered (3-8)
Copious stream
Cow call
Equipped with horseshoes
Fabric colorant
Female swan
Fingerless gloves
Footwear item
Green vegetable
Having (to)
Holds fast (to)
Horse breeding farm
Human males
Killer whale
Large hawk
Large seabirds
Last … & testament
Lengthy story
Lent a hand to
Linked up with
Middle of a wheel
Mountain goat
No … or buts
On top of
Outer covering
Pigs grunt
Pitch tents
Please reply (1,1,1,1)
Policy reversal (1-4)
Principal city
Proportional, pro …
Public persona
Scientific information
Scratch out
Seasons produce
Seek damages from
Skeleton photograph (1-3)
Slapdash, hit or …
Slimy substance
Small carpet
To the fore
Tropical parrot
filled the streets
like a basement apartment
system with axons
something causing disease
stretching muscles
Pulitzer winner Archibald
Castro overthrew him
Indiscriminate slaughter
It goes round and round (and back and forth)
Chap with a ladder and hose
From the River Trent to the Scottish border?
First name of two of Henry VIIIs wives
Writ ordering a prisoner to be brought before a judge – purchase ASBO (anag)
See 13
Capable of
Frameworks supporting climbing plants
Showing a feeling of wonder and dread
Nothing to wear?
University – shoe
Sleeping quarters (abbr)
Messenger bird
Part of the European Union in South America, once home to a penal colony
Caused by
Native American axe
Capital of the Bahamas
See 1
University — shoe
Writ ordering a prisoner to be brought before a judge — purchase ASBO (anag)
Fuzzy fruit
Put the cork back in
Mr. Wilson
____ Grit
More docile
Drink cooler
One opposed
Showed sleepiness
Decade number
Hundred-yard ____
Kin of au revoir
Birthday numbers
Man or Wight
Hat fabric
Inert gas
Mexican moola
It has pips
Chews the fat
Mosaic requirement
Night birds
Like a sprite
Electrical unit
Compel to leave
Word another way
Road covering
Hot spring
Build on
Young louse
Going astray
Some cards
Skin decoration
Land title
Easy or Wall
Ball caller
Big monkey
Large feline
Take out, as text
Oscar Madison, e.g.
Barnyard birds
Mt. Blanc, e.g.
Payable now
Sense of self
On your hand
Slightest amount
Keyboard button
Founded in 1776
Father of Thor
Of the mind
Figure out
Pen point
Collect $200 when you pass this
Thread holder
Move slightly
More rational
Quartet count
Acting award
Wear down
Forfeited the throne
Dressed to the ____
Vacation spot
Baseballs ____ Gehrig
Group of three
Dozing one
____ sesame!
Univ. employee
Track shapes
Difficult journey
Quilting event
Lend a hand
Opposite of western
Health resort
Classical composition
Cuban leader
Nebraska metropolis
____ span
Kitchen gadget
In addition
Hearty soups
Bed board
Not nearby
Earring site
Baltimore bird
____ of Liberty
Small child
Not active
Winona ____ of Little Women
____ citizen
Eves home
Farmers yield
Mr. Claus
Untruthful ones
Make a choice
Indian group
Copiers need
Model ____ Macpherson
Go downhill
Furry swimmer
Mountaineers climb
Reach across
Samples food
Travelers stopover
Folding beds
Fail to include
Enjoy gum
Ceramic piece
Stood up
Washington bills
Oolong, e.g.
Biosphere 2, then the Eden Project – thats quite a coincidence!
Five funny lines of fruit by a farmers store
Each half of stout initially for just over a pound
Attachment of officer being in favour
Cheese and crackers to accompany starters of evening meal
Harbour a seething anger about food being cut
Yak and yeti hides – about 500 pounds in India
Sources of water, each lending life succour
Canonise saint making journey up to heaven
Merkels town and country finally produces wine
Johnny Mathiss debut next-door to his apartment
Parents collecting a new hat
Narrow procession drops behind carrier, one crossing the Atlantic
Military commander gained victory over significant leader going east
Borders of blue delphiniums?
For professor to attempt Maize is old hat
Prevent promotion being undated
Criminals pinching soft tops?
Its over a foot and a quarter to killer, oddly
Limb on long-limbed bird raised pulse
Poor relations who live in Asia
Lazy talk, coming from below, about nude seen on one side of ship
Pilgrims briefly climbing through hot oil to attain their goal?
Hes one originally given arsenic
Some scaliness produced in part by this drug
English queen possibly on board anticipated train
Sonorous ring ring rings beginning to toll
One entering within wagon as Richard battled?
German rowing crew trailing unknown boat
Rubbish collector forgets first name upon return into desert
Weeding tool
Having a crew
Clear of the sea bed
University grounds
Type of aircraft
Long flag
Bird of prey
Skins outer layer
Soft silky yarn
Mexican snack
Dried grape
Type of school
Go to another place
South American river
Female sheep
American tennis player who won 31 Grand Slam tournament titles during her career, including eight singles titles at Wimbledon
In South Africa, a camp, especially one defended by a circular formation of wagons
Footballer who was the captain of the Welsh national side for four years after taking over from Ryan Giggs in 2007
Dirty British coaster with a salt-caked ___ (Cargoes, John Masefield)
Jay Rayner or Tom Parker Bowles, for example
John James ___, US naturalist and artist best known for his paintings of birds in Birds of America
David ___, Leicester City defender whose 1972 transfer to Derby County broke the then British transfer record
___ & Co., 1899 book by Rudyard Kipling set at a British boarding school
A portico or apse with a continuous bench used for discussions in ancient Greece and Rome
Musician whose first big hit, Are Friends Electric?, was credited to Tubeway Army
1983 Stephen Sondheim musical inspired by a painting by Georges Seurat
Cornish fishing village that is home to the sea shanty singing group Fishermans Friends
Character in the original BBC sitcom Porridge played by Ronald Lacey
Species of turtle of the genus Malaclemys native to the eastern and southern United States
The common European songbird Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Hercule ___, fictional Belgian detective created by Agatha Christie in 1920
Car model manufactured by Ford in the UK between 1950 and 1972
K J ___, South Korean golfer who won the 2011 Players Championship in a playoff against David Toms
A metal ring, tube or cap placed over the end of a stick, handle or post
The first novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, published in 1848, subtitled A Tale of Manchester Life
1936 novel by Daphne du Maurier set around a pub in the middle of Bodmin Moor
Former parliamentary constituency whose MPs included the writer Hilaire Belloc
Saint best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate)
1949 Arthur Crabtree film in which star Petula Clark sings Its Not for the Want of Trying
1952 childrens novel by E B White about a pig named Wilbur
French actor who appears on the cover of the 1986 album The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths
North American holly tree, Ilex glabra, with black fruits
A pale flame or phosphorescence also called friars lantern, ignis fatuus and jack-o-lantern
Part of the body considered the best site for bone grafting when a large quantity of bone is needed
In Wales, the bardic institution associated with the eisteddfod
Zimbabwean tennis player who won the mens doubles at the 1994 French Open partnering Jonathan Stark
The most northerly of the Channel Islands
German leader of the Protestant Reformation excommunicated and outlawed by the Diet of Worms in 1521
Building in Berlin in which assembly of the Weimar Republic met until its destruction by fire in 1933
The most expensive property on a standard UK Monopoly board
Island of Indonesia whose capital is Jakarta
Long-running BBC documentary series whose theme music is Another Green World by Brian Eno
In Greek mythology, the fluid said to flow in the veins of the gods
The first black winner of a Best Actor Oscar, for his role in Lilies of the Field
Horse that won the 1968 Grand National
Resort on the Isle of Wight whose pier is the fourth longest in the UK
American cartoonist best known as the creator of Dick Tracy, which he wrote and drew from 1931 to 1977
Irish writer whose only novel is The Picture of Dorian Gray
American actor who played Lt Mike Stone in the TV series The Streets of San Francisco
Song that gave Marie Osmond a top ten hit in both the US and the UK in 1973
River that rises in Turkey and flows south across Syria and Iraq to join the Tigris, forming the Shatt-al-Arab
1986 album by The The
The larger of the two parts of Lake Constance
___ Twine, incompetent conjuror who was one of Les Dawsons characters
A bitter crystalline alkaloid extracted from cinchona bark, the salts of which are used in malaria therapy
Theresa Mays job from 2010-2016
__ Daly or DUrberville?
Ivan __, Russian writer whose works include A Month in the Country
20 / 13 whose leadership bid led to the fall of Margaret Thatcher
See 10
See 20
Alan __, Theresa Mays predecessor as 7
A political foe whose actions mask the real agenda of a third party
Amber __, the current 7
US enclave on the island of Cuba
__ Lawrence, mother of Stephen
Louise __, former MP and prolific blogger
Instrument used in celestial navigation
10 to the power 7 in scientific notation – or 100 lakhs in Indian numbering
Tommy __, 1950s teen idol
Moe __, character played by Alex Rocco in The Godfather
__ Hurd, 7 1985 – 1989
Small opening or orifice in the human body
Strait separating the Isle of Wight from the British mainland
Netflix crime series telling the story of Pablo Escobar
Lancashire town between the rivers Irk and Medlock
Mythical king whose touch turned objects to gold
10 to the power 7 in scientific notation – or 100 lakhs in Indian numbering
__ Hurd, 7 1985 – 1989

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