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Make ___ what you will
Rebecca author Du Maurier
The Naked ___ (Goya painting)
The Simpsons bartender
The Sopranos Emmy winner Falco
Told ya!
Youve got mail co
___ hooks (shipping caution)
43rd U.S. president, informally
Accepts begrudgingly, as a minor flaw
Actress MacDowell of Four Weddings and a Funeral
Alternatives to mums
Anticensorship org
Athletic achievement award
Author Roald
Bear: Sp
Big name in photocopiers, once
Bit of snow
Camera type, for short
Campbells product
Casting assignments
City with piers
Cry of anticipation
Dog-___ (like some old book pages)
Drug bust units
Electricity, slangily
Fall bloomer
Former lovers
Free goodies at an event
Have the wheel
Highly successful, in theaterspeak
In addition
In the past
Kind of column in architecture
Make over
Meryl who portrayed Margaret Thatcher
Nobel Peace Prize city
Olympic hurdler Moses
One of 18 on an 18-wheeler
One poked through the eye?
Packers and Panthers org
Peter the Great, e.g
Plains tribe
Portion (out)
Pulitzer Prize-winning author James
Pull back, as in horror
Pulling a rabbit out of a hat, e.g
Put in a bibliography
Quick drawing
Raison d___
Readied, as a musical instrument
See 20-Across
See 65-Across
Shipmate of Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock
Something confessed in a confessional
Summer in France
Susan with the 1978 best seller Compromising Positions
The Homo in Homo sapiens
Things kindergartners learn
Two or three
What some bills become
Winter drink
With 37- and 52-Across, #11 on the American Film Institutes 100 Years … 100 Movie Quotes list
With 66- and 67-Across, source of this puzzle themes quote
___ and kicking
___ mia (Italian term of endearment)
___TV (Time Warner channel)
Tries to drop a few
Molecule part
Characters that are typed?
Grain woe
Type of dream or wrench
Galapagos part
Marys: follower of Jesus and Broadway star
Shoe part
Fail to attend
Editors addition mark
Allen and Burton
Gumbo ingredient
In an offensive manner
Weasel relative
Marys: singer and actress
Capital of the Bahamas
Guitar type
Hamilton foe
To ___ his own
Muscat native
Stinky animal
Toyota model
Goes angling
Marys: first lady and TV personality
Common skincare ingredient
Operation reminder
Karan the designer
Common Swedish male name
Seeger or Sampras
Puff ___ (snake variety)
Moore on screen
Iraq neighbor
Common breakfast items
Type of list
Jungle creature
Can material
First game of the season
Brief note, at work
Actress Mary
Oozing muck
Rural open field
FAA employee
Roly go-with
Certain old Buick
Kind of hall
Units of wire thickness
Some notes
70s hairdo
Major world power
Ticket half
Outback bird
New Yorks state flower
Composer Nino of The Godfather
Ambler or McCormack
MIT part
Neutral hue
Income from wealth
Base eight system
The green stuff (var.)
Extreme passion
Junction points
Cowboys org.
Somewhat, slangily
Talk like Sylvester
Not barefoot
Marine eagle
Persian you pet
Underground stuff
Masseurs workplaces
Cinematic segment
Neatniks antithesis
Doctors clip-on device
Yankee Doodles ride
Newsman Chris on the rise?
Packets in caddies
Mayoral staffers
Middle name adopted by Lennon
Walk proudly
Bit of Java programming
Place to stroll or fish
War room feature
Vuitton of fashion
Stately home for pigs?
Picks, with for
Goes caroling, say
Heavy load to bear
Super-popular threat?
Angry bulls sound
Undefined quantity
Word after finish or foul
Fabric named for an Indian city
E-cigarette output
In bygone days
Like Santas helpers
Ricer or parer
Flat part of a mallet?
How thumb-twiddling is done
Item in a school desk
Appliance with racks
Yardbirds quarters
Hut or houseboat
Sees the point of
Shia or Sunni
Showing terror, perhaps
Jordans locale
Use of white to represent purity, e.g.
Coffee urn attachment
Supermarket array
McMuffin ingredient
Direct from the factory
Presidential term, to historians
Treat with a banana
Dump truck capacity
Never before or since
NFL teams off-weeks
Causes of ruin
First lady before Michelle
Tracy of Boys Town
Hint of color
Workout tally, briefly
Lei-wearers Welcome!
Stop by briefly
Glaziers goo
Lords 62-Across
Hondas luxury line
Weevils, to cotton farmers
Instrument at a John or Joel concert
Raincoat brand
Clippers sound
Grazer on a veldt
More prudent
Past adolescence
Siding option
Story on a grand scale
Source of riches
At capacity
Like most garage sale goods
Clip coupons, say
Fin player on Law %26 Order: SVU
Shutterbugs buy
Glass of public radio
Small protuberance
Shine, in brand names
Jewelers unit
Give a hoot
Handsome youth of myth
High point
Meet by chance
Genus subdivision
By way of
Easter lead-in
Crumpets cousin
On-ramp sign
Makes mistakes
Jazz horn
Broadway show
Clock numeral
Ritzy home
Foreboding sign
More profound
Uncool fellow
Surgery reminders
Accept eagerly
Dancer Castle
Acapulco natives
Business combine
Bye, in Baja
Massachusetts town
Aswans river
Did restaurant work
Went to sea
Physics amount
Apartment workers
Trumpet accessories
Unbilled role
Gives for a bit
Gorilla, for one
Crisp cookie
Watch chain
Electric measure
Short recital piece
Actress Falco
Sharp-spined fish
Dead heat
Unjust accusation
Harbor platform
Infamous emperor
Capote nickname
Biz bigwig
Beat it! (pig Latin)
Utah ski resort
Arctic native
Citizen Kanes estate
Hotel worker
Electromagnetic radiation
Singer Guthrie
Cold War competition
Zodiac feline
Picnic invaders
Snakes warning
Negative word
Kitchen adjunct
— whim
Candle scent
Ballpark figure
Bloodhounds clue
Old Italian money
Office part-timer
Pre-weekend cry
Wife of Zeus
Ephron and Charles
Part of Iberia
Rights advocacy org.
Bigfoots cousin
Gulf War missile
Granola grain
Follow relentlessly
Turkeys capital
Opening day?
Seniors org.
Egyptian river
Play segment
Rights advocacy org
Seniors org
Half prefix for final
I need assistance
Pay __ mind
A Great Lake
Animal fat for frying
Appear to be
Apt (to)
Black-and-white cookie
Blend with a spoon
Brings up, as children
British noblemen
Bullring cheers
Bun or bagel
Cake decorator
Campers shelter
Casual pants
Chalkboard material
Champagne or Chianti
Citizens rights org
Decorative artificial bloom
Door-to-door cosmetics seller
Flood barrier
Get married in secret
Give a darn
Golfers pegs
Hole-boring tool
Honolulus locale
In __ of (rather than)
Jai __
Job for a detective
Large bag for potatoes
Long sandwiches
Make a choice
Makes very happy
Mexican coins
Ohio tire city
Oil cartel
One-pot beef dishes
Pay tribute to
Person, place, or thing
Pirates treasure holder
Place of safety
Presidential rejection
Pub beverage
Red as __ (embarrassed)
Regard highly
Roadside stopover
Ruby or diamond
Say not guilty, perhaps
Shade trees
Ships pole
Shout scornfully at
Small songbird
Smell bad
Snakelike fish
Stare at
Teaching session
Three hours before noon
Throws softly
Tooth covering
Trio after Q
Up to the task
Was feeling poorly
Was in possession of
Young lady
__ register (stores money holder)
__ Scotia, Canada
__clock (hour after noon)
__-control (willpower)
Position at work
Busy as __
India neighbor
You __ here : mall map words
Banquet, e.g.
With 36-Across, Polo Grounds great
Ravel classic
Car dealers no.
Bros sib
Carry on wildly
Regatta propellers
Shed a few pounds
Californias San __ Obispo
Disco __: The Simpsons character
More up-to-date
See 16-Across
Shed purpose
Dismantled Brit. music conglomerate
Truckee Rivers lake
Crude __
Small cut
Romantic triangle figure
Continuous change
__ le roi! : French Revolution cry
Relaxing retreat
Drop from a list
Rose garden pests
End up just fine
What a password provides
Not working
Rocks in a bar
Giggly sound
Little dog breeds
Highway breakdown need … or, initially, feature of 17-, 27-, 45- and 60-Across
Vertical door part
Two-toned cookie
Inventor associated with telephones
California Zephyr operator
Tell it like it is
Sensory organ
Sch. before junior high
Wetsuit material
North Pole assistant
Seats for the flock
Palm tree berry
Acronym parts: Abbr.
McDonalds freebie
Starting on
Important periods
Dorothys dog
Sprechen __ Deutsch?
Ten percent donation
Public commotion
Edmund who played Kris Kringle
Prefix with sphere
__ odometer
Ronnie in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Beehive State
Let free
Old Sony brand
Think __, act locally
Cartoon fight sound
Merit badge holder
Garden fertilizer
Red sign over a door
Syrup trees
ASAP, to an MD
Brownish purple
Foot part
Silly goose
Not yet eliminated
Art __
Hearty bowlful
Word seen between married and maiden names
Old name for Tokyo
Sprechen __ Deutsch?
Tell it like it is
Think __, act locally
You __ here: mall map words
__ le roi!: French Revolution cry
Acronym parts: Abbr
Art __
ASAP, to an MD
Banquet, e.g
Beehive State
Bros sib
Brownish purple
Busy as __
California Zephyr operator
Californias San __ Obispo
Car dealers no
Carry on wildly
Cartoon fight sound
Continuous change
Crude __
Disco __: The Simpsons character
Dismantled Brit. music conglomerate
Dorothys dog
Drop from a list
Edmund who played Kris Kringle
End up just fine
Foot part
Garden fertilizer
Giggly sound
Hearty bowlful
Highway breakdown need … or, initially, feature of 17-, 27-, 45- and 60-Across
Important periods
India neighbor
Inventor associated with telephones
Let free
Little dog breeds
McDonalds freebie
Merit badge holder
More up-to-date
North Pole assistant
Not working
Not yet eliminated
Old name for Tokyo
Old Sony brand
Palm tree berry
Position at work
Prefix with sphere
Public commotion
Ravel classic
Red sign over a door
Regatta propellers
Relaxing retreat
Rocks in a bar
Romantic triangle figure
Ronnie in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Rose garden pests
Sch. before junior high
Seats for the flock
See 16-Across
Sensory organ
Shed a few pounds
Shed purpose
Silly goose
Small cut
Starting on
Syrup trees
Ten percent donation
Truckee Rivers lake
Two-toned cookie
Vertical door part
Wetsuit material
What a password provides
With 36-Across, Polo Grounds great
Word seen between married and maiden names
__ odometer
Absent – could be delayed over transport that was priced individually to order
Alarmed without ale or whisky
Cameron isnt part of documentary out of loyalty
Colourful type with single and small quantities of fish
Draws a parallel with wild sea coasts around island
Get this at the end of 22 across to ones hearts desire perhaps
Give it to teammate losing the head with cycling, for one – hell need it to do The Tour
Harp is drunk by one those responsible for inflation in the local community
Has grounds for designing mad suits
Is part of the inner circle? Thats revolting!
Is regret mixed up in report?
Its not on after institute gets wrong impression perhaps
Local records in 8 across makes an impression
Older sort of address in Madrid protecting Third Reich
On the hop from second class? One of The Little Rascals!
Opens 22 across in fathers place
Pass ones life in retrospect in 4 down, for example, with the demon drink perhaps
Person from Monks town wraps a new English flower
Remove guilt from one of those in hospital will set them free
Resent leaving Undertones or Free
Resting easy converting pioneers
Silly issue? His fault!
Survey reports by staff keeping tabs on those taking flight
Terminal on runway for workers in Aer Lingus coming from Arabian Peninsula
These problems laid out for the king
Trim relatives may be significant
Wash ones hands of banks design company
Whistler leaves daughters-in-law in Africa
Allowing no deviation from a standard
An artificially high voice
Assess, appraise
Below, under
Besides, moreover
Bundle, package
Close acquaintance
Deceptions, illusions
Division of play in cricket
February gemstone
Fire-breathing creatures
Harm, damage
Large wine bottle with two handles
Largest of the Great Lakes
Morbidly interested in death or disaster
Native to Bucharest, say
Opinion or position on something
Passing, as time
Riddling monster
Set upon
Small box or container
Stately aquatic bird
Stopped or slowed up, a horse perhaps
The adjacent residence
Trucks without sides
Which thing
Wife of a royal Russian
Womens stockings
… thus absorbing to Zeno, for one
After a couple of pints, Zoe loses old English gemstone
Article in paper introducing a cleansing facility
Cheapest accommodation always provided in part of theatre?
Doctor at a hostel in former Scottish county
Dog from Russian house briefly sent to Coventry, not north east
Finery originally introduced in army corps celebration
Fork out to cover staff burlesque
Fuss woodman regularly raised
Futuristic art gave Dan shivers!
Girl visiting priest, one providing Italian food
Good stories going around hotel in African state
Hairy brother in Continental group without specific appeal?
Indifferent motorists are still in this
Joyous few touring east of France
Like 20 down, painfully lacking energy to contain trouble
Like complex organisation, soldiers rejected it in pub
Look at commercial responsibility
New chairman retaining old producer of notes
Noteworthy contributor to rail safety
Oil producer backing woman addicted to marijuana?
Pioneer’s dog lying on striped jacket, perhaps?
Place erected for male sheep
Relative’s quiet cry of surprise
Revolting tailless rodent circling uranium container
Rich American abandoned the rightful Duke of Milan
Ridicule working model not out of bed?
Rubber beetle
Seafarer, one taken in by eponymous miser
The present compiler’s source of information?
Twisted-sounding grass …
A short month before Speaker becomes a moderniser of the House?
Barnet follows Conservative leader of meeting
Black and silver item of luggage
Cheating player playing craps hard
Choirmaster’s beginning to repeat part of Mass
Cursed, being literally last in bed
Eroded around front of ship — not so good
Father has a chap returning hat
Fish young bear has found hard to grab?
Get annoyed breaking fork’s point in citrus fruit
Go up for graduation
Make a choice and compete regularly
Moving to a more select café?
New impression of non-monarchy and leaderless country
Not in favour of the weather generally keeping Celsius — a bit of a let-down
Odd rumour, not owned by us
Public school dismisses head for a lot of speed?
Singer in first ENO Rigoletto
Standard offer of a choice of ends for Nottingham
Tell-tale in class, ever on the outside
The man’s gaining tons in robbery
Tirade about a member of parliament that’s unrestrained
Tired and exhausted vehicle owner crashing
Travelling salesman having a meal and coming back again
Visitor caught everyone with Queen
What tall ape could be reconstructed from? A kneecap
A quantity of
Ancient Peruvian
Bavarian city
Born with maiden name
Distinctive atmosphere
Flimsy dressing gown
Fluorescent substance
Gas in the atmosphere
Give way; produce
Greek portico
Green gemstone
Let in
Official pardon
Scottish lakes
Snow runner
Style of pop music
Substance in wood pulp
Substance used in chemical analysis
Type of ship
Unreturnable serve
Valuable item
Winter sports course
Kensington carriages
Part 5 todays quote
Part 1 of todays quote
Clear a windshield
Part 10 of todays quote
Outs opposite
Eagleson, for one
The present
Name, to Normande
Part 7 of todays quote
Parts 7 and 11 of today s quote
D Day troop carrier
Parts 3 and 9 of todays quote
Dr. of Laws
Adjust a skirts length
Body part
Poet and painter Cummings initials
Devout jews
___ Jangles
Part 6 of todays quote
Part 8 of todays quote
Part 12 of todays quote
Indian state
Quantum of energy
Photo film rating
Not of age
Elite Nazi soldiers
Common ER emergency
Poem part
Coastal feature
Barbershop supply
Part 2 of todays quote
Knobby fabrics
Set Afire
Part 4 of todays quote
Egyptian mil. authority
Ott or Lastman
A. Nobel concoction
Fiirst hebrew letter
A rare earth
For fear that
Weather tracker
Soybean paste
Toma preceder
Rockies e.g.
Shoe size
Turkish title
An Atlantic Prov.
Tantalum symbol
rivers bank deposit
what sits on a cake
backyard mechanic
Batmans apprentice Dick
mountainous New York park
See 16
End of the day
Escape – make (confidential information) known
See 23
Stingy – thin
Complain annoyingly
Blatantly aggressive
Last footballing tie
Lowest female voice
Non-verbal com?­munication?
Period of depression – horse latitudes
Fuel – very dark grey
Performance-enhancing drug?
Loose garment – thin girths (anag)
Muslim prayer leader
Adam and Eves first home
Childhood treatment and instruction
Engraved design – I go Latin (anag)
Event of ritual significance
Walt Disney character
Evidence of an old cut?
Their resting places have their points
Spanking vessels?
Force regularly used on a group
Students of the past?
About to fall from grace, by gum
A new menu Thea provided for the club
Possibly she dreams its a principal post
A hospital number
Order ice after a place to eat is found
Actors perform foolishly in it
Number with first-class ways to travel for landowners
Private quarters
Try to get aboard cutters
He will be embraced by wildly ardent disciple
Press for identity documents?
Is game playing a bias against the elderly?
Sailor told to go on return watch for missing persons
Sporadic localities?
See chaps without fruit
Favourite comes round and takes part in the event
Small party conflict
It is a rich and varied source of charity
Service men who have a job to do
Tom rings, expressing disapproval
The rest of the players
Where children are to be found between two and five?
Domestic service?
Number in tour around royal house
Walks twice as fast with more room between the lines
Abandoned area of expertise thats not conventional
Dread finishing ultra marathon going less fast
Sentimental agent acquires old piano
Duke is still a duke when gaining weight, initially
Bob, for example, gets write-down of loan
A very desirable feature for coastal digs
Pull country girl back for being a slowcoach
Lassie follows sailor!
It may be held when something breaks suddenly
Timid type can think about nothing
Fake news planted by gruesome extremists in Belgian city
Condemn writer who works for money
Standard fare Mike gave to wanted criminal
Litter produced in high season
She removes bloodsuckers by putting polish on your head
Lead, perhaps, in which you show your best
Eliminates waste by storing diamonds in stacks
Labour party linked up to work together
Battle force turns to north when its dark
Optimistic view taken in the middle of drink
Eccentric inventor swore: This is our last chance!
They talk most when the static is sorted
At home, constant strain sounds disturbing
Boring rubbish showing no emotion
Without moisture, river dropped and disappeared
These body parts turn to fat
Butch eastern dictator takes in church
Lily ____
Flexible, in terms of electric current: Hyph.
Pieces of advice
Stun and amaze
The ___ of Iran
Cookie often found in cookies-and-cream ice cream
ESPN football reporter Paolantonio
American Pie actress Reid
2012 presidential hopeful Gingrich
Actor who voices Cyrus the camel in the movie The Star: 2 wds.
___ Angeles
Threw, as a softball
Boats like one in the Book of Genesis
Group of Cub Scouts
Kissing on the dance floor, for example: Abbr.
Actress who voices Mary in the movie The Star: 2 wds.
Prefix for logical or sphere
Heche who stars on NBCs The Brave
Ignite, as a firework: 2 wds.
Kind of coat that PETA protests
Actor who voices Bo the donkey in the movie The Star: 2 wds.
Memphis Grizzlies center Gasol
Clean and tidy
Buddy, in slang
Continent with the second-most countries
Virtual assistant on an iPhone
Back in time
Heroic role for Chris Hemsworth
Do it, or ___!
Strong longing
Living in the ___
Get things squared ___
Big name in home computers
Pet dog on The Jetsons
Dries out, like lips
Truth or ___
Hire, as a bus
Hamilton won 11 of them
Church bench
Heavy drinker
Frozen character voiced by Idina Menzel
Pasta ___
Adam and Eves realm
State of confusion
Grows up
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza
Hard-to-undo tangle
Dental degree: Abbr.
Oculus ___
The side that currently has the ball
SpongeBobs snails name
Grouch on Sesame Street
Is scared of
Release from bondage
Brides face covering
The Worlds Online Marketplace
Hard-to-resist impulse
Time that reads the same forward and backward
Cushion for a gymnast
___ Wednesday
____ Grande

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