Crosswords Answers Zone 2017-12-7

How ya holdin up?
Ive seen ___
*I dont care either way
*First Supreme Court chief justice
*Its west of Okinawa
*Oil, jocularly
*Sort with a full schedule
1, for 45?°
1961 Literature Nobelist Andric
Bank statement abbr
Baseball great Hodges
Beverage that contains taurine
Big bargains, maybe
Breathing problem
Challenge to ___
Christmas song contraction
Common fund-raiser
Conciliatory offering
Cougar prey
Crack in the crust
Crime show sound effect
Currency adopted after the Meiji Restoration
Depress, with out
Divas accessory
Draft choice
Essen article
Grow red, say
Hip-hops Salt-N-___
Hypothetical settlement
Johnny who sang on the duet Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
Jumps rarely attempted in womens figure skating
Kind of root in math
Kitchen tools
Latin lovers word
Legally prohibit
Longtime news inits
Made a faux pas
Medication-regulating org
N.J. city on the Hudson
Neighbor of Ky
Obeyed an order at the dentists
Occurrences during half-moons
Octet in The 12 Days of Christmas
Part of a stage
Perpetual period in Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Place where one is encouraged to swear?
Radio component
Respectful greeting
Show ___
Sign of summer
Ski slope sight
Spotlight hog
Still competing
Surprisingly, it just might work
The Wildcats of the Big 12 Conference, informally
Visa problem
Word before calling or learning
Words of homage
___ chart
___ Express (train from Delhi to Agra)
___ gun (sci-fi weapon)
___ party
___ Stadium, home of the 49ers
I am not what I am speaker
Snow Falling on Cedars star
Werther composer
Youre stuck with me!
Adrenaline, for short
Advised about
Bespectacled friend of Snow White
Brief cold spell
Careless decline
Cart, quaintly
Cartographers close-up
Cold War side
Cool quality
Cooling system features
Crash course?
Deferential denial
Domingo, e.g
Explosive zap from a sci-fi weapon?
Full of pluck
Future deliveries?
Galerie ___ Glaces (Versailles section)
Guiding principle
Hatchlings from green eggs
High in the Andes
How skis may be rented
Hurts like a winter wind
Its spread on snowy roads
IV inserter, at times
Klondike Bars features a polar bear
Laundromat, e.g
Like Chill out! and Cool it!
Many spam senders
Mass consumption?
Mental aggravation
Money used to build many a California film studio?
Most worthless part
New outfits
One of the fire signs
Parker of A Mighty Wind
Person whos critical at first
Plunge, as winter temperatures
Point at a plate
Prattled incessantly
Preston of the Yukon, for one: Abbr
Prime minister born in Kiev and raised in Milwaukee
Primeval void
Provorov of the Philadelphia Flyers
Raipur royal
Resale stipulation
Ryan of the Nashville Predators
Safaris compass, for example
Scarves and the like
Site of the first Woolworths
Slow and stately
Snowsuit sporter
Some terriers
Sound, e.g
Souvenirs from Sanders rallies?
Speak, to Spaniards
Stick together
Too new to recommend
Try for a contract
Wallach of Winter Kills
Watsons creator
Winter of Modern Family
Wood used for skis
Urban greenspace
Lethal Weapon role
Hit opposite
Worshiped object
Ireland county
Peruvian empire builder
Annapolis, e.g. %2B acquires %2B sales add-on
Church words
Willis, in Moonlighting
Thin fishes
Canine cry
Fork piece
Room to maneuver
Wallach of film
Major department store
Small street
Madams %2B two-one link %2B abiding
Tabloid pair
Detroit squad
Apply it for an out
Tyrannical leader
West enders?
Sound of escaping air
Greek war god
___ ex machina
Sneeze sound
Square root of 64
Country %2B tire stuff %2B shady character
Add a bit of color
Kind of flu
Theyre good listeners
Command to a dog
Eggy places
Makes a color change
It equals 12 points
Actor West
Tug-of-war necessity
Wild Wild West star Kevin
NBCs former owner
Lady ___ (pop star)
Sanford and Son spin-off
Glass beer mug
Erred in a bee (var.)
Divisive word?
Read quickly
Jazzy instrument
Blood-sucking fly
Egyptian river
Slow gastropod
Quite cold
Shore slappers
A Muppet
Is patient
Faris and Kendrick
They perform safe jobs
Duel tool
House of Stuart monarch
Bond offerer, e.g.
Two-tone whale
Golestan Palace locale
Inebriated one
Positioned, to a builder
Heal, as bones
Ferber or Purviance
Japanese sashes
Confederate color
On this very spot
Hardy heroine
___ Complicated
Homer hitter
Half ems
Shoestring neckties
Still to come
Deck post topper
In pieces
___ cum laude
Be in arrears
Seafood cocktail morsel
Monopoly token
Serpent in Antony and Cleopatra
Tattle on, with out
Peak condition
Gift in a goody bag
Salespersons prospects
Googol, e.g.
Chevys destination, in American Pie
___ Diamond Phillips of La Bamba
Lopsided win
Name in escalators and moving walkways
Run in the wash
Celeste Aida, e.g.
My goodness!
Fairness-in-hiring agcy.
Ranchers mark
Average physique
Veg out
Pinball penalties
Viewpoint in an op-ed
Bespectacled Disney dwarf
Word after get or jet
Feature of most overalls
Nickels and dimes
In need of sanding or salting
Conical abode
Battery-powered smoke shop items
Org. in Snowden
Elvis signature expression
Lenders takebacks, for short
Tijuanas locale, for short
___ Dei (The Da Vinci Code group)
Tensor or Tiffany
Planet, to a poet
Basements use, often
Kutcher who played Steve Jobs
Lew Wallaces Ben-___
Spew forth
Water balloons, to pranksters
Horse with a mottled coat
Cold-weather drink
Banquet bestowal, perhaps
Salon jobs, for short
Stash some cash
Many Formula One racers
First-term congressman
Nix as a possibility
Jared of Dallas Buyers Club
We Try Harder sloganeer, once
Stooge who lampooned Adolf
Popular brew, for short
Navigators notes
___ fixation (stage of infancy)
Inflate, as a bill
Bassinet or berth
Nanakuli neckwear
Totally louse up
Isnt fictional
Hello, Dolly! Tony winner Bette
Group of like-minded voters
Avian harbinger of spring
Many DeMille productions
Benghazis land
Spilled salt, to some
Farmers tanned area, typically
Cut, as coupons
Kelloggs toaster waffle
Ms. Durbeyfield of fiction
Go Set a Watchman novelist Harper
Hotshot pilot or pitcher
Coffee bar order
Chicago hub
Striped rock
Sirs counterpart
November birthstone
Skips a ceremony
Farm father
Friendly nations
Swaying dance
Site in the news in 1941
Visitor to Siam
Back muscle
Final part
Earthy prefix
Montreal university
Deep pink
Paper buys
Bakery output
May honoree
So thats it!
Popular houseplant
Vaccine type
Work on a room
Out of style
They may clash
Upper limit
— glance
Conical topper
Kagan of the Supreme Court
Red dishware material
Senator Rubio
Nest egg acct.
Day pts.
Fireplace sight
Showy display
Jerry Herman musical
Dunham of Girls
Lynx or lion
Bonanza stuff
Harrys friend
Ran into
Sow site
God of war
Cold and damp
Leslie Caron film
Send forth
Oil cartel
Calendar abbr.
Fishing gear
Missile shelter
Church game handouts
Making all the stops
Actress Adams
401(k) alternative
Hi, sailor!
French Mrs.
Soviet space station
Bakery buy
Office notes
Percussionists beat them
Skin soother
Roof overhang
Forum wear
Mother of Zeus
Lions share
Roofing goo
Beach blanket?
TV host Kelly
Util. bill
Ships hospital
Asian noodles
Yucatan year
Endearing, as a smile
Inventor Nikola
Large store
British Inc.
Like Abner
Xbox enthusiast
Bond foe
Gentle soul
Buckeye State
Deep-fried franks
Corn Belt locale
Bothers persistently
The Bells author
2001, to Cato
Milk dispenser
Divisible by two
Cash dispenser
PBS funder
CSI specimen
Star Trek director J.J
The Hobbit hero
According to
Ankara cash
As quickly as possible
Banquet nibble
Boasters assurance
Busiest airport in the southern US
Casual wear
Certain drive-thru convenience
City near D?¼sseldorf
Collected abundantly
Corn holder
Criticize, so to speak
Drive-thru operator
Early Beatles record label
Evolve, as events
Feast-famine connector
First and foremost
Flower in herbal shampoo
Formal denial
Get dinner delivered
Gets back to work
Gets it
Go wrong
GPS display
GPS reading
Group cry for help
Half of a game pair
Hyundai rival
Important physics equation
Industrious ones
Letter closers, briefly
Major leaguer with a W cap
Monomaniacal mariner of fiction
No longer in effect
Old West symbol
On the level
On the line
One with billing issues, perhaps
Opera house exclamation
Part of a Bullwinkle costume
Part of TNT
Pendulum path
Place to hike
Playful knuckle rub
Ready for planting, perhaps
Ride with the air
Ring physicians decision
Scratch up
Shakesperean slitherer
Smart TV brand
Smelter stuff
Sonoran sun
Span supporters
Sprite sister brand
State school, for short
Stats, for short
Too __ to __
Unspecified individual
Very dark
Very generous gratuities
Video streaming delay
Where some MDs work
Whole Foods buyer
Witty bit
Zappos stats
Not insignificant
LeBrons hometown
Pet food brand
Discontinued iPod model
Saltine brand
Action word
Words after an estimate
Divisions politiques
Those, to Pablo
*Award-winning defense unit?
Scullers blade
Capri suffix
Trattoria menu suffix
Chaucer offering
Stagecoach, for one
Birdcage feature
*Manchester hospital hookup?
Saturn SUV
One of the Nereids
*Either of a historic PGA pair?
Neatniks opposite
Pioneering ISP
Warm-weather wear
*Enforcer of greenhouse gas restrictions?
Three-time Wimbledon champ
One of the three bears
Mai __
Arctic coast explorer
Make smart remarks … and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues
Mosque figure
Big name in craft stores
Response to being slain, in texts?
Khartoums river
Would __?
Notable deed
Saratoga action
PC panic button
British nobleman
Mess (up)
Korean sedan to be discontinued in the U.S. after 2017
Whistling vessel
Nation surrounding 10-Down: Abbr.
Director Preminger
Hidden Figures org.
__ Maria
Enclaved African land
Tofu nutrient
Custom on some cruises
Multiple-choice choice
Louis XIV, par exemple
Wrap around
I, Robot writer
Champion swimmer/actor Buster
Director Van Sant
Where ewes can hang out
__ even keel
Biennial games org.
Flightless birds
Making a touchdown
Metro area SSE of Casper
Major hassles
Updates the plant
Rush hour report topic
Vein contents
Plains tribe
Source of hard and soft lumber
A bit cracked
Forum attire
Lackawannas lake
Ran into
__ welding
Hidden Figures org
I, Robot writer
Stagecoach, for one
Would __?
__ Maria
*Award-winning defense unit?
*Either of a historic PGA pair?
*Enforcer of greenhouse gas restrictions?
*Manchester hospital hookup?
A bit cracked
Action word
Arctic coast explorer
Biennial games org
Big name in craft stores
Birdcage feature
British nobleman
Capri suffix
Champion swimmer/actor Buster
Chaucer offering
Custom on some cruises
Director Preminger
Director Van Sant
Discontinued iPod model
Divisions politiques
Enclaved African land
Flightless birds
Forum attire
Khartoums river
Lackawannas lake
LeBrons hometown
Louis XIV, par exemple
Mai __
Major hassles
Make smart remarks … and a phonetic hint to the answers to starred clues
Making a touchdown
Mess (up)
Metro area SSE of Casper
Mosque figure
Multiple-choice choice
Nation surrounding 10-Down: Abbr
Neatniks opposite
Not insignificant
Notable deed
One of the Nereids
One of the three bears
PC panic button
Pet food brand
Pioneering ISP
Plains tribe
Ran into
Response to being slain, in texts?
Rush hour report topic
Saltine brand
Saratoga action
Saturn SUV
Scullers blade
Source of hard and soft lumber
Those, to Pablo
Three-time Wimbledon champ
Tofu nutrient
Trattoria menu suffix
Updates the plant
Vein contents
Warm-weather wear
Where ewes can hang out
Whistling vessel
Words after an estimate
Wrap around
__ even keel
__ welding
Arabian coach is responsible for getting the best out of 27 across
Cuckoo is rare in the foreign mountain range
Darling returns from Utah and is charged with brief from Darwin
Deputies die off and it causes distress
Drink in the morning – its the best you have, for starters
Farewell to colourful type on the radio in Australia
Foot soldier sorted out? Thats one for the books!
For those looking for a cure perhaps, Cork bar is not finished for opening in central structure
Guard two parts of the hospital
Hopeful of organising pub tea
Identify the nature of San Diego criminal
Is this the rank that managed the police department?
Lecture reserves for sorting out where everyone is supposed to be
Look up to one of those in the play, for example
Most of the small corrections to papers old writing in passage
Opens 18 across by dealing with shrewd bargaining
Outlets welcoming writing by nags
Piece on The Clash leads to bitter exchange in the west
Reaped the rewards from fundraiser for writer
Scripted play – its what Cassandra does
Something for a foursome to do in duplex? Seeing other people!
Sporting fanzine admits top Liverpudlian joining United is likely to make a lot of people sick
Take it all in and pay off Egyptians
Take nothing away from what Count will give you
They havent got much time for States example
Those breaking into the business could be getting away with daylight robbery
Unsuitable to open for U2 and One Direction over work with Yes
Write something about A-Team leader and arrange it for a musical
Between, among
Carers of the sick
Chair of a monarch
Comparatively bigger
Discharge cargo
Distant, out-of-the-way
Enclosure of wire or metal bars
Facial expression, usually of pleasure
Female equine animal
Fix, mend
Grade, step or award
Greatly surprised
Groups of fruit trees
Have the same view
Having a common cultural tradition
Having contrasting patches of colour
In spite of the fact that
Leave a post voluntarily
Living being
Members of the military
Neckline and reptile
Of movements of the sea
Pass into or through
Paula Meehan or Paul Muldoon
Provide amusement
Put money into a bank account
Reach a destination
Risky or exciting experience
Small arthropods
Strong desire for food
Strong liqueur with wormwood and anise
Top line of a hill, mountain, or wave
Uprising, rebellion
Without artificial help
A simple logo designed for urban complex
Awfully swollen cuts certainly a symptom of jaundice
Bound to tour Italian capital, English seaside town and northern European city
Boy or girl with a word of support
Case of equerry covering up certain bet on horse — fraudulent practice
Country — almost entire nation tucking into fancy gateau
Creatures with one foot but no head, tough things
Doodah, fine and tacky
Establishment by the way cant fear moves to host game
European army officer holds permit
Fair — though one-sided?
Fold in garment cut for suit
Guzzler eating seconds gets support
Hearts captured by artist with a flower
Learner in pass, papers outstanding
Light visibly green? Ponder heading off
Nation lush and hot, one in twelve assumes
Old oath, say: a “damn” originally?
Opera in Carmen or Manon
Permission to house parent, one of no fixed abode?
Reporting to Cardinal Newman, umpteen leaders upset
Sounding natural, laugh heartily
Spinner a long way off, old, old, flat surface beginning to turn
Spirit knocked back slightly, figure appearing wretched
Still against the policy, all ends up
Stuffed — like a koala perhaps?
Ultimately, mourners arent travelling to the wake?
Wearing underwear, one means to access study
As horse move quickly round one’s box
Become confused, following women’s swaying walk
Book chap’s meadow to leave car
Demolishing wings, smash large masonry
Draw in cup game
European found at the end of the earth?
For exercise, rides to a distant rock
Get a tan in old age
Get crazier puzzle
I make large statue to worship
Long hold-up after the start
Made a fuss after coat wrinkled
Material giving firm centre when poured
Old group of people around back of small shrine
One taking over hat
Parrots and one rook escaping from HGVs
Pay no attention to region on travels
Plan to put pound in kitty
Press crumpled rug with energy
Romantic hero keen to hide American
Some mistyping by the vicar?
Think about a child
Worker at first refuses drink
African carnivore
Caribbean island state
Customary practice
Fairly; attractive
Flightless bird
Foolish person
In moral decline
Inexperienced learner
Islamic monarchy
Law-making body
Leg joint
Loud confused noise
Meet specified standards
More fortunate or hopeful
Outside limit
Prohibited practice
Roman calendar day
Roman Empire invader
Soccer player
Supplies; shops
Table tennis
Work excessively hard
Young; insignificant
it happens in a slow race
very small bits
talked like John Wayne
bebop pioneer Dizzy
umbrella-shaped fungus
Grand Central location
schooner of the Old West
Rid someone (of a mistaken idea)
Burn slightly
Enemy (anag) – country of Arabia
Business of designing buildings
With an unpleasant smell
Something to go back to when stuck
Not strict
Traffic light
River in Hades
Expressed agreement
Time period(s)
Member of the military caste in feudal Japan
Fist (slang)
Pontificates – toss-up (anag)
Stylised Japanese poem of 17 syllables
Tea (rhyming slang)
Unhappy and unable to be comforted
Wraps tightly in strips of cloth
Pieces of impure quartz used as gemstones
Nark – nettle
Disgustingly foul substance
Government backer, round lunchtime, seen in streets
A hint about possessing skill for some 17
People making 17
Male member of Apostles
Power to provide what follows 9
17 to 12 trumpets from devotees accepting cost
Slur like individual admitting onset of inebriation
17, something a child might 12
Score century, after current problem recedes
Sweet stuff wifes taken from mature people making 17
Piano used with party game
Ally in war zones weapon there
Impressed with vessel by English port
12 words with kings 17
9, perhaps, fancy sort? Yes!
Deal with Bill, needing bandage
Labour to protect right country, one in 12 7
Tea picked up and fine wine
Roman commanders extremely snide, a two-faced fellow
Adjust some 17 for the audience
Hackers tool, escalating bleak conflict
17 to accompany a German exchange
17 man stops breaking off to do nothing
Message from character turning up clutching arm
After treatment, your nurses record medical specialism
Related to nice North Korean?
Outspoken solver intends to tour deserted hilly region
Both sides gathering round English linesman
Just beat monarchs 17 maker
Small amount of hair gel
Go on the lam
Mountains apex
Smog-control group: Abbr.
Animals similar to mice
Give three out of four stars, for example
Trap Queen rapper who released a self-titled #1 album in 2015: 2 wds.
Generals fighting force
Yacht, for example
Bring Me to Life rock band who released a self-titled #1 album in 2011
7 Jet-black gem
Oregon ____
Cards that can prove youre of legal drinking age: Abbr.
Vehicle hailed in a city
Sound effect similar to Kapow!
Rudely sarcastic
Joseph had one of many colors
Sign of the Times pop singer who released a self-titled #1 album in 2017: 2 wds.
Split ____ soup
Power measure for a light bulb
Miley Cyruss younger sister whos also a singer
Aint It Fun alternative band who released a self-titled #1 album in 2013
Multiplatinum 2016 Rihanna album
Broadway show
Ceramic coffee cup
Green-blue color
Starchy Thanksgiving side dish
A square ___ in a round hole
Mos ___
Rise of the Planet of the ___
Get clean in the tub
Skillet: 2 wds.
Judges field
Airport schedule approximation: Abbr.
TV sports awards
Livin on a ___
Serving of corn
Wells Fargo device: Abbr.
Black or white part of a piano
DVR brand with WishLists
Perform in Hamlet, for example
Home to the Yankees and Knicks: Abbr.
Apprehend, as a criminal
American spy organization: Abbr.
Dutch ___ disease
Ending for ghoul or girl
Crime scene evidence, sometimes: Abbr.
First name of Beyonce and Jay-Zs son, born in June
Young fellow
TV self-help guru: 2 wds.
Needles opening
Each and every time
Sports squad
Overly maudlin
Crush with the foot, like grape
Falses opposite
Singer ____ King Cole
Half of two
_____ loss for words
French phrase in some recipes: 2 wds.
Los Angeles NFLer
Quiche ingredient

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