Crosswords Answers Zone 2018-1-26

Blue or bearded bird
The Yankee Years memoirist
___ said …
Act without originality
Actress Tia of Waynes World
Atom with an electronic imbalance
Audit, as a class
Building block makeup
Bulgarias Simeon I and Simeon II
Common suffix for 7-Downs
Cozy curl-up spots
Devices that introduced the click wheel
Diner order that gets filled?
First U.S. team to win the N.H.L. Stanley Cup
From that point on
G in jazz
Get back together
Golfers collection
Has hold of
Home of the first known pizza parlor
How buzzkills end things
Jr.s son
Kamehameha Day observers
Life instinct, in psychology
Little buddy
Many workers in Japans Lake Hamana
Mexican sandwich
Niche form of architecture?
Not just in ones head, say
Noted mansion man, for short
Numismatists collection
One spreading seed
One-named singer with the 2007 #1 hit Dont Matter
One-named singer with the 2013 #1 hit Royals
Ones who know the way?
Refer (to)
Reverses course
Sharp-looking footwear?
Skimpy swimwear
Sloppy planting job?
Sobriquet for filmdoms Daniel LaRusso, with The
Some polygamous figures
Some undergrad degs
Something that people wish you would take when you leave
Source of embarrassment for some public officials
Sticking points
Stud poker variation, informally
Students with 300 and 400 classes: Abbr
They have hops
Underdog victory
Ursine sci-fi creature
Verbal outpouring, in slang
Write a think piece, say
___ al Ghul (Batman foe)
___ Mosby, main role on How I Met Your Mother
___ sample
Make a party chip faux pas
Center of fullers earth
Units of current
Expel from ones property
Line made by a Singer?
Root vegetable
Bed Bath %26 Beyond offerings
Some trees
Some other trees
Coal receptacles
Hail! of old Rome
Catch a quick look at
Ribbed fabric
Little home wrecker?
Little pollinator
Wedders phrase
Roth plan, for one
Unit of corn
Low bills
Babe Ruth, memorably
Like any guy
Monsters pronoun
Reached, as a goal
Common conjunction
Serve with much verve
What de singer sings?
Countess Mountbatten
Electric power measure
Mandelas party
Drink to excess
Indigenous Japanese people
If Car A is going 50 mph, and … e.g.
Muscats land
Cambodias currency
At right angles to a ship
Moviedoms Wilder
Canine treat
Cuddly bear
Warm leftovers
Develop over time
Light switch type
Tops with frosting
Gp. promoting summer reading
Get out of jail free
Beyond smelly
Dash lengths
___ to Scarborough
Inject into a vein
One controlling the agenda
Distress signal
San Joses country
Bassoon kin
Dublin republic
Outer limits?
Uncooperative votes
Perform wordlessly
Word from Scrooge
Two from Connecticut?
___ von Bismarck
Very good-looking
Any great-grandmother
Beehive State athlete
It stays up all night at camp
Actress West
With a clean slate
Mottle with spots
White-___ deer
52-Down X 3
Like a filthy bathtub
Goddess of peace (var.)
Startled from sleep
Small combo
French clergyman
One not into sharing
Globe or sphere
Bit in a stable
Baristas offering, slangily
Cut into paper-thin slices
Snooty sort
Beg pardon . . .
Discover by chance
Handed-down 48-Down
Like a kickboxers feet, typically
Home-care giver
Sporter of smart, stylish clothes
Collector of dues from drs.
Creeping greenery
Some wedding party figures
The c in etc.
One of a yawls pair
Reason for a bodybuilder to 5-Across, perhaps
Seeks handouts
Enchanted girl in a 2004 movie
Comics caveman Alley
___ mater
Salon supplies
Distributor of current events articles
Lasses schoolmates
Historic London theater, with the
More pretentious, in a way
Selma director DuVernay
Brewpub offering
Opposition party group, in the U.K.
Submit to the IRS
Is decked out in
Rolling in dough
Draftable, once
In need of extinguishing
Al who wrote Earth in the Balance
Friends character with a pet monkey
1-Down and hook, for most boxers
Cameo stone
Start of a one-two punch
Able to play many positions
Word from the flock
Industrial-strength cleaning device
Wide around the middle
DOJ employee
Word on a sample check
Cover, as barnacles on a hull
Symbol in a URL
Sign of engine trouble, maybe
Gavel-pounding judges word
Tavern round
Suffix in record books
Suffered from muscle strain
Dry and crumbly, like some cornbread
Presidential terms, to historians
Requests for cat food
Nile reptiles
Dug out dandelions, perhaps
Shakespeare, with the
Mountain statistic
Googles message service
Wings coating
Spiral-tusked sea creature
Buffalo, yaks et al.
___ Bator, Mongolia
MGMs mascot
With respect to
Thick-skinned herbivore, familiarly
Grimm offerings
Inventors seeds
Scrub, as a mission
Informal eatery
Skeptics retort
It follows that . . .
React to tear gas
Witchs whammy
Second letter
Puts away
Make a speech
In the buff
Trail follower
Fancy curtain
Studio time
Fourth-yr. students
Spirited horse
Derisive cry
Flower feature
Women, in hard-boiled tales
Tax agcy.
Chickadees kin
Keg need
Wise teacher
Free of suds
Bengal beast
Heredity unit
Workers reward
Wipes out
Patriot Allen
Give — (care)
Goes on
Rugged range
Water whirls
Secret meeting
Retina part
Clothes line
Least covered
Lutes cousin
Jeopardy! fodder
Flower part
Does clerical work
Church feature
Japanese bean paste
Fake locks
Rosary component
Volcanic flow
— Dhabi
Gymnast Korbut
Eastern bigwig
Triangular pastry
Russian denial
Flashing disco light
Young fellow
Dawn goddess
Relatives by marriage
Cellist Casals
Anderson Coopers channel
Actor Stephen
Tide variety
Ornate vase
Don Giovanni composer
Very long time
Family girls
Niger neighbor
Help a hood
Clintons veep
Feathery wrap
Sitar music
— gin fizz
Nile biter
Makes lace
Border on
Engine noise
Yogis little pal
Santas helpers
Census stat
Tennis legend Ivan
Author Tan
Seasonal songs
Raggedy doll
Easy targets
Jack Horners prize
Sleek, in car lingo
Mercedes- —
Atlantic fish
Ballpark snacks
Music for nine
Lanka lead-in
Evening party
Curly-tailed dog
January, to Juan
Castros land
Love god
Ginger cookie
Lawyers gp.
Race segment
Book-spine abbr.
Exodus author
Please take __
Power Lunch airer
The Greatest Generation author
Vino region
Argentine estates
Attack verbally, with out
Become fixed
Bench-press muscle
Big name in designer bags
Brits 14-pound measure
Bulk of speeches
City near Scottsdale
Clerk encountered by Copperfield
Commandos of 80s TV
Concession conclusion
Cooper title character
Costners adversary in The Untouchables
Desert plant
Detergent ingredient
Disinclination to move
Disorderly collection
Disorderly collection
End of quote
Flow obstruction
Hailers holler
Halogen ending
Happy holler
Hay parcel
Icy sheets
Latin being
Like some justice
Literary diarists first name
Looked narrowly
Mall hall display
Mel Gibsons breakthrough role
Middle of quote
Occur afterward
Ocean liner accommodations
Ocean liner levels: Abbr
Old-fashioned five iron
Only veep born in DC
Papal ambassador
Precursor of Swedish
Rapper and actor
Rent sharer
Rise dramatically
Salt Lake City collegian
Santa __, CA
Slight sound
Smartphone software
Source of the quote
Start of a quote
Start to soften
Strong suit
Sweater style
Symbol of Maine
Tell it like it isnt
They pass through S&Ls
This, for Tom?¡s
Top sudoku digit
Tour de France segment
Undue rush
UV-blocking stat
Vessel to the abdomen
Wall Street trader
Wandering for adventure
Where 11 Down was a patent clerk
Big sister?
Way more than a whimper
Circus equipment
Online marketplace
First U.S. national park
Syncopated piece
Calvin Klein or Perry Ellis
Spilled the beans
Love personified
Letter writing, some say
Oenophiles concern
Bear with a purple bow tie
Yada yada yada letters
Co-star of the 1955 comedy How to Be Very, Very Popular
Revolutionary murdered in a tub
Grooms garb
Generous slices
Subject of a 19th-century famine
Menu general
Tar pits site
Pretty please?
Ches given name
State-spanning rds.
Cross by wading
The good dishes
The Mikado band?
Aquanauts workplace … or a hint to whats graphically represented four times in this puzzle
Thailand, once
Fictional vigilantes mark
Ballpark figs.
Christian of Mr. Robot
Substitute players
Frodo inherited his ring
Queen of mystery
Small-runway aircraft acronym
Spokane-to-Walla Walla dir.
Software to debug
Scrub, at NASA
Drano compound
Biblical reformer
Library transaction
Around the World … hero
Affirmed in court
Happy hour perch
Lighter brand
Bible book read during Purim
Franks cousin
Gambling parlors, for short
Expressionist painter Nolde
Plantation near Twelve Oaks
Nursery purchase
Rural road feature
One demanding payment, say
Comparable to a beet
Pressed sandwiches
Confucian ideal
Cornells city
Conclude by
Parts of some flutes
First of a series
__ of Hearts, accused tarts thief
Cavalry sword
With the, TV character who first jumped the shark–literally
Village Voice award
Spreadsheet box
KLM rival
Around the World … hero
Pretty please?
The Mikado band?
Yada yada yada letters
Affirmed in court
Aquanauts workplace … or a hint to whats graphically represented four times in this puzzle
Ballpark figs
Bear with a purple bow tie
Bible book read during Purim
Biblical reformer
Big sister?
Calvin Klein or Perry Ellis
Cavalry sword
Ches given name
Christian of Mr. Robot
Circus equipment
Co-star of the 1955 comedy How to Be Very, Very Popular
Comparable to a beet
Conclude by
Confucian ideal
Cornells city
Cross by wading
Drano compound
Expressionist painter Nolde
Fictional vigilantes mark
First of a series
First U.S. national park
Franks cousin
Frodo inherited his ring
Gambling parlors, for short
Generous slices
Grooms garb
Happy hour perch
KLM rival
Letter writing, some say
Library transaction
Lighter brand
Love personified
Menu general
Nursery purchase
Oenophiles concern
One demanding payment, say
Online marketplace
Parts of some flutes
Plantation near Twelve Oaks
Pressed sandwiches
Queen of mystery
Revolutionary murdered in a tub
Rural road feature
Scrub, at NASA
Small-runway aircraft acronym
Software to debug
Spilled the beans
Spokane-to-Walla Walla dir
Spreadsheet box
State-spanning rds
Subject of a 19th-century famine
Substitute players
Syncopated piece
Tar pits site
Thailand, once
The good dishes
Village Voice award
Way more than a whimper
With the, TV character who first jumped the shark–literally
__ of Hearts, accused tarts thief
A new start for Golan Heights ultimately born in Africa
A scene out of The Road
Bed and breakfast in front of half of 24 across
Clip will appeal to 19 down
Considers dismissing Enid Bridge
Cook created pie to scoff at?
Dont lie endlessly bringing up all the letters composed by the linesman
Family gathering of one lot of the Gores perhaps?
Fast gallop running at rear of stable is bound to raise standards
Finish off light fluffy dessert alternative to Greek dinner
Going through a rough patch as not going steady?
Humpty Dumpty goes to school with local clever people
Ignores hub built by the British
Is fond of the cast looking to get to grips with Moby Dick perhaps
Lacks faith, as head barman is not around? Pole is in charge!
Meat from North Pole butchers sold in deli
No wind in New Delhi or down the bottom of Italy perhaps
Old Frank heard its in Paris
One of the leggy birds in Siberia lost ear
Presumably, theyre prepared to checkout band
Put out by piece of spurious technology
Rocky period in the past for individual trapped in bandstand
Some mementos located in capital
Swimming lesson around backwater on the weekend with scuba gear
Theres no inhaler in Rhode Island – whats the chances of that?
Turns up, Bill from Trim is a beastly type from down under
Victor takes couple of orders to party circle for The Cult
Window shopper perhaps returns instrument from hospital
Angry disagreements
City road
Coarse jute fabric
Come into view
Did what one was told
Fragrances, scents
Fully grown animals
Give a speech to
Golden land imagined by Spanish explorers
Hardened against
Highly-prized possession
Historic periods
Interfere in someone elses business
Its used to pluck an instrument
List of times and places for events
Lustrous beads
Mr Holmes
Or …., otherwise
Perfect example
Plant with aromatic purple flowers
Put a plan into effect
Put into service
Respiratory organ
Russian who studied the conditioned reflex using dogs
Seventh planet from the sun
Siren of the Rhine
Smelling or tasting of stale fat
Son of Zeus and case for decanters
Termite-eating animal of Africa
Thick oily substance
Very fine or easily broken
Work history
Ageless monarch good with soldiers in uniform
Article about Ireland transformed is rousing stuff
Bear — one sits regularly for surrealist
Care to pay for the writers entertainment and books
Catch on handlebar perhaps causing pain
Composition using organ in church — is it Bliss?
Do I lie with another having embraced sex appeal?
Far from keen, Frenchman volunteers to fill breach
Flock seen aloft with grouse finally breaking cover
Flower to put back in boozer thats refused husband
Hard to be expelled from immaculate social group
Lots regret voiced by Terah initially
Mark sending Mike into unconscious state
Mockery scars a wretched maiden
Mounted champion decapitated — its terrifying!
New look needing sash from Japans capital
One choir remains in disarray whatever happens
Relate what one remembers about car as cutting in
Shylocks money, mostly owed, put with kitty
Society shunned by musketeer in liberal European city
Somewhat wet politicians at centre in majority
Staff instruction to leave something on plate
Sword beginning to tarnish beneath rising sea in French painting
Three men in line, each wanting last dance
Tips to help all dodging fifty per cent in tax
Trace local banished from China for example
Trap quickly springs up — end of mouse!
Unravelling sign lover’s given out
Where washing may be seen at every point?
Wit from the south captivates one Nobel laureate
Bird kept by them, usually
Brown belt
Character cutting could be a cheat
Dearth, badly managed, causing enmity
Drink readily available after close of business
Drive farm animal
Greek character on time, he volunteers
Herb forming part of healthy meal
Keeper with cosmetics company founder
Most are blown for conductor, perhaps
Popular pet food
Project worker under notice becoming military aide
Pronounce for example
Putting together of new gable a mess
Relevant stuff
Sailor left aunt, worried inside by a spider
Shine in Ulster broadcast
Stall, bearing right in London thoroughfare
Together, as worker being dealt with
Tout upset priest about ticket, ultimately
Trace female family member holding one
Tremor caused by dessert wine?
Two golfing terms for pivot
Vixen showing cunning endlessly
Border, outer part
Cartoon story
Correct; entitlement
Dish instructions
Durable wood
Food store
Graceful bearing
Hand over; plaster
Intense headache
Jimmy —, US president
Joint connector
Knocking noise
Long-horned antelope
Mine; fruit stone
Paved outdoor area
Percussion instrument
Remain; steady
Roof of the mouth
Shake, tremble
Soothing song
Ten-faced solid
Thin sword
Town dignitary
Writing instrument
dry outer layers
out of control
hydrated raisin
right angle pipe fitting
issue a traffic violation
savory Indian pastries
not handing over
Late 20th-century style of art and literature
Indian Ocean tropical storm
Inexperienced – olive coloured
Prance – pass over
Formal dress code
Amount – graduation award
Dry crackling sound
Coin-making facility
Curry dish cooked and served in a flat-bottomed pot
Fierce female feline
Scottish eleven playing in hoops
Caress – budgie, perhaps?
Baby tree
Daydream – Europa of Jupiter, say
Rowing boat
Having a legally established claim
Spiced mixture of raisins, candied peel, apples etc
Riders large carrier
Turning into – lovely
Submarine-launched ballistic missile
Drill – pest
Intentionally so written
Carp and turkey with cream
Collects fish food from wild roof gardens
Fish quiver with head cut off
A shocking thing: having an even keel, rescuer stepped in
Wanting some monkfish or turbot
Boatman is at once overturned
See 17
In the US, a sinker in leading edges of drag or net under trawler
Naughty fish plot to steal things
Boatman accepted into crew: no problem for a beginner
What you need to make out with this fish!
On foot, theyre bound to steal from depots for Spooner
Polish off fish food right away?
Is caught in wood? Thats fishy
Its not fair! , shouted fish out loud
Capital of Libya, leaving by motorway instead
Took back control of nothing : expression of disdain, bearing much tedium
Perhaps grave speech: get rid of euro, in part
Stickler for skill in middle of aiming trap for fish
Source of comfort for heel contained by fish
Encourage caviar maker: just take heart
Odd fish set to one side
Spear sunfish
Salmon got by special method on line at top of tide
Dispose of fish food
Defence of cod, skate, flounder
Brill, catfish gutted with gusto, finally chilled
Cold tunas prepared for one in Italy
Its a bit fishy, but anglers buy it
Principal material for sinker
Pyramid marketing opportunity, most likely
____ metal
Young horse
Stayin ____
People of Earth actress Gasteyer
Budgets rental car partner
Boo 2! A ____ Halloween
Gymnast of Nike commercial who won five medals at the 2016 Olympic Games: 2 wds.
Minor setback
… partridge ____ pear tree: 2 wds.
Sneaker with a jungle cat name
Chest-protecting bone
Without further ____ ..
Strip of lawn that can be rolled up
Tennis player of Nike commercials who has 39 Grand Slam titles: 2 wds.
Beverage made by Sierra Nevada
Code-cracking organization: Abbr.
Publication executives: Abbr.
Becomes less bright
Tax return addressee: Abbr.
Young boys
Golfer of Nike commercials who won the 2014 U.S. Womens Open: 2 wds.
Fable writer of ancient Greece
Great Lake bordering Ohio
Actress Dowd who won an Emmy for The Handmaids Tale
Largest capital city in Africa
Cosmetics company known for calling
___ Speedwagon
Adjusted, like guitar strings
Cozy rooms
Goof up
AstroTurf resembles it
____ the family
Trumps predecessor
MRI or CT, for example
Small, secluded bay
Defendants cover story
Where Moses received the Ten Commandments: 2 wds.
Necklace fastener
Illinois ___
Wasabi ____
Shrek, for one
Punch bowl utensil
___ for Africa
Family member whos honored in May
Website pop-ups
Travelers stopping place
Early, simple-to-learn computer language
Opposite of new
Inglourious Basterds actor Roth
Band with the 1983 debut album Murmur
Nuclear missiles explosive
Land surrounded by water
Treat made from graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate
Start a volleyball game
Fully informed
Inexpensive restaurant
Mister, in Spanish
Apple device that plays songs
Cowardly animal in The Wizard of Oz
Word that can follow contact or zoom
Segment of a play
___ de toilette
Subject of a sermon, frequently

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