Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-17

Golf scorecard number
Less than twice but more than never
Actor ___ Michael Murray who was on “One Tree Hill”
___-friendly (good for the environment)
Prepare water for pasta
Part of an angel costume
Red or black insects
Release as fumes
“Late Night” host who was a cast member on “SNL” for 13 seasons: 2 wds.
Spy group in Tom Clancy novels: Abbr.
Award for “Moonlight” or “Spotlight”
Neuter as a female pet
“I’d go so far ___ say . . .”: 2 wds.
Actor Butterfield of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”
“Fat Albert” star who has been a cast member on “SNL” for a record-breaking 15 seasons: 2 wds.
Alternative to a 401(k) plan: Abbr.
Sign of the future
Christian observance period that will begin on March 6 in 2019
Sound of a melon hitting the ground
Hairstylist’s goop
“The Ladies Man” star who was a cast member on “SNL” for 10 seasons: 2 wds.
Home of Texas’s Baylor University
Luxury automaker of the TT and A6
Feel unwell
Final ___ (what a teacher might give near the end of a semester)
Narrow opening in a skirt
Forensic testing material: Abbr.
Gamblers place them
___ foot in (enters)
Put in stitches
Chapel seats
Soreness you might treat with an ice pack
Painful dental procedure: 2 wds.
Harvard student Malia
___ of the above
San Jose or San Antonio for example
“Well what ___ could it be?”
Game where you want to avoid checkmate
Meat that Virginia is known for
Will Smith movie where he played an athlete
Word that can go before “matrix” or “com”
Casual greeting
Dining ___ furniture
Lawyers’ amounts of work
“I’ll be ___ of a gun!”: 2 wds.
Deliver a long angry speech
Some Winter Olympics equipment
Culprit to a police officer
Alternative to standing in line for a bank teller perhaps: Abbr.
“___ Works Hard for the Money” (Donna Summer disco classic)
Unit of weight that can be “gross” or “long”
“Blame someone besides me!”: 2 wds.
Said “guilty” in court perhaps
Minuscule particles
What trot and canter are for horses
Weapons of ___ destruction
Slip-on shoe that shares its name with an animal
Revise a short story
Burgundy or Bordeaux for example
Cabbage-based side dish
“Charlotte’s ___” (children’s book by E.B. White)
Tomahawk for one
healthful food elements
assigns responsibility
rough road surface material
vibrating irregularly
stepped in
see in ones mind
nation in Beatles song title
One or two tablets, say
Lead-in to punk or Cuban, in music
Adjust, as an alarm clock
“___, Brute?”
Sand wedge, for one
Justice Kagan
Classic activity for family night
Card groupings in canasta
Barbershop quartet voice
Tent, backpack, hiking shoes, etc.
Money execs
Carson’s predecessor on “The Tonight Show”
Bad thing to go flat
Serving in a bowl with milk
Resistance unit
Sicilian volcano
Colorful pond fish
Girl group that’s also the name of a cable channel
“___ Mia”
One of two parts of a shirt
“He was,” in Latin
___ and cheese
Periodical format not much seen nowadays
Like a pet dog from a pound
Radius, for one
Meyers of “Late Night”
Frisbee, e.g.
“On the Waterfront” director Elia
Comment of resignation applicable to 17-, 28- and 50-Across?
Acorn producers
Actor and bridge expert Sharif
Something to believe in
Perlman of “Cheers”
Luau tuber
What many college students accrue
Siouan people
Lee of Marvel Comics
Moon of Jupiter
Insurance giant bailed out in the Great Recession
Like potpourri
Home of the Circus Maximus
Without intermission, as a play
Period of sleep with dreaming
Pic from a stick
“Bewitched” witch, in 1960s TV
Mortarboard trim
Male duck
Deer hunter’s trophy
Rear, at sea
Competitor of the Essex or Hupmobile
Weave’s partner
Greek “P”
Expressive rock style
Westernmost state capital in the contiguous United States
Gotham City hotline
Seafood item often served with a lemon wedge
“Who ___?”
Did a 5K, say
Quickest tennis point
Dirt road feature
Talking horse of ’60s TV
“It’s ___”
Scuba necessities
Volkswagen sedan
Dream up
T-shirt material
Letter to the ___
Fanatical supporter
Political figure granted asylum by Anwar Sadat
Product of the Coors Brewing Company
A ways away
Leader whose death sparked the Year of the Four Emperors
Shrimper’s accessory
Baggage checker at the airport, for short
Farm building graduate joins the navy
Set a boss up with protective material
Man concealing many an explosive device
Get right in the vehicle with less change in Belgium
Drink body ruled ban out of order
Man accompanying son to class
Rock pieces based on note by Bolero composer
My word! Virtuous and courteous!
Rugby forwards taking a long time with parcels
Said to be the destiny of the bazaar
Wizard scorer out to meet the Queen
Remain by the southern river
Bad boy somehow gets fifty pounds for a toy
Unsubstantiated claims that the drink belongs to us
Clerk finding cheat in one quarter
A fast race I run here
Step on a tyre?
Very, very indifferent
Can make old ingredients into this
Try blues out in windy conditions
Brutal, but not evil, perhaps
Country producing oil, say
A mans large vehicle
Love to drink up at work
Public disorder
Building material
Parasitic insect
Went before
Speed up
Tennis official
Hangmans halter
To be expected
Hair dye
Of the universe
Word for word
In disorder
Without emotion
Made cold
They provide the spirit of progress
Chided a debater, perhaps
Many rows of birds
Fittingly test
Getting level?
Disturbance produced by a very loud fish
Probably promising
One of rank, perhaps
Colours paving stones
The way to defeat the East
A cross in Italy shows where a composer is buried
A gamblers faux pas?
Is in good time but nearly loses a point
Type of building well-known in architectural circles?
Volume of business transactions
Pawnbroker, relatively speaking
My word!
Yet it might be something in concrete
An unfair comparison
A firmly established sports meeting?
Swarms over nests if disturbed
Small ruler comes from Borneo
Split caused when a hundred deserted
Positional defence
Long poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge first published in 1798 volume Lyrical Ballads
Motor racing circuit that hosted the F1 San Marino GP between 1981-2006
Mark , rugby union fly-half; 1980 Australia Test debutant against New Zealand
Port in SW Morocco almost totally destroyed by an earthquake in 1960
Alloy of copper and zinc containing more than 50 per cent of the former
15th-century Hungarian light horseman
The , 2009 film drama starring Paul Anderson and Calum McNab
1976 Alex Haley novel subtitled The Saga of an American Family
See 6
1990 crime drama film starring Sean Penn, Ed Harris and Gary Oldman
2014 action film starring Dwayne Johnson in the title role
Jeremy , US actor who played the title role in 2013-16 ITV drama series Mr Selfridge
2011 novel by Bernard Cornwell
US state; capital Columbus
1973 adventure film starring Rod Taylor in the title role
Actor who played Lt Philip Gerard in 1960s US television series The Fugitive
Bobby , ice hockey player; James Norris Memorial Trophy winner from 1968-75
Leslie , actress who played Carol Landau in 1985 film comedy Shadey
Robert , French photographer whose works include 1950s Kiss by the Hotel de Ville
Angela , Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for Whats Love Got to Do With It
Island of the Moluccas, Indonesia, on which occurred a 1942 World War II battle between Allied and Japanese forces
Melvyn , author of novels Crystal Rooms and Now is the Time
Meteorological unit of measurement used to calculate cloud cover
Rack for washed dishes
Turn over and over
Strong and dazzling light
Gift voucher
Receive by succession
Promise, oath
Not subject to a levy
Sticky earth
Situated directly below
Brains or intellect
Use a towel on
Develop photos here
Bomb thrown by a soldier
Petty quarrels
Door handle
Type of leather, thats obvious
Marks out of mascara
Groped around for fastening
Complete space with flag
Old soldiers get sign
Ties up venue
Throw cats out
Originally called in one engineer
Knock a style of music
About politician making faction
Repeat in the choir
Yearn for a tree
Singer forced to hand in notice
Change during meditation
Challenge to read out
Stop and apprehend
Reporters insist
In France, you double the skirt
Stressed about ringlet
Notice blemish
Fix yours truly in money
Remove soap from broken siren
Time to order something
Marched around building
Cricketer useful in the kitchen
Quick to knock with identification
Rota devised by a vital supplier
Principle of reversibility?
Yield a plant ovule, say
Flames are terribly rife
Group of actors
Sharp blow
Type of timber
Give up work
Be brave enough
Take into custody
Ballet garment
Lock of hair
Building material
Wash out
Part of the foot
First batsman
Main artery
Set of beliefs
Part of D.J.
Canyon feedback
Golfer Sam ____
Its ____
Supply a banquet
Teacup plate
Menu item
Small speck
Broadway blinker
Met ditties
Morrison of song
Chapel tables
Caustic stuff
Engine tracks
Two-____ sloth
Grimm beast
Slapping noise
Roof part
Flat hill
Snaky curve
Society girl
Feminine pronoun
One who finishes
Grizzly ____
Bullets, to a GI
Cold-cut shop
Mark for Lou Grant
Hole in one
Tailor again
Noisy sleeper
Hair dye
Hard cheese
____ Gotta Be Me
Wine locale
Clumsy person
Most unusual
Rugrats kid
Pop flavors
Senior dance
Rowing need
Holiday night
Lawn moisture
Chesterfields, e.g.
Shamu, for one
Drive-in employee
Plant of the nightshade family
Style of poker
Buddhist who has attained Nirvana
British biscuit
Jungle swinger
___-off coupon
Part of H.R.H.
Whopper inventors
Toss of a coin
Bosc relative
Doctor Zhivago heroine
Himalayas locale
Relative of The pen is mightier than the sword
Census datum
Levy that led to a 1773 party
2000 election dangler
Rear-window alert about an infant
__ Sera, Sera
See ya later!
Altar neighbor
Ahi, for one
__ avis
Wooden storage container
Mental acuity
Former Russian ruler
Fraus mister
Nest for an eaglet
In a lather, with up
Dog show award
Small salamander
Show curiosity
Melodious piece
God in the Vatican
Dust jacket blurb
Arizona stadium renamed Chase Field as a result of a financial merger
Play opener
Nano or Shuffle
Lugosi of Dracula fame
Keep __ on: observe
Justice Kagan
Chocolate dogs
Pertaining to, on memos
Early competitor of Mr. Clean
Versailles royal
Movable sports car top
Intentional fall, in basketball
British washroom
100-yard golf hole, say
Capacitance unit
Future JDs exam
Old Sony brand
Tailless cat
Rosary feature
How landslide victories are won
Fidel or Raúl
Tree whose sap is used in a soft drink
Baron Cohens Kazakh journalist
Least furnished, as a room
Eye-bending paintings
24 sheets of paper
Free from bonds
Slacked (off)
Dance provocatively
What a dog will do with a bone
Kiss from Carlos
Epic __: disaster
Finnish electronics giant
Basic rhyme scheme
Speed competition
Part of IBM: Abbr.
Barqs rival
Block of hay
Gumbo vegetable
Radon-regulating org.
Short haircut, and a hint to 17-, 25-, 43- and 54-Across
Molar, e.g.
Harness strap
Greek vowel
Iron or lead
Milan native
Winter toys
Envys color
Cheddar, e.g.
Breakfast food
Bargain bonanza
Toy racer (2 wds.)
Window part
Continuing story
____ Grande
Wide street
Hiking path
Pencil ends
Novelist ____ Rice
Spirited vigor
Musical sound
Writing tablet
Soft drinks
Happy ____
Actor ____ Idle
Jail room
Less wild
Bullfight cheer
Asian language
Staircase part
Penn and Connery
Leonardo da ____
Mules father
____ door
Definite article
Glamorous ____ Hayworth
Genesis locale
Not as hard
She, in Madrid
If not
Land parcel
Put down
Love deity
Evaluate again
Dated ditty
Dull routine
Victory letter
Pulls apart
Tennessee ____ Ford
Fire remains
Singer Diana ____
____ Lisa
Actor ____ Griffith
Loch ____ monster
School gp.
Race footballer around surgery
Exercises with college guy likely to go wrong
Hes taken off fancy hat to make speech
Lincolns revered infantry polished belts
Take action to control Republican firm
Article in German follows singer fully
Overlook fake tan at the start
Top-class bishop to assist attack from above
A short way to secure hotel furniture supplier
Injured scout receives cold plaster
Enemy locate observation post first
Old man conserves energy, not working
Uniform was ruined during drunken action
Julia is online, admitting affair
Horse in Ulster unsettled jockey
Tense, ready to jump?
Dont risk climbing simple mountain carrying female
Put stocks on ground to strengthen Arsenal
Losing general at 14s precipitate
English greeting in sunhat for each part of Africa
Bless prisoner with a secret wound
Result of confinement in bed announced
Stand to finish quarrel, ignoring the odds
Quiet singers always like music, primarily church music
Oil magnates food uplifted battlefield
Spread fashionable beliefs about arms limits
Dry place to drive count
Reduce volume of studies into ice cream
Promise to orbit large and small planets
Number left in Times with worthy aims
Might be in debt after priest comes round
Two states inordinately proud of their worth
Zest (Informal)
Steam bath
Tied up
Attempt (Informal)
Think alike
Heat-resistant material
Hard wood
Bodily organ
Citrus fruit peel
Wallpaper adhesive
English county
Leg bone
Mosque VIP
Leer at
Evita narrator
1492 vessel
Micheles movie pal
Minty Christmas treat
Switch settings
Walks nervously
Golf target
Once — a time …
Cheese variety
Felons flight
Mode lead-in
Pulpit figure
No neatnik
Be overly sweet
Top grade
Mirren of The Queen
Ranch measure
Salt Lake athlete
Bakery purchase
JFK info
Modern money
Make a scarf
— Salvador
Baseballs Musial
Business mag
Soccers Hamm
Raggedy doll
Killer whale
Run after K
Ugly building
Narrow escape
Coop group
Not difficult
You bet!
Boxing legend
Tabloid writing
On — with
Fess up
Fraus mate
Needing liniment
Fannie —
Matty of baseball
Candle holders
Pub order
Dust particles
Wall St. wheeler-dealer
Jazz singer James
Lets go!
Literary collection
Kipling lad
Summer in Paris
Deep cut
Temple scroll
Inventor Howe
2016 Olympics host
Up to, briefly
Brewing item
Sleepy mammal
Previously owned
Very thin
Rams mates
Made money
Teachers org.
Ready to go
1040 filers asst.
Some adult education
Dome-shaped home
Neigh sayer
Flock members
Golf pegs
Flared dresses
Wave or wink
Derisive cry
Folded food
Hockeys Bobby
Have hopes
Was an obedient dog
Acts the tourist
Workers reward
Store patron
Fix a roof
Court sport
Anchors —
Snoopy, for one
Concert bonus
Garden tool
Egyptian Christians
Equine color
Make embarrassed
Primitive plant
South American capital
Scriptural language of Buddhism
Far from abundant
___ facto
Monastic building
Backing for actors?
Becomes solid
Ancient Qumran inhabitant
___ de Cologne
With the least delay
Fanciful visions
No ___, ands or buts!
Romantic gift
Income in Monopoly
Collar fastener
Clip-on eyeglasses
Foot division
Norse deity
Laser printer refill
Former Japanese capital
Africas longest river
1936 Olympics star
Area measure: Abbr.
Sleeve fillers
Betty of cartoons
Turner of film
Contest submissions
Stalactite sites
Geishas sash
Hippie homes
Fearsome fly
Military trench diggers
Lace part
___ my case
Scandinavian capital
Negative sort of person
Sustained, musically
Snug retreat
First Wives Club members
Struck, old-style
Small amphibians
Mythical weaver
Up to this time, once
Little piggy
Language in India
Signs of sorrow
Subatomic particle
Amateur mag
Mideast hot spot
Author Deighton
Former name of Iran
Ready money
Second Greek letter
Great painters of the past
Mourning song
Less burdensome
Go with
Delivering sermons
Academy awards
S American mountain range
Female horse
Married expert provides spice
Shouts in battle excited air crews
Bill takes the water in Vichy, creating a scene
Newspapers in cupboard
Recover from motoring event
Oil and nuts may be provided
Missing notes dispatched
Inferior with shoes extremely dirty
Take a chance with outsiders from Bristol in match
Bloomers went up a pole
Five past two
Help brought in by band that is attacking
Marshal sacred to old soldiers
Run and hide
Motherly resolution to alter man?
Taxi taken by a large political clique
A writer mostly associated with a group of stars
In the Pacific, a private island
Freezing shrews confession may be heard
Nothing after Mayday? Nothing to write home about
African or Irish singer in outskirts of Kingston
I mention sound or vision
Deprived of food adverts all over the shop
Admirable woman getting rid of last drug
Polecat, female, on raised ground in France
Odd job with an instrument
Unpleasant person — one going in all directions
Leading Russian trembles after going to extremes
Wife of Zeus
Do in
Actress Dickinson
Works of Horace
1,051, to Horace
Pond swimmer
Start of a quip
Former Blue Jays pitcher Dave
B________ Brith
List shortener
Part 2 of the quip
Fatty prefix
Most curt
Three-card hustle
Part 3 of the quip
Part 4 of the quip
Madrid monarch
Trinity member
Like some minds
Part 5 of the quip
Wait Until Dark villain Harry
Actor Stephen
________ gras
End of the quip
Some triglycerides
Musket tip?
Out of the wind
Pushers pursuer
Neighbor of Isr.
The Planets composer
Head or Wharton
Aqua ________, gold-dissolving substance
Visibly shaken
Progressive spokeswoman
Ralph of The Grand Budapest Hotel
Caduceus org.
Things to count
Construction support
Country rocker Steve
Make ________, prepare for a blood draw
Conans realm
Egyptian peacemaker
Bone head?
Colorado native
Visa abbr.
Waggle dancer
French monarch
The CW forerunner
Backup strategy
Unwrap, in verse
Duck Hunt console, briefly
Its the truth
Sea eagle
No. for Na or Ni
Pam or Rosey
Digital logic circuits
Homeric cry?
Elaborate tapestry
The Other author
An Oop
Sutherlands 24 role
Code of conduct
Lemme think…
Concerning birth
Merry refrain
Wastes gas
Facebook approvals
Ambient musics Brian
________ There, song from The Pajama Game
A Celts building in Dungannon owned by Hugh ONeill
A charmed sort is mesmerized by whats found in Art Deco bracelet
Be patient – might do this in the waiting room for a favourable outcome (4,31,4)
Best produced tofu salad to go with beef
Damage part of the cage holding the bones of cocaine found on American boat
Dean leaves broad beans to soak
Free Press – a type thatll get the ball rolling
Got a job at a club thats popular and on arrival did this for receptionist
Grub from the foreign holiday camper is key
Irish writer is losing the head on trend for leaders of a nasty business entertaining hoods in Prohibition
It must be said time and time again, this has already been highlighted
Its a long story getting caught with debts showing all the hallmarks of a wise guy
Lookers-on dismiss Oslo – the Norwegian capital
Make up most of the story about conversation pieces in the Gaeltacht and those seeing things
Most of the fees for joining a registered Womens Institute in Central America
Most of them go the distance with most of 20 down, succeeding when others thought they failed – Ha!
No lairds in Lake District will give access to concert
Scout Kit produced by Project
Shows ones amusement leading to the foreign expressions of disgust
Small measure of musty Merlot around the end of function? Thats some admission!
Sounds like a film to take advantage of perhaps
Stabilises off site or in the allotment
Swingers warning about old city commotion
Take a photo on holiday of what some cowboys came up with to settle an argument
They recognise a good yarn when they hear it ignoring the veracity of the facts
Times can change the meaning of words
Ulster bus lane potentially is not fit for purpose
Wine tasting initially set-up for those taking places at the Horse Show
Accord, treaty
Adventurous, bold
Asiatic wild asses
Bore who talks a great deal
Distant, out-of-the-way
Established or accepted model
Facing towards the front
French brandy
Garment worn by men in ancient Rome
Giant of folklore, eats humans
Go away, leave
Hole, opening
In error
Inaugurate, set in motion
Italian cured pork
Learning by repetition
Legal …, official money
Medieval Christian military expedition
One in time can save nine
Period of unusually hot weather
Rambled with no particular destination
Restricting scope or freedom
Small birds
Suffer from lack of food
The … …, anthem of the British Labour Party
The horses head in chess
The pharynx
Widely known and esteemed
Excess liquid
Wise men
Long narrow mark
Party official
Fruit for marmalade
Irritable, curt; stylish
Study of coins
At altitude
Do something
Jump a long way
White-topped waves
Solemn promises
Gradually developed
One versed in traditional customs
Units of weight
Irreverence, profanity
Lavish stage work
Substance in peppermint oil
Secular, not religious
Less difficult
Molten rock
Abominable snowmen
Inclined to be difficult?
Not drinking: one should be eighteen?
I’d chain out, going free in this?
Game personnel in industrial region
Lake by dark sort of rock, in turn a place of execution
Pop-up blockers maybe for family film features
Scent left by the first travellers
Maybe some hope crime can be contained by grand new legal society
Alongside ox, rodent looks different
Siren has volume and means to raise it
Legendary princess some feared losing has returned
Losing it in the playground, this instrument?
Sailors looking to both starboard and port deck
Will perhaps follow the rules of the game, keeping wicket
Fishing port in distant land – a change from Britain all round
Without turning yellow, body going all muscly
Puff for a second
Put out of home, like granny, over time
Being kind of naive at first, it’s going in a straight line
Sailor securing airmen a large, old-fashioned place in London
Special preserve of former Roman emperor, briefly married
Rowed and yelled, losing head
Personal maid, one Her Majesty initially ordered
At least twenty-one strike
Queen, perhaps, given rose, moved
Book I completed, performing research
Rulings used to carry more weight when order reversed
Elevated place in lounge mostly occupied by speakers, etc
Drama that was painful? Never!
Result of gunfire spoiled heroic act, not the first
Animal in stream heading west
Carry male emblem for the tribe
Half the side will have drink after critical game
Liberation from vice learned about
A female meeting strange male becomes very excited
This person plunging into distant river is country worker
Nasty inn with dog – I can’t drink!
The ultimate employer endures after swapping two characters around
Country home given help after setback
Father and son rage
Horse that may be old and funny
Have high opinion of some scholar at Eton
El Cid excitedly entertains fighting volunteers in fortress
Words of praise in remarks about place on island
Leafy herb? The last thing this person has!
Ancient haunt with nothing left on its roof
Refrains supporting Chicago team
Particular obligations – have no doubt about them
Manipulative folk with points of view about Russia’s leader
Staff of authority to assume in ancient kingdom
Formality of celebrity meeting first couple of children
When a director admits low-water mark
Character in political group falling short
Cut __! (Stop that!)
So, what __ is new?
Thats great news!
Wheel of Fortune turn
Add to the payroll
Adjust, as car wheels
Affectionate greeting
Ancient legends
Animals den
At first, second or third
At the perfect moment
Backyard barbecue spot
Beauty parlor
Bug-blocking window inserts
Camels South American cousin
Church choir song
Competitive personality
Constricting snake
Cooks in a barbecue
Cooler than cool
Cross home plate
Degs. in finance
Destroy, as documents
Experts, for short
Extra effort, informally
Feels sore
Flip-chart stands
Floor-washing implement
Got off the sofa
Had a hunch
Health club
Holder of basil and oregano
In an aimless fashion
Karenina of fiction
Laundry cycle
Make a sweater, say
Milky gemstone
Monks home
Navy noncom: Abbr
Oil cartel
Optimistic wish
Place for a wallet or handkerchief
Placed in a schedule
Prophetic signs
Put an __ (stop)
Reason to scratch
Sheeps sound
Shirt or blouse
Short satirical piece
Simple to do
Snow coaster
Spirited horse
Sports squad
Stadium levels
Sturdily constructed
Submarine weapon
Summer camp boat
Takes a peek
Thanksgiving seating for youngsters
The second planet
Thick slices
Three letters in mommy
Try to find
Try to win over
Turner who founded CNN
Variety of pear
Wasting no words
What blizzards are made of
Without assistance
__ and crafts
__ Bauer (clothing store chain)
Lucida Grande, for one
Land-based weapon (abbr.)
Disney dog
Three-tiered cookie
Fanciful story
100 paisa
PC maker
Ocean Spray prefix
Like confused sailors?
Magdalenes truce?
___ making a list …
Bee ___ (singers)
Prepared copy
Restroom option
16-Across kin
Poker kin
Flute type
J. Bliges marriage advice?
Innovators necessity
After-bath wear
U-turn from 27-Down
Always, in verse
Hereditary unit
Patty, to Bart Simpson
It makes connections
Coffee add-in not for Tyler Moore?
Jeans stuff
Hanauma Bay locale
Get smaller gradually
Chaotic sound
All-in-vein stuff
Tote board figures
Bought a poker hand
In case
Head of a bar?
Whale variety
… and ___ the twain …
Whigs rival
Was irritating
Is concerned
Listless feeling
Zoo relative
Barely perceived quantities
Bader Ginsburg and Pointer
Stained-glass window locale
Harmless shooter insert
100,000 BTUs
Mortise joiner
Frasier pooch
Type of tube
Parting twins?
Ski trail with tight snow
Half of a diet ad caption
Somewhat suspicious
Parlor, often
Satyrs companion
Staples Center, for one
Vast multitude
Like some flaps
Headlong assault
Licorice-y flavor
Lasting pains
Bright gas
Words with step
Maneuverable, as a yacht
MPs target
Brings to a close
Obey the Sabbath
Strands in the body
Dude! to a Jamaican
Thats just gross!
You ___ not pass!
2014 Winter Olympics host
Actors Robert and Alan
Amphetamine, informally
Andean beast of burden
Avenue liners
Backyard pool adjunct
Belonging to you and me
Bistro star
Blacken when cooking
Boot part
Braying beast
Build dangerously, as anger
Cambridge sch
Capitol staffers
Chest of drawers
Chocolate-coated toffee treats
Connecting flight, of a sort
Declaration at the poker table
Didnt play
Druid, e.g
Entry-level pos
Exec outfits, and the contents of the circled spaces
Fake gems
Feared fly
Forbearance from the judge
Friction reducer: Abbr
Game settings
Greyhound posting
Gym rats six-pack
Hacienda house
Hedgehog in Sega games
High hit
IRS customer
Job benefits
Long times, in London
Make a bust, say
Makes level
Matter makeup
Michael of Monty Python
Nucleus component
Office plant
Openly disobey
Pageant winners crown
Person happy to take orders
Phillips of I, Claudius
Place for the pampered
Pres. Davis led it
Pupils place
Radar screen dot
Red Ryder ammo
Rough guess
School paper
Seriously solemn
Sewing machine innovator Howe
Spot for an AirPod
Squat amphibians
Stenographers need
Summer hrs
Take a breather
Treatments at a 53-Down
Trumpet great Herb
TVs Steve and Gracie
Unpopular in the extreme
Volcanic powder
Wise guys
Words with tear or roll
___ Spumante
Advance ticket
Anitas mad about Frenchmans vigour
Balkan republic
Charged for contract
Complete rubbish
Crash before guillotine came down?
Cricketing trophy
Demon drink?
Directly opposed
EU caveat revised to be clear
Extended dream
Fairground ride
Fool to bury explosive remains
Herb might be a Gooner
In a hurry
In Blackpool a French-Scandinavian
Indian rice dish
Journos and their boss under the cosh?
Landlord in silence turned key
Make empty
Mike in market produces pong
Mountain route
Mythical tale with sad ending
Norwegian king
One in strange state after disaster?
Pauli reinvented rice
Pig was taken by husband? Nonsense!
Potato stem found by Underground user?
Put through trials
River in New York
Second taxi for strikebreaker
See pal drunk when out for the night
Silver net confused James Bond?
Starchy vegetable
Staying power
Supernatural being
Tried exam give two poor marks
Twins in tennis tournament
VIP seen at the fairground
Wild hounds bay
Wild marjoram
Womble country?
Born Free 2-Down
Enough ___!
Finding Dory studio
The Big Board, initially
The Seasons composer, affectionately
1979-81 hostage site
Addition column
Baffin and Hudson
Baristas artistic creation
BBQ rod
BBQ slab unit
Big cat
Black Friday event
Brad of Moneyball
Brickell or Sedgwick
Carrier with blue and white jets
Chemistry lab vessel
City on the Rio Grande
Clad like many superheroes
Comics bark
Cosmetic thats sometimes flavored
Course conclusion, often
CPR pro
Credit card action
Cried out loudly
Descartes therefore
Device for an Apple Pencil
Drop an easy one
Factor in club selection
First part of an act
For all to see
Forbidden fruit site
Geological stretch
Gibson of Lethal Weapon
Grounds for a civil suit
He caught Don Larsens perfecto
Hold spellbound
In ___ land (spacey)
Introduce to the mix
Jared of Lonely Hearts
Katey of Sons of Anarchy
Kept from swelling, perhaps
Kitchen rack item
Leader of Motowns Miracles
Like freelance work, often
Lockup unit
Maker of squishy balls
Manage to avoid
Mani-___ (salon job)
Manx cats lack
Maris who surpassed Ruth
Neanderthals abode
Norton, to Kramden
Often-buggy software version
Oolong or gunpowder
Phases out
Queer duck
Reflexology place
Rough Riders leader, informally
Running by itself
Saw wood, so to speak
Scandal suffix
Send to blazes
Sgt. or cpl
Shopaholics binge
Squandered, as a lead
Stallones one-man army
Standard Windows font
Started the kitty
Strikeout king Nolan
Submitted, as a 40-Down
Suffix denoting wealth
The whole shebang
Usual tic-tac-toe result
Weights, slangily
What a surfer may catch
Young friend of Pooh
___ out (at the limit)
Appeals for readjustment after pa, upset, has left
No big shout by a player?
Looked around for things to pop smartly into the shed
Fishy female?
Feel that southeast is around north?
They can be tied at speed
More or less antique silver or gold
He has many a little cough
One islet or eight, we hear
N. American name for tin
A rough diamond? Not Di!
Gave a knowing look before being led out
English river or a part of Ireland
Sorry to have said Im out
Tilted violently
He has his own way of working in crime
Take the wrong seat on the left
Apply for the job of president
Smooth things over when dismissed at the club
How I am yours
She hasnt much money
Shouting like this is not exactly lordly
Declare to be a sure thing
Chucks bashful
Starts showing love for writers
Winner at the wedding?
The days I had ways
At midnight, muddled heads get injured
Work at the bakery
Is aware of swimmers getting a flying start
Discharged for nothing more than a drunken doze
A blowout for a seaman, as a rule?
Beaten by ones friend, a dunderhead!
Mark with two dots
Roguery, evidently, is more than evil
Noted flower from a faraway island
Discerning, unusual taste when out of uniform
Quarter of the country
Meat can be a drug!
Go yachting with Lisa
Youngster brought up as an equal
Tea container
Word for word
Hardly any
Plot dishonestly
Hold up
Newspaper boss
Stick, shaft
Apart from
Greek letter
Our planet
Brings up
Boys name
Backless seat
State of being secret
Light beer
Unwelcome plants
One who puts money away
Latent, inoperative
Sharp bend
Concluding part
Delicious drink
Light wood
Avoid deliberately
Hearing organ
Camera part
Milk product
Roof end
Of the sun
Hard wood
Pigeon cry
Senior official of the House of Lords
Have trust (in)
On the level
Not dextrous
Spread out untidily
Hands-on medics
Liqueur containing raw eggs
Historic Scottish county, bordering on the Firth of Forth
Genetic make-up
Bombard animal skin
State of temporary inaction
Liquid preparation for the skin
Selectively choose the best from whats available
Of poor quality
Periodical publication
Handbill extra protection for a tent
Declare positively
Affliction may be bland
Arrogant, if true
Jailer to break up our act? Not us!
Most glad with you finally getting some kind of sleep in this medical condition
Beethovens third, fifth, sixth and ninth: my copy is ear-shattering
Fractured ankle is bad, in pieces
Note: get up and learn
See 14
Dawn French in romantic sitcom that starts not too demanding
Spilling fine ale a reason for such a biting rebuke
Praise for current company getting a new deal
This picks up light wine, if essentially deficient
Undue interference shown ultimately by grandmother is my problem
Heavy breather ignored, extremely cross
Primitive draw?
Like some units taking a risk
Delinquent hangout in which one toilet is turned upside down
Under shelf is another essay on a time when theres little to report
Seizes unfinished extortion note
Philistine drinks too much of this element
Table container would make easy money, if switched to rail
Fans of a heartless romance, drink up
Once more committed a boring and endless reformation
Hiding poor result by blowing
Google site reporting enhanced cleavage?
Fag end found by less energetic tradesman
See 17
See 1
Resist getting a deer
Prolific expert joins channel I have
Stick to association
Estimate on rebuilding accommodation
Character to follow country path
Bossy girl gets around one with a nut
School initially gets digital protection, but its slow
Muse during dinner at one
Used spice on friend for a particular purpose
Driving complaint, transporting cress in sack
Got rid of time ” obsolete around one clock face
Greeting mostly suitable music system
Lie about assignment initiating missile
Change during meditation
Support less sensitive old issue
Revellers start in a US accent, ordering lobster, say
Criticise cook
Contrasting appointment with Paris upheaval
Tin led new staff to light stand
I return to a tiny amount
Were off to get a jug
Emitting particles, medium and energetic
Lag rear after autumn
Dollys forced to lean on shipping journal
Criminal moved crane in fog
One transaction is perfect
Make pile out of the apples
Laugh to behold ring
u.s. Vice President From 1977 To 1981
arrange And Store Documents In Boxes
long Epic Journey Such As Written About By Homer
michelangelos Tuscan Birthplace; A Type Of Salad
make Bigger
__ And Lemons, Say The Bells Of St Clements
person On A Long Journey, Traveler
where An Apiarists Creatures Live
poisonous Element That Causes Minamata Disease
abdominal Organs
caribbean Nation Of 700 Islands Off Florida Coast
smooth Round Stones Found On Beaches
roberto __, Italian Actor In Life Is Beautiful
an Overhanging Mass Of Snow Tackled By Climbers
beethovens Opera About A Wife Freeing Her Husband
scam Artist, Swindler
country Where Frederick The Great Ruled
fungi With White And Cremini Varieties
someone Forcibly Removed From A Country
oreo-based Dessert With Gummy Worms Peaking Out
prolonged Period Of Hotter Than Average Weather
teaching A Sport
regional Capital Of Tuscany
blood Feud
skunk Pig From The Americas
private Assembly
someone With No Title Who Marries Into Royalty
kept Out Of The Air
the Lion, The Witch And The __; Book By C.s. Lewis
relating To Blood Vessels
severe Windy Snowstorm
red Gemstone With A Stellate Appearance
tall Hat Worn By The Grenadier Guards
denigrated, Blamed, Disparaged
branch Of Medicine Concerned With Brain Injuries
the Roman Name For Portugal
canadian City That Hosted The 2010 Winter Olympics
last Ruler Of The Inca Empire, Executed By Pizarro
knick-knacks, Figurines, Baubles And Decorations
without Milk, Butter, Etc
a Group That Promotes A Common Interest
protection From Medieval Arrows
tropical Cyclone Storm
drugs Used To Reduce Tension
alternative To “wiz” On A Philly Cheesesteak
country That Shares Longest Border With Chile
evening Prayers In Some Religions
legal Rights On Inventions
one Who Looks After A Master
hit With An Open Hand
thickly-applied Paint
sony Music Device For Playing Cassettes
stop From Happening
waterfall Or Cataract
japanese Dish Of Raw Pieces Of Fish
four Squared
makeup __, To Take Off Facial Cosmetics
a Liquefied Petroleum Gas Used As A Barbecue Fuel
largest City In Texas, Both In Area And Population
apprehended By Law Enforcement Officers
one Who Brings Home The Bacon
1934 Song That Enjoyed Astronomical Success
2017 Film: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, __
fast Athlete
more Than One Patella
gin And Vermouth Drinks
chaos, Unrest
the Capital Of Chile
falsely Called As An “unlucky” Feline
small, Old, Cool Star, Cant Be Seen With The Eyes
rid The Body Of Poisons Or Impurities
radioactive Element Po Discovered By Marie Curie
reading Carefully, Thoroughly
scandinavian City Built In 1550 By A Swedish King
nocturnal Snake-like Fish That Hides In Crevices
wholly, Completely
famous Airline Of Australia
rosss On-off Love Interest In Tv Sitcom Friends
ancient Tradition Of Nine Days Of Repeated Prayers
put Money Into A Business
overused Phrase
sincere, Honest, Open
purpose, Aim
“god Bless America” Composer: Irving __
the Capital Of Albania
long-term Glacial Period
thomas Carlyle Called It The “dismal Science”
shine It On A Performer
celebration, Revelry
social Network Game, With Planting And Harvesting
famous Feuding Families Of Yore: __ And Mccoys
swear Word, Offensive Language
musical Instrument Also Called The Mouth Organ
informal Name For Muscle Dysmorphia
kate Hudson And Anne Hathaway Fight About Weddings
an Advantage Given At The Beginning Of A Race
not Afraid To Give Ones Opinion
basic, Fundamental
golf Trophy Won At The Open Championship
soft Fabric Footwear That Covers The Foot Only
puppet Created By Carlo Collodi
opposes Head On
zebras Are Covered In Black And White Ones
monster Theme Cereal From General Mills: Count __
permeate, Spread Everywhere
place Where A Boat Is Anchored
taken Away
residential Roads
tall Construction Made Of Rotating Blades
fleetwood Mac Album With Go Your Own Way
queen Of The Fairies, Her King Is Oberon
stopping; Putting An End To Something
places Where Apples Are Grown
san Francisco Locomotion
lover Of King Arthurs Wife Guinevere: Sir __
the Scientific Study Of Cells
tufts Of Hair That Swirl In Different Directions
ran Across A Sports Pitch Without Ones Clothes
new York Theatreland, The “great White Way”
letter Carrier
roman Charioteer Goddess Atop The Brandenburg Gate
enemy Of Optimus Prime
property Owner With Tenants
traitor Or Defector; Flipping Outer Garment Maybe
fried Or Toasted Bread Cubes In A Caesar Salad
contagious Skin Infection, Forms Mouth/nose Sores
elicited A Reaction From Someone
fluent, Persuasive Speaking
naval Ship, Usually Under The Water
tightest, Most Revealing Clothes
gives Atm Access To Checking Account
stubborn, Strong-willed
temporary Substitute
hogwartss House Identified By A Snake
not Invited, A Presence That Is Not Wanted
early, Preliminary Round Of A Sporting Competition
company That Uses A Doughboy As Its Mascot
blank Expression To Avoid Giving Information Away
war Among The Greek Gods
writers Of Song Words
mocks, Ridicules
youngster Helps Pick Up Baseball Hitting Stick
deep Violet Blue Color
chaise Longue That Can Be Used For Sleeping
19th C. Polish Composer Known For 21 Nocturnes
mark Twain Novel: The Prince And The __
grievance Against Another
element With The Chemical Symbol I
indian Bay, Shares Its Name With A Big Cat
star Of I, Tonya, Australian Actress Margot __
these Rings Are A Promise Of Virginity, Fidelity
“come Hell Or __”, Through Difficult Circumstances
government With A Small Group Holding Power
lengthens A Piece Of Elastic Material
deftness, Nimbleness
walkway Beneath A Road
fabric For Covering Ones Hair
distinctive Musical Theater Gesture
fat Tuesday Celebration
secrets Are Stolen In Dreams In This Film
he Wrote Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
bad Breath
in Golf, Initial Movement When The Club Moves Away
drambuie, Scotch Whiskey, And Lemon Cocktail
north African Capital, Name Means “three Cities”
nicaraguan Counter-revolutionaries Of The 1980s
skill, Aptitude, Competence
french Verse Form Of Six Stanzas Of Six Lines Each
university Of Southern California Athletic Teams
shock Suddenly
non-indexed Computer Networks And Thus Hidden
cleansing Liquid Removes Grit From Visual Organs
borderline Was This Singers First Top-10 Hit
long Loose Dresses, Worn By Men And Women
its Not Normal
fine Coating Of Ice Found On Rocks
lady And Gent To Share The Cost Of A Meal
someone Who Supports A Set Of Ideas
once Called Catherine Archipelago, The __ Islands
commemorative Object Or Event
arthur Read Is This Type Of Animal
humorous Rhyming Poem With Five Lines
battling On Horseback With Lances
a Cross Used In Maths To Denote Addition
roman Leader Who Won The Battle Of Actium
uncontrolled Descent
last Name Of First U.s. President To Die In Office
color Scheme Of A Painting
a Corrupted Representation
deep Pit Worker
heating Something Up Again
skunk Bear; Marvel Superhero
beating, Overcoming
meeting Space For Higher-ups
catch Unaware; Hit Unexpectedly
add-on; Accomplice
founding Father And Second Us President
american-born Wife Of Jordans King Hussein
medical Tests On Red And White Cells
formless, Shapeless, Nebulous
natives Of Tirana Or Durres, For Example
martin Shorts Character In The Santa Clause 3
jack __ Was All Work And No Play In The Shining
ancient Italians
canadas Second Largest Province In Area
beating Someone In A Video Game
white Dwarf Star That Emits Radiation
cloth Sample
not Just A Game, This Is A Gathering Of Monkeys
cheerful, Optimistic – In A Musical Way
hardly, Scarcely
tropical Fruit And Rum Rhyming Curaçao Cocktail
painting Technique Done On Wet Plaster On Walls
the Ex-convict In “les Misérables”: Jean __
discussed, Politely Argued
chinese Philosopher, Follower Of Confucianism
garden Of Artfully Placed Stones And Alpine Plants
singer Who Had A Record Album Called Bday
guess Without Evidence, Assume Or Suppose
african Country Bordering The Strait Of Gibraltar
dionysus, To The Romans
destination For Those Traveling By Plane
breaks In And Steals From A Property
first James In The White House
manufacturing Plant
country Where Actor Keanu Reeves Was Born
prevent From
acrobatic, Fast-paced Brazilian Martial Art
recorded The Features Of A Piece Of Land
rod-shaped Bacterium
alicia Silverstone Stars As Cher In This 90s Movie
u.s. City Nicknamed The City Of Roses
childs Companion
swept-over Mens Hairstyle For Covering Baldness
billy Joels First Hit Single
president Of Peoples Republic Of China, 2003-2013
rubbery Substance Used In Some Implants
standbys In Times Of Military Need
about To Happen, Pending
coffee-flavored Liqueur Created With Jamaican Rum
one Of The Twin Cities
the Statue Of Liberty Sculptor
where The Seat Of A Bishop Is Found
mute Character In Traditional Pantomime
add Commas, Periods, Question Marks, Etc.
pieces Of Music Sung By A Man To His Lover
second Life Of A Caterpillar
drop A Level, Model Or Class
being Representative Of
to Scold
respond With Excessive Emotion
metalloid Discovered By Chemist Clemens Winkler
protective Clothing Worn By A Surfer
abraham Lincolns Gettysburg __
metallic Element Bi, Used As A Lead Substitute
george Bush Tribute To Veterans: Portraits Of __
first Norman King Of England: __ The Conqueror
south African Dried Meat Strips
codenames, Assumed Names
capital Of The Western Roman Empire
young Aspiring Actress
lead An Orchestra
gomez And Morticias Son In The Addams Family
formal Pieces Of Headwear, Tall And Black
french City Known For Its Production Of Porcelain
give False Alarm
antiquated Term For A Female Behaving Like A Male
street Robber
tattered Around The Edges
preserving Meat With Smoke Or Salt
every Seven Days
object Or Idea That Becomes An Obsession
ice Hockey Players Wear Them On Their Feet
__ Weasley, Father Of Ron, Ginny Plus Five More
he Abdicated The Throne In 1936: __ Viii
the Act Of Paying Someone For The Use Of Something
stage Name Of The Late Dj Tim Bergling
oliver Twist Is One
they Use Halos
the Spire On A Castle
cleanse, Sanitize
encircles, Encompasses
spanish Percussion Instruments Used By Dancers
scatter These On Cupcakes Or Ice Cream
number Of Pieces On A Chess Board
rich Business Magnates With Political Influence
handheld Elastic Catapult
quill-covered Herbivore
one Of The Large Pumping Chambers Of The Heart
__ Challenge, Worldwide Als Cause
prison Escape
poem By William Blake: Auguries Of __
nepalese City Once Known As Manju-patan
job Of The Character Marian In The Music Man
person On Trial Accused Of Committing A Crime
tv Sitcom About A Company Workplace
__ Gains; Spoils From Illegal Activities
fan-shaped Molluscs
shutting A Door Loudly
convenience Store On A Small Scale
finishing Blow
american Word For What Britons Call A Pram
revamp, Modernize
cultured, Not Considered Vulgar
julie Newmar Played This Villainess
thinking Deeply And Unhappily
largest City In Brazil
warning Signs
put Out A Book
principal Wife Of Pharaoh Akhenaten
country Where Mel Gibson Began His Acting Career
mammal That Lays Eggs
dancing Film With Natalie Portman And Mila Kunis
making A High-pitched Cry, Like A Mouse
“__ Itch”, Infidelity Urge And Marilyn Monroe Film
tv Political Drama Starring Tea Leoni: “madam __”
becomes Acquainted With
a Solid Figure With More Than 6 Faces
lapse, Omission
country Bordering Costa Rica To The North
fried Desserts With A Hole In The Center
b-52s Amorous Dwelling
pain In The Mouth
city Where Gerald R. Ford Airport Is: Grand __
reveal To Public Gaze
compliment, Congratulate, Laud
jostle, Manhandle
filmmaker James Camerons Largest Grossing Film
italian City Nicknamed Bride Of The Sea
french High-kicking Stage Dance
modus Operandi
appoint Someone To An Official Religious Role
object At Rest Stays At Rest, Newtons Law Of __
the River That Runs Through Baghdad
restrictive Undergarment
flipper Was This Type Of Sea Mammal
insanity, Like King George
northwest __, Sea Route Connects Arctic To Pacific
saffir-__, Scale That Measures Hurricane Strength
last U.s. President Assassinated While In Office
puccinis Poet, Lover Of Mimi In La Bohème
ascertain Spoken Word Without Sound
nobility And Composure
cold Dish Of Raw Seafood And Citrus
israeli Lake, Biblical Sea That Christ Walked On
vase Occupants
buttons, Zippers, Snaps, Etc
state Juice Of Massachusetts
not Having A Will Before Dying
malala __, Youngest Recipient Of A Nobel Prize
cleaning Vigorously
wavering, Hesitant
a Shift That Starts At Midnight
class Below Bantamweight In Boxing
a Cornucopia Symbolizes This
henry The __, Portuguese Prince And Patron
one Of Its Nicknames Is The Lion City
mix Up A Pack Of Playing Cards Again
month When Swaziland Celebrates Its Independence
adjectives And Adverbs In Grammar
can Be Detached
a Design With Repeated Lines And Shapes
musical Instrument Listed First Alphabetically
it Cures What Ails You
pink Bird With A Long Neck And Legs
the Oldest City In Georgia
talking Or Behaving Suggestively, Coyly
something Does Not __; Forecast Of Disaster
hole In A Tire
supermarket Counter Selling Summery Cold Foods
one Who Is Held Against His/her Will
to Remove Hair From Mans Body For Cosmetic Effect
wwii Novel Set In Greece: Captain Corellis __
rod Stewart No.1 Hit Of 1983 About A Past Love
paulo Coelhos Tale Of A Shepherd Boy, The __
lively, Full Of Spirit
small-scale Representation
device To Help Music Students Play In Rhythm
fluent In Two Languages
symbol Of The 1982 Knoxville Worlds Fair
drug That Makes A Person Feel Sleepy
__ Up; Fried Eggs With Visible Yolks
in __; Something Done Sincerely Or Honestly
taking The Core Out Of Something
hitchcock Movie About Spying And Romance In Ww2
tool For Making Holes Without Electricity
this Young Girl Grows Up In Beverly Clearys Series
early Writing Utensils
repetitive Movement When Waiting For News
underhand, Shifty
audition, Trial
fanciful Behavior Or Humor
plane Operators
condensed Water Floating In The Sky
mel __, Actor Of Mad Max And Lethal Weapon Fame
city Whose Highest Point Is Lykavittos Hill
“almas” From Iran, The Worlds Most Expensive __
standard Layout On English-language Keyboards
“when Doves Cry” Singer
what Fencers Say When They Touch Blades
odious, Nasty
dish-shaped Receptacle For Smokers
optical Sphere On The Face
detailed Navigation Entries, A Nautical Diary
1984 Vice Presidential Candidate: Geraldine __
figurines Placed In Ancient Egyptian Tombs
glue And Material Fixing A Cover To A Books Pages
trinidads Sung Genre Mixes Comment And Patois
sewers Protection
chase And Apprehend
polydactyl Ones Have More Than Twenty Toes
small, Portable Grill
desperately Thirsty; Describes The Look Of Deserts
take Money From The Bank
baz __, Film Director Of Strictly Ballroom
grapples With
removes Minerals From The Ground
what You Are Until Proven Guilty
holiness, Spirituality
joseph Conrad Novel: “heart Of __”
floating Unsecured
generic Name For The Opioid Antagonist Narcan
40 In The Italian Language
the Worlds Lowest Country
sea-floor Dwellers, Both Eyes On One Side Of Head
describes The Varying Lengths Of Skirts
a Young Waterbird With Webbed Feet
time In Prison
episode Consisting Of Scenes From Previous Chapters
prophetic, With Foresight
show About Samantha And Darrin Stephens
harsh-tempered Or Overbearing Woman
something Liked Over Something Else
groups Of Atoms Bonded Together
country Singer Known For This Kiss
the __, Tolkiens The Lord Of The Rings Part Ii
a Glimmer Of Happiness To Cling On To
first Disabled Person To Climb Mt. Everest: Tom __
sacred Writing Or Text
block-building Game
choosing Not To Participate
__ Del Toro, The Shape Of Water Director
hide Blemishes With This Makeup Product
wooded Area
illuminated By Solar Rays
us President After Whom A Dam Is Named
fancy Name For Book Pages
crunchy And Light
four Equal Sides
term For Three Consecutive Strikes In Bowling
demand Forcefully To Have Something
continuous Deep, Resonant Sound, Like Thunder
genre Of Christian Music
metal Made By Combining 2 Or More Metal Elements
become Smaller Or Less Important, Diminish
african Country With The Largest Yoruba Population
high-ranking Naval Officer
pretended, Falsified
alleges Someone Is Responsible For A Crime
comic Strip Character Married To Dagwood
the Opposite Of Silent Movies
at A Brisk Tempo
twist And Turn
austrian Rolled Pastry With Filling, Usually Apple
isole __; Italian Archipelago In The Adriatic Sea
field For A Horse Or Pony
one In A Series Of A Television Show
language That Has The Expression “hakuna Matata”
the Largest Planet In The Solar System
travel In A Stolen Car
small House
seasonal Wind In Asia That Causes Heavy Rains
archaic Term Meaning Shortly Afterwards
indian Leader Gandhis First Name
__ Island, Tale Of Buried Booty Marked With An X
chess World Champ Defeated By A Computer: Garry __
of The Eight Original V8 Vegetables, The Main One
the Bullet Point After Thirdly
sport Played By Gerald Ford At Univ. Of Michigan
margin Between Forehead And Locks

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