Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-18

Actor Odenkirk of Better Call Saul
Person who never cleans house
Assist a criminal mastermind
Paddle hung on a boathouse wall
30 Rock creator Fey
Pineapple brand that was founded in Hawaii
With 19-Across 2017 Imagine Dragons hit whose video features a water-filled room
Mammal that digs tunnels
Dish often consisting of raw fish with rice
See 15-Across: 2 wds.
Apple ___ (technology company): Abbr.
Reach a stopping point
Actor Jackie who’s been in over 100 movies
Wintour who edits Vogue
Word that can go before centric or maniac
2016 collaboration between Imagine Dragons Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa on the Suicide Squad soundtrack: 3 wds.
Food Network host Garten
Site offering local business reviews
Disney character who unleashes an eternal winter in Arendelle
The Tell-Tale Heart author
Reconstruction ___ (1863-1877 in US history)
2017 Imagine Dragons hit named for a weather phenomenon
Earning an A on
Fish that lack fins
2017 Imagine Dragons hit used in Nintendo Switch commercials
Self-defense spray often kept in a purse
Author unknown: Abbr.
What r might mean in a text
Novel’s story line
Evergreen trees with red berries
Right away!
Decorative knots in ribbons
Most populous island of Hawaii
Underwire undergarments
Large heavy beer mug
iZombie heroine ___ Moore
The ___ Love (R.E.M. song): 2 wds.
Homer and Marge’s eldest child
Male creator of commercials
Agreement between an author and a publisher: 2 wds.
Dakota Fanning’s sister
Golf holes’ starting points
Great minds ___ alike
Affordable ___ Act (health program enacted in 2010)
Former forensics show with many spin-offs
Person who was ruled by Attila
Popular Mexican location for spring break
Group with Giants and Titans: Abbr.
Opposite of yep
US Army members for short
I’m a man ___ mission!: 2 wds.
Brown ___ Girl (Van Morrison song)
Goal of the antiwar movement
First stage
Pours or drizzles
Nonpermanent office worker
Get better as a wound
Website where last-second bidders are called snipers
Actress Russo
Comic actor Reitman who directed Ghostbusters
___ Wolfe (detective created by Rex Stout)
Got bigger
Starsky & Hutch
downward trend
took out the wrinkles
breads active ingredients
what singers sing
Mars competitor
American dance move that, for whatever reason, is illegal in Saudi Arabia
Fictional Charlie
Palmist’s reading
Small burger
Lady Gaga or Judy Garland
___ Park, Calif.
Big chin-wag
20 under 30
Try to swat
Flair, informally
Traits that clash
Looney Tunes surname
Nickname of the singer of 2007’s “Umbrella”
Donna ___, soprano in “Don Giovanni”
Middle of time?
Interstate billboard info
Not casual
8: Abbr.
The Owls of Conference USA
President who lived in 47-Down
Woman’s name that sounds like two letters
Datum for a car aficionado
Kufrin of the 2018 season of “The Bachelorette”
Book after Exod.
Like some thinking
Excessive enlargement
Like Pacific Islanders
Film position
Caribbean religion with roots in Africa
Big tech news website
Trainer’s command
“Gilmore Girls” girl
So hot right now
Symbols in superscript, for short
Position of command
Home to Bessie, a lake monster in American folklore
Said something in response almost immediately
Singing superstar born in Tottenham
Noble domain
Gridiron org. with the Grey Cup
Savory Scottish pudding
Turn up
Let, maybe
Things blown on for luck
Spanish for “some”
Bit of initial progress
So-called “black national anthem,” informally … or what 4-, 6-, 22- and 34-Down do, in part?
Volcano’s spew
Some May celebrants, informally
Sign of balance?
Like the path of the sun in the sky
Halloween “blood,” e.g.
Writer Jong
Designated driver’s order
German composer Humperdinck
Non’s opposite
More flinty
Patisserie offering
See 43-Across
Person with seniority
Insurance estimate
Purplish berry
Fair sight
Newsman Chuck
And more than that
Tutee of Luke in “The Last Jedi”
Tailless animal as an emblem
A silent move thats striking
Counsellor with modern eye-protector?
Have a little shut-eye
Rail dispute concerned with money
A lancing, perhaps, for member of the Church of England
Gangsters cover?
Wine made from Edam?
Sure cant upset one of the old people in Italy
Singing like a fish?
New route could be improper
Instrument for graduates in the near future
Indeed the police made their minds up
Bury or Milan football team
Help, for example, man on hit list
Britains sole port?
Point out seat
The psychiatrists contract?
Lead bell broken up and identified
Showed senior journalist hiding a man
Peter sank iron destroyer and was captured
Enough beer to give you a pig of a hangover?
The rice cooked by person of unorthodox views
Dressed in red bag, perhaps
Concerning a boxing contest
Like to knock it back with wine
Narrow ravine
Reading desk
Long poem
Boadiceas tribe
Not synthetic
Spanish nobleman
50th marriage anniversary
Take notice of
Look briefly
Students residence
Close together
Not so many
Private coach has to remain outside, according to the law
Not a good man, we hear, in the church
The best astronomy student?
They may be male birds or hens perhaps
Employing a rousing finale
Unhappy time for a bull
A great sea power
Thus America produced a great composer
They may be fast, but only without running
It comes from a bird and sounds inexpensive
Sharply inclined to be exorbitant
She may have to raise the issue
River rose perhaps – to fill it?
One has a lot of fun with it!
A fresh run on the daily presses
In the team as an extra occupation
Musical pieces start openly but not exactly sure later
Adds up the drinks
Weeds are found in the back street
Hes out of form
Close in an attack
Cheap cuts?
Help the dealer?
Mince meat Peter finds neither hot nor cold
Man of many parts
Accentuate, in a manner of speaking
Young swimmer in wild revel
You might say it when offering a gift, or present
Pronouncedly mean manner
Comedy actor who played the title role in ITV sitcom Mr Digby Darling
Chief port and capital of American Samoa
John , 1989 World Indoor Championships 200m gold medallist
David , 2002 Wimbledon singles tennis championship runner-up
Federal republic in NE Africa; capital Addis Ababa
Ian , singer-songwriter portrayed by Andy Serkis in 2010 biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
Port in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; capital of the Belgian Congo until 1926
Town in northern Israel; childhood home of Jesus
The , 1994 adventure film starring Macaulay Culkin and Christopher Lloyd
Rugby league team; 1971 Challenge Cup Final winners
1948 novel by Ross Lockridge, Jr
See 1
2009 novel by Michael Crichton
Tracey , conceptual artist whose works include 1998s My Bed
Young of a sheep
Mountain in central Crete associated with the worship of Zeus in ancient times
See 1
See 24 Across
John , actor who played Roper in 1973 action film Enter the Dragon
1954 film comedy starring Paul Douglas and Alex Mackenzie
See 4
John , 2003 World Championships 200m gold medallist
R S , England Test cricketer who hit 104 against West Indies in Bridgetown in 2009
John , director of films The Breakfast Club and Weird Science
Jan , prime minister of South Africa from 1939-48
River in Scotland that flows through the Grampian Mountains to the Moray Firth
Jean , Morocco-born actor who played the title role in 1994 crime film Leon
Book of maps or charts
Armoured glove
Intentionally offensive
Magicians stick
Academic test
International football competition
Moral or legal requirement
Senior member
Private feud
Farmyard birds
Deers feature
Very keen
Ring of light
Work dough with the hands
Amount permitted
Remained in the same place
Skid on a wet road
Persons sense of self-esteem
Progress as a species
Royal son
Have the same opinion
Ballerinas skirt
Short letter
Incompetent drunk hid me fast
Article with yours truly as subject
Petal-shaped dish
Snitched about fool
Greek character has time for mine
Map of esplanade
Hate being tested, possibly
Twenty points
Horrid to rent out
Shout for right paddle
Bird in the nest
Father left as a friend
Go round street with cocktail
Chosen the Spanish tie design
He advises about sticky things
Moving near a venue
Charge on time and distance
School gets superior food
Delight European with strange tale
Rest insist on latest news
European wrens tree got twisted
Cleric loses one of his buildings
A tiller turned out to be exact
Nod back at academic
Recent change to middle
Somehow hit road, or part of it
Fruit thats round, as it happens
Fairy of superiority
Crockery item
Louses egg
Large hole
Make deep grooves in
Domestic fowl
Womans garment
Units of length
Make happy
Late news
Large church
Small fruit
Supernatural being
Go wrong
Boxing arena
Made cookies
Speaks softly
Small amounts
Quaker pronoun
Series segment
Golden touch king
Reserved funds
Of the moon
Salami seller
Yacht harbor
Arched gallery
Lengthy periods
Society miss
Beyond help
Golf accessories
Blended whiskey
Flowering plant
Farm measure
Meat cut
Bar staple
Formula math
Perfumed bag
Atelier output
Pupil surrounder
Hearty dish
Alpine slider
Fez features
Morse elements
Neighbor of Ger.
The ____ (rock group)
Peggy ____
Luau treat
Easter stamp
Peach stone
Porch swing
Costly fur
Jazz style
Thick hair
Kong, e.g.
Close, as an envelope
Blouse, e.g.
Boxing prize
Tool building
Mr. Potato Head piece
Marble material
Costa del ___
Cartman on South Park
John follower
European farewell
Default takeback
Formal agreement
Two-time Argentine president
Famous __
Keys for Elton
They may be added to soup
Tennis Open __
25 album maker
Federal URL ending
Lennons lady
Recognition event
Prop for Frosty
Crown installers org.
Short strings?
Camp activities
Inventors monogram
Head for Vegas?
Carpenters joint
Like Justice League members
Stub __
Stroke that doesnt count
Vegas device used literally in three puzzle answers
Prime hotel time
Comforting words
Support at sea
Destructive Greek god
Watch pair?
Sly attention-getter
Rub out
Rider on a shark
Audio system connector
Cuban thing
Color named for a sea animal
Detective role for Beatty
Cleaning area
Say yes
Reason-based faith
Lyricist Gershwin
Many ages
Mattel game since 1992
Furnishings and such
Root beer alternative
Proprietors for word lovers
Diarist Frank
Elves output
Ram fans?
Camping stuff
Root beer since 1937
Epidemic-fighting agcy.
You wont see one at Westminster
Requiem Mass hymn word
Theyre assumed
Bottom lines
Feudal estate
John Wick portrayer
Natural clay pigment
More of that
Secret rendezvous
Title for Helen Mirren
Baseball stat
Mountain pass
Take an oath
Right now!
Manufacture cloth
Brave one
Directional symbol
Prayer ending
Elviss home state
New Yorks ____ Park
Road material
Artists tripod
Hawaiian necklace
From then on
Moscows country
Printers measures
Old wound
Model ____ Moss
Typewriter key
Movie genre
Indias locale
Beatle beatkeeper
Capri or Wight
Budget item
Artistic category
Mediocre grades
Without charge
Double curves
The Way We ____
Shakespeares river
Married again
Not year-round
Athens country
Our star
Bible verb
Choir voice
Drying cloth
Court proceeding
Poker stakes
Psychic letters
One who mimics
Highland miss
Squeaks by
Putting ____
Machu Picchu native
Not there
Shopping reminders
Top card
Blackboard cleaner
Actress ____ Witherspoon
Southern beauty
Does nothing
Flat-bottomed boat
Three squared
Makes a knot
Folklore monster
Pound sound
Sexy acts a sight in need of reviewing
Quick and easy?
His erections shocked some in grand German car
Drink a comrades sent flying
Outstanding horse race
Nut one Italian jerk on head for leering
Tense statement by grave earl is nonsense
Some pop Tim is trilling: Mr Brightside, perhaps
Picture of impetuous strike on goal?
Proverb: all disbelievers are generally evangelic at the front
Profits concerning performers
Disgusting social life of ex-Bullingdon members set?
Mussolinis young men reassign or initiate guards
Kill a setter of Indy crosswords, but not Hoskins
Fantastic being 25 and heading for Ibiza
Tops must be put on everyone? Good luck with that!
Story about X-Factor unknown shows wisdom
Great love a lout and I buggered up
Before first samples of Tempranillo, samples port
Wine, dope and heroin? Theres coarse material in there!
Perfect offer on an Apple product?
A fight is concerning
Thick Barnet politician that Her Maj avoids
Spitter upset me twice outside of empty inn
Needle-worker I toast with tot in drunken state
Old partner in deadlock on the board?
Soldiers and agent on MDMA at do again
Forgive academic scoring well on a golf course!
Where Joan of Arc ended up in danger
Perilous to be sat on by fellow in the mood for it
Strained time immediately following leaders ousting
Always drink heartily if wife leaves for model-type
Was victorious
Come into being
Retributory action
Rabbits cage
In name only
Hair product
Cord in a candle
Home for parentless children
Deeply stimulating
Armed conflict
Early evening drink (Informal)
Selfish driver (Informal)
Modelling material
Definite article
Candy-heart word
Life — cabaret …
— Lang Syne
Jump band
Pirates drink
Proof letters
A little night music?
Stirred up
Mentalist Geller
Try out
Fragrant tree
Stuff like that
Chest muscle
Smartphone accessory
Brit. record label
Berns river
Variety of leather
Skirt feature
Coal carriers
Aspen gear
60s war zone
Actress Tyler
Olympics chant
Conquer, as in battle
Dogpatch adjective
Baseballs Hershiser
Biological group
Baby raptors
No neatnik
Cock and bull?
Grazing land
Old Testament book
Popular cookie
Dict. info
Bit of advice
Gilberts partner
Earth Day subj.
Hi, sailor!
Castle towers
Game official
Periodical, for short
Computer pros
As I see it, to a texter
Head light?
Sluggers stat
Nabokov novel
— de plume
Trumpet great Al
More upscale
Creative germ
Low joints
Defense headquarters
Cows chew
Did galley work
Arson yield
Wander off
Greeks X
Cain raiser
High-IQ group
Window sections
Projectile path
Londoner, e.g.
Take on
Travel stops
Puts on a pedestal
They may clash
China flaw
Staff member
Like a downpour
Park art
Antlered animal
Graduates distinction
Loosen, in a way
Goose egg
Course peg
Fourth-yr. students
TV spots
Twisting badly
Roof overhang
High point
On the beach
Light touch
Riverdale student
Print supplies
Florences river
Hardy heroine
Bikini top
— Jima
Hardly rosy
Analyze verse
Temporary superstar
Pack animal
Western wolf
One for Caesar
Belgian surrealist
Siblings girls
Light-fingered ones
Prized possessions
West of Hollywood
Descartes conclusion
Ex of Mickey, Artie and Frank
Overly ornate
Bad mark
Library catalogue heading
Send again
Caspian Sea feeder
Wind gauge
Game ending
Ate well
50s South Korean president
Expected, as payment
Fiddler on the Roof matchmaker
Big name in electronics
Be an eager beaver
Judges garb
A terrible Russian
Dark wood
Bakery buy
Hat feature
Verdi opera
Leftovers container
Alaska city
Cape of Good Hope explorer
Hinds partner
Friday exclamation
Swiss miss
Earned income
Acted dumb?
Portable beds
Smiles affectedly
The Day the Earth Stood Still star
Barn bedding
Destroy by degrees
Sport for heavyweights
Dollywood locale: Abbr.
Emperor after Galba
Taken in
Deuce beater
Shaving implement
Shelf-like projection
Polar region
Put off till later
Annulment of marriage
Walk with long steps
Anti-tank gun
Join up
King Arthurs city
Not so fast
Robinson Crusoe character
Raising trivial objections
Came to an end
Natural aptitude
Some punctuation is wrong in a shop poster
Spoil one married couple
Bony frame of piano used by singer
After cycling endlessly, I dress for the beach
Pilot going astray in marina
Collar found in Dowton Abbey
Uphill revolt?
American taking a long time in customs
Talk about endless event
Name a composer heard
Landlord fights for holes in doors
Heated conflict beginning in March
African leaders in some other African country
Last ring ordered for bird
Company promoted illegal seizure of power
Captain Ahab, for example one lamenting audibly
Tea-times break for judge
In names, in titles, in acronyms, letters seen for starters
A pal with short dress from Gulf state
Encourage trendy quote
Extra accommodation for queen putting up former husband?
Spots going up and down
Girl left by fool
Hindu musical form
Lawyers org.
Flamenco shouts
DVR button
Continent bordering the Urals
Soothing balm
Temperate Bloomer
Directors assistant
Dish collections
Three-way pipe joint
Lift with effort
Miss Piggy, to Miss Piggy
Farmers field
Folklore creature
Sheltered inlets
July 4th events
Stretched (ones neck)
Weakest, as an excuse
Prompts, in a way
Caravan creature
Real estate worker
Actress Mendes
N, E, S or W
Singer Ronstadt
Poohs pal
Rich soil
Homebuilders need
Store, as grain
Like many a trellis
The Blue ________, 1946 film
Parisian season
Do business (with)
French city
Paving goo
Air France destination
Henhouse, e.g.
Wonderland visitor
Literary style
Italian wine center
Mountain ridge
Cincinnati footballers
Close securely
Sing wordlessly
Hard rock group?
One to look up to
Top-notch examples
Least troublesome
Speedometer rdg.
Lop the crop
Wee weight
Adam or Eve
Unwilling to be snapped
Getting ________ years
Let off steam
Kookie Byrnes
In the style of
Held, as in ones arms
Of an area
Musical narrative
She may be shrinking
Grandparent, often
Behind, on board
Le Mans entrant
Oscar winner Tatum
In a strange way
Irish actor OShea
Stew tidbits
Italian resort
Architect Maya
A bad review by leading horticulturist and an expert in a particular field
A Milan butcher provides food for the meat eaters
Allow cook to prepare starter in batter
Alumni made up a fair amount of jury with inspirational leader
Book on The Street is hard work for the most part or brings a smile to ones face?
Bring up after Power offers commendation
Conceded New Media is about race to deliver capital
Drop of DNA taken from red panda
Endless time to encourage one of those from school
Exercises little dogs burying most of the salad stuff!
Freak out with release (4,31,4)
Furlong got along badly – is it the bottle?
Having the same opinion as top lawyer finding drugs hidden by wedding band
Horseplay perhaps after drink leads to game of pool?
Hostility to engineering college overseas in US city
In my book, the forecasters will read something into these
Is not working with old lead in Fame for the season around when its coldest
Lament for potential partner in clip
Meant to get out of Parliament after march
Only the man upstairs was there for premiere of The Big Bang perhaps
Peter Pan releases app thats key to computer
Piece of fiction celebrating The Dead – its something to experience if one is not out for the night
Pop out with individual workers losing the head with the critics
Rig comes off ring road in Trim
Stylish short Frenchman gets to ask for money briefly for the hospital deliveries in Dublin
Took off from Knock going back to Oxford and stopped working
Tremble walking and running through Dublin
What loyalist said hed do in The Castle for individuals for part of the sentence (4,31,4)
Now is the … of our discontent (Richard III)
Affectedly dainty or refined
Austrian composer of waltzes
Babys soft shoe
Concluding, final
Custodian, steward
Energy released in nuclear fission
Feeling gratitude
Gathering of spectators or listeners
Hard alloy suitable for casting
In the recent past
Its used to rescue people at sea
Lacked something essential
London district and football club
M or K
Married men
Mightier, stouter
Not abstract or imaginary
One under the protection of another
Over-hasty, reckless
Overhead surfaces
Periods after sunset
Poignant, evocative
Projectile lettuce?
Purpose, plan
Rudolf …, Nazi leader imprisoned at Spandau
Sent a newly-built boat into the water
Small cave, perhaps with religious connotations
Threaded fasteners
Track and field competitor
Usually but not always
Paved outdoor area
Firmly embedded
Reflexive pronoun
Rubbish, waste
Device for locating explosives
Eastern temple
Declaims; jets
Using both hands
Very active
Help resolve a dispute
Bundle of grain stalks
Swarming (with)
With no fixed limit
Openly refused to obey
Take food
Simple tops
River of Syria and Iraq
Small guitar
Not on
Had spiced up editorial content
Colourful knight leaves full of love after church
One’ll defend a point after game
Rogue ultimately splits faction
Rabbit lover to give back trap
Get engaged to escort, then split up
Islander from a small island, one with brown skin?
Beer from the East that’s fit for a king
Noddy’s lack of memory recalled
Voluntary payments or tribute in US a strain, on reflection
When most events occur, maybe, in Big Brother’s terms?
Colleges in functioning state complete agreement
Compassion from judge at start of trial
Most tedious diet deals with disorder
College with vacant refectory taking on several partners
Retiring Times editor penning books – a turn-off for addicts?
Men on board provide crew scaling craft
Self-righteous Liberal short of company
3-D depiction of moon in play
Pirate’s card game
Royal attendants in turbulent reign acquiring new skills
Catch badly in marshier ground, conceding one run
Gunners waving flag held by sailor in battle
Levy for which Brussels possibly gets blame
Like autocrat on a trip, passed over?
Odd American dance succeeding twist
Sweep up last of slush that briefly forms solvent
Vexed, if ordered to throttle Labour leader
Toboggan losing its rear part drifted off
Tramp’s friend remained with daughter in custody
Stare at first person overheard at dance
Note about bone group
Caught in black stuff? Run!
Brave, changing sides? That’s not normal
Creed a nun translated showing persistence
Cricket side, just starting, out for fifty
Sharply criticize legal charge
Poor signs treated? This shows how it might go
Arrange deposit for cut of beef
Request to include island, Eastern, to provide colour
Furious, heading off buccaneer
Seen in context, remedy’s drastic
Clothing seen, warm possibly
Look courageous, captivating English hearts
Off and on, gran into special way of walking
Involved in ruinous love necking careless guy
Doctor has load of time for fish
Six tease old battle-axe
Departed from political wing
Fixer referring to someone matching socks?
Moving more quickly to secure extremely nice clasp?
Wood, popular, excluding upper-class
Over with writer replacing very first song?
Frisson from area of activity in outskirts of Santander
Initially trying painting – hard work
City hotel supporting club
Furthermore . . .
That being said . . .
__ Fables
Apple product
Are, to Bolívar
Best for picking
Biblical conclusion
Biblical trio
Big name in faucets
Certain room sharer
Chopin piece
City northwest of Tucson
Coal product
Coll. in the Little Apple Manhattan
Compass reading
Despicable one
Dictionary abbr
Dont go it alone
Drainpipe bend
DVR button
EMT destinations
Fútbol shout
Garden States largest city
Happen next
Horn with branches
Idyllic locales
In with
Irish province
Keep ones nose clean
Kick it __ notch
List of glitches
Literary preposition
Literary wizard-to-be
Mornings end
Nail polish
No longer in
Operatic opening
Park bench piece
Part of some brokerage accts
Part of YSL
Partner of Bradstreet
Pillow filler
Planes being redeveloped for NASA
Playwright Chekhov
Puts into effect
Range of knowledge
Sci-fi characters
Showed sudden interest
Sloppy pile
Sominex competitor
Soup at sushi bars
Square dance step
State bird of Louisiana
Street vendors structure
Takes a call
Tequila cocktail, on some menus
Tori of tunes
Total poise
URL opener
Vinyl collectibles
Without a doubt
Wood cutters
X-like letter
Yellow __ (alternative SIDE DISH)
Zoo pro
__ roast (alternative MAIN COURSE)
Church feature
Tanker spill
Thy, now
Describe via drawing
English port town
State something differently
Utah city
Guys with kids with kids
Held back some change
Member of an NFL line
Some plums
Place for an inbox
Like creepy settings
Could be anything
Synthetic material
Leopards spots, i.e.
Feline in boots
Harsh, as an instructor
Neither a borrower, ___…
Cronkite, for one
Like toxic food
Stupefyingly silly
Rematch-seekers lament?
Dele reversals
Layabout? No, U-turn
___ and out!
Not tomorrow
Site of the first basketball game
Indiana city or South American country
Mee and yuo, e.g.
Like some sandpaper
Perform better than
Any judge, at times
Menu phrase for a king?
Bowling item
Urban pollution
Lobster or steak, notably
Throw cash around
Prayer recipient
Midwest state
Fully dressed
Ebony and ivory together
Explosion producer
Author Christian Andersen
Teamwork destroyers
When roosters get loud
Garden figure
Ham and cheese place
Activist Brockovich
Beer containers
Cut it out
Informal word after drive
Snakelike fishes
Not amateurs
Man cave, perhaps
Antlered creature
Mountain pool
Bird in never needed?
Some offspring
Provide a defeat
Be a detective
Purple? A bit lighter
Indira Gandhis dad
Fence supporter
Words after glom
How some like their tea
Words with precedent
Bad thing to expect
PI kin
Cold War, historically
Arabian Nights flyer
At Last singer James
Casablanca heroine
No man is an island, entire of itself writer
Your point being?
Act litigiously
Axe augmenters
B-boy connection
Boisterous baseball squad?
Boost target
Chiwere speakers
Club base
Crevice, and, interpreted differently, what happened to five of this puzzles answers
Crocketts last stand
Daimyos protector
Dealer in hot stuff
Dieters affidavit?
Double curve
Eras of prosperity
Express contempt for
Fairy tale antagonist
Frank McCourt memoir
Fundraising events
Gazetteer figure
Girlish fighting?
Head operations
Hurl invective at
ID checkers
Kindergarten staple
Legal thing
Like, so last year
Lots and lots
Mercantile event
Minstrel song
Multi-episode story
New Horizons launcher
Old Arabians
One with pressing business
Part of an origami orangutan?
Paw part
Penguins on ice, e.g
Person of Pachacamac
Pics on pecs
Pit-Fighter producer
Place for private dining
Poorest country in the Middle East
Prime minister appointed by Akihito
Rascally bunch
Regulations on crustaceans?
Safe for Muslim consumers
Sci-fi staples
Second or fifth, e.g
Singer Stefani
Site of the first jet bridge for plane boarding
Sunlit courts
T.A.s supervisor
Tender spot?
Threw ones hat into the ring
Trail of Tears State Park setting
Two are required for planners
Unadon ingredient
Wasnt in the game
What art films generally lack
Win for Polgar
Word of editorial reconsideration
Words with strike or bail
500 paper sheets seen in vision
A rum uni turns out an unstable element
Aggressive chairman restrains companion
Anagrammed in Games and Puzzles
Antisocial person
Assertively masculine
Being broadcast
Camel train
Cartoon hunter Fudd
Cherished desire
Cold sauce for fish
Complaint from Liberal in club
Embarrassed-looking writer returned file
Ethel Mermans wabbit hunter?
Fish sauce from sailor doubled energy
Formal address
French artist
Frenchman in Exeter could become intense
Friend coming round is first to see painter
Helen & Co adjusted level
Hermit has one splitting sides
Husband with somewhat loose garment
Im to arbitrate without delay
Immoral and corrupt umpire
Looker from Little Yeldham
Love helping to make speech
Love new song being broadcast
Meat reserve supplies seaport
Minor earthquake
Northwestern English city
Plaintive cry
Radioactive fuel
Rock genre
Shock as river fills crumbling Metro
Slow speech from doctor on boring item
Social rank
Socialist in upturn shows apathy
Some extreme talent needed in heavy music
Speak languidly
Steal from Conor OBrien
Storm centre
Strong wire
Syrup from claret produced around east
Telegram from Liberal Vince
Two vehicles flanking a travelling group
Wage cool firm brought to me
Aw, nuts!
Cactus Flower playwright Burrows
Daniel singer John
Inferno poet
Peanuts psychiatrist
Turn! Turn! Turn! composer Pete
___ as directed
Assault on the Alamo
Baldwin of Match Game
Biblical Magi, e.g
Caesarean rebuke
Cause to topple over
Cedar Rapids college
China-North Korea border river
Chinese dynasty after the Qin
Cigar box wood
Clampett who discovered 37-Across
Clampetts bubblin crude
College application data
Crude but effective
Dogcatchers catch
E-filed document
Elsie the Cows mate
Erato or Clio
Farm females
Farm females
Finish off, as a dragon
Go off stage
His spouse, in comics
In the know about
Jessica of Fantastic Four movies
Joanne of Red River
Latvias capital
Legendary engineer Casey
Letters on some shingles
Like a mad dog
Like jokers, sometimes
Londons ___ Road Studios
Make uniform, in a way
Mesabi Range resource, e.g
Message from Smokey Bear, for short
More up to it
Needing straightening
Negative stat for a QB
Nonsense poet Edward
Olympics chant
Overdo it on stage
Paddock newborn
Party platter preparer, perhaps
Pennsylvania Avenue trees
Place for a Q-tip
Place ones trust in, with on
Plantation machine
Poet Khayyam
Polite chap
Politico Quayle
Postal scale gradation
Pub options
Reservoir creator
Rich desserts, to a dieter
Serengeti antelope
Shimmering birthstone
Site for some rites
Skilled at trickery
Slow on the uptake
Soapmakers compound
Source of nondairy milk
Sturgeon yield
The Beatles meter maid
Tony Sopranos group, with the
Topps or Bowman collectible
Treat like dirt
Visitor to an old prof
Wi-Fi device
Words of dismissal
Wrestlers surfaces
Year-end mall temp
Yoked team
Forgo a ticket to the top
The nautical might of an AB?
To do wrong with promises of money is nasty
Is there a town like her, that bookish girl?
Be patient, showing sense about an article
A hasty sensitive reaction?
Intends to produce a really good manuscript
Like the weather in Crewe tomorrow
Centrally placed to get help around the end of term
Cold fellow getting dressed
Conversations with a girl, a boy and some pedagogues
What they called Hitler before the war
I sew in commendable style
Theyre gentlemanly in many ways
Sort of letter to take out of the envelope
The farmers creditable work
An old enemy
Land of mysterious machinations
Figures there are still saints about
Refuse to agree with 4 Across!
Tweedy fellow splitting hairs about whats right
Any actress should love him
Where a spare part is capital
Grand individual no longer with us
A half paid sort of golf championship?
One taking turns to sit around the piano?
The sun rises in due style – absolutely fresh
Field event the American gets on a plate?
As laid down in Delaware?
Four-legged president?
He alone gives a wider tour of the town centre
Even to a first-class student, it means trouble
Is no longer in Pugwash
A colourful firework
Creature said to be used in bleaching
The German lair?
Drink with Joe North
An insular, saintly female
Over there in the Yukon, Britain excluded
One can take steps to control them
Tear ahead to town
Noticeable new coat?
Put up with the beast!
Is such sugar sticky?
Musical dramas
Boy or girls name
Policeman, slang
Religious image
Ridge of drifted sand
Commotion, fuss
Cedar, for example
Is indebted to
Stage whisper
Motor fuel
Foolishness, stupidity
Fear greatly
Peace bird
Routine task
Look at
Interval of time
Floor covering
Prince of Darkness
Wall pass
Soft wet earth
Foot digit
Craze, informally
Pass on
Passes ones tongue over
Long step
Skin complaint
Indian coin
Childrens game
Ground covered by a mat of grass and grass roots
Deposit of valuable ore running through other rocks
Serving to commemorate the dead
One of seven centres of spiritual power in the human body
Causing irritation
Repair by sewing
UK shipping forecast area
Progressive open-handed
Over a short distance
Backless slipper
Sample intended to stimulate interest
One who renovates works of art
Language widely used in East Africa
Shown to be a party to
With meticulous care
Book of the Bible
Go well together
Port and holiday centre on the west coast of Scotland
Unseat rider astride second of horses entering river
Tile God put back
Possible scrubber in fishwife, say, occupying seat
Again take nap, one tucked in
Dog missing lead good point
See 19
Sexy clothing skintight, confess its kinky
Thats designed to crush Le Monde etc, moving left to right?
Writers drinking vessel for spiced milk
Where conifers are saved, one might say, inspires a film star of old
Woollen item pulled up, one lacks pants with kilt for a start
Pack stock for the audience?
William Ss bride returns for dye
Shade second car
Flash dealer contracted to produce wine
My boss has tried unsuccessfully to restrict obscenities, primarily
Female duck shaking tail, first to take a dip?
See 15
Getting forks out to skewer books, those unpleasantly dry?
Significant disclosure
Clean bush
Pasture ultimately silent, as ground needed
Bacon, say, in flan is heading to the bottom
Very suited to accommodate fine architectural feature
See 13
Suggested dosh offering security on the hoof?
Foot mythical bird put in the shoe, finally
Transport aircraft close to Dunkirk, a blighter soaring around it
Vassal almost stealing crown, as chair of assembly
Comprehend female, in short
Message unconvincing, one breaks up
Criticise traditional meal
Epic drama about health worker
Charts returned as unwanted mail
Nag about American beef supplier
Bed salesman has new function
Notes about new pills in certain shape
Cracked codes with one European in bishops place
Initially leg can break, to the casual eye
Londoner is a sterling chap
Attribute to a writer
Masters place, a month before
Small, destitute and without a spoor
Alright for a foreign character to have an animal
Two-thirds of group are insensitive
Spin padre around to see bird
Irishman has left mace out, seen on dining table
Majestic Elgar composition
Money initially is suitable to steal
Most risky for detectives to return to wrong site
Dialect developed in fortress
Gradually bit some food
Count as substance
Space on table to assemble self-help set-up
Overlook the best cosmetic
Weariest, becoming more sticky
Dissertations about union hero
Meeting a lion is dreadful
Block boy getting fruit
Rascal finds second temporary home
type Of Ram Used To Break Fortress Walls
__ Path, Buddhist Middle Way Leading To Nirvana
ocular Hairs
blemish, Nevus
psychologically Manipulative Behaviors
italian Starter, With Cured Meat And Olives
nyc Borough Where The Bowery Is Located
slang Term For Keen Bird Watchers
collection Of Synonyms
knives And Forks
a Political Team Member
northernmost Country In Africa
fictional Marvel Nation, Home To Black Panther
the One Who Is The Best Off Financially
promises Of Retribution
__ Crane, The Hero Of Sleepy Hollow
light-colored Shades, Often Seen In Springtime
handheld Nintendo Games Console, Released In 1989
hormone Gland In The Neck
composer Of The Opera William Tell
belief In Or Acceptance Of Something As True
state Thats Home To Mesa Verde National Park
cattle Breeds With Lengthy White Protrusions
quality Of Being Poisonous
don __, Mozart Opera About Don Juan
delivers The News
fictitious Place Of Untold Gold And Wealth
mexican Version Of Unleavened Bread
stops From Happening
episode Or Sudden Occurrence Of Disease
delight, Glee, Contentment
influence, Make A Difference To
cylindrical Car Part, Moves Against Fluid Pressure
contrary To Expectations, Like Alanis Morissette
european Nationality Of Frida Kahlos Father
calvins Stuffed Tiger Sidekick
country Where Kalamata Olives Are Grown
fungus Found On Plants
horus, Egyptian Sky God, Had The Head Of This Bird
watching Someone Covertly
site Of The First Shots Of The Civil War: Fort __
the Worlds Largest Lizard: __ Dragon
twist Of The Ligaments In The Wrist, For Example
frozen, Treeless Ground, Like The Arctic
form A Theory About Something Without Evidence
florida State University Football Team
demanding, Difficult, Taxing
building Janitor
to Be More Numerous Than
tiny Purple Fruit, Said To Be Very Healthy
a Painting Of Inanimate Objects
north, Saint And Chicagos Famous Musician Dad
indian Ocean Island; Port Mathurin Is Its Capital
design Drawings Of A Buildings Structure
where You Might Find A Roller Coaster
bargain, Haggle, Cut A Deal
clawed Marvel Mutant, Born As James Howlett
tropical Trees Cultivated For Small Sweet Fruits
british Prime Minister During Wwii
careful And Judicious
replaces Spent Ammunition
meat Patties Cooked On Barbecues, Served In Buns
ponte __, Bridge In Florence With Jewelry Shops
payment To Deliver Parcels
gains Money By Deception
author Of The Summa Theologica: St. Thomas __
old-time Sailing Vessel, Used As A Naval War Ship
software For Surfing The Internet
long Line Of Related Rulers
superhero Named After An Astronaut: Buzz __
birds With Webbed Feet Such As Ducks And Swans
large Spider That Is Sometimes A Pet
danny Tanner Is The Patriarch On This Show
opera By Puccini: Madame __
feeling Tired And Sluggish
sedimentary Rock, Contains Skeletal Fragments
fixed, Upholstered Bench Seat
world Heritage Citadel In Athens, Greece
theatrical Solo Speech
sugar From Pure Cane Extract, Spun In A Cylinder
government Application To Own Rights To A Name
perfumed Grains Used When Relaxing In A Tub
making Look Small By Comparison
first American Sport To Have Pinstripe Uniforms
wandered Without Urgency
spread Throughout Something, Like A Smell
comfy Living Room Seat
conquered An Army
birth Country Of The Discoverer Of Penicillin
tying Up Poultry Or Game Birds Prior To Cooking
charitable Gift
software That Modifies A Singers Voice
motor Vehicle With Four Wheels And Handlebars
a Cat Can Get It Stuck In Its Throat
table Tennis
advice From The Beatles: “hey Jude, Dont Be __”
reflective Accessory For Seeing Oneself In
temporary Technical Malfunction
purpose, Intention, Reason Behind An Action
cinderella Had One The Night Of The Ball
italian Toasted Sandwich
funny Tv Show, Typically About A Family
makes Voices High When Sucked From Balloons
the Sale Of Goods To The Public In Small Amounts
an Arrival In Large Numbers, Being Overrun
free From Obligation
people Who Walk The Catwalk
islands, And Species Of Alligator
christian Season Preceding Christmas
controversial Pop Culture Magazine, __ Fair
join The Army
fills A Space
nitrous Oxide Administered By Dentists: __ Gas
laws Established By A Legislative Body
canine Dwelling
word Game With Tiles, Q And Z Score High
his Face Was On The Half Dollar
branch Of Science, Deals With Classifying Diseases
interrupt Someones Attention Span
ornate Sideboard
spotted, Viewed
nine-month Period In Humans Before Giving Birth
he Removed A Thorn From A Lions Paw
prince Williams Royal Title: Duke Of __
embarrass, Shame
exciting, Nerve-shredding Event
shakespeares Comedy: A _____ Nights Dream
a Light Red, But High In Alcohol, California Wine
chinese-born Immigrants To Malaysia, Singapore Etc
fake Name
professional Key Maker
computer-aided Flight Control
television Show Thats Transmitted
measures Atmospheric Pressure
supply Water To Crops To Encourage Growth
napa Valley Is Known For Them
tv Station Companies
stringed Instrument, Like A Lute
el Capitan Is Summit In This National Park
crossed The Alps With Elephants
cover A Piece Of Paper With Plastic
to Drive Too Close To The Car In Front
flower Shop Workers Who Make Bouquets
using Science To Predict Future Weather
class Of Warm-blooded Animals
undergoes The Process Of Sugar Changing To Alcohol
korean Pickled Cabbage
colorless And Odorless Gas Used For Heating Food
north American Reindeer
a Crease On The Face
closest Planet To The Sun
iraqi Capital, On The Tigris River
intuition, Discernment
cup For Holding Wine
one-eyed Mythical Monster
oversees A Museum Exhibit
hand-held Firework
particularly Articulate
in A Reverse Direction
reading Disorder
someone Who Is Required To Be Present, But Isnt
sports Drink, Created At The University Of Florida
first Husband Of Madonna
rules That Govern The Conduct Of A Church
giant Dinosaur Creature From Japanese Pop Culture
island Previously Known As Van Diemens Land
continuing To Live Against All Odds
on A Skydivers Back For A Safe Landing
farm Tool Featured In American Gothic
dessert Ingredient In A Mexican Mole Dish
interlinked Rings Of Metal Forming Flexible Armor
pronounce Very Carefully
emergency Medical Technician
sign Of Surrender
racing Game Featuring Famous Nintendo Brothers
mechanical, Robotic, Self-operating Toy
the Gopher State
porcine Diva Of The Muppets
awful, Dreadful; Epithet Added To Tsar Ivan
national __, French Revolutions Legislative Body
backspin Stroke Landing A Ball Just Over The Net
mission Impossible: Ghost __
greater And Lesser Caribbean Island Groups
former Android Os Version That Youd Lick A Lot
floating Frozen Sheet Attached To Land
main Antagonist In Peyos Comic Strip The Smurfs
beer Cocktail With Japanese Rice Wine
sealed Very Well
author Of The Silent World: Jacques __
french Philosopher Said “my Life Is A Struggle”
field Of Expertise, Occupation, Trade
hungarian Stew Seasoned With Paprika
calls The Same Number Again
prove To Be More Powerful
common Term For The Energy Of A Body In Motion
study Of The Bodys Structure
__ Perk, Coffee Shop Frequented By Famous Friends
most Populated City In The U.s. State Of Illinois
first Actor On The Cover Of Time Magazine
charged With Crime, Branded A Criminal
leafy Salad Plant Also Called Chicory
a Big Hit For The Beach Boys: Help Me __
cons Someone
the Openings Through Which Tea Is Poured
official Language Of Bahrain
simbas Father And Sarabis Mate In The Lion King
permanent Body Ink
laced Mens Shoe Named After A Uk University
towers Atop Churches Rising To A Point
germanic Imperial Ruler
former Term For A Son Of An Austrian Emperor
nevadas Sin City
__ Play, Type Of Vinyl Record
alternate Route That Saves Time
language With The Most Native Speakers
cat Pursued Relentlessly By Pepe Le Pew
container For Midday Meal
nobel Had A Blast With This Invention
poet Who Wrote “the Charge Of The Light Brigade”
gathering For Fans Of Graphic Novels
type Of Fracture In Which Bone Pierces The Skin
surgical Cut
male Singing Voice That Is Very High
jupiters Second Largest Moon
capital Of Nicaragua
uconn Basketball Team
co-creator Of Spider-man, Often Does Cameos
scientific Study Of The Animal Kingdom
to Speak With Superficial Or Limited Knowledge
satellite Of Saturn Discovered By Cassini In 1671
austrian Pastry With Fruit Filling
blood Relationship
shoulder Blade
protects From Attack
song That Mentions Father Mckenzie: __ Rigby
house For Honey
split A Restaurant Bill Equally
character In Greek Mythology And Hamlets Killer
confound Or Complicate
person Held For Ransom
small Envelope Of Fire Sticks
room For Physical Education At A School
sombreness, Gravity
lower Part Of A Prepared Chicken Leg
colorful Outdoor Sport, Simulating Battle
plant Container
comic Strip Character With Phenomenal Powers
infamous Clown In Stephen Kings It
independently Owned Business Branch
french War Leader, Commander Of The National Guard
dinner Of Choice For Lady And The Tramp
bending One Knee To The Ground As Sign Of Respect
cover A Chair With Cushion And Fabric
jumpsuit Or Playsuit
sentimental Speech About A Deceased Person
fastest Woman Ever, Flo Jo, Florence __
le __ Bleu Culinary School
jim __; Police Commissioner Of Gotham City
flies In One Place, Like A Helicopter
special Skill
__ Khan; Founder Of The Yuan Dynasty In China
central American Country That Connects To Colombia
taurus Star Cluster Named After Atlass Daughters
anatomical Name For The Voice Box
group Of Bears
hate Or Loathe
state Where The Most Civil War Battles Were Fought
program At A Theater Performance
one Individual Spot Of Precipitation
dwelling With No Upstairs Level
sled With A Curved Front
womans Shirt Neckline That Hangs In Draped Folds
devices On Which Video Games Are Played
males Of This Aquatic Species Give Birth
landlocked Country In The Center Of South America
opera By Mozart: The __ Of Figaro
business Selling Old Car Parts
an Altercation Between Women
__ Rhapsody By Queen
a Large Number Of, An Excessive Amount Of
tool Store Ace __
baleen Whale Lacking A Dorsal Fin
exit Hatch In The Floor
caribbean Country With A Trident On Its Flag
pig From Orwells Animal Farm
dc Comics Feline Antiheroine
soccers Biggest Tournament
1820 Slavery Issue Document: __ Compromise
non-metal Element Se Used In Photocells
u.s. Punk Rockers With Song Titled American Idiot
male Property Owner Who Collects Rent
turncoat, Runaway, Renegade
country Home To Mount Kilimanjaro
drink Of Wine And Sparkling Water Mixed
sky With Dense Cloud Cover
habit Of Eating Earth
causes Suffering
glass Fish House
a Place Visited By Peace Seekers
small Round Glass Spheres, Loved By Children
flagrant, Obvious
state Where The Meteor Crater Is Located
frank Millers Noir Crime Graphic Novel
relating To Earthquakes
creation, Beginning, Origin
charm, Bewitch
tube Leading From The Larynx To The Lungs
kangaroos Leaf Eating Smaller Cousin
cruel And Oppressive Government
brightest Star In The Earths Night Sky
a Double Reed Bass Instrument From The Oboe Family
goddess Of Agriculture And Mother Of Persephone
author Of War And Peace
official In A Financial Building
japans Highest Peak, On Honshu Island
someones True Identity Concealed
1959 Alfred Hitchcock Movie: “north By __”
exterminators Tool
teen Drama Series Based On Archie Comics
maintaining An Outside Space Of Lawns And Plants
right Side Of A Ship
imagery Or Allegorical Representation
nemos Species
looked At Thoroughly
buttery Half Moon-shaped Bread
military Underground Shelter Or Accommodation
rapper Gunned Down In Vegas: Tupac __
green Tea Powder
si Units Of Energy
egyptian King Who Abdicated The Throne In 1952
skip Like A Horse
gas That Makes Up Around 24 Percent Of The Sun
go On Board An Aircraft
east African Nation, Home To Kibale National Park
comfortable Top With Head Protection
asian Mint Used As A Perfume
not Explored
romantic Partners, Besotted In Avian Way
harley-davidson Headquarters City: __, Wisconsin
formal Written Statements Of Claims In A Courtroom
second-most Populous City In Australia
arthropod That Doesnt Actually Have 1,000 Legs
astronomical Term For The Explosion Of A Star
this U.s. Towns Nickname Is “music City”
connective Tissue In The Body, Like Ears & Nose
burgundian Red Wine Grape Also Used In Champagne
take-it-or-leave-it Deal
frank Lloyd Wrights Profession
linemen Who Protect Their Quarterback
people-powered Taxis
spinal Discomfort
plant Extracts Used In Scents Or Flavorings
government Representative Abroad, In An Embassy
one Who Tends Plants
hooved Animal, With Even Or Odd Toe Numbers
diabolical, Horrific
in Hockey, Determining The Winner After Overtime
appliance For Grilling Food Outdoors
__ Cap, Work Boots That Protect On Building Sites
explorer Whom America Was Named After: Amerigo __
japanese Manga Character From Mighty Atom Series
pounds, Beats Steadily
gland That Secretes Digestive Enzymes
bull On Top, Man On Bottom
the __; Tv Series About Italian-american Mobsters
animation Type, Fast Flicks With Physical Pages
accused, Censured
period When Insects Evolved
transfer Data Onto A Computer
celebrated, Renowned
mythical Fire-breather
the Black Horse Of The Apocalypse Represents This
discuss By Stating Different Arguments
capital Of The Republic Of Macedonia
prolific Film Actor, Mickey __
dried Plums
si Unit Of Electric Current
carried Out Or Introduced Gradually
smooth And Shiny
long Distance In Space
personal Security Officer
mysterious, Baffling, Perplexing
protective Blockade
electronic Step Tracker
daisy-like Flower, Creates Scented Lawns And Tea
guiding Of Actors To Produce A Movie
brininess, Essence Of Sodium Chloride
book With A Soft, Flexible Cover
an Eddy, Vortex Or Waterspout
inflammation Of The Tongue
suspend, As In A Court Case
ode On A __ Urn, John Keats Poem On Art And Beauty
marvel Or Wonder, Cant Be Explained With Logic
annoying, Vexatious
metal Loop For Keeping Unlocking Devices Together
formal Disapproval Or Criticism
dreamy, Pensive
italian City In Massa, Known For Marble
natural Environment Where An Animal Makes Its Home
__ Novels; Books Based Around Comic Strips
crustacean Delicacy
exercise Machine With A Never-ending Belt
group Of Holding Rooms In A Jail
early Years
first Balcony In A Symphony Hall
u.s. City Named For The Wife Of King George Iii
a Triangular Swiss Chocolate Bar
__ Strike, Bombing That Pinpoints The Target
cathedral In Paris, Known For A Hunchback
fleeting, Momentary, Brief
profane Talk About Sacred Things
sandys Love Interest In Grease
plant That Needs Little Water To Thrive
to Play Music Along With Another Musician
charles Darwin Was One
tuneful Vocal Pattern From Largest Sea Mammals
supreme Incan Being, Creator Of Sun And Moon
deep-rooted, Established
pomegranate Syrup Used In Cocktails
control Exerted To Restrain Impulses
author Of The Novel For Whom The Bell Tolls
actress, First Wife Of Ronald Reagan
grooming Tool For Locks
officially Declared A Saint In The Catholic Church
they Follow Celebrities With A Camera
term For The Second (lower) Blood Pressure Number
house For A Tomb
close Interaction Between Two Different Organisms
gymnastic Entertainer
moving On A Slick Surface
structure For Generating Heat For Houses
colorless Gas Common In Cleaning Products
ancient Greek City Near Temple Of Artemis
dried, Cured Strips Of Southern African Beef
narrow-minded, Inward-facing
rare Loss Of Ability To Recognize Sensory Stimuli
author Of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: J.r.r. __
mat-based Game With Colorful Spots And Contortion
draw Over The Lines Of A Picture Again
broken Bit Of Road That Needs Filling
monument, Stone Pillar, Often With A Pyramidal Top
after Dubai, Second-most Populous City Of Uae
tall Building With Sails For Generating Power
jim Henson Puppets Who Lived On A Rock
plays Devils __, Presents A Counter-argument
origin Of A Family
frosted Danish
quarrel, Dispute, Altercation
passengers Get A Rise Out Of This Otis Invention
distressed, Flustered
amount Of Water Vapor In The Atmosphere
type Of Medication Used To Treat Water Retention
extra Period Of Play In Ice Hockey
singers J. Balvin And Shakira Both Come From Here
outer Garment For Keeping Warm
relating To High Mountains
stories That Occur While Sleeping
richies Friend Weber In Happy Days
very Formal, High-rise Headwear
silvery-white Metal, A Base For Blue Pigments
tooth Decay
small Tower On A Medieval Castle
the __, French Museum, Purchased Kahlos The Frame
city That Hosted The 2000 Summer Olympics
it Comes After Summer And Before Winter
olivia Newton-john Song: “have You Never Been __”
__ Conventions, The Rulebook In War
made Beer
the Name Of The Donkey In Winnie The Pooh
the Consequence Or Result Of An Action
boundary Between States Or Countries
bright Spot In The Sky, Also Called Parhelion
short Sock
join, Fasten
hammers Used By Judges
given The Wrong Advice, Deceived
“a Friend In Need Is A Friend ____”
fiber Of The Palm Tree Used To Weave Into Mats
the Radiation Counter He Invented Bears His Name
greek Goddess Of The Moon
roadside Places To Stay Overnight
keep Out Of Sight, Avoid Detection
of A Sound Thats High-pitched And Piercing
protection Against Burned Skin
not Derived From Anything Else
glands That Secrete Hormones Into The Bloodstream
female Supervillain, Enemy Of Wonder Woman
backup Power Source In A Building

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