Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-19

Pitt who played Vanisher in Deadpool 2
Deal with hardships
Actor Wolff who was in the Naked Brothers Band
Skin problem targeted by Proactiv
Figure skater Rippon who won on Dancing With the Stars
Grow older
Miami Dolphins quarterback who was drafted by baseball’s Royals in 1979: 2 wds.
Restroom door word
Group that’s slightly smaller than a nonet
Musical that was loosely based on the opera La Bohème
With no other people
Person who’s a continual bother
Sound of bursting bubble wrap
Seattle Seahawks quarterback who was drafted by baseball’s Rockies in 2010: 2 wds.
The Hangover Part ___ (2013 movie)
Decorative covering for a pillow
Let ___ hang out: 2 wds.
Blacken on a barbecue
Kitchen item that may be either electric or gas-fueled
Extremely spicy
Denver Broncos quarterback drafted by baseball’s Royals in 1979 and Yankees in 1981: 2 wds.
Cain and Abel’s mother in the Garden of Eden
The smallest Great Lake by volume
Similar to
Provided with lunch perhaps
Bills that feature the US Treasury on the back
Sports factoid for short
The Big ___ Wolf
Electronics company that was a pioneer in color television
Actress Lesley ___ Warren
Sinister spirit
Something to push at a supermarket
Dog in Garfield
Breathe hard such as after a workout
Offshoot of punk rock
Tom Dick and Harry for example
Secret ___ (undercover operative)
Canvas structure at a campsite
Card that often beats a king
Rod and ___ (fishing gear)
Month when Earth Day is celebrated: Abbr.
___ Dobbs Tonight (Fox Business Network show)
Photo ___ (publicity events)
___ Love You (Beatles song): 2 wds.
State where Auburn University is: Abbr.
Crunchy diner sandwich for short
Leave speechless
Train for a martial arts bout
American ___ (state tree of North Dakota)
Australian singer who voiced Songbird Serenade in My Little Pony: The Movie
Halliburton product
Zero in soccer scores
Push rudely
Couldn’t stand
___ been waiting for this moment
___ the truth (doesn’t lie)
Emeril Lagasse or Rachael Ray for example
You’re a sight for ___ eyes!
On ___ ice (inviting trouble)
___ Airliner (1977 Steve Miller Band hit)
Humorist’s asset
Letters on a wanted poster
come out
bottom part
interfered with
sullenly silent
ancient books
crispy Italian appetizer
DJs turntable actions
Objective worked toward during crunch time?
“Get off the stage!”
43-Across that shares its name with part of a flower
Catching rays for days, say
Need for a certain outlet
Outlet’s opposite
Singer with the 2012 hit “Let Me Love You”
“Later, alligator!”
Successful hacker’s declaration
Agrees to compromise
Chihuahua, for one
Seriously muscular
Hagatna is its capital
Big Apple team, on scoreboards
Deep blue
Word on some Emmy awards
Cutting-edge, as an electronic product
Alpha male, perhaps?
Some Girl Scout cookies
Any of three sisters of old Hollywood
See 15-Across
The worst of times
___ wrench
Taps, as a keg
Cliff notes?
4x platinum album of 2001
Eric of “Munich”
Pound, e.g.
Suffered humiliation
Early tool
Participate in quid pro quo
Region of Ghana known for gold and cocoa
Roll of 4 and 6, in craps
Teacher’s timesaver for grading tests
PC modem or drive
Novelty item in vintage comic book ads
Law enforcers, in slang
Start of some rock genre names
One side of a store sign
Real first name of writer Isak Dinesen
Rides the waves without a board
Prime draft pick
Tiny tube travelers
Lost all patience
Profession in a Eugene O’Neill title
“___ and happiness are an impossible combination”: Mark Twain
Where Nemo was found in “Finding Nemo”
Nip in the end
A.F.C. North team
Notable ring bearer
A.F.C. East team, informally
Intangible quality
Official birds of Quebec
Center of a Scrabble board
Kind of phase for some teens
Place to get ribs or pulled pork
Literally, “little wheel”
Low-cal version of a classic cookie
Deep blue
Director of “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “This Is 40”
Fail to follow suit
Missionaries of Charity founder
Button material
Mother of Perseus
Recorder button
“Frasier” role
Post’s Honey ___!
About a class to change for the better
Give the fellow a blend of tea
Levy respectfully paid
Needing to relax, having drunk too much
Describing one who couldnt get to the service
Brooks, the poet
Prickly agent seen round at home
The return of a land measure provides access
Florida location where Im going back with a French friend
Bump into a man of the church, one hears
Few arts can be refashioned by this tool
Contend with some of the regular guests
Foreshadow the demise of the dockyard
Emblem showing tailless nocturnal creature
Takes a new look at Shelleys contemporary
Post erected properly
To sip no mixed drinks
Nothing strangely rising from these sources
A blow for the fishing vessel
Caulking once picked by those inside
This comes from a rose cluster
Theme park ride
Essays which are certainly not pointless
Cancel the commission for one who looks after the money
They have connections, relatively speaking
A spice having no end of use in savouries
He may supply arresting information
The point of punctuation
A die in fancy shape
He should know how to press a suit
I could make this scheme plain
Country name found in certain dialects
Sort of settler to give support
For Eric to hide a deserter would be most irregular
A chance to make an escape?
Duped, as hitchhikers may be
It goes round the bull
Superfluous oil well
Its made by people who count
All is not as it should be in the stud
Im upset about an impulse
Key point of a hotel?
A liking for a swan song?
A driven out intruder
Still the cause of poor reception
Being agile, he put the light on first
One step up from the gutter
English pirate captain born John Rackham executed in Port Royal, Jamaica, in 1720
W R , England Test cricketer who hit an unbeaten 336 against New Zealand in Auckland in 1933
Joshua , founder of the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union who died in 1999
Fabric made from fine threads produced by certain insect larvae
1981 novel by Stephen King
Standard monetary unit of Japan
Eugene , playwright awarded the 1936 Nobel Prize in Literature
River that flows through Dublin, Ireland
Biblical nephew of Abraham whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt
Ancient kingdom in the Old Testament east of the Dead Sea
Terrestrial gastropod mollusc with an absent or reduced shell
Insectivorous Old World bird with a bright red breast
Tributary of the River Trent upon which Derby stands
1937 film comedy starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
1936 film drama starring Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor
Anita , author of novels No Mother to Guide Her and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Brother of Europa and founder of Thebes in Greek mythology
Jelena , 2007 Wimbledon mixed doubles tennis championship winner with Jamie Murray
Charles , US golfer; 1971 Masters Tournament winner
1969 novel by Desmond Bagley
English poet born circa 1370 whose works include The Floure of Curtesye
Type of Spanish guitar music accompanied by dancing and singing
Another name for a hazelnut
Brigitte , actress-singer who played the title role in 1959 film comedy Babette Goes to War
Thicker of the two bones of the leg between the knee and ankle
Soft creamy white cheese similar to Camembert
Cutlery item
Outer planet
Having a delicate build
Body part below the ankle
Relatively long time
Sheltered side
Pay no attention to
Barrel maker
Not in good health
Shut forcefully and angrily
Hangmans knot
Explosive device
Tropical storm
Boxing match
Vigour, exertion
Area for reporters at a stadium
Edible organs
Wasteful, incompetent
Question closely
Curved row of houses
Short pithy saying
Small dish placed under a cup
Guy who saves the day!
Brave article in vital broadcast
Push student to get spade
Algerias new royal emblems
Dont answer, just overtake
Ticket price sounds reasonable
Search for a weapon
Arrange by type
One editors requirement
Toady ordered crepe
Top of the address
Trends get fellow terribly sad
Incorporated different diet when encouraged
Story of the foot?
Lost battles for medicine
New arts supremo
Juxtapose attention with old politician
Conversed about poetry
Organise sale of drinks
Thought I would get enigma solved
Ridiculed drinks with editor
Move a trailer from a main road
In favour of a number, say
Cracking safe, Edward ate well
Guided by small light
Strip worn contains Catholic text
Terrible place in the shade, possibly
Touched iron last, losing heart
Produced servant, we hear
Hand tool
Paying passenger
Move stealthily
Body part
Russian ruler
Being a main route
On behalf of
Went ahead
Woollen cloth
Barn hooter
Lupino et al.
Barking pets
Settle a debt
Carve stone
Years of life
Striped cats
Shrill cry
Company emblem
Suit accessory
Train sound
Rent contract
Poetic work
Toweled off
Bros sib
Tennis shot
Sandwich meat
Move about
Poke fun at
Chowder ingredients
Fruit cooler
Horse seat
Japanese sport
____ Only Just Begun
Of the mind
Fence door
Luau instrument
Figure-skating feat
Sea forces
Storage box
Film unit
Join together
____ so forth
Fiery stone
Harsh liquids
Cake topper
Pub favorite
Hang loosely
____ the ramparts . . .
Topaz, e.g.
Blue above us
Moe or Curly
Congo fly
Hit hard
Was dishonest
Relating to mail
Common phrases
Bird abodes
Buzzing bug
Listened to
A Bronx ____
Tailed heavenly objects
Maned animal
Refereed, for short
Big quiz
Large horn
Allow to use
Wood chopper
Ball peg
Wire measure
A Nightmare on ___ Street
Flows partner
Star bursts
… ___ he drove out of sight
Fourposter, e.g.
Flood embankment
Wharton degree
Were number ___!
Londons Big ___
No longer outstanding
Am I the problem?
Physician for Dickens Miss Havisham?
Morales of Ozark
Canadas Buffy Sainte-Marie, by birth
Math functions
Fleur de __: sea salt
Clever remarks
Station for exercisers on wheels?
Earth tone
Ancient colonnade
Diamond figure
Play seriously
… this night, being __ my head : Shak.
Soft touch
Expert guard dog?
Foil relative
Andean stew veggie
Rapper Ice Cubes first name
Clothes to clean
Zipcar parent company
Cool cats affectionate friends?
Texas oil city
Computer input
Stained glass settings
Type similar to Helvetica
Nail treatment
Has too much
One involved in a memorable bubble
Puts forth
Juans that
Selfies, e.g.
Ancient region ruled by Athens
Small portion explanation
Ones neglecting their duties
Score marks
Soul singer Robinsons debut album
Material for Michelangelos David
Train bottom
Series-ending abbr.
Pal of Piglet
Stepped (up)
Words from a balcony
Unsportsmanlike conduct
Baseball, in old slang
Former Mideast gp.
Member of the fam
__ value
Control tower device
Mobile home?
Islands VIP
Some Viking appliances
Odyssey sorceress
Kind of D.A.
Diminish slowly, with off
Líquido para café
The Cocktail Party monogram
Capital of Oregon
Leg part
Poet ____ Sandburg
Love, in Rome
The Way We ____
Brass instrument
Historic periods
Long story
Wild disorder
Tops of waves
Beginning part
Pub brew
Poetic contraction
Continuing story
Stick around
Mexican sauce
Heartthrob Brad ____
Tooth problem
Steam bath
Nest eggs (abbr.)
At hand
Sardonic wit
Fairy-tale fiend
Double curves
Treetop abode
Brownish gray
Planets path
Inert pill
Window part
Munitions, for short
Bank transaction
Baseball blunder
____ system
Make more sugary
Brave one
Tehrans land
Scottish loch
Pork, e.g. (2 wds.)
Baltimore baseball team
Dolls cry
Dance move
Sycamore or oak
Male offspring
Tourists aids
French female
Shakespearean monarch
Industrious insects
Golf gizmo
Water tank
Formal speech
TV pooch
New ____ Day
Shirt size
Practices boxing
Desirable quality
Sharp pain
Bakery employee
Bangkok native
Diarist ____ Frank
Votes against
Head of family initially regretting atmosphere circulating during marriage
Noisy, very, heading away from pub
Try to extend day paper gets published
Weapon making you ache and buckle
Try to catch game dog, having change of heart
Evasive about unpleasant mist on offering theory of the universe
Many recalled French article about energy in component of explosive
Artist very much into associate shade
Crashed in flames around capital of Italy? Its not the end of the contest
Parrots mouth containing bill
Affected by charge, ion later decays, emitting electron
Admit ice creams contain fluorine then sulphur
Medicine, extremely pleasant, endlessly
Committee stay finally visible in hazy distance
Surrounded by Government support, keeping millions housed
Old Scottish engineer set up a capital city
Exclamation from Scot beginning to lose in long card game
Northern bird about to hide in lorry wheel, we hear
Welsh resort rashly excluding a soprano? Thats not right
No good avoiding church service, all the same
Suspicion about a brother supporting Conservative is harsh
How gale warnings are itemised?
Paid attention, turning up to read next page to end
One begging drink, flexible about cold water
Lithium – metal used in jet fighter – is restricting
Extravagant description of 23 – an habitual response
Move quickly, getting children some meat
Autocrat in chariot taking in rising tide
Left remains a scourge
Small gardens may be asymmetrical
Communications code word for the letter m
Ceremonial gown
Stamp collector
Italian dessert
Drink containing tequila
Reject (Informal)
Cutting edge
Be quiet!
SMS message
Breed of dog
Wall painting
Card game
Venomous viper
Make invalid
Actress Merkel
Sheep call
Game of chance
ICU pros
Linda Ronstadt hit song
Take to court
1945 conference site
Cash drawer
Aussie hopper
Not vacant
Red wine
Scrape (out)
Corn recipe
Mardi Gras VIP
Judicial garb
Peace, to Caesar
Linda Ronstadt hit song
— Dhabi
Talked a blue streak?
Sault — Marie
Curvy letter
Mao — -tung
German sausage
Painters stand
Dear —
Periodic pay
Sao —, Brazil
Mamma Mia group
PBS funder
Aye canceler
Popular card game
Singer Rawls
Thames town
Cotton thread
Traffic light color
Fluffy scarf
Apr. addressee
Golf prop
Biz bigwig
Sturdy tree
Little rascal
Opposite of paleo-
Ornate vase
Nest setting
Is real
Dizzying designs
Give forth
Work by Maya Angelou
Caustic cleaners
Former Delta rival
Boston team, for short
Lanka lead-in
Secret store
Jimmy, e.g.
Broadway worker
Blow away
Book category
Crescents tip
Irani coin
Settle heavily
Milky gem
Feel poorly
School primer
Garden item
Took the title
To be, to Balzac
Days gone by
Crimson Tide, for short
Lawn material
Cast out
Mystery writer Peters
Be of one mind
Flat-nosed dogs
Garden aids
Recipe amount
Grate content
Kids quaff
Aphrodites son
Fall back
Green stone
Simple cookies
Financier Cornell
Catchy music
Hemingway nickname
Bouncy tune
Soup veggies
Big heads
Monthly bill
Merchant of music
Basketball need
Answer to grazie
Horn sound
Car bar
Nevada neighbor
Road curve
Once called
African country
Guatemala natives
50s ICBM
Alps-to-Arles river
Fantasy Island actor
Davis of Hollywood
In view
Red Baron, e.g.
Seismic effect
English actor Leslie
Orchestra member
First name in daredevilry
Italian brandy
Maine campus site
Passes on
Cold-blooded one
Burrowing mammal
Like workhorses
Big prefix
Circle dance
Course concluder
Pops partners
Century plant
Minute amount
Wild duck
Fossil resin
Supporting vote
Poes ___ Lee
Decisive one
Lehmann or Lenya
Composer Bruckner
Crystal gazer
Start of a cheer
U.S. Army medal
That bunch
Be peripatetic
Ablutionary vessel
Dissatisfied person
California wine valley
Afternoon gatherings
Berlin and Stone
Turn loose
Rawls or Reed
One of the Windward Islands
Performed again
Jai alai basket
Biblical land of riches
Malay Archipelago island
Primitive plant
Good soil
Pi follower
Not to be endured
Removal of abuses
Alfresco meal
Chess piece
Fast, in musical terms
Be adamant
Londons river
Reach the destination
Reasons for and against
Spanish music
Container for cut flowers
Sting-ray possibly getting sidetracked
Plenty of time for English cricket side
Sign of a river that is small
Not taking vile nag out
Invaders playing cards after six
Elegant vehicles brought back
In a run-down area youth-leader found refuge
Midnight odyssey starts on boat in capital
Theatrical work showing American lawyer taking in batterer
Ineffectual exhortation to be more economical
Sought food on behalf of the elderly
Show to see again, by the sound of it
Last bit or last bits of the lemon curd
Type of loose grey coat
Girl, we hear, given to pranks
Publicity features in broadsheets
Round lake that is least active
Poor old gent as Victorian prime minister
Nameless local turns up for musical
Almost time for bedtime
Short story about going through country
Ale curing outbreak of nervous pain
Bright exterior for a chopper
Was Edward not utilised?
Police officer in boat is wise person
Author given poor grades by enemy?
A dire sort of broadcast
Worthless newspaper one may read in Prague?
Practice punching
Anatomical pouches
Move like a crab
Port opener?
Ah, me!
Veins contents
Document carrier
Main line
Best boys boss
West Coast coll.
Lions pride
Kett of the comics
Hillary supporters?
Foods fuel unit
Town: Dutch
Thin, as air
Justice Kagan
Brad or spad
Clapton of note
Los Angeles neighbor
Deep cut
Map dot, maybe
Bearlike bamboo eater
In addition
Letter addenda: abbr.
Wing or arm, e.g.
Fulda feeder
________ want for Christmas…
Take out
Star-studded region
Turkish officials
Put the lid back on
O. Henry offering
Hideaway on high
Weather word
Actress Spacek
Terra ________
Lively dance
NASAs Grissom
Essen exclamations
Wolfs bane, maybe
Ten: prefix
Pt. of YMCA
British trolley
English river
Soccer great
Nightfall, to Keats
Weave together
Syrian city
Remove by rubbing
Supermarket feature
Fiery stone
King or Bates
Musical Cole
Briefings dont include FBIs time in absolute control
British Trade Union welcomes conservative from Government whose popularity, for instance, is going up and down
Circulates missing tale – the one with the clowns
Compact small university and institute checks jaguars for problems
Emptying out of prayer meetings, this will be needed for classy clean-up
English Times has leaderless column with a sentence thats obviously political
Figure in waiting room is not finished – is Clare out of tolerance?
Found in Jersey produced by the sewers
Great footballer rings guesthouse in Little Rock
Heard eau de cologne found in another aisle is a must-have
Intemperance starts in various employments that can be OTT
It comes as a great surprise half an old prison is for males at the end of imprisonment
Made ones mark with dress design
Moves slowly taking Cistercian away from Christian Science
Oriental movements in Love/Hate
Regent is foolish with one of the committees
Relatives at the bar perhaps – the butt of married mens jokes
Scrutiny of new cars here
Seek office for campaign
Small spot on the bottom of the foot creates a type of stiffness
Space between two points overlooking old city heading for Belfast school in The Troubles
Struck out by those in the Department of Transport
Taken in by Eton saying
Takes a shine to dew coming off silkweed
These neat cocktails from house in Dublin
Too nervous to relax on the foreign ship
Unfamiliar dudes in ET or Alienation
Where it begins to root
Aggressive driver
Australian mammal with duckbill
Before birth
Couplings and labour organisations
Empty, unoccupied
Exhort, press
Formerly a part of Yugoslavia
Full and complete
Gemstone with a design engraved in its surface
Hard thick shell, of a turtle say
Hooded waterproof jacket
In the customary way
It abhors a vacuum, according to Aristotle
It was Nyasaland under Britain
Keep up repairs
Make greater in size, number etc.
Mega-rich Russian with political influence
One from Kingston, say
Ordinary, not extraordinary
Pacify with concessions
Person from the States
Police informer
Saturdays and Sundays
Settle into a tent
Ships crew member
Small guitars with four strings
Tear violently
To no avail
Tragic Shakespearian king
Very wealthy or powerful businessmen
Critical, serious
Shrove Tuesday fare
Country of Africa
Covered on the inside
Utter disaster
Organ of sight
Still firm when eaten
Really bad
Italian opera composer
Type of bid at bridge
Coming down
Deprive of male attributes
Deeply implanted
Source of acorns
Long seat
Forming a mutual attraction
Meal with scones and jam
Plum-like fruits
Heavenly phenomenon
Hole-making tool
Egyptian goddess
Power line held in that?
Great winger’s successful long shot?
Took off without reason, it’s decided
Come to wreck
Queen and king on head of tossed coin, once
Shop requiring actual consignment
New name in development of earliest indoor sport
Push skiver, finally, into school
Pull one in custody back
A payment put into use, so I’m told
Perhaps beside a river, a vale to the East
Main fix
Young head-turner entering hotel, woman viewed from behind
Socrates translated with guidance only beginning to be understood
After water flooded by effluent, initially put off
Minions abandoning southern nation
Drunk slept badly having quaffed a claret
Stick supporting middle of blue flower
Feeding see, I write crosswords for chocolate!
Drink having appeal in different forms, on reflection
One moving to invest capital has billed companion?
Scrap suit in the end, its pockets black?
Cook not happy at first with cake knocked over in a row
Funny spin
Fury after game, seeing bloomer
Flower a daft male pulled up
Doctor says one needs treatment for a period in the tropics
Northern stuff embraced by central US state
Favourite partners, one doing a backflip, dancing together?
Funds raised for boat
Introduction to record in creative work – here?
Look at contracts for boss
Reg rolling in in good time for tea
Wader in boots is struggling initially
Threatening utterance to become pitiful in the end
Dishonourably discharge bank employee
Girl returning in May, victorious
Alt proceeding in court? Charming!
Arab perhaps on the radio, sounding rough
An influential person, Bertha?
Feature of banknote: one stolen from attendant, note
Drawing most of snare back
MD upset, somehow finding a way out?
Am leaving the States to find her?
Something that spins: a child’s toy, timeless
Fat slob disturbed by loud rocket launch
Glen, upset, modified his language
Small jumper from Australia? Wow, certainly big enough!
Awfully ugly person hugging daughter: that’s very sweet
A bit of Portugal rarely seen these days
Kid in Crosby engaged in corrupt practice
Special equipment for small branch
Nausea that comes in waves?
Desperate Dan’s out to shock
The minority or the majority, indeed!
Old German museum, large
Used to be – note – rubbish
In the morning I leave to see friend
. . . the time __ the place
Being a __ (Sean Connery book)
Boy, am __ trouble!
Creole Christmas cookbook guy
Get your mitts offa me!
Here Comes Garfield character
I couldnt __ thing!
Law Practice Magazine publisher
Phantom . . . broke its Broadway-run record
Porgy and Bess contraction
The Last Jedi pilot
15 Across (with its words switched)
A whole lot
Acoustic accessory
Add up to
Appear ominously
Austrian article
Author of 500+ books
Auto made in South Carolina
Base of some flour
Bonded by electrostatic forces
Buffy on TV
Cavity in a lung
Chamber ensemble*
Colgate competitor
Common Russian name
Cornfield diversion
Deceives, so to speak
Far from innovative
Genesis 6-9 VIP
Glove part
Highlighter, for instance
Home video format
In-flight stat
Initials associated with 24 Down
Like fairways at 4:00 A.M
Like some humor, or humorless
Little sphere in a whistle
Luau entertainment*
Many a Mormon
Many mythological figures
Map marker
Mental acuity
Moved sinuously
Musical cast member*
New Delhi-born physician/New Ager
Nixons first book*
Not beyond
Numbered rd
Obstruct for protection
Org. offering the At Bat app
Picnic tote
Pony Express starting point
Prf. of purchase
Prius or Insight
Pulitzer winner for Picnic
Pundits piece
Pundits pieces
Rose petal eater
ROTC beneficiary
Scannable stripes
Sine __ non
Start with, logically
Sunflower seed product
UK legislators
Urn, for instance
Using bills to pay bills
Utility knife name
Very bright celestial object
Way back in time
What each starred answer has
What the Fonz called Richies dad
An account payable
Just Getting Started star
Type of teen king
Brava! evoker
Bailey and Baldwin
Congressional underling
Mentally zeroing in
Show obeisance, in a way
Like baseballs summer team
I call it!
Wriggly fish
Passing Newton
Python shape
Mysterious craft
Bar worth lots
Thing checked off
Like left-out food
Shot measurement
Fables guy
Removes wrinkles, in a way
Tart fruit
Understand, as a gag
Tentative drinks
Beyonce hairstyle, sometimes
Pass along wisdom
Riding accessories
Common business expense
Angelic? No, no, no
Marine bird
Cruised through, as an exam
Digital communication company
Docs advice
How returners will be right?
Liver mineral
QBs protectors
Like tied shoes
Executed, as a program
Apicultural center?
Buona ___ (good night)
How much have I lost device
Stable person
Hillary Clinton wear
Latvias capital
Feature of garbage
Sherwoods merry group
Obtain via interrogation
Isolated spot of land
Fillets lack
Greek s
Miss Muffet had some
Active, per Holmes
Long-faced creature
Like one slower than a wasp
Chillingly weird
Silver fish
Musk-y company?
Ready to be cut?
Play fiddlers spot
First glance
Laminated mineral
Sudden outpourings
Perform lousily
Waiters want
Grandiose, filmwise
Proofreaders notation
Green sin?
Beastly creature
Office staples
Leave in, editorially
Avis output
Republican abbr.
Top seeds reward
Air-driven generator
Animal doctor collapsing near warhorse
Asian language sharing characters with Chinese
Assist illegally
Bands music sent back
Beelzebub sustains this slippery character
Calf meat
Can writer provide pleasant solution?
Carrying handle
Check on accounts
Completely bewildered on the ocean wave
Continental shot in camera
Dads music
From United States
Giant mice can be mysterious
In this place
In transit
Inspect gold object with Old Penny
Joiner employed in building work
Married Yorkshire banker? Something clicked!
Moralist acquires rubbish for project
National jeep NASA designed
Neither here nor there?
Note liar confused about testimonial
Old flour supplier Will keeps changing mind
Old soldier
Present from the relatives
Primate with a long tail
Race duo diverted through country
Second American keeps ring for major
Securely sealed
Slippery fish
Small outbuilding is closed
Small rodent
Some dive a little lower for food
Some Elizabethans help criminal
South American country
Spiritual teacher
Starter for ten: question for Labour
Statue or monument
Thousand in cash for naughty youngster
Thrust forward
Travel document
Very significant
What one needs to go beyond Dover say
Wise leader returns carpet to university
Poor Richards Almanack bit
The Little Mermaid setting
All-in-one printer transmissions
Amateur singers venue
Animal shelters plea
Attendance takers counts
Babys parent
Be ill with
Big name in bananas
Bills bearing the Great Seal
Breaks, as a bronco
Brussels-based alliance
CBS spinoff from JAG
Celestial flareups
Complexion woe
Cookie embossed with its name
Cracked, as a secret message
Defaults, as on a promise
Drooling dog of comics
First airings
Flying vehicle in E.T.
Forte automaker
Forty-niners direction
Full of energy
Goes for a deep tan
Golden Gloves weapon
Google Earth display
Govt. wetlands overseer
Grad students exam
Grand Lodge group
Gung-ho feeling
Headless rider of folklore
Hilton or Hyatt
Homage in meter
Impresses greatly
Improved, as musculature
Intense craving
Invaders of pantries
Is unruly in line
It may be bruised or inflated
Jousters weapon
Kings proclamation
Learned person
Lee of Marvel Comics
Like a Band-Aid solution
Like a penthouse
Make blissful
More than sporadically
Move to the music
Ms. Durbeyfield of literature
Neuralink CEO Musk
Nuptial pledge
Papa Johns appliance
Part of KISS
Program for night owls
Prospectors strike
Reciters at slams
Rogue computer in 2001
Ross of Motown
Selfish sort
Shelter rescues
Ship raiser or lowerer
Shoots down
Skipped out
Spheres, to 6-Down
Squirt or spurt, say
Supply with gear
Talks foolishly
The Worlds Fastest Man
Topaz or turquoise
Transplant recipient
Trash-hauling craft
TV schedule segment
Was housed
Waze suggestions
White-sale purchase
Witless sort
Words from Wilde
Indicates its unsheathed
Concession made by the permissive?
Go round to get something for the fishing trip
Support, when ones introduced, or oppose
It helps to brighten up a circus act
Entering shiftily, grabs a fruit
Thought about how it did credit to?
Flamboyant and always in a hurry?
Hand down, as do fathers to a child
Strike painfully against something protruding from the ground
Theres clear water if you go beyond the peak
Promise to photograph less?
Concerned with the hustle and bustle
A bottle for the fellow you get along badly with
What the sergeant major did, who took up dentistry?
Acts for which wind instruments provide suitable accompaniment?
Lose an opportunity, were told, through bad luck
Bolt when theres no longer need to
Result of firing into the air?
Gives permission to and I think we should
So the referee took the ball again
That will show just what youve got up to!
Carried away, becomes thoroughly animated
Put the cowl on and look ashamed
The fellow goes to the mob for protection
Enter ones mind to give up work
Designs in the past involved a bird
Cloudburst thats accompanied by lightning?
The garment tears badly when we get into it
Trustworthy but could become a hanger-on
Near time, or time, to go to bed
Is, for the sex change, first in
A mug to criticise
For campers without exception, virtually
In accompanying the soldier, shows spirit
Poorly or ill equipped to offer a choice
Giving a number and the whereabouts to
A receptacle for rain, uncovered
Signs that guests may be about to be received
Has fun and games with the little girl
Furniture for liners
Was uncertain though about, you say, to get married
Pleasant about the Eastern member of the family
A girl-meets-boy book
Radioactive element
Army officer
Leg part
Run fast
Collection of animals
University city
Hundredth anniversary
Jazz dance
Birds home
Talkative person, informally
Four-sided figure
Ballpoint pen
Hairstyling aid
Sports official
Get around
Took it easy
Drinking vessel
Affectedly shy
Motorboat with living accommodation
Irish emblem
Oil containers
Bedtime drink
Paper size
Thames at Oxford
Fibre used in rope-making
Greek god of the sun
Proud to (anag) give up
Loose veiled garment with veiled holes for the eyes
£25 (informal)
Staunchly loyal
Musical accompaniment added above a basic melody
Subtle point of distinction
One of the seven deadly sins
Windstorms that lift clouds of dust or sand
Finished (the dishes?)
Seaside town in South Ayrshire whose golf club hosted the 2016 Open Championship
These officers end by leaving James Brydon out
Stallholders cart causing pub brawl?
See 23
Former England captain dismissed Alec Robins
Instruction to reader remains in Asian language
Lawn cut by waters in Lake District village
Going back, poor Margaret Irvine has ignored Maria
Figure one has only half a buck
Do not disclose some foolish idea
Broken the ulna? Hospital by end of the day in a bad condition
Weird hum from Michael Curl causing this type of admin error
Areas which take their toll
Tom Johnson broadcast as recently retired football commentator
Half the seasoned beef is over and done with
Missiles causing havoc in ship
Dicky Manley is poorly
Low gear involved finding place to leave a boat
Biblical character involved with downs for John Dawson
Removes all traces of sport contest around square
Princess has limits to awful temper
Part with toy, perhaps one to follow?
Straw breaking camels back, doubly profligate
Simple language from bird heard on the Big Breakfast?
Ill-fated ship in French tributary of the Rhone
Consecrates Keynes having abandoned Ashley Knowles at sea
Money paid out to former US vice-president, were told
Rumour that Sarah Hayes has lost out
Educate artists and porpoises as a group!
John Halpern loses capital twice, producing Swiss herdsmens instrument
Keep talking in flowery location
When I get loud? Like thats going to happen
Rat sees another running on one hill
Turns to gold house
Plant English dullard behind terrible place
Harmony as rascal escapes exemption from punishment
Clean comb
Yearning to be lost again, oddly
Philosopher creates eccentric note before Sunday
Staggering, otherwise, around bar
Spin wife on part of foot
Directed given data another way
Sent us a tent, producing complaint
Inclination to be inadequate in top gear
Part of the theatre
Padding to generate delay, say
Key chat about consignment
Sorts bail out for foreman
Working at the bakery in the poorest conditions
Instrument has nothing on a weapon
Left Wales out ” small and anarchic
Cook us his recipe
Establish new party, as far as Im concerned
Offensive answer included recording electricians stuff
Drink was rated differently with oxygen
Deity almost becoming enterprising
A unit is deployed in another country
Wicked student points around city
Praise former spouse on left
Enjoy something being a number
police Restraint Around The Wrists
progeny, Children, Kids
state That Is Home To The Green Bay Packers
dystopian Series By Veronica Roth
archaic Term For Sulfur
imbalance, A Great Difference
due __, Care Required By A Prudent Person
country Bordering Costa Rica To The North
spotted Dog Breed Coveted By Cruella De Vil
prolific Best Selling Novelist: __ Steel
cagliari Is This Islands Capital City
having No Idea, Being Out Of Touch
taking Place Every Other Year
one Of The Individual Small Bones In The Spine
the Murder Of A King
expensive, Underground Edible Fungi
roman Emperor, Nominated Himself Perpetual Censor
one-wheeled Transport
purgative Drug Used To Treat Constipation
greek Legends Lowest Region Of The Underworld
break A Code
two Different Words That Mean The Same Thing
__ Dog, Yoga Position
series Of Written Symbols That Represent Numbers
once A Play Finishes, The Actors Do This On Stage
plant With Yellow Flowers And Edible Leaves
modern Folk Band __ And Sons
designs Made From Small, Colorful Tiles
follow A Winding Course
apples Ceo; Began In 2011
ancient City Known For Its Hanging Gardens
faults, Imperfections
hometown Of The Flintstones
type Of Short-grained Rice Used To Make Risotto
skin Pigment
household Waste Collected For Fertilizer
european Country Where The Black Forest Is Located
annual Calendar With Important Upcoming Events
ground, Dried Sweet Red Pepper Sold In A Jar
collective Term For A Bunch Of Cats
this Hero Was Born On Planet Krypton
toxic Element Named For Madame Curies Birthplace
a Naturally Occuring Sugar Found In Fruit
hails, Credits
pianist Known As “mr. Showmanship”
appropriate For The Situation
worlds Second Largest Landlocked Country
they Are Better To Eat You With
place Where Tents Can Be Pitched
a Sum Given To A Charity
blooms Of Love
a Chance Occurence
male Massage Therapists
bourbon Or Rye With Sugar And Bitters: Old __
breaks In Activity
branch Of Medicine Dealing With Brain Disorders
immature, Sophomoric
ornamental Objects Used To Hold A Sleeve Closed
segas 6th Generation Games Console
cut Him Out And Do It Yourself
to Give In, Especially In Battle
ten Specific Athletic Events Over Two Days
han Solos Co-pilot
nepalese Valley Named After National Capital
someone Who Brings A Civil Action In Court
deliberately Destroy Property
self-employed, Working On Contract
moment Of Sudden Revelation
settlers Aided By Squanto, A Native American
barely, Hardly
flip Through A Book Quickly, Not In Great Depth
revolving Wheel Gambling Game
grew Wider
southernmost Country Where Victoria Falls Is Found
subsatnce That Percipitates A Chemical Reaction
track Event To Determine Who Leaps The Farthest
characters Assumed By Authors, Or Game-players
a Private Room
appears In The Sky At The Start Of A Lunar Month
long Running Broadway Musical: __ Of The Opera
late American Singer, Nicknamed “ol Blue Eyes”
rapunzels Disney Movie
the Practice Of Cleanliness
misconception Or Delusion
those Who Watch From The Shadows
chemical Element, Atomic Number 45
operating A Car
strategies In War Or Sport
raw Fish In Citrus Juice With Chili And Seasoning
mexican Beach Resort Famous For Cliff Diving Shows
terry Cloth Post-shower Garment
lined Like A Prune, Or An Elephant
rich White Sauce In French Cuisine, Contains Cream
in Christianity: Manifestations Of Bodily Wounds
longest River In The U.s.
__ Ali; The Greatest Boxer Of All Time, Perhaps
person Applying For State Benefits
advocates Equality For Women
slim Medical Tubes For Sucking Up Liquids
prolific Reader
small Weight To Keep Entrance Open
co-founder Of You Tube: Chad __
glacial Period In Time
alongside Ambrosia, It Sustained The Gods
austrias Capital City
stranger __; Netflix Series Starring Winona Ryder
extravagant, Excessively Showy
good Luck In Spanish: “buena __”
americans Eat This Bird At Thanksgiving
physical Strength
truman __ Wanted Ms. Monroe To Play Ms. Golightly
wooden Support Below The Waist Utilized By Pirates
the Color Of The Beatles Submarine
martial Art, Practiced By The “kid”
plutos Closest-known Satellite, A Greek Ferryman
clumsily, Gracelessly
nw Part Of Oklahoma, Once Called “no Mans Land”
accumulation Of Winter Precipitation Blown By Wind
eight Babies Born At The Same Time
pop Singer Who Co-wrote Candle In The Wind
deeply Discounted Merchandise
story That You Can Listen To On A Journey
minimizes Friction
echoed, Rang Through The Air
small Swelling In The Lymphatic System
native Girl Who Pines For Peter Pan
ale Made By Local Producers Not Large Corporations
sunny-colored Tuna
tummy Pain
online Movie Ticket Purchasing Site
handrail On A Staircase
fungal Skin Infection, Can Affect Scalp And Body
coordinate For North-south Position Of A Place
insincere And Excessive Praise
volume; Maximum Possible Attendance
traffic Stop Signal
celebratory Clinking Of Wine Glasses
space Between Eyes And Hairline
the Words Of An Opera, The Spoken And Sung Parts
she Drinks The Poisoned Wine Intended For Hamlet
deliberately Tricking Or Deceiving
novak __, Serbian Grand Slam-winning Tennis Star
relating To The Period Of The Year Before Winter
elongated, Goofy Girlfriend Of Popeye
the Wife Of An Earl
three-pronged Forks
canal Or River
carrie __; Newspaper Columnist In Sex And The City
ocean Liquid
related To The Medicine Branch To Treat Children
fanciful And Amusing, Quirky
id Adopted By Batmans Ex-sidekick Dick Grayson
without A Sound
long Car Often Hired For Fancy Events
device Used To Beam Images Onto A Wall
__ Rock, Presley Hit From A Movie Of The Same Name
roadside Advertiser
rock Face, Crag, Cliff
not See-through
kansas City __ Play At Kauffman Stadium
small Shovel For Mortar
a Small, Shallow Stretch Of Water
pariss Executioner During The French Revolution
overseas, In A Foreign Country
__ Wood Played Frodo And Mumble
digs Deeper Into Something
food Made According To Jewish Dietary Laws
wilsons Disease Causes An Excessive Buildup Of It
alexei __, First Russian To Walk In Space
it Boils Water For Tea
plaything Thats A Vehicle
simultaneous Discharge Of Missiles Or Firearms
ginger __, Dancer Starred With Astaire In Top Hat
african Animal Adventure
country Where The Ancient Lescaux Cave Is Located
kimchi Is A Staple In This Type Of Cuisine
jeweled Headpieces
type Of Sale Where Items Go To The Highest Bidder
tall Animal With A Long Neck
in Typography, Adjusting Spaces Between Letters
they Hold Photos Around The Neck
6-sided Shape
french Botanist Formulated A Theory Of Evolution
cincinnati Nfl Team Named For Big Cat
developed Gradually
herb From A Shrub; Pop One In Stew For Flavor
took Covering Off Peas
exceedingly, Exceptionally
instruction To Cling On For Dear Life
craft That Leaves The Atmosphere
street Purveyor Of Magazines And Daily Papers
normandy Seashore, Site Of Wwii Allied Invasions
guitarist With Nirvana And Foo Fighters
__ Four; Marvel Superhero Team
trey Parker And Matt Stones Make Believe Town
dutch Artist Believed To Have Stereo Blindness
how Hot It Feels; Temperature With Humidity
film Actor Who Plays Harry Potter: Daniel __
yellow Lawn Flower Used In Tisanes And Teas
car For Driving On Sandy Hills
special Right Or Advantage Given To Certain Groups
uncontrolled Red Nasal Drip
guards Of Azkaban
political System Followed By Marx And Lenin
catherine __; Mother Of Mary I, Queen Of England
term For The Five Administrative Divisions Of Nyc
singer And Guitarist Supported By Heartbreakers
first Major Battle Of The English Civil War
agricultural Produce Grown To Sell
players Who Stand Behind Batters
hot, Humid Climate, Like In A Rainforest
only Sea With No Coastline
piling One On Top Of The Other
satisfied By An Amount Of Water
icy Crystal Unlike Another
electronic Voice Amplifier
dc Comics Botany Expert And Supervillain
blood Cells That Control Post-injury Bleeding
facial Hair Named After A Civil War Soldier
pirate Theme Film Series: Pirates Of The __
the Relationship Between Cause And Effect
first American To Orbit The Earth
__ 64; Computer Used By 1980s Gamers
italian Unsmoked Cured Pork Jowl
without End
small Wooden Tool For Removing Trapped Food
rays Of Natural Night-time Light From The Sky
french Protestants Of The 16th And 17th Centuries
attraction Between People
without Instruments
city Thats Nicknamed Venice Of The North
online Page
shortness, Briefness
absorbent Materials To Wrap Around Babys Bottom
dizzying Sensation, A Medical Condition
a Small Independent Coprincipality In The Pyrenees
sandys Best Friend In Grease
one Who Assists With Births
extraordinarily Skilled At A Young Age
italian Term For An Undulating Musical Note
army And Soldiers On Horseback
places For Storing Cadavers
italian Curd Cheese, Creamy White Texture
oceanic Earthquake Outcome
express Remorse For Sins
acting Dame, Often Playing The Queen, Helen __
cold __; Weather Systems With Chilly Air
woman From A Spanish-speaking S. American Country
fairy Tale About Two Siblings: Hansel And __
ho Chi Minh City Formerly
cow Or Horse Excrement For Fertilizer
objects In Poor Taste Because They Are Tacky
“the House That Ruth Built”: __ Stadium
chemical Element Used As Medical Disinfectant
carl Sagan Tv Series That Covered Astronomy
destined To Fail
ambulance Signalers
marvel Supervillain Created By Hank Pym
country Whose Army Lost The Battle Of Marathon
someone Who Lacks Belief In The Existence Of Gods
lagos And Kano Are This Countrys Largest Cities
wrap Arms Around
claude __, Impressionist Composer Of Nocturnes
ability To Read Ones Mind
2018 Triple Crown Winner
the Third Component With Gases And Solids
teased Or Mocked
largest City In Scotland, But Not Its Capital
__ Delight, Ottoman Inspired Confections
cupboard That Cools Food To Low Temperatures
category Of Literature; Made-up Stories
one Who Scans For Land On A Ship
first U.s. President Who Was Catholic
freezing In Hip-hop Funk Dance Before Continuing
largest City In Canada In Terms Of Population
green Gem And Irelands Nickname
french Artist Who Painted “joy Of Life”: Henri __
gift To Mark A Celebratory Occasion
lying Under Oath
swarming Insects, A Biblical Plague Of Them
study Of Mechanical Systems Used For Body Parts
country That Won The First Fifa World Cup
brazils Highest Mountain Pico Da __
another Word For Pubs
unfounded, Without Grounds
small Thatched Dwellings In The Countryside
where The Cyclops Sported Their Single Eye
polish Sausage
an Immediate, Unthinking Emotional Reaction
once Known As Constantinople; Turkish Megacity
brits Call It A Lift, Americans Call It An __
very Well
eaten By Whales In Huge Quantities
smart City And Indias Capital Since 1931
nyc Borough Setting For The Show “2 Broke Girls”
oldest Kardashian Sister
city With A Tourist Attraction Called The Atomium
actor Christian From Heathers
__ Queen, Shes A Dangerous Woman
__ Bergman Who Played Ilsa In Casablanca
educational Facility
largest City Entirely On European Soil, In Russia
aromatic Flower Buds, Spice Used During Christmas
not Certain; Doubting
__ Raccoon; Member Of Guardians Of The Galaxy
__ Griffin, The Youngest Member In Family Guy
__ Burner Used For Chemistry Experiments
discover The Presence Of
vice President Under George W. Bush: Dick __
busiest Port City In South Africa; Not A Capital
professional Aquatic Creature Catcher
__ City; Most Populated City In Central America
convinces, Talks Into
it Can Be Harsh Or Constructive
passed Through Or Roamed Around A Place
time Marker For Musicians
dress Shirt Accessories
superhero Named After An Astronaut: Buzz __
the D In Di In The Police Force; Sherlock Was One
community Of Organisms And Their Environment
north Korean City With Landmark Juche Tower
the Second Chamber Of The Ruminant Stomach
busy, With A High Volume Of Traffic
lively Resort City In Nevada, With Casinos
dc Comics Feline Antiheroine
animal Victims Of Vehicular Manslaughter
flying __, Phantom Mariner Fated To Sail Forever
meat Tubes, Often Cooked On Barbecues
alleged Stomping Grounds For Robin Hood: __ Forest
no Longer In Fashion, Out Of Date
structure Used In Bmx, Snow- And Skateboarding
tiny Globes Of Water
small Exclusive Shop
coming Of Age Film Starring Saoirse Ronan
high-heeled Shoe And The Name Of A Slim Knife
delivers The News By Bicycle
period When A Computer Is Offline Or Unavailable
ancient Greek Festival Where Playwrights Competed
large White Avian With Orange Bill; Its Voiceless
breathing Out
1960 Movie About Famous Texas Standoff
jeans Company Named After Animal Handlers
active Volcano In Central Ecuador
__ Hall, New York Concert Hall For Classical Music
superman Is Faster Than A __ Bullet
find A Penny Pick It Up, All Day Long You Have __
mockery, Ridicule
perfect And Spotlessly Clean
queen __, Monarch Who Oversaw A Vast Empire
remove Someone From Contacts List On Social Media
related To Or For Cooking
slip Of Paper With Weekly Salary Or Wages
organized 11-a-side Game Started In Sheffield
tall, Large Bloom, Also Called Helianthus
hired Driver
estimate Of A Propertys Value
adopted A New Religion
concussive Effect Of An Explosion
ceramic Material Used To Make Some Figurines
frances Second-largest City, On The Mediterranean
breakfast At Tiffanys Heroine: Holly __
single-mindedly Obsessive
word For A Supreme Ruler, Like A Monarch
young People, Not Quite Mature
she Released A Fenty Beauty Makeup Line In 2017
act Of Being Absent From School Without Permission
swiss Pro Tennis Player Ranked In Top 2 In 2018
fiction Genre With A Crime To Be Solved
wedding Brought Forward Due To Unplanned Pregnancy
marvel Supervillain And Crime Boss
small-scale 3d Model
daughter Of Latinus And Amata In Roman Mythology
boldness, Flashiness, Bluster
places With Exhibits
kenyan City, Home To An Important Stock Exchange
to Dull, E.g. Spirits, Mood
meat From A Sheep
one Of The Seasons For Paris Fashion Week
polish Composer & Pianist Of The Romantic Era
type Of Wild Dog That Lives In Africa And Asia
last Known Country To Use The Guillotine
this Element Is Used In Graphite
sacred Islamic Shrine, Site Of Muhammads Tomb
irrelevant To The Discussion: “__ The Point”
__ Mode, Band Meaning “hurried Fashion”
shapes Of Buildings, Hills Etc Against A Horizon
straight Route Between Two Places
person Post Employment
__ Comics; Comic Book That Introduced Wonder Woman
capital Of And Largest City In Wales
look After An Infant While The Parents Are Out
harry Potters Spoiled, Bully Cousin: Dudley __
greek Goddess Of Innocence, Means “star-maiden”
he Played Ers Doug Ross
one Who Makes Houses
fruity Nickname Of New York City
song From Annie
classification Grading For Hurricanes
killer Of A Political Leader, Such As A President
falafel Legume
uneasy, Unable To Relax
__ Warfare, Military Operations Using Poisoned Gas
quick-witted Close Friend Of Shakespeares Romeo
son Of Zeus, Ares Title
someone Who Boasts About Their Possessions
grilled Japanese Dish Of Soy Sauce And Fish/meat
female Who Carries A Baby For Another Woman
gone In Sixty Seconds
muscular Wall Above The Abdomen
an Assistant Referee Runs Up And Down One
infinite, Endless, Never-ending
ruin The Appearance Of, Especially On The Face
sell All Of It
cabernet __, Successful Red Wine Grape Variety
officers Can Seize Visible Evidence, __ Doctrine
shoes With Horizontal Strap And A Girls Name
hopelessness; Bare And Empty State
1588 Victory For England: Defeat Of The Spanish __
silas __, George Eliots Weaver
dalai Lamas Winter Home In Lhasa: __ Palace
amethyst Amelia Kelly: Aka Rapper Iggy __
the Eighth Month Of The Year
olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White: “the Flying __”
spanish Word For Man
oval Fruits Often Stuffed Or Marinated
arnold __, Golfer With Drink Named After Him
trousers That Stop Above The Knee
organ Of The Body That Produces Insulin
cereal Company With Tony The Tiger Mascot
master Of Illusions, Card Tricks, And Hand Slights
jewish Festival Also Called The Festival Of Lights
french Wine Region On Either Bank Of The Gironde
is Representative Of, Is A Normal Example Of
one Of The Cardinal Virtues, Meaning Reason
a Chip Off The __
__ Monarchy; Where A Ruler Has Unrestricted Power
__ Steel, Romance Novelist Since 1972s Going Home
__ Husky, Dog Breed, Thrives In Cold Climates
octopus Limb
i Love Rock n Roll And Bad Reputation Crooner
hat Maker
irritation Of The Mucous Membrane In The Nose
flame __, Military Weapons Shooting Fire
puts At Ease
__ Bag, For Hitting At The Gym Or In Boxing
raised Pathway Across Wet Ground, Used By Giants
uncovering Something
fluffy Egg White And Sugar Dessert
human-powered Taxi In Asian Countries
patek __, Swiss Luxury Watchmaker
without Morals
unsolicited Sales Pitch Delivered Via Phone
kurt Cobains Widow, Singer-actress __ Love
main Cause Of Old Age Blindness: __ Degeneration
light Rain, Not Only In April
drooping Like A Parched Plant
argentinian Cowboys; Also Wide, Calf-length Pants
king Arthurs Court
undermine Authority
firstborn Of Beyoncé And Jay-z
popular Online Social Network, Before Facebook
both An Insect And A Sport
square, Stuffed Pasta Parcels
highest Female Singing Voice
held In High Regard
describes An Animal That Walks On Two Legs
liquid Filled Mattress
parasitic Larvae Infection Through Soil Or Water
“nothing __, Nothing Gained”
wearing Thin Garments One On Top Of The Other
mankind; Compassion
moving On All Fours
maker Of Objects From Clay And China
supervised, Inspected
religion Associated With The Mahabodhi Temple
large City On The Congo River Opposite Brazzaville
italian Dish Of Stuffed Boneless Pork Roast
throat And Stomach Connector
small Sun Comes In White, Black, Red Types
person Who Designs Buildings
members Of The Family
opinion, Way Of Thinking
author Of Oedipus The King
country Where The Didgeridoo Instrument Originated
watch And Fountain Pen Brand With Mountain Motif
stretching Before Exercise
at A Fast Pace
cheerleading Accessory
“the City Of A Hundred Spires”
chrissy __, Model Married To John Legend
involve Oneself In Anothers Business

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