Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-20

___ joke (lame pun you might hear from your father)
Stage drama like “Hamlet”
The ___ of the earth (the worst people alive)
“Amber” brew
Ant-Man or Aquaman for example
Hard-to-carry brass instrument
1851 novel featuring Captain Ahab’s obsessive quest for a white whale: Hyph.
Son of Adam and Eve who had no children
“Oh for ___’s sake!”
“Murder ___ Wrote”
Sutcliffe who was once a member of the Beatles
Failure that fizzles
___ bono (for no fee to a lawyer)
Lost object that Indiana Jones searched for
Classic opening line of 15-Across in which the narrator introduces himself: 3 wds.
Win every game against another team
“Plug Walk” rapper Rich ___ Kid
Young man
Black goo used in roadwork
What a stick might be used for on a snowman
Place where you could buy corned beef
Hooting bird of prey
Carpenter’s file
Rapper/actor who portrayed a cop in the movie “New Jack City”: Hyph.
Author of 15-Across Herman ___
Thick hard-to-vacuum carpet style
Profess publicly
On ___ of the world (ecstatic)
Gorilla fluent in sign language who died in 2018 at age 46
“Any ___?” (“Do you have an update?”)
Be in the red
Somewhat moist
___ vera (burn-soothing plant)
Loan needing to be repaid
Degree that typically requires a written dissertation: Abbr.
Time spent on hobbies and relaxation
___ your back (stretch like a cat)
Joined together like oxen
Fame enjoyed by Hollywood celebrities
___ Gooding Jr. (“Jerry Maguire” actor)
___ Eats (meal-delivery service via rideshare vehicles)
___ Bay Buccaneers
“Love in This Club” singer
Many desktop machines: Abbr.
Like vegetables in the produce section
___ Miss (Crimson Tide rival)
Harington who plays Jon Snow on “Game of Thrones”
Prefix for “graphic” or “caching”
“Frozen” tune with the lyric “The cold never bothered me anyway”: 3 wds.
Not deep like one end of a pool
From Italy’s capital
3-D medical scan: Abbr.
Floppy ___ (old computer storage device)
Rebounding sound
Spring a ___ (start losing water)
Bob Seger’s “___ Got Tonite”
Deep singing voice for a woman
Opposite of fast
Cartoon skunk ___ Le Pew
stuffed ones are pompous
Belfasts Irish province
walks on winter drifts
sawed with the grain
1990s Mercury sedan
avaricious quality
Gang member associated with the color blue
Powerful ray
Sorority letters
“I’m so sorry”
Marie who married at 14
Bean town?
Painting of a bouquet, e.g.
Israeli P.M. between Netanyahu and Sharon
With assurance
Make deep cuts in
Caesarean section?
Easy-to-eat, in a way
Wyoming town that’s home to the Buffalo Bill Museum
Relatives of tails
Steamy place
Switzerland’s ___ de Neuch??tel
Something a lawyer might make
Something that’s “free”
They’re hard to beat
Can’t not
Head case, so to speak
Rich cakes
Man with ___
Ship-to-ship communication
Dead ringers?
Best Picture before “12 Years a Slave”
Olympic racer
Texter’s valediction
Does nothing
Makeup of a high school reading list
Mall authority figure
Palestinian uprising
Astronomer with a geocentric model of the universe
“Whose woods these ___ …”: Frost
Modern invitation to hook up
A bitter pull to swallow?
Guiding light
Full-bodied red
Joint tenant?
Latin pronoun
Moth repellent
Ended a phone call?
King of Cups, e.g.
Sing about?
Hannah Montana, for one
Narrowly spaced
Protection from harmful rays
“Eight Elvises” and “Sixteen Jackies”
Really annoy
Bit of news
Ice planet in “The Empire Strikes Back”
Pecks, in a way
Role for a young Ron Howard
Spy grp.
Engulf bird in the air
As used by someone acting in the billiard-hall
Mark on letter spoken of in sepulchral tones?
Does it make the worshippers angry?
Oriental with little flesh is black
Party head could be nicer to ruler
Leave pithead in 5 and go back…
…because wickedness goes before the end of 13
Because shes cold?
Make a change of heading, so to speak
Theres nothing in this selection I like
Not a pleasant foot complaint, but it may be on the cob
The open hostility the governor would find at the den
Late riser has it, that is with 22 rising around
Evil – like a candle?
Yield beforehand, and go in the van
Work in harmony since she is to join the stage turn
Edward to carry doll
In which lots are expected to be knocked down
Incidentally when getting through an exam…
…makes something new of set race
What the attack costs
The sailor is abroad in various places
Arise – the title is back in it
Grow sick
A feline
An age
Expert in disease
Partly cover
Reluctant in the Civil Service to produce materials
Mineral – definite quantities of it, we hear
First or second, maybe? That will produce a row in the viva voce
Breakfast for Sir Francis
Cattle well turned out
Almost cover up the debris on the hillside
Pennsylvania has changed the governor
Fur coats, one hears, for the spiteful female
Make amends soon after midnight?
He takes flight from Yugoslavia to Russia
Confection thats doubly good in Paris
About charitable gifts for sovereign states
Give the reason for a census, by the sound of it
Splendid time for popular greeting
Object to night shift!
A slipper from which one drinks!
One drilling tool – or two
Ring on a girdle – its good to breathe in!
Hes a fool to obstruct the principal
One seaman colleague and many more
Firearms belonging to one of Falstaffs followers?
Without stopping to put your thoughts into words
Taxi near the man who owns it
Discovered nothing in the kitty
Determined the dimensions and applied adhesive
1980 biopic starring Roger Daltrey in the title role
Ken , 1962 and 1966 Commonwealth 440y hurdles gold medallist
Tony , actor who played Dr Toby Latimer in BBC TV sitcom Dont Wait Up
City in California, US, in the centre of the San Joaquin Valley
Fictional spy created by Ian Fleming
Rob , actor who played Sam Seaborn in US television drama series The West Wing
Capital of Kenya
See 11
WBC Heavyweight champion from 1995-96
1979 film drama starring Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave
Andre , Minister of War of the French Third Republic from 1931-32
See 16
Cavity behind the mouth and nose connecting them to the oesophagus
1996 Ken Loach film drama starring Robert Carlyle
See 6
Old Testament Hebrew prophet of the 8th-century BC
River that flows through Leicester
2013 film comedy starring James Franco and Jonah Hill
2007 action film starring Robert Carlyle and Tom Courtenay
Olivia , singer-actress who played Sandy in 1978 film musical Grease
The , one of three ships commanded by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to America
1997 film comedy starring Jim Carrey and Maura Tierney
River that flows through Leeds and Skipton
Unit of length equalling four inches used for measuring the height of horses
City in Somerset; Latin name Aquae Sulis
Close-fitting garment for divers
Fill up with petrol
Prayer ending
Nagging pain
Hair colour
Be next to
Hit with the palm of the hand
Glass vessel used in experiments
Underside of the foot
Married German woman
Far and wide
Food of the gods
Skin irritation
Quiet at back of tunnel
Bores about not being drunk
Pressure too much, in case
Sheepish round wine producer
High in an attic
Shade of credibility
Study of cadences
Time of pageantry
School nowadays is gloomy
Lads in trouble in isolated spot
Thus repeatedly average
Changes as to fodder
Tune played with hesitation became fixed
Leaving during coffee
Devoured more than seven, say
Supporter of sport?
Member of whole group
Aspired to include part of church
It happened in the Seventies
Teacher back in prison
Mathematical crawler
Locations of spectacles, say
Implements in a suit
Gap sounds complete
A professor is a handsome youngster
Whole time alto was performing
Rinse out warning device
Honest about quantity
Resting-places in the county
Scan a red construction
Stomach has a medium scope
Perform in Clacton
Child of resonance
Animal gives party energy
Layabout in loafers
Performer has unusual traits
Guides bullocks
Keen to agree to change
Tries out cricket matches
All right for artist to have vegetable
Fellow went ahead and bolted
Creepy-sounding lake
Level with First Lady
In the air
Guernsey, eg
Neither male nor female
Golf peg
Term of respect
Card suit
Beautiful youth
Entire range
Female deer
Ladies fingers
Ran away
Great Lake
Previous day
Great number
Road marker
Froshs senior
Energy bit
Undue speed
Back out
Sticky liquid
Black hue
Capps drink
Juice drink
Data converter
Riviera resort
Divan, e.g.
Marquee word
Chapel image
Pops mate
At what time?
Tear apart
Item from abroad
Outdoor trek
March 15
Flood wall
Russian emperor
Army meal
Steep flax
Big book
Boo-boo mark
Sheep shelter
Put down
Fireproof material
Not now
Fast feline
Sage, e.g.
Set phrase
Keats, e.g.
Render unclear
Animals mouth
Ghostly quality
Seniors dance
Tiny burger
Stationery stack
Biblical weed
Fido, e.g.
Recurring theme
Give the cold shoulder
Units of resistance
Civil rights concern
Cook, as clams
Casual top
Tempest in a teapot
Kimono sashes
Name derived from a Kyrgyz word meaning sea of islands
__ therapy
Food quality
Makes a play for
Patriotic nickname
Start of many a puzzle
Enjoys a course
Stopped using
Addies husband in As I Lay Dying
Our acts make or __ us : Victor Hugo
Fee: Abbr.
The Night They Invented Champagne musical
Curved sword, to Brits
Elver, e.g.
In a happy place
__ Fridays
Hard-to-find items, to collectors
Tellers output
Sydneys st.
Strong reaction
No more!
First cloned mammal
Noël Coward, for one
Proverbial team feature?
Where Zeno taught
Experimental vehicle
Twilight author Stephenie
Nurse Jackie Emmy winner
Compensate (for)
Quick to recover
Out of control
Pasta __: food brand
__ plaisir!
Auto fluid problems
Braces (oneself)
Online reminders
It can tide you over
Harmonious outfit
Like many donuts
Tell __ story: elicit sympathy
Legal barrier
How some survivalists live
__ al-Khaimah: UAE emirate
__ route
Sees through
Heres my advice …
Go along
Patronizes, with at
Word from the Greek for three-footed
I thought we were done
What animals do in the wild
Roger Goodells gp.
Work out
Protest where people do and dont take a stand?
Viewpoint, metaphorically
One from a penseur
Pinocchio goldfish
Often embarrassing outbreak
Doesnt keep
__ money
Easy gait
Football cheers
Bicycle part
Sports stadium
Fierce fish
Expressed anger
Graceful tree
Gobi, for one
Went by train
Prayer word
Be ambitious
Redoes the kitchen
Telegraph inventor
Bassoons relative
Intense beam
Papas partner
Fishing snare
____ Pan
Small bombs
____ phone
Get free
Become old
Select group
Proposed as a candidate
Lagoons boundary
Wish You ____ Here
Store sign
Ear part
Face shape
Salon treatment
Golf norm
Go downhill
Young boys
More docile
Simpsons bartender
Not tipsy
Takes it easy
December 24 and 31
Citrus fruits
Delicate fabric
Large spoon
Like Swiss mountains
Miami team
Female singer
Winter flakes
Show up
Actor ____ Hackman
Biblical locale
Overhead trains
Could be Woody Allen on vacation on small island
One persons close friend? Thats about it, on reflection
Sleeps after school, having imbibed Pennys strong drink
Mistakes are coming back to bite singer
British PM mostly intended axing core defence
Supply missing article for plant
Clink glasses tiresomely? Not entirely
Fashion in dress at start of Wimbledon showing glitz
Just being locked in bog gets journalist alarmed
Spinners back, finding turn
Grand tableau regularly used for celebration
Having uncovered mild puncturing, changing a tyre is simple
Unhappy daughter has extremely large burden
Drive Nancys friend around at 100? Thats impressive
Riposte requires right sword fencing skill
Small shelf for hammer
Magician could make a tenner entertaining children
Church wants university for one Irish province
Fix up a drink
Paper has no time to publish
Sports venue deterring canned drinks consumption
Cautiously head off after married Northern woman
Young childs given a large sum
He maybe captures new bird? Thats right
Earned money in Korea
Seething about officer getting whipping
Doctor pockets money, meeting a relative
At sea, it cooks stuff
Saw notice on time
Indeed, nameless drunk could be Murphy
American bums a fool
Young salmon
River at Middlesbrough
Act of leaving out
Way out
Cleaning cloth
Smile broadly
Channel Island
Large aquatic bird
Ursine animal
Italian rice dish
Drinking vessel
Sibilant sound
On a vessel
Very steep
Actress who played Sabrina Duncan in the TV series Charlies Angels
1978 American disaster film with Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow
Department of southwestern France whose cities include Lourdes
Very large oval Indian diamond that has been part of the British crown jewels since 1849
Another name for the papaya
1985 comedy-Western starring Tom Berenger and John Waynes son Patrick
Redness of the skin caused by irritation or injury to the tissue
German composer whose works include Der Rosenkavalier and Salome
American golfer whose two majors were the 1988 and 1989 US Opens
Island in the Caribbean whose capital is Bridgetown
Ammunition for cannons consisting of a canvas tube containing a cluster of small iron balls that scatter after firing
The aromatic Indian plant Nardostachys jatamans, which has rose-purple flowers
European liliaceous plant with clusters of white or yellow flowers
The first James Bond film not to use the title of an Ian Fleming novel
BBC TV show broadcast from 1975 to 1979 whose regular performers included the dancers New Edition
Breakfast cereal manufactured by the Kellogg Company since 1956
1981 adventure film starring Harry Hamlin as Perseus
A royal crown, especially a light jewelled circlet
Alison ___, actress who played Beverley in Abigails Party and Candice Marie in Nuts in May for husband Mike Leigh
Sponging character in Charles Dickens novel Bleak House supposedly based on Leigh Hunt
The capital and largest town of the Faeroe Islands
Actor who played Jim Rockfords father Rocky in the TV series The Rockford Files
A sea bird of the family Stercorariidae
A large, four-legged walking robot introduced in the Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back
A person who divines, especially by crystal gazing
A person who values property for taxation
A method of encoding a bitmap image such that a person who has partially received it sees a degraded copy of the entire image
Ancient port in Israel founded by Herod the Great that was the capital of Roman Palestine
See 18
Canadian rock group whose biggest hit was You Aint Seen Nothin Yet
Any of the small drupes that make up the fruit of the blackberry, raspberry, etc.
Roman emperor born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus
1979 UK and US top ten hit single for Randy VanWarmer
Georges ___, French composer noted for ballet and film music who was one of les Six
The teenage high school student whose alter ego is Spider-Man
The first black Archbishop of Cape Town
Greek dramatist, regarded as the father of Greek tragedy, whose seven extant plays include the Oresteia trilogy
Collection of 15 short stories by James Joyce first published in 1914
The capital of Guam
Musteline mammal also called a honey badger
German city that is the leading administrative centre of the Ruhr
Elizabeth ___, English author whose novels include Cranford, North and South and Wives and Daughters
Rudolph Blooms dog in James Joyces Ulysses, named after one of the Three Musketeers
Of, relating to, or resembling a hawk
The third largest of the Balearic Islands
French city on the Deûle River, near Frances border with Belgium
A size of writing paper that is 23 by 28 inches
1997 comedy film starring Jim Carrey as lawyer Fletcher Reed
Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness and welfare that can be used idiomatically to mean both hello and goodbye
1974 single referencing The Wizard of Oz that was Americas fourth top-ten hit in the US
Japanese city in Nagasaki Prefecture that is home to a Dutch-styled theme park called Huis ten Bosch
See 20
The last Emperor of China
Small constellation containing the star Vega
Fuel stat
Old portico
Unoriginal one
Debtors letters
Pakistani language
Sandwich shop
Old map letters
Life stories
Raw materials
Cows chaw
Charged bit
Aquarium growth
Actor Efron
TVs Warrior Princess
Baton Rouge sch.
Watch chain
Adj. modifier
Earth (Pref.)
Mobile sundae seller
Hams dad
Actor Neeson
— voyage!
Cathedral area
Half a sextet
Comic Philips
Winter coaster
Puppys cry
Civil War soldier
Fine spray
Tone down
Air freshener target
Down Under natives
Limas land
Power co. supply
March Madness gp.
Male cat
Rocker Rose
French article
Bearded beast
Wood-shaping tool
Dime portrait
Swab, as a floor
AOL alternative
Furnace fuel
Roof overhang
Suffix for million
Modern taxi rival
Convoy trucks
Kick off
Carroll heroine
Make blank
Olympia painter
Directional sign
Crunch targets
Low digit
Batch of flowers
Composer Rorem
Tentative inquiry
Back at sea
Torchs kin
Shop tool
Seuss title character
Chelsea chip
Wild card, at times
Seoul setting
Perfect places
Strong fellow
Jerrys friend
Made money
Frozen treats
Arthur of TV
Mechanics place
Weather map line
Stay out sign
High trains
Derby, e.g.
Bird of prey
Eleven-year-olds, e.g.
Is missing
Clarinet part
Alphabetical start
Eastern royal
Artist Matisse
Computer printer maker
Big lie
Go along with
Agnes Grey author
Odyssey setting
Four Quartets poet
Carpentry tool
Slowing down by degrees, in music
Baseball gear
Something in writing?
The 51st Psalm
Available when summoned
Starlets ambition
In proportion
North African capital
Window parts
Piercing tools
Masticate, informally
Corned beef dish
Collect crops
Ordnance depot
Kid in Kilmarnock
Atlanta-based station
Put out of commission
Flintstones pet
Broad beam
Conger, e.g.
Cold-war weapon: Abbr.
Asian cuisine
Website statistic
Linguist Chomsky
Money-back deals
Annual Henley-on-Thames event
NY time
Donnys family
The flowers that bloom in the spring, ___
Turtle Diary author
Poker challenge
Kind of school
Lowers, as lights
Rachels sister
Auto maker Ferrari
Fret and fume
Made better
Muslim religion
Australian wilderness
Accommodation for prisoners
Complete failure
A kind of tooth
Gave way
Tropical disease
Strong drink
Colour of the spectrum
Swimming stroke
Garden tools
A type of puzzle
Of ill-repute
Domestic servants
Snooker-players stick
Monk withdrawing just so rite can change
Polynesian painter holding a horses head
Domestic animals backing part of procedure
Father goes to the east as a religious leader
Demonstrate in favour of cricket match
Instinctive response of good German concerned with performance
Beginning Latin, I repeatedly translated
Fly back in great anguish
Stand for Paddington, say
Help backward group of people with verbal attack
Think again since order goes out
Stuff provided initially for painful condition
Stepping out, missing last scrap
Its very bad in a Portuguese villa
Bond is to become smaller
A small firm demonstrates something of value
Time to add salt and pepper?
Hedgers response confused nosy dean
Horse brought up to snare bird
Shunned soldier turning up? No, communist
Brief encountered in quarter sessions
For example, potato container brought to queen
Night fliers attempt to rise
Earring site
________ California
Bring home the bacon
More ashen
Greek letters
Shiraz resident
Leg part
Flavor savorer
French fathers
Seasoned sailor
Bond nemesis
Thespian Erwin
Like Hawthornes letter
Bridge position
Vientianes land
Tap for sap
Machinery part
Mental ability
At once! in the O.R.
Revenue: Fr.
The Swedish Nightingale
Lagoon encircler
What ________ is new?
Patron saint of France
Flauberts Bovary
Solemn promise
New Deal advisors
Catfish whisker
Give a wide berth to
Soup du ________, menu item
Scrooge visitor
Jai ________
Knoxvilles st.
Goddess of strife
Moisten the turkey
Church recesses
Mystical deck
________ Well That Ends Well
Brilliant idea
Chekhovs ________ Vanya
Was excessively fond
Moselle feeder
Russian ruler
By implication
Chair (with over )
Triptych sections
Head of the hoosegow
Peachy Pitt
Nerve network
Soon, poetically
Designer Cassini
Minute particle
Polynesian cloth
A Comte salad in that place includes, for starters, fried onions that really stood out
A gent consumed by Thomas Pynchon
Any problem with the word coming out of opposition?
Back off caddy – hes a relative of one of those beastly types
Beastly type made an appearance and left
Brigades dismissed base network
Cultured type booms out of bedroom suite
Did a rewrite on Dead Men Walking
Do wrong thing in part of wedding cake and ends up in the doghouse
First-class miner says nothing as a form of self-defence
Hotel vehicle comes back at the end of journey to fathers address
Inherited most of 13 across from teachers and coppers
Large number from factory will definitely be charged
Limits M?ni?res syndrome going viral
Looking for justice in Geneva going crazy meeting resistance
Lose rag in gardens borders
Mural of revolutionary with instructive set of words
Music and lyrics opens opera and, bitten by the bug, Im in a feverish state
Nerve centre takes in far too much from Bath
Old magazine on both sides of Berlin Wall
Old party solution is not easy on the ear
One serial adaptation of Living in the Middle East
Part of the garrison – a regiment tracking subs
Refer to bit of Medici testament
Roman drunk third pint of Strongbow, for example
Rows with co-authors losing touch
Segment of the debacle from The Sound of Music perhaps
Send Sam off for utter stupidity
Short jacket in trunk at end of corridor is old
Show your bald spot to Bob?
Showed up on peculiar boat and toured Germany – a similar experience to Capt Ahab? (4,2,1,3,3)
Some renowned genius from The Fringe
Theres a theory therell be tears over this involving detective
Thomas Hardys characters among The Woodlanders presumably?
Those on the margins lose the head with religious institutes
Trollope dismissed Poe as an ugly monster
What the whistler on the range did to let off steam
Whiskey blows the head off Hurt with most of the heat
Average, middling
Basic unit of all organisms
Body covering of an ovine mammal
Boundaries, demarcation lines
Cause to become widely known
Channels of communication
Chess piece and fortified building
Concepts, notions
Cut down, abridge
Delightful in all respects
Designations or headings
Diverted, entertained
Extremely bad, appalling
Frozen dessert
Gestures or symbols
Hellenic republic
Hold on to, keep back
Inclined towards or took care of
Island in West Indies
Large flightless bird
Large white-coated dog with spots
Long for the conifer?
National Park in California
Pass through a sieve
Processions of camels crossing the desert
Put money into a bank account
Sample the flavour
Say or do again
The Aloha State
They fly from fire
Uprising, insurrection
Without revealing ones identity
Without warning, unexpectedly
Written communication
Not wed
Explosive for toy guns
Cease talking
Imposing limitations
Rough fight
Napped cotton fabric
Incapacity for serious thought
Rudolf -, ballet dancer
(Expressed) tersely and vigorously
In a weighty manner
Deliberate design feature to limit article’s useful life
Playing card
Strikingly colourful
Made different
Forcefully confident
Star fruit
Place of worship
Drive aground; thread
Strike sharply
Leave, depart
Programmes of studies
Small songbird
Shock, alarm
Pottery made of fired clay
Cause of disgust
Believer in God
Town in county Fermanagh
Unusual and rather shocking
Type of plant with a single embryonic leaf
Lasting; not temporary
Not possible to describe accurately
Area of central London
Become ready to harvest
Not pertinent
Type of computer
Striver for the ideal
Tending to recede
Single; uniform
Ninja’s speciality
Cut-off river meander
Lightweight synthetic material
Chemical element Y
Radical derived from propane
Boastful swagger
Dry white Burgundy
Protest meeting
Resin-flavoured wine
Policy of neutrality
Worldwide followers of Jesus
Good judgement
Relating to a form of carbon
Bed of a stream; medium
Disreputable woman
Scottish plant emblem
Rule as monarch
Pleasant smell
Swimming style
Relating to lines of rotation
Rugby player
Container for pouring
Gloomy, depressing
Family relative
Lying down
Toilet bowl
Cane used for walking sticks
Form of oxygen
Liquefy by absorbing water from the air
Raise (a topic)
Cleansing cosmetic
Make less hard
Beam; fish
Person in high authority
Seller of salmon, cod, etc
Morally justifiable
Collapse violently inwards
Feeling one has seen something before
(Of a cow) give birth
Greek letter
Very quickly, have you had to be introduced to Stella’s Flora?
Stone here groups of workers engage to put across old road
Lots of love among boys
Came and cooked rice for so long
Humbly asks to hear approval
Stupid boy crosses the water in August, typically
Carrying weight, so put up with extra premium for cover
Drivers in speed competition to improve career
Foolish man is holding record for freedom from infection
Man left with one sort of house
Character finds household appliance repulsive in principle
Ice-dancer stopped halfway through dance music
Bishop’s seat was turned up and down
Advice to driver to stop talking
Shame how two Verona households are so alike
In part a little girl is a team member
Insect after grass, a one-legged feeder?
Fiery type in endless pain going to GP?
Boat in narrow water overturned
Worker in chimney, rugged on top, put difficulties out of mind
Hospital on lake is to lose lustre
More Scott regularly used in book quote
Actor’s assistant that used to be found in kitchen
Decisive call in choosing an actor?
Religious symbol repeated as an act of 55
From leaders in initial debate, outrageous lies and false notions
Enthusiastic welcome caught by priest during operation
Goodness: no enthusiasm at first for works of art
Predestinated to collapse in US badlands
Master takes years to cover one of the three basics, which never prospers
Part of course about writing poetry initially calls for a resort
Actress in faint light needing energy, for one
Hoarse-sounding sledger?
Son wickedly emaciates pet
Mountain range left eroded, one in each major part of the world
Arsenic they’ve prepared, a sign marriage is at risk?
Hooligan, heading off with one in America for Med region
Layouts of a number of rugs for the audience
Youngster given uniform book describing basic colours?
Jews show remarkable comradeship when business fails
I spoil one type of porcelain
Neglected, deprived, poor – finally indicating this defunct state
Letters several miles high?
Ending up on the beach doing chores?
Youngster’s unfinished message aroused anger
Drink left, send rugby ball back with gentle kick?
Most desert a journey on the way
Plan speed trap camouflaged in greyish white
Clothes start to wear out? In here with them!
She was his passenger, looking drained
Snack jar with a lid: oddly cork is inside
Science magazine sketch for school lesson
Barrier round alder put off snake
Pretended one is in the ground – is worker following?
Absence of colour in uninteresting church
Figure stripped down decor cheers houses
Strongly recommend admitting non-extremist Irish traveller
Serious nuisance, to clean walls of grease
In peace, picking up one board game or another
On reflection, no change in this centre of town
One spouting about companion frequently
Pack skimpy garment to cover middle of torso
One dipping into US writer, inferior author
Head over for a knees-up
Foxtrot, lively dance, short and uninhibited
Tip of asparagus removed before mixing with English vegetables
What sounds like wrongdoings by people, on leaving US city
It’s OK for Bordeaux to supply sparkling wine
Facility’s rent reduced by pounds
Writer’s appearing in short TV sequence: Name Of A Poet
Planned to have kid kept back after school
Perform song on piano
In revolution he died a certain western hero
Feeling cold Irish veg should be dished up around noon
Country property in Virginia, say
One study about keeping bird in cage?
Bluebottle on bottom of Barbary ape
Prepare to speak about king, having rewritten a short note
Learner turfed out by newly acclaimed teacher
Explorer gives address, forgetting first letter of road
Port’s illegally obtained, boozer admitted
Look down in the mouth, perhaps, for language test
Start to go astray, crossing land in shiny coat
Cow just getting stuck in swampy ground
Easily understood tax in account: I will get billed regularly
Brief requirement to fence off borders for some Asian folk
Be endlessly pleased, cooking cheese
Least likely to work, namely after imbibing litres
Worker in night club and pub supplying spirits
Characters in carriage driven over the hill?
Porto, ~are, ~avi, ~atum (I carry), third pl, imperf. act. subj.
Your (adj., masc. neut. dat., abl. sing.)
____ Flavius Vespasianus, Roman emperor AD 69-79
We’re going to read a book: librum lectitabimus
To sound again, re-echo: fortasse reboare, remugire
It feeds, nurtures, and develops
They were following (dep.): sic imperatores bellum civile
____ arduus aether, Geo. 1.324: the high sky falls
You show or reveal: monstras, indicas
A thing which protects: tutela, praesidium
Iubeo, iubere, ____, iussum: I gave instructions
For – an explaining conjunction (not the post-positive one)
Return to sender? Send back (infin.)
I will be able (potis + fut. esse)
____ ab Huckleberrio Finn gubernata est: log raft
Of the schoolkids who’ve legged it and are playing hooky
The motto of the US Great Seal
Clobber in the forum?
In uproar and with rebellion
Sic Io, saetis ____: thus Io, covered in bristles, cf. Aen. 7.790
She will discover, she’s going to find (verb tr.)
Something which has been proclaimed
Filius Neptuni qui concha sonanti caeruleum agitat
Behold and look! Vide et tuere!
Learn to read Latin by yourself! Latine legere ____!
Omnia vinco (recorderis Ecl. 10.69)
He has an __ in every mans boat: Cervantes
Just stuff
Mona Lisa, essentially
Most prolific Hollywood actor, per IMDb
Thick & Fluffy breakfast fare
21st chapter of a frat
ABC series since the 70s
Abreviatura de esposa
Accommodation for a small theater party
Airway expert: Abbr
Alternate nickname for Tony
Any high peak, actually
Any __ (whichever)
Asian League of Nations member
Bad-weather wear
Breed detection kits, for instance
Common resort setting
Debussy called his a warning to pianists
Dense dessert
Devoted followers
Dietary designation
Disney character in the most films
Far from praiseful
First native Texan POTUS
For whom me time is always
Fraud, e.g
Has leases no longer
Help a Horse Day sponsor
Keeps out
Large copier
Level out
Metaphor for goodness
No-rush pace
On deck, say
Opposite of secrete
Party times for many
Persona to be seen soon
Ponce de León quest, perhaps?
Requirements for private pilot licenses
Right after
Sandal securer
Second-largest city in the Americas
Seed of a sort
Sharp, as apparel or a person
Shelleys sphere
Silents scene-starting shot
Something topped in bars
South African with a Gandhi Peace Prize
Story arcs?
Successor to a Birds of Canada note
Take the odds
Tangoing move
Texas Rangers were his early client
They take long naps
Theyre guilty
Theyre in front
Theyre in the largest religious denomination
Think things over
Thinks things over
Tidy up for the public
To be nice
What lasers need to read
Where balboas and dollars are spent
Withholding Calculator offerer
Word in the etymology of linguini
__ way
This one and that one
Santas reindeer team, sans Rudolph
Like the Waldorf-Astoria
Lotion ingredient
State fair worker
Common preposition
Supermans Lois
Top, select group
Forked it over
Modesty alert (Beginning)
Bang-up grade
Sudden influx
Emulates salmon
Enjoy thoroughly
Lake near a falls
Pacific island group
Slimy stuff
Modesty alert (Middle)
Gatherer of intel
Biblical shepherd
Express audibly
Bolivian, e.g.
Puppeteer Lewis
Cool your jets
Modesty alert (End)
Kind of learning
Hot and sticky outside
Man of Steels garment
Once ___ a time
Word with branch
Secretive over here
Any movie critic
Tournament number
Indonesian island
Lemony Snicket count
Many pounds
Most of the Earths surface
Give birth to a cow
Three as a group
Freeze beginning
Colored clothes
Suddenly appears
Studio alert
Member of The Police
Podge partner
Round ___ virgin …
Bar order (with the)
Min. parts
Play thing?
Cake tier
Sound projectors
Food from a tropical tuber
Unspecified amount
Asias largest desert
A Prayer for ___ Meany
Capital near the Skagerrak
Free of knots
Trellis patterns
Requiring swift action
Corporate structure?
Have a bug
Boiled sap
Hard court activity
Common rentals
Set aside
Marvel superhero
Hawaiian dance
Throw off
Church area
Fencers foil
Texting button
Every kiss begins… jewelry chain
Made ___ (product label)
Mr. Robot protagonist
Much appreciated, in texts
Take this
Thats all ___
2001 #1 song by Jennifer Lopez
Absorbent fabric
Allocates, as time
Anatolian Civilizations Museum site
Anna of True Blood
Areas of rapid development
Article of faith
Ballpark fig
Base for Alaska Airlines
Battle groups
Bends the truth
Berts buddy
Big Nascar sponsor
Big swing state
Bishop in the Blues Hall of Fame
Blue Angels org
Brief reliefs
Broadway opener
Cheer competition
Chickasaw Natl. Recreation Area location
Creator of Leopold Bloom
Dartboard material
De Matteo of Shades of Blue
Dictator played by Forest
Dijon darling
District with a famous fountain
Double, e.g
Down sides?
Eight-time Grand Slam champ
Family divisions
Flour variety
Foam at the mouth
Fragrance sharing a name with a literary character
Fund drive gp
Gateway Arch architect Saarinen
Genes Young Frankenstein director
Get better
Give it a shot
Harrys foil
Held in high esteem
High times?
Hook undoer
Hors doeuvre spread
House of spirits?
House product
Howie Long, for 13 seasons
IDs on tax returns
Ill-fated Texan company
In need of bodywork
Lack of hassle
Less welcoming
Like Babe
Like pickle juice
Like Roger Federer
Like some battleships
Lipstick mishap
Magic word
Male issue
Martial art often practiced outdoors
Mayberry moppet
Mgr.s helpers
Miniseries, frequently
Miss. or Mo
Mortarboard wearers
Mother of Horus
Mountaineering expert
Move emotionally
Mule, e.g
Narnian guardian
Nation on the Medit
Official reprimand
Olympian with a bow and arrow
Ortho dept. scan
Part of the fam
Perfect Sleeper maker
Pie chart lines
Pintas companion
Play area
Police dept. figure
Position for Anderson Cooper
Pyrenean principality
Radisson rival
Rafael Nadals home
Razor with a pioneering pivoting head
Reason to decline an invitation
Remain on the bench
Reuben bread
Rick Perrys dept
Sawtooth Wilderness location
Scold severely
Scotch purchase
Secure site starter
Short stop?
Shorten a sentence, say
Sicilian spouter
Simple card game
Snowman in Frozen
Sofia Coppola and Nicolas Cage, e.g
Somebody wholl free others of their possessions
Spam holders
Spark plug wires connect to them
Spring roll time
Stadium vendors stack
Stunned into submission
Sundial number
Surgical beam
Surprised gasps
Titan circles it
Tpk. kin
Unties the knot
Upstanding guy
Visual communication syst
Water fall?
Welcoming national park spot
What RNs dispense
What some shoot in a golf round
Where an appeal may be heard
Wintry falls
Wipe clean
Yellow finch
Yelp contributors
___ colada
Abduct or kidnap
At first Michael Caine ruined movies
Bean-shaped organ
Bell in church makes you wince in fear
Biblical patriarch
Blasting compound
British payment returned for meat
Ceremonial wear
Child in punk ideology
Chinese takeaway?
Coal left out is set alight
Crime article on business paper
Crone produced energy for extra song
Dye and ink used in class
Fetching sliced cabbage at last
Film theatre
Fire up
Guess when birds returned
Ham producer in Bible?
Huge mines exploding around me
Let out — or sublet maybe!
Mother, child and secretive lodger?
Ones intended to collect new money
Our world
Polluted air
Red meat
Repeat performance
Saint Eustace vacated Archbishops seat
Scarcity has 500 leaving planet
Shrink back
Small cat in urban haze
Spherical map
Spreading unchecked
Stone worker
Temporary alliance
The sticks being far from dull?
Theatre in the round?
Topping speech at stag do?
Unrestrained tirade about a politician
Unsettling in character?
Willing supporters organising oil action?
Wood may score when correctly placed
___ longa, vita brevis
1955 hit about coal mining
27-Down contents, perhaps
30-Down out loud
Added stipulations
Aerobics class prop
Angle bracket shape
Arlo or Woodie Guthrie, informally
At lunch, say
Attribute of Maine, but no other state names
Be in harmony
Be too nosy
Booze it up
Boston hoopsters, for short
Bowling center unit
Business sign abbr
Caterers vessel
Cause to yawn, maybe
Complete games duration, usually
Consumer protection org
Copy center supplies
Discovered by chance
Docket items
Egyptian president before Sadat
Eject from a ballgame
Fairy tale monster
Flea or tick
French-speaking African land
Gaelic-speaking New Ager
Garfields owner
Go on a shopping spree
Greyhound terminus
Headline like NIXON RESIGNS
Help to escape, say
Here-there separator
Hollywood clashers
HUD part
Incendiary jelly
Innocents in the woods
La Brea gunk
Letters before omicrons
Like a fox, its said
Like drone photography
Match, as a poker bet
More hackneyed
Most Solomonic
Negligible amounts
Org. with a DoctorFinder service
Persuade with flattery
Pre-K attendee
Privy to
Rely on
Runner-advancing bunt, for short
Sassy talk
Scratch up
See 11-Across
Send to seventh heaven
Shakespeares fuss
Sharon of Israel
Shirt with a slogan
Shuffle along
Slugs cousin
Spains home
Speak with forked tongue
Sport with clay pigeons
Start a voyage
Swords superior, in a saying
Takes too much, briefly
Tapped into, as expertise
Teen idols fan
The lyrical Gershwin
Took down a peg
Turn on the waterworks
Where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah meet
With 6-Down, 1965 Jane Fonda movie
Word after living or dead
___-ops (CIA mind games)
Small river fish
Two-wheeled motor vehicle
Correspond in sound
Complete agreement
Lustrous globule prized as a gem
Rotating machine tool
Was in debt
Ignore brush aside
In the fullness of time
Hollow caused by a blow
Run naked in public
Employed I led suit (anag)
Cough medicine
Heartfelt request attraction
Alan __, computer scientist portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the award-winning 2014 film The Imitation Game
Area subject to 13 by Russia in February-March 2014
Biblical figure who murdered his brother
Blefuscus neighbouring island
The BBCs main weeknight chat and magazine programme
The forcible acquisition of one states territory by another
The time — according to John Berendts Pulitzer prize-nominated book — in the Garden of Good and Evil (1994)
Area subject to 13 after the 1975 move known in Indonesia as Operation Lotus
The capital of Tasmania
City that became Ho Chi Minh City after the effective 13 of South Vietnam by the North
Country subject to 13 after invasion by Iraq in 1990
Irish republican political party founded in 1905
One of the Old Testament books of Wisdom
Nickname sometimes used for Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu
Figure in Roman mythology murdered by his brother
Area subject to 13 by Israel in 1981
Product imported by the Corleone family?
The second episode in Joyces Ulysses
See 18 Across
A type of leavened flatbread
Army units payment keeping US soldier and me
Tell popular class
Excellent piano used by Conservative greeting lords relative
Dull male, French one, with Scandinavian
Marine with new canoe in charge
Joke by one in raincoat, dignified
Material, popular, supplied after a day
One business transaction thats perfect
Boy, unknown before prison sentence, identifying insect
Talk tediously about old spear
Bunch of flowers makes us question European during boxing match
He washes a seat ” its unusually pale
Listener with new man being brought in
Releases ship to go round European island
Government shortening course of exercise and diet
Inexperienced entertainer initially including joke involving fruit
Perhaps he meant to use gas
Norwegian seen in minor series
Uncle out with us finds centre
Bulb used in cannelloni once
Man in charge in pit finding drug
Insisted on body of police being in finale
Gifted volunteers, advanced, meeting journalist
Disorderly drunk burnt lute
Food for a king eaten by corrupt chiefs
Like big cat, popular, caught by the French one
Tough guy has contusion, right?
Social position of volunteers seen in street with us
Person arguing with oarsman?
In pub, a steak to moisten during cooking
took A Sneaky Look
she Was In The Original Cast Of Rent: Idina __
large Drinking Cup For Wine
celebration With Floats And Bands
large Stinging Wasp
medical Treatment For Aches And Pains
returning The Ball To The Goalkeeper
marvel Antihero, Known As The Merc With A Mouth
final Battle Of The American Revolution
large California City, Near The Mexican Border
process Endured By Babies While The Canines Grow
thorough, Scrupulous
woman In Norse Mythology And A Fleetwood Mac Song
written Symbol Represents A Thought, Not A Sound
title Given To A Son Of The Emperor Of Austria
a Job Or Profession; A Calling
released An Egg From The Ovary
wreaths Of Flowers And Leaves, Hung Or Worn
a Depressed State
one Who Studies Rocks
domesday Book Commissioner: William The __
magnesium Sulfate That Helps Ease Inflammation
hidden Explosive Device Set Up For Intruders
one Of The Ingredients In Nutella
spains Second Largest Population Center
king Solomons Mother, According To Hebrew Bible
fatigue Caused By Flying Across Time Zones
second Largest City In Pakistan, After Karachi
style Of Dress Of A Pupil At An Exclusive School
national Flower Of Singapore
epitomize, Characterize
one Who Runs For Exercise
__ King, A Custodian Of The Holy Grail
janis __, Us Rocker With Distinctive Raucous Voice
ranting; Partying Hard
rubber Suction Cup
using A Bike
a Gimmick, Comic Routine
polished, Graceful, Debonair
largest City And Commercial Capital Of Sri Lanka
stronghold, Defender
title Bestowed On The Viceroy Of Egypt
awful, Frightful
willy Wonkas Tiny Factory Workers: Oompa-__
lover Of Thisbe In A Midsummer Nights Dream
traveling Around, Performing Concerts
__ Sensors Guide Drivers Safely Into Spaces
advanced In Years, Aged
those Who Take Prisoners
whimsical, Unbelievable, Far-fetched
booklet On One Subject
second Largest City In Japan, After Tokyo
person With Total Power Over A Country
coverage After The Second Quarter
naturally Occurring Alloy Of Silver And Gold
transfer From The Internet To Your Hard Drive
a Celebritys Attractive Companion
someone Who Happens To Be Walking Past
intricate Chinese Folk Art Involving Snipping
__ Park, Big Screen Dinosaur Theme Park
restraint For Car Driver And Passengers
defensive Wooden Barrier
term For The First (higher) Blood Pressure Number
edge Of A Garment And How It Lays Across The Chest
immerse, Hold Underwater
large Luxury Boats
nationality Of Brigitte Bardot
third Largest German City After Berlin And Hamburg
hired Killer
cloudy, Opaque
worn, In Poor Condition
head Protection
crustacean That Lives In Water Or Land
makes A Frog Noise
ralph __, Us Designer With Polo Brand
__ Stadium, Legendary Bronx Ballpark
__ Love, Duet With Lionel Richie And Diana Ross
pie Made Of Two Chocolate Cookies And Cream
linking Together
thailands Largest City, Also Called Krung Thep
make Stronger With Walls
marked The Skin By Striking
poetic Conundrums
incorrect Belief
rises From The Ashes
fortress Like The Acropolis Of Athens
driving Erratically From Side To Side
another Name For Chickpeas: __ Beans
cause Someone To Feel Isolated Or Estranged
the __ Of Cymbals As A Band Plays
loss Or Lack Of Sleep
chemical Element With The Symbol Ti
left On An Island
watch A Sport From The Stands
feudal Ruler
kathy Kanes Comic Book Alter Ego
the Act Of Asking Someone To Marry You
opened A Wine Bottle
two Different Words That Mean The Opposite
the New __, Sonnet On The Statue Of Liberty
gloves For The Foot (not Mitten-shaped)
strait Taking The Sea Of Marmara To The Black Sea
crowded Serbian City On The Sava And Danube Rivers
internal Slippage Of A Body Part
ancient Roman Building Commissioned By Hadrian
mary Tyler Moore Tv Character: Mary __
approved With A Signature
capital Of Victoria, Australia
term For The Killing A Parent Or Close Relative
flinching, Jerking Back
cover Furniture With Cloth
he Opens Doors When Homeowners Have Lost The Keys
signs Of Authentication Of Silver Pieces
1992 Film Starring Whitney Houston: “the __”
privacy, Namelessness
into The Water From A Ship
natural Painkiller Found In The Brain
“life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of __”
overly Ornate, Pretentious, Pompous
worlds Largest Arboreal Mammal
__ World, Sam Cooke Heart-melting Song
what The Spanish Word Queso Means In English
meddle With Evidence
two Houses Attached By A Wall In The Middle
memoirs Of A __ By Arthur Golden
“the Love Bug”: About A Volkswagen Beetle Named __
god Of Creation In Ancient Egypt
save From Peril
firming Up Muscles
removed From Office By Force
wax Coloring Stick For Drawing
longest North American River
caterpillar Bred For Clothing Fibers
little Red Car That Prince Sang About In 1982
dried Skin Flakes In Someones Hair
the Orange Pigment In Carrots
empty A Building
gesture Of Approval
put On A ____; Hold Someone In High Regard
one Who Studies Plants
sherlock Holmes Slow-witted Inspector: Greg __
rebellions, Revolts, Sedition
wobbly, Trembling Like A Sweet Dessert
person Who Is Paid To Find People To Fill Jobs
lower Part Of A Prepared Chicken Leg
the Person Someone Is Engaged To
nationality Of Author Paulo Coelho
boatfuls Of Cargo
happening Every 10 Years
stand Under This Green Plant For A Kiss
condition Of Excess Fluid In The Lungs: __ Edema
german Model Once Married To Seal
shown On A Screen
never Appearing To Grow Older
this States Baseball Team Is The Diamondbacks
a Side Part Of Something
memory Loss
woman In Line For An Inheritance
poisonous Chemical Element, Atomic Number 33
early Record-keepers, Who Wrote On Clay Or Papyrus
severe Storm In The South Pacific Or Indian Ocean
__ America; Red, White And Blue Marvel Superhero
the Voice Used As Percussion
uranus Moon Named After The Heroine Of The Tempest
harry Potter And The Prisoner Of __
buying And Selling Products On The Internet
agency That Deals With Defusing Explosives
ordinary Postal Communication, Not Electronic
highest Scoring Nba Player Of 2016-17: Russell __
cover These With Mascara
ladies Shoe With A Strap Around The Heel Or Ankle
moves To A Later Date
free-swimming, Gelatinous Organisms That Can Sting
skilled Person In A Particular Area
compound Literary Work In Five Parts
devoted And Loyal
william F. Codys Nickname: __ Bill
creature With Lions Body And Eagles Head & Wings
created By Humans, Not Naturally Occurring
licking The Envelope
__ Strength, A Materials Maximum Stretching Force
instructions For Making Certain Dishes
sharp Bend In A Road
highly Unpleasant, Gruesome
italian Jewelry Company With Latin Script Logo
connected To Or Related To The Heart
music Performance By Soloist Or Small Group
“today Is A Gift. Thats Why We Call It The __”
remote-__, Trucks With Wire Transmitters
mountain That Tibetans Call Chomolungma
holy Spots To Commemorate The Deceased
french Cosmetics House And Perfumer Of Tendre Nuit
large, Bristly Pig; Collective Noun Is A Sounder
these Are Forbidden By Social Customs
author Of To Kill A Mockingbird: __ Lee
indias “pink City,” For Colors Of Its Buildings
sharp Steel, Hand-held Weapon
coffee Rum Liqueur
__ Heel, Low Dainty-heeled Shoe With Feline Name
film Is Wound Onto Them
food Storage Device Patented By Peter Durand
nasa Space Telescope, The H In Hst
to Go Back To The Original State
open Air Market
roman Chariot Racetrack
denmarks Second Largest City
alter Ego Of The White Queen In Marvel Comics
leaves Once Used In Root Beer And Creole Cuisine
changes In The Speed And Direction Of The Breeze
stifled, Suffocated
in Greek Myth, A Hunter, Son Of Nymph & River God
__ Spiral, Mathematical Design Found In Nature
this Earliest Form Of Explosive Came From China
carrying Container On A Horse Or Bicycle
hair With Damaged Tips
removing Belongings From A Suitcase
sweet, Pleasant Smell
a Bank Balance Of Less Than Zero
those With Endless Lives
someone Who Writes A Regular Piece For A Newspaper
speak Slowly, Clearly And Deliberately
sweet Tricolor Treat At Halloween
supermans Cousin; Real Name Of Supergirl
underwater Projectiles
blocks, Gets In The Way Of
the Science Of The Causes And Effects Of Diseases
ryan __, Idol Host And Radio Personality
unwavering, Purposeful, Determined
hoops For Keeping Household Locking Items Together
case On The Deck Of A Ship Where The Compass Is
city In Spain Where Paella Originated
professionals Who Study Reports And Research
act Of Giving Birth To Puppies
indian Religion With God Vishnu
plant With A Two-year Life Cycle
carbon Copies, Duplicates
stops Between Connecting Flights
japanese Video Game Empire
set Of Beliefs Held And Taught By A Certain Group
a Pretender, A Fake, A Deceiver
something Closer To The Torso
it Makes Perfect
graduated Highlighting Hair Dye Technique
cured, Fermented And Air-dried Sausage
strait-laced And Prissy: Prim And __
lexus Parent Company
discourages, Dissuades
isaac Newton Is Famous For Three Laws Of __
give A Line To An Actor On Stage
someone Who Owes Money
the Boy In The Jungle Book Who Is Raised By Wolves
meal Basket
stamp A Design On A Surface, Stands Out In Relief
current Name Of The New Orleans Nba Team
moore And Gibbons 1986 Comic Book Series
destroy, Ruin
tufty Yarn Used To Make Soft, Furry Garments
loud Cutting Tool With Teeth, Gas Or Electric
branch Of Mathematics That Means “pebble” In Latin
shakespearean Tragedy Troilus And __
patting Down Someones Body As A Security Measure
area For Building Big Boats
military Aircraft
collections Of Historical Records
moroccan Nut Emollient For Eating And Cosmetics
marine Mammals Known For Their Double Coats
film Set In A Small Town That Had Banned Dancing
dental __: Person Who Keeps Your Teeth Clean
group Exercise On Studio Bikes
extensive Online Reference Resource
destructive Attack
weakening, Subsiding
top Part Of A Fraction
study Of The General Physical Aspects Of Rocks
britain Gained This Rock By The Treaty Of Utrecht
rules Of Politeness
a Young Tearaway, A Rascal, A Scamp
suddenly And Unexpectedly
state With The Postal Abbreviation Ar
one Of The Elements Found In Water
region In Southern Italy, Naples Is Its Capital
without Having Been Invited
officials Appointed To Supervise Large Events
protective Goddess Of The Dead In Ancient Egypt
people Who Catch Animals
full Moon Transforms This Creature
former Name Of Bangladesh: East __
abbreviation Made Of 1st Letters Of Other Words
first U.s. City To Have A Ferris Wheel
chocolate Ganache Treat Named Like A Fungus
sportsperson On Rings, Beam, Floor And Vault
with A Leg On Each Side Of A Horse
debbie Harrys Atomic Band
bottom Edge Of Stitching On A Skirt
sea That Stretches From Somalia To India
artist Who First Introduced Batman, In 1939
dense Star Derived From A Supernova Explosion
series Of Three Things, Such As Novels
the __ Dead; Zombie Apocalypse Tv Series
female Deity
struck By Love
meet, Gather
upset, Worry, Torment
notable Decade Of The 20th Century: __ Twenties
make Something Clear, Define It
the Study Of Sacred Buildings
large, Winged Scavenger
both A Moon Of Saturn And Type Of Caribbean Music
potato Pasta
hitchcock Dizzying Film With Stewart And Novak
symbol For Categorizing Messages On Social Media
greek Goddess, She Is Connected With Retribution
extreme Confidence, With Great Style And Flair
relating To The Sense Of Touch
flaming Garden Feature For Toasting Marshmallows
french Grotto Where Bernadette Saw The Virgin Mary
liquor Made Illegally
seaport And Second Largest City In Madagascar
oval Course For Horses
person Who Uses A Tannoy To Provide Information
sending Goods Abroad For Business
medical Analysis Of Red Bodily Fluid
imaging Technology Developed By Godfrey Hounsfield
malaysian Shoe Designer Based In The Uk
element With The Chemical Symbol Pu
hilly Region At The Base Of A Mountain
somebody Who Is Made To Take The Blame
seating For Toddlers
waiting Place Between Heaven And Hell
italian Renaissance Sculptor Of Zuccone
marvin Gaye Heard It Through This Vegetation
spreadable Fruit
lasting Indefinitely
kylian __; 2018 World Cup Final Teenage Goalscorer
2018 Best Actor Oscar Winner: Gary __
mortal __; Fighting Video Game With Dragon Logo
performing In A Play
__ Latte; Low Fat, Lower Calorie Hot Drink Option
italys Third Largest City After Rome And Milan
sacred Serpent On An Ancient Egyptian Headdress
serve As Evidence Of
loses Consciousness
short Haircut Named After Roman Emperor Julius
this Author Introduced Mr. Darcy To The World
group Representative
october Holiday Thats Always On The Same Date
identifying Item Worn At Festivals
a Slope For Boarders To Do Tricks
defiantly, With Conviction
italian Opera Singer, One Of The Three Tenors
spanish Word For The Numeral 16
delicate, Touchy, Easily Offended
providing, Supplying
victorian Mechanics As Fashion
chronic Condition Of Too Much Sugar In The Blood
cloudy Day
3d Image Formed By Light Beams From A Laser
this Is The Dawning Of The Age Of __.
peppa And Georges Father In Kids Cartoon Series
female Performer In A Musical Or Stage Recital
party Game With A Mouthpiece Making Talking Hard
vehicles In The Netherlands Outnumbering Cars
savory Australian Spread Made With Brewers Yeast
convince, Encourage, Impel
wrote Murder On The Orient Express
defeated General In The Second Punic War
largest Lake On The Peru-bolivia Border
get A Tan While Outside
he Became Frances First Consul In 1799
place To Sleep In Tents
the Exchange Of Money For Goods Or Services
herbie, A Car With A Mind Of Its Own, The __
filmed Material For A Tv Show, For Example
slang For Abs That Are Well Defined
siblings Without __, Book By Faber And Mazlish
morally Offensive
street Musicians
nauseous, Sickly, Queasy
calendar Which Designates Each Year With An Animal
asian City Called The Venice Of The East
a Self-contradictory Statement
commissioner Gordons Crime-fighting Daughter
humility, Lack Of Pretension
car With A Solid Roof
baseball Strike That Gets Batter Around The Bases
flour Tortilla Stuffed With Fillings
military Hairstyle, Short Back And Sides
the Chiron Is One Of Their Most Expensive Models
required By Law Or Moral Duty
he Mixes Cocktails And Sells Drinks
shrubby Rose Also Called Sweetbriar
tall Shoes From The 1970s
another Word For The Rising Sign In Astrology
flexible, Able To Adjust To New Situations
large Majority Of Votes For One Party
__ To Injury; Make A Bad Situation Even Worse
make An Exact Copy
nationality Of “mi Gente” Singer J. Balvin
philip Ii Of Macedons Successor: __ The Great
these Animals Fight With Their Long Necks
2017 Nba Champions
goodbye In French
buried In A Vault
exit Point From A House To A Garden
barbecued Bone, Used As A Backup
__ Kingdom, Nintendo Place Ruled By Princess Peach
channel Built For Water, In The Form Of A Bridge
woolen Knitwear That Buttons Up The Front
marble Building In Agra, India
unaccompanied Musicians
with An Impressive, Grand Appearance
game Where The Last Play Is Often A Hail Mary
space __; Retro Alien Shooting Arcade Game
walking With Loud, Heavy Steps
elder Daughter Of Grace Kelly And Prince Rainier
typed Words Along The Bottom Of A Tv Screen
jumping Rope
white Mass Seen Around A Mountains Peak
country Whose Capital Is Bratislava
rum And Fruit Juice Cocktail, Often Strawberry __
practical, Level-headed, Shrewd, Wise
relating To The Fall Season
george Clooneys Relationship To Rosemary
simon The __, Also Called Simon The Canaanite
portuguese Capital And Cultural Heart
recently, Not Long Ago
dry Red Wine Grape Originating From Bordeaux
rough And Harsh, Such As A Grade Of Sandpaper
something With A Depressing Effect
rendered Empty Or Invalid
metal Fasteners Such As On Bags Or Jewelry
exercises For Thighs, Bending As If Sitting
__-prussian War; 1870 Conflict In Rhine Province
auction Participant
circus Jokers
element Of Fear For Globophobics
studious Schoolgirl With A Crush On Charlie Brown
carrie __ Played Princess Leia
hostess Of The Most Tony Awards: Angela __
say In A Different Way
trashy News Newspapers
early Spring Flower The English Call The Lent Lily
south-african Actress __ Theron
graffiti Artists Paint Dispenser
“a Little __ Is A Dangerous Thing”: Alexander Pope
machine That Adds Shine To Floors
writ To Attend The Court
the Surrounding Area
spent Recklessly And Compulsively
walking Aids, Sticks Placed Under Arms
open-topped Two-seater Car
staunch Supporter Of A Cause Or Party
to Be Obvious Is To Stick Out Like A __
empire Polo Clubs Annual Music Extravaganza
century When Shakespeare Was Born
taking Accurate Land Measurements
to Begin Legal Proceedings Against Someone
flavored Licorice Twists Made By Y&s Candies
sunny Flowers Come In French And African Varieties
retro Cocktail, Brandy __
criminal, Delinquent
a Mobile Phone That Cant Be Traced
individual Drawings In A Comic Strip
less Rapid, Not As Fast
informal, Nonchalant, Relaxed
large Groups Of Flying Insects
remove From Office Forcefully
anglo-saxon King With Power To Turn The Tide
worker Who Attends To A System Of Ropes On A Ship
literary Work That Uses Irony, Wit And Sarcasm
caramel-colored Liqueur Made From Distilled Wine
__ Weapon, Series Of Action Films
the Principle Of Cosmic Order In Hinduism
three Of These And The Batter Is Out
florida City That Is “home” To Walt Disney World
cotton Cloth, Typically With A Checkered Pattern
the Side Of A Coin That Has The Principal Design
doesnt Take Sides
british Manufacturer Of The F1lm Racing Car
array Of Eyeshadow Colors Or An Artists Paints
passes On Germs
silvery-white Transition Metal, Atomic Number 77
softly Sung To Entice Sleep
a Minor Deity
city In Which The Titanic Was Built
chopped Off
criticism Aimed At An Easy Target
pumbaa From The Lion King Is One Of These

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