Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-21

Luxurious area in some upscale hotels
Portray a character
Second-___ (inferior)
Slippery sea creature
Wind ___ the cutting room floor (don’t make it into a movie): 2 wds.
“A Nightmare on ___ Street”
Oscar-winning director ___ Lee
Slang term for a potato
Character played by Amandla Stenberg in the movie adaptation of 30-Across: 2 wds.
Vanish into thin ___
Objectivist Rand who wrote “Atlas Shrugged”
Talk back to
Item with a shell and a yolk
Small dollop of paint
Best-selling novel by 40-Across that was adapted into a new movie: 4 wds.
Scoring goal in Frisbee golf
One of two Federal government officials from a state: Abbr.
Load-carrying farm animals
Wolf down
Cost projection from a plumber or mechanic: Abbr.
Author of the young adult novels 30-Across and the upcoming “On the Come Up”: 2 wds.
Actor Epps of “House”
Be less than 100% truthful
“All Things Considered” host Shapiro
Universal Product ___ (what “UPC” stands for)
The first three consonants
Something you may need to atone for
It’s decorated for Christmas
Slump in the middle
Is a witness to
Animal hide
___ mater (where a person graduated from)
Video game company whose games have included Crystal Castles and Tempest
Material used in sidewalks
Wrap for Roman emperors
Like metal that’s been soaked in water maybe
Part of the body that has no known purpose
Go from city to city
Maker of Simply Chunky Marinara pasta sauce
Fuel additive brand
Inventor’s cry
Croon below your lover’s balcony
Branch of biology that involves DNA
New York’s Fifth or Park for example: Abbr.
NFL quarterback Roethlisberger
___ Spumante (sparkling wine)
___ the store (do some shopping): 2 wds.
Share the same opinion
Buildings used for storage
“Love” in Spanish
“Thor: Ragnarok” actor Idris
Boston’s state: Abbr.
“Madama Butterfly” highlight
Perform in an opera
A.A. Milne character
J.J. Abrams, of Star Trek
CC Sabathias ball club
ZZ Top frontman Billy
L.L. Bean, for one
E.E. Cummings field
B.B. King, notably
Pinocchio, e.g.
Aphrodisiacs boost it
Backpack feature
Where cuneiform was discovered
Superhero outfits, typically
Give unsolicited advice
Weapon for William Tell
Coming back in
Popular singer born in County Donegal
Like many wine casks
Lie low
What starts with a spark of an idea?
Snide and sassy
Portrayer of TV’s Det. Fin Tutuola
Jefferson Memorial topper
Non-fish aquarium attraction
Precalculator calculator
Where one might be well-suited
Clue weapon
“Give it a ___”
Street crossing Hollywood in Hollywood
Job for a plastic surgeon, for short
Modern name in transportation
Squared building stone
Three short, three long, three short
Gnocchi ___ Romana
Rapper with the 2017 #1 hit “Bodak Yellow”
Brought about
Kindle download
Chant at a political rally
First sign
Manhattan neighborhood next to the Lower East Side
Popular line of dolls with “Kidz” and “Babyz” spinoffs
Hole foods?
Bundled, as hay
1960s-’70s police drama
Medicare provision for nonhospital expenses
Perch for pigeons
Plea to a superhero, maybe
Peter Pan rival
Trespass upon
Seventh-year exam in Harry Potter
Lhasa ___
Positive market move
Son of Adam
Trigger, as an alarm
Farm measures
Kind of humor
“Cuz I told you to!”
Like rain forests
Fourth-down play
Fast-food chain with a hat in its logo
Jennifer who wrote “Manhattan Beach”
Printer brand
Spelunker’s helmet attachment
Five-time Emmy nominee for “Grey’s Anatomy”
Key of Dvor??k’s “New World” Symphony
“Silly me, rambling again!”
The Chainsmokers or Eurythmics
TV colleague of Hayes and O’Donnell
Didn’t sleep well
Embarrassment for an art curator
“Sign me up!”
Headline after a toddler C.E.O. resigns, literally?
Coiner of the term “generative music”
Certain med. specialist
It may be cutting things close
Car failure only a block from the mechanic, literally?
About, on memos
Mixture of nature and technology
“___ official”
Takes off in a hurry
Eye socket
Takes off in a hurry
“For a massage, go that way!,” literally?
“Darn it all!”
Do for Jon Batiste
Its HQ is the Pentagon
First country to legalize changing one’s gender identity
First African-American sorority
Part of a circle
Like the dress shirt that’s just adorable, literally?
“Wise” ones
Chamber music group, often
___ Lingus
Calf-length dresses
“Not so fast!”
Addresses a crowd
Signature Jacques Tati role
Capital of Liechtenstein
Puffs up
For nothing
Midnight, maybe
Total baller
Dissed with flowery language, literally?
Hip-hop dance move
Classic London theater
Angled edge
Snacks often paired with milk
“Mutiny on the Bounty” captain
Underwear brand
Punch vs. Judy, literally?
One answer to the question “What’s your favorite music genre,” literally?
Agenda entry
Music outro effect
Prominent parts of goblins
Not do so well
Haberdashery buys
CVS rival
“Alea iacta ___”: Caesar
Barbie attendee
About 10% of Russia
Afternoon hour
Land in “The Hunger Games”
Orders at the Rose & Crown
Quote from a letter
Actor Eric
Frustrated cry
___ stick
Pouty face
Urge on
Bloody, say
Barn greeting
Julia , actress who plays Selina Meyer in US television comedy series Veep
Baruch , Dutch philosopher whose Ethics was posthumously published in 1677
1949 crime drama film starring Humphrey Bogart and Alexander Knox
Province of SE Pakistan whose capital is Karachi
Nastassja , actress who starred in 1984 film drama Marias Lovers
Liverpudlian entertainer; UK representative in the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest
R A L , Australia Test cricketer who took 8-84 and 8-53 against England at Lords in 1972
1997 film comedy starring Rowan Atkinson in the title role
Narcotic drug extracted from the unripe seeds of a poppy
George , Secretary of State for Scotland from 1979-86
Prime minister of New Zealand from 1997-99
1981 novel by Jack Higgins
City in Uusimaa, Finland, housing the Gallen-Kallela Museum
Deep-bodied Eurasian freshwater fish
Another name for Greek goddess Artemis, used poetically to denote the Moon
See 1
The , 2009 novel by Dan Brown
2009 film drama starring Ben Barnes in the title role
See 9 Across
Nellie , artistic gymnast; 1976 Olympic team, floor exercise and vault gold medallist
Hypnotist in 1895 George du Maurier novel Trilby
Jean , 1970 Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Happy Ending
Lake , body of water in central Africa at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley
Vladimir , president of Russia from 2000-08 and since 2012
Species of wild mountain goat of Asia, Europe and North Africa
Design and construction of buildings
Rental contract
Way out
Robber or outlaw
Removable lid
One after the other
Utterly absurd
Pain in the legs or lower back
Of star entertainers
Opera song
Feel thankful or grateful for
Female adult pig
Act of giving to a charity
Accepting bribes
Very light wood
Bee substance
Paid employment
Burden with wood
Unusual ingredient in his pudding
Always in same version
Canter off in a daze
Maidens assistant
Dorothys part of Morse code
Entrusted with oxidation
Old husband got married with some resistance
Owing to condensation, say
Bend down, getting no runs
Creature of pride
Tolerate animal
Clear out on time to have some wine
Utensil wasted loot
Afterwards from both ends
Festival involving a steer
City can produce language
Made awful drink
Rushes to get some instruments
Teas brewed behind
Rip-off boy in gaol
Imagine being armed, possibly
Notice about the ears
Loosen at a French party
Tell engineers strange tale
Remove broken bidet
Relative is mostly vague
Subsequently alter shape
Press club
Worry about line on neck
Hypnotic state
Unit of resistance
Aquatic bird
African predator
Ursine mammal
Red wine
At that time
End of Lent
Dead language
Honey liqueur
Water plants
Of the ears
Give an account of
Cousins dad
Be anxious
Pool stick
Cuts timber
Doted on
Not in tune
Garage event
Light bender
Bird call
Avoid doing
Robbers run
Ireland native
Dog tags, e.g.
Poets ajar
Museum piece
Biblical boat
Wig material
Australian marsupials
Having overhangs
Wood strips
Double quartet
Large truck
Flock father
Artists aid
Musical beat
Leopard relative
Dench film
Elvis, e.g.
Crude copper
Ger. neighbor
Hey … over here!
How Phileas Fogg traveled
Immature invertebrates
Cookbook direction
Simon ___
Balkan country
Peter the Great, e.g.
Big ___ Conference
Carpenters and harvesters
Dropped-jaw stare
Like loving caresses
Audio units: Abbr.
The Americans agcy.
First name in erotica
Place for a bootee
Seedy motel, say
Painting of an annoying bricklayer at work?
Japans emperor
Like many forest roads
Least obfuscated
Football laterals, e.g.
15th-century food-stained collectible?
Beachcombers pace
Breezy and open
Chaotic mess
Bot head?
Harbor protector
Dutch South Africans
Fabulists Cheer alternative?
Exodus author
Chickadee kin
Undocumented Nepali?
Peak in Thessaly
Big D cager
PC linkup
Mexican mama bears
Slip away
Popular Oahu beach
Dollar for a shot?
Dollars for shots?
Piles up
Captain Hooks creator J.M. __
Eight furlongs
Erstwhile U.K. recording giant
Kind of trading, briefly
Sweet Sixteen org.
With the bow, in music
Of __ mind
Qatars capital
Snow White witchs download?
Refine, as ore
Stick on the grill
Beat it
Jamaican hybrid fruits
China-related prefix
Mud, slop, pig, etc.?
Mist and such
Show great respect for, perhaps
Mythical flapper
Gulf of Guinea country
Easy time
Sailing maneuver to avoid a pirates threat?
City on the Elbe
Morning paper, e.g.
Gymnopédies composer
French article whose singular form is disconnected from nine puzzle answers
Newsroom VIPs
Boot protectors
Smartphone component
Full range
Thats __!
Their pockets arent deep
Dutch town
Geological period
Movement at a boring concert?
Twin-but-not-Twins city
Half a fitness motto
Freezer __
Window hanging
Where brownies come together
Wasps weapon
Disc golf ball
More eccentric
WSJ news bit
Sets money aside
What an X may mark
Arm or chin follower
Bios unread by their honorees
Neh. and Esth.
Penalty callers
Ric of The Cars
French word in bios
Home of Elaine, in Arthurian legend
Forces fraudulently (upon)
Vehicle hired to carry steeplechase horses?
Tip for changing your answer?
61-Across wear
Cavalier My bad
Emotional wounds
Iconic WWII island, briefly
Unlike idioms
Going by, for short
Tip for solving in ink?
Not in class
Mystery award
Constant Craving singer
Carousel item
Broody rock genre
Long-running forensic series
Put more varnish on
Not out-of-bounds, as a ball
Cost-of-living no.
Photo possibilities
Bama rival
Tightly packed
Some leave you powerless
Miss, say
Tartuffe dramatist
Cute calendar subjects
Blah, blah, blah, briefly
Tel __
Liszt work
Middle Corleone brother
Mezzo-soprano Anne __ von Otter
Part of a flower
Breaking Bad toxin
18-Across and family
Cholesterol letters
Tigers home: Abbr.
Vardalos of film
Bread, for stew
Stadium cheers
Submarine sandwich
Peruvian animal
Stop it!
Fourth month
Berts friend
Summer cooler
Spiritualist meeting
Nighttime vision
Rabbits kin
Most skillful
Opinion piece
Classic song
Staff member
More arid
Ways in
Small sofa
Took a chair
Hospital worker
Operate a car
Actor/Director ____ Eastwood
Nocturnal birds
Future sign
Space org.
Patch up
Photocopier liquid
Goes by bus
Hair dye
Glossy fabric
Juicy fruit
Buffalos waterfront
Fake medication
Mont Blanc, e.g.
Ambulance worker
Mall event
Savings plan (abbr.)
Corn units
Poes middle name
Works for
Summer shirts
Dentists concern
Go back in
Was a copycat
Water, to Jacques
Humming sound
Tears apart
Voice range
Other than
Vane dir.
A search goes after Tom, perhaps into cave
Burn or watch online
Was transported and heaved breast, say, or shoulder
Engineers, takes part in drama, changes chemistry
Start to exfoliate after hassle shaving
Animal that finds itself nuts in spring?
Brave amount of money put towards dream return – no cooling off period
Command the spirits by name
Chaotic drama and love sheltering sick animal
Siren at sea to finish washing
Packing in sport
One of the oldest animals around is evolving
Stand nude sculpture next to religious study
Grand words spoken as Gables iconic character or Bogarts
Bottle in restaurant, catching the sun
Ate a bagel, somewhat in preparation for drink
Drunken aunt chews snack item
Young lady compelled doctor, single, to peddle drug
The beat the odds projections
Cries at divorce settlement demands?
Smell shot, catching echo of old-fashioned gunfire
Like Marie Curies treatment
Extreme talk supported by a majority
Special constable, tailed by mob, in scrape
Increase reported, then cut came
Discriminatory amusements, excluding female
System to help lose pounds and inches?
Currency setter invested in rising currency
Burial place
Poison from deadly nightshade
See note
Cooked squid
Spirit of the time
Like an automaton
Animal hair
Young horse
Male feline
Speech defect
Monastery head
Dundee denizen
50s South Korean president
The Cloister and the Hearth author
Bernese Alps resort
Raggedy Anns friend
Just so
Mandlikova of tennis
Kind of snake
Fine porcelain
Epithet for Shakespeare
Greek T
Long-haired dog
Diamonds ___ Forever
Unethical lawyer
Wall St. stock sale
Small hound
Definite article
Accurate marksman
Four seasons
Medieval weapon
Scottish lake
Crazy Love singer
Actress Rene
Exile isle
Swiss Family Robinson author
On board
It cant be!
___ blocker
Over the Rainbow songwriter
Actress Arthur
Capital of Azerbaijan
Hans Christian Andersens birthplace
Volunteer State
Hollywood hopeful
More unusual
Church official
An apple ___ …
Basic rhyme scheme
Be adventurous
Rasta braids
Out of practice
Silent movie vamp
On a grand scale
Acting job
Bridge coups
Those people
Honshu hostesses
Mass emigration
Actor Andrews
Crab part
Rio ___ (John Wayne flick)
Break sharply
Pressure unit: Abbr.
Thick treacle
Roman god of war
Burial place
First letter
Skin irritation
Be acquainted with
Brass instrument
Fruit of the bramble
In the air
Speech defect
Babys teething biscuit
Edible fungus
Autumn month
Drying cloth
Explosive device
One caring about lack of knowledge
Cancel article omitted from yearbook
Bar thats shut up when clergyman enters
Declare in a tavern
Marginal changes may be frightening
Coolness of pal injured by unruly mob
Japanese city backing an artist
Charlie stirs drinks excessively
Two soldiers united in musical
A street in dire need in part of London
Condescend to sound like a European
Pan testers potty now
Well-bred man possibly shocking swimmer
Terribly slow nocturnal hunters
Shocks for old man turning up with chums
Obvious means of keeping the traffic flowing?
One light put up in shop
Lack of progress in country where women are excluded?
Canals have suffered in falls
Being saucy, I am put outside room
Theres nothing to restrict the view
Delicate proposal
Ill-considered break-out
Overworked engineers going to extremes in poetry
Do Mondays task
I ________ with my own eyes!
Its driven
Roman fountain
Iraq neighbor
Incan home
Oh, come ________ faithful…
Remote button
Literary monogram
A ________, a plan…
Hang low
Woven linen
Othellos betrayer
Sorts alphabetically
Ayn Rand classic
Actor Hawke
Philly pro
Fried rice protein
Indian leader
Star Wars initials
Parisian pal
Gas guzzler, briefly
Having the ts crossed and is dotted
The Most Happy ________
Coward of the stage
Scone topper
Takes off
Actress Lena
To be, in Paree
London gallery
________ borealis
________ 17, Holden film
Early baseballer Wagner
Religious leader
________ plaisir! : French
Roman emperor
Makes primeval noises
Woodys son
Skillfully constructed
Wall climber
Reason for overtime
Sound of dismay
Neither partner
Gore and more
Pierres possessive
Beyond the pale?
Bus Stop playwright
More unpleasant
Mighty mite
Suspense flick
X-ray dosage unit
Clean-air org.
________ feeling
Get even for
________ by Starlight
Collar stiffeners
Ticklish doll
Jury member
What ________ is new?
Casbah cap
Compass reading
Wash with vigor
Not there
Aspirin, e.g.
Petunia star Birch
Many a Giotto work
Woo- —!
Wee amount
Suit fitter in a California city?
Holding the attention of
Seat winners
Breezy co-star Kay
Boys and men from an Oregon city?
Michigan city whose residents are a bit more eccentric?
Jacuzzi sigh
Swirly letters
Popular cookie
Hamm on a soccer field
Actor Hill of Moneyball
Plundered an Ohio city?
Big lug
Judd of song
L-P middle
Renegade star Lamas
Hay bundle
Setting of Anne of Green Gables
Yang partner
Mouse-spotting cry
Painting exhibitor on wheels in a Maryland city?
Debt memo
Green shade
Pennsylvania city with a big population of forefathers?
Sussex loc.
Pale —
One making a change
Palo —
Piano relative
24-hr. cash convenience
Runoff conduit
Part of LAPD
Includes an Arizona city in the tally?
Noahs Ark groupings
Military foe
Cleanup org.
Not distant
Electric car maker
Speak badly of an Illinois city?
Off-Broadway awards whose winners hail from an Idaho city?
Film director Reiner
Thurman of Jennifer 8
Warehouse vehicle produced in a Texas city?
First-aid gel
— -di-dah
Negative battery poles
City close to Minneapolis
Antarctic explorer Richard
Compounds in explosives
Big step
Casual slacks
Net address
Baseball club
In pursuit of
The Chase star Marlon
One nabbing something
Immigrants class, in brief
Sgt., e.g.
Body trunk
Collielike pooch
Firm belief
Do some excavating
Make turbid
With 105-Down, eclectic digest
Comics acts
Corrida cry
Three-sharp musical key
We — please!
Actor Knight
No man — island
Phone no.
Goose of Hawaii
Timber-dressing tool
Boxing blow
Counterpart of sir
De — (afresh)
RandBs Braxton
SOS group
Jack of early talk TV
Model Macpherson
Like argon
Smoky peak in Sicily
Rodents in research
Lionel Richie hit of 1983
Actor McShane
Lawn pests
Mauna —
Lohengrin heroine
— turn up eventually
Executive no
Greek Cupid
Tigers, e.g.
Make glad
Biscotto nut
Creek critter
Work detail
Latin Behold!
Gas in signs
Pasting stuff
Surgical probe
Without — (worry-free)
College military gp.
On edge
Modern, in Mannheim
Island locale
Consent (to)
See 17-Down
Units of light
Noahs Ark landing site
Lion of C.S. Lewis Narnia tales
Metal waste
Em preceder
Blurt out the secret
Monster film lab helper
— Brith
Songwriter DiFranco
Above, in odes
Weighed down
Impassive expression
Voluntary fees
Refuse to acknowledge
Calculation aid
Tell apart
Make a fuss
Drowned river valley
Falls on second base, oddly
He’ll represent people if he’s given a different case
Don’t get me wrong number for criminal
Spring edition
At times school may be one good way into worker’s job
Stop to record jazz session
In truth, not entirely popular American politician
Close your old houses down?
Losing vote, fakes cheers for party
Very long joke in an idealess novel
A court case not quite enough for courts
Agent put into operation
Physicist in the RAF worried about explosive
Composer’s boring book rejected
Crikey – I turned up late for work
Merseyside town good for pirate
Control area beset by disease
One fresh flower opening
Sat around piano on one new game show on TV
Rifle shot polished husband off!
Hum when tough vocabulary’s no good
Just a show – also boring
Made concrete and certain rocks
Rather weak swimmer grabs bar
Find menu near the sandwiches
Sun’s welcome, getting extremely cold
Indian city contains quiet sanctuary
Digs using hook
Clay boxes people left behind, sold initially for pound
Man in cave is smart, not revealing name
Minister’s office in part of church with parrot
Large deer in grass
Heading to shelter, struggle in city endlessly
Fish sales outside a church
Bird of prey gets good old fish
Some men not sober, rolling round in daze as before
Obstacle putting roamer off
Secrets of a famous wedding venue penetrated by Rector
Girl and artist about to enter disreputable house?
Wailing female pop singer knocked over worker
Lout pees freely with rest behind a hedge maybe
Cleaner so attached to faddish ideas is full of personality
Chatham offering miserable wage after 50% cut
Nuts, in short, need to be put out of high office
Get soaked, as proverbially drowned creature crossing island
Somehow increase old-fashioned accommodation
Puny little son needs to eat greedily
Grim canoeist flexing muscles
Lass not available for one, making one scowl
Drug making one leaner somehow with unknown content
Be off-putting – as cricketers will ultimately, to get advantage?
Inexperienced seaman turned up as attendant
Words written and spoken to convey historical medical technique
Off-road driver straggles over island
Very little money to protect that female group
Unfortunate wanderer, ducking head, gets hit on the back
Birds as domestic animals relative collected
More impudent gentleman outside base undermining special soldiers
Holds back from unruly cluster
Soak leg upsettingly in foot-washing ceremony
Tuck distraught husband in a set of sheets
Command makes one hurry, energy rising
Part of flower not beginning to shoot up in mealy deposit
Do put in support for learner
Type of mirage, its name derived from Arthurian legend
The clerk of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol
The Night Watch is one of ____’s best-known paintings
Two-humped beast of burden native to the steppes of Central Asia
In this Oscar Wilde play, Mrs Erlynne is revealed to be the main protagonist’s mother, not a love rival
“And every time I see you ____ / I’m such a happy individual” (You Make Me Feel So Young lyrics)
Edible mushroom with honeycombed cap
Author of the Bryant & May detective stories
Crème de ____ is a liqueur made from blackcurrants
Captain Charles Edstaston is the central character of ____: Whom Glory Still Adores by George Bernard Shaw
Informal description of “duple time”
Wolfsbane, or the poison derived from it
The orbital cavity
First two words of the hymn usually sung to the tune Eventide
Named after the Latin name for Copenhagen, the last of the stable elements to be discovered
Six of the poems used in Schubert’s Schwanengesang are by Heinrich ____
Labour MP for Hartlepool, 1992-2004
The act of rowing, or associated equipment
Philip Schofield played Thomas More in stage and film versions of Robert Bolt’s ____
Administers a drug, perhaps to enhance athletic performance
Old name for a domestic bovine animal
“Well ____! …/ There’s little comfort in the wise” (Rupert Brooke, in Tiare Tahiti)
Former long-distance runner who founded the Great North Run
In Greek myth, a son of Temenus, and the eponymous subject of a play by Euripides
Taoiseach of Ireland from 1997 to 2008
Music magazine which ceased publication in 2000 and was incorporated into NME
A dolphin’s flipper or a duck’s wing
More shy
Feminist whose second daughter wrote Frankenstein
Samurai with no master; 1998 film starring Robert De Niro
Derived from a Latin word meaning white, a blank book for the collecting of photographs etc
Substance used in baking, and to treat indigestion
Russian historian and philosopher who championed reforms by Alexander II, including the emancipation of the serfs
Budget flight operator based in Swords, Dublin
British First World War equivalent of one of the two dances in the Nato phonetic alphabet
Former company which made enamel paints used with model kits
Alternative to “stock” as a name for the undealt part of the pack in card games
Sitcom in which the often mimicked “Ooh, Betty” was only said once
Country bordered by Nicaragua and Panama
Humanitarian sometimes called the “British Schindler”
Wilhelm ____ discovered X-rays
Player of a kind of saxophone often used by beginners
Electrically charged particles emitted by very hot material
Vague knowledge or suspicion
Ancient route from Rome to Brindisi
Former Hull City midfielder who joined Derby County for a second time in 2017
2009 historical novel by Hilary Mantel
Technical expert advising in a trial or inquiry
“Every artist was first an ____” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Barbadian singer with hits including Umbrella and Only Girl (In the World)
Clothing retailer known as Penneys in the Republic of Ireland
Formerly, a European who made a fortune in India
Type of read-only memory which can be erased and overwritten
Formed a luminous electrical discharge
Masculine given name in both Welsh and Japanese
Two of a kind
Super-high mountain
I ___ big trouble now! (2 words)
Eagle near the ocean
Vientiane language
Cover-up for a boxer
Peach centers
___ the season to be jolly
Make a film shorter
Armed casino items (2 words)
Wave-maker in a lake
Bit of history
Fairy tale, e.g.
Dream Team jersey letters
Erie Canal mule
Hockey legend Gordie
It hangs in a museum
Disappear gradually
Electric fish
Quaint hotel
Babbling waterway
Perform in a commercial
Cry from Casper
About to be frisked by the police (2 words)
Winter ailments
Sedan or convertible
Office message
Foreign dollar
Plant that climbs walls
Rental car company
Swiss city
Tierra ___ Fuego
Prime time for Nick
___ up (energizes)
Hard seed cover
Word after break or bump
Make the old look new again
Where a brides aisle ends
Most ritzy
Sports facility
A la ___ (with ice cream)
White wading bird
Thing needed for a circus catch?
___ I have more?
CPAs savings suggestion
Opposite of he
Corn grower?
It gives a hoot
Big coffeepot
___ Paulo, Brazil
Big commotion
Albanian currency unit
Heartburn reliever
Male swimmer in a suit?
Word with cream
Snake with a tight squeeze
Crime of fire-setting
Green-gem mineral
Turn, as a mast
Sound of a happy cat
Singer Sams Soul Man partner
Strauss of jeans
Give off
Prescription information
March lead-in (Abbr.)
Ask someone else
Frozen princess
In that case . . .
The Age of Anxiety poet
Agendas, for short
Aircraft carriers, to sailors
At minimal power
Auctioneers advisory
Auctioneers advisory
Ballerina painter
Bar mitzvah dances
Barbecue bit
Basic cable channel
Basic cable channel
Be worthy of
Become inedible
Belgrade native
Berate, as an ump
Best imaginable
Billboard displays
Blizzards, thunderstorms, etc
Bottled (up)
Bout enders
Building by some barns
Career athlete
Certain National Leaguer
Clark Kent colleague
Comfy retreat
Conflict, as colors
Costco competitor
Criticize sharply
D.C. ballplayer
Dayan of Israel
Doing a pirouette
Dr. of rap
Eggs of 23 Down
Electronic read
Expected in
First pope
Fiscal period
Fishing line annoyance
Flamboyant Spanish artist
Foamy beverages
Force (open)
Freedom-of-movement wartime document
Fresh talk
Friction-reducing sphere
Gather from the field
Get ready for the day
Girder handler
Give a speech
Gossip, so to speak
Green-card holders
Hammering sound
Harry Potters study
Hawaiian canoe stabilizer
Heat quickly in the kitchen
Historic cache for the future
Home with a bug
How Rodin sculpted The Thinker
Informal assent
Islamic group
Jazz saxophonist
Just sitting around
Lacking tact
Largest mammals
Lariat loop
LAX datum
Leaves little room for
Leaves speechless
Linen fabric
Loafers lack
Lobster __ Diavolo
Loretta Lynn mentor
Make happy
Make the call
MD imperative
Metallic noise
Miles off
Military assault unit
Monocle, for example
Moonwalker Bean
More cloud-covered
More crafty
Movies, so to speak
MPG part
Needing sharpening
Noisy confusion
Not authentic
Official mark
Oscar actress Zellweger
Outer limit
Pie serving
Pitchfork-shaped letters
Planned in detail, with out
Pompeii, today
Prickly plant
Propelled, as a raft
Publication exhortation
Puerto Rican port
Put in the attic, say
Reunion attendee
Round Table members
Running speed
Shade of sky or sea
Shakespearean prince
Shows derived from shows
Shut down
Silly ones
Singsong syllables
Skin care brand
Snakes like Cleos
Sock tip
Sore spots
Sources of shocks in rivers
Souvenirs of Bavaria
Speak unclearly
Stare at
Taj Mahal city
Tally up
The Iditarod, for example
Thickener for pastries
UFO crew
Umps call them
Unfilled pie crust
Vacation goal, for short
Voice actor in Up
Warship fleet
Went on two wheels
Wine-cask wood
Worker with bricks
World Series prelude: Abbr
__ Gatos, CA
__ ORGANIC (seal on some food packages)
Has deficiencies
Switch positions
Curses! kin
Alaskan native
Lemminglike rodent
Sign promoting savings
Creator of far-out 36-Across
Recognize a general
Happen ___ (discover)
Yacht pronoun
Type of iron or book
Say again
Right, horse
That bloke
Food in the woods?
Many trees
Casual no
Mental sparks
Prove to be allergic
Short-tailed lemur
Hubble builder
Cookie brand
Buzzing pest
Cool relative
Went to waste
Does 80 in a 65
___ the ramparts we …
Bottleneck wedge?
Draw parallels
Irrational juvenile
Bird with a forked tail
Rocks in pockets
Upper-crust group
Fruit for flavoring gin
Passe TV dial abbr.
Mortise connection
Police want you to follow them?
Et ___ (and others)
Conned place?
Some African antelopes
It saves nine if in time
Eggs, fancified
Get misty, as windshields
Gymnastic maneuver
Spanish Mrs.
Cause of a one-hr. shift
Paycheck booster
An American greeting
Fundamental belief
Sheep brand
Deficient blood condition
Thing on a check
Director Almodovar
Major desert
Acquire through merit
___ out (scraped together)
Kimono sporter
Beetle Bailey character
School adjunct
Things to shuck
Floating on the Indian
Bar snort
Super benevolent
Stuck, as a landing
I, Robot writer
32-card 31-Across
Shoe complements
Great danger
A Muse
Irritating one
Consisting of two
Muck go with
Like (with to)
Jackson 5 guitarist
Heaven on Earth, once
Last letter
Maximizing suffix
Amateur poets?
Animal lair
Asian country
Baseball player
Brad observed in Gretna illegally
Cathy steered the boat
Channel Island
Child sees Changing of the Guard
Country appearing in Berlin Diaries
Curved structure in Cheddar cheese
Discussed decline in protest
Dispense with cream that covers Mina
Distinctive smell
Evil deed by goblin was obstructive
Exclusive story helping with ice cream?
Explosive red-top to send overseas
Female offspring
Food for attractive person
Foolish person
Fouled aplenty? Heres decision!
Gouge or scrape
GP (informal)
Knock out
Leading light left before main service
Letter perhaps from learner with woman
Maud keeps artist in sack
Mentally sound
Move like duck after time? Nonsense!
My poor dogs nose!
Party we have outside causes smell
Portable lamp
Raid and plunder
Sailing vessel
Sailor hat
Score, in first place, nine over the closing holes
Sinead OConnors heart surgeon
Something black queen found in jug
Straw hat
Study in Cowdenbeath
Time to leave desolate island
Top meal, no starter, second in test
Totally sane?
Aloha-accompanying gift
As ___ on TV
Cogito, ___ sum
I read you
Seinfeld uncle
Welcome to . . . sign locale
Addition column
Amateur rock group
Anticipatory times
Barbers offering
Big Apple stadium namesake
Blue-black fruit
Bordered on
Chaney or Chaney Jr
Chapel Hill sch
Corkscrew-shaped pasta
Cricket field shape
Cuba libre mixer
Declare without proof
Dictator played by Whitaker
Didnt just talk
Dog in Peter Pan
Faberge collectibles
Fantasy football tidbit
Far from cheerful
Flows slowly
Golf score that may be saved
Grackle or grosbeak
Gross minus net, to a trucker
Hajj destination
Hilton or Radisson
Icky stuff
Itinerary word
Jackson of the Grand Ole Opry
Jacques who played Mr. Hulot
Jay with a TV garage
Joseph at Yalta
Knights gathering spot
Kremlin dome shape
Lane of the Daily Planet
Largest of rays
Last survey choice, perhaps
Letter from St. Paul
Long-tailed parrot
Louvre Pyramid architect
Ming collectibles
Neither here nor there
Nosy sort
Not as wacky
O. Henry, notably
One-for-one deal
Planetary orbital period
Play postscript
Plug away
Postage stamp purchase
Pre-dinner recitation
Prefix with chamber or date
Prefix with graph or normal
Pump figure
Sacred 48-Across of the Nile
Serenade the moon
Shell propellers
Smartphone display
Source of gravel
Soviet with a namesake cocktail
Sty sounds
Suffix with soft or silver
Supermarket flyer, e.g
Take an SAT course, e.g
Tartan-clad group
Tolkien beasts
Triangular muscle
Ushered from the door
Veal serving
Virus that inspired Outbreak
Walked like a 61-Across
Where rials are spent
With the bow, in music
Vehicle-based market
Newspaper dispenser of personal advice
Mounted bullfighter
Use the facilities
Pertaining to the eye
Small letters
Grammatical solecism
Fruitless task
Very low-priced
South African sportsman
Evil spirit
malleable metal
Can I help you?
Darn! in Dortmund
Hang on
Leave this to me
The Daily Show correspondent ___ Wood Jr
Venerable saint
What ___ is there?
___ try!
___ your words
0, to Manchester United
Alders anchor
Alexandrite, e.g
Angling purchase
App-testing phase
Arnaz-Ball production company
Baby and Doll, e.g
Badlands tableland
Bagel shop quantities
Barbershop service
Basis for discussion
Bassist Vicious
Bend down
Big part of Hollywood?
Bit of choreography
Black-and-white noises
Blog post code
Breaks limits, in a way
Call before a snap
Carve into stone, say
Cedar Rapids school
Checks for mistakes
Cheerful song
Close pal
Comedian Bridget
Common brunch hr
Contented exclamation
Controversial song by Prince that spurred the creation of parental advisory stickers on albums
Cornish Rexs sound
Cosmopolitan and others
Cowpokes catcher
Difficult to understand
Document signed by a monarch
Educational career path
Emperor Wus dynasty
Excessively scrupulous
Exemplars of grace
Far from perceptive
Food processor?
French spread
Frogner Parks city
Gelateria selections
Gets into, as computer systems
Go to extremes with
Good Fridays period
Gritty dramas quality
Guitarist Hoffs who co-founded the Bangles
Hiddleston of Thor
High-stakes contests
Indian menu side
Indian menu side
Irritable mood
Is finished dozing
Item in a lunchbox
Item needed for driving
Its size can be measured in angstroms
KFC additive
Kyle Mooneys show, briefly
Like full-grown Empires
Like some wrecked ships
Like the hillsides scaled by rock climbers
Like the humor of many Judd Apatow films
Lobe-piercing choice
Made Jaguar noises
Madonnas zodiac sign
Make numb
Maker of Screamin SRX fluorescent paint
Material for building bridges
Member of a study group
Mischievous being
Natives of the Plains
Novelist Waugh
Oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball
Org. known for helping hounds
Pamper, with on
Parrying weapon
Pass (out)
Performing ___
Pianist who said, Music is not a hobby, not even a passion with me; music is me
Places down
Playwright in the Lowell Swortzell play Young Eugene
Powder mineral
Prediction maker
Product of length and width, at times
Prone to wickedness
Relative of a bowfin
Right fielder Slaughter
Rite Aid rival
Rush of blues music
Satyrs emotion
SC Johnson wrap brand
Second-place finishers, and an alternate title to this puzzle
See 100 Across
Sharp obstacles in Sonic the Hedgehog
Sign of an incision
Singer Corinne Bailey ___, or a singers asset in reverse
Sobieski of Never Been Kissed
Soliloquy segment
Some choral ensembles
Soprano with a Tony?
Sows enclosure
Spots for slots, e.g.?
Start to unravel
State for an astronaut
Structure for a Native American healing ceremony
Stuff in red blood cells
Substance in a syringe
Temple Squares state
The New Republic writer Jeet ___
They may be queens
Totally absurd
Tried to claw open
Trivial gripe
Upside-down rooster?
Virginia Woof or Fyodor Dogstoevsky, e.g
Was a threat to
What a camera captures
What an air ball misses
What tailors measure
Whats going to happen
Wildly enthusiastic
With 105 Down, site of the Norwegian Trench
Word found in TEETOTALER, ironically
Yonder pirate ship
Zebra on ice
___ in two (common chess puzzle)
___ Lingus
The Addams Family character said to have an IQ higher than 300
Ones clothing is really wet
Second wizard given wine
Appropriate benefit from milk
Flirting didnt lead to marriage
Swell safe opened by legend
Cor, this unsettled a runner!
Hard line taken by president before coup
A den? Its uncommonly dirty
Conservative raging broke the rules
Neighbour taking nothing on
Insured pairs caught napping
Amateur model at risk tells all
Cop at rest mistreated a witness!
Mean abstainer gets cut in Ghana
Soft wet earth coats the sides
Mark – popular book written about a biblical figure
Way to cut and run, a rider said
Its not the first contest held in silence
Funny man with a caustic quality
Sanctions thus holding a beast up
Ring involved in present males proposal
Rested soldiers shoot one down on the way to Slough
River cold within lies south of small barriers
The setter approaches an eyrie resolutely
Admirer of a metal band easy to hear
Democrat lies to child about Republican bias
One keeps gold away from alchemists lead, in short
Difficult trainee extremely smart
Corruption found in Valletta, in theory
Was Germany a Germans world?
perceivable By Sight
undermine The Power Of An Institution
standoff, Deadlock
pair Of Related Artistic Works Such As Films
popular Cheese In Tex-mex Cuisine: __ Jack
logo Or Initials, Added To Shirts And Hankies
february 29th Is Celebrated In One
simple Hanging Cloth Beds
blaze Surrounded By Tents
one Who Travels To Work
do These To Target The Abdominal Muscles
the Name Of The Jungle Book Black Panther
christina __, Madonna Kissed Her On Stage
social Media Website With Co-founder Zuckerberg
spanish Spelling Of Largest Balearic Island
film Character Who Adopts Annie: Oliver (daddy) __
red Gemstones
person In Front
short Sleep
ground Spice Used In Some Autumnal Desserts
selena Gomez Breakup Song Subject: Justin __
third Most Populous City In South Africa
the Way Text Is Set On A Page Before Publishing
party __; Celebratory Mini Explosive
unauthorized Use Or Reproduction Of Anothers Work
__ Bra, Supportive Garment For Physical Exercise
something __ This Way Comes, By Bradbury
riddled With, Overrun With
football Player And Broadcaster Terry __
explanatory Information At The Bottom Of A Page
a Croissant Gets Its Name From This Shape
bacon From Italy
open Mesh Stockings
perfect, Unblemished
international One Hit Wonder For Los Del Río
guessing Game, Where Clues Are Acted Out
fashionable Phrase
of Mice And Men Author
grand __; City-based Driving And Car-stealing Game
space Rock That Gets Through Earths Atmosphere
release Of Strong Emotions
professional Oddsmaker And Bet Taker
red Italian Leafy Vegetable
practical And Sensible
time Of Year To Witness Mass Wildebeest Migration
surpasses, Eclipses
first Name Of King Henry Viiis First Wife
bringing Goods Into A Country
“are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” Host: Jeff __
garden Plot Devoted To Blooms
being The Property Of
body That Examines Evidence Before Going To Trial
group Of Individuals Who Promote A Common Interest
vacation After The Wedding
recluse, Loner, Shrinking Violet
remote Areas Of Trees Far From Civilization
bring It Out To The 20-yard Line In Football
1995 Gunslinger Film Starring Antonio Banderas
one Who Examines For Quality, Or Works In Police
process Of Forcing Someone To Leave A Place
forcefully Departed From A Crashing Plane
highly Prized Red Spice, Turns Risotto Yellow
month When Columbus Day Is Observed
mountain Sport Transport
london Designer Of Leather Goods
gather Disparate Items To Form A List Or Archive
a Tooth Meant For Cutting, Humans Have Four
the Game Plan Stars Dwayne “the Rock” __
evergreen Trees Dont Have Leaves, But These
strength Of Sunburn-producing Radiation
algerias Busiest Port City
sonic The Hedgehog And Knuckles The __
harsh Criticism
usually Black, Brush This Onto Lashes
thin Sheets Of Precious Metal Used For Gilding
calm And Undisturbed, Peaceful
southern California Soccer Team
jean Paul __, Haute Couture Fashion Designer
a Four-line Stanza In Poetry
dry, Barren Terrain With Canyons And Ravines
legal Notice To Leave A Dwelling
lock On A Door That Doesnt Use A Spring
set Of Six Works, Like Mission Impossible Films
italian Tomato Sauce With Herbs And Spices
compensated An Employee With Too Much Money
signs Of A Malady
triskaidekaphobia: Superstition About This Number
country Where The National Animal Is The Unicorn
headstrong, Difficult To Control
cookies Often Added To Banana Pudding: __ Wafers
actress __ Dietrich
tufty Hair Growing In The Wrong Direction
dull, Bland, Wishy-washy
israels Financial Center, With Many Skyscrapers
livestock, Not Plants
german Maker Of 911, Boxter, And Carrera
princess Dianas Maiden Name
professional Who Measures And Manages Risk
object Kept As A Reminder Or Souvenir
storage For Cigars
flemish Painter Gave His Name To A Type Of Beard
who Can Take A Sunrise, Sprinkle It With Dew
the Smurfs Worst Enemy
element With The Chemical Symbol Ti
smashing, Breaking With A Huge Ball
largest French Wine Region, On The Garonne River
sold, Advertised
cartilage Between The Surfaces Of Some Joints
braid That Looks Like An Aquatic Animal
country Where Kilimanjaro Park Is Located
chart Showing Days, Weeks, Months
almost Too Late, Long Overdue
like An Unmoving Ship
illegal Scribblings Or Paintings On Public Walls
indonesian Island; Was Called Celebes
gangrenous Reaction To Extreme Cold
makes A Lepidopterophobes Heart Flutter
__ Stakes, Maryland Thoroughbred Horse Race
small Figurine
putting Money Into A Project Or Financial Scheme
short-lived, Ephemeral, On The Move
lying Down In A Chair
hollywood Actress, Won An Oscar For La La Land
awards Won
transmitting Music In A Continuous Flow
iguazu Falls Bordering Countries: Brazil And __
hidden Openings
embalmed And Wrapped In Cloth
century When Christopher Columbus Was Born
active At Night Time
breakfast Patty Of Shredded Potato
the Y In The Product Tcby
chemically Treated Hair Set In A Wave Or Straight
rough Wooden Storage Containers
discuss Something With Someone
mind-bending Word Problem
grimaces In Pain
austin __, Groovy 60s Spy Played By Mike Myers
sun God In Ancient Egyptian Mythology
robert Ludlums Jason __ Series
capital Of Cuba
chicken In French
mark __, Hulk And Bruce Banner
the Green Mountain State
__ Imaging System, Infrared Device For Detection
make Ready For
contacted Over The Airwaves
shoes With Hole Patterns At The Front
randomly And Rapidly Search Through Something
water Ceremony For Church Initiation
mistake Caught On Camera
connected System, E.g. A Companys Computers
covered With Wool, Like A Sheep
rich Italian Cheese Made With Mozzarella And Cream
base Unit Of Mass In International System Of Units
period For Announcements And Attendance
arm Ornament Worn Around The Wrist
acclaimed Musical Featuring Abbas Music
danger-loving Actors Replacement
tapered, Decreased In Width
traveling Broadcast Or Musical Entertainment
skaters Semicircle
playing Music Unplugged
underground Story Of A Building, Like A Cellar
final, Unavoidable Confrontation
han Dynasty Trade Route For Luxury Goods
second Largest City In Indonesia
allow Room For Someone To Pass, Move Aside
día De Los __: Day Of The Dead, In Spanish
inverted V-shaped Line On A Uniform, Shows Rank
drawing Guessing Game With Gruesome Ending
find A Solution, Settle An Argument
leather Fringe Adornments On Loafers
high-end Maker Of The Flying Spur Car
country Whose Capital Is Abuja
a Double-bladed Paddler
authored Great Expectations And Oliver Twist
warrior Goddess Of Healing In Egyptian Mythology
hopelessly __ To You From The Grease Soundtrack
__ Leopard, Blotchy Wild Cat From Se Asia
religious Campaign
arising From A Common Origin
disease Of The Liver
operated By Air Or Gas Under Pressure
elviss Daughter
expert In Building Design
nba Finals 2017 And 2018 Losing Team: Cleveland __
stopped From Happening
open Summer Footwear, Known As Thongs In Australia
city With Germanys Largest And Busiest Airport
yellow Character From The Transformers Franchise
nintendo Interactive Tennis, Golf And Boxing Games
point Out Faults In A Disapproving Way
the __ Rabbit By Margery Williams
pleasant To Taste
kings Clown That Preys On Children
electronic Messages Sent Via The Internet
jeep-truck Four-wheel Drive, Originally Military
santa Cruz Del__, Densely Populated Colombian Isle
mass Of Space “cloud” Gasses, Such As The Crab __
rock __, 60s Movie Star, Played Opposite Doris Day
ancient Gaelic Festival Marking Start Of Spring
not Whole Or Functional Anymore, Faulty
slightly Annoyed
detective Sherlock __
support, Ratify
manic __; Post-weekend Blues For The Bangles
__ Acquisition, A Recruiter
beetle Central To Ancient Egyptian Mythology
americans Call Them Bangs, Brits Call It A __
playground Toy Of A Plank With A Pivot
foot- And Legwear Worn By Fishermen In Rivers
a True Principle Or Belief
rich, Wealthy
us Founding Father With Musical Based On His Life
least Light
month When The Nyc Marathon Is Run
norman __, Us Painter Of Four Freedoms
maintains A Vehicle
management Of A Museum Or Gallery Collection
prediction Or Forecast Of Future Happenings
garfields Hopeless Owner, Jon __
phytonutrient That Gives Tomatoes Their Red Color
hall For Slain Warriors In Norse Mythology
made An Excited Sound, Like A Pig
person Who Funds Government
city Where Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Born
shakespearean Play Known As The “scottish Play”
figures That Represent Players In Videogames
leaves, Goes
tactile Writing System Used By Visually Impaired
make Someone Lose Courage
making Up For A Bad Deed, Religiously
legally, It Means “guilty Mind”, From Latin
muscle Located At The Top Of The Shoulder
deliberately Messy Hair, As If Just Woken Up
math That Uses Letters
optical Illusions Seen On Hot Roads
what The M Stands For In Bmw Car Company
professionals In Horse Racing, Riders
go Off On A Tangent
lamented A Death
the Second Of Prince Williams Four Names
egyptian God Of The Dead Had A Head Of This Animal
sweet Red-brown Bean Used In Vegetarian Dishes
big Hit Song For The Animals: House Of The __ Sun
capable Of Moving
approach With Aggression
__ Voyage, A Ships First Trip, Think Titanic
character Created By J.k. Rowling: Harry __
japanese Car Company, Makes Corolla & Camry Models
fragile, Easily Damaged
open A Flag Or Sail
marios Archenemy In Super Mario
__ Balcony, Named After A Shakespeare Heroine
prize For Winning A Sporting Event
city Where John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated
not Have Ones Worth Recognized: Play Second __
region Of Italy Containing The Province Of Palermo
way In, Doorway
month When The Japanese Bombed Pearl Harbor
the __ Zone, Long-running Supernatural Tv Series
1983 Bond Film Never __ __ Again
grouping Like Geese
monthly House Payment To Bank
only Tepid, Or Not Showing Any Enthusiasm
heir __; First In Line Of Royal Succession
animal Whose Bite Can Transmit Dengue Fever
long-haired Fairy Tale Princess Locked In A Tower
explosive Sticks For Demolition
where The Locks Frame The Face Around The Forehead
green, Anise-flavored Spirit
attractive, Tempting
loyalty Rewards For Frequent Flyers
conceited And Knowing Person, Cocky And Arrogant
area Of Play Behind The Offensive Line
relating To The Preparation Of Material To Publish
treating Serious Issues With Inappropriate Humour
emergency Hospital Vehicle
number Check Of People Present
sign On Paper Money Only Visible Under Light
strangely, Uncommonly
study Of The Origin & Development Of The Universe
country Where The Tanami Desert Is Located
elvis House
she Transformed Pinocchio Into A Real Boy
someone Who Is Scared Of Feet
a Traveler, But Not The Vehicles Driver
meryl __, Acting Royalty, Has Over 20 Oscar Noms
much Imitated French Handbag Designer: Coco __
vessel For Pouring Stewed Hot Drink
secure, Fasten With Planks Of Wood Or Metal
acronym For The Us First Lady
the 2012 Summer Olympics Were Held Here
childhood Home Of Harry Potter: 4 __ Drive
body Of Water Separated From The Sea By A Reef
confirmed, Endorsed
have Significance
loops In Ropes Tied With A Knot Used By Hangmen
rags To __; To Come Upon Good Fortune
scott Weilands Band: Stone Temple __
hordes Of People
singer Famous For Poker Face And Born This Way
early Jewelry Pieces Used To Hold Cloaks Closed
to Make Smaller
bits Of Strewn Paper For Celebrations
regulator Or Overseer; Canine That Guards/protects
changing Over Time
jennifer __, Played Katniss Everdeen
vista, An All-around View
light Ramekin Dishes Made With Egg Whites
red, Sore, Infected
person Who Lives In A Building
dark Skin Patches Caused By Uv Exposure
shoes That Extend Over The Wearers Ankle
creator Of Expensive Fashion
chinas Largest City
another Name For Table Tennis
eighth And Last Leader Of The Soviet Union
club __, Wham No.1 Record With Crickets Intro
cues, Sticks, Balls, And A Table
nearly, Almost
unused Parts Of Meals, Reheated The Following Day
holiday When People Sing Carols
lacking Any Obvious Principle Of Organization
first European To Reach Kilimanjaro Summit
best Place On A Route To Stop And Take Photos
literary Hero Made Up By The Author: __ Character
keratin Covering On The First Digit Of A Hand
free From Blame
counselor, Psychoanalyst, Psychiatrist
john Waynes Headwear
disappearing Without A Trace
basic Print Device That Uses Ink To Create Images
dustin Hoffman Drives This Brand In The Graduate
someone Who Spends Winters In Warmer Climates
rock Band Founded By Jimmy Page: Led __
to Damage And Destroy Beyond Repair
family Name In The Cosby Show
position Behind The Driver
thin Bars That Keep An Avian In Captivity
money Off An Item
capital City Of Malta
greek Battle With Runner Pheidippides
in The Uk The Game Is Called Draughts, In The Us _
hair Raised High, Marie-antoinette Style
took Part In An Athletic Event
comic Verse Composed In Irregular Rhythm
energetic And Vital
“hope __ Eternal”
crimes Against The King Or Queen
patio For Tanning
get Better From Illness
testosterone Is One Of These
physical Training Based On Military Obstacles
the Only Female Judge In The Book Of Judges
__ Stone, Decoding Tablet Found By Napoleons Army
to Decorate Or Embellish; Often Found On A Plate
dead Poets __
japanese City, Venue Of The 1972 Winter Olympics
sold Objects Via Numbered Tickets In A Draw
sea Of The Philippines, Also Called Sulawesi
wood-eating Insect
__ Bulls Play At Ub Stadium In Buffalo, Ny
holes In Shoes Through Which Laces Are Passed
__ Vane, For Breezy Predictions
department Of Imported Goods, At An Airport
the Fairy Queen In “a Midsummer Nights Dream”
removed Impurities
hasbro Game With A Whipped Cream Surprise
royal House Of Queen Elizabeth Ii
of The Color Of Green, Lush Grass
northern Hemisphere Annual March Event: Vernal __
study Of Living Organisms
cooked In Simmering Water, Eggs For Example
a Business Or A Firm
dr. Joness Nickname, Maybe An Ophidiophobe
letters Of A Word Rearranged To Form Another
aggressive Regional, Independent Military Commander
the Nicer Police Officer In An Interrogation
mythical Creature: Head Of A Human, Body Of A Lion
second Largest Greek Island, After Crete
an Official Count Of A Population
first Nhl Team In The U.s.: Boston __
made Amends Or Reparations
__ Woman; Superhero Alter Ego Of Diana Prince
mens Hair Stylist
a Swelling Of The Thyroid Gland
where You Plug Electrical Devices In
whole-page Illustrations Printed Separately
root Often Served Alongside Sushi
required, Necessary
the Roman Empires Two Centuries Of Peace: Pax __
patrick __, Dirty Dancing Hollywood Actor
to Build A Piece Of Art From Stone Or Clay
when People Receive Their Wages
the Two Longest Rivers In The Uk: Thames And __
six-stringed Musical Instrument
african Country, Home To Volcanoes National Park
particles Shed From Hair Or Feathers Of Animals
kidnapper, Captor
string Goes Through Eyes/hooks In Winter Footwear
the Most Rapid, Quickest
__ Rock, Pilgrim Landing Spot
refused To See Or Care For Any Longer
big Semi-aquatic Snake Found In South America
walk Like An __; Pharaonic Hit For The Bangles
decade When Madonna Came To Prominence
world Of __; Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game
keep An __; Remain Non-judgmental
redford And Newman 1920s Betting Caper
cramped, Restricted
form Of Marriage With Multiple Spouses
northwest Pacific Tropical Storms
naming Word Substitutes, E.g. I, We, He, She
beauty Is Only __
male Who Is An Expert Shot
the Less-medical Term For Alopecia
worked Soap Into Bubbles
absolved Of A Crime
wading In Shallow Water
three Precious Stones On Meghans Engagement Ring
westernmost Country In Continental Europe
hard Italian Cheese For Grating On Pasta
road For Leaving A Highway
the __; A Villain Turned Antihero
whoopi __, Comedian, Actress, Star Of Sister Act
airship Named After A German Count
frame Enabling Goods To Be Carried On Top Of A Car
the Narrator In The Great Gatsby: Nick __
short Visit Or Trip To A Tourist Attraction
__ Biology; Scientific Study Of Essential Proteins
younger Sister Of Mary-kate And Ashley Olsen
unconscious Desire For Ones Own Fatality
money Given To Children For Completing Chores
the __ Itch; 1955 Film Starring Marilyn Monroe
saxon King Edward The __, Succeeded Harthacnut
audience Member
unwilling, Hesitant
annoys, Irks
prime Minister Who Replaced Neville Chamberlain
a Banana Split At A Diner Or Home On The Water
rose Rapidly Or Grew Dramatically In Size
inflicts, Forces
tv Series The Dukes Of __
greek Epic Poem By Homer
soothing, Oily Stick For Chapped Mouth
gloria __, Singer With The Miami Sound Machine
seasonal Wind That Brings Weather Changes
microsofts Electronic Encyclopedia
forename Of Artist Doré And Engineer Eiffel
national Park With The Tallest Trees On Earth
gift __, A Coupon For A Shop, Preloaded With Cash
semi-frozen Dessert Of Sugar, Water & Fruit Flavor
clean The Outside Of A Vehicle
never-ending Nickname For Rome: The __ City
person In Charge Of Lighting Crew On A Film Set
sport Played On A Court With Curved Wicker Basket
second Largest City In Ukraine
the Mother Of All Those 101 Dalmatians
graduated Hair, From Long To Short
weather __; Alert For Extreme Weather Conditions
redirects Mail To A New Address
poem In Which The Letters In Each Line Form A Word
arm Protection For Skateboarders
great Wealth
actress Rita __; Wed Sultans Son Prince Aly Khan
branch Of Tech That Deals With Moving Machines
silver Animal Guardian Spell From Harry Potter
famous Ancient Roman Temple, Now A Catholic Church
white Sauce Of Cheese And Milk, In French Cuisine
safety Restraint For Car Drivers And Passengers
america Was Named After Explorer Amerigo __
remain In Place, Dont Move, Stay Put
macabre, Gruesome, Grotesque
witchs Pot
strong Urges For Food, Especially During Pregnancy
smallest Country By Area In South America
make Less Severe Or Painful
state Where The Mojave Desert Is Located
a Blacksmiths Workplace
to Come Into View
double Burger With Cheese From Mcdonalds
compelling, Pleading
statement Ender
this Sea Witch Stole Ariels Voice
tie, E.g. Secure An Animal With A Rope
casual, Loose-fitting Trousers
layer That Forms On Copper Over Time
liam __; Irish Hollywood Actor In Taken Films
this Animals Foot Is Said To Bring Good Luck
an Emasculated Man
jack __; The Jokers Real Identity

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