Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-22

Arrive ___ decision: 2 wds.
Shoot the breeze
Word that can go after shrink or gift
Place where people get tipsy
The H in HBO
50-meter dash, for example
American Sniper actor who directed and stars in the A Star is Born remake: 2 wds.
NBC comedy named after a high school course: 3 wds.
Losers score in a shutout
Rings, like a bell
Trumps title, casually
Death Wish actor Mike
Curved item used by an archer
With 35-Across, Born This Way singer who plays Ally in A Star is Born
Its the dawn of a new ___
See 33-Across
Exclamation accompanying a shocked-face emoji
What to do after watching a great performance
Former NBA player Lamar
2006-2014 USA series that starred James Roday
First-person shooter video game franchise featuring Master Chief
Competitor of Hawaiian Punch: Hyph.
Good quality to have
Undercover Brother actor who plays Noodles in A Star is Born: 2 wds.
They have retinas and corneas
Natural ingredient that may help sunburned skin
Hurray!, to a toreador
Hoses down
Pomegranates covering
Amethyst or aquamarine, for example
Band whose songs are in the Mamma Mia! movies
Waterproof covering
United ___ Emirates (Abu Dhabis country)
Brittany Snows role in the Pitch Perfect movies
Tool for weeding a garden
The Gifted star Acker
___ support (computer assistance)
Worked on an essay or novel
Music genre whose name sounds like 8-Across
Tennis serve that immediately win a point
Walks ___ nine innings (baseball statistics)
Feeling like your head is spinning
I didnt mean to do that!
A garden hose might be coiled on a large one
Winfrey of A Wrinkle in Time
Have ___ hair day: 2 wds.
Nikes swoosh, for one
Went for a dip in the poo
Sound of a rock being thrown into a pond
NFL team that has a curved horn on its helmets
Boldly unconventional
___ Dont Preach (#1 hit for Madonna)
Mother ___ (fictitious author of nursery rhymes)
Quite stylish
Game whose playing pieces including queens and pawns
Flap on a sport coat
Gent, in England
Trudge through the mire
Fashion magazine edited by Nina Garcia of Project Runway
Be abundant (with)
It makes a lawn moist
Response to All in favor?
Doctor with a DVM degree, for short
Alternative to porter or pilsner
mused morosely
UPS deliveries
broke in and stole
squalid dwelling
where grocery carts roam
one skilled in counseling
Base after third base
Flows back
1, 8, 27, 64, etc.
The “U” of B.T.U.
1982 movie inspired by Pong
Yoga posture
French “thank you”
“… man ___ mouse?”
Jokester’s jokes
___ McDonald
Gas brand whose logo has a blue oval
“Desserts” made from wet dirt
Pupu ___
Isaac’s elder son
Gas brand whose logo has a red triangle
What free apps often come with
Little rapscallion
Glass that makes a rainbow
Website for crowdsourced reviews
Church activity
“Will do!”
“The War of the Worlds” villains, briefly
Sitting Bull’s people
Meriting a “D,” say
Figure in the form 123-45-6789, e.g.: Abbr.
“___ ears!”
Vaper’s device
Italy’s shape
“You ___ right!”
Composer John with six Emmys
Tiny hill builders
“Just play along, please”
“Hamilton” composer
List-ending abbr.
Brokerage with an asterisk in its name
Clink on the drink
Toot one’s own horn
Weekly parody source, briefly
Online discussion forum
Professional coffee server
Fully surrounded
Ones under a captain’s command
___ fruit
Europe’s longest river
Kwik-E-Mart minder on “The Simpsons”
Kia model
What actors memorize
Alternative to Hotmail
“___ Not Unusual”
Car speed meas.
Shakespearean sprite
Site of a 1945 Allied victory in the Pacific
Amino acid vis-??-vis a protein, e.g.
Public’s opposite
Tibetan beast
Beachfront property woe
“How about we forgo that”
Etymological origins of the answers to the five starred clues
Subway entrances
What oxen pull, in England
Catherine who married Henry VIII
The final frontier, per “Star Trek”
Big name in elevators
Prepare, as a dinner table
Org. for the Sixers and Spurs
Some regular gentlemen are big
Double with a pair of pleats
Were yet producing a slow grower
A fortunate shot for the parasite
The churlishness of a sick crew
Puzzles cause an angry exchange
Take off a thin piece
Mangle western campanologist
Wouldnt it be better in the bedroom than the kitchen?
Boat taken from the ocean
Be a practical joker at the card-table?
The doctor was out of ties
Rip shows sign of repentance
Current quantity of paper on the street
The girl paid a money penalty and was shut up
Standards of a slum ode
It should be hit without difficulty
Final job marking the end of a soldiers day
Somebody who swears about nothing gets a horse
Advancing duty in hospital?
Leave in no particular torment
Peruvian Indian in Wincanton
White heron
Wash out
Run away
Film eminence
Afternoon performance
Wash out
Booby prize
Go separate ways
A wise man
In the family, as its told
Where one can get to on the river
Staple food of 1 down
Its elegant apparently to be made to pay again by the court
Perhaps golf scorer is inevitably sober
Find out why I approached the entrance wearing undergarment
The barge must be carrying less
Idiot joins 150 in the group to be taught
The girl will use the artillery
To finish with set-free mice peculiar to the area
Debar growth on the chin
Magnificent house owned by star performer and his friend
Refutation could be nailed
As an author its the plot that hes concerned with
Surviving trace not in at 14
A good man to speak maybe – but has an impediment
Intelligent grasp can be seen
Breathe out – was healthy once!
Turner at sea as a farmer?
Art is on the move
Andrea , 1975 European Indoor Championships 60m gold medallist
Ian , 1958 Commonwealth 220 yds butterfly swimming gold medallist
Freddie , entrepreneur associated with the Skytrain project who died in 2006
1954 biopic starring Marlon Brando as Napoleon Bonaparte
1993 novel by Danielle Steel
Comedian-actor who plays the title role in BBC TV series Jonathan Creek
Department of France; capital Moulins
See 13
Peter , 17th-century painter whose works include Girl with a Parrot and Two Ladies of the Lake Family
High Court judge in the Isle of Man
Honey-yielding tree also called the Chilean wine palm
Medieval stringed instrument resembling the violin
Stacy , US actor who played the title role in 1974 film drama Luther
Michael , Aberdeen-born dancer-choreographer who started his own company in 1984
Territory of NW Canada; capital Whitehorse
Walter , US manufacturer who introduced the Plymouth motor car in 1928
Joe , violinist and bandleader whose signature tune was In the Mood
Arcangelo , Italian violinist and composer born in 1653 noted for his Twelve concerti grossi
2000 novel by Catherine Alliott
Alfred , Austrian psychiatrist; author of The Neurotic Character and The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology
Actor who played the title role in 1949 film drama The Bad Lord Byron
Castle and residence of the royal family in SW Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Rene , French Art Nouveau designer noted for his frosted glassware
Daniel , author of 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe
River upon which Rome, Italy, stands
Bluish-white metallic element; symbol Zn
Regular tendency or practice
Heavenly messenger
Very fast runner
Soft loose flesh on the body
Mix with guests at a party
Sacred beetle
British nobleman
Relating to the Middle Ages
Eagles nest
Landing pier
Light beer
Everything considered
Long way off
Asthma sufferers device
Spongy pink or white sweet
Complete, total
Set in motion
Broom of twigs
Hire cab
Obvious its not in code
Officers money
Prosecute a woman
Bat makes a din
Decrease in autumn
Clapped around course
He calls out for varnish
At home, dates are used as a substitute
Pressure to get a French joke
Willing bird
Viewpoint right for sportsman
People of Armenia
Paper around large field
Balanced melody, on the day
Woman to resign, sadly, as performer
Demand, when king
Feel remorse, the French way
Use a shroud, say
Egotistical end reflects badly
Fletchers groove
Parking south of copper trophy
Woman from Esher
Renditions conclusion
Second graduate has morning routine
First man to find a barrier
Father left as a friend
Catch in one trap
Gun-wielding animal
Take to court
Varnish ingredient
In its place
Play on words
Adjusted pitch
Christmas crooner
Drinking vessel
Brazilian dance
Biblical figure
Get lost!
Group of three
Paris river
Tiny bit
Draw wages
Cordwood measure
Not sweet
French brandy
Provos place
Pub seat
____ Days
Greek letter
Common contraction
In this way
Catos character
River vessel
Hoop place
Make a run
Moles kin
Small insect
Body of printing
Greenish blue
Office worker
Football filler
Mexican party
Like a new book
Wild cat
Opposed, in Dogpatch
Turkish bigwig
Ankle bones
List of corrections
____ Song
Lime beverage
Moral crime
Barney fan
Take one side
Roofing straw
Hair lock
Wild goat
Bauxite, e.g.
Needle a bit?
Game official
Pointy tool
Go yachting
Liabilitys opposite
New York sports team
Discriminating person
Liqueur flavorers
___ of Langerhans
Stan who created Spider-Man
Cut it out!
British rule in colonial India
Online auction venue
Waffle House competitors
Mine extracts
Wind-driven device
Complete extent
City founded by Pizarro
Simple __ of kindness
Cause of squinting
Sometimes-puffy Is?
English king married six times
Circular coaster feature
Guthrie at Woodstock
Vietnamese export
Vietnamese soup
Site for crafters
Three cheers cry
Inventors spark
Prefix with -gram
Govt. workplace monitor
How wealthy people live
One-man show about Capote
Salt Lake City athlete
Bay Area airport letters
Gillette razor
Bluesman Redding
Keep something in mind
In first place
Bana of Hulk
Orange Bowl city
Perlman of Cheers
Kenneth Lays scandalized company
Eye rudely
Longoria of Desperate Housewives
One of musics Three Bs
Savanna springer
Simple question type
Singer known as the Godfather of Punk
Put the kibosh on
Nebraska city
Less tainted
Pittsburgh footballer
Cassini of fashion
Southpaws opposite
Be a ham
Obama daughter
Tiny bit
Honor society letter
Got ready for the surprise party surprise
Deposed Iranian despot
Clog or moc
Bad-joke response
Tres menos dos
Speak wildly
Saying Quiet! to
Very popular
Get on in years
__ the end of my rope!
Return from work
Enter steadily, as a line of students
Rwandan native
Border dog
More lamb than tiger
Club with 20-, 32-, 42- and 57-Across as members?
Kidney enzyme that regulates blood pressure
Essential rose oil
Snow house
Prefix for ten
__ sapiens
Pastrami bread
Hold up
Actors prompts
Pedros friend
Invitation letters
Informal affirmative
Barking sounds
50s monogram
Red root
Secluded valley
Chalkboard wipers
Flower part
Yule drink
Ave ____
Lacking iron
Fellow leading actor
Raised railways
Plead with
Cleaning cloth
Cut open
Band instrument
Spouses kin (hyph.)
She, in Paris
Hangmans loop
Building wings
____ between the lines
Orchard members
Send forth
Stars car
Swiss song
Shed tears
Ball-shaped objects
Blender setting
Birds abodes
Sub shop
Inert gas
Mamas husband
Range part
Baseballs ____ Rose
Male sheep
Golfers woe
Viva ____ Vegas
Clevelands lake
Grinding machine
Those opposed
Bothersome insect
Less refined
Musician ____ Clapton
Paper fastener
Act the ham
____ Prize
Fabled dwarf
Actor/Director ____ Eastwood
Spanish mister
Festive occasion
Burn reliever
Flower container
Flock mothers
Koppel or Williams
Rugby players jersey is possible reason for 21
Respect refusal to be constrained by time
Sporting purple sabots as a symbol of independence
Doctors pinning down GIs bizarre psychological symptoms
Japanese electronics company introduces new gaming site
See 10
Carbon copy keeps returning to author
On friendly terms with Germany? Shut up!
Typical Independent reader (some say) more excited by article about revolutionary
Retired L.A. crime boss accepts English alternative to 15D
Sounds like sheepshaggers clothing has a household name
Arch European backing Central Banks U-turn
Unionist intervening in 24D gets a shock
Landowners from Spain renovated manor within two years
Newspaper reported a bloomer
Island off Scotland is English? Heavens above!
Acrimoniously leave fat, grasping old politician
Possible explanation for itchier skins oddly dismissed
Sick setter, pissed on rum, died
Ruined European in Great Britain urged to move
Timely reminder
Amount one raised covering 8 musical compositions
Game plan for 2019
Journal contains old line about knight
Minister to Yankee in Lisbon, say
Absolutely not accepting Rutherfords original model
Ludicrous sailors uniform gets ridiculed heartlessly
Way to get around penniless down-and-out
Foot digits
Civilian dress
Uncomfortably loud
Leave out
Wine and soda drink
Military force
Without charge
Sweet Madeira wine
Indian instrument
Academic year division
Web-footed birds
Nova airer
Fawned (on)
Small ammo
Satisfied sigh
Requiring low temperatures
Aunt, in Acapulco
Bruins legend
Poseidons son
Satans domain
Debussys La —
Aachen article
Put in office
Adams and Irving
Mil. group
Bridge abstention
Knee protector
King Kong studio
Together, in music
Answer to Are we there?
Actor De Niro
Former Delta rival
Public uproar
Hockey surface
Copper head?
— Moines
Rationed (out)
Lobbying org.
Academic goal
Went too far
Light brown
Author Wharton
Leon Uris novel
Writer OCasey
La-la lead-in
Walk Like —
San —, Italy
Wee bite
Wedding dessert
Home of Duke University
Violin piece
Wee bit
Dig in
MLB stat
State flower of New Mexico
Labor group
Signs a lease
Balled hand
Plop down
La Brea sight
Many an arty movie
Not tight
Tourist destination
Do origami
Takes under ones wing
Diet no-no
Coloring agents
Suspects story
Crullers cousin
The March King
Play place
Come in
This is tasty!
French article
Spying org.
Low digit
Soup buys
Opposed to
For fear that
Mix up
Freshener scent
Cincinnati team
Land in the ocean
Turner and Danson
Hardly wordy
Passing crazes
Turner of song
Programming error
Take advantage of
Golf goal
Visit the mall
Tears apart
Arms and the Man playwright
Heath-covered tract
Admired one
Burkina Faso, formerly
Snifflers need
Choir part
Avis offering
Customary practice
1853 land purchaser
Ceremonial staff
Calendar pages
Polyvinyl chloride
The Faerie Queen poet
Chuckle sound
Be het up
Countless years
Artful dodge
Beethoven overture
Roman goddess of the hearth
Junket ingredient
Board and lodging
Fragrant flower
Polands capital
Barely open
Underworld author
M. Hulots creator
Geological ridge
Be a snoop
Author Silverstein
College VIPs
Soot particle
Arizona Indian
Butterfingers exclamation
Fix firmly
Old Tokyo
Aswan Dam river
Senile one
Distinguished politicians
Disneys Little Mermaid
Hold sway
Biblical witchs home
Fairy tale villain
Baseball arbiters
Step on the gas
Sauls general
Having no set limits
Bidding, old-style
Big Apple ballpark
Exhibited brilliance
Laze in the tub
Plant runner
Later edition
Meat treat
Asian prince
Hoods rods
Crazy Love singer
Bear lair
Award for selling many records
Public transport vehicle
Female singing voice
Owner of a magic lamp
Guide to book contents
Small and dainty
Equivalent word
Documents to be filled in
Female deer
Lacking moisture
Sign of the zodiac
Facial hair
Sitting Bulls tribe
Repair or restore
Military rank
Figured material
Spiny yellow-flowered shrub
Old prime minister on Page 1 time and time again
Taken to be fitting in better?
Recording woodwork?
A beast arrived late initially
Be in time for difficulty
Silent eccentric permits entry
One doesnt appear to be educated
Cut off by northern river
Gear up, wandering in capital
Drummer recruited by string orchestra?
Bolt from Rhode Island with former GI?
Fried food from back of larder is fish
Baseline modified for islanders
An amphibian went crazy
Places to go round for animals
Miserly when drunk
Country areas provide setting for long break
One should be engaged in diplomacy, its implied
Cardinal tucked into eggs and lettuce
Party lines for plaything
Plant growing on rocks right outside church
Nine told off for being disinclined to work
Sort out French article with composer
Material raised seconds after departure
Topless bathers new suit
Manage board
Ones knotted, restricting oxygen!
Food brought back from Edinburgh
Author Erica
Kenyan tribesman
Call for attention
Key setting?
Roll in the aisles
Nippers record label trademark
Heap praise on
Large pelvic bones
About, on memos
Land sakes alive!
Meringue needs
Common dice roll
Bad for the French
Coffee choice
Blood type letters
Westminster, for one
Juans wife
Ring around the collar?
Moral ________
Karachi language
Dont interrupt!
Chorus member
Exotic vacation
Peculiar start
Cast or tint
1978 drug smugglers Turkish prison movie
Drop a line?
Fictional Swiss miss
Sphere of study
WWII females
Colombia neighbor
Head, at sea
Sooner alternative
Thomas who drew Santa
Workout place
Tile art
Bona fide
Bird feeder fodder
Berns river
Carry on
Somme silk
Black Hawks group
Very, in Vichy
Kind of wrench
TiVo precursor
Cyan add-on
Requiem Mass hymn word
Sculptor Noguchi
Prevent legally
Sphere of influence
Loonlike bird
________ hoot, dont pollute!
Sci-fi creatures
Camera setting
NYSE launch
Managed somehow
Medicine show offering
Altdorf is its capital
Fish-eating duck
Memphis belle?
S&L guarantor
Put ________ writing
On hand
Computer buff
Biblical hunter
Laugh line?
Blame, crimewise
American and Arabian agent nearly takes theatres stuff on the road
Clever types on the margins associated with wine and spirits
Close friend briefly is charged for revelation
Concealed by applicant – a taster of the type of compositions composed by Bach, for one
Contract workers perhaps losing rag in nightmare
Daniel upset over Eva in precious state?
Duck found in chopped up mince – the contents of a packet
Engineered a go-slow for what shifty type did with the speed (7,31,4)
Fleet Street dismisses letters from those filling someone elses shoes perhaps
Hope of those coming off both sides of the Windrush
Is entitled to be a single chap
Local hooligan loses the head with one of those in court – presumably, its the witness?
Lost my potential, by and large
Most of the barrel with port is acidic when the top is taken off and emits a gaseous substance in the air
Peaceful protest after Polish adds insult to injury
Priest serving in bar
Proof of vice-president not taking trips
Qualified to remove art from Alberta
Ration out cooks local tea
Shrewd banks win and never lose
Some initial rumour about leading businessman in firm
Some of the ghetto mentality can be read as a warning
Stock of cold beer found outside the capitals trendy taverns
Take exception to rewriting Ovids paper
The roots of one childs game wrapped up in the present
Theyre capable of producing 14 across in part of the church
Those in Sky to broadcast a number of vehicles down the road
Tweak for dandys partner to air
A soup served cold
Astonish, amaze
Canadian provincial capital
Discarded bits
Eight-sided shapes
European treaty to end border controls
Exorbitant, extortionate
Fully grown or ripe
Includes or absorbs into something else
Its now Beijing
Late repast
Lough of the North
Monetary unit in S Africa
Move out and leave empty
No shout out for Texan city
Noisy quarrel
Now, Ray, go to the country
Nuclear research centre in Switzerland
Of a new-born
On the outside
Pale seedless raisin
Podium for preaching
Refuses to accept
Remove from a homeland to a foreign environment
Repeated themes
Script for a musical drama
Seldom seen
Snooping, nosing
Sweet circular cake
Wild, uncivilised
Young trees
(Of clothes) short and revealing
Leg and loin (of venison)
Polluted mist
Matching the dimensions of the original
Enclosure in court
Boast of (something)
Subatomic particle
(Of horse) refusing to go on
Footwear tie
On which wheel rotates
Very fashionable
Small orange fruit
Discoloured with age
Knife or axe handle
Arrogant newcomer
Treat, trick
Severe suffering
Caused ongoing annoyance
The Fall of the House of – (Poe)
Burn fiercely
Depart at speed following bishop’s abrupt dismissal
Save pounds ultimately, meeting accountant over wine
Study lines on creative work from East? That’s awkward
First of Iraqi kings locked up by crazy old emperor
Isolation unsettling Spenser at sea
Inferior liquor husband loves – cold and hot
Result of boring climb amusing to Spooner?
Leap dancer made at last before talk with hospital department
Pearl’s mother, a credit in the Sunderland area?
Wide boy’s lookalike, one distributing diamonds etc?
Claim member pitched into porter, say
Trivial piece rejected by Ted Heath, for one?
Phoney European hotel with appeal for Irish leader
After exercise, rings cook about game for children
Male animal enterprising Americans may make fast?
Bone up primarily on article supporting London’s banks
Possible hack’s garden implement, a token of good luck
Starchy doctor’s alter ego with notes on pungent gas
Delicate priest’s left up displaying nimbleness
Vehicle for men only on green next to a church
Sheltered girl appearing in court before duke
Wise men’s true art excited law administrators
Ragged crowd, they say, digesting poster over pub counter?
Left to reduce size of one’s protective grating
Soldier caught in narrow passage, held up by sailor
Reasonable, in a word, to do a runner
Search valley, missing centre
One who lacks experience in quality roofing
Old chestnut caught by a lot of another tree
A quick look outside hotel for dustbin in New York
Old wine they do fancy with very fixed views
Insinuate plainly where son has gone
Silver mesh installed in second generator
Expensive retaining mine that’s very steep
Mean to assert seniority
Certain about good rise
What’s immoral parking by local politician
Mounted equipment to limit noise
Cut sound made by detector
Taxi driver has change of heart as driver’s assistant?
Precede nine with XI in mix-up, being new to the job
Uncovered fire in dry grass is rather alarming
Cunning dexterity of small and large rowing team
Shut parts of town as restricted area
Hold one in high position in Westminster
Hunter, perhaps still following herb, reportedly
Climber’s aid is a disadvantage round slope
Be undecided about India’s suspension of rights
Delicious drink? About time in local
Sleep’s upset on English lace?
Coin-hitting-water sound
Prefix with day or night
Small chore
Thumbs way up! review
Whichever of a group
Totally destroy
Dusk, old-style
Middle range singing voice
Two times ___ day
And now, without further ___ …
Fancy thing next to some toilets
Number of foot digits
Shape of a race track
Mix ingredients in a bowl
Respectful tribute
Slanty shanty building
Wool-producing creature
What ___ can I say?
Opposite of sink
Thin wood strip
Rehearse ones lines
Shady retreat
Fuzzy Wuzzy __ a bear . . .
Pork chops and ham
Tough pitch to resist? (2 words)
List of restaurant food
Insect in a cupboard
With the greatest of ___ …
Opposites of evens
Thing to look up to?
Stepped heavily
Get ready for something
Tie-breaking period
Signature instrument
Hotel room cleaner
Type of pool for a billionaire?
How to change hair color
Path in the woods
New Years song title starter
Any building location
Nautical speed unit
Neutral color
Expressed, as a farewell
Period of history
Mouselike rodent
U-turn from he
Drag, as a car
Hunters bear skin
Woolens, collectively
___ a Wonderful Life
Female creature in the woods
This shape: (
Got smaller in a washing machine
Type of water lily
On-off connector
Stuff stuffed in weapons
Thing placed in an oboe
Instrument-playing group
Like museums and museum goers?
Wait, theres more …
Outdoor winter toy
Is holding
Ready, ___, go!
Energy units
Letters denoting alias
Dave ____Winner on Canadian and PGA tours
Actress Turner
George ____ (Perennial PGA tour winner)
Jewish pastor
Moe _____ (Greatest Canadian ball striker)
Early anaesthetic
Commanded (archaic)
Canadian George ____ ( First and only Olympic golf gold medalist )
Inanely foolish
RCMP alert
Gary ____ ( Two time US Amateur winner )
Was in the vanguard
Stan ______ (Three time PGA winner )
Body part
Penne or Linguini
Shipping cartons
Stunted one
Al _____ ( First Canadian to win a PGA event)
Gamblers bet
Figure skatings Barbara ___ Scott
Decorative fabric
Mike ____ (Canadian winner at Augusta )
Organic compound
Large deer
Render unhappy
Soon (archaic)
Barbies boyfriend
Say ____(Dentists request)
Semitic language
Chanteuse ____ McEntire
Knights title
US space program
Norse God
Israeli airline
Ladies of the night
Hebrides and the like
Scandinavian poetry
Mineral deposits
Graphic symbol
Guess Who and the like
Canadas Act of Confederation ( Acronym )
Poulter or Baker Finch
Mil. rank
Look before you __
Ready or __, here . . .
__ changed my mind
__ Miz (musical play)
__ Sir or Madam . . .
Aloe __ (natural burn soother)
And so on: Abbr
Any Super Bowl player, for short
Ardent fan
Boats like Noahs
Bottom-row PC key
Bubble-making chew
Business bigwig, for short
California high-tech region
Car like a minivan: Abbr
Carbonated cocktail mixer
Change for a $20 bill
Cookbook measure: Abbr
Crumbly Greek cheese
Cul-de-__ (dead end)
Dough-rising ingredient
Female deer
Flower stalks
Frog cousin
Gas in store signs
Gives a warning to
Greenhouse-gas emission measure
Group of most desirable guests
Helpful data, for short
In any way
Informal restaurant
Japanese carmaker of the Outback
Jousting weapon
Like __ of bricks
Meat commonly added to fried rice
Military medal recipient
Music legend Presley
Netlike fabric
Nonprofit network airing Antiques Roadshow
Novels story lines
Of stars in the sky
Of the sun
Organization for seniors
Pay a call on
Pet welfare org
Prefix meaning against
Recipients of checks
Reddish hair dye
Religion of the Koran
River embankment
Rod connecting car wheels
Rodeo rope
Rose-eating insect
Runway vehicle
Sailboat poles
Serving dish for the lazy
Skirt fold
Small sailboat
Soak (up)
Solo of Star Wars
Sprinted or jogged
Stringed instrument smaller than a cello
Swelled heads
Thick slice
Three-piece suit piece
Top of the head
University sports org
Victimizes, with on
Walking __ (very happy)
When the script indicates
Yellow envelope paper
__ Romeo (Italian auto)
Audio elevators
Business end of a sword
Go beyond like
West African country
Took to the jailhouse
Improved like wine
14-Across deity
Put in a poker stake
Show routine, sometimes
Leave the outside
Small bit of land
Not close
Do American Idol
Mansion and grounds
The Raven author
Major blood vessel
Bear in constellations
Flowering times
Action film staple
German mug
Dr. Seuss character
Shake awake
London carriage
Prolonged conflict
Pyramid function
Seed for daddy?
Where separate things are
Plump fowl
Bobbing on the waves
Long-tongued mammal
Take a load off
March 15, e.g.
Its smelly on purpose
Littlest pup
Seen-it-all feeling
Access online subscriptions
Big thing to plan for
Clubs for sand traps
Bible word of agreement
New Orleans 3-Down
Walks heavy-footed
Rope makers fiber
Floral leaves
Sprinters space
Oft-stepped-on creature
It can be a high roller
Periods place
Suffix with sect
Surname-dividing word
Rural places
Toss detente aside
Eggy drink
Rum-___-Tugger (Cats cat)
I dont believe that!
Divas production
Base overthrow, e.g.
Dynamite letters
Marker for a debtor
Dear guy
Not appropriate
Like some routes
34-Down cut
Coat for goat
Have desires
Matadors procession
Placed on watch
Get all gussied up
Bread riser
Arizona Native American
See socially
Corny remnant
Alias, briefly
Sound projectors
Ha! Fooled you!
I see it now!
Laughing scavenger
Lawrence of Arabia star
Paradise Lost villain
Yeah, whatever
2016 Olympics city
Admonishment to an overly affectionate couple
Assists in illegal activity
Back in time
Baked fruit desserts
Buttes kin
Care for
Chicken ___ king
Country east of Ghana
Country west of Zambia
Crime family head
Deadeyes forte
Dill pickle serving
Farm clucker
Fed proposal, and a hint to whats hidden in 3-, 9-, 25- and 29-Down
Field yield
Folk singer Guthrie
Gas tank unit
Gently wash against
Gp. of oil producers
Hand-to-hand combat?
Hindu social class
Hit with a stun gun
Hot gamblers boast
Inner turmoil
Jazzed (up)
Kennel sounds
Little bit
Location to be hit
Longtime Federer rival
Low-carb diet
Lyft cost
Maker of Expression Photo printers
Marries on the fly
Missile for Robin Hood
Moscow-based news agency
Mountain climbers tool
Musk of Tesla
Nabiscos ___ Wafers
Negligee material
Off the boat
Offering from a friendly dog
Plow pullers
Poems of tribute
Proceed along a route
Provides with free tickets
Raleigh-to-D.C. dir
Ring over an angel
Rowboat need
Rural stopovers
Sch. in Manhattan
Screen legend Sophia
Shower with flowers and chocolates, say
Slip up
Snooty sort
Some charity golf tourneys
Spectrum creator
Stand up
Sticky stuff on a baseball bat
Swelled head
Tax-deferred acct
The Emerald Isle
Tidy up
Understood only by a few
Unpleasant things to strike
Utter disaster
View from the boardwalk
Visiting Vienna, say
Withdraw from a case
___ Jose Sharks
Antsy? Could become unpleasant!
Asian joint said to be cramped
Chicken wearing hat?
Divine messenger in a new set
Drunken con-man in tree
Eager to tour a country
Elegant socialist accepting punishment
European state
Fall guy
Female name
Fire and water?
Freeholder in the old sultanate
Genius is present
Glenda, excited after tango, gets involved
Heavenly being
Mention some illicit encounter
Mr Bean carries duke in chair
Mud around gallery took new form
Not present
Novello takes years finding key
Organised search
Outline for dossier
Record holder?
Refer to
Rich nun at bad resort
Sailor Brown checked pattern
Sailor posted away
Saloon car
Search island shed nitrogen found inside
Short biography
Small person reportedly shows strength
So point out more than one choice
Talk idly about compilers tricks
The writer grumbles about girl
Trim dilapidated chair with partial cut
Tusk material
Two short men find scapegoat
Type of poultry
Unusual year in bustling capital
Very small
Dancing Queen vocal group
E FP TOZ exam
Gladiator wardrobe item
Green tote
Just ___ suspected!
Thats disgusting!
Unmitigated nerve
Vette automaker
Aquafina competitor
Article on a passing
Artists event
Ashe Stadium barrier
Astronomer Hubble
Ballplayer with a multimillion-dollar first contract
Bill-killing voters
Blunder in print
Bouncy melody
Campbell on a catwalk
Candied vegetable
Card game with a Batman version
Cause of respiratory woes
Channel selector, once
Closely related
David Bowies genre
Desert of Mongolia
Deuce topper
Divas big moment
Do a makeover on
Eastern way
Exceeds ones Rx
Executives assistant
Flooring pro
Fly-catching amphibian
Foraging for discarded food
Forgetful friend of 46-Down
Frances second-busiest airport
Inevitable ruin
Jessica of Sin City
Land bordering Turkmenistan
Launch a rebellion
Lex Luthor, to Superman
Like 68-Across music
Like early rap music
Like soy sauce
Many a Beethoven work
Marcel Duchamps art genre
Mazda two-seater
Nearer to maturity
Neither up nor down
Nine-day Catholic ritual
Not at all ambiguous
Numbers on wine labels
Offerer on eBay
Opens with a box cutter
Pecans shape
Period after Shrove Tuesday
Pixar clownfish
Playing for a sap
Reaction to a dad joke
Reply to Marco!
Sara ___ cakes
Saw off, say
Self-indulgent getaways
Slapstick bit
Still in contention
Tap into, as a resource
TJ Maxx department
Totally pointless
Trance-ending sound
Uncontrollable spasm
Wardens workplace, slangily
Well-versed in
White or Blue river
Woodwind with a narrow bore
Word before ribs or room
YMCA amenity
___ Zedong
In a way, drink helps to make blood!
Being down, the Spanish bow out
Fabric liable to show a stain
Man mountain?
Italian in a right state!
Historic knight of the willow (hard as nails?)
Williams expenses
Prisoner of the Gulag?
It can be in a contract for many a purpose
Such a scout needs to have initiative
Was dishonest in giving a boy only £1
Forward by Tuesday
Currently, theyre usually abbreviated
Container of courage?
A little house, locally
Though slow, itll go smoothly round the point
Scene of some final memories
Murphy, maybe, could have dug one up
Not much room for experiment?
No wildly keen traveller!
State of being cross during meals
A poor rhyme for greedy
A crossed animal
Enamoured and persuaded to be caressed
The school of Suetonius
Superior fur of practical application
Frenzy of a fellow to get a first-class return
Still in use as cash registers
The field of simple arithmetic
Suitable music for a chap in a rage
His wife possibly brings endless woe to him
Money can be sure to offer temptations
At bottom, theyre supportive
Its slow to grow
Tigers woods?
She can be illuminating, however briefly
Theyre never alone on the beach
Refer to everybody with due deviousness
The odd bit of crumpet
Plant one on both sides
Great man upset by a bad bit of batting
Manage to bake a little bread and you can eat it
Weak character removed from the plot
Figure a piece of wax is far from firm
Leg part
Light boat
Flows out slowly
Hand over
Popular pet
Wish or long for
Hair from sheep
Special anniversary
Rowing blade
Not at home
Fight with swords
Wild animal
Loses colour
Causing laughter
Period of time
Pointed beard
Underground drain
Container for liquids
Of Switzerland
Strong point
Thoughtful, solemn
Knitted garment
Freshwater mammal
Inert gas
Jewish priest
Spider trap
Board game
Easy target for a loan
Totally exhausted
Outburst of applause
Increase rapidly
Open wagon (to come after, not before, the horse)
Attire worn by women riders
Disease-causing bacterium
Court-ordered maintenance
Put a price on
Dinner she (anag) held as sacred
Gin hidden danger
Impossible to conceive
Produce a coherent whole
Reach the desired standard
Deep gorge
Coarse fibre from a coconut husk
Great scholar of arithmetic is retiring
Nietzsche reticently welcoming dissident
Stigmas and timeless indignity attached to homelessness, ultimately
Slightly wet, Maureen is figure on the left
Its only just light and RAF is on manoeuvres
Defender of England, not Europe? Get stuffed!
Superior pork pie and case of Grenache
Rubens did work for free
Eric heartily cross after relative loses last big race
Member of crowd texts Mrs May after banks fail
Gather together in the morning, when heading to school
Good people conserving energy, following cruel benefits assessment
Earnest and oddly sweary notes from short people
Moderates finally dragged Italy back towards the centre
South American dictionary describing unknown dog
Arachne interrupts randy, riotous railway workers
Articulate letters from unfaithful lover initially bringing comfort
Nothing stops ardent romance
Ways of life further south
Bernie shortly hosting function in Atlantic City
Epic poet, big hit in America
Arguing violently about a drug, drops measuring equipment
Educated workers with books about leftist
Censure Conservative Party over end of compassion
Internal examination of huge parrot after death
Wrongly say I exult in carnal desires
Gutless gangster mugs shoppers
Half of banana spread over corset of escort, perhaps
Proposition from Mike after love-filled word of comfort
Crafty type taking money from supporter
Considered emus edible, in part
Farmhand and pig on edges of Exmoor
New York landmark could be quite a mess thats about right!
Pub anger produces fire
Book reviewer half shut radio broadcast
Observer magazine
Fancy niche accommodation for sceptic
See 19
Saluted our strange type of relationship
Measure heart, taking time
Top tract of land rejected for clearance
More paintings returned by former husband
Crowd hoot wildly for time traveller
Keepers dog eats rodent and duck
The matter here oddly refers to oil producer
Hidden sign for office staff
Driving manoeuvres go into possible speeding penalty
Chicken may be stuffed with lemon finally, as intended
Smelly strongish cheese (Emmental not Taleggio) excites diners for starters
Falling out could produce equal rights
Ridiculous cut bad editors taken
Devouring autobiography and taking it back
Someone who badly treats bear wandering around America
Begins to tell jokes
Huge performance trick
Bully taking gin back from drunk concierge
Back end awfully sore
Filling for calamari: cottage cheese
Goes on and on (in short dress!)
Arab uprising very soon
Rest sat around ” after son, that is
Show appreciation and mouth nonsense
Protesting at fence
A goal ” it developed into a pain
Danes out of range
Card is not central
Employ reserve school equipment
Stigmatising press ” it leaves its mark
Bishop rushing round with queen and herald
Walk like a vagrant
Presume to dine with model
A noise has time to amaze
Once more make engineers put energy in box
Except if French articles go by ship
He shouts for a small dairy fixture
Wicked person to revile getting involved with party
Formal attire seen behind heads
Youngster puts one on in disorderly club
Unattractive air ” a feature of church
Liking to consider
Reported location of swimmer
Go backwards, knocking front off way out
Predator used rain cover
Its valuable, darling
Trendy suit, to a very high degree
Forget carbon is in gentle form
Attack between pavements
Catholic hears order for another drink
Subject takes right line of latitude
Giant bird article
you Put This On Dogs And Horses
sweet Hummable Musical Arrangement
currency Of The Czech Republic
mark Antonys Wife
san Jose (calif.) Professional Hockey Team
waterway Larger Than A Brook, Smaller Than A River
cured Italian Meat, Popular Cold Cut
slightly Louder Than A Whisper
islamic Mysticism
harry __, Title Character Of A Series By Jk Rowling
under __, Sports Clothing Company
very Energetic Person
seaside Toy
canadian Comedian, Uncle Buck, Space Balls
the Place Behind The Performance Area In A Play
first Transatlantic Solo Flyer, Charles __, Jr.
estadio Olímpico Joao __, Rio De Janeiro
harmless, Inoffensive
attracted To All People Regardless Of Their Gender
uk 1983 Robbery, Gold Bullion Remains Unrecovered
avocado-based Dip
usually, Mammals Give Birth To __
stages In From Birth To Death
wooden Puppet Who Lied A Lot
mary __; She Saw Christ After His Resurrection
describes A Petite Nose Turned Up At The Tip
to Attack With Explosives, Repeatedly
kfcs Mascot, __ Sanders
congos National Park With Mountain Gorillas
science That Studies Rocks
swedish Band That Recorded “listen To Your Heart”
__ Parts, Biographical Comedy About Howard Stern
popular Smoking Product Is Illegal In Bhutan
space In Front Of Your Plane Seat
wheel Guards On A Car Or Bike To Prevent Splashing
the Eighth Avatar Of The God Vishnu
prehistoric Cave Paintings Found In France
gray And White Aquatic Bird That Lives By The Ocean
terminator__, Us Film From 2015
stieg __, Crimewriter Of The Millennium Trilogy
medical Term For The Loss Of The Sense Of Smell
__ Jordan, Legendary Us Basketball Player
modus __, Way Of Living
to Penetrate Or Enter Unexpectedly Or Violently
fred Flintstones Best Friend, Barney
second Book Of The Old Testament
fernando __, Portuguese Poet, Had Many Identities
extensive Territory Ruled By One Group Or Person
endures Without Yielding Or Bears Patiently
joseph __, British Inventor Of Reinforced Concrete
decorative Wheel Cover On A Car
ship Vacation With Periodic Stops
author Of “and Then There Were None”: __ Christie
car That Pulls A Train
soft Corals That Look Like Feather Pens
jane Porter In The Legend Of Tarzan 2016
australian City Known For Its “coathanger” Bridge
the “e” In E =mc2 As Posited By Einstein
notre-dame Has A Famous Rose One
area Between The Earth And The Sun
botswana Delta, Popular With Safari Tourists
look Inwards And Study Oneself In This Field
butch Cassidy And The __ Kid, Famous Duo
the Queens Daughter
eating Disorder Involving Loss Of Appetite
ataris 1984 Shooting Game
it Would Take A Tiny Jockey To Ride One
term For A Papal Election
blenniidae And Clinidae Fishes, Scaled Or Scaleless
tight-lipped, Disinclined To Talk
bottle Gourd With Pale Green Skin And White Flesh
another Name For The Holy Grail
literary Festival
the Official National Sport Of Cuba
flat Bread Used To Wrap Tacos
waterproof Overshoes
american Idol Host, Ryan __
scribe Of The Written Work
home To Ancient Senegal Site And Holy Sites
relating To Or Situated Near Or On The Back
ancient Russian Town On Lake Nero, In Yaroslavl
songs Rarely Heard In U.s. Long After Christmas
__ Takei Plays Hikaru Sulu In Star Trek
to Outline, Trace, Delineate, Silhouette
ferdinand And Imelda, Filipino Dictators
tropical Yellow Fruit With Black Seeds In Center
french Port Where The Countrys Navy Was Scuttled
grand __, Large Covered Market In Istanbul
groups Of Stars And Matter Found In The Universe
large Blunt Sewing Needle
__ Sports Stadium, Ghanas Largest, Baba Yara
process That Affects Structure Of Earth’s Crust
venustraphobia Is Fear Of __ Women
non-compliant, Opposing; Reluctant
buddhist Female Lay Renunciant In Myanmar
they Mark The Outer Boundaries Of A Football Field
north African City With Bustling Djemaa El-fna
spanish Cocktail, Calimocho, Rioja Libre
lightweight Hand-held Air Wafting Devices
similar To An Embassy, But Not In A Capital
much Sought After Last Suppers Goblet
statue Of Athena That Protected Troy
pans __, Dark Fantasy About The Spanish Civil War
famous Us Tractor Company
festival Marking The Beginning Of Lent In Italy
iron Carbide Found In Most Steels
language That Has 18 Vowel Phenomenons
capital Of Chinas Jiangsu Province On The Yangtze
robert E. Lee Is Celebrated In This Southern State
author Of Britains Most Famous Spy
head With Prolongation In Various Animals, Weevil
dustin __, Rain Man
hungarian Stew; Assortment Of Different Things
lightest Solid Created
yuri, Lara Love Story Filmed In Spain, Doctor __
roger __, Swiss Genius On The Court
thought Expressed With Symbolic Fictional Figures
players Dont Move The Round Object With Their Feet
gothic Revival Cathedral In Madrid
in This Movie Al Pacino Plays A Drug Dealer
__ Slice, Uncooked, Layered Brownie
dont __ Ice Is A Childrens Game For Ages 3 And Up
motoring Route That Must Be Paid For
valley Of __, Luxors Ancient Royal Burial Site
number With 12 Zeros
first Female, Jewish Supreme Court Justice
exhibition Held Every Two Years Such As In Venice
decryption Code
christian Title Can Be Held By Women
salt __, Part Of A Cruet Set
atlanta __ Play At Suntrust Park
__ Elvis, Warhol Painting Of Three
box That Is Lowered Six Feet Into Ground
warcraft Villain, __, Played By Daniel Wu
janggi, __ Chess, Is A Board Game From Korea
richard Strauss Tone Poem, Also __ Zarathustra
__ Richards, Makers Of Kettles And Irons
male First Name; Middle Eastern Kingdom
__ And Clyde, Us Criminal Couple From The 1930s
a Bee Performs A __ Dance To Show Where Food Is
w. G. __, Wrote Austerlitz Novel
penguin Species With Loud Trumpeting Call
bluish Gemstone Aka Cordierite
ottoman Sultans Highly Decorative Robe
ian __, Atonements Author
mushroom That Sounds Like Seafood
__ Goose, 1964 Wwii Romantic Comedy, Codename
large Lake On The Border Of Estonia And Russia
us Desert State That Is Home To Area 51
grouchy Or Ill-natured
__ Tang Are Popular Bright Fish
it Means “dove” In Spanish
catch Butterflies Blown From An Elephants Trunk
thick Tissues That Link Muscles To Bones
region Where Westminster Abbey Is Located
__ Krabs Is Spongebobs Boss
berber __ Are Always Traveling
george Washington __, Inventor Who Loved Peanuts
a Knights Personal Assistant
a Superhero Power: To __ To Another Dimension
giant evil Crater In Siberian Forest
html: __ Markup Language
if You Have This You Giggle Longest
swimming Stroke A Canine Uses
german Term Meaning Spirit Of The Age
shopping By Post
spotted Dog With Friends Jezebel And Chi Chi
second Biggest Selling Video Game (as Of 2017)
the Name For The Three-banded Italian Flag
the Birth Name Of Cambodian Dictator Pol Pot
severe Storm With Categories 1, 2, 3, 4 And 5
dome __, Gold-roofed Shrine In Jerusalem
a Sequel To A Sequel; Third Film In A Series
music Style In No Key, Sounds Controversial
formed, Delineated
“somebody Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad”, Russell __
band Player
1994 Short Film About A Diana Ross Fan With A Crush
strip For Landing Airplanes On
upholstered Bench, Couch, Sofa
charles __, King Of The Franks
what Euphrosyne, Aglaea And Thalia Were
severe Gluten Intolerance, __ Disease
group Of Related People, Sometimes In One Household
lord Peter __, Detective Of Dorothy Sayers Novels
french Term For Thick Sauce Made From Fruit
indian Dagger, Fist Blade
felines Love This Herb
rajiv __ International Cricket Stadium
elusive Scottish Lake Monsters Nickname
fear Or Dislike Of Bisexuality Or Bisexuals
squat, Very Hot Chili Pepper From Green To Orange
box For Holding Pet Piscines
the __ Of The Sierra Madre, Us Film From Late 1940s
sounding Of Notes Of A Chord In Rapid Succession
educational Entertainment Company, Kids Game
beavis Pyromaniac Friend
detroit __ Played At Joe Louis Arena
lord Protector Of The Commonwealth
thats How The Cookie __
el __, Maya Step Pyramid At Chichen Itza
repurpose Items, Creating More Value
capital Of Thailand
oldest Living Former French President, 1970s
this Croydon Singers Real Name Is Michael Omari
__ Arnault, French Billionaire
home To Texas Tech University
goblin Who Lures Children To The Land Of The Dead
large North American Brown Bear
nancy Drews Genre
developed The 1st Blood Transfusion Service
the Way One Who Gives Twice Does It
making Clay Items In A Wheel And Firing Them
müller-__, White Grape Created By Swiss Botanist
largest Moon Of The Planet Uranus
great Musician Or Composer
james __, Invented Artificial Sweetener Aspartame
staple Food Of Central Asian Herders
nationality Of Long-distance Runner Gebreselassie
light In A Concentrated Line
financial Situations Of Regions
viewing Wheel By The River Thames
bravo Scripted Drama
ancient Rock Temples In Southern Egypt
the Worlds Constructed Auxiliary Language
a Female Horse Chiefly Used For Reproduction
outside The Allowable Area
cover For A Light
segas Sixth Generation Video Game Console
discovery Channels Annual Deep Sea Event
von Triers Comedy Film From 1998
hermann __, Creator Of The Inkblot Test
carl Orffs O Fortuna Cantata, Carmina __
a Folding Case Used To Carry Money
a Place For The Sale Of Goods, Store
largest Bavarian City, Home To Bayerns Soccer Team
herbal Garden Also Known As Apothecaries Garden
plump And Round
__ Gingerbread, Named After Former Polish Capital
toy Weapon With A Cork Down The Barrel
frida Kahlos Husband, Diego __
said Of Someone Who Is Very Clumsy: “all __”
crouching Tiger, Hidden __, Film By Ang Lee
members Of Secret Society Organized Into Lodges
ingrid Bergmann And Goldie Hawn Film, __ Flower
tires For Emergencies
swift-__, A Comet That Last Visited In 1992
dig A Corpse Out Of The Ground
kingdom Between Norway And Finland
musée __, French Art Museum In Railway Station
fat-burning Hormone Found In Muscle Cells
some Call It “plátano” In Spanish
this Insects Bite Can Lead To Sleeping Sickness
colour Of Autumn Leaves Before They Turn Red/brown
__ Jankovic, Former Serbian No. 1 Tennis Player
__ Île, Historic Center Of Strasbourg
another Name For The European Bison
geoff Loves Adopted Name For Music For Mountains
surname Of Mailman Cliff In Cheers
killing The __ Lion, The First Labor Of Heracles
troy __, An Actor In The Simpsons
fc Barcelonas Stadium, With Large Trophy Room
bound, Obligated, Closely Related
end-of-line Railway Station, Main Rome Rail Hub
scholarly Jewish Comedian
what The Old Are Over
__ Chicken Wings And Blue Cheese Dip
the American __, Fans Of The Us Football Team
argo Producer, George __
raising From Birth
christ The Redeemer Statue Overlooks Rio De __
made First Solo Non-stop Transworld Balloon Flight
bay __, Bight At North Of Nzs North Island
power Tool Without A Flex
resting Position With Lower Legs On The Ground
alaskan Dogsled Race
large Outbreak Of Disease
__ In Paradise Features In The 50s Musical Kismet
cooked On A Slow Boil
persian And Angora Cats Have __ (lengthy Fur)
put Money Into A Project
spherical Float Found In A Toilets Cistern
matt, Creator Of The Simpsons
alan __, Brit Inventor Of Stereophonic Sound
turn Signals, Informally
us National Park, A World Heritage Site Since 1984
country In Marvel Comics, Capital Doomstadt
“all Over Bar The __”
unit Of Hydrostatic Pressure
celebration Headwear
serer Priestly Class, Ministers Of Religious Cult
jefferson __, Washington Monument To Ex-president
__ Pessoa, Portuguese Poet Who Used Heteronyms
the Girl With The Dragon __, A Book And A Movie
sea Glider
__ J. Fry Is From The Year 2000 On Futurama
__ Tigers Play Football At Jordan-hare Stadium
female President Of The Philippines
american Super Soaker Inventor __ Johnson
__ Hero, Self-destructive Character
collection Of Ancient Writings Forming Jewish Law
__ In The Wind, Song By Taupin And John
__ Adventure, Animated Family Attraction In London
an Unbred, Bucking, Wild Horse
king __vii Sea, Southern Ocean Stretch
marie-antoine __, French Pastry Chef To Royalty
photo __, Take Care Of Your Nostalgic Memories
__ P. Sloan, General Motors Mogul
colombian Painter Who Depicts Plump Women
syringa Flowers That Lend Name To Light Purple
bread __, Extract From The Stomach In Operation
frances __, Actress Known For Fargo
putting Green Golfer
kate Middletons Royal Title, Duchess Of __
__ Volunteers Play Football From Neyland Stadium
question On Every Dallas Fans Lips In 1980
king Of Aragon, Sponsor Of Columbus
flyer Who Assesses Performance Of New Aircraft
a Millionaire
well-known Stage Actor; Played Henry Taylor On 24
major Global Hit For Boy George And Band, Karma __
science Founded By Archimedes
sweet, Fermented Yogurt Eaten In India
dmitri __, Created The Table Of Chemical Elements
florida Bay Discovered By Ponce De León In 1513
__ De La Cruz, Eternal Jubilee City
major French Red Wine Region
last Half Of A Round Of Golf
__ Event, Unexplained Siberian Explosion Of 1908
__ Mastroianni, Leading Actor Of La Dolce Vita
new Zealand Skyscraper For Bungee Jumpers
similar To Persuading
he Gives Voice To A Cowboy In Toy Story
john __, Inventor Of The Chronometer
the __ Waspfish Has A Large Crown
in Mythology, Daughter Of Helen And Menelaus
home Of Jože Plecnik And Škocjan Caves
science Of Electronic Devices For Aircrafts
italian Kitchen Appliance Brand, Owners Of Kenwood
pernickety, Pettifogging
mount __, Historical Peak In South Dakota, Us
style Or Design Of Printed Characters
to Make Amends And Fix
geological Era In Which Mammals Developed
koala Cia Agent In American Dad
frasier Cranes Assistant And Radio Producer
montevideo Is Capital Of This South American State
the Letter f In The Phonetic Alphabet
vlad The __, Ruler Of Wallachia, Dracula
similar To Precook
the __ Snapper Has A Black Spot Below Dorsal Fins
minnesota Golden __ Play At Tfc Bank Stadium
needlework With A Single Hooked Needle
johnny __, Real Life Story Of Lies And Rumors
__ Thy Name Is Woman
billy Madison, Waterboy, Happy Gilmore
elizabethan Loose-fitting Breeches
illuminated Machine That Selects And Plays Vinyl
chemical Element Of Atomic Number 77
container Or Ship
latin American Dish Cooked In Corn Husk
__ Square, Famous Public Space In Downtown Cairo
luke, Former World No 1 Golfer
biblical Land Given To The Hebrews By Joseph
humans Only Have Two In Their Hands
five Pennies, Half A Dime, Jeffersons Side View
knights Servant
andrew __, Climber, Died With Mallory On Everest
us Brothers Who Invented A Flying Machine
hungarian Name For Their Native Language
clintons Vice-president
procession, Cortege
__ Fair, Thackerays Tale Of Rebellious Becky Sharp
__ Of Mons, Apparitions Seen On The Western Front
jessalyn Gilsigs Character On Boston Public
nominated 10 Times For The Academy Awards, John __
appliance For Heating Water For Coffee Or Tea
lena __ Plays Cersei In Game Of Thrones
parsley, Celery-like Herb
joseph __, Irish Author
paid Assassin
oil Used In Cosmetics
__ The Spot, Treasure Indicator On A Pirates Map
sir Gary __, West Indian Cricket All-rounder
kurt __ Lead Singer Of Nirvana
first African Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Albert __
they Often Come With Thunder And Lightning
to Choose Not To Participate
tbh, Internet Slang For “to Be __”
in Christianity, Jacobs Second Wife
exercise Performed Hanging From A Bar
written Record Of Job History, Used To Apply
a Person Who Has Had A Limb Or Part Of One Removed
__ Bentz, German Who Invented Coffee Filters
public Relations Agency
this Starts A Soccer Or Football Game
clue Jr.: Case Of The __ Pet Was Released In 1989
__ Aching, Witch-in-training In Discworld Series
a Few __, Aaron Sorkins Us Legal Drama
magician And Escapologist Born Ehrich Weiss
julia Roberts And Richard Gere Star In __ Bride
no Gain __ Pain
__steps, Iberian Stone Stairway In Rome
alternative Name For Jerusalems Western Wall
uk Spicy, Currant Cake Like Eccles Cake
jan __, Czech Student Protested By Self-immolation
french Reformer Of The 16th Century, John __
not A Liar, Honorable, Fair, Sincere
nestles French Packaged Dessert
wrestler Born In Chicago And Made A Move To Ufc
printer Inks
the Fluid That Surrounds Blood Cells
the Great American __, 1974 Rodeo Documentary
piazza In Rome With Fountains And Obelisk
to Make A Contribution; To Bestow
extremely Strong Plastic Invented By Kwolek
greek Goddess Of The Hearth
the __, Sang Highway Radio Hit Wild Thing
longest River In Southeast Asia
evan __ Wood, Us Actress
a Shortened Version Of A Book
extinct Flightless Sea Bird Of The North Atlantic
the Extreme Opposite Of Orderliness
large Purple Fruit Used In Cooking
he Declined The Israeli Presidency In 1952
wheel Inside A Car That Changes The Direction
they Attach Your Feet To The Saddle
toys r Us Is A Us Toy __
the Name Of The 2010 World Cup Ball
all __, Fosses Dance Film
formal Garden Of Symmetrical Box Hedges
old Church, Oldest Building In Amsterdam
“yes, A __ Times Yes!”, Pride And Prejudice Line
anesthetic Sometimes Called “special K”
can Be Verified By Observation Or Logic
american __, Dick Clark Show For New Talent
sensible And Realistic
a Town __, A Love Story Set During And After Wwii
professional Charged With Steering Venetian Boats
elite Army Of Eunuchs In Got
different Colored Skullcap Worn By Rc Clergy
fear Of Animals
equines Who Pulled Coal In The Mines
institute Where Brainy Sorts Thrash Out Policy
component That Cleans Lubrication
the First Set Of Gnashers Of A Young Mammal
beachcombers Bounty
theres Calm In Its Eye
gilbert And Sullivan Operetta About A Curse
french Dept In Occitanie, Named After Its River
__ Sound, Nz Fjord With Penguins And Seals
ancient Quarter Of A City
as Fast As It Goes
spanish Fashion Designer, __ Fortuny, Born 1871
hot __, Moving Around The Office To Work
first Triumvirate Member With Pompey And Caesar
childrens Author, __ Cleary
strips Of Dried Dough
term For An Americana Submission In Jiu Jitsu
south African Mongoose
dame Ninette De __, English-irish Ballerina
microsofts Old Mascot
cleaning Up The __ Stables, The Fifth Labor Of Heracles
noahs Great-grandson
insect Emblem Of Mysterious Global Puzzle Series
where Would Scooby-doo Be Without __
capital Of Dominica
puff __, French, Many Buttered Layers
official Currency Of Tajikistan
__ Plath, Writer Who Married Ted Hughes
animal Waste Used As Fertilizer
sport For Which Petra Kvitova Is Noted
what Italians Call Scotland
tropical Plant Used In Conservatory Furniture
hold Your __
maraschino, A Type Of
guitar Maker That Produces The Stratocaster
roman Augustan Poet Famous For His Odes
natalie __, Plays A Tyrell In Game Of Thrones
__ Heinlein, The Dean Of Science Fiction Writers
japanese Photography Firm, Merged With Minolta
aircraft Storage Building
schwarzenegger Is His Twin In A Movie
he Was Prince Siddhartha Before His Enlightenment
a Large Dog
adrenal And Thymus Are Types
museum Where The Mona Lisa Is Located
neither Sunday Nor Tuesday
woven Fabric With A Loopy Curled Pile
the Science Of The Laws, Especially Of The Mind
__ Cornhuskers Play Football At Memorial Stadium
us Prison Center Of 1962 Jailbreak Mystery
where An Artist Keeps Oils
the Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink, Molly __

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