Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-23

The Mary Tyler Moore Show spin-off
Retired baseball slugger Sammy
Haze seen over London streets
Brother of Moses
Look-alike sibling
Single circuit of a racetrack
1999 teen dramedy featuring Jason Segel canceled after one season despite good reviews: 3 wds.
It Ain’t Over ___ It’s Over (1991 Lenny Kravitz hit)
Carry with great effort
Too permissive
___ mother (Cub Scouts leader)
2001 superhero series starring Patrick Warburton canceled after one season despite good reviews: 2 wds.
Cunning strategy
Actor Scott of Happy Days
Feathery fashion accessory
Wander about
Nocturnal birds that are the team name for Temple University
He doesn’t have ___ going on upstairs: 2 wds.
Mineral that yields metal
60-___ light bulb
Portion (out)
2002 space opera starring Nathan Fillion canceled after one season despite good reviews
___ mode (how some desserts are served): 2 wds.
Thurman of Kill Bill
Act your ___! (Don’t be so childish!)
Boxer’s short quick punch
1994 teen drama starring Claire Danes canceled after one season despite good reviews: 3 wds.
Golly ___!
Lighted sign in a darkened theater
Film category like horror or comedy
___ Max: Fury Road
New Wave band that wore jumpsuits and red hats
___Valdez (tanker involved in a 1989 oil spill)
Craft for traveling over river rapids
Mata ___ (World War I spy)
Former pitcher Hershiser who was nicknamed Bulldog
___ disappearing act (leave suddenly): 2 wds.
Joint you might twist while running
For men only as a party
The Haves and the Have Nots channel
___ Meier’s Civilization (video game franchise since 1991)
What a billiard ball’s bounce forms
Bendy like a contortionist
Wood that many wine barrels are made of
Step-by-step directional guide to going somewhere: Abbr.
College football game played annually in El Paso: 2 wds.
___ Pray Love (2010 Julia Roberts movie)
Change from brunette to blonde maybe
Push a pinball machine too far
Person being held for ransom
Eccentric old man
Supermodel Upton
University teacher for short
Carl’s mother on The Walking Dead
So familiar it’s now a cliché
When the cat’s ___ the mice will play
Group for healers: Abbr.
Fall Out Boy’s style of music
Two-___ (deceitful)
Building projection that a pigeon might land on
Palo ___ (California city where Tesla is headquartered)
Word spoken after two people say the same thing simultaneously
Early hairstyle for Michael Jackson
___ there done that
Film studio with a lion mascot
___ and nay (opposing votes)
The Tin Man carries one in The Wizard of Oz
Actress Tyler of the Hulu series Harlots
cobras pre-strike action
online home goods store
1937 Shirley Temple role
what you mean to do
solar emissions
rats and cockroaches
Bob Marley, e.g.
J. ___ Hoover
Rainbow, for one
Choir voices
Band at a royal wedding
Elevator unit
Kid-lit character who travels via envelope
Ref’s decision
___ pad
Communists and capitalists, e.g.
Hot couple
Thelma’s portrayer in “Thelma & Louise”
Lobster ___ Newburg
Aloha State bird
Mexican Mrs.
U.S.O. audience
Co-star of “Stranger Things”
Dapper fellow
U.S. city connected to the outside only by airplane, boat and sled
What debtors do
“Piece of cake”
Japanese garden fish
“I can’t believe we both know him”
Charlie Brown expletive
Western ravines
Ideal places
What might bring you to a screeching halt
Protective sportswear … or a hint to the ends of 17-, 24-, 36- and 51-Across
Kimono tie
Choice for a prom
His and her
“Now where ___ I?”
French toast topper
Having some kick
U.K. flying grp.
Standout player
What a governor enforces
Figures on poles
GPS display
Lead-bearing ore
Big concert venue
Like Lady Liberty’s crown
Like the ingredient acetaminophen in Tylenol
Make hand over fist
Stick in a field game
Cleric’s house
Become worthy of
Rigby who “waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door”
Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay
It’s not free of charge
Trainer’s workplace
Short narrative poem
Stir up
Kayaker’s attire
Double curve
Money held by a third party
Slide presentation?
Gulf War allies
On the up and up
Nativity scene
Performers who get top billing
Humble reply to “Great job, folks!”
The Pistons, on scoreboards
The Fighting Tigers of the N.C.A.A.
Subj. of a test that might involve identifying playing cards
Get too personal
Dull poet makes a comeback
Additional insurance in the field?
The spars with the most acute turn
His shafts touch the heart
Loved seeing a theologian swallow mineral
Recount some pathetic errors in return
Meal over again?
The gambler can only improve!
Ancient deity exists twice
Let delay be in high spirits
Does it help worshippers turn their minds to higher things?
Place of sound quality of 20
Correct wear for a military order
An animal to suffer?
Be there when an abstainer breathes his last?
Such stuff will be of importance
The weakening effect of a break in electricity supply
Times of sheer asceticism
Drinking a lot of beer? Right; watchful, too
Make another estimate about female donkey?
They take in alternative hypothesis
Nut from the country
Terribly vain fellow?
With which egghead could indicate agreement?
Outstanding feature
Look after
Carry on
At full stretch
Grinding corn
A comic
Without exertion
To encourage debts is not genuine
South American city to you and me will be tumultuous
Id set different food courses
Fails to maintain equilibrium on top of scales
Wolfish, but raised in rank
He acts in a pure way
Is he light-headed as far as I.Q. is concerned?
Look round a ship for noosed rope
To show great keenness and then get upset by custom
The teams players are church officials
Hooters in farm buildings
Do some firing
A thumping good thing to use with mortar
Usual ways of travelling assumed by horsewomen
Concord – thats a singular state
In the Guards a showy part of the insignia
Joint enterprises for making underclothing
What no direct current does!
A speed about fifty gave satisfaction, maybe
Go back to surrender again?
A smartly attractive kind of accent
In addition its almost sumptuous
2009 film comedy starring, co-written and co-directed by Ricky Gervais
Ed , musical collaborator with Spike Milligan whose film scores include 1978 film drama The Thirty Nine Steps
Wall or fence set in a ditch so as not to interrupt the landscape
Des , former MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun; Secretary of State for Defence from 2006-08
Ancient city in central Egypt on the River Nile
Asian alcoholic drink made from the sap of the coco palm
Ship designed for Fridtjof Nansens 1893 Arctic explorations
Jack , actor-director who played Jamie Mitchell in BBC TV soap EastEnders from 1998-2002
James , author of novels The Fire Next Time and If Beale Street Could Talk
1978 film drama starring Charlton Heston and David Carradine
Byron , 1999-2007 New Zealand scrum-half who played club rugby for Stade Francais and Toulouse
Jessica , 2009 World Championships heptathlon gold medallist
Golf club with a low, angled face
Jackie , 1969, 1971 and 1973 F1 world drivers championship winner
Helmut , Chancellor of West Germany from 1982-90
2010 family film starring Dwayne Johnson and Ashley Judd
1889 novel by Jerome K Jerome
River in southeast Wales upon which Newport stands
Tributary of the Narew River forming part of Polands border with Belarus and Ukraine
2004 novel by G P Taylor
Peter , author of novels Chatterton and The Lambs of London
See 7
Raymond , US golfer; 1976 Masters Tournament winner
Paul Gustave , 19th-century French illustrator of works by Rabelais
Party celebrating a new home
Actor in the background
Broad smile
Afternoon nap in a hot country
Catch fire
Spanish sparkling wine
Assist or aid
Extreme surprise
First game for a new team
Ship of the desert
Unpowered flying apparatus
Sound of knocking at a door
Drink gingerly
World of celebrities
First Greek letter
Sudden blast of wind
Walk like small ogre
Huge vats are used
Nation has terrible rain
Cricket teams legs
Most arguments are about A-lister
Always in same version
Race around some land
Spinning around pub
Swan enclosure
Left some wine
Expensive-sounding animal
Ours turned bitter
Rapped about being smart
Got up, sore and confused
Owing small fees
Modern centre design
Arrange letters for a while
Dance film
Course right for vessel
Save broken receptacle
Martin travelling round county
Spin round one city
Internal cave erosion indicates change of direction
Manage firm exercise
Last to finish by river
Impersonated dopes, oddly
Arrange by command
Rifts develop initially
So, about uppity god
Collapsed around part of church
Middle Eastern country
Unit of land
Ruminant mammal
Nattily dressed
Subscription fees
Magic formula
Passenger ship
Northern Irish county
Italian city
Deal successfully
Greek deity
Domed recess
Play a role
Greek letter
Fix a shoe
Strong wood
Chest sound
Japanese sash
Merlins craft
Limber up
Stop, Trigger!
Certain ape
Frilly mat
Mythical monster
Letter after cee
____ Road
Herriot, e.g.
Group of four
Eave hanger
____ Yeller
Tavern request
Lambs parent
Footless animal
Polynesian image
Close copy
Wight, e.g.
Taro dish
Unbleached color
Type of meat
Lab liquid
All About Eve role
A pair
Poohs friend
Slapping sound
Sailors response
Casino regular
Caesars breakfast?
See ya!
Teen affliction
Cygnets pop
Sacred hymn
Animal house
California wine valley
Kind of market
Prima donna
Proofers catches
Bishop of Rome
Cook in the microwave
Chapter in history
Wrigley Field flora
Colorists concern
Light brown pear
Hillary Clinton, née __
Horaces __ Poetica
The Mammoth Hunters author Jean
Low-scoring tie
Big wheel, briefly
Controversial coal-extraction method
Wine lovers prefix
Sport shown on TV Japan
Beer extraction gadget
Dues-paying participant
Spanish lady
Isle of Arthurian legend
Woodland deity
Developmental insect stage
Luau accessory
Broadside accidents
A, in Augsburg
Small stores
Rather nasty
__ Fideles : carol
Corrode, with away
Macys section, e.g.: Abbr.
Format for some tournaments
__ y Plata : Montana motto
Bit of talk show self-promotion
Opal of the comics, to Earl Pickles
Meal suggested by the starts of four long answers
Deli salmon
Philadelphia campus
Building lot unit
__-ray Disc
Volkswagen family car
Rough file
Some ER cases
Wreaked condition
One of the archangels
College sports channel
Music majors degs.
First stage
Blood bank supply
Upward trek
Film genre prefix with com
Words after work or sleep
Gracias response
Common people
Raggedy doll
Eldest of the Little Women
Author of eerie stories
Delivery MD
Shankar on the sitar
Ouzo flavoring
Poughkeepsie campus
Put up with
Symphonic stories
British john
European peak
Dr. Jekyll creators monogram
Burlesque co-star
Being hauled to the garage
Sundress features
Lawn maintenance tools
Maker of Cajun Shrimp nail polish
Like the funny bone nerve
Never, in Nogales
The Hobbit hero
Bluffed-out words, perhaps
Sooner St.
Car care brand
Pot contents
Police rank: Abbr.
Weight-training unit
Ledger entry
Stringed instrument
Butter substitute
Bridge position
Goes to
Least courteous
Aircraft with pontoons
Trip to the store, e.g.
Watering place
English river
Hidden supply
Building section
Wears away gradually
Annoying thing
Carbon and gold, e.g.
Skin drawings
Ships pole
Kitchen stove
Fine spray
Famed canal
On ones toes
Hemispherical roof
Positive replies
Computer fodder
Give off
Cigar stub
Capri or Wight
____ Salad
Alias inits.
Family mem.
Sunburn remedy
Races the engine
Poe or Browning
Actress Ruby ____
Take apart
Come before
Mascara target
Razor ____
Coral island
Kelly or Autry
____ Fair
Coins from Mexico
Cut grain
Stroked lovingly
Potent particle
Main course
Train terminal (abbr.)
Our planet
Wander off
Camels feature
Tibets continent
Small bills
Folklore monster
____ and con
Lesbian orders a pie that is taken with chips
One working girl entertained by another in hotel bar?
Model behind potential 22 winner
Relatives friend is 13 22
22 found in hotel kitchens
Class acts back in action
Slaughtered Ira Gershwins first input to a musical? Its a legitimate target
22 featuring slightly drunken emoticons
On which vehicles are assessed in a Surrey town, say
See 13
Musical 22
22 of convenience
Extemporisation in 22s first half: a writers point German tabloid backed
Daughter stripped at start of blue film, to tell the truth
Source of protein derived from bone, say
May perhaps finesse hearts, securing 22 ultimately
Where youll find an i in the capitals high street
Palaces first chance, at end of dreary 22
Some beer and whisky? Im 22
Very poor second 22
As Christmas tree might be lit, drained lights need changing
Backing singer has soft drink outside 13
Medium sort of ponytail worn by 1D? Thats not unknown
Public official might, arguably, at Roses 22
North possibly has a way of speaking about first of ruffs by East
West on the playing thats unlikely to make one a card sharper
Apologised, two 22s both having these boobs on show
Sadly homework has little content
70s band 1D dismissed as 13
Polo? A fresh horse needed first, for a 13 22
Those starting every international 22 hated The Cube
See 6
Visible impression
Precious metal
Raised path above water
Portable computer
Calming drug
Wading bird
Give pain
Power rating
Floor show
Small marine fish
Rum cake
Actor Sharif
Gin-and-grenadine cocktail
Do a slow burn
Pollsters find
Group of quail
Dance partner?
Wisconsin city
Bird (Pref.)
Thin nails
Top card
Emergency-aid group
Iwo —
November tally
Tomorrow, in Tijuana
Arkin of Argo
Fem. counterpart
Parking place
Dawn goddess
Thanksgiving veggies
Marseilles monarch
Raggedy doll
— duck
Ill-fated English queen
Latin 101 word
Wild party
Museo display
PC screen type
Prior nights
Wife of Geraint
Army bigwigs
Capable of being cultivated
Pro votes
Muffin choice
Debt of Honor author
Rider who wears silks
Londons Old —
Crib cry
Sad to say …
Poet Ogden
Makes lace
TV schedule abbr.
Big Blue
Curved letter
Mark Twains New York home
Course cry
One-pointer in horseshoes
Puts down
Cayuga, Seneca, and others
County of northeast New York
Job for Poirot
Designer Wang
City on one of the 13-Across
Guitar blaster
Last letter
Light metal
New York county named for an inventor
Seat of New Yorks Rensselaer County
Diving bird
Fiery crime
It flows past Albany
Buffalos county
City between Syracuse and Utica
PBS station of the New York area
Least covered
Hobbit helper
Floral garland
Singer Della
JFK listings
Solid wood
Site of New Yorks Playland park
Curvy letter
Dikes kin
The Stranger author
The Big — (New York City)
Stylishly quaint
Par — (airmail label)
U.K. fliers
Mil. bigwig
One or more
Hero with a sword
China collection
More upscale
— Doone
Chop down
Ornate vase
Game cube
Mag. workers
Maze runner
The Hobbit character
Take note of
Dracula author Stoker
Generals command
1970s Egptian president
Creole cooking staple
Clydes partner
In addition
Sudden outpouring
Easy gait
Cleopatras killer
African spear
Flying Down to __
Grad students work
Email option
Nougat ingredient
Mythical sorceress
Homers home
Donkey pin-on
Emperor after Caligula
Period before Easter
Ghana neighbor
Flat-bottomed boat
Quatrain rhyme scheme
Chief city of Moravia
Croquet area
Flow forth
Army posts
Gilbert and Sullivan princess
Prospectors prospect
Mutiny on the Bounty star
Jack Kerouac title
Bring under control
10th century explorer
Game-show host
Changed hue
Legal get-out
Japanese sashes
Blind part
Mountain nymph
Periodic function
Carbonated quaff
Prepared to fire
Main point
Nerve cell
Dali contemporary
Gather gradually
As is proper
Chanteuse Laine
Swamp snapper
Othello villain
Put away
Symbolic Uncle
Shed, throw off
Capital of Kenya
Painting stand
Become smaller
Movie theatre
Conan Doyles detective
Yorkshire city
Secret agents
Long-haired sheepdog
Narcotic derived from poppies
Parasitic insect
Persuade commanding officer with a kiss
Spam near nuts or cheese
Staff outside art gallery took turns
Some assassin in Japan
Forsaken by a girl
Something said about stain
Ringleader stops outside or wanders off
Rice taken back outside US city to make a cake
Reluctant to reveal part of a poem?
Beat with stick
A pine from end to end?
Visitor to ancient city is first from train
Sort of trifling!
People beginning to do repair
Sloppy way to finish I couldnt ?
On the move from a prison
Poisonous snakes, they reckon
Note short skirt on model initially
Grain as used for brewing drink
New sort of tea without added water
Variable stayed constant
Read novel about others being stopped
In Ferrara violinists consume Italian fare
Persian king holding power in island
Fresh weight revealed by famous scientist
Proper ceremony, so we hear
Steal and use a credit card?
Its a little higher than the ankle – or a little lower!
God of discord
Not go, as colors
Ousted Ugandan
Trunk line?
Cheese choice
He awaits redemption
Clayey soil
Nuns head
Search stealthily
Project for Poirot
Shed (with off )
Gaelic groups
Indonesian islands
Parks and Convy
Bruin Bobby
Iberian port
1980s attorney general
Debbie or Ryan
Big and husky
Set of beliefs
Way of marching
Yins mate
Chiefs exec
Mariners saint
Part of R&R
Northern Scandinavian
General Bradley
New Zealander
Courtroom plea
Stroke gently
Where Torahs are kept
Sault ________ Marie
Whaling spears
Farming blades
Wild duck
Jenny cries
Defeat decisively
A giant among Giants
Bollywood wear
Rub out
Cuddly bear
Balloon stabilizers
Big-rig driver
Buried stem
Bullion cube?
Italian ball game
French wolf
Scrabble piece
Shade providers
Story line
Capote, to friends
A gents associate is fishing for one of those handy types in Ring
College in Orient sabotaged by mass communications system
Cool models pout is for potential partner
Coping with board member in senseless order
Dietician gets rid of aid to stir up trouble
Discover all over the place how marriages end
For example, Henry the Sixth, from the start, was one of the early invaders of Ireland
For instance, Chardonnay starting to go off with port and top Tawny is not up to scratch
Get lost in Tibet? A mistake!
Giving one the heads up streaming video without remote
How does Carol connect with American dance partner? Twitter!
Is critical of Victoria, Ita and April at The Foundation
Is Independent doing a solo run?
Is only strange in a curious way
Its just about old master with no red
Its not about 23 down finding answer? Everyone is definitely sure about that!
Its not worth it to back Trim group at benefit
Keep page from book
Lack of confidence in Irishman around old square
Leaders of an unusual political alliance, in reality, a proponent of the nanny state perhaps
Learn duet arrangement as is
Pity an oddball following, for example, one of those in Africa
Relative is right in part of the stadium for The Banner
Serves up, for example, Dorothys heavy food
Someone with a job picking up nails reported to Revenue
Son gets out of limousine in cultural surroundings
Together with nude model in Titanic, for example, and On the Waterfront
Travels everywhere return on one day with dancers boss
Delighted, ecstatic
Device designed to deaden sound
Distance north or south of the equator
Fish in the lees
Full set of clothing
Hole for a shoelace
Huge destructive waves
Italian-style ice cream
Large masses of floating ice
Made unhappy
Molluscs with wavy-edged shells
More repulsive
Mythical being and James Joyce title
Old Italian money
Petition to a higher court
Possessing great learning
Rough outlines
Saffron-flavoured rice dish
Speak indistinctly, as a drunk might
Stalemate, impasse
String of words
Strip the skin off
Subtly skilful handling of a situation
Tag showing fare or fee
Tell what something is like
The favouring of ones relatives in making appointments
The illusion that one has already experienced something new
Tiny wave
Topics, ideas, motifs
Vast, colossal
Get or stand up
Free to wander
Furrow made by wheels
Be worthy of, merit
Short light sleep
Unctuous or ingratiating
Stiff and awkward
Outdoor meal
Large continent
Scottish Highlands city
Sleeveless garment
South coast resort
Thin light biscuit
Disciple of Christ
Void, invalid
Items of cutlery
Dietary material; thread
Spray can
Hard igneous rock
Sweet course
Precious metal
Building timber
Pyromaniacs crime
Boast; form of poker
Spoil a Parisian party
Jongleur, extremely stout, protected by Merlin, somehow
Pub with a restaurant
Exclusive meal? Starter fails to appear
Game belonging to Harvard art student
Very great number, for example, devoured by big cat
Quickly remove kit covering a carpet
Briefly declare American position
Easy trip by air? Not the first
Proprietor worn out, locking store, finally
Indeed departed after island cut off
Ankle was twisted in ballet
Barrels, for example, with kvass emptied all around
Contemporary, a top duet dancing
Daughter having extra port
Facing a dilemma after Celtic fans kit is ruined
Type of jazz from southern side
Manage to attract endless resentment
Poet dropping in for a bit of harmless fun
The last to leave English city, quickly
Dont see as many shining?
Social worker, girl, served up dish
Male in shop getting fish
Tracks crossed by great number climbing in mountainous region
Famous cricketer opening in great competition
Deficit in accounts solicitor raised
Club redeployed subtle means to move campaigners
Split blades
Understand a minimum of government file
Hit head
Having stolen kiss, on camera, ma fiddling with kilt!
Run through gardens before accessing sacred hollow
Strong liquor: relatives also knocked out by a pint, initially?
In a state, Im surprised current nation has squandered millions
After U-turn, a top politician procrastinating
Fractured no more, I care to protect bone, whatever happens
Evergreen song by artist breaking Chaucers heart
Ones plotted revenge, primarily, in break with French at last
Meeting fate, male serf
Being obscene about right, comic insisted
Heading for bar, make eyes at spirit
Right policy with which revolutionary is splitting room
Mathematician to overtake doctor
Rockers, perhaps old, getting plastered?
Top marks repeated in match
Bottom of bag has more spare, one gathers
A journey back
Unlicensed bar, getting tip to stop the drink, suddenly emptied
A m-monkey, say, with caged beast getting loose
One teaching a pig, possibly, to catch large snail
Shape is round about a square
A vessel containing mostly lush fruit
Weapon transported to the north in carriages safely
In the Bible he hunted game with stick
Character reference fraudulent, with no truthfulness, all concluding
Trouble when leader vacates post
Airy prefix for sphere
Be that __ may . . .
I cant wait!
Id be delighted
Let me find out
Now you __, now you dont
Oh yeah?
Thats correct
This weighs __!
What __ thinking?
African desert
Airplane walkway
Apropos of
Aussie bearlike beast
Beam of light
Beer barrel
Belgrade native
Bet-payoff numbers
Boar or sow
Bottomless pit
Capital of Ukraine
Citrus-flavored bread spread
Computer message
Corner chess piece
Curly-leafed cabbage
Doled (out)
Each and every
Easy run
Ending for kitchen
Farm tower
Friend in war
Full range
German auto
Hop out of bed
How sardines are often packed
Keep available for sale
Lambs father
Large stringed instrument
Largest continent
Leatherworking tool
Make simpler
More devious
More than sufficiently
Much-admired celebrity
Nabisco cracker brand
Partners of dashes in Morse code
Philbin of TV
Pickle flavoring
Places to be pampered
Play a part
Prefix for freeze
Restaurant list
Rhode Islands Ivy League school
River sediment
Route in The Wizard of Oz
Shakespeares river
Slice, as a turkey
Slides downhill on snow
Spelling competition
Sporty car roofs
Stares foolishly
Supposed home of a water monster
Takes a taste of
This mo
Throw hard
To no __ (useless)
Totally destroy
Wide tie
__ Royal Majesty (queenly title)
__-side up (egg order)
Prepares, as tea
Cancel, as a blast-off
H.S. science class
Like a new candle
Not a soul
At home worker?
Butter providers
Dig in!
Run off to wed
Citrus fruit
U-turn from gabs
Bumsteads tree?
Doffs ones cap
Some sailors
Sporty car features
Admirals charge
Back, on board
Makes goofs
Nixons defense secretary
Make angry
Used a bench
The Marines, e.g.
Cheech of weed films
Perfect splits
Definitely not apparent
Mustache relatives
Lovers of cruelty
Drumming muppet
Moms, in Paris
Balsam, for one
They make things like new
___ manual
Right to the point
30 in editing
A song of David
Circle, as planets
Messenger molecule
Whitney of the gin
Eavesdropping invasions
Surgery slicers
Thin cookies
Pigeon house
Set free
Argentinan capital
Post-pupa insect
Chose (with for)
U-turn from pros
Beard grown on a farm?
Medieval instruments
Mural attachment
Like some cats
Control tower images
Cabbies quests
Be a coquette
Some army shelters
Devoid of affection
Seizer by force
Explain to perfection
City in California
Banking convenience
Vikki or John Dickson
Huge blunder
Pungent veggie
Earthquake relative
Loose, crumbly deposit
Title veggie in a fairy tale
Globe, poetically
Tire letters
Collectors quest
Like thatll ever happen!
Rose ___ rose…
Rumble in the Jungle champion
Tomorrow musical
Weekend Edition network
Whatever you want
___ Rock n Roll (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts song)
*It might bear down
*One nettled by you and I?
*Performer who takes a bow?
*Place devoted to good works?
*Port authority?
*They make you look better
Acid type
Atlas section
Baseball bat wood
Be justified in pressing a suit, and what the starred answers all do
Blueprint number
Bowler, for one
Box office buys, informally
Britains first prime minister
British singer Ora
Builders wing
Burglar deterrent
Checking out
Church topper
City section
Clarifying words
Cotton pods
Cultural Revolution chairman
Door-holding words
Doves despise it
End for pay or plug
Exam halfway through a course
Fabric colorers
Failure of judgment
First game of a series
Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, e.g
Israels Abba
Kilauea output
Leave flabbergasted
Linden of Barney Miller
Master, in Madras
Noncommittal reply to Will you?
Opposed to
Pacific island nation
Place for a facial
Places where land meets sea
Playwright Ensler
Presides over, as a trial
Quarterback Manning
Raul Castros capital
Response: Abbr
Rotating neutron star
San Antonio landmark
School paper
Shampooing spot
Sixth sense, initially
Sporty Chevy, familiarly
Sprawl out
Thick do
Track athlete
Waiting room call
Warhol specialty
Was nervously active, in a way
Whoop it up
___ Cruces, New Mexico
___ Rock n Roll (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts song)
Acted boldly
Biting insect
Bold or brazen
Chairman holding no good fruit
Cheeky pundit playing with me
Choose to drop policemen in river
College teacher
Dazed state
Deep gorge
Demon drink for Spike
Down payment
Electronic music brings sleepy state
Energetic NYC maid dancing
English XI the French banish
Filthy froth
Flatten under pressure
Fool died — rest in peace
Goat initially beat back bloodsucker
Horrible people — hundred in total
Jane Austen novel
Layer is raised in storehouse
Likely loser and German gored badly
Make shorter using a spanner
Ne plus ultra strangely unremarkable
Old canine barking on time
Outstanding to have good one inside
Paris transit system
Pierce with spike
Rebellious MPs score in squeeze
Remove sediment from port?
Reprimand right for academic
Scrounge from duke imprisoned?
Search riverbed
Slow walk south with giant
Some poem — maybe classic work
Stiff examination?
Temperature in Rome adjusted for rail system
Tin formerly over there in ravine
Tropical fruit
Unlikely winner
US lawyer, communist, took risks
Certainly, Monsieur!
English Toffee candy bar
Everybody gets a car! impresario
Gymnopédies composer Satie (or Jeopardy! and crossword champion Agard)
Jackie Brown actress Grier
Jellied British fish
Mr. Show costar David
Once upon ___ …
Right Now (Na Na Na) rapper
Shameless network, for short
___ T for Teen
___: Ragnarok
1912 Nobel Peace Prize winner Root
7-Across partner, maybe
Aboriginal name for Australias Ayers Rock
AKA, in the business world
Allison Janney sitcom
Alpine cottage
Artists selection
As scheduled
Baby anteater
Balletic bend
Bread served with aloo gobi
Buddy cop show of the 1970s
Carpenter or Ride, e.g
Clip hedges
Closely monitored hosp. area
Considered groovy, man
Dales cartoon pal
Do horribly
Early morning
Fleecy fabric
Fountain reward of myth
Friendly, like some relatives
Get louder
Getaway spot
Golden Globes category
Havent yet paid
Haydns nickname
Hesitant sounds
Hit the mother lode
House support
Its made with warm fermentation
Jim Acostas network
Juliet, for one
Like a game for the record books, perhaps
Like a worn tire
Look sullen
Los ___, California
March participants?
Mineralogist with a scale
Night, in Nice
Noahs ride
Not fixed
Number of times the Milwaukee Brewers have appeared in the World Series
One not responsible for the bad news
Pack of cards
Parsley bit
Phrase before Go!
Pointer, for one
Prefix meaning one billionth
Racetrack shape
Slo-___ fuse
Solemn promise
Some peoples preferred pronoun
Something stored in the cloud?
Soundly defeated
Sport involving horses
Suffix in geometry
Takeover try
They can be fine or graphic
Theyll look over W-2s
Trio of trios
Varnish ingredient
Vitamin also known as PABA
___ in Charlie
or – particle
Am I forgetting something?
Chasing Pavements singer
Come to think of it . . .
Gilligans Island abodes
Listen up!
Sounds good
2015 award for Hamilton
Auctions off, say
Basis for a raise
Be an omen of
Be crazy about
Blue Ribbon brewer
Brad of The Big Short
Bring into pitch
Broke ground, in a way
Casting directors offer
Computer circuitry component
Courteously refuse
Defib experts
Divas showstopper
Entree go-withs
ESPN tidbit
Feasts opposite
Figure in red ink
Financially secure
Floored it
Football inflator
Formal me neither
Give the slip to
Gown designer Wang
Guitarist Clapton
Hold in high regard
Ice fishermans creation
J.M. Barrie villain
Lean against
Like a streaker
Links appointments
Lobster, in a combo entree
MASH beds
Meant to be
Moved furtively
Movie rating unit
NBA great Archibald
Not slouching
On the house
Orange ___ (black tea)
Othello and kin
Place to make deposits
Place to picnic
Police broadcasts akin to BOLOs
Postal workers assignment
Red Ryder ammo
Redbox rental
Rich cake from Linz
Riverbed sediment
S&L offerings
Set off, as explosives
Slangy refusal
Slot at the post office
Snifter part
Solder component
Spelling of Scary Movie 2
Split-resistant wood
Stadium replaced by Citi Field
Steals, slangily
Steer clear of
Strokes on greens
Sundance Film Festival state
Talk big
The ego and id are part of it
Timbuktus land
Trellis part
Woodsy scent
Word after task or brute
WWW part
___ cook (chefs assistant)
The region of religious writing
Is he less clever than Dick?
Desirous of managing the fuel to go to the dance
Faint pretty quickly out West
Amphibians in all directions taking tea!
Grown the mistaken way
Broke off the conversation?
This female had to get out of something shady!
Hard to see?
Girl transported by aliens
In league, they have unique points
Coming out of one part of Dover, cutters can sink!
Bother to embrace us in extremes of fondness
Desire for money
A sticky wicket, maybe
Latest thing in ties
A little line calling for reduction
Half a ton
The part one possibly notices
Flung one into the shed
In cars, theyre mostly forward
Squabbling in a boat?
The sort of sea to suit a cutter?
A century, maybe, but its not over
Its hard to hide a key, one learned
Coach about nine new girls
Russian name for a whole-hearted member
Fastening of the mushroom variety
Has an attritional effect on pointed ears
It suits a solitary traveller to be untalkative
He makes money in vain, maybe
A little exercise to keep out of bed for
Surprisingly, it was the narrow part!
Its fine being a toff
Created in sixes, indeed!
The good condition has a bearing on what you want
Being catty, feel upset about a bit of pain
One of the kinder mail handlers?
Typically pedestrian ways of being progressive
Wire with no piano purpose
Fatheaded own goal due to bad visibility
Photo book
With reference to
Chair on poles
Practical joke
Floor covering
Romantic appointments
Change direction
Shade of colour
Unusual, weird
Rope-making fibre
Of the eye
Laughs nervously
Feat of daring
That woman
Threshing implement
Takes for granted
Fold in clothing
Web-footed bird
Measuring stick
Kind, category
Danger or jeopardy
Travelling case
Puts up
Canal boat
Gave food to
Cold dish
Small stone
Implement for removing hair
Acrobats swing
Wash clean
Moral decline
Investor in a theatrical venture
Harsh, shrill cry
Cows stomach used as food
Fill with apprehension
Anti-inflammatory tablet
World heavyweight boxing champion, b. 1966
Cease to be popular
Large volcanic crater lead car (anag)
Particular version of a published text
Out of date
Dairy product
Impales in beastly fashion
Final section of joint unfinished choral works
Old coin container in Pennsylvania high spot
Fixed dot, so company could not be moved
Miles is after bear symbol
Sheep hiding in ground cover, an airmans lifesaver
Performing flea meets obstruction (a bit of foliage)
Jack gets United to take on son Tom?
Getting on Circle line with a large number
Natural lining material wrapped round end of the contents of basket
Mechanical orbit circling round and around
Almost understand oddly clued shut off
Lightweight worker in goods packing?
Heating and lighting, say, above schools entrance
Easily removable WC with false nuts round tip of base
Rubys shielded by firm belief
Means of defence gets hot with top off
Game to sleep with nothing on next to Trotsky?
Booted a bit of the pitch over the top of Hillsborough
Wait, or do shifts as a broadcaster
Barbarian lifting a thin plate of bone
Circle left to access champ hit badly about the eye
Animal research facility about to introduce a tedious course
Till first sign of five in the morning about right?
Stick around with Gold, an American student
Yes, regatta activated sedentary duck
Art venue includes sex experience
Sydney, if tarted up to present a trivial, cosy image to tourists
Little pigs snitch
Spa where males are heard to gain weight
Hide bordering lake (youll prosper in it)
Dance nut
Artist lacks yen, in a way, for a joint
Newscaster keeps neutral in broadcast
His other daughter started as an attractive girl
Fire-starter to stay after game
Ran off, pursuing unknown story
Destitute and depressed ” also unacceptable
Green decor finely assembled
Morning person almost doesnt start prison term
Perfect bride, all embraces
Stand and delay
Pugilist has travel delay, we hear
Reveal split developing in expensive coat
Vague second note at strange breakdown
Woman has nothing or something to wear
Compatriots are important to soldiers behind railway
Small pet singing
Already see about educational time off
Bores about actors terrible language
Sailor takes poem home
Is a father able to take a year to see festival?
Cheerful team, winning, like some eggs
Lazy-sounding hero
Bird on the end of a string?
Bills final stage is seasonal try-out
Ego somehow sensational, and characteristic of the area
Everything Victor found at the end of a letter
Speaking loudly and without omission, then weep
Former spouse due to organise discharge
Reportedly obstruct some countries
Setting out with fine bean dish
fastest Land Animal
shakespearean Play Title That Rhymes With “jello”
thou Shalt Not Bear False __ Against Thy Neighbor
__ Square, Central Piazza In Venice
the __, Resources Not Owned, Open To All
a Ruling Family In A Monarchy
priestess Of Santeria, Male Is Santero
the Hindu Class System Divides People Into __
attention-seeking Cry Of A Pirate
doggy Channel South Of Tierra Del Fuego
what Slot Machines Are Called In Australia
curiosity Killed It
entry-level Light Aircraft
ernst __ Stadion, Hosted 2008 Euro Games
small, Long-handled Shallow Pan For Sauteeing
kevin, Plays Francis Underwood In House Of Cards
occupation Of The Fictional Character Sweeney Todd
roller Shoes With Built-in Wheels
country Where Lech Walesa Served As President
jack __, Paleontologist Researched Dinosaurs Dna
to __ Go Where No Man Has Gone Before (star Trek)
written Communication
__ Reels Form Part Of A Needleworkers Collection
magically Animated Beings Of Jewish Mythology
give Lines To A Forgetful Actor
coarse Fabric Often Used In Sacking
of Or Relating To Dogs
antonym Of Never
mineral Used In Making Glass
widely Known As The First Synthetic Plastic
sideshow Mel Is Krustys __ In The Simpsons
reba __, Us Country Singer, Actress
stade __, National Stadium In Paris
the Second-highest Ranking Of Angels
board Game Where A Player May Land On “chance”
dry Italian Cookies To Eat With Coffee
roald Dahls First Childrens Book: “the __”
low-cost German Airline With Green Logo
annually, Each Year
she Plays Katniss In The Hunger Games Movies
__ Chameleon Has Large Horns On Its Head
table Mountain Overlooks This South African City
brittany Region As Said By A Frenchman
bad Manners To Put These On The Dining Table
king Of England From 1760 To 1820: __ Iii
line Of Equal Pressure On A Weather Map
__bahn, Famous Entertainment Street In Hamburg
futuramas Head Of The Robot Mafia
lofty Australian Tennis Star, Pat __
__ Lake, Oregon Landmark With A Wizard Island
juno __, Roman Goddess Of Money
food Made By Churning Milk
friendly Ghost, Befriended By Christina Ricci
modern Term, Someone Who Knows Rabbinical Lit
six Letter Word For The Season Of Fall
surly Or Ill-tempered
venomous Aussie Snake Has Coastal And Inland Types
blend Of Cybernetics And Organism For A Part-robot
fighting Skills
german-austrian Dress Of Full Skirt And Low Bodice
latin Name For Copenhagen
peace Prizewinner And Founder Of Solidarity Union
papas Delicate __, Jackie Gleason Plays Papa
harsh Scratchy Garment Worn As A Show Of Penance
what Many Hands Make
she Takes You To Your Seat In The Theater
drying, Shriveling
a Feral Boar
seaside Venue For Club And Ball Game
us International News Agency Founded In 1995
called Liberty Steak In The Us During Wwii
african __, Giant Gastropod
unter Den Linden In Berlin Is A Tree-lined __
si Derived Unit Of Radioactivity, Symbol Bq
sailboat With Two Hulls
having Gone Back To A Place
favorite Green Leaf Of Certain Fictional Sailor
paolo __, Longtime Left Back For Ac Milan, Italy
bishop To Whom Title Has Been Officially Granted
foreign Born Singer Who Had A No. 1 Smash “sos”
to Flog A Dead Horse Is __
to Lean Back
steered Clear Of Something
venetian Water Transport
shop Checkout Person
long Decorated Stick Carried By A Sovereign
hard Clear Plastic, An Alternative To Glass
leonardo __, Italian Artist And Inventor
__ Bridge, Prague River Crossing With Statues
infectious Disease Also Known As Lockjaw
__, Mr. Chips, 1939 British Romantic Drama
mouse-like Domestic Pets That Burrow In Earth
ability Of Animals To Adapt To Avoid Predators
julia Louis-dreyfus Played Her On Seinfeld
__ Squad, Former Military Execution Method
c-3po Was Built By __ In Star Wars: Episode 1
miami Hurricanes Play In Coral __, Fl
whistle __, Exposes Illegal, Unethical Conduct
“au __” Means Goodbye In French
sailors Suffered From This Disease, Lack Of Vit C
a Participant In Game Played In An Alley
premeditated Unlawful Action Of Killing Someone
the Baltic States Are Estonia, Lithuania And __
swiss Chemist Who Invented An Updated Oil Lamp
__ Reviver, A Mix Strong Enough To Raise The Dead
storage For Pirate Plunder
where Something Begins
japanese Religion Honors Natural World Deities
shoe That Needs To Be Tied
cell Created When A Sperm Fertilizes An Egg
last Name Of The Count Of Monte Cristo
mental State Of Insecurity, Anxiety
__ Pudding, Sieved Jam With Flaky Pastry
national Capital Of Australia
to Pretend To Be Sick To Avoid Doing Work
device That Can Be Used Without Connecting Cord
__ Furniture: Chests, Chairs Used By The Military
us Battles To End Slavery, 1861-1865
openly Gay American Diver Of 80s Olympics
david, Who Played Mulder In The X-files
__ Board, Peg Table Of Compass Points And Holes
largest Of The United Arab Emirates
“great Voice” Pioneer Of Video Game Consoles
the Furthest Flight Routes And Destinations
save Your Place
__ Rate, The Value Of One Currency Against Another
die __ Is A German Strategy Board Game From 1986
first Country To Issue A Christmas Stamp
having A Lighthearted Temperament; Merry
us Boxer Sonny, World Heavyweight Champ In 1960s
honeycombed Mushrooms
made A Mess With A Simple Dress, Miss __ Lewinski
small Canine
chosen Weapon Of Fictional Aliens
the Alternative Verdict To Innocent
danish Short Film About A Hospital Friendship
kenny __, Opened His Own Fast Food Franchise
gold __, Someone Who Marries For Money
leading American Entertainer Of The 20th Century
luxury Swiss Watch Brand, Used By Aviators
cordial Made From Orange Juice And Sugar
house That Once Reigned In Game Of Thrones
“ugly” Danish Toy, Found Under Bridges?
bin For Decaying Food/garden Waste
ms Hill And Messrs Jean And Michel Comprise?
large Marsupial With Pointed Nose And Large Ears
viennese Building And Jugendstil Art Movement
rust Is A Form Of This Chemical Compound
it Means “spring” In Spanish
icewind Dale Pc Game By __ Studios
riding Of Air Currents (not Flying Or Levitation)
actively Look For People To Hire
uphill Stretches Of The Tour De France Race
tv Oldtimer: Health And Fitness Guru Richard __
__ Bomb, Red Bull Cocktail Named After Candy
far From Close Or Near
__ At Bernies, 1989 Us Dark Comedy
author Of “the Day Of The Jackal”, Frederick __
burj __, Dubai Skyscraper, Tallest In The World
spiders Make Lots Of These In Autumn Gardens
__ To My Life, Simple Plan Song
the Best Things In Life __
roman Senator, Lead Among Those Who Stabbed Caesar
thirstquencher Of A Caribbean Party Sharing Drink
wellingtons Nickname
no News Is __
little Miss__, It Shows A Trip And A Beauty Pageant
ace Venturas Saved This Nfl Teams Mascot
__ Grise, Exerts Power Without Official Position
north-east Indian State Whose Capital Is Kohima
showing Extreme Expression Of Emotion; Emphatic
britains Largest Train Station
process Also Known As Hydraulic Fracturing
youngster Aboard Ship
match At Which People Abuse Each Other Verbally
name Of 16 Popes, Inc The Former Pope Emeritus
elevation That Rises From The Ocean Floor
the Apparent Change In Position Of An Object
large N American Amphibian Known For Noisy Croak
sits On The Tongue And Identifies Sweet And Sour
sir Edwin, Sculptor Of Trafalgar Square Lions
french Family Of Deep-sea Explorers
robin __, Mork & Mindy Star
best Position To Put Someone Unconscious In
lil Abners Hometown
the Amount Of Labor A Person Has To Do
underwater Pursuit Popular With Red Sea Tourists
john Maynard __, Demand-side Economist
jack Nicholsons Character In “as Good As It Gets”
mole-like Animals Often Confused With Mice
curleys Vehicle In Oklahoma
food Closet
thin Layer, Like Wood On A Coffee Table
copy Someones Ways Mockingly
french Term For Served On Ice
metals Made Of Two Or More Elements, E.g. Bronze
nepalese Knife, Weapon, Tool, Ceremonies
tv Show Centered Around The Ewings
strauss Opera And Daughter Of Herod
spirit Of Tragic Drama
poles Apart From Being Neat
more Explosive Than Bullets Of Same Caliber
solar __, Flashes Of Brightness On Suns Surface
walter __, Director Of The Motorcycle Diaries
paul Mccartneys Fashion Designer Daughter
__ Le Pen, Was French National Front Head (female)
tv Movie For Kids, How The __ Stole Christmas
french “incredible Sulk” Footballer, Nicolas __
islam Worship Site
greek God Of The Sun, Light, Music, And Healing
prodigious Individual With Autism
caffeinated Drink Also Popular Ice Cream Flavor
common Caiman Species Found In South America
mark Twain Created The Adventures Of Tom __
non-stop; Without Interruptions
harass With Small Persistent Acts
roman Politician Assassinated Caesar, Et Tu?
to Steer A Ship Into Shallower Waters
1961 Ben E. Kings Hit Song
comedy Central Animated Tv Series
aussie Town In Northern Territory With Female Name
citric Dessert Spread Used As Topping
signals And Communication Using Flags
hemline Well Above The Knee
agriculturalist Who Rears Pork
romantic Tale
mms, Multimedia __ Service
spinal Bones
collectible Objects To Do With Warfare
something Totally Unexpected Or Out Of The Blue
st Pauls Epistle To The People Of Galatia
evonne __, Leading Aussie Tennis Player In The 70s
to Stay Away From Others Without Having Any Contact
do It While The Sun Shines
__, Row The Boat Ashore, Slave Spiritual
__ Burgess, English Writer And Composer
singer Of The Novelty Song “the Streak”: Ray __
gives His Name To Industrial Framebreakers
__ Are Masters Of The Light Side In Star Wars
vietnamese Mooncake
person Who Moves In The Water Professionally
card Game With Variants Callabra And Papillon
__ Harvester, Large Machine That Threshes Grain
french Car Brand Whose Badge Features A Lozenge
gulf Name, Aka Arabian Gulf And Gulf Of Iran
the Night Of This Present Day
study Of Animals
corpus __, Feast On Thursday After Trinity Sunday
tv Series About The Worlds Most Famous Vampire
engraver Of Beer Street And Gin Alley
buoyant Jacket
police Departments Jurisdiction
hazardous Coating On Road Surfaces In Winter
gaudís “stone Quarry” Building In Barcelona
white Goods Brand, Famous For Washing Machines
country Noted For Its Ajiaco Stew
popular Amusement Park Chain With Banners
former French President With Dutch-sounding Name
box Containing Cerebral Board Game
dust Form Of Volcanic Rock
guards The Entrance To Hades In Greek Mythology
tomaso __, Vivaldi Contemporary, Italian Composer
weblog Publishing Site; Diary “dot” Com
robin __, Actor Of Mrs. Doubtfire
jelena __, Former Serbian No. 1 Tennis Player
money Workers Claim Back, E.g. Snacks For Meetings
chief Cook
__ Silver, Quartermaster Under Captain Flint
diplomat And Chief Weapons Inspector Over Iraq
predominant Religion Of Thailand
irregular In Frequency
egyptian Red Sea Resort Popular With Divers
russian Rocket Pioneer Responsible For Sputnik I
__ Acar, Turkish Artist
__ Airways, Second-largest Airline Of The Uae
roman Counterpart Of Hypnos, Greek God Of Sleep
__ Red, Ph Indicator In Labs
music-themed, 1920s Perfume Created By Lanvin
scientist Isaac, First To Observe Laws Of Motion
buddhisms Four Noble __
took Someones Possessions By Force
kept Afloat
picturesque Waterfall Between Brazil And Argentina
ancient Curved Sword Of Indian Subcontinent
burj __, Towering Sailing Boat Hotel In Dubai
list Of Acts
philadelphias Soaring Sports Team
grain-eating Beetle
director Of The 1996 Sci-fi Comedy Mars Attacks
job Of Robin Starveling, A Shakespeares Mechanical
fruit With The Outer Skin Layer Removed
pins On The Bottom Of Track Runners Shoes
first Home Computer Developed In America
by No Means Unknown
“mighty Oaks From Little __ Grow”
wrote Hound Dog With Partner Stoller
the Coathangers And Opera Houses Home City
deficiency In Red Blood Cell Production
branching Tube Sponges Are Usually A __ Color
african Lake Also Called Lake Nyasa
pretzel-like Deep Fried Maida Flour
si Derived Unit Of Pressure Named After Physicist
religious Woman Who Heads A Convent
wwii U.s. Navy Leader, Fleet Admiral Chester W __
blanche __, A Streetcar Named Desires Lead
time To Get The __ Jumpers And Scarves Out
unrealistically High Price For Certain Assets
__ Board, Large Paper Used For Science Projects
these Require You To Clean Hearth And Grate After
crusty Arthropods That Cover Rocks
music Group Associated With Collieries
an Island-city State
spanish Name Of Precious Green Stone
mel Brooks Movie And Broadway Show
devoid Of Freedom Or Liberty
cooked By Being Submerged In Hot Oil
furniture For Playing Bridge
neolithic Settlement On The Bay Of Skaill
invented The Zoopraxiscope; First Motion Pictures
istanbul In Ancient Times
on 1 December, __ Day, People Wear A Red Ribbon
artificial Waterway Links The Elbe To The Baltic
dan Aykroyd Plays The Father Of This Alien Family
vast Mass Of Comets 50-100,000 Au From The Sun
south __ Jaguars Are From Mobile, Al
fish That When Red Is A Misleading Clue
the Speed Of Sound
someone Who Comes From The Ivory Coast
place Where Your Vehicle Gets Cleaned Up
the __ Of King George, Royal Mental Health Film
one Who Rejects The Accepted Explanation To Facts
large Fire Built For Celebration, Entertainment
__ Patch Kids, Unattractive Soft Toys Of The 1980s
__ Flynn, Her Thriller Novels Portray Mad Women
type Of Crumpet, Pancake In Oceania
composer Of La Mer, Claude __
some People Need A Big Cup Of This In The Morning
in Some Places, The Kids Go Back To __ In Autumn
card Game, Deck Has No Twos To Sixes
machu __, Citadel Of The Incas In The Andes
robert __, Former Leader Of Zimbabwe
flying Island In Gullivers Travels
evil Dwarf
rbi: Run __ In
in Music, Instruction To Repeat From The Beginning
fort __, New Mexico: Where Billy The Kid Was Shot
family Of Comedian Brothers, Damon, Keenan
force __, Barriers Against Evil
latin Football Fixture List Term Meaning Against
cause Of Laughter
european City Thats Home To St. Vitus Cathedral
protein; Helps Chemical Reactions In Living Things
brazillian-__ Painter, Naza, Born 1955
__ Clock, Another Name For A Grandfather Clock
working Of Bread Dough To Strengthen Gluten
to Remain Local Rather Than Holidaying Abroad
seth Macfarlane Created __ Dad
sixth Son Of Jacob, His Mother Was Bilhah
__ Bodily Harm, Crime Causing Great Pain
takes His Or Her Clothes Off To Music For A Living
bicycles Riding One Behind The Other In Cycling
making A Societal Debut
loom-fitting And The Patterned Fabric Made On It
the Roosevelt Who Displayed A Teddy Bear
__ Bank, Water Extension Of Yucatan Peninsula
horse With Brown And White Patches
david __, Author Of Cloud Atlas
in Good Spirits, Merry
male Singing Voice Between Tenor And Bass
transatlantic Air Service Created By Freddie Laker
capital Of New Caledonia
lee Who Played The Six Million Dollar Man
quiet And Decorous
__ Film Festival, Golden Bear Award
__ Vest, Beachware According To Saucy Postcards
australian City Hosting The 2000 Summer Olympics
classic Pie Made With Tart, Not Sweet Berries
first English Poet Laureate, Benjamin __
forerunner To The U.n., __ Of Nations
__ Bells Ring, Are You Listening?
ran For The Door; Fastened
north Sea Wetland Area With Rich Biodiversity
“karma Police” Band
a Woman Who Stays At Home To Care For The Children
acrobatic Or Erotic Staff Boogie
prejudicial System Abolished In S. Africa By 1991
gin-based Cocktail At The Raffles Hotel: __ Sling
director Of Gallipoli And Picnic At Hanging Rock
russian Tennis No. 1 Maria __
__ Gains, Dishonestly Obtained Goods
not Permanent
singing Mom Of Kingston, Zuma, And Apollo: Gwen __
a Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In __
ivory Tower
brushed Cotton Fabric Used On Shirts/pjs
a Form Or Variant Of A Type Or Original
north German City And Port On The River Alster
clear, Reflective Material
eyelet Of Hard Material Covering A Hole
non-religious, Not Affiliated To A Church
boat To Overturn, Bottom Up
something Given Without Charge
randy Johnsons Nickname, The __
in German Legend, He Pulled A Sword From A Tree
lindsay __, Former Us No. 1 Tennis Player
safe Room For Storing Cash
verdi Opera From A Play By Friedrich Schiller
bankrupt Mens Retailer
scientific Study Of Ancient Inscriptions
nigerian Extremists Blamed For Mass Abductions
speech Sounds Are The Focus Of This Science
space Hulk Is A Game Set In The __ Universe
__ Network, First 24 News Network
decision Requiring No Thought
paper Currency Of The Us During American Civil War
concrete Bridge, The Design For Many Road Bridges
vodka And Cranberry Makes A Marine Wind
brandon __, Known For His Mistborn Series
niccolò __, Violinist Composer Of Caprices
one Who Is Tall And Thin
estadio Atanasio __, Medellin, Colombia
large Thin Crepe, Zampanelle
cotton Fabric With Soft Pile, Like Chamois
italian Poet Of Canzoniere (songbook)
japanese City Terror, Silverscreen Success
“when Life Deals You Lemons, Make __”
buzz Lightyear And Other Playthings Come To Life
epidemic Disease Spread Across A Large Region
person From The Country Whose Capital Is Gaborone
largest Of The American Frogs
jomo __, Nairobis International Airport
second Roman Emperor; Captain Kirks Middle Name
the First Of Its Kind
__ Kai-shek, Led The Kmt Government On Taiwan
john P. __, Us Banker With A Company In His Name
when A Players Cards Are Exposed For All To See
__ Lindgren, Swedish Author Of Pippi Longstocking
__ Washington, Oscar Winner For Training Day
nickname For Canadian $1 Coin
__ Iron, Hinged Metal Device To Bake Pancake Mix
john __, Zimbabwean Test And Odi Cricketer
prince In Mozarts Opera, The Magic Flute
another Name For Vitamin B3
__ Bung Karno Stadium, Indonesias Biggest
grass Family Cereal Grain
he Won It Fair And __
anagram Of Fibers
the Projecting Jaws And Nose Of An Animal
synagogue Assistant, Shamash
curriculum Vitae
feast Of The Seven __
slang For Money In South Africa
when It Feels Colder Because Of The Breeze
grilling (often With A Panel) Before Getting A Job
pienza Sheep Cheese
belle Of The Ball At School Party
__ Oneal, Former Us Basketball Player
where Marvin Gaye Heard It
character Who Is Decidedly Ungainly
los __, Peruvian Site Of Cloud Alien People
palazzo Del __, Residence Of The Italian President
french Chemist, Outlined The Theory Of Combustion
us Inventor, Developed A Steamboat In 1786
slobodan __, Serbian Prosecuted For War Crimes
you Cant Make A __ Out Of A Sows Ear
weather System Bringing Low Temperatures
to Break Up, Dissolve, Disperse
goody Two Shoes Singer
sergei __, Russian Astronautical Engineer
nomadic Middle Eastern People
documentary About The Dolphin Hunting In Japan
japanese City, Venue Of The 1972 Winter Olympics
long Nerve Running Down The Back Of The Leg
tiny, Imaginary Creatures
__ Camps, Single-site Family Summer Attractions
amount Paid For Retirement After Serving
tim __, Left Behind Author
unique And Unrepeatable
italian Grape Brandy
to Increase The Ticket Price
this Force Is Deadly
the Capital Of Comoros
bar Rescue Host Jon __
commonly Known As Maru, Deer Horn Weapon
primary Color That Mixed With Blue Makes Green
__ Wrap, Parcel Packaging Filled With Air
grass And Earth Thrown Up After A Golf Stroke
5th Cup Of Passover Seder Wine Intended Recipient
time Spent Outdoors On A Blanket With Food
notorious French Serial Killer, Henri __
his Comet Returns To Earth Every 76 Years
made A Formal Declaration
the Blues __, 1980 American Musical Crime Comedy
herman __, Writer Of The American Renaissance
greater Or Lesser, Caribbean Archipelago
lower Leg Tendon, Also Known As The Heel Cord
dont Put The Cart Before __

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