Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-24

___ the fridge (grab some snacks)
Month when winter turns into spring: Abbr.
Pierce with a blade
Veep actress Chlumsky
Smog-control group: Abbr.
Ace in the ___ (hidden advantage)
Disco group whose Y.M.C.A. inspired a dance craze in the 1970s: 2 wds.
Correspondence you might read in Outlook
___ Been Working on the Railroad
I feel like a ___ man!
Spanish duo whose Macarena inspired a dance craze in the 1990s: 3 wds.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. ___
Steamy room in a spa
Feel sore after a workout
Bro’s sibling
1/100 of a dollar
Pioneering physicist Newton
With no clothes on
Pop singer whose version of The Loco-Motion inspired a dance craze in the 1960s: 2 wds.
Smartphone download
Electric car company headed by Elon Musk
Rock singer whose version of The Twist inspired a dance craze in the 1960s: 2 wds.
Credit card whose first digit is always a 4
Sweetie ___ (term of endearment)
___ wave (unseasonably warm temperatures)
Train with another boxer
Luxury ___ (Monopoly space)
What blackjack players calculate
Bird that’s very similar to a crow
Genre of Dragon Ball Z
Relative acquired through marriage: Hyph.
Surrealist painter Salvador
Business executive and political activist Whitman
Animal that shares about 98% of its DNA with humans
Very fast
Sneaker string
Big ___ (circus’s main tent)
Opposite of nothing
TV host Samantha with five Emmy nominations in 2018
Country that’s your friend
December 24 and December 31 for example
___ on (takes far too much of): Abbr.
River that flows through Paris
The Golden Girls actress McClanahan
Quality ___ (hotel chain)
Annie’s Frosted ___ Flakes (cereal you can find at Whole Foods)
Hershey treat with milk chocolate and toffee: 2 wds.
Have health issues
Forensic drama that had a Miami spin-off
At the drop of a ___
Honda Pilot for example: Abbr.
Two-layer sandwich
October 24 2018 for example
Country where Giza and Luxor are
Roles in a play
Sound like Hello . . . hello . . . hello . . .
Drugstore chain known for its very long receipts
Miss Teen ___ (beauty pageant)
Spy group headquartered in Langley Virginia: Abbr.
this jar stores a charge
US Olympic diving great Greg
Edisons middle name
heavy ceramic cups
V-shaped trucking mishap
most like down
facial configurations
Discuss, as an issue
Internet nuisance … or a hint to four answers in this puzzle
Birthstone for most Leos
Noted piranha habitat
Shade of green
Classic strategy in the boxing ring
What inmates do until they’re released
Your: Fr.
It’s off the beaten path
“How cool!”
Burgundy or claret
Secret DC headquarters
Crateful from Florida
Like many chicken cutlets
Most welcoming
Like seven teams in the N.H.L.
French word on some wedding announcements
Better than expected
Unruly head of hair
Where you may be going nowhere fast
More bananas
Fictional African kingdom in “Coming to America”
Bubble gum brand
Epic quest
Not together
R&B trio Bell Biv ___
Releases, as new music
Crop in a paddy
Author LeShan
Lawn order
Got ready to sing the national anthem
Launched a tech start-up?
___ pro nobis
One of a famous seafaring trio
Loosened, as laces
“The Star-Spangled Banner,” basically
Zoning unit
Fashion mag suggestions, in two senses
___ Xing
“How tragic”
Ancient relative of a flute
It’s black and white and wet all over
Tiny bits of work
Bygone Nair rival
Some N.F.L. highlights
Reid of “American Pie”
“Do you have two fives for ___?”
Perch for a bouncing baby
Original airer of “The Office”
It may be found between “here” and “there”
Mujer’s boys
Ring around a watch face
Bowlful next to a restaurant cash register
“Golden” song
Finish second at the track
Warty creature
Like mud
Pioneer in commercial spaceflight
Bit of news in the W.S.J.
Tel??fono greeting
China’s ___ Zedong
Falling behind in providing winter insulation
Let in or out
A metal container
Possibly ample here but it doesnt last long
Are those on it making an empty protest?
Flighty artists model?
Such speed could be fatal
Margaret shortly turned to stone
Go quietly after the game
A record? Yes, of course
Theres Arabs around this city!
The time of ones life
Shoot game
Unemployed crew with mischievous potentialities
Money fine can upset
The spirit of progress
They are for putting on colours
Hurried up with speed to tell the tale
Storehouse of French earthenware
A drop in the ocean
Grind ones teeth
Precious stone
Go to new owner
Most surprisingly
Took away
Whichever way you look at it, it adds up to the same thing
It provides accommodation in Norways capital
Bad enough to cause alarm
He cuts the werewolfs head and tail off!
Unyielding threads, perhaps
They dont do much to earn their description
Quiet seat
They have no established occupation
Fill a pot, perhaps
Do meteorologists gain little by forecasting it?
Follow the returning deity
Looking for golden opportunities?
Two points at the bottom of a beard
What could be finer to deduce?
Its not grossly offensive
To unseat one may make a Hun sore!
Decline to accept some advice – its a load of rubbish!
Bird unpopular with sailors?
Clippers of the line?
What an executor has?
Horsemen surround a group of attackers
Put it on without being told?
Principle of having it both ways?
Assume hes from university
Hairy beast in North American folklore also called Bigfoot
Arthur , 1975 Wimbledon singles tennis championship winner
The , 1938 novel by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
The , 1970s ITV sitcom starring Richard Beckinsale and Paula Wilcox
1995 Grand National winner ridden by Jason Titley
Wendy , 1984 Olympic 3,000m silver medallist
River in NE Democratic Republic of the Congo that rises near Lake Albert as the Ituri
1889 novel by Arthur Conan Doyle
Companion of Falstaff sentenced to hang for looting in William Shakespeare play Henry V
Goddess of youth and spring in Greek mythology
1962 novel by John le Carre
Actor who played the title role in 2012 action film Dredd
1955 novel by Alain Robbe-Grillet
The , 1989 action film starring Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
See 24 Across
H M , South Africa Test cricketer who hit an unbeaten 176 against New Zealand in Johannesburg in 2007
Town in Galilee where Jesus is said to have performed his first miracle
2000 action film starring Sylvester Stallone in the title role
Town near Jerusalem; birthplace of Jesus
Monica , author of 2003 novel Brick Lane
Carol , Scottish television presenter whose credits include Changing Rooms and Wheel of Fortune
Town in Vicenza, Italy, east of Lake Garda associated with the wool industry
City in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, on the River Lippe, severely damaged in the Second World War
River that forms part of the border between Germany and Poland
Fall guy
Immediately following
Always right or accurate
Fold of skin affected by a stye
Round-up rope
Soothing song sung to a child
Battering device
Bring to maturity
Short-legged dog
Swiss wooden house
Make anxious or uneasy
Picture card
Pause between the acts of a play
Tasteless, vulgar
Insurance policy payment
Skin problem
Police vehicle
Circular badge of coloured ribbons
Place of action
Make woollens
Curly hairstyle
Unusual not to be well done
Forest club
Add alcohol to mixed cold ale
Loud performance, thats true
Many lost out
Constant point learnt another way
Not returning a great deal
Trips over football kit
Maintains parts of castles
Arranges into kinds
Good man has small dessert
Bit more than seven, say
Allowance for no spine injury
Managed to get one in bad conditions
Note changed in quality
Feta production is destiny
Reportedly nailed sensitivity
Reasonable entertainment
Terrible fire is widespread
Peoples event
Chat about the French soirees
You and I have time to get soaked
Blue feathers
Youngsters negotiating cost with student
Declare at cricket match
Nonsense food
Mix in prison
Work into new alternative
Criticise Sunday dinner
Were off to get a jug
A pies changed colour
Tepee in taut state
Help make a wager
I return to a smidgeon
Not far from one argument
Terribly fat at the back
Seldom seen
Shoe fastening
Auction items
Old age grant
Sound quality
Young horses
Type of offal
Cook in oil
Shade of brown
Canvas shelters
Aid in crime
Tiny amount
Ships stern
____ We Meet Again
System of belief
Tennis point
Mr. Sinclair
Skiers line
Fireplace need
Join metal
Helmet part
Rates of speed
That girl
Stop, at sea
Cactuss defense
Snobby folks
Phonograph records
____ sauce
Sleep vision
Feed swill to
Cowboys tool
Ajar, in poems
Biblical your
Touch, e.g.
Scouts tidbit
So long, in London
Church picture
Cooks smocks
Skunk feature
Patch of grass
Texas fare
Related years
Animal lair
Lodes load
Pulled out
Little demons
Birds claw
More irate
Serpents sound
All right
Guitars kin
Road turns
Fizzy water
Grand tale
Bend in a fender
Spanish article
Pub drink
Which person?
Dolls cry
Office message
Bill and ___
Kind of film
Gold medalist Lipinski
Muhammads birthplace
French romance
Money, in slang
Vote to accept
Sincerely asks for
Vicki Lawrence sitcom role
Harley owner
This is __ a test
Flower painted by van Gogh
Win the affections of
__ lost!
Mental flash
Be rude to
Docs org.
Good name for many a tree-lined street
Barely sufficient
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt co-creator Fey
Crossed (out)
Prepare, as Romano
Crowd control weapon
Part of TNT
Trace amount
Not tacit
Ledger column
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.
Did nothing
Calypso-influenced genre
__ of March
Minor argument
Baseball bat wood
In the center
Airport idler
Gambles in a church basement, maybe
Golfers selection
Easy gait
Winemaker with 1900 acres of vineyards in California
__ a bell: sounded familiar
Short-horned bighorns
Lid inflammations
Clerics in un monastère
Outlander novelist Gabaldon
Gumbo pods
Salon jobs
Crosby, Stills & Nash, e.g.
Fancy neckwear
Final stage of a chess match
TV series with choreographed numbers
Word with metric or merit
Wawa and 7-Eleven
Attic pests
Topside, perhaps
With 38-Down, bar offering found in each set of circles
Big name in small construction
Poker Face Lady
Needle case
Tear to bits
Sushi option
For real?
Brooklyn NBA team
See 25-Down
Greek letter
Support group?
Mold into a new form
Paper clip alternative
Senseless sort
Sharp-eyed hunter
Astringent plumlike fruits
Prepare, as a 25-/38-Down
Prefix with graph
Neural transmitter
Hoping for more customers
Drops off
Milk type
Peruvian Indian
Australian marsupial
Give over
Mickey and Minnie
Archers goal
Pass along
Stamping tool
Alphabet part
Racetrack fence
Discolored spot
____ dead people! (2 wds.)
Operatic melody
Loaf end
Loads (2 wds.)
More colorless
Church walkway
Toy racer (2 wds.)
Display stand
Capital of Norway
On the ocean
Royal domain
Narrow waterway
Leg part
Paid for everyone
Snaky curve
Koreas locale
Noblemans title
False god
Coal pit
Manchesters country (abbr.)
____ the Beautiful
Removes suds
San ____
Freezing rain
Nevada neighbor
Albanys canal
Told untruths
Large knife and tear gas confines the unruly
Thoroughfare ready for bar
Produce wind audibly
Judicial officers not beginning to cook books again
Fancy a drink? Unhesitatingly
Extent of ire when cycling
Wife and wife-to-be meet at what time?
Commuter halts breast enlargements, perhaps, in which piece of silicone is implanted
Bury gold around islands centre
Royalists are imprisoning emperor
Tolerates journalists
The recipient of regular beating is to crack, shortly, returning to kill
Australia is on standby, protecting intermediaries
Heathen to search for gold (silver is boring)
Paces about, tense in appearance
Occasionally, treat an American for disease
Division brought about by Spooners wee pal
Fantastic ski chalet as white and dusty as can be
Husband, perhaps, scratching bottom then looking up to seduce
Goes to ground in suit, head lowered
Get rid of solicitor for fight to the death?
Charity is embarrassed and angry
A working president, once
Evaluations of certain fellows protected by dodgy mates
What makes a female regularly covet Seth, the actor and comedian
Standing of President Trump is getting eroded, principally
Coy son injured in fight with young badger?
Dog breeds first desirable characteristic
Autocrat is very downcast when northern den is obliterated
One involved in fraudulent schemes fabricates money
Make free (of)
Rotary file
List of names
Type of toffee
At once (Informal)
Nose (Slang)
Large cask
Strong impulse
Small firework
Protein in skin, nails, etc
Floor covering
Night club
Remove from danger
Excessive sentimentality
Dried grape
Bristle on a cereal plant
Henry VIIIs Catherine
Wet dirt
Rue the run
Drifting ice
Count start
Crowd noise
Make a sweater
Antlered animals
Frozen spike
Dennys rival
Chemical suffix
Marathoners tempo
War god
GIs address
— were the days!
Golf prop
Buddhist sect
Whispered Hey!
— Sera, Sera
Asian desert
Genesis shepherd
Bandshell events
Pac-12 team
Admin. aide
Some GIs
Barrett or Jaffe
Baseball great Jackson
May honoree
French article
Sitcom pioneer Arnaz
Alan of Argo
Abstract ideas
Art Deco master
Fireplace residue
Sherlocks assignment
Pearl Harbor site
La —, Bolivia
Old U.S. gas brand
Guitar master Paul
Arduous journey
Vacant, as a flat
English channel?
Facts and figures
Baseball stats
Read quickly
Not pizzicato
Normandy battle site
Have debts
SSEs opposite
NBA star Anthony, familiarly
Golfer Norman
Rust, for one
Roused from slumber
Mayflower name
Summer in Paris
Opposing opinion
Sure thing!
Puts on ice
Fancy feather
Take in
Deceitful people
So thats it!
Break up, in a way
Homers bartending pal
Paid for a hand
Quite impressed
V fliers
— up (preened)
Hotel units
Did a yard job
Strangely different
In this manner
Poem of praise
Styling stuffs
Late flight
Made flat
Polite chaps
Ultimate goal
Days gone by
Pancreas product
Hit the bottle
Black eye
Spring holiday
Newly fashioned
Miami- — County
Title documents
Porgys love
American Fur Company founder
Pygmalion playwright
Be dispirited
Bring up
Soccer superstar
Wait and see
Actor Tamblyn
Franklin of soul
One of the Osmonds
Mosque tower
Celebrated apple-pie maker
Magazine filler
Muscular contraction
Gets back
Classic Japanese theater
Assyrians foe
Astronomical event
Bearing freight
Gauguins retreat
Active one
S. American lake
Table linen fabric
Footnote abbr.
1976 Scorsese film
Subatomic particle
Crumble away
Pop singer Amos
Mens ___ in corpore sano
Teutonic god of thunder
Fleecy females
Not any
Dutch queen
Zodiac sign
Japanese honorific
Legendary Irish bard
Holds back
Starter for Aristotle
Compass direction
Swing around
Graceful fliers
Dirty air
___ Hari
___ in a poke
Agreeable exercise
Muslim leaders
At that point
Antiquarys acquisition
Bumped off
Egg-laying mammal
Cooking pot
The Jumblies poet
Shin bone
More unusual
Neuron part
Malay dagger
Mount in Crete
Shout loudly
Call off
Freshwater fish of the carp family
Wash in clean water
Bring upon oneself
Fishing vessel
United in matrimony
Drained of colour
Momentary pain
Quick look
Shoe material
Naval rank
Cathedral cleric
Servile follower
Marine mammal
Citrus fruit
Welsh breed of dog
Be of use
Flower primula gone wrong?
Song in honour of Suleyman the Magnificent
Children of Benjamin or Simeon
Meat product Im unfortunately returning
Some authentic examples are tempting
Concession leads to sense of purpose
Funny cat with hat and stick?
Where players cards may be receiving attention
A female with adequate business
Flower provided by online store
One or two dairy products
Begin without concealment
Articles about large woman
Dowdy swimmer holds backside
New Zealander almost turning up for ramble
Bird allowed outside tavern
US snap in camera?
Cite fair play as subtle deception
Happiest sort of graveyard inscriptions
Extremely awkard times for proverbs
He ordered lead and made well
In winter Im expecting frost
One struggling to corral ten beasts
Shield borders
Dramatis personae
High times?
Soothing substance
Growth stimulator: abbr.
Mil. address
It often follows you
Johns and others
Unit of energy
Party mixer
Actress Powers
Plane, e.g.
Ballet step
Overlaying with bacon
Mardi Gras follower
Do a restaurant job
Son-of-a-son indicator
X rating?
Mideast currency
Dublins isle
Old weapon
Depressing, to Donne
Sea swallow
Unagi, at a sushi bar
Leaves sound
At work
Mentaiko, at a sushi bar
Leopolds partner in crime
Set up
Double curve
Course after trig
Hi, Ho!
More resentful
Past, present or future
Rough guess: abbr.
French holy woman: abbr.
Gang interests
Mint bar
Baby talk
Missile pact of 1972
Walton or Waterston
Toon Pepe
Yoga position
Peanut product
Ball of fire
Real mess
Finished cleaning
Brits nappy
Surgical instrument
USSR part
Actress Leoni
If all ________ fails…
Homeland org.
Be off
Beltway fig.
21 down is on the cover of The Supplement one gets in case one gets sick
A foreign trial journalist has not been through the hoops
Adores getting out of misdemeanour and is presumably protected?
Al Capone dismisses pal as a crafty type wholl send you down the river
Bordeaux embraces fashionable instrument
Brings in about a million from wind-up to compensate for the mistakes
Broody Sultan produces them for horse in point-to-point
Condition of Moor going around lost
Counts men leave demands
Decorative mask for disguise?
Dublin flower club
Easily annoyed city father dismisses fair
Groundwork for showing off cars here
Kneels excited over bone from duck found in archaeological site
Louvre sent out for people offering to help
Pay off Paisley – its key
Physical substance provides energy for little singer in American city
Play charades around neat set in the interval
Put a stop to the proposal in native tongue
Reviews Channel Island actors playing in A Philosophical Method
Simple place in Dublin accommodating English soldiers from boat
Some crave a lamb chop from the butchers
Takes a look locally in tight alleys around rebellious Belgium
Tracks where those acting the clown are by ringing the tech team
Truants are hiding in canteen
What the butcher is selling with boar from Baton Rouge
What you have when all the dust has settled for departmental head in authority
You need to get this from your parents if youve missed class with some piano teacher
Aid, abet
Alarm, apprehension
Animate being
Australian flightless bird
Burial chamber
Chose, opted for
Combine into one
Disorders, illnesses
Distance between the rails of a railway track
Farewell to the French
Formulae believed to have magical force
Fuss or bustle
Gained points in a game
Gave back money owed
Growing old in the US
Identify because previously known
Island, cow and knitted jumper
Its now Kampuchea
Mischievous fairy
Offences punishable by law
Perfect for the purpose
Permission to do something
Police vehicles
Spoke softly or indistinctly
Systematic investigation of a subject
The force of a push
Their leaves flutter in the slightest breeze
Those to whom money is paid
Tiny piece of bread
Took to ones heels
Uncover, expose to view
Valuable, treasured
Without warning, unexpectedly
High-quality brandy
Variety of cabbage
Fix, repair
Closely inspected
Full of beans
One receiving guests
Finely cracked
Insincerely fluent
Deceptive impression
Broad smile
Stabilising device
Still in existence
Give too much money
Lowest point
Padded sofa
Hindu deity
Yorkshire city
Toilet water
Leaf for smoking
Process of wear
Sweet; money
Bad cough interrupts routine filming stage
Understand fine party hasn’t finished
First of two encyclopedia volumes, perhaps, is a tiny thing
Like a repaired bike, not to be junked?
Letter is as translated, framed by punctuation
Delicacy of Japanese in not completing Bach piece
Short service to put on for old beast
One picked on numbers of Romans around mouth of Tiber
Beetle an irritant – in saucepan once?
Right to stab second mate, so badly wounded?
Jacob’s wife spends hour going after fine jumper
Exploit chap I turned out of bed past time
Owt in old magazine?
Lifesaver talking of one with knowledge
Make fuss about hotel, whatever it is
Unclear boundaries in this old people’s home?
Physician taking top off toothpaste to spread
Ladies’ fingers up to making footwear
Trousers, and how to hold them up?
Minor physical problem: temperature very low?
Braves having to maintain graceful withdrawal
Trade is sort of light
Camp belonging to prisoner?
Extra name in article about garden feature
College town having taken up jazz, tricky to hum
With misgivings, I seal newly dead within
Forced liquid into female put on stretcher
Strongman almost crushes worker in Olympic venue
Personal life somewhat on the up, it’s plain
Contract for sporting prize
Sizeable British force on the ground
Awkward and lumbering in an ugly manoeuvre
Male politician’s narcotic drug
Lofty duke following senior relative
Run round hard pebbles on beach
Diversion the frenzied may be driven to?
Have the money for a crossing, so to speak
Come first, keeping most of this inside
In favour of case stirring up anger, perhaps
Person looking through book and software program
Table part of provisional tariff
Bring in vessel mentioned in speech
Amphibian old actor originally rescued in thick mist
Strong impulse revealed by our gentry
Ceremonial escort’s defence of integrity?
Hard-working American music group taking dip in Asian river
Strong desire with regard to reflected light?
Barker, crossword compiler with UK nationality?
Quietly ruling, though in the family way
Implicate unfortunate Mercian in it?
Obvious friend with capacity to seize power
Comparatively pale and more even-handed
Sailing vessel of some size straddling river
60 Minutes network
Accuseds excuse
Aircraft tip
Amount bet
Animals coat
Annual New Orleans celebration
Auctions off, for example
Bassos solo
Bigwig, briefly
Brother of Cain
Bus terminal
Car battery fluid
Car for a 57 Down
Casino cubes
Chapter of history
Comrade in arms
Containing nothing
Creative spark
Dorm room furniture
Drain-cleaning chemical
Eccentric one
Fashion designer Wang
First full spring mo
Floral necklace
Freight weight
Gap-owned retail chain
Gentle handling, for short
Helen of __ (mythical abductee)
Holder of fishing line
Hurricane center
In a peculiar way
In good shape
Itinerary: Abbr
Judges wear
Left in a hurry
Legal rights org
Legal wrongs
Little fellow
Little rascals
Lose energy
More than dislike
Nothing but
Off the mark
Out of town
Own up to
Pekoe, for instance
Persist through adversity
Persist through adversity
Persist through adversity
Person getting things started
Pickle-to-be, informally
Prayer-ending word
Sang in the Alps
Secret agents
Slick, as winter roads
Small hill
Space Station org
Stave off
Striped housecat
Teherans land
Thanksgiving veggies
The turf in surf and turf
Time gone by
Tiny amount
Top-billed performer
Tour de France vehicles
Verified fact
Walked on
What Genesis begins
Without tact
Wool source
__ and aahs
Water blockers
Scorer on serves
Criticize meanly
Certain solo
Connecting point
New heart recipient
Like improbable tales
Formations in 28-Across
Named previously
Dont bet ___!
Like some farewells
Collection of sayings
Excessively dry areas
Recipe abbr.
Perform incorrectly
Boston ___ Party
Software test
Directors place
Variety of 35-Across
___ you nuts?
Press an odometer button
Number with top
UAE part
Before in there
Trudge through mud
Pirates taking
Dealing with the aftermath
Chill, dude
Border lake
Whats more …
Shade of green
The IRS, famously
Viewpoint page
Stuff to crunch
Jordanian, e.g.
___ and Otis (animal film)
Broadside from a battleship
Lack of social norms
Halleys and others
Shangri-la kin
How young kids live
Optional components
Tied or tethered
Poet Sexton
All guys
Words with a positive note
Way-tiny quantities
External boundary
Uncles girl
Pale in the face
Early anesthesia
Like some negotiations
Range roamer
Teeth-cleaning stuff
Nectar chaser
Downsizing star
Vital gun parts
Word with cold or ice
Magic medicine
Take ___ to (like)
Some jacket fabrics
Natural fertilizer
Cheese variety
Trebek with the answers
Genealogy structure
Garment under a garment
Arran or Skye, e.g.
Serving both men and women
Groove in a dirt road
Jabberwocky starter
This is so frustrating!
___ Around the World (Puff Daddy song)
Add value to
Amoebas, e.g
Analysts concern
Bar patrons perches
Book that may have a lock
Bout site
Cab customers
Carry-on spot
Case for a pediatric dermatologist?
Cavatinas cousin
Check writer
Component of brass drawer pulls and faucets?
Cooked in a clay oven
Corona, for one
Counterparts of cones
Craftsperson, e.g
Creates a backup copy, say
Cut off
Declare illegal
Deli counter sight
Difficult journey
Door word
Dudleys Arthur co-star
ESPY-nominated 2001 biopic
Extreme enthusiasm?
Fall for a senior, e.g
Fire remnant
Folkie Joan
Freaky flyers
Free of markup
Funny fellow
Gimlet garnish
Glass squares
Growth area
Have takeout, say
Head coverings prohibited in the NFL
Invented identity
It may be played in a stadium
Kia car
Knotty craft
Like Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones
Like some email filters
Like the flavor of Lapsang souchong tea
Martini garnish
Mell Lazarus comic strip
Once going by
Overtime cause
Parisian pal
Patches up
Play group
Puffin, e.g
Reading for felony fans?
Sen. Alexanders state
Silver, in Sevilla
Symbol of life
Tenniss Nastase
Ticks cousins
Traffic-stopping org
Tree with upright cones
Trick or treat, e.g
Try to hit
Unspoiled area
Veeps boss
Witty retort from Rigoletto?
Worrywarts woe, supposedly
Write hastily
Yaks it up
___ Lingus
50 entering contest in total
ABC air exotic language
African country
Alternative to hard currency?
Beast featured in Sun is former warlord
Big church car halted in crash
Bonus added
British early settlers bracelet
Citrus drink
Destination coming into Tripoli by air?
Drink Leon made needs shake
Electric eel shows reserve
English in ridiculously heroic farewell
Expressed private resentment
Female name
Fictional work
Financial dealer
First Lady not heartless in meeting
Five on a railway making change
From here one observes bachelor flat
Frozen water
Girl has pain in both sides
Handsome and in hurry
In addition
Japanese ruler
Male sheep
Merchants arrow sent up over monarch
Neglect leads to our best violin being ruined
New book
Open about amount of work experience
Political opponent in Byzantium
Pound of butter?
Primrose worth two in pot
Rage pressman moderated
Rakish or suave
Readily-gained income
Religious building
Religious words correct we hear
Restrained, toned down
Semitic tongue
Suffer or endure
Voting against
Wrist adornment
Chew the fat and eat crow
Stay With Me singer Sam
Stop or ___!
Were sinking!
Your choice
A whole bunch
Addition to the staff
Bacon purchase
Black-and-white predator
Bored with it all
Carpenters wedge
Change ones story?
Clumsy ox
College VIPs
Compass lines
Conks on the noggin
Cream-filled pastries
Donations to the needy
Drink served with marshmallows
ESPN reporter Salters
Event with new products
Express verbally
ExxonMobil product
Flying high
Gadget in the produce section
Gather from the fields
Get ready for a round of beers, say
Get really steamed
Get whipped
In days of yore
In the style of
Insurance name with a silent first letter
Jackson with the country album 34 Number Ones
Kid-vid explorer
Kind of red wine, for short
Leaning Tower city
Long-tongued comics dog
Look of contempt
Look to the future
Lutz alternative
Many ER cases
Michael of Arrested Development
Modified mortgage, for short
Moisten, as an envelope flap
Movement of money
Netflix competitor
Old pro, to a rookie, perhaps
Pearl Jam vocalist Vedder
Phonograph part
Picture within a picture
Pile up
Pit stop change
Pitchmans assistant
Prefix meaning same
Rating unit
Really bother
Rodeo clowns prop
Rolled-over investments, for short
Scratch-off ticket game
Sections of town
Shakespearean play with a Fool
Show with a laugh track
Showed nervousness
Snake with a hood
Soccer moms vehicle, for short
Spark-producing rock
Sports org. with a DH rule
Swiss ___ (leafy vegetable)
Tackle box item
Talk trash to
Three Stooges genre
Tiny Oreos
U.S. economic yardstick, until recently
Usually unread email
Volunteers words
Worked really hard
Yard tool
___ Paulo, Brazil
In total, it has its warmer side
Flowering shrub that meant nothing to a legendary swimmer
Shes all confused about love
Allowed to live in a health resort, looking rosy
Keep in date, possibly
Joined the police
Horse fly seen around the central Nile
The necessity for a northeastern edition
A Shakespearian character needs it back by Monday
Its refined
Should be heard during a string quartet
A ministrys young men?
Cancel clean out
Teacher is turning right
Under strain, soundly taught for a scholarly end
Club player
Being workshy, lied cunningly
Discussing many a terrible beating
Pay for a piece of furniture
Salt, perhaps, or a sailor boy?
Tied up by a low reactionary
The way to make an article stick out
Like Cora, wild about the man who blew the whistle
Its very right that I do business
Getting on is something to shout about, mate
Not fit to make a meal?
Its allowed in tennis
Heating element?
Homeric work one mislaid?
See just for a second, maybe?
A girl called Heather
Draw a vessel
Its welcome is silent
Is accommodating and bustles around
Dismissed for being unavailable?
Budgies favourite artist
In the aquarium, less than a major feature?
A blow with an oar
A piece of learning
Game for which you need a warm cover handy
Half sodden turf
Singular bookings for players
Mens hairdresser
In the open air
Urban area
Very happy
Of the sun
Parrot type
Worker in stone
Restored from death
Male cat
Clever person
Divide into two
Babys soft shoe
Monetary unit
Difficult question
Noisy quarrel
Carpet nails
Once more
Fish type
Ordinary, banal
Hawaiian garland
Prayer ending
Small horses
Cuban dance
Take unlawfully
Small piece
Written words
Short tail
Was grateful for
Charity worker asking for subscriptions on the street
Mediterranean island
Old stager
Spoken for
Narrow point of land projecting into the sea
Highly excited
Barrier of stakes and timbers
Destroyed completely
Cooked perfectly
Forward progress
Fluent and plausible
Philosopher recalled memory of top people
Story about journalist on top of the world
See 24
Hesitating to oust leader, admitting even Boris ultimately not seen as popular?
Bad person, no saint, that may offer something for the writer
Agent wants Alli to attract crowd at match
Gone after final wish for something thats far too expensive
Give sign of respect, having received shocking treatment
Go wrong in atria, wrong environments for plants
Aztec leader being deposed sadly with soldiers entering led by me?
No promises to be broken? It sounds the wrong way round
Respond to demand of traffic cop in jumper
Something a bit hairy about community were leaving? Get better informed!
Looked disgusted, given ghastly publicity about church
Trophy item that could be unobtrusive, but possibly not needed
Being fanciful about mountain climbings code of ethics?
Lord half-cut in tartan? Maybe he cant grow up
Pasquale boring? Aged brainy bits!
Severe critic to have fresh go at racist
One American going up in plane, a man of habit
Fractions? Thatll finish classes off!
Style one noticed in remuner­ation? Cash now only in £50 notes
Supporting medieval buildings permanently
Little stories about Beckhams innermost character in magazines
Songbird not weak at heart growing bigger
Life of religious minister English Societys elevated
Pledge from left-winger falling short over time
See 2
Sculpts mice and car out of clay
Mothers icon transported from a secret society
Taught again to exercise in grass
Right to boot out a machine
Doctor has different rates for conductor
Lake gets terribly wet ” thats basic
Traitor is more angry after large drink
Athlete brings city down
Fluster badly when calm
African also assembled a gun outside
Depicted as haggard
Inclusive group making a connection
Pet moves lazily and with indifference
Creeps off, having time for a spirit
Finish in church city
Scoundrel to block port
Intended article to be taken by police force
Reprobate ate Eastern food and got amorous
Perfect sitter
Unofficial ballot among farmers?
Peer at sort of gas
Terse host ran in to terminate
Crude, underdeveloped, with sunny interior
Gullible soul upset after copper captured socialist
Place quickly becomes loyal
Recognise a Catholic belief
Single daughter, say, returns stressed
Second instrument is out of tune
Apply pressure in the hallway
Confuse by removing top of oar
peter __, French Philosopher, Lover Of Héloïse
nicolai __ Is A Villain On Danny Phantom
someone Who Likes To Organize Things With Time
a Funny Name For An Earring
squares Of Filled Italian Pasta
one Who Thinks Very Highly Of Oneself
lord Voldemort Is Played By Actor Ralph __
president Who Signed Civil Rights Act Of 1964
to Spread Out A Liquid, Thin, Scatter
heavy Fabric Interwoven With A Rich, Raised Design
professional Card Player
land Of Legos, Famous Pastry Named After Itself
hatched, __ And Despatched Describes Life Stages
the Shape Of A Baseball Field
late Replacement On The Ill-fated Apollo 13 Flight
post-life Ceremony
bananensis Blennys Are Found In The __ Atlantic
gin, Lime And Soda Drunk By The Great Gatsby
__ Stick, Photo Pole Helps Take Your Own Image
bram, Who Penned Dracula
seal Between Engine Block And Cylinder Head
to Breathe With Difficulty, Rhymes With “cheese”
__ At Night, Shepherds Delight
tool With Two Jaws For Gripping, Pulling
star, Also Known As The Dog Star
mrs. Wilson In “gosford Park”: Actress Helen __
walls, Barriers, Hedges; Usually Picketed
primary Language Of Indian Andhra Pradesh State
whoopi Goldbergs Self Professed Biggest Fear
not The Top
an Octopus Has Three Of These
composer Of The “messiah”
eye Color Determinant
__ Garden, Operation Codename For Battle Of Arnhem
tech Brand That Produces The Ideapad
the Youngest Child In The Simpsons
a Drink, A Plant And A Film
joe __, Co-founder Of Airbnb
beatles Haircut
strait That Separates Russia And The Us
aurora __, The Proper Term For The Northern Lights
container For Inhaled Tobacco
covering A Gift With Paper
underground __ Was A Passage For Slaves
statue Worship
classic French White Sauce Flavored With Bay
bangkok Is Capital Of This Asian Nation
bugle Call Associated With Warfare
greek Philosopher Looked To Attain Happy Life
two-word Term For Vein Carrying Blood To The Heart
seven Brides For Seven __, 1954 Musical
bottom Of The __
green __, Champagne And Midori Make A Firebreather
a Connecticut __ In King Arthurs Court By Twain
trial, Anagram Of Laredo
parked Up On A Canal Or Dock
people Who Are Related To You Are Your __
marshall Mathers
second Largest Planet In The Solar System
côtes-__, North French Dept, Was Côtes-du-nord
activity-tracking Wristband, Produces The Flex
filter-feeder System Inside Certain Types Of Whale
__, Franklins Ship Lost And Found In The Arctic
yoga Pose With Back Raised Like River Crossing
__ Binks, Comedic Relief In Star Wars
feeling Cold, Damp And Sweaty
space __, Bouncy Orange Toy For Riding On
french Word For Chair
rocky Iv Boxer-character Played By Dolph Lundgren
singer Who Didnt Want To Go To Rehab, Amy __
bill & Teds Excellent __; 1988 Buddy Comedy Film
suit In A Tarot Pack, Also Known As Coins
she Won Americas Most Talented Kids In 2004
an Unbelievable Tale
in The Public Eye
enclosure For Steers
“small Oven” Treat, Mignardises
place On Athletics Track Where Relay Runners Stand
walking Casually
he Planned The Gunpowder Plot In England 1605
she Wrote Frankenstein, Mary __
alan Menken Musical, Little Shop Of __
either A Proton Or A Neutron
lanky Flightless Bird From Africa
extra Helping Of Food
gary __ Aka Green River Killer
to Back Up
country That Is Home To The Maori People: New __
oprah __, Us Talk Show Host
shakespearean Comedy: “much Ado About __”
the Name Of The 2014 World Cup Ball
the One Who Never Quits
a Minor Skin Mark Or Imperfection
blackboard __, Film Featured Rock Around The Clock
begs, Entreats
the Iconic Muppet, __ The Frog
site Of Major Chinese Earthquake In 2014
__ Lewis, Boxer Who Memorably Beat Tyson In 2002
major __, The Electronic Organ
possession Is Nine Tenths Of __
pasta Shaped Like A Very Long Tube
board Game, Candy Bar, Happy Day
that Is To Say
yesterdays Tomorrows
equivalent Of The Stock Exchange In France: La __
tv Show About A Rebel Spy And Assassin
faulkners Novel Set In The 1930s: Light In __
auto Safety Feature
iron Carbon Alloy Discovered During Zhou Dynasty
checkers In The Uk
glacial Danger
andy __, Played Opies Father Sheriff Andy Taylor
__ Sense, Bruce Willis Played A Ghost
what Goes Up Must __
castilla-__, Spanish Autonomous Community
wide __, Catches The Ball From The Quarterback
rebounding Uncontrollably, Like A Fired Bullet
brave __, Science-fiction Fable By Aldous Huxley
turkish Porridge For The Muharram
shout Loudly Out Of Fright
compartment In Furniture
british Expression: A Game Of Two __
capital Raised Through Shares
itchy, Red Skin Condition
one Of The Many X Factors Judge
deadly, Fatal
chess Piece Between The Rook And Bishop
site Of Major Peruvian Earthquake Of 1970
inuit Sealskin Boot
steelers “mean” Joe __
lost __ Began As A Board Game Before An Xbox One
italian Cycling Term For Riders Behind The Peloton
they Live Beyond The Wall
brand Of Grain Alcohol
australian City With The Biggest Greek Population
was A “bugger For The Bottle” Said Monty Python
to Make Unclear Or Confusing; Darken
he Claimed Canada For The British
(ive Got A Girl In) __, 1943 Oscar-nominated Tune
juicy, Square Fruit, Celestial Fruit Candies
childhood Pouches With Sweets And Small Toys
skeletal Muscle Separating Abdominal Cavities
othello Strangles Her
rear End Of A Cars Dual Exhaust System
pondering, But Change One Letter
marching Style Of Many Armies, Esp The Nazis
roman General And Victor At Battle Of Actium
the __, Benicio Del Toro 2010 Lycanthrope Movie
sea Snails As Food
aluminum Ore, A Major Source Of Aluminium
eyes Closed Then Opened Very Quickly
flat Stands Behind Window, Door In The Set
a Female Who Is Engaged To Be Married
someone Who Goes Up The Mountain
texas __ Play In Arlington
“elder,” Special Witness Of Latter Day Saints
decorative Wheel Covers On A Car
ivanka Trumps Husband, Jared __
italian Naval Base Port City In Apulia
mythical Greek Monster With Lions Head
drawn Tight, Like A Sail
__ism, Art Style With Very Little Detail
word Meaning The Same As Another Word
stretchy Pu Fabric Women Love
holbeins Portrait Of Famous Dutch Humanist
way Your Hair Looks When Waking Up
comprehensive Health Examination
spear-like Instrument Used In Whaling
rub Two Of These Together To Start A Fire
brand Of Pastis And Absinthe
male Honeybees
second Farthest Planet From The Sun
risky Action, Chess Sacrifice
mega Capital City Of The Khmer Empire
degree Of Prominence In Words, Phrases
hannibal __, The Silence Of The Lambs Killer
__ Wolf, Blues Singer Born Chester Arthur Burnett
nickname For Doctors But Not For Ducks
mobile Enclosure To Board Planes
emma __, Wrote Elizabeth Is Missing
australian Aboriginal Monster Lurks In Water
new York __ Play Football At The Metlife Stadium
edwardian Era __ Skirt Narrows At The Ankles
cronenberg Sci-fi Horror About Buzzy Insect
winnie The Poohs Donkey Friend
accent Typical Of The Upper Classes
messages Sent Electronically From Computers
wayne __, Mr. Las Vegas, Danke Schoen Crooner
ancient Celtic Priests
girdle Worn By Men In Ancient Greece
french Polynesian Spot
chalks Idiomatic Antonym
__ Posey, Superman Returns Actress
one-percent Milk
french Pm Whose Name Is Linked To Frank Kellogg
masters-winning German Golfer Bernhard
tiny Town Placed On Top Of A Clover Flower
hillary Clinton Outfit Of Choice
dear Abby With A Ph.d., Dr. Joyce __
diverged From The Main Path, Like A Tree
most Abundant Chemical Element In The Sun
alpine Glacial Lake Near Finsteraarhorn Peak
italian Music Term For Graceful
lordly, Arrogant
door Mechanism Opened By Key; A Stalled Situation
archbishop __, First President Of Cyprus
almond Cookie Pastry From Sicily
__ Story, A Tale About Two Rival Gangs In Nyc
lightning Never Strikes Twice In The __
fashion Choice Displayed On Your Head
__ Blum, She Loses Her Honor In A Book By Böll
when A Radio Station Is Broadcasting Right Now
korean Shaved Ice Means “red Beans”
ranked Classification Of Organisms, Low To High
small Whirlwind That Lifts Debris Off The Ground
viewing __, Balconies On Buildings To Admire Views
impulsive, Rash
film Musical That Featured Dont Rain On My Parade
a Kickers Success, Worth 3 Points In Football
auditory Membrane Shaped Like A Cone
term For A Temporary Military Camp
doling Out
more Than Half Illuminated
game Played On Ice With Flat Stones And Brooms
former Soviet Country; All Children Play Chess
atlantas Other Bird Mascot, Not The Hawks
old Term For Being Afraid Of Something
three Is A Crowd, Two Is __
samuel L. __, Us Actor
french Bagpipes
not Sick
pink-eared Poodle Who Wore Sunglasses
__ Volcano, Group Cocktail With Tropical Twist
wearable Travel Bag With Numerous Huge Pockets
grapeskin Compound Thats Astringent To Taste
text Copies Made For Examination Or Correction
greek Goddess To Whom The Parthenon Was Dedicated
a Vices Counterpart
french City, Maine-et-loire Dept Head; Maddening
bullet-point Plan For A Meeting
owner Of The Resident Evils Franchise
temporary Setback; Fault In An App Or Program
award Winning Director Of Stand By Me
easter Day In Italy
governor Of A Province In Ancient Persia
luggage Hauler
william Penns Religion
gossipy Disclosure Of Confidences
room To Move Or Margin Of Safety
traditional Fishing Boat With Four-cornered Sails
__ Panettiere, Us Actress, Activist
angela Played Jessica In Murder She Wrote
gt Ormond St Hospital Benefits From The Royalties
applied Force
sea That Surrounds Indonesias Maluku Islands
gross__, Austrias Highest Peak
swiss Watch Company, Anagram Of “sling One”!
this Group Of People Were Interned During Wwii
yankees Player Who Married A Hollywood Actress
__ Pony, Equine Toy Franchise
not A Safe Bet
brazilian President Impeached In 2016: Dilma __
official Currency Of China
transfer To Ones Computer
pull Straws Out, But Beware Of Falling Marbles
yiddish Equivalent Of The Hebrew Word “kippah”
kim Jong Il Wrote 6 Of These, Supposedly
“copacabana, The Hottest Spot North Of __”
dishwasher __, Small Dishwashers
__-cell, Mutated Red Blood Cell
primary River Running Through Amsterdam
trashed, Anagram Of Inured
burns __, Scottish Verse Form
__ Heart, Honor For Those Killed, Wounded In War
__ Gates, Entrance To Heaven Covered In Jewels?
slopes, Is At An Angle
speed __ Is Solving Rubiks Cubes Really Fast
the __ Pump, Popular Shoe In 1989
hot __, Kids Game Of Tossing Tuber
john __, Threes Company Star Died At Just 54
fiesty Son Of Strict Father, 1931 Pre Code Film
martina Hingis Sport
the Largest Of The Foot Digits, Used For Balance
enter Your User Name And Password
gertrude __, The First Woman To Swim The Channel
__ Oconnor, First Female Supreme Court Justice
fried Pastry With Variety Of Fillings In Brazil
blows Like A Volcano
immune To Feelings
thors Weapon Of Choice
were A Couple Of __, From Easter Parade
war In Which Mash Is Set
__ Eggs Are Hidden Jokes Or Messages In Games
action Films With Bruce Willis As John Mcclane
walk Wearily
french Term For Sweet Fried Dough
the Battle Of Little __ Ended Custers Life
western Port City On Ligurian Sea, With La Venezia
pair Of Kings Poker Starting Hand
chelsea __, No Holds Barred Female Comic
juliets Clan
the __, Pop Group Inspired By Comic Book
stiff, Silky, Transparent Dress Fabric
chinese Title For Supreme Deity, Creator God
a Troche
flowery Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar
1977 Bond Film The Spy Who __
seat Car Model Named After An Andalusian City
si Unit Of Luminous Intensity, Symbol Cd
__ Punch, Given In Response
it Means Black In German
it Rhymes With Snoopy, Floozy And Snooty
country With The Largest Orange Production
rum And Fruit Cocktail For The Undead
dating __, A Matchmaking Business
wild, Mad Behavior Or Panic
aeromodeling Is __ And Flight Of Model Planes
wodehouse Drones Club Member With A Silent “p”
country That Won The Six Day War In 1967
elizabeth Taylors First Husband, Conrad __, Jr.
image Or Character To Represent You Online
battleship Was A __ And Paper Game Until 1967
scale Used For Measuring Tornado Strength
popular Beard Style Of The 1990s
__ Party, Vettriano Trio On A Beach With Parasols
__ Sulu, Star Trek Character Played By Takei
hip Hop Singer
white China Clay Used In Paper, Paint And Drugs
“better Be Stung By A __ Than Pricked By A Rose”
__ Be Thy Name, Second Line Of Lords Prayer
hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale: “the Ugly __”
u.s. President Shot In Public, Died During Surgery
south American Small Pie With Meat And Veg
dont Teach Your Grandmother How To __
bart Simpson Watches The Itchy And __ Show
nonhuman Mammal With The Longest Lifespan
anakin Was 20 During The Battle Of __ In Star Wars
notice Of Violation
this Kid Worked As A Ranch Hand In Alberta
__ Research Center, Studying Gorillas In The Wild
canadas Two National Sports: Ice Hockey And __
baltic Sea Island Split Between Poland And Germany
the Male Organ Of A Flower, Usually With An Anther
baseball Team Known For Its Tomahawk Cheer
duvalls Character Loves This Smell In The Morning
nikolai __-korsakov, Composer Of Golden Cockerel
old French For “angel”; It Means “lamb” In English
__ Glass, A Full-length Mirror Can Be Tilted
tight Or Mean With Money
famous Spanish Tennis Player, __ Nadal
exile Island For Napoleons Last Years: Saint __
__ Wedding; Two Couples Marry At The Same Time
part Of Bullet That Holds The Powder
__ Depp, Portrayed Edward Scissorhands
small Asian Ungulate, Like A Rodent
glossy Periodicals On A Variety Of Subjects
one Of The Greatest Wide Receivers In Nfl History
rod Stewart Song Character, The Older Woman!
of Common Ancestry
make This Short To Get To The Point
lasting Winter In Game Of Thrones
fermented Chewy Bread
nuclear Weapon Element
led By Lord Beckett In Pirates Of The Caribbean
police Put These On Criminals
all Under Control, Like A Clean Boat
old-style Flip-opening Mobile Phone
longest Running London Play (since 1952): “the __
false Name, Something An Author Writes Under
creation Of Ornamental Art From Trees And Shrubs
former Surgeon General C. __ Koop
french Card Game Loved By Churchill
latin Phrase Meaning Proportionately
sleeping Beautys Prince
__ Stock: Horses Used For Hauling Baggage In Circus
inhaled, Anagram Of Rodents
trendy Japanese Lima Bean Look-alike Veggie
little Wheels On Furniture
old Chinese Tile Game, Usually With Four Players
ghost In English Folklore That Inhabits Mines
1970 Movie Directed By Alvin Rakoff
tough Lawless Person, Bully, Roughneck
post-soviet State
transport Canine, Typically A Husky
a Breed Of Short-legged Cats
gustave __, Madame Bovary Author
“the __ Is Always Right”
white House Area Has Oval Office, Situation Room
movie Where Steve Mcqueen Escapes Devils Island
french Term For A Well Done Steak
__ International, Airport Code Hkg
la __, Tomato-throwing Festival In Buñol, Spain
part Of A Driver That Strikes The Golf Ball
gambling Game With A Ball And A Wheel
americas Next __ , Reality Show About Fashion
small Beads Of Rainwater
medical Term For Baldness
jewish Minor Prophet; His Book Follows Nahum
rachael Rays Beloved Pit Bull
__ Wrap, Another Name For Cling Film
large Slave City On The Continent Of Essos
continent With The Largest Hippo Population
influence Or Impact Of Something
fungal Disease Of Potatoes
tear __, Manipulative, Sentimental Film Or Book
knit And __, Social Club For Knitters And Talkers
unpaid And Unfree Labor Of Vassals In Feudalism
mythical Character Who Flew Too Close To The Sun
the __ Man, Woodward Horror About Burning Effigy
how Beijing Was Once Known In The West
in Music, Quickly Alternating Notes, Like Birdsong
frys College Roommate On Futurama
largest Greek Airline, Named After A Sea
word For Nonsense, And A Boiled Sweet
ldw, Insurance Waiver Against Loss And __
spoiled Or Rotten Food Oil
hybrid Of A Zebra And A Donkey
transvaal President, Boer Leader Against Britain
argentine River Flows Into The Parana River
“addicted To Love” Singer, Robert __
dress More Colorful Than The Rainbow
straight Road Or Path, Lined By Trees
__ Milano, Child Star, Later Became Charmed
wes __, Nightmare On Elm Street Director
belle Is A Main Character Of __ And The Beast
neolithic Village Settlement In The Orkney Isles
the Thinking Behind An Action
comedic Actress Who Has A Child With Chris Pratt
pillow Stuffing From Large Bird
space Eater
feeling Trendy? Jump On This
followers Of The Teachings Of Siddhartha Gautama
a Turbine-driven Plane Engine With Propeller
chronicler Whose Work Was Used By Shakespeare
1979 Bond Film Featuring Jaws
deep Water Fishing Boat Using Many Baited Hooks
childrens Toy, A Pole For Hopping Around On
french Producer Born William Grigahcine
aristocratic Japanese Warrior
dollar Bill
small Stringed Instrument Popular In Hawaii
lower Part Of A River Where It Meets The Sea
software Used To Surf The Web
major Siberian Waterway, Flows Into The Arctic
act Of Dropping Explosives
the Animals Lyric: There Is A House In New __
it Is Ill __ With Edged Tools
coarse Cotton-linen Cloth
gary __, “whatchu Talkin bout, Willis?”
red Condiment Powder Made From Dried Peppers
post-apocalyptic Film With Mel Gibson
sailing Ship Such As The Endurance And Terra Nova
the Capital Of Iowa, Des __
eurythmics Singer Who Dreamt Sweetly
walkers In Nature
chess Game Piece Thats A Position In The Clergy
__ Gardens, Florence Park Adjoining Pitti Palace
old __ Is A 1957 Movie About A Boy And His Dog
to Be No Help Whatsoever
mandatory Protein In A Ploughmans Lunch
accustomed, Anagram Of Ruined
to Rumple, Dishevel
__ Bird, “military” Member Of The Stork Family
the Great __, Son Of Music Professor, Musical
tony __, Butterfly Style, Brother Nhl Star
what The Pennsylvania Dutch Call “pannhaas”
large Natural Lake In Northwestern Spain
getting The Better Of Someone
first Discovered At Mount Vesuvius
basque Separatist Party, Banned In 2003
lears True Daughter
viral Disease, Variola, That Leaves Skin Scars
whitewater __, Extreme, Double Paddle Sport
deny Someone Proximity
shows Off, Misbehaves
the Roof Of The Mouth
2017 “new Celebrity Apprentice” Winner: Matt__
the Capital Of Niger
towards The Center
arthur __, Wrote Memoirs Of A Geisha
gustav __s Music Was Banned By The Nazis
__ Lopez, Us Comedian Had Self-titled Sitcom
the Kings Fool
yogurt Served Very Cold, Popular In South Africa
half-espresso, Half-milk Italian Coffee
island In The Svalbard Archipelago, Breibukta Bay
a In Atm
capital Of Pakistan
land Used For Grazing
florida State __ Play At Bobby Bowden Field
distress Device Shown In The Sky To Alert Batman
treasure-carrying Engine Buried In Polish Tunnel

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