Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-25

Tombstone abbreviation
Radios used by some truckers: Abbr.
Goes bad like vegetables
What’d you say?
German monetary unit since 2002
Country singer and The Voice judge who both hosted SNL and performed as the musical guest in 2015: 2 wds.
Pikachu’s owner in Pokémon
Gently sprays with water
Visual representation of data
___ America (Killing Eve channel)
Jon who played the lead on Mad Men
Service charge
All-in-one makeup set
Pop singer and former Nickelodeon star who both hosted SNL and performed as the musical guest in 2016: 2 wds.
Evangelical character on The Simpsons
Paid promotions
Opposite of buy
Some flat-screen products
Alloy containing iron and carbon
Environmentally ___ (caring about the planet)
Please pardon ___ dust (notice of construction work)
Rapper and Atlanta star who both hosted SNL and performed as the musical guest in 2018: 2 wds.
___ and crafts
State animal of Utah
I should have done this ages ___
Material in a screen door
The in French plurals
At present
NFL tight end Gronkowski
Action that might cause someone to say Get a room!: Abbr.
Buried box containing treasure
Obama’s predecessor in the White House
Keep it down!
Museum’s artifact
Three are recorded in a triple play
Hot to ___ (very eager)
Male heirs
Instant ___! (1970 John Lennon song)
Small glowing bit of charcoal
Crazy Rich Asians actress Gemma
Long-eared animal that a hound might chase
At the center of
Popular crazes such as fidget spinners and the Kiki Challenge
On Bended ___ (Boyz II Men hit)
Running in neutral
Time will ___
Belly button
Houston athlete in the American League
Maroon 5 lead singer Levine
Insects that are similar to termites
Look at lustfully
2018 US Open finalist Juan Martín ___ Potro
U-Haul rental
Pride in oneself
Golden foreign press awards
moves between bank accounts
like Sir Isaacs thinking
doc with Hyde-ing persona
residents of Quito
source of the bodys energy
they hang out in the city
Actor Hemsworth
Where chapeaux go
Greek house, for short
Rough spots?
___ Lodge
Footnote info
See 17-Across
Looks beneath the surface, in a way
Not real emergencies
Night school subj.
2010 health measure, in brief
John who founded a Fortune 500 company
See 29-Across
Common article
Something that’s tailor-made
Shooting game
Stage name of rapper Sandra Denton
Seasoning for un oeuf
Prefix with nautical
What may blossom from buds?
Worker in a chamber: Abbr.
Oft-repeated words
See 45-Across
That’s an order
German opposite of alt
Pat who played filmdom’s Mr. Miyagi
Vented, say
See 61-Across
Bed selection
Garden crawler
Not yellow
Neighbor of a Jayhawker
Tears for Fears, e.g.
Ran out
Firm affirmation
African country that’s a member of OPEC
Dutch artist Jan van der ___
Verizon, e.g.
Anti-fracking legislation, e.g.
Part of a tennis serve
Sinusitis treater, for short
Bond producers
Muslim ascetic
Rigged game in “Casablanca”
Deep blue dye
“Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure”
Adler in “A Scandal in Bohemia”
Popular smoothie ingredient
Sarcastic laugh syllable
Freudian subject
Cape Town coin
“Masterpiece” network
Slice of history
Rabbit’s tail
Result of stress, maybe
One dieting strategy
Lucky thing to get in Ping-Pong
Like a live radio announcer
Dog, slangily
Physically prompted
San ___, Calif.
Waterfall feature
“Saint Joan” playwright
One-named singer with the 2006 hit “Smack That”
___-Magnon man
Speed needed on a long journey?
Class discipline
Loses time trifling with 500 friends
Proof that business doesnt stand still?
Currency of Italy, Israel, Iran, etc.
Creature member of religious body
The sort of look to leg a batsman may take?
Stop being crippled
Perhaps there is gain in badges
Because again became genuine
Portion out everything to get return
Not backward at gushing, to boot!
Has this tree never been a sapling?
Free crop of necessity
He was artful in a novel way
Up to the time that money is put into it
Estimation of work in charge
Fit hot logs about to make stage illuminations
Acting vacancies?
I calm disturbed worker who makes demands
License no noise
Confine in fair order, we hear
Many long-haired people have such stuff
Water comes from it in a proper manner
Less old
Without a head
Compel by harshness
Look at
Facial contortion
Rushed to the bag to search it
It doesnt describe the present schoolboy
Once more a good man is in opposition
A drink at the hospital
Item for reflection
Order a sweet
Blocking – the road?
I smoke a strange mixture, being a northerner
Seat is prepared for a snooze after lunch
Its useless shielding a bad crook
Licence to let
Main roads?
An expedient for a dentist?
Its used by those wishing to secure temporary accommodation
A sign of cold, perhaps
You may win one on points
They control runners in winter sports
Its regular trade practice
In a convent it gives preferential treatment
Most woebegone pair?
Succession of monarchs who came to an unpleasant end
Have ambitions for a high place in the church?
The pattern of old China
A little lower, if here perhaps
Town in Thuringia, Germany, west of Erfurt
Monster in Greek mythology with the head of a bull and the body of a man
Lionel , actor-choreographer whose television credits include Give Us a Clue and Name that Tune
1959 film musical starring disc jockey Alan Freed as himself
Term originally applied to the Balkan States
Lake , reservoir in Arizona and Nevada formed by the Hoover Dam across the Colorado River
Jack , 2014 Wimbledon mens doubles tennis championship winner with Vasek Pospisil
Erich , 1976-89 Chairman of the Council of State in East Germany
1890 Anthony Hope novel featuring the Republic of Aureataland
Torquato , 16th-century Italian author of epic poem Jerusalem Delivered
2008 adventure film starring Brendan Fraser and Eliza Hope Bennett
See 13 Down
Henry , comedy actor who played Haven Hamilton in 1975 comedy-drama film Nashville
Douglas , Field Marshal; Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force from 1915-18
Princess of Tyre in classical mythology who founded Carthage
Unit of weight equal to 16 ounces
Nikolay , 2006 and 2007 US Open singles tennis championship semi-finalist defeated by Roger Federer
Matthew , 19th-century author of poems The Forsaken Merman and Dover Beach
1998-2003 BBC TV comedy-drama series starring Robert Daws
Peninsula, area of E Russia separating the Sea of Okhotsk from the Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean
City in Brazil housing the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace F1 racetrack
Fred , 1968-70 Leader of the House of Commons; 1976-79 Lord Privy Seal
Enlargement of the hock of a horse often resulting in lameness
18th-century style of music characterised by extreme use of ornamentation
See 9
Thomas , author of 1516 literary work Utopia
1978 studio album by Bob Marley and the Wailers
Instance of stealing
Tear into small pieces
Economically disadvantaged people
Fortified wine
Car repairer
Every so often
Cutting part of a knife
Brown songbird
Prolonged mutual hostility
Breathe long and loud
Large land mass
Game similar to hockey
Fails to notice
Definite article
Human beings
Wax light
Sullen or angry frown
Do point to everyone at common partition
Gives out wrong times
Dapper as a phone?
Beastly medic?
Number of contents
Hot place in Coventry
Mark consumed and vanquished
Slides for small children
Noticed translation is deep
Look for shelter on the right
Stolen from both others
Set broken leg
Talk about new slogan
Rosie damaged tree
See moment for ordering souvenirs
Animated a veil badly
Cricket match can be a trial
Has Edward been very drunk?
The French worker slanted
Lone creed about scent
Rainy rite performed on route
One isnt affected by stress
Complaint as yours truly organised sales
Dumb ideas include offer
Confine protesters to boiler
Heaps constructed on stage
Chosen the Spanish tie design
Leave time to get a nanny
Shared barrier
Animal doctor
Caught sight of
Very warm
Hair product
In existence
Contagious disease
Water boiler
Exclusive group
Farm animal
Stroke a guitar
Crane, e.g.
Roof features
Abels mother
More mature
Common verb
Talking starling
Pigeon sound
Singer Clark
Bossa ____
Strong wire
Blue bird
Pro vote
Moms sisters
Not neat
Hot vapor
Black bird
Caustic stuff
Finds a total
Cooked too long
Look slyly
Actors quest
Kids stuff
Luxury hotels
Ontario, e.g.
Misting device
Tropical fruit
Put off
Quick punch
Hightail it
Floorboard sound
Londons ___ Gallery
Call from the flock
Peacock network
It comes from the heart
Condoleezza Rices department
Barbies beau
Splinter group
Instagram or Snapchat
Past time
Union agreements?
Get outta here!
Trying to overcome a late start, say
Clemsons conf.
Silicon Valley setting
Hoops net holder
Deli order
New York prison in 1971 headlines
Wine glass feature
Suffers from
Prince Harrys alma mater
Any minute now
Org. with Jays and Rays
Elastic bikini top
Org. with an annual Codebreaker Challenge
Critical shuttle maneuver
Skiers pick-me-up?
Summer hrs.
Archipelago part
Sweater pattern
Salieri, to Liszt
Streaming delay
Spiritual leader of Nizari Ismaili Muslims
Actress Mendes
NBC soap since 1965
Mineral sources
Poolroom powder
Gimlet garnish
ACLU concerns
Cross with a top loop
Creepy glance
Go around
Humorous feline meme
Prophecy source
The Daughter of Time novelist
Six-Day War peninsula
Pushing boundaries
Soft-drink word since 1886
Deposed Russian ruler
That feels good
Pull out all the stops
Katy Perry and Mariah Carey
Get outta here!
Watson creator
Beverage with dim sum
Comics read vertically
Montréal mate
__ Aviv
Mints brand with mountain peaks in its logo
Surgical tube
Speaking frankly, in texts
Armed conflict
Home run hitter?
Spains cont.
Like virtually all golf club heads nowadays
__ retriever
Push to the limit
Yangs opposite
Memorable guitarist __ Ray Vaughan
2009 Justin Bieber hit
Correction device
Highlands girl
Big 38-Down feature
Spring time … or a military procession involving a word sequence hidden in 15-, 31-, 41- and 61-Across
Bigger photo: Abbr.
Mennen lotion
Zen question
Incredible hero
Of course!
Not well
New York stadium
Canyon sound
Syrup tree
Scientist ____ Sagan
Track shapes
Ready for use
Hair goo
Artists stands
The Diary of ____ Frank
Roberts and Clapton
Had more points
Forty winks
Nevada town
Salary boost
____ Moore of Indecent Proposal
Tax agcy.
Bro, e.g.
Ralph ____ of fashion
Stainless ____
Christmas doorway decoration
Disappointed shout
Animator Disney
Infants toy
Military cafeteria
Foil metal
Not kin
Poke fun at
Recipe verb
Coal source
Zodiac ram
Chefs units (abbr.)
Leased again
Pollution problem
Do roadwork
Octobers stone
Under the weather
Large shrimp
Notable period
E.T., e.g.
Pencil end
Six-sided object
Highway division
Superman, e.g.
Tavern orders
Eiffel Tower locale
Open to view
Keyed up
Defendants offering
Carved gem
River mouths
Song for two
Sports VIP (hyph.)
Comes in
Stockholms country
Athletic groups
Iron oxide
Picnic visitors
Waiters handout
Kite part
Enlightened ones words (2 wds.)
Avian dwelling
Lyrical before
Sink unit almost blocked by plug
Gangster regrets bombing Revolutionary Guards
Grown-up leader somehow sensed perversity
Defile girls head soaked in blood
Contract staff overwhelmed by advance welcome
Cut and thrust of blade disguising skill shown by fencer ultimately
Positive aspect of winning team
Nonsense about why, reportedly, I like young men
Obsession with crime returning to engulf French capital?
Deal with China reduced fare from Mexico
Reproach leader of party leaving platform
Aim to turn people insane going on and on
With time, this estate could make ends meet
Doctor clamps right side to expose vessel
Cheat bet on woman outliving husband
Field from which one obtains a better view of ones surroundings
Financial backer promoting liberal point of view
Raised the French vessel over river banks
New way of working beginning to rein in study
Pet salesman bumped into expert from the South
Subject of article about what constrains empiricism
Recognition for prize-winning group stifled by mindless repetition
Likelihood of danger goes up having family visit with son
Uplifting new season, winning one after another
What docker did having caught dog in act
Record covered by Squeeze replaced rude word?
Doctor remains for discussion group
Age you are said to divorce partner
Shot Colt pistol containing a single round
One divided by zero vacuously equals something elementary
Small green vegetable
Set of twenty
Period of warm autumn weather
Nuns costume
Food shop
Operatic song
Government finance department
Affirmative answer
Back of the neck
Person of high status
Bovine animals
War god
Tax prep pro
Alike (Fr.)
Actress Goldie
City area, for short
Writer James
Cartoon frame
Austen novel
Papa Hemingway
Zodiac animal
Jungfrau, e.g.
Has a bug
Like a Rolling Stone singer
Airport screening org.
College URL ender
Paris pal
Nautical ropes
Uppity one
Gen.s underling
24 hours
New York city
Lingerie fabric
Short trip
Ran in the wash
Mine, in Marseille
Yoko of music
Norways capital
Top of the head
Cambodia neighbor
Melville captain
Pasta sauce brand
Derisive looks
Salad ingredient
Opposite of post-
With uniformity
$ dispensers
Aspiring atty.s exam
Battery size
Pac. counterpart
Patience — virtue
Round Table knight
Greyhounds home?
I love (Lat.)
Pen tip
Terrier type
PC key
Pacino of Serpico
Now, in a memo
Perus capital
Broadway offering
Casablanca role
Move, in Realtor-speak
Big fusses
Low digit
Big do
Divers gear
First name in jazz
Poet Dylan
Miles off
Traveler on foot
Poultry purchases
— de France
Getting on
Sheriffs group
Deep groove
Salary determiner
Powerful punch
Lebanon trees
Egypt divider
Carry too far
Battle vehicles
Tag info
Necklace part
Letter before Bravo
Accomplished with effort
Bundle of papers
List separator
Thurman of film
Deuce beaters
Clarinet part
Freshwater fish
Water, to Juan
Feel sorry for
Heart line spot
Jaws threat
Deck makeup
Metric mass
Fraternal group
Take ten
Barracks bed
Longoria of TV
Cubs cave
Up to the job
Aristotelian subject
A majority
Distinctive horse
Maine college town
West Point team
Spanish resort area
Kennedys Secretary of State
Put a new label on
Crew member
Turns the handle
Occasion of rejoicing
Made a move on board
Annie Hall director
Walk softly
Rock singer Quatro
Merchandise mover
Bullock in Hollywood
Race distance
Company part
Euphoric state
Slight fight
1930s comics girl
Brain sections
Boston Bruins legend
Eyelash enhancer
Strike down
___ for ones money
Door opener
Rust, for example
Franklins flier
Tahitian town
Supports for columns
Call from the minaret
Arawakan language of the West Indies
Alaska city
Boring one
Baltic capital
Eight in Essen
Border plant
Diminish, shrink slowly
Precious stone
Christmas songs
Knee bone
Petty quarrel
Breed of dog
Young cattle
Relative by marriage
Vivid red
Small and elegant
Pilots compartment
Out of the ordinary
More secure
Vehicle I got rid of has ceased to exist
Reportedly, not the whole amount
Little dog heard showing resentment
A bad driver turned up
Displayed like free-range eggs?
Group of soldiers or police capturing rebel leader
In supermarkets we desire vegetables
Bear backing old English bird
Father has directions for religious leaders
Redhead in undies prepared to get covered
Fancy drink with attitude
Vessel that may be put in bin?
Paddle in middle of boat, right?
Joint action worm turning in wood
Get to hear a group of singers
Chiller regularly seen in kitchen
Male stars tailored suit
It records new board members
Seafront always cut off
Legendary king put girls name in manuscript
An enchanter uses these periods
Go too far, having finished with new growth
Colleague who may be sleeping?
Go on stomach
Pictures of social centre given new name
Italian sauce made from ripest olives?
Its constant for each musician
Sound of cow thats depressed
Application draws attention to good books with small names
Breaking up soils, etc., comes at a turning point in the summer
Canoe out of place in large body of water
Cicero is taken from police court by mythical figure from the underworld
Consider in a different light most of the actual engineering found in two ships
Crazy estate for the Mad Hatters
Demands what 1 across might be asked to perform
Director in Puerto Rico adapting first novel – the one thats a fake
Exhibition by 23 down gives one the impression of where we might be living in the future
First opening scene mixed-up by those defining the parameters around The Gate
Found in 13 across and computer networks by those working on their drinking problems perhaps
Grim study opens Family Unit set in Donegal
He darent cross supporter
Is responsible for the number on the street and for publicly airing whats at end of 14 across
Its an utter failure to set up Sidney with Daisys relative
Old European kingdom loses head with Georgian neighbour
Opens 27 across and more than one of those from 23 down in Oriental caf?s
Paul Rock welcomes order from director to release it on the Internet
Rejection of someone born near Dublin suburb is bad
Scrum in Donnybrook
Share out missing art and put up
Side with that man taking rap and accept responsibility
Some deliver a token source of inspiration
Sorry about this, as its a bit of horseplay for soldiers from Spain
Stolen drugs from a fair amount of the town leads to a locally controversial issue
Take cab from log cabins giving someone the slip
Trim agent is from institute with the German web designer
What man upstairs will do on the final day to bring up Joyces book
A protruding belly
Act in a certain way
Angel shown as a winged child
Bluish-white metallic element
Branch of mathematics
Concern with the distinction between right and wrong
Control to regulate speed
Dieters count them
Flat fish
Flaw or ambiguity in a rule
Handsome youth of Greek mythology
Inuit houses made from blocks of snow
Large square-rigged ships of old
Make less severe, pain or guilt, say
Man or beast
Marked with a tag
Obscured, hidden
Of unknown identity, in short
Onlooker, spectator
Ornament at the top of a spire or column
Posing less difficulty
Put to use
Request the presence of
Sheath for sword or dagger
So be it, at prayers end
Stablemen at inns of old
Tedious, tiresome
The buying and selling of goods and services
Unit of atmospheric pressure
Unsparing and uncompromising
Widespread synthetic materials
Firm; regular
Hunter; drink
Idealised country
Jewish scholar
Generally true saying
Relative of the giraffe
Solemn promise
Fail to care for
Tropical fruit
Eg, native of Baghdad
Actor’s clothes
Pulverised; earth
One type of elephant
Condition; say
Releases from a duty
Carried out
Keyboard instrument
Cavalry sword
Arc in the sky
Professional misconduct
From a European country
Searching for
Narrow tube for measuring flow rates
Natural fertiliser
Large sea
Serious offence
Electrical problem? One may find a way around it quickly
Way short line is shown in pattern
Role taken by loveless emperor and associate
Express in song
Trendy Italian, one person on the same side to begin with
Fellow’s beginning with Heather in hasty romance
Nasty person, see, wanting employment
Exotic gins dipso’s ordering
Content of this obituary makes one weep
Old lover has an inclination and carries on
Encrustation to mount
Fellow at home being nasty abused son, huh?
Son gets a business qualification in Dance
Hospital employees tell stories
Spotting a link that’s contrived for items under discussion
Spoil naughty child, 10
Medical specialists and doctors I repeatedly slag off
Number one turns up – one cannot be neutral
Pattern of melody ultimately spotted in composition of Elgar
A liaison that’s naughty enthralling university somewhere in America
Female stranger provides something to eat
Trashy equipment given to school
Money raised in auditorium
Couple in ardent wooing
Annual ceremony convened with wizard’s backing
Complaint coming up that must be got around?
Ted escapes being turned over, maybe, in Scottish town
Gangster and president with much in common
Lightly touching on love for farming method
Means to improve reputation with posh girl
Artistic movement of green and white horse?
A division of history of equestrian art?
Plays in ways not conforming to expectation?
Local brewing house opens to provide it?
Return of legendary winger’s brother
Fresher you mentored in biblical work
Gets gunboat back defying odds in exploit
Old province of Asia, until dissolved
Turnover from enterprise initially millions a year – then nothing
Put out by kiss that’s tender but worth very little
Go after second rate reading matter, attacking furiously
Note Cockney’s kindness being spoken of
Bearing the strain
Is owner of bank considered? Not so
Trumpet-blowing of dance music dwarf covered in life story
Run in with box for tool
Those in favour tipped 17 for promotion, maybe
What a welcome for Mary after start of birthday function
Really fancy package, round, wrapped by West Indian
No ducking the consequences of its successful negotiation?
After filming, maybe, run to take on champion
Declined to hug as filthy
Answer kid’s composed
Mountaineering aid seen in distance, above fell
Large feline in spring, heading off
Tango without what it takes?
You got it
Actor Patel
Another term for a canine
Aquatic group
As well
Ashley of fashion
Autumn chill
Bag carrier
Ben Solos dad
Betty White in The Golden Girls
Bill & __ Gates Foundation
Brewpub order
Checker, for example
Clarification starter
Covert org
Dash letters
Diner desserts
Director Lee
Dressed for bed
Emulated the 1 Down
Far from stern
Farm cart
Feed (on)
Flying symbol for each state
Football Hall of Fame city
Get back to
Govt. energy agency
How some tech support is provided
Hyphenated ID
Improvised musical passage
Interior appointments
Kind of ax
Low digits
Low grade
Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey
Milne marsupial
Moonshiners nemesis
Morgan of 30 Rock
Nursery rhyme couple
Nutrient in spinach
Old engine power
Pac-12 sch
Park Service person
Passover meal
Preoccupation, from the French
Puccini piece
Ready to go
Remain unresolved
Renewable energy, informally
Small wooden platform
Starfishs arms
Storage area
Strong urge
Sushi fish
Table figures
Tiered temple
Tokyo-based leader
Took it easy
Toon debuting in Porkys Romance
Toward the stern
Trash talk
Upper echelon
Visibility spoiler
West Point mascot
West Point newbie
Within the rules
Zurich money
__TV (Actuality cable channel)
Share borders
Face-and-torso likeness
Come to, in math
Balancing stick
Passe preposition
Recipient of some lottery funds
NASA creation
Kathmandu currency
Vandalized, as a car
Ticket remainder
Stopping points
Munitions storehouses
Bribe for a deejay
Mail conveniences
Social levels
Scottish cop
Coral mass
Prefix with rust or trust
Like Hammer pants, now
Thing on display
Goofy and clumsy
Hotels back passage
Branch location
Marine eagle
Mountaineering tool
Put back, editorially
Made colors change
U-turn from laughed
Pool shade
Type of liquor
More evasive and tricky
Biggest heart?
Not well-behaved
Still in shrink-wrap
Common school abbr.
Montana copper town
Labor ideal
Neck warmer
Got muscular (with up)
French vineyard
Ocean-diving bird
Stored grain
Exhausts, as energy
Horse race gait
Former map letters
Early software version
Be volcanic
Im ___ one to boast
Nigh? Not hardly
Dr. Js first league
Bendy exercise
Plow pullers
Season of atonement
Piedmont province
Baristas place
Diner, e.g.
Finishes arguing a case
Expend, as energy
Crowd total, its said
Bridge fastener
Asian waist tie
Crab cooker
Ballfield covers
Coated cupcakes
How to repeat a grade
Really intrigued by
Harbor vessel
Egg makers
Certain dir.
Animated Flanders
David Copperfield heroine
Im sorry to say…
Warzone musician
Yeah, right!
16 tablespoons
Annas sister in Frozen
Bluish gray
Bodily catalysts
Brit brew
Broccoli ___
Call at home
Canaries owner
Cancel key
Clutch component
Demand from a trial witness
Die array
Do some weaving
Doesnt guzzle
Dolby Cinema rival
Dragster booster
Fall back
Fashionistas read
Fat Man, for one
Fit for fumigating, as a belfry?
Fit for limiting, as salaries?
Fit for occupying, as a den in the woods?
Fit for praising, as a sermon?
Fit for wagering, as a poker chip?
For the immediate future
Get high for a spell?
Gibson garnish
Harder to read, perhaps
Heart, e.g
High hit
Historic records
Huggies competitor
Indication of reckless driving?
Like the Tapanuli orangutan
Linked up
Lipstick mishaps
Look to be
Make out
Many a Middle Easterner
Middle Kingdom amulets
Miter joint feature
Much-praised name
Name meaning faithful
Neon fish
Not fit for rating highly, as Nadia Comaneci?
November birthstone
On the summit of
Out of bed
Package part
Painter Thomas of the Hudson River School
Phone reading
Point of view
Pronto, while operating
Put on again
Quinella cousin
Recharge ones batteries
Row of pawns, e.g
Significant sign
Site of sites
Stellar phenomenon
Watch kids
Went through channels?
Where to see the La Quebrada cliff divers
Work on a wall
Absolute depths
All together
American news host
Article or item
Bête noire
Bart with bun ruined party activity
Cater to
Cocktail from Guy Busby-Brown?
Court game
Crucial match
Deepest point in broken drain
European trees are rubbish
Fat wobbly behind
Grinding tooth
Have as purpose
Humour eluding translation
Indian tea region
Interest in a time zone
Lucky dip
Lure or entice
Makes the effort and scores
Mean in the end, hes chucked out
Meat product in old crate
Michael _, star of Alfie and Zulu
Moor in Arabian chorus
New York island
Night shifts? Object!
Nonsense (informal)
Old man to manage wisely
Police stopping game important one
Possibly train as mechanic, say
Reportedly punish an actor
Rogue in swindle over parking
Sausage (informal)
Shoot British at hacienda
Skilled technician
Spruce in small trading centre
State of Osakas samurai
Stomach after virus is nightmare
Stopped moving round on being delayed
Time among Sloane Rangers
Towards the stern
Vagrant Mike falls into snare
Wholesale brawling man sees
Wine valley
Wisdom about current in French river
Young Eleanor about to be announced in sport
Delta of Venus author Anais
Odds ___ . . .
Tosca or Aida
Await a decision
Bandage brand
Battery fluid
Bloat, as ones abdomen
BP gas brand
Bring shame to
By no means 29-Down
Cartel including the UAE
Character with a descender, perhaps
Chefs splatter catcher
Circus Maximus locale
Classic toy wagon brand
Decked out
DeWitt Clintons canal
Dismiss unceremoniously
Driving-range array
Election day lineups
Far from original
Fighting tooth and nail
Flea or fly
Foamy coffee order
Foot and fathom, for two
Gasp or wince, e.g
General Bradley
Green energy option
Gulf sultanate
Hard-to-ignore impulse
Hobby farm dwellers
Home to about 4.5 billion
Hooks aide
Hosted, as a pageant
Housekeeping worker
Hurlers of good-natured insults
In need of a recharge
Increase, with up
It may be pumped or bumped
It may include a dental plan
Like a tropical forests climate
Like an open border, perhaps
Like King Minos
Like much diet fare, informally
Like the center space, in Bingo
Make public
McGregor of Beauty and the Beast
NBA or NFL factoid
Newscast segment
Nissan sedan
Off ones rocker
Part of a crooked deck
Pentathletes sword
Place for a throw pillow
Plenty angry
Pollen holder
Poor dogs portion, in rhyme
Prom night wheels
Racetrack boundary
River past the Sphinx
Rummy cake
Sax great Getz
Share a border with
Slip occupant
Sound of a wooden shoe
Tanning lotion letters
Tennis judges call
Test-driven cars
Unscheduled, so far (Abbr.)
Vaudeville bit
Visa competitor, for short
Way out there
Wine glass feature
With suspicion, as a look
Young kiltie
Zodiac beast
Goes slowly, like doctors out to get you fit anew
Hardly a filly, dear fellow!
Being talented, Joe and Ted are about to make a fresh start
Point a fellow out a bargain
Crowds having a bit of fun during May
Being entitled, he has a posh car
She has to live on a ship
Like archaeological work
One makes this successfully
Feathered, they skim the water
How to greet a friend with a drink
The importance of communication
She was carried on with, in the cinema
Blend number 1009
Seize and put right in the bag, excitedly
Going out of turn, Henry may make the long one
Does such mining have its seamy side?
Pearls mum is grey but beautiful
They can fit very nicely, back to front
Pugilistic cowboys?
Theyre on target to reform a sinner
Fido shows theres nothing in chewing a chop
Creature nowadays having a red back
Its nourishing to consume around mid-October
Artist taking ages, perhaps, to get to Lands End
Subject to contingency, being informal
It may show to what degree one is worthy
In just one way, its underfoot
In the main, its edgy
Talk of Romeo appearing in a sort of toga!
Claimed to be curative
Odd rhyme from a short person
Doctor a Yankee for being dehydrated
The state Reg is in
Love of Hawaii
In a stern position, one over the eight?
Could it be worn in a hospital bed?
Where, out East, smartly to cut the tail off a pony!
Incurably snappish dog?
Files a raw beginner may get to pass
Longed to show a bit of panache at the grand finale
The smallest number left for the Orient
Geometrically, it has its point
Its good to be precise
Of cats
Throw this at weddings
High regard
Mountain range
Short letter
Type of mammal
Explosive mixture
On top of
First man
Very fat
Suitable for crops
Large sea
Out of condition
This place
Area of grassland
Female relatives
Drives too fast
Engage in pugilism
Players first game
Spray can
Head covering
Rehabilitation, in short
Dealer in foodstuffs
Parsley, say
Animals foot
Previous case
Day before
Percussion instruments
What a stink!
Choose not to do something because of 12
Play it again!
Alloy of copper and tin
Give in to influence or pressure
Large peppermint sweet
Mist coming in from the sea
Refrain from divulging sensitive information
Drink lots of liquid on top of eating food
Road lined with buildings
Gag understood only by a small group
Minute fragment
Lively exciting
Loss of confidence
Not subject to an obligation
Expressing regret
Tall stories
Composed a line and had American musicians play
Acquire debts interest-free
The Guardian plugs reduced transport fare from the East
Nincompoops, many losing face
Bolder men stripped off clothing
Man put on sham cover for crown jewels
Shock time to emerge
A queen accepts Meghans No 1 fashion icon
Kind of stock car feature with pine at the front
A rum task involved a sensual work
Caught London gangsters making crack
Sierra raced outside of Grenoble
Lords helper needs a switch between sides
Capital radios bum tune
Spinning plate with dotty, funny picture
Native Americans journalists covered
Genesis or Kinks making an appearance
Want to pen new book to reminisce
Not firm catching a throw
Again touring empty apartments grounds
Fledgling cuckoo can nest
Academic failing to turn up entertaining prospect
One raises issue about breaking smashed lock
Officer and staff oppressing revolutionary native Americans
Token internet phenomenon not funny
Setting a goal? Its a pain
Make an effort in special school
Rush in rising river banks in Powys
Drier city ” draw on the Spanish
Employer of abstruse remarks
Wonderful policeman
Advance accommodation gets a new occupier
Lie is less unpleasant about having pound note
Frenzy about European material
Drink scheme gets volunteers moving into estate
Rely on declaration that shows balance
Duster used on large cake
Cover Virginia and get clean away
Liveliness of a film
Cruel sort of complaint
Owing to student conflict
Hence put rock behind the umpire
Corrupt traitor, English, gets certain amount of interest
Subject puts head in charge
Native landlord disturbed gold medallists
You and I back a film
Behold bile about a plant
Notice coins in report ” quite a transformation
Concerning wrong counter
Father, say, audibly tears part of sentence
Colour is gold, beer mixed with spirit
Patronising figure gets ogre running
Drunk takes soil out ” hes not accompanied
Dave can manage to make progress
One small country thats surrounded by water
Chip of Siena chocolate
captain Corellis __, Greek Wartime Saga
starts At Lake Tana Aka River Gihon
fine, Gauzy Fabric, Like A Cobweb
it Wasnt On Purpose
clearing Obstacles In A Race
fruit-filled Toaster Snacks
thoroughly Soak
fair __, This Act Ended Biased Renting Practices
avoiding, Deliberately Trying To Hide
actress Who Starred In “sleepless In Seattle”
fibrous, Dark-green Mineral From Hornblende Group
valentine, Anagram Of Married
male Lead In Lolita; They Named Him Twice
to Make Rhythms, Percussion With Your Mouth, Voice
new Jersey Company Owns Oreo Brand
heavy Sphere Throw, Olympic Sport
swollen, Puffed Up, Or Excessively Conceited
where You Might Dip A Quill
heathrow, Charles De Gaulle, Shanghai Pudong, Etc.
engrave A Message
describes A Football Forward Or Warrior In Battle
assassinated British Prime Minister: Spencer __
another Word For The Pick Used To Pluck A Guitar
__ Rodriquez, The Slowest Mouse In All Of Mexico
small, Active, Feisty Dogs, E.g. Yorkshire, Cairn
original Name Of He Who Became Gaius Julius Caesar
herby Mixture, Cooked Inside Roast Turkey
leaves __ In The Breeze
castel __, Former Summer Residence Of The Pope
all-in-one Fun Fashion Piece With Shorts
building And Equipment For Processing Something
laverne In Laverne And Shirley, Penny __
the __ Cat Wears A Big Grin
labyrinth Creator, Father Of Icarus
glows Outwardly, Gives Off Heat
tesla Motors Ceo
tile Game Combining Mahjong And Rummy
swallowing, Absorbing
acts Of Political Violence For A Stated Aim
catch __, An Impossible Situation
you Type On These
the Jewish Holiday Yom Kippur: The Day Of __
spiral Kitchen Tool For Opening Bottles
the Most Probable
large Animals Deployed In The Pyrrhic Wars
emergency Vehicle For Transporting The Sick
young Frankenstein Director
itinerant Singer Of Songs, A Minstrel
believes In Introducing Reforms Gradually
hunter Who Fell In Love With His Own Reflection
everests Environment
erytophobia Is The Fear Of These
pub Fixture, Target For Throwing Arrows At
english Translation Of Champignons
maslow Created A Sociological “__ Of Needs”
country Where Mass Murderer Martin Bryant Was Born
localized Organisms And Their Environment
unerupted Tooth Thats Difficult To Remove
shylock, Shakespeare Character In The __ Of Venice
city That Has The Largest Shopping Mall In Canada
soldier, Anagram Of Inflamer
car Safety Feature
christian Song And Salutation Means “hail Mary”
sweet Herbal Liqueur Used In A Harvey Wallbanger
winnie The Pooh And The __ Day, 1968 Oscar Winner
lagoon Off The Coast Of Nzs Chatham Island
insect-eating Relative Of The Hyena
snacks Logo Has A Mustachioed Man With Bowtie
the Study Of Cells
slang For A Convict
founder Of The Xin Dynasty
circus Trick Of Tossing And Catching Balls
slivers Of Wood Stuck In Your Skin
novel By Emily Bronte: “__ Heights”
large Twin Temples With Pharaoh Carvings
2010 Movie About Competitive Ballerinas
herby Cocktail Made From Bourbon
singing Without Any Musical Instruments
to Dock A Ship On Its Side For Cleaning
__ Web, Berners-lees Invention For The Info Age
not Sure
austrian Currency Prior To The Euro
wet Weather Garments
surname Of Golden Girl Blanche
a Pattern Of Alternately Colored Squares
famous Chilean Female Author, First Name
the Buddhist Wheel Of Life Has Eight Of These
small Hopping Desert Animal With Large Ears
opposite Of Alkaline
surname Of President Who Decreed Mothers Day
mocking Jibes
cut Into Fine Slivers With A Knife
strategy In War Or Business
danish Unit Of Currency (not The Euro)
steamboat Inventors Last Name
__ Floor, Body Part Often Weaker After Childbirth
long Musical Notes Equivalent To A Double Note
stolen, Unlawfully Obtained
android Os Version Like A Chocolate Wafer Biscuit
game Like Hockey Played In Scotland
contracted Pupils
henry Winklers Nickname In Happy Days
the Boatswain Of Captain Hook In Peter Pan
former Bklyn.-based Department Store: __ & Straus
spielberg 2012 Movie Honoring A President
shorten By Removing Words Without Altering Meaning
skin Sore Containing Fluid Caused By Friction
common Language For North India And Pakistan
the Trait Of Being Truthful And Fair
duties Of Someone Who Represents Another
daenerys, Mother Of __
item Of Clothing
large Chinese Fighting Dog With Wrinkles
the Cowboy State
filtering Out Calls You Dont Want To Answer
fine And Dandy But Much Harder To Spell
severe, Harsh, Strict
outer Skin Layer
mixing Together Until Blended
diced Pieces Of Meat Sauteed In White Sauce
the Hotel New __, John Irvings Family Saga
first S In Oss, Precursor Of Cia
tar Heels Coach For 36 Years
following Someone In Their Job To Gain Experience
english Name Of The German Town Brauenschweig
__ Effect, Chaos Theory Of Small Things
composer Of Scores For 11 James Bond Films
the Art Of Arranging And Selling Flowers
all Over The Globe
impede, Obstruct Someone From Doing Something
scales A Mountain
__ Alps, Range In North Limestone Alps, Germany
king Of Bavaria Known As The “swan King”: __ Ii
electronic Messages Sent Over A Network
currency Used In The United Arab Emirates
breathe In
period Tv Series About Advertising
deliverers Of Babies In The Cartoon World
strings Of Them; They Originate In The Oceans
one Who Proofreads A Book For Publication
adjust In A Disruptive Manner, __ With; Meddle
someone Who Reads Written Works
play By Lope De Vega: “the Dog In The __”
sweetmeat Of Almonds And Sugar From Montélimar
threw A Party
desert Water Source
edvard Griegs Birth Country
day Of The Week When Abraham Lincoln Was Shot
expression Of Delight From Small Child
vast Catholic Shrine In Portugal
edward Knoblock Play, Later A Musical
in A State Of Chaos, A Complete Mess
demarcation Line For Inbounds, Out Of Bounds
understood By Specialists Only
not Sitting
you Should Look __ Before Crossing A Road
tree Pruner
cloak Worn By Ancient Greek Men And Women
cleaning Abrasively
laughing Like A Witch
of Or Relating To Stags
orange Flower To Honor Dead In Mexico Festival
where The Sound Comes Out Of A Stereo
types Of Sales Often Held At Sothebys In Nyc
french Word For A Casino Game Dealer
the Study Of Viruses
pompous, Pretentious
the Capital Of Uzbekistan
informal Term For First Motion Pictures With Sound
study Of Plants And Animals And Their Environment
bermuda-based Producer Of White Rum
happy, Perfect, Blissful
to Put Under A Spell, Like Samantha Did
mercurial Alloy
discriminatory Laws Following Civil War
itchy Contagious Skin Disease Caused By A Mite
last Book Of The Old Testament
original Washing Machine And Spin Dryer Of The 60s
used Your Arms To Shove Someone Out Of The Way
welsh Capital
villains On Press Your Luck
high-flying Travel Business
sport Involving Coastal And Inshore Racing
like The Grass On The Other Side
strait Between Sicily And Mainland Italy
to __ To Injury, Make A Situation Far Worse
with A Hue Similar To The Color Of The Sun
matching Set Worn While Exercising
warlike And Quarrelsome
modify A Rhythm By Shifting The Accent
ocean Formation Caused By Gravitational Pull
facial Structure Between Ear And Nose
golfer Known As Phil The Thrill
doraphobia Is The Fear Of This
insult Directed By Brexiteers To Their Opponents
without Any Form
former British Copper Coin Worth Two Farthings
pasture Or Savannah
charlemagne Was The First __ Emperor
scotch And Ginger Wine Cocktail
explanatory Comments At The Bottom Of A Page
inventor Of The Printing Press
the Study Of Precious And Semi-precious Stones
fizzy, Like Champagne
dome-shaped Shrines Used For Meditation
parker Brothers: Make Words From Lettered Dice
to Do As Someone Asks Of You As A Way Of Helping
half Of The Producers, Willy Wonka Lead
the Front, Curving Part Of A Saddle
what Bracelets Are Usually Worn On
aesops __ Have A Story About A Tortoise And Hare
teachers Gifts
reposted An Article On Social Media
raised Pulpit For Sermons In A Mosque
brazilian Footballer And Psg Star Since 2017
to Fossilize
moll __, Defoes Chronicle Of A Criminal Woman
in Football, Ahead Of Defense And Behind Attack
place Where Animals Are Slaughtered
hong Kong Martial Artist-actor, Father Of Brandon
incarcerated Person
complete Standstill
flowering Pink Plant With Heart-shaped Leaves
you Wipe Your Feet On These
varies The Pitch Of Speech For Emphasis
casino Game Where Phil Ivey Used “edge Sorting”
joule Described These Units Of Food Energy
alyson __, Willow In Buffy The Vampire Slayer
spoiled Or Harmed, Infected With Disease
occupation Of Charon, Of The Greek Underworld
somme World War I Memorial Designed By Lutyens
made A High-pitched Sound By Blowing
swedish Actor Max __
impervious To Light, Not Transparent
island Of Napoleons Death, Saint __
russian Wheeled Vehicle Pulled By Three Horses
goat Island, Off Italys Tuscany Coast
mickey __, Broadway And Movie Actor, Died 2014
unpleasant, Repulsive
seal Set Into A Ring
ally __, Us Legal Tv Show With Calista Flockhart
risk, Speculate, Bet
mikhail __, Regarded As Father Of Russian Music
spiritual Retreat (indian Culture)
the Surface At The Bottom Of A Stream Etc
flesh __ Means Your Kith And Kin
how A Sharp Pain Is Described
emile Zola Story Of Mining, Wages And Conditions
herbes De __, South France Dried Herb Mix
deceptive Talk To Swindle
swedish Botanist, Devised Classification System
not Clearly Visible
kent, The Tv News Anchor On The Simpsons
german City With An Annual Wagner Music Festival
unjust Or Unfair
publication Of Religious Songs
south African Dessert, Milk Tart In Afrikaans
__ Rush, Won An Oscar For His Performance In Shine
moving Wings To Fly
__ Steel, Best-selling Fiction Author Of The Gift
a Plane Suddenly Plunging Steeply Downwards
charge A President With Misconduct
they Cure Animal Hides
drug That Activates Receptors In The Brain
joe __, Pips Kindly Guardian Blacksmith
major Prophet; His Book Is Followed By Daniel
to Eradicate, Destroy Completely
the U In The International Phonetic Alphabet
the Roman Goddess Of Truth
of Or Relating To Sea Lions
add Tables, Settees, Etc. To A Dwelling
type Of Computerized X-ray
protected Islands In The North Seas Wadden Sea
one Who Shouts At Comedians
to Walk The Beam You Need This
fantastic Creature That Multiplies With Water
sack Fabric Made From Jute, Used For Rope
large Bowl In Which Greens Are Served
a Plan Used In Architecture Or Engineering
clapped Your Hands
french Blue Wooly Cat With Golden Eyes
he Has An Electrical Measurement Named After Him
taking In Liquid Or Information
french Mayonnaise With Capers, Mustard, Herbs
fear Of Ruins
strays From The Correct Path
residents, Inhabitants
barcelona Park With Ceramic Walkways By Gaudí
circus Animals Stravinskys Ballet Music Was For
best Selling Novel And Film: “like Water For __”
pakistani Cricketer, Bowler And Politician
administers Medical Treatment To
deep Discount Sale
pink Variety Of Beryl, Named After A Famous Banker
disney Film With The Song A Whole New World
chemical Element Of Atomic Number 83
power __, Plant For Generating Electricity
adjusting Spaces Between Words
mantra Of The Hindu Religion: Hare __
ancient Celtic Language Of France, Belgium
cook Food Hot And Quickly In A Wok
diaper Brand Name
an Authors Introductory Statement
to Add Jewels To Something
to Boost Morale
character Raised By Wolves In The Indian Jungle
creator Of The Peanuts Comic Strip, Charles
country Where The Huarache Sandal Originated
family Guy Diabolical Toddler
grainy Intrusive Rock, Named After Tuscan Village
culture Club Former Singers Stage Name: Boy __
clinical Name For Nearsightedness
counterfeiters, Pretenders
mexican Caramel Sauce Made From Goats Milk
a Cars Shoulder
the Act Of Putting Seeds Into The Soil
room In A Church Where Vestments Are Kept
what Italians Call Turin
__ Clause, Lawful Reason To Break A Contract
direct Kick Awarded To Offensive Team In Soccer
to Have Put A Bad Spell On Someone
lack Of Proportion Between Two Sides, Parts
lyrical Tunes To Help Babies Fall Asleep
charged A President With Misconduct
messy And Complicated Situation
tanzanian Park, Home To Many Animal Species
flaming Weapon Used In Ancient Times During Battle
swinging Baseball Pitch Hard To Hit
prohibition Place For Sale Of Illegal Alcohol
author Of The Novel “vanity Fair”: William M. __
incessantly Asking; Also A Black And White Mammal
director Of The Film Catch Me If You Can
conifers Seed Case Sprayed Gold Or Silver
organization Of Complex Tasks Like Flow Of Goods
arthur Millers Play About Witchhunts
french Dept In Grand Est, Name Means Upper Rhine
female Plotter In Les Liaisons Dangereuses
famous French Tapestry Business
game Show Where The Answers Are In Question Form
last Day, The Day Of Reckoning
headlines That Dont Quite Ring True
past Tense Of Beseech
mixes Seamlessly
the Hindu Festival Of Light Is Called __
language Family Of Hungarian And Finnish
removing Hair Using Hot, Sticky Substance
atlanta Mlb Team
longest Type Of Captured Snake
museum Guide
abundant Mineral-gem, Also Used In Electronics
stephen King Book And Film About Telekinetic Girl
plant With Red Root Producing Red Pigment And Dye
bladed Footwear For Traveling In The Arctic
sport Where The Heisman Trophy Is Awarded
sliver Of Wood Stuck In Your Finger
raise These In Surprise, On Your Face
italian White Wine, Also Found In Chile
unpaved Street
concurring, Not Showing Dissent
spine-chilling Book Or Film
ocean That The Port Of Casablanca Borders
rogers And Hammerstein Musical
name Given To Khmer Rouges Takeover Of Cambodia
cinema Short Showing Current Affairs/events
denver Nba Team Named After Gold, Not Chicken
first Caliph And Friend To Muhammad
speckled, Dotted
a Fit Of Laughter
tool For Cutting Plants
biblical King Of Israel; Son Of David
to Inhale And Exhale
roasted Deer, Served As An Alternative To Turkey
robert __, Actor, Director And American Icon
former Currency Of The Netherlands
the Capital Of Michigan
the Giant Version Of This Plant Causes Skin Rashes
__ Claude, French Inventor Of Neon Lighting
nissan Model Named After An American Grassland
true Heir Of Gondor In Lord Of The Rings
spiral Structure In The Inner Ear
wheel Of __, Tarot Card Suggesting Good Luck
friend Of Asterix The Gaul
type Of Paper That Acids Turn Red
george ____, American Broadway Producer, Director
1986 James Cameron Sci-fi Sequel
soviet Serial Killer: Andrei Chikatilo: The Red __
hillary Clintons Maiden Name
inappropriate Staring
portuguese Is This South American Countrys Tongue
holiday When Greeks Often Bake Koulourakia
pumped Or Spouted Out, E.g. Fumes
the Three Men In A Boat Rowed This River
morihei Ueshibas Harmonious Spirit Martial Art
obscure, Supernatural, Secret Things
words To Be Sung
mexican Victory Celebrated On May 5: Battle Of __
the Fastener On A Belt
french Missile Used By Argentines In Falklands War
googles Web Browser
sex And The City’s Carrie
libyan City, Once Joint Capital With Tripoli
without A Saddle
the A In Pals, Warning About Explicit Lyrics
video Game Console
winning Punch, Laying Opponent Flat On Floor
geoffrey Rushs Pirate Of The Caribbean
co-founder And Chairman Of Solarcity
display Of Affection, Cuddling With A Loved One
the Branch Of Botany That Studies Fruit
neptune, To The Greeks
fab Four Werent Jay Walking On This Albums Cover
home Of The Fighting Irish
opposite To Smoothness
halloween Figures Made Of Bone
deep-fried Ball Of Cornmeal
the Scientific Study Of Rocks
washed Hair
microscopic Life Form, Meaning Little Rod
organization Founded By Julian Assange
reductions In Price, Savings
medical Term For The Study Of Disorders Of The Ear
to Put Something On Food As A Decoration
to Release From Obligation, To Set Free
balkan Nation Invaded By Italy In Wwii
ship-swallowing Triangle In The Atlantic Ocean
slang For Helicopter
a Songs Chorus Or To Abstain From Doing Something
saved From Peril
dramatic And Very Ornate Art Style In 17th Century
the Table Where You Pay For Your Goods In A Shop
section Of Horses Leg Between Hoof And Fetlock
1971 Bond Film Diamonds Are __
fancy Strips Of Cloth Laid Along A Festive Table
magazine That Notes Top 500 Companies
gap In The Ring System Of Saturn And Also A Probe
weapon Used To Kill In Dial M For Murder
mesozoic Period Saw Early Dinosaurs Evolve
name Of British Singer Chris Martins Band
attributed To
to Quickly Rise Or Increase
state In Which Camp David Is Located
sending A Twitter Message
italian Term For Outdoor Dining
picasso Anti-war Painting
theft By Breaking And Entering
inflammation Of The Membrane Around The Lungs
longest Running Western In Tv History
tennis Stroke That Makes The Ball Suddenly Reverse
in A Forest, An Open Space Of Land
female Massage Therapist
no Longer Feeling Close Or Affectioniate With Another
awards Given As Special Honor
type Of Dog Featured In Taco Bell Tv Commercials
acquittal, Vindication, Exoneration
court Replacement
name For Study Of Mammary Glands
london Borough That Lies On The Prime Meridian
us Country Music Named After Kentucky Vegetation
1912 Play On Which “my Fair Lady” Was Based
equation With Highest Power Of 2 (sounds Square)
space In A Living Room Wall With A Mantel On It
scandal Leading To President Nixons Resignation
material Removed From Top Of Liquids
german Dog With Short Legs, A Sausage Dog
hollys Surname In Breakfast At Tiffanys
italian Cocktail Of Campari, Sweet Vermouth
christmas Plant To Kiss Under
a Photo Or Picture That Is Behind Glass
legal __ Is Money That Is Acceptable For Use
to Admire Or Respect Someone
where The Wild Things Are Author
two Point Score In Football
official Languages Of Cameroon: English And __
metamorphic Rock That Breaks Into Layers
lymphoid Organ Where T Cells Mature
equipment With Rungs For Climbing Up Or Down
draw Roughly
tree Used To Make Battle Shields In The Past
george H.w. Bushs Vice President
pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs Actor __ Keitel
the Roux Used To Make Bechamel Sauce: Flour And __
discarded, Left On The Side Of The Road
beer Maker
ulcerous Animal Disease Of Horses And Rabbits, Etc
where Emails Go While They Are Being Sent
natalie Portman Is An American And _____ Citizen
cincinnati Nfl Team
large Frozen Masses That Are Starting To Melt
act Of Falsifying A Document

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