Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-27

Former The View cohost O’Donnell or Perez
Spider’s construction
European mountain range where the Winter Olympics have taken place 10 times
Add decorations to
Devout Hindu clerk on The Simpsons
Daughter of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars movies
Houston is its largest city
___ Grande (river to the Gulf of Mexico)
Not in so ___ words
We Are the World producer who received the French Legion of Honor medal in 2001: 2 wds.
More cold and slippery
Political title for Cory Booker: Abbr.
Actress Green of March 2019’s live-action Dumbo movie
We ___ to please
___ Allan Poe Museum (Richmond attraction)
Raging Bull director who received the French Legion of Honor medal in 2005: 2 wds.
Ready to be served at a bar: 2 wds.
Snake associated with Cleopatra
Earthquake relief for example
Silent assent
Japanese competitor of BMW and Lexus
Spartacus actor who received the French Legion of Honor medal in 1985: 2 wds.
Polish for publication
Bad Times at ___ El Royale
Briefly recap: 2 wds.
Start again from scratch
Billion-year period
Dry-___ board
Vocal feature of Tom Waits
___ Loves You (Beatles hit)
It might be measured in miles per hour
Lab maze runner
Poem of admiration
Chicago White ___
Baghdad native
Occur afterward
Sound an alarm
Movie like Doctor Zhivago or Lawrence of Arabia
Bobbing markers in harbors
Teardrop-shaped nuts
Not fatty like healthy meat
Cone-bearing tree
What Simon does in a kids’ game
Country that produces Persian rugs
Taunt from the stands
Hall of Fame catcher Rodríguez
Don’t put the ___ before the horse
Brooding genre of rock music
Sierra Burgess ___ Loser (2018 Netflix movie): 2 wds.
They host comedy roasts: Abbr.
Shift into high ___ (start moving faster)
Pyeongchang’s continent
Fire hydrant color
Sleeveless summer shirt: 2 wds.
___ Touch (Apple product introduced in 2007)
Translucent gemstone
Pampers like a grandmother might (with on)
Jobs for private eyes
Seize as a throne
Golden State Warriors coach Steve
Flash of inspiration
This seems problematic: Hyph.
Actor Hackman or Wilder
Old-time movie actress West
Don’t ___ that tone of voice with me!
True Grit novelist Charles
arm joints
removed inferior ones
German pen maker
what rubber provides on road
landlocked African republic
Overweight and untidy
Fertilizer ingredient
Sybaritic pursuit
City on the Douro River
Bro-ey shout-out
1973 Best Actor winner for “Save the Tiger”
Knotty tree growth
Took sick leave, say
Slobbery toon
Subject of the documentary “Top Secret Rosies: The Female Computers of W.W. II”
Torah vessels
“Happy Days” hangout, informally
Waiting for a delivery
Miss, e.g.
23andMe services
Ones going on runs
Got on the board
Like oil spills and clearing of rain forests
Jack’s other name
Certain Febreze targets
Played with the bow, in music
“Say Anything …” director
Ads that get lots of traffic?
Confident self-assessment
Tarzan’s realm
What a hack has
Do a double take?
Progressive competitor
Some disguised fishing trawlers
Method of solving
Transferrer of stock?
Today preceder
“That’s lousy”
“Y” with a bar
Take in the paper
Winner of five British Opens between 1975 and 1983
One with a frog in its throat?
Signs of rush hour
Capital across the Red Sea from Asmara
Idaho’s Nez ___ County
Makes out
Belgium’s longest-reigning monarch
Macbeth met one at Dunsinane Hill
Cabbage for canning?
Formulaically humorous
Woman’s name meaning “gift”
Decked out
Like some aspirin regimens
Prepare for a long day ahead
At ___ minimum
Turn yellow or red, say
Where “The Last Supper” is located
Fabric purchase
Add up to
Trained leader to request job to do
Get through examination with skill — but only just satisfactorily
Tuneless and possibly damp?
Sailor half-takes the tiller with greater skill
Imposing percussion examination at altitude?
Perfection achieved as a beginner
The sun is out, even poetically, but not observed
Brief sale fun, but not to be tolerated
Knowledge carrying a little weight
Cry of derision from the motorist?
Try gains off the straight and narrow
I had taken the French to be unemployed
Concerning pathetic contact
Made a song about fifty using jargon
For part of the year do urge warmth of passion
A chamber without seats?
Graduate has spear to give him equilibrium
Feet in an enclosure
Race in angry state?
Conspiring as members of sporting association?
Sour stuff in grave
Hound, half-deaf, will hang around
Tie up about fifty who cannot see
Mountains mentioned in an unusual psalm
Eating away
Mixed with
Take up again
Feeling depressed
Tread heavily
Exorbitant interest
Refusing to compromise
For 12 or 24 hours
Be able to repeat a strenuous dance
Description of a bunk?
He takes the lot
I earn it as a change from work
Epic story held back by the national dailies
Shares the soup
Theyre not expected to impede ones progress
He leads us to her
An odd custom with Eastern dress
What bees do when really busy?
Roman Catholics can count on it
Sorted, resorted and stocked
He shares whats left
Only a mild attack of ague
In skill the French sentry should be
One form of literary work?
Promising gardening correspondent?
Scoff at some of the madder ideas put forward
Book a strong man
Dog runs rings around rodent, obstructing head keeper
Speak indistinctly, having had a double rum set up?
A hundred free of something pungent
Appeared to have joints, we hear
Seeing sense
Alexandra , actress who played Sharon McCready in 1960s ITV series The Champions
1995 novel by Val McDermid
Old Testament wife of Ahab
Nancy , Speaker of the US House of Representatives from 2007-11
City in N Indiana, US, on St Joseph River associated with Studebaker automobiles
Stewart , US golfer; winner of The Open Championship in 2009
Arctic toothed whale, the male of which has a long spiral tusk
See 11
Small edible marine crustacean with a long tail
Becky , artistic gymnast; 2014 Commonwealth uneven bars and team all-around gold medallist
Clive , author of novels Flood Tide and Iceberg
See 7
M H , England Test cricketer who hit 188 against Australia in Melbourne in 1975
1959 Wimbledon mens singles tennis championship winner
1978 Stephen King novel
IBM supercomputer that played a match with world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997
Villainous ensign in William Shakespeare play Othello
Charles , French film pioneer who died in 1957
The , 1960 film drama starring Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum
2009 film comedy starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway
Jeremy , former chief presenter of BBC TV motoring series Top Gear
See 12
Film projection system using a standard 22m by 16m screen
Ancient plucked stringed instrument whose body is shaped like a halved pear
Ambassadors residence
Hem in
Dark or dismal
Major religion
Break into fragments
Centre of an apple
Relating to digestion
Coloured arc in the sky
Remembrance flower
Soup of vegetables and pasta
Formal band worn over a shoulder
Knitting stitch
Greek spirit
Optical instrument
Harmonious sounds
Sheets and pillowcases
Badly off
Childrens guessing game
Pay a brief visit
Hard and fast going round tunnel
Energy cant improve play
Chatting about headwear
Right above dog
Roam around after a smell
Fewer around animal
Study of cadences
Firm with new prisoner
Join a religious man
Set tea out in the grounds
Thus repeatedly mediocre
Chap gets information on time
Supporter of photography?
Insect of character, say
Roused about employment
Juicer contains cold item
Rushed out of France
Croat turned performer
Train with energy and weapon
Honest about quantity
Yours truly set new encounters
Quiet socialist has scrap
Hides sunglasses
Hear about animal
Compensates by throwing a stone
Land pamphlet
It happened in the Seventies
One writers novel
Part of Far East
Incline towards care
Fertile patch for a group
Read on with lecturer
Besotted with drinker
The golfers conceit
Verse from Roderick
Chief rioted unexpectedly
Attach colour in layers
Nurse translating letters
Use spare fruit
Smile at supporter
Language in another sentence
Once ordered ice cream
Captain has fitting
Make law
Headwear item
Female sheep
Landed property
Honourable man
Camera stand
Hive creature
Frozen water
Is introduced to
Small mammal
Makes amends
Stretch of land
Look after
Deserts watering hole
Mafia boss
Newspaper head
Ancient symbols
Perry ingredient
Ray of light
Geometric figure
Just bought
Formal solo
Smiled wide
Food fish
J. ____ Hoover
Half of two
Celsius unit
Lock of hair
Make beloved
Anglers aid
Get it?
It ____ Me Babe
Striped beast
Choice of two
Japanese sport
Big fiddle
Ticket part
Pecan, e.g.
Gave consent
Shelley work
Silly birds
Auld Lang ____
Eat away at
Door jam
Previously, in verse
Baltic, e.g.
Await action
Dining nook
Flirt with
Dachshund, e.g.
Yard units
Draw behind
Gears do it
Barnyard moms
Chaplin stick
Cookie holder
Chalet hanger
Leafy beverage
Dead heat
Gay Nineties, e.g.
Hoofed equines
Certain deer
Push along
Maned mama
So-so grade
Fancy vase
30-day mo.
Park structure
Math class calculations
Guns (the engine)
CBS symbol
Uneasy feeling
Gillette product
Home on the range
All That Jazz director
Grab that guy!
Indonesian dyed fabrics
Speaking to a TV audience, say
Name attached to 14 Grand Slam tennis titles
Ultimate degree
Pick up
Urgent event
Agitated states
Only driver to win Indy and Le Mans in the same year
2017 NLDS player
Gaelic tongue
School closing?
Link with
Music with expressive lyrics
Offering from your server
Corn containers
Malamute pair?
Principal aluminum ore
Habitual surfer
Red Cross provision
Californias __ Beach
Mississippi river to the Mississippi River
Green target
Stock traders option
Cop to
Put down
Real estate basics
Title for Versace
Pressured, in a way
Defies all logic
Ran the show
Service companies
Fly to flee
Ashleys twin
Family business partner
Fangorn Forest dweller
Goethes I
1960s pioneer in countercultural strips
Atlanta university
60 Minutes creator Don
Venus probe craft
Rocks Harper or Folds
Forum greetings
Just right
Brahms piano pieces
Had an in
Attended casually
Microscopic specimen
Island spirits
Hamlets first choice
Sharp winter tools
Home near a cote, perhaps
Hair net
Former Yugoslav leader
Final cut on the Sounds of Silence album
A luge driver might wear one
1977 Australian Open winner Roscoe
VMI student
Like a pretty lass
Matches in Hold em
Lady of song
50s ticket initials
__ Maria
One might be made on the nose
Canton ending
Soft drink
Angels headwear
Flock females
Boxing locale
Very busy (3 wds.)
Andes native
Heavenly being
Up to the time of
Nevertheless (2 wds.)
Designer Christian ____
Deferred savings accts.
____ moon
Travelers stop
Move quickly
Book issue
Hit lightly
Keats or Tennyson
San Diego athlete
Draw pictures for a book
Bullwinkle, for one
Buffalos lake
All ____ Jazz
Shop sign
Long periods
Engraved gem
Atlantic or Indian
First extra inning
Nocturnal bird
Unable to hear
Barbers offering
Circle section
Hawaiian garlands
Informed of
Can metal
Pesky bugs
Choose by vote
Grow weary
Modern Persia
For fear that
Eden man
Dogs name
Horn sound
In front
Fir or poplar
Went by, as time
Sample food
Boises state
Keyboard instrument
Robins homes
Robbins and Allen
African lily
Farm tool
Field cover
Suit accessory
Poets still
Move to Africa, then Leatherhead!
19 Down east, north or south, going west
Juvenile, as old player Alan?
Hatchet Henry arrested?
Behind Spanish car
Northern Ireland overwhelmed by tiny advance of ancient civilisation
Bare, stealing kiss, so deep in trouble
Better going through Odessa, Prussians in retreat
Governor finding currency framework hit hard in recession
March the first for David and Punk
A game where drawing may lead to defeat?
One after the other, keys let down
More accomplished Ibsen role needing no introduction
More than one weakness is a trifle embarrassing
As a cake may be the morning after St Andrews Day, thrown up
Native American tribe in Idaho, Piscataway
Picked up incorrectly, stray is harmed
Daring, in the manner of one stripping down?
Every second in bother? Time to begin operation
Muddle a hundred Ptolemaic forms
Rate two persons high, as very tall twins
Satisfied second crew leading with total enthusiasm and energy
A payment in use, on the face of it
US store raised deposit for large plant
Sport spent a penny investing in power
Trump buries negative comment in final electoral challenge
Touched cloth
Almost wrong, authors name
Prison room
Slackened off
Union official
Cattle thief
Motorcycle rider
Local linguistic usage
Fronded plant
Unpleasantly sticky
Field athlete
Properly arranged
Outfit (Informal)
Colouring stick
Indian yoghurt dish
Jack, in cards
American actress best known for playing Betty Draper on Mad Men
The worlds sixth-largest country by total area
Croatian name for Croatia
The main character in a French puppet show created by Laurent Mourguet
The drink of the gods in classical mythology
Plant of the genus Salicornia also called marsh samphire
Former Leeds United, Liverpool and Australia footballer appointed manager of Notts County in August 2018
Song that gave Carole King a top 10 hit in the UK in 1962
A hard unglazed brownish-red earthenware, or the clay from which it is made
See 45
In the Old Testament, the highest priest at Shiloh and teacher of Samuel
A member of a Roman Catholic religious order founded by Ignatius Loyola in 1534
New York-born conductor and composer whose film scores include The French Lieutenants Woman
A number 1 wood in golf
Experimental German rock band whose albums included Ege Bamyasi and Future Days
Augustus ___, the first person to find a Golden Ticket in Roald Dahls Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
American tennis player who won both the Wimbledon and the Australian mens singles titles in 1951
1993 American film adaptation of a Pulitzer Prize-nominated John Guare play of the same name starring Stockard Channing
1937 film directed by Robert J Flaherty and Zoltan Korda, based on a story from Rudyard Kiplings The Jungle Book
1953 science fiction novel by John Wyndham
Book size resulting from folding a sheet of paper of a specified size to form eight leaves
The innermost layers of an organ or part, especially of a blood vessel
The guitarist in Queen
1983 horror film starring Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie, based on a novel by Whitley Strieber
Province of Canada whose capital is Fredericton
Spa town in North Yorkshire that is home to Bettys Tea Rooms
Chief language of the union territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Painting by Vincent van Gogh that became the most expensive ever sold in 1987
Chess piece usually shaped like a horses head
The first of the major Hebrew prophets
1945 novel by John Steinbeck set on a small fictional street lined with sardine fisheries in Monterey
Character in Margaret Mitchells 1936 novel Gone with the Wind with whom Scarlett OHara is obsessed
Metallic element with the chemical symbol Fe
A bell-shaped cover used to protect young plants
1978 Blondie album containing the songs Heart of Glass, Hanging on the Telephone, Sunday Girl and One Way or Another
French national heroine and saint nicknamed The Maid of Orléans
1973 play by Peter Shaffer about a psychiatrist who attempts to treat a young man who has a pathological religious fascination with horses
City in Afghanistan on the Hari Rud River
1985 film set in the fictional British colony of Cascara
The largest seaside resort in Wales
Poet and playwright whose works include The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, The Waste Land and Murder in the Cathedral
Either of the two occasions, six months apart, when day and night are of equal length
2015—16 English Premier League champions
1993 film starring John Candy loosely based on the true story of the Jamaica national bobsleigh team
Range of over-the-counter medications originally manufactured by a family-owned company in Greensboro, North Carolina, from the late 19th century
The state capital of Delaware
Ric ___, bass guitarist in the bands Family, Blind Faith, Ginger Bakers Air Force and Traffic
The part of a cathedral or church east of the choir, in which the main altar is situated
See 20 Across
The third solo album by Van Morrison, released in 1970
Dame Kiri ___, New Zealand soprano who sang at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
The hard white substance that covers the crown of each tooth
Sheikh ___, Saudi Arabian minister of petroleum and mineral resources from 1962 to 1986
ITV comedy series that starred Nicholas Lyndhurst and Janet Dibley
The most watched TV channel in Italy
See 45
Actress Plummer
Puts back to zero
Soda can opener
Without a contract
Aussie hopper
Stallone role
Coach Parseghian
Sicilian peak
Scale member
Utah city
Book keeper
Office work surface
Extinct bird
Nest locale
Jack who eschewed fat
Bring up
Charlottes creation
Hebrides island
Hosp. hookups
Rid of rind
R-V link
Roadside trash
Dahl of films
Under — (hidden)
Bedtime reading
Free of bumps
Torontos prov.
Spanish snacks
Carsons successor
CIA forerunner
Sound system
— -ski
Chic, to Austin Powers
Rags-to-riches author
Giraffes kin
In shape
In the direction of
Flutists warble
Resurrection Sunday
Capita lead-in
— and Cleopatra
Hosiery shade
Test versions
Incubator noise
— -la-la
Mideast org.
Cheese choice
Kagan of the Supreme Court
Caravan creature
More despicable
Find darling
Genesis name
Anvils place
Social page word
Sweet drink
Skating spot
Whip up
Accept without testimony
Bird on a Canadian dollar
Current fashion
Pitchers pride
Clumsy fellow
Pocatellos state
Away from the office
Bottle size
Gangsters guns
Common dice roll
Relish tray items
Surgery reminder
Right away, boss!
Hotel giveaway
Salad green
Easy basket
Fitness expert Jack
Soup choice
Milans — alla Scala
Boxer Ali
Looks after
Hokey stuff
This miss
Bruins legend
Grade-school basics
Biblical king
Onetime Argentine leader
English county
Math measurements
Brandy cocktail
Taxi ticker
Newspaper employee
It cant be!
Its the end of ___!
Rues, for sure
Biblical patriarch
South American plateau region
Italian noble
Butchers wares
US motto word
Injured sneakily
Sans purpose
Lollobrigida of film
German number
Join together
Kid in Kilmarnock
1973 Woody Allen film
Management skill
As You Like It exile site
Exact moment
Agitated mood
Little troublemaker
All The Way lyricist
Litters smallest
Flaky rock
Places of refuge
Egg holder
Laura or Bruce of film
Paper pastime
Chinese way
Cambridge college
Lacking sense
Where Durban is
Candle component
Guzzlers sound
Eastern royal
Faulkners Requiem for ___
NYC culture site
In the open air
Left out
Play or film with songs
Young sheep
Item of footwear
Pigment made from clay and iron oxide
Be afraid
Trinket, decoration
Groups of twelve
Three-sided figure
Not sharpened
Male offspring
Oddly, green aint orange
Yacht designed for Wuthering Heights character
Disapprove strongly of silly old peer
Wooden construction discarded
Suggest it and name it anyhow
Have high hopes for settlement in Persia
Game player initially favoured by fortune
Im laid back in easily-managed home
A delay put back the festival
I identify ship thats certainly not shipshape
Get involved with an intermediary
Setting out to Saturn, a traveller in space
An ass somewhere in Belgium
Effigies in London hospital
A mouse, for example, travelled north, ending in Belfast
Fixed up in last marriage
Turning up at one clutching love letter from Greece
Seasoning clearly set out
Slapstick item spoiling sad picture?
Game with small insects
Cat given water in French vineyard?
Shut up by river thats less remote
Chap swallowing old beef or grouse
Being conceited is useless
Bitterness of the last of the sage and wild mint from yard
Bottled gas, at best, missing the precious stuff
Central Massif re-evaluated at no cost
Characters in name of edition reviewed by author synonymous with Friday
Drink from bottle in Valparaiso dairy
Drunk old rum I produced in crude container
Endless St Patricks Day Parade? Thats the spirit!
Expert team comes back across south Romania
Fishy type of starters with lobsters in ceviche that leaves a pungent aroma on the breath
Gangster and doorman missing Roma
Genealogist dismisses toenails found in Mayo
Government lied awfully about top departmental cover-up
In Simplex, a mercurial type of academic challenge
Inkling of whats in splendid eatery
Its exotic to all sides today
Journalist working overseas is not from this country – thats one for the books
Kind of festival of opera in resort?
Leave behind great trouble on holiday, for starters
Listen secretly, going on ahead after a sound type
Mailer is missing from All-American passage synonymous with Venice, for one
Model a nostalgic bit of style
No ads in El Salvador by and large
Note in a novel by one who got an education in England
Odd menu includes tea with little measure of spice
Paint a model from glossy film
Poser leaves sour grapes for something sweet
Presumably heard at the UN from unfamiliar type, in a manner of speaking
Scientist associated with Sky had problems with The Suns direction perhaps
Shy type limps out of Olympics
Some abandon a programme for the rest of the afternoon
Sounds like hard luck for peer
Strange coming from 5 down in overseas unit with a number of nationalities
Teachers have no cash for the childrens playhouse
Think of a Gemini freaking out
Thins soup and gives a taste of whats to come
Vast numbers on both sides of legal profession
What The Tourists are doing is strange with first-time composer
Youll get this from good wine and wine in box – the type you could give to an Arabian
Acquire by effort
Acute infection from contaminated water or food
Affording comfort or solace
Allowing no deviation from a standard
An also-ran
Ancient Athenian philosopher, pupil of Plato
Animals raised for meat
Apertures in the eyes
Austrian composer from Harlem?
Back part
Corded tape used for stiffening
Cords around the neck for whistle etc.
Country and nut
Crucial stages or unstable situations of difficulty
Departs or bequeaths
Distinguish, make out
Involving many
Makes improvements or corrections
Modifies for a new use
Monetary resources
Narrow steep-sided valleys
Not secret or hidden
Peremptory request
Pieces of furniture for storage
Right or means of entry
Safe, free from danger
Something borrowed
Sour cherry tree
Source, derivation
The state of being under the control of another person
This bread is soon forgotten, its said
Tissue connecting a muscle with its bony attachment
Tropical plant with edible pods
Without equal, unparalleled
Arousing lustful thoughts
Words or gift conveying respect and admiration
Demonstrate by evidence
Swagger; theatricality
Comic novel by HG Wells
Head of corn
Restrictive manufacturers’ association
Feeling of sickness
Open area in or outside a public building
Specialist restaurant
Not possible to avoid
Male duck
Four-line stanza
Gently reprove
Stretched out
If things were fair
Farm machine
Eg, city gent
Warning to footballers
VIP treatment
Boggy, swampy
Part of the eye
Book written in hiding in Amsterdam
Look after a young child
Notable, outstanding
Shoe for indoors
The Road to – Pier (Orwell)
Fragrant bunch of flowers
Place of musical entertainment
Time of longest or shortest day
Thoughtful for others
Strange person or thing
Magical, occult
Very slight
Mismatch preventing coming together
Not foreseen
Military formation
One who spoils a social occasion
Military uniform colour
Publicly approve of
Take back
PM’s country house
English folk song
Welsh town on the Wye
Strongly urge
Word modifying another
Wing control surface
Completely sincere and committed
Taking neither side
Small dog with curly white coat
Mild indecency
Rider’s carrier
Oily food fish
– Coalition; – trout
City of Lancashire
Seal colony
Simultaneous utterance
First Greek letter
Comical representation
French gold coin
Disturbance, confusion
Ability to sing
Physical power
Repay (a wrong)
Engine and carriages
(Of colour) bold, strong
Escape from, evade
Temporary substitute
School manager
Shout of praise
Quotient, proportion
Round figure
Israeli city
Meeting after separation
Hundredth of a metre
Stock image
Height when standing
Source of plant oil
Zoroastrian scriptures
Swell with fluid or gas
Roman diviner
Sacks returned for final part of letters
Weaving carpet and matting would surely defeat me
Peace created by fog and frost by a river
This trailer is a water container
Just know Eskimos will have little time inside
Way for London to lose its attraction and shopping centre
Round campanula flower turned back in present flowering plant
Bluff chap
Will possibly sounds like a small child
Girl group with European dance number
Large wild agaves adjacent to sierra resort
Man and woman creating fine woollen cloth
Way to change one’s view when queen enters
Prickly, good for temperature, as most desert crops are
Some rowing about agreement with king’s order to forces
Fail with a Japanese poem
Dish for a European spread is in character, mostly
Right to give out pardon
What’s established during a number of Christmases?
Weak object loses its end
Small flat pastry with fruit? Sin coming up!
Strangely genial Conservative is exceptionally kind
Reason for action about America? No, it’s over
Film a red car for novel adaptation outside suspect café in Oxford location
Prophet’s hurrying to give an example of joint endeavour
Member misses deadline to vote through law
Challenged traveller in space series killing star king and queen
Girl is cross over ending of benefit
Merged group of four banks in the City
Run in Oscar Wilde, perhaps for a court order
After pressure, Democrat, implicated in US money changing, giving fake name
Power and current provided reduction in frozen ocean
Line taken with infant making incomprehensible sounds
Member of House displaying a nature that’s unruly
Candidate supported by me most of opposing voters will accept
Stage layout material recalled role in Hamlet
Blasé sign? It’s surprisingly good
View only 50% decent
Brainboxes hurried to block agents
Encourage a judge to tuck into cabbage
Mostly futile cracking lock – siren results
Farm building showing several different layers?
Summons learner driver aboard vehicle in local smashes
Detective’s skill, containing one racket
Transfer story in article upset most of team
Poorly educated fellow accepting University maltreatment
Element supporting barter economy perhaps seeing no end to trade
Party functionary governed area
Parliamentarian abandoning leader? That is strange
Appropriate speed providing security for cyclist?
Audio version of dark gangster title
Clears rocks behind compartment in mountain transport
Party, only not the right wing, probed by one in Central America
Save money? Shortening of film scenario saving millions
Say more days will be attached to allowance at the outset
Assertion of solidarity with players from Broadway?
Exotic orchestra has scheme excluding piano
Attempt the black, perhaps, and fail badly
Lad’s first to dismiss a form of winter sport
What one US mayor will do in a fluid way
Is content missing from Friday after next day’s content?
Unconventional business involving Queen trapped by spell
Former PM, note, engaged by expert for a small amount
Peer’s endless uneasiness after end of vote
Fashion groupies, perhaps, in part of theatre
Ambassador’s sister ultimately ecstatic, over the moon
Blokes get on with Rosa, becoming involved with it?
Pepper the writer fed to horse
Cheating king enveloped in self-assurance given approval rating
Railway vehicle about to be surrounded by battle – no end of concern
Metal collected, involving one into copper
How you should articulate of course at the Sorbonne?
Biblical 21, clean, with sex appeal, ensnaring Hebrew
Follows advice when dismissing first two in combat
One not believing in being at scene of crime
Fee covering coach but not car ultimately
Rampant nepotism amongst junior officers is without reason
Stage show capable of providing a lone hit
Art-songs remain greatly loved, bar the third
Child really should have name – not Charlie
Deduced time for pranks or indiscretions, primarily
One won’t give you a hand for a time
Religious presentation having awed response? Yes, partly, after rewriting
Room for reflection?
Escape, carrying whip and torch
Government official starts to develop motorway in Arab state
A photographer’s first photographs appearing around last supplement
Electric device runs after payment
Former student requiring a reduction in mass student body
Engaging ambassador, about to work for little money
Very nearly join, after intervention of Lord Lieutenant
Not initially filthy drunk
First word of Aeneid book 2: they fell silent (syncopated form)
Father-in-law, as Caesar to Pompey
He fills up, fills out, satisfies
Cucurri, vel lapsus cecidi
Res (n. pl) maiore severitate vel maestitia
To subdue, quieten, make peaceful
Let them add a preposition they give
Haud interest; it has no bearing on the matter
The mistress was part of all pluperfect endings
For a soldier
Rays (solis), spokes (rotarum)
Quickly; lit. with accelerated foot
I pitch camp
Either neither or nor
I am being provoked, annoyed; lacessor
“Ipse subibo ____” (Aen 2.708): Aeneas offering to carry Anchises
Violenter et celeriter capit
To renew: “infandum, 16, iubes ____ dolorem” Aeneas to Dido (Aen 2.3)
From Dido’s city
Urit, ignem adhibet
I beat down, eg ex praesidiis stationibusque (Livy 31,39 using 3pl)
“Your majesty” Aeneas addressing Dido (Aen 2.3); vide quoque 6d
To strive backwards in 20 2
Festa ____ Cereris (on 10 April), Cerealia celebrantur
…__ as hard as lips can make it: Keats
Patriarche, often
Achieve perfection
Agency concerned with noise exposure
Alternative nickname for Tony
Always near a beach?
Attraction at St. Peters
Aural-but-unspoken Hey!
Big __
Brewers building
Burden for servers
California Perfume Company, today
Certain Marine Corps school graduate
Cuisine with much cabbage
Deals with
Digs in the dirt
Dispatcher to many distress calls
Exasperating roommates
Facility owned by Massport
Fans possible vantage point
Fight desperately
Fighting words
First Star Trek: Voyager airer
Fixes, or needs fixing
Focus of early genetics experiments
For worst cases
Goals for candidates
Hammer home
Horse: fetlock :: human : __
Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow
Implement used for cave-painting
In distress no longer
It may hold many paper cups
Its about 20 minutes from Düsseldorf Airport by train
Its served in Elvis Blue Hawaii
Like some waffles
Likely to benefit from restructuring
Many Nicholson portrayals
Meant for children
No-longer-used auxiliary
Onetime general-aviation Big Three member
Operatic mishap
Pair for a basketball game
Pension plan accumulation
Plane measurement
Polish, perhaps
Presentation to valet parking
Pro whom Canadians call Chartered
Secessionist, for short
Second to Elton in Adult Contemporary Top Ten songs
Security guard at a dock
Slimmed-down version of prepared food
Smartphone essential
Spanish word for weights
Speed-skating venue
Stakeout evidence
Take back, for short
Theater art since the 1400s
They covered the Senate long before C-SPAN
Ward (off)
Wasnt playing
What one might hang in the street
Where much Moscato is made
Written regrets
__ engineer (hydrodynamics specialist)
__ Indian
Put up with unpleasantries
How awful
One of Columbus three
Lustrous material
Tree-graft site
Not returnable
Needing more room
Friends cast member
Group of three
Wanted poster letters
Branch of social psychology
Brazilian port
Stone Mountain figure
Grand sports event
Id complements
This Is Us airer
Spell of forgetfulness
Was an extreme adventurer
___ Hall University
___ mode
Tolkien creatures
Downloadable program
Soup tin
Lost and perplexed
Fast grass
Woody fiber
___ the ramparts …
Ended abruptly
Versatility list
Boxer Spinks
Sierra ___
Urkel, for one
Gaelic language
Calculated simply?
Menacing snake
Frequent joke setting
Suffix for Israel
Saturday Night Fever setting
Instill with spiritual awareness
So-so link
Like some aspirations
Popular podcast
Quick sleep
Biblical father of twins
Shaving mishaps
Away from shore
Use, as energy
Kenyans neighbor
Lively baroque dance
Sleep vertically?
Money can wipe it out
Muslim holy men
The 400-plus of Congress
Chases away, as flies
Repeated dance word
Unit of advice
In its ___ (replacing)
A Disney company
Dress a judge?
Vigorous style
Portable PC
Baby rocker
Order member
Spanish stewlike dish
Extinguish, as a flame
Sleeper in a hammock, e.g.
Set of communal beliefs
Made perfectly level
Constructed a yarn
Learys drug
Compass heading
Mythical Olympus being
Tip jar bill
Flanders or Devine
American Buffalo playwright
Dark Shadows airer
Do what I say!
Midnight in Paris director
No More Victims org
Sicario character
The Devil in Miss Jones, e.g
Winsanity airer
___ Beso
Alternatively, online
Andy Kaufmans Taxi role
At a time in the past
Aussie gal
Bear in the night sky
Bedtime for Dracula?
Bellatrix, Regulus or Sirius
Bit of choreography
Bolan of T. Rex
Bram Stokers homeland
Butchers stock
Cab competitor
Campbell of Scream
Cargo ship load
Carol opening
Cave ceiling, for vampires
Churches in Westeros
Citi Field predecessor
Colt with arms
Corn concoction
Deco designer
Dix plus un
Doc bloc
Dracula as an overindulged child?
Draculas boat?
Draculas quilt fill?
Dracula, when hes annoying?
Draw conclusions
Dull browns
Engage in histrionics
Essen exclamation
Explorer Shackleton
Explosive experiments
Extra locks
Forgo frugality
Get rid of
Ghosts, literarily
Guitar pioneer Paul
Hammer head half
Hardly friendly
Having a shot to win
In direct confrontation
iPhone forerunners
Israeli desert city
Joint filer
Juilliard major
Kidney enzyme
Kindergarten song refrain
Kitchen draw
Korean minivan
Let the cat out of the bag
Letter before Bravo
Litigious bunch
Little illuminators
Lived a purposeful life, like Dracula?
Makes finer
Match parts
Meets with, as hard times
Mil. hospitals
Monopoly pieces
More than buzzed
Morse morsel
Name on California gas stations
Native Israeli
No-___ (obvious solution)
NYSE listings
October 31, e.g
Old sundial number
Ollies A-Haunting We Will Go partner
Orchestra alternative
Painting class equipment
Pilgrimage destination
Pituitary hormone
Pomona College player
Posturing person
Prado display
Prey of the Morlocks, in The Time Machine
Ratted out
Related to K-12
Remove the skin of
Response from an accident survivor
Rooibos beverage
Rooting section?
School whose home games are played in the L.A. Coliseum
Shogun entertainer
Show conclusively
Sign at an information desk
Siouan speakers
Slimy stuff
Sneaky fellow
Some saxes
Soon, to Shakespeare
Soothing stuff
Southern cooking guru Paula
Starters stat
Sunny starter
Sweet drink for Dracula?
Take in
Talk sheepishly
Threatening adversary for Dracula?
Tide variety
Till fill
Torchers doing
U.S. Open tennis stadium honoree
Uses scare tactics on
View from the Fr. Riviera
Way to go
Whats left
Where Three Sunflowers in a Vase was painted
Who lives forever
Why Draculas would-be pickup rejected him?
Woman of the House
Work at a bar
Work on wood
Worlds most populous landlocked country
You might take his word for it
Biter harassed native group
Black Beauty, the unexpected winner
Bloke died in contract dictated
Chaos or confusion
Crush fly
Demolish V&A in frenzy
Desire features in witchcraft
Destructive person
Director on board?
Dish available in Mississippi eatery
Eating, informal
Firmly requested
Girl by a road finds creature
Grand individual no longer with us
Large vulture
Month on a golf course
Motorists club
No bone good in having nibble
One wrecking vehicle boy reversed
Oration made in Canadian province
Pale as ladybird?
Pastry item
Printed notice
Real building material
Reckless lawyer terribly reviled
Reformed Daves delivered from evil
Restless longing
Sign up mountain seen by eccentric figure
Smallest Great Lake
Social division
Some anxious to please in bar
Start on ploughmans with low-fat pickle
Such a vocal piece creates mayhem
Support Leeds apt to be thrashed
Surprisingly successful candidate
Top adman has writers block
US apartment right for high flier
US state capital
Go back, on a PC
Aboard, in baseball
Acrobat software company
Ancient port of Phoenicia
Austin Powers neckwear
BB propellant
Be crazy about
Be in arrears
Berry in smoothies
Biblical brother of Seth
Blue-green hue
Book jacket blurb, perhaps
Breakfast mix with rolled oats
Broken-down horses
Brubecks music
Carob unit
Catch forty winks
Cockpit fig
Corn Belt city
Corn Belt state
Cruise stopovers
Desert illusion
Dieters lunch, perhaps
DMZ part
En route
Enlightenment, in Zen
Exhibits rage
Finnish cellphone giant
Garden products brand
Gets beaten, barely
Go into seclusion
Got grayer, perhaps
Green eyes or freckles, e.g
Hidden, as talent
Horn sounds
HOV ___
How many untrained musicians play
Iberian Peninsula river
Indonesian tourist mecca
Innie or outie
Item on andirons
Jesse of the 1936 Olympics
Like karaoke tunes
Like Robinson Crusoe, at first
MBAs subj
Mireille of The Catch
Mobiles and murals, e.g posting
Most collectible, perhaps
Mother lode yield
Negotiators goal
One whos next in line
Part of a Monopoly set
Potato-processing gadget
Prepare to turn
Preschool song start
Privy to
Puccini title heroine
Quotable Yankee great
ROY G. BIV color
Sch. for future ensigns
Sensitive, as a subject
Shakespeares river
Shows annoyance, subtly
Sixth Greek letter
Slow-moving mammal
Some ice cream buys
Start of a squeeze play
The Fat in Fat Tuesday
Threat-ending phrase
Touch upon
Twilled suit fabric
Typically black woodwind
Uplifting garment
Word before story or sister
Word with fan or snail
Words from Will Rogers
___ firma (solid ground)
Give money to
Sign of a learner driver
Demolish (a building)
Reduced the intensity of conflict
Spreads through
Son of Isaac and Rebecca
Destructive swarming insect
Happen afterwards as a result
Provide evidence for
Someone from Valletta?
Crack shot
Ring of flowers
Fails to achieve the desired effect
Small jobs
Resolute sedated (anag)
Fight against
Sky blue
Travel writer, author of In Siberia (1997)
See 6
Author and archaeologist who played a key role in the creation of Iraq
A badgers den
Travel writer, author of Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle (1965)
See 11
Sam _, Englands man of the series against India in 2018
The girl who lost her sheep?
German discount supermarket chain
What Dionne Warwick (and many others since) wants you to do when she cries in the street?
Claudio __, football manager who led Leicester to the 2016 Premier league title
See 13 Down
Minister often found on Private Eyes naughty chair?
Hero of several novels by Tom Sharpe
One of the four Hippocratic humours
Narrow piece of paper used to present books for sale
Type of shuffle performed by Laurel and Hardy in Way Out West
Whisky producing island in the Inner Hebrides
Right enshrined in law in 1970 and now protected by the 2010 Equality Act
Author of A Room of Ones Own (1929)
A town on the Trent – or an airport serving New York
Yellow and Black __, two of the four Hippocratic humours
Wind instrument once known as the hautbois
See 9 Across
Flannel, small, frequently used by Southern pensioner
A horse wandering on land
Make money from leeks once in post, possibly
Card showing gemstone
Its grabbed by one friend from ape
Cramming belongings in bag finally
Toff with the Spanish prize founder
Constant student introduced to a French relative
Bird with incentive to find plant
Chap originally in diplomacy is revealing strategy
Unreasonable French article taken from tower
I note a top form in broadcast revealing disputable point
Needing fresh air, try something unusual
Trendy apartment man blew up
Substantial food is sold off
Great supporter meeting volunteers and most of staff
Exhibitionist finding musical cancelled
Guys in commercial? Correct
Part of religious group at home eating nothing
Work with hesitation on a musical drama
Lady losing heart after festival in wind
Spaniel bound to be with the queen
Bad one on about us has a deceptive appearance
Plan revealed by Tory with picture
Client identifying coppers cat with hesitation
Some of them in entertainment, notable
New place is exceptional
Its written and enclosed
Provide food for moggy with hesitation
Show contempt for second cereal
this Machine Tears Up Confidential Papers
jim __, Lead Singer Of Us Band The Doors
a Head-swelling Lizard
owner And Manager Of Vacation Resorts, Inns
italian Dessert Made With Mascarpone And Coffee
on Futurama, He Is A Famous Robot Actor
unaccompanied, Abandoned, Forsaken
tommy And __, Crime Solvers Till Death Do Them Part
amerigo __, Explorer Who Gave His Name To America
the N In The International Phonetic Alphabet
where Golfers Go To Celebrate A Round Of Golf
cologne __, Germanys Most Visited Landmark
one Who Obtains Or Extorts Money Illegally
contamination, Toxic Waste And Smoke Cause This
opening Sheet Of A Newspaper, With Headline
johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel
__ Clearwater Revival
hardwood Trees With Catkins
joseph Of __, He Took The Holy Grail To Britain
the Common Garden Mint; A Candy Flavor
armpit Perfume, Fights Body Odor
thor __, Norwegian Explorer And Anthropologist
to Build
on His Deathbed He Said: Let Not Poor Nelly Starve
deceitful Speech Or Action
to Move Back And Forth
sri __ Sahib, Amritsars Golden Temple
the Season Of Good Cheer
__ Greene, Uk Author Of The Heart Of The Matter
color Of The Submarine The Beatles Sang About
nicole __, Star Of Far And Away And Moulin Rouge
pepper Named After Syrian City; Regional Spice
capital Of Texas
soldiers Equipment Holder
warning Lights In A Car, With A Triangle Symbol
yoga Practiced In Heated Rooms
treaty Of __ Sought Wwi Peace With The Ottomans
filtration System Inside The Mouth Of Some Whales
metallic Strands Used To Decorate A Christmas Tree
it Means “never-ending” In Latin
first To Develop A Polio Vaccination
weather-related Nickname Of Boxer Rubin Carter
former Home Of Elvis In Tennessee
period Of Life Before Adolescency
__ Creations, The B&b Haute Couture Label
__ Taylor, British-american Iconic Actress
vehicle Driven By Ernest Hemingway In Wwi
it Used To Be Saint Petersburg
country Where Hugh Jackman Was Born
person Who Has A Hard Time Remembering Things
shot Of Espresso With Ground Coffee
strait Separates Africa And Europe
teller In A Financial Institution
artistic Attention To Detail
not Indoors
survivors, Remnants
doctor Who Discovered Penicillin: Alexander __
suspension Of Fine Solid Or Liquid Particles In Gas
last Name Of Us First Lady Jackies Husband, 1960s
the Capital Of Iraq
cross Them For Good Luck
marsupial That Is Like A Small Kangaroo
jules Verne Adventure, 20,000 __ Under The Sea
heavy, Coarse Fabric Used For Stiffening Garments
walter __, Creator Of The Bauhaus In Weimar
to Have Faith In Someone Or Something
jackie __, Honeymooner Bus Driver
root Vegetable, Off-white, Similar To A Carrot
nickname Of Arsenals Supporters
car Stoppers
gulf Of __, Site Of 1964 Us/vietnam Incident
the Period Of Four Sundays Before Christmas
annie __, Evil Nurse From Kings Misery
type Of Liquid Printer
play That Poses The Question “to Be Or Not To Be?”
corny, Mawkish
former Nsync Member, __ Timberlake
italian Aperitif Flavored With Orange
hugh __, British Actor, Dr. House
__ Stick; A Usb By Another Name
king __ Stadium, Belgian Royalty Sporting Grounds
creator Of Holden Caulfield
pony __, Vibrant Trophy Ribbons
chicago Retailer Acquired By Macys, __ Fields
small Bread Roll From Belgian Capital
saddle Bags, Handy For Cyclists
it Wont Poison You
__ Judy, Seaside Slapstick With Husband And Wife
seller Of Indulgences, As Described By Chaucer
bobs __, Animated Short Film About Midlife Crisis
member Of A Group Holding Power In A Country
horror Sitcom Sounds Like A Type Of Cheese
green Or Yellow Banana
avant-garde Musical Instrument With Antennae
island Group Containing Majorca And Menorca
__ James, Actor Who Served As Montys Double
blood Sucker
display-based Game Console From Milton Bradley
the Middle Coat Of The Eyeball
played Liz Lemon On 30 Rock
large Knife Used For Clearing Foliage
the Banded __ Star Has Dark Brown Bands
the Goonies Follow __ Willys Treasure Map
waste, Trash
okie From Muskogee Singer, Merle __
twisted, Baked Bread Represents People Hugging
apep, Egyptian __ Deity Who Fought Ra
quickly Scrolling Sideways On A Screen
female Parent, Not Biological
when An Astronaut Leaves The Capsule
small Version Of Posh Piano
the Head Of A Company, Chairman
__ Trophy, Annual Prize For Seaplane Races
contamination; Disease Caused By Germs
a Small German Archipelago In The North Sea
yom Kippur, Day Of __ In Jewish Religion
largest Buddhist Temple In The World, In Indonesia
notorious Welsh Pirate Famed For Many Captures
science Of The Sun, Ancient Egypt Course
germanys Main Legislative Body
very Exaggerated Figure Of Speech, In Writing
napoleons Last Utterance, The Love Of His Life
forrests Shrimping Boat Company
evaluates Art, Writing Of Strengths And Weaknesses
long Form Of A Machine That Copied Over Phonelines
reality Show About Items In Hock
what The French Call Scotland
ceramic Spouted Vessel To Brew Assam Or Earl Grey
sarah Fergusons Former Spouse: Prince __
drug That Reduces Cholesterol
cleveland __ Play At The Firstenergy Stadium
greek Titan Of The Sun
tapping A Keyboard With Fingers
bessie __, Medical Supplies Pioneer
the Human __, Rooney As Telegram Boy
plain, Irish Fabric Of Woven Cotton
colorful Egyptian Water, Popular With Divers
pencil Toppers With Colorful Stood-up Hair
a Price Placed On A Wanted Persons Life
miami __ Play At Hard Rock Stadium
nissan Car Shares Name With Campbells Speedster
turtles, Crocodiles, Snakes, Lizards, Etc.
st Peters Sacred Building In The Vatican City
not Sisters
bosnian Custard Cream Pie
founder Of The German Empire, Otto Von __
fabric With Linseed, Now Plastic, As Table Cover
swine Language Game, Remove Letter, Add An a
french Painter, Barbizon School
used In The Home
__ The Great, King Of Wessex From 871 To 899
side Of The Head, Behind The Eye
sci-fi Novel By R.a. Lafferty: “past __”
magicians Story
__ventura, Canary Island With Biosphere Reserve
the __ Rose Of Texas
long-stemmed Salad Veg With Leaves At Top
home Builder
“good Good” Chocolate Sweets
facial Hairs, Mostly In Men
wildlife-spotting Adventure Holiday
luc __, Director Of Nikita And The Fifth Element
tough Choice Between Two
it Will Take Your Picture
volkswagen Model Sounds Like A Friend Of Tracy
truck __, Heavy Tractor Units Revving Up
thomas __, Invented First Commercial Steam Engine
101 Dalmatians In 1996 Is A __ Of The 1961 Film
major U.s. National Passenger Railroad Service
orange Or Purple Root Veggie Favored By Rabbits
french Multinational Known For Dairy Products
__ Wallis, Invented Bomb Used By The Dam Busters
__ Coral Shrimp Are Red And White
northernmost Latin American Country
in Contrast To Or As The Alternative Of
the Art Of Horsemanship
larry Who Played J. R. Ewing In Dallas
purcell Opera, Dido And __
to Abduct
__ Notes, Brand Of Sticky Notes
alexandre Dumas Novel: “the Count Of Monte __”
to Take Errors Into Account On A Reading
cartoon Superheroines, The __ Girls
large London Square With Lions And Fountains
norwegian Nutty Cheese With Large Holes
belgian Former Pro Tennis Player Kim __
promoting, Selling And Distributing A Product
practice What __
__ Maria Of France, Married Charles I In 1625
diamonds __, Princes Song About Precious Stones
the First Drops Of Breastmilk After A Babys Birth
__ Louise, Davis And Sarandon Starred
newt __, Fictitious J K Rowling Author
human Remains Perfectly Preserved In Peat
storage For Personal Items With No Strap
marine Creature Siphons Water In And Pushes It Out
sir Les __, Drunken Australian Cultural Attaché
waves At An Orchestra
machine Tool Engineer, Famous For Screw Threads
word Starting With F With All Five Vowels In Order
scarlett __, Actress Of Lost In Translation
lewd, Raunchy
package Requiring Delicate Care; A Famous Stamp
__ Van Gogh, He Painted Sunflowers
rock Formed By Cooling Lava
antonym Of Lowest
december 26, Saints Day In Ireland
he Has A Hit Song Called Maggie May, Rod __
of Or Relating To Fabric Or Weaving
southern __ Snake Is A Harmless Species In The Us
double __, Nintendo Basketball Game
merry __, Rotating Horses, Carousel
__ Rose, Fired Cbs This Morning Co-host
major Worldwide News Syndication Company
small, Short Sword Used By Samurai Class
__ On The Wind, Based On Real Life Scandal
spanish Newspaper, Name Means “the Country”
the Welsh Mafia, A Portmanteau Word
vulcanized Material Developed By Charles Goodyear
__ Lance, 1954 Western Movie With Spencer Tracy
the __brush Coral Is Tall With Small Branches
recovery, Renewal
french-speaking Province Of Canada
czech-born Swiss Tennis Star Martina
marbled Dried Meat From Italy
american __ Story, Us Series Created By Ryan Murphy
__ Legion, German Planes Bombed Guernica In Spain
ready To Relinquish Control
fleet Of Warships
republican Candidate Obama Defeated In 2012
hair Products You Use “because Youre Worth It”
__ Flute, Mozart Opera
the Woman Romeo Claimed To Love Before Juliet
blue-spotted __ Has Bright Blue Spots
final Date To Complete A Project
norwegian Mineral, Contains Uranium
substance Used To Preserve Food
marlene __, Sultry Actress Of The Blue Angel
die-cast Vehicles First Sold In Cardboard Packs
sherwood Forests Male Inhabitants
seattle __ Play At Safeco Field
__ The Kings, Luxors Ancient Royal Burial Site
capital Of Malta
something That Takes Precedence Or Is Most Urgent
source, Origin, Font
__ Aztec, Red Cocktail With Tequila, Cream
1980s Term For A Young Urban Professional
scope, Degree, Range
john __ Plays Finn In Star Wars: Episode 7
the Polices Mega Hit Song Every __ You Take
less Hot
riverside Execution Post Used For Hanging Pirates
scandinavian Countrys Currency Is The Krona
they Fly The Bird
how The __ Stole Christmas
former Heavyweight Boxing Champ Sonny __
la Femme __, Tv Series Starring Peta Wilson
italian Cheese Sometimes Smoked Or Grilled
sedimentary White Rock
money Lender With Excessive Interest Rates
apparatus Used For Hatching Eggs
drummer For The Roots
star Of Good Will Hunting
pierre __, French Dramatist Of Le Cid
king Tuts Golden Headdress, Discovered By Carter
1975 Film Satire Of Country, Gospel Music
belgian King Set Up The Congo Free State
small Containers For Drugs
western Hemisphere Marsupials
grape Ape Was Created By Hanna/__ In 1975
plastic Spork Is Example Of This Utensil
sikh Swords Seen Crossed On Khanda Symbol
west German Name For Former East German Currency
convertible Car
kidding Around
northern Illinois __ Play Football From Dekalb, Il
__-daro, Abandoned Indus Valley Archeology Site
ergonomics Is The __ Of Things Fitting People
edible Upper Half Of The Broccoli
__ Ice, Us Rapper From The 1980s
where Planes Land And Models Strut
gainsborough Portrait Of Young Man In Satin
maiden Name Of Margaret Thatcher
impressive Cave Scribblings At Lascaux, France
five Robots Combined In The Power Rangers Series
reached The North Pole Under The Ice Cap (1958)
ohio State __ Play Football At Ohio Stadium
snack Made With Granola, Dried Fruits And Nuts
peruvian Or Greek Tunes Are Played On These
pink-hued Nickname Of Petra, Jordan
strongman Buys Girl In Fellinis Mythology Film
imitative Work That Nods At Another Work Or Style
container Of Varied Objects
awkward And Not Graceful
announcer On The Muppet Show,__ The Frog
the Persistence Of __, By Dalí, If You Can Remember
former Name Of Chennai And A Lightweight Fabric
charles __, Dickens French Aristocrat
red __, British Flag Seen At Sea
important To Economy, Longest South African River
small Measure Of Liquor
to Choose Something Or Someone Over Others
former Lead Singer Of Chicago, Peter __
you Put Your Head Here When You Are Sleeping
rhyming Term For An Important Person
spanish F1 Racing Driver Fernando __
lech __, Polish Trade Unionist And President
day Of The Week That Starts The Sabbath
puppet Play From Bali And Java
one Makes Several French Fries
snowy Month Of The French Revolutionary Calendar
to Deliver A Blow, To Hit With A Fist Or Weapon
store Your Stuff Here
moveable Toy, With Strings, For Putting On Shows
first Wife Of Henry Viii: Catherine Of __
mixed Songs; A Mixture Of Different Things
type Of Coffee Invented By German Melitta Bentz
sandy __, Dodgers Pitcher, Hall Of Fame At 36
breaking Up Of Soil Using Machine Of The Same Name
petes Dragon In 2016 Is A __ Of The 1977 Film
shape Of Cloud That Forms The Core Of A Tornado
astrological Sign Associated With The Fish
__ Epoch: When The First Marine Mammals Appeared
cross Between An Espresso And A Cappuccino
crystal Twinning, Variety Of Albite
people Or Animals Who Live At Night
star From Taxi And Whos The Boss?
carved Faces On Westminster Abbeys Roof
a Bizarre Or Odd Idea Or Suggestion Is Out In __
moving A Ball With Lots Of Short Kicks
pilot Of A Double-decker Passenger Vehicle
controversial Spiritual Movement In China
equine Violin Bow Material
__ Dummies, Car Safety Guinea Pigs
photo Story, Progressing Through Multiple Pictures
to Gulp And Ingest Food Or Drink
__ Oxide, Aka Laughing Gas
__ Vivaldi, Composer Of The Four Seasons
naval Battle Between The Ottomans And Holy League
slang For Prison, Describes The Closing Of Doors
londons Macabre Historical Attraction
oscars Last Name On The Odd Couple
someone Who Trespasses Or Steals
often Ice-bound Gulf Between Sweden And Finland
the Dalai Lama Is A Central Figure In __ Buddhism
standing Long Jump Expert In Early 20th Century
omission Of A Passage In A Book, Speech Or Film
highest Officer Rank In The Us Army
as Roma Plays Soccer In This Italian League
spicy Root Can Be Used In Sweet Or Savory Food
manufacturer Of Lipitor
microsofts Software Suite
__ Conrad, Chief Bureaucrat On Futurama
thin Fruit Dessert Topping From Eastern Europe
subject, Theme, Topic
onto A Ship Or Plane, Climb __
author Of “the Handmaids Tale” Margaret __
ferdinand Marcos Shoe Loving Widow
country Claims Part Of Kosovo, Capital Belgrade
bone In The Wrist
eager, Impatient
the Millennium __ Is Han Solos Ship In Star Wars
norse Dwarf Turns Into A Dragon Killed By Sigurd
jacqueline __, French Flyer Who Set Speed Records
little __, Degas Sculpture Of Ballet Student
sub-unit Of The Zloty, Polands Currency
singing Group Associated With Diana Ross
internal Communications System
trans-__ Railway, Linking Moscow With Vladivostok
retired Serbian Tennis Player Ana __
author Of All Quiet On The Western Front
__ Leia Kills Jabba The Hutt In Episode 6
a Small Rocky Body That Orbits The Sun
one Of The Most Famous British Monarchs Ever
soaking Food In Liquid To Extract Flavor
to Do Or Say Something Shocking: Raise __
the Return Of The __ Son, Rembrandt Painting
journey Album, 1978
large Long-tailed Bird With Beautiful Feathers
times __, Standard Font
french Sun King With Palace At Versailles
hallway Furniture Near The Door
renault Mid-range Van, Badly Spelled Conjestion
deux-__, West French Dept Named After Two Rivers
author Of The Novel “black Beauty”: Anna __
ex-man Utd And England Striker, Wayne __
spike Of Ice Formed When Dripping Water Freezes
campbell Soup Can Painter, Andy __
fruit Ready To Be Picked
__proof, Cant Be Shot
shakespeare __, Won The Academy Awards In 1999
portable Computer For Hot-desking
to Clumsily Feel For Something
police Chief Clancy On The Simpsons
not Being At Risk From Danger
yellowish French Liqueur Flavored With Aniseed
five Oclock Stubble
the Gross Clinic Is Surgery Painted By Thomas __
dolphins Quarterback Who Starred In Many Movies
robinson Crusoes Companion
polymers Developed By Frederick Kipping
daily Frequency
daughter Of Agamemnon And Clytemnestra
supposedly, Allegedly
turkish Tax System Of Enrollment Of Christian Boys
nationality Of Verdis Opera Princess, Aida
smooth Rock For Grinding Grain
end Of Year Festivities Cookies, Santa, Reindeer
not The Glass Of An Optimist
birds Whose Eggs Are The Biggest
largest Island In The Maluku Archipelago
upward-moving Current Of Air
strolling, Taking Steps, Using Your Legs
__ Control, Of The Force That Attracts Us To Earth
john __, Dexter Villain, Interstellar Actor
medicine Used For Pain And To Thin Blood
umbrella Toting Fictional Character Mary __
midwestern Dumpling
dogs __ Poker, Famous Canine Portrait
great Wall __, Giant East Asian Brickwork
luck Of __ Is A Drawing Game From 2006
the Reversed P “paragraph” Symbol
procedure To Find Cause Of Death
collectibles In Metal Currency Form
axilspot __ Are Red-brown With White Spots
beethovens Only Opera
nino __, Italian Stylist And Wool Business Owner
name That Julius Caesar Gave To Present-day Paris
other Times, Other __
moving Your Body To A Tune
__ Henry, Frenchman Led Arsenal In Scoring
__ Sutherland, Flatliners Star
__ Electric Power, Stadium Nicknamed Big Swan
kitchen Utensil For Removing The Pits Of Cherries
jack __, White Fang Author
__ Run, Utopian, No One Above Age Of 30
neck Accessory For Male Evening Suit
infamous Letter-writing Killer In 1960s California
musical Pieces Or Decrees In Law
large White Seabird With Yellow Head
country Where Monte Carlo Is Located
lowest Rank Of Zoroastrian Priesthood
scanty, Not Enough
__ Dawg, Cartoon Canine Sheriffs No 2
frenchman Who Led The First Crusade, Peter The __
heavyset Snl Star Died Tragically At 33
oldest University In English Speaking World
the Title Given To The Daughter Of A Tsar
region Of Calm Winds Near The Equator
the Blues __, Stars John Belushi And Dan Aykroyd
strong Green Liquor Nicknamed “the Green Fairy”
legendary Literary Critic, __ Frye
on A Snail They Are Retractable
not Straight Forward
there Are 17-20 Species Of These Flightless Birds
__ Zwingli, Swiss Religious Reformer
monty Burnss Assistant In The Simpsons
new Zealand Movie Set Offering Tours
a Precision Shooter Is An Expert __
a Woodwind Instrument With A Reed Mouthpiece
__ Order Or A Po
pirates Handheld Optical Aid
online Retailer Founded By Jeff Bezos
the Current Capital Of Tanzania
money Earned Through Work
charity Begins Here
__ Cord, Vital Part Of The Central Nervous System
female Collie Has Been In Film, Tv And Radio
red Head In Love With Betty And Veronica
female English Fossil Finder Mary
wooden Structure Used In Factories
country Called The “land Of Milk And Honey”
spanish Word For State
sacking Of This Financier Started The French Rev
benjamin With A Curious Case
glitzy French Riviera Resort Saint- __
pam Who Played Mindy In Mork And Mindy
dam Busters Target With The Sorbe And Eder
ricky __, Torch Bearer Of Late 90s Latin Craze
__ The Post, Voting System Where Winner Takes All
tiny Breed Of Dog Named After A Big Mexican State
holder Of Grilled Bread At Breakfast Table
armored Mammal That Curls Into A Ball
part Of A Choreographers Routine
novelty Lighting With Warmed Wax Blobs In Glass
black Beautys Stablemates: Ginger And __
its All About Beauty
old Style Personal Printer
grab A Tree For Luck
__ Cards, Decorative Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks
aircraft Designer Known As Queen Of Hurricanes
stuffed Pasta Pillows
bear Native To North America

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