Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-28

Card that might be in the hole
GLOW actor Maron
Green nutty pasta sauce
Loose with rule enforcement
From the United States: Abbr.
Microsoft’s spreadsheet software
Devious Maids actress ___ Ortiz
Animated movie with the Oscar-winning song Remember Me
Don’t ___ it all in one place!
Beatles song title containing a forest animal with a masked face and a ringed tail: 2 wds.
Simple Simon ___ pieman . . .: 2 wds.
Actress DeLaria of Orange Is the New Black
Put forth some effort
Flight you’d probably sleep on: Hyph.
Beatles song title featuring a marine animal with eight arms: 2 wds.
___ crisis (national narcotics epidemic)
Chef Cat ___ of Around the World in 80 Plates
Spiral-cut meat often served for Easter dinner
ABC’s Black-___ (Anthony Anderson show)
Run a towel over
Beatles song title containing a marine mammal with tusks and whiskers: 4 wds.
Lakshmi of Top Chef
Pastor’s prayer-closing word
Federal agency that’s busy in April: Abbr.
Edmonton hockey pro
It’s inserted into a clarinet
Lost at ___ (adrift like some sailors)
Hush-hush rendezvous for lovers
Small whirlpool effect
___ Siri (what you say to activate an iPhone feature)
Set off ___ bells (seem suspicious)
River craft that can tip over easily
Right on the money
Two-time Emmy winner William H. ___
Ricky Martin song title that’s the Spanish word for love
Time in a Bottle singer Jim
Unit of currency in Mexico
Big trade show for short
Fragrance-enhanced as a candle
Number of pennies in a dime
Grand ___ Party (what GOP stands for)
Toy instrument played by humming
Stuff that’s stored on a ship
Popular bread at a deli
Coin used in Japan
Prefix for center or Pen
Taxpayer’s fear sometimes
What a phone is held next to
Distinctive feature of many Southern accents
___-la-la! (How fancy!)
Tax specialist with credentials: Abbr.
In a hesitant shy manner
Hatched a nefarious plot
Facebook version of Twitter’s retweet
Like shamrocks and leprechauns
Blender setting for baby food or bisque
Student’s composition in English class
City that’s home to Iowa State University
Kwik-E-___ (convenience store on The Simpsons)
Dandelion or sorrel for example
Comic actor Samberg
Terra-cotta container for a plant
it helps you surf the net
The Net actress Sandra
result of serve into the net
Nets home, in the NBA
performer with a safety net
net pay before withholdings
like one casting a wide net
Chunks of land
“Be on the lookout” messages, for short
Person to take complaints to, informally
Polo of “The Fosters”
Popular Dominican dance
Leave quickly
Musical Yoko
Get a ___ on someone
Abbr. in many blood type names
“Logic dictates …”
It’s usually put in the middle of a table
Late hours
Messes up
Downfall in pinball
Music export from Tokyo, for short
Sciences’ counterpart
Princess who says “I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board”
Campy 1972 vampire film
Peace marches
Part of a preschool day
Nirvana seeker
Sorority letter
Masthead list, for short
More lit, perhaps
“After Earth”
___ Lama
Do the wave?
What un desierto lacks
Lyrical lament
Not able to catch something
Growth ring
Farthest point in an orbit around the moon
This woman
Closure opening?
Vote in France
Blue swaths on maps
They follow oohs
Like the simplest instructions
Talk show host Cohen
Trade punches
Hills with gentle slopes on one side and steep slopes on the other
Verdi tragedy
“Grand Ole” venue
Say whether or not you’ll attend
Blow out
French 101 verb
Collaborative site
Game suggested by this puzzle’s theme
Racer Luyendyk
Half of dos
Taking care of things
Nickel-and-diming sort
They might break out in hives
Cockapoo or cockatoo, maybe
Cpls.’ superiors
Act obsequiously
Atlanta-based cable inits.
Cold and wet
Term in tennis, golf and baseball, all with different meanings
Hero interred in Santa Clara, Cuba
“Later, luv”
Rhyming nickname in Cardinals history
Midriff muscles, for short
“Oh, quit being silly!”
Sailor in the Navy
Seatbelt, e.g.
“C’mon, be serious”
___ Day vitamins
R??my Martin product
Bridge-supporting frame
Dulles designer
Pasta sauce brand
Longtime singing talent show, familiarly
Singer Reese
Garment worn by John Roberts that’s hidden in his name
R&B’s ___ Hill
Bristol, Conn.-based cable inits.
Sister and wife of Cronus, in myth
Collect from the soil
Result of a religious schism
Camping need
Japanese dogs with turned-up tails
Neighbor of Wyo.
Commercial rhyme for “Famous”
Part of a Mario costume
Part of a “Which came first?” dilemma
Comment before “I missed that”
Director Van Sant
Maker of the game Zaxxon
___ contendere
Pad alternative
Chinese New Year treat
One of the Castros
Shed material
Dwarf planet with more mass than Pluto
Good throw?
“Get outta here!”
___ Taurasi, all-time W.N.B.A. scoring leader
Supplementary item
Suffix with methyl
Gymnastics flip
Arizona capital of the Navajo Nation
___ Germany
Relatively cool stellar phenomenon
“Come again?”
Some bathroom installations
Brother of Ham
Play starter?
Sand-burrowing marine creatures
Reasons to do something
Quaint demographic grouping
Number two: Abbr.
Revved up
Timeline part
“??Let’s go!”
Some flight board info
Poop out
___ interview
Coin in K??ln
Sci-fi C.G.I. creations
Debut, metaphorically
Dealership expanse
I problem?
Hem but not haw?
1858 operetta by Jacques Offenbach
1815 narrative poem by Walter Scott dealing with the return of Robert Bruce to Scotland
Mark , Liberal Democrat MP for Winchester from 1997-2010
Pen name of essayist Charles Lamb
Jim , 1912 Olympic pentathlon and decathlon gold medallist
Marie , winner of the 1911 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Spanish language equivalent of Mrs or madam
Small diving duck of northern Eurasia
Constable in William Shakespeare play Measure for Measure
Cross-bred hunting dog, usually part sighthound
2016 Grand National winner ridden by David Mullins
Point in its orbit when a planet is at its greatest distance from the sun
Small Asian evergreen tree with yellow oval edible fruits
Remark in a stage play intended to be heard by the audience alone, not the other characters
2005 action film starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba
Old World songbird with a harsh chattering cry
See 8 Across
See 6 Across
David , New Zealand 1992 Olympic Heavyweight boxing bronze medallist
Metallic element; symbol Sn
snail, European freshwater mollusc with a flat spiral shell
New Town in Sussex home to Gatwick Airport
Hawaiian word for hello or goodbye
Town and major railway junction in Cheshire
See 4
Careful consideration
Have a conversation about
Strong point
Weak in health
Code word for the letter K
At the right moment
One of three babies born together
Minor wrongdoing
Rockets launch
Frozen dew
Height and size of a person
Burial vault
Aboriginal wind instrument
Posh bed
Male cat
Had food
Object in a family for generations
Postage label
Front of the lower jaw
Go on about walk
Notice blemish
Late ordering duck
Division of British farm
Dont eat quickly
Need to rearrange the garden
Flames are terribly rife
Lowest digit?
Wonder inside drawer
Dog really captured monster
Recalled about visit
Swim with right weed
Stop and apprehend
Drinks ruined seat
Secures overgrown site
Cadge from cleaner
Film about British revolutionary
Rug gets round part of defence
Three become solvent
Strongbox made of South African iron
Growth at small factories
Let it alter heading
Its expensive, darling
Lazy-sounding hero
Speak about quote
Check gold key and object
German girl has some wine
Illuminated concerning quantity
Copies of tapestry
Incline to be thin
Tree part
Genesis location
Foot part
Take into custody
Defence measure
Flammable liquid
Object of worship
Official inspection
Drinking vessel
Liquid measure
Without fat
Skirt length
Lassie and others
Doves home
Haley TV miniseries
Son of Zeus
At hand
Cotton unit
Observes closely
____ Pole
Joan of ____
Gain with effort
Bridge term
Is beholden
Black card
Mound of flakes
Shows scorn
____ Domini
____ a Beauty
Actress Jennifer ____
Got the bug
Do or ____
Slanted characters
Dietary need
Vast time
Sticks around
Mr. Roberts
Legal enders
BPOE member
Make Zs
Wound covering
Before a conflict
Subway coins
Identical pairs
Students table
Disadvantaged person
Knotted again
Teherans site
Flickas pride
Jane or John
Fruity dessert
Torchers misdeed
Small lizard
Pilots announcement, for short
Holy text
Uncredited actor
Sensitive subject, to some
Oscar Kilo
Guy Fawkes Day mo.
___ out a win
Some forensic evidence
Bullock bovine
Run-down area
Fire starter
Defunct Ford div.
Like some bulls
Bigger than big
Enjoy slowly, as a drink
I __ busted!
Come to light
Message about nearly a dozen U.S. sailors being flown overseas? (Pa.)
Not talkative
Receive inside info
Tired comment
One terminus of Chicagos Blue Line
Soccer goose egg
Cunning plan
Annoyed Mayberry aunt gets an old Toyota at a raffle? (Wis.)
Delawares capital?
At least one
Landlords reminder
Tanning time on the Riviera
Babes counterpart
Follow me!
State definitively
Constitution letters
White selection, briefly
Boast about Japanese animation? (Me.)
Not requiring stamps
Hopefully, whats left for dessert?
Funny thing is …
Emanation from an aging rural miner? (Co.)
Pitcher part
Lunch treats from Clintons veep? (Or.)
Holiday song sextet
Brooding genre
Ornate molding
Sources of bow wood
Author Caleb
Five-O alert
Myrtle whose oil is a folk remedy for skin conditions
South end?
Black Friday headline? (Md.)
Overnight retreats
Simba, at the start of The Lion King
Primrose family plant
Ready to breed
Moonlighters work
Tokyo shopping district
Muslim ascetics drain Sahara pipeline contents? (Ca.)
Capns underling
Free your pores! skincare brand
Ignore, with out
Tighten, as laces
Jazz club sessions
Prefix for a Dow foam
Not quite never
1990s-2000s Laker star, familiarly
Not-cute fruit
Geminids sights
3-2-4 ID
Wrestlers coup
Orbital high point
Deadliest Catch narrator Mike
Work with needles
Six-legged prayer?
Addresses with @
Brief invite answer?
Artfully shy
Treo maker, before it shortened its name
Sheikdom of song
Air freshener scent
On the briny
For fear that
Kind of alcohol
Kid raiser, in two ways
Cockpit worker
Prez on a five
Prince Harrys locks, e.g.
Holder of keys
Cmon, take a __
Security checkpoint device
Well filler
Shoe or its dance
Hot sauce bottle image
Good guy, to a bad guy
French 101 verb
Stopped flowing
Pakistani tongue
What may be babys first word
Fair grade
Couldnt avoid it
Italian lawn game
Lymph __
Love to bits
Motored (along)
Leave, slangily
Inappropriate look
Demand too much of
Silver Bullet Band rocker
Joyous song
A new one may itch
Push forward
Actor Maguire
Nikitas negatives
Rowlands of The Notebook
Worn things
Hosp. drama role
Add to a website, as a video
Bigger copy: Abbr.
Guadalajara gal pal
Draw upon
Most aloof
Cough drops brand
Scotch cocktail
Just me, formally
Quite a distance
Hardly a threat
SNL staple
Wild plum
Sparring punches
Never heard __
Car, truck or bike
#30 on the periodic table
Toward shelter
Small ammo
Like deeply discounted mdse.
Leader with perks
Highway vehicle
Dandys neckwear
Once ____ a time…
Use a loom
Skirt length
Prayer response
Pythons kin
North African
Leftover piece
Romes country
Coniferous evergreen (2 wds.)
Robertos two
Police attacks
Have title to
Coming in
A sense
Least shallow
Least fresh
Writing fluid
Old wound
Looked at
Directional symbol
Singer ____ Ronstadt
Ancient Peruvian
Genesis site
Artists prop
Pub missile
Da Vincis ____ Lisa
Flowering bush
Male descendants
Inspiring wonder
Watertight coating
Robertos house
Kitchen hot spot
Affleck and Stiller
One-____ (biased)
Free (of)
Sty resident
Picnic nuisance
TV series installment
Summer hue
Divas solo
Barbecue rod
Jedi master
Fender depression
Matches at Chelsea entertaining one carrying books?
Symbol in text is ring over loop
Dummy swapping diamonds for time in temporary accommodation
Medical examination for relative with second pulse
Second attempt to get hydrogen and nitrogen into surprisingly nice poison
Dog in river leaving scent
Potters electronic tool?
Urban set near newly built underground
Whirlwind decapitated cuddly toy
Spring cured so-called rich
Flavouring made from small fruit in perfect condition
Force independent politician to meet the Spanish
Queen stopping King Edward, say, being sent back to refuge
Priest in newly sealed container slipped away
Prophet tucked into South American snack
Head of troubled university going to sort out staff
Hitler and Luftwaffe finally prepared to keep officer in aircraft
Colour of worthless item
West Indian academic taking car to California
Beginner returning favour …
… Supports housing a minister in military accommodation
Note on mobile model about start of regeneration for tardis user
Sage mixes a cocktail for second Sunday in Lent
Liberal listened to criminal and thief
Fools mostly stood up for judge
Good decoration on stamp books
Central ingredient in bread featuring in food waste lists
Confused clergyman taken in by dodgy deal
Furious athlete losing three extremities in revolving machine
Poacher nearly catching bird
See note
Short of money
Shield boss
Famous missionary
Disinclination to move
Plant part
Spring flower
Submissive person (Informal)
Agency of retribution
Woman running a brothel
African republic
Weapon handle
Those opposed
Wheels connector
Welsh dog
Actor Guinness
___ Alligator (Matt Dillon movie)
Minor annoyance
Boat propellers
Diving duck
Embroidery items
What X may represent
Jazzman Evans
___ a Wonderful Life
Climbing plant
Cedar of the Himalayas
___ grass
Falls back
Make an effort
Take ___ Train
Reebok rival
Tournament type
Evasive language
1966 Michel Caine role
___ morgana (mirage)
Big Mouth Martha
Mirthful sound
Ice skaters leap
Excess flesh
Cast member
Hide ___ hair
Too much in Toulouse
Set aflame
Registered ones departure
Practiced pugilism
The Godfather actress
Amount of corn
Be abrupt
Becomes wearisome
Insignificant one
Lose traction
Allude to
Ash Wednesday poet
Burr author
Printing error
Drying oven
Daniel ___ (George Eliot novel)
Do a cobbling job
Formally surrender
Brown tone
Roots author
Fit of resentment
Actor Andrews
Hebridean isle
Later on
Fail to care for
Comply with orders
Head count
Carry on
Gaming stake
Bishops district
Simple songs
Talked very quietly
Small pool
Seen in a group, a teacher or the head
Musician rings any number to get mother admitted
Dreadful nuisance — I ignored subtle shades
Outgoing children
Free time amid childrens bricks
Assimilate some catering establishments
Relish tight spot
View, finally, that is most extensive
Serial thats diverted a country
Counterfeit blacksmiths place
Animal a Greek character keeps at home
Different sort of saviour
A big nose found wild flowers
God spoils planet
Girl making writer run away
Short treatise followed in recital
Sue is a different person from Victoria, perhaps
Performing animal outside in
Unmissable saint in French museum
Whats wanted ultimately when one made good?
Group of artists in coach or train
Highlights for skinhead with hair?
Selecting actors for foundry work
Where schoolchildren are put in the picture?
Girl with land in South America losing capital
Trouble with British sailors below deck
Germans OK after port wine
Seize some big rabbits
Patronize for purchases
Tennis segment won without loss of a point
Actress Duff or Swank
Not righted, as wrongs
Epic about Troy
What a siemens is a unit of
Open into flower
Seamless shift
Get fixated
Scottish port
Viper type
— T (just so)
Broiling bar
Diverse assortments
Flip out
— help if …
— Khan (Islamic title)
Elicit an encore, say
Italian entree
Ore- —
Gift getter
Signs off on
My treat
Mars vehicle
Dilate artist DiFranco
Oakland team
Many a released prisoner
Grandpa Walton player Will
Tarzan player Ron
Draw out
Jai —
Reagans Star Wars prog.
Tries to trim down
Luau chow
Dartboards rings, e.g.
Astral bear
Alternate spelling of a word: Abbr.
Fair-hiring abbr.
Actor Kevin of Weeds
Part of a routine baby immunization
Churn up
Stetson, say
Ending of ordinals
Flow stopper
Err in finding the total of
Fruity pastries
Jaffa citizen
Assembly associated with a church creed
Put off
Cheapest ship quarters, formerly
Take out of the pier
Number of dwarfs
The Bibles Queen of —
Far from flat, as terrain
Balsam fir or pine extract
Lobby orgs.
Part of MFA
Jean- — Godard
— whim
Actors Kilmer and Avery
And on and on : Abbr.
Bit of babble from a crib
Old Persian
Academy email ending
Activity-tracking device
See 65-Down
Mille — (Minnesota county)
Fruity beverages
Apple buy
Police cruiser
Post-it note, informally
Gyro breads
Utahs lily
Winans with 12 Grammys
Be fond of
French for summer
Govt. health agency
Pitted garnishes
The Green Partys Ralph
Trades jabs
Watch readout, for short
So thats your trick!
For the — (temporarily)
Run up, as expenses
The A of OAS: Abbr.
Bana of Troy
Poem of exaltation
Suffix with pent-
Whale locale
At least one
With 17-Down, Princess or Royal Caribbean
Ad — committee
Baldwin of Aloha
Eye suggestively
British soldier of old
Add zing to
Prefix for height
Food filter
Three, in Ulm
Optimistic declaration
Interior-design magazine
Saints linebacker Manti —
Tax form ID
Egg-shaped things
Salt, chemically
Clergymans area: Abbr.
Ltd. cousin
Civil War folk song
Hauled (off)
1970s-80s sitcom
Gets as much as one can out of
Docs orders
Big name in slushes
1970s-80s skit show
Read digitally
— -chef (#2 in a kitchen)
Peewee pup
Cost an arm — leg
Belief system
Pavement edge
Alliaceous plant
One of the living dead
Child prodigy
In a big way
Cheerful and self-confident
Hired assassin
Tasselled cap
Of humour
Alliance of countries
Pass market that has one pound off oil
Corporation strike over unlimited pay
Money-making drama pilot bore trashed
Hand bound to land with flipping force on son
Fish seen around river channel
Criminal is catty about husband’s celibacy
It is real nasty
I managed land
Honour God’s will, so they tell us
Quantities of game
If I must steal, a thankyou’s required first
Upset singer regularly ignored Latvian icon
Mark Rothko’s first piece after unfinished study
Say what you want to say about wit hitting guards
Figure you must visit New York?
Posh people experiment with dope
Saucy material that one male suppresses
Protest Congress blocking Pride?
I say that woman’s involved in survey on energy
District making soprano a persona non grata
Distressing way to increase crossword output?
My sort of music comes up short
Chess players not allowing any middle ground
One brought in to take lead in Cheers?
God? Time His tripe must be thrown out!
A big band playing without any difficulties
Returns home with company and yours truly
When stag’s other half drained of colour
Dude in Bombay?
“Boy, boy, crazy boy, / Get ____, boy!” (West Side Story lyrics)
Calcium carbonate hanging from a limestone cave roof
The original “____ of Europe” was the Ottoman empire
Determine the concentration a substance in a solution by volume measurement
Possible alternative to “chip” as a burger accompaniment
Many French kings were anointed in the Cathedral of ____
In The Full Monty, a dance move was likened to the Arsenal ____
____ was a player in the England women’s football team, 1983-98, and was its coach, 1998-2013
Two-door car with a folding roof and sloping back
____ geometry is about 2,300 years old, and still taught
Foodstuff originally made in Normandy
An old alternative to “medicine”, as both healing and drugs
England’s traditional heraldic emblem
A form of vitamin B3
Yellow creature in Despicable Me films
New town in Essex, planned by Frederick Gibberd
Howard Land played The Onedin Line’s Captain ____ on TV
On a bicycle in the UK, this should be red, positioned centrally or offside, and between 35 and 150 cm from the ground
Thin layer of wood
Canaan, according to the Old Testament
“Ultimo” used to mean “of the ____” in business letters
Scorer of the final match injury-time goal that made Arsenal the 1988-9 Division One champions
An ____ novel is a series of documents, especially letters
Novelist and goalkeeper who wrote The Stranger
Town whose football team is (according to its website) named after Edward VII’s wife
According to Monty Python, Martin ____ could “think you under the table”
What the fifth song on Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album has
Game of physical agility, first sold in the 1960s
The first woman to run a marathon in less than two and a half hours
Type of diaphragm used in many modern cameras
A major landmark in this southeast London district is a large fibreglass feline
Not playing as well as one has done before
Stories supposedly told by Florentine residents escaping the Black Death
Lady Godiva’s husband
One place to keep your coppers
Island reached by ferry from Fionnphort on the Isle of Mull
Good example of a particular characteristic
A literary souvenir
Proverbial warning about unnecessary investigation
The “corn” in corn on the cob
A bird that cannot yet fly
Johnny Depp made his film debut in this 1984 American slasher movie
British comedian compared to Norman Wisdom, or the first man to run 400m in less than 44 seconds
Process between compiling a crossword and publishing it, for example
Likely to become an earworm
A foreign country, according to LP Hartley
Brief statement, often surprising or satirical
A word that starts the usual name of three different countries
Small village and large parish, close to Cape Wrath
London district containing Battersea power station and New Covent Garden Market
Instrument that twice answers the celesta at the beginning of Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
____’s best-known operetta is The Merry Widow
The area of a ____ or parallelogram is base times height
The school, college or university you attended is your ____
Wild urban feline
Sport administered by the Gaelic Athletic Association
Edmonton is the capital of this Canadian province
There are three in Glen Coe, and seven near Eastbourne
Boadicea’s tribe
Alternative to “firn” as a name for snow on its way to becoming glacier ice
One headless attack in case of mate at end of tether?
Obscure hotel around ravine
Elegant young girl getting rear pinched
Mostly mentioned clips sounded clearly something like a fiddle
What I give when fully committed and wild in Perth
Safe shelter in “new” Durham town
Bit of embarrassment after dancing act reveals derrière
No good, must get late lunch order
Legendary Golgotha is piece of interment ground
Concerned with intestines, one former physician years ago leaving hospital
Bible book’s used for Vic in malignancy and idleness
One left old-timer returning for money as before
Groundsel, perhaps wild seen on Channel Islands round
Lied about old age
Striking content of red wine (German)
Muse on second article by Head, mostly for a Greek scholar
A hateful guy, do not spare him
Fruit and nuts without shell
Special mince inclined to be cut for lamb kebab
White border once with no end of geranium
Number one chance, with friend right away
Cell entrance blocked by fellows endlessly
The college employs bodies on plant
I have an inclination in speech for her
Purchase in clubs more than once records and Smarties
Imitation marble so glacial in new design
Component of dye as before reduced well in Italy
Star in key broadcast
Duke, otherwise heading for “Shakespeare in Love”
Best in a mess maybe thoroughly upset
Rolls is to be entered for nothing in outside film areas
Like a chat perhaps with Gill, not the first
Put up, as pictures
Become ragged at the edges
Corn holder
Spoken exam
Broadcasting right now
Eggs, fancy
Barbarous one
Couldnt have said it better myself
Many adults
Leave the woods suddenly?
Nasal accent
Put ___ show (2 words)
Ski lift
Sharp, as a pupil
Romanovs title
Brilliant bit of brainwork
Gym activity (2 words)
Frilly fabric
Cosmetics ingredient
Red gem
100 percent total?
Destinations for limos in May
Radio interference
Top of a container
Long-eared hopper
Uncultivated one
Like Methuselah
Elegance of style
Seeing through the deception of
Word of agreement
Tenants payment
Collect, as grain
Car engine cover
Strongly advise
Numbing drug
Gather slowly
Plane-wing part
Cup lip
St. or blvd. relative
Spreader of gossip
Insensible hospital condition
Hot spot in the kitchen
TNT sound
School subject with numbers
Formal court order
Con ___ (vivaciously)
Punching tool
Legume in Once Upon a Mattress
Wild shot
Cellphones lack (2 words)
Long, long ___ …
Antibiotic target
Impressive act
Aisle aide at a wedding
Hard work
Raise the hackles of
Bettors figures
Put in the mail
Small amount
What farmers produce
Ginger ___
Raced on foot
$$$ source for mags
And dont forget . . .
Peanuts kid
The Time Machine author
Affectionate greeting
Angry feeling
Ballet apparel
Bambis little pal
Beans or broccoli
Biblical brother
Black water birds
Blessed event
Bowl over
Branch of math
Calls off
Calls off
Canons camera competitor
Capital of Belarus
Career athletes
Chris of CNN
City south of West Palm
College sports conference, formerly
Common cutter
Compulsive fire starters
Conduct, as business
Convention discussion group
Conversant with
Countdown device
Crafty scheme
Creative skill
Damon of cinema
Designer Kamali
Eastern English county, for short
Emulate Rumpelstiltskin with straw
Erstwhile global airline
Etiquette requirements
Expressed amazement
Female zebras
Filmmaker from India
Firefighters tool
Floor space
Founding Father pamphleteer
Fructose and glucose
Fully awake
Game-box insert
Gauchos missile
Great, on some diplomas
Hawaiian fish, for short
Hawaiian force of TV
Hotel visits
Immune-system stimulus
Infamous Old West outlaws
Innate attribute
It means long live
Italian playwright
Labourites, for instance
Lefty pitcher
Legal assistant, informally
Livestock marker
Long-term savings plan
Lots and lots
Many sports stats
Marias boss in The Sound of Music
Maytag sister brand
Measures of force
Metal in the rough
Metaphor for a mess
Mid sixth-century year
Milestones for young cos
Milnes first name
Modeling medium
Mythical fleece finder
Narrow boat
Novelist Uris
Office-space providers for startups
Order to attack
Overrun (with)
Oversized luggage
Paper to pay
Part of LED
PD alerts
Playhouse platform
Poetic adverb
Posting on Flickr
Presidential monogram
Printer insert
Printers proof
Puzzle with plus signs
Quick quip
Raced on snow
Rainbow segment
Rather long time
Ration (out)
Reduces in value
Reduces to granules
Russian diplomat Gromyko
School cafeteria morsel
School cafeteria sandwiches, briefly
Scones, for instance
Senator Hatch
Sends to school
Sharp as __
Shoe-sole material
Sitting rooms
Small canyon
Small hoppers
Somewhat wrong
Sound of a hoofbeat
Source of 46 Across
Source of the fleece found by 105 Across
Squeaky scamperer
Start of a boss order
Started vigorously
Strong yens
Surround securely
They come from the sun
Tiny trace
Topics in history
Très prospère
Trumpet sounds
Utahs __ Mountains
What some parents request at restaurants
Wheel rods
Whips up
Wintertime comment
Without a warranty
Without refinement
Word processor function
La ___ University (Philly)
Mugs, essentially
Fire ___ (gem)
Intestinal blockage
Genesis victim
Start of a Mexican cheer
Nurse Barton
Word gone from the theme answers
Bits of cockpit info
Flag with a plural 18-Across
Greek war god
Himalayan cryptid
Bygone Ford model
Riotous bunch
Morning moisture
Mass recess?
Agronomists study it
Be amused with 18-Across
Like squid squirts
Cruising between continents
Borscht ingredients
Seven, one way
Zodiac roarer
Plane in Paris
Editors Let it stay
Young lady
Pet peeves with 18-Across
Tiptop rating
Soothing botanical
Slapstick food props
Snowy wader
Actor Le Blanc
Americas Got Talent features
Entirely untidy
Attack word to a dog
Portion of a monopolist
Property sellers temp arrangement
Awaits in the darkness
Son in Genesis
Suspended tracks
Old torpedo launcher
Old Finnish coin
Snow coaster
Have to retrieve extra copies
Climbers spike
Sailors arresting cry?
Rodeo staple
Caustic drain substance
Pro number cruncher
Nearly priceless fiddle
Ward of Bruce Wayne
That sailing vessel
Rise abruptly
Creator of Pym
Feature of James Bond
Comics quickies
___ alia (among other things)
Disinfectant brand
Dale Coopers org.
Plastic ___ Band
Addams Family cousin
Bhutan neighbor
Presto! relative
Bit of dogma
Make a pig of oneself
Viticultural valley
Agendum, e.g.
Muddy home
Animal, most successful, devours first character
Baby with obsequious charm?
Ban Asti perhaps?
Be situated in Beaulieu
Best time of youth
Cambridge or Oxford college
Cheat to secure point in card game
City walls in Split survive
Decline to vote
Didnt see crashes en route
Difficult position in which Im outdated
Dish of mashed pea all served up
Encrypted language
Energy in sliced meat for guiding light
Experience soreness
Fish bone ultimately reveals secret message
Guardiolas energy?
Hooded snake
Improve text
Innocent years with vegetarian diet?
Irish forged coin thats ridiculous
Javelin or lance
Judge eats pork pie in break
Key worker climbing fiery mountain
Large bird
Mike skint after training in Welsh town
Money-drawer in corrupt French fortress
Monstrous person
Musical surge
One with large bill in place thats ruinous
Pain bachelors hiding
Parisian prison
Pegboard game
Police department holding up lover boy
Reassembled spare weapon
Rising cheer from soccer den maybe?
Say Hillary Clinton, initially flexible
Sicilian volcano
Signal fire
Sinuous creatures firm support
Some unfortunate men deserve better
Spanish rice dish
Translating Verne requires bottle
Worried about French article being approved
Wryly amusing
Grace Before Meat essayist
Grace Before Meat painter Jan
Just kidding
King of the road
Little green man
1 or 11, in blackjack
Any minigolf shot
Any of four English galleries
Apres-ski bowlful
Banjo virtuoso Fleck
Barclays Center hoopsters
Baristas artistic creation
Big Mac pair
Big name in orange juice
Blissful place
Collar stiffener
Combat vets stress disorder
Common cameo shape
Corned beef holder, perhaps
Create a PDF of, perhaps
Dantes inferno
Declares solemnly
Deli fixture
Duchess of Sussex, e.g
Facial tissue additive
Fiery gemstone
Forest clearing
Full of zip
Gertrude Stein partner Alice B
Give in a little
Give off
Glazed square
Go splitsville
Gossip thats dished
Half-moon-shaped window
Hertz competitor
Iowa States city
Latvian port
Laundromat buy
Like a tuned string
Looies underling
Made the scene
Margarita garnish
Monopoly turn
Much binary code
Musical with Grizabella
Nametag word
Nashs one-l priest
Nehi drinker on M*A*S*H
Neighbor of Yemen
New Haven collegians
Not booked
Notable first for a baby
Place to graze
Place to slalom
Played for time
Poison sumac consequence
Protectors of the Pope
Real estate measures
Respond to reveille
Risque card game
Rod Stewart hairdo
Salad bar cube
Seth of Knocked Up
Shakespearean poems
Some building additions
Squirrels home
Sudden outpouring
T. rex in Jurassic Park, e.g
Takes a rest
Teachers favorite
Timbuktus land
Tummy-flattening garment
Voice higher than tenor
Where ibises wade
___-friendly (simple to operate)
Apothecarys measure
Civic victim of Vesuvius
Surgically implanted tube
Seraglio, concubines
Supple, lithe
Part of a flower
Brief, responsibility
Fetching, attractive
Ice dancer
Fencing sword
Ornamental fringed knot
Cowboy exhibition
Wood used in furniture/flooring etc.
And heres to you, ___ Robinson …
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes actor Tommy
Inferno director Howard
Its a tough job, but the work gets done
Oh Lord, thats wrong
Thats it!
___ a miracle!
___ been around
*On the way!
*Computer networks
*Creature with a deadly gaze
*Free, as a car after a snowstorm
*Police operation
*Strait bordering the Arctic Ocean
AAA, BBB, etc
Accept, with in
Adjusts, as laces
Ambient music pioneer
Android letters
Applying trickery
Approximating phrase
Arm-y gesture?
Arrived at home, in a way
Audited, as a class
Australian native
Avoids litigation
Be taken for
Big NCAA contest
Breath markings
Buddies on deck
Cake producers
Cariou who won a Tony for Sweeney Todd
Carrier of tablets
Catfishing, e.g
Cathedral fixtures
Chicken sticker
Coat with butter, say
Commemorative pieces
Concern following a sports championship
Cousin ___ (Dennis Farinas character in Snatch)
Crumpled (up)
Customary practices
Developer of NASAs computers in the 1960s
Dr. ___, producer of 50 Cents In Da Club
Emersons happy town beside the sea
Encumbered (with)
Feeling expressed in O del mio dolce ardor
Fifth step on a scale
Figure in a 1973 scandal
Film noir classic
Fiona of Killing Eve
Fruity drink mix
Get positioned
Ghostwriter of An Ideal Husband?
Ghostwriter of Hugh Selwyn Mauberley?
Ghostwriter of The Beast Within?
Ghostwriter of The Fountainhead?
Ghostwriter of The Prague Cemetery?
Ghostwriter of Under a Glass Bell?
Gold in sportscasting
Grp. sponsoring Read Across America
Had chips, say
Havens off the highway
His final review was about To the Wonder
History class period?
Home theater spot
Improvisational tune
In play, in a way
It separates two boxers
Jannings of The Blue Angel
Kathy Batess alma mater, for short
Kings or queens attire
Lacking in complexity
Like many a résumé
Lilys woe
Living toy
Maine or Ohio symbol?
Make a bubbly noise
Make a delivery to many people
Make shorts changes, say
Manner of movement
Meat lover, perhaps
Minister (to)
Miss the mark, as on a field goal attempt
Most accessible
Muted, as colors
Nebraska senator Ben
Neons atomic number
No. 4 in 95 Across
Not taken by
Oktoberfest vessel
Orbit segment
Panthers QB Newton
Part of a stand-up routine
Part of ABD
Party person, briefly?
Pavlovian response?
Plant used to make hibiscus tea
Political scientist Bremmer
Produced barbs
Reason for a health inspectors alarm
Red stars time to shine?
Result of pressure
Ring-shaped formations
Rip apart
Roller for a high roller
Rowing machine, in slang
Saison palindromique
Scheduling abbr
Seasonal drink, maybe
Small piece of coding instructions
Smoothie ingredient
Smoothie ingredient
Some fruits depicted on Willy Wonkas lickable wallpaper
Sommeliers detection
Spiced drink, at times
Stage weapon
Streaming problem
Subjects of many Skeptic articles
Super Bowl LII-winning coach Pederson
Tall column of smoke on a deserted isle, e.g
Team of players
To date
Trackers once made by Chevrolet, e.g
Trivial complaint
Universal issue?
Viscous mass
Web services giant
West of Hollywood
Wings locale
Xzibit strength
___ degree
___ forces
___ mode
The hard shell of a nut?
Rating dolts nearly burn
Indian cotton ˜hot mess provided
Bar with calm occupants in general
Excitement level beyond measure!
Old clothes being worn or given away
Will Republican leaders do?
Developer keeping scoundrel safe…
…took a butchers metal-coated weapon
Crying over defeat galls leader…
…an egotist mentioned taking after
Shoemaking colleagues may have improvised
Girl to travel by ship to a city
Nervous model seen differently
Lower starting price also held
Dirty aunt opposite every other aunt
City road taking Chuck to Rex
A flavouring got you in a state!
They go on a bit about ingesting something pink (a drink)
Meeting, say, without a greeting
Patriarch a little forward in speech
Stage-managed opening does well
Beautiful goddesses a god above shames
Report – instant high from theme!
Crampon left with flexible mountaineer
Tenth man reaches a conclusion
Galley opening aboard a little idolaters boat
Follow an animal around, sweetie
Prison guard usually faces prisoner
Lament appalling grand resident
cookie Made Of Egg, Sugar And Almonds Or Coconut
american Sweet Pastry Resembling An Animal Limb
german V2 Rocket Engineer And Space Pioneer
hijacker Of Boeing 727 Who Vanished In 1971
homers Goody-two-shoes Neighbor
blue Club __ Are A Type Of Sea Squirt
garments People Wear Regularly
theft, Stealing
industrial Suburb Of Adelaide In South Australia
to Avenge, Usually By Retaliating
ernest Evans, Aka Rock n Roll Singer Chubby __
undecided Or Neutral In Politics
people Who Train Others
2002 World Cup Stadium, Home Of The Antlers
cream-colored Root Related To The Carrot
it Includes Knowledge, Art And Beliefs Of A Society
nobody Should Rest On Ones Own
dumb And Dumber Actor Jeff __
business, Organization, Entity
héléna __, French Actress From Mid 1900s
hammer With A Barrel-shaped Head
us Vice-president Who Won The Peace Prize In 2007
giant Luxurious Residence Of Royals
a Government, Especially An Authoritarian One
__ Hill, Highest Point On Christmas Island
home To So Many Philosophers
lays Slogan, __ Cant Eat Just One
hormone That Helps To Regulate Energy Balance
stadium Puskas __, Named After Hungarian Great
spider-mans Mild Mannered Alter Ego
opposite To Start
kartvelian Language
aztec Method Of Agriculture On Rectangular Patches
clay-based Vases, Bowls And Ornaments
go All Out, Like A Total Pig
rupees Are Used In India And This Muslim Neighbor
sequence Of Percussive Beats Raising Anticipation
__ Garner, Us Actress Of Alias And 13 Going On 30
european Crisp, Sweetened Bread, A Form Of Rusk
elimination Game Based On Facial Features
belted __fish Are Bright Gold With Black Belt
hitting The Nail On The Head
north Carolina State __ Are From Raleigh, Nc
small Inflatable Boats, Often Made Of Rubber
“the New Celebrity Apprentice” Winner: Matt __
rusty Orange Hue
sufficient Evidences For The Truth Of A Proposition
antonín __, Czech New World Symphony Composer
estadio Metropolitano De __, Venezuela
mel __, Lethal Weapons Actor
novel By Charles Dickens: “__ Twist”
metal-coiled Spring That Travels Down Stairs
sections Of A River With A Relatively Steep Slope
something That Happens Each Year
the Late Natasha Richardsons Husband, Liam __
__ Farhi, French Fashion Designer
castle Strategically Surrounded By Water
popular In High Middle Ages, Knightly Sword
type Of Wine Used In A Trifle
of Or Relating To A Disease Or Its Characteristics
a Silhouette Or Dark Shape
twin Of Pollux And Son Of Leda In Roman Mythology
collection Of Units Into A Body, Mass Or Amount
quarterback Who Led The Saints To The Super Bowl
wooden Boy
dog Day __, Movie With Al Pacino As A Bank Robber
west Germanic Language From Dutch Vernacular
australian Singer Of 1000 Forms Of Fear
original Creation From The Use Of Imagination
soft Washed-rind And Smear-ripened French Cheese
sweet Food Made From Cacao That Comes In Bars
empty Sea Vessel Wandering Without Control
a Song By Kiss From Album Unmasked
paired Percussion Instrument Of Seed-filled Gourds
chimamanda Ngozi __, Wrote Half Of A Yellow Sun
les Demoiselles D__, Picasso Painting
someone Who Bets Money On Games Or Races
it Means “hell” In Italian
nonbelief In The Existence Of God
muhammad Alis Birth Name: __ Clay
rock Once Molten
fire-__ Toads Have Bright Red Spotted Stomachs
roman King Of The Gods
fruit __, Fruit Paste In Fun, Kid Friendly Form
the Opposite Of Lights
blade Fitted At The End Of A Musket
country Where Belfast Is Located, Northern __
will __, Us Actor Of Anchorman, Step Brothers
medicine For Upset Stomach, Indigestion Or Nausea
plundered Place, Such As A Town
it Means “thanks” In Italian
__-loir, North French Dept Named After Two Rivers
convex Gardening Spatula To Transplant Seedlings
spacexs Launch Vehicle
chicago-based Improv Theater Troupe, __ City
to Suck The Air And Dirt From Carpets Or Rugs
__ Ghost Crabs Live In The Indo-pacific Region
the Girl With The Dragon __, Book By Stieg Larsson
element Used In X-rays And Rat Poison
greek Titan And The Father Of Zeus
first Ruler Of Akkad In Northern Mesopotamia
sending An Electronic Communication
shakespearean Actress From Poland: Helena __
term For A Hoofed Mammal
channels On The Radio
to Cut Down Expenses
a Disordered, Weakened Or Unsound Condition
ethnic Groups Living Outside Their Homeland
capital Of Vanuatu
clamshell Fixing Used In Jewelry Making
nickname Of Australian Swimming Great Ian
us Horror Comedy Film About Mogwai Pet
in __, Latin Phrase Meaning “not Present”
amazon Lily
via __, Sorrowful Route Taken By Jesus To Calvary
stephen __, Musical Composer
british Pop Rock Band Named After Liverpool Doctor
__ Blecharczyk, Cofounder Of Airbnb
a __ Of Ants
gomer Pyle Portrayer, Jim __
sea Of __, Divides Mexico; Gulf Of California
office Machine For Reproduction
kathleen __, Us Actress In Romancing The Stone
__ Bells, Small Metal Bells With Internal Pellet
required Payment Of Damages
harry Potters Pet Owl
wedding Dessert From Central Europe
secure Rectangular Container To Store Things
ancient People Who Were The Original Mummifiers
welsh Fruit Loaf Aka Speckled Bread
__ Method, Studying The World Using The Senses
animated Film About Ant Flik And His Friends
elizabeth __, First Woman In Us To Become A Doctor
man In The Moon With A Cream Cheese Hat
going With The Flow
ghastly, Dreadful
czech-born Tennis Star Who Coached Andy Murray
scale Used To Measure Flux
long Serving Chairman Of Federal Reserve
ancient Gemstone Used By Pharoahs
metal Item For Holding Live Coals For Heating
amount Of Money Received Per Unit Time In A Job
eric Is The Evil And Rotund South Park Character
first Lunar Phase
graham Greene Honorary Consul, Charley __
american __ Is Also The Bully
medicine Without An Active Ingredient
virtuous, Holy
philip Seymour __, Us Actor Who Passed Away In 2014
al Pacino Plays An Honest Cop Against Corruption
wacky __, Slang Word For Marijuana
rembrandts Last Name
instrument That Uses Shadows To Tell The Time
bostons Basketball Team
tiny Baked Good, Very Popular With Cream On Top
study Of Light, Wide Array Of Applications
anakin Skywalker, __ Christensen
of The Eyes
star Trek Weapon Of Choice
small Inflatable Boat, Often Made Of Rubber
__ Summer, Unseasonably Warm Autumn Weather
fish That Gave Birth To The Stars In Maori Folklore
author Of The Play “blithe Spirit”: Noel __
greek Poetess, Symbolic Of Female Homosexuality
flavoring For A Satay Dipping Sauce
__ Prince Is The Smart Kid In The Simpsons
marilynne Robinsons Book About Fathers And Sons
to Scribble Aimlessly
moving Without Anchor Or Mooring
showy, Frivolous; Trifling Thing Of No Consequence
ben __, Wrote Billy Lynns Long Halftime Walk
model Gisele __ Is Married To Tom Brady
colorful Mineral; Blue John Is A Variety
a Chocolate And Walnut Tart Created In Kentucky
mass Movement By A Fleeing Crowd
ziggy __ And The Spiders From Mars
aircraft Designed To Land On The Ocean
strategy Game With Turning Cogs
__ Ali, One Of The Greatest Boxers Of All Time
describes A Horse With A Reddish-brown Coat
piratical Facial Accessory
dirty Harrys Last Name
call To __
mitsubishi Model Sounds Like A Military Leader
telescopic __, Optical Zooming
add These To Mulled Wine To Flavour It
country Where The Negev Desert Is Located
jewelry Or Object Covered With Gold
ancient Site, Spring At Mount Hermon
gary __, Uk Actor, Dracula Star
__ Weight, Boxing Division Less Than Middleweight
tv Show: Lifestyles Of The Rich And __
alice __, Wrote The Color Purple
art Supporters
grimy Rock Music
an Enzyme Secreted By The Stomach Wall
war Memorial At Ypres; Last Post Is Played Nightly
ras __, Northernmost Of The United Arab Emirates
essential Oil; Bushy Herb Of The Mint Family
us Boxer Floyd, World Heavyweight Champ In 1950s
antonym Of Limited
uno, Snap And Pit Are Examples Of __
in A Certain Place
mr. __ Builds His Dream House, Movie With C. Grant
construction Tool For Pressing Materials
where To Eat On A Train
german Electronic Band Of The 70s With Autobahn
synchronized Boot Scoot
traitor In Got
hundred-footed Insect
philosopher, A Boozy Beggar Said Monty Python
__ Heaven, State Of Euphoria; 90s Show
corby __ Press, An Iconic Product From Britain
famous Wwii Tank
someone Who Investigates Suspicious Deaths
another Name For Kettledrums
greek Goddess Of Corn And Fruitfulness
south China Sea Islands Claimed By Vietnam, China
amy __, Aviatrix Flew From Britain To Australia
yarn Measure Equivalent To 18 Hanks Or 126 Skeins
company Distilling Cordon Bleu
what One Cannot Do If He/she Cant Obey
tiny Glass Balls For Rolling Or Collecting
certainly Not Strict
fatty Acid Used In Soaps
player Going First In __ 4 Can Win 100% Of The Times
large Sledges Traditionally Pulled By Reindeer
frostys Genus
underground Stem That Produces Roots And Shoots
retail __, Shopping To Make You Feel Better!
machado __, Brazilian Writer Of Realist Novels
intensely Deep Red
cash __, An Atm To Dispense The Notes For Shopping
__ Sorter, Machine To Separate Unattractive Foods
stadio Artemio __, Fiorentina Football Home
a Usually Circular Line Encompassing An Area
diaphragm Spasms
to Board A Plane Or Ship For A Journey
__ Jack, Notorious 18th-century Pirate
to Turn Into Bone, To Petrify
fiji Is An __ Nation
daisy __, Rey, In Star Wars: The Force Awakens
avoided, Failed To Be Captured
sound Of A Titter Or Giggle
traditional Ascot Races Headgear For Men
skeletally Scanned
the Time Of Greatest Successes
one Who Says, Anagram Of Torque
times __, Site Of New York New Years Celebration
a __ Of Cubs And Kittens
archery Targets
one With Hope
triskaidekaphobia Is The Fear Of __
when February Has 29 Days
he Finished 2nd Place In 2009 X Factor
property Of The Tape Invented By Richard E Drew
you Got Lucky Girl, When He Found You
crystallized Green Stems Used As Cake Toppers
deng __, Leader Of China From 1978-1989
colourful Allium That Is Actually Purple
area Of North-west Italy With Turin As The Capital
native From The South American City La Paz
a Bad Workman Blames These
unexplained Series Of Designs At Nazca
body Organ That Secretes Glucagon
pond __, Insect That Skims The Surface Of Water
of Or Relating To Rats Or Mice
militant Anti-fascist Political Movement
a Furious Rant
__ Earring, 70s Dutch Band With Radar Love
spend These In São Tomé And Príncipe
full Of Lumps, Not Smooth
metal Sliding Cylinder Exerting Pressure On Fluids
martial Artist And Judo Champion, Ronda __
name Of People From Barbados
the Adventures Of Huck Finn (1993) Starred __ Wood
expression Meaning To Apologize, Eat __ Pie
in Apothecaries Weight: 20 Of These In A Scruple
journal For Sticking In Cuttings
irish Bread With Sultanas And Raisins
__ The Great, 18th C King Of Prussia
recreation Vehicle Brand
classes Where Dogs Are Taught To Behave
using Bizarre, Illogical And Incoherent Settings
barcelona Public Gardens Designed By Gaudí
festive Scene Encased In Liquid-filled Dome
russian Author Boris __ Declined The Nobel Prize
swinging Device Marks Time In Music
study Focuses On The Nervous System
world Record-breaking Marathon Runner, Paula __
pandemic Is A Widely Spread __
fellow Feeling
stanley __, Painter Of Cookham And Nudes
watery Mythical Lady With A Fishy Tail
a City In Western Uzbekistan
__blake, English Poet Who Illustrated His Own Work
asian Cooking Technique Of Roasted Spices
obtained Money From Someone By Swindling
simpsonss Physician, Doctor __
big __, Sports Idiom Meaning More Important
trombone From The Renaissance And Baroque Eras
seriousness, Importance, Significance
polygon Base With Triangular Faces
__ The Tuna, Starkists Underwater Mascot
to Shock, Astonish
lender At High Interest Rates, Old Term
clear Of Chin Hair
gerd __, German Striker With Knack For The Goal
philosophy __, Branch Concerned With Mental Events
white Collar Workers Work Here
scowl, Knit Ones Brow
a Dark Sooty Shade Of Brown Or Grey
to Pay No Attention To
a Genus Of Colorful Sea Slugs
movie Of Blue People; Forum Character
honda Car Model, Its Name Sounds Like An Agreement
2017 Best Seller By Bill Oreilly: “old __”
__ Of Wales, Champagne Drink By Albert Edward
european River Travels Through Ten Countries
small Piece That Holds The End Of A Belt In Place
autocue Helper
a Unesco World Heritage Site In Tunisia
needlework For Dresses With Honeycomb Pattern
chicago __ Baseball Team
cast Iron Bread Of Boers In South Africa
cook Who Works Under The Head In A Kitchen
scientific Prediction Of Upcoming Weather
it Means “fireplace” In Spanish
on Futurama, __ Slim Is Hermes Rival
cyd __, Actress Of The Band Wagon
currency Of Hungary
chief Inspector Wexford And Di Mike __
snow Sliding Sports Practitioners
way, Mood
sentence Structure Study
__ Forward, Fall Back
the Deer __, De Niro, Walken Changed By War
papers Made From The Stems Of Tall Marsh Plants
espresso Drink With Milk And Dollop Of Ice Cream
richard Harrow In Boardwalk Empire, Jack __
consolation, Comfort
to Increase Prices Abruptly
winston Churchills Mother, Jennie __
some Who Enjoys Going On Foot
ted __, Diagnosed With Cat Scratch Fever
otherworldly Apparitions
horse__, Peppery Root Used To Make Wasabi Sauce
anagram Of Ari Got All: A Florida Swamp Animal
wooden Or Plastic Circles Twirl Around The Body
recognized As “the Wisest Man In All Of Oz”
neolithic Settlement On The Bay Of Skaill
bean-shaped Gland In The Immune System
a Life-like Doll Who Could Really Show Her Emotions
city In Germany Thats Home To The Porsche Museum
french Term For Wine Steward Or Connoisseur
to Construct A Lie
learn About Children By Studying This
daenerys __, Is Played By Emilia Clarke
to Elongate
board Game With Brain Power Required
the State That Bernie Sanders Represents
herbert Von __, Austrian Musical Conductor
to Disparage Someone
investigating By Asking Questions Or Poking
saint __, French Count Who Seemed To Be Immortal
trimming Of Strands On Your Head
ignatius Of Loyola, Spanish Priest, Founded These
vicomte Seducer In Book By Laclos
an Addicts Worst Friend
__ Present, Movie With Cary Grant
an Opening Move In Chess Involving Sacrifice
to Provoke, Start A Reaction
tie That Doesnt Need To Be Tied
djs Creative Song Introductions
first Planet To Be Identified With A Telescope
tv Clown On The Simpsons
dairy Rejecters
__ Acid, Process Aid In Beverages Aka Tannin
__ Man, 1945 Musical About Identical Twins
iran, In Ancient Times
1994 Film That Started A Sci-fi Franchise
red North Italian Wine Grape With High Tannins
historical Rabbi, “a Reasoner”
muscovite Like Mica With Magnesium
another Name For The Trachea
the Executive Capital Of South Africa
one-person Card Game, Not For The Easily Annoyed
__ Line, Marker On The Sides Of Ships
dangerous __, Period Piece With Glenn Close
pirate Ship Loaded And Ready For Battle
dust And Rock Ejected By A Volcano
fall Through The __
the __ On The River Kwai, Won An Oscar In 1958
a Cow Moos, A Donkey Brays, A Horse __
wealthy Girl In Billy Joels Classic Song
__ Kameez, Traditional Two-piece Indian Outfit
sad Words To Kids, __ School
virgils History Of Rome
dorothy __, 1976 Gold Medal Female Skater
crème __, French Dessert Of Cold, Set Custard
long Vehicle For Transporting The Deceased
1991 Chart-topping Album For Rem
they Make Up Half The Casualties Of War
to Count Or Work Out Mathematical Problems
__ Green, Color Named After German City
saturday Night Live Sketch About An Alien Family
civil War General Thomas J Jacksons Nickname
records Details Of Your Birth And Can Marry You
modern-day Name Of The City Of Stalingrad
bundner __, Swiss Pastry Of Caramelised Walnuts
turning A Ship On Its Side
person Who Takes Care Of Insects That Make Honey
1992 Sci-fi Horror, __ Man
winston __, Uk Prime Minister During Wwii
naga __, Glowing Phenomenon On The Mekong River
jeffrey __, Middlesex Writer
head Of Educational Establishment
author Of “a Brief History Of Time”: Stephen __
they Speak Louder Than Words
flagship Of The Decepticons In Transformers
salt Lake Bordering Jordan
real, Authentic
rats And Mice
action That Pancake Makers Are Involved In
highly Collectible Stuffed Toys On Strings
__ Nakamoto, Bitcoin Digital Currency Designer
the Flower __, Diego Riveras Oil Painting
__ Club, Frequent Flyer Scheme Of Monarch Airlines
the First Iraq War Was Known As The __ Gulf War
new Orleans Nightlife Center: __ Street
in Bizets Carmen, The Soldier That Kills Her
goat-antelope Native To Mountains In Europe
a Small Footstool
grace __, Invented Early Computer Language A-o
coulrophobia Is A Fear Of __
dictatorial Order
henry __, Cromwells Son-in-law And General
diverse, Not All The Same
__ Page, 1950s Pinup-inspired Hair Cut Style
workers Rights Groups
louisiana-lafyette Ragin __ Are In Ncaa Division 1
high Altitude Wispy Clouds
character Created By A. A. Milne, __ The Pooh
the Road To El __, Us Drama With Kevin Kline
pilot, Anagram Of Marina
barley Bread From Libya
lotion Or Emulsion To Darken Your Skin
roof Tiles
real Name Of U2 Lead Singer Bono, Paul __
lisbeth __, A Girl With A Dragon Tattoo
unpleasant Action Of Bees And Wasps
obi-wan Wants To Take Luke To __ In Episode 4
in The Eye Of The Beholder, Study Of Beauty
turkish Tribes From Here Founded Ottoman Empire
anagram Of Stiff Gun; Traditional For Thanksgiving
jean __, Finnish Composer Of Kullervo
claudia __, Supermodel
to Dwindle
taking A Little Off The Top Or The Side
fancy Handbag, Especially One With A Drawstring
hand-held Controller For Flying A Plane
they Show Guests To Their Seats At A Wedding
season Of The Year When The Titanic Sank
physical Or Emotional Movement
intact Medieval City In German State Of Thuringia
martha And The Vandellas Hit: “dancing In The __”
e-book Reader From Amazon
limbless Slithering Reptiles
plastic On The Ends Of Shoestrings
japanese Car Company Refers To The Pleiades
blood Type Factor Named After A Monkey
decayed And Rotten
anise, Licorice Liqueur Originally From France
nickname For Us City Detroit, Michigan
spreading The Digits In A Bob Fosse Fashion
characterized By Repeated Bouncing
similar To Socks But Longer
the Workforce, Or The Hr Department
“canine” Grapefruit Cocktail, Salty Dog On Rim
the Beasts Right Hand And Pendulum Clock
with Woodward He Exposed The Watergate Affair
name Of The Patient In The Board Game Operation
__ Mac, Uk-us Band With Albums Tusk And Rumours
nickname Of Tennis Player John Mcenroe
ships Flag Indicating Its Leaving Port
inca Creator, Responsible For Nazca Lines
trial Period To Assess Fitness Or Readiness
1987 Bond Film The Living __
stifled, Asphyxiated
agricultural Sowing Device Invented By Jethro Tull
light Blue Gemstone

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