Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-10-29

Woodpecker’s noise
Motor oil brand that sponsored Richard Petty
Tall wooden walking stick
___-Wan Kenobi (“Star Wars” role)
TBS sportscaster ___ Johnson Jr.
It can follow “small” or “chicken” in disease names
Target in a bowling alley
British singer ___ Lewis
Actor who played Jill in “Jack and Jill”: 2 wds.
Number that you can’t divide by
Garland in Waikiki
2017 top 10 hit for Kendrick Lamar
“The Great American Read” network
Phrase that can mean “Let’s play!” or “Challenge accepted!”: 2 wds.
With 34-Across actor who played Madea in ten movies
See 31-Across
Caribbean religion that involves dolls
“Same old same old” situation
Alternative to a minivan: Abbr.
Instructor at a country club
“They were made for ___ other”
Actor who played Mama and Granny Klump in “The Nutty Professor”: 2 wds.
Conversation transition
Generation ___ (difference between two age groups)
Mountain in Switzerland or Italy
Accident-___ (klutzy)
Bug that can carry many times its own weight
Sturgeon eggs
Became less vivid like a memory
Men’s or ladies’ room in England
2018 Emmy nominee Danson
November’s birthstone
Studio that made “Cars” and “Coco”
Drinks slowly
Events for lawyers
___ alla vodka (pasta dish)
What retailers do
Where an arboreal animal lives
Neatly arranged: 2 wds.
“Mary Poppins Returns” actor ___-Manuel Miranda
Drink that’s the focus of a Japanese ceremony
Gas-powered scooter
Create a hole in the ground
“Neither rhyme ___ reason”
“Don’t let this go ___ further . . .”
Guy’s guy in slang
Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon on “The Simpsons”
Electricity usage tracker
Items with remote controls typically
“Look What ___ Made Me Do” (2017 Taylor Swift hit)
Deity such as Cupid: 2 wds.
Nail polish company with such colors as Pink Bubbly and Cajun Shrimp
Ray who stars on the Epix series “Get Shorty”
Take ___ (disassemble)
“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” actress Bennet
Promoted very heavily
___ buggy (beach vehicle)
Property card in Monopoly
“If it were ___ me . . .”: 2 wds.
Sunscreen rating: Abbr.
wrote down in a series
lapse into bad habits
Niagara, Victoria and Angel
oppressively hot and moist
staying out of trouble
attach a description to
scrape together
Mil. schools
Irritably impatient
Actress Dunham who wrote “Not That Kind of Girl”
What a designated driver should be
Where “I dos” are exchanged
Leave out
Children’s publisher whose name includes a black-and-white animal
Home of Pago Pago
Moo goo ___ pan
Wonderland girl
Foul-smelling swamp plant whose name includes a black-and-white animal
Sent to the canvas, in brief
What “I do” means
On, as a horse
Some small batteries
Volcanic residue
Samberg of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
Areas for pedestrians whose name includes a black-and-white animal
Hoedown seat
Schumer of “I Feel Pretty”
Relative of dynamite
Small sugar serving
Bread for a Reuben sandwich
Deg. from Wharton
Sharpshooter’s asset
Restaurant chain whose name includes a black-and-white animal
Opposite of o’er
Line at an airport
Men’s fancy duds whose name includes a black-and-white animal
Brand of blenders
High points
High cards
German steel city
Sheriff’s group
Flip, as a coin
Shiny photo
New version of an old film
Strong dislike
Relay race handoff
Nile biter
Mountain lion
Britcom of the 1990s, informally
E.M.T. procedure with electric paddles, for short
___ Lanka
iPad, e.g.
Elite race in “The Time Machine”
Item hung on Christmas Eve
Accept a bet
100 in a century: Abbr.
Repeatedly scolds
“Allahu ___”
Spanish house
Sounds at spas
Susan of “L.A. Law”
Deliver a diatribe
Whom Cain slew in Genesis
Triceps locale
Sushi sauce
Listings on the periodic table
___ Crunch
River of the underworld
Drag queen’s wrap
Economic improvement
When doubled, a dolphinfish
Where Guadalajara is
Where less-played tunes can be found on old records
Levy, as taxes
Dance club that might have a rotating mirrored ball
Homecoming attendees, for short
Morocco’s capital
James who wrote “A Death in the Family”
Poet who wrote “Once upon a midnight dreary …”
Midday snooze
Mao ___-tung
Got lineages from him? Yes!
Anger shown by Queen Elizabeth I when sent back
Its Latin among other things
Send back a clock
What a worker may assume is the highest
A tempting thing to do
Back at sea
An old Empire sofa
Plant that means a great deal to us
Height? No, leave it out
Girl in sad array
Way that is perfectly clear
Look up and down
A somewhat predictable order
Wash a great deal I have on
Some of the top stories
A fishmonger for instance?
They give people eyes for detail
One whose meteoric career is almost over?
The farthest one will be from a bank
Not a long-drawn-out bargain
Releases the last of the Mounties
Does it rule the waves?
We are under a feeling of wonder
Make worse
Knives etc.
Elementary text-book
Sudden resolve
Atomic pile
Loss of water
Take away
Puccini opera
Remove faults
Not precise
Send back
Turners production of French and English articles
The sole hot African country
Verdict reached after a search
The ones there are to the south-east of the back of 8
Be that as it may, there is uniformity
Quite early, while enjoying oneself
Shameful – at 144!
How a dog can keep a monarch out
Give up part of the attic, once development occurs
A bit of profit, and not for the first time
Malaise results in enmity
Nowhere for spectators to sit
A fairy in the upper income bracket
Its presumably faster than running away
Mother is producing a line on a weather-map
A seat in Turkey
Hes secretive and hostile in traffic
But it was Daniel who was the roaring success here!
A sufficient reason for being unable to float
A memorial of the battle, perhaps
Im sad – he got more gold than he wanted!
Bring up the tail-end
Fanny , US singer and comedienne; subject of 1964 Broadway musical Funny Girl
2000 action film starring Samuel L Jackson in the title role
Regent of the Sun in John Milton poem Paradise Lost
Don , 1976 Olympic 200m gold medallist
2004 novella by Michael Chabon
Cricket shot that touches the ground before crossing the boundary
2012 novel by Katie Fforde
Ancient Latin hymn sung at matins in the Roman Catholic Church
The , Test cricket ground in London
See 12
Japanese dish of seafood or vegetables deep-fried in batter
Evergreen tree of the Mediterranean with edible shiny black fruits
Member of a Germanic people who invaded and settled large parts of England in the 5th- and 6th-centuries
Jule , composer of the music for Broadway musicals Gypsy and Hallelujah, Baby!
Craig , poet whose volumes include 1979s A Martian Sends a Postcard Home
Muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology
1968 musical-comedy film starring The Monkees
See 15 Across
Jez , author of stage plays Mojo and Jerusalem
Young unfledged pigeon
2009 novel by Robert Rankin
Francis , English Renaissance dramatist whose collaborations with John Fletcher include 1616s The Scornful Lady
Graham , member of the Monty Python comedy team who died in 1989
Supreme god in Germanic mythology
Character in Greek mythology bound to a perpetually turning fiery wheel by Hermes on the orders of Zeus
Rod , entertainer associated with puppet Emu who died in 1999
Cutlery item
Duck sound
Further from the middle
Paper-folding art
External shell of a vehicle
Hay bundle
Without difficulty or effort
Fine mortar
Gaseous element
Motorcycle accessory
Young eel
Deadly sin
Wobbly dessert
Single complete thing
Absurd pretence
Deceive or betray
Two-hundredth anniversary
Stay of execution
Persons private book
Auctioneers hammer
Corrosive substance
Friends out of steam
Stick to personnel
Knock a style of music
Deal with one outburst
Present during the recording
Feel modest about growth
Crib, too, became mechanical
Figure turns it green
British and American transport
Boy keeps old pack
African trip reconsidered as fair
Bemused with creature
Turn wife on part of foot
Joke is quiet and offensive
Butt of jokes, relatively
Are back for a long time
School nowadays is gloomy
Representative period with book
Bread makes European stay
Somehow pose as something valuable
Strange spirit
Struggled with mat
Exclude from pub
Business rated badly
Otherwise eels thrash about
Feathery snake?
Pam struggled in some current
Refurbished with pelt
Sharp blow
Angry speech
In this place
Type of tree
Whole number
Wildlife expedition
Flightless bird
Relative by marriage
Currency unit
Alcoholic drink
Floor covering
If not, then
Electrical unit
Animal hair
Lucilles fellow
Pro vote
Without risk
Cut down
Slip up
Peace bird
Garden veggie
British brew
Game of chance
Go over again
Unclose, in poems
At present
Royal rule
Country walk
Without equal
Racing horse
Fake leather
Shareholders earning
Political electees
Go by schooner
Zwei or dos
Female voice
There, in verse
Bards always
Bamboo eater
Many times
Done, to Donne
Spring, e.g.
Cultivating tool
Horses gait
Baskers rewards
Raw metals
Had been
Young driver
Elephant group
Snaky fish
____ training
Passport endorsements
Like some walls
Lets off vapor
Time past
Ruby ____
Winter wear
Big fuss
Drippy nose fluid
___ of Langerhans
___ Tuesday (Mardi Gras)
Blue-ribbon position
Kind of salad
Full-price payers
La Dolce Vita setting
Old 45 player
Cutlass automaker
Stick-on design
Fever with chills
Hide, as a bone
100 bucks
Breadbasket item
Read bar codes on
Wizard of __ Park : Edison
Protective net above a cradle
__ Paulo, Brazil
Some tech sch. grads
Type of energy or reactor
60s-70s quarterback Tarkenton
Content cat sound
Spanish gold
Government prosecutor
Philip of Kung Fu
Live and breathe
Ich bin __ Berliner : JFK
Reduced responsiveness to medication
Casablanca pianist
She sheep
Blues singer James
At first, second or third
Long __ of the law
Airline to Stockholm
Unexpected classroom announcement … and, initially, one hiding in each set of puzzle circles
Aesops also-ran
East of Eden director Kazan
Blender button
Barely makes, with out
A short distance away
Wild frontier place
IRS form IDs
King and queen
Greek marketplace
Hitchhikers principle?
Actress Ward
Star Wars mastermind
Lip-__: mouth the words
U.S. capital transit system
First month of el año
Pros opposite
Braves, on scoreboards
DiCaprio, in fan mags
Potatoes partner
B.C. cartoonist Johnny
Tennis great with nine Grand Slam singles titles
Goodnight woman of song
Tolled like Big Ben
Romeos rival
Salt Lake City team
Leftovers wrap
Postage-paid enc.
Cost of living?
Brit. military award
Job applicants preparations
Pretty pitcher
Most concise
Dont look __ like that!
Beasts of burden
Buenos __
From China, say
Popular performers
That was close!
Leaves gatherer
Addition column
Auditing pro
Run smoothly
Altar in the sky
Winter coat
Walk in water
Study hard
Prophetic signs
Divas offering
Low traffic road (2 wds.)
Musical dramas
Clairvoyant one
Good sense
Southern beauty
Makes very happy
Corosive substances
Tax org.
Carrying weapons
New (prefix)
Hawaiian feast
At no time, in verse
In abundance
Toe trauma
Great wrath
Norways capital
Indiana Jones, e.g.
Christmas carol
Bible book
Star ____
Takes a break
Apartment expense
Monopoly, e.g.
Green gem
Sheriffs group
French pal
Lipstick shades
Leg joint
Military conflict
San ____ Padres
Sycamore or oak
Lincoln and Vigoda
Temperature unit
Fire leftover
Scoop water
Light tan
Mona ____
Green fruits
Wards off
Informed about
Numero ____
Strong metal
Huge person
River embankment
Grows weary
Grease job
Mineral deposits
Bed support
Mooses kin
NYC time zone
Republic has areas in which crime is a problem
A fellow made a run for it after wife went on too much
Port Vales opener goes in very scrappily
Popular myth surrounds quiet Scottish island
Damaged picture frames about to be reduced
Mistakes are to be reversed, soldiers trapped at the front admitted
Drive to Oslo regularly
Half of party goes with rhetoric – room for improvement?
Need to be composed after female just panicked
Run over wild animal
Capital of Sweden consumed by liberal opinion – outwardly
Home by five when in old reserved occupation
Clutching drink, step into hospital department to see one who deals with piles
A bridge player possesses clubs and diamonds
Heavyweight reportedly gets purse
Grand Hotel, given time, embraces good idea
A blend of mostly tropical fruit
Choose wrought iron case, oddly, for delicate circuitry
Sing refrain for musical gathering
Joined United in league
Drop of whiskey and punch
Following diversion, ultimately become very gloomy
Toss up ball endlessly
I eat dry crackers, given this advice?
Expressing regret, a game show admits wrongdoing
Golf balls new players hit, finally gaining control
The star beginning to oscillate could become dimmer, possibly
Leader of forgotten tribe dances around large tree
Two supporters used to get the Blades going
Revolutionary vehicle keeps empty spacecraft supplied with oxygen
With its arrival, I dashed for cover
Violent criminal shipping heroin in vessel
Large shop
Scottish emblem
Wash out
Vulgar display
Bright red
Type of house
Pungent bulb
Greek island
Accidentally meet
Acceptable currency
Crash helmet (Slang)
Mexican spirit
Shooting star
Small bay
Train unit
Overhead trains
Composer Porter
Fortas and Lincoln
Farm female
Owl call
Metal source
Wheel bar
Purse part
Fertilizer ingredient
Fizzy water
Triangular letter
Sloths home
Reddish horse
Software customers
Lettuce variety
No seats
Baseball stats
Self-evident truth
El —, Texas
Icelandic epic
Continental coin
Outback bird
Skirt feature
Pre-weekend cry
Mafia boss
Away from WSW
Low isles
Help a crook
Author Umberto
Use a broom
Tic-tac-toe loser
Texters chuckle
Paris summer
Like some safety glass
Dispensed candy
Court divider
Medicinal plant
Put up, as curtains
Poker variety
Celtic tongue
King, in Cannes
Mac alternatives
Notable time
Like some floors
Wrestling style
Not busy
Thors father
Calendar abbr.
Lanka lead-in
Minor argument
Made fun of
Met performer
Sheet material
Tennis star Agassi
Hotel rooms
Waiters aid
Mass leader
Source of answers
Clobber, biblically
In recent days
Tennis court divider
Johnson also known as The Rock
Part to play
Crumb carrier
Shows malice toward
News summary
Kick out
Splinter groups
Metal sources
Prof protector
Delhi native
Winks count
On the house
The whole amount
Diner dessert
Tooth layer
Dream up
Waiting room call
Rink surface
Yemen neighbor
They have titles
Rich backer
Catch sight of
Votes in
Lab work
Pub missile
Trouts place
Mexican coin
Charitable donations
Three-toed mammal
Forest females
Battery terminal
Pound of poetry
Fairy-tale fiend
Checked before a heist
Rwandas capital
Japanese dog
Mideastern land
Author Heine
Bit of grain
Race unit
Desk drawer item
Ecclesiastical vestment
Tiny amounts
More agile
Old Germanic legal code
La Scala productions
Footnote abbr.
Former Mrs Trump
Luciano Pavarotti, e.g.
Exile isle
Untouchable Eliot
Appointed date
Norse fire god
Tequila cocktail
Enter secretly
Anecdote collection
Think creatively
Lords estate
Atmospheric layer
Committed a faux pas
Hourglass filler
False witness
The Prophet author
Nursery rhyme residence
Calendar period
Them there
Exodus participant
Low-tech calculator
Filled tortilla
Begin bidding
Actor Tamblyn
Walks firmly
Clapton of rock
Sound of a drip
Young hare
Dark fur
Travels back and forth
Roadside guide
Shortened version, for short
Clothes line?
Negative conjunction
Doing nothing
Fingerless gloves
Heavenly being
Male singing voice
Football or cricket team
A sculptors work
Passenger ship
Alone, without company
Famous public school
Caesars language
Festival in spring
Machine for lifting
Cash register
Striped animals
Deposit that forms on teeth
Male parent
Call upon
Expression of woe
Apparition revealed by good entertainer
Clue Id set for old mathematician
Period of darkness expected at first after energy cuts
Sound of saint leaving a studio
Bit of property near English river
Having for sale a container for presents?
While accompanying special forces, offend a killer
Anger when changing gear
Where many Germans are turning back from Lyonesse
Lie in wait possibly? We must be concealed first
Just by real ground
Tendon is put back in original condition
Leave supports for little birds
Mark is to withdraw from contest
Peel from cucumber in dustbin
Tender saga involved dogs
Record finish of race
Power to choose mayor, finally, over one urban area
Yearn to associate with poet?
Rain is an upset for Middle East people
Separated and sure to be reunited
Some fellow in sales is successful
Catch small horse
Stewardess kicks out Swedes – The Sun
Amongst microbes tested in the cream
Approach one of those warming the bench to get the drinks in
Blast! Short cut goes around motorway
Build redevelopment with new capital
Confuse uniola at first with wild nettles
Consumers wind-up those taking drugs
Feel a bit upset in whats an irritable spot
Feel bitter about banks research department
Free from interruption on the radio, most of them back out? On the contrary!
Hanging around freezing with couple of those in charge of The Spanish Review
Hurry up and put your foot down
Joined United?
Keep this under your hat – it sounds like friar is on holiday
Old Wesley is in the red
Olives relative from time in school started smoking by holding the ends of the butts
Ran away from break-in on the velodrome
Realise a temperature aint problematic
Rested awkwardly in ditch
Some cartel goes crazy? Theyve missed the boat!
Some compliments, possible unwelcome, for what one of The Strypes said reportedly to One Direction
Spy and detective up to their necks in the plot
Take one back for short dress in red
Too bad for Lincolnshire poacher, for one
Useless record about Utah
Where one finishes one sentence exactly
Women left unwelcome hint
Women on parish tour with endless crafty lot that could be carriers
Artistic work that imitates another
Biblical god of riches
Calculation of the sum
Challenge to do something dangerous
Characteristic of a lion
Curve of the foot
Decorative pin
Envy, resent
Green stones from strangely red males
Hold in detention
Inter-office note
Nepalese capital
Observe, become aware of
Of no real value
One is not professional
Optical illusions in hot places
Over-used phrase
Point in the orbit of the moon thats furthest from the earth
Prediction, about the weather perhaps
Public shame or disgrace
Rambles aimlessly on a winding course
Shoe with a thick wooden sole
Sound chanted repeatedly
Split or divided, as a hoof perhaps
Stages in development
Three-legged support
Type of savoury tart
Utter a piercing cry
Wash and iron
Vegetables from pods
Too general; cleaning
Valuable object
Domestic animals
Greek philosopher
Sudden change of mood
Slender and graceful
Stylish, sophisticated
Unspecified person
Yearn to possess
Containers; oodles
Justified in terms of profitability
Sign of approval
Habitual drunkards
Ahead of time
Dog with drooping ears
Old French coins
Graceful style
Sees; adverts
Variety of lettuce
Dutch painter
Like lovers
Still; even
Woman’s breast
Turn out
Eg, minestrone
Sheep from flock west of Scottish town
False report an eccentric circulates
Person keeping official records for hospital doctor
Some come to terms over fetish?
Poem and piece of music heard
Satirise a politician taken in by rascal
Diligent cousins notice changes
I visit in class, without exception
Knock public house sign, unfortunately
Lab gear reassembled for this subject at school
Fat? Briefly run, slowly
Up for a big band number
Son not out, rotten sailor
Islamic emblem in curved terrace
Hot, a remarkable African capital
Duke of Cornwall’s wife, for example, went without
Partners back film
Body of people with crime writer detailed to tour university college
Bid a tenner at first to tantalise
Scientific study: like essay about new moon
Drop off short skirt to be collected by fine-looking girl
A series of ups and downs as ocean wave hits vessel
Clear out of joint with ladder
Longs to nurse poorly Greek hero
Departs in lagoon after repairing canal craft
Very drunk on fewer
Robber in gang, Italian
Agent, not quite penniless
Mean to declare silver necklace ultimately
Informant inside that is angry
Unfortunately, promotion is obtained by cunning
Old Hollywood actor moving east to absorb atmosphere
Boxers perhaps controlled by sport
Definitely heads for Yarmouth every summer
Curve seen in sugarcane
Thinking there’s no time for reconciliation
Taxi, one appropriate for a group of politicians
Top trip, without limits, somewhere in the Gulf of Naples
Holy man in Republic of Ireland finding potato-based food
Non-daytime ironing?
Graduate’s cigarette-end on a musical instrument
The woman’s daughter and Edward treated like cattle?
Blue vehicle, turning over, last in rally
Composed a steed that’s excited
English queen falls in Africa
Relatives transporting Liam into outskirts of Fowey
Yours truly on lake
Italian twitching – he’s sentimental about birds
Diane’s arranged to leave US city
Young reporter is initially mentioning art movement
Doctor embraces one with the trembling condition
Rascal to disclose damage
One in pack is an eccentric
Reportedly vintage rowing team
Holder of merit badges
Sun, sphere or moon
Running rate
Type of whale
Flower chain of Hawaii
___ Bator (Mongolias capital)
A juicy fruit
It holds the stars and stripes
Eye wiper
Midmorning hour
Be unwell
Obscure, old-style
___ a good day to go surfing
Actors alert
Bring in the harvest
Married womans title
Listen! of yore
Letters on a PC key
Shaggy, bearded animal in a herd
High nest
Really irritate
VPs in races
How sports are broadcast
Good Fridays time
Oil cartel inits.
Thing thats glossed over
___ Jones locker
U-turn from strong
Pub quaff
Scottish terrier breed
Last years frosh
Geometry calculation
Read a barcode
Not a convertible?
Merlin of TV and the NFL
The back, directionally
Lions and tigers (2 words)
Hand cream ingredient
Farm newborn
Opposite direction of WSW
100 pounds of nails
Possessive pronoun
Car-grille covering
A sniggler fishes for it
U-turn from skinny
Bug quite a bit
William Tell dwelled there
___ out (barely make)
Upper jaw
Bringers of news
Strong desire
Archers take it
Sweater type
With dropped jaw
Ready to drop off the vine
Eyeball part
Simon or Young of music
Good wood for boats
Green sin
Eyelid infection
U-turn from high
Expression of disapproval
Lennons lady
Sooth sayer
____ Noel ( Santa Clauss AKA in Brazil )
Synthetic fibre
Ships rear
Salt, to Stephane
Pen part
Golf course feature
Ambitious one
____ tse ( African blood sucker )
Golden to Invermere dir.
Hair colour
Kind or type
Relax in the sun
Small, to a Scottish bard
Illness in Iberville
Mountain pass
Babbo _____ ( Santa Clauss AKA in Italy )
Place a bet
Mythological princess (Greek)
____ Moroz (Santa Clauss AKA in Russia
Plains Indians dwelling
Kris ____ ( Santa Clauss AKA in Germany )
Sir William ____ ( Canadian physician )
Pere ____ ( Santa Clauss AKA in France )
____ Klaas (Santas AKA in The Netherlands )
BC time zone
Jule ____ (Santa Clauss AKA in Norway
Community undertaking
Overtime acronym
Columnist Fotheringham
_____ ( Santa Clauss AKA in Malta )
Americas org.
Swiety ____( Santa Clauss AKA in Poland )
Part of the UK
Draw a bead
Device used in heart surgery
Small lake
____ Noel ( Santa Clauss AKA in Belgium )
No Clue
Now I get it!
Thats a shame!
Who __ to judge?
¿Cómo __ usted?
A single time
Actor Baldwin
After-bath powder
Beams of light
Bird food
Bridges metal wire
Caravan beast
Center of a cherry
Chops with a machete
Coral structure
Corn or wheat
Country estate
Doe or fawn
Eat away at
Elementary-school support orgs
Face-to-face exam
Female horse
Fibbers admission
Get __ the ground floor
Give assistance to
Golf-ball supports
Got out of bed
Grocery or boutique
Having no principles
Head gestures for yes
Hog or pig
Informal turndown
Its between Can. and Mex
Jai __ (fast-moving game)
Jogging paces
Letters after 47 Across
Letters after els
Low male voice
More than enough
Mrs. George Washington
Natural pea holder
Oak or elm
Papas partner
Pay out
Person from Tulsa, for short
Playful aquatic mammal
Point opposite SSW
Potato state
Prepared for battle
Printed words like this: Abbr
Professionals grp
Professors degree, often: Abbr
Public discussion venue
Queens and emperors
Road that might cross a st
Rouse from sleep
Sandwich spread often held
Scatter in droplets
Section covering singing and dancing
Section with remodeling advice
Section with time-travel stories
See eye to eye
Sound from a lion
Sound of a yawn
Starting from
Starting from
Submarine sandwich
Take advantage of
Tightly packed
Toward the rear of a boat
Very hard to find
Water down
__ a tie (require overtime)
__ rule (generally)
__ toast (thin, crisp bread)
Civil wrongdoing
Con activities
Little bits
Geometric calculation
Dude kin
Tannish color
Shakespearean king
And others, for short
Circulation improver
Chilean range
Barcelona bills
Argentine grassland
Daytime TV offering
Lotion ingredient
Fast on ones feet
Valuable deposit
Before in Cinderella?
Thanksgiving shade
Tablet relative
Bar conveniences
Ingrown heir?
Even if, cut
Eschewing sandals
Noted Fitzgerald
Very upset
Cogito ___ sum
Present opener?
Lenya of Cabaret
Very hard to collect
A long way from salty
Powder in bathrooms
Cookie brand
Clean, as a pipe
Thin roofing layer
Does an office chore
Senates counterpart
Out of order
Word with van or skirt
Bell-shaped flower
Prepares for long drive
Movie VIP
Harry Potter name
Sullen, moody displays
Genetic info source
Below, in old poetry
Glass sheet
Equipped to fly
But wait, theres ___!
Competing team
Much, hyphened
Gulp relative
Michael Jackson musical (with The)
Cuyahoga Valley National Park locale
Make dice work
Pot-caught fishes
Certain Arab
Satirical performers
Kind of track
It may cross a boulevard
Beyond ___ pale
Do a little housework
Bring a cow into the world
Not as well
Calm down
Milky coffee drink
Zips or zeros
React to water and sun
Exam variety
Fairy tale monster
Like you, but not snakes
Bates Motel mother
Krazy ___
Rolling in the Deep singer
War and Peace writer
___ mad as hell, and… (Network cry)
2007 William Gibson novel
3-D, in combinations
Agreement with un hombre
Andy Warhols field
Bears lairs
Big brouhaha
Big health insurance company
Blows ones top
Cause of some sparks
Convent residents
Demolition device
Distinctive smell
Fawns over
Fight against
Fix a floor, in a way
Flavoring liquids
Follow as a consequence
From the U.S
Give an address
Go-back-a-step computer command
Hawaiian greeting
Heavyweight wrestling
Horror star Christopher
Iditarod, Alaska, for one
Istanbul native
Jack the Ripper, for one
Jasons ship
Like vampires and zombies
Long stories
Marilyn of The Misfits
Meetings to resolve problems
Mix up
Narrow stretch of water
Neptune rules them
Owls home
Pita-wrapped Greek sandwiches
Position for Polk, November or K
Programming pro
Promote shamelessly
Radical 1960s campus org
Recipe amts
Retired Mississippi senator Trent
Run off to wed
Scrooge utterances
Setting of Friday the 13th
Smelting waste
Sports play replay
Sticky stuff used by actors to attach fake beards
Tennis court divider
Their eyes may be used in witches brews
Tropical mammals with flexible snouts
Two in binary or ten in decimal, in math
Watchdog warning
Wilson of 1999s The Haunting
Word paired with neither
Worker bonus tied to future share value
Architect Jenny?
Baghdad citizen
Boring Romeo restrained outside
Canine with old woman shows blind faith
Cross is metre longer perhaps
Crossbred dog
Cunning trick
Decorative jug or mug
Desert transport arrived and left
Elizabeth keeps us in venture
Enemy shot one Arab
Extremely lazy
Get knowledge from student with merit
Gun projectile
Hard to get past this racketeer!
Hate or abhor
Heart thats stopped in church?
Horse saves one man at sea
Humped creature
Idle chatter
In France, defeated, surrender
Irish with a question, one for Middle Easterner
Kansas City magistrate imprisons duke
Keyboard instrument
Lie on bed perhaps being this
Loathe man cooking pies
Male domestic fowl
Male, extremely eloquent, finds slug
Maybe Sun to ad-lib in rewrite
Newspaper format
Nuts about an ascendant singer
Ocular affliction
Old Bill very precise
Peter out in allotment finds incline
Play involving black fellow
Pressure on after time in auditorium
Problem for looker in West Yellowstone
Sanaa citizen
Small songbird
Store or dice chicken
Story about non-drinker is gossip
Virgin Mary
We hear poet not allowed in pub
Wife given hard time is worked
Goes for me, too
Hot dog!
My Cousin Vinny star
No way!
Red or blue election area
Space Oddity singer David
TTYL or OMG, e.g
2-Down detector
Ad ___ (wing it)
Apply with a tissue, say
Atlas page feature
Basis for charitable donations
Blade with a button tip
Bops on the bean
Cafeteria offerings for new hires?
Chat room monitors, briefly
Chili holder
Closely related
Craving, slangily
Deal with adversity
Deli pancake
Demonic deeds
Do road gigs
Doesnt go on forever
Dog collar danglers
Dwelling with a door flap
Fewest possible
Flat-pack furniture chain
Gangland group
Grandstand denizens
Grub, to a beetle
In plain view
Jumps at, as an opportunity
Kings Scholars school
Knock-knock joke pronoun
Latvias capital
Leap into a river of song?
Like apple-colored cheeks
Like pills, but not injections
Magnetic element
Mattress supporter
Memory glitch
Metal marbles
Most scantily dressed
Movie-downloading device, briefly
Much more than minimally
Native Nebraskan notables?
Ontario border lake
Part of a kitchen range
Pirogue, e.g
Place where some beards are grown?
Prado display
Privileged ones
Raise the hackles of
Reached for ones toes
Result of a three-putt, often
Rockies ski resort
Roofs top point
Sassy talk
Secured with stitches
Shoots with a Super Soaker
Sign of spoiled milk
Simpletons lack
Skin softener ingredient
Smoke shop buy
Social workers assignments
Stadium seating level
States boldly
Summon to court
Target of a brats kick
Tourist city on the Arno
Turn to liquid
Visible part of a sheathed sword
W.C. Fields persona
Waiting for an assignment
What treaters pick up
Despite that . . .
A mine rediscovered in a Welsh strait
Girl to do wrong with, in a deluge
Is such a coat dressy?
Intend to go first class to Maidenhead
Got together again for just so long
Hes a bit freakish in his wild way
Powerless to revise the rent for one
A traffic stopper in the road around central Harlesden
Pictures, I see, from the sciences
The same again, and not so much of it!
Plunder from Waterloo terminus
What a chap might call an expensive woman
Smothered with water?
Stiffeners for bald-headed people
Ones personal space
Cause of rash effects in bed?
Very formal but not Blimpish
Arboreal monarch
Traditionally the fare for an identical triplet?
Exhorted the rude to reform and be good hearted
Adorns parts of vessels
Blare loudly at a politician
Such cakes are black but not burnt
Regarded as rich after one short day
A fair touring around, note, covers a lot of ground!
I, a Frenchman, get the girl
Success at twenty?
What the poilu has to put on his hair
Average sized Scandinavian fruits?
Fireplace salesman?
What the last man did?
Majestically, they could have been stars
Frowned when a beastly female entered the vehicle
For batsmen, they can come in pairs
Normas terrible Italian
Theyve been given credit for maybe extravagant things
Urge to chuck teacher into the river
Having no central heating is negative
Never the left sock
Corrected in crude style
Dogs said to interest mountaineers
Old devil at the police station
Having left at some stage, he may be back in jug
American state
Wet or showery
Rubbish receptacle
Leave for dead
Hearing organ
Concluding part
Agreement, treaty
Of the nose
Collide with
Puzzle-solving aids
Policeman, informally
Boarding place for dogs
Foreign language
Hairdressers shop
Make void
By way of
Searches for food
Festive occasions
Inanely foolish
Assumed name
Aquatic bird
Complete, total
Bring up
And not
Metal pin
Chirping insect
Bolshoi Ballet base
Person born between 23 October and 22 November?
Vichyssoise ingredient
Capital of Armenia
Weed on a moon (anag) early spring-flowering plant
Big Band dance music
Places of interest for tourists
Sartre (anag) check
Identical copy
Forcibly removed from office
Mobile home
Walking through shallow water
Ones entire self
Job opportunity
Wander wind about
Parts of a poem
Minor snub
Bullion bar
Coolness and composure under strain
Fail in court recess
To sleep, say, on bed, one may lie on ones back
Friendly hint
Protecting goalies job
Only interact corruptly? No way
Traffic lights always red? Not possible
Previously, but never again?
Invoice of a sort for working poor farm
Announce I own a place for spiritual retreats
A British division raised by the Romans
Wife, the most beautiful girl in America?
A lordly brew?
Fashionable people get new mattress
Trendy humorist has success
Using a little plunger, take a breather
Lose concentration, so stop watching TV
Each in sequence for drink dispenser
Not concede one has to store spare bed linen
Does one deserve a lighter sentence?
Knowing, for example, about two volumes
Party getting together, not rebelling
Reporting for work
A misfortune in constricted part of car
Part of the Union in a right state
Strict, requiring name on pointer
Pipe up
Some advise minister in the House
Country cops it in knock out
The French train provides space to stretch out
Pads for comfortable shoes?
Cut lights in place for ship-to-shore transmission
Gemstone a queen pinned to a soldier
Finished shelter to exclude cold
Reagan let IRS shake up old currency group
Skimpy and close fitting womens clothing
Get away with moving heroin left in London area
One blindly selecting horse, perhaps, based on legs and heart
Fed a story about Sunday, some believe
Dry out standard central heating
Splayed toes on timid animals
She stands for Southern Health Executive as an example
Bring up some stars at fabulous awards ceremony
Essentially sick earl must eventually hit the ground
Point out a small problem before making hypothesis
Starters in New Age diner include rams bottom
Such laws restrict service opportunities for landlords
Come together with duke to cut off any further issue
Pour out more vino I will eat everything!
Amount raised on march to create essential publication
Elizabeth understood serial killer being only out for himself
They will sell you tales about stalkers
Long story about earth I told in stages
Abandoned noisy gym it doesnt welcome women
Single family hosts game that goes downhill quickly
This fellow only half grasps Hamlet
Smutty read not regularly found in old Indian text
Drug induced attack? This helps find the culprit
Monkey makes a bad mistake
Party official gets help to acquire control
Liveliness shown by soldier moving laity around
So be it ” object to unknown resource
Curse endlessly ” time for hard work
Quota gets help turning over transfer of energy
Find shoe on way to famous parade
Agreeing to test a new, small country
Series about one newt becoming leader
About graduate joining large group of conspirators
Stop being loyal
Adjust score and go back in as a mean person
Uncultured scheme has bee flying around island
Modern student taken in as a minion
Goes towards stolen photograph
Author doesnt finish leaving ” its too badly damaged
Worked on return, removing last letter on title page after T and S
Hard instruction to capture a collector
Pressure on Veras organisation ” fast and frequent
Sharp, putting a group of detectives in charge
Desperate to get daughter finally using a towel
Tree reported somewhere in the Med
Call dodgy dealer to put money aside
Bust out, having first appeared obstinate
Poor spy gets change for old instrument
Somehow teach artist inside airway
Recipe includes a new pastry
Behaves badly, moving cats out of bed
Last number sees fellow at home with a beer
Fuel right inside marine life-form
absurd Talk, Sounds Like A Flower-chicken Cross
term For The Crime Of Killing Ones Father
architect Who Built The London 2012 Aquatics Centre
mechanized Device Created By Jethro Tull
early 20th Century (pre Wwi) England, The __ Age
new Years Eve In Germany
skill Level Or Talent
light-up Bedtime Buddy Who Was Never Glum
meat Pastry And Hat Type
nationality Of Muppet Chef
small Sailing Boat Carried On A War Ship
wool Crafter
the Ability To Be Quick And Graceful
colorless Liquid Used In Perfumes
hierarchy, __ Order
facial Feature That Is Arched
haley Joel __, Plays Troubled Boy In Sixth Sense
rules Royally
to Complain
country That Once Had Three Presidents In One Day
parcheesi Is An Adaptation Of __ Cross And Circle
servant, An Obedient Follower, A Footman Or Valet
jerrys Wacky Neighbor On Seinfeld
dining Table Chair With Arms
san Diego __ Play At Petco Park
__ In Distress, Stereotypical Girl In Trouble
esas Probe That Rendezvoused With Halleys Comet
black __, The Chronicle Of A Horses Sad Life
sparkly Headband Used As A Crown
__, 1943 Propaganda Film, The Mary Ann
__ Airlines Flight Mh370 Has Never Been Found
an Outdoor Equipment Company
zuckerbergs Platform
amphibious Landing Place At Gallipoli In Wwi
2 Words Having The Same Spelling Or Pronunciation
feeling Of Impending Doom
japanese Sweet Bun Looks Like Melon
biblical Woman Who Became Salt
before The Molar
kids Card Game Involves Assault
irish Featherweight Boxer, Barry __
the __ Karamazov Was Dostoyevskys Final Novel
lerner And Lowe Musical Set In London, My __
member Of A Discussion Group
primed, Containing Ammunition
national Airline Of Belgium From 1923 To 2001
sports Name Comes From “association Football”
elvis Manager, Colonel Tom __
50s Mens Hairstyle Upbrushed And Set At The Front
highest Peak On Antarctica
__ It Out Is Based On The Nickelodeon Tv Show
__ Kate, Cole Porter Musical Based On Shakespeare
first Kid In 1996 Starred Comedian __
japanese Peach Jelly Eaten In The Summer
someone Who Creates Masterpieces
capital Of Slovenia
celtics Number 33, Dream Team Member
pail That Holds The Frozen Stuff
surname Of Jedi Knight To Defeat Darth Vader
card Game For Gamblers Using Five Cards
metal Single Outershell Of A Plane
hospital Attendants Responsible For Moving Patients
scoundrels Of Skullport Is A 2013 Game __
follow The Yellow __
agitator, A Rabble-rouser (no Matches Required)
gray Rabbit, Famous Trickster Of Looney Tunes
__, Matched And Dispatched Describes Life Stages
to Prepare For Sleep
skin Lesion Disease Of Sheep, Cattle And Humans
the Meat Of A Deer
plant Of The Daisy Family, Anagram Of Wagered
ally Mcbeal Portrayer, __ Flockhart
place Where The Golden Fleece Hung From A Tree
three-dimensional Sudoku
wise And Learned, Showing Good Judgment
__ 4, Aim To Get Four Discs In A Row
south African Country With The Loti As Currency
yoga With Props; Furniture Yoga
smallest Planet In The Solar System
flag-waving Communist Followers Of Chairman Mao
toxic Disease From Infection, Also Septicemia
monotonously Talks On And On
amazon River Aka Caqueta River
pie __ Medieval Courts That Sat In Market Squares
industrial Process For Producing Sodium Carbonate
kids Drawing Tool Made Of Pigmented Wax
ethical Lessons
levar __, Young Kunta Kinte, Geordi La Forge
bugs Bunnys Original Name: Happy __
pungent Small Bulb, Good For Roasting
leafy Shelters In A Garden
__ Bells, Ringing Device On A Harness Or Horse
fluffy, Dry Creature In Gremlins
oneirophobia: The Fear Of __
merchant Vessel That Transports Liquids, Gases
a Turophile Is A __ Lover (think Dairy)
campbells __, Food Tins By Andy Warhol
receptacle That Rustles
mont Sainte-__, Cezanne Artworks Of Provence
documentary, March Of The__
good Wishes For A Traveller Starting A Journey
ancient Microcontinent In Indian Ocean
__ World, Former Family Sitcom Of Tgif
disposable Drinking Vessel
40s Menswear With Broad-shouldered Drapey Jackets
scrabble Is A __ For Two To Four Players
country That Is Home To Serengeti National Park
french President During The Unrest Of 1968
inflatable Supports Worn To Aid Swimming
“bridge Over __ Water”, Written By Paul Simon
slang For Someone Who Fails To Open Their Wallet
stark Pet In Got
head Of The Hive
discounted Ticket Price For A Large Group
founder Of Spacex
rapper And Actor Busta __
black __, Beer Cocktail With Champagne
state And Former Kingdom And Duchy In East Germany
folding Table For Tube Watching
toy For Two Kids, One At Each End, Up And Down
sabre-toothed Tiger From The Plains Of Africa
7th __, Silent Film, 1 Of First 3 Oscar Nominated
months That Start On __ Will Have Friday The 13th
social News/discussion Site; “perused It”
singer Who Wrote “imagine”: John __
accommodation For Ship Passengers
first European Nation To Have An Elected President
samuel Richardson Novel Subtitled Virtue Rewarded
navigable Airship
italian Composer Of 1950s Stringed Arrangements
cold War Romanian Dictator
compressed Fuel Block, Especially For Barbecues
a Strong Reaction To Something Unexpected
millennium & __, Global Hotel Group
pitcher Justin __
sixth Bond Film, You Only __
game For Playing On Your Own
fatty Portion Of Milk
in Good Order, Like An Organized Boat
large Pine Species, Common Across North America
pirate, Buccaneer, Barbary
english Inventor Of The Flying Shuttle For Looms
in The Simpsons, __ Skinner Is The Principal
reduction In Rate, Quantity, Money
chinese Board Game Of Matching Tiles
a Long-standing Enemy
benchmarks, Criteria
barrier Reef __ Is Silvery With Yellow Dorsal
the Ability To Make Others Well
topeka-based Famous Discount Shoe Line
a Strong And Tough Man
haitian Voodoo Male Priest, Female Is Mambo
perfume Family With Herbaceous, Green Scents
movable Or Immovable Property, No Real Estate
__ National, Ugandan Arena, South African President
author Of “the Sport Of Queens”, Dick __
meteorologists Study
archaic Expression For News, Such As “glad __”
__ Biel, Married To Justin Timberlake
noted French Art Nouveau Glassmaker: Rene __
the Last __ Show, Black And White Coming Of Age Film
a Garden With Plants Growing Among Stones
cards Suit Chosen So As To Beat All The Others
all In The Family Character, Archie __
__ Apple, Thinly Cut With A Knife
film And Radio Actor, Citizen Kane, Orson __
to Distribute, Arrange In Groups
the Part Of An Insect Between Head And Abdomen
ms. Muffet Seat, Low Stool, Pouffe
hanoi __, Prisoner Camp Used By North Vietnamese
mother Of Jacobs Sons Dan And Naphtali
__ Pea, Used For Making Rice And Peas
area Of Low Pressure In Meteorology
according To Song, Where To Pack Up Your Troubles
it Precedes Winter
super __, Water Gun Developed By Lonnie Johnson
william Herschel Discovered This Type Of Radiation
__ Nervosa, Eating Disorder
__ Marshall, First Black Supreme Court Justice
film With Guns, Explosions, Suspense And Mystery
theatre Of War In Wwi, Now Called Thessaloniki
chewy Italian Dessert Like Florentine
casino Game With Option To Bet On Bank Or Player
russian Republic, Elista Is The Capital
autumn Berries Are __ In Hedgerows
small Rectangular Harpsichord, Often Legless
roy __, Jaws Police Chief
__ Goldthwait, Actor, Comedian, Voice Actor
afghan Sword Of The Pashtun People
foul, Disgusting
jonathan __ Foer Wrote Everything Is Illuminated
lockable Storage Chest
powerful And Tyrannical Ruler
wild And Ferocious
the Voice To Marge Simpson, Julie __
javier __, Spanish Actor, The Villain In Skyfall
second Most Important Basis For Islamic Law
bob __, Jamaican Performer Backed By His Wailers
animal That Moves Slowly
new Jersey __ Play At The Prudential Center
dairy Product Used As A Pizza Topping
an Englishmans Home Is __
antonym Of Roughest
medieval Portuguese Castle And Heritage Site
tiny Pieces Of Wood
the Mathematical Symbol For Taking Away
common Name For Alcea Flowers, With Hairy Leaves
raised Skin Prickle, In Fear
fictional Character Whose Nose Grows When He Lies
office Chamber Where The Directors Meet
surface That The French Open Is Played On
__ Tea, Hot Toddy Variety With Small Fruit
liev Schreiber, Villain, X-men Origins: __
troggs And Jimi Hendrix Song
discounted Branded Clothing Store __ Rack
the Plastic Tips On The End Of Shoelaces
a Mayonnaise Or Aioli-based Sauce
to Begin A Journey Or Quest
character In One Thousand And One Nights
requiescat __, Latin Phrase Meaning Rest In Peace
ice Houses Built By The Inuit
__ Jones, Us Musical Mentor, Producer
japanese Battle Cry
figure Of Enlightenment In Ancient Indian Religion
very Poor Person Supported By Public Charity
without Any Difficulty Or Problem
sand __, Wind Toy Used To Surf On Sand
large Gate Or Entrance; Gateway On A Website
leveraged __, Management Buying Control
receptacle For Flicking Cigarette Detritus Into
branch Of Medicine Concerned With The Ear
kerri Walsh And Misty May-__, Beach Volleyball Duo
sinclair Lewis Archetype Of Conformism
low-level Gray Cloud; Near Ground, Resembles Mist
wooden Post To Support Beers Raw Ingredient
took Power By Force
to Reproach, Berate
__ F, First Console To Use A Microprocessor
__ Room, Where Conferences Are Held
__ De Vil Tried To Catch 101 Dalmatians
lego Range For Building Complex Machines
german River, Flowing Though Stuttgart
allegiance To A Feudal Lord
dont Miss Anything, Keep Your Eyes __
a Tube And Rubber Ball Utensil For Moistening Food
the __ Dog Is A Black And White Walt Disney Film
long Dress Worn By Medieval Women
heroic Collie
passengers Moved Off An Overbooked Flight
famous Composer Honored Annually In Salzburg
saul __, Winner Of Three National Book Awards
not Cautious Of Danger
“football” In Most Places
identity Parade, Anagram Of Lupine
possessing A Steeple
__ Pennyworth, Batmans Faithful Butler
dinosaur, Anagram Of Parrot
type Of Printer Cartridge
to Lose Strength Or Power
to Take On More Responsibility
the Worlds Largest Non-polar Desert
marked Irish Accent
an Illness Or Problem, From The French Language
college Football Player Without A Scholarship
get Your Earnings During This 24-hour Period
barchester __ Features The Chaplain Obadiah Slope
religious Magic And Sorcery
jazzy Music Style Rhymes With Woogie
travelling On Horseback Or Bicycle
young Friend Of Lyra In His Dark Materials
david Bowies Final Album
hbo Drama About A Clergyman
a Depraved Person
__ Yogurt, Eastern European Fermented Milk Product
period Of Wooing, Or Elaborate Mating Display
kiwi Rugby Union Side
poker Expert, Gambler Or Hustler
played Mad Max In The Original Series Of Films
on Ship It Is Measured By A Pallograph
neurotransmitter; Levels Are Related To Depression
tire Manufacturer
eight Legged Denizen Of The Sea
medicine Used In Your Ear To Prevent Infections
study Of Versification, Poetry Subcategory
service Dress
this Cubist Was No Square
the Man Who Skied Down __, Documentary
owner Of Most Famous Declaration Signature
where A Select Or Favored Group Holds Power
belonging To Angels, Angel-like
actor William __, Played Captain Kirk In Star Trek
a Low Mound Or Ridge Of Earth; A Knoll
figures That Wobble But Dont Fall Down
black __, Vodka Combined With Coffee Liqueur
term Commonly Referenced To Filmmakers Or Directors
sacred River Flowing Into The Dead Sea
the __ Cried Wolf
eastern European Circled Bread Used In Rituals
__ Was Here! Graffiti Meme From Wwii
a Treeless Northern Region With Frozen Subsoil
unyielding, Obdurate
designated Locations For Boats In A Harbor
zigzagging Ski Race Around Poles
fox Drama About A Record Label
top __, Collectible Cards
much Ado About Nothing Heroine
spoken In The Island Where Napoleon Was Born
body Manipulation
bin Liner
creator Of Garfields Comic Strip
fourth Installment In The Mad Max Film Series
edouard __, Frances Pm At The Start Of Wwii
wkrp In Cincinnatti Star, Howard __
worlds Most Popular Sport
try Not To Overload The Donkey, He Might Kick!
colored Feline That Means Good Or Bad Luck
small, Edible Seeds That Come From A Tree Cone
prominent Ice-covered Mountain In Ellsworth Land
sondheims A Little Night Music, Send In __
won The 6th Academy Awards For Best Movie
childrens Action Series
terraria Is A Sandbox Action-__ Game
king, Father Of Imogen, Who Banishes Posthumus
parasite Studied By Winners Campbell And Omura
area Ruled Over By Sovereign Princes Of Austria
crowdsourced Encyclopedia
plum Brandy From Eastern Europe
without Any Feeling Or Point
how Dinosaurs Evolved To Become So Huge
first Leader Of Nationalist Party (kmt) In China
philandering Fictional Ad Man On A Tv Series
device To Capture Rodents
ursine Soft Toy
canadian 1942 Documentary About The Life Of Miners
__ Games, French War Drama Hit Outside France
us Songwriter Responsible For Wichita Lineman
nerve-shredding Event
controversial Issue, And Lunch
chew Ones Food
douglas __, American Painter, Born 1951
revealing Details
wooden Devices For Attaching Washing To A Line
shape Of A Red “stop” Road Sign
getting Wet For An Apple
noise Some People Make When Sleeping
american Feminist, Gloria __
two __ Knights, Comedy Produced By Howard Hughes
__ Stade De Bordeaux, French Soccer Field
to Talk Nonsense Like A Face Cloth
ready And Willing To Listen
dam-making River Creatures
__ Australia Fair, The Aussie National Anthem
shoe Production Technique Developed By Matzeliger
character Who “loved Not Too Wisely But Too Well”
absence Of Rain For A Prolonged Period Of Time
ethereal, Like A Ghoul
__ Rebellion, Revolt By Samurai Against Reforms
pekoe Means White Down In __
in The Pipeline
cuddling Or Embracing
cocktail Similar To Manhattan; Scottish Outlaw
kids Nursery Rhyme, Itsy Bitsy __
a Bar At The __-bergère, Manet Painting
tex Is A 1982 Disney Film Starring Matt __
black Eye
moved In For A Close-up On A Camera
money Maker
tracy __, Appears In Books By Jacqueline Wilson
worlds Deepest Lake, In Southern Siberia
__ Was The Plow King In The Simpsons
congress Of __, 1815 Meeting Of European Minds
opossum Shrimp, Technically
small Group Of Stars
another Name For Greece: The __ Republic
term Used To Describe Working Extra Hours
surname Of Norm In Cheers
smythes Comic Character
fabric That Has Been Sprayed And Stiffened
__ Wildcats Play Football At Commonwealth Stadium
field Focuses On Old Age
not Within What Is Legal
françois __, Gargantua And Pantagruel Writer
you Can Make A Mountain Out Of One
wendy Schaal Voices __ In American Dad
highest Part Of A Dress
slovenian Body Of Water With Ancient Island Church
queen Of Soul, __ Franklin
ancient Country To The West Of The Black Sea
__ Bears Play At Mclane Stadium In Waco
common Assemblies Of Witches
dark And Shadowy
__ Rockwells World, An American Dream
“red” Italian Lager Brewery
jamaican Music Style Favoured By Marley
spains Top-level Football League
laboured Or Processed
evergreen Trees; Oil Repels Moths, Mosquitoes
series Of Rhythm-based Video Games
the Cheap Seats In Sports
john Candy Is The Title Character In This 89 Film
generous; Giving Unselfishly
tavern In The Merry Wives Of Windsor
high __, Female Tarot Card
someone Who Acts Quickly And Irrationally
relating To The Production Of Cold Temperatures
big Fat Fishy Neckwear From The 70s
where Bands Hang Out When Not Performing
chinese Wedding Cake
__ Reserves, Network Of Protected Ecosystems
when A Woman Ceases Having Menstrual Periods
gershwin Musical, Includes The Song “swonderful”
uk Lewd Comedian With Slapstick 70s Tv Show
decorative Coverall For Base Of Festive Conifer
flirtation, Casual Relationship
__ Salander, From The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
siberian River That Is Tributary Of The Lena River
anti-tank Rocket Launcher
professional Horse Riders
__ Kandinsky, Russian Abstract Artist
a Fatwa Was Issued For This Author In Late 80s
not Solid Or Liquid
in Metaphysics, An Actual Being Or Existence
dishing Out Food And Drinks
comedian And Talk Show Host __ Hall
partially Shaved Hair As Worn By A Monk
the __, Meryl Streep As The British Prime Minister
comedian Jerry __
person Who Enforces The Rules During Sports Games
purposeful, Determined
trimming The Edges Of A Photograph
someone Who Recently Got Married
an Indefinite Series; Endless
for Insects: Act Of Hatching From An Egg
a Photo On Film, View It On A Light Box
eroded Rock Formations Found In South Dakota
butterfly Subfamily, Referred To As “the Whites”
small Round Sweet; Cough Lozenge
principal Democratic Assembly Of Ancient Athens
august Birthstone Of Octahedral Crystals
the Captain From Captain & Tennille Duo, Daryl __
jewish Memorial Service Held On Certain Holidays
longest River In South America
this Harry Potter Character Hatched Norbert
william, Harry Or Edward, To Name A Few
minor Roads Or Paths, Not Major Routes
to Save From Danger
yogi Bears Friend
vegetables Including Pumpkins And Squashes
__ Mills, Retail Chain
outer Coat To Keep You Warm
spanish Party
englands Last Tudor Monarch: __ I
eric __, Rams Legend With Funny Goggles
state Of Being Unknown Or Inconspicuous
hms __, Captain Cooks Ship From 1763-1767
metal Jazz Wind Instrument With Keys
syrup Made From Pomegranates
software Company Which Dropped Its Paper Clip Icon
faithful Gentleman Of Verona, Who Weds Silvia
largest City In Alaska
a Triangle With Two Equal Sides And Angles
__ Faire, Hands Off, Let People Do As They Choose
hard, Yellow Or Orange Cheese
priests Assistant
lying Out In The Sun, Like A Lizard
smoke Stack On A Building
machine For Taking Mud From A River
” __, Don’t Make It Bad” Sang The Beatles
nickname Of Mrs Onassis, The Former Mrs Kennedy
press __, Companys Memo To The Public
bobby Fischer Beat Him: Chess Grandmaster Boris __
capital Of The Hittite Empire
__ Falls, First Womens Rights Convention
inherited Red Blood Cell Disorder: Sickle Cell __
the Back Of An Animals Neck
moving In A Circular Motion
cleans Abrasively
the Game Pong Was Created By Allan__ In 1972
we Speak And Eat With Them
first Successful Human Mission To The Moon: __ 11
the Love Bug Was The First __ Movie, In 1968
first Name Of British Composer Britten
cutting, Piercing With Teeth
dr Susan__, Robopsychologist In Asimovs Universe
order Of Crustaceans; Can Live On Land Or In Water
a Wizard With Magical Powers
richard __, Actor Tackled The Shark In Jaws
chefs Work In These
encourages Others To Rebel Or Protest
the Waltons Lived In What State?
an __ Combustion Engine Powers A Motor Car
selma __, Swedish Writer And Nobel Laureate
first Coins Were Made From This Gold/silver Alloy
cold Current Discovered By German Explorer
george Gershwin Composition: “__ In Blue”

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