Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-11-10

The Avengers hero who wields a hammer called Mjolnir
Fairy tale monster
Stun and amaze
Roof overhang
Hostage-holding country in Argo
Container for a pair of new shoes
Ohio city that’s home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Actress and model Mendes
Cackling animal on a farm
Slangy word of indifference
Bullet point on a PowerPoint slide for example
Soft-drink container made from aluminum: 2 wds.
Word that can follow hitching or trading
Tennessee city that’s home to the Blues Hall of Fame
Legally responsible
The Big Apple which is home to the Nesuhi Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame: 2 wds.
Goal in a Hollywood audition
Chew the scenery so to speak
Most of it is south of Canada: Abbr.
___ order (legal ruling that stops public discussion)
Actor Vigoda
Tennessee city that’s home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
Actor Livingston who stars in the comedy Loudermilk
___ meridiem (what a.m. stands for)
___ and void
Came across
Takes care of the bill
Florida ___ (islands that are about 100 miles from Cuba)
Virginia ___ (school whose athletes are the Hokies)
Veep Emmy winner Tony
Easy-Bake ___
Church leader’s title: Abbr.
Removed the squeaks from in a way
___ crackers (ingredients in s’mores)
Made a break for it
Act as a criminal accomplice for
Created a basket at summer camp perhaps
Physical ___ (medical checkup)
Moody style of music
Not completely: 2 wds.
Choose not to resign: 2 wds.
Frame from an older animated movie
Who ___? (amnesia sufferer’s question): 2 wds.
It could be stuck into a voodoo doll
___ of these days . . .
Direction that’s opposite NNE: Abbr.
Cable channel that airs Insecure
Chicago’s state: Abbr.
O say can you ___ . . . (start of the US national anthem)
When Thanksgiving is in the US: Abbr.
Before in poetry
Clown idolized by Bart Simpson
Fireplace residue
What LeBron James was before becoming a Laker for short
Like a feverish forehead
Instrument related to the clarinet
Monthly expense for apartment dwellers but not homeowners
Krazy ___ (brand of adhesive)
Wartime friend
Hairstyling products
Doze in the afternoon
Santa ___ California
Mariners career hits leader
counterintuitive shrimp size
sweet, glazed Japanese dish
financial expert Orman
wolfed (down)
bringing under control
Pole stars?
Shop contents
Smetana composition inspired by a river
Too good for
Flexible attire
___ Lovegood, friend of Harry Potter
Chemistry test?
One-eighth of a data set
777, e.g.
Target of some shots
Creature that can walk on lava
Opposite of pobre
Sierra and others
Leslie’s friend on ‘Parks and Recreation
Mutant villain of Marvel Comics
Gambler’s spot
Bottom of the barrel
Former Senate majority leader who was once an amateur boxer
Single cut
Group with a satellite truck
10-12 on a Little League team, maybe
Activity at a comic con
Reminder of a hit
Fancy restaurant topping?
The Mikado’ and ‘The Merry Widow
What sharks take interest in
Rebel fighter during the Mexican Revolution
Pressure group?
Edgy newspaper type, informally
E’en if
Neither long nor short: Abbr.
Survivor’s cry
Mass appeal
Thickness-adjusting tool
Woman’s name meaning ‘pleasure
One might be paid to talk
Certain bar order
Dangling part of a turkey
Subject of a classic six-volume work by Edward Gibbon
One might have clickable ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buttons
Event in which the Four Questions are read
… never mind, then
Butcher’s scraps
I Fall to Pieces’ singer
Like landscape paintings that focus more on color and lighting than fine detail
It’s a feeling
Turn over
Hard ___
Shoots out
Place for matches
Carolina Panthers mascot with a rhyming name
Dog depicted by Monopoly’s dog token
Chicago political dynasty
TV show created by Vince McMahon
Go haywire
28-Across, e.g.
Dumplings at a Japanese restaurant
Was lachrymose
[Oh, no you didn’t!]
Loser to New England in Super Bowl LI: Abbr.
Come to think of it …
Pay for others entertainment, as doctors do
Never growing old, though sea legs are tottery
Its contents make for sticky situations
Train exotic trout
Menial suffering in role in legislative body
Teenager wrongly stole dance
Units in North Africa
Where sleep puts boredom out
Looks at mineral which is a hideosity
Raw colour
Dramatic ability in arranging stopping place for boats?
Rise to an outfit
Leave off putting crockery up
Staple broken crayon
Hold back to cause tension again
Pagan way to cook chicken?
Tear around to make me weary after finishing work
Dislike of a particular rendering
Resist place of sale?
Went first by taxi, having sent a telegram
Conceal remainder of 100
Makes search for lodgings
Skill in government
Opening move
At one time
S. Ireland
Part of the foot
Hard-shelled animal
Light shoe
Back favourites for pace
Justified in changing their night
Though hes not there hes proverbially conspicuous!
Every variety of ache
Conducted an examination in favour of retirement?
It matters little that its sweet
A deer, it has one foot drawn back
Sad reminder from the war
Yet they may be evens
S. American country holds an alternative view
Land and labour required for a foundation
The aims of termini
A good deal may come of it
A lot of money is required for providing nuclear power
Saint has a new date thats fixed
T.V. programme thats being reviewed?
What the diver must have in his hand?
Scratch starter
Dont let one forget to shout a warning
Bus fills in a very happy way
Obstruct a claim pedestrians are holding
It has a glazed look!
Drunken revel leads to a gory mess
An inclination for gardening?
2009 film comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman
2005-16 leader of the Conservative Party
Alan , Home Secretary from 2009-10
Emanuel , painter of 1851 oil Washington Crossing the Delaware
Brother of Eadwig; king of England from 959-975
Mountain range in south central Europe
See 7
Capital of Italy
Charles , actor who played Tywin Lannister in US television series Game of Thrones
Trademark of a synthetic resin used to coat non-stick cooking utensils
City and port of Kenya served by the Moi International Airport
Tom , US singer-actor who starred as Silva in 1989 film drama Bearskin
See 1
Double reed woodwind instrument popular during the baroque era
Ferry port in Cornwall on Mounts Bay
God of love in Greek mythology
1962 film thriller starring Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum
Unit of liquid measure of capacity equal to one eighth of a gallon
Seventh sign of the zodiac
Davide , Italy defender signed by Chelsea FC from Torino in 2017
Port in NW Germany at the mouth of the River Ems
Seat of the University of Michigan, US
See 5
1999 Derby winner ridden by Kieren Fallon
Former gold rush town in W Alaska; finishing point of the Iditarod trail sled dog race
Item blown by a referee
Slight cold
Salary boost
Leaf of a book
In the dock
Long high kick
Secret hoard
TV commercial
Passage of goods or people
Person flying a plane
Sentimental fondness
Quiet spell
Birthday food
Quarrelsome, belligerent
Precious metal
Plant part
Spoken or verbal
Second instrument is out of tune
Extra pears are ordered
Limit on headwear
Reappear about dog
Animated a veil badly
Honest about quantity
About to have nothing but deer
Child of resonance
Captain has fitting
Traces out wheel
Still in the venture
Sailor finds the French skilful
Bring up doctor to border
Caught sailor in hired vehicle
Is more than one?
Knock a style of music
Hes on the staff
Conscious of a vigil
Use a shroud, say
Sticking with jerk
Reportedly change table
Perfume gets posted, we hear
Mark, at church, is seldom seen
Laugh about a large ring
A section each
Reporters insist
Small ice cream or cake
Pressure to get a French joke
Part of Far East
Give out wrong time
Creature less cold in the East End
Father left as a friend
Also among pandas
Bragged about scrap
Virginia gets one through
Reprimand for new rebate
Anticipate old exercise? About time
Navigation aid that looks both ways
Trades lead forms on Sunday
Fish with a musical tail
Key traitor is a naughty youngster
Like a family
Removal includes eggs
Toothpaste lid
Happen again
Type of sugar
Cover in flour?
Plural of is
Sharp blow
Church table
In short supply
Saintly glow
Teatime treat
Play on words
Freshwater mammal
Common word
By way of
Musical ending
Spoilt child
Egg cells
Close noisily
Did the backstroke
Loses energy
Arena shape
Skirt style
Tale opener
Addition result
Suit part
Price indicator
Cooler cubes
Most banal
Charity gifts
Carla portrayer
Deep wonder
Coffee server
Soot, e.g.
To a ____
Young female
Water jug
Born as
Luau strings
Diving area
Large container
Brought up
Opera song
Choice few
Airport auto
Bath powder
Desert roamer
In a different way
Twice five
Clog or pump
National Guard
Have the vapors
Spring blossom
Bill of fare
Winter tool
____ and dine
Curved paths
Designated as a goal
Teamsters rig
Enjoy food
____ Blind Mice
Subscribe again
Mental spark
Helped to grow
Angled annex
Hamburger order
Twist together
____ out (barely earn)
Hors doeuvre spread
Clock (a race)
Former spouses
Brown hue
Clock std.
Not straight
Mentally acute
Playful aquatic animal
Mine find
Undergrad degs.
Kitchen gadget
Evergreen shrub
Stew vegetable
Biochemistry abbr.
Cheese manufacturing by-product
2017 events for SNAP and Blue Apron
Green feature
Soup bar staple
Dwarf planet named for a Greek goddess
Annual awards for which many adolescents vote
Do I dare to eat a peach? poet
Ready to go out
Underground rodent
Graftons __ for Alibi
Oceanus, for one
Shot in a tiny cup
Bar at the garage
Rich Man, Poor Man novelist
Cold draft, perhaps
This other __, demi-paradise : Shak.
Obsessed mariner
Like sea lions
Set free
Data breach causes
Welcome sight?
Small two-seater
Rash-causing shrubs
Quite some time
Source of potential matches
Out house?
Vein valuables
If all __ fails …
Body shop figs.
Shrewd bargain
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Award was renamed for him
We should!
Tough decision!
Only work Michelangelo ever signed
Mass symbols
His wife, in comics
Some time ago
House document
Tough spots
__ Eyes Were Watching God : Hurston novel
Fit to be tied
Some online banners
Big piece
Divers protection
Believe singer
Court immortal
Certain directors concern
Quite some time
Set in motion
Alphabetically first Baseball Hall of Famer
Major headache
Powerful sharks
Stops presenting evidence
Bun, e.g.
Women and Love author
You wish
Yahoo! sister company
Graceful trees
Cowboys shoe
Not hard
____ wave
Clear the blackboard
Microwave again
Restored the honor of
Continuing story
Songstress ____ McEntire
Intense rage
Right away
Bullring cries
Cowboys contest
In dreamland
14th letters
Thanksgiving dish
Franklin ____ Roosevelt
Coral formation
Make an effort
Iridescent gems
____ surgery (face lift, e.g.)
Biblical mount
Conducting contact
Roger ____ (007 actor)
____ of Man
____ Sea Scrolls
Film critic Roger ____
Coffee variety
Pigs homes
Church group
Actress Winona ____
More sharply inclined
Genesis man
Army post
Winter coaster
Football cheers
____ of (throw out)
Where planes land
Passover meal
Peruvian native
Molecule part
Between continents
Compass point (abbr.)
Came in
Military base
Frances capital
Got up
Soup dipper
Picture takers, for short
Musical instrument
Sherlocks find
Passed effortlessly
Pitchers stat
Something designed for small hands of crazy f_ing President?
Propeller has second failure; should they be worried?
Uncoded alien broadcast intercepted by leader of communist resistance
Mary, the geek on the equity derivatives desk
Different hairdo each day for rock stars
Testing, Independent new style setter good
Clever lecturer forced out of China
Ex-BBC boss: Apres moi, le deluge!
Uneven, unstable – Mays term in charge
Beset by vast ego, Sauron was a victim of Total Wipeout
Its used to catch donkey in outskirts of Laredo
Loose-fit clothing used as hiking trousers
Ground-breaking field event?
Regular payment instructions to keep one on ones feet?
Batting first, sounds like Cecil is making some headway
Choked, all upset, Frankie fails to finish first, thrown from nag
Whitsuntide vacation in Glastonbury landmark building
Its used to conceal DUPs money transfer
North American firm importing hot food over the border
It showcases Pretty Woman star, supporting Greek character
Libertine, revolutionary French resistance holds king down in river
Plastic card cut no ice; time to draw on this!
According to the locals, Chiantishire lacks a fashionable current musician
Leek tip
Frankfurt, Essen, Karlsruhe all holding up legislature
Determination needed to start this all over again?
Sky feature no-nonsense Pretty Woman star
Jack and I visit Ronnies brother to make a few changes
Was dressed in
Army member
Join in
Completely conscious
Italian food
Free from harm
Spurting oil well
More competent
Descriptive name
Proof of payment
Person coming before
Cricket extras
Loss of memory
Small Mediterranean evergreen tree with glossy aromatic leaves
Tropical American plant, some species of which are the source of sisal and tequila
Jamaican reggae band who had a Top 10 hit in 1978 with Now That Weve Found Love
Song written by Mac Davis, originally titled The Vicious Circle, that was a hit for Elvis Presley in 1969
The southern school of Buddhism, literally the teaching of the elders
An aquatic South American rodent resembling a small beaver with a ratlike tail
See 15
Hymn that occurs immediately after the preface in the celebration of the Eucharist
___ Skah, Moroccan runner who won the mens 10,000 metres at the 1992 Olympics
County known as The Garden of England
Feast day on November 11; one of the four quarter days in Scotland
Harold ___, British Olympic 100m champion in 1924 whose triumph was depicted in the 1981 movie Chariots of Fire
Inflammation of the stomach and intestines
A wall or jetty built out from a riverbank or seashore to control erosion
In ancient Rome, a member of a board of three officials with joint responsibility for some task
Evergreen Mediterranean tree cultivated for its edible shiny black fruits
Italian language opera by Mozart set on Crete
She-who-must-be-obeyed in the novel She by Henry Rider Haggard
English actress whose films include Blowup, Isadora and Julia
1971 T Rex single that reached number 2 in the UK charts
In former plant classification schemes, any organism that does not produce seeds
___ Shuffle, song that gave Boz Scaggs a chart hit in 1977
1979 Michael Apted film starring 36 Across , Dustin Hoffman and Timothy Dalton
The episcopal jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome
Country whose capital is Oslo
One of several lines fastened to the leech of a fore-and-aft sail to aid in furling it
Genus of plants that includes the spurges and poinsettia
See 53
A period of isolation or detention, especially of persons or animals arriving from abroad, to prevent the spread of disease
Eponymous heroine of R D Blackmores novel subtitled A Romance of Exmoor
A standard cylindrical drum with one drumhead
Fruit, also known as sarda in southeast Asia, developed in Israel
In music, a note having the time value of a quarter of a semibreve
Italian novelist and short-story writer whose works include The Woman of Rome
East Sussex town whose Devonshire Park has been the venue for a pre-Wimbledon tennis tournament since 1974
English progressive rock band, founded in 1969, best known for the song Sympathy that sold one million copies worldwide
Philippe ___, French marshal who was Chief of State of Vichy France from 1940 to 1944
Legendary continent said to have sunk in the ocean west of the Straits of Gibraltar
Fictional character in a series of detective novels and short stories written by Sara Paretsky, played on film by Kathleen Turner
Nigerian-born United States international who was at West Ham United from 1971 to 1975
British bobsledder who won gold in the two-man event at the 1964 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck with brakeman Robin Dixon
Italian composer whose operas include Orfeo and LIncoronazione di Poppea
Play by George Bernard Shaw first performed in December 1923
Card game in which one player tries to win all the cards of the other player
Former lead singer of The Smiths
Popular name for the English Premier League team whose traditional nickname is The Lilywhites
Unfinished 1922 novel by Franz Kafka
English writer whose works include the novel The Egoist and the poem Modern Love
The 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet
American actor who died of a drug overdose in 1993
English murderer celebrated in a ballad by Thomas Hood and a novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
___ Island in the S Pacific was uninhabited until the landing in 1790 of the mutineers of HMS Bounty and their Tahitian companions
Country formerly called Siam
Genus of woodpeckers that contains the flickers
1972 Bill Withers single that reached number one in the Billboard Hot 100
Fred ___, the only male player in history to have lost his first five Grand Slam singles finals
See 1
See 5
Teen fave
Bread spread
Island near Java
Quick look
Caught ya!
Tend texts
Light touches
Charged bit
Bivouac shelter
Sale rack abbr.
Diner orders
Long. crosser
Sushi fish
Stephen King novel
Academic goal
Stage comment
Type of mutual fund
Go against
Hit CBS series
Little louse
Historic period
Cat call
Poetic contraction
Intro studio class
New Age singer
Bat wood
Yeah, right!
Florida county
Actress Lena
Arkansas capital
Bartlett, for one
Agrees to
Cat on — Tin Roof
Supplies with staff
High roller
AOL rival
Wall St. debut
Part of RSVP
2016 Olympics city
Mag. staff
Shoe width
Be smarter than
Greek cheese
Candy is dandy poet
Rule, Britannia! composer
Poet Angelou
Periodical, for short
Tennis star Mandlikova
Voiced a view
Play start
Feel faint
On the house
Brownie additive
Mob action
Far from cordial
Yetis cousin
Radius partner
Fail to fail
Hams assent
Valued wood
Bottom-of-page line
St. Louis sight
Neckline shapes
More precious
Express disbelief
Hirsch of Milk
Banks, at times
Break off
Winter wrap
Far from wordy
Paradise Lost figure
Intend to
Poor sports cry
Pudding choice
Composer Mahler
Egyptian crosses
Worship site
Play part
More tender
Had on
More shrewd
Twain protagonist
South Yemen port
Nigerias capital
Lotion ingredient
Mother of Apollo
Renaissance instrument
Confused impression
Hugo damsel
Had an inkling
Page of music?
Easily convinced
Common rhyme scheme
Bar bill
Supports for columns
The Name of the Rose author
Poker variety
Ornamental needlework
Sleep disorder
Secured a ship
Scourge of God
Tidal movement
1965 James A. Michener novel
Strung out
Mata __
Liverpool lockup
Ex-Mrs. Trump
Treaters words
Shot shooter
Skin spot
Not so
Diving bird
Deutschland __ Alles
Brass instrument
Thrown out
Gem surface
Linguist Chomsky
Just out
Balkan nation
Secluded valleys
Piano piece
Defense acronym
Business records: Abbr.
Quod __ demonstrandum
Philippine island or its seaport
__ Arenas
Sparkling wine
Seine tributary
Brewery output
Wise addition?
Hopalong Cassidy actor
Web language
Meadow flowers
Mideast grp.
South African playwright Fugard
Scottish feudal lord
Oscar-winning Martha
Pew area
Admitting guilt
Pleasure garden
In those days
Something to aim for
Turf accountant
Root vegetable providing sugar
US state
Japanese art of paper folding
Stoat fur
English county
Find out
Italian rice dish
Grain store
Left-wing eloquence in scientists workplace?
Discs that may be broken?
Mutant tulip bulbs did this?
An eyesore – seen in nasty environment
Accommodation in certain parts
Metal policeman
Still convering attics
End of new tramline?
European capital held by brigadier
Mouth forming Greek letter
Part of a Chinese meal, perhaps, one sold out
Yes, tourism may be puzzling
Fortunate Frenchman goes to Kentucky
Pubs that stop people escaping?
Free – and terribly secure!
Bear gets broken toe later
Withdraw from a place of privacy
Top seducer may be taken to court
Mail is in each new carriage
Unsure about The Saint
Talk about small herb
A composer we rang about
Does nothing but slide about
Commanding officer has little time to view Italian lake
Yes Men dismiss head of state in Asian country
A measure of the gold ale off the ? la carte
Alternatives to tritium in prepared poison
Bit of breakfast undercooked served up with crackers
Censor describes the bad stuff from Partition
Comes about as a consequence of head endeavouring to take a case in school
Communiqu? coming from shambles on Midway, for example, looking back
Detained missing Dane with job on the paper
Devil joins a saint from Order in the process of painting
Doctor Erasmus is a hands-on type of person who reduces the tension
Edited Dead Men Walking?
Five-ninths of the posers in The Odyssey?
Foes and nuisances scandalising leaders supporters
Get a glimpse of Croft getting off scot-free
Heartless woman from the 1920s and 1930s, for instance
Hostile to a Gallic novel
In league with boy released by Old Bailey
Its an angle to extract from support literature review
Its morally wrong for womens group to take weekend in Clare and Dublin
Knocks back sample of alcohol somewhere in European capital
Lay off principal percussionist in Cork Symphony Orchestra offering chorus from the Caribbean
Manage one of those on the door of nightclub, for instance
Mishit shot in Panama and others
Nothing at dinner is eaten for breakfast
One of the family characters in background admonished
Opens for Coldplay, Genesis, INXS in the SFX
Primate rejects all drink from English novice
Received rap on knuckles for showing off Togo to party – its not to be taken seriously
Ring secretary from the heart of Albuquerque, as its not clear
Road, etc., designed in the 1920s
Roger saw the light
Secured a private road and avoided a tantrum presumably (3,31,3,3)
Segment of the Metallica showstopper from the capital
The penny dropped going around on holiday – the funny one from hotel didnt have to pay!
Tips on back of envelope by one of those down the pits
Warming to hotel taking all the food perhaps?
Wash your mouth out with local drink
Womaniser is thrown out of housewarming with squeeze
At a future time
Belonging to them
Beverages from leaves
Boat used in scooping out mud, etc., from the bottom of a river
Bolted, made off
Closer at hand
Concerning the sea
Day of month and year
Enter by force to conquer
Essential, indispensable
Expelled, booted out
Fell back to a previous state
Flamboyant self-assurance
Food grain
Friendly nations
Gain by working
Horse-drawn passenger vehicle
Impose a penalty
Lacked something essential
Least difficult
Made as clear profit
Masses of condensed vapour floating high above
Moral depravity
Of considerable size
Old name for an Indian city
Plant with stinging hairs
Room at the top
Scolding bad-tempered woman
Small fragments of rock
Small in size or amount
Stealing cattle
They look after the personal needs of others
Theyre all in your head
Time to come
Playfully-teasing remarks
Cry of praise
Certain to succeed
Play by Shakespeare
Football player
Be uncomfortably hot
Long and painful experience
Long-tailed amphibian
Police head
Group of three
Unspecified item
Use of the Internet for financial transfers
Dish served on toast
Inability to read or write
Relaxed, uninhibited
Paying no attention
Murmur of pain; grumble
One operating on brain, spinal cord, etc
Heraldic lily
Sheathing bract enclosing a flower cluster
Great brilliance
Street light supporter
In desperate straits
Menial and dull work
Child learning to walk
International agreement
Become less intense
Horned dinosaur
Pigeon; Greek poet
Edmund —, English poet
With no interesting characteristics
Jargon or slang (of a group)
Cowboys’ contest
One whose job is practical and out of the office
Rush around violently
Excessive self-importance
Underground prison
(A star’s) brightness
Of very poor quality
Required to be done
Dexterity of movement
Face sheltered from the wind
Subtly expressed
Not publicised
Vehicle ID
Garden areas
Percussion sound
Geometric shape exhibiting same characteristic at every scale
Run away to marry
Religious head
Break; leave suddenly
Formal discussion
Professional reviewer
Arch of colours
Unpleasant sound
No longer alive
Having removable sheets
Warning signal
Capital of Norway
Colour of snow
Join up
Made an exact copy of
Gloomily, blackly
English city
Long hollow cylinder
Provided (a service)
Oliver —
Roman emperor
Good attitude towards employment
Vogue, trend
Scan through (websites)
Tenacious, persistent
Boring machine
Autumn; drop
Vivacity initially held back mischief-maker
Artist’s medium discomfort after short illness
Meandering soldiers put in charge
It’s evident prison transmuted a modern criminal
Chinese finally sought after car dealer
Satellite rattles when blown about
Sweet nothing, with husband being ace
Sharp stuff from fault-finder having delayed resistance with drug
Tense one working and failing
Evens out site of a portico
River bird one’s seen on a ship
Sacked on Thursday, was very sore?
Totter up with beer, welcoming old musical style
School subject one grasped by quiet determination
Man stops erring by a crude vice
Riding train, the setter’s giving nothing away
Bit by bit, returned animals with good sense
Referred to broadcast, ignoring one’s daughter
Ball and function from the right country club
For high tea, do supply alcohol
Fake news to support a leaderless country
He won’t accept obsolete coin
Live in perfect tower
On the point of retiring, cut expenditure
Very effusive towards semiotician, with hard journey nearly done
French novel all told briefly after the beginning
Article by poet is going slowly
Revealing hypocrisy in empty society
Announcer’s maximum annoyance
Press impatient with a current political barrier
Agreed to don rotten cheat’s pirate garb?
President with the heart for angry demagogy
Modernised vans from urban parade went out together
Appeal in protest, offering help
Artist is in Paris, taking in Rodin on vacation
Pen triter works to read
Dog’s head drops down
Increase housing bill, inspiring fear
Recalled old party host holding English stringed instrument
A shy person, traveller stops during races
Fish caught by one in paper, wriggling
Animal in parable, or in another form
Recruiter in French car
Female to get around breezy, fantastic place
Old wine unruly adolescent brought up
Covering king and a couple of leaders
Boss has drink, on second
According to girl I don’t know, this is a sprinkler
Lively home by Spanish city esteemed highly
Visitor for Christmas day, one around US resort
Passing border in record time, heading for Laos
Trust man to train pets
Mean, say, to be getting on
Technique for selling new design
Flier’s welcome in armed service
US cities hosting a creature from Africa
Missile launch site shelters right in the shade
Almost time for parting word
Rail transport on the rise? (unfair clue almost rewritten)
Round-up of stock was carried over
Like relay teams in the home straight, close to defeat?
Manage desperate case for client
One submits puzzle on paper, dropping copy round
Mental image not showing right plant
Small drink for pet
Retiring Church Times editor’s first boss
Guided by queen, clubs abandoning selected traditional shorts
Old man’s equivalent of jet adequate?
Skier’s first collision happened unexpectedly
It’s a quality iron horse should possess?
Knight drinking in hell regularly went on a bender
King seized by drunken fool, closely bound
Sound judge brought in by former president
Music teachers’ group out to lunch, entirely lacking capital
Cicero’s wrong about government by force
Expressed praise for God
Cultivate grazing lands in US, making amends
Passage in entirety periodically input again
First aid post getting into gear before Waterloo?
Largely female production bruised tenor’s ego
Simple diet somehow a restriction on travellers
Fellow sailor holding English to be third rate
Cargo of hemp isn’t shifted
When there’s no teaching, a set of books is available
Graduate aboard boat mounting compass
Curious golf supports in the past
I’ll see: spectabo, cernam, vel tuebor
With a kiss or x: quomodo epistulam aviae nepotuli obsignant
Wicked things
Fabulam trado, nuntio
Rightly and deservedly (adv.) in the soup
To bend or flex (a bow, esp.), to persuade and prevail upon
Time flies (certe non metire celeritatem muscarum )
She will have loved (same form as perf. act. subj.)
I know I understand: non me fugit
How often? Once: quotiens? ____
To howl and holler, recall Tisiphone at Phyllis’s bed, Ovid Her. 2.117
Dull: eg, non ____ […] pectora Poeni, Aen. 1.567
It can, it is able: quit
Quod facit Amor omnibus?
Carry off: rapere: defero, ____, detuli, delatum
For whose benefit? cui ____?
Old codgerdom and all of us who inhabit it! (3rd decl. f.)
One or other of two women?
Hunc naso meo olfacio
Saepius apud poetas of the heavens (dativus possessivus)
You are soliciting alone and you are appealing
To hurl, 1st conj. (cf. closely with a similar 3rd conj. verb)
Sad and gloomy: tristi et luctuoso
Let her teach (jussive subj.)
Militibus gladios scutaque donat: he kits out soldiers
I think, I suppose: opinor, censeo
The heaven-__ sapphire . . .: Shak
21st century gaming accessory
Alternative to Beth
Aluminum container, initially
Bank slider
Brown __
Cabaret contingent
Christian Creed city
Composer contemporary of Bizet
Creazioni estetiche
Decisively important
Doggie treat ingredient
Fall flat
Fire fuel in whiskey production
Frequent eBay seller stipulation
Hang (on)
Hard-to-please type
His face launched a thousand chips, per his bio
IRS fellows
It may involve blindfolding drinkers
Japanese beverage giant
Laura Bush, née __
Locks up or nails down
Look kindly upon
Louisville and Memphis
Main interception group
Nickname for some spoilers
Nitrogen/hydrogen radical
No hitter of filmdom
Not very busy-sounding celeb
Obscured from the eyes
PayPal purpose, for short
Poetic rapper of renown
Prefix like preter-
Preludes cousin
Product produced from pines
Productivity professional
Protein builder
Provide (for)
Questionable crasher
Remove a bug from
Retailers outgo
Revel in
Seeks restoration, maybe
Shield against some reactions
Smart Puppy seller
Snack that may be sharp
Spot by the sea
Star of the Transformers films
Theyre centered on As and Bs
Tiny piece of graphite
Traditional blanket of Arizona
Ump or ref
Unitary principle
Vacationers try to escape from them
War of 1812 commodore
What fog can push back
Where to view créations esthétiques
Wolf relative
__ sack
___ Mia!
Wannabe salamanders
Yo, over here
Comparatively chilly
Light-brown color
Landscapers tool
Staple of a connected office
U-turn from casual
Way less terse
Tidal bore
Person full of gossip
Netted puck
Cheerleaders attention-getter
Any unique person
Native Missourians
Excuse that may raise suspicion
Ready for marriage
Native of any place
Lots and lots
Oh, poor me
Coffee with milk
Health class segment, cut
Some dangerous drugs
Pastry of India
Hodgepodge creations
Sound in a gym
Lough ___ (Irish lake)
Sound of censoring
Poor passable marks
Dont go! kin
Puts away
Thing you can change often
Big name in laptops
Critter in the dust
Emulates a kitten
Got up
Rat-sighting scream
ABC regulator
Masons tool
Huge wrestler
Old-fashioned one
Occupied, as a chair
Type of shooting
Word with firma
Scandinavian rug
Be way too inquisitive
Greek sandwich
Drink with steak
Place near Kauai
Powerful horse
Name on some jeans
Manor-ly gentleman
Word with Air or Ami
Short news piece
Type of boot or pole
Kelp bit
Celtic speaker
Bunsen burner
Detects visually
Chalcedony variety
Put into categories
Ran easily
Chop-chop, poetically
Sunday donation
Mexican snacks
King James suffix
Attorneys nameplate abbr.
Is a finger painter
Females in cotes
Jazzy Jackson
Blue Bonnet, for one
Dish in one pot
Small vipers
Stuff stranded in genes?
National anthem author
American Psycho author
Ant-Man and the Wasp star Paul
Baby Driver star Elgort
Break a leg out there!
I feel the same way!
Malcolm X director
Out of my face!
Yeah, right!
3M sponge brand
Advanced cautiously
Agronomy samples
Anatomical ring
Arles article
Baby food, often
Beer that came from humble beginnings?
Big TV name
Blushing deeply
Brosnans successor
Bum wrap from a neighbor?
Camisole material
Canonized mlle
Capp, Pacino and others
Completely, in modern lingo
Contributing to, as a scheme
Cooler component
Creatures vermicelli is named for
Curry on TV
Cut emissions, say
Cut ___ (dance)
Dance of Rio
Defamation, e.g
Delete, as data
Demonstrate beyond doubt
Dickers over a price
Either Hail, Caesar! director
Ethnic, in a way
Evening in Roma
Explosive emotion
Family card game
Financial giant with a lion logo
First field on a tax worksheet
Flanged girder
Fleet antelope
Fluctuates wildly
Foot soldier of Sauron
Fort Collins sch
Funder of Central Parks Strawberry Fields
Grand, e.g
Great deal
Guatemalas currency, named for a bird revered by the Mayans
Hacking output
Head-to-toe Islamic garment
Horace work
Horaces heart
i piece
Ink-saving abbr
Instagram and Waze, e.g
Instrument that may be hammered
Iowa senator Joni
Israeli submachine gun
It might be high during a dive
Its often under Z
Large draft
Leisurely run
Levis material
Margays cousins
More washed out
Mystery or romance
Name bestowed by Darth Sidious
New Zealand native
Oat-based skin product brand
Opposite-to-hypotenuse ratio
Orchestra spot
Paddock parents
Palm Pilots and Apple Newtons, for short
Performing gymnastic feats, and a hint to seven words attracted to their opposites in this puzzle
Place to find your balance
Poet who curses up a blue streak?
POTUSs military role
Pretentiously showy
Prime cut
Princess Leia hairstyle worn to greet guests?
Puddings that are chilling out?
Question after a joke falls flat
Raised ridges
Relax, in modern lingo
Richer, as flan
Rose Bowl player
Ruler of Russia
Salesman on stage
Salt-rimmed cocktail
Sandwich thats not kosher
Shape of a Bahai temple
Shoppers sometimes thump them
Shuffle, say
Sits shiva, say
Slow antelope
Snuggled in the sack
Soubise ingredient
Store house?
Streetcars with no onboard artificial intelligence?
Stuffing seasoning
Stylish pleasure-seeker
Summer of music
Sweet beverage suffix
T on a frat brothers T
Tennis great with a record 155 career titles
Tournament overdogs
Trendy ski resort
Ulterior motive
Union in D.C., e.g
Upscale shoe brand
Use a fork, maybe
Veterans Day event
Wallenberg honored as Righteous Among the Nations
Wash. neighbor
Watches with wonder
Where naughty silverware takes timeouts?
Wood texture
[This is unsuitable for office viewing]
___ Lingus
___ pro nobis
A grave old doctor sees big killer
American Post Office user
Associate bishop appears topless
Atrocious act
Bank arrangement
Be empathetic
Break apart Croatian port
Carbonated water
Card game
Card game played by former hotel employee
Concept used in wide arena
Country music?
Curved fruit
Damage or spoil
Depart (informal)
Dice rolled in time set aside
Drinking no alcohol
Fat Man or Little Boy
Find fault with vehicle parking
Game plan from cat TC is flawed
Girl raised to show strength
Graduate meets fool in plant
Help or benefit
Horse without tail is wreck
Immoderate admirer, devotee
Inscribe to
Lifted depression about womans figure
Lost a fish crossing street
Lunatic advert for debt
Man of letters sending same?
Marriage promise in due course for admirer
Monumental Egyptian structure
Old Tuareg reeling in shock
On wagon in Delta Railway
On wayward path
Pasta strand
Patriotic song
Return to friendliness
Simpleton with no dole arranged
Stiff stuff from eccentric directors
Trade disrupted? Put your foot down!
Trouble with son about drink
Use a very excellent line
Verdict in code is deciphered
Very thick paper
What spoiled warmer weather?
Baseball documentarian Burns
Get busy on that!
Mommywood author Spelling
New Look designer Christian
Terrible czar
Tijuana Taxi trumpeter Herb
A drawbridge may span one
Act as lookout for, perhaps
Actor Rob or Chad
Alley-___ (hoops play)
Appeared on the horizon
Assigned stars to, say
Belching flames
Blood-typing letters
Box with a partner
Caffeine-laden nut
Carlsbad Caverns dwellers
Come to pass
Coral or Sargasso
Craft in Disneys Pocahontas
Day one
Do a greasy spoon chore
Door ding, e.g
Email folder heading
Embassy staffer
Emoticon eyes, often
English horn relative
Enjoy with relish
Food truck snack
For all to hear
Fraction of a square mile
Full of energy
Futurist of sorts
Garfields foil
German autos with lightning bolt logos
Give or take
Go for a rebound
Hammer-wielding god
Harding administration scandal
In this manner
Inheritance, of a sort
Italian auto, informally
Lacrosse score
Landmass in Risk
Like a saved seat
Like an unpaired sock
Longhorns gridiron rivals
Louis who taught the blind
Most tailless primates
Naval forces
Packs, as a pipe bowl
Pain-management injection
Pekingese and Pomeranian
Place to order steamers
Plumlike fruits
Radio hobbyist
Record label owned by Sony
Salad bar veggie
San Francisco Bay city
Showing bias
Slaughter in Cooperstown
Social insects
Stage after larva
Succulent houseplant
Suffix for the well-to-do
Sweeney Todd was one
Swerves off course
Tailless primate
Tubular floating toy
TV mag listing
Tyrolean tune
Way past ones prime
Well-supplied with inventory
Where life begins
Yielded to pressure
Conduit for a fluid
One who hesitates fearfully
Dressing served with food
Fabric (originally from New York and London)
Legislative assembly
Opposition frontbenchers
Woody tropical grass
Male protagonist
Moisture from the air at night new sides (anag)
Relating to dancing
Gone up
Texas city
Source of venison
Long dagger
European capital
Birds in a gaggle
Fraudulent scheme
German term for, roughly, the area from the Rhine to the Vistula and the Baltic to the Balkans
The fifth of the UKs Great Offices of state
Timber from palm trees
Vanity __, 1848 novel by Thackeray
The year in which Augustus Caesar died
Otto von __, Prussian, and later German, statesman (1815-1898)
British and South African mining company founded by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer
Name given to the treaty signed by The Bolsheviks and the Central Powers to end Russias participation in World War 1
Japanese cloak, often secured with an obi
Manhattan night club popular with celebrities in the 1970s
Rock band fronted by Damon Albarn
What St Peter asked the risen Christ on the road outside Rome?
__ Lane, reporter for the Daily Planet?
Country that advertises itself as the warm heart of Africa?
2005 novel by Zadie Smith
__ Building, a triangular skyscraper in downtown New York
River running through much of 7
Light carriage, often with just two wheels
A setting of a German poem to classical music
The fourth largest of the Great Lakes
Engineers likely to be dependable
One man in street not speaking
A top for that head is replaced without hesitation
Disturbing Eve, clan surrounded territory
Book published again about one small woman
One politician the Spanish guided is driven forward
Track down and find a tiny amount
First getting involved in dreadful lament
Impudence shown by large expert with chain
Peter is spoiling rest
Awesome reserve getting fruit
Having fun in bars, rowers disturbing Cumbrian town
Eastern doctor left half of them with badge
One, so delayed, meets head of department, lonely
Book lover from Delaware in back part
Delayed person getting me to clear out
Mean woman appearing in time
Some popular gentleman, big
Deal involving trendy fellow, 51, on court
Characteristic spirit initially embarrassing Thomas
Volunteers, teetotal, with European socialist, worn out
Occasional raids cop arranged
Row about German ” one producing womens garments
Arranging treat, chic designer
A party expert welcoming royal, charming
Record ones poem for instalment
Defamation about gunners, generous
First of seamstresses needs tattered felt
Brush could be made from this plant
Seats needed by lots of assistants

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