Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-11-11

Automated Twitter-posting program that might be Russian
There’s plenty more where that ___ from
___ out (throw a 7 when you need an 8 at the dice table)
Jimmy Eat World’s music genre
End of the Lord’s Prayer
Lubricates as a rusty hinge
Midday snooze
Broccoli and iSpy rapper who plays Fortnite: 2 wds.
Dry out like lips
Pacific island nation that shares its name with a Girl Scout cookie
Occupational ___ (unpleasant part of a job)
Chinese bear
Early stage in an insect’s life
Maude Flanders’s widower on The Simpsons
Dirty Work actor and former SNL cast member who plays Fortnite: 2 wds.
NBA legend ___ Ming
Letter given to a student by a teacher
___-feet (wrinkles around the eyes)
Netlike fabrics
Dangerous animal that gets an annual Week on the Discovery Channel
To ___ the Truth (ABC game show)
Fall Out Boy bassist who plays Fortnite: 2 wds.
State that’s north of Florida’s panhandle: Abbr.
Furniture chain whose buildings are typically blue and yellow
___ Straits (2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees)
Actor Diesel who voices Groot in Marvel movies
Shampoo whose bottles call it the original 2 in 1
2014-2018 Pistons head coach ___ Van Gundy
Adjective ending that indicates more than -er
Furniture in a park
Most populous city in Nebraska
Hitchcock film that’s named for a gemstone that’s often orange-yellow
Third-largest US state by area: Abbr.
What ___ doing here?: 2 wds.
___ Diner (restaurant on the old sitcom Alice)
New Age singer of Orinoco Flow
Hot drink for a snowy day
Pop star who played a hacker in Ocean’s 8
PC key near Ctrl
Gangnam Style rapper
Guitarist’s volume booster
Tree that produces coconuts
Animal associated with the zodiac sign Aries
What female impersonators wear
Singer Lana ___ Rey
Find a sum
DVD player’s predecessor: Abbr.
Sitcom actor ___ Scott
Hometown of the Knicks Mets and Islanders: Abbr.
Paddle in a rowboat
Animal that says cock-a-doodle-doo
Poem written as a tribute
Home built by a sparrow
Grain that can be cracked or puffed
Woodcutting tool with sharp teeth
Give the ___-ho (expel)
Three-time Emmy nominee Tracee ___ Ross
Incline or a way of seeing things
Team that plays in Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park
Make mittens or bootees perhaps
One of the clubs on a 7 of clubs for example
___ out a living (barely survive)
curved outward
curve defined by y = sin x
curved path
French curve use
extremely sharp curve
curved entrance
Shakespearean father of three LEAR:Shakespearean father of three LEAR
I agree!’ AMEN:’I agree!’ AMEN
Enjoys the sun BASKS:Enjoys the sun BASKS
Pants material CHINO:Pants material CHINO
Approximately ORSO:Approximately ORSO
Sycophant LACKEY:Sycophant LACKEY
Earth tone OCHRE:Earth tone OCHRE
Movie with a shootout at high noon, maybe OATER:Movie with a shootout at high noon, maybe OATER
___ Major URSA:___ Major URSA
Band bookings GIGS:Band bookings GIGS
Outside the city RURAL:Outside the city RURAL
Any member of Abba SWEDE:Any member of Abba SWEDE
Automotive debut of 1957 EDSEL:Automotive debut of 1957 EDSEL
Some univ. hirees TAS:Some univ. hirees TAS
Turkish inn IMARET:Turkish inn IMARET
Horror writer Peter STRAUB:Horror writer Peter STRAUB
Stole, in slang PINCHED:Stole, in slang PINCHED
Cold treat ICEPOP:Cold treat ICEPOP
What’s needed in order to escape this crossword LETTERSONTHEKEYS:What’s needed in order to escape this crossword LETTERSONTHEKEYS
Sandwich loaf RYE:Sandwich loaf RYE
Pitcher Hershiser OREL:Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Declares to be true ATTESTS:Declares to be true ATTESTS
Indie rocker with the 2009 #3 album ‘Middle Cyclone’ NEKOCASE:Indie rocker with the 2009 #3 album ‘Middle Cyclone’ NEKOCASE
Not doing well BADAT:Not doing well BADAT
A snap EASY:A snap EASY
___ jure (law phrase) IPSO:___ jure (law phrase) IPSO
Tobacconist ___ Sherman NAT:Tobacconist ___ Sherman NAT
Virtuous ones SAINTS:Virtuous ones SAINTS
N.Y.C. subway org. MTA:N.Y.C. subway org. MTA
Words of denial WASNTME:Words of denial WASNTME
Round fig. SPH:Round fig. SPH
A little, musically POCO:A little, musically POCO
Charcuterie stock MEATS:Charcuterie stock MEATS
Lycées, e.g. ECOLES:Lycées, e.g. ECOLES
What to do with the items referenced in 41-Across PLACETHEMINTHECORNERS:What to do with the items referenced in 41-Across PLACETHEMINTHECORNERS
Natural light display AURORA:Natural light display AURORA
Move smoothly to the next thing SEGUE:Move smoothly to the next thing SEGUE
Great ___ DANE:Great ___ DANE
Billy ___ Williams DEE:Billy ___ Williams DEE
Like Russia prior to 1917 TSARIST:Like Russia prior to 1917 TSARIST
One of a couple MRS:One of a couple MRS
Neon and others GASSES:Neon and others GASSES
Apollo, to Zeus SON:Apollo, to Zeus SON
Offshore ASEA:Offshore ASEA
Possesses, to the Bard HATH:Possesses, to the Bard HATH
Kind of battery NICAD:Kind of battery NICAD
Final desperate effort LASTGASP:Final desperate effort LASTGASP
Tickle the ___ IVORIES:Tickle the ___ IVORIES
Prefix on some first-aid products MEDI:Prefix on some first-aid products MEDI
___ had it!’ IVE:’___ had it!’ IVE
After following the instructions at 70-Across, how to escape this puzzle READNEWDOWNWORDS:After following the instructions at 70-Across, how to escape this puzzle READNEWDOWNWORDS
Not as much LESSSO:Not as much LESSSO
Ratings pioneer NIELSEN:Ratings pioneer NIELSEN
Edmonton athletes OILERS:Edmonton athletes OILERS
Fine with me’ OKEYDOKE:’Fine with me’ OKEYDOKE
German name component, often VON:German name component, often VON
Uncool one DWEEB:Uncool one DWEEB
Unconventional OUTRE:Unconventional OUTRE
James of the West JESSE:James of the West JESSE
Just foolin” IKID:’Just foolin” IKID
Algerian port ORAN:Algerian port ORAN
Get together UNITE:Get together UNITE
Give it ___!’ AREST:’Give it ___!’ AREST
Verdi soprano AIDA:Verdi soprano AIDA
Grp. founded by 12 countries NATO:Grp. founded by 12 countries NATO
Luau, basically ROAST:Luau, basically ROAST
Brothers’ name in R&B ISLEY:Brothers’ name in R&B ISLEY
Symbol of fire prevention SMOKEY:Symbol of fire prevention SMOKEY
Vehicle that requires no fuel SLED:Vehicle that requires no fuel SLED
Name one can ‘skip to’ LOU:Name one can ‘skip to’ LOU
Goof ERR:Goof ERR
Confidently said ASSERTED:Confidently said ASSERTED
Subject with variables ALGEBRA:Subject with variables ALGEBRA
Daily ___ (British paper) MAIL:Daily ___ (British paper) MAIL
Part of some physicals
Attribute of many political ads NASTINESS:Attribute of many political ads NASTINESS
Soup with a red color BORSCHT:Soup with a red color BORSCHT
Prefix with pressure ACU:Prefix with pressure ACU
React with fear or delight SHRIEK:React with fear or delight SHRIEK
Ralph and Alice, on old TV KRAMDENS:Ralph and Alice, on old TV KRAMDENS
Actress Ward SELA:Actress Ward SELA
Trig function COSEC:Trig function COSEC
Native Iowan HAWKEYE:Native Iowan HAWKEYE
Citizen of
Actor Beatty NED:Actor Beatty NED
It’s mined, all mined! ORE:It’s mined, all mined! ORE
Common middle name for girls SUE:Common middle name for girls SUE
Constantly fidgeting, say ANTSY:Constantly fidgeting, say ANTSY
Game with 42 territory cards RISK:Game with 42 territory cards RISK
Slovenly type SLOB:Slovenly type SLOB
Prefix with byte TERA:Prefix with byte TERA
Famous ___’ (slogan on Idaho license plates) POTATOES:’Famous ___’ (slogan on Idaho license plates) POTATOES
Went on and on PRATTLED:Went on and on PRATTLED
Yiddish cries OYS:Yiddish cries OYS
Second of April? PEE:Second of April? PEE
Wretched smell STENCH:Wretched smell STENCH
Hey! That hurts!’ YEOW:’Hey! That hurts!’ YEOW
Kind of Hollywood romance ONSCREEN:Kind of Hollywood romance ONSCREEN
Literary scholars debate what’s in it CANON:Literary scholars debate what’s in it CANON
Getting to the point? TAPERING:Getting to the point? TAPERING
Solution to a maze PATH:Solution to a maze PATH
Specks IOTAS:Specks IOTAS
They might drop down MENUS:They might drop down MENUS
Almost forever AEONS:Almost forever AEONS
Nothing more than MERE:Nothing more than MERE
Latin 101 word ESSE:Latin 101 word ESSE
Petty disagreement SPAT:Petty disagreement SPAT
Beleaguers HARASSES:Beleaguers HARASSES
Horrible headache MIGRAINE:Horrible headache MIGRAINE
Anesthesiologist’s concern SEDATION:Anesthesiologist’s concern SEDATION
The Bridge at Narni’ painter COROT:’The Bridge at Narni’ painter COROT
Internet sensation MEME:Internet sensation MEME
Nut whose name sounds like a sneeze CASHEW:Nut whose name sounds like a sneeze CASHEW
Shock, in a way TASE:Shock, in a way TASE
Flowering evergreen shrubs GARDENIAS:Flowering evergreen shrubs GARDENIAS
Administrants of corporal punishment SPANKERS:Administrants of corporal punishment SPANKERS
Can you explain that further?’ HOWSO:’Can you explain that further?’ HOWSO
Requiring intellect CEREBRAL:Requiring intellect CEREBRAL
It might end in a ZIP code
Ph.D. requirement
Tiny ‘tiny’ LIL:Tiny ‘tiny’ LIL
Forum greeting AVE:Forum greeting AVE
Former Yankee nickname AROD:Former Yankee nickname AROD
Soft and smooth VELVETY:Soft and smooth VELVETY
Happy wintertime news for schoolkids SNOWDAY:Happy wintertime news for schoolkids SNOWDAY
Semi fuel DIESEL:Semi fuel DIESEL
Golfer Michelle WIE:Golfer Michelle WIE
Awesome!’ SWEET:’Awesome!’ SWEET
California city north of Ventura OJAI:California city north of Ventura OJAI
Mythical queen of Carthage DIDO:Mythical queen of Carthage DIDO
Your and my OUR:Your and my OUR
It has a big deck UNO:It has a big deck UNO
Toledo-to-Columbus dir. SSE:Toledo-to-Columbus dir. SSE
A Kardashian KIM:A Kardashian KIM
Dined ATE:Dined ATE
Silent approval NOD:Silent approval NOD
1999 science fiction novel by Robert J Sawyer
Author of 1943 novel The Fountainhead
Style of Japanese comic books and graphic novels
Joint in the hind leg of a horse between the gaskin and the cannon bone
See 22
1997 novel by Kate Atkinson
Serge , Ivory Coast defender signed by Tottenham Hotspur FC from Paris Saint-Germain in 2017
Marcel , German golfer; 2014 BMW Masters tournament winner
Bowed stringed instrument of the violin family
See 14
2009 novel by Patricia Cornwell
Henri , 1952 and 1956 Olympic dressage individual and team gold medallist
The , 1931 film drama starring Tallulah Bankhead and Irving Pichel
Tiger , US golfer; 2005 Masters Tournament winner
2002 film thriller starring Jesse Bradford and Erika Christensen
Asian republic; capital Tehran
1983 romantic drama film starring Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri
River flowing into Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
Large bronze musical horn found in Danish peat bogs dating back to the Bronze Age
River in Cornwall that reaches the English Channel at Falmouth
Hindu trinity of the gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
French abbess; pupil and lover of theologian Peter Abelard
Richie , 2001-15 All Blacks flanker; 2006, 2009 and 2010 IRB International Player of the Year
Large South American rodent resembling a small beaver
John , author of novels The Autograph Hound and Hot to Trot
Eurasian garden plant
Ballroom dance
Person who is part of a club
Vital organ
Scottish dish
Childrens game
Large flat dish
Having had a previous owner
Belonging to him
Clever person
Word for word
Picture in the mind
Warning the rat off
Metal guide
God of the roses
Share gets artist into trouble
Tiny part of a cat
Thus get attorney a drink
Dish gone west
Not returning a great deal
Heard couple as well
The others relax
A study of city
Race around some land
Hornet flying around chair
Auction ales off
Look noble
Trio working there
Rubbish on a list
Nervous part of speech
Boy keeps old pack
Set tea out in the grounds
Show new spirit
Slow-moving birds
Rite using flag
Husky or another animal, say
Walk Frenchman into trap
Come in from barren terrain
Small — little — tiny first dessert
Its expensive, darling
Chief sobs uncontrollably
Greek deity
Sparkling water
Yemeni port
Unit of area
Royal seat
Landed property
Nocturnal predators
Go in
Linguine, e.g.
Popular fad
Execs car
College gal
Slumber spot
Batters goal
Bird call
Doing business
Loud uproar
Edible seed
Ink squirters
Seed container
Porgys love
Greek hero?
Back talk
Baseball throw
Cold and rainy
Minister to
Tally up
Urn holders
Cried like a kitten
Dwarfed tree
Feudal title
Summer hue
Hose problem
Mama deer
Recipe measures
Like Kramer
Apple dessert
Risk cash
Scale notes
Washes away
Sung dramas
Take offense
Smock, e.g.
Not ons
Soda variety
Fidos treat
Personal pronoun
Infant garment
Get ___!
Oil cartel
Marine mammal
This Is ______ Tap
Ready for picking
Fond du ___
Mount Olympus dwellers
Journey by a large group
Part of a litter
40 winks
Hidden valley
Comfy cover-up
Didnt toss
Elemental variant
Loosen, in a way
Spare me your excuses
Spot for doodles
Land at Mexico City Airport?
A hungry actor might __
Poison sumac exposure risk
Nonstick cookware brand
It matters how you get there app
Dollars for quarters
A hungry film critic might __
Compote component
Polish literature?
Bird feeder food
How you holdin up?
No __ done
Subjects of the film Blackfish
Music-licensing org.
Not quite right
Some is changed regularly
A hungry locksmith might __
Pentagon address
Clever barb response
Loch with a mystery
Seriously ticked
Cartoon desert island sight
Special forces mission
Competed using blades
A hungry librarian might __
Cherry-topped dish
Venerable English school
Dinghy need
Thor: Ragnarok actor Idris
Live, TV-wise
Bouquet bearer
Mariano Rivera, memorably
Alley in comics
A hungry janitor might __
Curved plumbing piece
Call __ day
Monopoly buy
Somber notice
CafePress purchase
Comes together
Kelloggs toaster pastry
A hungry banker might __
Point of contention
Swearing or swearing-in words
Cookie grain
A hungry angler might __
Lanai furniture material
One mans struggle to take it easy, for Ferris Bueller
Intimidating words
Password preceder
Poor rating
Actress Falco
Measure up
Singer Baker
14-time Grammy-winning banjoist Béla
North Carolina team
Unlike this ans.
One who picks up a lot
Mexican painter Frida
Night before
Chapel bench
Champs collection
A behavioral sci.
Ferrells SNL cheerleading partner
Guiding principles
Willing to listen
Auto store buy
Grand ice cream brand
Ponzi scheme, e.g.
Psalm pronoun
Sincere attempts
Oft-chewed item
Defiant response
TiVo predecessor
Foot thats part of a meter
Four Corners state
City on Lake Erie
WWII sub
Gush on stage
Wiped out
Ramadan ritual
Abu Dhabi dignitary
Name on Irish euros
Veda reader
Omega rival
Capital north of Berlin
Like some bagels
Pond papa
Stopped at sea, with to
Terrier on Frasier
Before now
Fit to be tied
Word before or after mother
Breakfast-on-the-run pickup
Really feel the heat
Pulitzer-winning Ferber novel
Work together
Present at birth
Actress Petty of Orange Is the New Black
Tusked critter
Cal. entry
Naysayers weapon?
Highly skilled in
Often-seared tuna
English Derby town
Last element in Pandoras box
Lawn-Boy parent company
Texters Oh, and another thing …
Geoffrey the Giraffes store
River racers
Stick (to)
Carlsbad Caverns dweller
Bright again
White __
Party spread
__-Grain: breakfast bar brand
Blue eyes, e.g.
Baseball Hall of Famer Koufax
Ratio phrase
Adult cygnet
Herb used in turkey dressing
Een if
Based __ true story
Retirement spot
Moonlight Oscar winner Mahershala __
Comparison words
Heroic narrative
Flour factory
U.S. symbol
Opera highlight
Trying experience
Not this
Printers measures
Otherworldly meeting
Jewish feast
Rocker ____ Turner
Swiss mountain
Part of FDR
Canvas cover
Author Dr. ____
____ wing and a prayer (2 wds.)
English nobleman
Mail friend (2 wds.)
Egypts continent
Crossword direction
Gorilla, e.g.
On the peak
Slanting type
Wordless actor
Fireplace residue
Pound sounds
Actor Roger ____
Sings alone
Cheese type
Actress ____ Dietrich
Shopping reminders
Wood turner
Joan of ____
Fence entrance
AM-FM ____
Corosive substances
Ms. Hayworth
Medicinal plant
Stable morsels
Difficult journey
On a voyage
Tree greenery
Cats sound
Raggedy doll
California wine valley
Lose ones footing
Vote into office
Ziti, e.g.
Serious plays
Church tower
Cooks oil
____ Says
Eden resident
Acapulco coin
____ the ramparts…
Switch word
Cruise line possibly having problem with icy gents loo
Baronets returning for drama
Like the fallen, able to see clearly your feet moving before end of dance
Like an ode delivered by Joely Richardson
This Bogart film shot is not affected by age, like the fallen
In my opinion, end of war is past
Lots of headless lackeys
One believing opposite of 29 to some extent
Lawrence of Arabias standing around making laws
Some flag lowered, gleaming, like the fallen
Heartless ungrateful person following soldiers in war memorial
Truly literary for the first nine months?
Article mislaid about Taps, perhaps, or another bugle call
One beating, we hear, the demon drink
English noncommissioned officer silent about current eulogy
Thus, cry in this place – any place
Some piteous emotions turning up in books
Fugees rapper with unknown symbol for musicians
Give life to soldiers in space before
Shift keys regularly found in such places
Trojan queens elementary coupling
Brigitte Bardots less upset with silver fashion accessory
On the other side, as Joaquin Phoenix is now, presumably
Set off for appointment in school? Just the opposite
Stayed unusually dependable, like the fallen
Introduce rent boy occasionally, somewhere in South Africa
Brown Betty possibly starts to take ecstasy, amphetamines and marijuana
Soldier to position around Western Front
One possibly 26, getting to the heart in remembering
Rough and knobbly
Resinous substance
First World War poet
Caribbean country
Happen again
See note
Pre-meal drinks
German painter and engraver
Electrical component
Unit of resistance
Poison-bearing tree
Smelting residue
Actor Delon
Arizona Indian
Veggie meal ingredient
19th century British prime minister
Learning method
Island guitars
Directors order
French cop
Norways patron saint
Yale of Yale University
Velvet finish
Keep apart
__ sequitur
No longer asleep
Egyptian Christian
Part of the Malay Archipelago
Dolly of country music
Western card game
Leading court figure
European border river
Longest river in Africa
Winners award
On ones own
Chip dip
Crab part
Ring combo
Tip over
Pocket bread
Latin love
Brazilian seaport
Viennese pastry
Zoo beasts
Syngman of Korea
Not many
Jazz singer Laine
Peter Pan fairy
Charless principality
Many miles off
Hold dear
Comedian Bob
Do __ others …
__ many words
Romeo and Juliet character
Put in
Its capital is Zagreb
Mountain nymphs
Projecting part
Golfer Nick
Big showcase
Young lady
Theyre drawn to decide
Orinoco Flow singer
Precious stone
Vast desert of North Africa
Male goose
Copious, abundant
Once more
Mean, medium
Solid fuel
In reserve
Acute intestinal infection
Republic of Ireland
Container for liquid
Fancy neckwear
Covered walk with shops
Ridges of sand
Keyboard instrument
Volcanic matter
Island area seen by youngster
Squatter composing chamber music
Actors on holiday begin a voyage
Let everyone go to town centre
Another name for Alice Turner?
Observation concerning former German currency
Essex porter in new train
Hard work put in by chef for tea?
Country where native leader is seen in Roman costume
Distributing aid in Asian country
Its able to grow wild like an animal
Elegant Central European editor
The French, in the modern era, are first
Two birds seen at dawn
A herb for Mr Fawlty
Nat King Cole song that will always be remembered?
Get weapons again to back military leader
General disorder? Thats swell
News broadcast thats stitched together?
Realm in which no maid is in distress
Attacked animal was sick
One who doesnt believe in Castro?
Compound left by smoker of marijuana?
A friend covered with very large gems
Racket for when one is playing?
Walk with difficulty, having wilted?
Jellied meat mold
Third man
RBI, e.g.
TVs ________ and the Man
Florists giveaway
Rally segments
Ancestral symbol
Formerly, formerly
Healing plant
Intelligence agent
Paid out
Stable staple
Alphas opposite
The Sprats, e.g.
Barley bristle
Rub it in, in a way
________ pin and pick it up …
Lawyers gp.
Cruel creep
Owl-and-Pussycat utensil
Good listener?
Vast nation
Sp. lasses
Two-finger piece
Helium, for one
Front of the ship
Florences river
Right-hand man
Go off course
Fibula partner
Made tracks
Pt. of YMCA
Lacking class
Takes steps
Mall stall
Cooler cooler
Ward off
Shouts sharply
Caesars being
Pt. of AT&T
Ancient market
Mao ________ Tung
Hops-heating chamber
Prefix meaning all
French connections?
Bleachers feature
Biblical twin
Sikh spirit
Itll grow on you
I problems
French monarch
Alfonsos queen
Highest low tide
Tapioca source
Composer Satie
Days ends
Temporary currency
________ Island
Goes for the gold?
Very: French
Etchers need
Dogpatch daddies
Fizzle out
Talk big
Generally speaking
Lhasa — (little dogs)
Ed of Gus
Small drying item on a bathroom bar
Obamas successor
Start of a riddle
Have a blast
Exodus actor Mineo
Lyric forgetters syllables
Forbidden perfume
Common pet lizard
Warlike deity
Riddle, part 2
Indias place
Brand of contact lens cleaner
Place to exit
Riddle, part 3
Unfurled, e.g.
Former Disney head Michael
Uncle, in Spain
Depict by drawing
Met maven
No, in Essen
— bow (upper lip shape)
A-list person
Riddle, part 4
Neon fish in a tank
Naturally illuminated at dusk
Duel weapon
Baldwin of Andron
Morse Es
Jet grounded in 03
— Fideles
West Texas city
Riddle, part 5
Farm baby
Crimson and carmine
End of the riddle
Actress Tara
Write the score to
Polo of The Fosters
Time of note
Official seal
— Na Na
Riddles answer
Plow maker
Acting teacher Stella
90210 actor Rob
Quality of sharp pain
Ex-NFLer Grier
Humorously indecent
Milo of film
Study of data patterns
Alien seekers program, for short
Sad, in Nice
Many a time
Casual turndown
Top fighter pilots
Inferior — cava
And others, in Latin
— -com (film category)
Feeling of amazement
Prefix with magnetic
Gillette shaver brand
Major for a future D.A.
Actress Mena
Eggy dish
Belly flop result
Fake display
The Far Side cartoonist Gary
Hamilton dueler Aaron
Web surfer, say
Great joy
Brand of fleecy boots
— Lingus
Vegas-to-Helena dir.
Violin virtuoso Hilary
Having a shot to win
Shaped like a die
Purported psychic gift
Suffix for an enzyme
Fashions Anna —
Skin dye
State north of Calif.
Like a boor
Blissful site
Aswans river
Woman in 53-Down
Little bit
Actress Tyler or Ullmann
Concept, in Calais
New car sticker fig.
Words in an analogy
Food box datum: Abbr.
Miniature couch for a pooch
Female college students, outdatedly
One foot forward
Two-tone whale
Part of HRH
52-week unit
— Bo (fitness option)
Certain pipe fitting
Neglects to
How Great — Art
To be, in Le Havre
Vile villainesses
Danson of Mad Money
Gp. activated by a 911 call
Snoop (on)
Whence one wicked witch
Whence one wicked witch
Sheltered from the wind
Abbr. at LAX
Pinball parlor
Hires out
Wire arch on a croquet course
Hold fast
Tabloid monster moniker
In — (stagnant)
Karaoke problem
Fleming of opera
Spitting nails
Lambs mothers
Many a carol
See 122-Down
Within: Prefix
In the role of (Lat.)
Dads bro
— de cologne
House pest
With 114-Down, Not true!
Part of CBS: Abbr.
Please stop
Sung without instruments
Discharge channel
With erudition
Informal expression
Part of windpipe
Hold (down)
Topless soldiers showing muscle
Apt to supply answer? A blessing in disguise
Ignore gathering storm, and I will see gloom
One stands in for man or father
Please run through what you earn
Among patients ahead
Hot needle applied to sponge
Drop baby into bowl
One sending bill
Weak cup of tea unfinished
Bitter as wine that’s carried round
Walk to the bar, OK?
Park surrounded by water
Pot, or go to pot
Torn, but not as to the bottom
Name doctor one is dating
Decorated cherished houses close to town
Colour in drawing?
Keen to call short cosmonaut
One boards morning train
Old singer has to go off, heading for Easter Island
PR people drop into shows
Being beside oneself
Romance? It’s “other things” in Latin name
One’s sorry about old actor
Polyvinyl, one stocking material
Exhaust — it’s quiet
Haughtiness a playwright is showing in London museum
Detestable patient is ‘ell to deal with
Cut in old-fashioned allowance reported
Boat may be so ancient with its prow missing
Slap down local prisoners returning
Place for animals — a couple used their teeth, said Spooner
Scratch from pussy left embedded
We hear advantage disappeared north of the border
Sort of mug using old recycled clues
Body parts that whale has enable swimming
Skill with inner energy brings reward as before
The first person meeting the Queen is a Muslim ruler
Bad foot? Bandages may be put round one left twisted
God has half the angels returning
Old school characters in a group
Observe fast, full of melancholy, as of old
See ham moon in a true drama dreadfully rendered
Valuable material, as before, penned by yesteryear’s left-winger?
Solitary poet, suffering in letters
Article fine, no longer distorted
Stalk as one nasty pest going about
Silence of one studying the past briefly
I and others hugging old lover may display old-style passion
Trendy soul cheers, embracing husband in African movement
English patron saint getting rid of smoking brute finally gets affection
In India, European is very much at home — gosh!
Greek princess who could be calm yet stern
Silver in starry decorative feature
Old-style lesson in Latin before
Priest and bishop in Lincoln
Famous person tackling a politician is able to provide some illumination
European beset by ruefulness may offer welcome again
This writer’s housed in filthy places endlessly — an impossible situation?
Dish with some herbal titbits
State has set up gallery on many sites
Unanswerable question in holy book putting rector off
Wigan-based inventor voiced by Peter Sallis
Ferdinand ____ was the supreme commander of Allied forces in the First World War
The Outer Hebrides are also called “the ____”
Macromolecule found in all living cells
Nursery rhyme possibly about the Scottish general Sir Alexander Leslie
Muscular terrier, originally bred for blood sports
Small crustacean native to the coast of South Africa
The nave of a wheel
Syria’s ancient city of ____ was added to Unesco’s world heritage in danger list in 2013
Dutch theologian whose attempted reforms of Calvinism created the Remonstrant movement
Hard-wearing cotton twill fabric
Danica ____ is the only woman to win an IndyCar series race
Marlon ____ is a Jamaican cricketer who plays for the West Indies in all three international formats
Area of England between the North and South Downs
The theory that members of a hierarchy rise to their level of incompetence
Italian motorcycle racer known as The Doctor
Unable to produce new cells, causing defects in organs or tissue
Word and picture puzzles
The singer of Che Gelida Manina in Puccini’s La Bohème
An upper room in a medieval manor house
Character in a Dickens short story, who “must have been an offshoot of the Blue Beard family”
An isometric saturated hydrocarbon found in motor fuel
Black and white diving bird of northern seas
A conjuror
Mos Eisley’s dimly-lit tavern with a jazz band in Star Wars
Improvisational comedy show hosted by Clive Anderson
The evergreen climber Hedera helix
Actress who played Bond girl Jinx in Die Another Day
Ide is another name for this fish
Carl ____ is Denmark’s best-known composer
Punning; a 2006 film featuring contestants in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
Rider of Mon Mome, 100-1 winner of the 2009 Grand National
Alter ego used by William Makepeace Thackeray
In 1926, Gertrude ____ became the sixth person and first woman to swim the Channel
Mountain area in which Grenoble and Chamonix are situated
Singing cowboy Gene Autry’s equine companion
Electronic conversion of printed or written text
The non-existent virus named in an early case of hoax virus warnings, first seen by email in 1994
A solid component of fat
Lodging for the poor, provided by a charity
Europe’s second-longest river
The ____ became The Times in 1788
Covert military or government activities
The ____ coast is a popular tourist destination in Italy
Stand-up comedian who hosts his own Comedy Roadshow for BBC 1
Stage name of Peter Martin, bass guitarist of 1980s soul/funk band Linx
Former Dutch coin, one twentieth of a guilder
The weight carried by a horse in a handicap race
Male head of a household
Type of bridge contract in which the honours are the four aces
“Am dining at Goldini’s Restaurant [. . .]. Please ____ and join me there.” (Sherlock Holmes)
Holiday resort between the Ribble and Wyre estuaries
Noel Coward play adapted for film as Brief Encounter
Veteran singer who had a No 1 hit with My Son, My Son
War galley with three banks of oars
Sound made by covering and uncovering the bell of a brass instrument
Ian ____’s first novel was The Cement Garden
“The ____ is the avenue to the heart” (Voltaire)
Makes carpentry cuts
Cabbage salad
Workings that are definitely not good
Much ___ About Nothing
Runners rate
Spork part
Jazz variety
Part of a lime
It may have a conveyor belt (2 words)
What you do to purchase something
Gear that meshes
Horses grain
No longer active (Abbr.)
The Lion King character
Food to crack
Tamed animal
Become compost
Musk maker
Hillbilly band instrument
Fuel for a grill
Before, to a poet
Old Russian ruler
Oh, and let me add …
X-___ (hospital procedure
If that doesnt work …
Writer of odes
Printers measures
Decayed, as wood
Two words before new worlds record
Bird of Old Rome
Unexpected film success
Striped feline
Object of fan adoration
Garnish amount
Put into a horizontal position
Teens woe
Place with many cars
Recipe meas.
Some cubes
Rodent thats a traitor?
Not safe, in baseball
Gun an engine
Sheeps mom
Explosive inits.
Not in any place
Worn-out piece of cloth
Mean mongrel
Frequent flyer?
Bishop and Lawrence
___ contendere (no contest plea)
Breakfast-cereal ingredient
City of Norway
Place to dry hops
Squirrels nest
Baseball players topper
David Copperfield clerk
Dont __ stranger
Hot winter drink
Lawrence of Arabia star
Moonstruck Oscar winner
No kidding!
Nope, thats wrong
Pull up a chair
Steady as __ goes
Unique New York, for one
Word is . . .
90s veep
11/11 honoree
Above, in poems
Actress Lindsay
Alphabetic trio
Army post in Va
Artists board
Ask for
Asks for opinions
Back street
Backpack part
Bare minimum
Barnyard baby
Benchmarks: Abbr
Brick worker
Brief encounter
Brown shade
Brunch selections
Canine comment
Cashew kernel, e.g
Catered parties
Certain written reminders
Convent resident
Creative works
Crops up
Cruise accommodation
Day-care handful
Decide to compete
Deniers shout
Eiffel Tower, essentially
Engine sound
Facebook post label
Falls behind
First 007 film
Flag-carrying marchers
Fluffy-top pie
Follow, as a suspect
Friction reducer
Garden planting
Gems from Australia
Giggling Muppet
Give over (to)
Grain in some muffins
Gunky stuff
Happened next
Have in mind
Hi-fi system
Huff and puff
Irksome one
Jazz singer Fitzgerald
Kilt pattern
Laundry often washed separately
Legalese adverb
Look high and low
Made angry
Meat inspectors agcy
Mechanics hardware
Mine extractions
Natural balm
Parthenon locale
Place for a mud bath
Place to graze
Pre-college, briefly
Prefix for vitamin
Pro golfer Ernie
Prohibition-era beverage
Promotional trip
Public standing, for short
Rainforest feline
Rod on the road
Rude dude
Salads frequent follower
Sandpaper coating
Sci-fi psychic
Serious crimes
Shade provider
Short articles
Sitcom staples
Smartphone image
Smooth transition
Snakelike swimmers
Something simple
Sound of disdain
South Pacific island nation
Spot for microchips
Staff of stagehands
Stanley Cup org
Stare at
Staying power, so to speak
Steals from
Sticky stuff
Stop talking, with up
Strive (for)
Strong cravings
Strong streams of water
Strongly recommend
Support column
Sups in style
Sweeping story
Swimsuit top
Swirling current
Texters Heres what I think
The Silver St
Thus far
Toddler coddler
Transmission selection
Troop group: Abbr
Type of collectible emporium
Very much
Very pale
Very soon, casually
VIPs vehicle
Ways of walking
Wear a long face
Weighed heavily upon
White wine aperitif
Will run you
Winter Games org
Without exception
World Series organizer
__ Pie (frozen treat)
Go beyond dislike
Plant in a pond
Mosque official
Noted wine valley
Jungle king
Galileos org.
It can contain a sales message
Playground thing
Awards for professors
Exploding stars
Criminologists discovery
Super event
Oatmeal shade
Three numbers before seven
Kathmandu native
What much jazz is
Magnitude or degree
Faith abandoner
Fill beyond full
Raced too fast
Liquor potency
Word with to be
Blow a fan on
Filling meal
Hubble and Proton-1
Ballerinas put-on
Seeds outer cover
Newspaper think piece
Disgusting political tactic
U-turn from Im good
Place for a swarm
Mine finds
Tried to be elected again
An S.I. Sportsman of the Year
Thyroid blowup
Author Tyler
Bring upon
New Zealand native
Noted ski resort
Has permission, way old
Pencil number
Prosperity indicator (abbr.)
Hindu sacred book
Laminating material
Army station
Horned antelope
Took off
Frilly fabric
Is decisive
Mickey Mouses caps
With few calories, in ads
Like cold drinks
Thing guarded in a duel?
Awake? Not hardly
Carb-rich dish
Make into confetti
Come to pass
Shirts, to skins
Ms. linked to a Mr.
Denominational offshoots
Sarges funny dog
Greeting card feature
Church part
Words with trap or date
Russian ruler no more
Tommy on drums
Apply force
Bavarian king
Books given to German bloke
Champion in bed demands smoke
CIA keeping dry put up in top room
Common soldier
Cooking garment
Cool part in prevalent epidemic
Correct account by clergyman
Drink to excess in pub in Germany
Emperor on plane eating old nuts
European peaks
Fine porcelain
First vessel capsized
Fortieth curry for Cockneys
Game fish
Handwriting used in screenplay
Horrendous recital piece
Huge mobile amplifier
Improvised jazz singing
Magazine feature
Marsupial (informal)
No dime spent makes you rich
Official paper
One near it may show lethargy
One to resist change as horrible Hera did
Perfect finish
Pinafore or a pair worn?
Precious stone
Record to break when in range
Religious tale
Rodent in baked dish for buccaneer
Sea criminal
Seasonal beverage
Second feline to get lost
Skeleton service?
Small animal in river with two ducks
Soldier shot back loading round
Story of Jesus?
Tutor trained swimmer
Type of cigar
Virtuoso lacking power to bring into use
Waterloo general
Wicked demo cut with new record
Xmas booze g-g-gone astray
Battle Cry author Leon
Days of Grace author Arthur
Oliver Twist no-goodnik
Return of the Jedi forest dweller
That being true . . .
You ___ Me (Sam Cooke hit)
(0,0) points on graphs
A traveler to Oz
All chess pieces
Appeared in print
Attacked like a jaguar
Bacall who starred with Bogart
Bottomless void
Cant help but
Chichi to the max
Choreographers creations
Chowder server
Citation ender, briefly
Creators of artificial lakes
Did summer stock, say
Do cross-country, say
Doo-wop group members
Douglas or balsam
Driver of HBOs Girls
Entered, as data
Gem State capital
Genealogists drawing
Geoffrey of fashion
Gets mileage from
Gets the gist of
Given to emotional swings
Illuminated theater sign
Impose, as a fine
Jasper who painted flags
Jazzmans turn to shine
Lao-tzus way
Leave rolling in the aisles
Like a clarinets sound
Like rainforest vegetation
Lion voiced by Liam Neeson
Long basket, in hoops slang
Long prison term
Makes good as new
Makes reparations
Mr. Onassis, in headlines
On the alert
Original sin locale
PC giant
Permissible by law
Phrase on some U.S. coins
Puzzle in which lead may become gold
Random attack
Rap sheet letters
Ready to serve
Running totals in saloons
Server intrusion
Shipping department roll
Shirking ones duties
Slam, in slang
Slapstick pie target
Sling mud at
Snack in a shell
Soother in baby wipes
Stellar grade
Think tank nugget
Three-layer lunchbox treat
Toronto team, casually
Tree trunk deformity
Trevi fountain coins, once
Two-legged rifle mount
University of North Carolinas home
Was in the red
Website with restaurant reviews
Where The Persistence of Memory hangs, for short
Word after glom or latch
Word in an ethnic joke, often
Machine part
Sent for
Guided visit
Slightly open
Get ones bearings
Whispered blandishments
Catchy part of song
By rote
Relative to advanced electronics etc.
Female scold
Unattractive bet
Flying insect
… but that appears to have been wrong
Ella Enchanted writer ___ Carson Levine
Every single word you just said was wrong
Fast Money network
Havent gone to bed yet
Im on top of it
Just a ___
Massachusetts singer Guthrie
Skeletons Warming Themselves painter
The Emperors ___ Groove (Disney film)
The Lost Sea, per the title of a documentary by Isabel Coixet
___ that right?
___: Miami (police drama spinoff)
1942 role for Ingrid
2008 Olympic tennis gold medalist Dementieva
A major scale notes
Accumulate abundantly
Adhering to some pillars
An eft is a young one
Antioxidant-rich gel
Appliance seen on The Great British Bake Off
Approves, as a contract
Apt rhyme of infest
Arabic word for commander
Archipelago units
Beach houses owned by a tech giant?
Becomes independent, in a way
Bible Belt metropolis
Biblical uncle of Enoch
Birmingham bloke
Boom or bust, e.g
Brittle like bacon
Bug-tracking org.?
Burglars loot
Cabals creation
Casual stride
Certain Cornhusker State resident
Certain recording
Characterized by involuntary twitches
Check for bugs, as a video game
Clapping and cheering, e.g
Composer Rota
Concoct, as bock
Conditioner target
Cool, as in the 60s
Covered, as with paint
Currency in Prague
Farmland units
Farther down the line
Fills beyond full
Flew the coop
Geometer who wrote Optics
Georgia and others
Glowing brightly
Great energy
He portrayed Ted opposite Alexs Bill
Hens hiding space?
Hybrid equine
Inflicted upon
Intel-collecting org
It may be covered in melted cheese
Jared with an Oscar
Jazz vocalist Anderson
Kunis of Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Labour Party critic, often
Language in Lahore
LGBT activist Jones who founded the AIDS Memorial Quilt
Like Bob Sagets stand-up comedy
Like breaking news stories, frequently
Like many shores
Luxury Hyundai model
Member of parliament?
Mentally sound
Michael Moore documentary that critiqued Big Pharma
MLB Network host Bob
Momentum component
Morcheeba singer Edwards
Muay Thai strike
Music genre pioneered by nurse Clara?
Nest-building insect
Nickname of Ohio States football stadium
Night sch. offering
Nonsense in the upper house of Congress?
Offhand greeting
Org. in which many employees try to beat the Heat
Pecan, e.g
Pecans, e.g
Pen resident
Person to whom you may give your Soul?
Person with a lot of experience, informally
Personal appearance
Picky persons quibbles
Pitching staff VIP
Plumbing nuisance
Product of heating coal
Protest participant, perhaps
Puts in the House, say
Quarter of the year
Rebellious big cat?
Record letters
Relentlessly reminds
Remains on the cover of a celebrity magazine?
Safecracker, in slang
Seek forgiveness, say
Sit next to
Small horse that needs only a single semi?
Soft-shell item, maybe
Soup addition, maybe
Spices (up)
Split ___
Spraying in self-defense
Starting contribution
State of outrage
Steak ___ Mexicana
Street sign abbr
Summon forth
The X of Professor X
They can hold water
Three-sided blade
Time spent near home?
Toy dogs covered with some bed spread?
Travel-planning aid made obsolete by GPS
Turn, as a lemon
TV used for moping?
Ultimatum conclusion
Warm embrace
Warrant guitarist Turner
Waste receptacles
Wave detector
What spins turbines at thermal power stations
When repeated, stereotypical cry in a zombie film
Zip up again
___ acid (essential compound)
___ credit
Tree snake here nearly bit!
Stuff a graduate put on a dish
Girl opening a card before half time hid new order book
Delinquents perhaps crying off
Indigo curtain behind a beast
Bug in a building not carried out
Former lover is very critical of romance ending, but its a stretch
A politician has hacked sites in error
Otherwise-gripping ˜tea and a bun?
Flower thats opening torn apart
Sending hallucinogens astray, lose out
Create a sweet pie filling from cream
Haven perhaps entered by eccentric car nut
Stressful time for a grammarian
Slang a redhead understood
Asian a shamus has not shot
Game actress took ethnic part
Project by a youth landing in last place
Painter mentioning lead in dispute, but not uranium
Autogiros beginning to go up
Place setting jolly soldier backed into shortly
Stars with capital to spend are content
This emmet is excited on occasion
Discerning cop is caught in here
Some of his nephews like to make quiet entrances
Food given to a following partaking of starters
Its simply a vineyard down by a cathedral
Perhaps curry and rice capitalised on reversal by trapper back in love
Appeal to one standing in the front
Bloomer an informal man in charge cut

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