Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-11-17

You can ___ your bottom dollar
Car with a cloth roof
Extra money for a waiter or valet
India pale ___ (hoppy beer)
Paperless messages
State west of Idaho: Abbr.
Real-life primatologist portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in Gorillas in the Mist: 2 wds.
Oh ___ heaven’s sake!
Kingsman: The Golden Circle actor Strong
Thick slab
Squirt drippings on as a turkey
Younger Obama daughter
Away from home
Piece of bread
Board game featuring Professor Plum
Real-life theoretical physicist portrayed by Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything: 2 wds.
___ throat (symptom of a cold)
Thelma & Louise actress Davis
Animal in a pen
Holds up through time
Hockey player’s item of footwear
Grouchy mood
Rolling ___ (baker’s utensil)
Real-life computer scientist portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game: 2 wds.
Peter ___ (2018 kids’ film)
Government organization featured in Zero Dark Thirty: Abbr.
Men’s accessory that might be made of silk
Pop idol Britney
Every kiss begins with ___ (jewelry store slogan)
Manning of the Giants
Trucker in a union
Web browser command often depicted as a circular arrow
Running ___ (going crazy)
Hydrogen or helium for example
My country ___ of thee . . .
Bullfight cheer
Ha I tricked you!
High-protein bean curd
___ Man 3 (2013 superhero film)
Tempting benefit for a job candidate
Washington DC major leaguer for short
Writer of clichéd plotlines
Workplace supervisor
Grand Theft ___: Vice City (video game)
Tissue connecting a muscle to a bone
Pains after exercising
The Tree of Life actor Penn
The ___ Ninjago Movie
Women’s cosmetic that might stain the edge of a glass
Law & Order: Special Victims ___
Grocery items bought by the dozen
Irksome insect or person
Crunchy parts of a Waldorf salad
Detects with one’s ears
What we breathe
Marking on a cheetah’s coat
Green fruit with a brown skin
Interstellar actress Hathaway
Use a swizzle stick in
Portable computer’s place often
___ Lincoln in Illinois (1940 biopic)
League with Bulls and Bucks: Abbr.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Vardalos
Fred and Ethel of 50s TV
belonging to second person
Natty Bumppo moniker
bag-carrying hotel worker
one habitually up late
French saxophonist Guy
paving stone
Going in
Inferior-quality item, informally
Player of the mother on ‘Black-ish
Pitch for a whole season?
Couple on the road?
___ king
High-ranking suits
Susquehannock Indian relatives
Part of Q.E.F.
Basic cable inits.
Mantle’s cover
Dashed off, say
Name on 2016 campaign buttons
Vessels with sharp bows
Features of jack-in-the-boxes
*scratches head*
Animal cry in a nursery rhyme
Dolly user
Singer of the 1989 #1 hit ‘Opposites Attract
Plied, in a way
It’s measured in degs.
Is up on
Georgia ___
Baudolino’ novelist
Foal : horse :: cria : ___
Word from the Italian for ‘crush
2011 musical with the highest-charting Broadway cast album since ‘Hair’ in 1969
Band since 1922
Doing super-well
Removes roots and all
Staple, e.g.
Apex predators of the past
Big name in late-night
Some causes of brain freeze
Die on one side of Italy?
Hang in there!
It has one syllable’ and ‘Its fourth letter is T
Play honor
Cards on a scoreboard
Retro picture
Set apart
End of some affluent community names
Work together (with)
Actress Alexander of ‘Get Out
Missed out, e.g.
Amsterdam feature
Blown away
World capital that’s an anagram of Azerbaijan’s capital +
Pacific types
Gem that’s been polished but not faceted
Heyday of many serials
Kia Rio competitor
System used for computer code
Spanish term of endearment
More watery
Tony-winning musical with three B’way runs
Play starter
Summer slip-ons
Novelist Mario Vargas ___
Homme land?
Rich store
Melt alternative, for short
Catlike Pokémon with an onomatopoeic name
To get back after this is a disadvantage
Completely strips of French plunder
Incurred no faults – acquitted
Vera upset by northern bird
A second rating
The practice of saving a rock plant
Undoubtedly upsetting to the U.S.A., sir!
Brave when suffering from cardiac adiposity?
Made regular journeys and worked at ones trade
Dusk is unruffled in the capital of Georgia
Heat units affected by coal rise
Enclosures for water birds
Crack the code with speed and provide some embellishment
The ring is an awful long time getting sent back
First-born welder stripped on street
Goes for a walk round – and takes the baby!
Produces something new in air outlets
Posted some of the pools entries
Metalworker to come to grief with money
The gang gets old medical supplies
Second hearing
Its a trick to sound asthmatic
The end of the last ceremony in need of modernisation
An example of the first characters of English poetry illustrating courage
Wood fragment
In spite of
Arrive at
Cry out
In confidence
Love affair
Neckwear ornaments
Side road
Hater of mankind
Fixed idea
Promote the majority to the extreme
18 as an animal
Strengthen by putting curb on power
Ransack to get gun
Officer on his own in pass
Keeper of haunt for belligerents?
Wind needed in blocks in building
Some proclaim it a terrible copy
Graduate carries the can in the morning
Disadvantages seen when worker is about to go one better
Present returned , having come first
Rationalist isnt paid to have thoughts
Employ some ruses
Trees may be pithy
Show clearly how niece gets upset about five
Scarf used to deaden sound
Rigid cord used on repaired net
Bear the burden of having authority
We shall intend having mixed gin, having good intentions…
… of backing ruler who is alien
Look closely at chopper sent up to pit
Phrase used by celestial being
Mother wants her boy to be a craftsman
Alas, we have eaten nothing
River in Peru that joins the Maranon River near the town of Nauta
English composer whose works include 1998 opera Doctor Oxs Experiment
Mark , Artistic Director of the Globe Theatre, London, from 1995-2005
See 7
Baroness Emma , author of stage play and novel The Scarlet Pimpernel
1972 film drama starring Carol White, John Castle and Roy Harper
Gioachino , composer of operas Otello and The Barber of Seville
Tropical vegetable related to taro plants
Peter , 1964 Olympic 800m and 1,500m gold medallist
Longest river in South America
Silvery metallic element; symbol Ga
2007 novel by David Peace
In music, third degree of a major or minor scale
1987 biopic featuring Denzel Washington as Steve Biko
See 22 Across
Jeff , 2004-06 IBF Super Middleweight champion
Roseanne , comedienne married to Tom Arnold from 1990-94
Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar nominee for The Sterile Cuckoo
Eurasian plant whose aromatic leaves are used as herbs for seasoning
1972 Olympic 110m hurdles gold medallist
Tree whose leaves, attached by long flattened stalks, quiver in the wind
See 6
River of central England flowing to the River Severn at Tewkesbury
Variety of chalcedony with alternating black and white parallel bands
Patrick , author of novels Ease and Friendly Fire
Freedom from war
Very nearly
Large milk can
Red Planet
Food used to catch fish
Serves a drink
Casually unconcerned or indifferent
Ruined financially
Give out playing cards
Traffic light colour
Unit of purity of gold
Member of an orchestra
Toy that goes up and down
Walks like policemen
Mole excited by new fruit
Knock a style of music
Roam around after a smell
Remove the victor from inside
Truth about groove
Tin from Tuscany
Fired with fury
Feel modest about growth
Serious-sounding fellow
Thus repeatedly average
Musical growth
Composer sounds more correct
Bad actor in shambles
Honest about quantity
Draw digit, say
Charming around branch
A party has one excuse
Chief in charge of subject
Child of resonance
Rushes to get second deer back first
Loathed to laugh at Edward
Outline is almost exact
The French find Virginia hot stuff
Mentions old trees
Unfortunate stain on material
Traditions are extra small
Bemused with creature
Tardy ordering tale
Usual guy
Rinse out sap
Flowers in sleigh
Growling about argument
Definitely an article
Removal includes eggs
Performers unusual traits
Turn back concerning gale
Skips right, breaking mops
Coach how to cheat
Perceive hare running
Friend working on ship
Former pupil round with eastern instrument
Hes on the staff
Sharp blow
Type of tree
Mr Shackleton?
Type of pork
Legal defence
Water plants
Molten rock
Utters a view
Flightless bird
Tree product
Common word
Egg cells
Spool back
Woodwind instrument
Aid and ____
Garment border
Tootsie actress
Poets ajar
Reunion goers
Lira replacement
Brothers sib
Young boy
Comfy shirt
Moore and Willis, e.g.
Flood wall
Power unit
Yes, captain
Brick house
Soak (up)
Artists tripod
Break a ____ (good luck)
Curvy letters
Napped leathers
Stable food
Mays gem
Baby bug
Close friend
Ocean fish
Took the ferry
Selfish type
Bears lairs
Let fly
____ of Reason
Mortar spreader
Heroic poem
Sonora snooze
Gives off
Ill temper
Stuffed shirt
Arm-y threat?
Be in hock
Flower jar
Grown grigs
Hardy cabbagelike plant
Fateful date
Daily records
Meadow mower
Rather queer
Bards always
In a trap
Make unhappy
Winesap, e.g.
Heavenly body
Bound firmly
Certain dashes
Champagne glasses toasting
Items on a list
CEO, e.g.
Defender of justice
Featuring, abbr.
Three Stooges claim to fame
Contact, e.g.
Go on and on
Hip joint
Divided equally
Theyre inseparable, briefly
Test subjects
Head scratcher?
One may be on the house
McDonalds supply item
Main floor, often
One-named Chandelier singer
John/Rice musical
Support for PBS The Joy of Painting ?
Cherokee, for one
Hosp. staffers
Frog foot feature
Disreputable sort
Head lines?
Sex appeal
A lot
Therapy appointment, say
Early Beatle Sutcliffe
Garlicky dish
Like candles
Handed out
Gamblers giveaway
MSNBC host Melber
Sylvia Plath title woman
What glasses are often for
Dolores Haze, to Humbert
PC pioneer
Aint better?
Gift thats heartfelt and often heart-shaped
Young Frankenstein lab assistant
Me neither
Sweatshirt feature, perhaps
Taqueria drink
Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer
America has ten of them
Walk on air
Show with Kate McKinnon, to fans
Gablers creator
Ginger treats
Explosive situation, metaphorically
Mots __: perfect words
Concern in hiring practices
Old El __: Tex-Mex brand
Right away, in verse
Small change
Geez Louise
Chemical suffix
Flower from the Greek for rainbow
Annie Lennox, by birth
List with starters
Chocolate substitute
That time of year thou __ in me behold : Shak.
Blissful land
After-shower application
Two-time NHL Norris Trophy winner Karlsson
Minstrels strings
Hurdle for aspiring attys.
Festive party accessory
Wild place
Short race
____ Fitzgerald
Bird sound
Christmas word
Bangkok natives
Ranting speeches
Common contraction
Short distances
____ Bunny
Chicagos airport
Sixth sense (abbr.)
Swamp plant
Hidden gunman
____ acid (protein component)
Sandwich store
Kind of bread
Ice-cream treat
Migratory birds
Papas partners
Side by side
____ agent (2 wds.)
Send a letter
Melon peel
Works on a tan
Hebrew feast
Large bodies of water
First extra inning
Luau greeting
RR stop
Carpenters tool
Computer output
Corrosive substance
Egg layers
Fiery felony
Plant stalk
Close tightly
Bank (on)
Pennsylvania city
Hearing organs
Mexican coin
Biol., e.g.
Innings number
Water plants
Sweet potatoes
Road curves
Star Wars , e.g.
House additions
Golf device
Go wrong
Merchandise carried by these dancing couples, according to Spooner
Negotiators intelligence evident in vacuous account
Very small boat with music for twisting
Bother – shaking lager left nothing
Stops key opening unoccupied houses
Setting free wobbly tiny gnu
Lively piece so describes that woman in Czech Republic
Check out return of fungus within this month
Half-seriously into wines, mugs up again
Content to disclaim pelvic thrust
Inclination to decrease support for construction
French artist after a bit of training as bottom drawer
Announcing tea dance?
Wandering goliard with magic plan
Cunning is not important in conversation
Extra dissertation nearly given degree, one gathers
Food scrap a starveling wraps
Mister Blue-Rinse gets a makeover
British desire to whinge
Better to walk at an easy pace in Greece
Stevie Nicks is such a striking performer
Uses sex in commercial arrangement
Advances in age and deaths all over the place
Racy type hides underwear at start of romance, one gathers
Mug American leaving penetrable place in Japan
Perhaps OPEC president has yen for cycling
Unlimited traditional beverage
Oddly globular container for Dutch cheese
Young salmon
Herbal infusion
A state of financial security (Informal)
Short sleep
Flying insect
Choral work
Sail support
Particle in blood
Means of control
Excessive amount
Birds home
Cosmetic surgery procedure
Neckwear item
Push roughly
Swedish monetary unit
Latin expression meaning from the beginning
Country whose capital is Kiev
Song with which Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest
The first permanent settlement by the English in America
___ Bennett, Welsh actor best known for playing the title role in the sitcom Shelley
Norwegian Nobel laureate who founded the discipline of econometrics
___ Beloved, 1994 film in which Gary Oldman plays Ludwig van Beethoven
The day before Good Friday
1979 single by Village People that reached number 2 in the UK
A widely used type of local area network
Roman statesman and writer noted for his relentless opposition to Carthage
Tailless macaque monkey associated with the Rock of Gibraltar
An ornamental centrepiece for a table
A wild goat with large backward-curving horns
1972 single by The Osmonds that reached number 2 in the UK
Hoax in which bone fragments found in a gravel pit in East Sussex were presented as the fossilised remains of an early human
Brimful of ___ 1997 single by Cornershop that reached number 1 in the UK in February 1998
A deep purplish red that is the complementary colour of green
Caribbean island whose capital is Fort-de-France
The ___, British rock band founded in 1973 by Robert John Godfrey, Stephen Stewart and Francis Lickerish
Measure of computer storage capacity equal to a thousand gigabytes
The insect Lymantria dispar dispar
The small ferocious carnivorous marsupial Sarcophilus harrisi
Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera subtitled The Peer and the Peri
See 17
Light snacks or appetisers, usually eaten with drinks in Spanish bars
A close-fitting woollen hood that covers the ears and neck
___ Productions, Alan Partridges company in the TV series Im Alan Partridge
The ___, Raymond Briggs book first published in 1978
The male reproductive organ of a flower
The 23rd president of the United States
Perry Comos first LP, recorded and originally released in 1955
English county whose administrative centre is Dorchester
Country established in 1918 that began to disintegrate in 1991
Theres No One Quite Like ___, a number one hit single by St Winifreds School Choir
An outline drawing named after a French politician
A collective of musicians who attempted to engage young people with politics in the period leading up to the 1987 general election
Shakespeare comedy subtitled What You Will
1980 Woody Allen film shot in black and white
City in Belgium that was the centre of the medieval European wool and cloth trade
The largest city in Cameroon
County cricket club whose one-day side is called Steelbacks
A dry red wine produced in Tuscany
A short story by Roald Dahl, originally published in The New Yorker, included in his 1960 collection Kiss Kiss
The longest river in Great Britain
A diurnal bird of prey of the genus Buteo
1995 novel by Robert Harris about a young mathematician stationed in Bletchley Park
Lead singer of The Who
The worlds first independent developer and distributor of video games for gaming consoles. founded in 1979
Welsh actor and director, born Alfred Reginald Jones, who won a Best Actor Oscar for The Lost Weekend
The capital of Hungary
The second-largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar
US state whose capital is Montgomery
Lord ___, character in Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials trilogy played by Daniel Craig in the film The Golden Compass
The capital of Lesotho
Insect that travels in vast swarms, stripping large areas of vegetation
Lawman Wyatt
City district
— alai
Reed instrument
Hearty brew
Actress Gershon
Arrivederci —
Entrance to some buildings
Low isle
Teen faves
Surrealist Joan
60s chic
Dawn goddess
Yarn-making machine
Comic Caesar
Perrys creator
Picnic invaders
JFK info
Slightly open
Chicken —
Birds of prey
Hindu royal
Peek suffix
Ex-quarterback Tony
Norways capital
Little rascal
Conk out
Sharp turn
German cry
Xylophone cousin
Go angling
Painter Vermeer
Tall buildings
Garden statuette
Everglades wader
Fill fully
Kittens sound
Slanted type (Abbr.)
Lunch hour
Way out
Spartan queen
Lumberjacks leftover
Mars neighbor
Asian capital
Hilo hello
Poet Breton
Bar buys
Money source
Old Spanish money
Cloud setting
Doing impressions
Deli choice
Botanical snapper
Yale rooter
Shade source
Oompah instruments
Analyze grammar
Door sign
Hägars wife
Takes ten
Staff symbols
Pacific Coast evergreen
To excess
Eves opposite
Rat ridder
Greek letters
Discussion group
Shore bird
Easter quest
Be decisive
Logo, e.g.
Trick-taking game
Ready to go
Greedy bunch
Canine command
Wind indicator
Director Lee
Yacht spot
That is __…
Horseback game
Terza __ (verse form)
Alphas opposite
The Blackboard Jungle author Hunter
Fictional Marner
Pushers pursuer
Singer Simone
Westerners hat
Leonardo __
Actress Ladd
Senile one
Young hooter
Spoon bender Geller
Land in the water
I, as in personality
Do wrong
Wonder Woman star Carter
Stare open-mouthed
Small French coin
The __ Sanction (1970s thriller)
Carpentry activity
Salted, maybe
Very old
Coconut husk fiber
Actor Neeson
__ vincit amor
Measure of speed
__ many words
Male offspring
Nickel, e.g.
Sources of timber
Hercules creator
Arafat of the PLO
Pound part
Egg cells
Available when summoned
Cupcake topper
Cut into small pieces
Firefighter Red
Do __
Follower of John Wycliffe
Affaire dhonneur
Wild party
Sci-fi author Hubbard
Pine exudation
Celtic language
German republic
Unskilled writers
Maine university town
Hunter constellation
Irelands De Valera
Flintstones pet
Adidas rival
Soviet news agency
Just __ expected
Practise boxing
Major Hindu deity
English county
More corpulent
Compositions for two performers
Poised for action
Close investigation
Role player
Thailand, formerly
Nervous, tense
Appease, pacify
Sporting swordsman
Romantic meeting
Sovereign the family start grabbing
The contents of a bowl make a graduate wicked
The girl is different, having lost weight
Protective garment a professional nurse first needed
Inferior part of row or series
Conqueror of Gaul gets a scare, perhaps
Beatles song thats sound wit?
In hiding and hiding Indian leader
Snake seen in summer?
Whats left after burning trees?
Rational soldier in pub
Cigars forming hot cores
Employed American boy
Talk to WI about power unit
River of Africa, Northern Ireland and part of Germany?
Pot plant discovered in active flora?
Wild rodent that is outside
Gambling game interrupted by a piece of music – a disordered mixture
Wild cat with sound connections?
Not moving in theatres today
Surprised when beginning was first?
I have no translation of Scotts novel
Bashful about a gee-gee being unkempt?
Dance to records in princesss company
Cuts some weeds
Powder used in capital city
Aggressive behaviour locally following the matches?
Almond flavoured biscuit produced at a fair
Away with the players sent to Coventry
Being easily riled, loses the head on drink with Peter M. Cook in outhouse
Bit of nasty exploitation is an eyesore?
Blonde type of dame left ashamed
Break switch behind item in circulation
Brief period to advance to capital, bridging the gap?
Cheer for Degas coming out of stage door
Chops up the starter of dates with cold refreshments
Copper can switch lanes on the road dangerously
Criticise local guesthouse for second time in Dublin seaside town
Cuts out strong drink and 22 across on bender
Dante left untainted by one of those base types
Doing nothing for banks on the way out
Game time in Clare
Gets a kicking for having no ties to Bastille
Ideal for those getting to grips with Moby Dick, for instance, or a slip of the tongue?
Irish beach party on island is caught by those on the road
Master key is missing – yes, in a place of commercial activity
Meatier stew from Muslim lands
Most of the wise guys found in Rhone swimming as a form of therapy
Netherlander loses dental address in Berlin
On the trail of most of those in 27 down
One of those from dress shop is not in Trim
Our star is an early riser
Paths coming off hospital from the olive trees
Peters out with Rani from Brisbane
Refuse the little ones among the boxers
Some of the hysteria flaring up in Donnybrook, for example
Study of The Chamber
Tartans talking to Bohemians, for example
Trump restrains first person to tip Hillary to win
Typical of all sides today low on funds
Undertakers asked out – presumably, this is the reply?
What court reporter heard in as few words as possible
What goes around comes around?
What was said to boxer in depositions
Artist of three-dimensional shapes
Breaches, tears
Call off or invalidate
Closer at hand
Counsel, recommend
Doubting or disbelieving
Funeral procession
Grey metamorphic rock
Groups of people working together
Hat, for country-and-western singer perhaps
Hemispherical roof
High, very steep cliff
Inactive or lazy
Inborn, not learned
Its attached behind on a bike
Italian city has no age, oddly
Language of ancient Rome
Mark under C in French
Moved very quickly or hastily
Not any
Occurring each year
Ordained minister
Piece of plated armour
Prevents from happening
Small part representing the whole
Supremely courageous and brave
Tangible substance
The power to affect others
Tomorrow for the Spanish
Tropical lizard
Variety of eating apple
Very lightly coloured
Very seldom
Wilderness at the edge of a settled area
Brief extract
Spicy smoked beef
Depart suddenly
Hardening of blood vessels
Old hand
Come together
Recess in a wall
Dish of stewed meat
One sensitive to art and beauty
Passionate about acting
Idle wasting of time
Relating to education
Every one
Wax light holder
Abject hopelessness
Sharp-pointed fang
Singers’ leader
Stringed instrument
Person with a particular interest
Financial officer
Diver’s launch point
Resistant to change
State of being conscious
Common currency
Add comments to (a text)
Picturesque cave
Fertilisation between two plants
Sharp response; lab item
Cancel the punishment of
Mischievous sprite
Go on in spite of setbacks
Set of cards
One working up tall structures
US state
Large computer
Music during a play or opera interval
Bitter flavouring for drinks
Dorset source of hard limestone
Representing actual dimensions
Subatomic particle
Absurd, ridiculous
In rotation
(Of an office) unpaid
Volcano output
Optical refractor
Route saving time and distance
Showing anxiety
Coiffeur or coiffeuse
Terrible event
Bird of marshes and hedgerows
French restaurant
Substitute, deputy
Creator of something new
Blustering arrogance
Book of the Bible; man’s name
John —, Beatle
Like evil spirits
Item of bedlinen
City of Florida
Calm, even-tempered
Protected area
Flowering plant
Signify, indicate
Meaningless language
Shock, surprise
Opening section
Smallest in amount
Sovereignty, control
Capital of Kenya
Of the same age
Projecting remnant
Official ban
Long arduous walk
Working surfaces
European country
Of or like paradise
Dutch city (Y, not I)
Lacking a sharp edge
In base 8
Post; armour
Unfunny art park regularly shows something outstanding in white
Father’s returned with little desire for food
Chap has shortly to cut weight
Physics device compresses matter in a strange way
Woody material needs straightening with edges removed
Dutiful round patient’s place in hospital that is not empty
An objection over large orchestral piece?
I flirt awfully after tea — something that could get one suspended?
Form of soya planted in river that’s no longer running
Public speaker, warm and adept
Not giving in, city guards survive one
Taking on a lecturer without work — half time
Crack bringing head of safety into aircraft
Philharmonic took in composer audibly a lover of French timbres?
Notes country is keeping one Conservative and tame
Get annoyed with aim for decoration
Leave — it holds wild panic for one who’s involved
Twisting old street in Paris — and what one needs to buy there
Overstep the mark and move twelve inches back, right?
American male working where ships unload in remote country
Sportsman leapt the net excitedly
Memorise poem for discussion
Crossing a line in pursuit of writer of farces
Word no peacekeepers needed
Heaven is being trapped in a row of shops
A bachelor told to go away
I sing idiot patter, arranging conjuring tricks
Worker in house or outbuilding
Old soldier about to finish Territorial Army feud
Colour of a red elm when worked
Some variation, perhaps, in bedroom — both upside down?
New monster turned up, killing English military designer
A routine gets to be fixed over singer’s vocal range
Unfortunately it’ll betoken a four-dimensional concept
Singer taking part in abysmal Tosca
Sticking out in favour of underground rave
Final statement is exam — at least as far as these clues go?
Cutting song after resistance during number
American line is to complain bitterly with Republican over a Democrat
Be uncertain with short tapestry on a zodiac subject
Check up on men having second egg to begin with
Careful with parking for university being critical
Vegetable with unknown feature put in dutchie regularly
VIP’s a bit out of date?
Name eater associated originally with sardine?
Surprise event is had with European paper
Bird seen in sky, big owl? Tit?
Rod has beer around ten
Dying to tease in bank?
Rugby player — he’s unknown to see forwards
Fees often do upset snobbish
Skydiver has ruined haircut in times gone by
Not working in musical show I have to follow troupe’s lead
Rather obese on account of swilling lager
Scorn girl’s passion after a year
Obscure large cask turning up for fruit
Difficulty is mine, following everything
Compound’s a mix of calcium, sulphur, lithium and iodine
Wrote how sheep are sometimes treated
Girl taking a university exam
Pole currently selected to play for his country provided with white top
Stagger round the bend in retreat
River engulfing marshland in the region of the Backs
Break before going up in space endlessly long
Kind old man returned theatre member’s programme
Nephew Esau accommodating Jacob? Not he!
Thus far, it’s the lonely heart’s desire?
Happily, the reader is embraced by a girl, and not Frank
Returning American’s fizzy drink, company goes for French fruit
A source of pressure, as in exam?
Leaves career unfulfilled
Fake IOU’s my undoing, in my opinion
Caught on tape removing copy, reprimanded
Foot extended about an inch for pattern
When to follow Mass times, reflecting?
Ancient flyer, a sort of ad, torn open
It’s potentially the right attitude
Departs after start before getting volunteered
Strengthening argument against currency valuation
US pupil, before very quiet, beginning to yell
Sailor coming in encourages one employed with soldiers?
Not any old American hero
Concern is growing for these recklessly merry English nuns
Thoughtlessly mean corruption, leading to rage?
Bargain that’s spoiled by hidden tariff
Sub maybe busy, with rising sea level unknown
Something that’s blown article inside damaged aircon
Was onto liquor, then did milk
One starting top
He has no right to get upset
I was on my way
It is presented
Spreading open, as Cerberus opening his throat Aen. 6.421
He asks: quaerit, percontatur
Things which are round to be heard and learnt
GF? Mea amica
Conspiracy (acc. sing.), cf. Cic. In Catilinam 1.1: insidias
Get yerself outta here!
Beneath Ida’s mount: ____ sub Idaeo
By or for a pure boy
Boldness shading into recklessness, as so often
Cotidie nobis ____ edenda sunt ut medici emaneant
Illa expers pudoris, sine rubore
Hoc ovis iuvenis quem tostum cum mentae iure edimus Dominica
They had legged it: festino, 3rd pl plup. act. ind.
He wanders: modo in quo ambulat peregrinator?
A covering which protects: operculum
On your own, spin this wheel!
With a groan (abl. noun and supine)
What the RSM barks out and we obey
Dies ____: unspeakable days when businesses close
I walk, approach: ambulo, aggredior
I surrendered my heart to my wife: ____ cor meum dedi
In triclinio edo, in ____ adquiesco et dormio
She knows, she understands
About time!
Ask me anything
I asked for so little!
Prime Ministers Questions airer
Take your time
War of the Worlds side
@ neighbor
Address akin to monsieur
Alerts to escapees, often
Allows through
Application placeholder
Attention-getter starter
Be a blur
Bronc, for instance
Bruins rival, in headlines
Business squeezed out by gentrification, perhaps
Close the gap
Commodity reordered often
Completers of a showbiz kudos quartet
David Lee Roths Van Halen successor
Early cameraphone maker
Egyptian dedicatee of a Pompeii temple
Empty parcel
End for some advocates
Female name akin to a gold-coated horse
Figure seen on peoples currency
First to circumnavigate New Zealand
Flags, with out
Goes on and on
In good taste
Inspiration for a field geologists kit
It can mean not so
It might swell after a title bout
Key items in vaults
Les Pauls favored by many artists
Mach, for example
Made light of
Maj. arteries
Major cranberry producer
Meaningful gestures, for short
Methuselah ancestor
Modern-day greeting
Name atop the list of most Best Comedy Actor Emmy nominations (12, 1983 to 2018)
Non-compact disc designation
Odins heroic son
One end of a baster
Personal hallmark
Pleads poverty
Poetic land of sand
Prefix ultimately meaning companion
Prom icebreaker, maybe
Rather rude reproach
Reason for fault finding
Revival trend prefix
Second symbol
Sings the blues
Something MacDonald had
Subsidiary order
Tech __ (Silicon Valley stereotype)
Theatregoer, quite possibly
Their batteries can weigh 1,200 pounds
Think tank, briefly
Topographical high pts
USAF training program
Visitor careful with footprints
Was on a losing streak
What many Survivor contestants wear
Word on the Asian nation list
Yoga class greeting
Heavyweight legend
Stuff a belly
Neck part
Tests an engine
Dont eat me indicator
No cuts allowed? (Part 1)
Shout after a long delay
Ferocious sound
Contents of some trays
They ball in Oklahoma
Sauna site
Porkpie material
Pond plant
One thing the euro replaced
Seven bones down low
No cuts allowed? (Part 2)
Exciting baseball tactic
Reference book
Con job
Borrow, as a cigarette
Legendary French singer Edith
911 letters?
Uncomfortable position
Treasure cache
NYCs Fifth
Transports with poles
Catty creature
No cuts allowed? (Part 3)
Like any fact
Eagle-eyed hunter
Disagreeable burden
Catch sight of, far out there
White bread alternatives
Clock standard
Divas song
One way to turn
Prestigious college group
Low-pressure marketing
Without further ___ …
Unit of pressure
Grain bane
Thens partner
Pest in a garden
Ascend suddenly
Flight suit letters
Hawaiian island
Faithful and honest
Poet who inspired Cats
Some tides
It reaches six feet under
Unit selling cookies
Many Egyptians
Own up to
Doing some shoe repairs
Where Chulalongkorn was king
Organ attachments?
Most melancholy
Some fragrant flowers
Ocean menace
Geometry points
___ makes waste
2-Down food endings?
Prepare for a drive
Roman river
Governors thumbs-down
Agile and quick
Egg, all fancy
Quiz relative
Common opener
Its next to nothing
Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette painter
___ a Name (Jim Croce hit)
1936 loser to Roosevelt
Abbr. in letter salutations
Amorous archer
Barometer reading
Bass bit
Battery components
Be a poor winner
Billboard owners intent?
Bread or whiskey basis
Bringing up a football player?
Circus movers task?
Comics character with a blanket
Coward of comedy
Diplomats pursuit
Do better than
Due for a massage
Emmy category
Entered, as Tombstone
Estimating words
Evade, as duty
Evade, as duty
Ever-increasing number
Exceptional intellect
Explorer who claimed the Mississippi Basin for France
Extinct New Zealand bird
Feel sympathetic
Feminine force
Feminine suffix
Frosts bite
Green dip, informally
Half of dos
Highway patrol tool
Honoree of March parades
Hot spot
Icing aid
If theyre clear, theyre blue
Impersonates on Halloween
In abundance
Invite to enter
It may die hard, they say
It might be within your grasp
Itinerary abbr
Job for an intern at a brokerage?
Joplin composition
La Brea stuff
Lace town of Normandy
Latin others
Like some butter and cashews
Like the mambo and mojito
Lowly workers
Lunar light
Luxor neighbor
MacDowell of Groundhog Day
Main line?
Marbles, so to speak
Med. sch. course
Mess meal
Millers product
Monitor of net income?
More brazen
Motor oil rating org
New Haven students
Nostalgic pop
Not superficial
November winners
Pal, in hip-hop lingo
Part of an agreement among aquatic theme parks?
Pleasantly smooth
Plot units
Poet Plath
Pork portion
Portent, perhaps
Prefix with business or culture
Preserve posthumously
Prosperous fur trader
Quaint caprice
Rookie vampire slayers mistake?
Ruins ones appetite
Rustlers prey
Sacred sculpture
Scenic road drivers duty?
Service group
Siberia neighbor on a Risk board
Singer DiFranco
Size between tall and venti
Snow queen in Frozen
Snowman in Frozen
Some NYPD officers
Speakers stand
Sudden movement
Tackle item
Take up again
Taking out ones aggressions on packages?
Tall and thin
Tentative tastes
Teutonic exclamation
Thin mint product
Titled group
Town on the north side of the Windsor Bridge
Truck stop sights
Tucked away
Ventimiglia of This Is Us
Vocal quality
Washed out
WBA win
Wept for
What to sing when you dont know the words
Wriggling fish
___ Domini
___ rage
A change involves one zoo feature
Air display
An opening in stone
Barely deserved
Bargain found in Kentish Town?
Bird house
Bob Marleys genre
Body Romeo hides in thicket
Call to collect sick nun? Thats dashing!
City activity
Discord or division
Dog has time to complain
Excel as held by disorganised Spurs
Female needs energy after party
Forget lines (informal)
Grind at restructured business
In operation
In study I messed up division
Kirk Douglas film
Landowner in den with duke
Lies badly about A1 network
Make known
Nonsense (informal)
Pole split bill with US gladiator
Reasonable or fair
Reveal Dianas nearby
Rubbish excursion with sweetheart
Scots estate owner
She-rabbit or deer
Soldier, lieutenant, having shiny coat
Somehow agree about good music
Steel pad redesigned for column
Ten mad men set for correction
The Saint unfortunately having dither
Tightly drawn
Treated mania left in brutal person
Tutored in speech as not relaxed
Use evil trick, being slippery
Whole area with two students
Rush! on a memo
The Haj author Leon
The Mod Squad role
___ was saying . . .
307 for Wyoming and 808 for Hawaii
Abba of Israel
Assemble hastily
Atlas index listing
Basis of the nature of matter
Basketballs ___ Globetrotters
Big name in fuel additives
Brad of Troy
Broccoli ___ (bitter vegetable)
Buggy software version, often
Carney of The Honeymooners
Chest muscle, for short
Chipotle menu item
Chuck-a-luck cube
Connery of 007 movies
Conservative Brit
Cooks, as steak
Cool treats
Course with sines, for short
Currency of Iran
Delta makeup
Do embroidery, e.g
Draws no cards, in poker
Egyptian president before Sadat
Fedora and fez
Fenway Park locale (Abbr.)
First lady before Michelle
Gaza Strip governing group
Geek Squad customer
Genesis victim
Gourmet seasoning
Guilty party, to a cop
Hands on deck
Holy orders, e.g
Home to llamas
Home to most
In abundance
In typical fashion
Inducing goosebumps
Its self-evident
Libation with sashimi
March ___ (Carroll character)
Mental sharpness
MSNBC or Fox offering
Muscle near a 38-Down
Needing realignment
New Haven collegians
Novelty shop buy
Ogden Nash, notably
Periods named for presidents
Post-grace exhortation
Rapid blinking and throat clearing, for two
Render invalid
Sailors Halt!
Sanduskys lake
Santa ___, Calif
Senatorial assents
Smith, the Empress of the Blues
Some patio furniture
St. Teresas home
Stowable bed
Suffix with soft or glass
Take a whack at
Tittering sound
Up and about
Verbal zinger
Winning margins, in close horse races
Wintry coating
Working, as a private investigator
[not a typo]
___ Cooper (subcompact)
Rectangular two-dimensional figure
Curved structure
Right to vote
Royal residence in Norfolk
Pickpocket set up cru (anag)
Industrial centre of the Ruhr
Simple calculating device
Residential districts of town
Medium-sized, blackish aquatic bird with long toes
Hospital doctor
Intense sorrow
Japanese art of flower-arranging
Channel running along the eaves of a building
Large venomous Australian spider
Person in conflict with Roman Catholic dogma
Published reminiscences
Not enough to satisfy demand
Reversal of direction
Umberto Ecos 1980 thriller set in a medieval monastery
See 4
The capital of Mali
Charlie __, co-star of The Fast Show
See 21
See 21
The ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter
2017 film based on the novel Blue Angel by Francine Prose
See 21
North African desert
Kofi __, UN Secretary-General 1997 – 2006
1955 novel by Nikos Kazantzakis, filmed in 1987 by Martin Scorsese
__ Seehorn,co- star of Better Call Saul
Internet abbreviation to indicate a personal view
Greek principality in the Crimean peninsula, conquered by the Ottomans in the fifteenth century
US civil rights group founded in 1909
Fence from whom Oliver Twist tries to escape
Country making up the western half of Hispaniola
The Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate
Old shopping street in the centre of Moscow
The Hindu god of destruction
Area bordering 18A
District of both London and New York
See 4 Across
Exciting adventure for a head of department involved in getaway
Remove the cads alternative
Bird of prey making foreign clan peer suspiciously
Advice from committee, say
System of exercises used by one tucking into dishes
Line Bess changed, being wise
Head of English gripped by tots fantasy
Temporary obstacle for head of history with restless desire
A French regular shaken
Burnt tea given to socialist
Stoppage making unruly mob rage
Both go up and harm pal spoiling book of pictures
Dress a bore, by the sound of it
Plant depressed beauty cut short
Anticipate former partner with domestic animal catching cold
Fat Conservative loner put off
Tatty pages given to us showing mythical winged horse
Bore producing cloth
New deal Ben made possible
Company in a street in a Berkshire town
Good-looking labourer getting an unspecified amount
Feeble, he left quietly with a smaller amount
Marked limit round bay, perhaps
Tolerable finale extremely unpopular with expert
Young bird found with father eating Eastern seed
Hot bar possibly associated with us provides port
Doctor in European contest getting hug
Class meeting man, not casual
Concerning a boxing match
Former partner quietly meeting the Spanish exile

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