Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-11-24

Five out of ten say
Mix as pancake batter
Great card in the game of war
Reason for an air freshener
Sits for a portrait
Pea sheller’s throwaway
Decidedly unskillful
Famous sharpshooter of the Wild West: 2 wds.
Made cakes or brownies
Band that’s not as big as a quartet
Ugly hateful Tolkien creature
That’s really too bad quaintly
___ and turn (sleep restlessly)
Nickname given to 19-Across by fellow performer Sitting Bull: 3 wds.
Arnaz who was Ricky on I Love Lucy
Construct a sweater perhaps
Opposer’s vote during roll call
Kills Mob-style
Actress Zsa Zsa who died in 2016
Frontiersman whose Wild West show featured 19-Across: 2 wds.
End of a nonprofit’s Web address
Kane and ___ (best-selling novel of 1980)
It was twenty years ___ today . . . (Beatles lyric)
Bird of peace
Turner who was once married to Jane Fonda
Electronics and media giant from Tokyo
People who might share custody of a child
Weed-whacking tool
Figure out the total with tip on a restaurant bill say
Section of a cut-down tree trunk
Neat ___ (very tidy person)
Slender pin in a spinning wheel
The Sixth Sense actress Collette
___ what you mean: 2 wds.
Put in a larger container as a plant
Gold medalist in short track skating who became an NBC Olympics commentator: 2 wds.
Secret writing system
Fast-moving swirling current
One of 50 on the US flag
Patricia who won the Best Actress Oscar for 1963’s Hud
Sets of tools or first aid supplies
Soft French cheese covered with a rind
Natural disasters to insurers: 3 wds.
This ___ House (PBS series)
All you had to do was ___
Source of light and heat
Fly sky-high
Porker’s pen
Minor squabble
In an inflexible manner
And other people: 2 wds.
Weight watchers’ no-nos
Narrow cuts
Sharp part of a sword
Word that can follow tug or house
Popular cookie since 1912
First-season Game of Thrones actor Sean
Jack in the ___ (fast food chain)
First woman to Christians
a bit forceful
surpasses expectations
Julianne Moore skin feature
did a teachers job
put in the microwave
Beach Boys oldest Wilson
Dora the Explorer’ catchphrase
It’s not backed up
Cry for attention, maybe
K’ung Fu-___ (Confucius)
Sign of a sensation
Radio freq. unit
Japanese room divider
What’s done up in an updo
Capitol vehicle
First name in fragrance
Angel’s antithesis
Number below #
He hit his 600th home run in 2007
How some bonds are sold
Suffers humiliation
Four-time Emmy-winning drama
Quinn of CBS’s ‘Elementary
Stanford rival, informally
Cool ___
Home of the largest grain elevator in the world: Abbr.
Ancestor of a cell
U.S. financial giant, for short
One way to lose your balance?
Things get ugly
Classic Dr. Seuss title
Like EE vis-à-vis
Digs in the snow?
I’m exhausted!
Trio of mummies
Bad record
Philosopher who said ‘What does not kill me makes me stronger
Part of YOL
Blows away
Big name in jam
Not just down
One way to stand
Spark provider
E-4 and E-5, but not E-3
Good name for someone tracing family history?
Actor who said ‘It takes a smart guy to play dumb
___ J, singer with the 2014 hit ‘Bang Bang
Straw mat
It’s a wrap
Drink flavorer
___ big
Dora the Explorer, e.g.: Abbr.
Fred Astaire, at times
Sound of a sock
Starter at un restaurant
Drink that competes with Monster
Big name in shipping
2010s dance craze
Abbr. on a food wrapper
Ville-d’Avray’ painter
On the wrong side (of)
___ Tatin (upside-down pastry)
Singer Perry
That’s ridiculous!
Title for a fox
Member of a crossword aviary?
Come to brain for liniment
Is large city in North Africa
Nitre is apparently not active
Regret each half included in frill
It may, of course, be a weighty matter for the traveller
Gives share as toll return comes in
The finder turns out to be a close associate
Glass in traffic controllers?
A watering-place in a European country
Famous like a musical score?
Raise sick eel – a vet badly needed
Gift offered to poor mite now
A trick business, of course
Stagger etc., out to choose in the ballot again
The French join the actors in a stronghold
The result of a bad night?
Do theatre work
Striking terror as treatment for baldness?
Number of times present at a number of balls
What this barge would be when unloaded
Esteem engendered by sceptre?
No egghead from the Orient at the back
Also two points in the mountains
Warning of danger in the federal army
Finished work
Call on
In pieces
Wipes up
Homeless child
Popular report
Swimming pool
Facial contortion
Old witticism that may take a roasting
He keeps records for one who breaks down at work, we hear
Quantity of market stock in agricultural machinery?
Keep the Territorial Army in control
A point of view that is oblique
Could this be a patient in the casualty ward?
Alleging one piece of valuable pottery gets put inside
Omnipotent one reversing the waterway
Made speed from the Andes
So report unruly soldiers
Side disorganised away from home fails to survive
A man who entertains round the north-east can be trusted
The main narrow channel for the voyage
Sound one included in prominent feature
Theyre very young but theyre drunk
They dont believe this seat is broken
He loves sport
One who has fallen in love is revealed by a change in face
They are used for binding in a major op. especially
Port in Seine-Maritime, France, housing the Musee dart moderne Andre Malraux
Rugby union wing; 1974 Wales Test debutant against Ireland
Director of films Death Wish and The Cool Mikado
Breyton , 1999-2007 South Africa rugby union wing and full-back
British cut of beef from the flank
Robert , US engineer born in 1934 after whom a type of musical synthesizer is named
1988 film thriller starring Harrison Ford and Betty Buckley
Standard monetary unit of Thailand
Actor who starred as Galen in 1974 US television series Planet of the Apes
See 8
Port in W Greece; site of a 1571 naval battle
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Oscar winner for A Passage to India
18th-century development in London WC2 by the Adam brothers
Actor who played Nikolas Natchios in 2003 action film Daredevil
See 22 Across
See 7 Across
Mountainous island off the west coast of Italy
The , 1981 horror film starring Bruce Campbell
Slow-moving nocturnal short-tailed primate of tropical Africa
2003 film drama starring Joely Richardson and Shane Richie
Mammal of South and Central America and SE Asia with an elongated snout
See 16 Across
Large Old World tree of the mahogany family whose bark is used to make a tonic
Scottish island of the Inner Hebrides south-east of Rum
See 6
Illegal burning
Protest by workers
In that place
Red meat
Having variety
Wearing no clothes
Time when asleep
Snooker table cloth
Person who shoes horses
People living on either side
Clothing business
Call of an owl
Group of three
Cook in hot water
Defensive posture adopted by a boxer
Ask too high a price
Expel from a property
Confuse, puzzle
Dimensions, bigness
Maori war dance
The odd quiet president
Fleas fly? Not true
Rushed out of France
Whisper of most important single
Ivan flew after article like a bird
Growling about argument
Beastly medic?
Juicer contains cold item
Confused a year with a shorter time
Once ran from French convert
Loud, confusing game
Two essays have problems
Composer sounds more correct
Guided by small light
Faced with expert
A turn previously
Knock a style of music
Resort on the right is more pleasant
Animated a veil badly
Gladstones son
Dragged amphibian, say
Tries out columns
The first composer to journey
Vera organised dance party
Joined the team
Deity in charge of alarm
Dismissed if turning socialist
Bother at a party
Crude sort of weld
Notice eastern agent
Periodical wit
Copy of tapestry
Won over for the present
Fewer around animal
Roused about employment
Nothing clear about seer
Weapons for small quarrel
Quick to knock with identification
Principle of reversibility?
Final use of salt
Sketch a tie
Rage about clothing
Talented with a drink
Winning suit
Stage whisper
Relating to birds
Animal doctor
Frozen water
Period of time
Board game
Went ahead
Playing card
In the past
Sharp blow
More agreeable
Make a journey
Sudden terror
Catch sight of
Female sheep
Those folks
Night hooter
Poi source
Bridge hand
Iranian money
Obvious statement
Writing system
Tars yes
Tennis need
Plenty, slangily
Barbecue item
Chewing ____
Test choice
Attorney, e.g.
Psyche part
Water source
Deli meat
No way!
Earth pigment
Hindu queen
Twill fabric
Food thickener
Mr. Campbell
Fire fuel
Budget item
Greek letter
Follow in order
Bigfoots kin
Novice sailor
Signal to stop
North ____
Tourists item
Puffins kin
Metallic sound
Colony member
Practice piece
Church projection
Pub drink
Sun god
Mother, in Lyons
A few
Joules kin
Glossy paint
Difficult task
Rushlike plant
Titanic woe
Track shape
Siss sib
Souffle need
Toy with a tail
Second hand
In tandem
Indicates position
Black gemstone
Mediterranean sea
A dog in Lady and the Tramp
Famous musical
Written on gift-tags
Fitness trend that involves kids?
… but were not done yet
Arcade bonus
Old market for olive oil
Setting for Dantes Divine Comedy
Impractical Jokers network
Something to try out for
Shelved, for now
What __?
Drei, in the Apennines
Cries from sties
Neruda wrote one about the sea
Frequent adoptee
Dirty digs
Local politicians goal, perhaps
Got exactly right
Bit of bedroom decor
When tripled, Yum!
Cover stories?
Some lab workers
Perform energetically
__ & Him : Zooey Deschanel duo
Prefix with gender
Pollys call
Ziggy Stardust genre
Pitch-lowering symbols
Jaunty greeting
Country on the Gulf of Guinea
That makes much more sense!
Summer month in Santiago
Italian bread often served at Christmastime
Particulars, informally
Customize for
3-Downs alma mater
Churchills 1945 successor
Family shower
Pirates cry
Public humiliation
Start to overtake
2004 remake starring Jude Law
Brutish one
Ball field marker
Gallery news
70s-80s Rabbit competitor
One may be foiled by a captcha
Put away
Makes haste
Euro forerunner
Tommy add-on
Provision for trucks
Two-time Republican presidential candidate
Camp gathering place
Talked big
Grovers predecessor
Spring bloom
Like classic gumball machines
Apples X, e.g.
Put under a seat, say
Elaborate tales
Cartoonist Walker
Letters in an internet bar
Opposed words
Spanish diminutive ending
The ____ of March
Fable collector
Pitchers target (2 wds.)
Motorists aid
Rams mate
Highway divisions
Violas kin
More sensible
____ voyage!
Trip to the bank, e.g.
Make money
Gallery contents
Watch face
Ran in neutral
Dixie general
As a substitute
Certain connector
Chefs unit (abbr.)
Long fishes
You there!
Thinly scattered
Aquatic animal
Sedan or coupe
Sudden fright
Pass through
Avoid capture
Nest contents
On top of
Moves upward
Bad grades
Disney fish
Keats before
Away from the coast
Journalist ____ Sawyer
Went inside
Looks at
South American snake
Window ledge
Track shape
Acapulco coin
Snow melter
Raised dogs
Archie Bunkers wife
Wash cycle
Sorrowful word
Film spools
Basic natures
Fleshy fruit
Mentors student
Hint of a color
Surrealisms Salvador ____
Batmans wear
Tiny particle
Nevada town
Commend a fine novel or novella
Fashionable crowd offering a small figure
Allowed into dress circle at opera
Officer is to reward good restaurant service?
Marketplace stocks new wool
New Hampshire banishing leader of Hells Angels
Special fireplace is unique
Wall Street retains old record? Let me see
Steep price of a spice?
Extract from unlicensed broadcast
Spoke in places about being sent to the gallows
Immobile Tom maybe needs a medicine
Is in charge of gas bills
This could provide recent section of newspaper
Drugs ring spreads to cover island
Motorway speed limits fool rugby player? Ones held in nick
In court, do I succeed?
Wing perhaps composed of aileron mostly
Searches for accommodation
Rose perhaps wants social worker kept in line
An end to driving in sun — glare got awfully blinding
What about keeping old magazine as tribute?
Stuffed meat aroused appetite? Sounds like you tucked in
Hymn in vernacular Latin kept in reserve
Small fish? It may be smelt
Former model principally depicted naked
One local joint thats not trendy
Bird seen soaring in Milton Keynes
Drug dealer
Breathed wearily
Military accommodation
Dead skin
Punctuation mark
Severe cyclone
Ornamental band
Fit to be eaten
Yellow-flowered weed
Not subject to death
Begin anew
Country in the SW Pacific whose capital is Port Moresby
A traditional Jewish school devoted chiefly to the study of rabbinic literature and the Talmud
The second largest city in Colombia
Epic poem by Walter Scott that contains the lines Oh, what a tangled web we weave/When first we practise to deceive!
African country whose capital is Luanda
Either of two raised pulpits from which the gospels and epistles were read in early Christian churches
Large sea duck of the genus Somateria
Knighted English actor born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite in 1933
Allan ___, former Leeds United and England striker nicknamed Sniffer
1978 Richard Attenborough horror film with a screenplay by William Goldman, based on his own novel
English actor whose TV roles include Dr Geoffrey Brent in Police Surgeon and Dr David Keel in The Avengers
A nobleman ranking below an earl and above a baron
Song from the 1967 Walt Disney film The Jungle Book subtitled The Pythons Song
The part of the eyeball consisting of the iris, ciliary body and choroid
American actor and comedian who co-starred with Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour series of films
Swedish actress and singer whose films include The Wicker Man and The Man with the Golden Gun
American author whose first book, God: A Biography, won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography in 1996
Common name for Flacourtia indica, a species of flowering plant with plumlike fruits
Setting for Shakespeares play Hamlet
1971 British crime film starring 20 Across , 25 Across and 33 Across
The goddess of peace in Greek mythology
Ancient Greek city on Mount Parnassus that was the site of the most famous oracle of Apollo
Channel between Cape Dezhnev in Russia and Cape Prince of Wales in Alaska
See 37
Village in the Selby district of North Yorkshire best known for its large coal-fired power station
The 50th state of the United States
Edmond ___, French playwright and poet best known for his verse drama Cyrano de Bergerac
English Baroque composer and organist whose only stage composition was the opera Venus and Adonis
Justin ___, Canadian prime minister from 2015
Actor who played John Thaws sidekick in The Sweeney
French for goodbye
See 43
Australian river that rises as the Avon northeast of Narrogin and flows to the Indian Ocean below Perth
Heavily-built short-tailed oceanic bird of polar regions
Crete-born physician to Nero who left instructions for making theriac, a compound medicine and antidote, in a poem
A small ensemble of street musicians in Mexico
American actress who married Cary Grant, who was 33 years her senior, in 1965
Bob Dylan song that is the final track on The Bands debut album Music from Big Pink
Brand name for the drug Sildenafil citrate
R M ___, Scottish author noted for adventure stories such as The Coral Island
Football manager nicknamed Big Eck who was appointed Scotland national team manager for a second time in February 2018
The spoken form of Modern Greek
African country whose capital is Malabo
An obsolete medieval stringed instrument resembling a guitar
A streamlined mound of glacial drift
An insect of the orthopterous family Gryllidae
An oval earthenware cooking dish with a tightly fitting lid used for pâtés etc
1958 novel by Iris Murdoch set in Imber Court
US state whose capital is Bismarck
Song from Oklahoma! performed by Connie Booth as Polly in the Gourmet Night episode of Fawlty Towers
Character in EastEnders played by Anita Dobson from 1985 to 1988
The skeleton of the human foot consisting of five long bones
1924 composition by George Gershwin for solo piano and jazz band
A small brightly-coloured beetle of the family Coccinellidae, such as Adalia bipunctata
In Greek mythology, a son of Daedalus who flew too near the sun when trying to escape from Crete
The capital of Spain
Heinrich ___, German composer and organist regarded as the most important German composer before Johann Sebastian Bach
1975 Steven Spielberg film based on a 1974 novel by Peter Benchley
Mountain crest
Jake of CNN
Sports venues
Use a divining rod
Joel or Ethan of Hollywood
Rebel Turner
Dating from
Nixons veep
Grazing land
Omega preceder
Chickens and ducks, e.g.
Mauna —
In — (lined up)
Computer key
Grinch creator
Historic time
Mens neckwear accessory
Hot and humid
Walked boldly
McDonalds emblem
Road curves
Olympic prize
Not digital
Cal — (baseballs Iron Man )
Mentalists gift
Three- — sloth
Noted 2001 bankruptcy
Inge play
Initial chip
TV pioneer
City near Syracuse
Cartoon duck
WWII servicewoman
Singer Furtado
Jungs inner self
Born in the —
Dahl and Francis
Well-versed folks?
Kind of inspection
Stomach woes
One of us
Queen of Soul Franklin
Reddish-brown horse
Indian tea region
Not neg.
PC screen type
Storage site
Radio parts
Lawyers workload
Smithy sight
Like draft beer
Plain silly
Mex. neighbor
CDs forerunners
Casual top
Modernize a factory
Next-day meal, perhaps
Took steps
On this spot
Traffic marker
You may get down from them
Pendulum path
Brother of Moses
Renters paper
Writer Glasgow
For fear that
Grimm boy
Will topic
Traffic org.
Speakers stand
Film set on Pandora
Cold weather
No longer a minor
Handed over
Truck or trolley
Jimmys successor
How Hoffman played Tootsie
Wipes off
Used up
Tiny workers
Math unity
Injure with hot liquid
Mardi __
Early riser
Pool problem
Indian music
__ Bator
Partly open
Chaplin prop
Left over
Game bird
Leaves home?
Composer Copland
Lowlander, to Highlanders
Whats to become __?
Poetic pugilist
Vegas opening
Most dismal
Type of daisy
Spanish capital
A likely story!
Honi soit qui mal y __
Follower of art
Race distance
__ Kick out of You
Scottish Celt
Whitney and Wallach
Skin spot
Mother of the Valkyries
Jalousie unit
Commander at Shiloh
Join hands?
Taj Mahal site
Ophelias brother
Fruit of the vine
Indian prince
Gelatin substitute
__ Resartus (Carlyle)
Tenor Pavarotti
Luck Be __ (Sinatra hit)
Injured sneakily
King Kong studio
Counting-out starter
Russian ruler
Hearty companion
Egyptian goddess of magic
Not __ in the world
Words with a sigh
Capp of comics
Leaping insect
Opp. of fem.
Ferrara family name
Metrical foot
Moving on hands and knees
Chief island of the British Virgin Islands
Whole number
Sundial letters
My Cup Runneth Over singer
Tiny fly
Something to lend
Cut into cubes
In Latin, that is
Dough drawer
Essayists alias
St Petersburgs river
A cardinal point
Crush flat
Prose compositions
Not easily disturbed or angered
Conductors stick
Sports arena
Item of cutlery
Vast desert of North Africa
Team game
Weighing machine
The entertainment business
Assumed name
Having more foliage
Nine iron, in golf
Sumptuous meals
Crunchy salad vegetable
Capital of Japan
Piece of artillery thats used by builders?
Communicate some grim particulars
Duke meeting greedy king
Mine worker taking sheepdog by river
A young hare is always allowed outside
Healthy noise
Bird scattering bread devoured by others
Sordid gain could be cruel
Not all come on silent journey to work
Jack obtains things that are aimed at
Do they fasten cuttings?
Taking part in quarrel is hindering enjoyment
Get the better of teacher
Fashions clothing many mannequins
A stimulant either way
Tree that gets shot in army base
Aimless, aimless girl?
Farewell to advert that is universal
Cook tried a long angry speech
Waterfalls affecting the eyes?
Female swans seen after river becomes less shallow
Child going round ancient city is a sightseer
One of the top people in the building trade alters construction
See art involved in puzzle
Christmas song for a girl
Little time to get tea or coffee
A foreign revolutionary holds up one getting results or one doing worse than expected?
A French-German article on power of missing players
A little husky boxer with years ahead of him
Canadian drops acid with older relative
Composer dismisses Morse – the Detective Chief Inspector, for one
Corporate division produces endless amount of drinks
Criminal hunted by river making a loud noise
Dawns leaving Wednesday – how is that viewed?
Describes hen-pecked type perhaps in three European articles – essential if you want a lift
Describes patient type in surgery or in the theatre
Directors call to Cher on the radio
Every man takes off army uniform
Foreign politician sets up lease with direction from church
Funny actor admits reading piece of the plot
Hold criminal in on act
In Berlin, the cutbacks, politically speaking, could undermine the capital?
It hurts father at home to find you in Florida
Jockeys silks, for example, in stable
Leave out citation that doesnt include Regina
One of those on foot took cue from Chaucer
One of those on The Board is checking out the sights you hear about
Painful exposure in paper is almost overdone
Partner with swine fever loses nerves
Passage is found in Rabelais Le Tiers Livre
Pictures of spies locking up lads
Place for Hugo Boss to cultivate
Point or goal?
Put away by characters in state attorneys office
Put out by first Tory leader in The Paper
Refute a strange piece in the paper
Relates to panellist ignoring pain
Sheds a stolen collection
Sisters insurance doesnt include Erica
Small group in organisation flips over odd clues
Some renowned genius from The Fringe
Throw ones arms around sweetheart from Titanic
Unclear play relates to a type of energetic family?
Whats concealed by mediocre soldiers exchanged for cash again
A brides bottom drawer
A feeling of righteous anger
Abbreviate, contract
Alcoholic drink to stimulate the appetite
Ascribe, impute
Boots and shoes
Bounds beyond which one cannot go
Christian penitential period
Declare free from guilt
Fall back, abate
God of the sun in Greek mythology
Having a beginning and an end
Hordes go out to the Greek island
Horny animal feet
Indian dish of pulses
Joint between the neck and arm
Keep down, hold back
Lacked, required
Lacking in liveliness or animation
Long-bodied, short-legged breed of dog
Metal pin for meat
Protect or conceal
Pungent seasoning and vegetable
Put down or leave something
Ran away to get married
Refused to stop
Saves up for flowers
Shallow dish
Shoulder movement to show indifference
Source, root
Tall narrow structures
The force of a push
Two of a kind
Up to a time that
Word that qualifies an action
Reprimand (someone)
Transform into a purer form
Praise and honour
Interplanetary craft
Plant used in cooking
Fully acceptable
One who takes but never gives
Timber structure used in building
Volume; ability
Cry of discovery
Able to be sacrificed
Impertinently bold
Formal agreement
Injured; like fried fish
Unchanging in pitch
Supreme ruler
Extreme pain
Try to lose weight
Precious metal
University teacher
Not crossing a border in the US
Uneasy or embarrassed state
Compound in many clays
Dishonest or criminal person
Region of New Zealand
Opposite of westerner
Nor caring about consequences
Assume a definite form
Accounts checker
Evaluation, estimation
Italian dialect
Unable to express oneself clearly
(Of fruit, cheese, etc) past the usual stage for eating
Hot dry wind of Alpine valleys
One wishing to break away
One who lost her sheep
Preliminary presentation
In advance
Financial difficulty
Small warship
John Maynard Keynes for instance
Lavish celebration
A few handfuls?
Rocket launch to our nearest neighbour
Rotary-winged landing place
Delay action
Starting with the same letter or sound
Superficially attractive but worthless
Storage tank for mains system
Done without good reason
Slow-cooked dish
Percy —, composer
Edible leaf-stalks
Reach (an age, size)
Early stage of life
Supporting framework
— Bear, cartoon character
Californian city
Whole number
Split; fissure
Facial feature
Widespread disease
Unfamiliar people
Fastener; trim
Flavour; discernment
Individual musician
Unit of distance
Three wins in a row
Performers’ platform
Spain and Portugal
Rich fabric
Not clothed
Be involved (in)
Reducing in price
Manifold; numerous
Small exclusive group
Bahamian capital
Andean pack animal
Garden pest
Smash-hit person who sells more albums than anyone else, say?
Withdraws bad marks
Flap, being emotional in extremis after drink
Men going round part of church taking time, as one might normally expect
Order the whole lot to go to battle site
Club prices to change — it’s an element of economic management
Goods in cube, wrapped in cheap paper, in iron case
Fire ultimately provided in one prison when it’s very cold
After prayer, maybe render hymn that’s well-liked
Not connected to e.g. Oxford?
Audacity? It is, briefly, to nick vehicle for jaunts
Fanciful description of Ramanujan in unexpected period of flourishing
Benefit through work finally
One paid to get channels for items to be sold?
A steerer out of control, someone grabbed by the cops?
Mischievous like Conservative in political gathering?
Nothing right in the country? That’s one sort of view
Seen among them, utter idiot
Travel unresolved — get agitated?
Cover protecting the female after protest is broken up
Group for the favoured few that may be a pest
Anger facing blokes in television that’s about financial transaction
Figures protecting university’s prestige
A city endlessly lauded sadly filled with bitterness
Eat these — gain energy attending functions
Full of endless craving, I was first to be exploited
Performance has elegance, we hear — one will get folk into arena
A community in Herts is well-informed
Trade union woman, leader of Left, dealing with figures
Lack of elegance that is evident when no thanks are offered for meal?
Having less colour coming up, grass is getting worse
Accomplished office assistant housed in tower?
One helps cook stretch out part of the food supply
Black parasite found in garment
I’m one captain at sea — some hope for the slaves!
University maiden maybe sounding faint
Old coin not counterfeit
Formally admitting wickedness, inwardly sporting
Country game needing short pole
US magazine given award in accordance with well-established tradition
One house and another being erected — a commotion
Let Ben dress up unconventionally — wearing this, in drag?
Contains nuts, OK?
Passionate woman grabs this person to present unpalatable fact
Hotel obstruction after pop politician presents brochure
Incentive to delve into birds and plants
Reporter Rex rushed up a hill
Escape from trouble? One man up for breaking law
Wandering of person half lost, say, traveller finally joining one country
Manoeuvring bear in circus — a sort of craft
Government bureau not working, restricted by obvious formality
King, say, one mad about fighting unit
Past masters?
Terrible mishaps when rubbish is dumped on plants
Mostly modern dance music gathers support in part of America
Work on the land as prisoner wearing hat
Poet’s pub — order outsiders to leave
Chemical drug, followed by the same again
Form of belief conveyed by rabbi’s lamentation
Vessel burning with characters regularly escaping
Hot tunes please old setter
Soprano’s target, maybe, capturing current theme?
Soldier meets retiring girl, dish perhaps
Public relations broadcast that is plain
Horse unseats one big bird
Large family member goes to welcome British crew
He brings up English cases to run through
Back a selection of good numbers to release
Churchill for one smelt bad with no lead on
Raises squad to cross river nearer its source
Popular English stage worker perhaps lacking grace
Display university books on way to work?
Dynamic six support conservationists
Old and anxious but not very demanding
It may indicate a cold part of house, I hear
One who competes to deceive nurse
Erica has no longer to conserve energy
Their angle can be adjusted to be identical, possibly
Family member working in US city in southwest
To check vehicle, engineer started lapping ring
I agree: food fit for an ambitious young man
Dealer turned up paintings from the communist era?
Left instruction involving gown in motel, say
Order to teenager that’s essential for chip maker
Steep watercourse engulfs European dog
Hawk’s target before long includes PM
Charge printed on back of envelope
Make still from bits of alembic I discarded
Asian dish, cold, very cold
Stunner took exam again, having been laid up
Franges; you will burst, rupture
A boyfriend, or a friendly chap
Bodies, atoms; Lucretius’s universe consisting of ____ et inane
Boves, vel bovis
About to go (voc, masc sing, future participle)
To be opened, explained: “occulta quaedam. . . ____” (Cicero Fin. 1.9.30)
Noisy, shouting people
I have handed over
Exeo, effugio
This man in the countryside is a laugh
Ea quae contra leges facta sunt; illa quoque quae fecit?
On the shoulders
Straight (dat/abl pl); ____ oculis, looking directly at
Triumvir creatus cum 6 et Pompeio
Unburden, relieve (2s imperative)
“O ____ pulchra filia pulchrior (Horace Odes 1.16); daughter has more than inherited the good looks
Dictator Idibus Martiis occisus
Non ignoratis
Vos amorem nostrum semper habebatis
Boredom, tediousness
Rursus; repeatedly ____ atque ____, identidem
Cunctans, haud rapide agens
Ei qui secundum leges agunt
Forget about it!
90s hitter headliner
Adjacent bits
American Legion designed it, FDR signed it
Animated snow maker
Antonym of tidied
Beat back
Boxing venue
Coal __
Comes to gradually
Concessionaires clientele
Conferred authority on
Coop group
Cry for attention
Dr. Spock topic
Dress designers concern
Empty rhetoric
Ending like -ian
Entryway for current
Fahrenheit or Celsius
Four Stravinsky works
French dash
French dash
Fuel source for 7-Eleven
Galley group
Game developers alteration
Gets to
Heavy duty
Inept recruit
Inferior cut, to many
Its poorly written
Knock (about)
Magic manual, in role-playing games
Mickey, in Rocky
Multiple chips, often
Negative press
No longer horizontal
Paramount Pictures owner
Person from Nantes
Produced by cloning, as bananas
Ring bearer
Ruler in Matthew
Satellite sender
Seller of $5 Fill Ups
Show off ones memorization of
Show runner
Ski-trip stretcher
Something made for winding up
Squawk about
State south of Veracruz
Steamed up
Steamship hand
Subordinate clause
Surround with plastic, perhaps
The majority of Japanese DVD sales
Theyre frequently quoted online
Too easy
UK pre-decimal money
Use Blue Apron for brunch
What herbalism is part of
Where trunks may await their owners
Wine list staple
Yukon city where Jack London lived
__ names
Not have
I cant breathe feeling
Pulverize potatoes
Stuff in lotions
Rupp in Lexington
Type of game
Bonneville Flats product
Equine directors
Narthexs neighbor
Space observer plus
Actor Ledger
Prefix with conservative
Thing with slop-py food
Give clues to
Pelvis bones
In the manner of
Were unified in that statement
Word with the law
On too much caffeine
Newborns acquisition
Opposers prefix
Guide on Mount Everest
Walk easily
Alaskan native
Manny Machados .956 in 2017
Facts, data, etc.
Alaskan beasts
Ice skaters jump
Carrot part
Potato peeler, essentially
Ones behind bars
Work units
Not be selfish
Deep ___ bend
Bad race finish
Composed of wings
7-UP? No, Coke
Hot dog condiments
Societal reject
Wasnt relative
Horses greeting
Rural stopovers
Fling, as a fishing line
Switch-hitting Mickey
Bide ones time
Go yum-m-m over
Laugher in the jungle
Big beer holder
Pertaining to hearing
From Bangkok
Duplexs due
Former Alero maker, briefly
Carangid fish
Modern form of address?
Wrap along the Ganges
A voice vote
One place to worship from
Oatmeal issue
Making an ocean crossing
Had the right to sell
Obedience school shout
Like an obsessive mind
Divvies up
Like bad thunderstorms
Color quality
In flames
U-turn from major
Obscure and cloud over
Meeting place for old Greeks
DVDs reader
Wee troublemakers
World-famous mariner
Nerve cell transmitter
Heredity carrier
Give it to me or ___!
After that…
Messiah, notably
Murder in the Cathedral playwright
Now I see!
Wild Thing rapper Tone ___
Article for Orff
As well
Ball company
Beach bums acquisition
Bettor business, in brief
Big name in stain removal
Blends together
Blue Grotto location
Bold alternative
Bone in a cage
Bookbinders tool
Both, in combinations
Bus. school entry exam
Calendar divs
Canal that traverses the Empire State
Capital on a fjord
Card table declaration
Cavalry mounts
Charge toward, with a lance
Coin depicting Louis XVI
Commanded, quaintly
Conference handouts
Conk out
Curved arch
Decisive argument
Delivery possibility
Devastating 2017 hurricane
Dream up
Drink that may give you a brain freeze
Drive drunkenly
Ed of Up
Elaborate Broadway stage decor, vis-a-vis summer camp theater stage design?
Engineering sch. in Troy
Extremely low sticker figure for a Chanel bag, vis-a-vis the figure at the Chanel boutique?
Farmers ginger, vis-a-vis eggplant farm yields?
Fast cash dispenser
Fed move
Fight venue
First U.S. Open champ
Florida city, familiarly
Flour pot?
Flowery verses
Former flames
Fortune notice
Foul moods
Galaxy message
Gaze at
Golfer who takes lots of practice swings, vis-a-vis a quick golfer?
Granny, in Munich
Grilling spots
Guat. neighbor
Guinness of Star Wars
Haggard of country
Halberd alternative
Hoppy brews
Hot rod?
Jose Altuve, e.g
Kids racer
Lapped against
Last Olds made
Lawn tunneler
Lawn tunnelers
Like a perfect game
Like some fruit and craft beers
Little rascal
Load onto a drive
Lock holders
Locks in a barn?
Macys department
Meadow grazer
Money in the bank, say
Nothing, in Normandy
Nova Scotia hrs
Nutri-Grain grain
Oilers home
One in a black suit
One in fifteen Turks
One might hang out at a party
Ones making a scene
Pay TV that always airs tense news, vis-a-vis one that airs cartoons?
Paycheck deduction letters
Pen pal?
Pesach feasts
Pine product
Pitch from a scenery chewer, vis-a-vis one from an Oscar winner?
Pitchers delivery?
Posted Post-it note, often
Primatology subject
Quick bite
Rams from behind
Ready for a bout
Remove from the board
Resort known for its red rocks
River through Magnitogorsk
Saber-toothed squirrel in Ice Age
Scathing reviews
School of thought
Sculptors works
Seized sedan
Self-help guru Chopra
Shipwreck cause
Shooting sport
Shop owned by a has-been comic, vis-a-vis a trendy shop by a hot newcomer comedian?
Some music stations
Soon-to-be univ. alums
SpongeBobs pants, vis-a-vis Mickey Mouses?
Strong joe
Tarzans chimp sidekick
Taste, e.g
Technical sch
Visitor from a distant galaxy
Visitors from a distant galaxy
What some shoot in a round
Wide awake
Wild retreats
Works together (with)
Worlds most densely populated country
___ Aviv
___ Mahal
___ Paulo
About to assess old plane
Academic assessment
Alcoholic drink
Area monitored we hear
Being worried, work longer hours?
Black tea brewed is best
Book on American transport
Bring forth
Cereal crop
Chat about Romeos apparel
Deserving respect
Embrace worries son
Empty tin placed in barrel
English graduate cross about test
Fast food one regularly consumes
Flexible Mrs Sharples takes walk round
Gentle touch
Grain from lab produced with rye
Improve morally
Insect: call it exasperating from the start
Jogger, one tearing across motorway?
Lift malfunctioning in late eve
Malcontent mean or misguided
Match clothing accessory
Newly-wed hosting good game
Old PM so dear to French?
One in unkempt garden in Berkshire town
Origin of impertinence reported
Packing case
Public transport
Reach across
Ready to accept
Recall climbing in trek overseas
Separate night ends in gloomy quarter
Slimming plan
Social insect
Stimulate a friend to go round Ulster
Superior naval officer embracing British English
Take apart
Time for both sides to grab beer
Traditional roofer
A Jew Today author Wiesel
Fer cryin out loud!
All keyed up
Astronomers dist
BA part
Bases opposite, on a pyramid
Beauty who loved the Beast
Blue toon
Bout of forgetfulness?
Buffalo skater
Chicken cordon bleu ingredient
Color lighter than teal
Common Creamsicle flavor
Conservationists local?
Cowards countenance?
Dolls word
Door dings, e.g
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo
Earth Day month
Eliots Adam ___
Employees parting cry
Encircled by
Fare sometimes served with wasabi
Firefighters tool
Fish stories
Gave the once-over to
Imminent danger
In the chips
Jousters contests
Lacoste of tennis
Like a tuna melt
Lipstick mishap
Loose-sleeved garment
Manual calculator
Many a Christmas tree
Many primate house residents
Marine mammal of the Everglades
Mosquito net material
Nurses at a bar
Old hands opposite
On the up-and-up, morally
Ones on foot, briefly
Operating room tool
Oysters spot
Place for hay
Place for RVers
Poetic preposition
Pound a keyboard
Pre-Easter buys
Preachers signoff
Ramen morsel
Ready for combat
Recover from injury
Result of a summit meeting, perhaps
Right-to-left stitches
Sailed through
Sailors jacket of old
Separate wheat from chaff
Shankar selection
Slippery, in a way
Sloppy joe holders
StubHubs parent company
Sword handle
Tax evaders nemeses, for short
Taylor who played Cleo
Tell 50-Down
Terrarium amphibians
The Auld Sod, poetically
Toon with blue hair
Tried to drill with a fastball
Walking tour aid
Warner Bros. collectibles
Went for a rebound
What De Niro would like to do?
What quibblers split
Yell after an errant shot
___ Dhabi
West Hollywood entertainment thoroughfare
Not indulging appetite for food or drink
Circular floral head decoration
Nickname of the Great Bell of the Palace of Westminster
Divulge information about someones secret or criminal activity
Decs long-time partner
Field event value plot (anag)
Surface made with irregular pieces of stone
Stick or pin used in spinning
Private instructor
List of items present
Arm of the Atlantic bordering western Europe
Participant in a competition involving seven track and field events
Controlling device
Israeli city
Release from a restraint
Yellow quartz used for gemstones
Large pot for making tea
The fourth New Testament traveller on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho?
John Craces unimprovable nickname for the prime minister?
The destination for Orwells Road?
Disputed region between India and Pakistan
The capital of Bolivia
Zoe __, comedian and regular on Mock the Qeek
Nickname given to New Orleans
See 4 Down
See 8
Anna __, Russian journalist murdered in Moscow in 2006
Newspaper for which Anna 22 wrote
Pesticide banned in 1972
Daphne Caruana __, journalist murdered in Malta in 2017
Saudi Arabian journalist murdered in Istanbul in 2018
1980 disaster film parody starring Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty
See 1
__ qui mal y pense; the motto of the Order of the Garter
Another name for the gum
Brute creatures encountered by Gulliver on his travels
__ Previn, wife of Woody Allen
Maxim __, Soviet realist writer
UCI cycling team whose riders include Chris Froome and Geraint Jones
Fake stone in Irish emblem
Bodies of new canoes
Everywhere is chaotic
Young hare about to be caught by the French animal surgeon
Bullfighters rug found before a party beside river
Word used on leaving food, healthy
The French vessel in ancient language
Expert, suitable, going round Delaware
Possibly seen by doctor, the French outfit
Person moving to another country, male one, getting allowance
Moral doubt rules PC out
Eccentric only chooses card showing this educational institution
Hand tool gardener finally found wrapped in absorbent cloth
Number admitted by second old college with exclusive control
Firm supplying small piece of furniture
A vile tale translated with ease
Daydream of clergyman on lake
Measure of purity about to be given to cad
Chief city needing money
A part of hospital getting prize
Guiding Europeans in street with telephone
Quiet strolls leading to mess
Ultimate sporting contest initially unnerving man
Lens peculiar to the Pole
Monkey making us spoil second collection
Apprentice from Aintree, possibly
Different room given to Conservative with company from African country
Miscellany left in sea extremely early
Lizard originally getting every courageous kid out
Head of school with soya alternative making authoritative decision

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