Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-11-25

Actor Rockwell who plays George W. Bush in the upcoming film Vice
Fills with wonder
Joint near the waist
Discoveries in mines
Sorry Not Sorry singer Lovato
___ constrictor
Superpowered quartet cocreated by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee who died 11/12/2018: 2 wds.
Basketball great Kareem ___-Jabbar
Boxing match result at times: Abbr.
Academic tests
Web-slinging superhero cocreated by Stan Lee: Hyph.
Contend (for)
A Star Is Born star ___ Gaga
Body part that produces wax
Jane the Virgin actress Rodriguez
Last ___ in is a rotten egg!
Blind superhero cocreated by Stan Lee
Poke fun at
Spot for a scorpion’s stinger
Hairy animal that may climb jungle vines
Elizabeth of Avengers: Infinity War
Surgeon-turned-superhero cocreated by Stan Lee: 2 wds.
What salsa or pasta sauce is sold in
___ torch (backyard party decoration)
Toupees in slang
Where a telescope is aimed
Scissors sound
___ milk? (long-running promotional campaign)
Furniture that might fold out into a bed
United ___ Emirates (wealthy Middle East nation)
Make repairs to
App interruptions
Like paint that’s still sticky
Send forth as radiation
Make queasy
Silicon Valley channel
Letters in a note from someone who’s borrowing money
Golf score that it’s good to save or break
Solidly built
Plant gel that can soothe scrapes
Forest animal said to be sly
La ___ Tar Pits (California site where mammoth fossils have been found)
Israel’s Tel ___ University
Small iPad model
Close tightly like a Tupperware container
Vending machine opening for coins
Glass piece in a window
Mental creation
Square footage
Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress Sarah Michelle ___
Train stations
Fashion designer Christian ___
Used a recliner
The Office receptionist played by Ellie Kemper
Warm and cozy
Circular waffle brand
Hummingbird’s home
Record spinners at dance clubs: Abbr.
Tree that drops acorns
2018 Carrie Underwood album ___ Pretty
Piece of sports equipment with a binding for a boot
resin used in incense
bulletin board material
maple product
grilling fuel
pine tree solvent
campers fuel
particle board component
Late Queen of Soul
Places for bears or villains
What a recipe may be written on
Puts up
Veep under Nixon
Formal defense
Photo caption for the winning team’s M.V.P. being carried off the field?
Get an F in physics?
Bert of ‘The Wizard of Oz
Powerful swell
In the style of
First-generation Japanese-American
Houdini feat
Rey, to Luke, in ‘The Last Jedi
Place for a stud to go
What you’re effectively saying when you sign a waiver?
Longtime athlete on the U.S. Davis Cup team
Line through one’s teeth?
Full of subtlety
Capital of Albania
Atlas or Titan, for short
Street through the middle of town
Energy secretary Chu under Obama
___ neutrality
Actress Long
Extended diatribe
Moon race?
Router attachments
It’s just below 0: Abbr.
Medieval poets
Piece of writing that’s half in verse?
Some paid rides, informally
First leg of an itinerary
Avenging spirits in Greek myth
Bad thing to hit with a hammer
Casey at the Bat’ poet Ernest
Wee bit
I’m f-f-freezing!
Coined money
Aids for determining pregnancy, e.g.
Fellini’s ‘La ___
Inducing forgetfulness
Outlook alternative
Dollar signs without the bars
Word after who or how
Dropping the baton in a relay race, e.g.?
Bit of ink
Senator Feinstein
Blues legend Waters
___ complicated
Area near the shore
Publicans’ servings
Area near the shore
Warning not given on a golf course?
Something on the rise today
Actress Belafonte
Start to inhabit
Baja California city
The Zoo Story’ playwright
Movie trailer, e.g.
Name of what was once the world’s second-largest saltwater lake
Tabula ___
Hematite, magnetite — take your pick’?
Line that ended with Nicholas II
___ Grace’ (title of address)
To quote myself …
Los Angeles neighborhood next to Beverly Grove
Memo starter
Half of a cartoon duo
Make official?
Super Bowl III M.V.P.
Nail polish brand with the colors Teal the Cows Come Home and Berry Fairy Fun
Talking-___ (reprimands)
Big female role on HBO’s ‘Westworld
Two things you might find in Sherwood Forest?
As long as one can remember
Work (up)
The Hallucinogenic Toreador’ painter
Apartment building V.I.P.
Mentally sluggish
Producer of ’60 Minutes
Seniors’ big night out
European stratovolcano
Astronauts’ wear
Young newts
Came down
Human Rights Campaign inits.
Minor altercation
Soccer shot resulting from a corner kick, often
Lawn tools
Like Tara, several times in ‘Gone With the Wind’?
Singer DiFranco
Multi-time music collaborator with Bowie
Some magazine perfume ads
Country on the Arctic Circle: Abbr.
Yes for me
The Wildcats of the Big 12 Conf.
Brit. legislators
Forcibly oppose
Following close behind
Some celebrity charity events
Shirking work, maybe, for short
The Hurt Locker’ menace, briefly
Scads of
Club known for 66-Down
Enterprise starter
Barely make (out)
Two-masted vessel
Small stream
Places for specific social classes to park?
Any ___?
Heading in the right direction?
Fastener with a flange
Bête noire
Small bother
Pageant whose 1986 runner-up was Halle Berry
Procedural spinoff starring LL Cool J
Antarctic penguin
Person who’s hard to take
Most conservative
Page of a movie script?
1994 tripartite treaty
De bene ___ (legal phrase)
In those days
Tommy of tennis
Temporary cover
Writer ___ Stanley Gardner
Tiresias, in ‘Oedipus Rex
Some gametes
Capitals’ org.
Ruby of ‘A Raisin in the Sun
1958 stage play by Tennessee Williams
Common duck, the male of which has a dark green head and reddish-brown breast
Peter , author of 1989 memoir A Year in Provence
Southernmost of the Great Lakes of North America
See 6
Alexandre , author of novels The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After
1980 horror film starring Adrienne Barbeau and Jamie Lee Curtis
2017 Rally Mexico and Rally Catalunya winner
Emperor of Japan since 1989 set to abdicate in 2019
2000 biopic starring Bette Midler as Jacqueline Susann
Capital of South Australia
Hickory tree of the southern US with edible nuts
Julian , composer of 1954 stage musical Salad Days
Mount , highest mountain in Greece
Popular car journey guessing game
2009 novel by J M Coetzee
Co-star with Hugh Lloyd of 1960s BBC TV sitcom Hugh and I
Small compact breed of dog also called a carlin
Port in southern California, US, north of Tijuana
John , author of novels Paradise Postponed and The Sound of Trumpets
Ken , 1997 World Snooker Championship winner
Nelly , poet and dramatist who shared the 1966 Nobel Prize in Literature
See 12
Kenyan lioness cared for by George and Joy Adamson from 1956-61
Stormy sea journey
Deep or vivid red
Bar of gold
Fingertip cover
Deprive of strength or vitality
Comfortably warm and well-protected
Edges of a roof
Do away with
Before noon
Screen test
Visit in the form of a ghost
Headache tablet
Eager, avid
Think about again
Arrange or note down provisionally
Kitchen sideboard
Person who puts money away
Reasoned thought
Approval when broadcast
Study time of damage
Endlessly regretting destruction
Reported location of fish
Ever-changing swerve
Box of various parts
Language in another sentence
Facts in emergency
Crawler, when quiet
Get a new entrance
Help make a wager
The Romans conqueror
Steps that may be taken
Thus get attorney a drink
Woman has time for ingredient
Star ready for evening
Enough to have beer with politician
Cleaner sort of opera
Stressed about ringlet
Avid sort of performer
Turn green with unknown vigour
Spin round one city
Pets turn out to be vermin
Changed gear in anger
Scant use of spears
Has lost directions to trophy
Finally doesnt finish volume
Deserve new timer
Dismissal of Wellington?
Unusual to get second chances
Impact mark
Item from a chippy?
Change direction
Plank of wood
Aid in crime
Series of rungs
Sparkling water
Animal fat
Cleaning agent
Lock of hair
Prima donna
Italian city
Thinly dispersed
Fire remains
Book of maps
Footwear item
Suffer defeat
Han ____
Choir section
Like some faucets
Let loose
Made a happy face
2.0 GPA
Tibia front
Formerly, formerly
Caesar, e.g.
Leg hinges
Creative spark
Canoes, e.g.
Freuds concerns
____ Karenina
Malt drinks
Horses kin
Roll of parchment
Most humble
Alpine repeat
Dorian ____
Infants father
A la ____
Camera parts
Meal starter
Go downhill
Beer mug
Newspaper page
Fishermans bait
Average skirt
Official stamp
Emerils smock
Kidney, e.g.
Ms. Burke
Solid Gold host
New Zealand bird
Hired thug
Place of origin
Diamond corner
Heart line
Readies the table
____ roe
Ballpark refreshment
Surprise attack
Cobblers helper
Prophetic warnings
Included in day and night
Feline cry
Mysteries, e.g.
Toronto, abbr.
Thoughtful deliberation
Gain control
For example
Northeasternmost state
Country abbreviation
Minor dustup
Ladder danger
Jeff who started an online bookstore in 1994
Give form to
Free speech org.
New Balance competitor
Put on, as pressure
Development units
React to too much sun, perhaps
Silas Marner girl
Penetrating winds
Horses feeding period?
Nightly newscasters preparation?
Burpee product
It has strings attached
Fed. financial gp.
Sight in an unfinished attic
Southwest worker
You may say Im a __ : Lennons Imagine
Waiting room read
Where dos are done
Dire prophecy
Hang open
House with layers
Easter feast, say?
One in a workout count
River to South Carolinas Winyah Bay
Genesis matriarch
Megastructures channel, familiarly
Tennis surprise
Govt. agents
Document preparer
Museum posting: Abbr.
Were driving around in circles ?
Annas The Accountant co-star
Red Guard member
Lanai neighbor
Tour guides, e.g.
Enemy of Mr. Bill, in old SNL skits
Start a course
Once Is Not Enough author
Nicki Minaj genre
Unkind remark
Ticket selling for a major golf event?
Puff pastry cheese
Publisher Adolph
Iconic 60-Across boss
Consider with care
Around the corner
Predetermined steps
Historic caravel
Took in the sights
Something in the air
98-Across, often
Severe dip in contributions during a telethon?
Hurricane tracker closeup?
Case place
Italys Supreme Poet
Twitters bird, e.g.
Belgian capital
Scorch slightly
Actress MacDowell
Aviation pioneer Sikorsky
Bond was kicked out of it
Entered into a deal
Cross with
Fresh answers
Number with words
Brewpub array
Rhyme Pays rapper
Pet peeve?
Period, to British grammarians
Hurry it up!
Hemsworth of The Hunger Games
Common camp site
Pub game with balls
Youngest Marx brother
Mythical hunter
Team backer?
Skeptics demand
Droopy-shaped purse
Bow-toting god
Cheat, in a way
Serious extreme?
Garlic relative
Without peer
Info-gathering mission
What may accompany hunger pangs?
Bud on a drive
First name in 70s tennis
Slip into
Result of a faulty tab setting?
Pentathlon gear
Provide more room for growth
Salvage crew member
Pommes frites condiment
How-to lesson
Maker of Wayfarer sunglasses
Turn a Monopoly corner
Used Charmin for shenanigans, for short
Sea cell
Bi- equivalent
What diviners interpret
Former Swedish imports
Bolshoi outfit
Part of 1/2
Passé PC system
Off with her head! head owner
Star thats a draw
USCG rank
Its often merit-based
Ticket number you dont want to see
City near Pisa
Blood bank quantity
Arcade giant
Bards bedtime
Competition in lanes
Challenging golf hole starting points
Blow the budget
Hung in there
The Merchant of Venice heroine
Some exposed-beam homes
Actress De La Garza
Scientific dept.
Blocks often disassembled and reassembled
Trevi toss-in
Polly, to Tom
Sistine Chapel ceiling figure
Bulldog supporters
Discipline with poses
Lot purchase
Resolve, with out
Dull, maybe
J.E.B. Stuarts side
Hero shop
Royal address
Small songbird
Not these
Like the Sahara
Memorable periods
British noblemen
Better half
Mideast bread
Actress ____ Sarandon
Forest growths
Baltimore athlete
Brewery product
Put back to zero
Bullring cry
Actors desire
Singer Diana ____
Karate blow
Heavy burden
Letter before epsilon
43,560 square feet
Thai, e.g.
Puts on
Pull apart
Baseball blunder
Rental agreement
As an alternative
Asian language
Heart artery
Gilligans ____
____ Plaines
Japanese warrior
Retirement accounts (abbr.)
Actress ____ Hayworth
Clairvoyant one
School subj.
Compass pt.
Earths satellite
She, in Barcelona
Burn balm
Bring up
1/3 TBSP
Corn serving
Ranting speeches
Will beneficiary
House annex
Nuclear ____
Mother ____
Pay out
Bachelor party
Of sound mind
Odd features of chakra coach
Pair having argument – one side might lose it after this?
Esteemed flier stuck on the ground
Friendly uncle grew up free as a bird?
Kitty, a psychic zealot
Great footballer retiring, hasnt played for Ivory Coast national team?
Shot adult type of film
Horse hurdling width of tree
See 9 Down
No rule getting hitchhiker to disembark in border area
Geoffreys first tune in Shine
Fraud opening religious community
Honey sandwich for half-cut valets tea
Pigments losing original character naturally?
Professionally transports in theatrical performance; hides in audition
Relationship of Vatican with Church of England
Rows origin lost in muddle
Prostitute cant rouse drunk
Guided German guy in selecting Nordic food
Teasing out that which was internalised: …
… small amount of information briefly recalled
Tight chaperone making needless overtures?
Open seat, varied nominees
Lacking energy, cannot rule out sleeping through the day
With more trees and weird enchanted rings within
Crack across old filling is calamity
This meats not off, as top cook announced
Perhaps a Rovers Return idol?
European bird
Stop signal
See note
Seaside walkway
Doglike mammal
Asian river
Tuscan wine
Item of footwear
Relating to horses
Horses gait
Cut dramatically
Actress Hedren
Composer Porter
African despot
Barbecue offerings
Ballerina Markova
Becomes narrower
Golden songs?
Essen valley
Singer Fitzgerald
Right at the beginning?
Greek vowel
Turins tongue
Computer memory
Divided Asian peninsula
Skirt length
Zimbabwe president
Begin again
Mythical monster
Wild goat
Thors father
Spanish ayes
Break up
Shortstop Pee Wee
Wild guess
Comic Tomlin
Samoan seaport
The Faerie Queen poet
Conductor Dorati
Coconut husk fiber
Early synthesizer
Group of nine
More chill-inducing
Place for balloons
Common defense
High-IQ society
Raring to go
Fierce feline
Long haul
Drug dispenser
Stans partner
Little innocent
Dislike intensely
Othellos betrayer
Car safety device
One of Fergies kids
1987 Steve Martin film
Italian seaport on the Adriatic
More chill-inducing
Math measurements
No bid
Designer Cassini
Film director Bunuel
Italian noble family
Small crustacean
Garden hedge plant
Be unsteady on ones feet
Heavenly spirits
Motor fuel
More courageous
Patron saint of Scotland
Short fast race
Non-commissioned officer
Let fall
Wake-up signal
Fire-resistant mineral
Red US state?
Cartoon character father has to watch
Daniel, in play, saying it isnt so
Virginia upset young female subordinate
Country having outbreak of rabies?
European Monetary Union gets the bird
Provided a speech to read out
Very old, and swimming in Tyne
Lose a thousand on a Scottish isle
High praise you gel you formed
Tender names?
Therefore a monstrous giant retires
Footballers seldom seen at home?
Rose – a beautiful woman in red
American editor is not new
Flag for prohibitionist?
Trade is in it for a dreamer
Verse set to music for high fliers?
Fishy menu with bass and rays
A Spanish city that may be looted
Lynns upset about old stockings
Some very early period of time
Cut wood with force
Diaper, to Mary Poppins
Simple rhyme scheme
Boo-Boos friend
Heart parts
Store sign
Look at this!
________ smile be your umbrella…
Cool, in the 1940s
Hawkeyes state
Gumbo veggies
Famed tanker tycoon
Casino ________
Kojaks first name
Freight weight
Whence the Trapps
Lily of the opera
Willie Aames series
Howard and Silver
Picnic hamperer
Actress Polo
Bolivian capital
Created, as a new phrase
Gallery event
Fashions Calvin
Delta House wear
You stand to lose it
Minstrels strings
I Walk the Line singer
Carrier to Israel
Green Gables girl
Toon raccoon
Mouse spotters cry
Pickle slice
Tex-Mex staple
Olympus resident
Remit with ones order
Photo, for short
Go on and on
Costly buys
Ebro flow
Put on the line
Like rich custard
Lilys Ernestine, e.g.
Coexist amicably
To a limited extent
Son-of-a-son indicator
Tic-tac-toe win
Milky Way ingredients?
Music genre
Lemon Tree singer Lopez
Determined the gender of
Bolsheviks foe
South American rodents
Bonfire sounds
Pacific port
Bloodiest Civil War battle
Sword grip
Metric base
Posh abode
Denalis state
Gentle breeze
Physicist Bohr
1973 political resignee
Words of distress
Copy machine mishap
Decade divs.
Everwood actor Wolf
Pigs home
Dutch brew
— of Mexico
* Ships load
Lead-in to historic
Durango dish
Baseballs Hershiser
* Subject to interpretation
* Old Greek squares
Stretch car
Steak, e.g.
Prefix with lethal
* Second U.S. first lady
At a distance
* Chum
Give slack to
Son of Eliel Saarinen
* Dr. Evils cat in Austin Powers films
1801-05 veep Burr
Beatles song on Let It Be
Song for one
Linguist Chomsky
Political plot
Knights glove
Serpico actor M. — Walsh
* Jumping up and down on a bouncy stick
Comb buzzer
Native suffix
See 8-Down
* Pairs of consecutive letters
Spying setup
Likely (to)
Birds building homes
Poster pins
Buzzing home pest
Large 1940s computer
Female kin
Artists base
* Suffer a lot
Dog variety
* She directed The Hurt Locker
— Sea (salt lake in Asia)
* Too much self-esteem
Beloved of Tristan
* Bay off Nigeria and Togos coast
— de plume
Brits Bye!
Ye — Shoppe
Really succeed (or what literally appears six times in this puzzle)
Old Greek concert halls
Shahs, e.g.
Shoot (for)
Sermon text
Philosopher Immanuel
Grand home
Hosp. staff
Sea vessels
Union enemy
Eat — eaten (survival adage)
9-to-5ers cry of relief
Dress (up)
Flatware item
Move as if on wheels
With 71-Across, boot camp affirmative
Run up — (defer payment)
Wise men
Air pollution
Reid and Lipinski
Seinfeld gal
Nielsen of Mr. Magoo
Ghanas former name
Dickens — Heep
— tell ya!
Dental string
It uses 108 cards
In — (single-file)
Gillette razor brand
Toon bear
Canon camera
Compound with nitrogen
83 Keaton-Garr film
Letter-shaped girder
Easy putts, informally
Weep loudly
Sooner than, in poetry
Ultimate degree
Health supplement store, familiarly
Part to play
Bullring cries
RandD center
Song for two
Singer Dylan
Opposed to, in dialect
Theater box
Floor piece
Tax org.
Election analyst Silver
FBI guys
Umps kin
— Lanka
Oklahoma tribe
Moby-Dick captain
Flow out
Fix a flat?
Height: Abbr.
Former Swedish car
Toddler, e.g.
Buzzing musical toy
Is in a huff
Source of warmth on some trains and ships
Belly laugh
Special FX technology
Native suffix
Unit of resistance
Mean beast
Totally spoil
Century divs.
Dark modern film genre
Breakdown of social norms
Long-term inmates
Download on a Kindle
Radner of comedy
Nash of comedy
My heart skipped —
Weaving frames
Drivers lic. issuer
Sicilian volcano
Night, in Nice
— dixit (assertion with no proof)
Song for three
Waterloo quartet
Gets mature
Rove (about)
Flow out
Chewing gum gum
Tap a beat with fingers
Pitiful person
Join or split
If not
Tusked marine creature
Thigh bone
Louse egg
Compost bin with strange vegetable
Say a heartily dodgy oath
Head off opening compass
Opening in shortened Swan Lake, perhaps, is a light piece of music
Professional who’s polite on Mastermind
Looking forward to a serving
Drunk bishop introduces gambling game
Copy key — primarily for bolt
Spooner’s blue material advertising dance
Discount extremely ugly dinner table needing repair
Donkey left in fine pasture
Polish right for small flower
Rank kipper, say, beginning to rot
Monster can upset vessel
Being upset, criticises photo
She’s on live — with little volume at start of act
Shows around in mid-December?
Bird’s up and down movement over bridge?
Inert substance oceanographer carries back
Soldier beginning to leave guy’s unit for force
An old tree is firmly fixed
Experimenting until a solution is found, pilot ran off with order
Drunk’s after a non-alcoholic drink — perfect
Jets swirling around in the air?
Slaughter horse and worry about it
West African left out Spaniard?
Look around lake and an extensive 24
Nothing more than a pond
Dwelling in the Borders is taking on direct debit for trifles
Silky net I stripped from inside leg armour
Always in, so toppled out-going turn
Aged manner to perturb
Know about new habit
Crab on Skegness beach is near place for lobsters
University College going through moderate interest in Shakespeare
Doctor here — let’s try keeping active
Strands in blasted lies about friendly pug
Bug Mike then hide
Basically broken lines, term for poetry voiced bit by bit
Tree where the King first appeared
River that’s been cleared for all produces Chinese tea
Resisting a drink
Indian mogul’s nightmare curbing ID on Uzbeki motors
Clare, say, one breaking into the middle is beyond the TUC, eg
Keynote article on Middle East
Stay away from hen with this?
Softly blow a drop of water
Entrance on horse? It’s a pleasure to see
Drone earlier died on top of rocky height, time to escape
Upsets for East Londoner’s wife getting into tossed salad
Don’t interfere — put only open space up for lease
African confrère in south-east is to bask in uprising
Banking service tucked up, as they say, over a $100 matter
Around Berlin, etc, a rural dean coming straight in our direction
Heraldic beast is first in detailed fleur-de-lis
Barely begin endless gush of infatuated Parisienne?
Decks with flowers take shape among hollowed, sculpted beams
Present minute coffee, say
Barmy mobile call’s first connected to a clot
Mountain elder in Massif Central holding record
Shorter of dashes into cushy chamber
Learn about absorbing unknown point of Whisky Galore!
Try us when travelling in the Steppes?
Thug ignoring difficult white man in Chennai
Prepares for osculation
Element with atomic number 30, alloyed with its neighbour in the periodic table (number 29) since ancient times
An account for food and lodging at an Oxford college
Another nickname for the Scottish snooker player often called the Pocket Dynamo
Tranquiliser often sold as Ativan
Author of The Little Match Girl
Somerset opening batsman who played for England in 76 Test and 123 ODI matches
The part of an opera often followed by a full aria
Set on fire
Third piece in Book II of Debussy’s Preludes, depicting the “wine gate” of Granada’s Alhambra
Ending of eight of the first 100 ordinal numbers in English
Motor scooter made by the Italian manufacturer Innocenti
New Zealand equestrian who competed at seven Olympic Games
Italian driver Gabriele ____ scored 1 point in 78 Formula One races
Situations with outcomes determined by chance
The ___ was a recent BBC One drama about a custody battle
Name that has been used for both of two consecutive parables in Luke 14
In Twelfth Night, this involves Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Maria
Motorcycle with an engine of, typically, 50cc or less
American philosopher whose concepts included the “transparent eyeball”
BBC2 music show which featured the “star kicker” logo
Formally, the Queen is Her ____ Majesty
The two longest-serving members of this rock band were both born in Dartford
Olympic 400m champion in 1976 and 1984, prevented by boycott from competing in 1980
A soft drink, to an American
The largest town on Kent’s Isle of Sheppey
A chrysalis
“And when love comes along, it’s just a ____” (Code of Love, Spandau Ballet)
Protagonist of the Mission: Impossible films
To incite, often towards immoral acts
Sophia Loren’s duet partner on the novelty single Goodness Gracious Me
Tony Christie single featured in Phoenix Nights
Actor who played George VI in The King’s Speech
All-male Canadian rock band whose single One Week reached number 5 in the UK charts in 1998
From Italian, a name for shallow ornamental wine cups
Residing somewhere in a diplomatic capacity
On This Day In History was a regular feature of this presenter’s BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show
Nickname of Lexington, in Kentucky’s Bluegrass region
One who enjoys solitude and social interaction in roughly equal measure
Tall, slender dogs of Middle Eastern origin
Latin motto of the City of London
A handgun shooting technique which passively absorbs recoil
Lead singer of the Velvet Underground
Building method using no mortar
“Generally speaking, colour is a power which directly ____ the soul” (Kandinsky)
Important document in transportation and education
Informally, a retired member of the armed services working at the Tower of London
17th and 18th-century German Lutheran movement seeking to renew devotion
Ornamental table centrepiece, which may hold food or flowers
Cretans, as described in the Epimenides paradox
Goldie’s opponent half an hour before the boat race
Maryland delicacy
Deplete (with up)
Hawaiian dance
Sport or don
Prayer recipient
Your foes foe, to you
One on the negative side
Jet problem?
Snappy comeback
In need of extinguishing
Color quality
Lounge about
Dashboard component
Resting on
Greenhouse gas (2 words)
Ornamental pitcher
Flow stopper
U-turn from old
Have a lasting pain
___ du Flambeau, Wisc.
Goat-footed forest deity
Be bossy toward
Old Roman greeting
Like things that are simple to do
Rustic one
Card game that ends in a shout
Work the snare and tom-toms
Chipping choice
Even? No.
Sign of impending doom
Proof of home ownership
Burn a meats surface
Each player takes a turn, e.g.
Sane in the brain (2 words)
Waterway in a Linda Ronstadt hit
Crushing blow
Egg maker
Popular grain bit
Case hearing
Tangelo variety
Emulate a kite
Drop-off spot?
Construct anew
Source of linen
Spoons relative
Cold cubes
Like a first-day rookie
Small measurement
Metal colorer
Poetic tribute
Nave bench
Sound like a donkey
Stare at impolitely
Set of principles
Palm variety
Full of enthusiasm
Protect the net
Sunday song
Woodwind type
Rip apart
Pitchers asset
Take to court
Cool it!
Good cholesterol
Much obliged!
Rumor has it . . .
The Sage of Concord
Where IS our server?
African queen of long ago
After hours
Alpine song
An extra helping
Ancient Peruvian
Apple computer
Ashe Stadium org
Auto safety devices
Before now
Big name in vertical transportation
Bill Fords grandfather
Caesarean phrase
Campus club
Carson City neighbor
Certain sultans subject
Chases off
Chocolate source
Choose from a ballot
City on Lake Erie
Civil War side: Abbr
Claire of Homeland
Clinic staffer, for short
Close at hand
Colorado resort
Computer clickers
Crater Lake locale
Crowd noises
Cultivating machines
Dash letters
Dawn goddess
Diamond-cutting debris
Did some laps
Distinctive quality
Earth tone
Edisons __ Park
Embassy employee
Enjoys the warmth
Ernie of pro golf
Exterior of many homes
Fiction genre
Fills with wonder
Film excerpt
Fire maintainer
Geological periods
Go (for)
Hardly __ of roses
Have no doubt about
Helpful WWW page
Hoops net holder
Hospital area
Impart wisdom to
In fine fettle
Indonesian island
Intl. commerce group
Inverted U-shaped structure
Italian beer brand
Japanese mushrooms
Joe of Goodfellas
Kid around
Kristen once of SNL
Lake near Syracuse
Lakeside, e.g
Lava, before its exit
Letterhead abbr
Liberal __ college
Limericks land
Look carefully (through)
Lyricist __ Jay Lerner
Medicare ID being phased out
Merkels language
Mid-March VIP
Mideast locale of the 2022 World Cup
Mild complaint
Missions, in brief
Morse code sound
Move furtively
Not often seen
Not tricked by
Novels ID
Nucleus particle
Ole Miss rival
One of the Coen brothers
Orbital extremes
Overly long sentences
Part of a yard
PC corner key
Pinocchios end-of-story exclamation
Polo competitor
Prefix for sweet
Prospects read by eds
Restaurant reading
River boaters craft
Salty septet
San Antonio landmark
See 9 Down
Set as a price
Sheepdog, for short
Singer/songwriter Mann
Small salamander
Small wave
Steer clear of
String quartet participants
Superior status
Sushi bar fish
Sushi bar soybean
Swamp dangers
Symbol for ohms
Taking after
Terminal screening grp
They can be found in six long Across answers
Toddlers scrape
Toes the line
Tolkien being
Two-tone crunchy treat
Ultimate cause
Uncomfortably strange
Upgrade, perhaps
Urbana-Champaign team
Virginia Woolf essay
Wedding figure
What broncos may do
With 100 Across, Spanish of the sun
Wrestling team event
__ buco (veal dish)
__ card (29 Down need)
__ cum laude
How am I ___?
Asian language
Lady opera star
Sleep disorder
___ Window (Hitchcock classic)
Rolled-over savings
Lady of refinement
Thick, rounded hairdo
Cheat out of money
Elicitor of strong emotions
Stop right there!
Swish maker
Strike with an ax
Answer to Which guy?
New society miss
Visa alternative, briefly
Floor tile calculation
En ___ (as a crowd)
Things between good buddies
Nay voter
Biblical offense
Directed toward
Unkempt abode
The things
Flowery wreath
Fit of shivering
When things can be seen clearly
Pennsylvania port
Rubber cement kin
Albacores, e.g.
Presses into service
One weeding in a row
Gut bacteria
The other white meat
Installs a lawn
Star of Cygnus
Fordham in Illinois
Vividly colored fish
European prefix
Below, old-style
Bass-based viols
Italian restaurant
Moses brother
Mine! Mine!
Nationality partying in March
Hold in esteem
To one side
Nerve in the arm
Celeb dating pairs
Makes indecisive noises
Muslim holy man
Formality type?
Has-___ (stars no more)
Bangkok currency
Big day in Dec.
Colony devourers
Dear gentlemen
Meat spinner
See at a distance
Superfluous ornament
Wild dog of Down Under
Sounds from corrals
Bunched, as feathers
Become frosted
Sculptors trunk
Craftier (var.)
Frigid home
Evoke or draw out
Students need
Colored or toned
Old-style nameless writer
School since 1701
Bro to bro
Adult from university runs into friend
Adult males
Aunt or uncles child
Being in German city church
Biting insect
Blokes in dime novel
Bloodsucker in punch-up?
Bottle in container vessel
Cake is miracle baked without topping
Carrion feeder
Causing mirth
Clumsy model to make fewer stage appearances
Country formerly known as Persia
Cowboy hat
Direction finder
Downward arc
Filled pastry
Fool appearing twice in The Executioner
Found reduction, surprisingly
Given scare, maybe one escaping vulture?
Health facility in Raynes Park
Hired murderer
I was leader in the country
Joke about educated woman having strict morals
Mark gets news boss chicken
Mineral spring
Money stopped by American relative
Musical instrument
Newspaper somewhat disorganised
Pit worker needs a large fizzy drink
Politico Michael grabs magazine
Pounce, seeing son parking outside court
Prepare to be shot?
Reach firm with million to spend
Roofing stone
Rubbish put back in metal skip
Shack in Slough
Snitcher ordered to provide name
Strong point in favour of long hair
Tip from Texas: this should stay on outside
To whom work is play?
Usher in
Volume is an issue
American Idol winner DeWyze
So Big author Ferber
Swan Lake wear
Activist Brockovich
Apt to vote nay
Bake-off need
Bishop of the Rat Pack
Bobby Fischers game
Bro or sis
Casino table fabric
Chum, to a Brit
Common billing period
Couldnt help but
Decided on
Deli salad option
Derisive sound
Did the Australian crawl, e.g
Diplomatic finesse
Editors leave it
Editors insertion mark
Eggs on sushi rolls
Emphasized, like some type
Flower whose name means star
Giants great Willie
Gulf of ___ (modern pirates realm)
Hackers triumphant cry
Hard smash on the diamond
Hathaway of Oceans 8
Have ones heart set on
Hawaiian coffee region
Home to Alley Oop
Honshu port
Hooks underling
Hot dog on the slopes
In need of a rubdown
In the loop
Kebab holder
Key related to B min
Like ancient Peruvians
Like crab apples
Little nipper
Made to prevent slipping
Make eligible
Many a Trump message
Marco Polo journeyed there
Mortarboard tosser, briefly
Mr. Peanut prop
Muslim ascetic
Name on a pet tag
NASA walk
On the road
Poes ebony bird
Punsters and quipsters
Rollerbladers footwear item
Scarfed down
Shade similar to ecru
Shipwreck explorers need
Showed courage
Silly goose
Simmons of KISS
Sold in the bleachers, say
Sonata finale, often
Spill the beans
Spilled the beans
Strong suits
Suffix with soft or spy
Surveyors calculation
The first Mrs. Trump
Tiny, as a bairn
To whom my heart belongs, in song
Touch the tarmac
Ultimately prevailed in battle
Unit of 19-Across
Visibly upset
Was in charge of
Waste maker, its said
___-friendly (green)
Irrational fear
Muslim god
Correspondence of word sounds
Secret weapon
Chinese cabbage
Reading desk
Deprived of
Diplomatic official
Choose not to participate
Harpsichord-like instrument
Large crowd
Breaking Bad actress Brandt
Claws channel
Come over here!
Go away!
No, thank you
Self Control singer Branigan
Stan & ___ (2018 film about an early 20th-century comedy duo)
Thats what they say
Wasnt that funny?
Well, look at that!
Well, look at that!
116 Down material
Actress de Matteo of Sons of Anarchy
Ashes holder
Astrophysicist Sagan
Band of blooms
Bar hoppers revelry
Biblical son of Joseph
Bibliographic abbr
Bit of wrangling gear
Blacken lightly
Blazer site, at times
Boy in a 1960s sitcom
By-the-book types
Capt. Hooks first mate
Cardinals topper?
Casino card
Casino cube
Challenges to a duel, as with a glove
Childish retort
Cloud chamber particle
Comedic Brooks
Completely absurd
Court defense
Crushing item
Deck-building material
Do some cuddling in a minute?
Dominican-born slugger
DuVernay who directed the music video for Jay-Zs Family Feud
Easy score for a smashed NBA player?
Enduring aspect of someones life
Entombed king
Exact retribution for
Excite, in slang
Floras trousers?
Foldable furniture piece
Former 9-3 automaker
Genetic molecule
Grammy-winning gospel singer Campbell
Grp. promoting school read-a-thons, perhaps
Handles for crooks
Harsh critic of a mad tea party figure?
Harsh criticism of Arizona politico Jeff?
Heavy underdogs chances
Holiday ___
Hot sensation
Huaca Huallamarca city
Huckleberry Hound co-creator William
Initiating litigation
Jordanian city that was once the capital of the Nabataean empire
Kid who proved to be skilled in 88 Across, informally
King in Antigone
Kitchen tool brand
Like llamas and alpacas
Like platinum
Links jinx?
Literary elder sister of Jo, Beth and Amy
Litter box emanation
Little rascals summer destination?
Lobe in the throat
Lopsided playoff result
Lubricant holder
Lunch thats extremely rich in iron, say?
Magazines revenue sources
Mail slots, and whats spelled out by 11 omissions in this puzzle
Make invisible, as a ship on Star Trek
Maker of Vytorin pills
Male pig in a group of directors?
Malicious behavior
Manages, as museums
Mark of Blue Ã-yster Cult?
McEntire of Tremors
More affable
MTV toon Morgendorffer
NBA coach Kerr
Neglected district
Nibble, bird-style
Odense residents
Offend in a big way
Olympic skating medalist Cohen
Omar on screen
On the ocean blue
Oscar, e.g
Outing in a wagon
Part of a concert harp
Pattern in a poem
Payment given to a bridge guardian?
Phone feature
Plain text?
Prickly bushes
Prince Adams alter ego
Private lesson provider
Privy to, as a plot
Rare thing found in a restaurant, maybe
Regain strength
Relax in a bubble bath
Rep of the With Arms Wide Open band?
Result of a splash
Result of exposure to poison oak
Royal figures title
Sandra Ann ___ (birth name of the German pop singer Sandra)
Say the wrong question on Jeopardy!, say
Sesamoid bones
Shoppe sign adjective
Slithery creature
Smoke-filled room, if the chemistry experiment goes awry
Songwriter Russell
Sporting events in the Star Wars universe
Square in a comic book
Step during a duel
Stethoscope inventor Laennec
Sunflowers supporters
T-shirts in a T-shirt cannon, e.g
Taking in the sights?
Teletubby with a repetitive name
Thanksgiving dessert
The ___ Hole (famed California bakery)
Tree fluid
Trouble greatly
Trufflehunter of Narnia, e.g
Wee ones
Weighty obligation
Wharton grads deg
What it often takes to earn a degree
___ Claire, Wis
___ it (walks)
___ therapy
Additional bus breakdown
Profanity about bug in herb
Its a mistake, one said
A plant I prune on Fore Street
Theyre back in action, dear
Equally hot couple, note, being witless
Horn cast twisted put in place
Court case, when dropped by an Italian
Second man to thank you for restraint
Cold creep follows childs play
Forces had better Times article cut
Statesman mocks too-vibrant display
Helicopter closing in flies over a cathedral, believe it or not
Second date for old Italian ends
Root beers left unchanged
City men face-to-face with irate leader
Foreign girl has nothing on, finally
Determined liberal delivered
More reasonable Guevara impersonator?
Upright lags people admired
Brainbox perhaps good to go
Great flower girl has plants freed of insects
Horrendous coat is our fault
Self-proclaimed drunk dropping price for former partners
Beast describing stem to king
Principal property a city centre borders
Low cover put over an unknown in a huff
Transfixed amateur runs in race
Safe place no lower than High Street
Searches for outspoken adherents

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