Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-11-3

Like pillows and suede
Crotchety codger
Sleepwear for short
Lab assistant in Young Frankenstein
Word-processing command after a blunder
French phrase in the names of some dishes: 2 wds.
HBO horror series that featured a cameo by Charlaine Harris author of the source material: 2 wds.
First word in the titles of three Pixar movies
Miami daily newspaper
Male animals that are tended by shepherds
Often-stubbed body part
Ingredient used in bakeries and breweries
In the past
Norway’s capital
Not quite closed all the way
With The Hulu drama that featured a cameo by Margaret Atwood author of the source material: 2 wds.
Nestlé Purina PetCare brand
Relinquish as rights
Padlock opener
Containing no files like a CD
Push-up ___ (undergarment)
Round item that holds film
Not in motion: 2 wds.
First sequel’s number
Starz fantasy series that featured a cameo by Diana Gabaldon author of the source material
Engine fluid that’s changed
Author Sheehy or Top Chef judge Simmons
___ Thin Air (Jon Krakauer book)
Inconclusive result of a game
Sings wordlessly
Revenge of the ___ (Episode III of the Star Wars franchise)
Barbaric character in World of Warcraft or Dungeons & Dragons
___-wheel drive
Obedient dog’s reward
Dead end in a residential area: Hyph.
Yoko who married John Lennon
Litter box problem
NBC morning show
Wheel of Fortune host: 2 wds.
I’m Real singer to her fans: 2 wds.
___ it isn’t so!
Orlando of the Pirates of the Caribbean films
Prosciutto or pancetta for example
Bargain hunter’s opportunity
Rapper ___ Songz
Deranged captain in Moby-Dick
Unmitigated nerve
Freshly out of prison perhaps: 2 wds.
Very eccentric people
Sufficiently cooked
Maker of Perfect Sleeper mattresses
___ Plan (IRA alternative)
Golfer Palmer’s nickname
Hawaiian cookout
Tracy’s mother in the musical Hairspray
Hollywood filming locations
Aikman who played for the Cowboys
___ Fit (video game that encouraged exercise)
drivers main pane
high-end camera brand
like line on which you sign
land-leveling machines
like teething infants
very unconventional
“I Am ___”
1998 Paul Simon/Derek Walcott musical, with “The”
Party leader
Jaguar’s coat, e.g.
Apple ___
Little put-down
Exorcism, e.g.
Addictive pain reliever
Baby during its first four weeks
“Do something funny!”
Nick name
Rapper with the 5x platinum album “… And Then There Was X”
“Crime and Punishment” setting
U.S. women’s soccer star Megan ___
Sporty Pontiac of old
Dark and forbidding
MacFarlane of “American Dad!”
Capital of the U.S. from 1785 to 1790, in brief
Thick, as toilet tissue
Members of familles
Tried to follow
Company that once had tremendous “quarterly” profits?
Light crimson
“Fiddler on the Roof” Oscar nominee
Showed signs of congestion, maybe
First name of two Wimbledon winners in the 1980s and ’90s
Political organization
Shepherds, in the Bible
Le Pen pal?
International treaty subject
Ones not calling the shots?
Chest part, informally
Lovingly, in scores
Classic blues song with the line “I’d rather be dead than to stay here and be your dog”
When to start on a course
Less stressed
Singer in Jewish services
Small part
Tucker out, in a way
Press secretary who inspired C. J. Cregg of “The West Wing”
Graduate of a Red Cross training course, for short
Resists change
Go along with
Ordinary joe
“Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” network
Word with game or building
One letting you know before going for a bite?
Some malicious programs
One-footed creature
South Pole discoverer Amundsen
Millennials, by another name
Part of R.S.V.P.
Morale-boosting grp.
Does it ensure teachers get a mixed reception?
Situation requires swift action – but initially understand really good employers never can yield
A bit of a magpie, certainly
Weight on cue
Fuss after being ripped in storm
Law, say, every time
The finder is an intimate acquaintance
Caterer gets row of houses
Deadly if at all incomplete
I rose to get a willow shoot
Cheerfulness produced by strong drink?
Turner in supplication
Closely deny including the French rising
Animal becomes shy having broken toe
Drinker shows hesitation on the summit
Cause to work in theatre
Not working because no more things to do?
Not the best as far as pupils go, presumably
He has to fight for work
Dissipated sea creature caught by the Royal Air Force
A terse, difficult problem
Take half a year to get beam in order
Once and again
Go before
Large wasp
Weather science
Hem in
Not liable
Be ruined
Great fear
Prove wrong
Refusing to listen to reason, I got put into bed
Unofficial receiver
I left in a vessel – to guide it?
A match for the devil
Hat for a hunter
What electricians look for in newspapers?
Getting the feel of things
Isle everyone goes round to
One goes to the bank for it
Succeed with a will in their resolve
A number on hand
Doctor got up, looking surly
In which to spend the rest of your life
No answer
He plans to no good purpose
Is compelled to change a nag for a livelier horse
I call round on pressing business
Mercy makes one look big
Noisy rumour
Decline with some hesitation
Region without hills, lacking beauty
An object to destroy
Author of 1957 childrens book The Cat in the Hat
1869 clipper ship in dry dock at Greenwich since 1954
Landlocked principality bordered by France and Spain
Gregory , golfer; 2013 Wales Open tournament winner
Thora , actress who played Jane Burnham in 1999 film American Beauty
Main port and commercial capital of Yemen
Matthew , snooker player; 2003 UK Championship winner
John , hooker; South Africa 2007 Rugby World Cup Final winner
1954 film comedy starring Danny Kaye and Mai Zetterling
Dara , host of BBC TV panel game Mock the Week (16)
British violinist whose London debut was in 1977
The , 1987 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Conchita Alonso
The , 1971 novel by William Peter Blatty
See 7 Across
Roman goddess of womanhood and childbirth
The , 1952 film drama starring Bette Davis and Sterling Hayden
Janet , English mezzo-soprano who authored 1982 journal Full Circle
1985 film drama starring Coral Browne and Ian Holm
The , region of SE England between the North Downs and the South Downs
Capital of Paraguay
The , 1997 stage play by Conor McPherson
Bill , actor who played Compo in BBC TV sitcom Last of the Summer Wine
Ernst , German physicist and inventor noted for his work in optics
Guacamole ingredient
Meat in rashers
Large frozen mass in the sea
Plump and round
Religious building
Obstinate or stupid
Reasonable and just
Last round of a competition
Jogs the memory
Bereaved wife
Listening carefully
Range of words
Transport system on a mountain
Diesel oil
Ready money
Explosive device
Church singers
Remarkably large
Of a woman
Water from clouds
Sheltered place
Hollow metal object that rings
Walk backwards? Skill for politician
Plums sadly in collapse
He has to steal
Superior shoe part
Bream changed colour
Shade of credibility
Originally called in one engineer
Betting on a spring
Roused about employment
Layers of linen
Language in another sentence
Soar off using paddles
Criticises cooks
Favourite dog, say
Talented with a drink
Started with sailor
Animal in glasses
Cuter form of armistice
Beer around a coat
Supporter of golf?
Woman set out eating requirements
Severe at the back
Canter off in a daze
More excited by city
Babes transported by second cleric
Super design for bag
Different parts of fish
Shelter from sleet
Our Duncans tongue
Constitute a pretence
Plead to change bicycle part
Teacher back in prison
That womans in the right
Besotted with drinker
About to have nothing but eggs
Sharp statue design
Hide monitor
Watering hole patch for a group
Arranges report for homes
Walk like a policeman
Recording a pet playing
Care about tree
Relaxed during conversation
Fall heavily
Fossilised resin
Health farm
Bed linen
Cooks in the oven
Domestic animal
Golf peg
Hypnotic state
European capital
Small fish
Mans name
Asian language
Foot lever
Term of respect
Deserts fertile patch
Badgers holes
Walk heavily
Adhesive strip
Small maple
Skirt fold
Common verb
Highlands chap
Outer layer
Yolk container
Porkys digs
Rutabaga, e.g.
Gourmet cooks
Count (on)
Switch options
____ pole
Taken illegally
Eye part
Hard trip
Scale notes
Female pronoun
Major roads
Wed secretly
Marina sight
Ess follower
Looked slyly
Baseball stat
Narrow street
Suit accessory
Bat wood
Luau instruments
Big wind
Cranial organ
Pasta variety
TVs Verdugo
Wood-ingesting insect
Writing fluid
Divas specialty
Flower stalk
At a loss
Duane ____
Byrons above
Farewell, mon ami
Roots writer
Golf ball support
House of _____
Buyer and seller of goods
You dont say!
Facts and figures
No problem
You can only get one if youre near home, briefly
What are you asking?
Salon inventory
Taunts on the field
Doing business
Fast period
Showing a tude
Confused conditions
Social media movement since 2017
Bat coating
D12 comedy hip-hop song produced by Eminem
One of two raised when rearing
Like Dorothys slippers
Tough situations
Oprah, at times
Linguine sauce
Non __
Largest USA steel producer
Subway gate
Part of rocks CSNY
Corner piece
Causes second thoughts
Off-rd. transports
Friend of Wyatt
JFK __ Airport
Big brand in appliances
Anthills and beehives, e.g.
Morse character
Go (for)
Airport transport
Attention-getting marker
Supernatural co-star Jensen __
Electric car maker
Former security, for short
French flag couleur
__ that special?
Depart, in totspeak
Base kid
Spend, often begrudgingly
Eastwoods Rawhide role
Half an upwind sailing route
Roulette choice
Sweater outlet?
Eye part
Theyre constantly picking up
Their ancestry is often uncertain
Data transfer initials
Co. that introduced the 45-rpm record
Makes it
Cut to a field reporter
One eying a basket
Three-time Formula One World Drivers Champion Niki __
Sassafras foursome
Very small bit
Type of agcy.
Lamarr of early Hollywood
Anonymous seashore vendor?
Bachelor __
Stringed toy (hyph.)
Knitters stitch
Chinas locale
Church feature
Surrealist painter Salvador ____
Log float
Nights before holidays
Large spoon
Boxing official
Much (2 wds.)
Bullring cheers
Malt beverage
14-line poems
Horse food
Fragrant flower
Come ashore
Expressed scorn
Heavy linen
Make points
Lambs moms
Winter coat
Woe is me!
Roman garment
Church instrument
Tobacco holder
Some poems
Friends character
Star Wars character
Baltimore team
Formal procession
Sheeps sound
Canadian province
Roof edges
Ladys garment
Armed conflict
Narrow cut
Little children
Zoo sound
She, in Lyon
Dancer ____ Miller
Norse thunder god
RR terminals
Pigs sound
Head gesture
Juneau native
Come back in
Skin abrasion
Railroad station
Guitar device
Extinct bird
Hen products
Dont insinuate foolishly it has more than 200 members
Fellow in Norway? No!
French writer about to leave goodbye message after rejecting English plot
Liam Fox, for one, defined by day and month Remain lost
John Thomas Murphy said to be one like Stalin
Being simple-minded when always wanting sun instead of cold? Not at all
In hindsight, time to remove obscene stuff …
… with which this elder statesman could become the one at No 11
Sea horsesadopting awful sound
Its written on the wall: old tennis star, well-trained one
US government expels a thousand moneylenders
No score against Chelsea playing with ten
Very good headers from Sergio Agüero for City
Having difficulties like Mark Knopfler once
Legendary one, woman who joined Velvet Underground, cremated?
Place to spend the night having sex – know what I mean?
Nationalist party overwhelmed by Irish support
Company without ownership is something extraordinary
It may cover the roof of the little church over there
Preventing old boy replacing leader of aircraft industry
Tips for a clue writer? Tell!
Immediately beyond control
Composers heartsick, partly upset after breaking up?
S Club 7
Records in unchanged clean condition
Rock climbing mostly safe here in California
Maize removed from Goat Island
In poor health
Large heavy knife
Effect of supply and demand
Former prisoners
Almond-flavoured tart
Nursing officer
Female sheep
Explosive device
House plant
Afternoon nap
Emerge as the winner
Natural hierarchy
Edible mollusc
Wild fancy
Japanese commander
Join together
Cattle shed
Sheikhdom on the Persian Gulf whose capital is Manama
University city in central Germany on the river Saale
1993 film starring Patrick Swayze and Halle Berry
Winners of footballs European Championships in 1976
Amorphous mineral that is a source of iron
Winners of footballs European Championships in 1984 and 2000
Winners of footballs European Championships in 1992, despite failing to qualify for the tournament
In cricket, rounders, etc, a teams or individual batsmans turn at batting
Naturally occurring granular material often composed of silica in the form of quartz
Fictional Japanese secret agent created by American author John P Marquand
The seabird Larus argentatus, which has black-tipped white wings and pink legs
1827 novel by James Fenimore Cooper, the third featuring Natty Bumppo, subtitled A Tale
Inaugural winners of footballs European Championships in 1960
English translation of a German proverb that first appeared in the medieval German beast epic Reinhart Fuchs by Heinrich der Glïchezäre
Winners of footballs European Championships in 1988
A flock of ravens
Winners of footballs European Championships in 1972 and 1980
Canadian singer who won the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland
Winners of footballs European Championships in 1996
Town in Bridgend County Borough, Wales, whose name translates as fair field
Winners of footballs European Championships in 2004
Plant such as Galanthus nivalis, which has white bell-shaped flowers that bloom in early spring
Speaker of the House of Commons from 1992 to 2000
Poem written by Horace c. 19 BC and first translated into English in 1566 by Thomas Drant
Mixture of flour and fat used as the thickening agent in several classical French sauces
2012 Steven Spielberg film for which Daniel Day-Lewis won a Best Actor Oscar
British pop singer best known for her successful 1988 dance track The Only Way Is Up
An eight-legged invertebrate animal in the subphylum Chelicerata
In the southwestern United States, flour made of parched ground corn, mesquite beans, sugar, etc.
The basic SI unit of thermodynamic temperature
The large Eurasian passerine bird Corvus monedula
Winners of footballs European Championships in 1968
See 44
Another name for gorse
Winners of footballs European Championships in 2016
Italian jockey who claimed his sixth Prix de lArc de Triomphe in 2018 aboard Enable
With Estragon, one of the two main characters in Samuel Becketts Waiting for Godot
Chris ___, English singer-songwriter whose hits include Fool (If You Think Its Over) and The Road to Hell
Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam
The part of a firearm behind the barrel or bore
American city whose port is the busiest cruise ship passenger port in the world
English name for the fifth sign of the zodiac
German band formed in Düsseldorf in 1971 by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother after their split from Kraftwerk
City in Winnebago County, Wisconsin, where the Fox River enters Lake Winnebago
Daughter of Zeus and Leda whose abduction by Paris brought about the Trojan War
William ___, English chemist noted for his modification of the atomic theory in the early 19th century
In printing, another name for a solidus
Municipality in the Province of Batangas, Philippines, politically subdivided into 26 barangays
Chris ___, Welsh radio broadcaster who received a Variety Club of Great Britain Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009
2006 top ten hit single by Diddy featuring Christina Aguilera
Jack ___, American actor best known for his work with director David Lynch, such as his role as Henry Spencer in Eraserhead
A female sheep
A magician and duke in the medieval German epic poem Parzival
Real first name of singer Billie Holiday
Tennis player succeeded by Andy Murray as British number 1 in 2005
African country whose capital is Windhoek
Marlene ___, German-American actress and singer who played Lola-Lola in the 1930 film The Blue Angel
One of a race of mythical fierce human-like creatures in the writings of J R R Tolkien
See 12
Denis ___, TV presenter who was Frank Muirs comedy writing partner
Glandular organ situated below the thyroid that atrophies with age and is almost nonexistent in adults
1986 Ken Russell film starring Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands and Natasha Richardson
Winners of footballs European Championships in 1964, 2008 and 2012
A type of film transition where one shot replaces another by travelling from one side of the frame to the other
American private Ivy League research university located in New Haven, Connecticut
Quiet partner?
Air travel fatigue
Rent sharer
Making a choice
Honey bunch?
The pair
Early riser?
Pre-weekend cry
Sitarist Shankar
Espresso bar machine
Bio stat
Boom times
Beef cut
School orgs.
The Earps, e.g.
Brews, as tea
Le Pew of cartoons
Diminutive suffix
Top invitees
Paint container
Golden breakfast roll
Formerly, once
Fish eggs
Mexican entree
The Da Vinci Code priory
Paper-folding art
Fr. holy woman
Ornate vase
Biol. or chem.
A billion years
Be a couch potato
Dandy guy
1040 org.
Dutch painter Frans
Help a crook
War god
Wd. from Roget
Conk out
Singer Carly — Jepsen
Sirius, e.g.
Small nail
Washington painter
Takes it easy
Rocker John
Clearly stunned
Bird dogs
Horrors Chaney
Low bill
Starts a set
Texas player
Power problem
— long way (last)
Eastern way
Word components
Wear down
Fencing move
Archaeology find
Cut off
Tenants fee
Moon goddess
Misplays at cards
Big party
Cloth piece
Flowery shrub
Send overseas
Cuban cash
Good judgment
Make good as new
Easy run
Cattle thief
More precious
Becket actor
To-do list
Ate greedily
Moved carefully
Vote in
Board of inquiry?
Composer Khachaturian
Kitchen garment
Tabula __
Mitch Millers instrument
Strawberry horse
Flightless bird
Mexicali munchie
Casino supervisor
Night-blooming cactus
My kingdom for __!
Nike rival
Gastric woe
Hope of showbiz
Honshu seaport
Animation unit
Vanessa Redgrave film of 1968
Bali __
Be abstracted
Skipjack or bluefin
Where It.s at
Computer store
Common sense
Not out
Latin case
Grail seeker
The King __
Legal get-out
__ the picture!
Australias largest lake
Bridge site
Lavish affection
Youre __ talk!
Drying kiln
Capable of
Easily angered
Shook up
Turkish capital
Pianist Claudio
Indian prime minister 1991-6
Letters of urgency
Find repugnant
Fertile loam
Rental contract
Angle symbol
Multiple choice choices
Live wire, so to speak
Boxer Spinks
Swear word
Women and Love author
Lacking slack
Letter opener
Muslim priests
Jamaican sect member
Actress Alyssa
The Land of the Blessed
Dance from Argentina
See eye to eye
Second in crime
Queen deserted by Aeneas
Jazzman Blakey
Severe headache
Level, regular
Wet thoroughly
Eighth sign of the zodiac
Raise to a higher grade
Church song
Pay a visit
Leaves out
Violent whirling wind-storm
Cooking instructions
Exhibition centre in London
Large fruit
Compass bearing
Urban area
Used on watch?
Rain in ruin?
Press for a golf club
In Crete emeralds abound
Emphatically less than 0.5?
Colliers broom found in warship?
Old French currency is for animal-loving saint
A speculator, by the way, gets silver
One orchestra, too
Where one may buy drinks in court?
Formed bed in earth and wintered there?
Small bird has to dash
Worry about sailors recruiting in times past
Cattle without water
Hospital permitted to be consecrated
Beastly noise made by broken hinge
A hat for the cricketer
Set a time apart for judge
Just me to depend on?
What you must be if you want to see a busy doctor
The name of a woman I complain about
Fine – a thousand pounds
Crazy about shock
Ban a fair amount of food for dicky bird
Beast in India ailing badly
Bit of smartphone technology divides the court
Bob and Maria left main road
Bright, popular supporter witnessed at rugby match fighting behind the Tullow tank perhaps
Bugbear in heat wave?
Cinema adaptation with central character who cometh on stage
Come to grips losing crop out of self-importance
Concealed by governor mandated by convention
Dishy type of Italian artist on endless fiddle
Driver drops off dinner service – they get a whiff of this at the church
Drop a line to one of those in 33 down
First class piece rejected – you should have felt it in your bones?
Flexible type from A-list working in Clare bends over backwards
Grumpy companion among those in Burdocks
Guitar bands – Babyshambles and Kiss
Guy slips a disc in medicals
Have ones heart set on responsively releasing spoilers
Is likely to lift something thats not heavy to chop, freeing whats on top of deadwood
Its easy to take up with hard work and can be a source of illumination
Its not what youd expect of high literature and thats not a judgement perhaps that carries much weight
Kind of test in literature, to sum up
Legendary type taken ill from ball field
Match for all sides today
Nicole Kidmans characters from European capital
Part of The Leviathan debunked by four of a kind, for one
Pressure in keeping back harvest leads to report
Raises a glass to one of those making breakfast on the breadline perhaps
Repackage loot found in Belgium by the gram and distribute it illegally
Small foxy type of gear is half rotten
Some friend is horrified by a description of 11 across
Standing in line for gin cocktail
Temps on shift for those making deliveries
Those from The Road immersed in feminism
Turns up, police department restricted US film broadcast by Scandinavian
Understanding reports and writing by troublemaker
Upsets man from capital taking in marathon on island in Africa
Yarn of criminal hatred
Aid, help out
Area around the North Pole
Arranged gatherings
Assistant to handle correspondence
Ceremonial or official
Changed the form slightly
Collect in one place
Couch, sofa
Far away in time or place
Feline mammals
Firm and dependable
Flat floating structures
Handy, practical
Hard-wearing work trousers with a bib
Is the sea rife with these strange flowers?
Journeys in a vehicle
Likenesses, representations
Mindlessly, with no common sense
Niche or alcove
Number of related things coming one after another
Of the neighbourhood
Older or higher in rank
One deciphers
One of a pair, a pal
Open to everyone
Ornamental bunches of cords
Protection against the possibility of future difficulty
Ready to be eaten
Recite Keats to the fish
Rough, bumpy
Show huge respect for
State of perfect bliss
Time to come
Designed never to stop working
Emotional inhibition
German castle
Relating to prescribed ceremony
Work of art
To make very small
Food fish
Waterway excavator
Forces required for a piece of music
One publicising a product (S, not Z)
Open-sided gallery or arcade
Offensively impolite
The recording of past events
New York theatre area
Give an account of
Leading figure in a cause
Edible seed
Proposed explanation of something
Able to remain calm under pressure
In a backward-looking manner
Delighted, charmed
Large serving dish
Happen again
Pensive sadness
Power of mental creation
Compass direction
River mouth; socket
Living foliage or vegetation
Footballer; ahead in time
Inserts between pages (in a book)
Collector of useful waste
Frivolous or flighty person
Out-of-date word
Worthless person
Religiously-inspired journey
Believer in South Asian religion
Architectural upper-storey feature
Managing to observe briefly
Boss; item of jewellery
Glacial period
Price of a flight
Garden pests
Breed of dog
Source of lubricant also used medically
Offspring of two different species
The Castle of — (Walpole); Apulian town
State of Germany
Very striking or dramatic
Emitting ionising particles
Minor sin or fault
Remove unsuitable material from (a text)
Emancipated slaves
Heat-resistant plastic
Random attack or criticism
Cruel and oppressive rule
Musical about an orphan
Tailless amphibian
Spanish men
Roald —, author
Public speaker
Eg, native of Cairo
Shrub; girl’s name
Capital of Austria
Having a ruddy complexion
Inferior follower or imitator
Closely inspect
A long time
Root vegetables
Vigour; power
Without internal walls
11 Across peninsula
Coastal lake
Become aware of
Graceful antelope
Building joined to a larger one
Smiles; joists
Very strong wind
Low-class sailor, behold, getting in trim
Brother’s set about roughly in brawl
Had butcher’s gammon’s first cut
Gorge on candy given out by relative
Finished with clinic, doctor has varying fortunes
That is popular with lazybones, primarily
Corrupt solicitor accepts present regularly
This player can unwind after being punched
Relaxing Muscadet combined with entertaining shows
The young dwarf embracing French writer’s content
Spot of applause, indeed, after European performing
Returned to London, perhaps, with Lou or Carol, crushed
Twelve numbers put back to back
Artist sounding impertinent after soaking himself in sherry?
A French PM informally retaining attraction for America
Method of preparing brief summer assessment?
Laugh out of politeness: diss secretly
Document this large would be plain to see
Mostly awkward, getting married after November time
Far from complicated, this plot involving the Tudors?
Utter madness to abandon last couple outside some Washington agency
Toured in a mini?
Getting red ointment to go with last of expensive perfume
Reminder of egotistical exclamation? Unfortunately not
Indian fielder in the middle, one holding catch
Houseman taking a bow?
Poor batsmen I see being out consistently
Fantastic Eton duo capped
Head of former Soviet Union embracing English song and dance man?
Volunteers in fine rescue vessel recalled a scene of huge explosion
Switched on light, hesitatingly got up?
Jacket without a tie initially leads to trouble for pioneer
Decree one which Arsenal has put about
Non-internet version supplied by plane after its departure?
Chap made haste in fleeing whale
Awkward fellow’s endless noble attempt to exclude family
Opening word by top player: one going to the press?
Book, on reflection, somewhat overemphasises negativity
Supermarket bringing in charge for a detection device
Footwear peculiar to yobbos chasing bully
Monitors performances
Jabber on pathetically, your hopes at first rising
Curse which people perform out loud
Dicky close to Avril spun on floor
John keeping to stern form of attire
Play Risk — and love American Monopoly
With trendy music and books, entertains large African natives
Various misters excluding Romeo, perhaps “some other where”?
Gas pressure viewed with alarm
Pass on old advice to American youth
Microorganism affected bathing in sea area
Beauty, not quite thirty, catching journalist’s gossip
Criminal he could be fake he isn’t
Coupon for American artist incorporated mild expletive
Unwrapped test papers over coffee
Go through and wave at visiting twins in glee
Drag dame of fifty away from purchase
Cover up novel problem
Start an argument
Tuck leg up and button it
E.g. Pancake Day hamper?
Conclude negative vote’s a disaster
Pre-publicity on the radio increasingly highly charged?
Some on reflection uselessly fill unfillable void
Drop fowl from behind, having permit
Car wheel’s sound
Taking this turns friend into devil at once
Takes cue, perhaps, and breaks down
Otologist, say, finding her area of expertise dull
Vegetable lacking in hotel
Stint in India ends
Taking home Anne, girl endlessly distressed
I regret that Scottish cheese covers French bread
Gone to take corner
Subdued miss was forward
Doctor I try controls onset of rare medical condition
Bash goof up in unwelcome surprise
Posh girl yours truly raised to get settled
English Literature is ultimately subject privileging the select few
Salad’s got a bit of earth on it — proving this?
Replace ageing slang with ‘U’ as digital expression
At an early stage, continent’s bananas went by rail
Make reservation in restaurant that’s accessible
Trade restriction scary chap lifted with business expert intervening
Top person’s rubbish, turning and twisting
Room to rest together and chill — will they have nibbles?
Indicated one man has kidnapped another
Loopy figure’s importance, bypassing the Head
The calendar; (half-completed) work of Ovid
He bursts forth; on the attack (Aeneid 10.379) ____ in hostes
Sub? Ob? Mixed prepositions for the oxen
These ladies have been put ashore (ppp, expono)
Ita, eo modo
With fixed or steady step/foot
Mensis qui Iulius nominatus est in honorem Caesaris
Horti Romae facti appellari possint “____ in urbe”
Die omnium stultorum: Kalendis ____
They stand
Very very? ____ verba the superlatively actual words
Scribe mensem post 18 venientem
Fever; dimidium primum forsitan secundus mensis
Eis rebus cito fracti, viri maiore humilitate apparent
He himself knows
Numbness, sluggishness; ____ gravis occupat artus (Met. 1.548)
Your safe without its centre
Rub against. 2s imperative of verb from which “attrition” is derived
Senatores in Urbe nati
Besieged: urbem ____ tandem ceperunt
It shakes, beats, makes tremble: “frigidus horror | membra ____” (Aeneid 3.29-30)
“This book belongs to. . ..” : ex ____
Quot montes vel colles erant in situ Urbis Romae?
I have played
Aw __, it would be so wrong (2013 country song lyric)
Bésame Mucho theme
Est is a form of it
It cant overcook or undercook, per ads
It couldnt be helped
Post-graffiti street painter
A lot of old poems
Air-kiss sound effect
American family structure
Apples headquarters, familiarly
Apt catwalk support
Bi by bi by bi
Bit of mockery
Blood-chilling locales
Box __
Comfort zone
Dish (out)
Edible pentagonal piece
Engineer a tank
Felt the strain of brinksmanship
Gets hotter
Gets out
Got ready to fiddle with, perhaps
IHOP posting
Ink-shooting Nintendo game
Its worn with a tie
Language that gave us Avon
Line between pants
Literally, Let it be done
Literary criticism of a sort
Mai tai garnish
Many Choctaw and Cherokee
Minister with a Malcolm X cameo
Norse Armageddon
Numbered work, often
Offer a hand
Paper from a bank
Piece of sterling
Podcasters plea
Pork rind makeup
Predator in a food chain, often
Push to start
Rail hub
Refuges for backpackers
Safety-first TV reminder
Simple tie
Some kindergarten sessions
Some restoration efforts
Something registered with the International Court of Justice
Soy protein, in some recipes
State north of the border
Tall character in Snow White
The antithesis of finesse
The westernmost Old World mainlanders
Tired vehicles
Took sides, say
Transfer for CDs
Wasnt playing
What some wedding rings resemble
Workplace with score keepers
__ Four (Monkees nickname)
Giving one?
Teamed, as oxen
Busy place in Chicago
Powerful adhesive
Miners discovery
Prison-made license plate, e.g.?
Bit of cold in the air
Barks up the wrong tree
Hair snarl
Kangaroos title?
Feeling of guilt
Rub raw
Certain military member
Spocks forte
Death penalty alternative
Trig function
Place for a nursery rhyme owl
Camera type, initially
Thomas Jefferson, for one
Wuthering Heights writer
Mapmakers name
Sinks like a rock
What auction winners do
Calla lily family
Seven on some clocks
Molded by a money player?
Overnight establishment
Indoor trampolines?
Big-time happening
1 of a cartons dozen
What doors allow
Some muscles, cut
What a discovery!
Indian flatbread
Tolkien creature
Enjoys a favorite book
___ for (selects)
Garden pond fish
Suitable for all audiences
Bright and energetic
Moving forward to vote?
Seed covers
Cone-shaped quarters
New York canal
Persona ___ grata
Umpires various shouts
Supporting AND funding?
Was obviously furious
Red Sea notable
British transport
La ___ (Camus novel)
Eastwoods TV character
Witches kettle
1,000 millennia (var.)
Exceed in importance
Played a Pearl set
Truckers sleeper
Vague image
Prompting on-air talent
Pedestrian, as writing
Whence to admire from?
Poets adverb
Genesis VIP
Benicio ___ Toro
Dynamite relative
Some extra periods
…pretty maids all in ___
Albert Nobbs Oscar nominee Janet
Deflategate squad
Dont mind ___
Evita surname
I Love Lucy star, when broadcast in Japan?
M*A*S*H extras
Mr. Robot network
No, youre not! retort
On the hoof, in diner lingo
Persepolis setting
Rhinoceros playwright
The Jungle Book setting
The Story of the Amulet writer Edith
1989 Michael Douglas thriller
Ambivalent conjunction
Ancient assembly places
Andorran aunt
Apple aimed at the school market
At the drop of ___
Base patrollers
Big name in vacuums
Big picture
Bray beginning
Bridge bid thats also a Celine Dion song
Bros kin
Capital two miles high
Case for needles
Charlotte ___, Virgin Islands
Chess legend Mikhail
Clog or pump
Cocktail lounge furnished with caned chairs?
Coffee merchants offerings
Collusive group
Criticize intensely
Cub Scouts pack leader
Derriere assessor?
Direction of dawn
Donkey Kong, e.g
Election preceder
Enter angrily
Eschew partisanship, as illustrated eight times in this puzzle
Fall victim to a con
Faucet annoyance
Fell face-first
Former sponsor of the Astros park
Fox trot relative
Ga.-based outbreak tracker
Garden hazards
Garten in the kitchen
Genes Young Frankenstein co-star
General store on The Waltons
Give a hoot
Goalie protectors
God, in Hebrew
Grape thats also a world capital
Happen again
Heads high
Heels come-on?
Highlands tongue
Hit letters
Hockey players feint
Hood penalized with a pay cut?
Hotel door feature
Hotel options
How models are often built
Ideal locales
In a frenzy
Invite to the penthouse, say
It may help you change your mind
Jabbed a Mordor mountain?
Jeter and Jacobi
Just between kings?
Keeblers Ernie, e.g
Like some lattes
Like Strindbergs Pariah
Limit spurner
Long Island town south of Oyster Bay
Loud signal
Lowlife who advises against flossing?
Lyras brightest
New Deal lending prog
Not moving
O. Henry specialty
Office newbie
Oilers, now
ORD estimates
Oscar-nominated title role for Peter Fonda
Overalls section
Pageant props
Panini cheese
Pen name
Piece for paste-up
Poetic foot
Pound part
Repeat mechanically
Response to Anybody home?
Rings of light
Runways for big models
Senseis skill
Set straight
Shore sidler
Show little interest in, as a meal
Signs off on
Skin bump
Some electric autos
Some provide relief
Southwestern people
Spy novelist Steinhauer
Steep-roofed structure
Stereotypical Aussie greeting
Stick in the river
Story that often goes unfinished
Summer time?
Ten micronewtons
Tennis analyst Mary
That guy
To be, to Burgundians
To ___ (perfectly)
Torture device
Tribal emblems
Trig. function
Video-compressing algorithm
Walking together in the park, say
What a British napper catches
What a Greek napper catches
What an American napper catches
Where Achilles fell
A, B, C, D, F or G?
Abominable snowman
Ancient reptile in terrible raid on us
Brand in research
Canine elevated to become Anubis?
Communicate the writers function
Contrary in effect
Cutting foot off grass is wrong
Depressed daughter thrown out
Dim learner in assembly
Doctor in storm to take risk
Finished when cheated
French capital
Fuel on paper exploded
Greet fantastic bird
Highly-motivated, having chauffeur
Hilton in European capital?
Impressed by Shuttles last uncontrolled flight
Lift finally here behind schedule
Mail worker
Maintenance cost
Make ecstatic
Misery as pride damaged
Mortal offence
Not illuminated
Notice drunken Etonian welcoming non-drinker
Now one sees legendary creature
Old and deep tin used as suitable
One who delivers coming after us?
Operator stores tonnes for caviar producer
Opposite in poetry
Prehistoric creature
Refuse to accept hard defeat
Service charges for castle in the air?
Sudden rush
White heron
Wild herb found around Virginia
Big Brother network
In the work cited (Abbr.)
The Odd Couple playwright Simon
___ er rip!
___ Girls (Gene Kelly musical)
12/24 or 12/31
1970 No. 1 hit for the Carpenters
Adopter of Stitch, in a Disney movie
Alan who played Severus Snape
Angels superstar Mike
Arterial implant
Body art, slangily
Candidates for detox
Caribbean resort isle, informally
Celebrity chef Guy
Classic Pontiac muscle car
Cobalt or aqua
Colosseum outfits
Crawfish habitat
Current-measuring device
Distinctive air
Dogpatch lad
Drive or putt
Dumbbell material
Explorer Tasman
Folklore fiend
Found contemptible
Go-go dancers skirt
Got top marks on
Handymans letters
Heidi of Americas Got Talent
Hockey Hall of Famer Dryden
How-to booklet
In proper pitch
Injure severely
Ivy League schools website
Kick off
Leering sort
Like Aesops grapes
Like Alec, among the Baldwin brothers
Make a blooper
Make illegal
Makes sound again
Marble ___ (bread choice)
Midsize GM offering, informally
Monopolys Oriental and Baltic (Abbr.)
Neural transmitter
New Yorks ___ Fisher Hall
Nixonian hand gesture
Nocturnal noisemakers
On-the-sly meeting
Place for a phone charger
Place for recyclables
Place to order a round
Potters bagful
Prefix with bucks or bytes
Quaker morsel
Raise, as an anchor
Rotisserie league tidbit
Safe drinking water org
Self-evident truth
Shutterbugs request
Spoiled kid
Spoiled rotten, perhaps
Squids ink holders
Stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese
Suburban property line growth
Swellheads trait
Talk like Porky Pig
Tex-Mex topping
Upset tummy
Venice beach resort
Warhol of pop art
Wealthy campaign donors
Weasel out of
Without a stitch on
[Uncommon spelling], in crosswords
___ de vie (brandy)
Cheerfully irresponsible
Not informed
Sheeps cry
Divide by two
Track by a canal
Cattle thief
Pertaining to the period 1485-1603
George Gershwins lyricist brother
Former naval base in the Orkney Islands
Means of checking horizontality
Small crude dwelling
Perfectly fit and well
GK Chestertons detective
Be quick
Competitive routine with no time to relax
Chicken portion
Defeated contestant
Be in a horizontal position
Llewelyn __, the family whose sons inspired Peter Pan
Music producer and innovator and former member of Roxy Music
See 8
Architectural style of which the Empire State Building is an example
Famous 8 in Beijing
Famous 8 in London
Famous 8 in Moscow
See 11
Flower fruits used in herbal teas, jams and jellies
German city whose main 8 is Marienplatz
Sport at which Sir Steve Redgrave won gold at five successive Olympics
Famous 8 in Cairo
Famous 8 on the Rajpath in Delhi
Nickname for a member of the Ulster Special Constabulary (1920 – 1970)
City in which Israel and the PLO reached agreement in 1993
Orla __, BBC correspondent based in Cairo
Bird for which the Baltimore Major League baseball team is named
Vessel which came to rest on Mount Ararat?
__ macaque, a monkey native to south-east Asia
Florentine coin first struck in 1252
Forest at the north-east border of London
See 2
Industrial region of Germany
Bachelor correct about seaside resort
Spice used by head, Margaret
New Scout ” one in Maltas traditional clothing
Saunters in street with buns
Tidiest Northern estate, possibly
Woman with a device for measuring line through circle
Its returned with brown giant
Oarsman making noise in front of the queen
One criticized about ring being cut off
One in church against wine
Friend, about 100 ” he has heavy knife
Frock the chic lad designed for film director
Sullen inspector eating nothing
Dog extremely rarely gets mine
Mistake about an exile
Assessment of applicant giving opinion supporting Bury
Head covering left with hesitation for thug
Workmans gemstones
Arrogant person out of bed before beginning
Rodent taken from motorway over river
Welcoming environmentalist not finishing before sound of bell
A crone is spoiling summary of plot
Short fool appearing with lamp when its dusk
The umpire taking mineral for that reason
Announce professional, about 50, on purpose
Ringleader infuriates forest keepers
House in a large county left with drink
Small kid originally left with youth leader once every seven days
Conclude with popular fellow with hesitation
Included by Dermot, topical saying

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