Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-11-4

Buddhist discipline that was recently added to the official Scrabble dictionary
What you get when you put two numbers together
Cloak-and-dagger figure
Baseball’s Diamondbacks on scoreboards
Prefix that’s more than “bi-” but less than “quadri-“
Artsy Manhattan neighborhood
Illustration for short
Politicians Gore and Franken
Financial transaction that might require collateral
He took his character Peter Quill’s red jacket from the “Guardians of the Galaxy” set: 2 wds.
Long item along the side of a Viking ship
___ nut (fastener for a car wheel)
Shop that sells cold cuts
Mai ___ (tropical cocktail)
Center of a cherry
He took his character Wade Wilson’s superhero suit from the “Deadpool” set: 2 wds.
What nodding indicates
“What do you get for the person who ___ everything?”
Something on a “honey do” list
The ___ State (“precious” nickname of Idaho)
Park yourself in a recliner
She took her character Hermione Granger’s Time-Turner from the Harry Potter set: 2 wds.
TV show where Matthew Morrison portrayed Will Schuester
___-man band
Old horse
B ___ “banana”: 2 wds.
Mail carrier’s path: Abbr.
Once ___ while: 2 wds.
Officially forbid
Baby goat
Salary ___ (sports franchise’s spending limit)
Shoot with a ray gun
Former US Attorney General Holder
Saint ___ (Santa Claus)
Word that can go before “case” or “Master”
Internet addresses: Abbr.
Makes a mistake in a game
Chimney filth
___ Farm (urban clothing line)
Hither and ___
Smelting waste
Welcome precipitation during a drought
Rack and ___ (total destruction)
___ clean only (phrase in a wool garment’s care instructions often)
Bump on a potato
Group cooperation
Not romantic like some relationships
Driver’s licenses and birth certificates for example: Abbr.
Sound that means “For shame!”
“Cheers” actress Perlman who won four Emmys as Carla
Soul singer Redding
FBI agents in slang: Hyph.
Knight’s horse
2013 animated character voiced by Idina Menzel
Chow ___ (Chinese menu selection)
___-inflationary (helping stop a rise in prices)
“Peter Pan” dog
Gift of ___ (ability to talk well)
be a step ahead of
one small step astronaut
step forward
step on it!
step down
in step with
steps to another story
Goes to grab a bite, say
What a crop top exposes
“Anything else, or can I go?”
“1984” superstate that includes America
Early reel-to-reel devices
Expired IDs?
“Marriage Italian-Style” star
Give mouth-to-mouth to?
Donny who won “Dancing With the Stars”
Construction on Broadway
Speak sharply
Stockpot addition
Stickers forming a patch
Keep it under your hat!
Petulant expression
Leaves mystified
Soda brand with more than 90 flavors
Picks up
Tommy or Jimmy of jazz
As a whole
Two for one?
Case workers?
Golfing hazards
___ pasta
2018’s debate over “Yanny or Laurel,” e.g.
Joey Potter’s portrayer on “Dawson’s Creek”
Travel on-line?
Receptive to new ideas
Party of 13?
Home arena of the Bruins and Celtics
Painter’s roll
Trunk fastener?
Lets out
Ringo Starr’s real first name
Palate cleanser in a multicourse meal
Reptiles that can walk on ceilings
Casanova’s intrigues
Ran into in court?
Wigs out
On the take
___ the Great
Cereal ingredient
Places to crash on road trips
Purely academic
Striker’s replacement
Copa América cheer
Century in American politics
Brewery sights
In the ballpark
Old “It cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth” sloganeer
Awfully large
Takes to the sky
Paprika lookalike
Forerunners of combines
You can’t go back on them
Cries loudly
Greek hero killed by a giant scorpion
Who once said “You wouldn’t have won if we’d beaten you”
Win every prize in
Green housewarming gift
Wordsworth wrote one on immortality
Crank up the amp to 11 and go wild
Name, as a successor
Many faculty members, in brief
Stan who co-created Spider-Man
Presented perfectly
Courtroom periods
Travels by car
Touchscreen array
Document kept in a safe
Untrustworthy sort
Sort of
Shiny beetle disliked by fruit growers
You should avoid feeding on them
Food & Wine and Field & Stream
Rock musician with a knighthood
Deadbeat student at TV’s Highland High
“The Lady Is a Tramp” lyricist
Stephen King novel with a misspelling in the title
Like some tires
Shade in the woods
Steve who co-created Spider-Man
Muddling through
Wearers of white hats
Game featured in 2006’s “Casino Royale”
Department of Buildings issuance
Became inseparable
Selling point?
Companies that need help
Didn’t bid
Ancient Mexicas, e.g.
Sister of Tiffany
It may be open for business
Unkind, as criticism
German-Swiss author who won the 1946 Nobel in Literature
Safer of “60 Minutes”
Satine’s profession in “Moulin Rouge!”
Copper wheels?
Torch carrier’s announcement
Julius Caesar’s first wife
Calls from quarterbacks
Its shell doesn’t crack
U.S. Naval Academy mascot
Small jumper
Show’s earnings
James of TV’s “How the West Was Won”
Field with lots of growth?
Pan resistant to aging
Ars ___
Slaloming spot
Ford Mustang, for one
Valuable possession
Round units?
What an essay presents
Her 2018 album “Dancing Queen” consists entirely of Abba covers
Word spoken while waving
Pierre-Augustin Caron de , French dramatist whose works include 1767s Eugenie
Edith , English poet and critic who authored 1937 novel I Live Under a Black Sun
See 11 Down
Actor who played Dr Peter Benton in US television drama series ER
1994 biopic starring Johnny Depp in the title role
Ken , author of 1962 novel One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest
See 17 Down
River that forms the boundary between Manchuria and Russia
Andrew , actor who played Manuel in BBC TV sitcom Fawlty Towers
See 10
Actor who played Tom Farrell in BBC TV sitcom Gimme Gimme Gimme
Apostle chosen by lot to replace Judas Iscariot
Yellowish-brown hard translucent fossil resin used for jewellery
Annemarie , 1972 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships combined gold medallist
1997 novel by Catherine Cookson
Type of flaky pastry produced in very thin sheets
2002 novel by Carl Hiaasen
2006 horror film starring Sean Pertwee and Alex Reid
Actress who played Kate Reynolds in 2000 comedy-drama film The Family Man
Fish with a long snake-like body and reduced fins
See 4
Unicameral parliament of modern Israel
US aviator and aircraft designer nicknamed The Birdman of Enid who died in 1954
Eighth son of Jacob in the Bible; ancestor of one of the 12 tribes of Israel
African republic; capital Ndjamena
Having keen vision
Cardinal number
Group of players
Sell goods from door to door
Reinforced front part of a shoe
Swinging barrier
Lottery type
In very good health
Deliberate destruction
Muscular contraction
Break into small pieces
Perceive sounds
Slow down
Play on words
Card suit
Long part of a golf course
Scope or extent
Deadly human
Horse disturbing dust
Declare Vera to be mad
The aim of literature?
Remaining to one side
Girl at a celebration
No westerner outside is obliged
Outside university, theologian is a failure
Wonder in drawer
Drive pins round
Ties up venue
Thug gets left out
Warning the rat off
Excellent game is played
Meet order to be abundant
Steps that may be taken
TV detective gets some right accidentally
Way out of the Broads
Huge Elgar composition
Flog directions to students
Trades badly in stamps
Old-fashioned appointment with daughter
Its a new drink
Point stew out
Continue summary
Distribute a great deal, say
Plate shaped like bit of confetti
Subsequently alter shape
Time to order something
Incline towards nurse
Metal fastener
Formal party
Is indebted to
Series of rungs
Type of code
Exchange for money
Sparkling wine
Sunset direction
Carry on
Flower part
Look after
Hard hit
Ladder step
Sky sight
Milky jewel
Nile animal
Make bare
Fragrant smoke
Exercise site
Conductors staff
Havana item
Hearing-organ ailment
Soup stock
Met star
Closet wood
Car part
Farm fraction
Met melody
____ school
Endorse a check
Prefers charges
Owls comment
Show indifference
Office note
Hawaiian dish
Ball caller
Was a passenger
Aware of
Boundless joy
Fast feline
Swimsuit top
Bad children
Reveille obeyer
Sleep in a tent
Deuce beater
Fabled loser
Classified ____
Number in a trio
Novelty item
Pedros pal
Neutral color
____ Willy
Waist product
Theyre spotted in casinos
Elmer, to Bugs
Phi ___ Kappa
Creative work
Wreath material
Brother of Cain and Abel
Bad day for Caesar
Electronic moolah
Songwriter Bacharach
Quiche, e.g.
College Football Live channel
Apple-order link
Turners device
Start-the-day ABC talk show, familiarly
Govt. red tape reduction
Burger add-on
Smooth, in a way
First-aid kit brand
More achy
Harassed impertinently
Bolero composer
Palais resident
Piece of land
Antipoverty agcy.
__ was I?
Liz Taylors husband before Richard Burton
One whose mouth shouldnt be examined?
__ there, done that!
NYC area above Houston Street
Nickname usually related to hair color
Drew __, Patriots quarterback before Brady
Upscale retailer
Disloyal crimes
One of three planetary motion principles
Menlo Park initials
Opera outburst
__ Sketch
Ward (off)
Raised a ruckus, say
Song of worship
U.N. workers agcy.
Slow, on scores
Source of zest
What a texter usually expects
N.C. neighbor
Sacré bleu! kin
Extra NHL periods
To the __: maximally
Himalayan native
Small cells
Donut … or the consequence of eating too many of them?
Car on craigslist
Jazz pianist Chick
Can cover
La. neighbor
One on a trail
Song title words before for Miles
Connection points
Ways to detect fractured trapeziums
Restricted parking area, perhaps
Nemos creator
Falco of The Sopranos
Words of domination
Waze ways: Abbr.
Dot in the ocean
Pampering place
Components of fences
Author LeShan
Bamas conf.
Act the chair
Mount from which Moses saw the Promised Land
Lorres Casablanca role
Two-time British Open champ Harrington
Keogh plan rel.
Pizzas slices, commonly
Age of Reason philosopher
Not digital
Shower wall item
Hang onto
OKC-to-Tulsa dir.
Muppet prone to eschewing contractions
Lawn machines
Shakers founder
Not a good mark
Sun Valley state
Soft toy brand
BBC time traveler
Reef material
Hoops stat.
Tribute in verse
Breakaway nation: Abbr.
Crucifix letters
Pulls back
Brit. police rank
… I __ wed
Wall Street antagonist
Stefan of tennis
__ Spiegel: German magazine
Arnaz-Ball studio
Bygone boomers
Lil Abner drawer
Poet Gibran
Like Englands the Fens
Turn on the AC!
Mother __
Low naval rank
Fruity spread
Egg cells
Able or full follower
Think tank output
Tokyo-born Yoko
World Cup skiing champ Lindsey
Perry of fashion
Due times tre
Bus. letter insert
Refs call
Send forth
__ sci
Q&A part, briefly
Morales of Jericho
Israeli prime ministers Barak and Olmert
Works on a lawn
Calif. summer hrs.
Anne of Green Gables setting
Pub pint, perhaps
__ symbol
Pair in awaken
Little grey cells detective
Acting father and son
Piece maker?
Funny Boosler
Buck back?
Harry Potters owl
Map within a map
More than annoys
Poet Sandburg
Hurricane feature
Cornell founder Cornell
Driving age in old Rome?
Gloss target
Div. with Braves
Some RPI grads
Mediocre (hyph.)
Papas partners
Fire alarm
Air hero
Peruse again
Fork prong
Hard candy
Skirt length
School exam
Put off
Eye part
Highway curves
Indian boat
Camping need
____ of Capri
Small quantities
Richard ____ of Chicago
Retirees acct.
Use crayons
Tardy arriver
Hand out cards
Pound part
Above, poetically
Amusing story
Babe ____
12th mo.
Surrounded by
Mother horse
Toothed wheel
Small bill
Light bulb inventor
Fight back
Caribous kin
Travel by water
Persia, today
NNWs opposite
Tomato color
Pear type
Pointed a gun
Tire pattern
Ahead of time
Drama divisions
Dull person
____ vera
Minute particle
Pilots diary
Shelley work
Noble duke departs for Big Apple with older lady
Passage read out for Frank
Explain in detail ones commute after work?
Liverpool, for example, welcomes European players
Independent news recruit the Prince of Wales?
Singers part in description of Rossinis finale!
Watch Saint Vincent, say, helping fallen WWI soldiers
Hideous man ekes out medical complaint
Hot group of stars seen over zenith in a line
Illegally transfer articles overseas
Boat by lake has a dirty look
One caring about lack of awareness
Bit of cedar tree some French king made into table
Lays claim to missing queens property
Albert and Elizabeth briefly follow retreating monster
A Welsh girl from the east
Wanting something done by Paul Hollywood, we hear
Altered Russian novel – one involving piracy
A container contains pruned grass tree
Common drinking vessel for inexperienced youth
Seed producer featured in latest issue
Man mining with noise irritated complainers
South African womens expressions of delight mounting in exhibition halls
Questions and removes underwear?
Drunk Australian that is leaving to enter vehicle
Gentlemen put some paper into empty skips
Old medicinal lesson cut short
With level of proficiency chef regularly produces mashed potato?
See note
Young deer
Plain broth
Beauty treatment
Absolute ruler
School punishment
Order of architecture
Doctors garment
Castrated horse
Marine mammal
Ancient neck ornament
Formal letter
Young hare
Russian vehicle
Operatic song
Milky coffee
River of Aragón
Raise crops
__ and Ivory (Wonder-McCartney song)
A little lamb
Buckeye State
Thrown for __
Wind instrument?
Patricia of Hud
Paris paper
Least risky
Made tracks
Sounds of dispproval
Feeling of apprehension
French assent
Film used for recording tapes
Greek portico
Mother of Perseus
Military quarters
Run against
Treat with tea
Took turns?
Cotton fiber
Two Mules for Sister__
Advance furtively
Marilyn, originally
Shade trees
Group of three
Make well
Nosed around
Greek god of sleep
Santa helpers
Feathery wrap
Playwright Eugene
Ballerina Dame Margot
Much, in music
Miser Marner
Theyre left behind
Wedge-shaped insert
Open to breezes
Have a hunch
Money __ object
Major in astronomy?
Without question
Major no-no
Rigby or Roosevelt
Polish-German border river
Leered at
Lions family
African knife
Projecting rocks
Pay a visit
Garr of Tootsie
Oscar-winner Thompson
Group of two
Daiquiri liquor
French castle
Large town
Precious metal
Tantalised, bantered
Former name of Zimbabwe
Floating platform
Male duck
Russian currency unit
Habitually silent
Sacred writings
Sudden crisis
Savoury pear-shaped fruit
Prophet going round S. American city for insects
Country song about American troop leader
String of islands off China?
Vowels heard in comfort
Fine stag possibly eating well
Catty in a doggy way?
Heartless Tennysons new poem
Presiding officer taking flier behind church
Laundry used to be hot
One article is about a desert
Resolute detectives in action
Dear sir – big upset for officers
They disguise king in multitude
Tender god of love turns up
Wise man going through American customs?
Where kids got food from Hucks pot?
Tail one wags in high spirits
Documents get returned in books
Deaths nigh, perhaps – it may be deadly
Delightful prince?
Rough terrain for coach
Frank or poor Dan locked up by police
Edna goes back to southern mountains
Expert holding right amount of land
Church service
Freed of rock-and-roll
Tournament winner
Sheltered, at sea
Society shunner
Terminus of all roads?
Shaw of swing
Trim and tidy
Major pain in the neck
Wine choice
Poisonous snakes
George, to Rosemary Clooney
Barn dance dance
Pumice source
Famous last words
In your dreams!
Bummer!, old-style
Nice summers?
57-Across moms
Laughing scavenger
Part of USPS
Car lot car
Put ones foot down
Cote youngsters
Fast-lane traveler
Chapters in time
Barely cooked
Funny Steve
Edisons middle name
Recipe meas.
Gave a new hue to
Hilo hello
Big rigs
Curved structures
________ Croft: Tomb Raider
At the summit of
More recent
Part of a contract
Bellum beginner
Israels Iron Lady
Pt. of POTUS
Thin board
Place for a figurehead
In the pink
Dear ________ Hansen
Fuzzy Wuzzy ________ bear …
________ von Bismarck
Southwestern Indians
Clean up after diners
Little Dickens girl
Not here
Longs for
Force out
Prized violin, briefly
Sophias homeland
Serenas opening move
Tire buyers concern
Fall flutterer
Rod between wheels
________ 18, Uris novel
God of love
Waterproof cover
Rigs out
Beer holder
IRS worker
Not passive
Indias largest city
Made embarrassed
Jumped ship
Affixing, as gift wrap
Marionette doing some undercover police work?
Billy of The Phantom
London botanic gardens site
Fine distinction
YouTube upload on how to cook clams and rice?
Use a beam on in surgery
La Cage — Folles
Of Peruvian peaks
Pickle option
Buddha statue, e.g.
Lodgings for wayfarers
Schnozz or Motor ender
MGM Grand, e.g.
Scarface inspirer
Discoloration on the biceps or triceps?
Razor cut
Closet rackful
Fashion designer Anna
Ionizable gas
Vast period
It may zoom
Simply being declared?
Gradually stop nursing
Back rub response
Paper unit
TV camera movement
CIO partner
Make — what you will
Hobbyists buys
When to call it a night
Deluges waters subsiding?
Successfully mimics
Struck lightly
Chapel vow
Go by boat
Convent residents
Eyelid affliction
Make slanted
Italian public square
Scrabble 10-pointer
Staff symbol
One of the Little Rascals goes on a rant?
Many a charger for an e-device
Feed on
Beef cut that brings misfortune?
Marked with bands
Hand out cards to
Object of fear
Is beaming
Former British prime minister Clement
Detroit-to-Miami dir.
Send help!
Like the letter R in this puzzles entire solution
Triage pro
In the function of
Ball caller
Spanish island known for its nightlife
Country west of Colombia
Record ones arrival
Fez, for one
— Dhabi
Spill catchers
Kitty cat, e.g.
Addis —, Ethiopia
Puts in a role
Golf ball brand
Tennis great Nastase
A/C opening
Hotfooted it
Of no value
Last section
Cosmos host Carl
Veil fabric
Trait carrier
U-Haul unit
Adds lube to
Sugar in milk
Gave a ring
Leek relative
Yearns (for)
Nissan, once
Middle grade
Biblical beast
12-time papal name
Tending to the situation
Relatively small oinker, for short
Dryer debris
Steve Jobs star Rogen
Whole bunch
Really tidy type
Roe, e.g.
Shoddy car
Earth personified as a goddess
Rebel Turner
Wee bits
Floats in the air
D sharp sound-alike
Lyric verse
Skip ahead abbr. on a music player
Result of education
Novelist Honoré de —
Tokyo-based truck maker
French artist Édouard
Letters with curves
Audition not closed to anyone
Brain product
Cabaret singer Édith
Jacuzzis and whirlpools
Feel poorly
— -confidence
Gabor who lived to be 99
Little Men actor Jack
Loin cut
FDRs Scottie
Some hotels and old cars
Fed. food safety org.
Dele undoer
Really tired
Flows back
Its cap. is Vienna
Dove noise
Boxing stats
Malted quaff
Divers goal
NYC hrs.
Read (but take no part in) online chat
False talk
Conjunction or opposition
Happen to
Unicellular creatures
List of options
Latin American village
Tissue decay
Go through
Intense blizzard
Outer surface
Procession of vehicles
Weaving machine
12 awkwardly holding cut beast
Fixed cause of poor reception
Cutting ditch with worker
Father Brown finally married a temptress
It’s said school for the rich scoffed
Engine put outside a drinking den
Athlete on mountain eating a vegetable
Talk idly about rare clothes
Dog swallows large piece of tobacco
Bug makes 1000 notepads run poorly
If returning oarsman holds record it shows strength
Little container found in street
Henry meeting his rejected wife, which might have made him look red
A campanologist might seem familiar
Tenor requested to be given something to do
Having no idea what I want to do after retirement
How a race might have started, with all speed
Care for something special
Pub owner, perhaps, seen distressed by horrible insects
Head of Property managed end of housing crash
Navigator takes volunteers to southern isle
Ruin a garment, beginning to tear in fury?
Edit extremely early Burt Lancaster work
The usual flag
They’re tiny and barely matter
Diligent student’s grub
Get painting from tall building right away!
Old head swallows one drug to help rest
Official carries note to do with organs
Ridge discovered by veteran returning after shelling
Ship is steadied by this thing which is round a stone
Lit up and ready to burst
Racket in fake tax-man’s district
Italian company on greeting
Adult clumsily cleans daggers
In error lead oblivion and endless opportunity in decay
What sewer carries is pretty fruity from the central regions
Naval officer’s utter delight rounding the Kentish region?
Flower (Chinese), first from the right school
Unbending stickler’s point in trading place
Row about what limits thankful claimant in the past
Deaccession book from premium load
Mortal turned towards beguiling noise, no?
Industrious colonist back outside state restaurant in the Aegean
Faraday — outstanding type
Daily work by Sergeant-Major on motivational research
Shakespeare’s mess is intractable
Revamped tablets, such as may be charged in, eg, All Souls Buttery
Eliot’s opening on sitting under brown shrub seen in poetry
Polynesian superman’s indefinable quality set in gold
Lodge in luxury college, cohab should ring
Colouring anecdotal collection with extreme spinning
The Tube left to go by cerebration?
Hinder nurse
Concert is into morphing zydeco comp, perhaps
A set of overseas selectors heading west of Wishaw
Harry insulting commie makes steady progress
Unconventional unit led agent to weaken?
Opening in kilt ridicule challenging mag
To bask is in New Mexico’s set of orthodox beliefs
Copper swells in recycled jeans?
Boater, say, to lie about reefer
Timber is extremely artificial
Steals wheels from the south
Miss providing massage reportedly
In America wolf up bit of Thucydides
Actor noted for his roles as serial killer Freddy Krueger
The son of an Austrian emperor
Parasol which can also be used as an umbrella
The European ____ is a civil rights treaty, created in 1961
Hilary Mantel novel, a follow-up to Wolf Hall, and winner of the 2012 Man Booker prize
A dietary ____ deficiency is the main cause of goitre
Popular name for Phaseolus coccineus, grown ornamentally and for food
London Weekend Television sitcom starring John Alderton as schoolteacher Bernard Hedges
In Greek myth, a beautiful youth killed by a discus thrown by Apollo, his lover
Title of songs by Pink Floyd and the Spice Girls
“The nodding ____ bends before the wind” (The Fear of Flowers, John Clare)
Hungary’s 27 per cent is currently the highest standard rate of ____ in Europe
Germany’s largest urban area
Jean-François Champollion is best-known as the ____ of Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Smallest of the Great Lakes
In Greek cuisine, a meat stew with onions
County whose Wikipedia article currently says “Not to be confused with South Essex”
Open country or grassland of South Africa
Epithet for Peter Walker in the 1980s Conservative party
Tom ___ starred in Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence
Foodstuff possibly named after a Belgian city or region
Classical Latin name for Ireland
Small restaurant which, traditionally, brewed its own beer
Yuri is the first name of the protagonist in this Boris Pasternak novel
The S in HTTPS
Writer, philosopher and, for 51 years, partner of Jean-Paul Sartre
Actress who appeared in many Bob Hope and Bing Crosby “road” movies
Owing (rent, for example)
A sliding step in ballet
Author of The Good Soldier
In American whiskeys, the main alternative to bourbon
Name of the ranch, and its owner, reached by Chuck Noland at the end of Cast Away (2000 film)
Former Chelsea player-manager who made 66 appearances for the Netherlands
Margherita Taylor is the newest host of this BBC property programme
A small German hotel
Informally, remove oneself from an online notification list
Final game or match which settles the outcome
Series of eight paintings by William Hogarth
2017 Pixar film based on Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday
Colloquial name for concrete obstacles intended to hinder the progress of tanks
Main protagonist of The Hunger Games
1968 Charles Portis novel and a 1969 John Wayne film
Connection between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara
Author of The Blue Flower
Achieves something — often one of many similar achievements
Charles Dickens novel divided into five “staves”
Like mistletoe on trees
Real Madrid manager who resigned after their 2018 UEFA Champions League victory
Informally, members of his party opposed to reforms started by Neil Kinnock
Roman Senator who played a leading role in the assassination of Julius Caesar
One of the three Theban plays by Sophocles
Part of a series appearing on the internet rather than broadcast or cable TV
Expression like “Ten items or less” or “you should of said”
To fall asleep, diminish, or leave someone at the airport?
The alligator pear
“The progress of rivers to the ocean is not so rapid as that of man to ____” (Voltaire)
Vega is the brightest star in this small northern constellation
The person who had to be told about the 1986 privatisation of British Gas
Pool or highway division
Hydrotherapy venue
Black cat, to some
Possessive pronoun
Hem partner
Real estate document
Large feline
The ___ of Good Feelings
Have staying power
Not yesterday or tomorrow
Huge field for grazing
Classmate, to you
Before, years ago
TVs American ___
Solo in an opera
Choice airplane seating (2 words)
Better than better
In ___ of flowers …
Bratty little kid
Young horse
2,000 pounds
Far from heavy
During the knight-time?
___ you coming with us?
Racer beat by a tortoise
Group of three performers
Distinctive and stylish elegance
Bird in Wonderland
Tear to pieces
Welcoming customers
Rich mine supply
Prayer ending
Like much worrying
Provide, as with funds
Make a text
Not me or them
Quaff on a galleon
Address a crowd
Backyard structure
Prefix for chute
Picnic ruiner
Vocally expressed
Put forward, as a fact
Will there be anything ___?
Go out, as a tide
Have regrets
Farmers locale, in a song
First bit of 19-Down
suffix with real
Egyptian viper
Bug-bite symptom
Like all babies
Significant person
Perform better than
Stuff from volcanoes
Part of the eye
Strange circus performer
Repel (with off)
Professionals assistant
Bird in a crazy simile
Ginger ___ soda
Was in a race
Big Brother airer
Jeopardy! name
The Daily Show host
131 Anglers apparel
132 Inert gas
133 Snarky
134 Malamutes burden
A bunch of
Actor McKellen
Alias introducer
All in place
Amassed, as a tab
American Beauty kin
Angle measure, in math
Annual multi-sport awards
Apple all-in-one computer
Ate quickly, so to speak
Bad-tempered boss
Basic cable channel
Basic nature
Be of use
Besides, with from
Bibliography abbr
Big Apple baseballers
Boxing category
Bracelet adornment
Break quickly
Brownish photo tint
Bucks and toms
Carpentry joint
Caused to separate
Certain House members
Change the decor of
Common Fathers Day gifts
Compass reading
Concert venue
Cry of approval
Curtain support
Debussys sea
Defeated in chess
Dense shrubbery
Director Kazan
Disney World shuttle
Domino, for instance
Drive home, as a base runner
Drivetrain shafts
Email folder heading
Empty containers weight
End of a 1/1 song
Fabric of the earliest parachutes
Family room
Fast-running bird
FDR, but not TR
Fearsome dino
Fish-fowl connector
Frat letter
Friend of Tarzan
Gangster portrayer in Some Like It Hot
Genealogy chart
Go-to person
Golfers reservations
In itself
Inflexible person
Iowa States city
Isle of __ (spot in the Irish Sea)
LAX posting
Least cordial
Longest French river
Looked cheerful
Mad Hatter guest
Make coincident
Mount climbed by Moses
Neighbor of Thailand
Ninth presidents nickname
Not-so-small bills
Numbered musical work
Occupied, as an apartment
Occupy, as a desk
Olive discards
One way to cook veal
Orbiting debris
Organic sound transmitter
Overly sweet stuff
Part of a barbecue rack
PC program holder
Pennsylvania port
Phases of projects
Picnic side dish
Pop singer Amos
Post of etiquette
Pre-K kids
Prince Harry alma mater
Produce purchase
Remove gradually
Rightmost sundial numeral
Rudely interrupt
Rummage (through)
Running speed
Salty septet
Salutation in the hood
Saying nothing
Scandinavian furniture seller
Second knighted Beatle
Sense of diplomacy
Short-term staff
Simpsons creator Groening
Sized up
Slice of history
Slice of history
Small bills
Smog-watching agcy
Social standing, for short
Some Halloween wear
Spanish finger food
Spicy sandwich sausages
Sporting sneakers or sandals
Spot on a playing card
Start of a bray
Suffix for stock
Surfers shopping place
Swerves off course
Talk like Daffy Duck
The __ Lama
Thrifty shopper, perhaps
Tool with a razor blade
Train line list
Turntable part
Twill fabric
Two-Oscar de Havilland
Type of charity tourney
USC team
Varnish ingredient
Venerable kids cereal
Window covering
Wise advisor
__ avis (unusual thing)
Any marine vessel
Cobra relatives
Broken, as machinery
Rings in math class
Well, you know what …
Deep ___ bend
Add-on to ten
Place for chilling?
Cancel, as a takeoff
Reporters secretive sources
Chewy boardwalk stuff
Root beer patriarch
Audience divider
Target of world records?
Tree fluid
Not square in 1959
Like defective pens
Beeper, old-school
29-Across 33 1 3
King Albert IIs on some
Remover of rinds
Solicits via email
Texas shrine (with the)
Spanish movie house
Hawaiian party
Get a heavyweight decision
Hill builders down low
Loch ___ monster
Payments by many citizens
Candle feature
In the near future, way old
Huge reference work
Modern pentathlon weapon
Old generals status, cut
Bing who crooned
7:1, e.g.
What haters do
Michigan city
News hour, for many
Showed contrition
Bulgarian capital
Puncture from a thorn
Nut for beverages
Couple? Plus one or two
Little monkey of South America
Super quick! in an office
To become a pilot …
Contractor eschewer
Burned wood remnant
One having an egg?
Grate on
30 Rock creator
Pudding variety
Son of Zeus
Barrels ___ day
That dude
Mr. Hollands creation
Old Mideast gp.
Diligent? No way
Teachers kin, cut
Become noticeable
Like one separated from others
Many or heaps
Aroma kin
Michelangelo work
Small Highland village
Moth variety
Early computer operating system
Woodcarvers tool
___ in turkey (early lesson)
The middle of rebooting?
Absolute ruin
Agree to take up residence
Alcohol fan
Army brass to annoy the French
Await former favourite touring clubs
Biblical wise ruler
Boozer kinder when sozzled? Right!
Care for the sick
Charming area within reach across river
Check over pitch firstly in cricket?
Clobber little fox
Cutting edge
Deliberately open: pours out
Desire shown among surgeons
Does one agree with Nick?
Fuel from bog asphodel
Girl, maiden in stormy dales
He was wise, unaccompanied Scotsman
Hindu teacher
Horse restraint
Improve morally in lift
Keyboard player
Military unit
Musician right into tango is gyrating
NHS staffer in north sure to be sacked
Party for some legal advisers
Poet not allowed in pub we hear
Resolve dispute
Sage: perhaps Im a harsh one
Show resentment? Not a bit!
Smell made in an Italian city
Smell, fragrance
Soldiers ordered to carry kit
Spoils from Waterloo taken
Stolen items
Style point with member twirling cane
Suburb lad easily conceals knife
Theres more in Rotherhithe
Unimaginative literature, real mess
Valveless instrument
Young woman (archaic)
Aw, phooey!
I do sayer
Iron Man star Robert ___ Jr
The Lord of the Rings hero
( or ), for short
Apollo Theater neighborhood
Be worthy of
Big Apple cultural ctr
Bird on a Canadian dollar
BMW competitor
Button word
Canyon perimeter
Captains posts
Chew like a chipmunk
Chipped away at
Come down in buckets
Compete like Jesse Ventura did
DACA beneficiary
Declines, as support
Deep female voice
Did a jockeys job
Dragons home
Eggs in sushi rolls
Electric eye, e.g
Envelope feature
Fez and fedora
First Hebrew letter
First word of Jabberwocky
Full of excitement
Higher in rank than
Hometown to college footballs Black Bears
Hurling or curling
Icky stuff
Insults online
Jack who shunned fat
Jimi Hendrix hairdo
Johanna Spyri heroine
Like a clarinets sound
Like loose-leaf paper, usually
Lowly laborer
Luxuriant locks
Made the scene
Manicurists abrasive
Meaty Chinese noodle dish
Mia in the Soccer Hall of Fame
Nits, in time
Partners pronoun
Pigskin prop
Pindaric work
Pool table fabric
Poor, as attempts go
Prefix with normal or legal
Pub potation
Put down, in a way
Respond on Jeopardy!
Revered tribesman
Shamu, e.g
Side with a burger
Spanish bar snacks
Sparkling wine, informally
Stage, as a Civil War battle
Standing-room-only show
Sugar unit
Sumter or McHenry
Sunscreen additive
Take a beating
Texters didnt need to know that
Time of anticipation
Trans title character in a Kinks song
TV-dinner holder
Unattributed, in Bartletts (Abbr.)
Upfront payment
Victor Borge and Niels Bohr, for two
Watergate evidence
West coast zoo city
Where Caribbean pirates plundered
Wine and dine
___ mater
US permit to work
Filled tortilla
Record of proceedings
Funeral oration
Authority, expert
Lounge, sprawl
Dock worker
Feline-attracting plant
Paved enclosure
Youthful infatuation
Confine, restrict
Small beetle
Operatic song
And there it is!
And there it is!
How to Overthrow the Government author Huffington
Insecure network
Paradise Lost genre
Solar writer McEwan
Toodles, in Tottenham
Were losing time!
Animal enlarged in the horror film Gnaw: Food of the Gods II
Answer to Rick Jamess joke What did the five fingers say to the face? per an episode of Chappelles Show
Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Jones
Avoids courses
Bank statement?
Beetle noise source?
Big thing for a braggart
Body of language, briefly
Cake in a shower
Campus mil. program
Canadian home of Carleton University
CARE provision
Catch a glimpse of
Cigar smokers output
Clockwork component
Cloud over a lake
Coating for many cans
Cobblers creation
Cold call?
Continuous onslaught
Convention handout
Cooler drinks, maybe
Creamy party bowlful
Dennings on screen
Descends, as from a cliff
Doesnt report for duty, maybe
Dress shirt ornament
Eisenhower, familiarly
Electric flux symbol
Element associated with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Element associated with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Emblem on government documents, often
Energizes, with up
Enjoy, as ones Life?
Entry in a March Madness office pool
Equivalent of 32,000 ounces
Erics nickname on Bonanza
Finish line?
First Nations people
Fist bumps
Former Argentine president Alfonsín
Former Gucci Shops chairman Gucci
Galifianakis who voiced the Joker in The Lego Batman Movie
Genre that influenced two-tone music
Grilling events, for short
Grilling in grad school
Had to pay
Hashtag often paired with #TimesUp
Head of a certain family
Health profession?
High command?
High to the max
Highlight for Met fans?
Hit with a laser beam
In a florid way
Indian city that turns into an Indian form of music when scrambled
Island in a palindrome
ISP owned by Verizon
Its scanned in poetry
Jasper with many works inspired by the 80 Down
Job-site monitor, briefly
Light side of philosophy
Like many auto parts
Locale of Hephaestuss workshop, in myth
London in the fashion world
Made into a movie, say
Manhattan College rival
Mark on a crossword tournament puzzle
Melting mass
Mias portrayer in Pulp Fiction
Mortises inserts
Nativity scene group
Newman of 1970s SNL
Number in the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?
Olive ___
Olympic objectives
Orbit City family
Outer organ
Palindromic baby food
Political activists plea
Preschool attendee
Prez who signed Medicare into law
Project Mercury org
Psychics gift, allegedly
Recent payroll addition
Record holder?
Recording medium
Reptiles with hoods
Rocker Valentino
Saxophonist Stan
Sea where many ships were abandoned
Secure, as a ship
See 109 Down
Serbia-Montenegro divider?
Shout after a slice
Societal division
Solved, as a cryptogram
Some IHOP dishes
Sonic Youth guitarist Ranaldo
Spins a la Saturn
Stand with shelves
Steakhouse serving
Steps on a Brazilian dance floor, say
Stoker of horror stories
Struck by Cupids arrow
Subject of DNA analysis
Take notice?
Tennis player Naomi, or where she was born
The A of LGBTQIA, informally
Theyre delivered by a server
Time saver?
Total ___ (Nutrition Facts quantity)
Turn signal?
Vatican City capital
Wharf-building material
What the rich may wage on the poor
With 111 Across, big number
Witnesses recitations
Word of estimation
Word that precedes and rhymes with suit
Work order?
Zombies liquor
___ acid (food preservative)
___ Claus
___ Cruces, N.M
___ gin fizz
___ it in the bud
___-Missouria Tribe
Room for terriers lead, I see
Reject regarding my sweet?
Check for Bill, for example
Best drummer around runs from Jacks compound
Flood waters back, and close!
Stick with your old chemist
Tense stranger has left a child
City without borders wont face weak residents
Arbiter ending trial said its a miscarriage of justice
A city state entered by a band
Understand a season doesnt start ahead of time
House guest involved with bag hoax? Cor!
Risks created by close nettles
Silent thanks to outspoken model
Gather mother raised a fool
Supporter runs in to impart lies
Awful repercussions after euro loss chill!
Clergyman, a content catalyst
Spike-free place, not like here
Artist decrying origins? Blast!
She was content before serious trouble
Brief optimism about band missing cut gem
Ask about an indicator, getting replies back quickly
Director throwing cast completely
Girl cross guy took control of
Pleasant stroll outside Dalai Lama ends
Soldier wrong to sabotage leaders comebacks
Idle man claiming grass is patchy
A South American type of tinned…
…food, when eaten by a youngster

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