Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-12-1

Classic sandwich that sometimes has avocado added for short
The good ___ days
Big hunk of beef
___ Radley (To Kill a Mockingbird character)
Celebrity chef Rachael
Chicago airport that is United’s main hub
If You Give a Cat a ___ (2008 book by 27-Across)
Word that can follow ginger and amber
If You Give a Mouse a ___ (1985 book by 27-Across)
Take a stab at answering
___-pitch softball
Suffix for persist or exist
The wolf ___ the door: 2 wds.
Short stocky marsupial
Author of the If You Give . . . children’s book series: 2 wds.
Foul smells
The West Wing actor Alan
Prince Charles to Queen Elizabeth
Jettas and Passats for short
Your Movie Sucks author Roger
If You Give a Moose a ___ (1991 book by 27-Across)
CT scan alternative: Abbr.
Geographic reference book
If You Give a Pig a ___ (1998 book by 27-Across)
Utensil similar to a colander
Legendary boxer Muhammad
In this location
Big name in blue jeans
___ team (wrestling duo)
Network that airs Peaky Blinders and Doctor Who
Actor Ferrigno who once played the Incredible Hulk
Exams requiring no writing utensils
Waterskiing locale
It’s used to make denim blue
Go away!
Hanukkah potato treat
The results ___!: 2 wds.
Attack from all sides
Goodbye Mr. Chips star Peter
Former Cuban leader Fidel
Shellfish served with linguine
___ Grissom (William Petersen’s CSI character)
Suits cable channel
Water in French
Whiskey ___ (cocktails containing lemon juice)
The Artist Formerly ___ as Prince (what Prince once called himself)
Language spoken by Saudis
Give counsel to
Way to go! at the bullring
Initials of the president whose wife was Eleanor
What Jack Sprat couldn’t eat
___ Mouth (1990s band with two songs on the Shrek soundtrack)
Navel that’s the opposite of an innie
Super Bowl athlete briefly
Bert’s Sesame Street roommate
Personal #1 for short
___ chauvinist
Close chum
___ Deco (style commonly seen in Miami)
Korean automaker with the slogan The Power to Surprise
place to play video games
big city in northern Germany
natural cereals maker
lowers oneself
in a stylish way
freshens a coffee, perhaps
longtime country star Lynn
Los ___, West Coast home of Netflix
Carnival transport
Drive happy’ sloganeer
Bed in many a Thai dish
High as a kite
One may make Us money
Fabergé egg collector
Genesis name
Org. with the ‘Give Kids a Smile’ initiative
Like many matches
___ Sylphides’ (ballet)
Super ___
Roman who wrote ‘Whatever advice you give, be brief
Ibizan inn
Head shot
Activity involving a leader and a follower
Elliptical settings
Get tangled up
They’re used at the border
Derby head
Some E.R. cases
Not lie, say
Frappe Chiller offerer
Brand name that spells something not nice backward
Sentiment on 14 de febrero
Started back
Fratty Silicon Valley techie, stereotypically
Fitting place to order craft beer?
Name on a planter
Doesn’t do anything rash
E lucevan le stelle’ source
Quit stalling
Girl saved by Don Juan
Get ready to play, with ‘up
Reason to ask ‘What do you see?
England’s Isle of ___
Its East African equivalent is ‘bwana
Building block
Muscle shirt wearer’s pride
Gift that’s not always welcome
Lead-in to unfortunate news
Go out of one’s way
Lowest pack member
Tab holder, e.g.
Very, informally
Was in a sorry state?
Golfer’s approach, often
Annual spring chore, for many
People with great head shots?
Subject of the 2009 biography ‘Stormy Weather
Sorceress exiled on Aeaea
Cut out
Vehicle with wing-shaped tail fins
___ Fett, ‘Star Wars’ bounty hunter
Game with royal marriages
Was blue
Oom’ producer
Option for 38-Across
Words after a verbal slip
Yankees manager after Showalter
Auto specification
Parts of some neuro exams
Crew at a big accident
Make blue, say
Mean in school, for short
Rob ___
One payment to use road on coral reef
A piece of grave writing?
Not such a heavy means of ignition
No man can be famous
Excellent beginning to education
Not working, having left the convent
Musical about a time I have
Ians cat can be diabolic
Exact summary up to a point
Make amends after midday?
Become infatuated with evil Fallon, perhaps
Make a fraudulent imitation of a smithy
Conspiracy to put fifty in a container
The man is concealing skill at cards
Nice plan to get over the summit
When time flies when not eating
He does his work in record time!
Beneath ones dignity if daring to go out
Footballer involved in industrial dispute?
Hurries to see the unedited film
Loner out to register
Wood Kate ordered
Go before
Badly treated
Again and again
More irritable
On loan
Come to a mean conclusion
Throw from bowler to batsman
Hated having to transfer the load
Judge a musical instrument
It may spoil the look of the lid
Monument of wisdom?
Things look different after dark
Theyre not excavated but dug only for fun
The staidest form of dislike
Extensive exercise done by prisoners
They resort to debauchery and rouse agitation
Fail to honour the commitments of ones class?
Athenian room at the top
Late rising around here – thats heavenly!
Fighting together and all about to die
Times some of the rasher drivers
Remove all traces!
Dont use pieces as accessories
You can have this and still be clothes-mad!
Majestic state
Generous in providing a form of Braille
Does it count for nothing in the Secret Service?
Sidetrack to avoid the start of trouble
Visit to postpone
1995 novel by Jodi Picoult
1996-97 WBC Super Middleweight champion
See 1
1994 family film starring Macaulay Culkin in the title role
French painter whose works include 1911s The Table
Standard unit of currency of Peru replaced by the nuevo sol in 1991
Chisel-edged tooth at the front of the mouth
Burglar in 1839 Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist
US dramatist whose works include Street Scene and Dream Girl
See 11
2013 film drama starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney
See 15
Fantasy novel series by George R R Martin whose first volume is A Game of Thrones
See 23 Across
Pseudonym of Captain Henry Taprell Dorling, author of novels Cypher K and Toby Shad
See 16 Across
Large desert in E Asia
See 9 Across
River of Switzerland that flows through Lake Lucerne and the town of Bremgarten
1995 romcom starring Kirstie Alley and Steve Guttenberg
Fruit of the oak tree
Author of novels The Boys from Brazil and The Stepford Wives
See 7 Across
Species of wild mountain goat of Asia, Europe and North Africa
Juan , Spanish Cubist painter whose works include 1916s Still Life with Playing Cards
Proposed or planned undertaking
Thin biscuit
Protective suit
Keenly interested
Without going so far as
Paris underground
Aircraft-location system
Imitation gem
Message in cipher
Brave man
Major artery
High-level educational institution
Sheriffs men
In spite of everything
Written test
Giving heat
Steel broke in cold conditions
German fodder for kids
Shoddy, having carrying device
Rushes to get oboe parts
Sheepish round wine producer
Catch in one trap
Beastly medic?
Bother at a party
Juicer contains something cold
Trial or trade
New role for knowledge
Hearsay about organs
Staple shape for dishes
Energy savings scheme
Talented with drink
Some butter is terribly apt
Devour in one attempt
Knocked over and split, sadly
Live like a headless chauvinist
About to have nothing but eggs
Rinse out warning device
Guide a bullock
Push student to get an implement
Nothing but affection
Chief rioted unexpectedly
Pace rated incorrectly
Gone off a place in Italy
Verse from Roderick
Its a mixed drink
Ties up venue
Design laced another way
Concurred with dog
More polite with salesman
Shelter from fleet
Now employees have to be obliged
Yearn for a steeple
Dog in the evening sun
City can produce language
Tries out cricket matches
Dont answer, just overtake
Look noble
Beer gets nothing from plant
Terminate taxes internally
Semi-frozen rain
Farm animals
Water plants
Animal doctor
Frozen water
Head parts
Crockery items
Affectionate tap
Hand tool
Newspaper boss
Italian city
Sparkling wine
Wall sticker
Mans name
Be indebted to
Work towards
Breed of dog
Old school subject
Medicinal plant
____ Oyl
Hammerhead part
Gaze amorously
Refereed, briefly
Nathan and Alan
More modern
Scuffle result
Coal scuttle
Search blindly
Tucked in
Listen in
Ski spot
Louisiana swamp
Island chain
Nursery items
Good will
Bitter dispute
Dress style
____ dunk
Neck area
Sly glance
Ointment ingredient
Puffy do
Motorists aid
Folk dance
Helpful feline
Shade tree
Pointed end
Arden of Grease
____ Dragon
Bilko or Pepper
Cornea coverer
Irrational dread
Dine at night
George Bernard ____
Portable bunk
Florida reptile, for short
Cried a little
Military greeting
Ovine call
Not ons
Robins bill
Sols preceders
System to label calendar years
Game _ thrones
Fish used in unagi sushi
Country to which Leon Trotsky was exiled
Show up
Cross __ heart
Significant other, abbr.
Very much
Academy Awards
Public exhibition
Post graduate degree
Early Greek lyric poet
Roll by
Strong desire
Respectful bow
Friendly greeting
Eastern religion
Novak Djokovics org.
Place to gas up for free?
Beer __
Memorable Gregory Peck role
How work may be done near a deadline
Californias __ Verdes Peninsula
70s radical gp.
Singer Stefani et al.
Reception for champions
Scrooge types
Fruity treat
Jazz guitarist Herb
Terre dans la mer
Wetland birds
Caffeine-rich seed
1960 Random House acquisition
Wild way to run
Web crawler, e.g.
Hit the skids
Pressure meas.
Designer Pucci
Traditional Dixie dessert
Reptile named for the warning sound it makes
Death Star super weapons
Award-winning ESPN writer/reporter Jeremy
Rock & Roll Hall of Fames first female inductee
Check alternative
Many a GI
Old Ritz rival
Afternoon hr.
Lamb product
Memorable lion suit wearer
2001 biopic
Burros baskets
Former GM cars
Doesnt act well
Stage makeup staple
Programmers problem
McCormick offering
Gulf of __: Baltic Sea arm
Modern poster
Trees whose fruit yields a moisturizing butter
Catch on
Bryans Malcolm in the Middle role
Use a certain two-handed signal
19th-century womens rights advocate Amelia
La Dolce Vita actress
Flow in small waves
More inclined to pry
M*A*S*H actor David Ogden __
Kind of point
Prepared (oneself) for action
Catch ya later
A.L. West team, in crawl lines
Some Windows systems
Corn cores
Plant again
Folk wisdom
Our planet
Out of port
Honor roll (2 wds.)
Church official
Before, to Shakespeare
Shark feature
Lettuce dish
Compass point (abbr.)
Actress ____ Barkin
Radio and newspapers, e.g.
Most feeble
Certain connector
Diamond and Armstrong
Narrow boat
Certain debts
Follow orders
Novelist ____ Rice
Warsaw native
Breaks suddenly
Court dividers
Electric swimmers
Easy stride
William or Sean
Swiss cottage
Fertile desert spot
Respected leader
Quizzes again
British nobleman
Water mammal
Large amount
Acorn trees
Coffee vessels
Birch or spruce
Scatter seed
Spotted dog
Tavern order
Lose color
Spring bloom
JFKs party
Blackboard wipers
Telescope parts
Ancient Peruvians
Actress ____ Evans
Pilots stunt
Catholic leader
Double-reed instrument
Brokers advice
Looks at
Happy with hook-up? Post on social media
Place to observe Kens partner taking ecstasy on toilet
Dont picket, you say? I wont!
Rundown Hilton Hotel lacking robes gets three stars
Statue possibly of Greek character included in import
Digital coverage to be reinforced?
Local authority depositing gold in branch
Bottom lines about North American military-industrial complex
Hot cake left out once
Last of veteran Apple Macs is recycled – theyve no memory left
Spin doctor puts Morphs a beauty before dissolute rake
Women ensnared by wicked madam
Exercise, gaining weight on diet of fish?
Badgers picked up a sound
Film star with no love for costume
Distant flicker
Forestall old boy, one getting invite after separation
Ruin destroyed a not-unknown Conservative peer
Agility of limbs seen flying to catch Australian tail-ender
Trouble held up plant
Still old officer getting trapped wind
Peacekeeping organisations soldier invested in diamonds, perhaps – not helpful
Employee of 17 working nights brings in union and head of management
Covered passage from Catholic hymnal initially, having gone outside
Cuckoo to exclude monarch
Old prog rockers met up for church
Neither piece is one of those who famously skewered king
Count to exclude monarch
Was aware of
Lose hope
Soft roll
At once
Once more
Military fabric colour
Unit of electrical conductance
Bodily organ
Clearly reasoned
English county
Fortified building
Men (Informal)
Join together
Country whose capital is Zagreb
A salad of shredded cabbage, mayonnaise, carrots, onions, etc
Tom ___, American golfer who won the Open Championship at Royal Lytham & St Annes in 1996
Welsh rock band whose hits include Maybe Tomorrow and Dakota
A surrounding area or region
German city and spa for which the French name is Aix-la-Chapelle
Genus of plants commonly called coneflowers and black-eyed-susan
An inspection, correction and verification of business accounts, conducted by an independent accountant
Russian port on the Kama River known as Molotov between 1940 and 1962
English rock band whose hits included Down in the Tube Station at Midnight and Thats Entertainment
Severe infection and inflammation of the intestines caused by bacteria, protozoa or parasitic worms
Bully in Tom Browns School Days by Thomas Hughes
Ballet with music by Maurice Ravel, who described it as a symphonie choréographique
English punk rock band whose hits included London Calling and Should I Stay Or Should I Go
The technical name for mother-of-pearl
Peter ___, Australian tennis player best known for his doubles partnership with Paul McNamee
Song by The Beach Boys that features an Electro-Theremin, played by Paul Tanner
The Old World game bird Scolopax rusticola
English punk rock band whose members have included Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies
A commissioned officer of the lowest rank in the US Navy
William ___, York-born English painter best known for his nudes
A freshwater cyprinid fish of the genus Abramis
1974 UK and US number one single by Ray Stevens
Country whose capital is Ankara
Spanish name for the Running of the Bulls, as in Pamplona, for example
English punk rock band whose members included Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious
Stage name of New Orleans musician Mac Rebennack
A loose wide-sleeved liturgical vestment worn over the cassock by clergymen, choristers and acolytes
A tropical American click beetle of the genus Pyrophorus with luminescent thoracic organs
Australian port that is the capital of Queensland
BBC classical music quiz chaired by Joseph Cooper from 1966
The Eurasian duck Anas penelope
Loch ___, the largest Scottish lake
A red-skinned potato originally bred in the Netherlands in 1962
The Mediterranean cruciferous plant Lobularia maritima
English-born Australian singer and actress who co-starred with John Travolta in the film version of Grease
London area, birthplace of singer Matt Monro
A type of neutron star believed to have a very powerful magnetic field
The capital of Zambia
Charles Haddon ___, Baptist preacher known as the Prince of Preachers after whom an institute of theological higher education in Croydon is named
Technical name for the eardrum
Horse that Bob Champion rode to victory in the 1981 Grand National
Phil ___, former American record producer and songwriter convicted of second-degree murder in 2003
Brazilian footballer who joined Manchester United from Porto in 2007
J J ___, Finnish former Formula One driver who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans twice, in 1995 and 2005
Courtier sent by Claudius to invite Hamlet to participate in the duel with Laertes in Shakespeares play
The small rodent Micromys minutus
American film actor and entertainer born Joseph Yule, Jr. in 1920
Deep-toned native Australian wind instrument popularised by Rolf Harris
Tom ___, American golfer who won the Open Championship at Royal Troon in 1973
Famous aria from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet sometimes referred to as Lamour est un oiseau rebelle
Robert ___, Irish writer best known for his novel The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
In Greek mythology, a son of King Priam of Troy who was killed by Achilles
Shakespeare play subtitled the Moor of Venice
George ___, Romanian composer, violinist, pianist, conductor and teacher whose works include the opera Oedipe
Technical name for a cough
Tavern tally
Ohio city
Ancient Greek state
Dull lecturer
Holt of NBC News
Mr. Kringle
Enzyme suffix
Star Trek helmsman
Sunbathers goal
AOL, for one
High tennis shots
Pickling herb
Practically silent
Wet dirt
Do sums
— Bator
CIA operative
Sparkling Italian wine
Eye part
Barnard grad
Write down, as music
Use mouthwash
Stockholm natives
Toasters word
Carolina college
Gives tempo-rarily
Poetic tribute
Set of office tasks
Island near Java
This is only —
ACLU issues
Strong metal
High cards
QBs goals
Last (Abbr.)
Mensa measures
Take to court
Young trees
Baton Rouge sch.
Timetable abbr.
— culpa
Do the tango
Part of TNT
Pre-college exams
Turn the soil
Back talk
Sitar music
— do for now
Desk wood
Porter of song
Physiques, in slang
Tiny holes
Pecks and pounds
Violinist Stern
Stopwatch button
Hidden danger
Spring month
Hydrocarbon suffix
Websites block of nonsubscribers
Gives a makeover
Fruit basket items
Church area
Disapproving cry
Pull gently
Steeping gadget
Chart of numbers
The Silence of the Lambs director
Oklahoma! aunt
Slugger Sammy
Losing plan
Secants reciprocal
Held forth
Book part
Low bill
Takes the wrong way?
Pan, for one
Louisiana explorer
Compass point
Oil cartel
Takes a breather
Sailors patron
Horse house
Food channel
Wolfish sort
Indonesian island
Print units
Start of a seasonal greeting
Third son of Adam
Follower of angel or devil
In the know
Solo for a diva
Plane folk?
The Mary Tyler Moore Show co-star
Let up
Palm leaves
Author Rand
Fraternal fellows
Muslim priests
Small whale
Cheerleaders chant
Honshu seaport
French Mrs.
Saxony seaport
The Promised Land
Ancient Greek geographer
1982 Hoffman movie
Slow movements
Harpers Weekly artist
Disgusting dirt
Famous last word
Book size
New York nine
Winning margin
Knocked out
Region of S. America
Nautical poles
UK locale
Patty or William
Early 20th-century French art style
Creator of Hedda Gabler
Loose talk?
Of considerable weight
Moved carefully
Code of conduct
John Lennons widow
Burkina __
Deli breads
Italian sparkler
Bony-plated beast
Auntie __
Author Silverstein
Parts of a meter
Troy story
Diane and Michael
Fingals Cave site
Driving force
Mellifluous Mel
Thesaurus creator
Lawman Wyatt
Inventor who experienced ups and downs
Nursery rhyme residence
Knights title
Upper arm joint
Countryside walker
Hole for a lace or cord
Rodent often kept as a pet
Take eagerly
Edible bulb
Cooked egg dish
Military force
Tree producing conkers
Male relative
Local variety of language
Sheeps coat of wool
Technology opposer
Wash in clean water
Fossil resin used for jewellery
Proverbially extinct bird
Try my routes out – for people who dont know where they are going?
Characteristic of cap set askew
No huge assortment is sufficient
Stick ones oar in as gong is heard
Some of the stuffiest areas for a holiday abroad
Health resort in Spain
Craftsmen getting on in service
Centre redevelopment not long ago
Ariels new land
Intense dislike of headgear thats brightly coloured?
A bird from Florence?
Little devils at one mile per second!
Rise for dances awkwardly
Sauce ruined presents
Old stringed instrument from hilly region
Gloomy doctor got up
Clever, getting on in seaside resort
Lean pigs mucked up, seen in passing
Distant object is an old coin
Go near nuts or fruit
A yacht going astray in China
Many things sold at auction
Always entertained by Guinevere
A Loire criminal on new flighty part of The Wing
Acquire a knowledge of meandering lane around river
Ad lib with funny guy swallowing gin cocktail
Austen novel about Middle Eastern type of bacterial disease
Based out of Budapest by park
Calling for report of what the Bakers are doing
Carving one starter of trout is impressive having just made it
Check both sides of stereo system
Could start to loathe a classy nice source of wine
Crash diet – the current trend suggests one has a yo-yo effect
Did the stylist use a bowl to trim your hair, for example, working in the barbers for notice?
Evening Star sacks sage for buying and selling drink
Forsake an unprofitable business with copper, shady types and those who went missing (3,31,6)
Its a measure of the contents of porcelain china
Its even covered up by hyperinflation
Its far from February for investor
Line in sad eulogy by one of The Blazers synonymous with the season
Local malicious gossip dug up by both sides in District Court
Master of Ballantrae opens with a group of wise guys
Oblivious to a foreign conflict in hospital department
Realise former sweetheart is adorable
Removed sod from sandstone in the French port
Rip off culprit from religious group
Rip-off cutting of Genus Camellia
Row over grooming head of big cat
Seek the affection of most of the golf club
Serving a university thats plainly on the rise
Settle down or retiring in The Blasket Islands?
Soldier captured by Dutch colonist does a runner
Soldier on, dismissing lies of supporter
Some revolutionary secular organisation, in a manner of speaking
Source from abroad opens intoxicating Merlot wine
Square flat for party leader gone astray
Take Possession of the House – movie playing at end of Horrorthon
Tiny portrait lying on the chest as a reminder – just in case!
To make a long story short, director switched the action to the racecourse
Turn to revolutionary Harry Daniel living in Africa
What the artist produced for starter came out of Treasure Trove
Amount measured against another
Boundaries, demarcation lines
Communal dining-hall
Complete absence of hope
Correctional institution
Delicate, elusive
Enclosed with a palisade
Extreme fear
Feel sorry about
Feeling of great rapture
Grammatical division
Gyrate, reel
Illnesses, maladies
Investigates thoroughly to ensure suitability, for a job perhaps
Lacked, required
Large triangular sail at the front of a yacht
Micro-organisms that can cause disease
Moves to music
Not present
Occurrences, happenings
Older trees?
One favours the abolition of governments
Polite request
Prolonged periods
Put into proper order
Put the tennis ball in play
Right and left
Rule, control
Set afloat
Strengthen or support
Sweet edible fruits of a palm
Swelling containing pus
Up to the point that
Varieties of Narcissus plants
Words with the same meanings as others
Very informal language
Facility, easiness
Unit of distance in space
Expression of disapproval
Showing sympathetic feelings
Wildlife-rich region of Africa
Covered with frozen dew
Circus controller
Unrealistically high view of one’s prospects
Spotted beetle
Response to stimulus
Advance fee; servant
Biting fly
Excessive stress
Flattened by pressure
Fraudulent scheme
Excessive reckoning of value
Upper room
Sedimentary rock
Document or record collection
Placing of things close together
Deep absorption; baptism
Loose overcoat
Very popular book
Sudden forward movement
Loud piercing cry
Process of sharing out
Craftsmen’s or merchants’ association
Radical reorganisation
Way of living
Tear or deeply cut
Projectile’s path
Green-fleshed fruit
Form of pasta
Give comfort or support to
Unyielding resolution
Surrounding area
Decrease in loudness
Most basic level
Revelation of one’s feelings through art, dance, etc
Holder of an office or post
Failing to produce the intended result
State of being unwell or unfit
Creamy dressing
Bleeding from the nose
Publicly condemn
Make clearly known
Modern name for Burma
Spiritualist meeting
Historical French province
Move; dress
Christmas song
Abstain from food
Country road
Powered cutter
Interesting, significant
Be important
Using needle and thread
Long-term planner
Formal defence of one’s conduct
Compass point
Move on a twisting path
Computer record identifier
Strongly urge
Alarmed, unnerved
Actors in a play
Liking for sugar
Pacific republic
Troubled, nervous
— Craig, Bond actor
Stake; appointment
Physician became dictator’s prisoner
Do too little work and prepare to play, given the chance
Ran through party on purpose
As fruit, cut by length four times
Is financing it in a new way not worth considering?
Confused report of more profound times
Holes in long-haul craft
Chief heading off westward quaffing island’s wine
Couturier’s accessories causing a sensation
Detecting online espionage?
Trouble after an invention puts off Tesla’s foremost supporter
Normal rugged sort: old actor
Find fault with batsman’s innings
Collaborator getting slower taken in by shrink
Sound measure by which to rank European city
No clergy, only Mae West in disguise
German governor critical after contrary strike
Attractive female player’s first to go in eliminator
Thought’s being restricted again, as it were
Potential catch by fishing port barely mentioned
Search suspect, male, ahead of time
Philosopher Latinises text I mistranslated
It often goes with cheers , and audible countercheers
Teach music abroad, ditching posh teaching method
Scoffer joins press, producing crude output
Not being alone at work is essential
Coming to littl’un exhausted granny to start with
Cover for Oriental bowl of some antiquity
Top working girl in bodyguard benefits initially
Son in confinement lashed out
Resistance from foreign noble deprived of his own?
Wilde resorted to this club after eventful year
Fine provincial force once set up court abroad
Politician needs support of course within global alliance — plenty given
Drink, getting into gear before lecture?
One sorcerer with scarlet cloak portrayed again
Pinch mistress’s bottom in gallery
A top-of-range gadget for boxer’s trainer, perhaps
Run in to rouse support for equestrian
Oppressive form of greeting rebounded on Scot?
Ruined city’s favourite artist
Stormy petrels in Times account may attract it
Liquid (black) in small vault whence pong emanates
Can’t grasp what happens during fall
Bird we’re told put six feet under bush
Recidivist bets on queen wearing hat
Note: United explicit about player making a pile
One detective force intercepts sovereign trying to kill his relative?
Stimulant mostly taken after capital pasta
Moving ceremony to celebrate engagement
Spooner’s assessing safe charging point for motorist
Canny, by the way?
Mincing man with poodle ridiculed
Spades and fork, rough but penetrating
Even dons like exams
Drive time’s up, unfortunately
Cavalier almost impaling himself, in brief
Writer rejected one indoor game for another
Juvenile journalist particularly cut up
Red Guard primarily holds sway, having ousted leader
Cut around bog’s high ridge
What arithmetician does is brood at university
Collar hasn’t a zip
Carbon in gas fire, something to keep out the chill
Hide from man who’s left school educated
Victor, say, heading for upset after hard game
Understood this Latin building style
Scoffed after New Age’s recent arrival
Vent anger on school’s Dickensian character
Conflict not required to see off a group of Nazis
Novice boxes in learner driver?
Seizure by police to get the job done
The writer’s going to island covered in mud — he’s rolling in it
Some work accordingly isn’t finished
Lower number follows unspecified one
A sauce eaten by wrong butcher?
The sound of appealing gig
Miss sign probed by one scientist
Lovely creature’s embraced with irritation
Church plugs device as a way to avoid issue
War writer’s love novel rejected
Posed a gripping problem, something to get your teeth into!
Knock up meat dish for a tale teller
One used to flog online business, blocking terrible sanction
Playwright made great strides, European star
Cash reduced by bishops, for example
Characters in flannelette, cotton or natty jacket?
Its role is to reform lags?
Leave pastry wraps and an amount of drink
Cut a couple of diamonds
Discarded bits of gold line considered magical reflected American vanities
Must for fermenting?
Ruddy six-footer as Walloon’s rival?
Prisoner releases a one-pound rodent
Intensity of warmth, both reduced by flapping true spotted cloth
I repair junk: I live in Philippine mountains
Proper lives led by instant messaging in the first place
Reluctant to wear headless dummy’s strip
Aberdeen’s distant: return its grant to stop minor injury
Violent bishop accepted by God passed easily in America, having leather straps
Christian soldier statues were buried here in China
Tricky to read clue free of impurities amenable to solution
Reminder that there’s potassium in long green fruit
I deeply lament abuse about climate indicators
Birchbark-oiled leather tent of Siberia with right side cut off almost-lowest part?
Release Australian plant-eater south of grassland
“Overarching” philanthropist hot on ostrich cages
Minor software problem that produces shrill reports?
One has permission to set about guenon monkey raised for forest-dwellers
Bring up half-forgotten Hawaiian dress scandal a few days before a feast
Recall Noah’s son, mostly groomed within religious schools
Once reproachful former right-winger gathering for support?
Poisonous smoke with auto fouled by internal-combustion
Object for lawyers is to protect witch and plug cracks in one’s case?
Stick with bent head master in jug?
US president more than half crazy, exhibiting array of bloomers
Crippled by indecision, regularly ignored and upset: chill out, brah!
Catfish killed when coming from the bottom
Guard posts, forces (milit.)
Before, in front of (prep. with abl.)
An ethnonym for Turnus, eg Aen. 9.728 (nom. requiris)
Grass (illa quae a hortulano resecatur, non delator)
A bright girl, possibly loud
That woman of yours, those things of yours
An instance of misspeaking? Slip of the tongue
Filius Neptuni concham habet, vide Ovidi Metam. 1 et 2
Adv. by chance, perhaps; subs. n. nom., acc. sing. strength
Too, also, and also: quoque
He shakes (intrans. and trans.)
A mountain, either i) on Crete, ii) SE of Troy
You’ll watch on your own
Hazards and risks: casus (4th), fortasse
Properly, he affirms, asserts; in epic simply, he says
Woodland, grove: nemus, saltus, lucus
… and by military training: ____ militaris, Livy 1.19.4
THE loyal friend (acc.): fidum Aeneas adfatur ____, Aen. 10.332
I pursue or I vigorously follow
She begs: implorat, quaesit
Most rough, superlatively crude
Recently discovered papyrus: papyrus nuper ____
Last and greatest male
Haec ____: let these things happen
Auctor’s answer when you ask who made this puzzle?
Under, below, prep. with abl. and acc.
Bachelor of the Year co-awarder
__ yourselves of all malice: 1 Peter
A wide margin
Adaptable group, supposedly
Airborne enigma
Aristophanes or Orwell
Attempt to convey
Back to back
Becomes more endurable
Cell trio
Churchill was born in one
Commonwealth island member
Connectivity hub
Conversation bench cousin
Cools off, in a way
Cousteau, for instance
Dashboard device
Do a kitchen floor cleanup
Drop off
Essential of many school lunch programs
Fable staple
Fall to pieces
Family member in NATOs phonetic alphabet
Fill a team with rookies, perhaps
Formal administrations
Foursome at a 2008 Stockholm film premiere
Impervious to light
Inquiry of self-doubt
Intro for the wiser
It flows through Hanoi
Its 30 days before Passover
Its entrance has a Jackie Robinson Rotunda
Keep changing your mind
Loathsome ones
Name associated with 31 Across
Name related to Aidan
Nonacceptance of opposing views
Of lesser importance, informally
Order out
Overly orrnamented
Pile on
Renter in the Automotive Hall of Fame
Rumor introducer
Sartres virtue of the lukewarm
See 64 Across
See 67 Across
See 67 Across
Served up platters, perhaps
Slotted for service
Slotted for service
Small time?
Some marchers messages
They make money from misspelled URLs
Thrilling sensation
Toon first called Stinky
Top of some clocks
Tossed off
Verb from the Latin for breathe upon
Whats added to natural gas
Whom Baryshnikov danced for in the 60s
With 15 or 28 Across, oater farewell
With 63 Across, bag for chefs
__ boot
__ vowels (feature of French)
At your quickest
It can give you an edge
Help or assist
URL base
Bathshebas hubby
Forelimb bone
A fine mess, kinda
First garden lady
Sits around
Round roller
Be a renovator
Be a braggart
___ in Boots
Janet or Vivien
Rocker Domino
Nest for eagles
Kinda like a creamy pastry
U-turn from gentleman
Clear, as a board
Like expensive wine
Tapering church top
Type of oil or syrup
Inflicted a heavy blow on
Sticky bureaucratic stuff?
Dangerous bacterium
Large cornucopia fruit
Serve in a net
Kinda like what we speak
Drained fluid from
About half of all species
Render ___ Caesar …
Work for the CIA
Stockholm native
Ids complements
Inquiring one
Flour filter
Gerbil or kitty, for some
Leathers with naps
Online jerk
Prevalent or abounding
Upsilon follower
Visitor from Neptune
Miniature map on a map
Roald the writer
Yeah, I think so
Toppers for pots
Tools for spreading metals
Yorkshire river
Renters document
Marine eagle
Network regulating gp.
Now I see!
Jewish calendar month
Take drugs regularly
Impressive degree
Rural homeowners tank
Canal since 1817
Male adult red deer
Not liquid or gas
Bettors stats
Massage type
Amble about
Like much notebook paper
Green pasta sauce
Set of guiding beliefs
Recedes, as tides
Chew like a rat
Leer at
Timmys two
Palette selection
Holy smokes!
Ill take that as ___
Missing in Action star Chuck
No problem
Not really, nonverbally
See you!
Shark Tank shark Greiner
The Jazz Singer, notably
1040, e.g
1805 symphony
A kitchen worker might wear one
A whole bunch
All thumbs
Allfather of myth
Allow to float, as currency
Angel in the outfield
Aspiring docs exam
Bad investments for house traders?
Based on hearing
Before long
Bongo, e.g
Brightened (up)
Bus. card info
Cabbage Patch Kids maker
Caesar, in a 2010s movie franchise
Campus cohort
Change a handle
Charity sports events
Choice location for an authors house?
Clean up, in a way
Code creator
Concert venue
Conflict about house ownership?
Contract specification
Copa del Mundo cry
Corn specialty?
Cough syrup ingredient
Cycle sport
D.C.-to-Norfolk heading
Decision maker
Didnt decide immediately
Drill that may bore
Drop, as an argument
Exciting news about paperwork on a house purchase?
Famous boxing family
Fiddler and king
Final price for ones new house?
Find somewhat amusing, perhaps
Finds somewhere to build ones new house?
Gift of the gregarious
Going off the walls
Green land
Green prefix
Hard to swallow
Hide-hair connector
Hoover hookup
Hounds prey
House broker who doesnt charge?
House near the Alabama coast?
James Cameron megahit
Jens Stoltenberg is its secy. general
Kathmandu residents
Keanu, in The Matrix
Kings output
La la lead-in
Latch (onto)
Lead-in for girl! or boy!
Learns to fit in
Like a short report
Like a white whale
Long ago
Makes a point of
Match with horses
Messed up
Milans La ___
MIT ___ School of Management
Model used in physics class
Mushroom makers
Mythological minder of the zodiac wheel
N.C. State is in it
Not as dense
Oer and oer
One of a billionaires houses?
Palomino poker
Pays to play
People of the Platte
Pepper on a platter?
Pitch kin
Pitching stat
Place for poissons
Plan to settle up later
Pointing a finger at
Positive trend, to economists
Professors on pensions
Qualifying as a role model
Relieves from
Roped in
Senate VIPs
Short excursion
Sibilant signals
Skate tightener
Smallville girl
Something to eat
Southwestern sights
Spencer of Good Morning America
Spoil, as a parade
Square, to Pierre
Starts to disappear
Subject of Winston Churchills London to Ladysmith via Pretoria
Surveying figures
Tape measure: Abbr
The Louisville Bats, for the Reds
Tight head cover
Traffic warning
Transport of Tibet
Treat, as a dry lawn
Veiled threat
View from the Str. of Gibraltar
Went past the border
What youre working on, for short
Whom Jason jilted
With moves like a gymnast
Worked up
___ impasse
___ Vista
Antagonise sergeant given new order
Appliance for pressing
Bays or coves
Being shocked has upset Barbies man
Carnivorous mammal
Charming perhaps, knight splits cost
Commemorative disc
Delays as monarch goes among deer
Falsely smile as lacking purpose
Famed collie
Flood finally pours – down these
Game Anfield side delivered?
Girl to take legal action
Having no direction
Hunger contained in kitchen
Intimidate Trojan hero
Keen son on stringed instrument
King Priams son
Lad playing with rope spotted cat
Large feline
Match over, Mikes introduced broadcast
Meat cut from prize animal
Military encirclement
Old king dresses writer in lingerie item
Owed pounds in honourable affair
Peter Sellers: inwardly brusque?
Potters signal?
Private instructor
Raiment so neatened — was this used?
Restless desire
Royal personage
Rugby throw-in
Rugger formation Neil suggests?
Scots girl sails out with English
Second name applied to bird and beast
See GI wounded in blockade
Setback making no difference to mum or dad?
Small lake
Snooker stick
Sword or pistol fight
Teacher to express disapproval otherwise
These estuaries could be silent
Waste channels
Get lost!
Ghostbusters goop
Love Song singer Bareilles
The Blackboard Jungle author Hunter
The Tempest sprite
Time is money, e.g
___ are born great . . . (Shakespeare quote)
Adams first home
Alabama march city
Aldrich of spydom
Amazons smart speaker brand
Any of 17 Monopoly properties (Abbr.)
Ascribed, as blame
Be of use
Big name in athletic shoes
Budget-brand prefix
Chicagoan on
Christopher who played Superman
Colorful card game
Come close to, with on
Cosmetic in a compact
Croupiers chip-moving method?
Cubicle fixture
Days before big events
Decked out
Direction on a Kool-Aid package
Diversion on a place mat
Dot in a 50-Down
Dry Italian wine
Eye flirtatiously
Feeling peevish
Fireplace fixture
Flockhart of Ally McBeal
Garment with a watch pocket
Golden years investments, for short
Goodie with Topps baseball cards, once
Graf with seven Wimbledon wins
Harbor vessels
Headgear thats always in style?
Helper on the Hill
Holiday-season worker
Hoops Hall of Famer Willis
In an aloof manner
Invest in 46-Down
Karl of the Bush 43 White House
Keystone lawman
Large section of a Risk board
Like a 1909 S-VDB penny
Like a weasels eyes
Like big hair, often
Like most Riyadh natives
Lorraine of The Sopranos
Many Haydn compositions
Mary of The Maltese Falcon
Maryland athletes, for short
Medieval drudge
Most of the Earths surface
Movie snippet
Official in a striped shirt, for short
Orthodontists org
Passed into law
Pinto or lima
Prefix with van or cam
Ranchland unit
Rio automaker
Romance novelist Roberts
Roof overhang
Served with a creamy Parmesan sauce
Sign before Taurus
Sleety downpour?
Spill the beans
String along
String along
Sweet red liqueur
Twist the arm of, so to speak
Wall Street worker
___ and greet (reception)
___ Miss (Rebels school)
German wine horses back ankle
Supports by putting in props
Ship of the desert
Far Eastern capital
Oloroso or amontillado?
Severe reprimand laughing tones (anag)
Final outcome
Unleavened bread eaten at Passover
Visit, as a ghost
From Haifa, perhaps?
Religious studies
Dont go!
Muscle spasm in the neck
Making fine distinctions of little importance
Explore with the aim of gaining useful information
Caste of Japanese warriors
Number placement puzzle with a 9 x 9 grid
Public dishonour
Eighth rock from the Sun
Ritz or Hilton?
Taking of anothers property
Annual event to raise awareness of HIV and its consequences
See 6
Korean popular music
Dance from 24 16 associated with protests and sports events
Skin cancer associated with the diagnosis of HIV
Ancient city in Afghanistan
The lone star state?
See 12 Down
Resort town on the French Riviera
The ship on which Jason sailed in pursuit of the Golden Fleece
See 11
Country that became a Union in 1910 and a Republic in 1961
Gwyneth Paltrows lifestyle brand
Syrias second city
__ Potter, mother of Harry
Large biting fly that is endemic to tropical Africa
The Chesapeake Bay state?
Gertrude __, author whose works include The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas
Archipelago that stretches west from mainland Alaska
Japanese manufacturer of commercial vehicles
See 24 Across
Island where Excalibur was made
A German sportswear brand – or an American big cat
Generic suffix that means scandal
Unspecified person spoiling boys demo
Bear grabbing right thread
What is normal for father, royal, in favour of the series of lessons
First of lads deserved to be knowledgeable
Quick former journalists
One man in less getting double
Action of hound going round home
Improve a repair
Nine told off, being lazy
Royal is only having fried food
Having quietly rushed about, man swaggered
I fuss fencer, Neil, having to experience pain without saying anything
Tidier Northern diner
Vehicles safety strap thats testable, possibly
First of students at university quietly getting French article, flexible
Drunk, grim, near a spread
Young Guide making cake
Went out with old hat
Moved in large numbers from depot or alternative
Engineers in time making us concur
Clothing appearing on time for equestrian discipline
Poetry included by socialist being backed up
Id half of them in long film involving plague
Eccentric once nice about man finally revealing lack of guilt
Guard initially arriving with one boy in fortified place
District of bishop with cod I see unexpectedly
Pamphlet in meadow left accidentally
A department originally opening for the time before Christmas
One in seat from the capital of Bulgaria
Head getting hold of second adhesive

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