Free Daily Answers From CrosswordsBuzz – 2018-12-2

Rental from Hertz
South Park kid whose last name is Marsh
Seat at a table
___ only as directed
Feature on a camel’s back
Send an RSVP
Steven Spielberg film based on a 1982 Alice Walker novel: 3 wds.
At Home With Amy ___ (truTV show)
American ___ (show featuring Lionel Richie as a judge)
Fuel additive brand that sponsors NASCAR
Lumberjack’s tool
Federal group that runs the WaterSense program: Abbr.
Tummy pain
Rory McIlroy’s organization: Abbr.
Wooden pole that supports a sail
Steven Spielberg film based on a 1982 Thomas Keneally novel: 2 wds.
Saudi Arabia’s neighbor to the southeast
Rock singer Stewart
___ the knot (gets married)
Penny Dreadful actor Studi
Polka ___ (part of a circular pattern)
Al Bundy’s son on Married . . . With Children
Sicario: Day of the Soldado star Benicio del ___
He plays Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: 2 wds.
Steven Spielberg film based on a 2011 Ernest Cline novel: 3 wds.
She marries Eric in The Little Mermaid
Large appliance in a kitchen
Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof: 2 wds.
Driving Miss Daisy star Jessica
Blemish that a dermatologist might remove
Under ___ (worse than expected)
Edits out as from a movie
Arthur ___ Stadium (New York tennis venue)
Walk on the Wild Side singer Lou
Cup-shaped Dutch flower
American folk/rock singer ___ Lee
Morning Edition broadcaster
Unrefined as oil
Medal of Valor recipient
Dessert considered a symbol of America: 2 wds.
Feeling crummy
The Catcher in the ___ (J.D. Salinger book)
Exchange for money as poker chips: 2 wds.
Animation studio that has won 19 Oscars
Beechwood ___ (Budweiser description)
Get a grade of A B C or D
Word that can follow pop or op
Gadget corporation in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Molly’s Game star Jessica
What happens in a novel
Small burger
Mother of piglets
Wilt like old flowers
In a boring way
Seller’s opposite
Took too many drugs
Slang term for coffee
Thrown for a ___ (shocked)
A Simple Favor star Kendrick
Have on like a shirt
Subway rodent
Important statistic for a pitcher: Abbr.
Secret Service member
secret language
done in secret
secret comic book lair
lay bare, as a secret
reveal a secret identity
Walter with a secret life
Ask ___ …
At Seventeen singer Janis ___
Cómo ___ usted?
Despicable Me supervillain
Father ___ (bygone British sitcom)
Thats all wrong!
___ Vickers, Sinclair Lewis novel
___, My God, to Thee (hymn)
13579 AZ
A miner concern?
Abbr. that rhymes with bill, appropriately
After all deductions
All you can eat
Altar avowal
Announcement over a planes P.A
AT hot dog hot dog RA
Atlanta-to-Miami dir
Baseballs Garciaparra
Big name in watches
Blow away
Boiling blood
Boy king in Shakespeares Richard III
Brackish coastal habitat
Broadways McDonald
Cardinal letters
Catbird seat?
Certain reunion attendee
Childrens author Blyton
Citrus drink
Comment on a blog
Cornerstone abbr
Country on the Red Sea
Creator of a draft
Creator of the detective Adam Dalgliesh
Curriers partner
Cut, as a log
Dad ___
Dateless, say
Doesnt keep
Durable yellow cotton cloth
Egyptian god of the universe
Eldest Stark son on Game of Thrones
End of the British alphabet
Evictor of the Jews in Fiddler on the Roof
Explosion fragments
Farrokh Bulsara ___ Freddie Mercury
Fiery peppers
First name on the Supreme Court
Garden parties?
Genetic info carrier
German port in Lower Saxony
Give a major lift
Grassy expanse
Grassy expanse
Greek ally in the Iliad
Groceries holder
Hank who voices Moe and Chief Wiggum
Hash houses
He wore #6 for the Sixers
Home sick?
Icon leading to checkout
Invincibility power-up in Mario games
It often comes before the fall
Its better than never, they say
Its frequently in Italian
Kept on going
Knight who co-founded Nike
Large green moths
Large large skip skip
Less crazy
Like cleats
Like some clean energy
Like some yoga
Lions share
Locks in a barn?
Long haul
Lyric poem
Manhattan Project creation
Minute amount
Moonshine makers need
Norwegian P.M. Stoltenberg
Off-road motorcycle race
Ones place
Opening in a battlement
Palindromic title
Part of a buck
Partner of aid
Per spire
Perch for a pie
Pint glass fill
Pivot around an axis
Political refugees
Puts in order
Sandra Denton, in hip-hops Whatta Man trio
Satellite connection
Scratch (out)
Sings the blues
Six-foot runner?
Small dam
Some transitional movie shots
Something studied in toponymy
Something to take lying down
Soul sister, say
Spanish title: Abbr
Sporting a feathery crest
Store event that people may stand in line for
Street fleet
Summer clock setting: Abbr
Telepathy term
Tennis judges cry
Test for a college sr
The Lions or Tigers, on scoreboards
Transmission part
Traveled in trunks?
Trojan ally in the Iliad
Two in the hand
Victorias Secret item
What a Mercator projection map notably distorts
What all people are, per the Bible
What obsidian forms from
White sheet
Woodworking tool
Wound + dis
Writer Wiesel
___ avis
___ Bridge (Venice landmark)
___ Caovilla, Italian shoe designer
Root vegetable of the genus Beta cultivated as fodder
Name, until 1971, of the United Arab Emirates
River in Mississippi, US, formed by the confluence of the Tallahatchie and Yalobusha Rivers
Jennifer , actress who portrayed Myrtle Logue in 2010 biopic The Kings Speech
1940 film comedy starring Groucho Marx as S Quentin Quale
Brendan , author of 1958 autobiographical novel Borstal Boy
See 8
University city in NW Nicaragua; a former capital of the country
Capital of Ghana
Painting, usually an altarpiece, on two hinged wooden panels
2009 novel by Lynda La Plante
British overseas territory in the Caribbean Sea; capital The Valley
Bird of the finch family such as the European or Syrian
River in North Yorkshire that joins the Ure to form the Ouse
Kathryn , actress who starred as Magnolia Hawks in 1951 film musical Show Boat
Capital of Moselle department, France
2016 comedy-drama film starring Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson
City on the River Trent associated with the hosiery industry
1970 film drama starring David Bradley as Billy Casper
Tyson , 2007 World Championships 100m and 200m gold medallist
Welsh actress who played Gwen Cooper in BBC TV series Torchwood
Former name of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, NE India
Clifford , author of stage plays Waiting for Lefty and Clash by Night
Benjamin , author of The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care
Tiny wafer of semiconductor material used in the manufacture of electronic equipment
Proceed at the same speed as
Hole next to the septum
Way of doing something
Strong impulse
Underwater missile
Optical toy
In reserve
Climb up
Colourful bird
Curving trajectory
Cleaning utensil
Trailer for transporting equine mammals
Type of pale beer
Football pitch surface
Happy and pleased
Impression made by swimmer?
Rent is increased, we hear
Declare Vera to be mad
Surface temperature on Mars, say
Origin of botany?
Need to rearrange garden
Fashion might start with poem
Shes a climber
Pelt found in refurbishment
Unusual not to be well done
Time to order something
Most unexcited about song
Look for every application
Recalled about visit
Owing to student conflict
Stretch former nurse
Great purse, ruined
Incline to be thin
Loathed to laugh at Edward
Present during the recording
Caustic – like metal?
Guard loses head on way in
Its expensive, darling
Dog really captured monster
Royal cost includes new top
Fellow finds new diet smelly
Enough to have beer with politician
Money for food
Late ordering duck
Consider an inspiring figure
Celestial body
Genesis place
Evergreen plant
Animal hair
Seldom seen
Without fat
In this place
Royal son
Baked loaf
Source of inspiration
Diagnostic aid
Feel bad
Do wrong
Apply oil to
Stubborn one
Taro product
Burning mound
Circular reef
Uncalled for
Greek letter
Muslim leader
Family vehicle
Design anew
French peak
Brown pigment
Wire measure
Printing size
Athens vowel
Fishermans aid
You, to Shakespeare
Rabbit fur
Grasping tool
Still, poetically
Bullets, for short
Was able to
Previous to
Group of lions
Ashes game
Caustic material
Mistake in print
Singer Ponselle
African beast
Behind time
Not processed
Have for dessert
Upper class
Dull sound
Roast host
Ballet outfit
Warning sign
In the year of the Lord
Nautical adverb
Skeleton in the closet, e.g.
Choral voice
New York time
Common adj. to describe the ocean
T.S. Eliots cruellest month
Body art
Star quality
Juvenile salamanders
Avian mimic
Selling point?
Weasel cousin
Passed quickly, as time
Pigeon calls
Kind of column
Stands at lectures
Lead in a movie, say
What the acrobatic landlady liked to do?
Wile E. Coyote supplier
Former LeBron team, on sports tickers
Lost on purpose
Buds, possibly
TruTV show for board game enthusiasts?
Sorority letter
Former LeBron team, on sport tickers
Takes a breather
The Simpsons retailer
Chain of Fools name
Out in the yacht
Bite playfully
When a pro might practice at Augusta National?
Once __ a time …
Yon yacht
Name in a Tolstoy title
Formal split
Electric wheels
Second-tallest living bird
Gym employees for those getting in shape fast?
Dont hold your breath
Antelope playmates
Musical muscle car
Agave plant
The wisdom of many and the wit of one : Russell
Bigelow product
Often painful crack
Cut with a small knife
Gold medal winners at the Renaissance fair?
Thesaurus wd.
Doing nothing
Cabinet department
Chinas Zhou __
QBs stat
Shocked text letters
Wedding chapels main form of advertising?
Vacation destination
Caroline Islands components
Rescue squad initials
Fictional plantation
Where bills should be put after an audit?
Slippery trees
… but I could be wrong
Celestial ovine
Shuts down
Colorists supply
Price enders, often
Obliterate, in Oxford
Menial work
__ it!
__ plume
Have high hopes
Hindu Destroyer
Start of an adage about humanity
Sandwich shop order
Often tickled bone?
Foucaults Pendulum author
Diagonal sail extender
Pindar piece
Make widely known
Stadium staples
Eastwoods Bronco Billy co-star Sondra
Fictional hunter in a floppy hat
Signs of garden neglect
GM subsidiary
Guys girlfriend
Comedy __
One may be dull
Trek pack animal
Algonquian language
Picked up
Trojan War god
Nickname for José
Eerie fliers
Old anesthetic
Like many crosswords
Up star
WWII prison camp
Subject of Huáscar
Orange discard
Legally off base
Baited insect collector
Beans or greens
Scalias successor
Enhancing word
Shaft between wheels
Words near an F, maybe
Musical handicap
Omar of In Too Deep
Doctors order
French __
Consider carefully, with over
Basilica recess
Astros catcher McCann
Bonnie Blues dad
2012 Ben Affleck film
Casino game requirement, often
Symphonic disc
Mercedes line
Kings org.
City from which Vasco da Gama sailed
NBA part
Drivers license info
Hardly favored
Voltas birthplace
Musical Mel
86-Across variety
German river, to locals
Less risky
Gemini docking target
Lumps for Miss Muffet
German state
Exodus protagonist
The Situation Room airer
Its game
Longtime Eur. realm
Coat part
Poker opener
Lumber source
Female Japanese entertainer
Toward the Arctic
So-so grade
Flower wreath
Lose brightness
Intolerant of delay
Forbidden items (hyph.)
Wound covering
Army doctor
Anchorman ____ Jennings
Comedian ____ Carvey
____ Plaines, Illinois
____ Beta Kappa
Office message
Knocks sharply
March date
Broadcasted again
Puts on
Pipe parts
Roosters mates
Thick carpet
Ice cream holder
____ Witherspoon of Legally Blonde
____ Marie Presley
Raggedy ____
Physical discomfort
Eyed slyly
Gone ____ the Wind
Farm measure
Genesis garden
Speech problems
Brought to a close
Food fish
____ ODonnell of TV
Snaky shapes
Singer ____ Turner
Tuna container
Country singer ____ McEntire
Metal bolt
In the center of
Warning sign
Velvety growth
Once ____ a time…
Chefs measures (abbr.)
River barrier
Destructive creature endlessly ensnaring married medics?
Graphics in electronic communication causes pain
Dead funny old Scandinavian books
Flowers next to cashiers workstation not shifting
Fuel stamps on letter
Firm welcoming head of informatics with new cushy job
Mention of soldiers about to break barricade
Cook needs to cover joint
Social workers like carrying books
Measuring device in safe containing two notes
Start of Christian period reportedly overlooked by one studying clay tablets?
Money for puppet given to Arab
Bird with fat bottom close to swamp
Blunt stick attached to end of rifle
Reddish-brown herb
One end of drill breaking stuff found on beach in Corfu, say
Protester in factory diluted fluid
Runs taken by players in international game
Some bananas left next to the French wine
King stopping gnome swimming in river
Reserve of illicit drug found during recent reshuffle
Spend lots of money for plant around lake
Animal with trunk upturned cask to get fruit
Additional cast member losing a fan?
Hospital leaving asylum to use different approaches
European officer featuring in work of Theban king …
… played a part in Scandinavian uprising outside court close to Elsinore
Patch covering base of rectangular perforation
Sign book by artist
Poorly conceived (Informal)
Indian dress
See note
Coarse gravel
Glaringly obvious
Defence of being elsewhere
Deep blue
Level of command
Raised platform
English river
Under discussion
Circus swing
Russian pancakes
For a particular purpose only
Large weighty book
Stage accesories
Cinematographer Nykvist
Thick slice
The present location
Look a joint over
Lead down the aisle
Holds back
Large wasp
Hitch or glitch
Not sunk
Dont Cry __, Argentina
Math class, informally
Cartesian conclusion
Newspaper chiefs
__ pro nobis
Lucille Balls husband
Made a mistake
Order to relax
1960 Elvis movie
African plains grazers
Firefighter Red
Atlantic fish
Piscine organ
Fifty minutes past the hour
Absurd art
Pop musician Lofgren
Moved gingerly
Fruit with a stone
Folk singer Phil
Night air?
Shoulder motion
Hesitant sounds
Shade of red
Cleo or Frankie
Lou Grant star
Gad about
Old hat
Long-gone birds
…stole __ and away did run
Fair attractions
Writer Jaffe
Levin and Gershwin
Really soak
River to Lake Baikal
Medieval trade association
Neighbor of Pakistan
Become wearisome
The Jets, for one
Women and Love author
LI doubled
Formal headgear
Go aboard
Violent whirling wind-storm
Popular cheese
Uncivilised person
Light purple colour
Collection of books
Marine animal
Main meal
Slow down
Roof of straw or reeds
Gin and vermouth cocktail
Hard stone
Heavy waterproof cover
Lie back
North American falls
Rode a bike
Gain knowledge
Moisten with hot fat
To some in trouble, feelings are needed
Tree seen if turning to the right
Violet almost changed colour
Unruly girl was first to be questioned
Moving house?
Superficial burn produced by fusing electrical component
Animals ordered to rest
Musical instrument filled with ice cream?
Animal in book a piglet?
Brought to a conclusion everywhere
Part of road here drivers got stuck
Fancy lace covering one girl
Finish back in Widnes
Disturbed rest with clap thats ghostly
Migrate in order to see French detective
Neckwear thats Siamese, by the sound of it
They produce sound body parts
National register for cake?
No elf could be a criminal
Quite an occasion when the extreme left write?
Drink as alternative to the cool cha?
Green coating spoiling divers rig
A short work of fiction: November Girl
Light taken from attic and left
Hurt when head is broken outside city
A share of the profits, called for by movie director?
Place for sweaters?
Fly catcher
Winter Palace dwellers
East or west end
A really big shoe
Mad Hatters accessory
Start of a Burma-Shave jingle
________ boy!
They, in Calais
First follower?
The works
Yule music
Part 2 of the jingle
Dessert order
Social-register word
________ tai
Lift forcefully from beneath
Eastern sash
CIO partner
Part 3 of the jingle
Poohs goo
Martino and Molinaro
Make use of
For what ________ worth…
Part of a plot
Country with six time zones
End of the jingle
Sets up
Letters of simplicity
Long in the tooth
Word of cheer
________ up, finalizes
Sticky-tongued mammal
Counting-out word
Take a chance
Georgias oldest city
Simile center
Depends (on)
Prefix meaning star
Line on a spine
It grows on you
Filmdoms Berry
Taxpayers ID
Have ________ in ones bonnet
Jim Davis comics pooch
A pox upon thee!
Bronze coin of ancient Rome
Sufficient, plus
Architect Mies van der ________
Temporary suspension
World travelers?
Algonquian tribe
Actor Kilmer
… mice and men gang aft ________
Weather abbr.
Where the action is
Make certain
Fabric stiffener
Judges seat
Red Cross supply
________ Gooding Jr.
It may be in a pickle
Buzz Lightyears owner
Letterhead abbr.
Thole pole
Like many announcers private side comments
Give a cue to
Sounded like a frog
Durbin of old Hollywood
Worriers cry
Deeper level of longing?
Walk like a little un
Coll. website suffix
Slandered really badly
Legal claim
White water whereabouts
Give it a go
Place to bathe on the grass outside a house?
They cause actions
Really boring chairs, desks and tables?
Two-grid vacuum tube
Cry to a matador
Manning of the Giants
Of charged particles
Extreme type
Lysol target
What 1066 is famous as?
Territory split in 1889
Pertaining to
Bad, to Jules
Viral malady
Allow me to provide a leavening agent, if nothing else ?
Blvds. and aves.
Chinas Long March leader
Aquatic bird
— Leone
Pray that I find some cool gross stuff! ?
Isle of Man man, e.g.
Scout unit
— pittance (hardly any)
Garage job
Atop, to bards
Short snooze
Bit of voice mail
Hankerings to take pictures of small and distant objects?
Places for milk products
Bored feeling
Measure of how much a ship swerves off course?
2000-15 TV series
Horror film lab aide
With 108-Down, deteriorate
Pre-entree dishes
Lanai wreath
Join the club
Chatter thats engaging?
Entertainer Uggams
Give kudos
Arms depot
What vets provide
Earthy color
Artist Kahlo
Mist over
— -jongg
Mamies man
Plunk lead-in
Häagen-Dazs rival
Storied fireman Red
Camelot wife
Raggedy —
— opus
Road hazard
Sorority P
In a curious way
Word before circus or blitz
More ashen
Latest thing
Singer John
Be next to
Small hotel
Writer Bellow
Connect with
Match well
Duo + one
Tally a total
1982 Disney cyberfilm
— better believe it!
Penne — vodka
Sloppy smooches
Wry twisting
— Haute
Acuff of song
Like a swap
Radio tuner
Hose color
Otters kin
Go extinct
Tis so sad
You lookin —?
Stable stock
Seamless transition
Von — family ( The Sound of Music clan)
— oxide (anesthetic)
The, to Hans
Emulated a fish
1 p.m. is one
Horse color
iPad downloads
Oct.s 744
Union general George
Darling type
Bodily joint
Aquatic bird
Lofty trains
Tall volcano in Sicily
Groups of geese
Dubliners land
Model Klum
Dogs bark
Key in anew
Give in (to)
Nixon veep Spiro
See 117-Across
Dryly comical
In the vicinity
Not as risky
Kagan of justice
Romero of Batman
Works name
Lasting mark
Related (to)
Take a pic of
— Abner
Legendary coach Parseghian
Three, in Bari
D.C. winter hrs.
Remote button abbr.
Denial of one’s own needs
Old stringed instrument
Soup dish
Saucy novel
5th sign of the zodiac
10th Greek letter
Sticky stuff
Notional credit
Formally, one after another
A modern art movement
Out of contact
Excess fat
Furniture not completed very quickly
In trouble, guy is flirt
Fancy dinner parties interrupted by a no-hoper?
Before a call, Romeo spoke
Soapstone location found around tea time
European plan beset by harsh conduct
Makeshift hospital acquired by a physician
Iron in mouth turned muddy
Moved beams in to touch wood
Brown bags for a scholar in Kent
Crook feeds amazing bat
Good friends supply sweet eaten by one daughter
Checked defect in the diamonds
Parasite taking shelter by church
Small uniform for a senior cop
Right to avoid delivery charges?
Some of us met an amazing composer
Behind comedian, horse
Painter is stopping his work to see financial expert
In heaven grandma carries one version of the Bible
Fried food spread is in line to be cut
Refuse to accept fire warning
Rovers player on after Caledonian meeting
Corrupt, sleeping over? Endless sex
Wild animal area introduced by travel channel
Minor hearing about sex
Thickness having to include diameter
Pool located, but not duck
Certain trees — a number falling over in very high winds
A feudal superior’s right to leave estate
One paper with a new retro-looking script
Dweller in hot zone, possibly Indian, catching cold
Artistic fabric not unknown in arrangements
Bigwig entertaining children may limit possibility of seeing adult material
Firm supports pirates?
This writer’s teaching qualification is seen as fix
Keep walking, making wrong movement through water
Mathematical function, doubly special, conveys a nice feeling
Rock includes old musical instrument
Farmer’s annoyance after grain is minimal
Beloved from Scotland, burning with inner energy
One having freedom from recrimination, little devil getting off
Pole’s getting nothing in a strange land
Repair what is left, implanting gold
Passage of Islamic writing rejecting extreme members
Climber taking a path ere collapsing
Importance of life in lawn area that’s been cut
An upsetting blemish in one form of motor racing
Greek character undermining the Spanish ambassador
Modify notice, adding a short point
Uncle with no teeth, sloppy diner
Old group of animals comes to a tarn to be refreshed
Plant suffering around outermost part
Protection against many a wild animal, a zebra possibly?
Vessels collide briefly — engineers brought aboard
Geological stage poses dangers — rock finally crumbles away
Men do not get drunk in North American city
Limb problem, mild and easy to put right
Hairstyle? Sir needs a bit removed from the middle
A pithy expression said to create commotion
Cruel person had for a time a pugilistic style
Disrespectful narrative — some of it near the bone
Princess wearing material that’s clean again?
Sound of lass making rough noise
A word for a large boat from the Mediterranean, apparently not related to a famous boat of Greek myth
Line behind which a darts player stands
Weeds with yellow flowers, milky juice and edible leaves
1990 action film starring Jean-Claude van Damme as a legionnaire
A sleeveless pullover
Male chicken fattened for eating
____ beat Serena Williams in the 2018 Wimbledon women’s singles final
One who provokes others to anger
One of the two vegetables used to make vichyssoise
Largest city in France’s Moselle department
Former German figure skater, a judge in one series of Dancing on Ice
1981 film about a paralysed sculptor, adapted from a TV drama and stage play by Brian Clark
Fluid-carrying tube in a plant or animal
Agony aunt whose autobiography was titled How Did I Get Here from There?
Exempt from payment
The muse of epic poetry
Presenter of ITV’s The Big Fight Live, 1984-2010
Computer file extension for programs rather than data
“The smiles of love adorn, — / ____ / Makes countless thousands mourn!” (Robert Burns)
The first of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels
A pig’s ____ is the source of pork chops
Piedmont province noted for its sparkling wine
The final studio album by the Beatles
The current 10 Down for Defence
Wood also known as “African teak”
“Love and ____ are the best sweeteners of tea” (Henry Fielding)
City in Florida’s Greater Orlando area
Old-fashioned term for left-handedness
Jane Austen novel set in the fictional village of Highbury
Opinion expressed in interviews with members of the public
Feast day held on November 1
The Swedish version of mulled wine
Charles ____ created the cartoon strip Peanuts
Eponymous time-traveller, played by Geoffrey Bayldon in a 1970s children’s TV series
Old Testament book about an attempt to exterminate the Jewish nation
Machine often used to clean the exterior of stone buildings
“Thousands have lived without love, not one without ____” (W H Auden)
“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, ____” (Winston Churchill)
Title given to a cabinet minister in charge of a department
Latin-based name for rock fragments ejected from a volcano, between volcanic bombs and volcanic ash in size
(Attempted) reconciliation between different religions or philosophies
Athlete whose winning heptathlon score at the 1988 Olympics is still the world record
To soften or smooth
Tropical tree or the orange food dye derived from it
Poetry collection by Arthur Rimbaud, and a Benjamin Britten song cycle setting parts of it
Book identification code, with 13 digits since 2007
Latin legal term for trespass with force and violence
Turn into vinegar
The trumpet major of Thomas Hardy’s novel
Final word in the text of Puccini’s La Bohème
Racing driver known as The Stig on Top Gear
Cannabis sativa
Former Russian gymnast with seven floor, beam, and vault skills named after her
James single which, in three different versions, charted in 1989, 1991, and 1998
Director of films including Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain
A plain cotton cloth
Title given to a Muslim fighter against infidels
What a judge does before the jury retires
Minor cut covering
Badminton place
Hawaiian dance
High voice
Rural pasture
Got on in years
Paid ruffian
___ a long story
Transport that glides over snow
Painful abdominal inflammation
Single game roller
Big club
Book jacket squib
___ you listening to me?
Police officer
Not difficult at all
Egg, scientifically
Tender to the touch
One way to change colors
Ginger ___ soda
Person working on a piano
Participate in an auction
Have possession of
The science of drugs
Back, to a sailor
What ___ are you from?
Not pro
Anger or choler
Supper or lunch
Fishing gadget
Period, in web addresses
Hole in the skin
Super-long tale
Horse-hoof-on-pavement sound
Spin like ___ (2 words)
Arid (2 words)
Coast, as on snow
Elusive mythical creature
Certain type of ladys makeup
Jamaican fruit
Some jeans
Throw in
Birds mouth
Solid in a glass?
Now I ___ me down to sleep
Put into operation
Madison in NYC
Person in jail, briefly
Kind of deposit in a mine
Fun card game (2 words)
Tan producer
Low prime number
Pesto base
Group of eight
Type of tree
Opposite of love
Large, round hairdo
Cookie type
Camping equipment
Ivy League school
Part of a jail cell
King of music
No talking!
Not so loud!
Not so! reply
Spring forward period: Abbr
That was close!
90s Russian leader
131 Boat bottoms
132 Brief film excerpt
133 Haus wife
134 Lords spouse
135 Melodious
136 Make confetti out of
137 Rapidly
Actor Rogen
Agreeable to
Alpaca cousin
Ancestor of Italian
Ancestral diagrams
Appeared to be
Arena level
Atoll features
Author Silverstein
Auto racer Earnhardt
Away from here
Be bossy with
Be very frugal
Become a contestant
Bit of broccoli
Bouillon brand
Brick or cherry
Calming down
Canal components
Cap-and-gown renter
Carefree escapades
Cathedral section
Chaperone, typically
Checks over carefully
Chicks chirps
Chinese takeout appetizer
Choir voice
Closes in on
Coast Guard operation
Covert org
Cranny colleague
Cruise ship
Decorative pitcher
Did the catering for
Doodlers tablet
Drains of energy
Dress carefully
Earth tremor
Earth-friendly prefix
Fire engine gear
Gangplank, e.g
Garlicky mayo
Grandson of Adam
Had totally fooled
Hieroglyphics reptiles
Hogwarts potions professor
HS math
In a sneaky way
In the midst of
In unison
Junk email
Justice Sotomayor
Kibbles n Bits alternative
Locomotive power
Loses ones footing
Make a desperate attempt
Makes watertight
Makeup mishap
Mandolin kin
Marble cake pattern
Melville novel
Migratory birds
Monocle, essentially
Most unfortunate
Mystical glow
NL Central team
Non-unlawful holdup
Not up on the latest
Nuns beads
Ornamental shrub
Pamper too much
PC alternatives
Philosopher Descartes
Poe maiden by the sea
Postpaid enclosure: Abbr
Pre-college, for short
Purple shade
Quarterback Manning
Quite a while
Resolve, with out
Respectful address
Shakespearean teen
Singer Carly __ Jepsen
Skeptics question
Ski resort vehicle
Small hill
Snappy comeback
Snow coasters
Some DJ discs
Some of the earliest color TVs
Specialty area
Sporting blade
Spreadsheet array
Stage portrayal
Stare at
Start golfing
Still wrapped
Strikers demand, perhaps
Sushi staple
Sweater fabric
Symbol on a freeway exit sign
Takes the helm
Tennis officials
Thumbs (through)
Tightly closed
Town near Santa Fe
Tread heavily
Type of red algae
Ultimate exam
Undercover missions, for short
Very funny one
Viking in the comics
Visionary giving advice
What combs contain
Where Victoria was empress
Whipped up
Air circulator
Illinois city
Brokers cry
Little Darth Vader
Overruled or zeroed out
Igneous sedimentary hybrid?
Shady garden retreat
Take more than your share
Moves gingerly
Timothy who played Bond
Belafonte or Lewis
Just squeeze out
Stubby pencil, e.g.
Tiny tree
Create notches in
Acquire through clock-punching
Kids guardian boulder?
Aircraft-related prefix
Places willed by the rich
The calm before the storm, militarily
The Caspian, for one
___ bodkins!
Hill Roday detective show
Philadelphia university
Get the picture
Garden tool
Old Nile Kingdom
Baby atop a large stone?
Rod linking wheels
Any intro
Forward lateral relative
Written assignments
Last-yr. high schoolers
Buildings front
Jacket for frigid weather
Agile and quick
Like wrinkled clothes
Comerica Park score
Not captivating
Stable sound
Major fuss
Cupid analog
Albanian bills
Web-crawling app
Notorious emperor
Room for a babe
Helped with heists
Lingerie pieces
Paulo preceder
Rainbows shape
Pens liquid
Laggards in a line
Rudders position
Steeped brews
That young lady
Wrath or choler
Longing ones
Spot of wine?
U-shaped curves in streams
Warm water on a frozen windshield
Quenches, as a thirst
Some pork cuts
Uses a whetstone
Ger. is there
Button alternative
Prefix for six
Large-eyed creatures
Volcanic ante anagram
Female deer
You over there!
A busy worker sent in for one away
Admirers Cockney origin announced
Animal eggs attracting dollar
Bother (informal)
Building trust, cure drunk
Chinese dish
Choose your weapon?
Contract or narrow
Creature of habit in Open University
Digging tool
District houses new stadium
Extreme at home with unruly teens
Fibrous plant material used as fuel or mulch
Fire in cabin husband flees
Good bread in fact stale
Gotham sidekick runs over trash can
Guard observed to protect credit
Guy the man sees occasionally
Half-man, half-horse
Hour in depression for analyst
How to tuck into mince prepared as meal
Incredibly, Im done with cash!
Large sports venue
Left university smashing champagne glass
Make mistake with mission
Male deer
Musical instrument
Mythical horseman?
Note in 1975 Bowie hit
Part of pen I broke — bit that writes
Pressure to consume fuel
Prison cell — muck one out
Puffs or gasps
Quill tip
Religious woman
Second drink — then another
Settle right up till now
Short assignment
Still or inactive
Subterranean prison
Taunt or bait
To date
Trouble with one of the taps?
Underwear thats rubbish?
Uphold or corroborate
Worker working
Boola Boola singer
Boss twitted by Nast
Im flexible
Later, old chap!
Not for me
Six-pack muscles
Young Frankenstein hunchback
25-Across division, perhaps
Ancient Cuzco dweller
Andys TV and radio partner
Anxious feeling, informally
Baptism or bris
Beantown air hub
Blade part
Book jacket bit
Cakes partner, in a Maugham title
Cantata solos
Capital on the Hudson
Cause of a fall
Cereal for kids
Class clowns bit
Classic clown
Code-cracker Turing
Coif creator
Common or proper word
Conks on the noggin
Connects with, as a punch
Crystal ball gazer
Dandelion, to gardeners
Danish pastry filling, often
Dead ducks
Execute perfectly
Fill to the gills
Garden mollusk
Gasteyer of People of Earth
Giant of the Old Testament
Good quality for an ambassador
Good sources of vitamin C
Granola morsel
Grateful words to a favor granter
He called Larry Porcupine
Issue a summons to
Josephs many-colored garment
Like a gymnast
Like hot merchandise
Like many a Scandinavians hair
Like New Mexicos climate, largely
Muscle where most leg cramps occur
Not as loony
Off-Broadway musical that featured total nudity
Off-weeks for NFL teams
One high on the org chart
Parka part
Place to lie low
Place to play stickball
Poolside shelters
Pothook shape
Prevent from whelping
Public to-do
Pull the plug on
Queen ___ furniture
Reaction to a bad pun
Rousing applause, informally
San Quentin residents
Send sky-high
Shakespeare appellation, with the
Shakespeares ___ Andronicus
Soda brand favored by Radar
Soda purchase
Some tax-deferred investments, for short
Stillers mate
Sugar amt
Tongues and tails do it
Tubular pasta
Used a tuffet
Warning sign of a migraine
Watches, as a baby
Wisconsin city on the Chippewa
Catcall; bird sound
Fabric with vertical ribs, usually made of cotton
Ran over
Teutonic god, counterpart of the Norse Odin
Chekhov play (1900)
Tall conical Muslim hat
Hit from the tee in golf
Marienbad, for one
Plant with erect spikes of usually purplish-blue flowers
Patron saint of music
Preponderate; take precedence over
Excessively or affectedly quaint
Hate ties (anag)
In the act of broadcasting
Queer; irregular
Turns in
Pull sharply
Manner of speaking
Poisonous plant, the root of which is used medicinally or as a narcotic
Kitty, pool of money, to scoop
Grant; concede
Greek Muse of history
Subordinate who performs a routine but important function
But every so ___ …
Chiquitita band
Elf co-star James
Have anything ___ to share?
Hick actor Baldwin
If ___ Id known!
In other words …
Light of the heavens and the earth, per the Koran
Lost place
New Fool at an Old Game singer McEntire
Oh, what a surprise!
Once and Again actress Ward
The Bonesetters Daughter author
The Piano actress Anna
You take care of yourself out there
Actor Max Jr
Adventurous ones quality
After the hour
Aisle walker
Anglers item
Aquarium growth
Article of cutlery
Attendance call reply
Aviator Earhart
Burst of electricity
Danish coast feature
Deadly Impaler
Derulo of pop and R&B
Designers choice
Detonation sites, once
Dolphins uniform color
Drunk, in slang
Dull discomfort
Dynamite stuff, briefly
Easier said ___ done
Eckhart of Sully
Eggs, on Halloween
Emerald Bays lake
Employ a dagger
Emulate a moth
Engages in litigation
Enlightened about
Entertaining Del Rey
Erogenous zone named for Ernst Gräfenberg
Eschew hard work
Establishments that offer belts
Ethiopians neighbor
Evade detection, in a way
Exaggerated account
Flour ___ (tiny pest that feeds on grain)
Gel ingredient, maybe
Go without
Greek fabulist
Hammer wielder
Hard-shell food, maybe
He-Mans asset
Hebrew Bible kingdom
Hells Canyon state, in part
Henris ta-ta
Hint of Limburger cheese?
Hit on the noggin
Honey-glazed items
Hop into the tub
Hotel keycard opening
Hucks conveyance
Hue of a clear sky
Imaginary line through Earth
Implements in shop class
Imposing naval force
In existence
Indian wood sources
Inoculation amount
Intentional loss, in boxing slang
Internet access method
Intimidating brute
Inviting door sign
Iron Mans alter ego Tony ___
It gets set by a judge
It may be free
Itll take you for a spin
Its paired with wine
Kents love of comics
Lager containers
Landing strip
Laptop memory units
Latest fashion
Leans toward, as with an age group
Legal excuse
Legal order
Like candles or crayons
Like some pool balls
Looked upon
Looks (around)
Loop at a rodeo
Nameless heros portrayer in the martial arts film Hero
Necessities for many with broken shoulders
Needs for clarinetists
Never to be repeated
New drivers, usually
New York Citys ___ Avenue
Newsweek alternative
Nickel sources
Nightingales pad
Nissan NX options
No-no for a child
Not at all competent
Not dirty
Novelist Amado
October Revolution leader
Ointment applicator
One in a swarm
One-eyed deity
Ones ignoring a called strike?
Ooze out
Openly displayed
Order at Texas Roadhouse
Oscar winner for Brokeback Mountain
Overdo, as a privilege
Play things?
Reads, as vibes
Red baseball feature
Relative of a grapefruit
Revise, as an essay
Ribisis director in The Gift
Rosemary and thyme, e.g
Rust, e.g
Seed of wheat
Show up
Striped shirt wearer of childrens books
Take a military recruiter up on their offer
Target of thrombolysis
Taxi meter reading
Tea party figure
Teased stuff in a salon
Tenth of a bowling game
Terminal on a network
The person reading this, for one
Tightly clenched hand
Top dog
Topper at a pageant
Traffic problems
Traveler from afar?
Trireme propellers
Trumpet with praise
Trusty mount
Tweak, as text
Type types
Underhanded stratagems
Untimely, in a way
Used curse words
Using as a source, with on
Utterance of dismissal
View from Luxor
Waistcoat edges
Wanted poster word
War of words
Wednesday, to Fester
What a lab rat may navigate
Yasser Arafats birth city
Yearly college football opponent of Harvard
Yogi or Smokey, e.g
Yokohamas nation
Yorkshire terrier, e.g
Young lover of theater
Yummy foods asset
Refuse to face a god quietly
Half a lie, lying being allowed
Mom-and-pop businesses?
Wreck raised behind a girl, say
Rhythm from a stand-in band
Low pass caught by mummys boy
Inland water providing cover
œGo away, Mongolian exploded, but its just for show
To challenge authority takes some gall
Old European instrument briefly acceptable
Distressed rat a diver got to
Failure to appreciate cast miniatures noted
Justified girl about ten pence down
Paper read after Express gutted
Cool police officer kept up
Peer going on about soldiers landing…
…leaves without question
Plaudits not all hacks demand
Hangers-on being devilish during replays
Make a note: fatheads cutting grass
Cut heard about eighteen years ago
False beauty at half past 11
Minute – scaring guy allotted ten seconds!
Moderate girl upset by terrible extremes
Confused politician has nine due, roughly
Slender boy twists someones arm
Pains claiming Republican cutting it with Democrat base won
Decrees we hear greatly impress Europeans
Girl and boy inside empty room anothers left
Sharp edge of bayonet mad king dropped

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